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I require them

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You know there's a character art thread, right?

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no such thing as a "lady knight" since "knight" is masculine equivalent of the feminine "dame"

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Oh? Educate me further, this is new to me.

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Do you acknowledge that "knighthood" is a culturally specific title with a clearly defined history, and is not to be conflated with similar positions such as Samurai, Eques, Youxia, Furusiyya, Hippeis, or other warrior/cavalry classes?

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I am unfamiliar but willing to reevaluate and unlearn the myths that have been perpetuated

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Does that exclude cataphracts and dragoons?

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Shhhh maybe we just wanted another thread

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I like this one. Cone-helms rarely look good on anybody.

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>badly drawn ripoff of Priest
I'm offended.

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Fuck off, autist.

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Common born brash mercenary girls that wish they had some time off to suck some good dick > dyke knights
>uh, yeah, we almost had a new contract for our mercenary company until the boss said she'll take the job if the noble's son bends her over in her office as a bonus

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No, dyke knights are perfect.

They're just better if they happen to get pounded until fuck-drunk, pregnant and mindbroken by huge barbarian women with thick, musky cocks.

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There's nothing about that sentence that isn't garbage.

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Is this one better your "highness?"

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>lady knights
I too like to run games full of the impossible

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You're willing to accept magic but not lady knights?

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So, fantasy settings?

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t. dumb faggot who does not know what is possible.

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He said he likes to include the impossible, not that he doesn't like to or won't.

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Women are incapable of honor.

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It seem you are incapable of thinking or knowing anything

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Good job proving my point retard.

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here's your precious response, now kindly shut the fuck up and start posting dame-bois or lady-knights.

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I like futa too but come the fuck on dude

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cis lesbians are not obligated to like "she-cock"

piss off.

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>when you get cucked by goblin women one too many times

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Fuck that troll, Imma go dumpin in this thread

I'll try not to repost

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Please jerk off BEFORE posting.

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Alright here is pic just for you.

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Mo-chan a cute

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Nah man, it's all about futa knights in love with eachother or elegant princesses

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Technically, yes. Hussars too. Though, they're all technically eligible for Knighthood or Damehood.

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Why does she have a bulge?

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I didnt look that closely, bonus for me

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Seems to me more like a camel-toe. She is probably one of those weirdos who does pussy pumping (is that still a thing? Haven't seen that shit since the late nineties)

Anyway, on with the dump

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it's still a thing. and naturally puffy vulva are also a thing.

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Cr*nge. Trapfags/gay pedos are just the worst.

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Usually the last layer before the undergarments is padded. No, this isn't a menstruation joke, males wear padding down there too.

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I just don’t see the appeal

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Handsome man.

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The appeal is a masculine women to replace the masculinity that has been beaten out of a generation raised by single mothers. It's why they also identify as girly young boys despite being fat, 30 year old virgins.

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Ironic you call it a dump, when all you've posted is shit

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Maybe. Probably. I have one big ladyknight folder that's not really maintained, just filled up with the downthemall-extension.

Will start looking more closely.

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You call that a camel-toe?

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Love ya too, bro, so I'll make extra sure this one is the opposite of OC.

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No worries, it's androgynous enough.

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Doesn't seem like a camel toe.

That could explain it, since it's weird in shape and seems to stretch the fabric in a weird way.

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Realistic armor - Not

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Go take your retardation somewhere else.

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Cry more, "dame-boi"

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There goes Mr. Heartless
There goes Mr. Cruel
He never gives
He only takes
He lets this hunger rule
If bein' mean's a way of life you
Practice and rehearse
Then all that work is paying off
'Cause /pol/ is getting worse
Every day
In every way
/pol/ is getting worse

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-4 str
women cannot fight and are inherently inferior to me in all respects

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I'll come back to the dames in armour soon, but this really needs to be posted as a set.

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Cheers, anon.

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jesus that's awful

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Retard harder in some other board, faggot
t. underage faggot too stupid for tabletop gaming

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Why are the incels out in force today?

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>screeching about /pol/ out of nowhere
I always figured ladyknight threads were made by leftypol infiltrators, so thanks for confirming it

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What do you mean? OP makes this thread every day.

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Ngl, I thought that is a guy

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Could go either way

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No I mean the ones bitching about how worthless women are.

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I actually considered writing /r9k/, but that right there, that confirms you as being /pol/shit. I can't just have different tastes and be annoyed that you feel the need to butt in(you didn't have to click this thread), no, I have to be a part of a fucking scheme. How much do you think the Clinton foundation pay me to upload this (slowly)?

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The appeal is proactive, healthy, driven and intelligent women with a sense of honour, duty and integrity.

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you fucking drooling buffoon, you slavering imbecile, you foolish cretin, lecher of lechers, son of whores and merchants, inept oaf, eater of filth, death's stench and altogether impotent moron.
girls can't be knights

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Ahh, a worth while fantasy

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Not that anon but /pol/tards is the kind of nogame retards who would get buttblasted about this thread. Anyone with a working brain who does not care for the thread topic would just find another thread.

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Doesn't quite leapfrog so neatly like that. I'd put the average man over a trained woman, and a trained man over a peak woman. "Heroic" should not be conflated with "peak" for either sex, since "heroic" encompasses such an astounding scope.

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I don't understand why people go to threads they hate

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Ladyknight x Wizard or Ladyknight x healboy? Which is a better romantic pairing?

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girls can't be wizards either, smoothbrain

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More like you can't be a knight and you are butthurt about it

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Depends on the wizard.

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Technically true.

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In tabletop games and video games girls can be wizards.

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Depends on the game.

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I just remembered I had recently acquired a decent amount of pictures of knightish women for my settings elf civil war, so gonna dump the appropriate.

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For the last time, Chris: We're playing Pendragon with ladyknights, as Stafford allows.

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More so in video games than tabletop

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This is someone elses FFXIV comission

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This kinda counts I think

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I think this one is close enough to count, with the armour and all

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Damehood/knighthood are titles, you could post nude portraits and argue the person depicted has a title.

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This is it for the images I had dedicated to the aforementioned war, but I think I can scroung together a few more

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Probably not a dame, but close enough conceptually

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That is it actually>>76287460

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this is like the shah's rebellious daughter

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No Hilde yet? gotta fix that

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I often have trouble deciding between mercenary fighters and chivalrous knights. I love the honorable knightly ideal, but you have to be a nobleman to be a knight which automatically cuts off the vast majority of the population from ever becoming one regardless of their piety and fervor. Mercenaries aren't as idealistic but have much more appeal to the common man.

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>The noble's son takes off his pants
>He gets hard

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>that goddamn doujin

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Evil old lady knights

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Why did For Honor crash so god damn hard?

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>Play a knight who tries to redeem evil everywhere she goes
>One of the other players decides to be a former bandit the knight is in the process of redeeming
>Long story short, campaign ends shortly after the knight gets a magic futa cock and characters talk about starting a family

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built for orc and minotaur cock

>> No.76289626

This thread is not about you and your butt.

>> No.76289637

It is now

>> No.76289666

That's actually my favorite part of hentai, watching uppity women get broken down.

>> No.76289667

No. He's right. These knightly sluts are made to be dicked down by beasts.

>> No.76289711

No, your favorite part of hentai is seeing cocks
t. a faggot who is wrong

>> No.76289873

You are the faggot if you don't want to see a knight slut take a massive, thick Orc or Minotaur cock.

>> No.76290033

Said the faggot who wants to take massive, thick Orc or Minotaur cock.

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Shame they never existed. Also, -4 dames never existed either. Women weren't allowed into combat until very recent history, and even then they're still not allowed into most combat units because they're worthless.

>> No.76290086

t. worthless retard who does not know anything but posts anyway like a faggot

>> No.76290211

>dames never existed either
mate, the Order of the Ermine first granted damehood in the 14th century.

>> No.76290482

And even earlier in 1149 the Order of the Hatchet was founded to honor the women of Tortosa for repelling a Muslim army with nothing but hatchets and other hand tools. Admittedly, it was not founded as a military order because the women involved had already done the fighting and the order just gave them knightly benefits and tax exemptions, but it was still there in recognition of some badass women.

>> No.76290484

The average man doesn't know shit about fighting, let alone wielding a weapon more complex than a club. Few would deny that there's a gender disparity in fair conditions in the real world, but the amount of weak men who feel the need to hide behind the abilities of better men in order to feel superior to women is pathetic.

>> No.76290561

Equitissae and Militissae, as the Order of the Hatchet explicitly did not grant them Knighthood (or Damehood) and did not confer upon them the role of Cavalleras, but the Women of Tortosa were casually referred to as such.

That's nice, anon. Get to your point.

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Most knights weren't very honable.

>> No.76290598

Really need it spelled out? Okay, the average man isn't beating a trained anyone the vast majority of the time, woman or not.

>> No.76290648

The average US man will beat the shit out of a trained female US Marine. If you mean "expert combatant" than say "expert combatant" not "trained."

>> No.76290688

t. retard who would get his ass kicked by girl with no arms or legs.

>> No.76290706

>The average US man will beat the shit out of a trained female US Marine.
Sure, in weightlifting. The average US man is a bitch who couldn't fight their way out of a plastic bag.

>> No.76290735

He's not wrong

>> No.76290755

Continue to stay mad, anons. You're not making life better for women, and they're not going to have sex with you for lying on the internet.

>> No.76290780

Yes, you are stupid faggots everyone can tell.

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>> No.76290805

Like I said, anon. Weak men like you use the skill and strength of better men as a reason to feel superior to women, but deep down you know you couldn't win a fight.

>> No.76290815

A world where women are judged for promiscuity the same as men are is my dream. Super comfy stuff.

>> No.76290816

Instead of white knighting for imaginary women, try posting artwork of dames.

>> No.76290836

but being a simp makes my pp into the stiff pp.

>> No.76290872

yes yes, you're very scary. now stay on topic instead of simping.

nu-Link counts as a dameboi, right?

>> No.76290879

But simping for dudes it totally cool and not gay at all. The average man could fuck me in the ass harder than any woman, that's just a fact. His throbbing, physically superior, stiff cock gushing man juice into my ass gets me off harder than what a female could ever do.

>> No.76290882

Cry crying about "white knights" is only going to make you look even more retarded.

>> No.76290904

He's def cute enough now.

how sad you are.

>> No.76290918

>fragile roasties cope posting on /tg/ of all places

>> No.76290927

There are other boards for retards getting upset about women, faggot

>> No.76290949

You're that autistic sjw chick that rages in every one of these threads, aren't you? Don't bother denying it. Your autistic posting is unmistakable

>> No.76290950

the only one upset about women here is you, anon. drink some water and relax.

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>> No.76290977

You are one stupid fuck if you don't see the irony of you saying that in a thread with men throwing fits in a thread that was meant just for pick of lady knights

>> No.76290997

would be nice if some genuinely strong female characters were introduced to the mainstream. all we're getting lately are angry lesbians, sassy overweight stereotypes, and fake feminists.

>> No.76291006

>Don't bother denying it
Nice of you to openly say that you too retarded to with reason

>> No.76291014

drink some water, anon, and relax. it's going to be ok, this thread can't hurt you if you don't let it.

>> No.76291028

>Derp the derpping

>> No.76291045

think calm thoughts, lad. : ) there's no reason for you to be mad, so stop being upset.

>> No.76291054

can you faggots jerk off to men in any other thread ffs

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>> No.76291063

Stop being so smelly

>> No.76291079

happy and calm thoughts, anon. you're almost calm. so close! : )

>> No.76291089

why are roasties and simps so touchy?

>> No.76291108

Go eat your mom's shorts
No one knows why you are so stupid.

>> No.76291133

calm down, anon. : D

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>> No.76291173

No u

>> No.76291176

This is Angelanon isn't it.

>> No.76291200

just relax : D

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>> No.76291223

Relax your butt

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>> No.76291250

that's not how consent works, bub.

>> No.76291257

Horrible flat feet.
1/4 would not be stepped on again.

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>> No.76291314

So now that the roasties are gone, and we're at image cap, anyone wanna share Dames from their Chivalric Orders?

>> No.76291348

We need to take your temperature and the mouth way is not working.
You could go be retarded somewhere else.

>> No.76291921

>choosing to wallow instead of contributing

>> No.76292017

Implying that post I was replying to was contributing in any way.

>> No.76292367

>roasties still shitting up a dame thread.
but y?

>> No.76292398

t. retard who did not read the thread.

>> No.76292520

>roastie desperate for validation still watching a thread they're angry about

>> No.76292557

If you think women are the ones upset here you are even more retarded than the faggots butthurt about lady knights

>> No.76292759


>Widows of Her Lady, Mariarrah, our Blessed Mother of the Morning Stars
>Mariarrah is the matriarch of House Esqos, one of the eight divine families that rule the sunlit hours.
>Some mortal sons that died in war, will rise with the first morning of summer.
>Rather than joining their siblings and forebears in the Silver Cradle, or returning to the Whitespring for rebirth, these ghosts rally to the Shadehunters, the immortal daughters and jallinaris (cavalrywomen, dragoons) of Her Lady Mariarrah.
>Beneath the crimson and violet streamers of House Esqos, these jallinaris clear the way for every day, chasing shadows across the fields of Lasqo and driving the night into the Rahn.
>The Widows of Her Lady, Mariarrah, also known as the Sisterhood in Red, are women of Lasqo who have lost their men to war.
>Granted Damehood through the authority of the Finger of the Radiant Saint and Jallinaru, Poxtu Reairo eh jah, and by the grace of the Gentle Ihmanri, Jeliane VII, the Sisterhood operated and financed hospitals, public hearths, signal stations, and maintained the tombs of all of Lasqo's veterans.
>Technically a martial order, countless markswomen, jallinaris, renowned fencers, ace pilots, and even Grand Admiral Kanri Portello ih jah, are counted among their annals.
>Through the violent history of Lasqo and into the modern period, the Sisters in Red provided their arms to the desperate.
>It was the Widows, led by the spear of Ojnra Poxris Gria Hehlom-Juidos, that stormed Keplinu’s Passage, purging the mountain blockade beneath metal and claw.

>> No.76292815

>It was a Sister, Mari Jesto Mojto tel, that rode for six days and nights, through occupied Telequo, to die holding the enemies of Lasqo on the bridge Peske’s Bend.
>It is the Blessed Handmaidens of Jeliane VII, the Cardinal Whispers, that tirelessly watches the Grave of Dowagers, putting down trespassers, and leaving their teeth in warning at the gates.
>Praise the Jallinaris, the Shadehunters, the Sisters in Red, Righteous Widows of Lasqo and Her Lady, Mariarrah of House Esqos, Blessed Mother of the Morning Stars
>May they bring day and glory.

So far the only one my players have directly come into contact with is the last Cardinal. She killed two hirelings at range before the party hauled ass out of there. They're currently trying to repair an APC to crawl back and raid the tombs with some portable cover. Ideally that would force her out of hiding and they could actually fight her.

>> No.76293933

/pol/tard here
i fucking love ladyknights

>> No.76293947

Prove it by eating another /pol/tard.

>> No.76294017

this is the most based thing i've ever read

>> No.76294077

I'm 37 and out of shape, and I'd bend Ronda Rousey like a pretzel and there's nothing she can do about it.

>> No.76294247

Maybe if you sat on her

>> No.76295055

Explain Dames to me please, I feel I missed some recent revelation

>> No.76295173

Now this is the good shit. Fukken stolen.

>> No.76295226

You're a fucking fag ? Do you think your opinion matters ?

>> No.76295265

That armor is amazing.
I do love tabards.

>> No.76295278

Screaming Hammertard ruined the game for a lot of people.

>> No.76295338

Even if she somehow had equal muscle mass, I'd still be stronger, any man my size would, but she doesn't, not even close. I'm maybe 30 pounds over weight, and I'd still easily win. Weight classes exist in professional fighting for a reason. Skill and training can make up for a lot, but not that much.

>> No.76295344

My culture isn’t your Halloween costume

>> No.76295371

Let see you fight her then if you think you can win.

>> No.76295402

Lesbians are disgusting outside of porn anon

>> No.76295415

Lol no

>> No.76295430

Go back to r*ddit please
We will all be happier that way

>> No.76295453

First of all seeth more tranny
Secondly honor has nothing to so with knights
Thirdly you got your (you)s now fuck off

>> No.76295499

Instead of being a bitch contribute with something

>> No.76295529

>seething this hard
Cope harder tranny

>> No.76295554

Thats a yikes from me chief

>> No.76295567

If its a twink boi wizard then ladyknight x wizard

>> No.76295637

Samefagging hard today arent we?

>> No.76295652

You must be beyond any plausible kind of help if you truly believe that there are actual women in 4chan

>> No.76295747

>simping for imaginary bulldykes
>calls others seething trannies

>> No.76295753

>the appeal is [description of a man]
How's Narnia this time of year?

>> No.76295769

Here's a cute little secret for you: the average woman is expected IN HER PRIME to be on par with a physically active 65+ year old man.

>> No.76295775

>Image limit is 150

>> No.76295784

Why are you asking him when you are so far into the closet?

>> No.76295817

>I know you are but what am I?!!!
Those hormones really do a number to your IQ, huh?

>> No.76295841

If you had any IQ faggot you would see that your post looked really gay.

>> No.76296936

That's simply wrong

>> No.76296973

NTA, but please, you know she'd never respond to some random challenge.

>> No.76297945

>Catholic themes but polytheistic, a conlang with masculine and feminine forms, and 20th century warfare.
Let me in.

>> No.76298030

you would be surprised at the social mobility of knighthood in the early medieval period, it was just a question of living up to material requirement up to sometime around the 12-13th century when it becomes much more rigid. Worth reading up on!

>> No.76298443

ESL, or just bad reading comprehension?

>> No.76298947

I've played lady knights for years and I've finally given up on them. I still love them but it's so difficult to deal with other people.

>> No.76299018

Looking like she's about to ride into Agua Fria

>> No.76299101

Average men beat the shit out of trained ladycops all the time, anon. You know nothing about self-defense, war, or violence. Sit the fuck down and shut up.

>> No.76299400

>no u!
Trannyknight simps are something else

>> No.76300200


>> No.76300213

You're just ignorant.

>> No.76300244

It's an elf so

>> No.76300594

Dames were a ceremonial office. Like all women, no one expected productive work out of them.

>> No.76300703

>Here's a woman with the title of Dame and the armor she wore
>Yeah, but she never actually fought in that armor
>I never said she did, I simply told you her title and showed you the armor she wore

>> No.76300819

Arming sword, bastard sword, longsword, or greatsword?

>> No.76300828

Thanks for admitting female "knights" were fucking useless.

>> No.76300832


>> No.76300843

It was never implied otherwise anon, you simply came in here with preconceived notions, intent on finding or creating conflict. Now, run along.

>> No.76300941

Then why aren't there more images that have Dames using spears?

>> No.76300979

I'm curious about your seemingly universal collection of Dames. Link the folder?

>> No.76301252

That was not a no u gaylord the stupid

>> No.76301272

Nah it's fine, there's no conflict since we all agree lady "knights" are just larping whores.

>> No.76301306

Knights did other things than fighting.

>> No.76301310

>There he goes, trying to stir up pointless conflict

>> No.76301322

Yeah, but "Dames, I require them" the thread belongs in /lit/, where it's Dashiell Hammet covers; or /tv/, where it's caps of Lauren Bacall and Ingrid Bergman.

>> No.76301351

The same can be said of every man or woman, anon. Just as every sailor must come ashore, every soldier pursues more than war.

>> No.76301369

No, he agree that you are retarded

>> No.76301428

It needed to pointed out because this thread has tards who don't know that.

>> No.76301435

Dames were incapable of those things too. The most they did was (barely) maintain everything a man already built up.

>> No.76301530

I did not ask for you to show that you are incapable of doing anything other than act like retard.

>> No.76301603

Lol, seething tranny

>> No.76301629

t.stinking retard

>> No.76301639

You do realize in most cases, RPG player characters are supposed to be exceptional by default, right? Yes, the on average male and female strength is significantly different. But that changes in a fantasy setting where some select people have potential that far surpasses what is expected of them.

>> No.76301840

A competent woman is more mythical than a martial that's as useful as a caster

>> No.76301958

So you not only too stupid for tabletop but you are too stupid for everything else too.

>> No.76302409

The only game of pretend you play is looking in the mirror and convincing yourself a female is looking back at you

>> No.76302461

Go projecting somewhere else

>> No.76302470

>300+ posts, and the most useful thing in the thread is an anons homebrew chivalric order.

>> No.76302995

And you're ESL too. How cute.

>> No.76303112

Femdomcucks don't play games, anon

>> No.76303223

You just can't read.
How would you know? You never played tabletop in your life. Also playing lady knights does not mean they are into femdom.

>> No.76303345

Getting awfully defensive here, ESL-kun~

>> No.76303357

You are awfully stupid, fag-kun

>> No.76303382

So mad~

>> No.76303392

No u

>> No.76304162

I accept your concession of defeat

>> No.76304192

I don't want to hear your concession of love of dicks.

>> No.76304235

Are you admitting to being defeated by cocks? That's pretty gay, famalam

>> No.76304327

Nope, you just think that because you are gay.

>> No.76304651

Well that's going well in here

>> No.76304811

Honestly average men are probably stronger than veteran women. It's not like it matter anyways; ignore that autist.

>> No.76304998

If there is one thing retards on 4Chan are incapable of doing is ignoring obvious bait, dude.

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