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Assault Edition

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First for this awful Knight a local game store has

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Tau and the Imperium coexisting in harmony

>> No.76205082

I hate this so much with all the passion in my heart

>> No.76205100

The thought of ruining such an expensive model, to treat her like fucking trash got me hard bros what is happening to me

>> No.76205104

£100 model, £5 paintjob.

>> No.76205111

Barbed Hierodule worth it now at 275 pts?
Seems like a good alternarive to the Exocrine as it pumps out shots at a S8 instead of S7.
Might get a couple of those and one Scythed Hierodule for shits and giggles.

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>> No.76205152

What are you guys' opinions on pic related?

>> No.76205170

Looks like a big cookie desu

>> No.76205177

There's a silver lining here, at least it's painted.

>> No.76205178

looks good to me

>> No.76205182

They look good chief

>> No.76205198

>wulfen lost FNP 5+
why did GW castrate them and turn them into gass cannons? also werewolves when? how does this thing even exist.
>muh old lore
look up any codex and you will see his name


>> No.76205241

Necrons and Tau coexisting in harmony.

>> No.76205246

On paper it looks good.
I've not had enough games myself yet.

My next trial is to take a pair of barbed with the 5++ adaptive physiology backed up by a Maleceptor and Malanthtope for hopefully an annoyingly durable "firebase".

>> No.76205247

Primaris a shit

>> No.76205251

>why did GW castrate them and turn them into gass cannons? also werewolves when? how does this thing even exist.

because 8th and start of 9th wulfen were the good option and TWC were the bad option. People sold/got rid of their m TWC odels, but now they need 2x5 for units and at least 2 for HQs. With start collecting being slowly phased out, this means good sells for the TWC boxs.

>> No.76205283

I meant in-game.

>> No.76205289

Crusade out of ten

>> No.76205298

So are blood angels literally vampires?

>> No.76205303


>fisher price weapons painted solid red
I kind of dig this.

>> No.76205316

Necrons and Eldar coexisting in harmony (to beat tau's ass that one time)

>> No.76205325

This is gonna turn into some kind of knight shaming fetishism like the MLP toys in 'special' jars.

>> No.76205326

Is the fatty head form Bretonnia Men at Arms box? Based!

>> No.76205334

This is gonna turn into some heretical fetishism like those mlp toys in "special" jars.

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>> No.76205346

Fucking phone posting. Said the post had failed when it hadn't.

>> No.76205362

>we demand more xenos releases GW! >:(
Pic related

>> No.76205368

Does anyone have experience with 40k and Bolt Action? I was thinking of playing Astra Militarum and I stumbled onto BA and while I probably prefer 40k aesthetically, I hear BA is more fun to play. But that's usually from asking the BA community, so I thought I'd try and ask here. Would anyone that's played both recommend BA, as a game, over 40k?

>> No.76205370

That can never be

>> No.76205376

dont ask

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>> No.76205392

fuck yeah Bolt Action rocks but the scene is dead where i live. I ride with the americans and their move and shoot mechanic is great.

>> No.76205411

Define literal vampire.

>> No.76205417

If bolt action why hasn't made a version for 40k called 'Bolter Action" yet?

>> No.76205420

>$200 box with barely any new sculpts
... thanks gw

>> No.76205426

Literally a vampire

>> No.76205427

Bolt Action is kind of ass as a historical but I could see it being ok for a 40k replacement.

>> No.76205457

List all the traits you feel a literal vampire has that a figurative vampire does not.

>> No.76205458

I want to start a small (500-750pt) primaris force for small skirmish battles themed around special ops. The Phobos range looks good and suitably high speed, low drag as I plan on painting the force with modern camo/real world camo patterns. Where do I begin?

>> No.76205461

>Indomitus box 200$

>> No.76205472

So a figurative vampire is like kind of not literal but a literal vampire is a literal vampire, you know?

>> No.76205475

I hate 9th edition, it's so bland and simple. GW really is dumbing down their shit for kids.
I only got into Warhammer in 2019, but I guess this is how people felt about the move to 8th. I kinda wanna play HH; at least they have templates and weird dice

>> No.76205484

>inserting primaris into classic artwork

>> No.76205497

Clearly her mind has been tainted by chaos, but of which god?

>> No.76205504

the indomitus box has more new xenos sculpts than the blood of the phoenix box, and half of it is space marines.

blood of the phoenix is just 15 year old kits GW is trying to get rid of.

>> No.76205506

Specify please.

>> No.76205507

Meanwhile in 2002.....

>> No.76205514

slannesh is also obvious

>> No.76205533

I love how it looks like he's been in the battlefield for so long he's almost on the verge of falling to chaos in his eternal fight, what with the skulls speared upon his pack

>> No.76205537


I can only afford one at the moment, and I'll mainly be playing with one other opponent mostly. Would you recommend BA over 40k? The way I see it, we could afford multiple armies for the price of one 40k army. I'd say we both prefer the 40k theme but BA just seems a lot more convenient and the ruleset seems better.

I heard the 28mm minis could be used with other rulesets, like Chain of Command. I don't know how true that is though.

>> No.76205544

I meant that Blood has no reason to cost as much Indomitus.

>> No.76205547

Go Raven Guard (successor is fine)

2 squad of Incursors
1 squad of Eliminators
1 Invictor
1 Phobos Captain

Then throw in something for AT.

Raven Guard can scout move and deep strike all infantry so 5 Eradicators non-ironically would round it off decently (750 points exactly).

>> No.76205600

>skulls on the backpack means he's falling to chaos
Yeah, because Space Marines aren't at all known for putting skulls on their armour.

>> No.76205603

well it depends because 40k has a larger player base. In my area, im one of two people with a bolt action army. While it plays good, it never took off.

>> No.76205613

I mean mostly in the "bleh I vanna drink your blud" kind of way

>> No.76205644

why were they legend'? it's almost like all the cool shit from DOW and FW is purposely removed or bastardized purely because it's too cool for little timmy's primarisharts to handle.

>> No.76205666


>> No.76205667

>I hate 9th edition, it's so bland and simple. GW really is dumbing down their shit for kids.
>I only got into Warhammer in 2019, but I guess this is how people felt about the move to 8th.
That's what everyone said when GW went from 2nd to 3rd edition... 8th and 9th are pretty much the same game.

>> No.76205668

Bruh, you might wanna rethink your comment

>> No.76205672

Man I miss Bonesingers

>> No.76205679


How much better does it play than 40k? While I don't have any immediate plans to play other opponents, it would be cool to have the option down the line and 40k is the safer bet. If it plays almost as well as BA, I might just stick to 40k I guess.

>> No.76205680

nice bait, have a (You)

>> No.76205698

Some of you need to be shown past editions

>> No.76205700

aaaaaaaaaah ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh now it's even comfier
>farts again

>> No.76205702

It's not bait. My entire army is 3 start collecting boxes and Indomitus, most of which isn't even painted yet

>> No.76205703

>faggot that has never played with templates and scatter wants them back
iconic duo

>> No.76205714

Brothers, I need help interpreting an omen.

> Drunk one night
> Spill lime juice over my Sororitas transfer sheet
> Haphazardly mop it up with kitchen roll and bin the ruined transfer sheet
> Wake up next day
> Bloody Rose transfer is attached to my phone
> Two Valorous Heart transfers attached to my computer desk
I understand that the Bloody Rose emblem is telling me I chose correctly in running Bloody Rose, but what about the Valorous Heart ones? Am I being told to run a Valorous Heart detachment? Thanks for any insights you can offer.

>> No.76205725

Well they don't speak with a Hungarian accent, so no.

>> No.76205736

>Reivers now have the advanced deployment rule all other phobos units have
Is this all it would take to fix them? I bought a box and fitted them with bolt carbines for the aesthetic yet struggle to use them in game.

>> No.76205755

You know what I mean. Are they running around draining the blood of imperial citizens?

>> No.76205763

>Is this all it would take to fix them?
They're worse at shooting, not a troop, and have no obsec.
They're not even very good at melee.
They need a flat buff or a good gimmick.

>> No.76205769

You're being told to stop drinking, anon.

>> No.76205780


>> No.76205787

Drinking blood and eating enemies is something a lot of SM chapters do. Part of their augments lets them get insights into enemy behaviour, biology or even memories by doing so. Some chapters take it farther than others.
BA are can get literally thirsty for blood and have more prominent fangs than normal due to genetic quirks so yea, they are kinda like vampires but not much more than other marines can be

>> No.76205802

If you hate 9th, I have good news: you have an entire edition to work on your painting! You can slow down and make a real study of it

>> No.76205803

Scatter was fun, templates not so much. Hated the transition to randomised shots but the blast rule has kinda helped, even if it's led to arbitrary limits around unit sizes

>> No.76205805

The Dark Eldar half wasn’t bad for a new player. Add a start collecting box and some transports.

>> No.76205813

Yes, Blood Angels are all undead Transylvanian aristocrats who bite their victims in their necks before draining their blood in order to stave off mortality
As every Blood Angels player knows, the Blood Angels have a particular affinity for capes and 1930s haircuts. They also sleep in coffins, or upside down, and their Chapter Tactic is to transform into a cloud of bats
Blood Angels physically cannot enter a building unless invited, and cannot cross running water. The only way to destroy a Blood Angel is to remove the head and stuff them with garlic or with a stake through the heart, lest they rise again as members of the Death Company, as the codex clearly states
Also, Chapter Master Dante was played by Bela Lugosi in "Plan Novem from Imperium Pacificus"

>> No.76205828

what are the chances the Dark Eldar release in January has as many new kits as the Necron release?

is it going to be just Lelith and the new books?

>> No.76205838

>You know what I mean.
To be honest not really, vampires have a lot of baggage, and while Blood Angels have a lot of what I would consider vampire-like qualities they're missing some important ones for what I would consider key to being a literal vampire.
They're not undead, they don't need to feed on blood, they're not adverse to sunlight, they've no weakness to holy symbols.
They do have fangs, they do enjoy drinking blood, they often sleep in coffins, they can appear to be unaging.

>> No.76205840

What about a switch to fast attack, give advance deployment, give them 8in movement and expand their fear bubble to 9in?

>> No.76205841

It'll probably have some plastic replacemments for ancient fineshit sculpts

>> No.76205844

less confusing for newcomers as there isn't as many start up rules nor 16 FAQs you have to memorize and 6 books to memorize to play.

>> No.76205862

>Getting anything in newest releases
Anon, some of the Eldar range is literally thirty years old

>> No.76205867

I don't think they'd prosper well in FA really, and morale is a bit weak this edition.

>> No.76205875

Discovered today that Serberys minis seem to have a servitor head behind the robo-mount's. Attempted to figure out how the unfortunate gimps would need to be positioned inside their donkey costume & uh

>> No.76205881

>what are the chances the Dark Eldar release in January has as many new kits as the Necron release?

>> No.76205891

Fuck off holy shit

>> No.76205892

Fuck it. What if we make them flyers and give them a rule to scare other aircraft into landing and up them to T6?

>> No.76205897

you could have at least bothered to change colours

>> No.76205900

It's probably a horse's brain or something. No way would the Imperium do something that fucked up like putting a human brain in a horse body, I'd rather die than sign up for that

>> No.76205904


The new Lelith is coming and wyches will probably get a buff to go with it otherwise the start collecting box remains a shit box. They won’t release too much because they want people to keep buying incubi.

>> No.76205907

>what are the chances the Dark Eldar release in January has as many new kits as the Necron release?

>> No.76205908

I think the servitor is made from an animal, not a human

>> No.76205912

You should get to fire overwatch for free hitting on 2s as they get closer and closer. Melee is retarded.

>> No.76205920

>definitions of a vampire
made my day, thanks
BA are tragic italian renaissance benevolent vampires so no they are not >>76205813
>implying I had the skill to make it in the first place
great edit, many thanks

>> No.76205926

>No TQ
Shit, make a new one.

>> No.76205928


>> No.76205939

>hurr durr it's so unrealistic that a Space Marine can hit a target at max range compared to minimum range
If GW gave a shit about realism, they should just dispense with range entirely and just have a -1 to hit penalty at 10-20", -2 at 20-30" etc, with bonuses for vehicles and large models
But they won't do that because it would ruin the game

>> No.76205987

I'm working on a conversion while Im away from home and need to attach these two pieces. Forgot my dremmel so I just have a knife, a file, some clippers, apoxie sculpt and glue. How would you go about attaching them?

>> No.76205992

>it would ruin the game
True, I prefer my tanks drifting across the table shooting out of their ass

>> No.76206000

Here's them fitted together.

>> No.76206005

Stuff with green stuff.

>> No.76206006

You need to play with better gaming buddies then

>> No.76206008

>m-muh realism
Fuck off, go play a historical.

>> No.76206010

quite fitting color scheme

>> No.76206014

>No way would the Imperium do something that fucked up like putting a human brain in a horse body
That's the whole point of servitors? Have you not seen the chicken walkers or what?

>> No.76206027

I don't have green stuff just apoxie sculpt.

>> No.76206055

>Discovered today that Serberys minis seem to have a servitor head behind the robo-mount's
They don't? The have the dog's skull. That guy just painted the bone part black for no reason

>> No.76206058

They're marines, so they're good. There's only really been one guy who has been playing them seriously in competitive. But he's made it work. As I understand it they're a bit of a finesse army as far as marines go, since their main trick is movement shenanigans with "Devout Push."

>> No.76206061

>deathwatch watch master completely gone from online store


>> No.76206074

Glue a circle of pasticard or equivalent in the middle to act as a spacer. You could use a washer too if you have superglue. And put some putty in the wholes to strengthern the whole thing

>> No.76206083

As far as I can tell some of the 9th ed. reboxing is actually changing the SKUs of the models. So they disappear from the store for a bit rather than just being labeled "Sold Out Online."

>> No.76206084

You have 13 seconds to logically defend this

>> No.76206094

Toasterfags think their machines are valid normal people

>> No.76206109

Official line is The Imperium is a death cult and the skulls are the face of The Emperor.

>> No.76206115


>> No.76206116

servitor lives matter

>> No.76206124

Once upon a time Cult Mechanicus was a separate codex from Skitarii and Kataphrons where the most troop-like thing in the whole book.

>> No.76206130

The servitor is still relatively human sized and it is still a solider on "foot", it's just had its feet replaced with treads. The battle suit on the other hand is piloted by a pilot and is the same size as a dreadnought.

>> No.76206132

Right is a battlesuit being piloted by someone sitting in the driver seat.
Left is a dude with armour taped to him and his legs replaced with treads.

>> No.76206148

Why would they use something as dumb as a dog or a horse for a Servitor? That is 100% a human brain in there.

Best case scenario that's a vat grown human with no higher brain functions controlling it, but it's just as likely to have been a punishment for a criminal, or simply last use for a low level menial, that was no longer able to perform their duty correctly, but whose brain was too valuable to use as corpse starch.

And if they're very lucky, they had their consciousness wiped before being turned into one, and the process to do so worked. If not, they're aware of every agonising second of what's happening, but powerless to do anything about it.

>> No.76206155

>Riptides are MONSTERs

>> No.76206157

I'm building a 500pt Space Shark army, do I use the Raven Guard codex or the general Space Marine one ?

>> No.76206170

Or is there a homebrew codex i could use ?

>> No.76206182

>Why would they use a horse brain on a horselike servitor that has to move like a horse
gee I wonder why

>> No.76206189

Blood angels are often compared to Vampires, as one of their geneseed flaws compels them to drink the blood of their enemies.
They also sleep in coffin-like chambers between battles... or is it they're turned into Space Marines by coffin-like chambers? I'unno. I'm at work. Can't look it up. Maybe it's both.
They're notoriously long lived for Space Marines (which doesn't make sense as you never hear about Space Marines die of old age. Most people in the canon often wonder if that's even possible)
I'unno if the "They're all artisans" comes up with Vampirism. They probably have all types of gothic architecture all over the place where they establish bases (more-so than usual)

>> No.76206194

Have you washed your dick today anon?

>> No.76206195

They will release a plastic Grotesque only to price it ridiculously like the Beast of Nurgle so no one would buy it.

>> No.76206200

>I heard the 28mm minis could be used with other rulesets, like Chain of Command. I don't know how true that is though.
Yes, one of the most attractive things about historicals apart from the history :) is that you can use any manufacturer you want, even mix and match. Its also a fair bit cheaper as no-one can copyright ww2 Germans or napoleonic French, so no monopolies like GW.

>> No.76206203

I dont understand how to access the mega, can someone dumb it down to a mega autists level plz

>> No.76206207

What's the Maleceptor for?

>> No.76206211


>> No.76206218

GW recommends Raven Guard, I'd argue Black Templars, Space Wolves or Blood Angels would be better fits fluff wise though, ignoring bollocks like Death Company and Wolfen of course.

>> No.76206220

All marines use the general codex. As far as which supplement to use I believe their parent chapter is officially "Unknown, but suspected Raven Guard." So technically you can use whichever supplement you like. You might want to use White Scars to be more melee oriented for example. But if you're trying to be a fluff adherent as possible then yeah use the Raven Guard supplement.

>> No.76206223

>Best case scenario that's a vat grown human with no higher brain functions controlling it
WFT?? Does the Inquisition know about this? Why haven't they arrested the Mechanicus over this? This seems like something that would be extremely illegal. Do the Mechanicus secretly worship chaos? Is this in a Black Library book?

>> No.76206231

Imagine paying fucken $280 dollarydoos and then leaving your model in this state.

People are fucking retarded.

>> No.76206232

>do I use the Raven Guard codex or the general Space Marine one ?
It's the same thing? You are using the normal codex and one supplement

>> No.76206235

Alright thanks anons

>> No.76206237


>> No.76206247

>This seems like something that would be extremely illegal
I know it's bait at this point but the Mechanicus is not even really tied by the laws of the imperium. They are almost allies rather than part of the same faction

>> No.76206259

>Arrested the Mechanicus
Yeah give us a second while we "arrest" every techie and forge world in the entire galaxy anon. That'll be easy and worth it.

>> No.76206263

>Why haven't they arrested the Mechanicus over this?
Imperium would be crippled if they ever fucked with the admech.

it'd be like the US kneecapping Ratheon, Boeing, Lockheed, General Dynamics etc then trying to go to war

>> No.76206268

Riptides are STUPID

>> No.76206287


>> No.76206290

The fact that you chose to scale the t'''''''au shit way smaller than it would be in reality relative to the servitor for the picture, presumably to make your faggotry less immediately obvious.

>> No.76206297

Fuck you saying, Gue'La?

>> No.76206300

Thats just the size of the images directly from GW's storefront

absolutely hilarious tinfoil post

>> No.76206307

Sorry I'm new to 40k I just thought that Adeptus Mechanicus were robot people fought for the Imperium. My knowledge is kinda limited.
Are they like corporations that serve the Imperium then? Or just a branch of the Ecclesiarchy like the Space Marines, Astra Militarum etc?

>> No.76206308

I mean the color scheme is bad, but at least its painted, an painted cleanly.

>> No.76206325

What did you think Cherubim were? Literal angels?

>> No.76206332

Well yeah, aren't they?? I mean, daemons exist, so why not angels?
Have I been getting this all wrong?

>> No.76206339

are imperial guard ever going to get new infantry sculpts

>> No.76206344

Night lords

>> No.76206351

Humans from Mars that worship machines, they see the emperor as a avatar for their machine god

>> No.76206356

They are an order of priests much older than the imperium that who were co-opted into the great crusade when thr emperor convinced the leaders of mars that he was their messiah (the ominisiah)

They are allied to the imperium and produce most of it's materiel but are not subject to it's laws or religion, they worship the emperor indirectly

They do all kinds of stuff the inquisition and ecclesiarchy would exterminate planets for but they ignore because losing the Adeptus mechanicus would destroy humanity

They are THE body horror faction btw, so grim awful stuff like horse servitors is par the course

>> No.76206362

>another poorly basecoated tau battlesuit
Well at least it isn't grey

>> No.76206363


>> No.76206364

They're cybernetically altered children anon...

>> No.76206368

Have fun getting shredded with a pleasant railguns

>> No.76206369

I had one of those back in the day. Had an obsession with castles. Ended up playing RG though

>> No.76206374

There's always the assumption that it's affordable or a deal. That box was, regardless of faction, awful.

>> No.76206376


>> No.76206377


>> No.76206379

Whats the great crusade? I know the Black Templars have crusades; was this related?
On a side note: It sounds like the Adeptus Mechanicus are a bunch of filthy heretics, shame that the Imperium can't get rid of them then. They should be subjected to STEEL REHN!!

>> No.76206384

I'm saying that RIPTIDES ARE STUPID.

>> No.76206397

Remember when riptides were monstrous creatures and objectively better in every single way to a dread, which was a vehicle?

>> No.76206401

The great crusade was the emperors foundation of the imperium in the 30,000 century, so 10000 years before 40k

It's the foundation of the imperium and it's lore

It's also coveted in a massive series of books that forms a prequel to the setting called the horus heresy

The wikis and links in the OP go into the lore, a lot of retards will gatekeep you for not being aware of all of it

>> No.76206405

Well this is my headcanon now.

>> No.76206420

Yep they're far more horrific than that. They're vat-grown cyborg baby-servitors constructed by the AdMech. They're babies since the small size is easier to make flying and is appropriate for their role as messengers and helpers. They're servitors in order to use a "human" brain in order to enhance their autonomy and AI without running afoul of the prohibition on artifical intelligence. They're supposed to be a "symbol of purity" according to Imperial dogma. Guilliman is noted in universe as finding them a distasteful example of creeping Mechanicus influence in the modern Imperium.

>> No.76206435

Fuck, I want some leaks for DG or Deldar.
I wonder if upgrades lists like Cryptek Arkana and Chapter Command will continue.

>> No.76206440

That's fucking horrible. Why does the Imperium even allow this? Are they just cucks to the Adeptus Mechanicum?
I wouldn't want a fucking zombie kid flying around my head.
On a side note, is the Imperium Christian or is this something I've been led to believe? Obviously they have the whole Fleur de Lis thing so to some extent they worship god but are they wholly Protestant or what? I have some Adepta Sororitas but I might change my army if the Imperium is doing all this horrible crap. Maybe Tau, although apparently they're athiest

>> No.76206447

That looks like dog shit. At least learn the very basics of painting before you start posting minis.

>> No.76206457

Hello fellow autists. Been a while since I've posted one of these, but here's the third battle report for my narrative campaign. AdMech raiding an Imperial world for technology. This one was a big city fight with hordes of conscripts trying to stop my Skitarii from grabbing the relic. Turns out heavy stubbers and icarus arrays are pretty good at mulching flak armour.

>> No.76206467

Stfu those are my first models. I bet yours looked a lot worse

>> No.76206472

How can you be this unaware of even the basics of the lore?
There are two official religions in the Imperium. Everything else is heresy and grounds for death.
The Imperial Cult. Which worships the God Emperor.
And the cult mechanicus. Which worships the Omnissiah and technology in general. With the Emperor as the corporeal embodiment of the Omnissiah.

Christianity died long long ago.

>> No.76206477

>Steel REHN!!
secondary detected

>> No.76206478

>is the Imperium Christian
Very much no. Religious. Not Christian.

>> No.76206488

please stop baiting them.

>> No.76206489

There are no good guys in 40k.

>> No.76206506


>> No.76206509

Ok maybe 40k isn't for me if there's no Christians. I kinda like the idea of Tau who got redeemed and turned to Christ but if nobody's read the Bible there's not really point
Are you sure you've gotten the lore right? Jesus is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings; I've not heard of him being called the God Emperor but I guess he could be that as well. Is the God Emperor Jesus, a future Prophet of Jesus or some kind of Pagan LARP, because I definitely won't collect Imperium if they're worshipping a false Prophet.

>> No.76206513

Please stop taking the bait guys

>> No.76206515

solid bait, you'll get some people

>> No.76206519

Extremely based

>> No.76206533

The imperium is actulally an ismalic momarchy, the emperor is muhamed reborn

>> No.76206544

This is good

>> No.76206584

Oh. It was bait all along.

>> No.76206585

It's not bait, and I am a real Christian. Kinda sad that literally just being Christian is grounds for a "bait" post.
It's not like I'm an extremist or anything. I don't spam Bible passages like my cousin. I'm just looking for a hobby that doesn't mean I have to give money to some Netflix pedo or become a speedrunning degenerate Tranny faggot

>> No.76206589


>> No.76206601

The Vanguard Start Collecting is around 500+ points. The battlebox is 850+. Looks like both of them would suit your demands pretty well.

>> No.76206608

Can we get a Christian bros report in?

>> No.76206625

>Are they just cucks to the Adeptus Mechanicum?
admech are chads of wahama universe
have the biggest empire of galaxy as their bitches
worship chtonic horror from times when gods were eaten alive
don't need to study shitload of nerd books for losers - all problems are solved by sacred oil and incantations to omnissiah
ride the ultimate pimp battleships which they can accidentally find on one of their worlds
don't have stupid flesh faces that can be fucked up by thick paints cause flesh is weak
have the deadliest mecha in 40k aka titans and the coolest aka knights
men want to be cogboy, women want to be with cogboy

>> No.76206649

solid model, professional painting

>> No.76206650

Here's the report before that if you'd like.

>> No.76206666

>canoptek constructs are MONSTERS

>> No.76206677

And the one before that.

>> No.76206688

you didnt notice `??

>> No.76206690

good job anon

>> No.76206695

Wait, does he have a chainsword for a leg? Solid 7/10.

>> No.76206706

>Whats the great crusade
Fuck off

>> No.76206707

Ok so assuming this isn't bait and you've just got a serious case of yankee autism.

The Imperium is based more on the Roman empires imperial cult and mystery cults in terms of religion.
Christianity is so dead it's not even remembered.
When the Emperor was still alive and empire building. He was explicitly atheist. Trying to kill the chaos gods by starving them of belief. The chaos gods are the most powerful residents of another dimension. Basically demons and get referred to as such.

Since his sort of death and internment on the golden throne. He's been worshipped as the god of humanity.
The sisters of battle are basically an army of zealots that exist as a loophole to a ban on the Imperial church having "men at arms" because they went full craycray at one point.

There is no good side in 40k.
The Imperiums inhumanity towards man is essential to ensure the survival of humanity.
Everything wants to kill/eat everyone.
In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium there is only war.

>> No.76206725

>literally just being Christian is grounds for a "bait" post.
Yeah, it's totally just being Christian that reveal your post as bait, totally not the dozen of buzzwords and you behaving like a bad stereotype.

But I guess I am giving you some (you) so apparently there is something like a bait being so obvious is still work

>> No.76206731

To be fair, most of the time they are usually made from vat-born, soulless things or stillborns.
The wealthy and elite consider it a status symbol to have their cherubim made from real children though.

>> No.76206734

Very nice

>> No.76206750

Way to play your cards too early anon. Could have made a few b8 posts more before revealing your hand.

>> No.76206756

Dude speedrunning is pretty nice, and is honestly best when you aren't grinding for WR like a faggot.

>> No.76206762

Yeah, I know who Chaos are, I'm not an idiot so you don't have to be so condescending
The rest is kinda interesting. I still might keep my Adepta Sororitas army then, even if they're Pagan. The Romans were based (at least in the later Empire)
I guess I can just fancanon that my army is Christian. Maybe they discovered a Bible somewhere in a time capsule and one of them read it.
Sad that there are no good people but I guess that will eventually be true since nobody really goes to church anymore

>> No.76206771

>ignoring bollocks like Death Company and Wolfen of course.
joke's on you I'm building my sharks to be 30k shartshields, NL (30k/40k), RG successors, flesh tearers (30k destroyers are death company) and space wolves. the only question is what role would "converted giant cyborgs" have other than being wulfen. of course the poor fucks lost FNP, but oh well

>> No.76206773

>paint smeared all over
>not a single model based
>mould lines

>> No.76206774

Is it too soon to start asking about the Dark Angels?

>> No.76206780

You’re being told to run two valorous heart detatchments and a single bloody rose one. C’mon anon, you should’ve been able to figure that out on your own with first-grade mathematics

>> No.76206784

I couldn't care less what Guilliman proclaims. A true Space Marine would follow the sacred, holy Codex Astartes to the letter, even against the author that penned its flawless contents. To hell with every Space Marine, every Chapter, and every Imperial Slave that violates the edicts of the Codex. No one has the right to ratify its rule, not even the Emperor himself.

>> No.76206797

World Eaters.
Alternatively Flesh Tearers.

>> No.76206804

>I'm not an idiot

>> No.76206806

>BA are can get literally thirsty for blood and have more prominent fangs than normal due to genetic quirks so yea, they are kinda like vampires but not much more than other marines can be
>not much more than other marines can be
>the red thirst exists.

>> No.76206814

Explicit Christianity died out long ago in the setting. The short story discussed here: https://1d4chan.org/wiki/The_Last_Church discusses the last example of "traditional" human faiths in Terra. But even that was not directly any real world faith and that occurred 10,000+ years in the "past" of 40k. That's not to say faith has no role in the setting, far from it. "Faith made manifest" is very literal. And certainly the setting borrows heavily from Christian symbology and ritual, especially Catholicism, for a sense of mysticism. But if you're were hoping for a foundation of directly comparable Christian morality? Well, no. The universe is too far gone and humanity is too desperate for that. Religious dogma is largely driven by what will bind together and sustain humanity even a little longer in a hostile galaxy.

>> No.76206824

How the fuck is there not a foppish successor chapter for the blood angels that goes all in on the Dracula aesthetic yet?

>> No.76206834


>> No.76206845

Your choices are either the pseudo Christian parts of the Imperium, which is idolatry, daemonic bastards, or pagan / aesthetic xenos. The Emperor in lore is the divine figure, though he's nothing like Jesus. He is a magic superhuman with a penchant for genetically modifying people into superhuman eunuch soldiers to use as the driving force for a galaxy wide crusade to spread secularism and reunite humanities lost glory. Where Jesus had a message of peace and spoke of himself as the son of God the Emperor kills all who don't follow his vision and absolutely despises religion, especially people worshipping him as divine.

>> No.76206879

Okay so is there any hope for good and right in this setting at all? It kinda seems too depressing for me ngl. Is Age of Sigmar more upbeat?
Nazis were Pagan Occultists, bro

>> No.76206898

If one of them found a bible they'd burn it.
The sororitas are raised from a young age to be fanatical zealots of the Imperial cult.
Hence why they're often used by the ordos hereticus of the inquisition to kill heretics and provide muscle

>> No.76206919

They’re labotomized children anon. Labotomized children with anti-grav implanted into their chubby little bellies and computers shoved into their underdeveloped brains. Most are vat-grown, but there are exceptions to that

>> No.76206921

Sigmar is definitely more upbeat but leans hard into closer to a Greek/Roman pantheon of Gods. If you want to play Christians, you're going to have to play historicals.

>> No.76206926

Sounds like FATAL is the game and setting for you

>> No.76206930

Both settings are grimdark.
Age of Sigmar less so. But grimdark is kind of Games Workshops whole thing.
Also no christians in Age of Sigmar. If you're human you worship Sigmar or you get a hammer to the noggin.

>> No.76206941

wulfen are the only reason I started collecting admech instead of sm to supplement my knights
wolf cavalry and wolf wolves of wolf were the close call, bu these hideous aberrations somehow tolerated by imperium and present in form of furry gay old men AND furry gay dreadnought broke the last strain
as much as I love SW lore from HH, I cannot bear with the massive fail they are as minis

>> No.76206951

I definitely won't play any game called FATAL, regardless of contents. It's probably some paganshit anyway
Oh this sucks. Is this intentional on GW's part? Are there any other Christians who collect this stuff? Does it bother you as well?

>> No.76206958

>On a side note, is the Imperium Christian or is this something I've been led to believe?
I appreciate the bait lorelet anon. The Imperium worships the one true God Emperor of Mankind, all other faiths or superstitions are violently eradicated and every religion currently known to man IRL has been wiped out by the 41st millennium. There is a slight expection in that the Admech worship a trinity of the Omnissiah, Motive Force, and Machine God, but they get away with in because the Omnissiah/machine god is also the Emperor. Go read some of the lore.

>> No.76206977

>as much as I love SW lore from HH
Ah so you're a degenerate regardless.

>> No.76206985

Instead of going full furry ValHelsing style, they went for the most half-ass way posibble.

>> No.76206990

>this post is bait!
>continue to respond to it
>STILL responding to it

>> No.76207007

>Is the God Emperor Jesus, a future Prophet of Jesus or some kind of Pagan LARP,
The Emperor explicitly is not Jesus and actually went out of his way to eradicate the remaining Abrahamic faiths on earth while he was still alive. Up until his “death” at the end of the Horus heresy big E was a hyper-potent psyker who built the Imperium of Mankind and attempted to destroy all religion only to accidentally create a cult of personality which took off after his death and eventually became the sole faith allowed within the Imperium (again, excepting the admech because shenanigans)

>> No.76207029

I think they just want to avoid controversy. Having genocidal literal Christian Templars in space would upset pretty much a lot of people. Having pseudo Christian templars in space is easier to swallow (look up the Black Templars).

>> No.76207045

indeed I am
prospero burns is one of my favourites, cause luv me some good ol' nerd stomping and SW are at their finest being ignorant bunch of barbarians understanding their purpose in big picture much better than shiny polished toilet seats of maccrage

>> No.76207055

There are no rail guns in your picture anon. Nor is there a peasant.

>> No.76207058

They do need to feed on blood tho?!?

It's the red thirst, not the red craving.

>> No.76207069

Love how everyone knows it's b8, but still keep making serious responses.
What drives people to do such actions?

>> No.76207091

If you go off of 1st ed lore and art Sigmar is totally what the people on this board joke and say it is, warhammer marvel edition. But games workshop realized it wasn't receptive to the kids even with all the bright colors and shiny armour and have slowly but surely been working the lore in a way that reintroduces a more grim side to the world and the events that take place in it, but generally its the more 'upbeat' of the two settings, probably down to the fact that they're kind of inverse in the overall goal of humanity, 40k is generally about humanity's grip on the galaxy dwindling as they claw on for survival, AoS is about retaking the realms that'd already been lost to chaos so theres generally a more hopeful outlook as they sally forward for the god-king.

>> No.76207096

I mean, some members of the Inquisition still know about Catholics, and even a small bit about their beliefs.

So it's not that the knowledge has been entirely forgotten; just hugely suppressed. I bet Malcador's little library and Trazyn's museum both prob have bibles.

That said, it would be retarded to try and bring Christianity into 40k, because then the setting would be noble dark at worst and not grimdark.

>> No.76207102

It's more engaging than most non bait posts on here.

>> No.76207105

No because people are buying 3rs party sculpts, so GW won't bother. This leads to people buying even more 3rd party stuff, keeping the circle going forever.

>> No.76207143

Fuck I hate those garbage models. Why couldn't they just slightly redo the old metal Wulfen

>> No.76207157

So what's the lore behind the old wulfen having red armour pieces?

>> No.76207159

There are heroes and good guys on the micro scale. Typically people will point to the Lamenters and Salamanders, and honestly in BL books the Sisters are often some of the of the most moral actors in the setting in terms of caring for the common people. However, it is again not universal, and Sisters can certainly good too far in "scourging the heretic." Plus as everyone has said, at the macro top level scale it's pretty much all bad. So it sorta comes down to whether you want to play as the "light in the darkness." There is enough flexibility to 40k that you could play an order of sisters recruited from a world with some vague traditions handed down from dimly remembered christianity. Those could even guide their moral outlook. The Imperium is often "hands off" in how it treats differences in local faiths as long as they venerate the emperor and aren't actively dangerous like summoning daemons or something. But they would be folded into and under the veneration of the Emperor and the wider Imperial Creed. And its important to realize the the Imperial Machine as a whole is monstrous.

>> No.76207172

Sure, but there's a big difference between that and practiced Christianity.

>> No.76207176

Where is it explicitly stated the Emperor wasn't Jesus.
And where was it explicitly stated he wiped out all Abrahamic religions.
In the HH series, one of the Perpetuals is a fucking 'Catheric' and has a good damn cross

>> No.76207190


Explorers in the further reaches of experience. Demons to some, angels to others.

>> No.76207191

I believe it was something like they were fighting in the warp so long they had to scavenge replacement armor parts and such from Chaos Marines.

>> No.76207192

>I wouldn't want a fucking zombie kid flying around my head.
Technically “vegetable kid” would be a bit more appropriate as they aren’t undead in any sense

>> No.76207194

Not reading the shit that's coming out of Black Library, but didn't the Emperor kill the last priest on Earth?

>> No.76207214

Basically they'd been in the warp ten thousand years and had been maintaining their armour using parts stolen from the chaos muhreens.

>> No.76207216

How do they look so far

>> No.76207223

I believe black and red were just a part of their heraldry/colour scheme back then.
They were also shown with some of the CSM bits incorporated into their models to represent their company being previously lost in the warp.

>> No.76207230

Ur paints. Thin them.

>> No.76207242


>> No.76207246

He explicitly tries not to kill the priest, just destroy the church.

Your first stop is probably the short story "The Last Church." That's where this topic is addressed most directly.

>> No.76207247

Can a hero drop the marine on vola, need to check something I couldn't verify while playin marines last night ... thanks brothers

>> No.76207255

just wait 2 months until we get the new codex
its looking good for the dark angels anon, its our time to shine

>> No.76207256


>> No.76207261

> T H I N
> Y O U R
> P A I N T S

And use a wash on the robes and gun

>> No.76207272

You drop your requests in the mega folder, and then you visit the other link a bit later to actually download the stuff

>> No.76207283

Wash the guns and highlight them

>> No.76207295

Looks like a fine tabletop quality. Would play against.

>> No.76207302

But the priest dies in the fires, right?

>> No.76207303

>Maybe they discovered a Bible somewhere in a time capsule and one of them read it.
If they did they’d be purged by the imperium at large. Hell, most sororitas are so zealous they’ll set you on fire just for implying there are other deities than big E

>> No.76207314

He walks back into the collapsing church himself.

>> No.76207318

>lorgar jokes whether ferrus is capable of making anything produces rather than destroys
>ferrus response: one wonders if you are capable of creating anything worthwhile at all.
kek lorgar btfo

>> No.76207325

good enough for playing, but adding some shadows with a wash and a few highlights would make them look way better

also, thin your paint

>> No.76207343


>> No.76207360


>> No.76207373

>Okay so is there any hope for good and right in this setting at all?
Is there the possibility of goodness, yes. Is there any real hope for it? No. Every major player in the setting (and most of the minor ones) are absurdly self-destructive when one considers the big picture.
>It kinda seems too depressing for me ngl.
That’s kinda the point
>Is Age of Sigmar more upbeat?
Yes, but it is also shit

>> No.76207446

>Are there any other Christians who collect this stuff? Does it bother you as well?
Howdy, Christian here. It doesn’t bother me at all. Christ wanted us to love one another he wouldn’t be particularly happy if I were pretending to wage wars in his name.

>> No.76207455

What would be a good loadout for a chaos lord with a jump back? Thinking going for the classic power sword and plasma pistol.

>> No.76207467

Boredom mostly

>> No.76207478

Did any primarch actually like Lorgar?

>> No.76207481

How come lightning claws are clearly just modified power fists, but the rules make them completely different?

>> No.76207508

>Where is it explicitly stated the Emperor wasn't Jesus.
>And where was it explicitly stated he wiped out all Abrahamic religions.
>In the HH series, one of the Perpetuals is a fucking 'Catheric' and has a good damn cross
Big E told everyone he was not their messiah and thus is not Jesus. In “The Last Church” he destroyed the final abrahamic church on terra and it is heavily implied it is the only such church remaining in existence. Don’t you fucking dare remind me of the rape of Ollanius Pious

>> No.76207514

>Lorgar proceeds to produce the writings that are later used by the Imperium for veneration of the Emperor
your prayers to your false emperor are rewarded only with silence

>> No.76207515

Angron liked his tatooed butt

>> No.76207520

Pretty good anon. The plasma coils look a little flat, but I imagine you have plans to correct that.

>> No.76207521

Dubs and I'll post a pic of the sink in it's glory!

>> No.76207524

Yeah it's pretty stupid.
I want Cawl Claws to become the norm.

>> No.76207556

Lorelets are the worst. Especially when they are christian larping.

>> No.76207564

The power field has a different effect when dispersed over blades than it does over a blunt fist. Plus the two weapons are wielded differently

>> No.76207575

Highly depends on the Relic weapons available to your legion. But if you aren't taking a relic I'd suggest a pair of Lightning Claws or a Power Fist and Lightning Claw.

>> No.76207576

How should i paint my new engineers?
Some darker variation of the space wolves gray blue (the ww1 french blue is already used on the riders) or a light gray with pic related?
On both i want to paint the armor dark gray with urban spliter camouflage

>> No.76207595

>I want Cawl...

>> No.76207621

It really depends on what relics, marks and warlord traits are available to your legion. You can make a pretty gnarly beatstick out of twin lightning claws now though.

>> No.76207651

Magnus got along well with him until Lorgar turned turbo faggot

>> No.76207660

slicey =/= punchy

>> No.76207674

The space marine box is sold out. I thought no one wanted it?

>> No.76207678

Nah man, that looks bloody amazing!
Only thing I can even think of is that the base looks a bit plain,

I hope to be that good one day

>> No.76207687

My problem with it is the flat multi-damage weapons everywhere. I prefer the randomness in my dice games since it's more fun. 9th just seems sterile

>> No.76207726

I'm all for being proud of your models anon but you're pushing posting that image 10 times in the span of 5 days.

>> No.76207728

one of these days you'll check em

>> No.76207732

Technically they can be lax with the imperial creed by having it merge with local beliefs from tribal worlds and the like. The most fundamental points are:
-Worship the Emperor in some form.
-Help the Imperium by paying a tithe.

>> No.76207745

There is literally no difference between these two trainwrecks other than the modern ones eschew limb armor. They are both fucking hideous.
>The hilariously retarded posing
>The stupid hollywood wolfman heads
>The gangly limbs
This reminds me of the "the old Death Guard were better!" sentiment I saw when 8th released. Sure. You could argue that the new sculpts are too busy and overdesigned, but just look at these fucking things, they look like someone threw a box of csm into a microwave. I'm convinced people only liked them because that one guy in the back has a cool bone pauldron.

>> No.76207758

>the Emperor is nothing like Jesus
>He is a magic superhuman with a penchant for genetically modifying people into superhuman soldiers
so you're telling me the Emperor is exactly like Jesus?

>> No.76207773

I think most people are talking about the forgeworld models when they say old death guard are better.

>> No.76207775

jesus did genetically modify your mom's huge ass so yes

>> No.76207786

I play EC. New EC codex never ever

>> No.76207790

>Jesus will turn me into a Space Marine
I missed that bit in Sunday School.

>> No.76207801

I want to make a tiger themed space marine or chaos space marine army. Their armor will have tiger stripes, but how should I go about it.
(I'm not a faggot or furry)

>> No.76207807

>I'm convinced people only liked them because that one guy in the back has a cool bone pauldron.
You don't like the flesh merged with armour and distended bellies?

>> No.76207819


>> No.76207836

Step 1: play Tiger Claws

>> No.76207853

This is fantasy guy, none of this is real. You shouldn't be offended by the fact something fictional has multiple gods.

>> No.76207858


he's being mean about it but doing a base really does improve your model to a ridiculous degree. Those are fantastic for first models/pretty good models in general but without basing they look sort of ass

>> No.76207860

The 2nd ed. models.

>> No.76207871

The abrahammic faiths have a tendency to be

>> No.76207883

Well, he gave magical powers to the apostles.
So, maybe?

>> No.76207889

we need to go back

>> No.76207892

All them niggas have giraffe necks

>> No.76207902

Those 13thGC boxes were so cool
Will we ever see something like Eye of Terror again?

>> No.76207923

When I say old DG were better I'm thinking of the FW sculpts because I think everyone agrees the ones you posted were just awful all around
Except maybe for the 1 dude with a gasmask and a ribcage shoulderpad

>> No.76207945

I've got a lot of work to do but I'm working on some Elysian shotgun Veterans, I'll take new photos once they are done. (teaser in pic)

>If such is the Emperor's will

I suppose they do, but that's just Elysian proportions for you, the heads would look much worse on ordinary Cadians.

>> No.76207957

No, vocal dumbasses have a tendency to. Most people can tell fantasy from fiction.

>> No.76207961

I meant the REAL old deathguard

>> No.76207962

Whatcha guys think of my punishers test model? I went for a kind of messy dirty bone look for the armor and I'm kind of new to freehand.

>> No.76207966

Nice bathroom. Clean and cozy.
Care to give us a full view?

>> No.76207984

it is dirty indeed but not in a way that looks good

>> No.76208010

How could I refuse the dubs?

>> No.76208020


>> No.76208022

You should use dark grey in the parts that are black.
And use less wash

>> No.76208033

Tell that to all the buddhist statues in afghanistan.
Or the ancient ruins in Syria.

>> No.76208051

>laptop, notes and sink
Do you sleep in the bathroom as well?
Pretty nice setup, I have the exact same lamp but in black

>> No.76208064

cute handwriting
wanna go on a date

>> No.76208091

Get rid of the gold and just freehand over the trim

>> No.76208153

Yep, as I've said in some past threads, am a law student. I live in an apartment with 2 others and a shared kitchen and bathroom.

Well you're certainly the first person I've heard call my handwriting 'cute', It is more commonly described as chicken foot scratches.
But I have found that compared to more elegant handwriting, nearly anyone can read it with little to no effort.

>> No.76208158

What did he mean by this?

>> No.76208165

That could work too, I was just trying to go off the art for the punishers. That would definitely help with getting more bone freehand tho.
Alright I'll try that.

>> No.76208204

Bolt action is decent as a system but has a small player base and doesn't really lend itself to larger games imho.

>> No.76208247


>> No.76208258

RG supplement, Whirlwind of Rage and Hungry for battle. RG has strats for teleporting, pregame moves, fallback and charge, etc. Perfect for ambush predators .

>> No.76208320

you...you know the imperium aren't the good guys, right?

>> No.76208333

Yes they are. You can't have the humans be the bad guys, silly.

>> No.76208409

Vocal ignorant dumbasses in destructive positions of power.

>> No.76208473

That's a recast chimera I'm working on, on top of it is a Griffin Mortar Carrier conversion kit.

>> No.76208518

Post your dudes.
Not pictured: 3 PBCs and 2 Daemon Princes

>> No.76208529

I implore you to fix up this poor russ, it doesn't deserve this kind of treatment

>> No.76208560

not pictured: a corvus, an unfinished CSM SC!, a few pieces of Tau lying around, and some space marines

>> No.76208578

They're the goodest guys

>> No.76208586

Their religion explicitly calls for the destruction of anything that preceded it same with christianity

>> No.76208607

My OC donut steel chapter the Reclaimers of the Pale

>> No.76208616

My sisters of the order of the Ebon Aegis.

>> No.76208629

But both are still massively unwieldy Big Hand weapons. Why does one impose a hit penalty when the other doesn't?

>> No.76208753

Sweet astraeus

>> No.76208764

>Still no DG codex preorder date in the preview
Jesus christ fuck off. Glad we've seen fucking supplement books for them and stuff from January's codexes though

>> No.76208793

>Need to wait 2 more weeks to get it
Fuck me I just want to consoom at this point, haven't bought anything new because I was hard at work knocking out my backlog.

>> No.76208818

It's common knowledge that GW hates chaos. Don't be surprised if your book doesn't end up dropping in December at all

>> No.76208829

That does not change my statement.

>> No.76208861

Finally got time to work on the base some more. Added some more mud and some 'ard coat on top to make it look wet. What would be the best way to add boot prints into mud?

>> No.76208890

>take boot
>press into wet mud

>> No.76208892

Fill me with belief
The Emperor inside me
My Chaos hole gapes

>> No.76208909

got any more?

>> No.76208912

I have no spare boots anon.

>> No.76208932

its not mine anon, just posting what i wanted to try

>> No.76208944

Stunning and brave.

>> No.76208952

press the feet of the unpainted miniature into the mud whilst it's still drying. Also a tip for wet mud, acrylic gloss gel medium works really well as unlike varnish it helps to add a little volume and gives it a more watery wetness.

>> No.76208954


>> No.76208972

Thats tough. Have you considered getting another boot?

>> No.76208979

>Smashes you back

>> No.76209024

I don't see anything daemonic about those beyond the forge world upgrade kit. In fact I mistook them for loyalist knights at first until I saw the forge world one.

>> No.76209033

Neat, thanks.
I'm not made of minis. I don't keep a backlog.

>> No.76209038

Rapacious Talons are the boi

>> No.76209065

>starts a Primaris marine army
Heh, nothing personal guys. See you at the tables :)

>> No.76209072

>Mold lines and undrilled barrels

>> No.76209074

No cash to get the desecrator kit so I settled with chaos knight transfers and painting some chaos runes on the Tyrant

>> No.76209077

>posts models with his shitpost
no one, ever

>> No.76209078

nice dubs
I'd give you one of my boots, if you were here

>> No.76209101

they're still in the indomitus box, jerk.

>> No.76209106

Thanks friendo.

>> No.76209108

Took a while for AoS to get their slaanesh mortals but now that those are out EC are a real possibility

>> No.76209113

Pretty slick m8! At least someone is playing chaos knights.

>> No.76209126

Which one will you be buying, Anon?
I know you have a primaris army...

>> No.76209138

Ah okay, well personally I'd try to add some chaosey conversions, I noticed you did a good job on those skulls on one of them, maybe you could try adding on some more trophies or something? Those csm kits come with a bunch of bits, unless you're using them somewhere else.

>> No.76209143

Hello, excuse me. very nice, kino. Which knight is best for iron warriors?

>> No.76209149

at the moment none, but I'm not gonna lie, Its becoming increasingly tempting to buy a small primaris force, just because its easy to paint and everyone is selling their leftover primaris for low

>> No.76209154

>Playing vehicles in EradicatorHammer40k

>> No.76209161

Maybe the hit penalty is also factoring in loss of reach? The claws are like 2 feet long, easy

>> No.76209178

I want to make a banner bearer for my skitarii. Any suggestions? Was thinking of the old space marine back banners on a pole to make a small banner.

>> No.76209198

WHAT IS THAT GUARDRAIL IN FRONT? It baffles me every time... because the rail is similar to the railing on the little baby carriage dreadnought, which leads me to believe that those black parts are fucking PADDING... which means the grav tank is worried about what? bumping into its own guys?

>> No.76209213

So if it gets damaged so much that the anti-grav gives out that it doesn't crumple the front end when it falls two feet to the ground.

>> No.76209219

One is an Infantry sized model with Infantry weapons and Infantry movement values while the other is a dreadnought sized mech that can fly and has vehicle grade weapon choices.

>> No.76209227

More like Plasmaceptor40k

>> No.76209229

Yeah.. I didn't have much chaosey bits. Used most of the suitable ones on the red Despoiler.

Dual Avenger Despoiler (anti marines) or Dual Thermal Despoiler (anti vehicle).
Rampager if you want to meme. Tyrant is too expensive.

>> No.76209230

Black bits might just be to facilitate climbing on to it, like to get into the top hatch

Not that Space marines fit into the top hatches of ANY of their vehicles, but ho hum

>> No.76209240

That or victoria miniatures has banners for sale.

>> No.76209268

Ah okay, that makes sense. Well they're still really nice looking knights, any tips for painting one for someone about to paint their first one?

>> No.76209301

The twin Gatling one since it reminds me of a Baal predator. And I'm doing all primaris blood Angels.

>> No.76209333

Not that hard really. But you need an airbrush or canned paint of the armor color. Handpainting the armor pieces is a fool's errand.
Spray the inner frame seperately from the armor pieces/other shit.
You can choose to spray silver, shade then drybrush or if you're a lazy shit like me, just spray black and drybrush silver.
Then magnetise the arms if you want to swap loadouts. Don't glue the torso or transporting it will be a massive pain.
That's about it.

>> No.76209337

This fucking POWERSTANCE though god damn.
You're in it right now anon with the Indomitus Crusade and Pariah Nexus.

>> No.76209343

Like Twilight Vampires, yes

>> No.76209381

god i miss it bros... i miss old marines. good bye old friends...

>> No.76209396

They're separate kits? What the fuck

>> No.76209407

Flamer BP is kinda fun now with 18"/12" range.

>> No.76209415

Article says they're not seperate. Magnetize them you retard

>> No.76209419

no, same kit makes all three. the datasheets are split into 3 different ones for balance or something

>> No.76209425

>This kit can alternatively be used to assemble a Gladiator Valiant, Gladiator Lancer or an Impulsor.
They are not

>> No.76209426

I'm sad because there is a non-zero chance either of you is serious.

>> No.76209428

GW doesn't make kits with options anymore.

>> No.76209436

No, so you're not limited by the Rule of 3.
Just in case you're insane and want to bring 9 tanks to the table.

>> No.76209448

wtf am i going to do with 3 tanks? and how much is it, 240 $$$???

>> No.76209459

Are you stupid or something?
It's one kit and you pick one variant and build it, or magnetize the shit out of it so you can use all variants.

>> No.76209483

no you mongrel, it makes one that can be built as any of the three. just magnetize it so you can use any whenever you want

>> No.76209512

Who do YOU think are the goodest guys in 40k then?

>> No.76209528

that's now how anti-grav works, retards

>> No.76209550

undivided chaos (unironically)

>> No.76209578


>> No.76209596

>Another day of GW spitting in Death Guard players’ faces, and not in the good disease spreading way

>> No.76209618

Why do you hurt me like this anon

>> No.76209630

Fuck off, they gave you a huge release and more options than actual chaos. They won't even stop sucking you off with the new space marine heroes shit so fuck off.

>> No.76209640

The number next to the weapon type denotes how many attacks that model can make with their ranged weapon, right? My friends are convinced for some reason that you multiply that number by the attack stat to find out how many attacks that model can make.

>> No.76209643

none. im poor

>> No.76209647

No, jokes on you, that sounds bloody awesome to me.

>> No.76209659

Say I kitbash something in pic-related using 100% GW PLASTIC. If I play at a GW gamestore, do you think it'll pass?

>> No.76209671

tell him to read the rules

>> No.76209683

Depends on the individual store and its manager, and how autistic they are.
Generally that'd be fine but I've heard some stories.

>> No.76209694

fuck you, DG. you're basically the chaos version of the primaris ultramarine, wtf are you complaining about. little bitch. has 3 years straight of constant releases not appeased you yet?

fuck dg and fuck secondary dg players

>> No.76209695

>I mean, some members of the Inquisition still know about Catholics, and even a small bit about their beliefs.
Is there a short story I could read about this? Their perspective would be really interesting

>> No.76209696

You are correct. The model's attacks are for close combat.

>> No.76209702

Has 40k new felt super slow the last couple of weeks for you guys?

>> No.76209704

You think in the most autismo case I'll have to bring the bits (before they were sliced) in question?

>> No.76209724

What do you mean "40k new"?

>> No.76209748

40k *news

>> No.76209767

I have even more nurglings now but otherwise here's the full army

>> No.76209796

I've vaguely heard the conversion rule for 'official' models is 50% GW plastic has to remain. As someone who just ordered 3d printer rippers I have an important question.

Does the base count in total mass of plastic?

>> No.76209803

Not really good. They don't have the number of attacks like A.Intercessors have. Their only real edge right now is having a squad with 1 neophyte for the smokescreen keyword on an objective

>> No.76209850

It purely depends on whoever is in charge at that time when you play

>> No.76209862

UK lockdown probably slowing gw

>> No.76209869

The 50% rule is pretty old and a bit iffy.
In general though the model needs to be readily identifiable.

>> No.76209891

you can write and do 3D CAD from home. they have no excuse

>> No.76209894

Everyone get their entries for AOP online submitted?

>> No.76209915

>I know you have a primaris army
I've yet to buy a single primaris model. Firstborn Black Templar manlets FTW

>> No.76209921

if someone ever complains about something like that its not someone you want to be around or play toy soldiers with.

>> No.76209932

New thread:

>> No.76209940

what does secondary dg player mean

>> No.76209946

just don't get caught and you're fine
Once painted the easiest way to identify recasts/prints is the weight so if you want to make it harder to find the fake just put a large magnet in the base, don't let them pick up your models, or most importantly PAINT THEM

>> No.76209994

get used to it. 2021 is going to be 60% AoS and sidegames.

>> No.76210124

>The Imperiums inhumanity towards man is essential to ensure the survival of humanity

Except it's not, it's cruelty for cruelty's sake.

>> No.76210969

They got a big release at the start of 8th and then nothing until years later. Shut the fuck up nigger

>> No.76211487

Casting catalyst for a 5+++ on one and the stratagem aura that lowers enemy shooting Strength.

>> No.76211498

Isn't he a little short for an ogryn?

>> No.76211546

yo i've been reading warhammer 40k and not to be a heretic but is the emperor an asshole or something

>> No.76212077

How'd I do?

Flesh Tearers Primaris Chaplain on Bike S4 T5 4 attacks
1 CP Master of Sanctity – Wise Orator (+1 to Litany rolls)
Relic – Benediction of Fury +2S -2AP D3 (Unmodified 6s do 1MW
1 CP Angel Exemplar – Of Wrath and Rage (Unmodified 6s to hit do 1 extra hit)
Litany of Hate - re-roll hits
Mantra of Strength - +1S +1D
Canticle of Hate - +2 to charge rolls, consolidation extra 3’’

S7 6 attacks on the charge, wounding most stuff on 2s at D4

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