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I am looking for pictures of handgonnes being used in fantasy settings. There's a ton of cool historical pics but I want fantasy ones.

Note I'm not talking about muskets, but pre-musket firearms. Fire-lances are also ok though.

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some examples of the guns

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This one is technically historical but it's got a skeleton in it so whatever

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I guess i can contribute something based on this logic

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Go to /wfg/ and download a bunch of Empire and Dwarf army books, plus RPG books too. You'll find tons of art there.

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Not as much handgonnes but I got fantastical 16th-17th century guns.

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The fuck is #1 on the top left panel doing?

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His best

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Assuming there's a firefight going on, maybe trying to snag the beer with his match-stick without leaving cover?

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Warhammer guns almost always have modern-style stocks, which is really the key distinction between handgonnes and arquebuses / muskets.

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It's also the shape I feel. The handgonne era was a crazy time where ANYTHING could be a gun so long as a metal shooty-tube was attached. The "gun shape" hadn't been properly invented yet so there was a bunch of crazy designs.

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