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No Smut General Image Edition

>Space Marines Gladiator – Model Focus

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TQ: Favorite bit of new (~3 years) fluff?

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I already have a primaris chaplain and Indomitus captain what should I do with the ones that came with MTO indomitus?

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That time Drazhar and Jain Zar had an epic duel that ended with them killing each other and then possessing 2 other eldar so neither of them actually died.

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Guilliman being a single well-adjusted person in a retarded universe of 40k. Also Calgar reflexively cringing when Bobby sits down on his own fucking chair because it was a priceless relic of his chapter for thousands of years.

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Probably Great Crusade Astartes being higher quality than aatartes made post heresy

>> No.76041373

Iron Warriors having Big Gete Stars

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>Favourite bit of new fluff
Immotekh not being controlled by the Silent King and the Silent King being back in the universe much longer but people not realizing it is pretty neat.

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Did the Gaunt’s Ghosts or Ciaphas Cain audiobooks ever get uploaded?

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Make a biker chaplain out of a spare outrider and the Indomitus chaplain bits. You can run the cap as another lieutenant or a bladeguard sarge.

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Is that a new new thing? I thought it was known for a long while that geneseed was degrading.
We had a whole cursed founding about it.

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3 Primaris or 5 Manlets

>> No.76041405

Well before it was like some foundings are shit now it's never been the same

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Is this story covered in recent books? I havent read anything released after 2016 and I feel like there is a ton to catch up on.
Anything written from the cron perspective?

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soul forges

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Reposting in the slight hope that I'll get some kind of opinion/advice/criticism on my list:

Does this look ok for casual play and would it be fun to play / play against?

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That gsc story about the neophyte during the tyranid invasion that ends with his "son" killing him as soon as he gets close.
That might actually be older than 3 years now.

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Have you guys ever sold any of your armies? How was the experience? I want to get rid of my csm and I'm wondering if it's worth the hassle.

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Creations of Bile berserkers are so fucking good bros

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None about this specific fluff, but the recent "The Divine and the Infinite" does have new fluff pieces for crons, like the fact they have a court that the Triarchs overlook and they can boost their processors to basically slow down time from their perspective.

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No, I dont like selling things

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Creations of Bile berserkers are so good bros

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>TQ: Favorite bit of new (~3 years) fluff?
Rubric is apparently reversible? Also Ahriman still cares apparently. I thought he was gonna go full edge and say he no longer gives a fuck and zap the elf

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I've sold an Admech battleforce box I had lying around for literal years. For half-price to a friend who wanted to start admech.

>> No.76041454

Find someone to trade, otherwise piece the shit out on ebay by unit.

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Generally speaking, what's better on a Defiler: A Twin Heavy Bolter or a Twin Lascannon? I'm assuming the latter.

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TQ: The severed was a fun little story about Zahndrekh and his wacky antics.

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Twin Heavy bolter in a low Unit army.
Twin Lascannon in literally any other context.

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Same. I would love to, but haggling sucks.

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>Favorite bit of new (~3 years) fluff?
Ghaz leading the orks to victory on Octarius. I was hoping there would be an actual book about the come of a Tyranid and Ork slugfest but I'm glad that it's resolved.

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I just like having all my stuff

>> No.76041506

What's better, theme lists or competitive lists?

I really want to make either Mad Max Orks or an American Civil War IG but I've heard that both of them are very bad and I can't justify putting tanks in with a Civil War regiment.

>> No.76041518

If only that were a gameplay element for the marines who are still around from the Crusade.

>> No.76041530

If both people are playing themed lists, then it's fun.
Playing against someone who is WAAC while you are just trying to be fluffy is miserable.

>> No.76041533

Mad Max Orks can be viable.

>> No.76041542

This. Communication is king. As long as both players know what they're getting into then either is fine.

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>What's better, theme lists or competitive lists?
competitive lists objectively

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What is a unit that you play that isn't very good? I like grenade launcher scions, I just think the grenade launcher looks cool.

>> No.76041568

>fav new lore
That time a bunch of primaris got sparky to some custodes and got absolutely annihilated for their insubordination.

>> No.76041577

The Canoptek Reanimator but I only run it because fuckers took away the Cryptek aura and gave them better abilities.

>> No.76041586

"turn in your weapons, your fellow astartes have fallen to chaos"

>> No.76041595

I'm tempted to play with sicarian infiltrators just because I like the model.

>> No.76041601

My entire army.

Honestly, Magnus + spawn.
It's basically my go to for adjusting lists by 500pts up or down if someone want to play a pick up game and it doesn't land exactly in the 1000s bracket.

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Theme lists that make no gameplay sense are retarded and result in the player playing that list constantly pointing out how it's okay that he's losing horribly because it's a theme list while his opponent rolls his eyes and tries to end the game as quickly as possible.

Building an army to a theme is fine. But building an army you know won't be effective against a normal army list will just result in a stupid one sided game that isn't fun for anyone.

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Necrons are fucking strong. Killing 20 warriors in cover in a turn is easier said than done.

>> No.76041612

Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun. Nothing feels worse than getting strength and 4 shots only to miss every last fucking one.

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raptors, warp talons, bile, chosen, defilers (in 8th), CSM as troops (in 8th), terminators, rapier battery, Lord Arkos, bikes...

>> No.76041621


40k is already bad enough as a one sided game on the best of days, no need to exacerbate the issue on your own and try to justify it with nonsense

>> No.76041629

Put up your butt. Where they belong.

>> No.76041630

Warriors arent so much strong as they are durable.

>> No.76041633

How do I use 40kstats to find what lists people are running for chaos knights?


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>live or die by the words of GW's schizophrenic rule "writers"
thank god for narrative games

>> No.76041636

"they took this from you"

>> No.76041637

I like the idea that the Astartes see themselves as elite knight-warriors of legend, equipped with the most fearsome weapons imaginable, while the Custodes see the as meth-addled rednecks driving souped-up tractors and that, the last time the Astartes were left unsupervised, they immediately tried to kill each other and God.

>> No.76041647

Take the Crusade pill.

>> No.76041648

How come I shit on Necrons every time I play them then?
>you're playing Necrons? Allow me to introduce you to Kastelan Robots.

>> No.76041649

The entire army is strong, that’s just one example of something you have to deal with, now multiply it by 4 in a 2k list

>> No.76041653

you mean the rules still written by the same writers you hate so much.

you idiot. Play better games if you are gonna act snobbish about it. You are just in the different part of the mudhole sinking in your own corner

>> No.76041657

Because Mortal Wounds are the bane to Necrons.

>> No.76041666

mortal wounds are the bane of any army really.

>> No.76041673

>Take the Crusade pill.
Brb going to the middle east

>> No.76041677

Yeah but to Necrons they are extra bad because of the fact you can't RP mortal wounds.

>> No.76041694

sure thing bro

>> No.76041696

All infantry IG is viable. New Morale rules don't fuck up conscripts as bad as in 8th and you can make them a menace if you take character that buffs them.

>> No.76041698

Did you quote the wrong post? Because it applies just as much in a narrative game.

If you're playing either in a campaign or in a narrative scenario and one player just gets utterly trounced because the army they have doesn't actually work for that game it's still not fun for anyone.

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For real my first game in 9e was my Ultramarines against Crons and I was not prepared for Lychguard with shields never dying and being so choppy while warriors are immovable objects.

>> No.76041708

>the last time the Astartes were left unsupervised, they immediately tried to kill each other and God.
I thought Custodes knew about Emperor not wanting to be a god?

>> No.76041720

Yeah, well, I didn't want to become a chicken farmer and look where we are.

>> No.76041726

سأعود حالاً إلى أوروبا

>> No.76041731

Do you actually grow chickens?

>> No.76041745

They're practically all we eat!

>> No.76041752

>TQ: Favorite bit of new (~3 years) fluff?
Agripinaa mass-lobotomizing survivors from Cadia because they don't like all the new arrivals. They say they're only lobotomizing the wounded but I don't believe that for a second. The admech will pick whoever they want to make servitors, because they think it's an improvement.

>> No.76041755

They only publish the lists for the top 4 at each tracked event. If you want access to all the lists you'll need to pay for one of the paring apps like bcp or dup. https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/

>> No.76041771

...are the Astartes just Space-Americans?

>> No.76041781

They are all kinds of different things.

>> No.76041790

is there some good place to do trading at?

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>> No.76041824

What is the key to 500 pt games in 9th?
>babies first time list building and lost

>> No.76041840

500pts is not a good format for actual games since some factions scale either too good or too bad for it.

>> No.76041842

Hell yeah. The USA is the perfect example... an empire can be a complete wreck but still be the best hope of the species.

>> No.76041852

Oh, is 1,000 more better?

>> No.76041859

>you can't RP mortal wounds
You can't?

>> No.76041863

>americans actually believing that

>> No.76041865

cool looking HQ and 1-2 basic troops, depending on points. then something chonky like a boxnought or rhino to fill out the rest

>> No.76041873

This. At 500 points like other points, you'll see 3 list types be played, those with a shit ton of cheap infantry, those that are literally like 2-3 tanks, and those that are a mix. Personally I think going mixed is a trap unless you're playing an already elite army. Tanks will wreck you since you lack anti-tank units at 500 points aside from maybe 1 which will get focus fired down, and hordes will have more bodies than you.

>> No.76041875


>> No.76041898

You can reanimation roll all downed necrons provided the initial source was from a unit shooting or fighting. Mortal wounds don't magically stop being inflicted by an attack when you proc them on 6 to wound or similar.
Wounds from vehicle explosions, psychic powers, bombs, or other non-shooting/fighting sources of damage don't allow for reanimation, and since they are mostly MW I think that's where you went wrong.

>> No.76041900

The key is having fun and learning the game. At least save being cutthroat till you've got the army to play bigger games and more experience under your belt.

>> No.76041905

Name a single better country, i will wait. Name a single country you would rather move to :)

Name a single better country with a more favorable outlook........... PFFFTTT HAHAHAAHA
>inB4 some European dream where he in a farmalnd wallpaper land with goats and a big tit trad wife HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH

>> No.76041907

I just wish we'd develop xenos more so we could get the
>pay a barbarian tribe who attacked you to attack a barbarian tribe who you paid to not attack you (but did anyway)
>repeat endlessly

>> No.76041915

I see you've taken the India pill too.

>> No.76041924

I wish they were base S4 and T4, just to have as some cheap elite back objective holders.

>> No.76041930 [DELETED] 

Usa is a corporate shit hole and every non American laughs at you retards

>> No.76041939

Play space marines, fag. Leave my Crusaders alone.

>> No.76041945

40kg is an example of this. Yes we're a bit shit and are riven by infighting, but we're still by far the best 40k forum out there.

>> No.76041954

>we're still by far the best 40k forum out there.

>> No.76041976 [DELETED] 

Id really like to see a xenos representation of american natives
>ruthless slaughter and rape another tribe
>settlers do the same to you
>you do the same to them back but lose
>200 years later
>"wtf these are indigenous lands we are a peaceful people, did you see avatar?"

>> No.76041978

so you want them to be shit? T4 would help them a lot

>> No.76041993

Literally any other first world country

>> No.76041994

I am the perfect example of an an America, yes i may not quite have my shit together but ive been drinkimg and im AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

>> No.76041997

>he doesn't know

>> No.76041998

Yeah, turning everyone into space marines would help a lot of armies. Doesn't mean it's a good idea.

>> No.76042018 [DELETED] 

Okay, sure! You can deposit 50% of your income in this bin and oh, you do know we seize assets on newcomers right?

Pfffttt HAHAHAAHAHAHAH good luck getting permission by the way, fucko. They want doctors, lawyers, and muslim africans Only

>> No.76042050

>everything with s and t 4 is a space marine

>> No.76042053

Hi, Chang.

>> No.76042056

You have no idea what you're talking about stop shitting up the thread

>> No.76042057

Can you name any better ones?

>> No.76042066

Does the true patrician spend all his time on 40k lore but only buy/paint/play AoS, not giving a shit about their lore?

>> No.76042070

Bolter and Chainsword

>> No.76042078

Natives are hilarious
>be a society where the men attain social status through raiding other tribes and taking prisoners
>and simultaneously have a cultural system that revolves around blood vendettas
>and part of absolving a vendetta is bringing out the whole tribe to communally torture prisoners taken during raids, as some sort of mass-grieving process where the anguish over your tribe's dead is inflicted on the prisoners
>but your culture also says warriors need to be ritually cleansed and abstain from any and all sex before and during a raid, so rapes are incredibly rare, to the point where you're shocked and appalled that the English soldiery will rape your women whenever possible

I need one of those smiling thumbs-up balls for the Iroquois

>> No.76042080

Fine, they can be ork boys, but they have to lose the shields and armour.

>> No.76042082

Yes. that's the defining stat of the space marine

>> No.76042083

>unpainted models

>> No.76042099

the best color for miniatures

>> No.76042102


>> No.76042119

b-but then they'd just be worse death cult assassins...

>> No.76042120

>human who is S4 T4 and has an effective 3+ save
>totally not a space marine! Only W1 and no bolt rifle!

>> No.76042124

I know why GW does it, they don't want reusing models from different armies cause they need those profits, but yeah, lore wise there is no excuse for Mechanicus to not use Land Raiders or Lasguns, they make the fucking things. Mechanicus makes every bit of space marine and Imperial guard weaponry, almost nothing should be restricted for them.

Wolves should have access to the Leman Russ and have them crewed by chapter serfs

Imperial Fists and Iron Warriors should have Astartes pattern Earth Shakers and Medusa's

Imperial guard should have Multi-laser options for sponson and hull mounts and heavy weapon teams.

There should be a multipart kit plastic servitor box since almost every Imperial faction has Servitors on table top and lore all factions should have access to Arco-flagellants as an option for those servitors.

>> No.76042136

2 wounds and bolt rifles/heavy bolt pistols are the defining traits of the space marine now, get with the times manlet boomer

>> No.76042144

I was with you until the arcos. They are explicitly a ministorum thing, arco-flagellation is a religious punishment only the priests use.

>> No.76042150

I traded off my entire nid army for skaven
It was a really smooth process but I'd be lying if I wasn't really nervous the whole time. Just make sure there's good communication on both ends.

>> No.76042155

What's the best 400 point investment a Ork army can make to take & hold/just hold objectives?

Currently running 2*5 obsec Deffskull kommandos and 2*10 backfield grots and they just don't cut it.

I considered either filling 2 trukks with boys/kommandos.

>> No.76042157

Well at the dildo company i work for, we mold and ship almost 1/2 the nations dildo supply but we are strictly not allowed to use the dildos. It could be a similar situation

>> No.76042159

If I wanted a slaanesh daemon army, what are my good options?

Also under the rules apparently I don't have to pay CP to run noise marines with them or something?

>> No.76042165

Literally boyz... the current best ork meta has 112 of them

>> No.76042170

Yeah, arco-flagellation is a specific punishment, not a typical practice. Combat/murder sevitors should be relatively common though.

Multilasers as sponson mounts feels wrong to me, but I can't say why.

>> No.76042176

50 boys

>> No.76042178

Don't you get your pick of the ones rejected by QA for inconsequential reasons that don't detract from the product's main purpose? Or an employee discount?
Working at a dildo factory and not getting to use the dildos seems like a waste.

>> No.76042182

trukks with boyz, da jumping boyz, stormboyz

>> No.76042184

They actually talk about the game instead of what you fags do, so yes. They are superior by default. Raise your standards if you want to surpass them

>> No.76042185

I did the same, trading some orkz I found at a garage sale for necrons.
Turned out some of those orkz were china man but the dude wasnt even salty and the deal was done.
Was equally nervous about getting scammed.
It was done over this Mongolian Basket Weaving Forum.

>> No.76042189

I love these models. Gets me mad that no 3rd party I can find will make the split half-machine half-man heads. It's either full robot or just a lense over one eye.

>> No.76042194

Goff meta, also relies on Skarboys/30 strong mobs and Ghaz buffs.

>> No.76042217

Post minis

>> No.76042224

Do not witch-hunt me. Do not.

>> No.76042230

Trust me, i did inquire (at the interview no l was) told a long convoluted standard corporate response very PC but essentially theyre very aware at the companys black market underground swap meets and highly discourage them

>> No.76042234

Loads of times.
I traded my way up from 1200 points of IG to a hefty 6k Ork force, and pocketed every loose bit along the way for looting.

>> No.76042240

>fag at the LGS sells his army for a new one every 3-6 months and pays this girl and other dude in the group to assemble and paint them
is it even considered a hobby if you do this? Like 80% of the hobby is just not there for this guy. Where's the soul?

>> No.76042245

>> No.76042248


>> No.76042252


>> No.76042260

Spending money is a hobby of its own.

>> No.76042277

There is no soul. Only netlisting and bringing bullshit to games with novices.

>> No.76042291

I despise that kid. Tell him i said so. The names nigger and i ALWAYS pull the trigger

>> No.76042293

Find a bits site selling Kataphron heads.

>> No.76042295

They fit on cadian torsos?

>> No.76042307

>s it even considered a hobby if you do this? Like 80% of the hobby is just not there for this guy. Where's the soul?
and yet he has more fun than you because he's not seething at what others are doing

>> No.76042311

>There are two main human sins, from which all the others derive: impatience and indolence. It was because of impatience that they were expelled from paradise; it is because of indolence that they do not return. Yet perhaps there is only one major sin: impatience. Because of impatience they were expelled, because of impatience they do not return.

>> No.76042323

Yes, with a bit of work. They’re not that big. Cadian’s aren’t what I’d use for building servitors though.

>> No.76042324

>believing this shit

>> No.76042345

So i want to make a primaris sized Death Company. Would this look better with intercessor bodies or phobos?

>> No.76042358

t. grey tide nigger

>> No.76042359

Intercessors of course; they don't have stupid leg armor. Also the Assault Intercessors kit comes with a bunch of chainswords; I'd advise picking up the ETB squad or waiting for the multipart kit when they get around to releasing it in 10 years.

>> No.76042380

Too long didn't read

>> No.76042388

Just get them used and fix them up. Jesus fucking christ.

>> No.76042390

>Cadian’s aren’t what I’d use for building servitors though.
What would you use?
I've been playing with the idea of a guard regiment with as many servitorized models as possible. I think the main thing is riffing off how the heavy bolter is handled, by giving a rotation-only joint and a belt to the backpack. An HWT box gives me plenty of lasguns, I can buy fitting backpacks (that kinda look industrial and/or like a powerpack) from vicki minis, and then it's just clipping the lasgun magazine off and fitting some wires from home depot between it and the backpack/powerpack.
And clip the lasgun stock and trigger off and replace with mechanical doo-dags.

With the HWT I can even use the provided lascannon power cable and plug that into where a kneeling guardsman's left arm socket would be. Literally a human battery.

>> No.76042392

Another one down, many more gays to go

>> No.76042410

Looks good, much cleaner than mine. The banner obviously could use work but freehand sucks, doesnt it?

>> No.76042413

You may not like it, but there are many, many people out there who drop 2000 USD on their first guitar, and they can't even play it.
>they're being dumb with their money
No, they just have more than you do. I work at a place where guys will have a 60 USD lunch, tuck a benjamin under the plate, wave and leave. No hesitation.

>> No.76042420

Wow! Look at all this variety!
>Normal Humans
>WWI Humans
>Napoleonic Humans
>Vietnam War Humans
>Arab Humans
>WWII Humans
>Rorke's Drift Humans
>Space Barbian Orks
>Tesla-Punk Humans
>Space Elves
>Super Humans
>Roman Super Humans
>Black Super Humans
>Flying Super Humans
>Vampire Super Humans
>Werewolf Super Humans
>Bigger-er Super Humans
>Bigger-er-er Catholic Super Humans
>Biggest Swiss Guard Super Humans
>Mind-controlled gundam communists.
>Catholic Space Nuns
>Spiky Elves
>Spiky Super Humans
>Clown Elves
>Spiky Humans
>Loud Spiky Humans
>Space Bugs
>Magic Spiky Humans
>Space Bug Humans
>Bloody Spiky Humans
>Space Mummies
>Smelly Spiky Humans
>Literally Demons
>Catholic Inquisition With Space Orangutans
>Walking Robots

What Fucking Variety

>> No.76042426

Ask some of the gundam guys what pens they use when drawing lines. Use it to retouch the edges of the banner.
Or hell, ask your sister if you can borrow her eyebrow pen. Just varnish over it when done.

>> No.76042427

Id rather shelve my army than do another half hour movement phase.

>> No.76042434


>> No.76042444

>chainsword in icepick grip
I hate that I love it

>> No.76042453


You Ameritards are really cucked by propoganda aren't you, literally every western country is better than yours, and so are even 80% of 3rd world countries...

>> No.76042455

First-time free handing the chapter badge. I'll try starting with simple shapes next time and work from there.
I got one of those pens, but I can't find it rn. Think I lost it so I had to use my brush I use for eye balls

>> No.76042456

Why do vehicle weapons have the Heavy keyword if the Heavy keyword only has a penalty for infantry units now?

>> No.76042460

Oh sweet baby anon. You forgot about spikey robots, monk super humans, and alien hunting super humans.

>> No.76042467

The way GW formats weapons, every weapon needs a keyword (Assault, Rapid Fire, Heavy, etc.).

>> No.76042469

>Setting where the fluff surrounds humans fighting corrupting forces has a lot of humans
Cracked the code.

>> No.76042471

>half hour movement phase.
Oof our based ork player had movement trays of ten that could join together.
We are pretty casual about movement though. I would rather worry about getting a second game in than every millimeter of movement a model may be off by.

>> No.76042479

Tell me about your homebrew missions /40kg/

>> No.76042486

I think there's some stratagems and faction buffs that affect Heavy weapons specifically

>> No.76042489

Made by the Mechanicus and they are on every Imperial Navy vessel as anti boarder response.

>> No.76042491

Heavy still refers to big weapons, and differentiates the shot type from Rapid Fire (which gets double shots in half range), Pistol (which can be shot in combat and must be the only thing shot if chosen) and Assault (which can be shot after advancing at a -1 penalty)

>> No.76042498

And yet they all move to USA and the USA never moves there, weird. Interesting that no one but African muslims migrate there, actually...

>> No.76042500

I started 40k last year and im still trying to learn some armies.
How the fuck am I suppossed to play word bearers?
Just summon whatever i need on the go? Do I really need to learn 5 codexes?

>> No.76042502

The fuck are you talking about?

>> No.76042512

Return of the Battlefleet Gothic tabletop when?

I would love to pain one of those Tyranid hive ships from BFGA2

>> No.76042515

Drukhari are cool, why aren’t they more popular among players? Just bad rules?

>> No.76042516

cute metal gear marine
Now do a captain like pic related.

>> No.76042520

Sorry wrong chat

>> No.76042522

Some of the poxwalker models are ideal for servitors if you don’t mind a bit of chopping and green stuffing.

I think Guard would work fine for what you’re trying to do, but the Cadian torso is so iconic at this point that it’s going to be hard to not make them look like guard conversions, if you get my meaning.

>> No.76042525

I made a homebrew mission for killteam where one side controlled a normal kt and had to move them from one side of the field to the other. The other side controlled a horde of plaguebearers that were just laying around on the ground as dead bodies. Each time you moved you rolled a d6 and on a 6 a plaguebearer got awoken nearby (on a 5 if you advanced) and attacked you.

>> No.76042533

Anyone got the Celestine audiobook?

>> No.76042534

too edgy for me

>> No.76042535

Whats a good 500 pt patrol army of de and ill buy them tomorrow

>> No.76042538

Nothing better than when that fag goes out and buys a bunch of fotm units only for them to be nerfed right after. I remember one guy who bought 100+ conscripts at the beginning of 8th only for the nerf to come down right after he sent them out to get painted.

>> No.76042539

The only time I have seen them used as anti-boarders was on a penant ministorum vessel.

>> No.76042542

They're not space marines
Also they haven't had a new model in quite some time

>> No.76042543

Never. Andy Chambers is the reason BFG existed, and he doesn't work for GW anymore.
Instead, he wrote the rules for Dropfleet Commander, image related.

Tabletop BFG is fucking dead, dude.

>> No.76042544

>They don't have stupid leg armor.
Wew lad.

>> No.76042549

I used spare kataphron torsos and imperial knight legs I had leftover

>> No.76042560

I used Empire Flagellants for my retinue servitors.

>> No.76042561

>imperial knight leg
From Titanicus?

>> No.76042562

They just got new plastic Drazhar and incubi this year.

>> No.76042563

They still get -1 to hit in close combat and can't be fired after advancing.

>> No.76042567

I've seen those ships before. I fucking wish I had a DFC community where I live.

>> No.76042568


>> No.76042573

I didn't know the kataphron torso was so small. Nice.
I'd through about using ruststalker heads/bits as well. Glad to see it works.

>> No.76042574

Got one about an army invading a Necron tomb world whose defenses have gone haywire and started doing some weird shit to the battlefield.
If I remember correctly it is:
>At the start of every turn roll a d6. Unless if you control the objective that the result is equal to, the following effects take place for bother armies until your next turn:
>All doubles on psychic abilities trigger perils
>All wound rolls of unmodified 6's are mortal wounds
>All hit rolls of 1 cause a mortal wound to the model firing
>Strength and Toughness are switched for all units
>Weapon skill and Ballistic skill are switched for infantry units
>Every unit has a base leadership of 6

>> No.76042576

Kairic acolytes from aos are also a nice source of cheap human bodies.

>> No.76042582

Same. I enjoy the models but own none. I hate a display piece.
Although to generate interest I guess you really need to have 2+ armies then offer a demo game during regular 40k play.

>> No.76042583

Is the upcoming CSM battleforce or the Start Collecting a better way to start a Chaos army?

>> No.76042588

On trees no less

>> No.76042590

Imperial Army has them on their tanks...

You can mount Plasma Guns which is rare, expensive and fragile energy weapons on the sponsons...yet the cheap, realiable and easy to maintain laser technology which is the whole schtick of the Imperial Guard is "wrong" okay fine, have only the front hull gun be an energy gun and you have to choose between a lascannon or multilaser.

It's because of that damn CS Goto guy who wrote a 40k book without knowing anything about 40k...or writing made Multi-lasers a meme for spergs.

In The Space Marine Gears of War Clone Game, the guard have multi-laser heavy weapon teams...that use them as "machine guns" just like heavy bolters.

Hell, in the Astartes short, a twin linked multilaser in all reality should have killed that marine, but he made his dice rolls and ducked out of the way

Look Between a heavy bolter and Multilaser it's a matter of preference, I'd rather have the strength to kill a thing...having better AP would be nice, but once again, it's up to the dice and some of those shots are gonna get past the armor.

I honestly feel like guys who switch out the multilaser on their chimera's for heavy bolters are downgrading.

>> No.76042591

Depends. I do not like the obliterator or possessed models, so I personally would pick the battleforce every time.

>> No.76042593

What warband/legion are you thinking about?

>> No.76042598

It's my hobby, not my job.

>> No.76042603

How's this list sound:
>3 Valkyries
>2 Vendettas
>1 Vulture with the twin punisher cannons for that delicious BRRRRRRRRT
>4 x 10 scions (totalling 8 plasma guns, 4 meltas, and 4 HSVG)
>3 bullgryn with maces and yarrick+priest to make them extra killy
>2 lord tempestors
>1 Navy officer with kurovs aquila (to call in strafing runs for the valks and collect bonus CP with the aquila)
>all separated into two patrol detachments (kappic eagles for the HSVG/melta and iotan dragons for the plasma)
>1988 pts and 8CP
Kappic eagles tempestor would be warlord and have master vox + laurels of command so he can shit out orders from the relative safety of inside a valkyrie.

I figure, between all the special weapons/vehicle weapons, there should be enough dakka to take out hordes while also still having enough AP stuff to kill heavier opponents. Would that be correct or am I in for a world of pain?

>> No.76042606

probably the start collecting, though the real best option is to buy firstborn marine armies from SM players who are upgrading to primaris. repaint the firstborn; depending on your legion you won't need to add a lot of bits to make them spiky and evil

>> No.76042615

Thanks, Doc!

>> No.76042616

Don't you need at least half the army on the board turn 1?
I thought scions were all about the deep strike.

>> No.76042619

Its hard to move the USA, mostly on account of it being a country.

>> No.76042620

I have way too many halfbuilt and halfpainted ships because I kickstarted heavily. My friend joined, so we technically have fleets. I think there are maybe 2 other people who own DZC/DFC models too, but no one really wants to play.

>> No.76042621

Any replacement for the BL mega yet?

>> No.76042623

I also think multilasers have rotating barrels, which is probably not something you want to put low to the ground where dust and debris can jam the works.

>> No.76042626

Good morning.
I was thinking, do you guys design your armies with fluff in mind or do you optimize them?
I'm currently building a few Blood Angels, and while I love the look of Eliminators and Incursors/Infiltrators as well as Reivers, I can't bring myself to add them. Reivers are sort of the closest to acceptable to me, but the BAs don't strike me as the kind of Chapter that would find much use out of sneaking around and using stealth to their advantage.

>> No.76042629

>Intercessors no longer available on the store
Reboxing time!

>> No.76042635

Sorry to hear. I love a scourge fleet. And I generally dislike nids.

>> No.76042638

>primaris are getting squatted

>> No.76042646

To be fair, I haven't really been driving for playing some games, so I'm far from blameless.
Scourge are neat, but my heart belongs to UCM.

>> No.76042648

Keeping in mind the superhumans make up kess than 0.000001% of the armed forces in the setting

>> No.76042652

I wish IG / AdMech had the option to take a pintle mounted multilaser like those used by Solar Auxilla.

>> No.76042654

Can't speak for others but I tend to build/paint by the fluff and I play optimized armies on TTS.
Since rona-chan stopped a lot of local games, I've been doing TTS for the actual game portion, but doing the hobby side as well.
>TTS I play Salamander's or Iron Hands
>Hobby I paint, build and collect Imperial Fists and keep them thematic
Also nothing is stopping you from getting em and treating them like a painting/hobby project only.

>> No.76042657

DAoT humans versus pre-fall Eldar, who wins?

>> No.76042660

alright you asked for it

>> No.76042661

Yep I only bought them for the torsos

>I didn't know the kataphron torso was so small. Nice.
It's a little bulkier than most T3 models but that can be handwaived as it being the extra plates. It fits because the legs are more space marine size than human size

>> No.76042662

It's like complaining that your fantasy setting focuses on the holy ordained group of knights rather than the regular village protectors.

>> No.76042672

Give me a 40k girl to draw.

>> No.76042675

Probably still the knife ears unfortunately, their technology was on a completely different level.

>> No.76042676


>> No.76042678

miriael sabathiel, it's a shame there's not more of her

>> No.76042681

Bit bash Catachans, Goliaths and Kataphrons

>> No.76042683

female tech priest

>> No.76042685

Subdominus Khepra

>> No.76042686

UCM is cool too but I already play guard. No point doubling down on soldier-men.

>> No.76042690

with big robo tiddies and feminine benis

>> No.76042693

Chaos, chaos always wins. (In all seriousness I'd place my bets on eldar)

>> No.76042694

Could I bring a redemtptor dred, repulsor executioner, a ten man squad of intercessors and a pramaris captain and be fine in 1k point matches?

>> No.76042695

Hue hue hue.

>> No.76042696

Has anyone tackled an Imperial Knight build and paint project without an airbrush?
I've been chomping at the bit to do one, but I don't have an airbrush setup.

>> No.76042698

Go fuck yourself.

>> No.76042699

if they are all embarked in transports that are on the board, doesnt that count as being on the board? The plan would be to use the valks to protect them and fly them in to grav chute them close enough to enemies or objectives so they can rapidfire turn 1

>> No.76042700


>> No.76042704

DAoT humans were on par with late 24th century Starfleet. Matter/energy conversion was mundane, temporal stuff was starting to be understood and controlled, medical science could instantly cure anything short of deliberately engineered plagues.
Pre-fall Eldar were Q-tier.

>> No.76042705

>"Dark Angels are NOT gay!"

>> No.76042708

I like it but you should wash those yellows bro

>> No.76042709

Escher armwrestling a female Orlock

>> No.76042716


>> No.76042723

>has anyone ever
Nigga there's 7 billion people and some fraction of that plays warhammer.
Yes someone has tried it. Does that mean you should too?
I dunno, how do you feel about getting large vinyl brushes from home depot do to your super-thin base coast in many and multiple layers, because visible brush strokes ruin it?

And then there's the trim. Oh my god all the trim. Are you going to reverse wash it? You should.
Weathering pass? With sponges and rust powder?
There's so much that goes into painting a Knight. And it shows because of how many people have poorly painted or bland knights. The model is fucking massive. It's actually very easy to paint because it's so massive. You're not using a loupe to see fine detail. But it being big also means you have absolutely zero excuse for doing a shitty job.

>> No.76042734

Mate... we are talking about 40k here...also if you are really concerned about realism, we can con the battle tech route and put a shroud over the rotary barrels....not like that stops space marines or tau...but whatever mate...dust...I better get a can of compressed air from the Tech Priest to clean off the Punisher cannon while I'm at it.

>> No.76042735

I intend to I'm just sick of looking at the cunts, so they've been shelved till I can be arsed

>> No.76042746

yeah my mate did thrice
he doesn't recommend it

>> No.76042756

is this official?

>> No.76042766

>Would you believe Space Marines are actually under-represented?! Despite representing 39% of all playable factions and having some of their best rules in decades, the mighty Adeptus Astartes accounted for only 33% of lists brought to tournaments. Unfortunately, we don’t have exact figures on the number of Primaris Lieutenants used, but we’re pretty sure the meta can sustain a couple more…

Is GW trolling us with this shit?

>> No.76042769

This...I don't understand why guard wouldn't have the option to have Multi-lasers on a tank sponson/hull or hell have a twin linked multilaser for a turret weapon.

Pintle weapon is a bit stretching it, a Multi-laser is the same size as a las cannon...why not have a pintle mounted lascannon then?

>> No.76042770

This is true but also slightly misleading

True: The quality of geneseed, implants and the medical procedures for making Astartes have fallen significantly since the Great Crusade Although Primaris have remedied this making the creation of new space marines far more costly in terms of recruit lives and time.

During the Heresy, every legion present at Terra recruited tons of random idiots in the lead up to the final battle and implanted them into full legionaries in record time. You had Blood Angels who had never been to Baal and White Scars who had never seen Chogoris. They could do this because implantation of new marines wasn't nearly as difficult back then as it became in M41.

Where it's misleading: The actual combat prowess and mental fortitude of the average M41 marine is higher than the average legionnaire from M31. Legionnaires were put straight into the equivalent of tactical squads from implantation, no scout/assault/devastator training beforehand. Also M41 marines are far, far far more hypno-indoctrinated to the point that M31 marines were notable in 7th edition for not having And They Shall Know No Fear.

>> No.76042780


>> No.76042789

No, they're just giving bitter marine players ammunition to throw back at all the xenos players who bully them for having no personality.
>daddy GW says I'm not overrepresented!

>> No.76042790 [DELETED] 

I don't know if that's true or not. On one hand, purer geneseed and maybe volkite weapons. On the other hand they don't have the newest gear nor do they have the codex astartes tactics memorized.

>> No.76042793

That one psychic awakening story where the GSC is planning an uprising and mobilizing the poor and the mafia families, only to start their uprising and run into stiff resistance to find out that the Tau have been slowly uspurping the Governor, the Elite and military.

>> No.76042800

Give me conversion ideas for my Necrons, I got a bunch of skeleton shit from Age of Smegma and my bits box of metal skeleton shit.

>> No.76042801

Dark angels have personality... so do iron hands

>> No.76042805

Thunderfire cannons do not have personality.

>> No.76042823

The Abyssal Crusade, specifically the Corpus Brethren

>> No.76042824

I liked how during all that, there were a bunch of still-loyal guard forces that valiantly tried to subdue the clusterfuck of a situation, even resorting to setting all sorts of boobytraps like an entire cathedral set to collapse on the invading tau once they went inside.

>> No.76042833

We are gay anon, now remove your robes so you can dick down that twink watcher

>> No.76042835

Don't think so, GIS shows an ArtStation link

>> No.76042837

So they get buffed by the devestator doctrine

>> No.76042841

necrons who wear bone trophies to mock the living
necrons who think skulls are cool and put the open mouth around the barrel of every gauss flayer
a necron lord who is building a bone golem
bones used as patterns along the flanks of vehicles
skeletons who wear necrodermis bone trophies to mock necrons

>> No.76042848

>Be me
>Iron Warriors Fag
>Wake up
>This appears

>> No.76042854

sound mixing is shit, don't waste your time

>> No.76042861

You can if you buy canned paint and just spray the inner frame and armor pieces
I do not recommend handpainting it unless you're a masochist or have loads of time to blow.

>> No.76042863

They also don't have a place in anybodies lists since the new codex, so I'm not sure what you're complaining about.

>> No.76042882

Your post (in the last thread, because you're the kind of spreg that reposts the same thing apparently) actually made me watch the video, since i thought it might feature Howling Griffons rather than just Imperial Fists.
It begin Iron Warriors was a satisfactory consolation.

>> No.76042885

>Iron Warriors having Big Gete Stars
I know psychic awakening was largely a non factor fluffwise but that book had some neat stuff

>> No.76042889


I'm not even a native English speaker and my English is better than the avarage American (thanks for the literal proof you linguisticly disabled potato)

Maybe you Ameritards don't move because you believe all the propoganda and are all idiots... Which is obvious to the whole class except the disabled kid eating crayons and glue in the corner

>> No.76042891

>Mad Max Orks
buggy spam orks are pretty good right now

>> No.76042896

Take the critical feedback retard. Work on your audio mixing.

>> No.76042898


Nah, then CSM would have something cool and you can't have that.

>> No.76042899

Astartes dude really dunked on people with his shit. Kinda spoiled the whole fan video genre for me since everything else looks amateurish as fuck.

>> No.76042903

>What is a unit that you play that isn't very good?
Possessed, which I played at the start of 8th when they sucked, never played them with the 17 different buffs you needed to stack on them to make them scary in late 8th and are now pretty underwhelming again in 9th
Also Killa Kans for my Orks

>> No.76042912

>Take the Crusade pill.
I fucking want to, we started off a campaign with 6 players, 1 still hasn't shown up for their first game and the others haven't played for weeks

>> No.76042913

I like it, well done anon.

>> No.76042919

trukks with boyz
I've had a little success with MANz as Deathskulls via teleporter too

>> No.76042940

I made a crusade mission with my bro

So its 6 control points (hold 2, hold 3, hold more than opponent) for 5 a pop, and every time you complete a search action with a unit on the objective you roll a d6, adding 5 more vp on a 5+.

>> No.76042948

>Whats a good 500 pt patrol army of de and ill buy them tomorrow
Wracks x 5
Wracks x 5
Grotesques x 5
Bit under 500 points with room to spare on some extra guns/weapons on the wracks. Run em as Prophets of Flesh. Rather than buying finecast grotesque get a few boxes of Crypt Horrors and use all the extra Talos kit parts to make Grotesques that way

>> No.76042954

Not the guy you are responding to...but while there are no guarantees, at least in America you can fight for your rights in court...it will likely drain all your money and ruin you, but if you keep up the good fight and the law is on your side, you'll clear your name.

America is one of the few places where an Average Joe Citizen actually has rights and can live their own life mostly unmolested by the state...

In Italy there are no double jeopardy laws and British Courts can just call you Nazi legally because they said so and will tell you fuck off no matter how many times you appeal and actually have a law book with the regs underlined which rule in your favor.

Japanese Courts are like the UK courts where it's all about if they like you or not and if you bribed them before going to trial...if you couldn't hash it out before going to trial you are mostly going to be considered guilty just for wasting their time.

>> No.76042959

Both are fine, though some legions would prefer one or the other. Both would be a good core army.

>> No.76042963

might struggle against some match ups but should be alright

>> No.76042964

Lol eurropoor is mad

>> No.76042968

Trukk with boyz

or if you dont want trukk with boyz then use deffkoptas with big shoots

>> No.76042973

>The Abyssal Crusade

>> No.76042974

Can you really not imagine that someone would make fun of you posting the exact same thing over multiple threads while not being the creator of the video your criticizing?
I agree that the audio mixing could be better. That doesn't mean you aren't an autist who deserves to be called out.

>> No.76042984

Sometimes, you got to hurt yourself to help yourself.

>> No.76042987

Thoughts on my 500pt Iron Warriors TAC list?

Lord Discordant on Helstalker (200 pts): Warlord, Iron Without, Baleflamer, Insidium, Mark of Khorne

Chaos Space Marines (85 pts): Aspiring Champion w/ Combi-Flamer + Plasma Pistol, 4x Marine w/ boltgun, Mark of Slaanesh
Chaos Space Marines (85 pts): Aspiring Champion w/ Combi-Flamer + Plasma Pistol, 4x Marine w/ boltgun, Mark of Slaanesh

>Heavy Support
Venomcrawler (130 pts): Mark of Khorne

>Personal thoughts
Concept behind Discolord choices is to make him as tanky as possible, since he can't hide behind troops. 12W with 1W regen and a 2+ 5++ 5+++ should let him get into melee.
Venomcrawler over a Forgefiend because the melee-oriented Venomcrawler will benefit more from Disco's aura and occasional heal. Ideally this'd be a Defiler but I can't find the points for it.
Troops do the usual troop things, sit on point, plink at enemy, win game. Plasma pistols give an AP bite, combi-flamers hopefully make chargers think twice.

>> No.76042992

I have, it's not that difficult. Specially if you use colored spray for the armor plates. If you prime the inner skeleton black and dry brush it you are basically done with 50% of it.
For the bigger panels, if you don't want to get a spray can, at least get a big base brush and thin your paint properly

>> No.76043024

A Discolord at 500 point is pretty unfun and just a bad idea in general. Your Marines are likely to get shot to pieces and you don't have enough to not just autolose on objectives a few turns in.

>> No.76043038

Americans have the concept of medical bankruptcy, got Jewed so hard you litural send millions to Israel, and just had an election that was so infested with fraud it was obvious to even the casual viewer. I like the US, you guys have guns and the constitution, but pretending that your the only hope is foolish in the extreme.

>> No.76043046

Bait. But irons warriors so who cares

>> No.76043050

Five 2w loyalist marines will barely hold a point under fire, five 1w marines have no chance. use nurglings until CSM gets a codex or GW finally erratas CSMs to 2w

>> No.76043055

500 point games are too close to rock paper scissors in my opinion, those should be limited to certain scenarios or introductory gameplay only. 1000 points is what I believe the first balanced battle size is.

>> No.76043060

I've seen discolords solo whole armies at 500pts, if it's a friendly meta I'd drop him for a kamikaze jumplord and some more troops, or a daemon prince
if not however, knock em dead son

>> No.76043066

>1000 points is what I believe the first balanced battle size is.
I've played a bunch of 500 and 1000 point games since 9th came out, 1000 is a good spot for a lot of match ups

>> No.76043067

They are S4 now

>> No.76043080

>since some factions scale either too good or too bad for it
As opposed to 2k games where the game is balanced?

>> No.76043083

Are you talking about the power sword buff? Because you should really specify that they're attacking at S4, not that they actually are S4.
powerfist crusaders never ever

>> No.76043096

Burna boys

>> No.76043102

agreed, but also every matchup I've found fun at 1k worked at 750
ime it's a good-to-great spot for nids vs chaos or necrons, chaos vs necrons, and chaos or nids vs sub-50%-primaris loyalists

>> No.76043106

Is he more reasonable at 1k points? My friends told me to get him because they love how he looks. 1k points also lets me get Defilers which will be fun, I liked that unit in Dawn of War
Nurglings, interesting

If I drop the venomcrawler for two defilers, add a sorcerer and maybe a dark apostle to HQ, and get some more troops, will that be ok for 1k?

>> No.76043120

>at best 2 obsec units
it'd be really easy to fuck him if you build a standard list

>> No.76043126

Talk about having swallowed the propaganda wholesale.
Ah yes, a document for the basics of goverment that's been awarded an almost religious status. And it should naturally never be changed because it was made perfect and will always be perfect.

>> No.76043132

Never below 1000, never above 1750 is my personal preference

>> No.76043134

hahaha holy shit imagine actually believing this

>> No.76043144

here or in specialist games?

>> No.76043149

>believing that
the ellipses should tell you it's someone larping as a boomer.

>> No.76043152

You can change the constitution. People today are just too retarded to do it, like the dumb cunts who don't understand that the electoral college is better than a straight popular vote

>> No.76043156

Go to specialist games. We barely know our rules for anyone except space marines anyway

>> No.76043161

Constitution = GOD EMPEROR


>> No.76043173

Rolled 3 (1d3)

>miriael sabathiel, it's a shame there's not more of her

>> No.76043175

I did, here's my warlord

>> No.76043180

I wouldn't necessarily say "balanced" at 1k but certainly more reasonable yeah. if ya bois told ya to get him though everything should be fine, it's just pulling him out in random 500pt games that's a dick move
defilers are surprisingly tanky, pretty decent fire platforms now their BS doesn't degrade on normal movement, and _usually_ good in melee not that I'm salty over mine completely bouncing against necron warriors the other week
with a discolord giving them +1 to hit they're pretty disgusting, especially if you drop deamonforged on them (which you should at pretty much any opportunity)
sorcs are almost never wasted points, mortal wounds are huge and chaos has some good utility spells
dark apostles are a bit useless ime but it's still a cool model and it sounds like that's what you're making your decisions on anyway which is a good thing

>> No.76043182


>> No.76043189 [DELETED] 


>> No.76043199

Does that make the arabs into eldar?

>> No.76043202

What country do you live in where the constitution is being changed and ignored all the time?

>> No.76043204

>constitution good
It's an incredible piece of legal work, and has protected amerifats from the worst shit that people in my country have to deal with. Its not a perfect defence but its a very good bit of work

>> No.76043213

>He has never heard of Switzerland
>He will never know actual democracy and prosperity
A tragedy so profound, it might as well be greek.

>> No.76043219 [DELETED] 

neither greeks nor the swiss had the misfortune of King George forcing niggers into the country to work his land.

>> No.76043239

So I watched this (you don't have to, just giving background)

and the guy does his bases with sand and a few fake rocks, then paints over them. Looks good. But at the end of the video he doesn't actually put the minis on the base.

So how do you do that step? Pins and superglue? Because you sure as shit aren't getting good contact by just gluing to the sand, right?

>> No.76043245

And all it costs is your rights and 40% of your income by gunpoint

>> No.76043260

Any refs?

>> No.76043262

Is that meant to be pert?

>> No.76043287

>missing the obvious sarcams
You really are autistic.
>electorial college better than popular vote
I also like having different people's votes be worth differently, because reasons. This is also sarcasm.
>being changed and ignored all the time
They aren't, and breaking them is considered very serious crime. But they get looked at and revised occasionally (like every 40-50~ years), as they fucking should. Which is a long and difficult process with a bunch of checks and balances.
As to why, what worked well 100 years ago doesn't neccesarily work well now. It's not rocket science, the world changes and we have to adapt to that.
I'm not saying it's not a well written piece of document, because it is, but the fact that it's achieved almost religious status in the US is deeply concerning imo.

>> No.76043290

Okay cool. Here's the 1k list

Dark Apostle (80 pts): Benediction of Darkness, Blissful Devotion, Mark of Slaanesh
Lord Discordant on Helstalker (200 pts): Baleflamer, Insidium, Mark of Khorne
Master of Possesion (95 pts): Warlord, Cursed Earth, Infernal Power, Mark of Slaanesh, Warp Lord
Dark Disciples (10 pts): 2x Dark Disciple, Mark of Slaanesh

Chaos Cultists (65 pts): 1x Cultist Champion, 1x Chaos Cultist w/ Flamer, 8x Chaos Cultist w/ Autogun, Mark of Slaanesh
Chaos Space Marines (85 pts): 1x Aspiring Champion w/ Combi-flamer and Plasma Pistol, 4x Marine w/ boltgun, Mark of Slaanesh
Chaos Space Marines (85 pts): 1x Aspiring Champion w/ Combi-flamer and Plasma Pistol, 4x Marine w/ boltgun, Mark of Slaanesh

Heavy Support
Defiler (190 pts): Twin heavy flamer, twin lascannon, Mark of Slaanesh
Defiler (190 pts): Twin heavy flamer, twin lascannon, Mark of Slaanesh

>Discolord and Defilers march downfield, committing ludicrous amounts of murder
>Dark Apostle stays with Chaos Cultists - keeps Dark Apostle safe and ups cultists from 6 to 9 Ld
>Flamers discourage deep strike charge shenanigans

>> No.76043294

yeah, pins and superglue. Consider predrilling holes and filling them with a toothpick or anything else non-permanent before applying your basing.

>> No.76043296

>40% of income
Yes and that buys me fantastic healthcare, education, infrastructure and public amenities. There is a reason we don't have hellholes like Detroit here. There is also a good reason why people here don't need to make the choice between paying their medical bills and feeding their children. But you'd rather defend the hellscape that the demi-continent sized favela you call your country is.

>Give up rights
Name some rights we give up.

>> No.76043297

Nah, just a big iron warrior

>> No.76043314

>Name some rights we give up.
You believe that only the state has the right to declare war, literally enforcing that war is a game of kings, emperors, and wall street.

>> No.76043319

yeah looks good

>> No.76043323

thanks for the help

>> No.76043329

So he's making a tutorial while skipping a vitally important step?

>> No.76043343

Nigger, it's literally codified in our law that the people have to vote on going to war. The state and the cantons cannot make any martial, economic or political changes without a public vote.

>Complaining about war being made the playtoy of the rich as an american.

>> No.76043346

Apparently your right to banter with another western white bro before were all extinct...

>> No.76043351

Who's more likable, CWE or DE?

>> No.76043354


>> No.76043355

>vitally important
I'd call it helpful more than anything. Supergluing the model to sand is fine since the model doesn't weigh much, but I would be skeptical for heavier models, like dreadnoughts or pewter ones that don't have slotta bases.

>youtube tutorial made by someone claiming to be an expert but its just his personal experience
That's par for the course
Some fucker with 100k subs was advising you cover over the excess gaps in a slotta base by pasting down candybar wraps.
Why? It'll work yeah, but you could stuff cork into the gap instead and help secure the model while you're at it.

I don't know shit either but I'm not making videos.

>> No.76043363

>I don't know shit either but I'm not making videos.
Well maybe you bloody should, if not videos start camwhoring at least

>> No.76043365

>it's literally codified in our law that the people have to vote on going to war. The state and the cantons cannot make any martial, economic or political changes without a public vote.

>> No.76043369

>But they get looked at and revised occasionally (like every 40-50~ years), as they fucking should. Which is a long and difficult process with a bunch of checks and balances.

That's what the additional amendments are for.

>As to why, what worked well 100 years ago doesn't necessarily work well now. It's not rocket science, the world changes and we have to adapt to that.

Well, you're free to take all the old amendments you don't like and make arguments why they don't work and should be changed.

>> No.76043378

Ive never like any elf ever. Gimli should have told him 'were not friends tho, faggot'

>> No.76043398

>come here to talk 40k with the guys
>the guys are debating swiss wartime laws and US constitutional amendments
Huh. Didnt expect this

>> No.76043402


>> No.76043407

>He thinks we have to elect an individual as a leader who then gets to make decisions for the country
We don't - we vote directly on legislation and martial matters.

>> No.76043410

Just wait until Saturday and the inevitable nonstop shitposting about whatever GW announces.

>> No.76043411

>I also like having different people's votes be worth differently, because reasons.

Do they do everything with direct popular vote where you live? I mean, around here, for example, the parliament is not elected via direct popular vote, but by provinces. So in one area of the country you might get into the parliament with just a few hundred votes when in another place you need tens of thousands of votes. Ergo, the votes have different value, because the people living in the periphery have the right to be represented as much as the major population centers.

>> No.76043415

Mad Meks list is fun.
Buggies, bikes, lads in trukks and battlewaggons.

>> No.76043425

Can I offer you a nice blue titty in this trying time?

>> No.76043438

Severina Raine

>> No.76043439

>/tg/ - Traditional Geopolitics

>> No.76043440

>tfw no tau gf big enough to punch out an ork warboss

>> No.76043441

>If you can afford to be in court longer than the other guy you win.

Sounds about right.
Heck theres a whole industry based around fake "fines" and service fees that cost more to contest than to pay.

>> No.76043460

>Is he more reasonable at 1k points?
yeah for sure.
>If I drop the venomcrawler for two defilers, add a sorcerer and maybe a dark apostle to HQ, and get some more troops, will that be ok for 1k?
yeah sounds alright to me

>> No.76043475

Looks good anon
I would consider dropping the Apostle for some more CSMs if you end up feeling you need more boots on the ground but otherwise seems fine.

>> No.76043483

>guard has two clearly American regiments
>no english regiments (with rules)

What the fuck.
And don't tell me tallarn.

>> No.76043484

>old amendments you don't like
No, because I'm not interested in american law. But the fact that as soon as someone brings up changing the american constitution you instantly get massive screeching about muh constinution and muh funding fathers.
And that friendo, is not a healthy stance to have towards your goverment and its laws. Shit isn't perfect, and don't pretend that it is.
We are all going to get banned.
We have three different levels of elected goverment, local, "state", and country, and we vote for all three of them. But one vote is worth the same as any other vote, which isn't the case for the US electoral college.
As for our parliament, it's popular vote, but the parties create coalitions (because a party gets at most 30~%), and then create a goverment.

>> No.76043489

>Swissbro firing a bunker buster against anon's whole argument
Holy fucking based.

>> No.76043509


>> No.76043527

>And that friendo, is not a healthy stance to have towards your goverment and its laws.

Anon, you do understand that the US constitution was specifically written to set rules that limit the government, not the people, right? Why would you want to remove people's rights and give it to the government, if you're against the government having that power?

>> No.76043534

How so?
If you say SAS I'll say Delta.
Straight out of an SAS lad's memoirs
>we're doing winter training in norway and we're equipped in the latest norweigian winter uniforms
>the americans show in skin-tight custom tailored body suits to keep warmth in while still letting perspiration out

stupid fancy gear is for the Americans

>> No.76043535

>which isn't the case for the US electoral college.


>> No.76043539

>Limit the government, not the people
>The USA has become a shell for corporate interests that continue to ravage its population to this day
When will Amerimutts finally wake up?

>> No.76043543

what's the two american regiments
I don't really think mordians apply
nothing about them is americans and their uniforms only barely look like marine dress blues

>> No.76043547


>> No.76043548

The electoral college is unconstitutional in every way except it's inclusion in the constitution.

I don't know what else there is to say.

>> No.76043553

Why arent there space marines with olive drab and mechanicus standard grey themes? I mean why would they all be silly colors and not ordinary military?

>> No.76043558


>> No.76043560

This, I wish non-HH audiobooks were easier to get ahold of

>> No.76043564

Taurox literally has the English Lion on the side and medieval plate didn't exist in any period of American history

>> No.76043565

>Unconstitutional except its included in the constitution
Anon, my head hurts. Not trying to be obtuse here, but could you please break this down for me?

>> No.76043567

because thats their theme and lore. There are also a few tacticool chapters. If you want to, then make your own.

>> No.76043568

Electoral votes aren't representative of the voting population of the state, at least not fully. I e one state gets say 1 vote per 400k people, another gets 1 per 600k.
Are you actually retarded? Changing the a part of fundamentals of goverment due to the world advancing =//= give goverment more power.
>specifically written to set rules that limit the government
No, it was written to have a functioning goverment.

>> No.76043570

Go play halo, faggot.

If you're space marines don't look like this, then they're not Space Marines.

>> No.76043573

Please, court is a poker game.
Fout aces lose to pair three bluff if you can't afford to call.

>> No.76043574

lol nigga we're going full Corporate Liberalism and you're along for the ride

>> No.76043585

>Realismfaggotry in 40k
You wanna know how I know that you're a secondary?

It makes for a good soao-opera when watched from a distance, I'll give ya that.

>> No.76043587

>the fact that it's achieved almost religious status in the US is deeply concerning imo.
That's actually good, though. People are going to engage in religious behavior no matter what. If they're going to revere something as sacred it may as well be a document that guarantees their basic rights serves as an obstacle to lawmakers who intend to violate those rights, since treating the constitution as inviolable actually benefits them.

>> No.76043599

I'm thinking Thorpe is probably committed to this whole idea since he basically already went there once when he wrote the elf fluff in the End Times. So who might be the unidentified gods? Kurnous and the others. Yvraine already mused she herself might embody an aspect of Lileath.

>> No.76043602

>He thinks anything protects him in corporate america

>> No.76043614 [DELETED] 

Politics suck.

>> No.76043619

>actually believing the constitution was written for him
Or, you could just, I don't know, leave religious behavior to an actual religion and not add to the goverment. Seperation of state and goverment is a good thing, unlike fanatism which is never a good thing.

>> No.76043621 [DELETED] 

But anon, playing Halo will make me sad that the Tau aren’t auxiliary focused like the Covenant.

>> No.76043628

Post gaems

>> No.76043629

Are you going to post a space soldier man and say "this is how I Imperial Guard" next ?

>> No.76043637 [DELETED] 

No, I will post an image designating anon as a schizophrenic

>> No.76043639

Post politics instead, it's better than halo-posting.

>> No.76043640

How do your bullgryns generally do?
I feel like mine exist to be targeted by mortal wounds.

>> No.76043641

>When the Great Enemy attempted to devour its aeldari creators not all were consumed. [...] A piece or pieces of every god scattered throughout the aeldari, born again and again into mortal form just as the souls of the aeldari themselves.
Eldar don't fucking reincarnate anymore, for fuck's sake Gav you're the one who wrote this shit.

>> No.76043642

People don't work that way.

>> No.76043648


>> No.76043649

Being able to call out your predictable bullshit doesn't make me a schizo.

>> No.76043656

>Post gaems

>> No.76043662


>> No.76043666

did khaine job again?

>> No.76043675

Custodes finally getting their dicks out

>> No.76043676

cool avatar

>> No.76043679

To vbd it offers no protection from litigiuos assholes with deep pockets and alternate interpretations.

>> No.76043685

>did khaine job again?
sadly not this time satan, my lord got the charge off but came 1W short of dropping it and got smoked on the counterattack
yeah I like how the guy has done his eldar

>> No.76043686 [DELETED] 

Do you think I am another poster?

>> No.76043694

marines are kewl and strong so they don't need stuff. If you want camo you go IG

>> No.76043697

I assume everyone who halo-posts is the same person. It reduces my mental work load exponentially and I get the same satisfaction in mocking you.

>> No.76043698 [DELETED] 

No. Post tomboys instead. It is the only way.

>> No.76043715


Pretty Horribly usually. My opponent is usually toting a bunch of damage 3+ weapons that murders them and I specifically roll badly with them, even with psychic barrier.

>> No.76043716 [DELETED] 

You must have extremely small mental capacity to resort to that on an anonymous image board. Schizophrenia must be taxing.

>> No.76043722

It's typically not corporations that push to pass laws that violate rights. It's usually politicians who pursuing whatever cause is popular with their party at the moment.

Corporations are generally more involved in trying to eliminate regulations , "donating to election campaigns" to secure government contracts when whoever they donated to wins, making sure that fines for breaking the law are lower than the cost of obeying the law, and ensuring that individuals involved in the management of a corporation can't be held accountable for crimes the corporation commits.

>> No.76043725

Come on, get some new material. I love an original insult, and you just aren't doing it for me.

>> No.76043727


>> No.76043734

>People don't work that way.
Like what? Unable to seperate state and church?
>checks my country
Seems to be working fine, hell it's even part of our equivalent of your constitution, and that specific section got 20~ years ago.
Needing something to be fanatical about?
>checks my very non-religious country yet again
Seems to be working fine here too. How odd, it's almost like america isn't representative of the world nor the shining beacon of light it's inhabitants so fervently believe.

>> No.76043736

>In Italy there are no double jeopardy laws
ne bis in idem

>> No.76043740

Does "coke-punk" count?

>> No.76043746

What's wrong with her faaaaace?

>> No.76043749


>> No.76043755

Wtf is coke punk?

>> No.76043756 [DELETED] 

I am not using anybody else material. Your behavior falls under schizophrenic behavior by imagining that which isn’t there.

>> No.76043757


>> No.76043765

I wish I had coke.

>> No.76043769 [DELETED] 

Hey guys, here’s a picture of a Gundam tomboy with some Covenant. How triggered does this make you?

>> No.76043770

Pepsi's better

>> No.76043778

you drink coke while you fight corporations in the street. simple as

>> No.76043779 [DELETED] 


>> No.76043791

>checks my very non-religious country yet again
Yes, non-religious people are non-religious. To religious people religious behaviour is part of their life all of the time because religiosity is a characteristic that they have.

>> No.76043795 [DELETED] 

did you make that just for me?

>> No.76043806

It's called a mental deficiency, anon. Don't sugarcoat it.

>> No.76043807

I can call you a mongrel

>> No.76043818 [SPOILER] 

i do enjoy coke

>> No.76043819

I don't think it is, because I think it's probably a beneficial trait a fair amount of the time.

>> No.76043830

>Cope 2:14
Anon pls.

>> No.76043831 [DELETED] 

What if I wish to consume other tastier tomboy fluids?

>> No.76043832

that's a tomboy
I always thought that was just a boyboy

>> No.76043837

Rather up there, as Orikan and Trazyn fight, the narrator notes that, were it not for biotransference, they would be two geriatric farts beating each other with canes.

>> No.76043840

>being a slave to organized power structures is a beneficial trait
Okay pal, post your W-2. Redact it as much as you want, but I need to see that annual income if you think brainwashing the masses and wringing out their pocketbooks is such a good thing.
Bonus points if you live in a city of over 1 million people.

>> No.76043841

Ew no, vanilla coke is the best.
The (vast majority of) religious people here aren't fanatical morons, because overall our population is well educated and don't live in a dystopian hellhole.

>> No.76043871 [DELETED] 

Reminder that tomboys tend to have hot moms for easy threesomes.

>> No.76043880

Cooperating with an organized power structure absolutely is beneficial, because generally speaking if you don't they'll at best exclude you and at worst kill or enslave you.

>> No.76043894

>he doesn't know
Anon, proto religion allowed us to form larger groups and out compete neanderthals, and allows the formation of wider spread communites. I'm not religious or american, but you should tip your fedora less

>> No.76043896


>> No.76043912

I think we outbred neanderthals, seeing as we still have them in our genome
probably also something to do with agriculture

>> No.76043914

>It's typically not corporations that push to pass laws that violate rights

Say what? if that was true you would have real health care, efficient army and police etc. Politicians in w40k and outside of it, pass laws that give them money, because they need money to pay off people which will make others vote for them. And the only source of money for a run of a mill politician ain't taxs, it is donor money.

that is why it took like 50 years to pass the anti trust and monopoly laws, and when they were passed they were still not working. And in US this is seen the strongest, because US doesn't have old money or families sitting on Inteligance networks for 500-600 years.

>> No.76043915 [DELETED] 

I’ve been informed that /tg/ stands for tomboy girls. Then what does /40kg/ stand for? 40,000 girls?

>> No.76043919

How are the strategies needed to out-competing Neanderthals relevant in the 21st century?

>> No.76043921

>Talking about the boring council
>Not about smashing at mach 3 into a dinosaur
>Accidentally creating a minor imperial cult
>Having a cinematic pokemon fight
This is proper heresy.


Tomboy moms usually are also Tomboys.
And I would never steal the woman of a fellow Patrician, you disgust me.

>> No.76043923

>the year 2020
>euphoric posting
You have to be born before 9/11 to post on this site honey

>> No.76043939 [DELETED] 

>Tomboy moms usually are also Tomboys.
Pic there is a mom of a tomboy who isn’t a tomboy herself. The pic here is another mom joining her tomboy daughter for a shower threesome and she isn’t a tomboy either.

>> No.76043944

>Seems to be working fine, hell it's even part of our equivalent of your constitution, and that specific section got 20~ years ago.
Needing something to be fanatical about?

there is no such thing as non religious countries. there are just countries that are smug that they aren't christian anymore, and that is more or less it. you have scandiavians be all atheist mode, but they treat leftists policies as if it was 1527. Mother fuckers even have saints and prophets whose words and life can not be questioned, and if you do you are a heretic(which are in general called nazis nowadays), even if you were a lefty all your life.

>> No.76043947

>is one way of making building strong communities relivent in the current year
More so today than in the century previously

We did interbreed with them yes (sexy hentai sapian on neanderthals when?) but also forght and killed them because we formed groups ~20 whilst they were in groups of 5 or so. We basically zerg rushed them

>> No.76043951

Are you stupid or is your reading comprehension just bad?

>> No.76043955

I'm also willing to bet part of why we could zerg rush them was agricultural stuff

>> No.76043964

>How are the strategies needed to out-competing Neanderthals relevant in the 21st century?
the behavioural tendencies that enabled them still exist in modern humans and continue to influence human behaviour

>> No.76043965

>This thread so far

>> No.76043968

M8, this is all LONG pre agriculture.

>> No.76043970

Guess how I know that you're retarded?

>> No.76043976

Doubt it.

>> No.76043993

i'm working on an on-topic post, hold out a little while anon

>> No.76044008

dude the claim that it is not big corporations pushing for stuff is madness. Every change in US history of law making, was only passed when the majority of lobbiest okey it. Because if they didn't then next election the side that tried to pass the law would get little to no funding.

This is why health care is going to always be fucked up in the US. There are too many people making money out of it. But lets check stuff like changes proposed by "the people". Like lets say the 68s movment. It could have been a 90s movment, but people who were in the housing industry, med industry and tabaco&alcohol industry decided that it is going to be better if the changes happen. And they did. People got the "equality' they asked for, but in return they got high rates of alcoholism, tabaco use, being drive out of places deemed too good for them by virture of gentrificiation etc I doubt that wasn't the Dream some people had, ah and to make it more fun the changes were only passed after the politicians were sure that the places where they&their donors live, are not going to be mixed. Giving NY a schooling system les diverse then Georgia.

>> No.76044015

>tomboy posts get deleted
>but not the /pol/
I'm confused.

>> No.76044017

If that's not the case, why do you think essentially every single human population throughout history, regardless of its geographical location or duration of separation from other human populations, had religious practices?

>> No.76044024

tomboy post was outright NSFW. Still bullshit though
because there were things they didnt understand at all, but they had to have an answer, so they chose god(s) as their answer ?

>> No.76044029

There was nothing NSFW in it

>> No.76044037

Me doubting you is because you're arguing based on some weirdo evolutionary psychology bullshit.
The question remains: how does this apply to the 21st century. Stop reciting the past at me, like that's going to prove relevance to today.

>> No.76044043

There was literally a threesome with miniblackbar cocks tf you on about?

>> No.76044046

I don't know, because by medical defition of the term retard, I shouldn't be able to read and write.

You hacked the cam on my laptop and see my nurse writing the stuff for me?

what kind of a on topic stuff do you want. Sites put out stats, GW puts out stats for events and factions. Everyone says that the problem is going first and some armies like harlequins being a little too good, and marines not being that good contraty to popular belief. What is GWs idea about why some factions (knights/GSC/etc) are doing bad in 9th?

"people haven't played the factions long enough to buy the proper models to make good armies".

Laughable that turns in to sad, when in the same article the much younger SoB line (so with even shorter time to buy in to) army is doing well. And it is pointed out by GW.

After that we more or less know that 9th, is going to be start being fixed in spring, if we are lucky, or in the next winter CA. Which kind of means that people that are fucked now, will stay fucked, and those that have fun will have fun.

>> No.76044047

>porn is not nsfw
They were getting fucked for christs sake, how is that now Porn ?

>> No.76044053

I havent touched 9th edition at all yet thanks to chink aids, but I've decided to start a custodes army anyway. Where do I start? I really want to build this army one kit at a time rather than build up a pile of shame that I either hide in my closet or sell on ebay when I end up unhappy with their paint scheme.

>> No.76044061

Because you litteraly have a part of your brain that lets you view things in "religious ways". And if it gets damaged people changed a lot. Ah and the part of the frontal lobe that are responsible for it are unique to humans and whales(other hominids don't have them). And you can turn it "off" with electro shock for some time (generaly 30 min depending on how strong the current is).

>> No.76044062

>They were getting fucked for christs sake, how is that now Porn ?
Are you from the future? What fucking century are you in where sex and porn are two different things?

>> No.76044063

How do you think they came up with supernatural explanations for things, and why do you think they formed religious practices based on those explanations, if no tendency towards religious behaviour doesn't exist anymore.

>> No.76044069

>Because you litteraly have a part of your brain that lets you view things in "religious ways"
Doubt it.

You could have saved us all time by admitting you were a nutjob, dude.

>> No.76044078

If she shows more then eyes it is porn. If she doesn't show eyes, but it still entices men, it is still porn. And it is the womans sin for making men think like that.

the dreads are good, the bikers of all kind are good. the FW infantry dudes with guns are nice too. It is a well doing, even if small army.

>> No.76044079

>How do you think they came up with supernatural explanations for things
I dunno, how does a fiction author come up with ideas?

>> No.76044081

Uh, i meant not, but wrote now, my mistake m8
fantasy. Maybe insane people, but i doubt that. Maybe someone outright lied. maybe we are born with a tendency towards religious behaviour ?
Anyway, this is TG, so lets talk about TG stuff instead of edgy /his/ stuff.

>> No.76044083

>If she shows more then eyes it is porn. If she doesn't show eyes, but it still entices men, it is still porn. And it is the womans sin for making men think like that.
this but unironically

>> No.76044085

>Tomboy moms usually are also Tomboys.
Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't. Pic related is a case of a more feminine mother of an athletic tomboy daughter.

>> No.76044088

Humans were not constructed on the spot by god on the first of January in the year 2000. The past is relevant because contemporary humans are a product of past events. The traits that humans have are a result of evolutionary pressures exerted on our ancestors.

>> No.76044089

here mother fucker read this and the bibliography for it, like I had to do to pass neurology.


>> No.76044092

hey hey reddit

>> No.76044095

>There was literally a threesome with miniblackbar cocks
Yeah, it should have been a threesome with macroblackbar clocks.

>> No.76044100


>> No.76044103

>the university rubber-stamped me so I'm right

>> No.76044104

The avatar's rules look more impressive the older/smaller the miniature is

>> No.76044112

Anons, it is vital that you attach a smug image when you say that. I will cover for you this time.

>> No.76044117

A basic Custodian guard is a good value kit. You can build a 3-man Storm Shield/Sword squad, and use the remaining parts to build a standard Shield-Captain and Vexilla.
If you are willing to entertain recasts, a Sagittarum kit is damn good too.
Add in a Jetbike squad (buy a spare sprue off ebay if you can to make a Jetbike Captain) and either the light or heavy grav tank if they take your fancy.
Can't go wrong with a Telemon Dread either, but I judge every Custodes player who has one.

>> No.76044123

Not him but it gets him more credibility that he studied this. It doesn't guarantee correctness but it raises the odds.

>> No.76044127


Too right

>> No.76044131

Dude electro shocks are used in treatment of schizophrenia and phobias too.

based and truth pilled.

Because you would need fewer paints to do them. And GW wants you to require 20 different shades of red to do your orange marines.

Anyone who has seen a non parade tanks (and marines are more or less mini tanks) is going to tell you that the paint is chipped often done litteraly with hands etc. It is ment to look green or grey from 1200m away not "pop" from 15cm away.

>> No.76044132

Was phone posting at the time, and couldn't be bothered. This is the superior choice anyway.

>> No.76044137

Because subtle colors on shock troops are pointless
On another note, there are, and pretty famous ones at that

>> No.76044143


>> No.76044146

Thanks anon, your service is greatly appreciated

>> No.76044150


>> No.76044152

Maybe it's not supposed to be read as 40000 but as 40k. So 40, k and g. 40 is a number but what k and g stand for is a mystery.

>> No.76044158

>subtle colors on shock troops are pointless

>> No.76044165


>> No.76044170

Yes, someone else in the field reviewed this research and deemed it usable. If you have a problem with it, write your own research refuting it and get it stamped.

>> No.76044172

>maybe we are born with a tendency towards religious behaviour ?
There you go, I knew you could figure it out.

>> No.76044178

DE. CWE are just perpetual looser that somehow have a superiority complex even tho they've done nothing to earn it.

>> No.76044184

Ama is best girl.

>> No.76044199

shock troops =/= delta
rangers would probably be better comparison

>> No.76044223

hi y'all i uploaded a request for new marine codex, new age of sigmar expansion and forgeworld index... but when i click the link of the "voila here u go" it says "the requested URL not found" so...dafuq i do?

>> No.76044546

>Changing the a part of fundamentals of goverment due to the world advancing =//= give goverment more power.

Well, seeing that often when I see people talking about changing the amendments, it's the 1st and 2nd, the ones that prevent the government from infringing on the people. So how would you change them or any other amendment?

>No, it was written to have a functioning goverment.

By limiting what the government can do, like infringing on people's fundamental rights.

>> No.76045132

>So how would you change them or any other amendment
Abolish the 19th

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