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Custodes Edition

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Are you expecting any surprises for 40k on Saturday's Steam, or just the hinted Death Guard and Dark Eldar stuff?

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First for best warband.

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If Deathwatch models gain rerolls from a Lieutenant, do they get to reroll all wounds against their chosen role? Say, Furor (Troop killer) teams gain full rerolls if a Vigilance Incarnate Warlord gives them rerolls against that role (while tecnically their army role stays the same, different to Troops)

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Custodes angered SM players so they have been cancelled

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What are your experiences using Heavy Intercessors, anons? I used stalker rifles on normal Intercessors and they did fine

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post models

>> No.75980491

I really like centaur man with big gun.

>> No.75980502

I agree, he shoot the aliens and not afraid of anything.

>> No.75980517

when are they making csm 2 wounds

this is getting silly

>> No.75980535

Does anyone else use separate minis to show wargear/relics? I need inspiration for veteran and chapter command retinues.

>> No.75980544

Degregation from ten thousand years.

>> No.75980547

>pic related

Can someone point me towards a good product to emulate desert dust for basing and weathering?

Also maybe I don't understand dry pigments but won't it just rub or fall off when you play games, or darken/clump if you spray varnish it and it gets wet? Or are dry pigments like this basically just for photos and likes?

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Can't have anything outshining the Primaris!

>> No.75980550

Why haven't you joined the gasoline nuln oil masterrace yet anon?

>> No.75980554

Based and fuck taxes-pilled.

>> No.75980565

The what?

I got resin printer right before cowona started and I've been planning on using it to model relics whenever I get the chance.

>> No.75980574

what a badass fukken idea
damn dude

>> No.75980576

The guy also drew lion mounts, which I think would be sick as well.

>> No.75980582

i like the idea of big blocks of fire warriors marching up the table like some sort of pseudo xenos off brand mordians
how bad of an idea is this?
am i supposed to be packing them in devilfish or something to make them useful? i'm not a fan of the tau vehicles

>> No.75980586

>gasoline nuln oil
Anon what in the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.75980595

If you give them the shotguns its not a bad idea, they're just fragile as fuck

>> No.75980601

Look up weathering powders.

>> No.75980624

shit now I wanna chaos up some of those to use as havocs

>> No.75980625

Gasoline nuln oil is when you mix some gasoline (or petrol for you wheeliebinners out there) with your nuln oil to make your vehicles and robos smell like they would irl

>> No.75980626

i know breachers want to to be in vehicles since they're short ranged, but i was talking about the normal strike teams

>> No.75980630

Oooh, it glows.

>> No.75980633

You might want to get something that can deal with vehicles.

>> No.75980639

You absolutely need to apply varnish or the pigment will fall off. Varnish won't make the powder get wet or clump unless you spray it on way too thick.

>> No.75980642

dry pigments stick quite well but they can definitely rub off. they won't change colour when varnished but they don't look quite as dry/dusty

>> No.75980648

Good luck on making this a meme anon.

>> No.75980653

Oh great now they smell like gas for a couple hours. Whoooooooooooooooooo

>> No.75980670

I can't tell why exactly but this sounds like a bad idea
it's just a gut feeling
can someone explain to stupid old me

>> No.75980672

>Decadence and Decay

It will be Nurgle vs Slaanesh, not Dark Eldar.

>> No.75980675

there are different ways to apply and fix pigments, but they can potentially change the way the powders look. So experiment before you commit to a technique.

>> No.75980678

I use secret weapon pigment powder. It will not rub off or clump if you do it correctly. I've weathered my land raider with it and it's stuck to the tracks looking like dried mud. What you do is either turn it into a wash or you just spread it on the area you want it, then seal it with a drop of white spirit. Afterwards you can varnish and it will be good. There are tons of videos of the technique on youtube.

You definitely want them to stand still unless you're doing the carbines, which is just kinda a worse option imo.

Fluorescent paint is cool as fuck, would recommend.

>> No.75980682

i would like huron if he didn't turn to chaos

>> No.75980686

Gas likely won't dry particularly clean, and it might act as a solvent.

>> No.75980693

Nurgle and Slaanesh ft. Dark Eldar

>> No.75980697

nurgle for 40k and slaanesh for aos

>> No.75980700

Imagine if it's codex noise marines

>> No.75980705

If you go Viorla they can advance for free, which is fantastic with the pulse carbines or blasters.

It's also like, the only way carbines are passable so you gotta commit to the bit if you play WYSIWYG.
Viorla also gets Hot-Blooded, which lets you fire an infantry unit twice. Rushing something important and double-tapping with the 5" blaster profile is the height of the Tau experience.

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>> No.75980723

Firewarriors make stupidly good horde-clearing firepower, and with strength 5 and FTGG can even take on marine infantry with some success. You do need to bring like 80 of them at a minimum though.

>> No.75980725

i'm retarded, why would i want them to stand still? rapid fire weapons don't get any bonuses for standing still, do they?

>> No.75980743

I didn’t realize it when I built them but some of my ork boys came with small infantry bases like my grots and some of them have bigger ones. I prefer the smaller ones for my boyz so if I got a bunch of the smaller bases and put the ones I got with bigger ones on the small ones would that be okay or would that be modeling for advantage or whatever?
Seeing them all random with different base sizes is annoying me.

>> No.75980757

You will want a cadre fireblade (maybe 2).

>> No.75980768

As long as you are using the base sizes that came with the kits at some point you're ok. So you can base all your boys on 25mm bases or on 32mm bases, both are legal.

>> No.75980773

yeah, this is what i'm going for, just big blocks of warriors advancing in lock step as if military tactics hadn't advanced past the napoleonic era

>> No.75980777

Don't worry I know for one of the ethereal buffs you had to be standing still and I thought it worked like that for the fireblade too, I've been away from playing tau too long.

>> No.75980783

Cool thanks. The bigger ones seem way too big to me.

>> No.75980790

Why do you have sloot tau anon?

>> No.75980794

i'm going to play world eaters without berserkers

>> No.75980803

yeah i looked at the ethereal thing but it just does the same things as a markerlight hit so it's not that useful

>> No.75980807


Literally why

>> No.75980808

Anyone have a picture of negavolt cultists next to electro-priests? Wondering how different their sizes are.

>> No.75980814

Well yea but you don't have to worry about markerlighting whatever you wanna hit, it's not a bad choice.

>> No.75980819

dakka dakka dakka

>> No.75980820

>starpulse cadre
what a fucking gay name.

>> No.75980824

Going all in on red butchers, huh? Respectable choice anon.

>> No.75980832

Oooh mildly exciting.

>> No.75980835

about the same size

>> No.75980841

>here's my 3 forgefiends and my master of possessions
>here's my 3 squads of havocs and a chaos lord

>> No.75980845

Why do we even have an OP pasta? Does anyone read it? Just seems like a waste of internet ink.

>> No.75980847


That sounds absolutely fucking retarded. Like painfully awful of an idea. I like it a lot.

>> No.75980849

I'm not sure GT level events will go for that. It looks like modeling for advantage. Local stores shouldn't be a problem.

>> No.75980852

He wasn't left with many options, to be fair.

>> No.75980856

You can have lots of dakka while still running the BEST fucking troops in the god damn game.

>> No.75980858

Then that's not the army you should be playing anon.

>> No.75980873

32s look better. Atleast on my wolves I think so

>> No.75980877

Where are the Necron Cat Canopteks and Crocodile Canopteks and Cobra Canopteks?
Is Gee Dubs being lazy with their Egyptian iconography?

>> No.75980880

Excuse me, sir?

If the Eldar dominated the stars for hundreds of thousands of years and only saw a decline around the M20, how the fuck did humanity get a foothold anywhere? Wouldn't the Eldar have dominated every habitable planet they could find and forced humanity out? What happened when Eldar and Humans met for the first time? Presumably the Eldar had the same wraithbone solar-sails they do now and humanity had like... Apollo 11 command modules? Did Eldar ever set foot on Terra in the early days? By the same token, when was the first time Orks attacked Earth? Seems like some good stuff that could be explored.

>> No.75980888

Finishing up the Old Man from Armageddon

>> No.75980895

I really can't wrap my head around erotically themed miniatures
isn't that awkward?
don't the other players stare at you like a total fucking goof when you bring a meticulously painted miniature with the physique of jessica rabbit?

>> No.75980900

Would meth improve my hobby output? I have hundreds of unpainted models and I figured if I didn’t need to sleep I could get them done a lot sooner.

>> No.75980906

i already have a guard army
i just like the idea of guys forming lines and shooting each other and figure tau is probably the best chance of letting me do that

>> No.75980914

Fuck off orkfag.

>> No.75980917

>I really can't wrap my head around erotically themed miniatures

That's because it's fucking weird. Your revulsion is natural and good.

>> No.75980922


>> No.75980926

Eldar aren't even real people, they're just a leftover biological weapon from the war in heaven. They just stayed in their area of space until they degenerated enough to make it the eye of terror.

>> No.75980931

if you're that desperate you might as well find a painter to do it for you
probably cheaper in the long run

>> No.75980932

Then instead of buying tau you should buy MOAR

>> No.75980948

>haha what if I painted the same thing but again

>> No.75980950

He wants to play chaos, not primaris

>> No.75980952


>> No.75980953

That's pretty C R I S P anon nice

>he doesn't have joke minis he only pulls out when he's playing with friends
shame, here enjoy my kelermorph

>> No.75980963

Post buttholes

>> No.75980968

i already have a lot of them anon
besides, walls of guardsmen walking down the map isn't terribly effective anymore

>> No.75980973

>He wants to play chaos, not primaris
>Berserkers are primaris
is this the level of secondary /40kg/ has hit

>> No.75980977


>> No.75980984

>WE Dakka Dakka Dakka
How many layers of retarded are you on?

>> No.75980988

well, we are grown men playing with plastic toy soldiers
doesn't bother me but i wouldn't ever field one

>> No.75980998

>They just stayed in their area of space until they degenerated enough to make it the eye of terror.

I'm cool with this. Reasonable explanation since you don't need resources or metal if you can just pull psychic bone building materials out of thin air. There's no reason for them to be expansionist. Orks, on the other hand... you can just imagine how many burgeoning xenos races have been completely obliterated in an afternoon by a bored warboss.

>> No.75981015

It's the difference between dudes who put hot chick posters in their rooms and dudes with taste

>> No.75981034

That's a lie and you know it.

>> No.75981043

Can't you only use the stratagem once per game? I mean you can rock a ten man blob of them, and with twin claws they'd kill literally anything you charged them at, but still.

>> No.75981067

that's not really equivalent
it'd be like throwing an onahole or something on the table or sharing porn you watch with your buddies or whatever
it's just strange lewd and awkward shit
I don't think I'd be bothered that much either but I wouldn't really see the person the same way again

>> No.75981080

>Everything is painted
>Table is full of simple and effective painted terrain
>Set up in movement trays, about to play a game
While I don't understand people who own 10k+ of a single army, I respect this man

>> No.75981099

Jeezus christ, I hope you weren't playing against Orks.

>> No.75981105

Wall of guardsmen vs wall of firewarriors looks cool to me regardless of real world practicality or in universe inaccuracies.

>> No.75981127

>two long range armies
>standing next to each other.

>> No.75981130

Erotic and sexually charged imagery has been part of sci fi and fantasy since the 1920s and it's not awkward unless some prudish spastic makes it awkward. Also that's not erotic, GW literally puts out miniatures that are more erotic than that, some as rank and file troops for several of their games. If you think that's erotic, you need to get off 4chan before whatever abbot you live under catches you using the internet.

>> No.75981153

I am hoping we will finally see the full admech mini previewed a while back.

>> No.75981155

i don't think it's terribly shocking that people fap or whatever
i wouldn't show off my stuff but it wouldn't bother me if other people do

>> No.75981165

Is there any real reason to go triple plasma on a Forgefiend over double Hades and a Plasma? It's only 10 extra points for what's a straight upgrade in most cases

>> No.75981167

>Drive me closer so I can hit them with my sword.

>> No.75981172

the melee rules actually work when you have two armies terrible in close combat fighting it out in melee

>> No.75981173

You have an incredibly strange mind to equate using a miniature in a bikini with someone literally tossing a used sex toy at you especially when more revealing minis are literally special characters in 40k.

>> No.75981178

That war was really fucked up, tons of Tau plot armour
If I equip bayonets, you are going to end up close to me, anon.

>> No.75981191

Listen faggot, the commissar ordered them to take that hill, and they're gonna take that goddamned hill.

>> No.75981199

ok, i have maybe 3/4s of that
i really don't think i need any more

>> No.75981204

Commissars are political officers. They don't issue tactical orders.

>> No.75981211

Mortars fucking obliterate FW from my experience the only way to play them and not have them get raped to death is to put them in transports.

>> No.75981215

You don't remember when it was a joke to use bad dragon dildoes as Tyranid capillary tower terrain, right?

>> No.75981220

Commissars should issue orders. Only one.
That way you could implement Regimental Chain of Command once more, instead of bringing a single platoon but fielding three Company Commanders reeee

>> No.75981235

needs a touchup or two
paint came out a bit thick on left but not too bad, seen worse posted here

>> No.75981239

Looks positively chonk, unlike Plague Marines who just look fat. Give up Plague Marine heavy bolters, multimeltas and missile launchers reeee

>> No.75981241

Don’t do that... don’t give me hope.

>> No.75981247

Eldar never focused on colonizing everything. They colonized worlds for their fucking orgies and shit. They had an expansive Empire but it wasn’t a traditional empire brought by conquest.

Not to mention that mankind was not working with fucking modern technology. In M20 we’re looking at high tech - a mankind that can more than take care of itself.

>> No.75981257

Would playing a FW character on their cinematic base be considered modeling for advantage since it increases the width of their aura?

>> No.75981259

No. Quit projecting you fucking dolt. Also, have sex at some point.

>> No.75981271

Don’t listen to him that’s modeling for advantage. Boys were moved to 32s. None of the modern boxes come with 25s. You must just have an older box.

Also boys look dumb as shit on 25s.

>> No.75981272

>Not to mention that mankind was not working with fucking modern technology. In M20 we’re looking at high tech - a mankind that can more than take care of itself.

But presumably they met for the first time well before M20. When Humanity was at like Battlestar Galactica levels of Technology.

>> No.75981276

The range is kind of bad at 24". While it no longer has to suffer from the -1-to-hit from moving, their degrading statline is still really rough considering how easy it is to bracket them. It's also a random as fuck gun with d3 shots and d3 damage, while still having an average of 2 for both values, can screw you pretty badly. Forgefiends are just mediocre in general

>> No.75981287

remember the most important rule

>> No.75981291

>you will never engage in a suicide charge against enemies of the Emperor

Why even live?

>> No.75981294

As long as he's using a base size that came with the box - he's legal, that's the word of God on this issue.

>> No.75981297

The tau kinda need plot armour though. If they lose one major battle then that means extinction for them. I think that's why the startide nexus became a thing, so that tau can afford to lose some fights.

>> No.75981302

Yes but why would Eldar care about mankind? Unevolved and underdeveloped. They didn’t focus on colonization so no real value of taking Earth. Pretty sure they were largely indifferent to humans.

>> No.75981321

Your faith is as false as your Emperor. He will never know of the sacrifices you made for him. There is no afterlife but eternal pain in service to the Dark Powers.

>> No.75981328

Yes but he’d have to specifically find future boxes with 25mm bases - which do not exist anymore.

Ergo: they do not come in the box. The box comes with 32s. Gotta rebase em. You can’t make the argument that “they come in the box” because they don’t. If you order a box of boys they will come with 32s.

>> No.75981332

How far can you take it though? I don't have a picture of it, but there's a guy at the flgs that modelled his rippers literally raping a nude prone woman, like actually /d/ tier. I don't want to give a guy shit for fielding bikini tau but surely there's a line.

>> No.75981344

You literally can and should commit suicide right now. What’s stopping you? You could even charge some people at the mall and shout FOR THE EMPEROR! before doing it. You could even film it and upload it to Reddit! I would upvote that epic gamer moment and laugh out loud bro!

>> No.75981345


>> No.75981350

No. You'll paint a lot, but it won't be any good.
If the Canadian federal government is reading this, fuck off, I don't even know what meth is.

>> No.75981365

>black space marine
Here we go again...

>> No.75981368


neat bishisquad

>> No.75981374

Infantry guard is only a good shooting army at knife fighting range, they become a buzzsaw at 12 inches.

>> No.75981378


>> No.75981380

Stand still heretic.... For your own good.

>> No.75981381

Is it illegal to know what meth is in Canada?

>> No.75981383

He's a Salamander. Work on your bait.

>> No.75981386

That's less than a 2k army anon

>> No.75981392

>paint models
>looks pretty alright
>its passible, better then some shit iv seen posted
>post in /tg/
>your paint job still looks like a 2/10 compared to what else is posted

>> No.75981401

I really like those highlights on the green. I assume that's Moot Green, right?

>> No.75981402

Post objective markers

>> No.75981406

I'll go to a mosque and live stream it.

Before I start I'll be like "Subscribe to play on tabletop" kek.

>> No.75981408

That's a white dude with black skin not a jogger

>> No.75981410

>is on the internet equivalent of the dark city
>eeew boobies are gross!

>> No.75981413

Yeah, it's a shame that both fiends are outclassed by Defilers for not much more points. Maybe if they were +3 WS/BS and/or didn't cost as much they'd be fine.

>> No.75981416

There's always room to grow and some of the stuff posted is ridiculously good. Work on doing the best job you can and learn what you can do to improve

>> No.75981425

I don't see what's strange about that
I would wade knee deep into gore with my bros
Would I want to see them fucking people or have them watch me fuck someone, or even really just see them in the nude?
Not really.

>> No.75981427

>That's a white dude with black skin not a jogger

>> No.75981436

found the closeted homosexual

>> No.75981438

Looks really good. I’d have made him a bit darker though.

Of course I also refuse to have Sallies without helmets so...

>> No.75981440

I think a lot of it is that the invul save tends to be overvalued since you've got a 1/3 chance to shrug off a lascannon. I don't want them to get cheaper because it always feels like a quick-fix and doesn't really address why something with unique weaponry is not preforming properly. Also cheap vehicles for the resource starved chaos doesn't make sense

>> No.75981441

found the closeted homosexual

>> No.75981447

Imagine getting sloppy models and then caring what some 400lbs neckbeard thinks of you.

>> No.75981449

how did u spend $200 on 20 space marine?

>> No.75981452

Improving at something is very rewarding. Learning new techniques is fun and getting (you)s from Anons feels validating.

>> No.75981454

the tyranid model? That's kinda whack, they're too cute to do something like that.

>> No.75981455

Literally nothing wrong with rape. I'd let that fucker field all his minis.

>> No.75981475

As far as the tone of the game allows. Hell, Vect used to come with two naked human slaves as a miniature. If it's playing a game set in some dark and twisted setting or if it's say a historical game and we want to show some war crimes and there's a vignette on the table of it, fine. But if the tone doesn't fit that, then I'd prefer no. But this is nonsensical. You're making up some bogeyman in your heads to act morally superior to for some weird reason, at a time when there's multiple trolls making a big effort to try and make 4chan more like a methodist meeting hall than, you know, 4chan.

>> No.75981480

>That's kinda whack, they're too cute to do something like that
People call Richard Siegler cute, that never stopped him from doing it

>> No.75981481

I’m gonna have to see this model. For research on xenos of course.

>> No.75981482

I get the feeling that it's probably the 400 pound neckbeards, not the normal wargamers, getting models that like those weird big booby anime figurines

>> No.75981483

How would anyone know though? Or are you pretending to be retarded?

>> No.75981490

Pretty shite bait

>> No.75981494

I feel like boogie anime figures attracts the same demographic as tau collectors. I got a boobie tau and normal tau. As long as they match visually I don’t really care.

>> No.75981507

Man I am literally just here to paint space and non-space skeletons.
That being said... A womanly looking necromancer model might be a pretty fun conversion.

>> No.75981508

i dident?
18 CSMs from a SC box and another smaller box, 6 ashen circle
sold the spider demon, and havent painted the obliterators yet

>> No.75981511

well, you're there to kill his guys so isn't that a good thing?

>> No.75981521

>sold the spider demon
For what purpose?

>> No.75981525

Another weird presumption that's based solely on you projecting against some bogeyman, as if every wargame club and game shop has some obese pervert jerking off under the table in it.

They weren't naked but it's more fap bait than that t'au mini.

>> No.75981536


go for it anon, the 3rd party stuff is pretty decent

>> No.75981538

Tau dudes do seem prone to it. Local tau guy has anime tau tiddy model. My anecdotal evidence supports this theory

>> No.75981539

Working on some intercessors atm. Will test a mud effect on them before applying it to the aggressors.

>> No.75981543

i dont really plan on playing any time soon, mabey eventully, im just trying to improve painting ATM, when im less shit and have enough points ill consider playing , the spider demon is just ugly and i dident really care for it

>> No.75981547

All bad guys are rapists.

>> No.75981552

God, did they really need to do Abbadon, but not a terminator?

>> No.75981554

The cleanup after recess washing the armor is a bitch, ain't it?
t.another anon with white armor marines

>> No.75981556

Honestly, I'm ok with bare titty and rape, but it's got to be lore friendly. I don't want to see a random sex scene in the middle of the battlefield (imagine how much that would break the immersion kek), but a Slaaneshi raping an Eldar would actually be pretty tasteful.

>> No.75981563

Yeah, but that's thematic for dark eldar. BDSM and excessive eroticism is their whole schtick. Titty tau just clashes visually and thematically with the rest of the army, especially when you could've gotten a cool model like my man big shas.

>> No.75981564

I get the joke

>> No.75981569

Oh yeah that's a massive pain. Highlighting is a bitch too, because if you water down the white scar too much, it slips into the recess. I always keep a spare brush handy to wipe out spills with water.

>> No.75981574

Simple. The year is 2020. They belong on 32s regardless what they originally came on. Their boxes NOW come with 32s.

>> No.75981585

I'm going to try out picrelated on my next dudes, should be much easier to use.

>> No.75981586

>>>/vg/ is that way you faggot

>> No.75981591


>Tau dudes do seem prone to it

same where I am, i wonder what it is; especially with the tau of all things? the most I've ever felt compelled to do in regards to sex appeal is buy the callidus assassin to use the lower torso for my inquisitor model and give her a decent butt.

>> No.75981595

This guy gets it. Sucks to have to update your army to keep with changing base size or new minis but, its part of the hobby.

>> No.75981599

Found it.

>> No.75981600


>> No.75981602

no this place is actually really tame at this point

>> No.75981603

I just like sexy xenos.

>> No.75981613

This doesn't make any sense. Rippers don't have dicks, none of the nids do they don't reproduce sexually at all.

>> No.75981614


>> No.75981619

Okay, that's just fap/fetish material. Decent paintjob though.

>> No.75981622


>> No.75981625

Hell yeah sexy tau!

>> No.75981626

Well... genestealers.

>> No.75981629

God I hate how those shitty giant suits have ruined tau aesthetics.

>> No.75981633


>> No.75981638


>> No.75981639

When you get labeled a weeb, you might as well complete the joke.

I got anime figs and considered getting Tau once.

>> No.75981640

you know it's true
what makes this place the equivalent of the dark city?
occasionally someone posts cleavage?
people don't catch insta bans for saying nigger?
like yeah probably not the best idea on the workplace internet if your boss can monitor your computer or whatever but that's not really saying much

>> No.75981645


>> No.75981646

Genestealers use their weird tongues to deposit the parasitic organisms into their victims, they don't have dicks.

>> No.75981647


>know how rippers are modelled

kinda looks like it's just jumping over this weird naked and gagged thot in the middle of a battlefield, didn't expect this to be a comedic piece anon

>> No.75981648

wuh oh, ol' rippers gone and done it again

>> No.75981652

Holy shit I hate it. Why would tyranids rape her instead of just eating her?

>> No.75981655

they'll announce the DG combat patrol

>> No.75981658

>he doesn't rape everything he's going to eat
NGMI, bro

>> No.75981661

Just like no one will know which models I use that are recasts, no one will know which orks I bought that came with 32 or not. Unless you are saying I have to rebase all my orks. In which case please tongue my anus.

>> No.75981663

Then their victims literally breed an army of followers. Breeding is sex my man.

>> No.75981666 [DELETED] 

Where my homies at?

>> No.75981668

Ok lorelet

>> No.75981674

Is she sucking on a pacifier?

>> No.75981675

Which will at best have most of the sprues from DI or at least the unique ones for the 2 HQs

>> No.75981677

The gsc are not nids. Just like ants infected with the cordiceps fungus do not magically become fungi themselves.

>> No.75981682

The girl isn't even well-painted, what was the point of putting her on the base in the first place?

>> No.75981691

degenerate coomerism

>> No.75981694

Their children have mid dna and the victims have their own genetic code overwritten. They are tyrnids dude.

>> No.75981701

>boohoo I have to keep my army updated if I want to continue playing in new editions. It’s so unfair!

>> No.75981703

If you buy 32mm bases from ebay cheaply, you can somewhat easily just remove the sides from the older bases and glue them to the new 32mms to make rebasing easier. It still sucks.

>> No.75981713

more tau art

>> No.75981717

>implying ovapositors aren’t alien dicks.

>> No.75981718

Have you ever wondered why Tau has possibly the craziest plot armor in the Galaxy aside from Ultramarines?

I gave it some thought. Despite being absolute ass on tabletop, lore-wise these guys have almost never lost a battle. Tyranid incursion? Defeated with almost no losses. Imperial Crusade? Defeated with no significant damage. Death Guard attack on one planet? Attack repelled and planet still in Tau control.

Have Tau ever had a major defeat? I think that the reason why the writers are afraid to do it is because the Tau "Empire" is so small that losing a planet could actually be devastating for them lol.

>> No.75981723


>> No.75981724

Even the Hive Mind has to let off some steam sometimes.

>> No.75981725

That's 40k for you.

>> No.75981730

guard v blue guard is the best match up unironically

>> No.75981740

t. absolute lorelet

>> No.75981741

if you cant see the difference you have autism

im sorry you had to find out this way

>> No.75981757

Never understood getting into Tau because of the blueberries snatch.

For me it was giant robots.

I get the appeal but when people put down lewd Shadowsun I sort of get a sinking feeling.

>> No.75981763

Rippers, like all Tyranids, have a digestive sac and nothing else. Anything excreted or ingested has to come out the mouth-hole. So either they're using attachable external bits (like flesh hooks), or the Ripper is wriggling like a vibrator, or this is a poor civilian who tripped while wearing a bathrobe.

Also, why is she eating an apple?

>> No.75981772


>bright pink nipples on tan body

Even though it's aesthetic as fuck when you find it in real life, anytime I see it in artwork/models/whatever I can't help but flag it as permavirgin because it's how a 12 year old imagines nipples look like on every woman instead of a rare few.

>> No.75981774

Doesn't help the terrain looks like fucking splooge.

>> No.75981780

Don't let them take you alive.


>> No.75981799


And 12 Orks can fit into a space that only 3-4 models can. In other news, all models, terrain, and measurements in the game are abstracted and don't represent what's actually going on.

>> No.75981805

Why does his face look so fat?
Why does he look out-of-breath in that picture?
Also Why is his right eye is closer to the nose than his left eye.

>> No.75981809

I think it’s a fantasy miniature being repurposed. Imagine some lord type character was supposed to be raping this wench.

>> No.75981812

I use karak stone, stormvermin fur, and skavenblight dinge for my recess shading. By watering them down a lot you get a nice blend of the colours. If you do it right, the karak stone is visible at the edge of the recess, with the colour gradually getting darker towards the very deepest part of it.

>> No.75981817

I'm a mechfag bigtime but I detest the taut. I saw those 3 toed hoof feet on the day 1 reveal and hated them ever sense. Why would the mech have 3 toed hoof feet? It makes no sense... the mech would have the best foot for the job...

Dreadnaought heavy armies, sentinels, titans...these are the ONLY mechs i want

>> No.75981823

Oh for sure, but it's still funny. Even if the scale is off by a factor of 10, that's still a tiny battlefield.

>> No.75981825

>this dude wants to see wolves assholes

>> No.75981827

Before scion's they appealed to me as the setting's only sensible mobile army

>> No.75981837

It's because it doesn't look very good on art

>> No.75981873

>Same pant shceme as my Nids
I'm not sure what to think of this.

>> No.75981875

>generic inquisitors are still sold with the tiny old bases
>want to put it on one of those 32mm bastards badly for more breathing space around my converted model

>> No.75981897

The Tau have hooves so it makes sense they would make mecha that imitated their physiology.

I played an IG valkyrie list for a few years and I totally agree with that sentiment.

>> No.75981903

So put 'em on the 32mm base and, if anyone complains, give them a look of withering scorn.

>> No.75981911

Literally this. Also they fly and when they don’t they have supports.

>> No.75981924

Your friend's a cool guy. Pretty neat.

>> No.75981927

auspextactics is such a cock sucker

>> No.75981934

Youtubers tend to be, yes.

>> No.75981940

Yeah because people like you have spent over a decade whining. I remember when we had /d/tier drawfags making dedicated threads for their own art and taking requests here.

>> No.75981942

In what way? Not disagreeing just want more of your thoughts.

>> No.75981949

He sucked a cock

>> No.75981954

Tell her she's pretty

>> No.75981968

>doesn’t breathe
>not a thot.

>> No.75981981


>> No.75981993

Only my own

>> No.75982013

not really
people just grew up, left, and were increasingly replaced by a reddit population

>> No.75982047

>arco-flagellants appearing in the Guard section on GW's websie


aren't they a inquisition/sisters thing

>> No.75982048

She has great teeth, I'm a fan of a gal with proper dental hygiene.

>> No.75982057

Kastelan robots are also in the SoB section. GW's site's just fucked.

>> No.75982072

Best load out for Sybarites?

>> No.75982073

Will we ever return to these days anons?

>> No.75982098


>> No.75982114


No. Tau have been flanderized into the mech faction. And every new option for Tau they don't make is another option for Astartes they *can* make.

>> No.75982137


>> No.75982145

this IA3? I didn't remember them having army shots in that

>> No.75982165

Why can't Chaos take Baneblades anymore?

>> No.75982174

modern inquisitors like greyfuck and lardo are on 32s

>> No.75982181

I think that's the old Apocalypse rulebook anon from 5th or 6th.

>> No.75982182

Because it takes the fellblade and put it on its skin

>> No.75982207

Can you feel the Soul anons?

That's it from Apoc for tonight but I will return tomorrow with better lighting.

>> No.75982210

If I combined this with a Thousand Sons/Demons of Tzeentch SC! Is it possible to use this in 40k at all? (Assuming I get the Tzaangor gun kit)

>> No.75982215

Ah, right on. The "expeditionary force" should have clued me in to it.

>> No.75982220

Cant see shit in that picture.

>> No.75982225

Am i the only one here who likes Vespid models?
Sure the heads are bit goofy but other than that i think they are fantastic.
I kinda hope they don't get new models because i know they will put them on top of lamp post in some ridiculous "action" poses that just looks retarded and makes them topple over if they are on any kind of terrain

>> No.75982237

Can, do, and attempt at all times to live up to the laudable kitbashing goals of older 40k.

>> No.75982241

Commissars frequently issue orders, anon

>> No.75982245

Unironically what mini is the girl so I can make a better diorama with her

>> No.75982248

Strictly speaking the buff dudes and the skinny sorcerer are a no-go for 40k directly.
The Tzaangor, Enlightened and Lord of Change are all usable.

>> No.75982259

hive minds have fetishes too

>> No.75982269

The concept and design is nice. But being static and monopose hurts the models.

You're right that they'll go over the top with any resculpt, but they do need some motion.

>> No.75982276

They ensure the execution of already given orders which sometimes entails loudly repeating or rephrasing them) or take command when the officer in charge is indisposed, that is correct.
That doesn't change the fact that they are not commanding officers themselves and are outside the ig command structure.

>> No.75982288

Do we know how much these new battleforces cost?

>> No.75982291

I used to sink piss in college because my room had a sink but the toilet was for the whole floor, and I couldn't be bothered to leave the room to piss.

>> No.75982301

Anon do you know what police officers do?

>> No.75982305

Not until you wipe off the ribena

>> No.75982325

Every time I look at my first batch of scions I painted, I can't help but look at the missed mold lines, the lack of edge highlighting, and the lack of kitbashing...
Should I strip them and then try the freeze-and-rip technique to change their backpacks and heads? How likely am I going to break the plastic?

>> No.75982326

in the process of fixing my bitsbash priest, greenstuff and shit
happy I found a use for old Calgar's head

>> No.75982330

They issue inconsequential requests.

>> No.75982332

Sorry friend, I'm a shower pissing chad

>> No.75982334

Look what I found - it's Cultist chan!


>> No.75982337

I am aware
but that doesn't mean that the commissar DIDN'T order them to take that hill

disproportionately kill whites and men but somehow still get hate from lefties?

>> No.75982356


>> No.75982361

Hello wolf brother, your paintings gotten a lot better since I've seen your leviathan

>> No.75982366

How are csm chosen? They seem pretty versatile, spamming combi or thunderhammers

>> No.75982370

Serve and protect

>> No.75982400

>Wearing a top
Do not want

>> No.75982448

Does anybody know where one could find aztec and conquistador stuff for kitbashing purposes?

>> No.75982477

whatcha got there kemosabe

>> No.75982484


>> No.75982490

Dude, that thing is fuckin rad.

>> No.75982502

You don't even need to kitbash for conquistadors, you can just use AOS empire models.

>> No.75982521

I hope i get better with practice. The one on the left just got a wash with Nuln. I have to do the other two, get the black joints as well. Then all the detail work. Though I just realized that I forgot to base some of the icons. Damn.

>> No.75982533

Thanks. I don't think I'll do every variant on this chart, but having a few can't hurt.

>> No.75982546

stormlord makes me nut

>> No.75982557

you make me nut

>> No.75982574

oh you

>> No.75982576


>> No.75982593

What does this image mean

>> No.75982594

Sororitas organic air support, yes or no?

>> No.75982601

>Heavy 10 -3 AP D2, wounds infantry on 2, vehicles on 6, autohitting
>chassis has T9, reduces damage done to it by 1, to minimum of 1
>can carry 20 (regiment) models
Ah, a guardfag can dream.

>> No.75982603

No. SoB do not have their own flyers.

>> No.75982619

Should they?

Sob space hueys. Dropping off sisters and dropping napalm on heretics.

>> No.75982631

Don't dream it. Be it.
Well, make it at least.

>> No.75982636

Yes, as long as the model is good and not shit like most GW vehicles.

>> No.75982649

Didn't the avenger used to be associated with the sisters?

>> No.75982651

I really want sisters bikers/cav. Make them carry Braziers or something cool that fits with the army

>> No.75982656

Those look fucking rad.

>> No.75982667

It was one of the few flyers they could take, so people converted them, but it was always a Navy thing.

>> No.75982747

kairic acolytes could easily be transformed into cultists

>> No.75982759

>play dark eldar
>opponent has sisters of battle that take no damage from anything but dark lances

>> No.75982767

Almost sounds like swimming in a pool with a bunch of women and men in their underwater.

>> No.75982772

sounds like you need more dark lances then

>> No.75982805

I love needing to use anti tank weapons to take down fucking 11 point infantry

>> No.75982835

Never understood getting into Tau because of the Mecha suits.

For me it was hover tanks.

I get the appeal but when people put down a Riptide I sort of get a sinking feeling.

>> No.75982856

the tanks just seem so very.... vanilla
i love the crisis, broadsides, and ghostkeel
the riptide and stormsurge look like absolute garbage though

>> No.75982882

made some shroomlings to print

>> No.75982884

does anyone here field centurions?

Can I see them if so?

>> No.75982899

>People call Richard Siegler cute
He'll drive a Riptide into your heart

>> No.75982915

they always reminded me too much of the AAT
battle tanks from Star Wars Ep 1, couldn't take them seriously

>> No.75982918

To be fair, I got into them back when Commanders were just regular XV8 bodies, and Broadsides were just XV8s with a few metal bits and chronically snapped ankles. New broadsides and the ghost keel are cool. but back then the vehicles were more varied then the suits.

I actually don't mind the riptide either. i'm just saddened that all tau armies seem to be just giant robots instead of having variety, Xeno auxiliary themed, Mobile infantry themed, Drop suit themed and then heavy suit themed.

The storm surge can go to hell though. Fuck that thing. Its so fucking ugly.

>> No.75982919

dark eldar get absolutely ass raped by valorous heart most of the time, it’s a genuine unfair matchup.
Tech into shit to kill off their damage first, valorous heart is all about durability so if you can kill off any exorcists, mortifiers or repentia then it’ll just be bolter shots which cannot cut through your vehicles that well. Alternatively/additionally, Voidravens are also good here, a bomb drop over a unit of battle sisters has a good chance of wiping most of it out. Just fly 2-3 of them around and nuke them off the objectives or turn 1 destroy them. Exorcists or short range melta teams are really the only thing they have to kill voidravens

>> No.75982921

>not liking the fishtanks
anon you are such a fucking weeb holy shit

>> No.75982932

>The storm surge can go to hell though. Fuck that thing. Its so fucking ugly.

>> No.75982943

Considering when the tau were released I always had the suspicion that they were based on episode 1. Considering they were made to appeal to americans I always figured tau were a mix of Star wars prequels, Weeb anime, and Good ole fashioned american drone strikes.

>> No.75982988

sorry man
i just don't like it
a lot of it is just that the burst cannon placement on the devilfish looks super dumb
the ion cannon on the hammerhead looks ridiculous too
the riptide is mega gay though, i even like the stormsurge over it

>> No.75983038

>Increase SM to 2W
>Increase damage of weaponry throughout the game to D2 or more

what did GW mean by this?

>> No.75983046

make more differences between things

>> No.75983093

I may be in the minority on this but the Necron book seems a lot stronger than the SM book.

>Necron doctrines
>Necron chapter tactics
>uncounterable c'tan powers
>quantum shielding
>plentiful t5 units
>Immortals are damned good for troops

>> No.75983123

too early to say, marines were greatly curbed and necrons greatly improved by about the same amount. what i don't like is how restrictive command protocols where you have to stay within 6" of a character

that sounds hilarious how hard sisters can counter dark eldar

>> No.75983182

it’s mostly that dark eldar just don’t have any reliable ways to kill them. Mortal wounds is really all they can rely on to pierce through valorous heart sisters, and sisters will typically bring enough pain to remove your squishy shit off objectives as well. It’s not just dark eldar either, they can do this against a lot of armies. The sisterfag at my LGS runs a hybrid list of valorous heart tanky infantry and bloody rose repentia bombs and it fucks everyone up aside from some competitive minded space marine players

>> No.75983189

What else got a boost besides Heavy Bolters?

>> No.75983213

uhhhhhhhh 1W 3+ 6+++

what am I not seeing here?
spam splinters and shredders as per usual, sprinkle with disintegrators to taste
incubi do fine against sisters

>> No.75983226

disintegrators are D2
lots of Necron weaponry is D2 base
stalker Bolters are d2, etc.

>> No.75983260

Have the Sisters ever been able to work with the Titan Legions or have their ideological disagreements with the Mechanicus always prevented that?

>> No.75983264

valorous heart ignore ap -1 and -2
they basically have army-wide 3++ and 6+++ against most weapons. An actual 4++ is also possible with auras. Incubi are pretty good though if you can drive them close enough, good point there.

>> No.75983293

disintegrators are ap3 so they can't ignore that, play flayed skull, they ignore cover and Reroll rapid fire 1s if mounted on FLY, combine with splinter racks for exploding 6s
shredders are S6, D6 shots, even if they ignore the AP you're still wounding on 2s

>> No.75983342

Nothing prevents imperial institutions from working together. During large crusades marines, ig, sob, assassins Inquisition, navy, Admech, titan legios and knight houses work together.

>> No.75983367

Is there any campaign where every major Imperial force fights together? I suppose they would in the Black Crusades considering the significance and scope of them but are there any others?

>> No.75983407

Crusades are everyday occurrences in the fluff. Sabbat Worlds Crusade, Damocles Crusade, Defense of Cadia, Terran Crusade for example all had pretty much every militant arm of the Imperium represented.

>> No.75983433

anyone got a pdf of Sabbat Worlds Crusade? the background book, either the old edition or the current

>> No.75983442


>> No.75983459

Switching my color scheme up from the right to the left (still wip and testing colors). Want coral/underwater themed crons so should I switch the pink to another color? Going to be using green rods and gauss since I realized purple was kind of hard to see. I eventually want a sandy base and kelp/seaweed hanging off them too.

>> No.75983478

How do the poses on these warriors look so far?
Haven't added the other weapons, going to paint them separately.

>> No.75983485


>> No.75983492

A bit boring but alright.

>> No.75983496

I'd rather them look "boring" than goofy or awkward though.

>> No.75983497

>Necron doctrines
They're kinda shit and pretty restrictive even if you build into them
>Necron chapter tactics
The custom dynasties are pretty amazing, and a few of the named ones are good
>uncounterable c'tan powers
This has been a thing for a while

>> No.75983509

5/10. Not really interesting but not blindingly awful.

>> No.75983512

A friend of mine uses Kairics as Tzaangors. They are too big for cultists really.
Also don't bother with Tzaangor chainswords and pistols. Their fantasy blades are also viable wargear and better one at that.

>> No.75983515

Pretty boring, yes. Are the torsos fixed in place? Maybe rotate them a bit to the different sides, same for the heads, raise/lower the arms, like they're looking around instead of standing and looking straight forward.

>> No.75983556

too static, you want some dynamic sense of motion

>> No.75983593

Then experiment more with poses until you find something that isn't boring or goofy. Having your models stand straight up and facing forward is boring and makes them look lifeless.

>> No.75983596

2 and 3 are good. Can you make 1 pointing somewhere and looking into that direction?

>> No.75983607

a simple turn of the head adds a lot of character, like they are scanning for their next prey

>> No.75983625

Thanks for the ideas, I'll take them into consideration.

>> No.75983642

I dont plan on every playing. What are some of the coolest models to paint and display?

>> No.75983645


get brave anon

>> No.75983651

Void dragon.
It's a bitch to transport though.

>> No.75983657


>> No.75983661

lmfao what a faggot. get some barbie toys instead

>> No.75983662

The two WB photoshoped primaris looks great.

>> No.75983670

depends on what you like
I'm partial to the drukhari range, even though most of it is 10 years old now.
if you want single models to build and paint then mortarion is cool, greater daemons are cool

>> No.75983675

Big Birds
Forgeworld Knights/Seraptek

>> No.75983683

I dislike talking about youtube and e-celebs, but can someone explain the appeal of kitbosh to me? All of his conversions look like shit, are half assed (he explicitly says that in the Grey Knight video) and impractical, because they consist of a trillion different bits and/or are shit to paint. And of course, with less than 20 videos, it's time for a patreon. I just don't get it.

>> No.75983696

>I'm partial to the drukhari range, even though most of it is 10 years old now.
Doesn't really look it. Honestly most of the DE range is still damn good. I just wish the Wrack kit allowed for more dynamic poses like in pic related and we got plastic Mandrakes and Grotesques. Also the old Archon was way better than the shitty plastic one we have now.

>> No.75983699

Do you like to roll dice?

>> No.75983701


>> No.75983707

I don't know all I know is Arch is best and did nothing wrong other than speak the truth

>> No.75983729

Arch has the most obnoxious voice and speaking pattern I've ever heard. Him not giving in to tranny fags and whatnot is all well and good but he's insufferable to listen to.

>> No.75983733

I'm thinking of making a Boston Terrier Space Marine chapter. Obvious colors would be black and white and I want to paint the helmets black with white markings to mimic the face. Any ideas on what I can do to further symbolize they are a Boston Terrier chapter?

>> No.75983746

Manlet marines only

>> No.75983749

Perry Miniatures has historical minis around that era in plastic:

>> No.75983761

>The joke

>> No.75983835

Anyone else think RHPS is just cringe? Like people use to enjoy making fun of it now people just unironically enjoy the movie and learning all the little phrases.

>> No.75983854

As a tau player I agree. Lots of tau collectors I see print it buy arms for them because they look dumb as fuck without them.

>> No.75983870

But we have tanks irl, I came to play robots nigga. I collected dreadnoughts before but I like the eastern look of tau battlesuits. Fucking sue me.

>> No.75983883

Pretty sure gasoline will melt the plastic. Rubber used as a fuel line has to be made specifically for the task

>> No.75983890

Point me towards any flying fishboats any modern military is using. I'd love to see them.

>> No.75983926

Anything you like!

>> No.75983933

Because people never assemble and paint models unless they want to roll dice and argue about who’s mans died. Nice bait though retard.

>> No.75983971

Point me twords all the battle suits and mechs were using? Your argument holds as much water as toilet paper.

>> No.75983973

Not him. But pretty close.

>> No.75983984

What is that thing?

>> No.75984028

Jet plane that flies just above the surface of the sea.

>> No.75984032

ignore the rest of these dumb cunts. paint dark eldar

>> No.75984042

motivate me to paint instead of video games please

>> No.75984047

C'tan powers may be uncounterable, but they are also just various ways of dealing mortal wounds and are stuck in very costly models, compared to Psychic powers that do all sorts of things and can be used by much less expensive units.

>> No.75984062

What are you playing anon?

>> No.75984070

Fallout 4 by myself, Vermintide 2 with mates

>> No.75984112

A giant russian ground-effect vehicle

>> No.75984119

Space wolf successor.
Replace all wolf imagery with boston terrier imagery.
Replace the big wolves with big boston terriers, greenstuff them yourself if you have to.

>> No.75984123

There's a fine line between BardicBroadcasts appreciating heavy metal medusa and just being a degenerate. Most "lewd uwu" models fall into the latter.

>> No.75984136

Do something like this

>> No.75984157

I'm more worried about your loadouts than your poses to be honest senpai

>> No.75984172

Yeah I can't stand him either and his videos are bad so everything else about him is kind of irrelevant.

>> No.75984196

Right now? nothing, they already are too pricy
Balls to the wall? Blast pistol, bitches love blast pistols

>> No.75984204

That looks nice

>> No.75984206

Doesn't look like the correct tone of skin or eyes.
Alpharius gonna be mad at him when he report.

>> No.75984210

That cat has seen some shit in service to the emperor

>> No.75984220

A plane that can't fly more than a few feet and exclusively over the water

>> No.75984229


he's pretending he's a 3rd edition hive tyrant

hey remember when 'nid warriors were HQ/elites choices? can't say I miss those times.

>> No.75984232

There was alot of glue overspill on these second hand scourges so I used them as practice for paint scheme and practice in general as I am new to the hobby.

>> No.75984239

Probably the Black Stone Fortress stuff if you don't want to spend 40 bucks per character
Other than that characters are usually the coolest minis

>> No.75984253


>> No.75984285

I keep reposting since I'm still waiting on a fucking spray can

>> No.75984287

It's what Naked Snake used to escape Russia.

>> No.75984297

What are they supposed to be?

>> No.75984308

a Lun class ekranoplan

ekranoplans are generally considered maritime ships in spite of the fact that they fly and can traverse any roughly level surface

also they are not aircraft as their ground effect altitude is limited to a few meters

but they can also be aircraft as well if the designer gives them sufficiently large wings to allow for conventional flight

>> No.75984319

naw dog that's this boy

>> No.75984321

Goddamnit, does the 40k mega keep getting purged daily now? This sucks. I want my pirated codexes :<

>> No.75984352

Derp nevermind me, I was just retarded and didn't figure out immediately what this new thing is.

That said, anyone got the Thousand Sons codex?

>> No.75984358

Is it ethical to pirate?

>> No.75984363

No, and nobody's arguing that..

>> No.75984424

No but in any sense even the smallest insignificant example. However, the question is... are

>> No.75984425

Pirate a game from an indie studio of one or two dudes who quit their jobs to work on their dream project? Unethical.
Pirate a game from a huge company that deliberately removes features to sell them as dlc, who use gambling mechanics to fish for whales, who force their employees to work unhealthy hours for low pay? Absolutely ethical.
Same for miniature wargames. I'd never pirate a thing one dude makes in his basement, but I would and did numerous times pirate GW's stuff without a millisecond of hesitation.

>> No.75984436

Can get recasts of anything stupidly priced but you should buy anything (that you want) which is reasonable. Otherwise there's no financial incentive for them to not go full whale hunting

>> No.75984467

Where the fuck do you get rippers again? Wasn't it some bullshit where they come with a certain box or something.

>> No.75984469

Ideas should be free yes

>> No.75984474


>> No.75984477

I'm quite proud of my androgynous sorcerer

>> No.75984481

You get a base with 5 rippers in a box of termagaunts

>> No.75984487

Wracks, those with tails are the acothysts with hexrifles

>> No.75984488

You know, in the post scarcity future people are going to go to prison for giving away cars they copied with their replicators.

>> No.75984491

FO4 feels miserable to play with mods when you're crashing every other hour 50 hours into the game.

>> No.75984497

You're not paying for the idea, you're paying for the work put into it to make it work.

>> No.75984499

That's fucking stupid compared to Necron Warriors that have 3 Scarabs per box.

>> No.75984503

>1 base
>minimum force size is 3 models
>35$ dollar box

>> No.75984511

Yeah its hilariously stupid.

Thats why I just got some recasted FW ones for $7 per pack of 3 bases

>> No.75984514

I like the conversion and the paintjob is clean, but too minimalistic on their coats imho. You should paint more of their details.

>> No.75984515

blue stuff them

>> No.75984519

There are no original ideas. Merely conditions which make them.

>> No.75984526

Recast them with blue stuff or buy third party. The models are shit anyway.

>> No.75984528

3d print em bro

>> No.75984530

My knight is piloted by naked witches, I'm counting the days til quarantine's over and I can plunk this down in a GW

>> No.75984531

Moved all my boyz to 32mm and never looked back. The feet actually fit on the base now.

>> No.75984532

Of course you can. But you shouldn't have to.

>> No.75984533

They really need to make a Ripper swarm unit like they have with Nurglings.
Also bring back the Parasite of Mortrex

>> No.75984543

Trivial to bluestuff more.

>> No.75984559

I probably will, my dad has a 3d printer I can use, but for fucks sake, nids need a god damn update.

>> No.75984567

Can we see yours?

>> No.75984573

this is very well painted and better than I could ever kitbash or paint probably, but have two pilots or whatever they are is drawing away from how your eyes focus on the model in an objective art way.

>> No.75984577

These are the first three models I ever painted, when I started playing back at the end of 2016.

They look like dogshit, but I keep them around to remind myself of how far I have come.

>> No.75984590

>But you shouldn't have to.
There's no sense in trying to argue about what's right in GW marketing decisions.

>> No.75984604

> Order two Space Marine missile defense platforms from a recaster
> Gonna use them to make ghetto Sisters of Battle Exorcists
> They ship me two Lascannon Tarantulas instead

Well, alright then.

>> No.75984610


>> No.75984619


>> No.75984634

God the sculpts for tactical marines look shit. Primaris really do look so much nicer

>> No.75984644

That's fair, my reasoning was that with the size of the model it'd give you different points of interest as you look up and down the length of it. Tried to meld the "head" pilot into the shadows though.

>> No.75984713

Sorry, they're not done yet, but here's the look I'm going for.

>> No.75984767

It looks fucking awesome anon. Damn good work on it.

>> No.75984836

As long as you were never going to pay for it then yes, the company gains any tertiary benefits of an additional person engaging with their product (hype, secondary sales etc) without loss of revenue.

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