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Last time we settled on a name and color scheme, some excellent writefaggotry by a single anon, rolled Genestealers and Orks on the same planet and ironically never finished with our own planet.

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Previous >>75922500

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Length of Day on our planet (d100)

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The story so far
>Standing Force
>Ultima Founding
>Traitor Legion (Iron Warriors) stock
>Pure geneseed
>Scions of Mars
>Chapter/Company Champion who was lost in a warp accident
>Eye to Eye
>Feudal Desert homeworld, Distant Rule
>Codex Adherent
>Ranged Combat
>Shepherd Marshalls
>Honour the Ancestors
>Navy allies
>Genestealer Cult Enemies
>Said Genestealers are in the system, inhabiting the Jungle planet named Mykos V
>Orks also inhabit that Planet
>Hilarity ensues

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You stole my IF successor name,,,,,,

Ima have to hurt you now.

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Rolled 28 (1d100)


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Not yours, OURS.

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roll a 3d10 for hours in a day.

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Rolled 2, 5, 6 = 13 (3d10)


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now for a length of day D100.

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Shorter than Earth? What the fuck?

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Rolled 56 (1d100)


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now give me a 10d10 and we'll multiple it by 6 Terran days

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Don't forget the textile porn.

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And textile porn

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Rolled 1, 5, 10, 3, 8, 9, 3, 1, 3, 6 = 49 (10d10)


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It takes us 294 standard Terran days or 542 local days to fully rotate around the star of our system.

>Number of Satellites (d100)

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Rolled 55 (1d100)


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Rolled 4 (1d5)


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Let's see if there's a good explanation for such a number of satellites
roll d100 for gravity level

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>legends filter onto our world of the "Green Hell"
>it is a place where life itself has become too powerful, and now defies the Emperor's will
>people who go there are inevitably turned into monsters, and a race of plant-demons also inhabits it
>thank the Emprah we live in a desert, protected by fire spirits and defended by great metal chariots

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Rolled 53 (1d100)


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Standard (0.8 to 1.2 G): Normal or easily adaptable. No modifiers.
roll a d100 and get 99 for DEADLY ATMOSPHERE

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Rolled 9 (1d100)

Let me see those double 9s. baby!

Perfect, especially for feudal primitives to believe. Imagine becoming a space marine and finding out the Green Hell isn't just real, but you're actually going there.

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>Rolled 9
Well... you did get a one 9.
>Normal: Safe to breathe
Not rolling for hydrosphere and temperature since we're already a desert.
1d100 for number of terrains

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And you're most likely going to die there.

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Rolled 24 (1d100)


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we get 2 terrain types. One is shit and the other is shittier.
roll 2d100

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Rolled 46, 85 = 131 (2d100)


>> No.75947077

46 gives us Broken Rock
and 85... Ravines
Now let's see how many gorrilion are being roasted currently.
Roll a 1d100

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Rolled 29 (1d100)


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Ehhh... could you re-roll that one because with our modifier we'll only get 2k people at max.

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Rolled 75 (1d100)


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we get 55 with -20 Feudal World mod
roll 10d10

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Rolled 10, 7, 5, 3, 7, 1, 1, 5, 1, 2 = 42 (10d10)


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The world cp_dustbowl is considered a home for roughly 42 million souls, all under the watchful gaze of the Emperor's Angels.
d100 for living in society

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Rolled 73 (1d100)


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Ehhh... no. We're demoting it to being run by Religious (Local): Planetary society has either been built around, or founded because of, a local religious sect. Or events have brought the church to the fore of all politics. This religion functions as the planet's government, and everyone must follow, or at least not bad-mouth, the religion. Depending on the religion's origins and compatibiity with the Imperial Creed, it is likely to have a close eye kept on it.
So think of it as being run by Caliphs or just a theocracy of bishops/shamans

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as for our economy i think we're living of selling minerals.

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So to recap
Our Homeworld of [Insert name here] is
>Desert type
>Distant Rule
>Average Size
>Normal Gravity
>Breathable Atmosphere
>Our axial tilt is so Severe (36-45°) with Seasonal Variation of ± 60°C/140°F
>Day lasts 15 hours
>It takes us 294 standard Terran days or 542 local days to fully rotate around the star of our system.
>4 satellites orbit the planet
>it's full of ravines and is broken
>Run by local schizos

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>planet name
Berindh Prime

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I'm going to sleep. Let's hope this thread doesn't die.

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Maybe the fragmentation of society is caused by sources of water being so far apart, and the only thing holding everyone together is the ministorum descended priest caste.

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Were a Traitor geneseed Chapter and its 40k. We might be paranoid but you know someone is suspicious of us. They have to be. You Can't convince me otherwise.

Who do we perceive as our enemy within the imperium? Any other, longer in the tooth Chapters looking at us a bit to hard for our liking? Can we roll for that?

>is it them damn Imperial Fists?! Go back to your paingloves and putting up drywall losers.

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Were supposed to be Primaris Marines so I doubt we even know anything other than our Geneseed is pretty adaptive and doesn’t reject cybernetics as much

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Writer fags write fagging

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Sounds like a good idea to me.

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>tfw you're the first Falcon to carry your brand-new boarding shield
>tfw you get to be the first to forge it's history
>tfw you have no face

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>tfw you overcome your primarch's autism by living on a sensible, mostly sterile world and weaving complex geometric rugs all day
>when you get bored, you can pop to the next system over and grind some gene shits into paste up close and personal

For once, it's pretty good to be a son of Perturabo.

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According to Iron Falcons Doctrine his face IS his shield.

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>pure geneseed
didn't they have ossomod mutation?

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You forgot some Scribe fag

Or do only green text count?

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Pure as in a sense that our geneseed is identical to our parent chapter without any other known mutation.

>> No.75949652

We desperately need drawfag to finish our chapter symbol.

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Should we roll for the Imperial Navy? What kind of bastards are we maintaining a amicable relationship with here? Any guard?

Could be run to roll

>> No.75949813

No guard. They can't recruit from our Homeworld.
You start to roll it. I'm not starting another creation just for some fag replying 2 times and then for them to respond for 10 hours just to end up finishing it my damn self.

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I guess there could be guard from the jungle planet with the genestealer/orc infestetion but that would probably just more Catachan Jungle Fighters

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>tfw you get so nervous about having to do cool shit with your shield that you die in your first engagement

>tfw your bros have to come up with some random bullshit that makes you sound badass

>tfw your shield is cursed and everyone who gets it dies in some shitty way without doing anything cool

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The shield of Penance.

>> No.75953468


That's a Relic better thrown at the Deathwatch. That way when we send a brother to serve as penance he is given that shield. If he can survive his sentence with that shield he has earned his place back among his brothers.. Not a single user of the shield has survived..

The shield has transformed into something more like master crafted equipment. Its surface carrying so many intricately inscribed signatures ethcing designs resembling their legendary stitching technique, its appearance that of a work of art. The Astartes view it more like a tombstone of the damned. A log of those forever out of reach of the Emperors light..

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Beautiful description, anon.

>> No.75955440

How is a world full of religious zealots "sensible"?

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>The Thyreophora - 'shield-bearers', in the dialect of the chapter's homeworld - are a specialized non-codex formation within the Iron Falcons.

>Outwardly, they resemble a punishment detail; warriors of the chapter who fail in some way are assigned to the Thyreophora for a set number of engagements, proportional to the magnitude of their failure. This is only half the story, however.

>Any warrior of the chapter, at any time, may volunteer to join the Thyreophora, for as many engagements as they wish. They are accepted without question or reservation. It is thought that these volunteers are glory-seekers, or perhaps those seeking their own kind of penance outside of the strictures of their chapter cult.

>In battle, the Thyreophora are invariably assigned to the most dangerous fighting. On attack, they are the first into the breach, clearing a path for their brothers. On defence, they are placed where the enemy's hammerblow is expected to fall the hardest. This is both the place of greatest danger and greatest glory, and the Thyreophora almost universally take heavy casualties in each engagement. The length of an engagement is variable; it could be a single boarding action or a months - long siege. Either way, the warriors of the Thyreophora are honor-bound to serve their term.

>The Thyreophora do not wear any specialized badge of honor or distinction during their term. The only outward distinction of their unit is that they are typically led in battle by a Chaplain. If the warriors survive , however, they are allowed to stitch certain oblique patterns into the Falcons' distinct silk coverings, denoting how many engagements they completed as part of the Thyreophora.

>Warriors who have completed even a single engagement are regarded with great honor by their brothers. It is even rumored that one must complete a certain number of engagements to be eligible for senior command positions, such as captaincy, or even overall command of the chapter itself.

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Well with another lockdown looking likely in my area I picked up a combat patrol to keep myself busy. After being in both threads for a while I think these marines are going to become Iron Falcons as soon as I can find some shield bits to order online.

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So much lore about Shields and Silk but not a single mention of the fact that they're Mechanicus inclined.

>> No.75956634

You better paint Captain's cape into a bitchin' silk with vaguely Turkic/Arabic patterns.

>> No.75956658

I have some AOS stuff to practice my freehand on but that's the idea

>> No.75956683

Remember to post your progress here, anon. It's quite a rare sight to see 4chan generated Marines inspire somebody to paint their minis.

>> No.75956684

I'm sure there's a recaster somewhere selling Horus Heresy breacher shield bits. Couldn't be assed to find it, though.

>> No.75956752

Just to keep the thread alive, let's roll up a relic Power Armor.
It's obviously a Mk. X.
>What battle scars does the Armour have? (d20)

>> No.75956826

Rolled 13 (1d20)

The people of our world seem to be fans of the whole "corruptible flesh" ideology, which the Mechanicus also shares. They, like the navy, could be attracted by the Falcons' reputation.


>> No.75956859

>Rolled 13
>Pristine Condition: Fresh, undamaged and ready for war, the armour looks like it has just come from the forges.
Makes sense.
What stories are bound to the armour? (d10)

>> No.75956880

Rolled 1 (1d10)


>> No.75956915

>Rolled 1 (1d10)
>Warp Taint: The armour has felt the touch of the Ruinous Powers, and carries a dark aura. Its machine spirit is aggressive and willful.
Shit just got real... Could it possible be the armor of our Legendary figure that was mysteriously found on the Space Hulk with Genestealers in it?

>> No.75956932

What personal touches have the artificers added to the armour? (d8)

>> No.75956963

Rolled 7 (1d8)

I bet some fucking warpsmith suspected our lineage and cursed the armor somehow.

>> No.75957010

>Reinforced: Heavily modified and rebuilt to be almost completely different from the mark it was based on, this armour has been changed to withstand the tides of infidels and xenos with extra plates, fortified ceramite mesh and strengthened servos.
Considering that our boys are into tech, it should come as no surprise that they're constantly tinkering with their armors just to get that one more edge over the enemy.
What about it's Machine Spirit(Daemon)? D10

>> No.75957027

Rolled 3 (1d10)

Heavy daze.

>> No.75957039

They are? Dang, must have skimmed that part.

> The order has been maintaining the water purification machines from the ancient days, that allow the mostly barren planet to maintain such a large population.
>When the genestealer infestation occured, the first signs were unusual chemical traces in the waste water, though the marines didn't understand their true significance until a base was attacked.
>Once the local threat neutralized, the techmarines were able to develop a portable water testing kit allowing to identify signs if Xenos infestation on other worlds, and trace it to specific cities, sectors or even buildings.

>> No.75957043

>Rolled 3
Scourge of the Impure: This spirit is as much a crusader as its wearer, and is driven to rip apart any enemy standing before it. Reckless and brave, the armour assists the user to hit in the grind of melee, but is less accurate at range.

>> No.75957059

>Scions of Mars

>> No.75957444

Wait, is the infestation on our planet or the jungle one?

>> No.75957497

They fought off a smallish infestation on their homeworld (that still destroyed some precious relics, so they got super pissed), and traced it back to it's source, on a jungle world.

I wish we had names for those worlds...

>> No.75957536

Ours is Berindh Prime, the green hell is Mykos V.

>> No.75957586

Whats our Fortress Monestary calles

>> No.75957604


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The Bezeq-i-Jund.

>> No.75958003

Out of curiosity, what does that translate to?

>> No.75958038

Jund means desk or office, but really it's just hurka durka speak I came up with on the spot.

>> No.75958066

Bezeq seems to mean backdoor.

>> No.75958109

How about Sahin' Yuvasi. It's Turkish for 'Falcon's Nest'

>> No.75958173

I was hoping to incorporate Shaheen/Sahin into the name of the armor, but that's fine too. The relic armor can be the bezeq-i-jund.

>> No.75958247

so long as the armor has a Corvus helmet so we can call him the Bezeqi marine

>> No.75958351

That sounds perfect.

>> No.75958377

Semi-offtopic question
Where do you anons get these roll tables?

>> No.75958421

Alternatively the bezeqi beakie

>> No.75958439

Yay, Beakie Primaris.

>> No.75958450

1dchan Creation Tables.

>> No.75958478

Weird, I could have sworn I've looked there before and never found anything.

>> No.75958520

I just realized this but

>a filthy oldmarine wearing our chapter colors

>> No.75958624

it was the best template I could find yesterday

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>> No.75959081

I'll work on doing some coloring once I finish dinner.

>> No.75959168

Do we have any ideas for a battle cry for our chapter

>> No.75959201

I like these colors. It's as if they have a coat of the Emperor's brass covering Pert's steel.

>> No.75959280

"Strong as Iron, Swift as a Falcon"
"We shall not falter"
"None shall break through our Guard"

>> No.75959316

>>a filthy oldmarine wearing our chapter colors
Is there anybody who would unironically think this? Oldsmarines are ostensibly what would logically get anybody into Warhammer at all at first.

>> No.75959361

It's a joke, anon.

>> No.75959370

We're a Primaris chapter, so he's right that we shouldn't have oldmarines in our colors. Not that I hate oldmarines or anything.

>> No.75960500


>> No.75961376

Doesn't have the cool gradient of the old marine picture because I'm shit at photoshop.

The couple vatiant helmets on there is just because I thought they looked neat. I think the thing to flesh out what the specialist roles are called and if we want to do helmet/shoulder variations.

>> No.75961667

Looks nice anon. I dig the inverted IW theme we've got here.

>> No.75962632

The shoulder/chapter insignia is going to be the stylized skull? Or do we not have anything yet?

>> No.75962710

The two ideas I have seen thrown out are the stylized skull/shield and a hawks talon set inside a round shield. I do t know if one was settled on though.

>> No.75963774

I like the one where the shield is combined with the iron warriors symbol sort of hidden in the design

>> No.75965360


>> No.75966505

Awesome job, anon.

>> No.75966607

>The Thyreophora - 'shield-bearers', in the dialect of the chapter's homeworld - are a specialized non-codex formation within the Iron Falcons.
Basically our ground assault marines who are kind of Penance formation like death Companies without the retarded psychic rage. So I guess their helmet should be all black.

>> No.75967991


>> No.75968615

What's the common folk like on our homeworld? How do we recruit aspirants, and how do we treat our serfs?

>> No.75968807

I think it's pretty much established that they're basically Middle-Eastern/Turkic Steppe tribes who are ruled by religious heads. Since we're all about iron and secrecy is think that most of our serfs are lobotomized servitors. As for recruitment, imagine these 3 meter tall mysterious people wearing silk robes with metal arms sometimes come to the recently destroyed cities to collect the surviving orphans.

>> No.75969440

Are those OC? Looks great.

>> No.75971745

Their settlements are probably clustered around the ravines and other sources of water. Their version of the imperial cult is likely dripping with idiosyncrasies that the ecclesiarchy would love to correct, but can't because it's a marine world. L
They view the desert as a clean, pure space which reflects the Emperor's virtues, and know on some level that the fire djinn and their floating steel barges are connected to Him. They might still be a collection of nomadic tribes if not for their priest caste, who direct them to draw minerals from the earth which will then be taken up into the flaming chariots. Berindh Prime is a very harsh place to live, but that is why it was chosen. At least they have the Green Hell to contemplate as a worse alternative.

>> No.75972747

>live on a desert shithole with scarce water supply, other people always try to conquer your city because it has water and on top of that some fire spirits sometimes kidnap your children
>there's also a green planet lush with life and abundant with water
>some bug people and sentient mushrooms live on it
>call it a Green Hell
I love our retards.

>> No.75976474


>> No.75977093

>The indomitus crusade was a baptism in fire for all the Primaris, it taught harsh lessons and from them bloomed many different ideals that would grow and spread into the new Chapters of Primaris marines.

>Among them are the Iron Falcons. unlike other Astartes who are content to simply see their weapons as a extension of themselves, the Iron Falcons view themselves indistinguishable from their weapons.

>This has led to a affinity for bionics and additional arm attachments. The concept of fortifying themselves as one would a fortress under siege became the pillar of their personal doctrine.

>As weapons they seek to synchronize with the machine spirits, unified in will until one cannot tell whom is using whom but they act in unison.

>This outlook and philosophy has led to the merger of the role of apothecary and Techmarine into that of the Demirci, the Forger. It is his duty to augment, maintain and fortify all weapons of the Chapter, from the humble chainsword to the Primaris themselves.

>That would include guiding the Primaris in secret ritual including prayer and meditation to synchronize with the machine spirits residing within their weapons. The goal to bond, to amalgamite with their weapon for maximum efficiency. Success is the unification of will and intent.

>The process is demanding and can often require additional guidance from the Chaplin. This ritual is often taken for every piece of equipment in use by the Marine.

>The exchange of equipment and addition of body augmentation both requiring the appropriate hymn and reverence to the Emperor and omnissiah.

>the tradition of creating sleeves, drapes and other protective coverings for their bionic limbs to protect them from the sands of their homeworld. The coverings serve to protect from many environmental hazards while the tapestry itself expresses the personal honour and glories of the individual battle brother.

>> No.75977445

>reverence to the Emperor and omnissiah.
Fuck that void dragon schmuck we don't need to praise anyone but THE EMPEROR OF MANKIND. Don't care who that piss off, fuck off mechanicus cult cucks.

>> No.75977851

Isn't the Emperor an Omnissiah, a human manifestation of it?

>> No.75978084

Just an idea: have old names on the shield be non-Persian/Turkic/Arabic inspired to reflect that those Marines were probably from Terra or other planets and newer names to denote that this the new generation of IF born and recruited from Berindh

>> No.75978281

Also, since our Marines are all Primaris, how the fuck new aspirant progress through the ranks? Do they still go through Scout>Devastator>Assault>Tactical equivalents or they're just straight up pump them out with fall implants installed Space Wolfs style?

>> No.75979467

Im down to roll up a Navy but i don't have the tables for it

>> No.75979520

That's kind of an open-ended question, since the lore in general hasn't given us an answer to that question yet. I guess we do it Space Wolf style? Fits with our IW geneseed giving us rapid recruitment.

>> No.75980434

don't think anyone has it. We could roll Dark Eldars since it was mentioned that they're supplying the Orks in the system.

>> No.75980614

He is the living avatar of the Machine God, with the Motive Force being the third part of the trinity. Dragonfags leave.

>> No.75980658

Imagine the shitstorm that would happen if the wider Imperium learned that Cogboys worship a xenos god?

>> No.75982315


>> No.75982965

Maybe we can have a small rivalry (friendly or unfriendly) with the Novamarines. They are tied up with the Navy too.

>> No.75984749


>> No.75985829

Anyone got any good story ideas? I'd like to see something involving that warp touched armor.

>> No.75986418

'A mistake, this could not be happening to me' were the thoughts that dominated my mind as the Brother-Chaplain Jabez presented a colourful and beautiful shield, the Final Burden. My hearts hammered in my chest, my throat drier than the local sandstorms, I could not tear my gaze away from it.

"Shahin, you brought shame to your brothers when you broke formation, leaving your squad vulnerable. We present to you this shield, so you may try to redeem yourself." His deep growl echoed throughout the halls.
"You leave at dawn."

I nodded slowly, and accepted the Final Burden. My death is all but assured, I will not return to my brothers in this life. When I meet them at the Great Oasis in the Emperors' Garden, I will bring with me the heads of countless foes, and hope I will be forgiven.

Not really a writefag, but I try

>> No.75986503


>> No.75987248

Nice!! Keep it up anon! Love the bit about the "Oasis in the Emperor's garden", real neat

Im down to do some Dark Eldar, hopefully enough anons will make this worth it

Roll 1d10 for Kabal Size

>> No.75987328

Rolled 8 (1d10)

Sure, we've got a good basis for the marines so it's not too bad if we roll up another crew. Usually these threads just turn into rolls after rolls after rolls with no fluff in between.

>> No.75987474

What table are you using? I can't find the size of Kabal in the one from 1d4chan

>> No.75987622

Yeah. I just hope we don't choke out Fluff with endless rolls.

>8 - Old (2,500 - 5,000 years old)

The Kabal is Old, its history a tapestry of misery made up of endless howling Xenos. A chorus of despair the only prior of their long search of decadence

>roll 1D10 for current Archon


Do you have a better one?

>> No.75987889

Rolled 7 (1d10)

No, it's the same table i was just confused because you put the size of the Kabal instead of it's age

>> No.75988019

I think i just came up with a piece of a lore right now: Remember how our strategic placement was that this piece of a sector was to be a standing force? Well, what if before we came to this sector and settled on Belindh, the DE used it for slave raids like they used to do with Nocturne before Vulkan? And the reason they're supplying the Orks is that they want to reclaim their hunting grounds.

>> No.75988052

Are you alive, Dark Elderfag?

>> No.75988348

That sounds promising. The DE could have realised that their usual tactics wouldn't work against the Iron Falcons, as they already have a high casualty rate, followed by a higher recruitment rate. The Efreet's method of warfare could be a hard counter to the DE's tactics, forcing them to rely on orks to do all the fighting.
Here's an idea, the DE poisoned an (at the time) important water source, causing the locals to die off. The Efreet show up, fight them off, claim the water source, purify it and build their monastery/fortress around it, cementing their presence in the system.

>> No.75989039

I fucking knew that this shit would happen.
Guess i'll have to finish this myself. Again.
>rolled 7
Our Archon is a veteran Hellion gang leader who has amassed enough power and resources to form his own Kabal.
But what's his personality like? Did he acquire all this wealth and power through guile and schemes or by sheer brutality?

>> No.75989053

d10 for one of his defining personality trait.

>> No.75990075

Sorry bro, I'm on phone posting from work and rolling is broken. I appreciate your work though.

Once my shield bits come in the mail I'll post progress of my combat boys

>> No.75990152

Oh, that's alright.

>> No.75991506

So we have a pretty solid grasp on the small unit tactics with hoarding shields and stuff how about on the larger scale.

Since we an IW sucessor should our chapter have the same love for Earthshaker platforms and Basalisks as the IW?

>> No.75991756

Well we do have the technical aptitude to maintain them so i don't see why not.

>> No.75991830

Allow me to introduce you to The Tank With A Shield. I think Eye to Eye would lessen their usage of proper arty platforms, but they'd still probably use some to soften up strongpoints before they move in with the shield squads. Maybe the backline duties are relegated to the serfs, or the marines who man the big guns just get a bad rep with the rest of the chapter.

>> No.75991919

I do like the idea that the chapter uses the Rhino platform tanks and I love the vindicator. It's probably my personal dislike of Primaris hover shit but tanks and the desert just go together like cookies and ice cream and cookies

>> No.75991993

Oh yeah, it's a Primaris chapter, I keep forgetting that. I don't have a clue if they use the same frames or not.

>> No.75992308

If this thread reaches a bump limit and if there is still interest in this chapter, i'll put PRIMARIS in bold text in the name of the thread.

>> No.75994156

An aggressor wearing the Bezeq-i-jund is fighting his way through some orks, and then the genestealers start ambushing from behind the marine force. Of course the armor starts getting to him and he thinks about contradicting orders that tell him to not chase the enemy or something. At the end of the battle, he sees a spiky black jetbike flying off that he's going to have to report.

>> No.75994183

Sorry bro the page kept coming up as this after that

"Not Found
The requested URL /tg.css/thread/75946522 was not found on this server.

Apache/2.2.16 (Debian) Server at suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com Port 80"

Just got back in.

>> No.75994217

Yeah, sometimes that kind of shit happens to me but it's mostly a problem with a third party connection for me.

>> No.75994311

Yeah? Its a real pain

Do you want to continue with the Dark Eldar? Or pick it up in the next thread since we might be close to its limit?

>> No.75994387

Yeah we can continue. I think the bump limit is 300-350. There's plenty left.

>> No.75994487 [DELETED] 

Personality trait

>> No.75994513

Rolled 1 (1d10)


>> No.75994573

>Insane: "WE NEED... MORE... CHEESE... FOR THE CHEESE GOD! CAN'T YOU SEE?" -Dérange the Paranoid, Archon of the Watchful Eye Kabal, shortly before a raiding force was sent out to acquire cheese.
The Archon's mind is so twisted and erratic that even Tzeentch couldn't read it.
Their Archon is as twisted as his mind... but sources also indicate that he's no mere mad man...
Roll another d10 for secondary personality trait.

>> No.75994620

Alrighty then!

>> No.75994644

Rolled 9 (1d10)


>> No.75994716

>Tyrannical: "There is a price to pay for failing me. And that price involves a Haemonculus..." -Common response of Archons to failure from their subordinates.
The Archon considers fear and tyranny to be the best motivators.
He's a mad tyrant, no one knows what to expect of him, he punishes even those whose mistakes can be considered insignificant... no one can predict who's going to be the next victim.
The Chapter Librarians worked tirelessly to pin point the origin of this Kabal and their research revealed...
d10 for Origin of the Kabal

>> No.75994743

So we have Dark Elf Sheogorath

>> No.75995068

Rolled 10 (1d10)


>> No.75995187

>Dark Eldar low-borns defending their territory
This Kabal has originated as lowly gang Hellions that overtime rose through forceful expansion under the leadership of the current Archon had lead them to gain prominence enough to form a proper Kabal.
While studying the previous raids by this Kabal, our Librarians noticed a common pattern in their demeanor

>> No.75995275

Rolled 4 (1d8)


Its all coming together pretty well so far

>> No.75995351

>See, But Don't Be Seen - Sneaky and undetectable right until the point where they leap out and feed you your own testicles to laugh at your gurgling.
The few rare occurrences that were documentarized revealed just how dangerously cunning the xenos threat can be...
I need a d8 for a flaw and an Dark Eldar edit of pic related

>> No.75995411

Rolled 2 (1d8)


>> No.75995483

>Pride in the Colours - The Kabal insists on wearing gaudy and ostentatious ornamentation declaring their might and wealth.
Perhaps the Kabal is ashamed of its origins and overindulges in showing off their wealth... for all we know it could it might be just a whimsical desire of their mad Archon
>Territory Location (d10)

>> No.75995557

Rolled 2 (1d10)


>> No.75995618

>Habitation spires
At least it's not the slums...
>Territory Condition (d100)

>> No.75995648

Rolled 19 (1d100)


>> No.75995699

It seems as if their territory is left uncontested long enough to allow more frequent raids.

>Kabal Tactics (d10)

>> No.75995719

Rolled 2 (1d10)


>> No.75995757

>Infiltration Tactics
Long before they strike, the worlds already experience troubles with communication, accidents and lost supplies... such treacherous tactics are not surprising considering the Xenos' lack of honor.
>Kabal Resource (d100)

>> No.75995830

Rolled 25 (1d100)

If it's poison, it'll be perfect.

>> No.75995837

Rolled 86 (1d100)


>> No.75995901

I really prefer this roll >>75995837 because it gives them Cloning vats.
But first come, first serve.
>Kabal Signature Weapon (d10)

>> No.75995917

Rolled 5 (1d10)


>> No.75996035

>Jet bikes
When all the infiltration efforts are deemed complete their Kabal swiftly swoop on their Jetbikes, striking faster than the defenders could react.
>currently not betraying the Ork Klan on Mykos V
>currently raiding Iron Falcons
What of their goals? What could possibly motivate to commit such resources to supporting the Orks?
Goals? (d12)

>> No.75996080

Rolled 3 (1d12)

We're probably going to have to workshop this no matter what we roll.

>> No.75996164

>Macabre Artistic Expression
Their attacks are random, often without a set goal in mind. Those who they haven't captured are left bizarrely deformed, their blood and flesh serving as paint on the canvas that is the ground on which their remains are plastered.
The only thing left is to give them a name and flesh out lore a bit.

>> No.75996182

>>Macabre Artistic Expression

>> No.75996378

Do you want them to be kinda Middle Eastern too? Like, Kabal of the Silver Scimitar? It might be cool to make this whole dynamic themed.

>> No.75996434

Don't really care. There's only so much you can do about Eldar.

>> No.75996662

I think maybe leaning more into the Colonial side of things would be better. They came up from the slums and overcompensate in how They carry and present themselves.

They view themselves better, they seek to destabilize threw empowering the Orks and they ultimately want to enslave the locals, take everything of value and move on.

Good counter to the tribal vibe of the Chapter

>> No.75996704


>> No.75996812

What would be a good name in keeping with that idea?

>> No.75997056

On the other hand... a Dark Eldar Kabal that is ashamed by its origin that it has to make up for it flamboyant display of wealth has some charm to it.

>> No.75997372

This fucking shithole of a sector is quickly turning into a Dawn of War campaign... The only thing we lack is for revelation that our Homeworld is a fucking Necron Tomb-World and that Tau are somehow involved in all of this. Also Eldar just show up to be pretentious dicks.

>> No.75997419

>our Homeworld is a fucking Necron Tomb-World
Fuck it, why not. Let's roll for it.

>> No.75997519

No,,, It was just a hyperbolic joke, anon! If you want to do that, you'll have to roll it yourself. I've already fucked up this sector with enough Xeons. kek

>> No.75997545

And here i was going to suggest a cult and you big dick anons bring the damn Necrons into this!

>> No.75997640

And the majority of the action is taking place on one world, too.

>> No.75997652

>be me
>Chapter Master Alexius of the newly formed Iron Falcons chapter
>for our deeds in the Indomitus Crusade we were rewarded with a planet to call our own
>Belindh is a harsh desert that produces good recruits
>occasionally send newfags to fight the surviving Orks that Jungle planet we fought on this sector
>things go fine for a century or so
>Space Hulk shows up some day
>turns out it was infested with Genestealers
>lose half of the First Company cleaning up that place
>reports of some new xenos mutants on that Green shithole start coming
>it's those Genestealers
>Orks also somehow grew in numbers and are now have enough numbers and weapons to cause trouble for the whole sector
>turns the Drukharii are supplying those Orks
>things can't get any worse
>turns out that our Homeworld is actually a Necron Tomb World

>> No.75997752

>Also Eldar just show up to be pretentious dicks.

Or show up craving dick

>> No.75998044


>> No.75998344

It really is a green hell. Not just the Orks and the Genestealers crawling all over the planet like predatory vermin but now also the BDSM wickedness of the Drukharii??

These marines have one nice melting pot of crap to use to teach their recruits.

Sadly colonial stuff isnt really im my wheelhouse so any clever names are probably not coming from me

Fuck this tomb world idea

Nice post but also Fuck this tomb world idea

>> No.75998433

Not even trying to insult you, but you seem autistic.

>> No.75998491

Kabal of the Ark Regal.

>> No.75998833

Do the Orks have a Klan name?

No offense taken. Must admit im curious why you think that.

I actually dig the name choice, its fitting.

>> No.75999511

Kabal of the Ark Regal

Old Kabal
Former-hellion Archon (Insane & Tyrannical)
Lowborn Kabal Origin

See, But Don't Be Seen
Pride in the Colors
Infiltration Tactics

Habitation Spires (Average)

Jet Bikes
Macabre Artistic Expression

Ork Klan Allies
Iron Falcons Enemies

These guys strike me as self-styled kingmakers who love it when a plan comes together. I'm certain they created the situation on Mykos V, perhaps in order to see whether they can't get all three groups to destroy one another with as few remaining as possible. They've probably seen other kabals playing around with space marine chapters before, and now feel emboldened to do the same to these newer, bigger astartes. Of course, their archon is nouveau riche at heart. He wants all the shitty nobles to see how well he sculpts a situation, even if his madness causes grave mistakes and his soldiers are too conspicuous to sneak in the jungle.

>> No.75999629

>These guys strike me as self-styled kingmakers who love it when a plan comes together.

A Dark Eldar Hellfire Club

>> No.75999633

It's as if that desire to prove the nobles that he, a lowborn scum, deserves to be respected and feared is what drove him insane. I mean 2500-5000 years and all his gang achieved is a Habitation spire... but soon the whole sector will be his personal playground.

>> No.75999711

>He wants all the shitty nobles to see how well he sculpts a situation, even if his madness causes grave mistakes and his soldiers are too conspicuous to sneak in the jungle.
So the Iron Falcons only really see the Kabal as a nuisance, as they keep screwing themselves over? I dig it

>Brother Baraz, those eldar are trying to flank us
Again? Very well, let us lock our shields and counter attack. Fire at will

>> No.75999775

No you fool, you don't kill the savages yourselves! You let the other savages do it for you!

But seriously though, I'm sure they avoid engagement like the plague.

>> No.76000281

>No you fool, you don't kill the savages yourselves! You let the other savages do it for you!
>Imagine fighting your wars yourself, when you could make others do it for you

>> No.76000662

I hope these threads get archived properly and this chapter gets preserved on 1d4chan. It's what we did last time.

>> No.76000715

>be shitty slum resident in Commorragh
>some hellion convinces you and your friends to become muscle for his gang
>he gets on the bad side of some kabals, who assume your shitty slum is the heart of his territory
>spend the next few centuries fighting trueborns
>learn stealth like your life depends on it because trueborns don't fuck around and have better guns than you
>ghetto is slowly replaced by a legit hab-spire
>your boys spend their new wealth primarily on bikes and shit
>this is supposed to be a hellion gang, after all
>hellion leader says no, this is a kabal, and he is an archon, and you are a dracon
>holy shit, dude
>the following millennia are pretty sweet
>you get to raid motherfuckers all over the galaxy now
>"The dosh, it is multiplying!"
>archon's acting a little strange, though
>he starts telling everyone where to go and who to fight, as if he was some kind of general
>some guys took a detour to get themselves some blueberry skins after a battle
>archon had them flayed instead for going without orders
>a few officers tried to take him out once
>you can guess how that played out
>lately we've been "donating" guns and armor to this ork warboss on an ass-backwards jungle world
>Why? Well you see, there's this group of warrior mon'keigh
>no, the big ones
>no, the *really* big ones
>I swear, whoever's governing these people must be running out of ideas
>anyway, these warriors have been trying, and failing, to wipe out the bug-slaves that are infesting the planet
>it's the funniest shit: They send their big old ship in every cycle or so, kill the genestealers in their hundreds of thousands, and then leave as if the job's been done, only to come back and find yet more genestealers
>normally you'd watch something like that from a distance and have a good laugh
>but a century or two ago, the archon had you direct an ork band there, and everyone knows how greenskins multiply when given the chance


>> No.76000981

>now the planet has devolved into a three-way hell-orgy
>normally, this is something you'd be well into
>I mean who doesn't love a good hell-orgy
>but the archon's saying that if the three factions haven't completely destroyed one another in exactly 18.88 cycles, you and all the other kabal officers are getting an expenses-paid trip to the haemonculus' table
>also you can't go into battle yourself
>also you have to wear brand new armor and accessories at all times because Vect forbid anyone get the impression we come from poverty
>I mean it's not like we've made our name sneaking up on people, right?
>you're going to have to make a quicky out of this one
>everyone's trying something
>someone went to the mon'keigh planet and poisoned their watering holes or some shit, so at least now the warriors are actually playing to win
>some kabalites have been desperately trying to teach orks to handle pain weapons
>you can guess how that played out
>the archon came by not to long ago with a bunch of high society types, bragging about how seamlessly his "shadow campaign" was playing out
>then a 'stealer jumped out of the trees and bit his hand off
>such is life in the Ark Regal

>> No.76001198

I archived the first one on suptg. Doubt 1d4chan will ever write an article about this one.

>> No.76001286

Fucking canon. All of it. Rolling a new Arch since the last one just died.
D10 for his/her personality.

>> No.76001342

He's not dead, just robot-handed.

>> No.76001364

Shit. He better die some time soon. I swear the only non autistic faction in this sector is unironically the Orks.

>> No.76001376

The Chapter takes meticulous care in maintaining, upgrading and engraving their own Bionic implants. The elaborate patterns and exotic designs never once to be repeated across any surface.

The first of the brothers lore engraved across its surface being the battle that led to the necessity of the augment.

If any where given the privilege of inspecting the mechanical anatomy of the Chapter they would find the work of unperreled artisans.

All but the Mechanicus. They view the work of the Chapter to be gaudy and lewd. They scoff at the attempt to hide away the eroticism of their work with their coverings, only to leave the smallest glimpse tempting the eyes to look.

>> No.76001438

>he draws porn in binary on his bionic arm

>> No.76001574

Can someone please do roll summaries of the orks and genestealers so we can work on their lore?

>> No.76001649

Roll up some Catachan guard then. That's the type of support the Imperium would toss into the sector for this type of crap anyway.

>> No.76001680

I'm on my phone. Also, I'm tired of always being the one who has to finish them. You do it.

>> No.76001727

We don't need more rolling. But it would be crazy to see Catachans being dropped cold into autist jungle hell expecting a normal serious war.

>> No.76001787

Thats the thought that made me suggest it but you're right we should hust flush out what we already have.

>> No.76001853

>nobles of Mykos V get infected
>they have access to actual weapons, nothing too advanced, so autogans and stubbers
>specializes on assasinations
>medium level threat

>proper Klan
>Boss is Stormboy
>unified the orks through conquest
>Gork best god
>enough boyz
>average boy is Nob sized
>not krumping Dark Eldars, yet
>fighting other orks
>have too many grots
>looted a Gargant

>> No.76001888

Both don't have names

>> No.76001985 [DELETED] 


>> No.76002016

>fighting other orks
>more orks start streaming onto the planet trying to fight the klan
>genestealer patriarch goes fucking crazy
>archon goes fucking crazy
>chapter master fumes in silence in the typical IW fashion

>> No.76002161

It's especially worse for Chapter Master since they are all in the same solar system. A system they claim to be their home. Imagine the seething.

>> No.76002918

If the marines are partially styled after Persia/Near East, should we make the Orks styled after Spartans or Greeks or something? It roughly fits with them being more disciplined and led by a Stormboss, and conquering the other nearby Ork rabbles. Could also throw in something about Gargantomachy.

>> No.76003156

The Falcons are too shieldwall-loving to be put against not!Greeks.


So they don't care about stealth either. Perfect opponents for the marines. It seems like the only reason the Genestealers are still a threat is because they're the only ones who realize they're fighting on a jungle world.

>> No.76004326

The Grotbustaz sounds like a good name for them. They have a nasty habit of calling other orks grots before they stomp em.

I don't know the naming conventions for stealer cults.

>> No.76005846

Alright, I looked up some names. But first, as for their culture, I'm thinking that the genestealers should also be Middle Eastern in theme. This is because their planet is so close to Berindh; it may even be that the original Berindh inhabitants came from Mykos V and have just forgotten. However, they are both more decadent and more fanatical now that the cult's taken place. So I think we should name them the Cult of Liminal Dervishes.

>> No.76006135

Nah, I prefer the idea of Belindhians and Mykosians being 2 separate cultures. I'm fucking tired of everyone trying to make everything mid-eastern/Greek Inspired. Just let them have their own foreign culture. After all part of the fun of learning history is seeing two vastly different cultures with different values clash.

>> No.76008966

not yet

>> No.76012176


>> No.76013002

sadly an off topic question
is there one like this for sigmarines?

>> No.76015849

Agreed. I was thinking the Genestealers would be a bit more traditional "Imperial" than the Chapters Homeworld but with a bit of Russian flare and naming conventions.

I suggest Russian given their influence and presence in history with the cultures already in use as inspiration.

>> No.76015860

Archived it on suptg. Not sure if there's an interest in 3rd thread.

>> No.76015902

Well, I'm a post Soviet fag, so I can verify if the names do mean what they supposed to mean and don't sound too dumb.

>> No.76018076

Well, someone's gotta write something.

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