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Mural edition

>New Death Guard Terrain:

>The Legend Lives On:

>Warhammer TV Tip of the Day:

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

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>Hey guys, I heard Cadia got blown up
>Can the solar auxilia come back now?

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First for new stormtrooper kit when?

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Rylanor deserves better than you, oh OP, Rylanor deserves better than all of us!

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Your opponent is an army of sprucrons, how do you respond?
What if they were painted?

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Does anyone know how fast land speeders are, lore-wise? I've been trying to find out, but can't find it recorded anywhere.

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So fellow Chad Guard, any predictions and/or hopes for the codex?

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Might as well post it here
Does anyone have pics of IG painted with mainly Fenrisian Grey? I want to try painting some models based on Gallians from VC and I don't know which colors exactly nail that greyish light blue

>> No.75938423

Post models.

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thats because they move at the speed of land

>> No.75938429

Whip out my dick out and piss on them.

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Fucking metachasing fotm waacfag just chasing the latest trend with sprues from their marine kits I bet.

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no idea, but based on stats they're a hair faster then a keeper of secrets which is impressive.

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I would be happy my mom is no longer immuno-suppressed so I could go out and get a real game

>> No.75938459

16"/turn, of course.

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No, Post Modern.

>> No.75938482

what if it advances?

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Working on in this

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>be iw
>be end of hh
>beaten badly
>daddy wants us to go literally into hell with our asshole cousins
>run round being pirates, raiding planets, occasionally earning GBP by attacking supply lines and enslaving populace of agri worlds
>almost always run away before retaliation can arrive
>think gods are assholes but think they can be cool when you put them in guns
>cash money from successful raids
>more ships, more associated/tithed fleets
>no stationary territory but will brutally take down competitors in hunting grounds
>ironically keep areas safer than imperials and are lightly tolerated by populace who frequently submit to their increasing demands without a fight
>be truly free astartes society
>be iron reivers

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My phone is dead and my phone charger is broke, so I can't take pictures of the plasmacyte that I was working on. So here's these guys again.

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They are so fuckin PHAT, why is this necron SO PHAT bros?

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No thanks, jesus christ.

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Reformatting my Kytan Ravagers list because I realized my autism mistakes.
>>2k points, Iron Warriors
Master of Possession (95pt); Warlord, Cursed Earth, Infernal Power, Warp Lord, Mark of Slaanesh
Dark Apostle (80pt); Mark of Slaanesh, Benediction of Darkness, Blissful Devotion
>Dark Disciples (10pt)
>2x Dark Disciple; Mark of Slaanesh
Lord Discordant on Helstalker (200pt); Baleflamer, Insidium, Mark of Slaanesh

>Super-Heavy Detachment
Kytan Ravager (430pt)
Kytan Ravager (430pt)
Kytan Ravager (430pt)

>Troops (3)
16x - Chaos Cultists (96pt)
>15x Chaos Cultist w/ Autogun
>1x Cultist Champion w/ Autogun
>Mark of Slaanesh

8x - Chaos Space Marines (112pt)
>1x Aspiring Champion; Bolt pistol, Boltgun
>7x Chaos Space Marines; Bolt pistol, boltgun

8x - Chaos Space Marines (112pt)
>1x Aspiring Champion; Bolt pistol, Boltgun
>7x Chaos Space Marines; Bolt pistol, boltgun

I like the look of it but I wonder if I'd be better off with a Sorcerer instead of the Master of Possession, because Warptime on a Ravager seems like it could be worth it.

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how do you get rid of feeling guilty about paying for commissions, instead of giving parents a christmas gift?

>> No.75938570

Presumably by giving your parents a Christmas gift retard.

>> No.75938576

How does mega link work?

>> No.75938577

make it clear to your parents that they should not buy you presents and if they do, it will not be reciprocated because you hate how commercialized christmas is and think its a disgusting example of western capitalist excess

saves you lots of money and you can buy more plastic toys

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Imagine being a selfish zoomer.

>> No.75938586

They can't help it! It's genetic.

>> No.75938589

Anon how retarded are you?

>> No.75938606

Very apparently

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The batch painting begins

>> No.75938638

Something to give reliable charges after a deep strike.
Mortarion and his Deathshroud are a huge points investment, theoretically hit very hard, but rolling a 9 to charge with no bonus or reroll is just too much of a gamble.

Maybe something like an artefact or warlord trait that adds 2 to charges, thus making the 9 into a fluffy 7.

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I do but I'm literally banned from posting pictures and I don't know why

>> No.75938657

there's probably gonna be a mechanic to punish soup

>> No.75938660

Or just let them deep strike 7" away.

>> No.75938672

thought so. probably wasn't a good idea to do it. Worse thing is that I did it to play at the store, and not the store is closed till spring.

Oh not a zoomer I was born in 1979. But it doesn't change the stupid part. So it doesn't really matter.

hmm I will have to tell it to my sister first as she is the one coordinating christmans, I think I will just tell them to not transport me for christmas, it always costs a lot. Thanks for the idea. Helped me a lot.

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Is it worthwhile to give melee upgrades to Intercessor sergeants? I haven't played much to be aware of how often Intercessors wind up in close combat.

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The MEGA link get shut down? PDFs are required!

>> No.75938703

then follow the instructions, wait up to 24 hours and you will have your PDFs

>> No.75938708

My man how the fuck am I supposed to figure this one out?
Halp. Gib clue.

>> No.75938710

Like more than one good and useful strat or codex synergies that allow you to take a functional army using only the DG codex?

Or some core mechanic that barely functions and is DG army only but you need in order to be at most mildly effective in the current version of the game?

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The link is literally right there anon please for fucks sake just copy and paste it.

>> No.75938721

Same aura

>> No.75938726

It's mostly pointless save the points for your buff bubble units

>> No.75938734

>Multiple people asking help to get access to the books within minutes
Not suspicious at all

>> No.75938737

you are cancer.

play the game.

>> No.75938747

looks nice, but tedious

>> No.75938753

I'm a legitimate smoothbrain. I'm sorry.

>> No.75938760

I am filled with painful regret!

>> No.75938764

I did. Came up blank. Do I need to have a vola account or something? This was so much easier a few months ago when there was just a link to the mega folder lol

>> No.75938765

just copy and paste it into address bar

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Baneblades need to be T9 and 2+.

>> No.75938779

You will always win the moral victory tho. Even if you lose, you're unbeatable

>> No.75938780

These look like enemies from that SCP-inspired game Control.

>> No.75938796

Sentinels need to be a troop option.

>> No.75938806

only people that win a lot and are rich think that a "moral" victory is fun. If you are a normal person, a moral victory means you just get fucked yet again.

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>> No.75938816

Pretty embarrassed about not realising that one honestly

>> No.75938820

I meant painting skills but okay

>> No.75938829

When there was a direct link the the mega it disappeared within like 2 weeks. Suck it up. Figure out how to fucking copy and paste a URL.

>> No.75938832

I dunno but i like it.

>> No.75938833

Why tf do the files on the link thingy never actually load?

>> No.75938841

If I can tell what the units are supposed to be and they're based and painted then yes.

>> No.75938843

Tau pathfinders should be troops

>> No.75938844

Wow what an awful opinion.

>> No.75938851

It's amazing someone unironically spent the time to do this. Even if it was ironic, jesus. What a way to spend your limited time on earth.
>inb4 spending time on a 40k thread on a Mongolian basket weaving forum

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>> No.75938858

They do eventually it just asked forever because it's hosted out of Kim Jong Ils basement

>> No.75938860

it's helpful when you get caught in combat.

by paying the commission so your parents can have painted models as well

>you will never be a necron overlord that has all female heavy destroyers to finally have thick women

>> No.75938870

Right click and download. It's not worth opening in browser, it just takes forever.

>> No.75938874

Not really, autismo. I'll have fun painting those models even if I lose frequently

They're nids anyway, hardly meta

>> No.75938882

Yeah that's what it says
>Due to abuse
Might restart router?

>> No.75938893

Good thing I'm rich

>> No.75938899

Okay jokes aside, Nobz should be troop choices.

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>> No.75938911

It is the same with all things. Lets say you do paint some super master class models, spend a ton of time on them, use air brushs etc think you have the high ground with a nice army with models you like.

then you look at some random russian instagram , and the motherfucker is free handing the sistin chapel on his models and the models are 3/4 self sculpted. AND he did it in half the time.

>> No.75938931

how can you have fun with something you are not sure you are the best in even your own area? Why even try it. With playing you at least have data and stuff is pre tested, and you can learn to play properly with coachs. With painting you can find out one day that you can't do the top 1% of painting of models, and someone in your area does, and then you are second best.

that is true.

>> No.75938948

You can't have a fluffy Tau army without infantry in devilfish

>> No.75938961

>how can you have fun with something you are not sure you are the best in even your own area?
Probably not the best at anything you do, maybe curl up into a ball and die if thats the criteria of doing anyhthing

>> No.75938978

>how can you have fun with something you are not sure you are the best in even your own area?
I don't know anon you tell me, how do you manage to breathe if you're not the best human? How cold chested you have to be to not give your best anyways. Pathetic mindset.

>> No.75938981

>How can you have fun with something knowing you're not the best

This is some good bait right here

>> No.75938982

I wish T'au had some artillery emplacements.

>> No.75938990

>> No.75939001

Anon, are you the best player in your region?

>> No.75939005

It is true that a lot of people do that, just because they can not keep up with the standards their parents set up for them. It gets worse when you have siblings that very much can do that. Then it is really bad.

The best thing is to concentrate on stuff you can be best. If it is to be criminal then be the "best" criminal there is. If you are insane then go full blown crazy person. At worse just stay at home and don't go out, so family doesn't have to feel shame about you on a daily basis.

>> No.75939016

lmao what kind of mentality is this

>> No.75939021

Don't know who told you this was funny anon but it's shit just fyi
Might go over better on Reddit

>> No.75939022

I haven't been out of my home in 21 years.

>> No.75939024

>CSMs are still 1W
why live

>> No.75939025

Might as well try
As for the pic, do you which paints should I use? Vallejos are fine too

>> No.75939027

Tau don't use artillery but you do have the shieldwall railgun turret

>> No.75939030

>shilling for Girlyman

>> No.75939036

This is a real Asian child mentality

>> No.75939043

Pick one.

>> No.75939046

Why would you ever take fire warriors then?

>> No.75939050

There's a version of FW codex online but undownloadable. I guess that's something

>> No.75939054

took a fresh army pic today so it includes stuff I painted since the last one

>> No.75939058

>It is true that a lot of people do that
Which is an awful outlook, bordering on mental illness.

>> No.75939060

pulse rifles

>> No.75939062

>Might go over better on Reddit
Post it there. Tell me how it goes.

>> No.75939076

Long as it's not applied too young, it's a good thing to promote.
If you do it at elementary school, you cause kids to have burn outs in middle/highschool.

>> No.75939085

Because one day they will be 2W, but in true GW fashion, they will not benefit from Legion traits on release because some wording the Rules team came up with because of their desire to exclude daemon engines from getting them.

>> No.75939093

If it's legal in the list, it's all that matters

>> No.75939101

Leman russes really do look better without sponsons.
Next the barrel width needs to get reduced

>> No.75939104

>Tau doesn't use
Who cares their current model lineup is fucked.

>> No.75939120

Can anyone share the new Orks books pls?

>> No.75939121

It just don't gel well with the western education system in general in my opinion. My sister in law hothoused her kids and from the (admittedly small) sample size it's 50% successful. One is an actuary and the other is a druggie burnout in and out of rehab.

>> No.75939124

New lad to WH40K
I know 9th edition just dropped so it might be a good time to get in.
Is the 'recruit' pack worth it?
I heard good things about the Indomitus pack as well but that's a good deal pricier
I'm kind of hoping a Ork or Tyrannid starter drops in 2021 but what do you guys think about those odds?

>> No.75939146

Pretty cool but why so much purple?

>> No.75939163

Well they ought to have some big seeker missile carrier still.

>> No.75939185

could see a new Ork starter if they start to update the Boyz look, Tyranids probably just a Battleforce

>> No.75939186

I really really really want a technical for IG.

>> No.75939188

>It just don't gel well with the western education system in general in my opinion.
well, depending on which western education system you mean.
The stereotypical Asian education was derived from the British system.

Also US education is different from lot of European ones as well, so "west" is kind of a meaningless distinction.

>> No.75939197

wat new ork book???

>> No.75939204


Before the Imperium:

Before the Compliance of Trizton the inhabitants of this world led a rough life. The extreme and constant superstorm that constantly circled the equator of this world forced the inhabitants to seek the rough life at the extreme poles of the planet or live a nomadic life as the storm took four Terran months to complete its cycle. This split caused great feuds between the North and South however the single clan that claimed the belt of the world stood as noble mediators and political intercessors. Thier emblem was that of a nearly wiped out breed of birds found only on Trizton, the Vindorai, which was said to have talons that could grab full around a horse and a wingspan twice as long as one. The storm had carved a deep scar of steep valleys and treacherous ravines.

Neither side could march an army through the rough stretch of land the constant storming had made, yet the nomads rode powerful steeds capable of maneuvering such dangerous terrain and were well versed in cavalry warfare. These warriors draped themselves in deeply coloured purple robes and golden yellow trim. The flower used in their purple dye was only obtainable at the bottom of the deepest trench where magma began to seep through. It was a rite of passage for men to obtain the flower to prove they are prepared for becoming a full rider of their clan.

Any unsanctioned military action through their area was met with a swift and efficient penalty. The nomadic knights could quickly descend on their stumbling counterparts with surefooted flanking methods while Men-at-arms would leap from their steed preferring to fight on equal ground of their opponent and overwhelm them in close combat.

>> No.75939207

yeah, if only. Something cool that could carry a big gun or two. Maybe a hunter killer missile too

>> No.75939208

Are you best eater in the area?
Are you the best breather in the area?
Are you the best drinker in the area?
If not then stop doing those things right now.

>> No.75939212

keep in mind that if you're trying to actually play the game, you're stuck on tabletop simulator unless you want to risk covid19

>> No.75939218

>Leman russes really do look better without sponsons.
I mean, sponsons stopped being a thing for a reason
>Next the barrel width needs to get reduced
Nah. If you want to play with realistic tanks, you should just get into Bolt Action.

>> No.75939222

Its so they can be sneaky of course

>> No.75939223

cause big homo

>> No.75939227

Arrival of the Imperium:

When the Dark Angels were tasked with bringing Trizton under compliance Azrael quickly observed the similarities between the nomadic clans and the Order he had heard of during the Lion’s rearing on Caliban. Using this as a bridge for his initial contact the nomads greatly respected the astounding warriors. Shortly after making contact with the remaining two factions of the planet troubles began to arise. The Northern kingdom saw the Dark Angels as gods while the Southern took an opposite view seeing them as demons. With the help of the nomads young and strong leader, Aidern and his top officers, they were able to convince the North that the Dark Angels were one of many and worked to serve a higher power and they followed the nomads willingingly into compliance. However the South remained rebellious even going as far as to insult the Lion the Dark Angels had preached of. After this Azrael deemed the southern region unfit for joining the Imperium and liquidated the entirety of the populace. The nomads saw the necessity and the Northerners paid no mind to the disappearance of their longtime foes. Needless to say, none of this made it into official reports and the nomadic clan was given the Southern Kingdom to use as a base of operations, recruiting and training center while the North was industrialized. Not long into gaining thier land in the south did the Angel’s Fortress Monastery take root.

>> No.75939228

Welcome to 40k.
You'll learn very quickly than almost nobody cares what you buy first man. Just buy what looks cool to you and don't feel like you have to buy Space Marines immediately, you will eventually though almost everyone buys them.
It's worth getting one of the starter sets if you have someone you can play with. If not I wouldn't bother.
I have no interest in Orks or Tyranids so I can't answer your question there. They do already have start collecting boxes though. Are you asking if they will be the next Xenos opponent in a new starter box?

>> No.75939237

just buy historical then you cuck

>> No.75939246

>Are you best eater in the area?
I actually am.
The key is usually being able to handle drinks that come with eating challenges

>> No.75939250

The best way to progress at anything in life is not to compete with others, but to compete with yourself. You cannot be that russian guy, but you can be a better painter than you were on your last project.

>> No.75939251


Before Secession:

Aidern, Archallo and Adrellas were quickly indoctrinated into the Ravenwing due to their minor curiosity and honorable upbringing. Adrellas had become a Chaplin, encouraging his brothers to press on even in the thickest of battles. Archallo quickly took to piloting Landspeeders and admiring the technology the Astartes, he became known for his daring maneuvers and unquestionable loyalty to command. However it was Aidern that emerged the most tactically minded. Due to this his short time as a Sergeant was spent bonding with fellow Triztonians Daentos and Orellian, a Librarian and Apothecary respectfully. Even all this was seen as a tactical move on Aidern’s part, allying himself with those who had ensured futures in the Ravenwing. After Aidern’s promotion to Company Master Azrael, through Sammael’s request to allow such an experiment, allowed him to hand pick an elite few from the Ravenwing to form a trusted command squad. He looked no further than his homeworld and choose Orellian as his apothecary, Tryleus became his champion, Hasdiel was honored with the Ravenwing Banner, and Benedoec understudy of Tryleus. All together with two other Triztonian Black Knights Aidern took each mission as seriously as if the Primarch himself had sent him on his way. Even seen as an elite among elites the group pushed each other further. During training an older and experienced Librarian, Cudon, of the Deathwing took to admiring the Triztonians for their camaraderie and morale. In his strikeforce he sought to recruit as many as possible from the fledgling recruiting world. Many of the already numerous Nomad men were able to accept the geneseed, alterations and indoctrinations of the Astartes so the initial influx of Triztonian recruits was vast.

>> No.75939252

Ok cool you're a pseud we are done.

>> No.75939254


Please paint the vents on the soft carapace, I'm so tired of seeing people posting nids and they leave those details the same color as the rest of the carapace. Nid models are not typically flush with details so it drives me absolutely bonkers when they're ignored. Obviously you have the patience to bother with it if you're doing to such lengths on the hard carapace.

>> No.75939257

>I'm kind of hoping a Ork or Tyrannid starter drops in 2021 but what do you guys think about those odds?
There will be no more SC! boxes, they're being replaced by the Combat Patrol boxes. 500pts worth of models, but they're more expensive.

>> No.75939258

Brutal Kunnin'

>> No.75939269

I know this is bait but I have a friend that legit thinks like this, and since he goes "Why even try it" he always produce subpar results.

>> No.75939270


>> No.75939274

This bond of wings lead to numerous chases and victories. Near their end as Dark Angels Aidern lead the hunt of Domiel, a Fallen Angel to a recently awoken Necron Tombworld near their home. Destroying many of the Canoptek Servers of the world in their search only to be met by an Overlords legion, in an unexpected attempt to parlay Aidern said he would do no further harm to the Necrons in exchange for passage in their tombs to seek the traitorous angel. The Overlord, respecting the Honor of such a mission allowed the Astartes to pursue their hunt in exchange for a year of non-action between the factions. Knowing this is well above his position he accepts the offer. Eventually Adrellas was made Interrogator Chaplain after a cornered Domiel revealed his secrets as well as the knowledge that a Daemon Prince dedicated to Tzeentch had begun overseeing multiple daemonic summonings in the sector Trizton was located in to Adrellas in full view of the Command Squad after having lost a duel to the Chaplain. With such information in their ears not a single Angel among them wavered in their faith. Asmodai took this as a sign and urged Azrael to allow the now informed Dark Angels to forge a Successor Chapter and pursue the Daemon Prince on the chance he is another fallen.

Founding of the Angels of Vindication:

“Vindication is sought in the darkest of corners, but it may only come after light was shed”- Adrellas - High Interrogator Chaplain of the Main Vindicator Contingent

Given the (almost) full knowledge and blessing of the Dark Angel’s Inner Circle and instructed on how to build and structure his Chapter Aidern reaches out beyond his already devoted command squad to those he had longed aligned with to dawn the Purple and Yellow colors of the chapter deemed Angels of Vindication.

>> No.75939280

it's my army colors, would be weird if there wasn't a lot of it in the pic

>> No.75939284

yeah table top looks like how I'll be learning how to play but I figured it could be fun to learn how to paint some figs while I wait
ooh there's hope
Thanks, and yes I meant the next opponents. Necrons and marines don't particularly peak my interest at the moment. I know that people swear by marines due ot the versatility but some of the xenos seem really interesting so I'm hoping for those to get the best bang for my buck when and if it does drop.

>> No.75939290

The recuit pack is worth it even if you don't play neither of the factions, a fun box, simple as.

>> No.75939295

He recruits Daentos as his personal Librarian and Adrellas his High Chaplain. Cudon stepped forward with a choice pick of ten Triztonian Terminators. Archallo came along with his Darkshroud and a fleet of loyal Landspeeders and Techmarines. On top of this Sammael gifts him nine Ravenwing Bikers who were also nomads from the time before. Azrael decrees that Trizton’s recruitment will be funneled only into the Angels of Vindication and tasks the whole of the chapter with eradicating the Necron infestation of surrounding planets.

The Angels of Vindication are known for using small and fast but coordinated strike groups. Much like their founders they split into wings - The Impervious and The Relentless. Companies 3-10 behave normally. Outside of this is the Chapter’s Armory consisting of the chapter's Techmarines and Landspeeders, a Librarium consisting of the Chapter's Librarians, the Chapter Space Marine Fleet which all behave the same as most other chapters with the exception that the leaders are part of the Chapter’s governing inner circle.

The Impervious - Mirror of their Deathwing Forefathers this is the terminator and heavy assault division of the Angels of Vindication. They specialize in close quarter combat and defensive formations. When their counterpart charge forward the Impervious appear to assure that a step back is never taken, they push onward towards whatever objective they are set on and will tenaciously hold it until told otherwise.

The Relentless - As the Impervious take after their Dark Angel brothers so do The Relentless. The Cavalry backbone of the force, they focus on outmaneuvering their opponents and seeking vital weak points in the enemy’s line. They are also used as the spearhead of the army getting to the fight well before anyone else can to ensure no further Fallen are heard. All pilots for the flyers and skimmers are chosen from select marines that have proven a natural talent for maneuvering.

>> No.75939296

What are you using to stick your bois up?

>> No.75939297


2/3rds of the way done with a pile of Nobs, here's all the completed ones.

>> No.75939300

Starcraftcore/10 love the bright purple anon, looks excellent on guard units.

>> No.75939301

Decided to write a homebrew Space Marine faction book for my homebrew alternating activation hack. Very customizable, dubiously balanced, very unofficial, etc, etc.

>> No.75939314

How is it wrong?

>> No.75939319

The Imperial Guard needs more assault guns

>> No.75939326

Great weathering and chipping on that armour.

>> No.75939340


Most recent finished project, my first tank. Working on assembling/painting some ironstriders and Belisarius Cawl atm so it'll be a while before I add any new models to the army.

Excellent palette anon, bright orks are awesome.

>> No.75939351

Probably the lighting, all the vents are done. Might go over with another layer to make them vibrant enough

>> No.75939362

No, you take your stand or shoot. The last thing you need is mobility on top of your shot volumes

>> No.75939375

you could do a red wash to keep things simple and add more color.

>> No.75939377

yeah, same here. I squat at my parents house. My sister has a PHD chemistry and my brother worked for a company building satelite parts in switzerland, made HUGE money, but his insane wife made him go back home, because she didn't want to give birth in switzerland. And now he works at university.

a lot has changed in the last 10-15 years. when I went to school you were expected to be the best at everything or you were nothing. Now you have A class classes, for those that go in good in life, B class for normies, and special classes. And special classes aren't for retards. You can go to special classes for people doing sport, art, if you look good you can be stupid as a shoe, but they will send you to a modeling school, and you won't have to worry about math, chemistry etc. There are classes for manial workers, and you often get to see how your work is going to look in the future. And it is good, if you learn how to be a cashier at a mall at 10, they don't have to teach you how to work when you are 17. Same with factory workers.

It isn't bad per se, but you can get fucked early in life, if you do the middle school test bad.

orks vs ad mecha one?

maybe he likes purple a lot.

>> No.75939386

Just paperclips. Small drill bit and a small dab of superglue is enough to keep them solid for painting but they come off with any kind of force after you're done

>> No.75939394

those look real good anon, great job

>> No.75939400

>leman russes are far more powerful because of the amount of guns you can stick on them and you don't need to worry about facings or even moving penalties now
Imperial Guard needs more assault guns

>> No.75939404

Daemon bros, any news on when there might be a new book? I'm interested in starting them but with 9th just coming out im hesitant to buy the new book

>> No.75939406

I can't accurately predict which faction will be the next Xenos opponent in a starter set. Every person is going to give you a different answer unfortunately. The people who are super into the lore might be able to give you an informed prediction based on the events happening in universe.
My hot take? Orks are a strong possibility and Tyranids might be a safe bet too, only because they have been in boxes before. But you have to also look at which product lines are overdue a major refresh by GeeDubs. I'm sure not many people saw Necrons coming but it's why they are in the box this time.
Apologies for the word vomit. But I wouldn't hold out for a starter set to get your Orks/Tyranids. That road leads to dissapointment.

>> No.75939412


Thank you for your service. I think doing the mottling on the soft carapace was also a very clever way to disguise uneven spots on the Contrast paint, so nice work.

>> No.75939423

alright I'll keep that in mind
oh no, I just want a nice variety/ be able to play with a freind rather than one huge faction lump

>> No.75939426

An anon actually had a full army painted up like that.

>> No.75939427


>> No.75939432

>a lot has changed in the last 10-15 years. when I went to school you were expected to be the best at everything or you were nothing. Now you have A class classes, for those that go in good in life, B class for normies, and special classes. And special classes aren't for retards. You can go to special classes for people doing sport, art, if you look good you can be stupid as a shoe, but they will send you to a modeling school, and you won't have to worry about math, chemistry etc. There are classes for manial workers, and you often get to see how your work is going to look in the future. And it is good, if you learn how to be a cashier at a mall at 10, they don't have to teach you how to work when you are 17. Same with factory workers.
>It isn't bad per se, but you can get fucked early in life, if you do the middle school test bad.
Where is this?
My cousin had the whole classification and the future stuff set out for him because he's dumb as a brick, but I didn't know if that was the norm or it's just him being dumb as a brick.

>> No.75939435

suicide is a big shame for family. worse then being a fail in life.

meh no one cares what you do yourself. You mother will only care if she can say you are best at X to other women in family or her friends.

>> No.75939440

probably get some new rules alongside CSMs getting 2W never

>> No.75939441

Aw schucks. well I appreciate the insight nonetheless. I know a xeno book(?) is supposed to drop in early 2021 so that's what I was basing my theory on.

>> No.75939455

So your take on something being powerful is to make it more powerful?

>> No.75939461

This paintjob made me like the Taurox.

>> No.75939462

that looks fantastic

>> No.75939480

>oh no, I just want a nice variety/ be able to play with a freind rather than one huge faction lump
They're switching to it because 500pts is the lowest points you can technically play the game. Some of the SC! boxes have like ~200pts in there.

Obviously you can play with your friends using whatever rules you like but if you were planning on doing some box v. box games some of them are wildly unfair matchups

>> No.75939481

Yes, vehicle looks good when it use camo so it can't be seen.

God, what a terrible vehicle that was

>> No.75939493

well, slaanesh has had a baby in AoS and they're getting at least a new mortal hero. it might be a sign of something good for 40k but there's no news yet.

idk if you're starting out or expanding, but start collecting and greater deamons are safe buys

>> No.75939503

Anon asked the other day what are /40kg/'s favorite factions to see pitted against each other. But what are your favorite two factions to see fighting as allies to on the battlefield?

>> No.75939511

ah, sorry still learning here, have yet to actually play a game yet, watched a few games online though to wrap my head around it. seems fun. so 500pts minimum? I'll keep that in mind

>> No.75939516

>Deimos predator executioner is now one plasma cannon on a turret

>> No.75939519

Fuck off Neckbeardia

>> No.75939527

Blood Angels and Necrons

>> No.75939536

New book won't be until next year, Febuary at the earliest since they said, or implied DA and a Xenos book would drop in January.

Mono Slaanesh is pretty good from what I hear. Advance and Charge on a fast melee army in a melee editions is pretty good, it turns out.

Nurglings still best unit in the game.

Just build a list and have fun. Worst case, GW nerf your stuff and you have to buy the new daemons they release.

>> No.75939538

how does making a unit look different make it more powerful?

>> No.75939546

thanks anons, quarantine time really helped to get more stuff painted so I'm happy there's ppl that enjoy them as much as I do

>> No.75939555

GW rules team hate fun. You should know this by now.

>> No.75939556

this looked way better in my head

>> No.75939560

That looks pretty damn good, but I don't know which paints are those. It's probably Fenrisian Grey and a blue color that I can't recognize
>he even painted part of the cannon white to mimic the autoloader installed on the Edelweiss

>> No.75939561

>slaanesh has had a baby in AoS

>> No.75939576

He's a mommy!

>> No.75939578

twin multilasers are also heavy 3

>> No.75939583

It looks weird, but I've seen worse

>> No.75939587

morathi has been doing some nonsense, and she's the father? idk

>> No.75939597

Assault guns are actual weapon types in the game, dingus. They let you advance and shoot.
So you can run and gun more effectively.

>> No.75939608

You need to use smaller dots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snx223qXJlQ

>> No.75939617

Aboriginal tank!
It honestly looks fine though.

>> No.75939624

Was this your first IG tank paintjob? How did you not know whether you would be happy with it or not?

>> No.75939625

you are very dumb, and I pity your small mind.

>> No.75939626

Which is the best loadout for a Cerastus knight?

>> No.75939637

I think the problem is that they are very evenly spaced and more or less the same size, might have worked better if you were less neat about it?

>> No.75939640

I think ton of asian countries have a system of that sort. In Singapore it is very much a thing, Hong Kong and S. Korea too. Same with Taiwan.
I have family in all those, but I don't doubt other places are run in a similar way.

the state wants you to have a job, and why bother or stress someone who is going to be lets say a painter with country history or math, they ain't ever going to use it. And if they start working at younger age it is much better then starting at 16 or 17.

>> No.75939647

what factions that? don't recognize the models

>> No.75939651


I like it anon, its like some strange european camo pattern.

>> No.75939660

Tell me how I'm wrong, dumbass

>> No.75939668

IG, they are Scions

>> No.75939681

much appreciated anon

>> No.75939687

How do you not recognize a Leman Russ?

>> No.75939691

I really shouldn't have to. That you can't even imagine what's wrong with your statements is reason enough to stop interacting with you. Enjoy your tiny, tiny, viewpoint. You moron.

>> No.75939693

I found his whole army, at least from when he took this picture several months ago.

really great. I can't comment on the paints they used though.

>> No.75939696

If I want to align daemons to csm, do they have to be a certain legion? Can I alliance blood letters to a black legion battalion?

>> No.75939720

So you have nothing.
fuck off, dumbass

>> No.75939731

Pretty good, although some guardsmen or conscripts would fit the whole militia theme

>> No.75939736

it's camouflaged

>> No.75939740

>How do you not recognize a Leman Russ?
Because it's camouflaged, duh.

>> No.75939746


>> No.75939751

Almost done. I was messing around with making from clay base for them. Gf wanted them to have something more.
First units done.

Do you guys have pics of your first 40k models?

>> No.75939776


Right now it only costs CP for the additional detachment or reserve points to summon them.

In the future it may break some rules CSM get if the rules team make a competitive 9th codex instead of reprinting the 8th ed one for a third time. but right now, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

>> No.75939792

Looks good, what's your recipe?

>> No.75939797

Whipped this up with Impcat

>> No.75939808

She performed the c section.

>> No.75939837


>> No.75939854

Flesh is Army Painter Light Tone over Wraithbone with Vallejo Beasty Brown spots
Vents and Tongue are Army Painter Red Tone
Talons and Hooves are Army Painter Dark Tone
Carapace is Vallejo Game Color Black / Ultramarine Blue / Electric Blue

and thanks, not 100% happy with them but I'm glad they turned out decent for my first real models past a few test gaunts

>> No.75939870

Morathi went inside Slaanesh to become a goddess herself, and when she went outside again she wasn't the only thing to leave. Something spawned from Slaanesh and now it's taken corporeal form.

>> No.75939885

Do you faggot virgins even film your battle reports???

>> No.75939886

Eldar craftworld that had committed itself fully to destroying Slaanesh with the entire population willing to give their lives in an instant if it meant they reached their ultimate goal. Seen as extreme and untrustworthy by other craftworlds.

They wear dark colours and are fairly melancholy as a people; they're manipulative and willing to side with whomever if it means they can succeed.

>> No.75939893

You you paint your models?

>> No.75939908

My buddy doesn't he works a lot

>> No.75939919

First army so its not great.

>> No.75939922

no excuse

>> No.75939925

Can purestrain genestealers operate technology? Or understand human language, spoken or written? Or do they need a brood mind to help communication along?

>> No.75939928

Then your mancard has been revoked until the greytide has been contained

>> No.75939929

Who would watch that? Paint your shit first.

>> No.75939934

Bases almost done.

>> No.75939938

Looks pretty good to me. Lovely basing, good clean lines, blending on the cloth.

>> No.75939939

Looking good to me, anon. Hair might be a little flat but other than that its crispy

>> No.75939952


Also nice work at least its painted you clearly made a good effort.

>> No.75939957

>works a lot
he looks like a stoner NEET, what does he work as? walmart trolley pusher?

>> No.75939968

So why are Guard bad now?

>> No.75939977


>> No.75939981

The detachment system and missions aren't built around them anymore

>> No.75939983

fuck off faggot

>> No.75939988

because marines have 2w and at least 1/3rd of your local meta and tournament meta will be space marines

>> No.75939989

Bleeds secondaries like a stuck pig

>> No.75939995

Inefficient at shooting, they don't function well as a horde army, parking lot playstyles aren't good in the current mission set to begin with, etc.

>> No.75940007

>getting tilted about a couple hour old post of somebody respecting their parents
Kill yourself, subhuman trash.

>> No.75940010

Because it's too easy to max your secondary's against them.

>> No.75940020

vehicles that fold under the AP creep
infantry that folds under the massive amount of shots especially marines shit out
all while not having enough shots themselves to compensate their mediocre shooting cause everything is priced like it has BS3+ and reroll support like marines and the one thing that has reroll support is S3
combine this with being a mostly static army in a very fast moving edition and you got a faction that struggles

>> No.75940022

It's funny watching lingering marine haters because they're no longer even right about marines being oppressive in the meta.

>> No.75940027

They are too easy to farm VP off of.

>> No.75940032

Huh, how exactly is Guard more inefficient at shooting than in 8e?

>> No.75940049

Remember: the most important thing about any hobby is that you enjoy it.

>> No.75940053

Eh, in anything but the moat competitive setting, they are still really oppressive

>> No.75940072

They haven't been particularly efficient at shooting in some time. TC's still aren't bad, but the main use of Guard in 8e was souping for CP and cheap bodies. Now your bodies aren't cheap, TC's have gotten large price hikes, and you get no benefit to soup them in.

>> No.75940073

Yeah Guardsmen feels totally useless against marines now. Glad most people around me play stuff like orks and necrons, where the humble lasgun still have a place.

>> No.75940074

Questions for the rabble.
Who are your top 3 factions/subfactions?
Do you play them, if not why not?
1. Adeptus Mechanicus
2. Grey Knights
3. Tau / Farsight

I wish I could get into building grey knights, but I'm waiting for for when I can do them justice. I'm new to painting and look forward to playing with them.

>> No.75940087

Fuck off nigger.

>> No.75940090

>because they're no longer even right about marines being oppressive in the meta.
They're very prevalent at the top tables and take a lot of placements

Of the top 5 ITC ranked players, 4 are marines and 1 is Admech.

>> No.75940096

yeah rolling a whole squad of FRFSRF in RF range and then maybe one marine dies is pretty disheartning, they are literally meatshields at this point and nothing more
and the vehicles just can't pick up the slack anymore since 9th

>> No.75940100

I agree that outside of manticores, TC's seems to be the only consistent damage dealers.

>> No.75940101

Only in an army that has Ghaz as the warlord.

>> No.75940105

1: Knights
2: Knights
3: Admech

>> No.75940128

>Of the top players
Cherry picking, that's not a particularly relevant stat compared to win rate, or the proportion of top placements to the number of people playing them.
They're prevalent at the top tables, but not oppressively so. Late 8e is was varying flavors of marines at the top tier. Now it's Daemons, Custodes, Harlequins, Marines, with plenty of armies that are just shy of top tier / still viable.

>> No.75940134

Yup, I only take them to fill detachments and block off deep strikers. It feels weird playing Guard with only maybe 30-40 Guardsmen in 2k match. It kinda goes against the core fantasy of the army.

>> No.75940142

>Dark Angels
>Thousand Sons (Tzeentch stuff in general)
I could not order them if I tried.

>> No.75940153

>They're prevalent at the top tables, but not oppressively so.

>> No.75940156

yikes cringe

>> No.75940162

S C I O N S.
A full squad of Lambdan Lions will kill on average 75 points of intercessors with FRFSRF + RF.

>> No.75940171


>> No.75940173

Top players =/= top tables. ZZZZ.

>> No.75940178

>Cherry picking
Cherry picking would be looking at random high end players, not looking at all the top tables and the top players. Went even to the top 10 ITC players for you, its 9 out of the top 10 playing Marines. How is that not oppressive? and no, winrate gets tanked by the retards playing the faction. So what if overall they get close to 50%WR if any actually good player rolls you?

Other factions getting GT wins is nice but we're hardly out of the woods

>> No.75940179

>1. Thousand Sons
>2. Genestealer Cult
>3. Tau
I only have TS because Horus Heresy Thousand Sons let me down.

>> No.75940185

I'd allow it, I like them, they remind me of superhot.

>> No.75940190

Scions are the future of guard.
Woe is us all

>> No.75940192

Top players make it to top tables, dumbass

>> No.75940193


>> No.75940199

>I only have TS because Horus Heresy Thousand Sons let me down.

TS will always let you down. It is their nature.

Luckily the dust makes the fall not hurt as much.

>> No.75940200

So question.
Any word on when the knight codex might be happening this edition?
Since I am highly reluctant to buy the knight codex or even plan an army until I know when its coming.

>> No.75940217

that means an extra detachment to get their doctrine which leeches CP out of the army again and even then they die pretty much as quickly while costing nearly twice as much as a guardsman and have a shorter range so they are harder to get into position for FRFSRF

>> No.75940224

iirc they're all pretty sucky but the castigator is the least sucky. Lancer is the worst as I remember.

>> No.75940229

>TS will always let you down. It is their nature.
Which is really weird because other dedicated factions get to do their dedicated things well enough, but TS are always massive hit or a miss with their magic. 8th ed is literally the only time they've ever been good.

>> No.75940233

Kinda proving his point

>> No.75940235

Cherry picking is also picking largely irrelevant stats to try and support your claim.
>looking at random
No that'd be random sampling, which would be preferable. Even then you'd just be getting an idea of the proportions of who plays what factions.
>All top tables
Which you looked at none of
>All top players
Which you looked at 5/10 of.
Stop shitposting and maybe think about what you say for more than 5 seconds.
>if any actually good player rolls you
When's the last time you played against a top 5 / top 10 itc player, anon? Guess which is more relevant to the average person's experience.

This some incredibly poor rhetoric.

>> No.75940266

In what proportion? How much of it has to do with how often they attend tournaments?
You're assuming things you almost assuredly have no knowledge of. Sure, I'm sure top players are more likely to pick good armies. I'm not saying space marines aren't good. But how much of the top 5 / 10 is down to luck or space marines being popular? Neither you nor I can say that to any certainty.

>> No.75940267

>noooo stop looking at all the good players, factor in the shitters!
What would be an acceptable sample size of actually good to you, anon? 20? 30? 50? 100?

Do I need to factor in retard jimmy who doesn't know how far his Intercessors can move as to how good Marines are?

>> No.75940275


We know nothing, all we know about future codexes is that:

1. Dark Angels and Death Guard are next
2. Next new set of codexes come out early next year, probably January, and they are an unspecified Imperial faction and an unspecified Xenos faction.

So Knights are possibly soon, but they are competing against... 5 other Imperial factions minimum, possibly double that if all the Space Marine chapters that got codex supplements in 8th get 9th edition ones again right away (Fists, Hands, Scars, Raven Guard, Salamanders, Ultramarines).

>> No.75940278

Invest 200$ in a Anycubic Photon + 1 l of resin, lurk the threads here and print whatever army you want. With 1 litre you can even print 120 Guard men, so you are not bound to whatever is on sale or in the starter box

>> No.75940284

>black hair
>curved down nose


>> No.75940290

Aren't they pretty good in Horus Heresy?
That said I think it's pretty fitting for Tzeentch's favorite legion to get fucked over / fuck you over.

>> No.75940307

Rick Priestly gave you a galaxy to explore, and you decided Space Marines, probably the red ones, are the only worthwhile part of it.

>> No.75940316

>Early next year
The early next year is almost assuredly Dark Angels already. They've said DA isn't coming out till next year, and it's the only thing for next year that they've leaked (other than un named xenos).

>> No.75940332

God you really can't read.

>> No.75940344

good talk, marineshit

>> No.75940349

I have blue space marines with silly helmets, black brooding space marines with a dark secret, and super special golden space marines.

>> No.75940357

1. inquisition (chamber militants included)
2. orks
3. emperor's children
I started with orks as my first army, but don't really enjoy playing them anymore. I consider sisters of battle my main army, and also have just over 2k of grey knights. I don't plan on playing deathwatch as I already have a primaris /mydudes/ chapter that I just fluff as being friendly with ordo xenos. I don't currently do emperor's children as I'm waiting for them to get their own codex/supplement as well as plastic noise marines, but I'm thinking of starting a slaanesh daemons army in the meantime.

>> No.75940358

>super special golden space marines.
Custodes aren't space marines.

>> No.75940362

3 units of 3 Tyranid warriors or 1 big blob of 9?

>> No.75940364

>beer belly
>twink arms
>fag tattoos
>onions beards

Guys like this are the reason girls look apalled or pity smirk when someone tells he paints little plastic toy soldiers

>> No.75940378

I'll humor you with a more serious response if you figure out asking why an appropriate sample of top player's chosen army is not relevant to the point I was making (;

>> No.75940380

Neither. Spend those points on more genestealers. Can't have enough of those.

>> No.75940392

Ignore AP-1/AP-2 only applies to one unit, so you want bigger not smaller. Warriors aren't that great though

>> No.75940396

The joke is over simplifying it.

>> No.75940398

I got stinky green marines and green fiery marines

>> No.75940410

is this actually painted? what's Impcat? This paintjob looks so smooth

>> No.75940421

1 blob of 9 because ignore ap-1/2
>retards on here can't get laid
>think that girls don't eat up nerdy shit
I'm laughin

>> No.75940422

Maybe when you explain how you're meant to account for player error other than that as to determine how good a faction is.

Perhaps you were trying to make the point that marines aren't oppressive in casual play, which is arguable, but who gives a shit. They remain oppressive in competitive environments.

>> No.75940427

>Your opponent is an army of sprucrons, how do you respond?
To someone who scratchbuilt literally their whole army and took care that his units are recognizable as their respective original units? Hell yes please.
>What if they were painted?
As in simple but neat paintjob that takes the symbolic representation a step further? I'd probably have trouble playing with that big of a hardon.

>> No.75940439

it's not, impcat is an app that allows you to digitally paint miniatures to test colour schemes.

>> No.75940446

Even massed laser gun fire could wear down SM fags, spamming infantry and plas was viable. Now all those shots are suddenly HALF as efficient (unless you overload plas and suffer losses due to no cheap reroll buff like Supersupersuperspacefags), you no longer have lots of CP for shenangians and die LR Battle Tank rose in price like no other tank in the game.

>> No.75940457

Yeah I'm gonna steal that pattern for my aliens.

>> No.75940461

A wireframe paint job could be cool. It's like fighting a simulation army.

>> No.75940463

Nah you can deep strike them into rapid fire range. And since Guard strategems are generally terrible, you don't have a lot to spend those CP on anyways.

>> No.75940484

This is always what comes to mind when I think of a painted sprucron army.

>> No.75940488

Damn thats a good joke

>> No.75940500

Do you guys know if there's a starter set for Sisters in the pipeline?
im really digging their look and i think it'd be cool to pair them with some inquisition agents (inquisitors and assassins).
Any Sisters of Battle players here? thoughts on the army?

>> No.75940501

>half as efficient
People just ran primaris last edition anyways.

>> No.75940509

Top kek. You make me laugh son, good job.

>> No.75940516

what's your Sisters' army like? Got pics?

>> No.75940525

post your physique, tranny

>> No.75940531

>gun with 18" range
>deepstrike them into RF range
ah so you don't actually know what you're talking about, I see

>> No.75940555

>didn't even paint it himself
>looks like a gaylord
>sucks on a cigar like it's a cock
nothing to be proud of

>> No.75940558

this model looks so incredibly stupid

>> No.75940561

We don't care about presents son, your mother and I just want you to come over for dinner.

>> No.75940596

Yes? You can deep strike 9 away from the enemy? Alternatively you can drop them within 5 from a valkyrie of you really want to.

Yeah yeah, I'm aware that it's gonna be impossible to get all of a 10 man unit with RF range from a deep strike, which is why I generally take small teams of 5.

>> No.75940603

>tfw dont know what army to play

stuck between
>ba because i love the playstyle
>csm/dg because daemon princes and lord discordant are fucking awesome models but look hellish to paint

>> No.75940606

>Filing away moldlines
>Looking bad and very noticeable on bare plastic
>Feel bad & deflated
>Spray black primer
>Looks perfect
Dammit, brain, I've done this dozens of times before. Just trust in the technique for once!

>> No.75940621

>You can deep strike 9 away from the enemy?

No you cant, you have to be MORE than 9" from the enemy so if you are 9.1" you are out of range for rapid fire unless you take the regiment tactic that gives scions extra range for rapid fire weapons.

>> No.75940625

Seriously the fact something that size isn't T9 2+ is ridiculous. Land Raiders at T8 2+ at half the cost.

>> No.75940639

>Do you guys know if there's a starter set for Sisters in the pipeline?
nothing solid but I imagine they'll get a combat patrol box with either a new codex or the new palatine model that's coming out next year.
>Any Sisters of Battle players here? thoughts on the army?
In a bit of a weird place, not many sisters players in general so getting a good understanding of whether or not they're actually good or are just lucking their way through tourneys due to people's lack of experience against them is difficult. Right now the standout thing seems to be the only really "competitive" subfactions are valorous heart and bloody rose, the others aren't terrible but they aren't great either. From my experience they take on all comers style lists very well, but can buckle when faced with a lot of enemy armour, even with a lot of meltas. They're very reliant on strategems to help them do most of the heavy lifting, they do have a lot of them but most of the good ones are expensive and you'll be stacking them in many scenarios. They also didn't get a psychic awakening, so their codex isn't as powerful as it could be but also isn't the worst.

>> No.75940643

Was either that or a wasp themed army, but the blues work nice on them. Just basing I need to work out.

Obvious answer is ice planet, but I think that's too much blue

>> No.75940653

Anon, deepstriking is GREATER than 9" away. It may be 9.00000001" away, but it's still more than 9", hence why you make a charge of 9 instead of 8.

>> No.75940654

Thanks Dad, I try my best.

>> No.75940686

you really don't know how deepstrike rules work do you? you have to be more than 9" away from the enemy when you deepstrike them and how does buying a 120pts transport help my troops from being absolute shit for their cost?
also the valkyrie drop is also outside of 9", if you just gonna talk shit why even enter the conversation?

>> No.75940687

I find removing lines with Exacto knives to give a better result

>> No.75940692

Anybody tried unholy amounts of infantry, NO tanks at all and just rendering all their AT useless? I cant even fathom the amount of dices to roll but I`m thinking of something like this:

Inquisitor w/Storm bolter, -1CP 12" morale buff
4x Company Commander w/ Boltgun; one as Warlord; one with Dagger in reserves

6x Infantry Squad w/ Plasmagun, Lascannon
6x Infantry Squad w/ Plasmagun

Reserves (with dagger officer):
3x Special Weapon Squad w/ 3x Plasmagun
2x Command Squad w/ 4x Plasmagun
1x Command Squad w/ Heavy Flamer, 3x Flamer (fuck yeah 12" flame alpha strike)

3x Scout Sentinel w/ Multilaser (block Deep Strike moves with scout moves, fill Brigade)

3x Mortar Squad

A bit under 1500 points, RF at 18" and Wilderness Survivors as Doctrine.

around 140 guys with morale inquisitor bubble fire and objective line, then reserve alpha strike with 2 rerolling command squads, 3 plasma specs (all at only 1 CP reserve), Flamer strike against the one dickin´ horde and an unholy amount of board control and raise the banner dudes. 6 Lascannons, 29 Plasmaguns RF at 18" should do a lot of damage, also those 100 lasguns also RF at 18".


>> No.75940714

for the most part it's just stuff I thought looked cool as I really like their lore and aesthetic, although recently I bought a rhino and more seraphim to try out a more mechanized assault and some different anti-tank.

>> No.75940719

Make lascannon squads veterans, the bump from 4+ to 3+ makes it worthwhile.

>> No.75940740

Different anon, but I always wonder if the board is supposed to be a 2d plane for the purpose of measurements or if actual distance is used. Like if you deepstrike 9'' away from some dudes on the second floor of a building, is the 9'' supposed to be flat or is it the actual distance from where they are?

>> No.75940765

Still need to add mud.

>> No.75940767

Is there a 3d printable vampire raider anywhere online?

>> No.75940789

If I glued my models to the base, I would paint the base first right?
Fortunately it's tau, so no robes to deal with.

>> No.75940801

For models that size you'll probably need it in pieces.

>> No.75940814

>but I always wonder if the board is supposed to be a 2d plane for the purpose of measurements or if actual distance is used.
If you're on the second floor 5" up and then 5" away, you would be 10" away for the purpose of a charge but you would need to be 9" away horizontally irrespective of vertical distance for deepstrike.

>> No.75940815

It's base to base, regardless of angle.
Interestingly enough, this allows a 7" charge out of deepstrike on enemy units that are on a first floor ruin (or terrain otherwise) due to the 9th engagement range rules.

>> No.75940817

Yeah I'd imagine so, I dont need a specific location more just confirmation its even worth looking for

>> No.75940818

>That said I think it's pretty fitting for Tzeentch's favorite legion to fuck you over.

The Irony is not lost on me.

They used to be much much better because of bad FW wording. Now they are solidly good, but the last book added alot of antipsyker/daemon tech so if you counter build or just have an antipsyker build, TSs can get fucked over pretty hard.

They weren't even that good in 8th. The magic was strong but that was all they got taken for, the rest of the armies were other chaos stuff with a supreme command for smite spam.

>> No.75940822

Custodes and Ultramarines
GSC and Tyranids
Admech and Knights
Death Guard and Nurgle Deamons

>> No.75940827

Do you think CSM will get 2 wounds for their marines as well?

>> No.75940828

I paint the base last. Generally it's easy to avoid hitting the model when you're doing the base, where when you're painting the model, you tend to get little droplets of paint moving downwards occasionally, which will ruin the base.

>> No.75940830

depends, but most people glue their models to the base first. Some like to base first and then super glue on the completed model as it looks neater and you don't risk getting any of the texture on the model.

>> No.75940840

>Interestingly enough, this allows a 7" charge out of deepstrike on enemy units that are on a first floor ruin (or terrain otherwise) due to the 9th engagement range rules.
Pretty sure thats bullshit, what rule are you referring to that would allow that

>> No.75940843

The will, we just have to wait for the codex to come out.

There is a chance they do not because they just print the 8th codex again and tape over part of the 8 to make it a 9, however.

>> No.75940845

I know that people have made warlord (and I think even imperator titans) via 3d printing. Go check out 3dpg, they have a very large selection of models, and even have their own fancy client for hosting it.

>> No.75940849

nice stuff. what's your take on the army overall? you like them?

>> No.75940850


>> No.75940857

Lurk more.

>> No.75940859

you can engage up to 5 inches vertically, basic geometry covers the rest

>> No.75940861


pinning is superior in every way, and you don't risk frosting or any other issues.

>> No.75940866

Engagement range is 1" horizontal and 5" vertical.

>> No.75940868

Engagement range is 1" horizonally, but 5" vertically in 9th edition.
Surely you know this?

>> No.75940874


>> No.75940878

I'm new to 40k, so I'm learning as I go, but damn if I'm not hype as fuck to play. I have 2 patrols to paint. My tau and my gf's sororitas. Then slowly work on making cardboard cities, maybe a park as well.

>> No.75940883

Planning on expanding my Thousand Sons. Probably getting some Tzeentch Daemons and some vehicles for my Thousand Sons. I want to get a 'centerpiece' model. Magnus the Red, or Renegade Knight? I have an idea for the Renegade Knight conversion wise, but it'd be an absolute nightmare to make.

>> No.75940884

Yeah, but how is that allowing you to deepstrike 7" away

>> No.75940890

Yes and no.
They hard counter the meta of mech delivering deathball which is a common strat used by both comp and fluff players because TS can kill centerpiece vehicle and survive against deathball armies pretty reliably.

What they can't take is multi pronged simultaneous assaults which something like the White Scars can obviously do very well.

Only saving grace is that white scars aren't that popular

>> No.75940894

We're talking about something already glued to the base anon.

>> No.75940902

1 Primaris 20 pts
10 guards 50 points

meanwhile a squad of 10 marines has to erase 40 guards to get its points back, also objectives can be easy contested by guardsmen

>> No.75940908

Currently stick with the knight because Magnus is a big VP weight around your neck.

>> No.75940909

Pretty nice looking. Could probably use more weathering/scratches near the hands/feet. OC chapter?

>> No.75940913

I never said deepstrike 7" away?
It allows you to CHARGE out of deepstrike with 7 instead of 9.

>> No.75940914


>> No.75940923

Who in the hell runs full strength intercessor squads? Even then they just get combat squad'd.

>> No.75940935

So, if anyone has the new imperial armour compendium, are there photos or info complied anywhere, or can I possibly request some photos?

>> No.75940941

Aren't they both?

>> No.75940942


Ive killed those fuckin´ primarchs so many times, they feel more like a generic general than a history changing entity anymore in this meta. Integrating so many named models was a terrible mistake

>> No.75940949

Showing your faces on 4chan is never a smart idea.

>> No.75940967

I'm pretty sure the Tau dude doesn't post here, people just like posting him. Same as the tranny that Midwinter is infatuated with.

>> No.75940968

>those teeth

Jesus fucking christ how yellow?

>> No.75940974

That’s people from Ontario for ya.

>> No.75940985

You want Magnus to be the warlord and he doesn't have a gun so he's exposed and he can be farmed across multiple VP.

>> No.75940988

Big surprise.

>> No.75941001

There are no Maple Leafs fans in Quebec. Didn’t you ever watch that cartoon?

>> No.75941007

Huh I suppose they could get 15vp for killing him alone.

>> No.75941020

I like them, could be better, but could be a lot worse. I've tried a few of the orders but feel confident sticking with martyred lady as losing one model to hit on 2+ isn't that bad when I remember to use it They are a very CP hungry army though, so going in with a plan on how to use it is very important.

>> No.75941022

It's just a random autist who spams those photos here in hopes of the scary hacker 4chan "doxxing" and "raiding" the person. Just report him for spamming or avatar use and move on.

>> No.75941027


>> No.75941050

The only quebec cartoon I know of is that one that was basically fetish bait for every fetish imaginable.

>> No.75941076

Dark eldar looking corsairs, with a thing for red and wolves, working as a mercenary force for a homunculus itching to test his new toys.

Things go awry and they get hostile when the leader discovers he was kidnapping some of hers to experiment on.

Still deciding exactly how they join forces with the ynnary, either ynnead (or someone else?) was convincing enough, promised something or they had a change of "heart".

>> No.75941097

It's honestly sad that only real way to use him is to cheese new players who obviously only have bolter marines in their collections and buttfuck them.

I honestly think knight isn't a good choice either for TS, but if that's what you wanna do, that's what you wanna do.

>> No.75941116

that's from France

>> No.75941125

I was thinking about picking up a spartan assault tank but that doesn't really seem Thousand Sons like (and currently isn't legal).

>> No.75941138

It was a french and canadian studio collaboration.

>> No.75941142

Can always buy more rubrics.

You can never have too many rubrics until you lose the will to build more and have 3 squads sitting unbuilt, because GW will never give you rubric havocs.

Not that I would have any experience with this...

>> No.75941155

no shit? thanks to both kinds of frogs

>> No.75941176

Totally Spies?

>> No.75941201


Yvon of the Yukon?

>> No.75941219

I plan on getting more rubrics but I like having a big model to run occasionally.

>> No.75941240

>spartan assault tank but that doesn't really seem Thousand Sons like (and currently isn't legal).
I mean, it's Horus Heresy staple there.
The real reason you don't want it is because you are paying for a fancier landraider in a faction that doesn't really give a shit moving units manually.

I agree. I can't believe TS got fucking tzaangors over psychic hellbrute/dreads or havocs

>> No.75941288

I was gonna say it but you beat me to it

>> No.75941296

Yeah the scratches can be a little hard to see due to the camera.

Haven't come up with a name for the chapter yet. The symbol is based on the Vajra.

>> No.75941301

Knights knights knights

>> No.75941319

Okay but Scarabs in a fucking Spartan? I don't think there's anything cooler that could be done.

>> No.75941327

This guy has grown on me. Hes like the arrogant wrestling heel to the humble hero. I can see him slapping down three riptides like Seto Kaiba would three blue eyes.
>With my Nova charged Riptides you don't have a ghost of a chance! Pack up your third rate army and save me the time!

>> No.75941361

Uh, i guess now i know where i got my bodysuit fetish from.

>> No.75941374

>I agree. I can't believe TS got fucking tzaangors over psychic hellbrute/dreads or havocs

Financially it makes sense, they don't want to invest in a new mold for a niche army, but it still feels like garbage.

Rubric/Psychic dread would be a nice bone to throw us but I am not getting my hopes up. Not again. I doubt they would consider making rubric havocs.

>> No.75941391

Why does he have 2 mouth grills? I mean the helmet and the thing he has on his mouth

>> No.75941416

Lol bye

>> No.75941434

Fuck off

>> No.75941441


Typhon or Mastodon?

>> No.75941445

the issue is that Scarabs aren't exactly assault units. The swords are fancy, but honestly pretty eh in terms of results.

Anyway, you do you. I just don't want to bear the burden of giving you a recommendation that you would come to regret.

I generally don't like big honken units in games like 40k because unlike video games it's neither very active or engaging to play with or against them.

>> No.75941450

So I'm currently building a knight preceptor to accompany four armiger warglaives.
But I am undecided. Do I give it the power fist or the chainsword?

>> No.75941452


>> No.75941458

Which eceleb is this?

>> No.75941473

Chainsword is cooler.

>> No.75941475

>Rubric/Psychic dread would be a nice bone to throw us but I am not getting my hopes up. Not again. I doubt they would consider making rubric havocs.
They don't need to is the point.
They had converted terminator sorcerer on the codex and it wasn't a problem. Rubric havoc is literally just a headswap. Hell, in 3rd ed all god legion troops were literally just CSM with equipment restrictions.

>> No.75941479

Yes but the fist gets that neat anti-character stratagem where you pick it up and crush it

>> No.75941482


E-thot who basically spent her way to getting followers by doing ridiculous giveaways for like £1000+ worth of stuff instead of posting pictures of painted models or whatever. Probably to get people to follow her Onlyfans

>> No.75941488

Ah, good riddance then

>> No.75941508

Trying to get a demonic white skin. Should've tried first on a Keeper since they are bigger and can use the airbrush on some spots.

>> No.75941513

which is better for dark eldar kabalites, min squads of 5 in venoms, or squads of 10 w/ heavy weapons in raiders?

>> No.75941521

>tfw you got ptsd, and depression but little plastic models and glue fumes keep you sane
I love this fucking hobby, at work im just thinking of getting home to paint more. My gf is getting jealous of how focused I get when I'm working on models.

>> No.75941539

trick is to see if she can walk in with her tits out to try and get your attention.

Reward her by stopping, fucking her stupid. You end up wiring her to be like that.

>> No.75941549

If giving away 1000s of bucks of things for free means you deserve to kill yourself, then I don't know what anyone could do to make you fucks happy.

>> No.75941552


Good lad, keep it up son

>> No.75941555

>can't focus on painting for more than a few minutes
I did a plasmacyte and a some highlights / shading on a bladeguard vet today, over the course of about 9 hours, painting for a couple minutes then wandering off.

>> No.75941557

But from GW's IP view point, they can't sell it because they would have to have the heads with the Havoc kit or the weapons with the rubric kit and the sprues don't work that way the way they are designed.

I know nothing is stopping them but internal policy. But internal policy is still enough for them to consider if financially bad and not do it.

The SW got a Reiver variant which is just the Reiver with an upgrade kit with it. That is the level of effort they want to spend, existing kit with existing upgrade, not Kit + half sprue from 2 other kits.

>> No.75941571

Okay but then she'll think it's okay to interrupt painting time which would suck.

>> No.75941580

no thanks bro

>> No.75941594

>Tau don't use artillery
It seems weird they don't, seems like it'd be the natural thing they'd have, like they'd have pathfinders spotting for a heavy smart missile system.
Wouldn't skyray gunships count as a form of artillery platform?

>> No.75941598

>My gf is getting jealous of how focused I get when I'm working on models.
This is the sign of a man becoming dangerously based

>> No.75941600

For a 500pt Tyranid Vs primaris should I even bother with warriors or just gant swarm them whilst pew pewing with my hive guard

>> No.75941615

just curious mate, but why are so many veterans into 40k? ive noticed among american fans there are a disproportionate amount who are in or were in the military

>> No.75941621

Slowly getting to that.
She starts to mess with me like that and I give her a good fucking, then back to business as usual.
The only real rule for her is to wait until I've put down the brushes or glue. No messing with me when I'm in the middle of actual work. She can grab me between figures and such, but if stuff is in hands or paint is still wet, nope.
I haven't felt like this in years. The last time was when I got into gunpla during the therapy sessions.
It's fun. For some reason I'm really enjoying the painting, but it's maybe because I'm doing it by hand. I miss doing stuff with my hands.

>> No.75941624

>It seems weird they don't, seems like it'd be the natural thing they'd have, like they'd have pathfinders spotting for a heavy smart missile system.
>Wouldn't skyray gunships count as a form of artillery platform?
Because Tau is supposed to represent modern warfare as opposed to the trench warfare of Imperium. Tau doesn't do emplacements or wide battle lines.

>> No.75941661

Because military downtime is super fucking boring and dull.

>> No.75941673

It's fun I just have no fucking attention span.

>> No.75941674

imagine LITERALLY spending your 30s and 40s as a GW store manager

>> No.75941685

how do i paint gud and not get paint everywhere

>> No.75941689

I don't even know who she is bro, but whatever makes you feel better about all the hate in your heart man.

>> No.75941696

i think the tau started to use titans and emplacements because they are decent ideas

>> No.75941706


Its pretty much practice and good brush care anon, gotta learn to walk before you can run

>> No.75941725

Should I run Demolisher Russes with multimelta sponsons and a heavy bolter as vostroyan? With only thirty inches it seems they may be ride or die too close to enemies. What about annihilator Russes with heavy bolter sponsons and a lascannon for long range?

>> No.75941726

>> No.75941735

It's a theory I have. I call it the open canvas, when you are trained to live your life painting by the numbers. When you get out, it's like being a huge canvas. You feel lost. 40k gives us work, and finding a place with a sense of brotherhood is hard. I like coming here and shooting the shit with the rest of you guys as well as in person. Also it's faintly military based, so it hits close to home.

>> No.75941737

i do thin my paints tho

im doing dark eldar and its so hard to do the highlights on the armour without making a dozen mistakes

>> No.75941744

>only 30"

>> No.75941745

It's because they started facing issues that all empires must eventually face. Eventually the territories you control become big enough and development hard enough that you need permanent fixtures in your territories. Thus you build forts and settle forces down in specific locations instead of moving your entire army across the backyard.

>> No.75941753

what army, armybro?

>> No.75941761

Ah yes, Modern warfare NEVER uses cannon artillery anymore! What were we thinking?

>> No.75941767

Fucking kek.

>> No.75941770

Thats a general issue with modern society. People who join the military just don't get that point where they're thrown in the deep end relatively young and told to figure life out.

>> No.75941776

What does your brush look like?

>> No.75941793

Deldar are easy to edge highlight.

>> No.75941801

small, thin and pointed

>> No.75941815

I mean, it's short compared to lascannons and battle cannons. Also, is it really that lore friendly to have what is basically a siege tank skidding around blasting things? Or is the Demolisher more of a area suppression tank, where it bombards enemy positions to weaken them for their accompanying infantry? It would make sense for my vostroyans if it was, since they specialize in urban combat.

>> No.75941816

Learn to brace your hands against each other and your arm/wrist against a solid object to prevent shaking.
Practice the exact brush strokes above the model before you actually make the strokes.
Twist the brush as you draw paint across the palette to make sure the tip is pointed and accurate.
Make sure you use the correct size brush for the job.
Thin paints can be washed off with a wet brush or sucked up with a dry one.
Areas you overprint can be repainted to cover your shame.
Practice a lot.
Watch painting videos and pay attention to how they move the brush and the angles they paint at.
Don't fully assemble models to prevent arms and accessories from getting in the way.
Git güd.

>> No.75941830

This is true. Deldar are nothing but edges. If anything, it may be boring because you have to do it so much.

>> No.75941856

So. Chainsword or giant fist? I'm still torn and want to start building this niggas arms

>> No.75941869

The hardest objects to edge highlight are circular ones that you can't use the edge of your brush on.

>> No.75941892

magnets, the models are large enough for it

>> No.75941897


>> No.75941905

Yeah it's like the sturmtiger.

>> No.75941928

Interesting looking kitbash

>> No.75941935

how do i find a cute bf who likes 40k

>> No.75941943


We finally have a FW book pdf. Peace has returned to /tg/

>> No.75941955

Tau are hyper mobile to the point even artillery isn't useful. Broadsides, stormsurges, seeker missiles, that's their kind of artillery. It's basically just direct fire but Tau don't possess territory enough to set up static artillery.

>> No.75941958

Sorry, i'm not gay. Or cute.

>> No.75941962


>> No.75941975

Squads done.

>> No.75941979

Nobody said it had to be static artillery.

>> No.75941983

Cool, thanks. Demolisher always seemed weird since it's not a self-propelled artillery and there's already the siege tank and tank destroyer, but I guess Demolisher does have its own little niche.

>> No.75941993

it's one or the other.

>> No.75941997

Thinking of doing my indomitus bladeguards in templar brethren colours
Don't think full yellow bladeguards look right

>> No.75941998

I will be the cute bf if you're a 7 foot tall olive skinned dark haired woman

>> No.75942017

remember where you are

>> No.75942021

ho wmuch longer do I have to wait for tau to be playable?

>> No.75942031

It’s true. Like marines you can paint two or three edges at once.

>> No.75942037

Templar bretheren colors as a callback to the heresy.

>> No.75942072

Why wait? Think outside the box and throw off you opponent with something weird. If it doesn't work who cares.

>> No.75942074

technically none of what I mentioned is static

>> No.75942102

This. Why complain, just buy more models to try lists that blatantly won't work

>> No.75942129

U.S. Army. Served through OIF right after the surge as a heavy transport. So the most I dealt with the enemy was mortar attacks, ieds and picking up salvage hit by EFPs (bloody af, even after clean up).
Fully agree with you. Sure it's hard being a young man, but you're stupid as fuck. So you don't think of the possible consequences. When I signed up I didn't think It would change me in such a way that being a normal person would feel so alien to me. I was 19 and fresh out hs when I deployed, after the year of predeployment training. When I got the deployment news, I was actually setting up my financial aid and schoolarships for my engineering program. Lost that shit. Now I'm working as a security guard for a department store. Such is life. No one gives you a guide to life.
It seems like it's harder now as no one knows what a man is supposed to be anymore. So boys growing up have no real role models, just the ones in the movies and shows.
I apologize for the non 40k tangent.
Anyways time to paint.

>> No.75942144

i meant what 40k army

>> No.75942160

I've been trying to play a battlesuit only list for months but it just gets worse every time I try to improve it. hazard suits actually got buffed by the fw update but I don't know if it will make a difference.

>> No.75942164

If you are going to die anyway why not die in a funny way, and if it works...

>> No.75942170

Welcome to modernity. It supports women not men.
You are disposable and without value in the eyes of society despite being the source of all its value.

>> No.75942173

>Supports eugenics to benefit a artisan elite led by him in spite of being a stupid fat unskilled bastard with no artistic sense
>Has a patronizing narcissistic sense of superiority that he reinforces with virtue signaling
He'd be a great inspiration for a governor or minor official character in the imperium

>> No.75942179

hopefully just a year.
hopefully 2021 comp ruleset will make the objectives not so frustrating

>> No.75942194

Haha I spent $200 on kroot haha so funny

>> No.75942210

you are free to die if you just want to bitch

>> No.75942250

I don't know who that is, or how it is supposed to be relevant to warhammer. Also I don't know why you think we would care if someone who we've never fucking heard of kills themselves or not.

>> No.75942281

I'm mechanicus, and ua ed to moonlight as IG.
Love me machines.

>> No.75942283

Calling it done outside the base. Not to terrible for an ebay rescue. That being said, smooth curves are fucking hard to deal with.

>> No.75942294

based cogboys

>> No.75942324

Ascendant-brain theory: Marneus Calgar died because the 'usual' Marneus Calgar of previous kalpas is the soul of Robute Gulliman. So current Marneus Calgar is a dev-forked soul created once Gulliman found his primarch-body once more on Macragge through samsara.

>> No.75942328

>stray paint
>no edge highlights

>> No.75942356

I didn't understand half of that ...

>> No.75942360

A fucking white knight in 2020, holy shit.

>> No.75942375

Good for you. Shizoposting can be dangerous.

>> No.75942405

Oh god, schizoanon is back.

>> No.75942406

New fluff is Calgar took his dead friend's name. I'm suggesting said dead friend was Gulliman reincarnated (samsara is the cycle of reincarnation), who's body went into a coma because his soul was torn from his body by Fulgrim's attack and cast into the warp. He reawakened in this kalpa (timeline is a decent english word for it) after getting his soul close enough to his comatose form to begin repairing himself from within and calling to Cawl psionically.

>> No.75942425

I didn't make that post in your pic, you must have me confused with someone else. At the same time their story is not implausible, all of said celebrities are vampires.

>> No.75942432

post models

>> No.75942450

he's right tho, you're never really done

>> No.75942452

Are you larping as a schizo? It's pretty convincing

>> No.75942459

Gulliman is alive tho

>> No.75942489

Fast enough that the pilots need to possess superhuman reflexes to avoid becoming paste and like a decade learning how to drive it

>> No.75942496

idk what's going on, but those sound like some good drugs you got there anon

>> No.75942527

>thousand sons still haven't top 4'd a tournament since the beginning of 9e
Man haven't even T'au?

>> No.75942533

No, I'm just a 14int individual trapped on a planet that caps out at 5int on average by Storyteller system rules, and the world *is* run by Vampire "LARPers", and even GW likely is a bunch of old british off-world Tzimisce. Never forget the history of modern surgery or how surgery is performed in 40k normally (no anesthetic and the doctor is drinking your blood to check your status).
Yes, his comatose (soul gone) body has reawoken now that his soul is back inside after getting stabbed to death saving a young Marneus Calgar after being reincarnated in his place. Haven't you noticed how many times Calgar has canonically died or been dismembered? He got eviscerated by a hive tyrant once, died, and was back in the next edition with extensive cybernetics. Space marines are magical creatures born of mythic destiny.

>> No.75942559

Navy guy here. Last deployment was 230+ days at sea without any ports. It was miserable. 90+ hour work weeks, the only thing you look forward to is playing some 40k in the lounge. There was a huge group on the last ship that painted and played. Hell, our Chaps played.

>> No.75942563


>> No.75942632

>Hydian 309th, Mounted Infantry
>guard unit, originally not intended to be official
>factory workers on Hydian Prime, world that produced weapons and vehicles for crusades across the sector
>ork roks show up and hit a short time after a new founding/guard mustering (Hydian 294th-308th) already left, as such the system was a bit short on competent soldiers
>the line workers and mechanic crews end up forming scratch companies to bolster the pdf to help repel the orks
>repurpose paint and chemical sprayers to make them flamers, get good at using fresh off the assembly line chimeras and hellhounds to flush out and herd ork mobs into the guns of actual troopers
>strap plates of metal over their overalls to not die as quick
>pretty much Steel Legion without the cool factor and not as good
>by the time imperial reinforcements relieved the system, the veterans ended up becoming pretty decent soldiers
>paper pushers make them official, the new egiment gets scooped up, command lines shuffled and cleaned up, and they get sent off to war

>> No.75942695

My dad's been dead for a while and my mom is an alcoholic with mental problems and the last time I visited her she tried to stab me. I don't plan on being in a situation where I'm close enough to give her anything

>> No.75942770

>thinks the people who want to sell you their thinking flesh aren't Thing-alien-vampires
Must be nice being retarded. Ignorance is bliss.

>> No.75942861

Yeah it's also this I forgot to mention.
There's a ton of nerds and geeks in the service. My platoon has a DnD group where the members should pop in and out due to missions.

>> No.75943171

the pin wash could be a lot better.

>> No.75943195

Seeker missiles used to be able to hit from out of line of sight, so its like artillery but instead of wide area pin point anti tank.

Used to...

>> No.75943285

That’s why I’m trying to point it out to other anons who don’t know.

>> No.75943309

Those look a lot better. Just the leg armour would be enough to fix a lot of the problems I have with XV8s but the XV25 head part is the cherry on the cake and ties them a lot better to the iconic firewarrior helmets and the smooth lines of the devilfish chasis.

>> No.75943342

Mine are the white aggressors.

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