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We talk about dice. What's your favourite kind? What dice do you normally use?
Any thoughts you want to add?

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What a boring post

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I like the d12, I almost never use it unless I'm playing a barbarian. Also use metal dice. I just wish there was bigger dice that are non-plastic.

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I'm at work, but someone should post those terrible Games Workshop dice. The Salamanders dice in particular are an abomination.

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Q-workshop is either unreadable shit or ugly fonts. Sometimes both.

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These are real. there's a hollow interior, and a weight inside that falls into dents underneath each face

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I love the d20 but it sucks ass as a conflict resolution mechanic

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I used to be all about d20 until I learned the benefits of 2d6 and Xd6 systems. Now I love d6.

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I have one of these. They're pretty cool, but they roll off the table frequently.

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I don't get it, they just looks like ordinary dice.

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They seem fine to me. Do they roll badly or something?

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Wrong Salamanders dice, brother.

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Oh yeah. It's clearly an ambitious design, but the execution is terrible.

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Forgot to add, D0-9 roll under, add more d0-9 as needed

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A few years ago I bought a proper d100 because it was $3 and I thought it was funny.
Then, next session, I pulled it out and we all had a laugh about it, rolled it around a few tines, and started the game. A few hours into the session, some important roll happened, I don't remember what for, but one of the guys there wanted to use the d100 for it. He rolls it, and it goes straight off the table and across the floor.
Just then, another guy, who had gone to the restroom, walks into the room and steps right onto the d100. He slips and falls on his ass like a Looney Tunes character, and we all die laughing.

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I beg to differ. OP shows a d1, a die with one side.

Wish I had one of those, I have a character with 100% will and no applicable modifiers.

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Someone set a pile of horse turds on fire.

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These might be the worst dice I've ever seen.

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Road apples taste better with a little char on them.

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That's not a D1.
This is a D1.

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Objectively the perfect dice.

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Okay, now use it to roll d100.

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Roll twice for d10s, one for the Tens place and the other for the Ones place

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Okay, I rolled 10 and 10. Now what?

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That's a 100 Anon. Congrats.

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Seems I've been outsmarted. Well played, anon.

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