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It's fallen out of the shitposting sphere of influence so... What if /tg/ actually got shit done like the old days? Made a better game about lesbians with swords and other gay shit.

I propose, like with Car Lesbians, we put all the stats in the title... And if you think about what kind of game you'd want about lesbians doing gay stuff, then the title has to be Sword Lesbian Witch Princess.

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I don't know what a lesbian is.

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To elaborate on my thinking:

Sword: Fight, physically. Even when not with swords. Also be really cool like a prince.
Lesbian: Seduce, flirt, or be sexy in general. Someone with a very low score would be the useless lesbian stereotype.
Witch: Do magic, be mysterious.
Princess: General stat for social stuff other than seducing women, as well as organization, also be elegant/beautiful.

Classes/playbooks could be based on archetypes so you have Xena, Utena, or general things like the gay necromancer that has been cropping up more frequently these days.

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Two stats: Stab and Gay
You play high stakes games of fuck, marry, kill with other sword lesbians and also WITCHES (one stat: Hex).
Gameplay is based off of betting, like in poker. This is to simulate the experience of playing gay chicken. You get a tokens equal to your stat. When something happens, you put in the chips, and anybody else involved can call or raise. Then there's a die roll, which you can influence with abilities. Loser loses their gay and/or stab.

Regaining gay tokens or stab tokens is based off your character archetype:
>Art Hoes
Regain Gay by writing poetry or doodling, regain Stab by reeeeeeeeeading criticism.
Regain Gay by hanging out in graveyards and being spooky, regain Stab by cutting.
Regain Gay by consuming yaoi, regain Stab by shitposting.

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Gay necromancers are a character archetype now? Man, am I out of touch.

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At least, necromancers keep cropping up in gay fiction over the last few years. Not necessarily always lesbians though.

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>better game about lesbians with swords and other gay shit.
Magical Burst? Maid RPG?

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Neither of those are sword-centric or, for that matter, lesbian centric. They just assume you play a female.

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Huh. I wonder why? I guess it's a goth thing?

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>necromancers keep cropping up in gay fiction over the last few years.
>I wonder why?



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Someone beat you to it.


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I will give you they are not sword-centric, but c'mon...

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Pretty sure it's more of a "shunned by religious authorities and most of society" thing.

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Goths don't cut, that's Emo thing.

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That's the "It" in the very first sentence of the OP. That's what inspired this thread. It should be taken as given that everyone on /tg/ is aware of it at this point.

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I think that's what OP was referring to.

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Having women doesn't make it lesbian. Not all tabletop games are meant to be ERP. Yes, even if they have social mechanics and aren't D&D.

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That's not the board for making and playing tabletop RPGs.

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Looking at PbtA hacks, it seems like this would work pretty well as almost a straight rip-off of Monsterhearts.

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The homosex have deep ties to the aspect of death as carriers of disease, as well as their failure to breed.

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Stellar Knights already exists

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Not in English it doesn't

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I'm thinking Monsterhearts is a good base to build on for making something like this, so I went ahead with the four stats and tweaked the basic moves accordingly. And I added some example playbooks/classes How does this look for a start? Any cool ideas to add?

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Or two playbooks per stat, maybe.

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Someone could just rewrite car lesbians and replace the car stuff with fight stuff

The true path is to make Moonman PBTA, the extremely racist PBTA hack.

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What is wrong with this RPG? The only thing I see everyone complaining about it is the art.

It looks like a run-of-the-mill PbtA game to me.

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It having every single transbian in PnP in the credits and that it made like 100k on ks is what makes it significant

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What >>75897834 said and how it's "a system designed for both narrative drama and player safety", and some people hate PbtA.

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This is repulsive only if you're from /pol/.

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This is also repulsive as a transbian who doesn't want these idiots making us all look even more messed up than we already do.

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> everyone important to actually producing a physical product is a male

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>This is repulsive only if you're from /pol/.

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Probably more attractive than your typical fuck from /tg/, all said.

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no anon, faggotry is repulsive to most normal people.


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What the fuck

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betamen who pretend to be women to guilt actual women into relationship using the LGBT-Dogma.

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Do these people think this works?

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Nothing tickles me more than seeing "progressive" men force themselves on those who they claim to champion.

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This is bait or you're a retard.
Or both.

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They were desperate to pretend to be women for a sliver of attention, its not hope, its desperation.

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No, you're clearly a traitor who uses the dreaded boogeyman and are unwelcome to pretend to be a different "gender" than you actually are, because that one Anon just said so.

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Well I bet "she" has a scretch goal.


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That's about as authentic as a fa/tg/it deciding they "know" lesbians enough to "fix" the system and I don't know why you're pretending otherwise. That takes levels of delusion on par with splitting your dick.

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>Maid RPG is not lesbian-centric
>seduction rules hard-baked into the ruleset
>a number of items are bondage gear
>Japanese version had a dildo item and a futa modification
>in-book examples feature a loli panty thief who likes tying the other girls up and a female vampire in a suit as the master
>optional perversion table includes trait "Womanizer: You are romantically attracted to members of the same sex, which is fine (and perhaps expected...). But in your case it's turned up to 11."
This isn't even good bait

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I mean, if sex change operations could make actually functioning women, natural born women would be obsolete

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I'm more of a settings guy myself, I'll keep an eye on the thread but I'd like to here what sort of world building people have been plotting

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Each player has a "princess" (not necessarily has to be a lover) that has fallen into a coma for mysterious reasons.
In order to wake her up, you need to win the right to use a true love's kiss. To do that you must fight other "princes" in duels in which your sleeping princess spirit comes to aid you.

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Like a pussy eating fag, but a women.

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ITT /tg/ can't get shit done anymore

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>OP tries to rouse a personal army to write his game that he will sell on drivethrurpg.com for him
>/tg/ doesn't help
fuck off

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My condolences

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I have the idea, I have the concepts, I know I can do it, it's mostly a game of getting other projects done first.

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Okay- so here's a few questions- is the setting only comprised of lesbians? Or are there men around? Are women all lesbians? Maybe instead it's that the setting is normal, but only lesbians can be adventurers because they have angel souls or something?

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Best idea so far ITT.

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>ITT /tg/ can't get shit done anymore
Step 1: Be Viral
Step 2: there is no step 2

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Mostly the fuck other transbians so it's just homogay with extra steps. No woman is desperate enough to fuck them under normal circumstances.

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Even though Viral got the most and often best stuff done, he wasn't the only one. Even among namefags, Earthflame and JSCervini did a lot too, and there were plenty of unnamed folks contributing.

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Since I was hauling furniture when I posted this, I'll go over my idea a bit.

Effectively I'd need to base it off Bushido Blade / Hellish Quartz (i.e. two vidya with some good sword fighting) to keep things fairly lethal, probably have to adapt For Honor's three-hit-location system to make it sing, but it'd work.
The core part would be that actually fighting is fairly dangerous, so half the time you'd want to confuse, bamboozle, or just try to fuck with your opponent. Couple it some relationship mechanics and the desired end of a duel wouldn't be actually fighting, but laying down your blades.

but it's never that easy. Duels would need to be fast and deadly, a single strike could cripple you or worse. I'd need to add in a few kinds of weapons, but I'd probably base it off of fencing at first to get the idea across. My tentative name for the project was Pojedynek Kobiet (Women's Duel), but I got swamped with some other projects to work on, so I can't really worry about that one right now.

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I saw his name a lot but I never looked at his stuff. Quick recap?

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>Step 1: Foster a board culture that encourages creativity
>Step 2: Keep doing that

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>Step 1: Foster a board culture that encourages creativity
>Step 2: Keep doing that
iirc viral quit posting games on /tg/ because the mods kept banning him for posting them

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So THAT'S why we banned quests! Oh wait...

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If people had better ideas we wouldn't be so dismissive.

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Constructive criticism is the next best way to contribute after gamedev

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It's an old and bad tumblr joke to begin with. Don't bother, and just make something different and better with the time and energy you were going to put into this.

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There needs to be SOMETHING to work with for constructive criticism to even be on the table. When people just posts half an idea and asks /tg/ to write a setting there's not a lot to do except tell the moron off. When /tg/ doesn't wanna play in your thread, it means it wasn't an interesting idea.

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>It looks like a run-of-the-mill PbtA game to me.
So trash then.

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>a fa/tg/it deciding they "know" lesbians enough to "fix" the system
I dont think anyone on /tg/ cares about authentically representing the inner life of lesbians, i think they want to create an rpg that reproduces genre tropes in an efficient way to enable in genre role playing.
Its called "rpg writing".

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And the genre they're trying to write is "lesbian schlock/camp", which are two things that are beyond /tg/'s ability

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And why is that?

>> No.75906398

Except that there are ideas that were posted ITT

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go take it to tumblr, no one fucking cares

its good as a concept for characters not a whole game

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I was gonna search on 1d4chan to refresh my memory but it didn't really turn anything up. I know he ran Wild Cards, and he was also involved with that setting that had the three suns on weird paths. My memory from that long ago is pretty weak though.

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>a setting
The discussion was mostly about system.

For setting... I think the setting examples in the transbian book actually have seeds of a good idea. There could be a main world that's space opera with planets that have cyberpunk aesthetic or steampunk aesthetic or whatever, and a parallel dimension for magic and fairy stuff with lesbian paladins and lady knights as well as evil monsters to defend your princess from

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Because /tg/ doesn't know lesbians or camp

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I'm sure there's plenty of people on /tg/ who read yuri, if nothing else.

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So let's sum the good stuff from this thread.
>Based on Utena
>Which means the core is about swordfights and lesbian (but not necessarily) romance
>4 stats: Sword for fights, Lesbian (or Romance) for intimate/interpersonal social stuff, Witch for magic, and Princess for outward/public social stuff
>Actual Sword combat should be deadly/very high risk
>Each character has their own ideal 'princess' that could empower them kinda like Jojo Stands, may or may not be an actual person
Right, what else can we add or work on more?

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>/tg/ doesn't read yuri manga
that's not a call i feel confident making, but sure, whatever

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Please stop this sinful behavior

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Are those boi's?

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As fun as it is screaming DEUS VULT all over the place like it's the next children's crusade, it does get tiresome.
It's as if your rose doesn't quiver to the Virgin Mary.

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Jeanne is my saintfu, personally.

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You can boil everything down to two archetypes, Prince and Princess. The Prince has Sword, Romance, Witch (or maybe Tether, how strong her connection is to her princess) and, to avoid reusing the term, lets call it Ojou.

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Can someone get on a translation?

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>Actual Sword combat should be deadly/very high risk
I'm not sure that should be true for a romance RPG, though.

>> No.75921335

Well, more towards the 'high risk, can be resolved very fast, has heavy consequences', and less on the lethality scale.
Alternatively the duel/swordfight happens in an alternate, metaphorical realm of sorts, where the swordfighting itself is a metaphor for personal conflict.
Like for example standing up to the bully that's been bullying you because she has a crush on you, and it's expressed as a sword duel between you and the bully. Come to think of it, the majority of Utena's duels fall into this quasi-metaphor state.

>> No.75921546

I think using the BptA "take a complication" style of damage could be appropriate to make that work pretty cleanly.

>> No.75922004

I think a more literal interpretation is the way to go here. The symbolism that works in a show might not translate well to a game, and disconnecting the duels from the rest of the narrative might be jarring from a gameplay perspective. Not that they can't also have a metaphorical layer.

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Reading it and being able to replicate it are two different things. And much like everything else, /tg/ has shit taste in yuri. They namedrop Murcielago like a normie talking about how "fucked up" they are after reading Emergence.

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It must get tiresome to attention whore all the time too and yet here you are, namefag.

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Setting wise I'm feeling Fallout meets sword and sorcery with a sort of children of Men element, but with women, oh solutions to the absence of men exist but its all a little adventure to get

>> No.75924080

I want lesbians ninja sex battles.

>> No.75924254

Post-apocalyptic might be a little off-brand for the shoujo style this seems to be going for. Maybe an alternate setting?

>High Sword
>High Tether
>Descended from a long line of shinobi
How will this mysterious Prince fare in the fight for the hand of her Princess?

>> No.75924306

yeah, I was shooting for more of a Slayers tone, 80's style fantasy, sci-fi and anime, full of wild action, beautifle art and shamless fanservice.

>> No.75924357

>You play high stakes games of fuck, marry, kill with other sword lesbians
I'm sold.

>> No.75924432

All good stuff. One approach could be as a sort of sourcebook expansion.

>> No.75925074

do you... want a treatment, I got history, lore, races, granted I was home brewing this for my group prior to seeing this concept, so it was originally being made with the assets of Pathfinder in mind (i know I know) so it leans a little more high fantasy

>> No.75925435

Sure, could help to jog the creative process.

>> No.75926149

alright, going to try the short version, so in this setting an empire from another planet is given the ability to use portals to other planets and a unique artifact in order to indulge the sacred mission in the name of a goddess of conquest, it leads invasions on other worlds until it looks like sort of a blend of outworld made up of archetypical monster races, lead by orc warlords, and around 2030-ish, they do the same to earth, earth has higher tech then expected but they close the gap with a variety of magical assets, most especially the artifact that lets them, on a global scale, shift one sex to the other, so after twisting all of earths men into women, they make use of the ensuing panic and inability to fight a war of attrition against an empire worlds strong to make gains,

Humanity isnt out of the fight yet, making androids and forming alliances with defectors to hold back the tide, eventually a cabal of world leaders managed to make a deal with a powerful devil, who promised 1. an End to the invasion 2.destruction of the artifact and 3. a solution to the breeding problem. She fullfilled this promise by destroying the artifact, overloading it and making it turn everything across all the portal linked planets female, sealing the portals shut right after and then impregnating the leaders with the first Cambions/Tieflings.

So with survivors and refugees left to pick up the pieces, the first generation after are all half hellborn or half celestial thanks to angelic or demonic booty calls being used to fill thingsout before alchemists managed to find an optional herm brew or blessing from clerics etc.

its now 100 years later or so, and a number of cryo shelters that were formed on the very eve of the invasion awaken to a world without men, many of them former men themselves, peace or what of it there is is kept by new and revived knightly orders across the post apocalypcic magical landscape, questing about in power armor for chivalric glory

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Again with this old excuse to give me attention, just ignore me if you can't handle me. Reply only if you're booty bothered by such trivial things as a name.

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thats fucking terrible

>> No.75929221

Don't be rude anon.

>> No.75929266

honesty isn't rude

>> No.75929291

I respect your dedication to your fetish

>> No.75929350

which one, the gender bending, the cross breeding, the futa, the orcs? He posted a iot

>> No.75929845

>orcs are a fetish

>> No.75932416

fantasy creature

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I’ve an idea for mechanical considerations. Let’s say the 4 stats are rated on a scale of -1 to 3. A 0 is average. Your basic die for task resolution is a d6. You roll your stat whenever doing an opposed action, with the contest going to the higher roller. You “duel” other characters with the same stat, so a physical duel is opposed Sword rolls, while a seduction attempt is Lesbians. For every one point difference in your stats, the dominant lesbian gets to upgrade their die by one size.

For example, let’s say Shiori is attempting to seduce Juri. Shiori has a Lesbian of 2, while Juri has a 1. When Shiori contests Juri, she rolls a d8, while Juri opposes with a d6. However, if Shiori were to seduce Nanami, who has a Lesbian 0, Shiori will roll a d10. This way, the more skilled opponent has an edge, but not an insurmountable one, and everyone’s abilities are relative to one another.

Gear can give bonuses. Environment can give penalties. Let’s say Shiori attempts to seduce Juri by harkening to a locket picture of one another when they were younger, illustrating a storied past. The locket gives Shiori a +1 bonus to her d8 roll. However, the scenery is off-putting - like this is happening in a white van. So, the environment gives Shiori a -1, canceling her bonus.

By the way, I am drunk right now.

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Why waste time on this shit? I get paid to do this.

>> No.75934895

I don't.

>> No.75936184

Probably too magical realm, not terrible, if a bit.... derivative

>> No.75936601

God that artstyle is disgusting

>> No.75938661

All the more reason to make one that's good, wash the taste out of the mouth

>> No.75938757

Paid to do what?

>> No.75938805

>no anon, faggotry is repulsive to most normal people.

I don't think you read what you post. This study was specifically done on men in Utah, which is basically mormonland.

Keep in mind: repulsive != immoral.

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I like the sound of this system, makes things more closely-pitched with a focus on getting the right gear and the right setting for the best bonuses (which reminds me of picking the right ring and the right place to propose, which is cute).

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