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Looking for some advice on NPCs, PCs, and any romantic relationships therein that I as GM might have a hand in.
>should I make NPCs available for marriage?
>is it a workable player character goal to get married?
>I feel like if PCs had deep attachment to certain NPCs I could use that to lead the PCs places (via kidnapping said NPC) but also that some players would really not enjoy it if they genuinely liked the NPCs, is there a middleground?
>if my players start families, should I seriously bookkeep them or just let them sort of exist in a schrodinger's kids kinda way

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1. Never, marriage didn't exist during the Renaissance.
2. No, having to invent marriage would take too much effort.
3. Chop up the NPC and then make a trail of their body parts.
4. Castrate your players so you don't have to worry about this.

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>Coomer: The thread

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Why would anyone choose Goblin wife?

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Why wouldn't you choose the goblin wife?

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Because the Sophisticated High-Elven Princess Wife is superior in every way; prettier, more cultured, smarter, bustier, and will offer our children the best start in life (both genetically and financially.)

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>1. Never, marriage didn't exist during the Renaissance.
Anon why are you assuming my game takes place during the renaissance? Also, source, I'm pretty sure marriage has been around for a long ass time.

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Work on your art

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Because the elven princess is most likely tricking you so she can backstab you later, with very few exceptions elves are usually holier-than-thou narcissists who see humans like we see monkeys. There are exceptions, but since we don't know we wouldn't be able to tell.

The goblin, however, is cute, so you know she's from an universe where she'll be faithful and loving.

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I'm pretty sure keeping times hard for the world is sort of on the evil side, especially for selfish reasons like that

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>found the incel

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Why are gobfags such pedos?

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Ask your players how they feel about these ideas after your next session. My last character retired after earning enough money to buy a farm and marry his lover. That campaign ended and he canonically has 7 children.

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>not being loyal

>not backstabbing you for a shiny coin

I think you have your racial stereotypes mixed up here anon.

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>only 7

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You dun goofed. Start the players with inter-party relationships from jumping off phase and then when you need npc victims, family / tribe is already there.

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I'm just curious since I started thinking of the "princess as a reward" thing.

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Two of my PCs have started hooking up and the other 3 are romancing some NPCs. PC couple tends to be more organic and in-depth, but people like their NPC partners a lot too.

I've used them for plot hooks a bit, but try not to do it too much since that can get repetitive. The one who's had the most plot stuff is this Changeling pirate since her past keeps coming back to haunt her and her boyfriend, one of my 2 bards.

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Outside of long campaigns that stretch actual years of play I don't see a point in facilitating in game marriages. There is not enough time or reason to invest in such trivialities, if the game is only lasting four to eight months. Most players tend to be more focused on the events going on in the wider world/adventuring, and the spouses back home are nothing more than an after thought. I ran a campaign back in the 90's that lasted four and a half years, and I was fine with players having spouses in that campaign, as there was actually time to invest in fleshing them out and there were several adventures surrounding the characters home lives. The players were actually invested in their character's existences, beyond just ransacking dungeons and following some story.

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7 is good enough when you've got a 55 year life span and don't start until you're already 23.

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If you've got a 55 year lifespan you should be starting around 15

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>>75809291 Yeah, but if you leave it to players they wont come up with any useable background fluff at all. Best to make a game of it before starting play. Once they are invested, you have them by the balls.

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I was stuck on Pa's farm until 21 when I had managed to save enough coin to buy a spear and a chain shirt. I made my first shield myself.

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hey hey, needles under your fingernails


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Never trust a DM who lets you marry a goblin, you'll wake up one night to find her jamming a poisoned knife in between your ribs. She'll then proceed to burn the inn to the ground as her goblin comrades tear through the town of wolf back, pillaging and raping.

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This doesn't happen if you treat her right

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Okay simp

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Trapfags need to join the 41% already

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I'm on the goblin side.

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>having to turn your competition into a boy because you know you'll lose otherwise
I haven't seen rigging this obvious and blatant since the 2020 US Elections!

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I'm just broadening the appeal of the elven "princess"

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Goblin princess.

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It's sounding more and more like you're a traptranny in denial.

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>should I make NPCs available for marriage?
If it makes sense, if the players are interested and if it doesnt feel wierd, then yes. Make it meaningful. Player wanna shag a bitch, get that bitch kidnapped.
>is it a workable player character goal to get married?
>is there a middleground?
Middleground between a personnal, custom tailored adventure and what? Bland dungeon adventuring? Family and romantic interests are good because they force the player to take interest in the world. Yeah they can minmax all they want, but at the end of the day, if they want their character to have a happy ending they have to come together with the idea that their wife and children are weakness that their enemy will exploit.
>if my players start families, should I seriously bookkeep them or just let them sort of exist in a schrodinger's kids kinda way
Bookkeep them precisely. Give them personality quirks and use them as plot devices.

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Well anon, it's simple
>Could be just using you for some reason, being willing to dump you the moment that reason is met (most times, elves are like this) or she could be nice.
>Is cute, which means that she's most likely faithful, like most other goblin girls drawn in a cute way

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>Could be just using you for some reason, being willing to dump you the moment that reason is met (most times, goblins are like this) or she could be saving you to eat later.

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There's no female goblins in my setting, only male goblins with mangos shoved down their shirts that lure coomers into a dark alley and stab then in the dick so they can steal their golds.

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Wrong, when goblins are like that they're usually nearly always ugly. Or, in a nutshell, the cuter an goblin girl is, the less likely it is that she's bad.

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>falling for the coomer trap
Your party dies to "cute" goblins ripping your lungs out for being a bunch of filthy pedos. I'd say roll up a new character, but I don't allow pedos at my table.

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>cute equals pedo
anyone would benefit from staying away from your "table"

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It does if you're DM is a dick, poor Hatheraus met his end that way. Even after working hard to buy the Blade and Horn Inn.

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You're the one talking about bedding the childlike creature in the OP, not me.

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Based DM, having his goblins act like goblins instead of green midgets for coomer fantasies.

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Anon, i merely said that the elven princess was mot likely using you as an answer to why anyone would choose the goblin wife

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You "chose" the goblin to fuck, you degenerate. Backpedaling now what save you.

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Anon, did i say "choose" in >>75808155?

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>no true goblin fallacy

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You keep talking about making that childlike, literally retard creature your wife, pedo.

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Anon there are plenty of non hurr-rape goblins outside of MGE

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And they're universally awful little shits. Everything from hobbes to WoW gobbos are nasty little fuckers that would either kill you just for the fun of it or at best cut off your dick if they think they could turn a profit selling it back to you. No matter the setting, "loyalty" and "goblin" are never words that go hand in hand.

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You sir are a swine

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>here's a picture from a setting that doesn't exist!
Name 5 settings with "sophisticated" goblins. Even if you can name one I bet those goblins are still treacherous little shits with zero sense of loyalty. Even Harry Potter's civilized banking goblins were disloyal as fuck.

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goblins are always greedy backstabbing bastards. never noble. only positive thing you can say is that they are more sophisticated than gremlins.

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>Name 5 settings with "sophisticated" goblins. Even if you can name one
Mercadia, a plane from Magic The Gathering.
>I bet those goblins are still treacherous little shits with zero sense of loyalty.
Uh. Well they weren't supposed to be like that, if they had been left to their own devices. But there was an active portal to Phyrexia, and when Big Daddy Yawg comes knocking, the people who say "no" turn into sludge and get reprocessed very quickly.

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MtG, and FFXIV come to mind

>> No.75811958

That's one.
FF14 goblins run a literal illuminati that constantly tries to manipulate the other races. They also tried to awaken a time traveling primal so they could delete all other races from existence. They're also scrappy tinkers at best, hardly anything I'd call sophisticated.

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Anon, just because the english translation is a shitty meme doesn't mean you can use it as an argument. The Blue Hand is not an Illuminati equivalent, it is a philosophical sect.

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An elf lives hundreds of years, they know a relationship with a human won't be for their whole life, it'd be equivalent to like a 4 year relationship for them. The safest way to use you would be stick with you until death and benefit from inheritance. No risk of pissing people off and so no fear of retaliation in getting this benefit.

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>manipulate others
>control information
>trying to attain world domination either through controlling the shadows or eliminating all competition
>willing to genocide an entire village over a fucking cheese recipe
>society is rife with backstabbings
These are not the actions of a loyal peoples.

>> No.75812271

Golly, the blue hand did all that? I guess that just straight up invalidates the goblins that are working peacefully and faithfully with the other races to improve the shire. The goblins that helped people stop that group basically doesn't exist amirite?

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And? Who cares? Just because she lives beyond the relationship doesn’t mean I do too. For me, we raised a family together, I grew old with a hot twenty-something Elf, and died knowing she loved me and I loved her.

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Anon, why do you want children to have breasts so badly?

>> No.75813308

The way this image is cropped makes me suspicious that they have huge throbbing cocks

>> No.75813470

get your head out of the gutter anonymous

>> No.75813608

So you admit your attraction to children then, pedo?

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Better claims on titles? Possible alliance with goblin overlord? Excellent dowry?

>> No.75814329

Legal loopholes, goblins practice polygamy, so if you marry goblin wife first and take on her customs, you are allowed (or even expected) to take other wives...

>> No.75814430

You didn't answer the question.
Why do you want children to have breasts?

>> No.75814582

The DM Rulebook says that any character attachments need to be kidnapped/brutally murdered for drama points. These are the rules. They're inviolable.

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Goblins aint shit.

>> No.75814936

nice sevens
but goblins are the shit

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>Yes, I actually did it one of my game
>This one is harder, give the players hint things are going on that are not so clean. Example: Your Player's wife gets a letter that says "Shouldn't have crossed us." after the Player messes with influential fellas.
>start families
Games don't usually last long enough for that, but if you do a "The game: Next generation", sure.

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I'd marry the gobo without hesitation.

>> No.75815752

Yes but go easy on it
Yes but go easy on it

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I’d buy this goblin a drink

>> No.75816667

Except that with the elf princess, you can hire renowned trainers for your kids and have them trained to eventually be better than you when you first started adventuring

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>I feel like if PCs had deep attachment to certain NPCs I could use that to lead the PCs places (via kidnapping said NPC) but also that some players would really not enjoy it if they genuinely liked the NPCs, is there a middleground?
I once had my PC’s wife get kidnapped, just left her to die and plowed three whores that night.

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>Wanting a goblin
That is just depressing

>> No.75820120

That's the future first goblin you're talking about, faggot!

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they are holding hands. look at where their hands are. they are holding hands and they are in love.

>> No.75820140

My nigga thinking with his 6th sense

>> No.75820147

my humongous ginormous penis.

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Trips of truth

>> No.75820239

the offended look on the lad behind them just makes it all the more funny

>> No.75820404

Imagine ban evading just so you can keep spamming shitty art.

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>imagine more than one person making the connection of "elf and goblin picture, elf and goblin comic"

>> No.75821191

Nice try you retarded samefag, but it's the same filename and everything.

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Yuricucks are pathetic

>> No.75821728

this post was written by a dwarf

>> No.75822379

Considering that it's a new comic that's less than a week old, that's not surprising.

>> No.75822960

>responding to bait that obvious

>> No.75822998

just kill shit and get loot while saving NCPs.

the fuck is this faggotry about finding wives? The fuck is wrong with you people? Do none of you have GFs?

>> No.75823101

Imagine sexualizing bags of flesh that transfer antibiotic-saturated milk to infants

>> No.75823118

>imagine appreciating sexually-dimorphic traits

What are you, gay?

>> No.75823129

>not backstabbing you for a shiny coin
Bad anon. That's racist.

Only for Jesus

>> No.75823140

I often do...

>> No.75823143

>"imagine appreciating sexually-dimorphic traits"
mmm yeah baby I love your throbbing Adam's apple

shut up, anon

>> No.75823192

Actually, yes. One of the Adam's apple's main functions is deepening a person's voice. And many women are attracted to deep, bassy voices.

>> No.75823213

we were talking visual appreciation, but yes, you're right on that account

>> No.75823235

We were talking appreciation. Hell, this anon >>75823101 wasn't even talking about what they look like, just what one of their functions is.

>> No.75823314


>> No.75823332

negative. "bags of flesh" was the descriptor and the milk bit is a further, tho secondary, dig at the whole notion


imagine sexualizing cartilage that has the job of protecting your voice box from foreign objects in the first place

>> No.75823350

in the basement

>> No.75823371

Just about everything can be reduced down to some dismissive description. It doesn't even really take any special effort, and just makes the person seem cynical and disingenuous.

>> No.75823421

you ought to go back

>> No.75823488

>name five settings
mine, the only one that matters to me

>> No.75823614

> This race MUST be incapable of loyalty
This shit makes my eyes gloss over as it makes one wonder how the fuck they even got this far and weren't wiped out centuries if not in the pre-history.
Even if you're going to Ork it like GS total isolate evil is just boring at best, and at worse you can hear the author cranking through the material.

It'll always be more interesting to have internal and external dynamics that produce evil and brutality.

>> No.75823664

This, but if you really suspect it sign a prenuptual and fill her with half elven children.

>> No.75824578

Nigger I'm talking about whatever you want to make goblins in your gay ass setting, I'm not even going to go into detail about why you're so fucking stupid and wrong about hobbes and various other "always evil" goblins since the fact that they're always evil IS an in-setting conflict due to them being made by a dark fairy eating a child's soul. I'm talking purely about the genre conventional standards, and by those standards goblins are treacherous little assholes who will stab your kidneys over a shiny copper if they need any reason at all.

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>> No.75825007

> No Super-Chill Half-Giant Waifu
to complete the trifecta

>> No.75825282

Are y'all niggas still arguing?

>> No.75825323

lemme check if this is still /tg/

>> No.75826587

>muh b/u/geymen
Cry bro. I just like sex

>> No.75827015

Then maybe you should have some instead of fantasizing about yuricuckery

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>> No.75827190

Good point. After all, is man not entitled the sweat of his own waifu?

>> No.75827244

>more cultured
is generally snobbish and will nag about every little uncultured thing you do
maybe more well-read, see above
t. BOOBA poster
>will offer our children
Considering how fertile elves are, you will probably be long dead by that time

>> No.75831053

Goblin wife is more obtainable than elven princess wife

>> No.75831061

Is this thread your new pet project, bumpfag?

>> No.75831077

I pick the human wife. All of you filthy race traitors will get the rope.

>> No.75831139

one of them has freckles
>more cultured
institutional culture, manufactured for the noble class
unapplied knowledge, also known as trivia
you're right there but I won't comment on your shit tastes
>will offer our children the best start in life
her sophistication will distance her from her children, being a mother is unbecoming of royalty. If you consider handmaidens a better start than so be it.

>> No.75831184

>why yes i do post in threads I'm interested in and cause them to go to the top of the catalog, how could you tell?

>> No.75833369

ass loving nigger

>> No.75833426

slender long elven cock, or slimy thick goblin cock?

>> No.75833445

It says right there, she's awful.

>> No.75834116

>goblinfags seething

>> No.75836986

Futafags pls go

>> No.75837193

You ever hear about the Circle of Eight? Greyhawk Wizards who thought similarly. It didn't go well for them.

>> No.75837318

That was mostly setting wankery desu.

If wizards were allowed to improve the settings they lived in, things would rapidly become magitech.

>> No.75840242

>> No.75840441

I would make it my life's goal as a town guard to catch this thief
...f-for justice

>> No.75840513

Magical items give her an agility score well beyond the ability of a mere town guard.

>> No.75840530

I gotta try

>> No.75841119

I only have male goblins in my setting too!

In mine it's due to Goblins being Fey, and fey being biological manifestations of life energy in the material plane in the faerie wilds,

shitty hostile environments make masculine goblins, while lush lands make female dryads.

There are no female goblins for the same reason there are no male dryad.

on the topic of marriage and adventuring, danger of either magical realm or changing characters to the point they need to retire due to a more settled and maturing life style. Kings don't adventure, they power level you're more potent delegating anyway

>> No.75841174

I'd steal her for an evening. Just one. If she wants to come again, she'll know where to find me.

>> No.75841271

I basically never stop

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>> No.75841290

No, says the man in Washington, it belongs to the NEET.

>> No.75841869

>should I make NPCs available for marriage?
It really depends on the genre and game length. If you're doing a short horror game, probably doesn't fit too well. If it's a kingdom building game spanning many years of in game time, it'd be weird not to have marriages.

>is it a workable player character goal to get married?
Depends on scale of adventure and who they are marrying. If the PCs are fighting a world-ending threat, then the marriage should be similarly important. Otherwise it should be an early or midterm goal.

>I feel like if PCs had deep attachment to certain NPCs . . .
It depends on if the marriage is a character flaw or a merit/something they worked for. The cost/benefit analysis should be reasonable. If the princess is captured a lot, she ought to be giving a lot of benefits as well. I am addressing this just so far as stuff you simply impose. Different of course if the PC's good/bad decisions come into play.

>if my players start families, should I seriously bookkeep them or just let them sort of exist in a schrodinger's kids kinda way
Treat them the same as any other npcs relative to their importance to the story.

>> No.75841947

Oppai loli is so fucking gross, holy shit.

>> No.75842106

anon are you fucking blind

>> No.75842186

If managed to bag this chick in bed she's fuck your brains out then steal all your shit before you woke up.

>> No.75842205

Whatever helps you sleep at night, pedo.

>> No.75843754


You are very stupid.

>> No.75843774

the trick is fucking her so hard she can't even stand straight in the morning

>> No.75844145

>goblin queen

>> No.75844190 [SPOILER] 


>> No.75844361

If you pick the princess, you can get the goblin as a concubine using the resources of her house.

>> No.75845287

I doubt the princess would be cool with that
unless she's REALLY kinky

>> No.75845292

She definitely is, she's got a whole library to learn of deviant acts from and 10,000 kPa of repression on her.

>> No.75845318

Princesses are kinky like you wouldn't believe.

>> No.75845350


>> No.75845418

>goblin wife
>elf wife
It looks like they're holding hands off screen. I don't think they're supposed to be our wives.

>> No.75845426

well, they have to be somebody's wives, and girls can't marry girls...

>> No.75845443

Goblins aren't considered girls in Elvish law.

>> No.75845489


>> No.75845644

That girl almost made me buy that FF title.

>> No.75845893

Hill giants are the most inbred and ugly though.

>> No.75845980

Those are some super jiggly tits, like wow.

>> No.75846389

What do you have against midgets?

>> No.75846413

I colored this and seems like a gob appropriate thread so here ya go.

>> No.75846415

>I guess that just straight up invalidates the goblins that are working peacefully and faithfully with the other races to improve the shire.
Not him, and I genuinely don't know ANY of the FFXIV lore, but yeah, I unironically agree. That would, in-fact, invalidate those things, simply because you can't trust that they aren't "helping" for public image so they can backstab you later.

>> No.75846505

thank you for this gob, anon

>> No.75846542

>marrying inhuman scums
the only good demi-human is a dead one

>> No.75847091

>tfw no Chun-Green to jump on your face and crush your head with her thighs

>> No.75847117

>I'm intimidated by strong women so I have to shrink them down to feel attracted to them
Peak incel.

>> No.75847135

What do you mean? I love Chun and fun-sized gobbo Chun. I'm a pervert, I am beyond your ability to define or contain.

>> No.75847162


>> No.75847213

Sure thing, incel.

>> No.75847229

>That's racist.
A goblin is a race, so...

>> No.75847287

>That's racist.
It's also racist to mention that goblins only make up 13% of the population yet are responsible for 50% of all violent muggings and back alley smugglings, but that doesn't make it any less true.

>> No.75849027

eh, that's just a matter of disproportionate targeting/profiling by police and systematic loss of basic freedoms--isolate them in an area by soft-blocking them from things like bank loans for housing or business loans/etc, gentrify/drive up basic necessity prices and starve/prison them out via their own desperation at your leisure.

>> No.75850720

I don't have to imagine.

>> No.75851294

goblins are servants of satan
deny them

>> No.75852367

As if elves aren't.

>> No.75852745

>let goblins live amongst their own kind uninhibited in cities built by humans
>they pillage, rape, and kill each other
>let goblins live intermixed with humans in cities built by humans
>they pillage, rape, and kill humans AND each other
>try taking a visit to the badlands to see how goblins live devoid of any human interference
>they're still pillaging, raping, and killing each other
But no, clearly the problem here is humans.

>> No.75853005

elves are christians

>> No.75854582

ok but who's the artist

>> No.75854865

Amerigoblins go with the goblin.
Why does that surprise you anon?

>> No.75854966

An elf princess comes with societal expectations and requirements
A feral goblin wife can be fucked on every surface in earshot with minimal trouble (also she's just cuter? You have shit taste)

>> No.75855017

>also she's just cuter?
Okay, pedo

>> No.75855047

>A feral goblin wife can be fucked on every surface in earshot with minimal trouble
See, this is precisely what makes the elf so good. Teasing and goading the elf into getting fucked on the table after managing to convince her to try out that whole naked apron thing would be so much sweeter, as it's a trial of determination and will to conquest. With a goblin is just a boring Tuesday because the goblin is too retarded to know better.

>> No.75855091

the same reason the elf would condescend to fuck you. one will work harder to keep you, the other will work you harder to be kept.
use your fucking brain, mec.

me, austin.
me all along

>> No.75855125

>one will work harder to keep you
It'll loaf around the house and gnaw on all the furniture, don't kid yourself

>> No.75855196

and fuck like your mother used to before you ruined my life

>> No.75855294

>should I make NPCs available for marriage?
>is it a workable player character goal to get married?
Yes. Don't create waifubait NPCs but if a PC specifically asked for a love interest, or expresses interest in an existing one cook up a couple realistic choices or situations that might lead to more
>I feel like if PCs had deep attachment to certain NPCs I could use that to lead the PCs places (via kidnapping said NPC) but also that some players would really not enjoy it if they genuinely liked the NPCs, is there a middleground?
As long as you're not doing this every campaign it's fine. Some people get really upset over their fictional relationships being used against them in a fantasy game, but fuck those delusional assholes. At the same time, some GMs can't help but use any personal connection any PC creates to instigate drama. As long as you're not doing it constantly, to the point players refuse to get closer to NPCs, you're probably fine.
>if my players start families, should I seriously bookkeep them or just let them sort of exist in a schrodinger's kids kinda way
Let them take the lead on that. If they ask about their kids a bunch and generally try and be involved, reward them with little fun tidbits and roleplay opportunity. If they don't, they simply exist.

>> No.75855386

you sound like an okay GM, anon

>> No.75855528

Unlikely. It'll just be some half-brained humping with no technique. Meanwhile the elf will have millennia of her people's recorded tantric knowledge to rely upon.

>> No.75855926

Cute dwarf but why is she green?

>> No.75855964

Dwarves reproduce via mpreg

>> No.75856024

You're stupid.

>> No.75856260

And you're a pedo

>> No.75856293

You can scream that into the void as many times as you like, but that won't make it true.

>> No.75856333

You seem awfully defensive about this, pedo

>> No.75857618


>> No.75859625

>that one fucking faggot that continually screeches about gobbos

>> No.75859708

>bumping a pedo thread

>> No.75859715

It's really pathetic.

>> No.75859801


I don't usually post in shortstack threads but I do if he's around. :3

>> No.75859941

>waaaah it's YOUR fault I'm a shitposting pedo

>> No.75860007

holy fucking based and CHECKED

>> No.75862719

Half Cloud Giant?

>> No.75862962

Better. Seriously though, what made you go for hill giant at first?

>> No.75862976

I said half-giant.
Unless giant without prefix defaults to hill giants.

>> No.75862985 [DELETED] 

It does not, whoops. Dyslexia got the better of me, sorry about that

>> No.75862995

It does not, whoops. Dyslexia got the better of me, sorry about that

>> No.75863037


>> No.75863071

>posting an avowed redditfag artist

>> No.75863394

> Feral Goblin Thief
> Haughty High Elf Princess Sorcerer
> Honorabu Dark Elf Bodyguard/Maid
> Dubious Succubus Monk
> Stoic Half-Giant Barbarian
> Inquisitive Lich currently inhabiting a Necromancy-Compatible Slime Body
> Ancient Leviathan God posing as a Mermaid Paladin of herself

>> No.75865586

>Ancient Leviathan God posing as a Mermaid Paladin of herself

>> No.75867764

Futafags please stay

>> No.75868724

Draw the mermaid, now.

>> No.75869074

>> No.75869408

How much are you gonna spam this image, chud? This thread has nothing to do with hobbits either.

>> No.75870796

I mean, she does look convenient.

>> No.75871445

make green
best waifu
good coom

>> No.75871466

I too like to bump random dead threads in the hopes someone will post one of the same 10 not-quite-porn images because I don't know what a red board is

>> No.75872481

Goblin Waifu is best waifu since she's more likely to help me on my farm. These crops won't plant themselves.

>> No.75872568

>since she's more likely to help me on my farm
The only help you'll get from a goblin is her stealing your crops to sell for drugs while she sucks big minotaur bulldick

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