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Rise of Industry Edition

>What is Genesys?
Released in November 2017, Genesys is a pen-and-paper generic RPG system and toolkit by Fantasy Flight Games, using a refined version of the system presented by their Star Wars RPGs (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny). Its central mechanic is the Narrative Dice System, using pools made of specialized dice to create narrative results. The intention is for the system to be a highly flexible narrative system, adaptable to most any conceivable setting and premise.

>(FR) EDGE formally confirms Twilight Imperium splatbook for Q1/Q2 2021, as well as Foundry language expansion and interest in adapting more Asmodee IPs
>Sam Stewart goes into detail on EDGE Studio plans

>Where can I find the books?
Check the Online Extras pastebin below for something useless. The core book is the only mandatory book.

>Player-made Genesys settings

>A quick and dirty primer on how the dice in Genesys work

>Online Extras (fillable sheets, dice rollers, quick reference sheets, generators, PDFs, etc.)

>Official Discord Server (unaffiliated with /gengen/)

>FFG Community Forums (check out the Master Resources post)

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>Thread Question
What's the fanbook or official book you'd most love to see or write?

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Since this was brought up already in a pulp games thread, but no reply, let's repeat the question:
What's Genesys advantage over Hollow Earth Expedition at running pulp?
And please don't tell me "because it's generic" - so is HEX, literally nobody plays it as a setting-specific game, since it's great generic pulp game unfortunately dragged down by having very niche setting to it.

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Has anyone bothered with any of the Chris Markham stuff on the foundry? Seems like he shits out a new doc every week.

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Apart from a second EPG that provides more general tools, I'd love to see a dedicated superheroes book. Even with the introduction of AEffects in the Keyforge book, there's still nothing concrete about how to convincingly handle superpowers, apart from core's more general suggestion of "use magic and talents to represent powers" alongside the superhero specific rules.

"Because it's generic" is only part of the answer.

One of the subsets of tools offered to GMs for building campaigns and settings is Tones - lightweight, easy-to-implement filters that can be overlaid atop any existing setting/campaign and build on the specific, well, tone that you're aiming for in your game. Tones provide a good synopsis of what they aim for, things to think about, and even one or two extra little rules to further build the flavor of the tone via mechanics. For example, the Horror tone can add a horror filter to any game you want - horror fantasy, horror weird war, horror space opera, et cetera; regardless of where it's implemented, all those games benefit from the tone and its unique rules on Fear and Sanity. Other tones include Intrigue, Mystery, Romance, Superheroes, Heist and others.

Pulp is one such tone. The core book describes the nature of pulp, the themes, running pulp-themed games, and even provides a unique rule specific to the pulp tone.
>Pulp new rule: The Cliffhanger
>End a session or major encounter with the party in imminent peril
>At the start of the next session or encounter, place all Story Points in the player pool
>They can spend the Story Points as normal to escape, OR
>They can immediately spend ALL their points and narratively describe how they escape the situation, including their actions and NPC reactions (within reason), OR
>They can immediately spend ALL their points to revive one or more incapacitated characters with half health and all strain recovered, as part of a "miraculous recovery" or "narrow escape"

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Sorry, could you please repeat the greentext part in layman terms? Never even read Genesys, so for me it's barely understandable as an example.
And as for tones and tone related mechanics, pic related effectively make me go "fuck that shit" by default, since it was my first game with tone mechanics and everything after that is still leaving the same aftertaste.
Please don't take this post as an insult, I'm just genuinely curious. If it comes as antagonising, let's blame being ESL.

Also, is there some sort of Lite version of Genesys, or I have to go through the full book?

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theres quickstart rules in drainsmith's dropbox. link is in the online extras pastebin.

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The key mechanics of Genesys referenced by the Cliffhanger are Story Points. These are a meta-currency that exist to be spent by the GM and the players, spending it flips it to the other party (So the GM spends a story point, and the players gain it, they spend it and the GM gets it). There are as many story points as there are participants in the game (so one for each PC and the GM). The idea is that you spend them to improve your rolls, make rolls harder for the opponent or introduce elements to the story that benefit you. An example given is in a space-opera game, a planet has a poisonous atmosphere and a player spends a story point to say that there's environmental suits in their ship that they can use.

Normally a session starts with the GM having one story point, and the players having one each, but this amount rarely remains. The cliffhanger tone says that if you end a session with the party in danger, at the start of the next session the players have an option to turn every story point over to the GM to have wrangled some contrived means of escape, or to heal a character who had been incapacitated to ensure that the adventure continues. The character was just a bit bruised, they're ready to continue!

It's just a little angle you can use to add some flavour and get the feel of a cliffhanger without starting the next session in the middle of a combat with the party beaten up and still about to lose, now they can come out guns blazing!

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Oh, so it works like Chips from Deadlands. Neat. At first I was afraid it's some shit like Fate points from FATE, where you simply have them.

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Story Points are the meta currency of Genesys, shared between two sides: the players as a group, and the GM. Either side has a pool of these points and can spend points to make a check easier or harder or tweak the narrative of a scene or anything else, at which point the Story Point flips to the opposite party's pool (e.g. a PC spends a SP to make a check easier, then the point goes to the GM's pool). It generally represents narrative tension and weight, depending on which side has more points. Points can typically only be spent one at a time by either side. The number of Story Points in a game equals (# of players + 1).

The Cliffhanger, the pulp tone's unique rule, is meant to represent the idea of the amazing escape against terrible odds, a pulp staple. A game session or encounter first ends with the party in a precarious situation - the eponymous cliffhanger ending. When action resumes at the next session or the following encounter/scene, the players immediately gain all the Story Points in their pool. From there, they have three options.
>Play out the encounter normally and use the Story Points as normal
>Immediately spend ALL Story Points (give them all to the GM) to freely narrate and describe how they escape the situation and NPC reactions, within GM discretion; no skill checks required, no questions asked
>Immediately spend ALL Story Points (give them all to the GM) to revive any number of dead or KO'ed characters at half health and full strain (stamina, alternate health) recovered, and then play out the scene normally; this is characterized as the "miraculous recovery" or "narrow escape" option ("You thought I was dead? Give me some credit, man")

>Also, is there some sort of Lite version of Genesys, or I have to go through the full book?
Officially, there's no "lite" version of the core book, but there are some unofficial quick start guides, like this one. Note that the core book is the only mandatory book; all others are just "nice to have."

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>the players immediately gain all the Story Points in their pool
By that, I mean they get all Story Points in the game placed in their pool, regardless of how the points were originally split in the last encounter and ignoring the standard Story Point start at the beginning of the session (1 point to the GM, all other points to the party).

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>And as for tones and tone related mechanics, [Neuroshima] effectively make me go "fuck that shit" by default, since it was my first game with tone mechanics and everything after that is still leaving the same aftertaste.
I'm not familiar with that game.

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The starter is more than enough, thanks a bunch for it and the explainations!

It's as bad as the description makes it, since it was a game made by people who first created pic related, then made Neuro and Monastyr. Imagine all the fun sucked from the hobby and nearly killing the scene, along with forever tainting post-apo. If that wasn't enough, crunch-wise it was a monstrosity that required having an Excel spreadsheet running to count things (and still usually end up with impossible results)

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Nah, they're more a tool used to enhance the narrative and tone. The GM can do all the work they want to say "this is dangerous", but it helps the players to realise that when all the story points are on the GMs side. Likewise, when the PCs are all doled up with points and they feel unstoppable. It's good fun.

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probably an exploration and vehicle based book that gives more guidance on how to run stuff like races, chases, the occasional fight in a vehicle, travelling into the unknown, and doing dumb Fast and Furious shit.

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Just steal the chase mechanics from Star Wars.

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>steals actions and special abilities from D&D
>example adventure is literally D&D
>snowflake dice
>patreon / kickstarter
>shameless pop culture soi setting crossover books
>narrative metacurrency
Is there any box of garbage this game doesn't check?

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The chase rules in question:
>Both parties make appropriate competitive check at start of round, based on if the chase is the party running/driving/flying and so on
>If the group fleeing wins, the gap between each group widens by one range band
>If the group pursing wins, the gap closes by one range band
>A less structured combat round follows, where you can use actions as normal but maneuvers can't be used to move between range bands as normal since everyone is assumed to be running here
>Repeat until fleeing group manages to get away, or pursuers win

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There's a bit more complexity to this when vehicles and speed factor in.

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The only thing that's true from your list is the gimmick dice

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I'd argue they are evenly matched and it depends purely on what you're expecting from your game to be, rather than which is objectively better. HEX wins when it comes to "fast, but still crunch-based gameplay without complicating things". Genesys wins in "fast, narrative-based gameplay with thematic rules". So depending how much numbers and how much story you want to have, either of those will be a better choice.

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>D&D invented taking actions

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Mansion-mission anon here. Are any game runners who ran the mission in this thread? I just would like to know how it went, and most important of all; was it fun to play and smooth to run?

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Would Genesys be a good choice for a game based on Mortal Kombat? Just a kitchen sink martial arts setting with ninjas, cyborgs, super-cops, shaolin monks, demons, all that god stuff.

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yeah probably, there's a martial arts foundry book which would do it for you. Cyborgs from SotB and kitchen sink from the Keyforge book

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There's also the Wandering Fighter, from the pre-Foundry days, as well as a Street Fighter book somewhere I can't find at the moment. Also watch Yu Yu Hakusho for the best tournament arc ever.

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I don't see why not. Hell, I've even taken a crack at statting a couple characters as adversaries myself (mostly as practice). But yes, given the narrative nature of the game, you can get away with a lot of stuff and put on some convincingly dramatic action. Once you get comfortable with the core book (the only mandatory book), this hack ought to help you get started.

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Have 3 mortal kombat characters.

Narmak Konggung Darbo
Bhutanese earth defender, justice system lama, he uses a combination style that resembles aikido/judo. Opponent of Shang Tsung and Kano.

Nung Tsun
'zombie' texture black uniform ninja from a VERY unpleasant underworld, enemy of Raiden and Fujin. He was sent to the underworld for trying to assassinate raiden lifetimes ago

Previously an 18th century chinese stage magician, she became a servant of Shang Tsung when he cured her typhus with an unnatural immortality potion. Many jiang-shi / kyonshi / 'chinese vampire' abilities.

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In fact, here's my Kitana spitball. Check it.

Kitana (Nemesis)
>Crown princess of Edenia and renowned fighter in the Mortal Kombat tournaments, she radiates grace and poise in all she does. She is a veteran statesman and top-flight assassin alike, dangerous and feared whether seated on her throne or standing in a blood-soaked arena.

Characteristics: Brawn 2 | Agility 4 | Intellect 3 | Cunning 4 | Willpower 3 | Presence 4
Soak (damage resistance): 2, Wound Threshold (health): 14, Strain Threshold (stamina, alternate health): 14, Defence (damage avoidance): 0/0
Skills: Charm 3, Coercion 3, Deception 3, Leadership 3, Negotiation 3, Brawl 3, Melee (Light) 3, Ranged 1, Athletics 2, Cool 2, Coordination 3, Discipline 2, Perception 2, Resilience 1, Skulduggery 2, Stealth 3, Vigilance 2, Knowledge 3
Talents: Adversary 2 (upgrade difficulty of all combat checks against this target twice), Finesse (may use Agility for Brawl or Melee [Light] checks), Backstab (attack an unaware target with a Melee [Light] weapon using Skulduggery; every uncancelled success is +2 damage), Natural Leader (once per session, reroll any one Cool or Leadership check), Dual Wielder (spend a maneuver to decrease the difficulty of the next combined [dual-wield] combat check by 1), Ruinous Repartee (once per encounter, may make an opposed Charm/Coercion vs. Discipline check targeting one character within medium range; if successful, target suffers 6 strain, plus 1 strain per Success; Kitana heals strain equal to strain inflicted)
Abilities: Nobody's Fool 2 (upgrade difficulty of all Charm, Coercion or Deception checks against Kitana twice), Killer Instinct (if Kitana scores a Critical Injury against an opponent, she no longer needs to spend a maneuver to activate Dual Wielder for the rest of the encounter), Mortal Kombat (Kitana has a special unarmed profile)
Equipment: Unarmed (Brawl; Dam +2, Crit 3; [Engaged]; Knockdown, Vicious 1); Royal Assassin's War Fan (2) (see below), fine clothing.

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>Desire: Ambition, Belonging (peace & family)
>Fear: Failure
>Strength: Idealistic
>Flaw: Intolerance, Untrusting (betrayed)

Here's the fan's weapon profile. Read it as "Name (Skill used; Damage inflicted/added to Brawn; # of Advantages needed to trigger a critical hit; range; encumbrance (how much space it takes in inventory); item qualities".

>Royal Assassin's War Fan (Melee [Light]; Damage +2; Critical 2; Range [Engaged]; Encumbrance 1; Accurate 1 (add 1 boost die to combat checks), Defensive 1 (increase melee defense by 1), Deflection 1 (increase ranged defense by 1), Superior (automatically generates 1 Advantage on all checks related to its use), Pierce 2 (ignores 2 points of soak [opponent's damage resistance]), Vicious 2 (when an attack results in a Critical Injury, add +20 to the Critical roll)
The weapon can be thrown using the following profile: (Ranged; Damage +2; Critical 2; Range [Short]; Accurate 1, Limited Ammo 1 (only usable once), Superior, Pierce 1, Vicious 1, suffer 2 Strain to automatically return the weapon to its owner if still present in the scene).
The war fan can unleash a whirlwind attack with the following profile: (Ranged; Damage +1; Critical 4; Range [Medium]; Accurate 1, Blast 3 (if attack is successful, spend 2 Advantages to trigger Blast, scoring a hit that deals 3+Successes damage in an AoE to all characters engaged with the original target), Ensnare 1 (spend 2 Advantages to immobilize a target for 1 turn, preventing use of maneuvers; requires a Hard [Difficulty 3] Athletics check to break free), Knockdown (spend 2 Advantages [more if larger target] to knock target prone), Superior).


That's a spitballing of Kitana as a high-tier adversary in Genesys. She's designed to be a terror both in combat and in social encouters, on top of being a capable sneak and assassin. A nemesis is not designed to be fought one-on-one with a PC, as they will more than likely overpower you. I tried to explain everything.

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Since you seem to know a lot, (you explained it rather clearly I thought), I have a few small questions for you.

>1: How might genesys's abilities systems represent a lama's intense spiritual training when it comes to fighting against shang tsung's various magic abilities?

>2; Any idea how genesys might represent statistically represent someone so undead they effectively do not have (or need) a health score?

>3: Would a trained stage magician have different special moves per se than a more usual kombatant, or just have a stage magic skill at a high number?

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>disengage action
>second wind action
lol ok totally original

>> No.75788743

>all those stats
I thought this was supposed to be a narrative game.

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I was just asking this because if I remember rightly Nung was operating under a 0-hp paradox, fighters just have to beat and hit and beat and hit until he breaks apart, you can't beat him by depleting health to zero.

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>How might genesys's abilities systems represent a lama's intense spiritual training when it comes to fighting against shang tsung's various magic abilities?
Talents, most likely.

>Any idea how genesys might represent statistically represent someone so undead they effectively do not have (or need) a health score?
I don't quite follow. I mean, there's an undead feature you can slap on any given enemy.
>Undead (Does not need to breathe, eat, or drink, and can survive underwater; immune to poisons and toxins)
I mean, there needs to be a threshold to substantiate breaking apart his body, so it may as well be represented by wounds.

>Would a trained stage magician have different special moves per se than a more usual kombatant, or just have a stage magic skill at a high number?
I don't know. I'm not making your characters, so I can't say what they can or can't do. That said, there isn't specifically a "stage magic skill." You can use Deception for social trickery and Skulduggery for physical trickery (sleight of hand, etc.).

>> No.75788832

thats what I thought. I'm not reconstructing them for genesys per se, I'm just trying to see what they would be like in genesys. But this clears up a lot. As for Nung, yes, what I meant was how would the game represent him having technically 0 health and you needing to beat him into rubble to defeat him. These are long ago characters I just barely remember, but if you want to use them I could theoretically put together at least enough information about them that they could be statted later.

>> No.75788868

Yes, Genesys is a narrative game, but there's still a moderate level of crunch that provides mechanical grounding for everything going on. It's not as bad as it looks. I just went out of my way to explain every little thing, plus that Kitana is a relatively beefy character.

Characteristics are your core stats, what everything else builds off of.
Soak, wound and strain thresholds are derived from those core stats. Defense usually comes from outside sources, unless you have some in-built ability.
Skills are your skill ranks in assorted skills. This version of Kitana just happens to have a lot of skills.
Talents and Abilities are unique features and tricks the character has. The difference is that Talents are available for PCs to take as well in their own progression, while Abilities are one-of-a-kind features exclusive to this adversary.
Equipment covers weapons, armor and gear.
Motivations are typically a PC-only thing, but a nemesis can have them as well; these are what compels a character to do things and can be exploited in social encounters (once you figure out what they are).

>> No.75788892

For good measure, here's ersatz Mileena. No jagged maw and more subtle in general; still a monster.

Satsuki the Viper (Nemesis)
>A top shelf assassin and seductress, warped and cursed by dark magics. She derives pleasure from violence, finding ecstacy in the art of spilt blood. In public, she is a most beautiful wolf among sheep; in the shadows, she is a stalking serpent; in the open, she fights possessed, like a crazed animal.

B3 A4 I2 C3 W1 P3
Soak: 3, WT: 14, ST: 14, Defence: 0/0
Skills: Charm 2, Coercion 2, Deception 2, Brawl 3, Melee (Light) 3, Ranged 1, Athletics 2, Coordination 2, Skulduggery 3, Stealth 3, Vigilance 2
Talents: Adversary 2 (upgrade difficulty of all combat checks against this target twice), Finesse (may use Agility for Brawl or Melee [Light] checks), Backstab (attack an unaware target with a Melee [Light] weapon using Skulduggery; every uncancelled success is +2 damage), Natural (once per session, reroll any one Stealth or Skulduggery check), Berserk (once per encounter, until the end of the encounter, gain 1 Success and 2 Advantages on all melee combat checks; combat checks targeting Satsuki gain 1 Success; cannot make ranged attacks; suffer 6 strain at the end of combat), Dual Wielder (spend a maneuver to decrease the difficulty of the next combined combat check by 1)
Abilities: Cornered Beast (once per encounter, if Satsuki fails a Stealth or Skulduggery check, or if she suffers a Critical Injury, may spend a Story Point to either a) gain +1 Agility and activate Dual Wielder at no cost for the rest of the scene, or b) immediately vanish from sight and exit the scene), Killer Touch (Satsuki has a special unarmed profile)
Equipment: Unarmed (Brawl; Dam +3, CR 3; [Engaged]; Knockdown, Vicious 1); Paired sais "The Fangs" (2) (Melee [Light]; Dam +3; CR 3; [Engaged]; Accurate 1, Defensive 1, Pierce 1, Vicious 1; can be thrown at [Short] range, suffer 2 strain to automatically return the sai to its owner if still present in the scene)

>> No.75789003

>Desire: Ambition (power)
>Fear: Change
>Strength: Courageous
>Flaw: Anger, Compulsion (vices: lust, death), Pride, Recklessness

Part of her profile comes inspired by the Intelligence Agent nemesis from the modern setting in the core book, but otherwise, she was designed wholly using the "Create an Adversary" guidelines in the GM chapter in the core book.

Apparently, the core book says three talents is "plenty" for a nemesis, but they also say that you should only give them talents that will actually be relevant. In Satsuki's case, her talents are about open combat (Adversary to increase overall threat, Finesse to exploit her Agility, Berserk to reflect her wild style, Dual Wielder to let her use twin weapons effectively) and ninja sneaking to strike from shadows (Backstab to sneak attack her victims, Natural to ensure her Stealth/Skulduggery is effective). Heck, her special ability reinforces this: if she somehow botches being a silent killer or takes a nasty hit, and she absolutely doesn't want to give up her chance (spend a Story Point), she can either go super-berserk for a harder fight or make a hasty escape to try again later. The additional social skills she has are to both show off her social tendencies and - best-case scenario for her - honeypot her target so she can get close enough to shiv them or poison them.

"Fight or flight." The most primal response to danger.

>> No.75789059

The mansion mission, some clarification added, spelling errors fixed, some other small additions, final version, set to expire in 1 week.


>> No.75789082

That's a lot of moving parts.

>> No.75789121

Let's say Sheeva for example punched Satsuki so hard one of satsuki's eyes fell out of her head completely, would Satsuki suffer a wound only, or a wound and depletion of relevant stats? I'm not trying to annoy you by asking dummy questions here I'm just trying to make sure I understand combat in the genesys system.

>> No.75789129

That would be a Critical Injury, which is considerably more serious than just "suffer a wound."

>> No.75789144

Admittedly I was a bit vague on exactly where injury turns to critical injury, but I had been told about CI's previously. Going out on a limb here I'm going to guess that she would both have a CI and have at least one suddenly lower stat.

>> No.75789160

The critical injury might cause the character to take a negative to Agility-related checks for the scene (or until the wound is medically treated). I don't think there's an entry for eye loss in the official chart, but there is one for limb loss; and I for one would love a bevy of different Critical charts based on different damage types/weapons (like the Warhammer 40K systems do, from what I understand).

>> No.75789161

>she would both have a CI and have at least one suddenly lower stat
Depends on the Critical Injury. It could be a concussion, it could be a nasty gash, it could be the aforementioned dislocated eye. There are specific CIs that can affect checks from certain characteristics or even the characteristic itself.

>> No.75789174

There is at least one Foundry work that expands on the Critical Injury system, but I haven't seen it.

>> No.75789310

Not to be mister nitpicky bastard here but there is one question I have about this. Does it apply to things that are not actually alive, such as robots or golems? Also, does it apply to very situational fights or not? By that I mean fights that are not actually taking place because they are in a dream, memory, or mind-only more generally setting?

To explain a bit more clearly; let's say Shinnok cast a spell on Johnny cage to make him fight Darkside Johnny cage, who is expressly not real or alive and exists only in Johnny cage's mind.

Would darkside johnny cage suffer critical injuries, or not? I would tend towards yes in the specific case of darkside johnny cage, since it is an evil-magic imitation of an organic being, but no in the case of robots or golems, albeit robots or golems might suffer stat depletion for example when they lose a limb..

>> No.75789370

Flat rule: if the adversary is a Rival or Nemesis, then you can crit them and inflict a Critical Injury. Unless you have an exception baked into the adversary's profile (which honestly doesn't come up often), assume they are vulnerable to crits.

A golem ostensibly has the same ability as the Undead feature (>>75788807). It's just called "Mechanical."

>> No.75789390

That's up to the GM's adjudication, I suppose. I know that the Star Wars RPG that Genesys was spun off from had a separate Critical Injuries table for star ships. Also the various robotic archetypes generally have a 'this character is healed by Mechanics checks instead of Medicine checks' ability of some sort.

Personally if I were to GM something that involved a moderate-to-heavy amount of mind-combat psychic chicanery I'd homebrew up a Strain-based CI chart to go along with the default Wounds-based one. Or just have only the Critical Injuries carry over, as an 'unhealing wound' a lá the heroes journey mythological interpretation.

>> No.75789391

A darkside copy of a good character would probably automatically be considered a rival or nemesis due to their nature, so would be covered by this.

>> No.75789399

For the record, you can crit a Minion, but inflicting a Critical Injury on a Minion kills them outright.

>> No.75789418

Incapacitates, which for an adversary means "immediately out of the fight."

>> No.75789482

Generally I roll the dice before flavouring an attack. And for mental battles, I'd say they inflict strain damage rather than wounds. If they lose they are unconscious/otherwise incapacitated or maybe mind controlled?

>> No.75789503

In that case when Johnny Cage kicks darkside johnny cage so hard his intestines fly out his butthole, darkside JC would suffer strain, rather than critical injury, and would roll some form of strain resist attempt, either failing and then dissipating in a combat-resolve, or, succeeding and being intact again to fight another round.

>> No.75789643

Have 3 Street fighter characters

Oseana Braddock
Scottish female bartitsu fighter, equal to Rose in psychic power. She escaped Vega (mask and claw vega) as a child. She's one of the few sideline characters who knows Vega's true identity.

Huey Belger
Leadership level Mad Gear member, nearly equal to abigail in size and weight, but a fat-man build. He doesn't actually know martial arts, he's just extremely big and strong. Chun li would like to arrest him, but M. Bison would like him as a minion.

Sergei Verpenskyiev
A close personal friend of M. Bison, Sergei uses a lot of the same special moves as Geese Howard, since he is Bison's liaison member with howard.

>> No.75789655

These old characters of yours seem to keep crawling out of the woodworks, don't they?

>> No.75789668

No, these are not old, I just came up with a tiny bit about them just now.

>> No.75789671

I can smell the "early '00s freeform RP OC donut steel" from here.

>> No.75789687

Sniff the smell. Enjoy it. Inhale it like it is a beautiful woman's brap floating up your nose. Because it's not going away any time soon.

>> No.75791090

Maybe, I don't know how MK works at all.

>> No.75791140

If you ignore the signature hyper-violence, Mortal Kombat is a gonzo setting: a multiverse filled with gods, empowered mortals, magic, advanced technology, and all kinds of wild shit. Just throw all your action figures in a pile and let them have at it. It's still all about the hyper-violence at the end of the day, mind you.

>> No.75791158

It's superheroes in all but name and with a lot more martial arts.

>> No.75792162

That's the impression I got. I'd definitely say that some mental battle against evil-you would use Strain instead of conventional damage. I'm picturing the end of Dead Space 2, I don't know if evil-you is a physical version or not but I'm going with not.

>> No.75792938

I really like your ideas for Mileena and Kitara. Have you done stats for other fighting game characters?

>> No.75794758

Special moves & fatalities.

Narmak Konggung Darbo
>Mountain pass - unnerve damage and confuse an opponent by flying through their body like a hologram
>Mountains storm - intercept and throw an attacker by suddenly-instantly kung-lao spinning while a swing against you is in motion
>Boulder toss - intercept and body-slam an opponent by catching an attacking limb
>Mountain shatter - Devastate an opponent with a gigantic extremely strong big-swing chop-hand strike to the head
>Fatality 1: Merciful fate - Single hit connects on a target, they hallucinate the 5 to 7 best moments of life, then UGH! they're suddenly dead w/o any form of pain or discomfort
>Fatality 2: Exorcism - Enter a targets mind and beat the holy HELL out of their darkside until it fist of the north star explodes

Nung Tshan (spelling corrected)
>SUFFER! - a hellraiser chain stabs a target from a seemingly random direction
>YOU'RE COMING WITH ME! - Teleport throw a target into an extremely unpleasant offscreen hell for 1 combo worth of damage, a gate puking them out at the end back to 'onscreen'
>WEAKNESS MAKES ME SICK! - vomit a big cloud of burning pitch black rancid stomach acid
>AGONY AWAITS! - multiple hellraiser chains stab a target and do a body-slam combo
>Fatality 1 - Going Down - Hit a victim with a giant hell-hammer so hard they fly through the floor into hell
>Fatality 2 - Utter torment - Tear a victim's skin off and then chains rip them apart

>Avoi-dance - automatically smoke-bomb teleport to effortlessly dodge up to 5 strikes
>Tiger mask - A tiger mask appears on Tsien-Tshi, she is 5x strong and fast for a short time
>Heron Dance - Uppercut into the air followed by up to 7 teleport dive bomb attacks
>Cooking Show - Tsien-tshi juggles chinese weapons & throws them instead of punching
>Fatality 1- Magic gun - Shoot a HOARD of chinese weapons at a target
>Fatality 2 - Breath - steal -all- a victim's o2, causing death

>> No.75795900

One, but not for Mortal Kombat.

>> No.75795965

Would the build be that much different for fighters who do not have super-powers? Such as for example Jeffrey and Shun Di (Virtua Fighter) or Hwang Jinrei (tekken)?

>> No.75795993

Maybe. Everything needs context.

>> No.75796715

And now, just in case they were ever used as premade player characters or used as prominent kombatants in an overarching storyline, a small more info about each.

Narmak Konggung Darbo is from Bhutan, age 39, and is entering the tournament for 2 reasons, 1, to arrest kano after the theft of a very valuable statuette from a bhutanese lamasary, and 2, to try and convince Shang Tsung to give up on evil sorcery and become a devout Buddhist. The statuette contains a high-power magical prehistoric weapon, no one, not even Raiden, knows this.

Nung Tshan is a putrid zombie-texture ninja with black and red attire, and so obviously definitely-not-alive that he exudes a cloud of stink waves and flies flutter around him. Shinnok releases him to compete after discovering that Nung has lived in oriental-hell for hundreds of years and managed to not die a single time. Nung does not know he is merely competing for Shinnok's amusement, or that shinnok cannot actually grant him the promised freedom if he wins.

Tsien-Tshi has been having a sordid affair with Nitara for a long, long, time, and all of it behind Shang Tsung's back. Shang punishes them both by forcing Tsien to be a kombatant even though she is a circus performer, not a warrior (despite being effectively a vampire). Shao Khan makes Tsien his main mage and makes Shang be a circus performer if Tsien wins the tournament.

>> No.75798069

D&D didn't invent the concept of disengaging or the colloquialism of having your "second wind."

>> No.75798187

Seem to recall a mechanic in one of the very early systems, could have been superhero or hero, that was called Second Wind. I recall it from when I was mostly playing D&D2 and Superhero. It wasn't precisely a shrug off, it was more like you survive devastating or deadly injuries but you had a very tiny fraction of whatever the health stat was called afterward. Thinking back on it I can't recall a single instance of a mechanic named second wind in any D&D edition that I played, you are most likely right. I think however that superhero was, for the purposes of traditional tabletop gaming, the first system to have a specifically named and set up mechanic for having a well defined and clear cut form of a second wind.

>> No.75799945

>> No.75802511

>> No.75802834

Your picture gave me an idea suddenly. The girl is in trouble, serious trouble, she is waiting for a detective. She has the allies and resources to survive the scenario, but she has no relevant skills at all. The culture is like that of the gritty urban noir of the 30s and 40s, but the setting is Mars, 2073, in Mecha-City 001. The reason the girl is important, important enough for the whole scenario to even happen in the first place is because she is the only person on mars who is both a trained telepath (communicating only, not controlling), and she has the lazarus gene (lifespan x300). Not to mention she's getting slightly famous as a soap opera person too. Armed only with her wits, her telepathy, and her friends she must navigate her way through a deadly world of cyborgs, telepath hunters, and vast and shadowy conspiracies that reach out to envelop the entire surface of mars. With the help of a hired detective cyborg male lead named Grady Waldorf, her ever-faithful servobot Anime, (her name is the word anime), and a few random small bits of help from someone named 'Zer0-Sum', she must find Douglas Quaid, and find her way off of mars.

>> No.75803652

Just in case the setting needs to be used at some point without the rest of it.

Mecha-City 001 has 6 main megacorps, Derontgy (investment finance), Itoyama (computers), Tyrell (replicants), Oceantech (air/water), Cadorno (light industry), Weissler (heavy industry).

It's population is 26 million 893 thousand.

Accepted monetary units include; Martian Franc, Martian Rand, Martian Lira, Earth Nuyen, Earth Ruble, Earth Renminbi, Earth Dollar

The average minimalist flat for 1 person costs around 12&1/2 monetary units per day. Rent is controlled and is never more than 37,870 monetary units a month.

The longest traffic jam in the city's recent history was 14 mars hours 49 mars minutes long.

Air quality is strictly monitored, smoking is forbidden in every part of the colony's interior.

The wait time for an incoming resident to get internet and utilities ranges from 5 hours to 23 hours 42 minutes, which is the longest ever recorded.

Work shifts are controlled in length and never longer than 14 hours for minimum wage jobs.

The death penalty is practiced, the usual method of execution is to be expelled through an airlock, which closes behind you, death resulting.

Primate pets are completely outlawed but primate replicants are legal.

All police, riot, and military duties are handled by the Force Publique, controlled by the office of viceroy of mars.

The city's shield wall was designed by Vault-tech, and the city's power is generated by U-Mars, a government control nuclear utilities electricity company.

>> No.75805495

>> No.75806700

My campaign ended last week and now my fridays seem a little bit listless. One of my players mentioned they might be up for running Edge of the Empire, but not for at least a few weeks. I hope everyones games are all going well!

>> No.75807982

How did the campaign resolve? Was it satisfying, did everyone have a good time?

Mine is currently heading into what feels like the final Act, and it's making me a little mournful.

>> No.75808340

It ended terrifically, the players snuck into the haunted castle, encountered a groundhog-day scooby doo gang and got them killed several times to advance through the castle, then bullied the necromancer to death with 3 crits (2 triumphs and 3 advantage) on the first hit, brekaing her leg and they all started kicking her to death. Our priest also summed a facet of his god when he got an additional 2 triumphs. They banished the ancient evil manipulating the necromancer, met up with some buddies who arrived to help them in their time of need. Campaign ended with our knight being gifted a fuck-huge horse and a map to a grail. No doubt I'll pick up the characters again in the future, I started a sketch of the party but I can't get the knight right. It's hard to draw a dynamic pose that involves him swinging a giant sword without his arms covering his chest or his arms looking daft.

Enjoy the campaign anon, I'm sure the players are.

>> No.75809276

It is now at least 300 years later and a new party is off on a quest, this time in a race against evil to find the grail before a royal villain at the head of a militaristic state finds it. Knight found the grail, knight is now Old Knight who protects the grail in the magical mystery temple, where Old knight is immortal.

>> No.75809733

Peanut gallery incoming, star wars saga had mechanics and builds designed around their second wind action.

>> No.75809960

I faintly remember playing that but I think at the time I couldn't remember whether it was star wars saga or a superhero sci-fi mod.

>> No.75813749

>> No.75815473

I mean, that's pretty in line with the MK roster.

>> No.75815622

To be fair I (I created the characters) only played the first 3 MK's. They are not as detailed as I would have liked them but the MK characters at least are old and rarely used.

>> No.75817747

That armor shits me but I can't explain it

>> No.75817931

One of my players has a recurring nemesis who gets inside their head and tries to take control of their body.

What's a good way to go about conceptualizing this struggle into a short encounter that is more than just a dice roll?

>> No.75818005 [DELETED] 

In general, give them the "Fear: Nemesis" Motivation, so that it actually impacts how they interact with the world.
>Your character has a deadly foe, someone they fear (even if they don't admit it). The nature of the enemy is up to you, but we suggest you consult with your GM. After all, your GM surely wants to bring this up in the game.

Sometimes, it might just be as simple as a dice roll. In your case, it may be an opposed Discipline vs. Discipline check to represent the test of wills.

>> No.75818049

In general, give them the "Fear: Nemesis" Motivation, so that it actually impacts how they interact with the world.
>Your character has a deadly foe, someone they fear (even if they don't admit it). The nature of the enemy is up to you, but we suggest you consult with your GM. After all, your GM surely wants to bring this up in the game!
It affects how they talk with others, gives them a weak spot that others can exploit. It's a pain point for the character, so it should build upon the narrative.

Sometimes, it might just be as simple as a dice roll. In your case, it may be an opposed Discipline vs. Discipline check to represent the test of wills. If they pass the test with threats, they may still temporarily lose control of maybe a limb, like an arm, just to demonstrate the reach of the nemesis's power.

>> No.75819754

>> No.75820213

This sounds pretty spot on.

>> No.75821457

sound bitching, great stuff anon

>> No.75823575

That is really dope art.

>> No.75823627

It's meant to be different from the more usual adventure in that the main character has minimal skill-utility and MUST rely on correctly used items and using the right partner at the right time, as well as swaying people at the right time or fir the right reason, and meant to have relatively little openly done combat.

>> No.75823652

If you saw the original total recall, the guy that called Arnie about the probe up his nose and gave Arnie the black suitcase is Zero Sum.

>> No.75823984


>> No.75825083

Sounds like your second attempt at a point-and-click adventure game in the strictest terms in Genesys.

>> No.75828055

>> No.75829958

nice dog whistle you bootlicking fuck. unironically kill yourself

>> No.75832137

Well I did learn from the best. Zork, Shadowgate, the uninvited, deja vu.

>> No.75832159

That doesn't necessarily mean you're using the system to its full potential, either. What you're presenting are very narrow scenarios.

>> No.75832196

It is only my 4th attempt ever at a genesys game. I prefer to widen the setting slowly as I gain deeper familiarity with genesys rules and how they usually function in the average game.

>> No.75833262

Point and click adventures are a hilariously shitty choice of framework to use for an open ended narrative-focused tabletop RPG system. Like why even use the game's mechanics at that point?

>> No.75833302

Or you could just, y'know, run an existing module as your primer to the system. That gives you way more to work with and expose yourself to instead of this piecemeal process of sticking to these highly curated scenarios with characters that are intended to have far-too-narrow skillsets for the premise to even work properly.

>> No.75834359

>> No.75835886

>> No.75836331

Alright well I'll just run it without the games mechanics then.

No, I want to build my own things and use them.

>> No.75836478

Fundamentally what it amounts to is that I'm not going to spend 1 penny or 1 second reading 1 word of 1 page of any module adventure unless I'm 10000000000000000000% sure players want to play it routinely and that they like it enough to play it more than 1 time, AND, I like it enough to routinely run it.

>> No.75836802

And that's any module adventure period, not just genesys. Though I might buy one to study and the rewrite 80 to 99% of to the point that its effectively a whole new adventure.

>> No.75837249

When, if ever, should you bump Adversary from 1 to 2?

>> No.75837277

I know you are dumb but you understand the concept of parties and team work right? I mean, if everyone in the party can do the whole game without the rest of the party, what's the point of having the rest of the party? A lot of what I have designed for these threads is made intentionally so that you CANNOT WIN without a well put together party with an actually-diverse set of skills.

>> No.75837472

Do you have any scripted or cinematic fights in which it's part of the overarching storyline that the nemesis absolutely always wins that 1 specific encounter? If you do, then might be the time to elevate from 1 to 2, and then go back to 1 afterward.

>> No.75837672

I personally use Adversary 2 to let players know that a fight has mechanics attached, and that if they follow them they can reduce the Adversary rating.

>> No.75837748

Interesting! What kind of attached mechanics would reduce the Adversary rating?

Knowledge of the terrain, or of the nemesis?

Oh geeze, is two really that much more potent? :X

>> No.75837776

In my experience, it's the threat of an additional despair that makes the players more concerned rather than a statistical downgrade to their chances of success.
Given that the combats are all theatre of the mind, the mechanics are more in the vein of "stand in X place" or "Y enemy is channelling a shield, kill them!" Sometimes they might have to do something like disrupt a ritual circle, that kind of thing.

>> No.75837777

I dont believe it's that much more potent, I was just giving a narrative / storytelling based answer rather than a hard mechanics answer.

>> No.75837832


Thank you both very much for the insight :)

This upcoming BBEG fight is going to be cinematic and environmentally involved so I'll bump it to 2 and let the players know that they could conceivably downgrade one of them if they're clever.

>> No.75837878

No worries anon, hope it goes well!

In the finale I ran last week my players completely disregarded any attempt I had at mechanics and rushed in to slap the necromancer in melee, despite her having Adversary 2 and 1 defence. It didn't matter in the slightest, 3 critical hits on one attack and she was dead as all hell. But it's the thought that counts.

>> No.75837923

Does genesys have any immune combatant rules or mechanics?

For example let's say P.C. Belmont is trying to kill off another of those oh so lovely golem bosses. However, because belmont did a side quest, belmont knows that the only way to beat the golem, absolutely period, is to destroy another object in the room that is not connected to the golem. Golem is running a 0 HP paradox and will put itself back together steadily even from reduction to sand, ash, or being exiled to another dimension.

In my view this would mean that golem doesn't have a health score, and that weak point object does even though it is an otherwise rather normal object.

>> No.75837975

Full disclosure: I want to rewrite Simon's quest to be better in every way and be for 2 to 4 people, that's why I asked.

>> No.75838406

I'd just have that happen. No rule enforcing it, just your say-so as GM. Give enough information for the players to piece it together, maybe when the Golem is killed an urn or a potters wheel glows and it starts to rebuild itself. If a wizard or someone is there they could make a knowledge check to pick up in to beforehand. The Golem will heal for X wounds at the end of each round and undo any suffered critical injuries (if it has any).

>> No.75838539

So chart the golems stats and special abilities or etc (plan to give it trained Olympic wrestler attacks) but make health on it a -- stat and put a health stat on the whatever it is. A vat sized urn that spews clay like a fountain when the golem is rebuilding seems topical. Now for the next huge step, hard statting enemies and items and sp forth instead of just doing a big lore pastebin as I had previously been doing.

>> No.75838543

You sound like you are looking to play a class-based game like D&D, PF, or DH1. You may not end up having fun using Genesys in which players can have characters that don't suck at walking and talking.

>> No.75838570

You don't play games. Reddit is that way.

>> No.75838597

No, give the golem a wound threshold as usual. Just, when it hits that threshold, it is 'killed'. At the end of the round, if the magical wotsit is still intact then the Golem heals a set amount of wounds, pieces itself back together and carries on fighting.

>> No.75839122

I feel like I see people use "It's a narrative system" to ward off a certain level of mechanical complexity to the game. What are your thoughts on things that are too complex/granular for the system? Where do you draw the line? What areas do you think deserve more depth than they are given in the core rules? How far is too far when adding depth? Doesn't have to be a universal rule, obviously a lot of it depends on the setting. Just curious to read the room on the subject of complexity vs abstraction.

>> No.75839360

It's subjective to be sure, but my general guideline is "would it annoy me if this was streamlined?" Obviously, highly subjective, I can overlook some things and not others. If you want a poison dagger to be different to an acid dagger, to a fire dagger and enemies to have different damage resistances, then I say this probably isn't the system for you based on that alone. You could do "Has +1 soak against fire attacks", but if you care enough about elemental resistances you'll probably want something more indepth than that, and there'll be a better ruleset.

>> No.75840952

Like >>75839360 says, it's subjective. Genesys itself aims for a cinematic flair in everything it does, so certain decisions are made to minimize fuss. The one example that always sticks out to me is how base Genesys treats ammo management. In short: it doesn't. You do not run out of ammo until you roll a despair on a check and the GM says "you're out of ammo." At which point, you spend an item (an ammo magazine or something else) to refill your ammo and keep going. It's quite literally a case of "Don't worry about it until I tell you to worry about it." Nothing says you can't run a game where you're expected to count bullets, and the capacity is there to do so, but by default, you don't.

Don't sweat the fine details if you don't have to. There is enough mechanical complexity there to offer meaningful choices and interactions in most cases. If you want to run a finer comb through the system, go for it, but never be afraid to err on the side of simplicity.

>> No.75841689

>In short: it doesn't.
Or more accurately, it at least pays lip service to the idea of ammo management.

>> No.75841737

To be clear, nothing says you aren't narratively changing mags between sprays of gunfire, but rolling that despair means you might genuinely be out of ammo, and unless you have extra ammo on your person, your weapon is dry, and you'll have to either pull out another gun, scavenge some ammo, or go without until you replenish your supplies.

>> No.75843213

I think it comes down to the type of story you're telling, right? I can also see a certain setting/mood, a genre where ammo management is something the characters should think about, doing something like dropping the requirement to trigger an "Out of Ammo" scenario to 2 or 3 Threats, if the characters are expected to be carrying ammo on them and all you're doing is making them spend a maneuver to reload.

Honestly, maybe I'm completely off base with a lot of this. But it's something I've been thinking about for the setting I'm working on, which is criminal underworld focused. I don't have a lot of experience with Genesys specifically, but I played in an EotE campaign with a not-dissimilar theme for a few years. I felt like EotE combat could use a little bit more depth, not in a sense to make it more gamey, but to bring out dramatic elements I felt it lacked. That said, I'm just a big fan of action economy and I like the idea creating opportunities for players to have to choose how they spend their maneuver(s) and I think that, in the right setting, having to reload/manage ammo (in a limited sense) could be thematically compelling.

>> No.75843250

Then knock yourself out. Genesys is not very far removed from EotE, so you're already on board with most of what the system asks of you.

>> No.75843416

That's kinda what I picked up. It seems to already make a few changes I wanted (like nuking Talent trees from orbit, it was the only way to be sure). I've been trying to glean as much info as I can from success & failure stories of other peoples' experiences modifying the system. I think I'm getting an okay grasp on the spirit of the system that informed their design decisions. I do with the core book focused more on the core elements and had more information detailing their design process and laying out guidelines for modifying it.

>> No.75843446

I think it does fairly well by providing guides on creating most anything you need for your game. The issue is less that the book doesn't explain itself and more that the book doesn't fully demonstrate it with more examples. "Lack of examples" is one of the core book's only real weaknesses.

>> No.75845858

>> No.75845903

I've been contributing pastebins steadily for a few threads now, but what I would like to do is take the best bits of a mechanics-heavy system and either fuse or partially use them inside genesys. My goal is to blend the narrative flexibility of genesys with the clear-cut event paths one finds in the a lot more heavily mechanics-oriented systems, and to do this better than any currently existing company would do it.

>> No.75847246

>> No.75848760

Major NPCs routinely had more than Adversary 1 in Star Wars. It's not that much of a big deal. Vader was Adversary 4.

>> No.75850324


So it went fairly well! We started with 1 red die for the first check of the encounter and the player immediately rolled a success, 4 threat, and a despair.

So they were able to resist being enthralled, but their next check was upgraded to 2 challenge die. ROLLED TWO DESPAIR on that check (damn) and this dream sequence became a nightmare sequence instead which, after another check or two, ended with the player being buried alive metaphorically.

It was awesome!

Now my players will know for the upcoming BBEG that when they are getting 2 by default - shit is serious.

>> No.75850710

Sounds like you drove the point of the dice home pretty well, good work anon.
Vader is definitely more an exception. I've had nemesis with Adversary 2 but I've never pushed beyond that except for single-turns with abilities and such.

>> No.75852775

>> No.75855259

>> No.75857144

>> No.75858369

Anyone working on anything cool?

>> No.75861000

>> No.75862960

Not presently, I'll admit.

>> No.75863907

Not right now, I'd hoped I could channel my depression into writing AD some more but it just wasn't happening. I gave a shot at statting some enemies from Killing Floor but wasn't feeling that either, presently I've just found a batch of old warhammer from when I was a teenager and I'm painting that up.

>> No.75864140

Sure. But Han Solo was 3. Rank and file Death Troopers are 1. Lando is 2.

And your main villain should probably be the Vader of your campaign, shouldn't they?

>> No.75864540

I think there's a bit of a conflation with the importance of those characters to us, the audience. If you took away their names you'd have;
Emperors enforcer, the big bad. Probably Adversary 3?
Smooth talker and pilot who was in charge of a flying city. Social nemesis, adversary 2 (but probably 1 with bodyguards).
Shock troopers, elite but faceless soldiers, adversary 1.
Smuggler. Adversary 1.

I posit that they're only as powerful as they are because Han Solo is a protagonist and skews the 'balance' in his favour.

>> No.75864821

Yes, but your story also has protagonists and antagonists. This is a cinematic system.

>> No.75864993

Yeah, my point was that Han Solos adversary rating is so high because he's a protagonist in the films, but not necessarily in your campaign. So I feel his rating is too high and throws the others out of whack.

>> No.75865116 [DELETED] 

There's a difference between "a smuggler" and "THE smuggler." There's a difference between your average blockade-breaking gunrunner and Han Solo, hero of the Rebel Alliance and the buy who quick-draw on Darth Vader himself. Depowering him because "it's not the movies anymore" is selling the character short. Giving Han Adversary 3 represents not merely his skill and luck but also his importance to the story. You're not expected to just casually take him out as if he had fewer ranks.

>> No.75865130

There's a difference between "a smuggler" and "THE smuggler." There's a difference between your average blockade-breaking gunrunner and Han Solo, hero of the Rebel Alliance and the guy who quick-drew on Darth Vader himself. Depowering him because "it's not the movies anymore" is selling the character short. Giving Han Adversary 3 represents not merely his skill and luck but also his importance to the story. You're not expected to just casually take him out as if he had fewer ranks, and if you do, you better have good reason for it beyond "I don't think he's actually that good."

>> No.75866876

>> No.75869243

>> No.75869546

Some fan art a friend and player at my table did of the current campaign BBEG.

>Master Baquan of the Monastery of the Liquid Swords, former member of the Order of the White Lotus

>Obviously a waterbender
>Signature Technique: Form of the Frigid Blade

>As a maneuver, suffer 2 strain to bend water to hug your blade, turning it to a thin coat of sub-zero ice. Attacks made with this icy blade gain an automatic Advantage. You can trigger Ensnare 1 on a successful hit (spending 2 Advantage). The effect lasts until the beginning of your next turn, and requires concentration to sustain through rounds (i.e. add a Setback die on subsequent checks, keep the effect without suffering strain later).

>As a Master, Baquan has learned to do this as an incidental, suffering 1 additional strain. He has learned to maintain his focus even under pressure, and does not need incur the Setback penalty. On a successful hit, Baquan can spend 2 advantage to force the target to make a Resilience check as an incidental; if they fail, the target is Disoriented by the sudden and overwhelming drop of body temperature, and Ensnared by the ice creeping up their feet (Disorient 2, Ensnare 2).

>> No.75869633

>force the target to make a Resilience check as an incidental
With a difficulty of what?

>> No.75870136

Oh whoops, that should say Hard (3 purp).

I'm excited to see him in combat next session. Our last session ended with them having successfully tracked him down in Si Wong Desert after an IRL year of campaigning.

>> No.75871273

>> No.75873166

nothing atm, our group ended up going with another system for a campaign and Genesys is back to the backburner

>> No.75875349

Does anyone use an alternative to the core career system? I don't find choosing a bundle of 8 preselected skills to be very compelling and I feel like a lot of their selection for certain careers is pretty arbitrary. I'm not sure what I'd prefer, I'm just looking for alternatives.

>> No.75875391

"Make your own career" is the most common alternative. Let a player build, name and fluff a career of their own. The difference between that and GM-provided careers is that GM careers are more likely to be grounded in-universe and provide more acceptable flavor than whatever a player might hack together.

>> No.75875602

I reverted to some SWFFG concepts, namely Careers (and Specializations).

I gave each Career a unique ability. 5 named Skills are designated as Career. You choose 3, get a free rank.

Five Skills are designated when you choose a Spec; two of them overlap with the Career skills, so that you walk away from creation with 8 Career skills. Choose 3, free rank. This lets you potentially get to rank 2 out-the-gate.

Picking a spec lets you choose one of two Tier 1 talents to acquire for free.

Specs come with a table of 9 talents fitting the flavor, which the character may acquire for a discount of 5xp (to a minimum of 5 - this way you can get your T1 ranked talents stacked more quickly with the right Spec). They don't have to, and talents are still built with the pyramid format so you can still build outside of this structure, unlike with Talent Trees.

Lotta freebies, I know. But I prefer this loose structure as an alternative to the suggested 'Knight' play which just gives extra XP.

>> No.75876087

I think I agree with you that careers are a good way to establish the setting and who the players can be/what they can do. I don't think I want to do away with careers entirely or have my players build their own careers.
This sounds like a lot of work! Sounds pretty cool though.

I might just do half n' half. Have Careers that are 4 set skills (give or take) and then let the player choose the rest as fits their character concept, based on their background, hobbies, whatever. A Medic might have Cool, Discipline, Knowledge, Medicine, but if they were in the military maybe they take Ranged (Heavy) or if they took years of self defense, or are members of their local gun club, they take Brawl or Ranged (Light).

>> No.75876261

Ahah, it wasn't something I came up with all at once, that's for sure.

The 4 predetermined, 4 take-your-pick method is probably not a bad route to good either; gives them some structure, and some freedom. I would restrict it so they can't take more than 2 skills from any one category (social, general, knowledge, combat).

But yeah I love that idea. For no reason whatsoever other than I thought it would be cool, when players choose their Archetype in Avatar: The Second Age, they also get to pick 2 skills and be like "those are class skills for me because my backstory".

>> No.75878612

>> No.75880452

>> No.75881535

I personally I go with 4 or 6 set, and let the players choose the remainers to fill out their skills. Gives them a chance to individualise their characters but I maintain a level of control over setting-appropriate careers and such.

>> No.75884635

>> No.75887143

>> No.75889112

>> No.75889496

I tell you what, I love the Genesys NDS more and more every time I use them. Earthbender is getting a Yellow and Red (via upgrade mechanics) in their pool any time they earthbend due to the volatile elemental earth energy coursing through his body, thanks to the merger with a malevolent on multiple occasions.

We talked about having his body being permanently altered (due to multiple despairs in these encounters), but gaining this newfound power (in addition to unlocking an avenue for lavabending).

How's everyone's campaigns and such?

>> No.75890685

>How's everyone's campaigns and such?
on hiatus, so we're using the archetype/race creation rules in Crucible to play around, see what future character types we can create

>> No.75892824

dead until the coof is gone im afraid.

>> No.75895524

>> No.75896869

>> No.75898304

>> No.75899836

>> No.75900349

What's the craziest or most memorable use of a Triumph or Despair you've encountered so far?

What's the craziest or most memorable use of a Story Point you've encountered so far?

For me:

>describe the scene, including decor on the walls
>player flips a Story Point and says the tapestry on the wall contains clues for the upcoming adventure
It was a subtle move, but it really paid off in the long-run

>> No.75900955

What sorts of clues?

>> No.75903434


So the tapestry was alluded to in an earlier scene/setting's description - it's a "family history", and its a living artifact which gets added to whenever something significant happens in a person's life. A coming of age ceremony, for example, but not...yesterday's lunch.

So later when the party finally comes into the same room as one of these previously-described tapestries, I added more details; "you can see Omashu, you can see weddings" etc. General and vague details.

The Players are headed to Si Wong Rock to chase down a former mentor and now BBEG. They weren't sure whether that was the right course of action because they were up-to-this-point simply guessing that the Rock was a spiritual location, or had anything to do with Wan Shi Tong's Library.

So in flipping a story point, the player said that both the Rock and the Library were on this family's tapestry sometime in the distant path (cementing the connection between the two) and gave me a hook to describe a long-dead NPC member of the family who once visited the Library, lost his arm, but came back to the tribe with the cool knowledge they needed to build pic related in the mountains on the edge of the desert.

Now the players' plan to have a sandbender escort them to Si Wong Rock is far more likely to be the right hunch (and it was, because I am a generous Melon Lord).

>> No.75904571

Now that's a neat way to use a Story Point for the narrative tweak ability.

>> No.75904866

That's pretty awesome anon, your players are cool and you're a cool GM.

>> No.75907471

>> No.75909257

>> No.75909529


Thank you both very much for the generous compliment! In truth, my players are just brilliant and creative and I'm a decent improv actor. Our table meshes really well, and I'll be sad when we finish our current arc.

They made it to Si Wong rock last session and we ended on a cliffhanger of them confronting the Big Bad.

>> No.75910464

>> No.75912235

>> No.75914427

>> No.75916058

>> No.75917010

[Spoiler] gaming /spoiler

>> No.75918948

>> No.75921870

>> No.75924709

>> No.75926556

>> No.75929512

>> No.75931239

>> No.75932945

>> No.75935844

>> No.75936842

Just a metric fucking ton of specializations. Just a whole fucking book full of them, with thematically appropriate talents.

>> No.75937103

Generic specializations, or what?

>> No.75937632

Yeah, as well as having more guidance to the different ways to arrange the various talents in a tree (either having lots of connections, or just 1/2 paths straight to the bottom real quick). The EPG only having one example is far too little to help GMs make a collection for their players to choose from.

>> No.75938285

Generic or special, doesn't matter. All would probably be genre-specific but relatively setting-agnostic, but feel free to mix it up.

>> No.75940693

Anyone got any tips for building dynamic, interesting stages for Big Bad End Game Boss Battles?

>> No.75940916

Depends on the fight. If you're going to make a meaningful arena, not merely a flat grassy plain, then it should complement or inhibit a boss's mechanics in ways the PCs can take advantage of.

>> No.75942735

>> No.75942843

That is insightful, thank you. They've managed to pin down a powerful waterbender in a place deprived of water by virtue of geography.

>> No.75944450

>> No.75946435

>> No.75946833

What's the boss battle, specifically? What elements are at play?

>> No.75948151

Most likely >>75942843

>> No.75948254

Completely missed that.
For starters, I'd suggest you let the players get some hits in for free in the first round. The waterbender is cornered, this is their moment! Then spend a Story Point and describe a sudden downpour of rain that the baddie can use to their advantage. They're not at their full strength, but now they can retaliate.
Use a ticking clock to say that there's stormclouds on the horizon (and rain within), have a chase build up to the fight. They need to get him before it rains!

>> No.75949982


The party has ventured into the heart of Si Wong Rock (the buzzard wasp nest) chasing after their former master Baquan, a waterbender, and Suijin, a powerful water spirit who can shapeshift.

2/5 party members (the waterbender and earthbender) separated themselves from the party by chasing after Suijin, with our last session ending on a cliffhanger where they've 'spilled' into the room (pic related).

So they're underground, in a desert. The main conceit is to show off what a badass Baquan is without a lot of water (he'll have *some* water by default just so he can do his signature technique >>75869546). And of course the shapeshifting water spirit is going to have some fucky-wucky stuff happening.

The map I have here is just a general idea for the scope of the room, not a literal interpretation (though I did say there is a massive glowing green crystal that looks a lot like those found beneath Ba Sing Se). Took some creative liberty and said that Si Wong Rock is a 'spiritual nexus' - a place where the veil is thinner than usual.

PC waterbender was earlier able to feel the minute trace of water in the living buzzard wasps....and may finally fall back on the bloodbending of his past which haunts him. He also took all 7 waterskins worth of water from the party's collective inventory...I reckon that's at least a dozen liters or so. Despairs and threats will diminish the supply.

I love the idea of giving the two PCs a free shot at Baquan, who was kneeling on the ground and had just opened his eyes. There is a timer element, as Baquan's intent is to bore open a passage to the Spirit World with the help of a nasty spirit.

I keep toying with the idea that Suijin the Shapeshifter might take on her 'liquid water' form and *let* Baquan bend with her body.

>> No.75950061

Earthbender and waterbender PCs are by the threshold in the north.

Suijin is the ribbon near the orb. Baquan the dark blue spit below.

I've also thought about the possibility of Suijin possessing Baquan (as spirits are known to do in Avatar) and 'merge' their abilities into one "final form" boss. The players have been expecting this to have been the case already, given the fact that they've witnessed their earthbender being possessed by Gaiajin (an earth spirit shown to have callous disregard toward his human hosts). In doing so, the earthbender has taken on some unique qualities ...skin that looks cracked, dry mud in blotches all over ...and an underlying sensation of heat whenever he earthbends (he'll be a lavabender soon); his power is amplified, but it's volatile. Any time he earthbends he upgrades one Ability AND Difficulty die. So again, they're already expecting that Baquan has attained some kind of power from Suijin because they think that's what Baquan is after...

But their ultimate goal is to get into the Spirit World, find Wan Shi Tong's Library, and look for clues about the whereabouts of Suijin's compatriots Raijin (Fire) and Fujin (Air), releasing the four elemental guardians from their millennia-long banishment, and "restore harmony" to the world.

>> No.75951101

Maybe he can steal one the waterbender PCs waterskin? Or explode them or something? Can he bloodbend as well?

>> No.75951653

Oh heck yeah he can definitely steal some of the PC's water!

I don't think Baquan can bloodbend, but the PC will find out how much more difficult it will be to attempt the dark art on a waterbending master.

>> No.75955974

>> No.75958400


>> No.75959259

I'm sure some asshole asks this every thread, but...
Curious about system, but don't have any of the dice. Is there some workaround to 'convert' normal dice, and treat the results as if they were genesys, or should I just pay FFG however much money they're asking and buy a set?

>> No.75959298

You technically can convert from normal dice, but you're not going to like it. Fortunately, there are assorted dice rollers, such as via browser, mobile app, or Discord bot. If you do buy the physical dice, it's suggested to get two sets so you have enough for most any possible check.

>> No.75959306


As long as you have internet access, you have a free dice roller in this.

>> No.75959323

Hella helpful. You're doing the metaphysical entity of your choice's work, anon.

>> No.75960732

I'm serious. You're not going to like manual conversion.

>> No.75963035

>> No.75963204

I technically made Genesys dice using old dice I had with the right amount of sides, a sharpie, and 3M mailing stickers. It felt like it took forever, but it makes physical rolls much easier. A smart person could probably just print on the stickers and apply.

>> No.75965094

>> No.75966438

>> No.75966454

>> No.75969209

>> No.75973019

What's your go-to setting anon?

I am a sci-fi fag primarily

>> No.75973150

I'm not terribly picky, I'll admit.

>> No.75973403

How would you do Avatar-style elemental-bending in Genesys?

>> No.75973467

There's an Avatar hack in the settings pastebin, and one of the thread's regular posters is the guy who made it.

>> No.75977305

>> No.75979503

I'm actually a huge un-fan of fantasy and Genesys.

>> No.75981279

>> No.75982309

I've done it a lot of different ways over the last 4 years or so I've worked on Avatar: The Second Age.

Ultimately I landed on setting out some pre-defined techniques for benders. Core abilities which are largely Maneuvers or Actions that require a strain cost. Bending Arts defaults to the Chi characteristic, but is frequently linked to others such as Body, Agility, or even Intellect depending on the nature of the bending form.

Most of these can be improved at least once, if not twice.

On top of that, PCs can dump XP into improving forms specifically (with "Mastery" upgrades) or on-the-fly (with "Finesse" upgrades). This represents the bender honing their chosen craft over the years (through experience), or it represents the bender's intimate understanding of their art, and thus ability to modify their forms in the heat of the moment.

Plus there's a bunch of talents, archetypes and such that I made up.

Take a look! Maybe you like it, maybe you don't.

Really it comes down to having the character tell you what they wanna do with their element, you deciding if its feasible and how hard it would be, and whether any situational Bonuses or Setbacks apply. Spend Advantage and Threat creatively, and really lean into Triumphs and Despairs. Always suffer strain unless the Bender is super good, or doing something mundane.

>> No.75982322

>Most of these can be improved at least once, if not twice.

Functionally speaking, Bending Forms are just suped up talents.

>> No.75982345


I also include some developer insight into the flexibility and design, and include actual step-by-step instructions on creating new forms, or modifying existing ones.

I do this because your players (like mine) aren't always going to follow the book to the letter, and might come up with more creative ideas. It also feeds into the canon where characters are all trying to perfect their own special techniques.

>> No.75982959

Thanks, man, I'll check it out.

>> No.75984453

>Bending Arts defaults to the Chi characteristic, but is frequently linked to others such as Body, Agility, or even Intellect depending on the nature of the bending form.
Wait, you changed all the characteristics? Why?

>> No.75985398

>> No.75988894

It was a conversion process that started before Genesys was a thing, as I understand it.

>> No.75990683

>> No.75993055

Not all, just a few.

Brawn renamed to Body.

Cunning and Willpower merged into Guile.

Chi as the sixth characteristic.

As >>75988894, it's an artifact of the conversion process before Genesys was a thing. The canon was pretty definitive that *every* character has a connection to 'Chi' no matter how lowly, mundane, or whatever and at the time I began the conversion, I didn't want to create a seventh characteristic or new resource.

I admit changing the characteristics is unorthodox, but I don't believe it hinders gameplay in any way outside of compatibility with generic APIs in applications like Roll20.

Someday I might take the time to revert back, but right now I have a campaign running and my table is used to the current characteristics lol.

>> No.75993267

(I just didn't like the name 'Brawn')

On that note, some skills got reflavored and/or moved around as a result of the merger of CUN and WIL.

Coercion is now Intimidation, and governed by Body. Makes sense if you run that kind of game, but there's no reason you can't decouple Skills/Characteristics and mix it up (as I do with the Bending Arts skill frequently).

>> No.75995624

>> No.75998745

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