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Previously: >>75671045

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen color identity.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck strategy and card choices.


Are you brewing now or are you waiting for spoiler season to finish?

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brewing Vurlok and adding Tevesh Ssssssszat to my Ayli deck, which is becoming Ssssszat and Ravos partner Orzhov

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>Are you brewing now or are you waiting for spoiler season to finish?
Little bit of both. I've been hard into Yurlok since the prerelease spoilers. But this set keeps giving him more tech.

>> No.75675945

That's my secret, I'm always brewing

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This is animal abuse. At least have him bite the head of for a quick and painless death, not mutilated

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Retard, red=cooked, that things already dead

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Show the red court already, cowards

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newfag here. sorry for potato quality. what would you keep/toss from these? i havent played commander yet so i dont know which are good for the format.

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Agreed. He should be at least 11 power and cost a bit more to make setting up the cost reduction interesting.

>> No.75676128

Toss it all. Ikoria shit will get you laughed out of any respectable pod.

>> No.75676136

Fiend Artisan and Drannith Magistrate are solid for the format. Kudro can be a decent commander, the apex monsters less so. The triomes are all right if you’re on a budget, but kind of ass. Planeswalkers tend to underperform in a multiplayer format because of the action economy working against you.

>> No.75676140

What's the verdict? Seems mediocre at best imo
When are we getting actual good white cards?

>Human Knight
>{1}{W}: Choose another target creature. Its controller may exile it with a divinity counter on it.
>{2}{W}, {T}: Return all creatures with a divinity counter on them from exile to the battlefield under their owner’s control.
>Partner (You can have two commanders if both have partner.)

>> No.75676149

All of them have uses except Spacegodzilla

>> No.75676165

>may exile it
Fucking cowards

>> No.75676184

working on a yidris list. pic related is the only new card worth considering.


>> No.75676202

abilities are relevant to your boardstate for flicker shenanigans, the may clause is fucking awful though. Still waiting on the powerful white cards because opposition agent is the only one I've seen

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>STILL bitching about a black effect being printed on a black card

>> No.75676219

Opposition Agent isn't white by any stretch
>B-but stopping tutors is white, see Mindcensor
The way Agent does it isn't white, it's very black

>> No.75676233

This is one of those elemental-people from Lorwynn right?
Looks kinda weird.

>> No.75676240

Don't feed the troll

While I'm glad to see a white male in armor as a Legend for the first time in a decade, he's so low impact I'd probably run Tivadar

The new Boros ghost soldier is pretty neat though

>> No.75676248

Not to mention that black got anti-tutor tech before white ever did with Shadow of Doubt. Recently reconfirmed with WAR Ashiok. Hell, green is the only color that can’t stop tutors, and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone responded to this post with evidence that it can.

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I'm assuming lobsters can regrow their claws like crabs can.

>> No.75676255

>don't feed the troll
>proceed to troll in the exact same post

>> No.75676259

>le boros and goblin man
disregard yourself faggot

>> No.75676266

>The new Boros ghost soldier
Ironically, based on his description from the original books, Borca should have been a bit chubby.

>> No.75676310

Dimir=/= Black ability. At the very least, stunning searching has been available in blue and even red’s stranglehold but white is the one that had Both a stun (Arbiter) and searching restriction (aven Mindcensor). There was no true black anti searcher and being obtuse about the fact that wotc should’ve developed anti searching cards in white doesn’t win you the argument.

Isn’t this the same board that insists that Gutturoal response and other hybrid cards are outright color pie breaks?

>> No.75676319

cascade is an alara mechanic

>> No.75676338

>Dimir=/= Black ability
Hybrid is used for effects that are in the color pie of both component monocolors

>> No.75676351

So where’s the black draw/searching Stun card?

>> No.75676352

I cant speak for anyone else but the color pie is pure faggotry. It's just an excuse for WotC to continue to print whatever they want

I can see that black shrine from Core 21 spiking a bit

>> No.75676357

Would you object to someone playing this is a mono-black or mono-blue deck?

>> No.75676358

>Isn’t this the same board that insists that Gutturoal response and other hybrid cards are outright color pie breaks?
it's a gruul counterspell against blue which green and red both have hate cards against, /edhg/ is bad at magic as their choice to play vanilla 7cmc legends shows

>> No.75676364

White court seem good. Me like angel token and spirit ok too. Very good yes.

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>> No.75676373

Alright everyone. I decree that this is the last thread to bitch at each other about opposition agent until release.

>> No.75676376


(If you get hit while this is out you still lose the monarch and any damage triggers go off, you just dont lose any life.)

>> No.75676379

Opposition Agent
Yes unless our group agreed on changing the hybrid rules

>> No.75676389

The First Sliver is my favorite creature from Alara.

That said, it's still not from Lorwyn, that ugly ass creature doesn't fit with anything else from the setting that we know of. I would guess it comes from the same place as all the other whateverkin from m20, where that is.

>> No.75676395

Elemental-people weren't in Alara before.
Seems like a big leap to just introduce them in something that isn't a "Return to Alara".

>> No.75676400

>6CMC for that
unplayable garbage

>> No.75676413

would you object to someone playing this in a mono white deck?

>> No.75676415

>can still lose to commander damage

>> No.75676417

>Ludevic reprint

Why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why.

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Infect fits tho

>> No.75676429

Provided th playground agrees to it and agrees that the warden half is unplayable by the mono-white player then I'd be fine with it.

>> No.75676430

There was a time in Magic's history where a 6cmc 5/5 flier was good

That was about 15 years ago


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>Isn’t this the same board that insists that Gutturoal response and other hybrid cards are outright color pie breaks?
By percentage, there are fewer outright color pie breaks in hybrid than there are in mono-colored cards. People just have a bug up their ass.

>> No.75676439

Yes even if my group agreed on changing the hybrid rule

>> No.75676448

the absolute state of hybridfags. Fix your aesthetics.

>> No.75676449

Yes. There are ways to produce mana outside of your commander's color identity, so the monowhite player would sometimes be capable of casting the gold WU half.

>> No.75676451

imagine if they made a good new ludevic that actually does something that hes known for

>> No.75676464

Id still play Baneslayer angel over the archon. Monarch is only useful on smaller critters

>> No.75676479

>rare to mythic

>> No.75676492

i want to fucking die

>> No.75676502

>masterpiece that isn't part of the actual set
The rarity on it is irrelevant.

>> No.75676510

but he pinkie promises not to cast the WU half

>> No.75676517

Laboratory Servant
Creature - Zombie Horror
At the beginning of each end step, draw a card if you've cast a spell from a graveyard or activated an ability of a card in a graveyard this turn.

Welcome to the Circus of (Muldrotha) Values! HAHAHAHAHA!

>> No.75676518

I don't care, you agree to the rules or you don't play

>> No.75676520

Achtually, Ludevic always been Mythic.

>> No.75676523

Ravnica was always a mistake. It's influence on the look of color pairing creatures from other planes is undeniable.

>> No.75676527

>bro you promised not to play Braids. wtf?
You would just ignore the player and tell them to eat a dick and if they insisted that they get to play despite previously agreeing to not play it then you just dont play with that obvious sperglord

>> No.75676543

Doesn't matter. Hybrid is one thing, gold is another.

>> No.75676555

Braids should be unabnned desu

>> No.75676556

>wtf why would a Frankenstein reference use LIGHTNING???

>> No.75676579

Did you know that the “Igor” character didn’t appear in the original book? And the monster isn’t called Frankenstein?

>> No.75676581

>being this new

>> No.75676586

>black court makes people discard a card or lose 3 life (discard 2 cards or lose 6 life if monarch)
>blue court mills all opponents for 2 (ten if monarch)
>green court that got leaked lets you put a land from your hand onto the battlefield (a creature or a land if monarch)
>white court gives you a 1/1 spirit (4/4 angel if you're monarch)
So these are the powerful white cards we've been promised huh?

>> No.75676592

Of course they would nerf her

>> No.75676601

He looks like any other izzet faggot

>> No.75676616

I mean evasive tokens every turn are pretty good, and an angel a turn is really good at keeping and eventually retaking the monarch. I'd say it's probably the best one besides the green one, since it actually advances your board presence.

>> No.75676620

why would you prevent someone from playing warrant, a card that was mechanically designed to be in mono white decks? You wouldn't deny maro's vision, you bigot monster.

>> No.75676621

>And the monster isn’t called Frankenstein?
And the monster isn't using lightning, Ludevic is.

>> No.75676628

The monarch mechanic goes against white’s color pie, so the white court is a balanced card when you think about it (^:

>> No.75676640

Because it would also allow them to play Warden, a card which was not.

>> No.75676644

Ugly ass frame

>> No.75676650

We all know white is underpowered but you have quickly become the most insufferable retard here.

>> No.75676655

Because you can't separate it from warden, which is a gold card

>> No.75676657

>not even blue/black
>just fucking blue


>> No.75676668


>> No.75676675

I really like this card, but feel like it is somewhat underplayed. Is 4BB too much for what it does?

>> No.75676676

Drawing cards is blue.

>> No.75676681


>> No.75676685

I'm confused as to what you're upset about here.

>> No.75676689

I like this ending.

>> No.75676698

you can, they promised not to cast it. If >>75676357 can go in non-edh mono decks, and it should go in edh decks too, it follows that warrant should too, as my good friend >>75676429 pointed out.

>> No.75676699

Look at this powerful pose.

>> No.75676702

If you regularly play against go wide decks it's great. Otherwise if you think the payoff is worth the 2 more mana it costs over damnation then sure, run it.

>> No.75676703

I use it in Dakkon. It's great if your meta is full of Krenkos or Elves or Locust Gods like mine used to be. It's just the inverse of Fumigate

>> No.75676705

t. monowhite player

>> No.75676713

Damnation is 4 mana and one of black's premier boardwipes. Toxic Deluge is the other at 3 mana + the life you pay for its cost.
Both are over 10 dollars.
Deadly tempest is 50 cents.

>> No.75676719

>they promised not to cast it.
And people have promised that their Narset deck doesn't run extra turn spells, only for it to then cast said extra turn spells. Promises don't change rules.

>> No.75676721

The long tradition of people who look like they're taking a massive shit.

>> No.75676723

Damnation is actually about 40 bucks.*
Fuck these prices are getting ridiculous

>> No.75676726

Rules are rules

>> No.75676735

And the rules were established by the playgroup. If the player breaks the rules, tell them they owe you one blowjob per person or just beat them up and take their valuable cards.

>> No.75676738

i'd rather have decree of pain even if it's 2 more, against token decks the cycling is useful or even as an overcosted combat trick that cantrips

>> No.75676755

I prefer pic related instead.

>> No.75676758

even edit-proof, those clever bastards

>> No.75676759

okay so as per the rules you can't put hybrid cards in mono decks. All is good.

>> No.75676760

>> No.75676761

No, we just tell them they can't play with us until they follow the rules
The blowjobs are for the other game night (or after the magic game night)

>> No.75676779

The Covid price spikes are fucked. And things like Maralen spiking days before opp agent was spoiled have proven what we all knew to be true about insider trading.

>> No.75676780

I'm more of a Toxic Deluge myself, or even Damnation for the low cost.

>> No.75676781

another underrated wipe imo

>> No.75676790

Dude more sphinxes are always cool. They're one of my favourite creature types.

>> No.75676791

gay sphinx
gay shpinx
fag sphinx

>> No.75676801

Advocating for a rule to be changed is not the same as advocating for rules to be abandoned entirely.

>> No.75676802


>> No.75676804

Old good, new bad.
Why do they all have to pose around going LOOK AT HOW STRONG AND CONFIDENT I AM?

>> No.75676814

because the card is warrant//warden not just warrant

>> No.75676818

right back at ya, advocating for warrant is not advocating for rules to be abandoned

>> No.75676823

So fucking annoying

>> No.75676837

Advocating for a gold card to be in a mono colored deck is

>> No.75676839

>You wouldn't deny maro's vision, you bigot monster.
Well now I just have to say no in the hopes that somewhere, someday, Rosewater will cry about it like the little faggot he is

>> No.75676863

same as advocating for a black and blue card to be in a mono blue deck

>> No.75676881

Advocating for a rule to be changed is not the same as advocating for rules to be abandoned entirely.

>> No.75676895

When Court of Grace enters the battlefield, you become the monarch.

At the beginning of your upkeep, create a 1/1 white Spirit creature token with flying. If you're the monarch, create a 4/4 white Angel token creature with flying instead.

>> No.75676896


>> No.75676908

>W gets a phyrexian arena/Bitterblossom combo

Seems pretty fucking based to me lads

>> No.75676916


>> No.75676918

So let’s see the draft
>UR pirates
>UW flyers. Again.
>WB life gain
>GB elves
>UG salamanders?
Do we have other possibilities cleared up?

>> No.75676924

The rule set of edh explicitly allows the rules to be changed.

A fucking basic mountain could be your commander if the players wanted it.



>> No.75676926

>white court is okay, not great, but okay
>still the only previewed card that I'm considering picking up
This has been an uninspiring spoiler season thus far

>> No.75676932

That's pretty cool. Different at least.

>> No.75676939


>> No.75676943

Romance novel Jace before romance novel Jace.

>> No.75676948

Buy your Cloudstone Curios now.

>> No.75676955

I like it.

>> No.75676956

>its R, and I can't run it in teshar

>> No.75676958

What I’m the hell..

>> No.75676961

opposite for me, anon. i've been dreaming of pirate tribal getting some new toys and this set is delivering way more than i could have ever imagined. i'm in love.

>> No.75676963

That's neat.

>> No.75676968

Chris my dude
Just stick to people with closed mouths

>> No.75676969

Isamaru BTFO

>> No.75676990

>Ugly Dominaria Kobold design

disgusting, but other than that pretty close to what I would make

>> No.75677008

Real fuckin neato
Gonna just jam it into Zada but you can do some shit with that

>> No.75677015

Is that flavor text a pun?

>> No.75677037

A couple years too late

>> No.75677047

>still playing mtg

>> No.75677050

Christ. Why

>> No.75677052

I said BUY MY STONES, you nigger.

>> No.75677057

So close, and yet so far

>> No.75677064

Thats his MTGO art isnt it?

>> No.75677073


>> No.75677077

>the inferior zur art

>> No.75677083

a hey, a new gb elf commander. i was asking for one

>> No.75677105

>one of the most iconic commanders ever printed
>dominated tables before EDH became super popular
>enchantment love in esper

>> No.75677110


>> No.75677120

I'm going to use it to add white cards

>> No.75677154

I hope this is one of those partner pairs like Rebbec/Glacian, Malcolm/Breeches, Keskit/Ich-Tehik, and Alena/Halana. I want BR kobold partners.

>> No.75677155

One from when the story was good too. What a surprise.

>> No.75677159

Get him a Blackblade Reforged and he's ready to FUCK

>> No.75677172

Belbe was during the Evincar's game of Musical Chairs during prime coked up King times, I wouldn't call it good.

>> No.75677181

edh players are top autists when it comes to hybrid mana

>> No.75677191

>UG salamanders?
I'm embarrassed on behalf of your analytical skills. Not only are the legendary creatures not signpost draft cards, the simic legendary doesn't even reward you for playing salamanders, it's a hate-piece.

rw is attachments, and bw is tokens.

>> No.75677201

>prime coked up King times
Now, now, it wasn't actually Scourge yet. He was only doing moderate amounts of cocaine during Masques block.

>> No.75677207

Was a damn sight better than it is now

>> No.75677222

should i buy a mox amber now? even $20 is pushing what i think it’s worth

>> No.75677229

It really wasn't. You were just twenty years younger.

>> No.75677251

she's as falt as a board even in that art though
just because you can see her nipple doesn't mean she has tits

>> No.75677254

if you want to

>> No.75677267

Man, fuck Scourge. It's my first set where I actually tried to build something decent instead of 115 card 4c goodstuff so it holds a place in my heart, by man the story was dogshit.

>> No.75677269

Fuck I'm old.

>> No.75677275

>While I'm glad to see a white male in armor as a Legend for the first time in a decade
please stop shitposting before you hurt yourself

>> No.75677280

She's hot

>> No.75677302

Better than war? I can't really think of anything that'd be worse than it.
Other than the lmaonostory for theros the stories have been ok at least, even though the one on ikoria was wildly different between the cards and the book

>> No.75677311

sure, I'm just saying it's wrong they "nerfed" her, she's got zero tits

>> No.75677321

>I can't really think of anything that'd be worse than it.
Scourge is actually far worse than War of the Spark. By a fucking landslide.

>> No.75677328

Zombies can’t be hot. No body heat.

>> No.75677331

i gkanced over her lore. she looks cool. gb artifacts / eldrazi deck maybe?

turn 1 pulse tracker type of guy
turn 2 her, swing, 4-6mana, drop sphere of resistence, trinisphere

>> No.75677368


>> No.75677370

I like it despite how shitty it will probably be.

>> No.75677378

Spoken like a man who has never maintained a compost pile. Decomposition produces heat.

>> No.75677384

>mtg players in a nutshell

>> No.75677401

>What if wurmcoil but more
i certainly like it

>> No.75677449

Yeah but scourge is a God tier set so who gives a fuck?

>> No.75677484

Going to run for that sweet 1-sided Hokori/other effects

>> No.75677542

Well thx for the trivia, farmer Brown.

>> No.75677572


>> No.75677575

Is it an inside joke that male pirates have to be dogshit?
So far they have all been utter shite and/or uncommon fodder.

>> No.75677589

The monster considered himself Victor Frankenstein's son, so had he given himself a full name he'd probably have adopted the Frankenstein surname.

>> No.75677618

>printing a genderbent omnath
We now exist in a time when actual R34/R63 of a known character exists as another known character.

>> No.75677652

how is that related to omnath in any way?

>> No.75677655

that's it, im running bruse-rograkh, bravo wotc, you deserve a praise for this one

>> No.75677666

Adam Frankenstein, most likely.

>> No.75677708

>pushed monowhite card to help in edh

>> No.75677716

>mana doubler

>> No.75677720

You're insane if you think any white card spoiled has been pushed.

>> No.75677740

It is literally just a female omnath, visually. They just took Omnath and gave him tits.
>Omnath puts his mask on and is now a lady
I'm sure that is the tranny commentary they are going for.

>> No.75677745


>Intelligence is knowing Frankenstein was the doctor. Wisdom is knowing he was the monster. $80K in grad school debt is knowing the creature considered himself a son to Victor, and is therefore also a Frankenstein. In this paper, I will...

>> No.75677746

They would typically be at least 2 pips of mana more costly.

>> No.75677755

Nice, this goes in Scarab God

>> No.75677757

>radiant-dargo dogshit tribal is now a thing

>> No.75677763

>It is literally just a female omnath, visually. They just took Omnath and gave him tits.
again, what the fuck are you talking about, or ar eyou just clinically retarded and think it looks like him because it's an elemental?
if naything it looks more like maelstrom wanderer

>> No.75677781

>what if we just took all those sweet keywords off of wurmcoil?
>people would hate that
>but what if we gave them 1 more 3/3?
>but what keyword would the theird one have?
>no keywords man, we've been over this. Its just 3 grey ogres
>3 grey ogres for 6 seems pretty good
>nah lets make it 9 mana
>9? Why?
>because, get this, 12 mana Encore. Yeah you get it
>is it time to clock out yet?

>> No.75677782

>$80K in grad school debt
>actually needing to take out loans to get a graduate degree
I knew these threads were lousy with poorfags but holy shit

>> No.75677783

Looks more like Ob Nix got the alara reborn treatment

>> No.75677784

Oh look. The card that was responsible for Siege rhinos design.

Very powerful white card indeed. Lol

>> No.75677790

Don't bother.

>> No.75677794

you are trying very hard to appear twice as dumb as you are. It is commendable.

>> No.75677798


>> No.75677805

The other guy is right if you aren't even going to pretend to have an argument I should just not even give you the (you)

>> No.75677806

Are you seriously trying to argue that hands glowing with magical energy is an Omnath-exclusive visual design trait?

>> No.75677811

I'd honestly like this better if it were 3cmc

>> No.75677812

You'd think they would put cards like this in a vault and never reprint them again.
>embarrassingly bad on its own
>responsible for Siege Rhino

>> No.75677825

How are the monowhite players holding up?

>> No.75677827

I mean, wurmcoil is better (and also it's a wurm so it's better) but I still like it, and then you make a bunch of them with encore.

>> No.75677828

No, I'm saying it looks like female omnath. you guys just operate in a binary manner (autism) and someone saying a card looks like another makes you tilt off for some reason.
It is a children's card game. Loosen up loser.

>> No.75677842

Its hot fucking garbage for a rare but you've mentioned a like for the card multiple times since it was spoiled so you do you anon. It was just a greentext, not a condemnation of you as a person.

>> No.75677847

>I'm saying it looks like female omnath
In what way? What traits do you consider visually similar between the two?

>> No.75677859


>> No.75677861

In that it is visually similar. The general color composition being dialed to 11 for no reason. I'll sit here while you cherrypick some card to "blow me out." I don't care.

>> No.75677868

You mad.

>> No.75677872

I want to die. Please just let me die.

>> No.75677875

1. Monowhite players don't exist, it is a myth
2. We are holding up fine, this is expected
3. Our fine is not what you would deem fine

>> No.75677887

responsible for siege rhinos design? what?

>> No.75677890

She isn’t a bright green jellybean. Are you okay?

>> No.75677894

Just stop responding to the retard, he's not even putting any effort into it.

>> No.75677897

Siege Rhino was designed as a counter to it way back in the day.

>> No.75677910

She looks more like this guy

>> No.75677912

More like last response am I right?

>> No.75677915

It basically ruined the game for two years and prenatally killed Frontier because Wizards thought it was too strong of card.

>> No.75677924


>> No.75677925

Im actually convinced that there's a bunch of lefty poltards at wotc using white as a scapegoat.
Sounds retarded right?

>> No.75677930

This card was ruining the FFL so they created Siege Rhino specifically as a counter. In the real world First Response wasn't even draft chaff.
It has been a joke for over a decade that the FFL is so bad and off base that real life standard hasn't resembled their FFL even once.
There were times when combo was obliterating everything and the biggest bogeyman in that respective FFL was a knight token generator or something. Wotc playtesters are legendarily shite.

I can see it.

>> No.75677951

You are right. The scary implication is we were teetering on the edge of the color white and the color black being synonymous with skin colors, not ideals.

Someone has done a deep dive on all the art in the game in the last few years and men and white people are getting killed or demeaned in almost all the art. Women and mud people look triumphant and glorious.

>> No.75677957

That is exactly what is happening. They haven't even tried to hide it because they're on the right side of history.

>> No.75677972

I thought they were on the left side?

>> No.75677986

But like how??? why was that card considered "too strong" and needed to be countered? i mean they could just ban it instead of fucking up even more

>> No.75678006

okay i get it now
they're just straight up retards
i mean its starting to be pretty annoing to get this answer every fucking time

>> No.75678018

their FFL was slinging 1/1s into each other so an enchantment that made free 1/1s ran away with the meta. Instead of anyone realizing a 4cmc 1/1 generator was shit they realized it would end reality so they retooled Siege Rhino to have Trample, be bigger, and do the bolt drain on top in case an army of 1/1s gummed the world up.

>> No.75678036

>accedently order light played instead of near mint

>> No.75678038

Good news then!
They said they don't test cards anymore so we won't be getting any mess ups ever again. Can't get awkwardly overpowered cards because some idiot zeroed in on a non-problem when you refuse to test for the problem in the first place.

>> No.75678049


>As theFirst Responsethreat in our FFL grew, the deck that was most heavily impacted by it was Abzan, since they were supposed to be the clan that outlasted their opponents, but getting two 1/1s a turn wasn't something they could easily overcome. As a result, we movedSiege Rhinoup from 3 to 4 mana, and gave it trample to go over the top of theFirst Responsetokens.

>> No.75678052

She still had a tanktop in her original art, and nipple>nothing

>> No.75678055

I got a LP card in the other day I had bought new. I left a 1 star review ruining the guys amazon account. He offered to fix the problem for free and told me he'd send me 2 of the card to fix the error. I told him to stuff it and the review is staying, I can't send back a card I already ripped in half.

>> No.75678060

Anyone read nip?

>> No.75678076

you sound like an absolute cunt tbqh m8

>> No.75678077

>> No.75678085

Hey, it's that guy from Return of the King.

>> No.75678109

It was a 9 dollar card. There were other less obvious reviews alluding to the same scam.
The guy was just labeling things how you would see it if you bought new. But he'd send you LP/MP cards in their place.
Fuck him.

>> No.75678110

Gobnar, Lightning-Potato Arc Welder

>> No.75678128

Google can't make heads or tails of it. But it seems to make tokens under some condition and have partner.

>> No.75678130

>They said they don't test cards anymore
When did they say this?

>> No.75678132

sad little bitch

>> No.75678133

>Buy near mint
>It comes MP
Everytime, fuck SA shops

>> No.75678134

Lim Dul, my nigger from when I liked mtg.

>> No.75678141

what is even going on in that art

>> No.75678143

You are more upset than I am.

>> No.75678159

I swear to fuck, if this is Toggo, Goblin Weaponsmith, I’m going to lose my goddamn mind.

>> No.75678166

When they dropped modern tournament support. They knew the format wouldn't be anything but a shitshow for the future so they cut it out of the scene. When asked why some french lady explained how they simply don't test for anything but standard anymore.
This was weeks before flicker cat was printed, proving they aren't even testing for standard.

>> No.75678170

Rakdos cult putting on a spectacle

>> No.75678174

I can at least confirm that トッゴ does indeed say Toggo

>> No.75678175

>He sits on an island all day smashing ships that come ashore


>> No.75678187

Why doesn't Volrath excite me?

>> No.75678188

>Each player secretly chooses a number, then reveal those numbers simultaneously. Player who chose highest number loses that much life, then everyone who didn't choose the lowest number wheels

rough translation and paraphrasing from someone else

>> No.75678189

>they simply don't test for anything but standard anymore
That isn’t the same as them claiming they don’t test cards at all you sperg.

>> No.75678200

>This was weeks before flicker cat was printed, proving they aren't even testing for standard.
>Hostage Taker needed a functional errata
>Official stance on Oko's Beast Within was that "the playtesters didn't think of using it on their opponent's creature"
Yeah, testing is a thing from the past

>> No.75678201

>everyone ignores an actual good W card so they can bitch

>> No.75678204


>> No.75678206

Kinda looks like the tokens will have "1, T: do a thing" as well.

>> No.75678220

Oh boy a 1/1 spirit. Can't wait to.. hit someone for 1.

>> No.75678223

Read the rest of the post shithead.

The woman was Helene Bergeot
>Hélène Bergeot was the director of Organized Play and trade marketing at Wizards of the Coast. She started her career with the company in France in December, 1995. Afterwards, she spent a few years in the European headquarters based in Belgium and eventually relocated to the Renton office in the USA. She left her position on May 16, 2017
>she left her position on May 16, 2017
The announcement was before she left obviously. How much you want to bet her leaving and the lack of testing being linked.

>> No.75678227

>When a land enters the battlefield under your control, create an artifact equipment token named "rock". It has "equipped creature has 1, {T}, Sacrifice Rock: deal 2 damage to target creature or planeswalker. " and "equip 1"

>> No.75678229

>he stands on top of a waterfall, swinging a chain all day

>> No.75678246

>a shapeshifter doesn’t wet anon’s whistle
you a robot? he can turn into anyone or anything

>> No.75678248

They said they don’t test cards for non-Standard formats. Whether or not subsequently released cards were problems in Standard, they still haven’t said they don’t test cards for Standard

>> No.75678251

Well the equipment itself kinda sucks, but it's cool that he makes (kinda) self-sacrificing artifact tokens on landfall.

>> No.75678252

Yeah if they told me they still tested like they used to I'd tell them they were lying to me right to my face.
I fucking hate this company now. I still love the game but I hate wotc with an undying passion.

>> No.75678254

>Mfw can stone peoples commanders now

>> No.75678263

Holy fuck

That's what the leaked rock token was then

Thats fucking amazing flavor

>> No.75678266

Let's say they do test for Standard
They're doing the worst job at it

>> No.75678278


>> No.75678279

>stone throwing devils got banned but thay print this

>> No.75678283

The state of standard since they announced their announcement shows they don't test for standard anymore.
See >>75678200 as a small example of mistakes that simply did not happen before this announced change in business.

>> No.75678289

>Goblin Game meets Wheel

>> No.75678293

Is this the "only referenced in one flavor text" guy?

>> No.75678297

>ban the card stone throwing devils
>print a stone throwing devil less than a year later
sasuga baka neeee

>> No.75678302

How is this in any way good?

>> No.75678311

yes, and the resident wotc shill is going to pretend he has been waiting years for this card to materialize for some reason.

>> No.75678316

It's not good, it's fun

>> No.75678321

Well I looked it up and I was wrong, so stop shitting your pants over nothing.

>> No.75678327

I’m not saying that their testing is good or extant. I’m frustrated because I thought they had actually admitted that they weren’t even testing for Standard, but the admission in question wasn’t what you said it was.
I want accountability, damn it.

>> No.75678334

its a terrible card though.

Its a 4cmc enchant that potentially gets you a single 4/4 flyer and a card.

or a 1/1 flyer.

Compare it to bitterblossom....

>> No.75678339


>> No.75678342

it's at worst a slightly one-sided wheel or a burn spell (if everyone chooses the same number)
also >>75678316

>> No.75678345

See >>75678204

>> No.75678355

You won't get that on 4chan lad.
They don't test for standard. Or they do and they have lied about multiple things even casuals would have caught before it hit print.

So they don't test for standard, or do and things make it thru to sell packs knowing it will damage the game.
You decide what reality you want to exist in.

>> No.75678358

Malcolm and Breeches technically qualify

>> No.75678362

Why is this so bad in comparison to the red familiar with the same cmc and stats?

>> No.75678364

It sucks bro, holy shit
And don’t tell me the fucking enchantment is game changing lol, it’s merely okay

>> No.75678365

What's there to explain? You play a land (pretty sure that's where you find most rocks. could be mistaken.), silly goblin picks up rock, silly goblin throws rock.

>> No.75678380

So what’s the difference between a Kobold and a goblin?

>> No.75678404

for the love of god, please stop using Svetlin for making those abomination of Goblins

>> No.75678406

The best part is Toggo didn't even throw the rocks. He used the rock as a catalyst to direct lightning.

lil greenskin vs lil dogman/lizardboi (depending on your source material).
They are both references to Romanians.

>> No.75678409

Kobold are historically very fuckable.

>> No.75678426

So are goblins tho

>> No.75678431

The red ones ability simply does more

>> No.75678432

There are multiple instances of shit taking in this set
>guy who ruined nicol bolas by giving him goblin face does all the goblins
>white STILL awful
>male pirates are shit takes
>partner on all these old school legends
Most of the set seems genuinely spiteful in some regard. It is a weird feeling.

>> No.75678434

kobolds are "traditionally" dogpeople goblins but they're also frequently just goblins
in magic they're 0 mana 0/1s

>> No.75678435

fair enough

>> No.75678443

Kobolds have dog/lizard traits and shitty stats.

>> No.75678452

>>guy who ruined nicol bolas by giving him goblin face does all the goblins
i mean, isn't that a good thing? goblins should look like goblins, bolas shouldn't
a lot of the partner legends are ass thematically but I'll give them credit for tevesh's being very good in that regard

>> No.75678468

What is an actually interesting dimir commander?

>> No.75678472

Then where are the cute MTG goblinas?

They're always far more horrific looking than their male counterparts in MTG art.

>> No.75678473

yes, but fucking design-wise why did they let that happen.

Did they think they are equivalent?

>> No.75678476


>> No.75678484

No, most people don't like that guy's depiction of goblins and if that is the new look for all goblins it is shit.
Mtg is greak because goblins from different planes look different all the time. This guy just does shitty goblins with no lips.
I just don't like Partner as a mechanic. It is emblematic of modern wotc meddling. I don't want all these old iconic characters having an ability that reminds me how shitty wotc is now.
i see partner as others see Eminence.

>> No.75678486

Wheel of Misfortune2R
Sorcery (R)
Each player secretly chooses a number above zero. Then, each player declares the chosen number. Wheel of Misfortune deals damage equal to the largest number to the player who chose the largest number. Then, player(s) who [did not] choose the lowest number discards their hand, then draw 7 cards

>> No.75678492


>> No.75678493


>> No.75678494

Zada’s not that ugly. Neither is Mizzix.

>> No.75678495

Fuck partner. Id just run this in the 99 of my Mazirek deck.

>> No.75678509

To all The Locust God players: have fun resolving this?

>> No.75678519


>> No.75678524


Wheel of Misfortune -2R


Each player secretly chooses a number greater than zero, rhen reveal those numbers. ~ deals damage equal to the greatest number chosen to the players that chose it. Then each player who didn’t choose the lowest number discards their hand, and draws 7 cards.

>> No.75678529

I know Jack shit about the lore, but apparently the kobold are supposed to be savage pillagers?

Why are they 0/1's, the weakest Stats you can get and not be dead upon entering the battlefield?

>> No.75678535

>i see partner as others see Eminence.
eminence is a cool ability it's just on nothing i care about in the slightest other than markov and he's too busted for me to even want to play with him
partner can be good, it's just that it's a feel bad when they have "70 new legends! Old vorthos characters!" and then half of them get shitty half-cards because "Well just run them with another partner :)"
like, i think radiant is an insanely boring design, but I don't really care about angel tribal so maybe someone who does likes her

>> No.75678541

a wheel is a wheel is a wheel.
They all feel the same and they all feel like nothing now.
That is what life as a God player in EDH is like.

>> No.75678556

>Another card that lets me kill myself instantly
Mardu Suicide Tribal shall have its day!

>> No.75678561

it's kind of just a joke
also the new kobold is this guy's son

>> No.75678569

I just don't like them from a conceptual standpoint. I don't like an ability that goes off if I don't cast my commander and goes off from the command zone. I don't like having 2 legends lead my deck when that wasn't the point of EDH.
They can do all they want to try and fix both abilities, neither one has a place in EDH to me.

>> No.75678575

Damn can't wait for this card to be a playtime black hole as every deck that plays it is intent on having fifteen minute turns.

>> No.75678585

>Rohgahh looks like a normalish goblin
>his son looks like a normal goblin
So did some goblin just start fucking dogs and formed an empire of dog fucking but it was just a phase or something?

>> No.75678592

I like the art but the card is too random

>> No.75678604

It's just a wheel that burns one person and another person doesn't get. In what world is this going to be time-consuming or frustrating to resolve?

>> No.75678619

You don't play against wheel.dec, do you?

>> No.75678623

What is it in particular about kobolds that sets off people's autism about what fantasy creatures have to look like?

>> No.75678626

>Greater Gargadon with a better reduction rate
>-2/-2 and no haste

poopoo. Why are some of the uncommon Legends reprints of actually good cards but the new ones are all poopoo draft fodder?

>> No.75678629

I'm sure this is a cycle for all colors and white will get shafted again, they definitely arnt even design wise though

>> No.75678634

small brain confirmed. You think this is the only wheel that is going to be cast in a turn?
It won't be.

>> No.75678642

>hot usually

they're perfect

>> No.75678648

>people who don't want to wheel secretly choose 1
>they then don't wheel because they picked the lowest number
If nobody wants to wheel, this is 2R to deal 1 damage to each player and nothing else.

>> No.75678654

>there must be bad cards so the good cards can exist
I think they live by this motto too literally nowadays.

>> No.75678661

Because goblins and kobolds are kind of similar so people want them to be different but can't really agree on how

>> No.75678679

Do races even mix in MTG lore?

>> No.75678682

>scrambling to find paper
>return to step one as people go to choose a number
>is it draw seven or hand size?
>how many?
>everyone draws
>okay cardname triggers
>how much was it?
>I cast Dark Ritual
>I have a response
>hold on
>what life total are we at?
>how many cards do you have in hand?
>it resolves
>repeat this process for the next four rituals and six wheels
>okay I win
>wait how many do we draw?
>I have a response to the second wheel

>> No.75678686

Radha's a half-elf, so sometimes.

>> No.75678687

>if nobody wants to wheel
Why would the guy playing a wheels deck put the wheel in his deck? Why would he cast it?

>> No.75678695

Viashinos are the result of a guy fucking a cocodrile.

>> No.75678707

I mean, if you're playing with retards that kind of nonsense is going to happen on more or less any spell cast, just with minimally different steps.

>> No.75678720

This is my solution to combo faggotry:
>if you lose track of what you are doing you auto-lose and the stack is immediately emptied
It doesn't stop combo fags, but it does force them to just do their fucking combo and get off the shitter about it.

>> No.75678724

he's not meant for mono white, but as the resident mono white player he's fine
depends on how good the mythic partner is

>> No.75678727

To make his opponents wheel so that they take damage from Nekusar or he gets snakes. Those opponents don't want those things to happen, so they'll just pick one.

>> No.75678741

So the wheeling still happens and will continue to happen. The guy put it in his deck for a reason.
You are clearly a crawbabby and don't actually play with wheels that often.

>> No.75678755

>So the wheeling still happens
Only for the guy who cast it. Not for his opponents.

>> No.75678762



>> No.75678771

Do you think that means time stops? Do you think that will be the only wheel of the turn?
You are so casual it hurts.

>> No.75678773

every time that wotc designed cards and mechanics specifically for edh they prostituted the format. personally I would ban every commander product.

>> No.75678777

>Then, each player who didn't choose the lowest number discards their hand and draws seven cards
If everyone chooses the same number, then everyone has chosen the lowest number. You cannot force your opponents to wheel with this card. It's not getting played in most wheel decks.

>> No.75678787

>Do you think that will be the only wheel of the turn?
No, I just don't think that wheel will be cast at all because it's dogshit and doesn't advance the actually strategy. They'll cast real wheels instead, not in addition to.

>> No.75678796

the snafu in this set is printing a goblin that throws rocks less than a year after banning a card called stone throwing devils.
Keep up anon.

My group just plays EDH as it existed pre-wotc involvement
>only legendary creatures as commander
>tucking exists

>> No.75678806


>> No.75678824

I've seen people get turned away from groups for playing planeswalkers, or for playing partners.
You aren't alone. A lot of people just play old EDH rules.

>> No.75678839

>no top reprint

What did jotc mean by this?

>> No.75678845

It means pony up for premium product paypiggy oink oink.

>> No.75678849

I guess they meant it when they said they didn't like the play patterns it promoted.

>> No.75678875

I bought a foil of original Kamigawa Top because I sure as hell never Gonna want the masters version.

>> No.75678876

At least he is a white male

>> No.75678891

Then why print it to begin with?

>> No.75678898

>> No.75678912

What does any of that have to do with Detroit! I feel so let down.

>> No.75678913

No shit retard.

>> No.75678924

>no black lotus reprint

What did jotc mean by this?

>> No.75678927

>advocates for a card that allows your opponents to choose not to participate
>calls others casual

>> No.75678929 [DELETED] 

Top seemed pretty innocent at first

>> No.75678937

At least we got Scroll Rack

>> No.75678939

For the poor people them with less standards a.

>> No.75678942

lol of fucking course. Is it even a meme anymore when it is true?

>> No.75678954

>Tatyova is even more shared than previously

>> No.75678956

Yes. Not knowing how a wheel is going to play out is quantifiable proof of your casualness.

>> No.75678966

any mana sinks that buff all your creatures?

>> No.75678977

>pay 2 life for a one-sided wheel

>> No.75678979

Hmm? Where?

>> No.75678984

Leyline of Abundance springs to mind

>> No.75678989

detroit is just a french word
it was originally a french colony
it sits on a strait, which is essentially a constricted flow of water connecting two larger bodies of water, which are Lake St Claire and Lake Erie
the other major strait, the Straits of Mackinac, connects Lake Michigan to Lake Huron

>> No.75678998


>> No.75678999


>> No.75679000

Mirror Entity

>> No.75679011

Kamahl. Ezuri.

>> No.75679016

Jazal Goldmane

>> No.75679025

Mirror Entity

>> No.75679033

Got spoiled in the big leak.

>> No.75679053

Oh. New art? I got lucky last week and cracked a scroll rack that was in the Set boosters.

100$ reprint god damn.

>> No.75679056


>> No.75679062

Animating your lands and giving them vigilance, indestructible, and haste doesn't actually buff your creatures, anon.

>> No.75679074

Old Kamahl

>> No.75679075

yeah, these two are perfect. thanks


>> No.75679076

No, same art, new frame. At mythic.

>> No.75679089


>> No.75679092

oh I didn't see the art for the green court before, it's very nice

>> No.75679093

Tapping to bolt things also isn't a mana sink. There isn't even a mana cost associated with the ability.

>> No.75679094

not that kamahl, the other one that is green.

>> No.75679099

anon please
it's the one with the good flavor text

>> No.75679108

>being this assmad a full 24 hour later
jesus christ dude, you need to have sex once in life. It will fix eveything.

>> No.75679110

Wrong Kamahl

>> No.75679121

The green one
Etb you're the monarch
End of turn put a land into play from your hand
If you're the monarch, put a creature or land into play from your hand

>> No.75679123

The other old Kamahl

>> No.75679127

>Jeska and Kamahl don't really go together at all
kind of sad but at least the new kamahl is really good
yea it was in the text leak a while ago

>> No.75679128

The fuck is the red court going to do?
>Black court drains your opponents, so it isn't going to be burn
>White court makes tokens so it isn't going to be gobbo tokens
>would feel off for a card that makes you monarch to also be an Outpost Siege

>> No.75679153

i like that monarch is back it was a cool mechanic

>> No.75679159

Destroy lands lulz

>> No.75679164

>exile top card, play it until end of turn. If monarch just exile it and you can play it for the rest of the game.

>> No.75679166


>> No.75679177

So youre telling me I could do a thing...

...and then draw a card?

>> No.75679178

I love it too but was hoping it showing up in a set like this would lead to a card being printed that deals with Emblems somehow.

>> No.75679186

>in a month, a pod will be capable of consisting of Kamahl, Kamahl, Jeska, and Kamahl and Jeska

>> No.75679197

Why would it? Monarch has nothing to do with emblems.

>> No.75679200

Yes, and that thing is playing lands. Something almost no deck wants to do or even thinks of doing.
Playing lands is so unheard of and out of left field this card lets you do it twice, knowing just playing a land is not good enough to want to run.

>> No.75679211

>you can currently play in a pod of Omnath, Omnath, Omnath, and Omnath

>> No.75679213

Monarch isn't actually an emblem

>> No.75679215

exile and you can cast it
exile and you can cast it for free

>> No.75679231

i really hope wubrg omnath goes back to being a giant mana battery except now it's all colors
original omnath is still by far my favorite

>> No.75679239

They could and should make monarch an emblem.

>> No.75679244

It will be
>exile the top one and you can cast it until your next turn
>exile the top two and you can cast them until your next turn
We can't have a nonblue nongreen card as powerful as a green or a blue one

>> No.75679250

>the winner of the Kamahl & Jeska pod VS the winner of the Omnath pod VS the winner of the Niv-Mizzet pod
Place your bets

>> No.75679254

>I really hope wubrg omnath is better than the omnath I like

>> No.75679259


New, migrate whenever

>> No.75679263

Urza killing them all with a T1 Oracle.

>> No.75679276

Old Kamahl vs RG Omnath vs 5 colors Niv
Old Kamahl wins

>> No.75679295

They absolutely should not. Having an object change owners during the course of play is a can of worms that should stay closed.

>> No.75679314

>Old Kamahl
Which one?

>> No.75679321

No. It doesn't change owners under the change, it changes controllers.
It can't be interacted with in any way as is. Emblems need something to interact with them.

>> No.75679324


>> No.75679355

Green obviously

>> No.75679475

So hol up am I misreading this or if you choose 10 trillion and win, the loser takes 10 trillion damage?

>> No.75679505

Nope I'm misreading it, I see it now :(

>> No.75679581

If it reads the way it's been translated, then yes. If there's no "damage cannot be prevented or redirected" clause, you could probably come up with a way to nuke the board or gain a billion life.

>> No.75679676

Deal 2 damage to any target and if you're a monarch, deal 4 instead.

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