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BS3+ Battlesuits SOON Edition

>Warhammer TV Tip of the Day:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9V0bOB8sXQ&t [Embed]

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Tool to Improve Battlescribe Readability:

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>/40kg/ Mega
fuck you

>Custodian's Megadrop

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>Thread Question:
Have you gotten games in with the newcrons yet?

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>buy models
>paint models
>already want another army

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>Have you gotten games in with the newcrons yet?
Not yet, but hopefully soonish. We have a new player joining up with group though who's starting necrons and should be ready to play when we start our Crusade campaign.

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Unfathomably based OP

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>buy models
>paint models
>already want another army
this is why I have 5-6 moderate sized armies now

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People like you are why GW gets away with their shit. You should be ashamed.

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I think the zero survivability whout abusing shield drones hurts battlesuits more than bs4. you can get them to bs2 for a few turns with stratagems and they still suck because they die the second anything with ap looks at them and then you're out 200+ points and a third of your list's firepower.

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So, with how dysfunctional and incompetent 99% of imperial leadership is, how common are IG coups against local planetary governments in 40k?

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>buy army
>paint army
>dont buy another because the one you have has the coolest models and lore

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Well, they just nerfed Shield Drones anyways.

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Zhukov in that movie would have been such a great Imperial Guard character.

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Huh, it's hard but entirely possible to kill a Ctan in the shooting phase of T1, if the Necron player deploys badly enough

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>how common are IG coups against local planetary governments in 40k?

Doesnt happen because the Guard is always on a warzone and when it isnt they are tired and depleted BUT if a Governor is seen as lacking or seceding from the Imperium the Guard will retake the planet and its leadership/nobility will be replaced by the Imperial Guard's High Command.

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Only if anon has 6 different marine armies

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hate nazis
hate /pol
hate transphobes

love r/sigmarxism

simple as

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Often enough that regiments are the maximum size of an organized guard force. This way they are small enough to deal with hypothetically. You still get your Vraks or Severen Dominate from time to time that exceeds the "norm" tho.

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This is how I Battlesuit.

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Techmarines have the Awaken the Machine Spirit rule so does the guy who comes with the Thunderfire Cannon get it too?

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How should I fill out the rest of this list? Decided I wanted a shooty army for a change as normally I play Daemons, Orks or Covens.
>Space Marine Patrol 1000 points
>Hungry for Battle
>Rapid Assault
Primaris Captain with Power Fist and Plasma Pistol
Primaris Lieutenant with MC Power Sword and Plasma Pistol
Intercessors x 5 with Auto Bolt Rifles
Intercessors x 5 with Auto Bolt Rifles
Hellblasters x 10 with Assault Incinerators
Hellblasters x 5 with Heavy Incinerators
I've got some vague fluff in mind about them being plasma fetishists that draw from a hive world and favour infantry rapidly advancing through cover over vehicles, hence the successor tactics.
3 Eradicators seem like the obvious pick but man I cannot see them not getting nerfed into the ground soon. 3 Plasma Inceptors could fit if I dropped a Hellblaster. 3 Aggressors with Flamestorm gauntlets would also work and give me something that can counterpunch a bit, and if they get focused early that leaves my Hellblasters unscathed at least.
Was also leaning towards IH as the founding chapter for a couple of strats as well as the fact that I'd be using lots of bionic parts to represent plasma accidents anyway.

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Not really the same thing but Nightbringer is a story about a pdf trying to coup a planetary government vs the local Arbites and some Ultramarines

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>buy models
>buy third party bits to spruce them up
>assemble models
>get interested in another army

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You'd have to find a necron player who would put their beatstick right on the front of their deployment. You'd only see it from new players or dumbasses jumping ship from marines though, 8th taught cron players to play cagey af.

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Of buying stuff that I can afford no problems, that I enjoy assembling and painting and giving me a good variety of match ups to play with mates? Nah

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You are a human Fire Warrior team leader, and this is your team.

What do you do?

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Just need a big enough gap to land a Librarian for smite. The rest is done in the movement and shooting phase by one unit

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No he wouldn't. IG commanders lead by fear, not charisma and actual leadership. Like an IG commander would never shake the hands of lower ranked guardsman or joke with them. Zapp Brannigan or pic related would be better examples of Imperial generals, just with more grimdark, casual cruelty, and insanity.

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>buy models
>paint them poorly
>want other models but realize i'd just ruin them too

it's not fairrrrr reeeeee

Pros can increase the price of their models, I can only decrease mine. reeee.

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Snooping as usual, I see.

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humans would never be put in charge of a fire team

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>Often enough that regiments are the maximum size of an organized guard force.

No they are not, a Crusade is composed of Army groups and a normal Imperial Army is composed of several Regiments forming battlegroups each led by a General which in turn are overseen and led by a Lord General.

The Regiment system makes traitor elements easier to subdue and compartmentalize and hard for them to get any sort of autonomy.

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>Be T'au
>Think you're a shooting army
>Actually a battlesuit + drone army

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benis in face slit

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>Have you gotten games in with the newcrons yet?
Yes, I'm 6-2 with them. They're so good.

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Do we know how Custodes are made yet? Or is that mystery (hopefully) still secret?

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I want to rape all of them.

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>get through all the warriors and scarabs in a single psychic phase
>dealing more than one MW in the movement phase
lol ok

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Strangely accurate
>Precisely blackadder, the enemy will not expect us to charge over no-mans-land the exact same way we have done 17 times before!

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You see, when a man and a women love each other very much.

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Guys, am I a dick for shotgunning my opponent into the ground turn 2 using Infernal Gateway, the sorcerous focus and chaos familiar stratagems on the Chaos Termie sorcerer? I was fighting Tau as Tsons.

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Does the Imperial Guard ever organize their units into divisions or brigades?
I know the Kriegers use Korps' but I haven't seen much beyond single regiments from the rest.

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D3 mortal wounds for flying over it, then 3 mortal wounds if I can wound it with a S12 gun. The psychic phase is the had part, but would be doable

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>"Tau is a shooting army!"

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Still secret, only the Emperor's own scientists know the process and all we know is it takes even younger children than marines and the enhancement may be at the cellular level instead of just extra organs but thats an in universe theory.

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In an Imperium of a billion worlds, I suspect it varies. Nice beeeeeht though.

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Give me Tau auxiliaries.

>> No.75597519

Fucking hell, if only this were a thing.

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There's a general trend throughout 40k lit and imperial guard/pdf incompetence is one of them.

>> No.75597545

There's plenty of notable imperial guard commanders who aren't incompetent.

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What about Cain, Gaunt and other Commissar novels?

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Any 40k fiction that actually portrays orks as scary?

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What do you mean?

>> No.75597563

Rynns world

>> No.75597565

>implying a cron player wouldn't hid their c'tan behind line of sight for the first turn
>implying you would actually gimp your army by bringing more than one bomber to guarantee 3 MWs in the movement phase.
lol ok.

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The Cain books

>> No.75597573

Ciaphas Cain Death or Glory had some scenes. It has descriptions of burning wrecked towns and how the Orks defiled and everything besides raped everything.

>> No.75597577

No. Their cockney football hooligan derived slang automatically deflates any intimidation that they could have. Sure, they'll murder you in terrible ways, but you can't help but laugh at their antics and language.

>> No.75597578

Wargame 40k

>> No.75597584

What does this have anything to do with the Custodes? And where is the Emperor in the story?

>> No.75597589

>Implying cron players are even as smart as orks
They're all retarded as shit, much like ork players

>> No.75597590

Is it a video game of some sort?

>> No.75597596

There's a general meme about it, yes.

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Emperor Shinzo Abe commanded the man and woman to breed in the first place.

>> No.75597601

How horrifically racist.

>> No.75597605

this is why you're dumb enough to think you can reliable kill a c'tan in one turn huh?

>> No.75597606

I seem to remember the codex outright saying they're changed at a cellular level though I don't have it on hand atm to check.

>> No.75597609

Kill myself for not belonging in 40k

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>> No.75597621

they don't actually speak english, you know
an imperial citizen would have no idea what their bellowing, brutish words mean

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>> No.75597624

So has anyone tried fielding 20 Flayed Ones?

>> No.75597625

Confused by the last bit of your statement: Do you mean they raped everything or did not rape everything? I know that fantasy greenskins sexually assault captives to death during sieges (usually by shoving shit up people's asses and snatches), but it's more out of spite and sadism than anything else (fantasy orcs reproduce via sporing as well, so zero actual sexual urges),. I didn't know that 40k orks did that sort of shit too.

>> No.75597631

>"hard but entirely possible"
Yes and I'm the idiot here, sure thing bud

>> No.75597634

They didn’t rape. They have no dicks but everything except rape is fair game.

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IG formations are: Platoon, Company, Regiment, Battlegroup, Army Group, Crusade. Its on page 15 of the 8th ed codex.

>> No.75597647

>They're all retarded as shit, much like ork players
>D3 mortal wounds for flying over it, then 3 mortal wounds if I can wound it with a S12 gun. The psychic phase is the had part, but would be doable
>Just need a big enough gap to land a Librarian for smite. The rest is done in the movement and shooting phase by one unit
Yes, you're fucking retarded. As shown by these dumbass statements.

>> No.75597654

Fuck off Abe, you'll never have your birthrate back.

>> No.75597694

He doesn't, all he can do is repair vehicles

>> No.75597697

Well, as per the Munitorum designations, but realistically anything below regiment level is more based on how the world they come from organizes things, with some consideration to the Munitorum guidelines for basic familiarity between regiments.

>> No.75597702

>he thinks he can defy the Emperor

>> No.75597708

We know what happened to the Emperor’s sword but what about his power claw?

>> No.75597711

>> No.75597713

>As I glace shiftily at the five heresy-era marine armies I'm working on as a project, and my primaris white scars box.

Yes, marines bad.

>> No.75597720

Its being fitted into Dorn's new Dreadnought body.

>> No.75597731

What's the best way to build the Tau Start Collecting! box? Especially with regards to the Crisis Suits, the number of options there is kinda staggering. Also, are Fire Warriors best in groups of 5 or do Tau generally go above MSU?

>> No.75597738

>What's the best way to build the Tau Start Collecting! box?
Throw it in the trash and buy Marines instead to have a real army

>> No.75597749

I want Squats.

>> No.75597753

He would throw it into the trash but with a bs4+ he's probably going to miss

>> No.75597755

>hate nazis
>hate /pol
>hate transphobes
>love r/sigmarxism

>> No.75597757

I like burst cannons and missile pods

Fire warriors work best in multiples of 4 (8, 12, etc) because their number system works that way.

>> No.75597764

Has anyone spent the time to count the amount of datasheets in forgeworlds line up? it seems like the 191 datasheets coming in the compendium is missing at least 80+ currently in use data sheets; so i really am curious.

>> No.75597771

I still want to rape this self replier

>> No.75597788

based schizoposter

>> No.75597799

Where can I get in secret club? I mean get mega link? Why sticking to mega anyway? There other filehosts that don't bend the knee to jews. Why don't make a torrent?

>> No.75597802

Earlier today anon asked for pics of my nocturne green dark angel vs my caliban green dark angel. Here's the final result if you're here and im definitely using the left ( nocturne green).

>> No.75597805

No one cares about shitty third party models

>> No.75597806

I want to rape

>> No.75597814

>third party
>same company
>same offices
stop pretending to be retarded please.

>> No.75597817

And that's okay. It's a completely natural thing to do and there's nothing wrong with it

>> No.75597823

>I like burst cannons and missile pods
Cool, I'll probably go with those then since they look the coolest
>Fire warriors work best in multiples of 4 (8, 12, etc) because their number system works that way.
>boxes come with 10
I assume that's why I've seen people on other sites recommend converting up a Cadre Fireblade, then.

>> No.75597824

>t. nigger

>> No.75597834

Ok soi faggot

>> No.75597837

hey guys, I have a small interest in getting into 40k

can someone explain something to me? I'm trying to look at the various crunch that the unique factions have to help pick which I want to get into, but at first glance they seem to be locked behind these $30 books? And there's no pdf anywhere?

That can't be right, right? Surely there's a wiki or something?

>> No.75597840


>> No.75597849

Are suppressors any good? Being locked into ETB and only available in a SC box seems a bit weird.

>> No.75597851


this commie posted the mega links to all the PDFs

>> No.75597859

We used to have a MEGA but it got shut down due to trannies.
Wahapedia and BattleScribe for army building should get you far enough to know most of what's happening unless you're playing Marines or Necrons tight now.

>> No.75597861

>$30 books

God I wish, try $70.

t. ausfag

>> No.75597865

This is bait

>> No.75597878

per faction

I am legitimately trying to see from an outsider's perspective how this shit is not a scam and everyone in the hobby isn't just continue because of sunk cost fallacy
thanks m8s, happy rolling

>> No.75597885

yes per faction, every codex is $70 in ausfagland, the rule book is like $100+

>> No.75597886

Woah hey guys! I'm just getting into 40k and I was wondering if you have access to a link I've never known about containing all the codexes and rulebooks. Ignore the fact that I happen to be doing so at the same time that 200 other people supposedly have the same story as mine, just please paste a link.

>> No.75597887

>All the pdfs
Try again >>75597711

>> No.75597888

if you cannot wrap your head around legitimately questioning paying $30 per faction info, then that's both sad and telling

>> No.75597895

By the way, I'm trans. Don't know if that matters.

>> No.75597901

post feet

>> No.75597910

Minimal size for Fire Warriors is 5. Wouldn’t recommend going any higher.

>> No.75597911

>I assume that's why I've seen people on other sites recommend converting up a Cadre Fireblade, then.
eh, the WAAC option is to stick to min-size squads, but yeah groups of 8 are nice.

>> No.75597913

What do you run?

>> No.75597914

>he doesn't use clear bases
>his models drag around piles of dirt with them

>> No.75597916

Nice to meet you, trans. My name is Hans.

>> No.75597919

>tau in 9th

>> No.75597920

Yours don't?

>> No.75597921 [SPOILER] 

just this once

>> No.75597927

Post bepis

>> No.75597932

Oh good, I'm not going to dip too deep into Tau for a while since they're going to be my side army Skaven is my main so I'd prefer not to deal with weird unit sizes at the moment.
I'll definitely try and do that if I ever end up with the right number of Fire Warriors, seems nice and fluffy.

>> No.75597933

>His models don't walk on the ground, but eternally hover about a foot above it.

>> No.75597938

the the guy asking doesn't care about fluffs and audiobooks, just codexes. and they are all there.

>> No.75597941

I just sent the new megas to gw in a fb message, ama

>> No.75597949

>the the
Fucking mongoloid even stutters while typing kys

>> No.75597950

How did you get so based?

>> No.75597951

When are you fixing the app

>> No.75597954

Did you get little attention as a child?

>> No.75597958


>> No.75597962

Would bits from the possessed and WHFB forsaken make for good creations of bile chaos marines or would that look more Word Bearer than CoB? How about armor color - should there be one unified scheme or would it make sense to have CSM drawn from a bunch of different legions and warbands?

>> No.75597964

I'm just doing my part to try and keep poorfags away because they're not welcome
My app is fine
I got plenty I just hate faggots

>> No.75597972

self hate is not healthy anon

>> No.75597978

I'm not a fag poor people are

>> No.75597979

Have you ever emailed the GW FAQ team and if yes what question did you ask?

>> No.75597984

heh heh made you read extra word

>> No.75597986

>enjoy doing something
>do more of it
>feel bad because anonymous contrarians on a shithole website might disapprove

>> No.75598008

Consider using the colors from his old box set

>> No.75598019

there's literally no reason battlesuits shouldn't be able to use cover

>> No.75598030

Redpill me on local metas. What kind of shit do you have to put up with?

>> No.75598032

I think this thing looks sick as fuck, but I'm painting Dark Angels.

What do?

>> No.75598040

no, but every time they do a survey I ask for more scions

>> No.75598046

3 Black Templar players that butch about them not having their own codex who spout far right propaganda and saying edgy shit.

>> No.75598049

It is entirely sunk cost fallacy.

>> No.75598055

You could make crisis suits infantry no problem, yeah.

>> No.75598074

Just run it as an Ironclad dread

>> No.75598078

I was bullied by a QT in my LGS for using a FW transfer sheet on some of my models. It hurt me inside.

>> No.75598083

Die. Or instead make green Blood Angels

>> No.75598087

Hey friends. Post your favorite Primarch and why you like them. What makes them special enough for you to go "I like this one the best!" All are welcome and included.... Except Perturabo.

>> No.75598089

I've got a feeling it doesn't but does "Brotherhood or Sorcerers" increase the range of the "Psychic Actions" for the secondary objectives that use it?

>> No.75598098


>> No.75598102

why would she bully you for that? They got some cool transfer sheets.

>> No.75598109

Dorn. Because Black Templars are my favorite chapter so it has to be Dorn by default and I don't really care for any of them.

>> No.75598111


>> No.75598115

I guess Lorgar.
I know more about him than the rest, and I can empathize with him as I am a Christcuck. That's why I like his legion, actually, they're arguably the most religious of the chaos legions. It's pretty neat.

>> No.75598118

How big are her boobs

>> No.75598119


>> No.75598122

Buy it cause its a cool model, and paint it in its lore colors cause its neat. There are plenty of cool dreadnoughts that actually fit with DA, like the chaplain dread.

>> No.75598130

But why do you like him? Simply cuz angry?

>> No.75598132

Sounds pretty based. I can see where that gets annoying

>> No.75598133


>> No.75598136

The Lion, hands down. Going on so many hunting trips that you un-deathworld a planet is badass.

>> No.75598138

Calling it now: "She" was playing hide the sausage.

>> No.75598141

buy it, paint it, put it onna shelf

>> No.75598159

Primarch, Zaa?

>> No.75598162

Because my boy just wants his suffering to end but keeps getting used like a dog.

>> No.75598165

>to an American and MRI is an exotic expensive procedure only accessible to the elite

>> No.75598172

That is not a primarch but I will accept anyway. Why do you like those spooky sprocket-rattling bone-bots?

>> No.75598176

necron marisa would be too cute for 40k. Shame on you.

>> No.75598177

lorgar and perturabo (angel exterminatus version)
lorgar because the whole great big heretic thing is cool, and he uses a mace, and I like his colour scheme
perturabo (aev) because that's the only version of perturabo that's actually a halfway decent character, and his utopian dreamer disillusioned by constant shitty war thing is interesting

>> No.75598181

>Magnus the Red

>> No.75598187


>> No.75598188

>Wargame: 40k
god if only

>> No.75598191

Fuck it, I'll give you a pass on it being AEV Perty and having fair reasoning. Nicely done, anon.

>> No.75598193


>> No.75598214

The best touhou. She's the same amount of klepto as Trazyn.

>> No.75598215

help, I can't decide

3rd edition boxset or Dark Vengeance boxset?
I could technically get both but it's unwise to spend that much in a short amount of time

>> No.75598222

Don't buy either, buy models for an actually good game. Like AoS or Infinity

>> No.75598234

But I don't like either of those anon

>> No.75598236

I'm sorry your taste is so shit anon

>> No.75598243


>> No.75598248

just get both you coward

>> No.75598250

>Unironically buying Pr*maris models

>> No.75598252

>The best touhou.
Why didn't you post Remilia then

>> No.75598253

Why are you in a 40k thread if you don't like 40k

>> No.75598255

I really can't blame people for shitting on perty when 90% of writing concerning him just has him acting like a complete fucking retard
like in crimson fist when he puts one of the trident into a dreadnought because he got delivered bad news

it's pretty funny at the start of angel exterminatus where they have to acknowledge the existence of the previous book but have no intention of following its portrayal of perturabo and there's like one line where it says "yeah perturabo was pretty violent before but he got better"

>> No.75598262

what I want from tau codex:

>for the greater good becomes a stratagem
>savior protocols becomes a stratagem
>new stratagems that aren't overcosted garbage
>markerlights redesigned
>jet packs get jump shoot jump back
>battlesuits can use cover
>crisis suit cost reduced
>new support systems that give +1 to hit or fall back and shoot
>hazard suits become codex units
>shas'vre get bs3
>commander cost reduced
>shas'el hq option
>complete weapon rebalance (plasma to s7 d2, ion to something other than I can't believe it's not plasma)
>squat everything bigger than a broadside
>no new auxillaries because they're gay

>> No.75598263

I do what I want

>> No.75598279

Holy fuck that is some shit taste.
Do you play craftworlds?

>> No.75598287

She thought it was some hand painted designs until she looked closer and saw it was a transfer.

>> No.75598318

that's what he gets for selling his soul to the god of being a cunt

>> No.75598331

Making a chaos space marine detachment
Which HQ do people think is better?
Lord discordant or demon prince?

>> No.75598355

Did the necron lord with resurrection orb get legend ? I cant find it on the store anymore. Same with the SM Command Squad.

>> No.75598362

>using transfers
Sorry anon but that's just how it goes.

>> No.75598374

Are you using daemon engines?

>> No.75598398

How is the POISONBLADE RAIDING PARTY ? I already have a little bit of Dark Eldar and would like to expand it.

>> No.75598407

>The infantry advance over minefields precisely as if they are not there. -Gen. Zhukov

Sounds relatively IG to me, my good tankie fuck

>> No.75598411

Lorgar, I'm not religious myself but it makes for a good motivation for his character arc

>> No.75598420

of the two, dark vengeance

>> No.75598425

Vulkan. I just wanna set things on fire with my bros.

>> No.75598430

Is Kill Team worth getting into as a wargames and 40k newbie?

>> No.75598434

A bit schizophrenic. None of the stuff in it is really bad (aside from Kabalites being overcosted right now) but it has Kabal, Coven and Cult units in one box and you'd need extra stuff from each to run them in game.

>> No.75598441

Wait... the fuck? All those books, all those BL novels, lost like tears in the rain? Why?

>> No.75598444

Not unless they update killteam for 9th edition.

>> No.75598450

I mean, in the origin story of the Valhallan Ice Warrior Regiments, the Orks are starving and are almost immediately eating guardsmen and civilians once they reach close combat.

Imagine being some poor fucker defending a barricade and an ork climbing up grabs your foot and throws you behind him in ork lines where you are promptly torn apart and eaten!

>> No.75598452

It's a 500 point detachment so just a bunch of chaos space marines/cultists

>> No.75598495

DP then

>> No.75598503

Do we now if they are going to update it?

>> No.75598511

The teased reivers versus flayed ones for it last stream, didn't they?

>> No.75598520

Cobbled together a warlord for my tiny Night Lords army

>> No.75598533

Why is the chest piece so bad,

>> No.75598534


>> No.75598535

Time to teach the Tau about the Sacred Bands (but slightly change the details to suit my own ends)

>> No.75598536

Miriael Sabathiel deciding to step outside of Slaanesh's domain in the warp to go for a walk, sees Celestine standing outside waiting for her, runs back inside.

>> No.75598539

>3 Black Templar players that butch about them not having their own codex who spout far right propaganda and saying edgy shit.
Based beyond belief

>> No.75598554

Looks good anon, I used that body for my Word Bearers Lord

>> No.75598555


>> No.75598558


>> No.75598571

Make sure he recites the library of congress before he lands.

>> No.75598574


>> No.75598576

Good job

>> No.75598581

Fucks me up how Haarken Worldclaimer (the base model here) has the same sort of sonic device as Eidolon yet no rules to represent it

>> No.75598587

Doesnt he do like a -1 leadership bubble or something similarly worthless

>> No.75598591

>3rd edition boxset

>> No.75598595

How would I go about building an army of Black Templars in 9e? Will I need to lean on primaris or are manlets looking ok enough to run crusader squads?

>> No.75598599


>> No.75598602

>Being this new

>> No.75598603

Yeah but all raptors have that.
Honestly he should have been a slaanesh dude with a doom siren. No reason for there to not be marked BL characters.

>> No.75598605

>The Duke took the voxphone, punched for his command frequency, said: "Two of you toss out your shield generators. By the numbers. You can carry one more man that way. We're not leaving any men for that monster." He keyed back to the working frequency, barked: "All right, you in Delta Ajax niner! Out! Now! This is a command from your Duke! On the double or I'll cut that land crawler apart with a lasgun!"

The above passage is not from 40k but from Dune. Just how much did 40k copy Dune?

>> No.75598610

Other way round

>> No.75598614


>> No.75598635

They use Strap-WAAAAAAGHns.

>> No.75598636

Why do Canoptek Spyders not exist anywhere? wtf? I've been looking of them everywhere and they are sold out everywhere in the fucking world. i just want a spooper jesus fucking christ

>> No.75598653

Dune is just Space Jihadist Imperium to 40k's Space Crusaders (be hilarious if they ever met). I will say that Dune is on a completely different level than 40k though. The reason why combat is so ceremonial and sword focused is not just because of personal shields that can block nearly anything except for slow moving blades, but because their actual crazy shit is too destructive. They have handguns that can destroy planets, for instance. Their lasguns, on maximum setting, can nuke cities. So a Dune land crawler or lasgun is not the same thing as a 40k land crawler or lasgun.

Dune came out in the 60s. All the other major space operas like Star Wars and 40k riffed off of it.

>> No.75598665

sauce? image search returns nothing

>> No.75598670

Is a unit of sisters of battle showing up at your wedding a good sign or a bad sign?

>> No.75598673

only infantry, swarms, and beasts can use cover. crisis suits aren't any of those so they don't get to use cover, but they aren't vehicles or monsters either so they can't shoot in melee.

>> No.75598674

I just want one more so I can have one single complete unit of them but 2 is enough I guess.
I also want another doomstalker or two because they are the only non FW heavy hitter that doesn't look like shit or is shit.

>> No.75598693

This could be one of those cases where the Administratum makes a paperwork error and somebody gets send to the wrong place. Like, those Sisters were actually meant to be guarding a Confessor.

It must be nice for the couple, regardless.

>> No.75598698

It means you are blessed by the emperor

>> No.75598713

A lot. Old RT-era stuff can (and was) used for Dune games.

>> No.75598715

Based. Dark eldar Chads rise up

>> No.75598720

An escort for the contingent of Sisters Dialogus who have turned up to ensure the proper bloodline protocols are followed. It's a good sign... assuming the bloodline protocols are being followed.

>> No.75598741

That's the Famulous. The Dialogus study books and languages.

>> No.75598752

That's mega cringe

>> No.75598772

Me on the right.

>> No.75598796

Sorry, my mistake.

>> No.75598823

I think I've seen this squad before... They had to take public transport once to get to a purge, since their Rhino was being repaired.

>> No.75598853

Boss Poles inspired by fighting Dark Eldar maybe.

>> No.75598860

Are orks supposed to be like blacks? Why are they so racist

>> No.75598864

>that guy with the shit-eating grin in the back

>> No.75598871


>> No.75598872

Orks don't feel hatred.

>> No.75598878

They look Russian / Ukrainian

>> No.75598879


>> No.75598883

while yes, remember 40k is a product of Britain undeclass mocking their elites. They loved the idea of the man above them being an inbred idiotic moron. The idea of Zhukov, a man of people could send them into the maws of dead is abhorent to them. Think about it this way, Cromwel won the civil war and after his death they put in charge his son. When this son turned out to be weak they call back for the king son. The same men who executed their king applauded when his son was back on the throne. At the same time during WW1 English officers had the biggest causalties. Simple becuse this blueblooded morons wanted to always lead their man agaisnt the machine gun nest.

>> No.75598904

Hey guys here's a rubric I'm working on, how does it look?

>> No.75598921

>Back left next to that guy
That's a ToB not an SoB

>> No.75598930

Officially, no. However, in older codices, they would occasionally mention that while the Regiment was the standard to which all guard armies were built on, thanks to the widespread nature and overall disparity the million worlds of the imperium have developed to over 10k years of existence, not every planet does everything the same, and not every battle group is a carbon copy when it comes to tactics and organization

>> No.75598945

Maybe a bit much gold on the gun, otherwise good

>> No.75598955

i love this ancient 40k stuff, back in the days of fishmen and space skaven

>> No.75598962


Feed information on the movements of the perfidious xeno to the inquisition, content in the knowledge that my redemption will be secured by the same act that secures my doom once the Adeptus Astartes are able to call down precision bombardments on my position.

>> No.75598966

why does this look so russian

>> No.75598967

what army has this vibe? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTnRcnbAAiI

>> No.75598992

did a 750 point game with them against my buddy's tau. A skorpekh lord and a single unit of skorpekh destroyers tore through 3 xv8s, enforcer suit commander, hammerhead gunship, and a broadside. I was using the rad wreathed and butchers trait, which is kind of broken against tau since it punches through battlesuits as they aren't vehicles.

>> No.75599008

>Loved Howling Banshees since watching DoW2 cinematic
>even got a new model
>still shit
why can't I be happy

>> No.75599010

I haven't played in over a year

>> No.75599013

Because you're a cuck. Wait for the codex.

>> No.75599016


>> No.75599021

depends, there's some real sadboy hours to be had amongst many of the blood angels beleive it or not.
They're watching their brotherhood fall deeper and deeper into madness and loss, every time they are called together chapters of the blood have dissapeared.

Or possibly renegade (but loyalist) astartes Soul Drinkers come to mind here, being loyalists to the Emperor and the Imperium and humanity but not to the high lords.

easily Aeldari actually could also feel a similar vibe the long death of their race sustained only by desperately hanging onto the threads of fate and literally manipulating the future to their own ends, they have managed toooo... barely survive, for 10,000 years they have had literally the power of gods magic and anime on their side and barely gotten through, often failing miserably and being the most doomed of doomed races.

Idk why this sad subject matter in the lyrics has such contrasting background beats but you could do Emperors Children actually, that background being more their thing, then pair it with the few brief moments of horrible clarity to remind those of them, who still hold on to what they once were; what they have since become.

>> No.75599025

>tfw howling banshees got updated but Ynnari sold so poorly that none of the other aspect warriors will ever be updated
life is pain

>> No.75599026

Use silver on the gun barrels and on any secondary metal details, different metallics can really up a model's looks

I'd also recommend adding in some false textures if you want them to look less flat maybe stipple on some different brighter reds on the large flat panels

>> No.75599028

Is the CSM battalion box worthwhile now in 9th? I have a bunch of DG stuff already and would probably run the contents as Plague marines or dip into Purge

>> No.75599035

I think it'll be decent once we get our +1Ws

>> No.75599038

>loved Necron Destroyers since playing Dark Crusade
>new necron codex has a bunch of new destroyers and they're treated like a big deal
>they suck ass
>hover destroyers are slower, their stratagem was nerfed, and the phylactery relic is now garbage and not even exclusive anymore
>having a destroyer as your warlord bars you from an entire gameplay mechanic with nothing to make up for it

>> No.75599041


Really anon a loli hag?

>> No.75599043


Yeah, GW really hates destroyers. They are good models and are sort of dangerous, but they have no synergy with the rest of the army.

>> No.75599051


>> No.75599054

Which honestly is perfectly in flavour with them

>> No.75599065


>> No.75599067


>> No.75599072

>Caring about what a pedo thinks

>> No.75599075


Kind of? They don't benefit from Rites of Reanimation, which would have been perfect on them and doesn't even make sense.

Why does a repair ability not work on a necron? Technomancers are meant to be engineers. They should be able to repair destroyers.

>> No.75599076

they should be at least as killy as centurions and obliterators then

>> No.75599077


The flag is magnetized I'm not desensitized enough to do that

>> No.75599081

Thinking of making a tech-priest based off pic related, what's a good piece to use for the helmet?

>> No.75599084

Is the Daemon Prince kit one of the best that GW has ever done?

>> No.75599088

imagine the smell

>> No.75599090

lmao no wtf
for pure options it's chaos spawn

>> No.75599091

Orks are spiteful creatures, do you even The Beast

>> No.75599093

Deldar Wracks

>> No.75599099

A little lego person you've modded to have a gap in the legs.

>> No.75599103

Eldar heads definitely

>> No.75599105

Its okay as a base for conversions though

>> No.75599111

no, it's shit

>> No.75599113

This is how I Night Lords

>> No.75599114

Why did GW go away from this art style? It looks so much better than the digital stuff they make nowadays.

>> No.75599116


>> No.75599121

hey at least they're now only mostly shit instead of completely shit

>> No.75599127


>> No.75599128

clean digital stuff appeals to normies, they dont like interesting art

>> No.75599130

ork flyer kit on the other hand

>> No.75599131

I just so happen to have 10 wracks, so I've probably got a few spare masks.

>> No.75599136

Here's your Daemonette gf bro.

>> No.75599138

tfw daemonette mommy dom gf plugs your ass and makes you her slave

>> No.75599140

Fuck YES mommy!

>> No.75599141

Orks have been shitcunts forever.

>> No.75599145


>> No.75599151

No thanks, bro.

>> No.75599159


>> No.75599165



>> No.75599179


No, they are supposed to be like football hooligans.
Not every country is like the US.

>> No.75599184

should I get tyranids?

>> No.75599195

Post tits and we'll tell you

>> No.75599208

I once whined at them about how bad nids are, with math hammer included.

>> No.75599215

Destroyers have always been my least favorite necron unit, but I'm liking the recent ones. I always liked warrior blobs with a monolith. Also canoptek stuff has always been cool.

>> No.75599222

Superior battlesuit stepping in.

>> No.75599223

I think the reasoning is that that kind of field repair for things more complex than basic troopers need specialized equipment, in fact it's not like you can't do that, you just need an Arcana or a Resurrection Orb

>> No.75599233


>> No.75599239

infinity models look like theyre from a shitty korean mmo

>> No.75599248

>that base

>> No.75599251

And yet they're still better than Tau.

>> No.75599258

GW did the same thing for BSF

>> No.75599263

That's not a high wall to step over though, eating my own steaming shit would be better than Tau

>> No.75599265

closer to an eldar titan

>> No.75599267

Thorpe is on record saying the upcoming Luther book will have a bit of both Typhus and Erebus. How much would you bet that Erebus is responsible for the Fallen in some retarded fashion?

>> No.75599269

Tau are only for people to hornypost not-porn of, and compare to other things as a baseline for lame shit.

>> No.75599272

Then why defend tau compared to infinity.

>> No.75599279

Guilliman for being the most legitimately human of the bunch. I really like the idea of a demi-god who views himself as still human, and I think he might be the only primarch who views himself as a human being.

>> No.75599280

they're both trash
tau are still better though

>> No.75599288

>Not Jaghati

>> No.75599295

Which traitor legion is the most tragic, depressed and defeated of the lot?

>> No.75599304

The Dark Angels.

>> No.75599306

>traitor legion
Who cares

>> No.75599332

I do.

>> No.75599346

Color scheme is fine, although I would paint the barrels in a silver color, so the weapon doesn't become a huge golden blob.

>> No.75599348

World Eaters

>> No.75599353


I think the best example of what separates Guilliman from the likes of horus and some of the rest is when he finds out the emperor doesn't love him.

Guilliman finds out the very same truth that broke horus, that to the emperor he is nothing but a tool to be used and discarded if need be.

And as heartbreaking as it is for Guilliman, it doesn't even occur to him to forsake the Imperium, because he's not going to let his personal feelings stop him from doing what is right

>> No.75599357


>> No.75599363

>meme answer
Why does anyone bother asking anything here

>> No.75599369

There's a short story where a local village is being terrorized by some creature, and the monster is played up so much that it's a genuine twist when it's revealed to "just" be a savage ork

>> No.75599376

Morning gents,

Have Space Marines ever had a Standard Bearer miniature carrying like a relic or icon instead of a banner, like the Sisters of Battle often have?

I'd like my Ancient to have one instead. The Sisters ones are a bit too gothic though. There's the Custodes guy with a huge metal Aquila too.

>> No.75599377

I tried CSM with 17 points, and both shooty and slashy squads feel much better.

>> No.75599379

World Eaters
Night Lords

I'd say the Night Lords for the most of all three since they also have a fair bit of tragedy, while the World eaters aren't really at all depressed.

>> No.75599382

You could probably get by on just manlets but assault intercessors are definitely the best troop choice for BT

>> No.75599396

I've been meaning to try out the SM Codex using my CSMs just to try get a feel for how my CSMs, bikers and terminators will handle

>> No.75599398

It's not exactly codex-standard, but if it's /yourdudes/ then anything on a stick is perfectly valid, and Indomitus even had the most boring chapter of them all carrying around a skeleton in place of a banner. So yeah, relics in place of banners are cool.

>> No.75599403

gee anon I don't know

>> No.75599405

Eldar(The whites) describe orks as savage animals so yes.

>> No.75599429

They’re fucking football hooligans you absolute retard

>> No.75599431


Ah fuck, yeah him

Any Manlets though?

>> No.75599438

>not taking that guy’s banner and giving it to a manlet
You have only yourself to blame.

>> No.75599449

Depends on timeline. Currently, probably Iron Warriors. The lowest point in general was probably Mortarian getting tricked by Typhus/Nurgle or Monarchia though.

>> No.75599467

She's still cute.

>> No.75599496

World Eaters, maybe Thousand Sons
Thousand Sons
Iron Warriors

>> No.75599514

It wasn't a great question.

>> No.75599517

Curze for being a psycho that was fucked from the start. He and the Night Lords in general have a fun story. It's a shame he died and it sucks playing one of the few original legions without a living primarch around but it's fitting for his character.

>> No.75599523

Why do wear their power armor sports bras over their robes instead of under them?

>> No.75599525

you can find audiologs in Space Marine game describing how orks were butchering local population including children.

>> No.75599533

maybe it helps with chafing

>> No.75599603

Pods or Rhinos?

>> No.75599623

Do you want to deep strike on a stick, or be able to reposition more than once?

>> No.75599642

Sure. They're fun to paint and a good excuse to learn to sculpt.

>> No.75599680

>buy models
>already want another army

>> No.75599697

>implying that Rogers was a pedo
Prove it

>> No.75599709


>> No.75599716

steel division 1944

>> No.75599771

>They’re fucking football hooligans
No they're clearly joggers you mong

>> No.75599779

>steel division 1944
>not the superior Wargame: Red Dragon

>> No.75599855

Christmas Box leaks when ?

>> No.75599859

End of November, like we keep telling you.

>> No.75599880

Just as a curious question: What's the best way to mathematically determine "fair" points values for units?

>> No.75599897

Efficiency per point

>> No.75599901

you can't, too many variables and as soon as you introduce special rules it's all out the window. If you're homebrewing (which I do occasionally for fun games): just find the most similar unit you can, assess the value of the differences, and then add a couple points to be on the safe side.

>> No.75599916

End of November when ?

>> No.75599921

A little over a month.

>> No.75599924

Basically consider what the rolls are like for attacks, what they could potentially slay on average and how certain abilities add onto that potential?

Good advice and I have employed it, I just wanted to be sure this is a valid way.

>> No.75599982

Should i ? Costs less than a box of the new Nobz

>> No.75599991

If you want that stuff, then sure, a saving's a saving

>> No.75599994

Yes. it's one of the few ways to get the deffkopa too.

>> No.75599999

you get a plastic deffkopta so ye

>> No.75600007

The nob kit has value in all the different weapon/cosmetic bits you get in it, but for bulking out nob squads that one's not so bad.

>> No.75600008

Dub quints cannot be denied

>> No.75600013

you MUST buy it now

>> No.75600023

>those digits
Holy shit. >>75599982, you must now buy 559999 of those boxes.

>> No.75600053


>> No.75600107

Forgeworld Legion Herald. Just build you own Signifer out of space-mariney bits appropriate to your chapter.

>> No.75600125

Blessed imagery


Can you still get the Build + Paint range? I really want a Black Reach Dreadnought for how small and cute they are but I'm not paying eBay prices

>> No.75600141

are the boxnaughts from assault on black reach smaller than regular ones?

>> No.75600150

Depends on luck sometimes you find a obscure modelling online shop who still has those in stock for dirt cheap trying to get rid of them

>> No.75600157

sort of the generator on the back is far smaller

>> No.75600166


Just a little, the exhaust pack is smaller (you can't even see the stacks from the front) and they have a slightly more stunted profile.

>> No.75600174


>> No.75600181

Guys, i kinda lost the images of cute sororitas painted by the chinese dude. Can someone provide?

>> No.75600218

Yeah it's kinda weird, running a mainly destroyer cult army almost feels like you're playing a different army. Honestly command protocols are jank, they should effect the entire army like doctrines and canticles, not be character auras, you're already getting taxed enough by being forced to take a noble warlord (as an aside to this, why the fuck is the royal warden not considered a noble? Every other HQ is either a cryptek or destroyer if not a noble, the warden just sits on his own as nothing). Honestly the best fix I could see is having them be standard to effect the whole army, then the secondary being a character aura. But in general the necron codex seems really rushed and like not as much of an iota of thought went into it compared to the new marines codex.

>> No.75600223


>> No.75600280

>Sisters faces are actually cute GW painters just made them look like disgusting trannies
I don't play SoB because I'm not a faggot but it's understandable people want their female characters to at least be decently pretty. I like a balance myself. I don't want perfect waifushit but I don't want a bull faced dyke. Thanks based chink for showing the light.

>> No.75600309

It's not just the paint jobs. Most of the head sculpts are just awful.

>> No.75600341

some are actually good but some are completely unsalvageable

>> No.75600359

Yeah I remember seeing the sprues back when they were just coming out and we all realized a good few of the heads were just beyond saving. GW is almost incapable of making good female faces.

>> No.75600703

Humans can't be Fire Warriors as they are not and can never be part of the Fire caste. Gue'vesa operate as their own separate units akin to kroot and vespids

>> No.75600712

>reee warrior chicks must all be supermodel pretty!!

Have you ever seen a women's rugby team?

>> No.75600754

>warrior chicks must all be supermodel pretty!!
yes. why would you want women to be ugly?

>> No.75601079

They aren't ugly. They look how I imagine, hardened warrior women.

I guarantee you and the rest of the crowd hating on the SoB also hated on Gal Gadot for being too pretty as wonder woman.

>> No.75601100

I don't watch or follow capeshit
but good job outing yourself as a redditor

>> No.75601131

No Sir, I'm from /tv/

>> No.75601834

Any advice for recess shading on yellow? Just got done painting but I don't want my guys looking like smeared shit.

>> No.75602236

Damn. TFC would be a lot better if he got it too.

>> No.75602580

Thin coat of varnish then oil based wash and clean up with white spirit and q tips.

>> No.75602690

Trying a bit to hard to be funny, pathetic.

>> No.75602779

that's a conversion and I don't bloody think GW ever called it a Hrud

>> No.75602842

part of the problem is marines have been worked on a lot and having supplements/etc has allowed GW to work out the kinks. GW is very good at making marines, other armies? not as good.

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