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Mecha a shit edition
Combined arms is king sub edition

>Warhammer TV Tip of the Day:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlPBoqj0nRo [Embed]

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Tool to Improve Battlescribe Readability:

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>/40kg/ Mega (it's a single string, not three)
Just encipher it.
Password is the Naughty word

>Custodian's Megadrop

>Previous Thread:

Are your local marinepiggies mad or stoked about their new codex?

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Based art. Wish boxes still looked like this

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I'm happy, just wish they would bring out Bladeguard and Assault Intercessors so I can complete my Templar army.

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This thread has been claimed by the Omnissiah's faithful

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>look at the bladeguard statline

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Mix of gravis and indomitus armour

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Primaris (2W) + Veteran (+1W)

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2 for Marine, 1 for Veteran.

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Didn't you get indomitus?

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when did being a vet start giving you more wounds? didn't it just give you more B/WS and weapon options?

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>ape hands
god damn heroic scale sucks
Do you mean change to be better for the customers and long term stability, or change to be better for profit and immediate growth? Because only one of those matters and you should thank the almighty dollar that GW isn't leaning into it as hard as they could be.
>smidgen of sense
There's a difference between making sense and autistically want your big cape boys slugging it out with comparatively strong villain of the week
I'd really love to live in a world where I could expect something like this to be bait instead of an honest opinion.
>veteran gives a wound
golly gosh really? Boy howdy I'm sure looking forwards to the 3w stern and vanguard vets that definitely exist if veteran gives you an extra wound!

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>veteran gives you a wound
Fuck no it doesn't you idiots

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It usually gives you +1A and +1Ld

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it doesn't, those anons are retarded.
They have an extra wound because they're essentially a unit of almost characters.

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Idk i don't play marines

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I honest belive it went like: "Gosh I really like these guys, I want them to have X Y and Z" and so they get an extra wound for nothing and they redesign powerweapons and stormshields solely around bladeguard

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What's the best 40k music ever made and why is the Mechanicus OST


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go ahead and just reply to everyone bud

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I don't think its actually meant to represent anything lorewise. It's just a balance measure, because they've learnt from Terminators that 2 wounds isn't enough to make fighty infantry survivable even with a 2+ armour and 4+ invuln

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I wish Tau would get expanded vehicle roster and a devilfish remodel that fixes the gaps between the top and bottom parts. Its stupid that only marines get vehicles with fifty different guns on them.

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Noosphere slaps

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That's pretty gay

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Plasmacytes are for bullying

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plasmacytes are for dropping from your lists in order to fit an extra warrior in somewhere

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>when you reanimate but she still resurrection orbing

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don't mind if I do
Americans love fitin mechs and they keep shovelling money into riptides and other suits, so that's what we're getting from now on

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My top 3

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>destroyer unit charges
>plasmacyte doesn't make the charge
>plasmacyte dies in the next phase
what were they thinking?

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>everything must be fully optimized WAACshit

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mega ain't working no more.

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competitive people are a blight in hobbies like this

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>skorpekhs make the charge
>plasmacyte doesn't
>it dies
wow that's so fluffy haha really in tune with the lore haha

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We got 50 box for the entire country, and GW told us there are not going to be anymore. And then a few months later we are hearing stupid stories how stores in US and UK are still sitting on tens of boxs. Fuck GW for sending everything for those two places, they didn't even spread it equaly over EU, they send boxs to France and Germany, but Poland and Lithuania got almost non. Same with Hungary and Bulgaria, not idea about Romania, fuck them I hope they got zero.

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>boy I love units so bad that it's literally a detriment to take them
sadly the marine dex is one of the best examples of internal correct. You can come up with a reason to take the majority of units in the damn thing without them being an obvious detriment
you fucking caacuck

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post games

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you could get them for ~180 burger bucks a week after release on ebay

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Peak performance is not shit, it is what you should struggle every day of your life. Just like you do at school, work and in family. You want to be always as optimal as possible.

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>Veteran (+1W)
It was teorized when terminators and veterans gained the additional wound. But finally was revealed it was a general marine +1 W.

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I think the codex is overall a good thing. There are many more units that are good than the previous edition, and there's less chapter specific shit in the codex. Eradicators are still busted though. As for the DA index (the chapter I play), it's awful. On the one hand DA are good. But they did it in the worst way possible. Terminators (but specifically only the units in the index for some reason) get an insane buff. Same with bikes and land speeders. Then they take away most our rules and damage output abilities so now all we really can do is sit on objectives and do nothing. And it's horribly written
>Ezekiel gets a bonus to cast from a psychic discipline that doesn't exist, and even if it did he can't know any powers from it
>Interrogator-Chaplain in Terminator Armor's datasheet isn't next to the plain Interrogator-Chaplain's datasheet, and it has the elite symbol instead of HQ. Despite this it's listed correctly down in the points cost section.
>Deathwing Command Squad isn't a Command Squad, it's just bodyguards.
>Deathwing Apothecary and Champion are printed in the index but not the Deathwing Ancient
>Deathwing Champion has the correct relic, Halberd of Caliban, but they fucked up and called the Ravenwing Champion's Blade of Caliban a master crafted power sword.
>Take one of our best units, the Talonmaster and give it bs2+ instead of bs3+, make it faster, cheaper, improve its' power sword and heavy bolters, and make 2 of them only take up 1 hq slot
>instead of improving any of the shit units
>deathwing knights get 1 better ws/bs than a th+ss termie, no -1 to hit with their thunder hammers, and are only 4ppm more so you essentially never want plain SS+TH termies
>but black knights are 5ppm more expensive and still shit

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Pest control anon here. After getting lit up by hornets, i now want to make a hornet themed nid force. Hiw should I go about making wings and antennai?

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yeah, with a 23% vat and luxury good tax, because that the state decided that GW is no longer toys with a low 19% vat and no luxury product tax.

Plus americans send you bricks if you live in eastern europe.

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2v2, 1500 per army, Necrons (me) and Custodes vs BA and Salamanders.

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I remembered when 3 wounds were reserved for very heavy inf like wraithguard or Ogryns.

IF they give units like this a hand up in their own books when they eventually come around, does that mean they wasted that much ink to just reset everything back to what it was?

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Try living in a first world country before you worry about toys dumbass.

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I realize you are incapable of realizing what is fun, but yes, a plasmacyte loafing about rather than doing its job while its assigned destroyer unit needs it is plenty of room for good bantz

But you’re just trying to win so you don’t really enjoy your toy soldiers.

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Lucky for you, our taxes start at 23%

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I wouldn't have to worry about anything, if I could buy the indomitus box at a store here, just like dark empire.

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>Necrons and Custodes
>2 Space Marine armies, and 3 power armor armies
>no battle mat or anything similar
>not enough terrain
>unpainted minis
Looks like shit.

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then move

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Look into Nurgle stuff. Also here's your colors.

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Can’t wait to tell my opponent about the seething his plasmacyte caused. Almost feel bad volkiting the poor thing.

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>you must have fun in the same way i do
I run the plasmacyte when im fucking around with friends and have it overcharge the skorpekh lord every turn for a laugh, because I have to remove my T6 6W beatstick if I roll a 1. Separating it from the skorpekhs and filling it up with 5 different janky rules to make it operate as a pseudo-unit is neither fluffy, fun, nor crunchy - it is nerfed in every respect.

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23% vat is also just the start of the tax. table top models, just as ccgs fall under a luxury product tax. So if the customs catchs a store importing stuff, the boxs get anywhere(custom officers choice) between a 100-300% tax slapped on them.

heck last year we worked 194 days in year to pay all the taxs we have to pay over the year.
And we have a 5 day work with a lot of church holidays, so it is not like we get a lot of days where we get paid for ourselfs.

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What were you charging? You just have to keep a guy a little behind to still have the plasmacyte in range, and even then only if you charge over 8".

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It's going to be weird seeing 4-5 wound bullgryns. How many wounds is a Custodian Terminator going to have? 5? 6? I guess that would mean essentially all Custodian characters would be up w8/9.

>> No.75498032

acquire reading comprehension

>> No.75498035

We're working on paints. The Sallie player in particular is super anal about moldlines and spends afternoons removing any trace of them from a single model. Out battlemats are too small for 3000 points games, we use en for lower ones.

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>*munch* S-stupid Mon'keigh and their f-food! *burp*

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Fuck that. Lol

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Can't have old parents and grandparents, have to take care of them. And I was the oldest so I had to stay, unlike my sister and brother that moved to UK.

I have no idea how someone could laugh at them losing. Losing in hobby on top of life being a streak of losing every day is reason to off oneself.

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>I remembered when 3 wounds were reserved for very heavy inf like wraithguard or Ogryns.
yeah but did the game have a damage system outside of D-Strength weapons? No,

>> No.75498057

Again try living in a real country. I pay 6.5% tax on anything other than alcohol, tobacco, guns, or lottery shit.

>> No.75498059

Back in the day guns didn't cause more than one wound.

>> No.75498060


I’m kinda disinclined to take a plasmacyte because now that destroyers essentially don’t have reanimation, losing an entire T5 3W model to a plasma-like roll is a bad tradeoff no matter how you slice it.

>> No.75498061

I don't get playing a completely unpainted army like this. I get it if it's just one unit that's WIP, but this just looks bad

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>> No.75498074

New Grotesques when?

>> No.75498077

They changed stormsheilds to be a 4++ add 1 to armour save, and made Power swords +1S because bladeguard wouldn't be able to compete with assault terminators and their x2S hammers and 2+ 3++ saves otherwise.

>> No.75498093

hey when running a mechanized infantry IG army, is 6 infantry squads with a chimera each in a 2,000 to 2,500 point army enough for troops? I am operating under the assumption that worst case scenario Im losing a squad a turn, even when being careful because guardsmen weak lmao. Theyre going to run in threes, where theres three autocannon chimeras and three infantry squads staying close to each other, with a company commander and a platoon commander for orders with maybe a missile launcher totting sentinel or two accompanying each trio. Theyd be avoiding heavy units like tanks and anti tanks, and leave that to the leman russes.
Also, Is it a good idea to make a tank commander the warlord? Much more durable than a company commander, and he'd be surronded by other leman russes.

>> No.75498098

I'm sorry it triggers you anon, but if we're gonna get some games at some point that's what has to be done.

>> No.75498101

The comp scene is the driving force for why 40k is currently doing gangbusters, anon
>balkanoids and slavs got almost nothing
>reeeing about another shitty east euro trash state
you deserve what you get, anon
lol, shouldn't have lost the cold war, cuck

>> No.75498110

>not enough terrain
Daytime drinking is a problem, Anon.
>Cover within 6" of movement from any point.
>sightline blockers scattered across the map
>a touch of verticality
Looks good to me.

>> No.75498112

Doesn't trigger me. I'm glad you had fun, if you did. Just bemuses me

>> No.75498136

Thanks froendo. Am off hospdl now

>> No.75498145

As with all our games, we barely got to turn 2 before having to call it a day. God i wish my friends wanted to play smaller games.

>> No.75498152

are you high on painkillers lmao

>> No.75498154

I'm pretty fond of the Space Marine soundtrack, especially the Weirdboy one.

Also, the Regicide soundtrack is kinda underrated. I listen to the Ork tracks all the time when painting my Orks.

>> No.75498157

>waaaaah lemme consoom just like the west I love so much!
do what your people do best and start bootlegging and stealing. Get a 3d printer and start churning stuff out
>you're just trying to win so you don't enjoy your toy soldiers
>attempting at attain victory with your toy soldiers isn't enjoyable
you must live a strange life
shouldn't have let your country fall apart then, anon.
>pic related

>> No.75498165

Same game from another perspective, you can see other terrain

>> No.75498170

>beats Leviathan so badly the tyranids refuse to directly target Imperial strongpoints for the next hundred years
>guarantees military security across half the galaxy without the Astronomican
>makes Bobby G tip his hat to seniority
>single-handedly defeats the Swarmlord on the first try
>his space dad thinks he's too awesome to die and doesn't have to have a heretek defile his ass for it
>is going senile but is still more brilliant than anybody
>leads his chapter everywhere but still finds the time to administrate half the Imperium
>perfectly uncorruptibly good to his core
He would never say it, so instead I will: kneel, bitches.

>> No.75498180

>Poland and Lithuania got almost non
Not sure If I even want it, it has exactly the same British price while our currency is 5x weaker
t. Poland

>> No.75498181

Yay, more fucking wound bloat. Coz that won't slow the game down any.

>> No.75498182

Yes. Nurs is q t

>> No.75498183

Yes to all of those, IMO. Also, if you're playing with friends (or with anyone who's not a pure autist) you can ask if they're OK with you using the Emperor’s Blade Assault Company specialist detachment. It's got a few neat tricks for chimera-heavy lists.

>> No.75498186 [DELETED] 

I don't pay taxs for alcohol and tabacco, I smuggle them in from belarus.

And it is illegal here to own a gun, unless you are a politician, mob, police/military/ex police or military working as guard/ city guard/ senat guard/ party para militiaries and, technicaly, hunters but the majority of hunters are the members of one or more of the groups before that.

>lol, shouldn't have lost the cold war, cuck

Lost? well you guys did sell us to the soviets, which was a huge boon for us after WWII. Helped us a lot with having a rich and well developed country with high grade infrastructure.

No wait, it fucked us real hard.

>> No.75498189

Once again I am asking if anyone has audiobooks for any of the IG series?

>> No.75498190

Thats a yikes, just bite the bullet and play TTS if you're gonna put zero effort in

>> No.75498193

>tfw Belisarius Cawl alone has invented more shit in the last 10,000 years than all the Bonesingers in the galaxy combined in the same time frame

>> No.75498202

>doesn't have to have a heretek defile his ass for it
Yeah this is not gonna last long.

>> No.75498204

Please stop discussing countries, taxis and politics.

>> No.75498205

>attempting at attain victory with your toy soldiers isn't enjoyable
>I have no idea how someone could laugh at them losing. Losing in hobby on top of life being a streak of losing every day is reason to off oneself.
I don't quite think you guys get it either. It's not entirely wanting to win. It's being tested competitively by someone of equal skill. I would rather a close intense game in which I lose, than a easy stomp. That's the difference between competitive play and being a WAAC cunt.

>> No.75498207

>east euro trash state
you must be a pleasure to be around

>> No.75498209

I don't think they own guns "legally".

>> No.75498215

>>beats Leviathan so badly the tyranids refuse to directly target Imperial strongpoints for the next hundred years
source ?

>> No.75498217

Do new paths and warrior aspects not get invented anymore since the fall?

>> No.75498218

Did not even peruse.

>> No.75498226

cool. Was going to use emperor's blade, but it doesnt exist in 9th anymore, does it?

>> No.75498228

Consider that they actually retooled every power weapon to give +1S more than they used to just to have an excuse to give Bladeguard the coveted S5. Someone at GW really, really wanted them to be good (and succeeded).

>> No.75498230

Yikes, I the other side is kinda bare, to be honest. I was (>>75498110) defending the density of terrain on your first pic, you shouldn't have posted that.

>> No.75498232

they were all invented after the fall

>> No.75498234

oh fuck. I remember reading this doujin when I was a kid, it was one of the first ever.

>> No.75498236

to be fair to the sad balkanoid, you don't have the excuse of a being tipped into a brutally fracturing civil war by outside interference paired with standard slav adjacent corruption
>he thinks the SS change was a nerf to termies
good old brainlet infused 40k
What's your plan for objectives? guard are not in a good place right now. I'd add 2-4 squads with a heavy weapon to sit around your backfield obectives while your mechanized units play in mid. And bring mobile bullgryns in their own chimeras
And no, not a good idea. He'll get shot out immediately since he can be targeted due to his wound count.

>> No.75498237

Not since Eldari players refused to buy new models actually

>> No.75498239

Dunno. What targets of note have the nids attacked since they lost at Baal?

>> No.75498248

I doubt the two things were correlated. No reason not to give them Power Bladeswords which are exactly like powerswords but +1S like they did with literally every other piece of Primaris equipment.

>> No.75498249

Hold on, let me get Cawl on this.

>> No.75498255

Of the guns I've owned
>traded an old crappy laptop for one
>sold that one and then bought a different one at a gun show
>inherited one
None of which I have had to register. All of those were legally owned. It's pretty hard to illegally own a gun here.

>> No.75498258

what new models?

>> No.75498259

Yeah, Specialist Detachments are not tourney-legal, but they're perfectly compatible with 9e. That's why I suggested you ask your friends/opponents if they're cool with you using it. It's not a huge loss if they get pissy and refuse, it's still a good list.

>> No.75498260 [DELETED] 

promised help in case of nazi attack. fight longer then France did. lose 1/3 population and 4/5 infrastrcuture and 5/6 people with degrees. Nazi defeated. Americans sell you to the soviets.
60 years of communism. German and US companies arrive and buy everything up. Close factories, make you stuff from them, and even if they produce something localy it is always with workers from bangladesh or pakistan(in special tax free zones) and never sold localy.

Sell you same named products, but with less coco in chocolate, active stuff in washing gel etc Worse no one in EU thinks it true, and you have to do a 10 year old study to prove. Ariel has to pay a ,lol, 2 milion euro fine for doing it. They still do it, because it costs them less to pay the fine each year, then sell normal stuff here.

Yeah, made our country fall apart.

fuck you made us pay contribution from WWI till 2012 for territories that were Prussian and Austrian pre 1920.

>> No.75498268

you need to move the large ruins to the center of the table to block sight lines, but other than that it's okay I guess
>he took the bait
>balkanoid seething

>> No.75498270

I don't get what the problem is, other than maybe putting more stuff in the center. This is a 3000 points game between melee and midranged armies.

>> No.75498277

Deeply homebrewed mess on TT Simulator. Most fun I've had playing in a long time. So much smoother and easier than 8th and this is my first time in. Interesting without being combo-wombo nonsense.

>> No.75498283

This mega cloak and dagger shit may be necessary but it’s also tiresome. Is the cipher base64 or what?

>> No.75498284

Just got a castellan from a trade recently are they any good?

>> No.75498289

I wonder...

>> No.75498290

>What's your plan for objectives?
Basically, either zip three chimeras up to an objective and camp it using the chimera as cover and a weapons platform, or blast enemy troops off of it in a pre-emptive denial(blitzkrieg, bitch). But you have to stay on an objective as long as possible to get points, right?

>guard are not in a good place right now.
Is what i heard. fucking fuckers and fucking space marine fuckers.

>I'd add 2-4 squads with a heavy weapon to sit around your backfield obectives while your mechanized units play in mid. And bring mobile bullgryns in their own chimeras
But I got not enough points for that If I wanna keep my other firepower units like the leman russes(fuck the points hike reeee) or my missile launcher sentinels.

>And no, not a good idea. He'll get shot out immediately since he can be targeted due to his wound count.
well shit. Should I just go with a company commander then?

>> No.75498292

I'd be surprised if I wasn't considering how much time I spend with friends
You're not some sperg that shitposts irl are you?
very based anon

>> No.75498301

The mega is down anyways

>> No.75498302 [DELETED] 

They very much do. They go to the office that gives license to people that want guns. Tell him or her, that they are going to be gutted (specialy if the mob is chechen or tatar), if they don't give the license without a bribe. For everyone else the bribes are too high. its 2-3xyear salary, and you have to give them to 5-6 officials,and then give one to police to pay for passing the exam.

And then you still have the class 1 license aka you can own a gun(need a separate license for each gun), but the ammo is stored at the nearest police station.

>> No.75498304

So when does lore stop? Is guilliman nulore?

>> No.75498305

I was whining about wound bloat before Marines got 2 wounds, and I'll be whining about wound bloat long after they get 4 each.

>> No.75498310

do they have nice asses?

>> No.75498311

Can burgers and their politics talk fuck off, it's plastic men thread

>> No.75498312

The megas are dead.

>> No.75498319

>waaaaah my country got raped by capitalism
get gud?
it already got yeeted because GW/their sigmarxi consumer toadies monitor it now. We need a host that doesn't respond to takedown orders

>> No.75498320

banshees, spirit seer, the phonenix lord.

no. knights in general aren't good.

>> No.75498327

Godammit. I just want to read the 4th edition Tyranid codex. Life is pain.

>> No.75498331

I bought two boxes

>> No.75498333

The slavic faggot started it by bitching about taxes and their horrible corruption, as usual.

>> No.75498337 [DELETED] 

Soviet Russia and nazi germany... so capitalist. so good.

>> No.75498339 [DELETED] 

4e and yes
nobody was talking about that shit you sped all you did was invite it

>> No.75498344

i bought some
they're useless on the board though

>> No.75498350

Doubt it.

>> No.75498357

And you think that bribes and threats make it legal? Just mention you have to take a license (like in all no "guns everywere" nations).

>> No.75498359

>can't even speak English
Go sell your grandma's ass to whichever mobster looks richest.

>> No.75498365

>Aspect of the Needling Trolls
>an aspect for eldar who carry a lot of baggage around
>you don't understand what they're going through
>they mostly stick to themselves
>battle tactics are about demoralizing and frustrating the enemy
>basically they're the quagmire soldiers nobody likes
>really they just want everyone to back the fuck off and get out of their space
Hire me.

>> No.75498367

Even chadstodes joins the enemy to remove the Astartes filth.
Brazen Drakes were only the beginning.

>> No.75498371

90 Roobux for 5 minis. That's obscene.
Even the Seppo's 11 bucks a mini is filthy.
I bet there's tonnes of Eldar players buying them in resin.

>> No.75498372

In the aftermath of the collapse of Soviet Russia, everything got bought up by a few companies that are now insanely wealthy.

>> No.75498377

>nobody was talking about that shit you sped all you did was invite it
>no it wasn't me it was you who just came into the thread!
fuck off

>> No.75498387

I've posted them on here before. This is my Exarch

>> No.75498391 [DELETED] 

Yes, company commander warlord.
How many russes are you taking? Because of LOS stuff I'd hardly take more than 1-2 with a commander. You should probably grab a heavy weapon squad with mortars for blindfire, and consider getting a basilisk.
Armored sentinels make good cheap tarpits. They might be okay with missile launchers if they're not that expensive though.
And infantry squads with a heavy weapon are like 60pts each, how are you failing to fit those in?
The problem with not including any bullgryns is that this edition is all about melee and midboard and bullgryns are your only real unit that kills in that scenario.
it is
>american election year
>continuing degradation of world state impacting even our toys
hours. Not sure what to tell you anon because sadly it's technically relevant and people are obsessed enough to always bring it up. You might have to hide in a box with your grill until 2021.

>> No.75498393

I feel like playing crusade right now without having a codex is a bad idea. Is that a right assumption?

>> No.75498394 [DELETED] 

>whine about the state of your shit country and blame everybody but yourself for it
>I-I totally didn't start anything!!1!

>> No.75498401

Best Forge World

>> No.75498419 [DELETED] 

yes mostly procter and gamble, american food producing companies. they get most EU money too, because they took control of most the land. Or they got it through bribes from ex communist, that sold themselfs a ton of land and factories and when I say sold, I mean they bought it with loans from public banks, which then went bankrupt and they never paid the loans off, but then the population had to cover the loses generated by state owned banks ).

>> No.75498438

>he doesn't know about the oligarchs
>he doesn't know the spooky germans privatized fucking everything
>he doesn't have the reading comprehension to see the balkanoid was talking about post fall anyway and none of that was relevant.
wrong in a few ways, huh?
If slavs and balks had any sort of technical skill they'd be pioneering their own hobby scenes with 3d printing but they just leech through bootlegging to the west instead which is a bummer.
Aussies have no excuse to avoid 3d printing to be honest. You guys don't even have the cultural excuse.

>> No.75498441

As in a codex at all, or a new codex? Because if its the former.. yeah you need to know your rules. If the latter, thats just pathetic. Its Crusade.

>> No.75498449

>doubling down
I'm not the slavfaggot, fuck off don't talk about politics

>> No.75498457

>flayed one virus spreads internally

>> No.75498463

my favorite meme of the russian collapse was all the workers getting shares in the factories they worked at but not being told what they did.
So when the oligarchs came through offering to buy that 'worthless paper' for a little money they all sold lmfao
Decent take

>> No.75498464

>Aussies have no excuse to avoid 3d printing to be honest.
It's easier to just ship in the resin from over the back. Shipping from Asia isn't much and time saved is money well spent.

>> No.75498474


>> No.75498487 [DELETED] 

it fucking baffles me how burgers need to make everything about themselves.

>> No.75498488


>> No.75498491

No. Codex-specific crusade stuff is neat but waiting for the latest hotness in order to dive in is antithetical to the whole point of Crusade. There's enough generic options in the book to properly support a campaign no matter the army.

>> No.75498492

Stop cosplaying as meatbags. It won't make you happy.

>> No.75498494

>In the name of the Flayer, i will skin you!

>> No.75498496

lets be real, the logical next step is Hp instead of wounds

>> No.75498499

did the chapter approved add crusade options?

>> No.75498502

>Are your local marinepiggies mad or stoked about their new codex?
I've just started marinepigging with the new codex. Seems a little more reasonable than the predecessor at least and I think power creep will see if shut out pretty early into 9th, but I also play pretty casual lists while a couple of my regular opponents can be waacfags, so we'll see how that goes

>> No.75498526

the most recent have been crimson hunters (6th age of flyers, newly discovered? remembered?) and shadow specters (forgeworld maybe 5th)

>> No.75498535

The Crusade one? Yeah, it has a ton of generic stuff.

>> No.75498541 [DELETED] 

Dude we had a well respected traktor producing company, that sold well and worked better in places like India and Africa (and unlike John Deer cost 1/10th of the cost), and what happened. Bank of America came and told us that we have to close the factories or they want the loans communists took NOW. Had a fur and kosher meat production where we rivaled US and China in production. Western companies and green peace came, and made us close it. We had 3ed apple production in the world, in some year 2ed. And unlike US apples, our had taste, when you made concetrate out of our apples needed less artifical stuff to have a taste. Then Bank of America bought out the State own companies that had apple procesing companies(with loans taken by 3ed companies from Bank of America), made us cut all apples gardens in the country.

Sure 20 years later the politicians that allowed it had a trail, only it couldn't happen, because 4 out of the accused were in Israel(and they don't give out jewish criminals to trail) and one was in US(and guess what happens when someone asked for a US crimial to trail in another country).

We had factories that produced high grade lght bulbs cheaper and lasting for 2 years for use in factories. Western companies made us close the company.

blue laser, we invanted a usable version(Cheaper then the US version), politician that had to pay the world patent was bribed to not pay it, so the scientists that invented it moved to US and patents are there now. Ammo to use on air planes that stop people, but don't puncture hulls? the same paid bribe, officer from military university is now chilling in the US.

>> No.75498552

>How many russes are you taking? Because of LOS stuff I'd hardly take more than 1-2 with a commander.
I was going to take 4 partially for the fire power of the classic "Battle Cannon + Lascannon + Two Heavy Bolters" set up and partially for the mechanized army theme. The Tank Ace stratagem was going to make it so the similarly set up tank commander would command two at a time.

>You should probably grab a heavy weapon squad with mortars for blindfire, and consider getting a basilisk.
I was going to do a gunline thing with Vostroyan models. I just wanted a Steel Legion army that was fast and shooty.

>Armored sentinels make good cheap tarpits. They might be okay with missile launchers if they're not that expensive though.
with missile launchers theyre like 50 points each. Theyre good.

>And infantry squads with a heavy weapon are like 60pts each, how are you failing to fit those in?
Each infantry squad has its own autocannon chimera, a missile launcher, a grenade launcher, a boltgun, and a vox caster. Also, i feel weird for taking a whole unit for just one weapon. I want to maximize the amount of lasguns/boltguns. If I wanted heavy weapon teams, Id take heavy weapon team squads.

>The problem with not including any bullgryns is that this edition is all about melee and midboard and bullgryns are your only real unit that kills in that scenario.
Fuck, really? I heard that gunline days were gone. Bullgryns are really expensive too, and you cant fit a lot of them in a chimera.

>> No.75498562

Gun Tribe

>> No.75498564

>post games

>> No.75498570

welcome to what happens when one country is completely dominant as the world enters a global information age and their entire culture is about consumption and antithought lol
sorry, no
good luck I guess?
why, they're basically the same thing
> more reasonable
lmfao it's near universally better

>> No.75498572

Sounds Imperium enough. Now let's go back to talking about little plastic men

>> No.75498574

See— >>75498204

>> No.75498576

Just looked at the mega and it doesn't have the crusade section.

>> No.75498588 [DELETED] 

no, not before the westerners apologise and agree to the unwaranted hardships throwns on Russians, Serbs, Belarussians and Bulgarians. And me getting my indomitus box.

>> No.75498590


>> No.75498591

>god he's such a nerd, playing with his little toys again
>um actually they're wargaming miniatur-

>> No.75498597

This thread is honestly dogshit

>> No.75498602

>It aint gonna suck itself

>> No.75498604

i dont know why i keep coming back

>> No.75498605

I hate how low effort that blood angels army is. Especially the shitty 3d printed razorback turret.

>> No.75498612

>Flayed Ones are cosplayers

>> No.75498616

when those things make it so I can't get blade guard and melta bros, but still get shit from local eldar and tau players as if I ahd them, then it makes all those things w40k related.

>> No.75498622

>god he's such a nerd, playing with his little toys again
Shut your whore mouth, wench/normiefag

>> No.75498626

That's what happens when you come late to the capital ball game and don't even know how to play to begin with
unless you play on disgusting open tables or are going for a meme skew list you don't need that many
Also don't even put lascannons on BS4+ russes, take another heavy bolter instead. Far more useful
firing at things out of LoS is incredibly important. Take at least one mortar unit.
I'm not sold on a 50pt sentinel but I'm not necessarily against it since they can still shoot krak in melee
Look anon, if you're doing some meme where every unit needs a transport you're not going to have the greatest of times. Also with the D2 boost, heavy bolters are better than autocannons, your chimeras should be double HB.
Bullgryns are really good though when they hit home with slab shields and mauls
And yes, gun lines are essentially extinct

>> No.75498628

That doesn’t mean anyone else wants to hear it.

>> No.75498635

If you don't want it said don't put literal children's toys on your board

>> No.75498636

>he doesn't know
It's discontinued at volume 2.

>> No.75498639

crusade section of chapter approved isn't in the mega does anybody have it?

>> No.75498644

normie/women opinions hold no value, I lose nothing.

>> No.75498650

I do because bored at work
>lowest effort faction in the lowest effort wargame has low effort players
woah really?

>> No.75498657

Bless this thread

>> No.75498666

Fester and die in your shithole, pretending that you can't move elsewhere.

>> No.75498667

Motormaster will always have a place on my battlefield

>> No.75498674

>really wanted to play guard but they're just not weeb enough

>> No.75498683

How's your "Stormsurge" coming along?

>> No.75498687

Leave Drifter to me.

>> No.75498688

Good thing you're here to improve it with on-topic discussion and photos of nicely painted miniatures.

>> No.75498693

have fun holding 0 objectives lol
go look up the immigration process for basically any western country
If you're not some brown refugee you basically need to have a presecured job with a big company to get in these days.

>> No.75498696


>> No.75498707


>> No.75498709

I would but I was playing as marines and I'm ashamed to post the evidence

>> No.75498710

How do I git gud at painting?

>> No.75498713 [DELETED] 

holy fuck will the janny hurry up already

>> No.75498722

DG is for those who don't want to git gud at it so you are at home

>> No.75498725

I think if you're playing fluffy, not minmaxed marines you're fine

>> No.75498733

Bless you anon. Hornets are nasty fuckers.

>> No.75498740


>> No.75498746

The terrain you have is a good start, but you need a lot more

>> No.75498748

But I asked how do I get gud so that statement is incorrect

>> No.75498751

Whats that squad in front thats painted different?

>> No.75498761

you will wallow in filth and you will like it

>> No.75498762

'waaaaaaaah I can't handle relevant topics that make me uncomfortable'
You have to actively try to not have a good marine army at this point. They actually succeeded at making a codex that is so golden that most fluffy armies can be competitive
>dread heavy iron hands
>vanguard vet ravenguard successor
>melta and flame heavy salamanders
>speedy zoom zoom scars
>any mix of combined arms
Space marines got a godly codex.

>> No.75498767


>> No.75498771 [DELETED] 

Jel ovo opet onaj Nišlija?

>> No.75498794

>ion cannons
smart man

>> No.75498805

>You have to actively try to not have a good marine army at this point. They actually succeeded at making a codex that is so golden that most fluffy armies can be competitive
whats a good Dark Angel army? I like Greenwing and Ravenwing stuff.

>> No.75498806

This fucker has the audacity to put death masks on Eradicators.

>> No.75498808

anon, they're a fucking no brainer take and have been all of 8th

>> No.75498817

Not him but I want to get my hands on the kits for the variety of options

>> No.75498818

Imagine playing against eradicators.

>> No.75498820

dark angle termintors are spicy hot right now.

>> No.75498822

the two new speedyboi primaris units are fantastic and bikes so presumably fantastic for ravenwing

the fuck is greenwing.

>> No.75498824

What are the shittest units in your codex?
>Nob warbikers
>Flash Gitz
>Burna Boys
>Dakka Jets

>> No.75498827

>dread heavy iron hands
I'm still mad that Venerable Dreads get nothing from IH tactics

>> No.75498830


>> No.75498843

>no invul save
just shoot them?

>> No.75498844

Anything that isn't a lord of contagion

>> No.75498845

Better than their shitty rebreather face, at least in his opinion, and mine.

>> No.75498846

>the fuck is greenwing

>> No.75498849

really? neat. Always liked deathwing, glad termies are making a come back

>the two new speedyboi primaris units-
dropped. Asides from zoomer marines.

>the fuck is greenwing.
normal marines, tacticals. dreadnaughts. not deathwing, not ravenwing.

>> No.75498851

Thank God atleast the sanguinary guard are painted

>> No.75498861

I've actually been happy with my boys in trukks and nobz bikers lately
rest of the list seems pretty accurate, though I've been meaning to try out MSU stormboyz squads for linebreaker/action taking purposes

>> No.75498869

>brown refugee
I'm a latino, but I'm not brown I'm transparent white.
Maybe I should learn how to fix roof

>> No.75498871


>> No.75498873

He puts attention in the units he cares about, and the bare minimum in the rest. It's understandable.

>> No.75498885

deamonettes, seekers, fiends (they should be okay with their s4 but they never kill anything)

guardians, vypers (i do love the cheap fly unit being annoying), autarch

>> No.75498887

Dante has become a Mary Sue at this point, but God dammit he's my Mary Sue. What an absolute octogenarian unit.

>> No.75498896

Greytide is never understandable nor acceptable

>> No.75498899

Isn't he dodecagenarian by now?

>> No.75498909

what if you're still working on it?

>> No.75498910

Have you tried having a job?

>> No.75498916

>Good DA army
Terminators. Take 15-20 of them and some Ravenwing to support.

>> No.75498918

more like
>don't play piggiemarines and never have
Sorry I don't know your gay lingo
So just DA then lol.
If you're going to screech in the face of the squatting you can still make do quite well with normal marines but they won't be as useful since they're too generalist. Dreadnaughts are just good now though, thank to apparently getting an inbuilt incoming damage reduction.

>> No.75498924

well, as long as you're running mechanized tau it's easy to fall for the allure of the railgun, which is cool as hell and also sucks balls

>> No.75498928

Think they'll let Harlequins take them?

>> No.75498929

>only NEETs paint their models
You really want this to be your position?

>> No.75498933

Kommandos do all that better than Stormboys

>> No.75498937

>don't play
you don't play at all

>> No.75498945

Have you tried having a good work/life balance?

Basecoating takes all of 30 seconds for a full unit. If you don't have that time you don't have time for a 3 hour tabletop game

>> No.75498951

How do I paint Skitarii units without wanting to kill myself?

>> No.75498954

Correct me if Im wrong here, but is there still a rule for grots that you can effectively just use them as shields? Like if someone targets a nob that is standing behind a field of grots any attacks made against the nob are instead done against the gretchin? So the idea is to wrap more important units with them and treat them basically as a meat shield rather than a combatant.

>> No.75498956

No, it just takes a fuckton of time if you can only do 1 hour a day, some days.

>> No.75498957


>> No.75498963

its a stratagem
grots are overcosted now though so its more of a pain to take them

>> No.75498965

>He chose Tau for his 9th edition army
Lol dumb

>> No.75498972

>Have you tried having a job?
I work 62 hours a week. I have a fully painted army.

>> No.75498974

Give me ONE (1) good reason I shouldn't collect a marine company for shits and giggles, other than >marines

>> No.75498977

Nah just do it, for as nice as the models are that amount of detail on everything is a fucking hell.

>> No.75498981

>Basecoating takes all of 30 seconds for a full unit.
And if I'm converting and basing my models prior to painting?

>> No.75498987

I want to start a Xenos army, which ones?

>> No.75498988

And when did you start?

>> No.75498989

Tau, so... most? Really wish infantry in general was better.

>> No.75498991

There isn't a good reason. Why are you seeking validation?

>> No.75498992

>Insider Info for Blood Angels Codex:
>Gabriel Seth is getting killed off due to his firm anti-primaris stance in the lore. He's getting replaced with a primaris character (like the codex supplement characters) and the chapter is going to be made full primaris as all the short marines died in the final action that took Seth's life. This is also going to lead to a soft reboot of the chapters image.
There is nothing you can do about this. But Seth going out in a blaze of glory is fitting.

>> No.75498995

Rule of cool will always dictate my armies. Its why blood angels dont use thunderhammer or power mauls.

>> No.75498998


>> No.75499002

I pretty much did the same recently, picked up some Marines as a change of pace from my orks/daemons/dark eldar in painting and gameplay

>> No.75499003

You're clearly a coomer so the choice is clear

>> No.75499005

If you dont enjoy the hobby why play 40k in the first place? Go play chess, or risk, or something

>> No.75499006

>Basecoating takes all of 30 seconds
takes me 5 min per model

>> No.75499010

>I want to start a Xenos army
Hold off until 2030 when we'll get some new xenos models

>> No.75499014

I want to believe

>> No.75499017


>> No.75499018

Agreed. The current SM Codex should be the gold standard for internal balance

>> No.75499029

Dark Eldar
Covens are fun to paint and reasonable to play right now, I wouldn't invest too deep into Kabals or Cults until we get a new codex unless you dig the models though

>> No.75499031

wageslave mentality is real lmfao. How are you okay with that state of things
>don't play vanilla cucks
>therefore don't play
understandable belief desu, even if you're wrong, faggot
I just play chaos cucks for my current project instead

>> No.75499032


>> No.75499033

>you're next

>> No.75499039

Haha I play Nids, anon. Pick a unit at random and you're likely to land on garbage

>> No.75499043

So, what do you think we are going to get for Christmas this year?
Will it be half assed because of the Kung Flu?
Will we get cool army boxes, or will we get what Orks got during Orktober?

>> No.75499044

and obviously don't have a family or social life outside of it lol

>> No.75499045

>what is spraycan?

>> No.75499046

Have you tried having more than 1 hobby?

>> No.75499047


>> No.75499052

>in current year of boyz spamming winning GTs

>> No.75499055

Id say Voidweavers, but these days they're not awful

>> No.75499062

how do you recommend I built my manlet deathwatch?

>> No.75499063

How the fuck are you managing that

Then you shouldn't be playing with them? Not that you are converting your entire army.

>> No.75499064

>wageslave mentality is real lmfao. How are you okay with that state of things
whats your solution then? I personally am doing a PhD to escape the wagecage but after that I don't know what the fuck I'm going to do

>> No.75499074

Thats not even close to a good argument.

>> No.75499079

Paintlet cope, you hate to see it

>> No.75499085

>numero uno
at gay lol
haha but we also got the necron codex
Remember, GW's staff operate in some lunatic anarchic shit methodology where they write codexes in little groups with very little input from each other and people writing the other codexes
old but gold pic

>> No.75499087

Paint them in subassemblies

>> No.75499096

I think Orks or Dark Eldar are a safe bet since they'll have a codex early-ish next year. It's yet to be determined if the codex quality will remain high, but at the very least the designers know what they're doing way more than in early-mid 8th.

>> No.75499099

Fuck off

>> No.75499101

whats with all the obvious tourist posts today

>> No.75499102

They won't make you happy

>> No.75499106

>and obviously don't have a family or social life outside of it lol
I have a wife, but we don't have kids. My social life is my gaming club. You guys try awful hard to find excuses for not painting your armies.

>> No.75499110

A brush, I expect? Priming is quick, but I also basecoat manually and it takes quite a while.

>> No.75499113

You're going to have a primaris lieutenant and you're going to like it

>> No.75499114

If you're stressing yourself for your hobby, it's not an hobby.

>> No.75499119

>can't balance work and life
>tries to cope
honestly at that point just pay other people to paint your army for you
no fucking idea, wait for the deathwatch codex
PHD in what?

>> No.75499120


>> No.75499130

I dont care what you do.

Good. Id rather he die than get butt-violated by the rubicon

>> No.75499136

The Necron codex has some spotty internal balance in places (the non-SK LoWs, arguably Ophidians and the abomination that is the Reanimator, they were a bit too careful with RP in general too), but is overall pretty solid.

>> No.75499142

>restoring empire by picking fights with Alaitoc
>the craftworld that got its shit kicked in by a single chapter of muhreenz
Empire building with baby steps, I see.

>> No.75499150

That's right bro never try hard at anything. Feeling meaningfully satisfied in life is for chuds

>> No.75499153

if something costs money you are going to be stressing about it, or someone will stress you about it, because it costs money.

>> No.75499162

paint your legs seperately from the torso

>> No.75499164

Aww thats lame, If I was ever to make Orks it would be a Snakebites army using a tide of infantry in place of typical transports. That kindof shoots down that idea.

>> No.75499173

Kinda funny that you drop this bait a week after Seth got reworked into one of the nastiest beatsticks in the game

>> No.75499175

You could invest that money on something that would actually improve your life somehow instead of just adding it to GW's money pile

>> No.75499177

My friends want to play and I want to play with them and I'm happy to cop the -10VP, and I actually am converting my entire army - I find that's half the fun of 40k, kitbashing and converting all these models. Why would you want to have models the exact same as someone else? The problem with gray tide comes when people just jump from army to army without putting any effort in or painting them at all.

>> No.75499189

So you do only have 1 hobby

>> No.75499194

>You're going to have a primaris lieutenant and you're going to like it
Oh good. I was worried that games workshop had stopped making minis for that faction. It has been a while.

>> No.75499196

>faces in the cum
Ok, this is probably the only funny version of this forced meme I've ever seen

>> No.75499197

>> No.75499209

massed boyz spam is doing pretty well right now but it wants Ghaz at the head, you can still run him with Snakebites though

>> No.75499214

Exactly, it's my money an i will handle it, not some rando on the internet.

>> No.75499218

>he thinks it isn't just a ploy to sell off old seth stock

>> No.75499229

This is the statline of a man that refuses to be squatted

>> No.75499235

>PHD in what?
Geophysics. My experience job searching after securing my degree is that there were NO part time/casual jobs, only full time jobs for career-men. I don't understand how the fuck people have a work-life balance without having a comfy low-education part time job doing something like working at a quiet bar, or fuck it, at an LGS.

>> No.75499236

>Nightbringer and Deciever
>Void Dragon

>> No.75499240

But i am satisfied. Also i'm not a greytider, all my guys are in various stages of paint.

>> No.75499247

That looks pretty great to me. As long as you can clearly tell what is what unit & weaponwise and its consistent across the army I think its great!

>> No.75499252

Lord of Slaughter has some crazy potential to counter other marines

>> No.75499259

where have you been
/tg/ hasn't played games in years. But then you have sad fucks like this guy
Most of my interest in establishing fully automated gay space socialism is to further separate the pathetic notry fags from the chads that put effort into everything they do
>entire swathes of virgins braindead on couches while a new race of supermen tower above them as they champion whichever interest sparks their passions

>> No.75499266

>12 attacks
holy shit

>> No.75499274

> they nerfed contemptor dreads
Was having a 2+ ws and bs really so bad?

>> No.75499277

Don't buy the void dragon then

>> No.75499292

>he thinks people working at a bar have a healthy work-life balance
surviving hand to mouth isn't comfy at all
Wanna know the real secret I used? inheritance, investment, and property

>> No.75499306

>damage 3
holy shit

>> No.75499311

>they nerfed
since when? We don't have any leaks for the upcoming index yet

>> No.75499313

They tried. It didn't take.

>> No.75499331

>old as fuck resin models
>brand new highly detailed plastic model
Makes sense to me. Im tired of listening to people complain about pricing. If you don't like it start your own multi-million dollar company that sells models of the same quality

>> No.75499335

How do you expect to continue this superman race when you have never had sex?

>> No.75499339

>they nerfed contemptor dreads
>Was having a 2+ ws and bs really so bad?
I think it's a good idea to limit the number of bs/ws 2+ units.

>> No.75499344

Now they can move and fire with no HW penalty and take - 1 to all damage and don't degrade. Its hardly a nerf. At worst a sidegrade

>> No.75499352

Its in the SM codex anon

>> No.75499355

DEldar because they and Chaos are the only objectively good guys in the setting

>> No.75499361

>since when?
The non-foreword one in the new marine codex

>> No.75499379

Could someone post the thing from a few years back that worked out that a box of space marines costs about £5 including art/design/moulds/marketing etc etc?

>> No.75499384

Not to mention theyre core units and can reroll 1s for hits and wounds w/ a 1cp stratagem

It was a straight up buff, that anon just doesn't know how to look at an army as a whole and can only read datasheets.

>> No.75499388

>they and Chaos are the only objectively good guys in the setting
Prove it.

>> No.75499403

anon, put the models side by side

>> No.75499404

Unironically how do I become a GW investor? I have funds sitting around and I want to slowly gouge my way into the heart of their financial structure through sound investment

>> No.75499409

They make the bad guys suffer

>> No.75499410

They also need to pay their own people. The rest they can invest in making more cool models. Like I said if you think you can do better make your own company you communist fuck. I guarantee if the government regulated the price of gw products the quality would tank

>> No.75499413

More than that. Don't forget he's a Blood Angel successor, so +1A for Savage Echoes in melee doctrine. Plus his Warlord trait is Merciless Butcher which is +d3 attacks if there are five or more enemies within 3". Also Flesh Tearers have a 1 CP Strat to move 6" on a consolidate. So he can cover a lot of ground between fights. So theoretically 14-20 attacks just on his own.

>> No.75499414

>if you remove all the overhead and profit margin, we're being ripped off!

>> No.75499421

I come from a very poor family, I can't use those plays. The way I see it, if I want enough initial capital to properly invest I have to full time wageslave while making minimal purchases for 5-10 years, which is honestly wasting your youth. It's utter bullshit that above rock bottom paying part time jobs seemingly don't exist (not sure if this is true in other fields) for people with qualifications.

I'm keeping up with all warhammer painting and playing now, but when I was working it was pretty much a non-option - the point of all this blogging is that I can see exactly where people who say they don't have time are coming from. You either have to grey tide/partially grey tide/paint over a year+, or not play at all.

>> No.75499423

Buy their stock. That's literally all you have to do

>> No.75499424

How big is the void dragon

>> No.75499442

I might be wrong, but if I remember correctly literally everything was paid for by that fiver. It *has* been a long time since I read it, though.

>> No.75499446

sounds like you're projecting there, virgoid
>consoimer posting
oof, what else was done to it? And I heard they dumpstered cataphracti too.
Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if the FW index has a better one.
They got the -1d too? Very tasty.

>> No.75499452

Buy all the models you can afford and then send them to me

>> No.75499460

aren't deldar extremely squishy though? I'd like to be able to take few hits at least

>> No.75499463

> The average "Necron Player"

>> No.75499479

Thicc eldar farseer gf WHEN?

>> No.75499486

anon have you never bought stock or invested before?
Oh yeah if you started in mid/low class then good luck lol
Maybe your grandkids can prosper like me if you and your kids break your backs for most of your life.

>> No.75499491

>>really they just want everyone to back the fuck off and get out of their space
That's already every Eldar ever

>> No.75499494


>> No.75499496

So if i mydudes that most of the chapter is dead because of battle of baal and while they have line infantry in primaris they dont have much chapter commands left so thats why the chapter master is in every battle would that be too far fetched?

>> No.75499497

Eldar can do things like make the enemy take a minus to hit or wound, give themselves invulnerable saves, and just in general have a lot of rules that help them stay alive. It got nerfed now that roll modifiers don't stack, but they don't fall over and die like guardsmen.

>> No.75499502

time to make a seth proxy for my lamenters

>> No.75499505

>anon have you never bought stock or invested before?
No. I'm very stupid, but have money

>> No.75499507

No you cannot fuck the Screaming Banshees
I don't care how good the Eldar Pussy is

>> No.75499508

When you capture one

>> No.75499514

No. The chapter master can do whatever the fuck he wants

>> No.75499537

0.0001p has been deposited in your account anon
It would seem so

>> No.75499545

There's also the Slicing Orbs, who were already wiped out when they were rediscovered (presumably they didn't have the chance to found many shrines and gain many members before getting pwned)

>> No.75499546

google is your friend, and just find a reputable broker and dump into portfolios

>> No.75499555

that's primer not basecoating

>> No.75499575

lmao. Not going to read the rest of your post, it's a known fact it costs them less than 1/10 the price to make those models. They get away with it because you like drinking sperm and pube cocktail, nothing else retard.

>> No.75499580

I don't know what this is

I don't know why you posted it.

But now I wanna punch something

>> No.75499583

You can spray paint a basecoat. Personally I don’t, but you 100% can.

>> No.75499585

It is if you prime in the same colour you would basecoat

>> No.75499587

How much terrain am I supposed to have in 9th? How's this? There's LOS-blockers, verticality, varied heights. Good? I got all the paper-craft stuff dirt cheap, it's most of what I have. I own more of the smaller boxes and crates as well, but not a lot.

>> No.75499590

What is the model on the left?

>> No.75499593

>american culture has become so widespread that I can no longer safely assume this is bait
what a wild decade this has been

>> No.75499605

>not going to read the rest of the post
But anon, the word "quality" was at the very end

>> No.75499609

It is a Titus scorpio from scotia grendel's urban war line of minis

>> No.75499623

How do I capture one?

>> No.75499625

>3rd party

>> No.75499626

Yeah well most of us don't exactly love it either

>> No.75499627

It's pretty good

>> No.75499631

Crimson Fists, Dark Angels, or Custom

>> No.75499644

It's only been this way since 11/9/2016 and you(along with everyone else) knows it.

>> No.75499647

Get into 3D modeling, Anon.
Then you can make all the thicc Farseer gfs you want

>> No.75499653


>> No.75499677

This is ideal terrain density. Ideally you place terrain after objectives though.

>> No.75499686

Yes, didnt you see >>75498036 ?

>> No.75499689

is that a truck or an autobot?

>> No.75499696

Hop in, anon, we'll show you!

>> No.75499697

>orange man
hardly. If you really want to dig into the start you could argue it being placed in the 1920s, 1950s, or 1980s. The result of that start has simply become so glaringly obvious that most people understand at least something is wrong now, and you've obediently chosen to screech at a symptom.
3d printing has been a blessing even though I fuck up prints with bad support placement still.
Unironically worth getting into.

>> No.75499710

Oh boy!

>> No.75499712

I did it to rerail the discussion back to 40k matters

>> No.75499736

This might be a joke here, but there's someone that unironically believes this and it's fat as sin too.

>> No.75499753

a man of patrician taste, personally quite fond on this dark angels scheme, cant really decide for myself either though

>> No.75499758

Mega doesn’t work

>> No.75499765

works on my end

>> No.75499769

Manlet marines? I'm in.

>> No.75499775

the class traitors over at sigmarxism killed it again to continue simping for big daddy gw

>> No.75499783

it's working for me!!

>> No.75499785

For an intro theme I always really liked the Space Marine one. Especially because it works so well with the intro and is basically a mood rollercoaster, startings all dark and gritty, borrowing a bit from Blade Runner at first, then comes a bit of violin intersped with something electronic while the plot and what's at stake is being outlined, then a slow sad violin but almost peaceful violin when when the remains of the defence fleet is drifting through space and the explosions like light up the night side of the planet, then switches into big damn fanfare when the space marines show up and sun starts rising because they figured they hadn't plastered with enouh symbolism already. Anyway, the second violin part is what makes me love it.

>> No.75499793

>that take
If my husband had those takes, i wouldn't want his children either.

>> No.75499811

If you like edge hightlights. Yes go ahead. If not, stay away from marines.

>> No.75499839

Works on my machine

>> No.75499843

Why are there two blackstone fortresses in the galaxy now?
have they started placing huron's ass on the map or did the 8th one pop up?
is it just me or are they setting up the tyranids to be the work of the endless swarm c'tan?
but most importantly, what in the flying fuck are the "oghyr" now?

>> No.75499854

Are panel lining washes cheating?

>> No.75499856

Mega is down once again :( I'll just go pirate harder out of spite now

>> No.75499884

>40k matters
ALL wargames matter, anon

>> No.75499897

>is it just me or are they setting up the tyranids to be the work of the endless swarm c'tan?
It's possible, but I don't see any explicit hints towards it - just a bunch of holes in what we know that it could answer (like what was szarekh doing for 60 mil years). They could also be a revenge-style work of the old ones?

>> No.75499899

see >>75499775
Fuck GW corpowhores. Fuck sigshitters.

>> No.75499922

Would nidfags be happy with that explanation of where their spacebugs are coming from?

>> No.75499950

here, decode get what you want quickly

>> No.75499968

Rate 13-year-old me’s space marine.

>> No.75499971

is everything for 9th still scanned physical books or do we have the good collated pdfs now?

>> No.75499980

Mine don't have gaps, but they're from the very first year the model came out.

>> No.75499986

better than most art-less 13 year olds. Now post your current one.

>> No.75500004

I play Guard now, but here’s a one-off truescale marine I’m doing atm.

>> No.75500015

Done, thank you!

>> No.75500020

Pressed send too quickly. This photo isn’t a very good one. The left leg/torso/right pauldron/helmet are fully done; the rest is wip. I promise the rest looks better lol.

>> No.75500032

are you 12 years old now?

>> No.75500056


>> No.75500065

No, 13

>> No.75500083

>Marxists hating on something for breaching private property rights
What a world we live in.

>> No.75500086

I'm wondering if the old ones are what the nids are fleeing from.

>> No.75500089

Mentally, yes. Also >>75500020. Pic related is a Guardsman of mine... hopefully a tad better. This is the best pic I’ve got, I’ve improved the white recipe since.

>> No.75500099

>/40kg/ Mega (it's a single string, not three)

>> No.75500108

It covers three lines, but is one string of code.

>> No.75500129

Considering the effect the Shadow in the Warp has on psykers and general warp-shenanigens, I doubt the shattered remnants of the Old Ones would be much of a threat to the 'Nids.

>> No.75500147

Not working for me either, did it get b&?

>> No.75500154


>> No.75500166

It's because western 'marxists' are just retarded idpol obessed neolibs that have never read more than twitter posts and the glowies worked very hard to make it that way lol.
>tfw 'race/identity>class is now a dominant thought amongst the american baizou trash
that would be incredibly boring and gay
definitely decent but you forgot his base

>> No.75500170

still working for me

>> No.75500177

>They could also be a revenge-style work of the old ones?
I'll never understand that hypothesis, the nids don't fit any of the philosophies the old ones worked under
most probably not, most nidfags like them as an entirely natural thing (more or less like "humanity fuck yeah" but with natural selection)

>> No.75500200

the mega got shoahed again

>> No.75500216

based Amallyn

>> No.75500219

I like the bolt pistol, and the fact you didn't go with the basic bitch historical reject color scheme

>> No.75500243

Been out of the loop for maybe 6 months.
Thanks, is the "naughty word" a recent meme or something I should know?

>> No.75500263

That's fucking beautiful

>> No.75500273

imagine not knowing the gamer word

>> No.75500274

4chan's favorite slur

>> No.75500275

Notice the capitalized letter
come oN aNon, you caN do it

>> No.75500277

There is a saying from people that survive communism:
>power to the masses is power to the upper classes

>> No.75500278

The only thing the nids are fleeing from are retarded newfags that think the nids are fleeing from anything. This is one of the most prevalent fake memes on the internet seriously. Someone should do like a scientific study on this phenomenon of newfags to 40k lore spreading false memes so much.

>> No.75500290

If he's in Poland, he'll be pressured to get a prusa, which are the macfags of 3d printers.

>> No.75500305

yeah yeah you use docker we get it

>> No.75500337

still better than buying straight from the horse's ass to get plastic toys

>> No.75500340

docker-compose up -d --build

Werks errytime

>> No.75500351

The Nids are fleeing from whatever genetic monstrosity they left behind. By 50k there's going to be the "new devourer", genetic fusion of Orks and Nids after an endless war.

>> No.75500366

There's no 50k.

>> No.75500371

Genestealers already merge with Orks, nothing new. Stop being a retard.

>> No.75500384

codelett here.
whats docker?

>> No.75500391

>GW has the balls to sell Phoenix rising to harlequin players
Y am I mad about this? I know GW is ridiculous already

>> No.75500393

I can't figure this shit out.
I'm a dum dum retard idiot programmer, I admit.

Or are you guys using the word "string" wrong?

>> No.75500398

>being this retarded

>> No.75500424

The Mega is dead anyway

>> No.75500435

For you

>> No.75500447

nope, its up again

>> No.75500459

I don't have any models yet, I'm just dipping my toes in. Do the Kroots have an army build i can use? These vulture turok guys are cool and I can't find a full birdbrain list

>> No.75500460

Warmahordes and Guildball never mattered

>> No.75500482

What if you want to run Yncarne?

>> No.75500491

>need 3 devilfish for my army
>reading about the gaps that are present in the model
>start panicking as i have no experience in gap filling
Ah fuck gw come on cant i have one nice thing.

>> No.75500498

Is it a different one to the one in the OP?
Because that is still down, just tried it now.

>> No.75500502

It lets you deploy/move software environments around more easily.

Using a 40k metaphor:
Say you want to make an army and play a game, you need to manually get the units, build, and paint them, and THEN you need to transport them to the game table and set them up.

Docker is the guy who buys, builds, and paints the army for you, puts them all in a case and hands it to you. Then when you've taken the case with your army in it to the LGS and you're ready to play the game, he'll unpack the case and deploy your army for you.

>> No.75500504

You'd need Tau for HQs at minimum

Also Kroot aren't good right now

>> No.75500505

I'd like to believe that brief moment where GW was more shit than usual (6th - 7th) was when those games mattered.

Currently though, no other wargame really matters. Maybe Flames of War for the historic war game boomers. GW can only kill itself at this point.

>> No.75500524

your best option is making a kroot army regardless of the rules and then picking a codex that best represents how you think they should behave on the battlefield
>knarloc cavalry can count as generic bikes
>kroot carnivores can count as generic infantry

>> No.75500530

so how dopes that help you with the downed mega? lets you take all the files from the mega and sit them on an external server as a back up?

>> No.75500533

They're a Tau auxiliary unit. You could have a list using Carnivores/Shaper/Riders/Narloc/Hounds, but they'd still need a Tau HQ and they'd also be pretty shit

>> No.75500554

Everyone is a hobbylet until they man up and learn a new skill.

Gap filling on tanks is honestly the easiest of all gap filling, because the joins are long and easily accessible. And there usually isn't any detail sculpted along the join.

Look up tutorials, its honestly much easier than you'd think. You don't need tools beyond probably a toothpick, and a cup full of water to keep the toothpick wet.

>> No.75500560

It doesnt. >>75500305 was making a joke

>> No.75500609

Warmahordes mattered because it showed that there's a lot of autistic spergs out there who want to push models around a board in a competitive environment, and forced GW to at least pretend to balance their games.

GuildBall mattered because it hastened the demise of Warmahordes. By directly poaching its playerbase when they shat the bed on the mk3 release.

>> No.75500645

That's shitty lol these guys should have their own shaman king or something idk. Are there special sites I could snap up some Kroot for cheap, or just the usual ebay/lgs/craigslist?

>> No.75500657

Daily reminder that Sororitas are male abmen and that PAA belongs on true female Men. It confused me at first too, but it's how the Ecclesiarchy established them in the first place. That's why GW was excited to print new "Men" Sororitas and literally painted them with stubble as they were male Men, who in absolute faith to the God-Emperor did the unspeakable to get into the suit, much in the same way male women do to join the sororitas. All because some fucking jew taught me that "women" were "female Men" and that "all men are male" and that "you [myself] are a man." Which as a female Man with autism, completely fucked my head. God-Emperor says I'm a Primarch and that that's my power armor though, so get the fuck out, trannies (you've served the God-Emperor well) and women (liars, spies and thieves), female Men only.

>> No.75500662

Kroot basically don't exist in 40K.

They were a unit shoehorned into the Tau roster that never really fit, and GW has never been able to figure out what to do with them.

Their greatest moment of glory is pic related.

>> No.75500668

Mega link is down again :(

>> No.75500684

shut the fuck

>> No.75500700

>this guy
Please seek help, Anon.

Nice Kroot.

>> No.75500702


imagine what the person who wrote this smells like

>> No.75500705

is not making your own paint cheating? what about using premade brushes? Did you sculpt the model yourself? because if not that's definitely cheating.

>> No.75500712

T5 3w 3+/(4)5++ ignoring wound rolls of 1-3, with plasma and half decent cc.

Not as OP as a rerollable 2++ save in 7th, but these dudes seem to be getting good.

>> No.75500721

Samefag, or just programmed by rhetoric?

>> No.75500729


>> No.75500742

>Samefag, or just programmed by rhetoric?

>> No.75500746

Then I will endeavour to make my own custom "tribe" and stat them as something else. Is the community big on model tweaking and standin stuff, or is that gonna have to be a basement gaming type thing?

>> No.75500761

Such womanly non-responses... Kill all women and minorities.

>> No.75500762

Kroot are fucking cool. Good luck, anon!

>> No.75500780

You can kitbash, a lot of people do. It’s not mandatory or anything though.

There was a thread I remember from a few years back- Warseer, I think- where a guy painted some models with paints he’d made from crushed berries in his garden, and brushes made of grass or something.

>> No.75500785

Conversions/Kitbashing are really liked by the community. Can run them wherever, even in tournaments, as long as the model isn't obviously built for advantage (like a 5inch tall unit being represented by a 2inch tall model)

>> No.75500793

Wear pants? No thanks!

>> No.75500802

Warseer was autistic enough for something like that. Good thing the site is dead.

>> No.75500804

I think over all im more worried about the sanding part than the actual filling part.

>> No.75500809

>never really fit
They could have a really good role as objective holders now if we don't get another guardfag to write astra militarum xenos edition

>> No.75500811

Wait, it isn't just me? I'd thought I fucked it up during assembly. (In my offense, I have done just that with Tau vehicles before.)

>> No.75500816

I don't play chaos eldar

>> No.75500826

But diapees? Yes please!

>> No.75500830

>You can include one AGENT OF THE IMPERIUM unit in each IMPERIUM (excluding FALLEN) Patrol, Battalion and Brigade Detachment in your army without those units taking up slots in those Detachments. The inclusion of an AGENT OF THE IMPERIUM unit does not prevent other units from their Detachment from benefiting from Detachment abilities (e.g. Chapter Tactics, Defenders of Humanity, etc.), and it does not prevent other units from your army from benefiting from abilities that require every model in your army to have that ability (e.g. Combat Doctrines, etc.).
So does this mean I could take an assassin in a brood brothers detachment? The only requirement is the detachment having the imperium keyword, which I'm pretty sure brood brothers still have. Only the guard regiment and tempestus keywords get replaced with brood brothers keyword according to the GSC codex

>> No.75500841

Apparently the mould itself is pretty old.

>> No.75500850

>the phonenix lord
Absolute trash rules. There's no reason to field them. A fucking generic space marine captain hits harder.

>> No.75500854

The yncarne model wasn't selling, so they made it so he can be included in harlies, as long as the same detatchment doesn't contain a solitaire.

>> No.75500866

>these guys should have their own shaman king or something idk
Hey, it's getting a reboot

>> No.75500874

why would harlies field a daemon prince of Slaanesh from the Crone Worlds?

>> No.75500882

>Turn murder into an artform on the greatest stage of all.
This speaks to me on several levels, Harlequins need a range expansion.

>> No.75500885

They don't ignore tw3-, that's for deathwing only.

>> No.75500901

They do he's called Ankgor Prok or someshit he was a games day exclusive mini from like 16 years ago

>> No.75500904


>> No.75500909

new one folks

>> No.75500911

Oh is it?

>> No.75500921

Because GW needs to sell Yncarne models

>> No.75500922

Cool, cool. The only other game I've played tableside is Battletech so this game having so much visual representation on the models seems real neat. I'm pretty poor for the time being, but I'm excited to start up on my doods next I get the chance.

Is youtube the prime place to learn the method for all this crazy hobbyist stuff, or are there sekrit klubs elsewhere too?

>> No.75500926

Is this some short of slaught mind draining memetic?

>> No.75500928

It's rules are pretty fun and the whole teleport around shenanigans is right up harlies lane. It's just not very fluffy.

>> No.75500932

No u

>> No.75500948

Yeah, this was mostly me testing out the terrain, I'd only gotten the day before.

Thanks, I'm very happy with it.
I got the whole kit (16 buildings, 24 smaller pieces and three bridges) for less than $25. Even the smaller boxes and such are tall enough to completely hide a primaris marine.

>> No.75500951

Yncarne is not harlequins

>> No.75500969

Um, that's just like your opinion sweaty.

No it's real, space is fucked. Don't even ask me what year it is the fucking whamens wont turn off the time dilation from the terraforming engines, so we've gone so many loops around time now that we're in 9E and it's barely out but people are calling for 10 and most are still playing 8E.

>> No.75500982

fair nuff

>> No.75500987

There’s here, Dakka, YT. The Bolter and chainsword gets a lot of flak but has some good hobbying.

>> No.75501000

Yeah someone get death watch this is some short of slaught flesh construct here i am already feeling like having a heath stroke.

>> No.75501020

>tfw Chaos spawn

>> No.75501035

Yes. Yes please get the Deathwatch involved. Call the Inquisition, I don't give a fuck. I'm not even the heretic here.

>> No.75501048

>Implying the inquisition actually cares who's the heretic

>> No.75501055

Ooof, pray to the God-Emperor as hard as you can and get someone to torch you with a flamer. My heart goes out to you poor soul. May you be reborn purified.

>> No.75501056

Your Army must be Battle Forged, which means that all of them share one keyword.
Brood Brothers ignores the requirement, but Assassins don't.

>> No.75501063

Youtube is the best source for painting/modeling these days. People share their projects in various websites, forums as well as twitter, and instagram. But for actually learning techniques Youtube is best.

>> No.75501081

Was going to post this.

>> No.75501133

Inner circle. Which they are

>> No.75501136

A new anime that'll actually finish properly. Honestly, it might suck since I last watched it as a kid, but I've probably watched worse anime so no reason not to give it a shot.

>> No.75501168

Buts its infantry only. Never mind I dun goofed

But DA getting captains on bike is pretty solid.

>> No.75501187

This is true, ordo hereticus uses castrated effeminate males from other colonies as soldiers since they don't legally count as "Men" because of the shit they do when you give them rights (like what's happening on this planet right now) like giga-heretics after all.

>> No.75501201


Comfy government jobs abound. I have a tiny, specific skillset that I picked up in active duty, and it has paid dividends since. Seriously, I'm a retard with no formal schooling and I am pretty comfy.

>> No.75501250

It's mostly their females who are horrifying anyways, their males are really really cute, if kinda stupid and airheaded for a male. (Basically retarded good girls, despite being male women.)

>> No.75501283

imagine not shooting them off the board turn 1

>> No.75501521

that's not THICC that's morbidly obese

Take your sick fuck fetishes to /d/, weirdo.

>> No.75501889

>No transport capacity, goddamn disintegrators rather than splinter cannon loaded with tranquilizers
That isn't useful for hunting thicc waifus at all!

>> No.75502125

What's a soulful manlet list?
Looking at old pics, it seems like it was two tac squads, a rhino, captain/command squad and terminators. Does that sound about right?

>> No.75502277

2 Tactical squads
Assault with retroreactors

Then you can add some rhinos/razorbacks and maybe a predator

>> No.75502345

You'd need three tactical squads now. If you want soulful they'd need to be 10 man squads with a special and heavy weapon.
Having the basic slots covered and one of each slot type would be nice. Bikes, assualt suqads or land speeders, devastators or predators/vindicators.

Problem with the command squad is that it doesn't really exist now and all the components are elite options. For the other HQ I'd bring a librarian or techmarine

>> No.75502359


>> No.75502387

Anyone else know how to jar har for the Necron Codex when mega is down?

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