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Older than the average anon Edition.

>Warhammer TV Tip of the Day:

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Tool to Improve Battlescribe Readability:

>3rd Party Pastebin:

>/40kg/ Mega (it's a single string, not three)
Just encipher it.
Password is the Naughty word

>Custodian's Megadrop

>Previous Thread:

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Any SoB player here know if theres a difference between the Battle Sisters and the Retributor sprues besides the heavy weapons? I'm under the impression the Retributor box is just half the models for almost the same price.

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do ou actually play warhammer or do you just collect, assembly, paint and display your minis?
it's the second for me.

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Yeah the kits are completely different

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I play with my friends. Though building, painting and so on is also really fun.

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I try to play but that rarely happens nowadays, once in a month I can get a kitchen table game with a friend.

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haven't been able to play since february unfortunately

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Post your Admech armies

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We got any FW compendium rumors yet?

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I play pretty regularly at the lgs, on average once a week. I love assembling models but painting lowkey kills me. Pic is from one of my latest games, my dude is the one she told you not to worry about.

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pretty much every character is squatted

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What's the best power weapon to give to berzerker champions?

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Power fist probably

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There's an alternate timeline where the number of warlock options is equal to the number of primaris lieutenants in this timeline.

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People usually give them power fists. That way you have a decent number of quality attacks, and a boatload of chainsword or chainaxe attacks.

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I play but infrequently cause I only play games with my friends who live in different towns to me.
So mainly I collect minis I suppose

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They kept the rules for the chaplain and chaos dreadnoughts around despite not selling the kits anymore. FW team aren't the same as the main GW 40k team.

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"Dude have you seen the new warlockerer executioner with a mandiblaster thats two brightlances?"

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Mega is down?

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Whens battlescribe getting updated?

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People kept begging for the decoded link, someone obliged and it got taken down.

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Its because people dont realize the people who beg for a decoded link are trannies,

From now on require them to post an jmage of a mini with timestamp and a racial slur of their choice along with a disposable email.

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Paint & Play. Too bad assembly burns me the fuck out and I especially suck at gap filling.

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it will take some time

>> No.75494663

next Thursday

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>Whens battlescribe getting updated?
Seems like fucking never.

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aren't we supposed to get this damn thing for over a year now? like they were planning that for 8th already?

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Some of the older links are still up though.

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Did a scanned version of the SM codex get made?

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>no admech armies

feels bad

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no i dont play. i dont have any friends anymore.

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Could try playing with strangers at locals and making new friends

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>From now on require them to post an jmage of a mini with timestamp and a racial slur of their choice along with a disposable email.
lmao i wish people would do that

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talking to strangers?

sounds pretty gay man i dunno

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They'll have to if they want the decrypted link

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A pdf with photos did

>> No.75494817

No. Still just the photodex

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Isn't it easier just not posting the decrypted version?

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Play about a bit more than once per week since august or so. Crusade is nice.

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is gw honestly expecting me to play with 1 wound chaos space marines until next year when i get a codex

they cant be serious

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So is there any ETA when battlescribe will update stuff from the codices?

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Damn bringing Nightbringer down with a faction without psykers is a fucking nightmare

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People do it anyways, the less accessable the better. I.e less people who could possibly post it

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I don't have friends so I just collect and paint the stuff and read the books. I watch battle reports sometimes to fill the void but it's not the same. Wish I had a friend or two to play with.

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Paint and play. To quote a person from my LGS
>We paint so we can be done.

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i've just given up on csm for now.

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>No option to use any of the FW weapons on the contemptor
GW's dedication to forcing you to use only stuff in the box is irritating

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>is gw honestly expecting me to play with [literally everything else in the game not balanced against SM profiles] until next year when I get a codex
>they can't be serious

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Yes because they don't give a shit about you or me. We just exist for Primaris™ marines to gun down.

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It's great isn't it?

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fair enough. the least they can do is some minor pts adjustments now that space marines got their codex.

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Chaos marines got bumped up to 2 wounds and recieved the same weapon updates as normal marines. Check the community site

>> No.75494908

Me too. I find sticking to the instructions carefully helps speed things up and means I can quit at any point, mark the part I'm at and pick it up later.

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Where are my admech bros at?

>> No.75494914

they got the weapon updates but didn't get 2 wounds

>> No.75494917

They received the latter, not the former.

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>Chaos marines got bumped up to 2 wounds
>recieved the same weapon updates as normal marines.

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So have we come to a conclusion on who the Oghyr are?

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The gw options will probably come with the fw rules, but I agree its annoying

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T'au Shiroyama when?

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As much as it hurts me, I'm glad you have your new toys after being neglected for so long. Enjoy them, mate.

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so cool

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Hello fellas, my boi is getting back into 40k. I expect his corsairs army to be squatted when the forgeworld book comes out.

For his birthday should I get him shadowspecters or pic related?

>> No.75494974

Your time will come too. If not, that's where house rules come into it.

>> No.75494985

Id get him some howing banshees or incubi

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>T'au Shiroyama when?
Thankfully, never.

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Does someone know how to contact the guy maintaining wahapedia? We could use some updates on the new codices.

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Are the hexmark D bigger than the skorpekh D? (W5 instead of W3)

>> No.75495000

Bottom the home page theres an email button my guy

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Played some games this weekend.

>> No.75495010

Corsairs were already basically squatted from the start of 8th. Also I think Shadowspecters are cooler and more interesting than the knight.

>> No.75495017

They just have character wounds.

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Hows equador?

>> No.75495033

Damm you phone

>> No.75495040

Shadow Spectres since they might be gone soon

>> No.75495043

I play with mates. Only time I played against someone I didn't know was at a tournament.

>> No.75495051

literally fucking useless

>> No.75495055

It's a pretty good infantry killer.

>> No.75495066

No, it isn't. In a average case scenario it'll kill what, 7 unbuffed guardsmen? And in the marine meta it'll maybe kill 2 marines? Run the numbers. It's bad.

>> No.75495070

not really. theres very few infantry units in the game it would be cost effective against.

the only one that comes to mind is dark eldar mandrakes and they suck ass anyways

>> No.75495077

Meant for >>75495055

>> No.75495085

Mega doesn’t work says no longer available

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I mainly paint my minis, but I do play with a group of friends relatively frequently. However, my hobby is painting and collecting; playing is a fun plus.

>> No.75495098

I bought it just to mess with my friend that plays a shit ton of ork boys.
I think it's good in that case.

>> No.75495106

Too bad.

>> No.75495129

I collect and paint minis IRL and play in Tabletop Simulator.

>> No.75495140

I wonder if Forge Worlds use enhanced reality to make them look better to their inhabitants.

Like a baseline human would see this hideous mechanical hive coated in black soot and grime from industry, washed with acidic rain and perpetual cloud from the fucked atmosphere but maybe the augmented AdMech people see something better with tons of glowing lights, visual representations of noosphere connections, things like that.

>> No.75495142

Take mephrit and you have a bonus - 1 ap at 9", make them arrive close to a skorpekh lord and you can re roll the wound roll of 1
Are you stupid? For 75 points is good even without those bonuses

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>> No.75495148

Armies for this feel?

>> No.75495155

*laughs in superior gunslinger*

>> No.75495159

>Take mephrit and you have a bonus - 1 ap at 9"
You don't. Deep strike deploys "more than 9"", so you're 9.000000001, and thus out of mephrit bonus range.

>> No.75495160

Too nice for grimdumb m8.

>> No.75495166

you will kill like 5 boys. then 5 again if they charge you and then the model is gone.

its one of the worst units in the game and fills no role in 9th. its a super cool model though so i bought one.

>> No.75495167

tell me about the games, cathedral baneblade anon.

>> No.75495168

Mephrit gives bonus range so it does work.

>> No.75495169

So you play games where you arrive a 9" and then get killed instantly
Wow, do you enjoy those games?

>> No.75495181

It'd at least pay for itself.

>> No.75495185

not on pistols.

>> No.75495186

Not to pistols sadly

>> No.75495192

You had my hopes up for a bit but unfortunately no.
With all due respect, do you play 40k?

>> No.75495198

Ahh right, I always forget that. God forbid you get extra range on pistols nobody takes.

>> No.75495199

I mean, it's not overpowered, but at that point I think it's earned it's value back.
And wouldn't it be more models due to the "you get to shoot again if you killed a model"? So about 9-10 on my turn?

>> No.75495206

I can't even think of another pistol weapon in Necrons, it's like they added that just to keep the hexmark weak

>> No.75495220

There's the particle pistol.

>> No.75495221

>fluff/motiffs of biologic supremacy and hyperadaptability
Nids, twisted helix GSC or haemunculi DE.

>> No.75495237

Particle casters on Wraiths and Praetorians (though they don't get the bonus cuz Dynastic Agents)

>> No.75495240

because orks are t4 they only wound on 3s. to be really effective it needs a target to be

1. 1 wound
2. t3
3. poor save

dark eldar mandrakes fit perfectly here and thats about it.

>> No.75495243

mathhammer says the expected value for orks is something like 6.5
i'd say that's a valid use of it anon, and you'll get his points back probably, but never in a take all comers list
I'm just mad because the model is so cool

>> No.75495249

One day i will finish this damn thing

>> No.75495253

GSC doesn't seem to be doing so hot right now.

Given they can mask most of their units and make it so that first turn shooting doesn't fuck them unlike a lot of armies, whats their issue? Poor statlines? Nothing durable to sit on objectives with? Too CP hungry?

>> No.75495258

God dammit it took me half an hour to decrypt that stupid string and the Mega folder is dead FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK

>> No.75495263

That is a cool colour scheme, I love the red lining for the brown dusters. What colours did you use for their trousers?

>> No.75495264

So what's this all about Salamanders suddenly having actual successor chapters now? They've gone from possibly 1-4 unconfirmed to having 4 new confirmed and 1-4 still unconfirmed?

>> No.75495268

First turn shooting isn't the reason for the first turn advantage, on a good map it's not difficult to hide your force. It's because if someone gets on objectives the onus is on you to push them off, which ends up in multiple +15 turns for your opponent and +5/10 turns for you. Some secondaries also have a pretty strong first turn advantage.

>> No.75495273


Your model looks amazing anon, good job!

>> No.75495277

cause an autist kept posting the link to stick it to us "chuds"

>> No.75495279

>whats their issue?
Acolytes being £25 for 5.

Isn't a balance issue but fuck me is that outrageous.

>> No.75495281

Sprues are completely different. Not interchangeable with the base sisters box at all.

>> No.75495286

Ultima founding, son

>> No.75495289

>> No.75495290

look in the previous threads for "temp mega" or something like that

>> No.75495296

on average you will kill less than 4 orks. meaning you only get 3 extra shots.

its less than 6.

>> No.75495322

>do ou actually play warhammer or do you just collect, assembly, paint and display your minis?
Probably about 25% play, 75% the rest

>> No.75495324

Vallejo ultramarine blue+gw russ grey in equal amounts, then washed with a blue wash of choice (in my case the army painter one) and then a whole lot of glazes of the same mixture with increasing amounts of russ grey for each layer without never going pure russ grey.

>> No.75495341

Damn, MEGA still down.
Since I don't have the access to codex at the moment, can I hear Anons recommendation for my Fire Warriors? Should I go for Strike or Breacher? And what weapons to use? I'm confused lol

>> No.75495345

and presumably they don't have a decent push threat?

>£5 for a 7pt model
Yeah thats a big hmm

at that point its worth buying multiple SC boxes, no?

>> No.75495346

>Since I don't have the access to codex at the moment

>> No.75495350

Oh god

Theres fat art of Farseer Macha

>> No.75495353

>at that point its worth buying multiple SC boxes, no?

the sc box is great so most people buy those. i bought 3.

>> No.75495356

One last time today before I head offline, temporary minimum content mega:
> mega<dot>nz<slash>folder<slash>VsVH2ajS#jBU4XYkGmqjWviVCxqZNXw

>> No.75495362

I had a game and my brand new Bangles Successors got wiped off the board, 50% dumb calls from me, 50% hot rolls from the opponent
At least my Venerable Dread got to kill some Repentia that had a go at him

>> No.75495371

I'll repost old stuff but I'm here fellow faithful servant of the omnissiah

Here's a chicken walker I'm hesitating between nuln oil or agrax for the shading

>> No.75495374

I don't have my full army out or done but I do have a out of date army I ran in 8th

>> No.75495377

Started collecting in 7th but only got to play in 8th. I used to play one to two games a month with friends pre-covid19 but right now I'm mostly expending my back log. I assembled and painted a bunch of models earlier this summer and now I'm a bit depressed from the lack of human contact.
>pic related

>> No.75495379

what a legend

>> No.75495385

Also here's my Cawl doppleganger

>> No.75495387

I feel like a fool now, thanks man

>> No.75495389

What's THAT bad in extra range on pistols?

>> No.75495394

try mixing 3 parts nuln 1 part agrax

>> No.75495399

imagine this kid would stretch his hand and throw everything off the table

>> No.75495401

It might makes some sense if you had really short range pistols you didn't want to give disproportionate range.

>> No.75495406

Ah thanks, I ended up finding Rho's video on them because the only other thing I could find was the 1d4chan article with only one chapter with any information and no sources.

I wonder why GW decided to wait until the codex to release these guys. Kind of cool though, they're not all good guys like the sallies.

>> No.75495409

>tons of money for minis and paints
>shit camera
why do you guys don't own a up-to-date smartphone?

>> No.75495423

because i dont use my phone? if im talking to someone im doing it 99% of the time on my pc.

>> No.75495429

>and presumably they don't have a decent push threat?
Honestly, I don't know - nobody local to me plays GSC and I rarely seem them in battle reps. Their stats just seem a bit low I guess,

>> No.75495430


I love you, random internet citizen!

Question, because I'm out of the loop: what's the matter with the new codices? I don't play SM or Necrons, I'm just curious: are they giga turbo encrypted by GW with order number stamps everywhere?

Plus: is the new Crusade booklet getting a digital release? I can't find it mentioned anywhere (I was looking for that).

>> No.75495444

>owning a phone
>buying a new phone every fucking year because apple told you to
Enjoy your burnt out dopamine receptors consoomer

>> No.75495445

So entire Enclave dies with Saigo Farsight? Good. Fuck that sue. Hopefully Shadowsun dies with him too

>> No.75495446

There aren't any digital codexes anymore.

>> No.75495468

The simple answer is that digital codexes are no longer a product GW will provide going forward, in favour of their App.
As such, we're limited by the effort taken to create, clean and manually enhance scanned PDFs, which for high quality scans is extremely time consuming.
That said, there are people working on them right now, but I'm not sure if these efforts will materialise any time soon.

>> No.75495469

>I love you, random internet citizen!
No problem chief. They didn't do a digital release of the new codices, just a link to an app that acts like shitty battlescribe.
>is the new Crusade booklet getting a digital release? I can't find it mentioned anywhere (I was looking for that).
I don't know about a proper digital release, but I remember someone dropping a scan .pdf in the previous thread also

>> No.75495474

> wahapedia is a russian website

>> No.75495482

Most people don't buy a new phone every year.

>> No.75495483

It's all good, wahapedia still relatively unknown for some reason

>> No.75495485

Is this your boyfriend? Why do you keep posting him in every single thread?

>> No.75495503

Here's my warlord I use

>> No.75495508

how new?

>> No.75495512

Run by a crazy Russian called vlad who refuses to use the photo codex as its not hq enough for him. But hey least it's a million times more accurate that battleshite

>> No.75495515

Dumb zoomer

>> No.75495518

shizo stay away

>> No.75495520

Very cool it didn't flip
fuck it

>> No.75495524

Understrength unit?

>> No.75495533

Unit that has less models than its minimum

>> No.75495534

When you're have less models than minimal requirement for a unit. I.e. 7 boyz. You still can play it, but it would count as minimal amount (therefore 10) in terms of points.

>> No.75495539

check your mailbox tomorrow bud

>> No.75495544


Like a unit that starts below it's minimum deployment size.
>e.g. deploying a squad of 3 marines whej the datasheet says they can be taken in units of 5-10.

>> No.75495545

What about datamining the app?

>> No.75495546

It's in the rulebook elsewhere but tl;dr: a unit that starts with less than it's minimum required models.
Can only be taken in the Aux detachment.

>> No.75495552

>What about datamining the app?
It's pretty easy to do, but at that point it's easier just to use Wahapedia and Battlescribe, who I think are working on transcribing the codices

>> No.75495553

No u

>> No.75495561


God bless all of you

>> No.75495564

I'm sure there's effort for that, but decompiling and reverse engineering the app only really half the battle.
The data assets aren't held in the app so there's the requisite purchase of every book or codex, and then there's effort to turn that into something pleasing.
I also have no idea if it includes any lore at all, which plenty of anons care about. I'm not in the know, I've never used the app on principle.

>> No.75495578

Day 7 of waiting for Death Guard leaks

>> No.75495580

forreal when the fuck are eldar getting new minis?

>> No.75495586

I do have a pretty nice smartphone and I'm not retarded with camera focus but for some reason it has a shitty quality as of late I'm still seeking a fix

>> No.75495592

Never. We need a full enhanced psyker-primaris line and primaris battlesuits first. And those obviously need primaris drone support, and their own psyker-vehicles and mini-psi-titans and assortment of captain options.

>> No.75495596

I've heard of this mix before, what kind of looks will it give? Clear shadows from nuln oil with slight dirt effect?

>> No.75495597

Wahapedia guy has specifically said he won't use the photo codex, so we'll be waiting a while

>> No.75495600

When GW stops making primaris shit long enough to make something else. So never.

>> No.75495618

pretty much

>> No.75495622

>Implying smartphone pics look good

>> No.75495626

>tfw too much of a paintlet for chaos

>> No.75495631

Paint DG, they can look as horrible as you want!

>> No.75495633


do you guys reckon this is a good DE scheme?

>> No.75495635


Thanks for the heads up, I completely missed that part. GW must have been properly seething at the .pdfs shared around the net.


I'll go and check it, thanks once again for the help!!!!

>> No.75495643

I feel you.
Honestly, One of the reasons I picked necrons is how (comparatively) easy they are to paint and how much less paint you need over all.

>> No.75495648

>They look like you just vomited green paint on them
>Absolutely perfect.

>> No.75495658

are you saying you couldnt take a picture in that quality on a smartphone? because you totally can.

they just cost lots.

>> No.75495665

hopefully soon, honestly I play SM and I'm pretty bored with the bajillion new releases. I'm hopeful for one particular remake but I think they should update all their xeno models badly

>> No.75495671

yeah, like aspect warriors are so fucking cool but have been ignored by GW for so long. i dont get it

>> No.75495679

space marines sell the most ->they get more support->space marines sell more because they have fancy new models

and around it goes

>> No.75495690

>ynnari sold so poorly that deldar and craftworlds will never get new shit ever

just let me die

>> No.75495694

Imagine they make plastic aspect warriors and when they market them they compare them to primaris because of how specialized they are

>> No.75495697

i can't wait for my paycheck
i want to buy minis, paints, brushes and accessories

>> No.75495702

Nah it's just Ynnari that's getting dropped as a concept. Once they let the Blood of the Phoenix kits go individually they sold well. GW just needs to realise that Eldar soup is fucking cancer and nobody wants it

>> No.75495703

>tfw have to wait 2 months for my minis

i want to paint now reeeee

>> No.75495709

Not hard to paint that pic though. Probably an hour max

>> No.75495714

to the shareholders all that means it "eldar bad, no new stuff, more marines now please"

>> No.75495720

its age of sigmar seeping over into 40k. disgusting

>> No.75495725

You totally can't, because this is taken with a macro lens.

>> No.75495739

>lock new models in an overpriced boxset full of models most eldar players dont want to mix together
>it sells poorly

>> No.75495743

post models

>> No.75495747

Holy shit what’s the last phone you bought? A second hand Samsung from 2013?

>> No.75495749

the suits don't understand this shit though, and this is why we will never ever see new eldar stuff

>> No.75495757


>> No.75495758

>Anon demonstrates his complete lack of knowledge regarding photography (colorised 2020)

>> No.75495762


>> No.75495770

Cool, thanks. I want to do a similar colour for my Stygies VIII guys' trousers but my experiments have all turned out quite flat.

>> No.75495774

>posting this on a thread about massively overpriced plastic toy soldiers
>failing to see the irony

>> No.75495777

I've spoken to an insider (design Team or 'Evey Metal) and they are very aware that getting the Eldar wrong would be a disaster.

The Banshees from last year took them 18 months to get through the design process when a normal 5 man unit might take 6-8.

It will happen, just don't expect it any time soon. I amost feel bad for Eldarbros, at least us guardfags have a huge 3rd party industry to support us. I actually don't really care about new plastic guard sculpts now, Anvil have me covered.

>> No.75495779

Yeah doesn't surprise me you'd think that other model took one hour to paint

>> No.75495780

That's not australian tier photo, that's mesopotamian tier

Anyways great job and nice table

>> No.75495786

wow my dad works at nintendo too!

>> No.75495787

it looks really great
but i still think all of the minis have too much colours
can't wait to paint myself and try out just a simple colour-scheme

>> No.75495789

You don't kitbash and convert your toy soldiers anon? You don't see every model as a canvas? Are you telling me you buy them straight from GW, follow the instructions to the letter, and then run the grey tide against other Tau players? Pretty lame honestly

>> No.75495790

honestly the new howling banshees are so cool that I wish we had new aspect warriors for everything else

>> No.75495799

Are there any guides for cleaning/preparing recasted minis? I'm planning on ordering some Solar Auxilia FW minis from HH to proxy as Imp Guard

>> No.75495800

im pretty sure my sisters iphone has a macro lens with a weird attachment.

>> No.75495803

>He thinks people actually own models here.
>we dont all just sit around a bitch about a game we dont play or support
Lurk moar

>> No.75495811

>massively overpriced plastic toy soldiers
i am filled with regret

>> No.75495824

every model kit you do for eldar is a model kit that you arent releasing for space marines.

>> No.75495825

You could've made a downpayment on a house by now, anon.

>> No.75495829

Should we legalise public executions of marinefags? They're such a detriment to the general IQ and aesthetic sense of the population.

>> No.75495839

Conversely they'll see Jain Zar/Banshees etc selling well on their own and think "Huh, maybe we shouldn't tax players of one flavour of Eldar with the other flavour's models in the future". I don't know who at GW has been so adamant in pushing this Ynnari soup shit but they should have their hands cut off

>> No.75495845

they should see that

but they won't

>> No.75495847

All we can hope is this is a Sigmarines situation. Where once they release enough of em they will stop.

>> No.75495854

dream on

>> No.75495858

It's like 10 issues all compounding to make them shitty
>Lost their vigilus detachment
>Want to spend 10-12cp before the game even starts
>Want to run multiple detachments for cult creeds
>Literally zero durable units to sit on objectives with
>Guardsmen statline+1 strength for a massive premium
>Their army inherently hands out Assassinate and Bring it Down on a silver platter
You CAN make them work, but even then it's a massive fight just to stay in the game

>> No.75495877

Are deldar so squishy that DG and necrons will just wipe me off the board?

>> No.75495878

i think they stopped with sigmarines because they started seeing decreasing interest and sales in them.

space marines are more popular than ever.

>> No.75495887

How much humanity do Skitarii actually have left? Do they relax and have relationships like Guard or are they basically just robots with some meat components who are on duty 24/7?

>> No.75495890

DG have no damage, so you can probably play objectives fairly well against them if you abuse movement and don't get locked up trying to remove them from the midboard.

>> No.75495891

be steady, my shitful hand

>> No.75495893

Just spam Talos and then you're not squishy.

>> No.75495899

Dark eldar can be deceptively tanky. They swap traditional defense for invulnerable saves, maluses to hit and being cheap enough to take ablative wounds.

>> No.75495921

Looking at that Goonhammer article, someone is placing with a list of like 15 Jackals + Jackal Alphus, 6 Ridgerunners and 2 Goliaths, using Perfect Ambush to spring a 10 man unit of bikes all with D6 Demo Charges that throw them on whatever the fuck is unlucky enough to exist

Which sounds hilarious to me.

>> No.75495927

They still are mostly human, they're just either fanatic for the omnissah or put in a state of limbo between mission by the tech-priests.

Judging by their leadership they are still vulnerable to moral threats so there's that too

>> No.75495935

>he doesn't already own property

>> No.75495955

>using Perfect Ambush to spring a 10 man unit of bikes all with D6 Demo Charges that throw them on whatever the fuck is unlucky enough to exist
Works exactly once before your opponent realises you can do this and uses MSU spaced out to effectively neuter your one (1) effective tactic.

>> No.75495961

For many years I just collected, painted and displayed my minis because I lived in the cuntry and had no one to game with. I finally found a gaming bro so I can avoid PUGs at the local battle bunker, and have never played more 40k. Life is good.

Pic related is from a massive game we both played where I used all my Eldar.

>> No.75495968

>do you actually play warhammer or do you just collect, assemble, paint and display your minis?
Anon, I only do one of those things.

>> No.75495974

Just play either necrons vs marines, or anything else vs anything else.

It's like warcry where it is "warcry armies vs warcry armies, or AoS warcry armies vs AoS warcry armies". Mixing them is just not balanced.

>> No.75495981

He already said that until something with an OCR comes out he's not updating the codexes because fuck writing everything by hand. I can't fault him honestly.

>> No.75495984

They look great anon. Paint scheme is really crisp.

>> No.75495985

These are beautiful my dude

>> No.75495986

>being cheap enough
yeah no. they're severely overpriced to the point of their basic troops and transports being nearly unuseable

>> No.75495987

That robot head is a 3D print yeah?

I still have 2 robots left from my apocalypse box. Do you have a link to the STL?

>> No.75495991

Yes. And marinefags get their own extra secondary until then too. Welcome to space marine 40,000.

>> No.75495995

Play, though the friend we usually play at got the rona so no games...

>> No.75496003

I hate how eldar big boys are literally just eldar big boys

>> No.75496004

>he still has 'rona where he lives
LMAO 'ronalets

>> No.75496024

Go away kiwi, nobody likes you, you're just a bland ripoff of Australia

>> No.75496025

My guess (and hope) is that they are dropping more and more hints at primaris turning away from the codex and imperium, but with GW writing and pace, it might be either wishful thinking or 2-3 editions too early

>> No.75496034

I live in Tasmania

>> No.75496036

"Women" are actually an Abhuman species with two genders. This planet is spurned by the God-Emperor for race-mixing with them. Disgusting heretical Christian marriage traditions requiring a Man and a Woman, barring completely the marriage of two Men (as if Men were a gender). This place deserves more virus bombs. Purge Women, Humans don't deserve rights, race of Man first!

>> No.75496045

Fuck it, I'm making a space marine army
just gotta figure out a colour scheme

>> No.75496046

Are you concerned about the devils all getting cancer?

>> No.75496049


>Women are an abhuman species with two genders

Does this mean I can date a futa? ‘Cause I’m in.

>> No.75496053

>Playing 40k
>Doesn't already have a job with expendible income

>> No.75496060

Marine pay piggies pay the bills on the other races

>> No.75496063


Hot pink and lime green

>> No.75496064

Better, they're not Men; so you can own them as slaves. I plan on using a few of their warrior "males" with growth inhibitors as uh... partly-lobotomized servitors... yes, 'servitors', nothing more, Inquisitor... eh heh heh...

>> No.75496069

Sadly that work once maybe trice if your opponent forgets how GSC work

>> No.75496071

Anon, that's a fictional country for a kids cartoon, you can't fool me

>> No.75496075

Do something with brown, not a lot of brown marines.

>> No.75496080

Thanks frens glad you like them.

That's their appeal for me! I am so tempted to get a phantom but I have nfi where I would keep it.

>> No.75496089

Ok thanks for posting bro

>> No.75496093

Why are IG players so fucking gay, insecure and annoying anyway

>> No.75496104

Unbelievably cringy

>> No.75496106

Then best part of being an inquisitor is you don’t have to explain why your retinue includes five futa felinids.

>> No.75496107

I am not 100% up to date, but there were facial tumor free populations and some immune devils, so it should be fine. I love the little fuckers though. The reason they transmit the disease is because they fight by biting each other's faces while screaming. I'd love to somehow work them into 40k, maybe something Catachan

>> No.75496112

>Hot pink and lime green
same advice my wife gave me
I actually painted up a couple of cheap ebay marines in a brown colour scheme ages back when I wanted to just paint stuff for fun, I could revisit that

>> No.75496118

Cadia broke b-before the guard d-did...

>> No.75496143

Because not before

>> No.75496145


>Sisters of Nyattle

>> No.75496160

There is scientific evidence that Cadias exist in parallel universes which yet stand. CADIA STANDS!

>> No.75496180

Shut the fuck up kissless virgin, you probably annoy everyone at your local FLGS with dumb ass 4chan meme references

>> No.75496185

Humans don't deserve Men's rights, and Women are dangerous xenos to be purged.

>> No.75496191


Nah it’s because Abaddon threw a baby fit when he was losing and destroyed an irreplaceable asset.

The fact that this resulted in the galaxy magically splitting in half is a chilling indictment of the quality of modern GW writing. A new peak of inanity.

>> No.75496195

because they actually want to play a ww2 game.

>> No.75496204

I imagine forgeworlds are full-on Blade Runner/cyberpunk cities if you're linked to the noosphere. Cyberpunk stuff in general works really well with Mechanicus, just replace megacorps with rival forges, corporate execs with priests and you're 90% of the way there.

>> No.75496205


>No one
>Fits like Nyaston
>No one sits like Nyaston
>No one squirts cat milk out of her tits like Nyaston

>> No.75496207

As I have typed above, >>75496160 Cadia stands. Likely infinite Cadias. Perhaps if we were to use TWO Cadias next time, or even more, to form an actual "gate" rather than a poetic one.

>> No.75496217

What are the best start collecting boxes to check out? I'm thinking of picking one up at the end of the week but I can't decide which one

>> No.75496218

thanks that is just what this thread needed

>> No.75496223

This shit right here is why felinids don't get rights in most sectors...

>> No.75496225


I was calling the Blackstone fortress he smashed like a kid destroying their controller because they can’t beat Gundyr.

>> No.75496227

The one with the models you like the best of course. They're all better deals than buying seperately so just pick the faction you like.

>> No.75496241

Any reason to take an enforcer over a xv8 commander?

>> No.75496252

That is such an amazing analogy for Abaddon.

I keep having weird visions of it happening though, like the magazine photos but I'm on the ground inside them and I'm watching it spin towards me slowly like a massive lazy shuriken until it's tip digs the crust and the world ends and I wake up. Warhammer is weird.

>> No.75496255


Let me build a Carlos McConnel regiment you cowards

>> No.75496261

No one is stopping you, just don't let them vote. Never give abhumans the vote. Never again.

>> No.75496264

I like quite a few of them so it's fairly hard to decide. Are there any that stand out as better value, or have better units?

>> No.75496280

It was too much bloat. Also that Raptors character was lame and the Raptors poster who posted here was lame too.

>> No.75496284

I just blew through the entire Space Marine campaign in a single sitting, ask me anything

>> No.75496292


>> No.75496298

What's your preferred Exarch power for Swooping Hawks?

>> No.75496301

CSM one is quite a few points and mostly stuff that is decent to good in CSM armies

>> No.75496304

>They're all better deals than buying seperately
Discounts on bad models is not a good deal

>> No.75496316

Shut the fuck up, human. It's the Imperium of MANkind, not the Imperium of Woman-simp-kind. This planet's translators are heretical woman-sympathizers who even claim sororitas are women. ARE THEY? They should be purged and replaced with female Men.

>> No.75496320

So is going with a custom dynasty and picking ObSec and pre game 6'' move is the best right?

>> No.75496341

Seems real good, though apparently Novokh is also pretty strong; aside from obviously buffing Skorpeks and stuff it lets warriors punch above their weight

>> No.75496344

Fresh dudes
Is the burn effect at all convincing?

>> No.75496351

It seems power fists are king in 9th, either that or lightning claws for the 2 extra attacks at low cost

>> No.75496393


>> No.75496411

do you overcoat the symbols on the shoulder pads?

>> No.75496416

Wasn't the fortress already in pieces? He just made the best use out of its remains.

>> No.75496420

But anon there are no other races

>> No.75496431

Imagine just sitting on that ledge talking to the priest about his many many life experiences

>> No.75496437

Just matte varnish after its finished

>> No.75496440

If I were to ever do a loyalist SM chapter I'd probably do the Blood Angels. I love their aesthetic and all, but one thing I absolutely hate is the blue helmets on their devastators and other heavy infantry. It just looks so ugly to me but my lore autism wouldn't permit me to paint them any other color.

>> No.75496444

on tabletop? or in like game or something?

>> No.75496447

I’m over here still not sure how the god damned cipher even works. I saw something about it being base64 on a prior thread, but that shit don’t work.

>> No.75496449

i think its a bit underdone. its not that noticable.

pretty nice looking minis anyway

>> No.75496451

Photos and visions show it relatively intact, perhaps the weapons and shields went offline so he made the best use out of what he had left? Proverbially "in pieces" rather than literally.

>> No.75496454

Im actually fine with blue helmets, but would never paint a yellow one for assault squads

>> No.75496455

I finished that game like 5 years ago, why would I ask you anything.

>> No.75496463

Hmm i think that its too noticeable

>> No.75496470

I'm assuming he means the Space Marine game with Titus

>> No.75496474

Are you a girl?

>> No.75496507

Do people really pitch fits over Forge World models? Besides a few examples of bullshit (which isn't even shocking in 40k as a whole) most of them don't seem particularly impressive.

Maybe I'm just lucky with my game store being a lot more lax

>> No.75496509

Just go outside or something

>> No.75496510

the raptors look so great
why does the chaos looks way better than the imperium?

>> No.75496527

They're pretty much blanket banned from every tournament but I haven't seen them removed from LGS play ever.

Then again, entirely down to your opponent

>> No.75496533

the raptors and warp talons models look kinda old to me, holding off buying them just in case another choas update rolls along

>> No.75496549

>banning FW

>> No.75496551

>They're pretty much blanket banned from every tournament
No? Most are pretty bad

>> No.75496559

Not a huge fan of new raptors personally. The kit is amazing for bitz but the guys themselves have too much scribble trim for my taste and the older raptor jump packs were 10/10 aesthetic that they replaced with loyalist jump packs that have teeth for some reason.

>> No.75496563

>They're pretty much blanket banned from every tournament
What was the last time you went to a tournament dude? They haven't been banned in at least a decade.

>> No.75496568

lots of tournies use forgeworld.

>> No.75496587

The ones around me you can't use them. Haven't looked at GTs because I don't go but I assumed they wouldn't either

Guess I live in bizzaro world and most places do, thats kinda annoying.

>> No.75496595

>Why are 40k players so fucking gay, insecure and annoying anyway
Looks like little bro spent some time at the thrift store to compensate

>> No.75496614

Shut the fuck up woman, your kind deserve nothing less than execution for your lies and manipulation.

>> No.75496635

its ok he's just pretending to be retarded, always funny...

>> No.75496640

The schizo is also an incel. You cant make it up

>> No.75496657

u gay

>> No.75496659

They are brand new kits. They arent getting updated in the next decade.

>> No.75496661

>> No.75496663

Why in the God-Emperor's name would I want to copulate with one of your Christ-preaching womans? There are felinids out there, your females look like Kim Jong Un. Just get in the fucking gas-chamber.

>> No.75496664

>snowflake space marine poster is lame
gee golly
A few retards do but generally no, people that actually play the game in community spaces don't care because they know most of them suck. Instead of sperging out at FW as a whole, they sneer at particular obvious powergame units like chappy dreads.
looks like your bait worked, nice
or you're just one of the retarded spergs I mentioned

>> No.75496687

You shut the fuck up woman, I am sick of your species lies and samefagging. Men will rise up and kill all of you, or the humans will grow tired of your torture and take the flamethrower to you.

>> No.75496688

It was easier to blame 3rd Party Boogeyman despite them not being 3rd party. Also despite the codices having equally if not more broken things at any given time.

Then it was "its not fair I cant buy those books I dont have access to those rules!". Well do you buy every single codex? No? Then what's the problem?

People want to blame and ban things they feel can compartmentalize off.

>> No.75496733

>killing what you can rape

>> No.75496757

It's far worse, we were rid of the rona and then fucking morons got it in foreign countries and spread it around again

>> No.75496801

I forgot about you things. Keep the women you don't kill as slaves if you will, but keep the women the fuck away from me. I'm just dealing with Men from now on. A bunch of them ended up with my shapeshifting powers from eating my flesh as well, and that shit's infectious, so idk if I'd even rape them, I'd really stress caution and use a flamethrower.

>> No.75496815

>Raptors and Warp Talons
>getting updated anytime soon
Not happening.

>> No.75496822

u still gay

>> No.75496833

I don't even know what that means to you things. You should be burned to death.

>> No.75496835

It was more about the fact that, at the time, FW was literally pay to win. FW things were on average bad, but the ones that were strong were absurdly strong, and used to cost a lot more than other miniatures. This added to the fact that FW stuff couldn't be sold by a LGS or a GW shop, so the owners saw no real reason to give free advertising to the thing they couldn't sell.

Now that GW pieces cost the same if not worse than FW and FW stuff has been nerfed into oblivion those reasons are no longer valid.

>> No.75496836


That's gotta be some boomer ruleset then. I do recall them being banned around 5th and 6th edition but not necessarily because they were strong. I think people just didn't really respect it as part of the game back then.
But GW has been actively incorporating it into books so I don't see why they should be banned, especially since armies like Custodes are pretty reliant on them competitively.

>> No.75496855

If i ever get raptors for my word bearers im just going to use the ashen circle ones from HH
>say the line bart
>rona is a virus bomb, and im a vampire

>> No.75496860

If it's happening it'll be like oblits. One of them get's updated but is contained within a boxed set with more primaris or a SC of those models 3 months down the line.

>> No.75496863

There was a long period of time where Chimeras were allowed to take autocannon turrets and you could only get them through FW.

There was a local guy who played an entirely mechanised guard list. This was 5th edition I think? On the whole it was a rubbish list, but people got so fed up of massed autocannons shredding their precious Eldar transports that they complained until the local shop owner banned all FW.

>> No.75496928

I actually don't know if it's the virus bomb anymore now that I realize I've been reading the news wrong for the last several millennia. Is the virus targetting "Men" (species) over "Women" (species) or "males" over "females"? There's terrible gaslighters in my region insisting these women creatures should have human rights, but I disagree and believe them to be subhuman xenos. Especially after the horrors they've wrought upon my form. Kill all women, humans are second class citizens, Men first.

>> No.75496942

>youtubers who talk about 40k lore rank above lexicanum befause anyone can edit the wiki, but only an expert has enough skill to make a video

>> No.75496952


>> No.75496957

Primaris Space Marine Librarian-Seers. Space Marine Librarians, of the Primaris variety, who have adopted and refined the runic mysteries of the Space Wolves, and syncretically enhanced their efficacy through an esoteric synthesis with the prophetic practices of the Aeldari, given freely unto the Adeptus Astartes through Lord Commander Roboute Guilliman's alliance with the Ynnari. Coming soon (TBD).

>> No.75496959

starter here
is forge world even legal or do they have the license as well?

>> No.75496972

Anyone have a new-er version of the codex with the missing points pages?

>> No.75496981

They're just a branch of GamesWorkshop

>> No.75496984

imagine being so cucke-
>eldar players
40ktube is galaxy brain but that statement is even bigger
no more pay to win than 40k proper lol
This game has always had miserably strong outlier units
It's literally just from seething waacfags that were too poor to buy the toys and too inept to make a conversion

>> No.75496999

ah i see
it seems that this is also the site where you can buy the 1000 dollar + titan

>> No.75497000

Also don't buy from Forgeworld, their prices are not even remotely defendible. If you want their stuff, recast or print it.

>> No.75497004

Most Forge World models are straight up garbage in 40k at the moment. Literally the only decent one I know of is the Eldar Hornet and maybe the Leviathan Dread.

Anyone who is pissy about forgeworld has autism.

>> No.75497006

why does this art look so fucked up

>> No.75497012

My general impression of "lore masters" on YT is that they're tards, but I'm sorta curious who their audience is. Who are the people who feel like listening to a guy paraphrasing wiki articles for anywhere between 10-40 minutes is the best way to learn about a thing they're interested in?

>> No.75497017

>no more pay to win than 40k proper lol
Currently, that's correct. At the time, FW stuff easily costed three or four times the GW equivalent.

>> No.75497020

The ashen circle don’t have loadouts that work for raptors, seeing as how you can’t take hand flamers or equip the entire squad with chainaxes.
The problem with that is that Raptors and Warp Talons were previously the newest kit CSM had released prior to the newest kits we have now. There’s far more older kits in the CSM line that are in need of updating, Berzerkers especially.

>> No.75497032

It's a good time sink while at work desu

>> No.75497035

Could probably replace the arms/hands with legal load outs.

>> No.75497044

thank you
but i don't own a 3d printer nor do i have the skills for cad or blender
i think i will start with these

>> No.75497048

Any clue as to who is on Imotekh and the Sautekh's side in the conflict between them and the Triarch? Or is it just the Sautekh alone up against Szarekh and the rest of necronkind?

>> No.75497057

>Who are the people who feel like listening to a guy paraphrasing wiki articles for anywhere between 10-40 minutes is the best way to learn about a thing they're interested in?
Same idea as a podcast, you can do it while running or painting or whatever

>> No.75497059

levi dread was okay in 8th, and for lowskill players it was a skill check unit like knights so braindeads got asshurt about them.
In 9th they're overcosted so now they're mediocre.
pffft. "oh no your OP unit costs more than my OP unit, that definitely means that OP unit is better than my OP units!"

>> No.75497060

Some Necrons oppose Szarekh, most notably Imotekh

>> No.75497073

go for a stroll through facebook for a look at modern average westerner and the general level of quality in what they're proud they consume.
At least some podcasts have some quality to them.

>> No.75497077

>In 9th they're overcosted so now they're mediocre.
Yeah 100% agree. I think that goes for a lot of forgeworld stuff. It is all wayyyy overcosted.

>> No.75497081

I will still take my assault drill

>> No.75497088

Forgeworld is Games Workshop. It's a hangover from when plastic technology was not as good.

>> No.75497107

So you are a tranny. Can't wait to purge you all and get some female Men into that power armor.

>> No.75497117

>pay to win
So average 40k? FW units with good rules are the exception not the rule.

>> No.75497126


>expecting boomers to adhere to balance

Most boomers are WAAC silly anon

>> No.75497135

God what I would give to get the FW Guard tanks in plastic

>> No.75497144


>> No.75497173

Nobody cared about the guys bringing the 99% of shit that wasn't OP because usually those that bought that were modellers or painters first. But most people were only exposed to FW retardedly OP units, because it's what people mostly bought.

>> No.75497182

You're abhumans in stolen power armor anyways.

>> No.75497189

Since you sent the german link, i will assume you're european. As such, you have access to official resellers like https://elementgames.co.uk/games-workshop/warhammer-40k/chaos-space-marines/troops/chaos-space-marines-2
You'll save a lot

>> No.75497194

probably CSM

>> No.75497201

just buy from Chang/Yuri

>> No.75497204

>says the xenovampire

>> No.75497222

yeah i live in germany
wow thank you very much
didn't know that.

>> No.75497224

>Probably an hour max
Would take me like 6 hours

>> No.75497227

When will battlescribe update marines and necrons

>> No.75497238


>> No.75497251

>pay to win.
All of 40k is pay to win. It is not a freemium game. Every pays money to play. You save up for expensive stuff instead of buying Starbucks.

What a bunch of babies. Typical Eldar players. I wouldn't play there with that atmosphere.

>> No.75497254

>tau will probably have a crusade rule for turning one of your fire warrior teams into a crisis team.
Thatll be a cool thing to do. I should start my tau army in 2 years when the codex drops.

>> No.75497262

I heard this thread was full of rampant faggotry so I rushed here as soon as I could.

>> No.75497264

As far as I'm aware you can still take the pattern with the Autocannon it's just out of production

>> No.75497265

It's not really pay to win in that there's no correlation between unit power and price. Case in point: Custodes are the cheapest faction and A/S tier.

>> No.75497268

Shows how little you know. Still have to cut the dick off to wear the armor, eh? Well, now I'll know what you xenos had to go through when I get my suit back from your foul reliquary.

>> No.75497275

If you can't see how "you can buy this chimera for x dollars, or you can buy this one almost identical model but with stronger rules for three times x" can leave a sour taste you might have problems anon.

>> No.75497277

lol this art looks exactly how I imagined he'd look, right down to the expression

>> No.75497283

Such a based post

Though most of the FW Knights are good. Not great, you can tune the plastic ones better, but playable.

>> No.75497284

>like Slaanesh
>don't like purple
guess I can't do it

>> No.75497288

>Typical Eldar players
How's 2007 going? I wish I could be back there with you

>> No.75497291

I meant in the most literal baseb ense, you need to pay to play and thus pay to win.

>> No.75497296


>> No.75497304

Mephrit seems very strong. I don't think necrons have the shooting punch without their boost.

t. a player currently painting 80 warriors for an upcoming rtt

>> No.75497312

It would be easier and quicker if GW stop being fags and release digital copies
No one wants their app and no one finds value on their physical copies sin they are obsolete the day they are release

>> No.75497314

how do you feel about pink

>> No.75497320

Old EC scheme was just black with bright pink trims.

>> No.75497321

Pink and black

>> No.75497323

Keep being a danger to autistic people and you WILL be purged.

>> No.75497330

pay to win doesn't mean that anon. Pay to win is for games where a bigger increase in money spent correlates to a bigger increase in win chance.

>> No.75497342


>> No.75497347

I really like warm colors but that doesn't fit EC unless I do something "regal" like black with gold and red

>> No.75497359

>I do something "regal" like black with gold and red
Blood Angels?

>> No.75497373

>black and pink doesn't fit EC

>> No.75497375

Good luck getting GW to change direction anon lmfao
the cucksumers are lapping this shit up at a rapid rate as always so GW has no reason to do anything different

>> No.75497400

Stop overusing this meme. The app has universally been criticized and pushed back by the community.

>> No.75497409

Anyone got the new hexmark destroyer? Can he upload a picture of the two different heads?

>> No.75497415

Even cuckbook and plebbit are bitching about it

>> No.75497418

Making ALL rules available online for free, not just profiles, would go a long way to winning back peoples good will towards them, and be a huge step to making the game more accessible and attractive to everyone deterred by the ever-mounting cost of books. 'All you NEED to buy is models, then you get all the rules from online and you're good to go'

They don't even have to stop selling actual books, they can still sell their nice hardbacks for a premium and lots of players, maybe even most, will still prefer to have these nice books in their hands to read from instead of a phone screen or a stack of printouts.

But I doubt that will ever happen, GW execs just don't feel the need to actually compete with the companies actually doing that stuff and will just try to think of ways to fight piracy instead of obsolete it.

>> No.75497457

>Eldar pre 8th
Zero sympathy
>better unit
If you buy a sniper scout squad and I buy a devastator squad are you going to complain im pay to win when the devastators are better but more expensive?

Just becuase its good in resin doesnt mean it should be banned. Everyone has equal access. People didn't ban scatbike spam or serpent spam when it was tabling tournies. Or Ynnari Wraithknights that got multiple free shooting phases in your opponents turn with D weapons. Or 2++ rerollible screamer stars. There is nothing FW that wasn't as or less broken than a codex unit at one time. Its a model first game.

>> No.75497465

I don't consider pink a warm color

>> No.75497474

What's the point of the eldar when they are like 0.01% of the Imperium's population

Shouldn't the factions be remotely balanced in lore or something, or at least somehow relevant

>> No.75497475

P2W is purchasable premium content that is better in an otherwise free game.

>> No.75497486

Yeah, I like my books. If GW made an ebook version with just the rules and datasheets I'd be happy.
Currently? The books have no value outside some quick reference to a rule and you need to remember if that rule has not been faq and errated to death.

>> No.75497490


>> No.75497491

I know I'd be a lot more interest and able to buy shit for multiple armies if I didn't need to buy books instead.

>> No.75497497

he means GW in general not an app

>> No.75497499

>tfw the supposedly beautiful SoB are man faced trannies while the Slaanesh models are beautiful and the females are clearly hot
Can't wait for the eventual EC release

>> No.75497500

>are you going to complain im pay to win when the devastators are better but more expensive?
Do the Devastators cost three times the scouts?

>People didn't ban
Point is people should have.

>> No.75497503

tau are like 0.001% and they don't even have FTL

>> No.75497510

There are lots of games that aren't free but still have purchasable premiun content that is better. Do you think those aren't pay to win?

>> No.75497521

yeah, they're bitching about making the app better, not about GW changing method

>> No.75497527

The Eldar are relevant to the main events of the setting DESPITE their tiny presence next to the Imperium. Their whole theme is that they are a dieing dwindling race but still have the power and sight to have great influence on the galaxy. No not every faction has to be equal to the others in population, that's stupid.

>> No.75497528

Because they're high impact for their numbers. Their seer shit lets them be in position for anything important and their skill/technology lets them dab on the more numerous races

>> No.75497531


>> No.75497541


>> No.75497554

>winning back goodwill
>when there's money to be made
GW has more than enough paypigs to keep moving forwards without doing free shit lol

>> No.75497564

>execs just don't feel the need to actually compete with the companies actually doing that stuff and will just try to think of ways to fight piracy instead of obsolete it.
congrats you've identified an issue with corporatism and why things are becoming the way it is in the west

>> No.75497565

What's even more stupid is a faction that functions entirely on plot armor asspulls.
No, an aspect warrior is not able to take on 10 000 space marines. They can barely hold their ground against one.

>> No.75497573

Dumbest post on this board

>> No.75497578

What methods should they change? they just released a shitty app in an environment they don't have much experience in.

>> No.75497579

>factions only matter when they're all about as strong as each other
God, marvelfags are the fucking worst. Go back to your capeshit retard.
Minor factions are incredibly interesting in both creative settings and real life.

>> No.75497582

I'm still annoyed that the greek/amazone inspired snake girls didn't have expose breast or at least one is removed, but instead had cheap sport bras
Same goes for slaanesh stuff. Where is the excessive degeneracy? Where are my gun tits?!

>> No.75497587

>Shouldn't the factions be remotely balanced in lore or something
It is. The whole point of the setting is that the Imperium is the biggest faction and they kinda rule most of the galaxy but they are constantly being attacked on all fronts and from within. A faction being smaller in numbers doesn't mean it can't have relevant lore. The Imperium can't just throw all their power against one single threat and crush it. That leaves everything defenseless.
It's the whole reason Tau are still a thing

>> No.75497593

You fucking wish. I must say that losing tempasta discipline fucking sucks as a space yiff player, not because it was good but because it was unique and flavorful. I'm sure BA/DA players feel the same too. A lot of he relics/WL/special rules was what made those army unique and they lost a lot of the flavor coming to 9th. Hopefully the supplement will fix that and bring some of it back. Personally I don't have any hopes, with GW it usually leads to disappointment.

>> No.75497595

Nobody said they have to be equal, just that their numbers have to make at least a smidgeon of sense. Jesus you animefaggots are as retarded and underage as the shows you watch.

>> No.75497604

nigger do you think GW cares about fans and hobby in the slightest?
They literally just have to keep pumping out marines for paypigs and they are totally fine.

>> No.75497608

Their numbers make sense for the nomadic remnants of a shattered race

>> No.75497615

>flat tits
>shoulders as wide as hips
>barely any waist

>> No.75497633

Good, now just change the lore so that they are not able to affect any major events and it makes perfect sense.

>> No.75497639

Meaning that Aspect Warriors have to dodge 14,000ish dudes across the entirety of the galaxy, right? I'm new to the setting, but that sounds not so bad in the grand scheme of things. Could anyone explain what Soup is in reference to the table game while I'm here?
>Nb4 more campbells chicken noodle

>> No.75497644


>> No.75497650





>> No.75497653

>No, an aspect warrior is not able to take on 10 000 space marines.
Of course not, but depending on the shrine they can do a lot more than 'barely hold ground against one', and that isn't even getting into Exarchs. Besides you're missing the overall point, which is that they know exactly when to show up and when to fuck off, which makes them a lot more efficient in terms of numbers in warfare.

>> No.75497656

>Could anyone explain what Soup is in reference to the table game while I'm here?
it means putting many factions in one book/army.
Like in AoS there were 2 factions of Orcs, Bonesplitterz and Ironjawz and instead of fleshing them out GW just souped them into 1 faction book.

>> No.75497671

They affect major events by using their deep psychic expertise to work out exactly how and where to apply their meager but elite forces for critical effect. That's one of the things that makes them interesting.

>> No.75497682

Soup is taking units from multiple different factions in the same army list.

>> No.75497705

>Aspect Warriors have to dodge 14,000ish dudes across the entirety of the galaxy

They strike hard and suddenly at exact places, having to only fight the enemies that happen to be there at the time, and then withdraw quickly before a real force can respond and crush them.

>> No.75497849

I'm not a big SM fan but those look heckin nice, anon.

>> No.75498351

Imagine if this is how GW justifies chaos primaris.

>> No.75498465

The new Space Marine (both Primaris with aggresors and Vanguard that has snipers and flyers) start collecting box and the new Chaos (with master of possessions and the ball spider thing) are both amazing buys for value and power.

The Eldar box with the mechs and the Genestealer box with the ridgerunner are great as well.

>> No.75498730

Hopefully never, I don't want anything bad to happen to my guy Farsight

>> No.75499527

try bracing yourself if you'r holding it rest against the back of a chair or similar so the camera is steady.

>> No.75499645

The second, that way I can paint them with all the colors I want, with no worry. The hobby side of 40k is quite cool.

>> No.75499671

Mega doesnt work

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