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Inter-species Love Edition

>UA: Subclasses, Part 4

>5e Trove


>Stable releases


>Previous thread: >>75312167

Ever had forbidden love in your campaigns?

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You're a piece of shit and your choice for OP makes you a faggot. You're not allowed to make any other generals anymore.

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Get cancer.

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I want a character who builds mechanical servants, golems, or other gizmos, but the battle smith's steel defender seems like it'd be underwhelming in practice. Anyone have using it for anything other than a mount?

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Whenever we have downtime, I have mine assembling a foundry for the purpose of mass-producing them. Unlimited labor, throw-in a set of gauntlets of ogre power or headband of intellect and there's little it can't do with enough time. Include a block and tackle for good measure.

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Well, there is a Minotaur and his bar gf he fucks whenever he's in town.

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what about the story of ricky?

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>Ever had forbidden love in your campaigns?
Every session.

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How does one translate Charisma damage in 3.5 to 5e in an interesting way? Also thoughts on this Paeliryon demon I converted into 5e stats? I really try to stick to the "official" wording and formatting for monster abilities so any nitpicks would be very helpful.

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if you want to build stronger robots, Tiny servants is a godsend. Create three and give them standing orders to throw the rocks you touch at enemies you attack, then cast magic stone. That's 3 bonus action attacks on your turn every turn. Later on when you get spell-storing item they can fire off the same spell multiple times a round. If you play an artificer/wizard mix and cast creation with a 6th level slot you can have your tiny servants man a cannon

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This sounds fun. I'm pretty bad at finding synergies between spells/effects, but this sounds like something I can work with. Thanks anon

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just do charisma damage. Shadows still do strength damage

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>Monk punches through Wall of Earth

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AS damage is incredibly rare in 5e, but it's not unprecedented. Just do CHA damage.

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my nigga

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For entertainment acts with animals, is it Animal Handling or Performance?

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/5eg/, what would you do to make 6e better.

I know I'd do this:
>increase the rate content is churned out
>include consistent rules for tools/vehicles
>go back to the 3.5 system for monster templates
>psionics is spellcasting using the spell point system
>psion, artificer and NPC are now core classes
>all races are now designed to have subraces
>hybrid/planetouched races are now generic subraces that can be applied to any race
>warforged are replaced with the UA version, except they're constructs
>centaurs and minotaurs are large

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I dunno, I'm still more interested in the 7e changes.
>General weapon proficiency is replaced with weapon skill, which has its own experience tables and special attacks
>Vancian magic is replaced with MP
>Four wizard schools, specializing in one closes off the opposite school
>Sorcs have unique spell list based on fire, water, wind, wood, and metal
>Clerics are merged with Bards
>Exploding damage dice
>Armor pieces possess soak/deflection values for individual body parts
>Levels go to fifty
>Race-as-class levels confer race-specific bonuses and ability boosts
>Multi-classing can only be done if a character has enough synergy points between their existing classes and the class they want to take (race-as-class is the exception)
>Mermaids, thri-kreen, and ratmen are core races
>Fairy Princess class looks incredibly OP

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For me?
It's not allowing fucking multiclassing

Fuck powergamers
And fuck multiclassing

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I agree with the others, just use charisma damage.
As for the monster, I think it lacks bite. The damage of the attacks is alright, but it used to be able to cast meteor swarm at will and that was the main gimmick of the monster

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I'm more interested in 8e
>powers and proficiencies have prereqs that allow you to build anything
>bonuses for specializing but also synergies for mixing
>all races are playable as exceptional individuals and "racial" powers are bought (darkvision at the cost of a cantrip or 5ft extra movement)

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Just play 3.5. It has all of that. I find it funny that people tend to fix a lot of issues of 5e by just rolling back to 3e rules, really makes you think about the "progress" WoTC made in the last 20 years.
Sure, a 5e-3.5 mix would be pretty cool, but I doubt wotc would go back to more "hardcore" mechanics.
Have you considered playing another system? Vancian magic is a core element of dnd and it is not going anywhere.

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are you all right anon?

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Literally just play 3.5 gestalt classes.

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Redpill me on Death Clerics.

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Balance all classes around long rests. Don't fucking split some because you get retarded DM's who don't run the game properly. So many issues people have in 5e is because you get brain damaged DM's who only run 1-2 fights which causes class disparity issues.
Have a replenishment ability that is similar to getting resources back on short rest BECAUSE of retarded DM's who don't run the game properly (ex. getting ki points from short rest, warlock spell slots, arcane recovery. 1/day ability that gives you things back and balance accordingly to accommodate for this regarding long rest balance). This ENABLES dumbass DM's to run 1-2 fights if they want to, and it still has room for the 6-8 mediums
Let sorcerers be unique and have spell points, and give them more spells
FUCK multiclassing
As dumb as it is, give official OPTIONAL recommended rules for exploring. I have no idea how or what, but just put something so dumbasses can point to it
Have an official page that says explicitly what not to do - ex. don't fucking put crit fails in your game because it disproportionately affects classes
BG3's take on ranger is, dare I say it, pretty gud

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Y'all know this is pasta right?

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>just play 3.5

and where, pray tell, can I find a 3.5 game to join?

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>player approaches npc and starts talking to him rudely, in a district where nobles (which he clearly was) aren't treated kindly
>eventually threatens him and his property
>tell him to roll for initiative
>"what the hell, i didn't even get my persuasion check"
really makes you think

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Have your characters ever fucked with a high level NPC and get wrecked for it?

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the player is clearly a noble*

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you managed to make a post with only bad ideas

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Same place you find GURPS and MERP games. You just need to look hard enough,

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Guys, my Familiar is acting funny. What should I do?

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God I wish that were me on the left

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are you recovering from the coronavirus, because you have no sense of taste?

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Why the fuck would you have a Toucan as your familiar

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>Implying you didn't pick chainlock deliberately to have a cute familiar gf
Don't lie to us and don't lie to yourself. It's just not healthy.

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She cute tho.

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>he doesn't want a qt3.14 birb familiar who will snuggle with him at night

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Idk, the druid im playing with has one. He constantly forgets it exists and always was an odd guy. Then again we're all probably gonna be rerolling characters in two weeks because we just ran face first into an encounter im not sure we can win in our current state. Hopefully the hail mary plan I've cooked up can pull our asses out of the fire.

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If the animal is well trained, I'd let the player just do performance. If they want to do something that the animal is not established as being well trained on, I'd have them roll for both, describing the results appropriately.

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It's a lewd campaign, all sorts of forbidden 'love' going on

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Yes. Threatened to perform a coup on a local magistrate. Had 2 dozen soldiers on his ass. Derailed about 3 sessions worth. They went on the run, assumed identities. Only got to use their real names and regain their reputation after defeating a local badguy.
They play more carefully now.

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I kind of envy dms who inject their weird fetishes into the game because most of those "weird" fetishes are vanilla/harmless enough to be tolerable

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The grasping vines move to entangle themselves in your hands lovingly. You see the grasping vine blush a little.

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What are some practical applications for Song of Creation? I know I can make a boat or some spell reagents but I'm not very creative otherwise

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there are two kinds of people in the world: those who think light bondage is perverse, and those who don't even count Made In Abyss as a shameful fap anymore

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there aren’t enough spells that make the world a better place. I guess divine casters are pretty helpful but arcane casters are only good at killing people in 100 different ways

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Hey now

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Cheese incarnate.

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And it's better that way, there is already too much utility spells, that renders some party member roles useless.

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Or just bad DMing?

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Lol, get fucked brainlet.

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Fucking peasants don't know their place.

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Just came here to tell OP to kill himself, FPBP

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>I GM a lot of game with 5e right now, from the usual Forgottem Realms stuff, to crazy homebrew stuff.

>What kind of settings did I felt the system was weird and clunky:
>Any medieval fantasy one (including FR).

>What kind of settings that the system, power scale, and character abilities felt perfectly normal.
>Modern fantasy homebrew with superheroes.
>Anime style fantasy where everyone has magical powers and shouts as energy comes out of their swords.

What. The. Fuck.


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you just have autism

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Toucans are fucking rad what are you saying

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Oh, I thought it was the HP bloat, the fact that every class has a super magical special kawaii power, the fact that you can fall 1000 feet and live, the fact that everyone is firing ki blasts... Oh, I mean, """cantrips"""... And all of that...

But yeah, maybe its just autism. Anyways, time for my medieval fantasy game! How do you like my special OC knight that uses a shadow blade he inherited from his dead father clan? He can teleport in the battle field using his special secret clan magic! He's nothing but raw, medieval european style RAW fantasy.

>> No.75322367

>You can fall 1000 feet but live without immediately falling unconscious at the least if you're t3+
It's almost as if playing high level games, the 'heroes of the world' tier of play, makes you play like a hero. Who would have thought???

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Ambush on the road was a success, bandits drove the pc's into the haunted forest and I got to do spoopy things with an eldritch possessed tree and fucked up cannibal elves. It's been a good night, good session. I railroaded a bit, won't deny that, but it was a great establishing session for the campaign and I look forward to where we go from here.

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Allowed by bad DM's only

I should know, I allow it.

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>friend has brought the exact same death cleric to every campaign he plays in with us
the character isn't even particularly fleshed out or interesting
in one campaign, he got dissolved from 100% hp by dragon breath, so he had to bring in someone new

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>Baldur's Gate 3's Dip Bonus Action (coat a weapon)

any reason not to make it baseline for my campaign?

>> No.75322479

I had a friend who owned parrots
He trained them to laugh at people and screech "Bye cocksucker!" Whenever people left his house.
This is why every familiar I've ever had has been a parrot

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That's thief's thing
BG3 loves to cuck rogues out of their best features. Everyone has a bonus action disengage/hide/dash now

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Does this ability make sense? I don't know if I have to clarify that you do the saving throw against the same DC or something.

I also want to add that you gain immunity to the source of the condition for a day, otherwise they can just reapply the condition, but I don't know if that's loading the ability too much, I could change damage for immunity if that too much.

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>What kind of settings that the system, power scale, and character abilities felt perfectly normal.
What the fuck is this sentence
>Anime style fantasy where everyone has magical powers and shouts as energy comes out of their swords.
This made me vomit inside my mouth. Whoever wrote this had better not be over the age of 13.

>> No.75322588

Use an Object already exists, anon.

>> No.75322614

I feel like this could be worded better, but I have no suggestions of my own and the intention can be made out so it's passable.

As for immunity, I think advantage on future saves against the exact same effect from the same source would be best, but indeed I'd either have that or the damage to keep the ability more tuned down.

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Drow and Tieflings look so good in BG3.

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Do you think 5 Level 2s could handle this, or should I wait for 3?

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I think your 5 autistic level 2’s who group up and get 1 shot by fireball can definitely handle this

>> No.75322764

>5 Level 2s

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>> No.75322788

>3 fireballs
>phantasmal killer
>98 hitpoints

If you want to kill the players, you'll kill the players.

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>Do you think 5 Level 2s could handle this, or should I wait for 3?

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They'll be fine, have it get a surprise round otherwise they might kill it too fast.

>> No.75322857

Chances are you'll TPK the party with a 4th level fireball first round.

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(thief) Rogues could do this already and to great effect

but like >>75322500 said. Rogues are absolutely gutted in BG3. I only continue because it has the cutest halfling girls. and because despite all its garbage it's genuinely fun.

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same qt

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Epic mythic ability btw., he becomes makes an illusion, becomes invisible and teleports away all the while not using Hide which means everyone explicitly knows where he is.

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>that neck seam

>> No.75322920

why would you point hat out


>> No.75322934

You can't see it on the ones with high collars (which is why so many have them).

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Glad someone else noticed, wish I had the webm where you just fall down in a cutscene during the tutorial area.

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Are Asexual character immune to being charmed?

>> No.75323124

Charm isn't exclusively sexual so no.

>> No.75323145

What are non-selfish reasons one might go on an adventure despite having a spouse and child and a home to go back to?

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>Ever had forbidden love in your campaigns?
Am Half-Bugbear, Half-Elf.

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How do you build a STR monk?

>> No.75323172

>supposed to be playing a more "RP heavy" campaign
>no one ever has any information I can find with Detect Thoughts
>my attempts to talk to people are met with "the Goblins are just greedy, they bite their tongue off before giving you info on where their hidden village is"
>am told to not waste my spells on stuff like Charm Person, or even Friends
I feel like I'm missing something here.

>> No.75323183

You gotta put money in the kid's college fund somehow.

>> No.75323203

How do I nerf these for this for level 4 characters. I would like them to be deadly encounter when there are 2 or more


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I wanted to throw some generic demon cannon fodder at my players, so I took the goblin and flipped their str and dex around, and gave it pack tactics. It's nothing to write home about, I just wanted to talk about how there's no low cr demon fodder enemies.

>> No.75323309

To save the world, obviously.
Something a bit more reasonable for your average joe would probably be something like you were conscripted for the army and then left for dead on a foreign battlefield or something.

>> No.75323317

Without legendary actions a.k.a saves, this monster is going to be raped like a drunken college girl.

>> No.75323333

Abyssal Chicken

>> No.75323334

But the adventurers were drunk too!

>> No.75323336

Pick tortle and pump STR instead of DEX

>> No.75323345

God fucking damnit

>> No.75323415

>Fuck multiclassing

Yeah, fuck choices.

>> No.75323462

Why does the rogue get nothing from being devoted to a god?

>> No.75323469

Because the rogue is not a faith based class.

>> No.75323477

What are you gonna do? Pray before every lockpick attempt?

>> No.75323492

They can if you use the rules from the Theros book

>> No.75323494

For real, it's not WoC's job to give us game mechanics for every conceivable character flavor.

>> No.75323497

Neither is Barbarian, and yet there the Zealot.

>> No.75323500

That's just taking Magic Initiate to cast Guidance

>> No.75323513

>faith based subclass
Big think.

>> No.75323518

Just move to 3.5 and roll a shadowbane stalker.

>> No.75323521

Okay. Zealot isnt even that great unless you expect to die every session. Just flavor your shit with roleplay. Or take magic initiate.

>> No.75323523

>level 2
>no silence, no entangling, no subclasses for options.
>against mages with fireballs

If you want to fuck with the players, spam 10 mages as its underling as well.

>> No.75323555

Where is the equivalent for the others then?

>> No.75323567

Being sacked out of your previous cushy job due to internal politics and needing to make a lot of money to ensure family living standards are not lowered.

Or the easiest, you run a business like a naïve nice faggot and the business goes belly up with you in tons of debt.
You have to pay your debts if your family is to live in peace and the only way to do it without committing crime is risking your life fighting monsters.

>> No.75323570

Okay for the most part, let Warforged stay the same though, there's literally no problem with the race as it is

>> No.75323575

>FUCK multiclassing
post disregarded you "no fun allowed" faggot

>> No.75323599

Where's my atheist cleric subclass?

>> No.75323609


You absolutely know your patron is a bastard.

>> No.75323612

Overlap isn't required. Especially when it doesn't make sense to.

>> No.75323619

I've been spamming that for weeks!

>> No.75323628

Not every class needs a faith subclass.

>> No.75323660

Atleast warlocks know their patron personally. Clerics for all they know could just be accidental wizards.

>> No.75323669

What the fuck would that even be, the "Catholic Church pre-Martin Luther Salvation Peddler" Rogue?

>> No.75323679

>warlocks know their patron personally
That's the whole point.
You don't usually admire and put people you know personally on pedestals, especially when they proven they are dicks.
Certainly no worshipping to be had.

>> No.75323689

Honestly the closest thing I can imagine is the Fedaykin from Dune.

>> No.75323696

I feel like that statement is biased, considering that as a human in the real world you dont personally know anybody with godlike power.

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>Catholic Church pre-Martin Luther Salvation Peddler

>> No.75323715

How do cults form?

>> No.75323722

>You don't usually admire and put people you know personally on pedestals
Surely you cannot be that ignorant of people, can you?

>> No.75323746

Doing 1-10 minimum campaign, pretty sure I'm going Sorlock, is Warlock 4, Sorc most everything else after a good idea?
Not Hexblade, going classic fiend

>> No.75323773

>against level 2s
>revive mechanic that restores spell slots

If your players are (very) experienced and recognize this guy as a high-level mage before combat starts and straight-up guess that he might have Fireball which they should play around, they might be able to beat him.
In any other situation, delay it.

>> No.75323778

Obviously with draconic sorcerer right? Your dad was a dragon and your mom was the devil.

>> No.75323873

I was thinking Shadow - as a reward for all my dark deeds, and a result of studying the creepy Tome of dark lore and rituals devil sugar mommy (also distant ancestor, because tiefling) gave me I'm rewarded with spooky shadow powers (and eventually a shadow puppy, at 10)

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>Ever had forbidden love in your campaigns?
Once the warlock lost a bet and I got to fuck her quasit. I was playing a halfling and it was a tight fit, but I still got my nut. Left that purple bitch looking like an ube cake

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Which location is this in Icewind Dale?

>> No.75324017

Arcana Cleric

>> No.75324063

Not OP but I just want an edgy divine assassin with radiant sneak attack, that does the church's dirty work. Whether they like it or not

>> No.75324070

The description of warlocks include warlocks whose patron doesn't even know the warlock exists

>> No.75324071


>> No.75324111


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New dnd game
all have archetypes
>Fighter doesn't
>No Paladin
>No Barbarian
Name a more iconic duo than "wizards of the coast" and "snubbing martials"

>> No.75324150
File: 60 KB, 580x407, 1574546179203.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Give me ideas for fun environmental mechanics. I'm going to put my players in a wave defense scenario where one of them has to channel a ritual for 5 rounds straight. To keep them interested they'll be able to telekinetically manipulate large blocks of stone around the room during their turn. What other one-off mechanics could I use to make encounters more varied and interesting?

>> No.75324159

What are you talking about? Battlemaster and EK are both in.

>> No.75324190

Anon he's talking about how casters get their archetypes at level 1 or 2.
>Not starting your games at level three

>> No.75324191

>No paladin
>No barbarian
Come on

>> No.75324202
File: 4.15 MB, 409x273, AbleIndelibleBasilisk-size_restricted.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Catholic Church pre-Martin Luther Salvation Peddler

>> No.75324214

>not wanting to play through the worst levels of play

What are you, some kind of fun haver?

>> No.75324222

Is that really a big deal? Who spends longer than a session at level 1?

>> No.75324225

Yeah. That's right, anon, I'm a bad boy. I like fun

>> No.75324226

Fighter has battlemaster and eldritch knight at least. Also because the game only goes to level 4 for now, the Ranger and Fighter are really powerful.
Especially because every single weapon you find is essentially already an elemental weapon that deals 1d4 exta damage right from the geto go (Because of dipping)

The lack of Paladins is very, very glaring though, especially given the huge role Zariel plays so far.

>> No.75324241

I think he's talking about baldurs gate 3? Where you don't actually spend a long time as level 1, but you DO spend a long ass tiem as level 2 and 3, and only briefly get to be level 4.

>> No.75324251

>post DiA

I see whoever they had venture down to Avernus in this universe sucked massive dick.

>> No.75324266

I sure hope you guys don't have this

>> No.75324275

Is DiA canonical in BG3?

>> No.75324286

>Implying anyone, much less people who write for D&D, give a shit abou tthe metaplot.

I bet you play your red wizards as magic jews too.

>> No.75324291

Supposedly plays after DiA, for which they settled on a canon ending.

>> No.75324294

I certainly do and the campaign I'm running is only getting more fun as we go.

>> No.75324318

>Especially because every single weapon you find is essentially already an elemental weapon that deals 1d4 exta damage right from the geto go (Because of dipping)
Honestly I spent more time using martials to push enemies off ledges.
>Phase spider matriarch
>The AI always teleports onto one of the two web bridges
>Destroy the bridge and plunge it down for 40 damage
>AI teleports it on the other bridge
>80 damage out of 130 hp enemy done the dumbest way
>the 2 phase spiders ads were yeeted into the abyss some time before

>> No.75324330

something wrong with your picture OP

>> No.75324358

Huh, any other information about Elturel in BG3? I'm running DiA right now and it'd be hilarious if canonically everyone made a complete farce of redeeming Zariel

>> No.75324366

The only redeeming part of the warlock class so far is dealing a billion damage to enemies from knocking them into the spider pits in the goblin camp, at range.
It is also VERY redeeming.

Also the "Throw" ability is very good, in that it is a directed push, and I'm almost 100% confident they didn't mean for it to be this broken.

>> No.75324380

Speaking of baldurs gate 3. Does "Detect Thought" do anything ever?

>> No.75324389

Here's one I used in gladiator fight
>A gaping hole in the centre of the arena
>At the end of each round one of the following effects occur
>Push - Everyone is pushed from the hole. Str save to avoid
>Pull - Same as push but pulling instead
>Anti gravity - Everyone begins to float in the air, including those with flying speed
>Positive energy wave - all creatures heal for a certain amount
>Fire Storm - A rain of flaming meteors shoots out. Dex save for half damage
>Slip and slide - Ground is covered in water and ice, if you move a short distance, acrobatics to avoid falling prone. For longer distances it's acrobatics to avoid sliding off uncontrollably in that direction
>The hole actually isn't very deep but if you fall in, all effects are experienced twofold and it requires strength/Athletics up climb out without help

To avoid book keeping I put the effects in a rollable table, decided the DCs and exact numbers semi arbitrarily.

>> No.75324443

Sounds cool, I like the idea of a combat where everyone gets pushed towards the hole at Initiative 20. Makes shoving and attacks of opportunity a lot more relevant. Thanks!

>> No.75324669

Playing a kobold undead warlock (ua) who worships their dracolich queen

Going for a mistress/slave dynamic between the two
Character sees undeath as the solution to the weakness of life (a very mechanicus inspired ideology)
The gift of undeath is only for those he deemed worthy (will not hesitate to turn dead party members into undead if given the chance)

Do you guys have any ideas for other character traits or undead themed build ideas? Sadly warlocks get shafted when it comes to early game undead creation.

>> No.75324685

I hate you with every fiber of my cleric heart

>> No.75324698

I exist to hear the angry cleric noises

>> No.75324726

>playing an undead

Don't think so, pal.

>> No.75324770

Technically not undead yet, but wants to one day ascend to become a powerful undead like their queen had

>> No.75324789
File: 119 KB, 390x390, 1600197822338.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I roll to grapple

>> No.75324801

I wish there was a way to ignore the size restrictions on grappling

>> No.75324907

I really dont think there is any reasonable way to say that a PC could ever grapple a purple worm.

>> No.75324925

I still want to try

>> No.75324941

Its like you never read norse mythology.

>> No.75324944

In 3.5 it was possible, but the bigger they were the harder it got

>> No.75324959

>player announcing roll

>> No.75324978
File: 2.16 MB, 431x201, Dune-worm-ride-Kyle-MacLachlan.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to subdue the worm and make it my mount

>> No.75325001

On the other hand even as a halfling you can easily stop a Tarrasque charging past you as long as you hit it and have the Sentinel feat.

>> No.75325018

>Play Goliath Rune Knight
>Get hit by enlarge by local caster
>I am now huge with gargantuan level strength
>Dip barb for Str advantage or dip rogue for Athletics expertise
>GG no re
>GG no re

>> No.75325056

Why would you dip barb for strength advantage when you're already a fucking rune knight.

>> No.75325081


>> No.75325115

I forgot both enlarge reduce and Giant Might give you advantage on strength checks.

>> No.75325137

PLEASE tell me you're going to play this in Adventure League or some shit

>> No.75325157
File: 164 KB, 405x750, 1389862594061.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Play Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance if you need a how-to.

>> No.75325189

>Adventure League
If only, unfortunately the undead subclass is UA. I am using it for a module a friend is running and he is very by the books for rules

>> No.75325196

>today we might actually finish the campaign that has overstayed it's welcome by a lot

>> No.75325206

Is there precedent in ANY plane for intelligent, non-evil undead?

Playing a campaign set in Sigil and this may be my only chance to play in a setting where a skeleton walking around would fly. I'm thinking of reflavouring warforged and going battlesmith, with my steel defender being another skeleton.

>> No.75325231

Well, Eberron

>> No.75325255

Why are you using the shitty edit of Sanzo's avatar that goes against everything she stands for?

>> No.75325257

>lvl 4 sorc
>11 ac
>took asi for charisma
>really regret not taking lightly armored for ac
My spell slots are suffering to keep up with mage armor

>> No.75325262

God the new movie was great. Lots of good ideas to steal from with Bondrewd and his umbra hands, and I might lift the deceptor and stingerhead encounters too.

>> No.75325273

>My spell slots are suffering to keep up with mage armor
It's an 8 hour duration, how long are you adventuring for?

>> No.75325292

Obviously he's pulling a 32 hour work day.

>> No.75325302

Ive got a halloween themed one shot coming up

PCs will be level 3
What should I make?
Going for spooky themed

>> No.75325319

Make every npc be a secret skeleton

>> No.75325328

No im a player dummy, what PC should I make

>> No.75325336


>> No.75325351

Do that A Wizard game that people were talking about earlier, there's a free pdf of the first bit and you can build from there.

>> No.75325356

The dm made a social game but forgot the game had social magic that would allow you to cut right to the source. Goblins biting their tongues off is way out of character unless they are all incredibly loyal.

>> No.75325363

Oh never mind, do that spirit bard from the UA maybe, you could be all about seances (or alternatively, conning people with fake seances).

>> No.75325375

Every year the city has a festival which includes having necromancers raise the dead in a massive catacomb maze. At the center of the maze is a crown. Whoever manages to put the crown on first will be king until the next years festival.

>> No.75325415

Everyone secretly uses 5etools right

>> No.75325441


>> No.75325477

O-of course I only use it to look up content I own physical copies of.

>> No.75325488

Feels like half the time long rests are interrupted.
On the run a lot making due with short rests.
Avoiding exhaustion by taking short rest naps to get advantage on roll against it.
To keep armour up as much as we are awake i need 2 slots.
We have 4-5 fights a day which drain me.

>> No.75325491

What's 5etools, officer?

>> No.75325507

Serves you right for not picking draconic.

>> No.75325508

If I find out it gets taken down because you fucks couldn't keep it on the dl I'm going to be quite upset

>> No.75325521

I unironically don't use it all, I just google what I need and usually use one of the wikis it leads me to

>> No.75325537

Mountain Dwarf wizard with 16AC (without Mage Armor) laughs at your troubles

>> No.75325542

Or i should have picked extended meta magic
Its the first time ive ever thought about using it
Wonder if i could swap that

>> No.75325587

What do you let you players roll if they want to snatch something fom somebody outright? No stealth just grab it

>> No.75325616

Sleight of hand or athletics depending on how they describe it

>> No.75325621

I havent told my players that theyl be agains Lizardman pirates who serve a Black Dragon. How likely is one PC to get Draconic as a language so that they know what the Lizardmen are planning

>> No.75325650

Any wizard worth his salt will know draconic.

>> No.75325695

How well will 5-6 level 5 PCs do against an Adult Black Dragon

>> No.75325715

Dungeons and dragons is ruining video games for me. Is there vidya that can make me feel as good as having a good D&D session with a good DM?

>> No.75325716

Badly if the dragon isn't played like an idiot

>> No.75325746

Yes, Libris mortis have the necropolitans, and of course Planescape:Torment had the skeletons and zombies of tne silent king as well as a bunch of the udnead serving the deaders. There are a couple of sentient undead characters explicitly statted out in the various sigil books too, and most are neutral

>> No.75325894

They might cause some minor indigestion

>> No.75325922
File: 183 KB, 800x1281, Horn Types.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shroud and Multi A are best tiefling horns

>> No.75325941


>> No.75326020

Because a young Black Dragon seems to weak a boss fight for Lvl 5

>> No.75326045

>warforged are replaced with the UA version, except they're constructs
My brother from another mother

>> No.75326064

Martials are no longer player classes. Casters can hire NPC fighters/barbarians as meatshields/dumb muscle

>> No.75326102

That's just Ars Magica

>> No.75326130
File: 1.05 MB, 1100x627, unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For me its Sheep type.

>> No.75326138

>This kills dnd and based Chadhammer fantasy roleplay takes the crown

>> No.75326159


>> No.75326218

Shit taste confirmed

>> No.75326286

>Using voice changer for when you speak as your character
Cringe or Based?

>> No.75326310

Mega cringe

>> No.75326319

Its okay when its only a slight changes as to fit it more (making voice deeper or more mechanized)
If you're trying to sound like a girl im personally gonna find you and deepthroat you.

>> No.75326342

>If you're trying to sound like a girl im personally gonna find you and deepthroat you.

>> No.75326361

My voice is James Earl Jones deep.
It booms. I scare children in online games. And I love playing Halflings and gnomes.

>> No.75326371

Why are you playing with children

>> No.75326389

Because someone has to show them what it’s like to 360noscope 1v1.

>> No.75326499
File: 68 KB, 500x822, 1600357924622.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75326675

Agreed almost entirely, barring warforged, psionic and large races.

>> No.75326751
File: 76 KB, 827x1063, 1602011791039.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm planning on for my next campaign not allowing feats to be taken at ASI's, but instead have them gained from some sort of alternate progression method, but I'm struggling to figure out one that works and doesnt feel too arbitrary. Was thinking a point system of some kind with the X points = feat, cost increasing with each feat gained, but not sure how those points should be doled out.
>inb4 enjoy every character taking all the OP feats
If I do this I'm also planning on canning the vanilla feat list and letting my players invent their own, that need to both fit their character and be vetted by me to not be bonkers, with the understanding that any cheese that slips through can be subject to reworking.
Any ideas, beyond I'm a gay retard who should commit sudoku for trying this?

>> No.75326792

Whoreforged > Warforged

>> No.75326798

What would make a patrol of lolth following drow work with/help surface people?
Would a common enemy such as mind flayers do it?

>> No.75326818

Plot to lull them into a false sense of security

>> No.75326843
File: 1.49 MB, 346x261, 1594442041041.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Just like punching things
>But Monk sucks
>Just play fighter with double scimitar
>DM ask me to describe my character/attacks
>Describe my metal gloves and how I punch twice
>"Anon aren't you using a double scimitar?"
>Mechanically speaking, yes I am. But flavor wise I'm punching
>Take great weapon fighting
>Get to punch stuff well while getting other mechanics
>Didn't have to play monk
The way it should be

>> No.75326868

Have physical books and most of my books digitally on beyond...Still use tools because its that much more convenient for shit literally next to me or a few other tabs over.

>> No.75326877

>Well, there is a Minotaur and his bar gf he fucks whenever he's in town.

>Minotaur and is bar GF

>bar gf

A minotaur has a sentient/sapient bar as a girlfriend?

>> No.75326886

3.5, change the stupid mechanics for the must better new/old ones. Nerf spellcasters and spellcasting. Rebalance HLAs for use throughout the leveling experience. Prestige classes are "lock-in". You cannot start as a multi or dual class if the campaign starts prior to level 4 and you need to find an in game trainer that can teach you as well as have a reason for it outside of "lol stats".


>> No.75326920

>He doesn't have an inanimate carbon rodfu

>> No.75326935

I'm new to dnd but I wanted to make some character sheets for fun so they are ready in case I find a game. How in depth should I fill out everything? Should I leave some stuff blank in case the dm has plans or something for the game?

>> No.75326938

>No Barbarian archtype
>Can worship a furry god
>You can fight alongside your ancestors
>Be a religious nut
>Can literally play MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE
>Hurrr no archtypes

>> No.75326947

You may now take my money.

>> No.75326948

Just say you're doing non lethal attacks :^)

>> No.75326967

he's talking about the new VIDEO GAME, bald man's door the third.

>> No.75326971

I thought BG3 was pre-DiA? You're the reason the Dead Three cult is reduced to sewer-dwellers.

>> No.75326977


>> No.75326981

>Divorcee trying to help fIrst serious GF in a few years get into tabletop gaming and make her own character for a proposed 5E Ravenloft game because she a spooky bitch and The COS Revamp box is imminent.
>Don’t realize both her pitches are subtle but just off attempts to set up for shit in my personal magical realm
>Do realize a few weeks later
>don’t want her to pander to my magical realms at the table because I want to share my hobby with her and I’m not comfortable with pandering to my kinks at the table
>don’t know how to re-broach the subject
What would you anons do? I expect a mix of actionable serious advice AND entertaining shitposting

>> No.75327000

Wait so you're a divorced adult man who finally found another person you love, and the first thing she does is rub your dick in front of everyone at the table?
That's pretty fucking based but tell her to keep *that* kink out of the character.

>> No.75327012

>Expecting that much from a bare alpha
Eat Bald doors dong

>> No.75327016

Tell her you know what she's doing, and when playing with other people you wanna leave ERP stuff out of it. Then tell her to keep the magical realm character for a 1 on 1 game you will also play as extremely long-form roleplay. You're welcome

>> No.75327033

Bro, if you're not comfortable with under-the-table footjobs, just tell her. Save it for post-session roleplay.

>> No.75327041

Long form foreplay*, I've been outed as a phone poster

>> No.75327098

Your problem is that you don't own a players handbook and have never played more than one(1) game of DnD 5e. If you owned the books you would have read the golden rule of flexibility and adaptability of DnD source material and if you'd ever played a few games you'd have run into GM fiat.

I know it is a difficult concept to comprehend, that the game actively advocates for you to alter it to your preference giving the players all the power and leaving the source material as only guidance and a frame on which to build but pen and paper tends to assume you aren't an ingrate.

>> AT 11th level, you can use your Channel Spirit to purify the impurities in a creatures soul, removing negative modifiers and dealing retribution damage. As an action, choose up to six creatures within 30ft of you. These creatures can immediately repeat a saving throw against the following conditions: charmed, frightened or possessed. They can choose to add your wisdom modifier to the roll. If a creature succeeds on the saving throw, they negative effect is removed and the creature that caused it suffers 3d8 radiant damage +1d8 for every successful saving throw after the first.

That is how I would word it. Seems like a meme ability.

Looks like shit. Elves in DnD are notable for having elongated and angular features which makes them appear alien despite being aesthetically pleasing. That thing looks like a human using disguise to look like a drow without ever having seen one.

>> CR4
No. It is balanced to fight against 3-4 level 4 characters.

No shit between levels 1-4 people are not strong enough to fight an actual denizen of the underworld. Use low level cultists or servitor creatures like kobols, imps or goblins.

How much did you pay the DM to allow this?

You are bad at playing wizard. You should never be in a situation where an enemy can freely target you.

>> No.75327121

>Looks like shit. Elves in DnD are notable for having elongated and angular features which makes them appear alien despite being aesthetically pleasing. That thing looks like a human using disguise to look like a drow without ever having seen one.
Finally someone who agrees with me

>> No.75327155
File: 22 KB, 210x330, Viconia2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah, that's dumb.

>> No.75327168
File: 1.70 MB, 1280x720, 5c1vz2jpuzvz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay guys, pls help me out here. Working on an "untouchable" background for a wood elven society with strong taboos about disease and filth.

I'm thinking
Medicine and Survival proficiency (they're left to fend for themselves for the most part and they're the ones who do a lot of interacting with dead things)
Leatherworker's tool proficiency (should I offer thieves tools as an alternative, maybe?)
2 languages (the taboos lead to fear of outsiders, so the untouchables are often a point of contact for non-elves)

So slightly more stuff than most backgrounds but I think the social disadvantage will balance it. What do I come up with for gear, though, and for a feature? I'm a bit at a loss.

>> No.75327230
File: 46 KB, 468x351, faggot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Sources imagine from a videogame
> Not a handbook

>> No.75327247

I've been in several games where Level 1 lasts 3+ sessions

>> No.75327291

Oh you poor soul

>> No.75327316
File: 410 KB, 1278x1600, 0f230eeab5414fe2e91907d4f64fbf83.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not a landbook

>> No.75327326

Beat the persons responsible with a wood-soled shoe.

>> No.75327392

How much of a bastard am I for sneaking in both a stat boost and a feat under the DM's nose now that we got level 4? My best stat was at 17 in CHA and two casters in my party already had 20 in their casting stat

>> No.75327408

incredible bastard

>> No.75327420
File: 107 KB, 820x819, pain2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75327425

> High prominent cheekbones
> Gaunt cheeks
> Small pursed lips due to sharp narrow jaw
> Eye spacing
That looks like a drow.

>> No.75327427
File: 145 KB, 800x789, 1594436165315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What, felt like you were losing in this game of pretend against your allies?

>> No.75327464

>3 full casters
Do people really?

>> No.75327470
File: 186 KB, 500x447, 2f2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Being such a weenie that you not only have to cheat in D&D, but you have to cheat in a way that will fool absolutely no one

>> No.75327490

Sure. My group is pretty caster-heavy most campaigns. It doesn't really matter, since they only ever use direct damage spells anyhow.

>> No.75327494

>tfw current campaign had lvl 1 last F I V E fucking sessions

>> No.75327509

>they only ever use direct damage spells
is your group clinically retarded?
How many smoothbrains are playing this game?

>> No.75327648
File: 255 KB, 960x1200, 1594486545762.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Torn between Dueling or Defense for my Fighter...

>> No.75327668

Its okay anon. I don’t think any less of you or your good advice

>> No.75327670

I personally prefer dueling

>> No.75327677

>How much did you pay the DM to allow this?
I buy the pizza

>> No.75327699

I've gotten used to it at this point. Before, I'd tried talking up certain other spells, but if it doesn't deal xdx damage, it's not happening. Don't get me started on my failed attempt to convince the Cleric to cast Bless before he starts spamming Guiding Bolt at the highest slot he can manage. Nevermind he might actually hit something with that extra d4 on his attack rolls, apparently it's too much trouble to "waste a turn" in the opening round.

>> No.75327710

Depends on what weapon you’re going to be using. A 1d6 finesse weapon? Dueling. A 1d8 versatile weapon? Defense.

>> No.75327718

I will just stick to the stat change then, don't quite need the feat yet.
I was mostly surprised that they had 20 in stats at level 3 PLUS homebrewed special snowflake abilities to their edgy donut-steel OC's

I'm a Paladin, for once

>> No.75327743

>Want to play a martial artist with radiant fists
Unarmed paladin with the fighting style or zealot barb with a level in fighter for the fighting style. Which would be more fun?

>> No.75327771

I really admire the breathing aparatus to not breathe the same air as dirty poor peasants

>> No.75327775

>20 in stats at level 3
bro what?
>PLUS homebrewed special snowflake abilities to their edgy donut-steel OC's
you know what, nevermind. Take the feat. PAM them.

>> No.75327802

What sounds more fun to you?

>> No.75327846

Idk. Being able to wade into combat with little fear due to resistances and no chance of death (party has both a druid and cleric) while being able to use my magic fists every turn sounds great.

But using different kinds of smites + healing hands sounds like it'd be cool too. I could live without the non-smite paladin spells though, they don't actually add much to this concept

>> No.75327864


>> No.75327923

zealot barb sounds better.

>> No.75328038

Well, now to just choose a race and flesh out a backstory

>> No.75328081

vuman with tavern brawler.

>> No.75328142
File: 193 KB, 691x989, 1594517084562.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That means you're gonna suck his dick you know that right?

>> No.75328165

The person saying they'll do the deep throating is the one who'll do the sucking do.

>> No.75328166

That was my initial thought, but the Zariel tiefling racial spells work with the concept, mountain dwarf has decent stats (getting the same spread as a vuman with Tavern Brawler at 4, but with added dark vision) and longtooth shifter looks like it might be fun

>> No.75328190

>V. Human Rune Knight 5/War Wizard X
>War Caster/Tavern Brawler for feats
>Unarmed Fighting Style
>Cast Enlarge Self
>Use rune knight enlarge thing
>Wrestle dragons, punch giants in the face
Could be fun

>> No.75328261
File: 109 KB, 1440x976, 1601175555401.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As a GWM Ranger, when do I take a fighter dip? I'm at Ranger 2 right now. After level 5?

>> No.75328276

Tips for RPing catgirls? I don't want to resort to nyaa and purrfect cat puns.

>> No.75328277

You got the order wrong. If you cast enlarge self then use Giant Might nothing happens, Giant Might has to be first.

I also wouldn't bother with wizard, fighter levels are probably more valuable. Just ask your local caster to enlarge you

>> No.75328282

right around 21

>> No.75328286

What are you looking to get out of it?

>> No.75328294


>> No.75328298

Nyaas can be fit into a lot of places. Remember that Nyu works just as well.
For classic catgirl personality, go for physically affectionate, clingy, but also moody and temperamental.

>> No.75328317

The Action Surge, the Great Weapon Fighting style, so probably just a two level dip. I'm using Revised Ranger, notably.

Great Weapon master.

>> No.75328319

>Just ask your local caster to enlarge you
and not just for the reason otherwise every bit of damage you take is going to need a concentration check

Great Weapon Master reroll 1s and 2s feat

>> No.75328331

If I want to play an Arcane Archer/Ranger MC how should I do the split? My goal is to use both Arcane Shots and battlemaster maneuvers in a Green Arrow/Hawkeye type of way.

>> No.75328333

>Great Weapon Fighting style
which you got at Ranger 2, no?

>> No.75328347

Right after 5. I would suggest even going up to Fighter 4 for either Maneuvers or Arcane spellcasting.

>> No.75328348

wait, rangers can get GWM?

>> No.75328352

No, it's not available to rangers.

>> No.75328353

True but between proficiency in con saves and war caster's advantage you're probably guaranteed to pass concentration saves, additionally if needed you can throw +4 to it.
Also it means your proper spellcasters can concentrate on other stuff
You also have a bunch of slots available for shield/absorb elements

>> No.75328360

Don't forget to interject "meow" for "now"

>Meow see here
>Do we have to do this meow?

>> No.75328364


>> No.75328366

Everyone can get Great Weapon Master, you're thinking of Great Weapon Fighting.

>> No.75328370

>how should I do the split?
5 fighter/5 fighter I guess

>> No.75328420
File: 277 KB, 500x497, 1553509378609.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ooooooooooh riiiiight.
I'm an actual brainlet holy shit.

>> No.75328427

Master? Yes
The fighting style? No. But defense is good enough
The real meme strength ranger build is gloomstalker 5/Echo Knight 3 so at the start of initiative you can action surge and make 8 GWM attacks at advantage to absolutely nuke the fuck out of the biggest thing on the field

>> No.75328438

I wish the Maneuvers were easier to come by. I hope Superior Technique or Martial Adept gets a buff. As it is Magic Initiate is far superior to Martial Adept. WoTC recognizes this, and that's why the Paladin and Ranger subclasses don't give a first level spell even tho 1 fighting style=1 feat.

>> No.75328440

That was fairly typical for Fourth ed, but in 5e it should be over in 1, if you do anything at all.

>> No.75328442

Thanks, I think I got those basics down I just hope I can portray catgirls as well as my love for them is.
I might do that rarely to get a laugh out of the party but it'll be rare. Cat puns can get old really quick.
Yes. I have a replacement race for shifters who suck dick. Animalpeople basically but without being furry. Nyu.

>> No.75328548
File: 95 KB, 1024x680, really?.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>WoTC recognizes this

>> No.75328581

Should "obsessed with facesitting" be bond or a flaw

>> No.75328595

Coom before posting.

>> No.75328615

Ideal, clearly.

>> No.75328627
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underrated post

>> No.75328635

Put it under extra/additional character information.

For your bond or flaw it should be "I am loyal to my catgirl gf forever. Nothing will come between us." Face sitting is an extra.

>> No.75328641
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>> No.75328648


We've been at L1 in a biweekly 5e game I'm in since June or so.

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I'm making a Tool Monkey and I need something to pair with Alchemist's Tools. Poisoner's Kit or Herbalism Kit?

>> No.75328668

The key thing not mentioned is if you are a dude no amount of RP will prevent this from being uncomfortable

>> No.75328683

Can be both, when you want a particular someone to sit on your face you get stupid to get to that result. It also can create a bond where someone enjoys using your face as a seat and helps you along the way for the proper payment.

>> No.75328687


My paladin mostly just gets assigned the gross stuff because she's immune to disease. No bedroll, no problem; let's just make the paladin sleep in the muck.

>> No.75328694
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>> No.75328699

Is he playing a cat girl or fucking Meowth?

>> No.75328716

He's playing a cat girl fucking Meowth

>> No.75328719

Wear cat ears and programming socks to help you get into character.

>> No.75328748

How many people? What have you been doing? What has your DM been doing? Are they runnijg milestones or just shit at XP and don't award for quests or story beats?

>> No.75328834

Herbalism will help you better in the long run, but the poisoner kit can be fun if your DM allows you to make your concoctions poisonous also. Alchemist fire that gives off noxious gas, acid that spreads through plants like poison, etc.

>> No.75328850

If your DM allows UA then take the Herbalism Kit and save an ASI for the Poisoner feat. The DC for the crafted poison doesn't scale, but it's better than the standard poison in the PHB and you can make loads of it for a very small investment of gold and time.

>> No.75328940


6 of us and it's been a slow OSR-style dungeon grind. Like, we get about two encounters in a session, damn near wipe in each of them, and then spend the rest of the time arguing how to get safely down the shaft and who has a light source. I mean, I think it'll feel that much more rewarding when we ding, but right now we're just kind of amazed no one's died yet. I think he's going to have us level when we're out rather than inside the dungeon, which is weird.

>> No.75328992


Right now we're about 100 feet down in a pseudo-Zoroastrian temple and mausoleum getting slaughtered by skeletons, piranhas and animated statues. There are also drow in here and a weirdo wizard chick, but the former got their ass kicked in here even harder than we did and we cut a deal with the latter. Might betray her later, idk.

>> No.75329019

>which is weird
yeah, you should have leveled ON THE WAY to the dungeon. I've played in games where leveling took downtime, so you had to be safe and train. it was shit.

I've done level 1 for two sessions, I could see doing it for three maybe if you had an all noob group and didn't want to throw more sticks on the fire with a level but GOD DAMN dude.

>> No.75329063

based ghost type chad

>> No.75329231


Yeah one player's been out for a month visiting her dying dad and she only missed two fights lol

>> No.75329390

new bread


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