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Old but Gold edition

>Necron Warriors – Gauss Flayer vs Gauss Reaper

>Codex Updates:

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>Tool to Improve Battlescribe Readability:

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>/40kg/ Megas (don't share these ya cunts):

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>TQ: What's your favorite color and did you use it in your army scheme?

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Bros, is he going to make it?

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Anon, the elites in my country have spent a century now fostering this culture for their benefit.
The only reason it doesn't happen more is because it is so revolting that it's not yet omnipresent

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Redditor newfag here

Could someone please tell me how to access the mega so I can report it for daddy GW

Thanks in advance

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Second for paint your minis

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How is the farsight enclave?

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Sorry nidbro but nids are stuck as eternal jobbers

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You go to your FLGS, there's only one guy there looking for a game and you've not been able to get one for some time so you decide whatever he has you're gonna take on. He then hands you his list;
>3 Eradicator Squads
>5 Heavy Intercessor Squads
>Chief Apoc
How would you deal with this short of having 200 Boyz/Gants/Guardsmen to hand?

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I complain about having to play another mirror match while I put my own eradicators on the table.

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But that's the list I'm running

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my deathguard and nurglings laff as they happily sit on objectives

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I only field spore mines

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"Accidentally" break basic rules over and over again until the autist spergs out and refuses to play anymore, then I just shrug and take it as a forfeit from him.

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Use better quality bait mate.

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>plays some 25 PL crusade
>wants to go to tourney, signs up for one
>"anon you won't make it in time"
>go into autismo painting mode
>all painted and based 12 hours before the tourney
>get there, realize I forgot to pick a warlord trait, no rerolls for me

Still went 2-3 with a shitty, thrown together T'au list. Lost hard to primaris, stomped on old marines and aeldari!

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Is spending a bunch of money on armies that will be meta for only a couple of months the tabletop equivalent of pic related?

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>realize I forgot to pick a warlord trait
just... pick one?

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had already submitted my list when I realized, was too awkward to tell anyone, just played without

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If it isn't on the list he can't use it.

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Just write it in in biro at the top of your list you massive sperg.

Any TO who disallows that is a cunt.

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post pictures of your army

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>space marines get ap-1 chainswords to represent their higher strength
>even though said strength is already represented by marines being s4

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The fuck is wrong with that fish’s head?

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here's a pic of one of my riptides banana skirts

we were team banana but i was the only one to go in on the theme

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Only if you buy something stupid that is likely to change in the next edition, like getting six Executioner tanks. Units rise and fall, army lists go up and down every edition, and even then you can sell on physical product.

Having an old model you enjoyed assembling/painting sitting on the shelf collecting dust, isn't quite as bad as a game you can't even play anymore.

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most of these are just flimsy excuses to give marines yet another special rule or bonus stat that they don't deserve
give it another two editions and you'll have marines running around with the same stats as a boxnaut...maybe that's why they are core already

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christ anon why is there so much crud in your paint

>> No.75307286

bought that model second hand, it was my first attempt at paint stripping. It went... medium at best.

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>He calls them "Aeldari" and "Drukhari" unironically
>not just using Eldar/Dark Eldar which its always been known by

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How should I go about sanding my minis and how fine should the sandpaper be?

>> No.75307305

We have been over this. Eldar and Dark Eldar are human corruptions of the words Aeldari and Drukhari.

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Doesnt matter, thats what the factions were always known by until GW went autist mode with trademarking

>> No.75307315

nail file, a soft one

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You are approaching the issue from a wrong mindset. You get an army because you like their lore, the design of the miniatures and because you enjoy putting together and painting them. Rules or tabletop performance shouldn't matter to you at all, unless you live in an area with cutthroat waac meta and have literally no friends to play fluffy narrative games with.

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>>TQ: What's your favorite color and did you use it in your army scheme?

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.05 dollars has been deposited into your account

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Minis normally do not require sanding.

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Eldar is ripped off from Tolkien. Better go with something original.

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If it's plastic from a sprue, you should use trim with a hobby knife as much as possible, then use ultra fine sanding sticks, and if you can't get them to fit, then using ultra thin tamiya plastic cement will dissolve the worst of the burrs.

If it's metal then you'll need to use a metal file, and then probably some surface levelling undercoat through an airbrush targeted at the filled region only.

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>real money
>not GW credits
I'll start shilling too, then

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Stop dead naming factions.

>> No.75307335

>my army is full of deff dreads with S10 D3 dread klaws

>> No.75307339

smelldari and space gimps

>> No.75307340

Purple and yes.

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they also already get bonus AP in the assault doctrine

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been awhile see the mega format has changed after redditfags fucked it up hints on how to access it now?

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what's your favorite kustom job on dreads?

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>Guy who runs a fairly large TTS tourney considers Tyranids a "solved" faction and there is only one way to play
>List includes 2x9 Warriors with no guns, 12 Hive Guard, No Zoanthropes. Considers Nids a gunline faction

>Guy who wins RTTs undefeated and has done well in some larger tournaments
>List has 0 Warriors, 0 Hive Guard, 15 Zoanthropes.
>Other list includes a GSC detachment with 6 Ridge Runners

really makes you ponder

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Read better

>> No.75307394

Shit tier opinion

>> No.75307397

Figure it out yourself you lazy faggot

>> No.75307403

>gunlines in 9th
lol does make u think

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More dreads

>> No.75307416

wouldn't be asking if I hadnt already tried for the last 10 minutes you fucking autist

>> No.75307420

In the sense that he just puts all that shit in the backline out of LoS and artilleries his opponent like a faggot while his gunless warriors and gants sit on objectives and hopefully don't die, yeah

>> No.75307426

Seethe harder fag

>> No.75307438

Are they any good now that los ignoring guns are more important

>> No.75307440

I don't really have favorite things anymore. I don't get to.
I paint whatever I think would look appropriate.

>> No.75307445

orkymatic pistons
those things can get a real shift on
double that with wartrike's advance charge for vehicles and you've got dreads moving like genestealers

>> No.75307447

go back to the last thread or two and read through, clues are based in there

>> No.75307448

Forgot pic

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So, I'd been wondering for a bit and trying to find some books, so I looked at the archive and picked it up here, like a minute of effort.
The anons that have already posted in the last few threads have all repeated the way to get to it, you just need to actually -think- about it.

>> No.75307452

thank for the clue mate

>> No.75307462

What the fuck are you talking about they just straight up tell you what to do blatantly

>> No.75307465

On this note, what's working well for nids in 9th?
I just inherited about 4k points of them and i'm trying to work out what's good this time but I keep hearing conflicting reports

>> No.75307485

a good shelf

>> No.75307497

google 'tyranid top tourny lists 9th' or something lol

>> No.75307502

That's exactly what I'm saying bro

>> No.75307507

>I don't really have favorite things anymore. I don't get to.
well that sounds mighty depressing, are you married to a feminist or something?

>> No.75307510

i just buy and paint stuff i think looks cool

>> No.75307511

Since when do ruststalker and infiltrators have two wounds ? How have I been so blind all this entire time?

>> No.75307525

I like that alot.

>> No.75307539

No, I've just been dealing with severe long term clinical depression due to my brain not developing right during puberty for over a decade. I lost the last of my passions about 6 years ago.

>> No.75307541

Exocrines are the best unit in the faction. ALL lists that do well include 2+, with 5++ Adaptive Phys

Neurothropes are also auto-include as the faction heavily relies on psychic support powers and are both cheap and durable. Same goes for blobs of 5 Zoanthropes for double casting.

Swarmlord is excellent to get everything in position fast and to be a midfield bully/melee/psychic threat.

Gants for tarpit/screening/obsec, usually 50+

Then there are people that find success with
>Hive Guard sitting out of LoS at the back
>Warriors who ignore AP-1/AP-2 with Adaptive Phys
>Lictors who deep strike to get secondaries at your opponent's board edge.

Basically everything else is too weak to bother with, unless you also wanted to mess with a GSC detachment.

>> No.75307548

since 8th as far as im aware

>> No.75307598

Put enough lascannons on the table and suddenly all your problems go away.

>> No.75307607

>How would you deal with this
with pic related

>> No.75307608

Thanks! It seems i've been given a swarm that's missing almost all of those units except the warriors and gants, really not sure what this dude was thinking with this list, literally no elites, all heavy support and troop
gonna run my old metal Slann as a Neurothrope tho

>> No.75307689

Who was in the wrong?

>> No.75307699

Blue and purple. I painted my weirdboy blue, not sure if I'll make purple (maybe Badrukk or some other character).
Not my favourite color in general, but I like Dark Green. Light green is for runts and grots!

>> No.75307705

>gonna run my old metal Slann as a Neurothrope tho
Based surviving Old One asserting easy control over a bunch of synapse-less beasts.

>> No.75307724

Going to the LGS tomorrow to pick up some last additions to a side army project I'm building; should I get 5 more Sanguinary Guard to make my squad 10 strong? I worry that they're either going to die too fast or end up being too big a points sink. Never really player Marines, let alone Bangles. If I don't get the extra SG, I'll probably be running a Flamestorm Baal Predator with the point, unless anyone has better suggestions.

>> No.75307727

backflip away whist hooting really loudly

>> No.75307744

How good are the death guard?

>> No.75307758

Also didn't mean to tag you

>> No.75307761

Sang Guard are pretty good, senpai. Tanks are pretty shitty this edition, even in casual games, and predators are shitty even among tanks. Get more dudes and apply more swords to faces.

>> No.75307767

I like this approach.

>> No.75307773

Am I the only retard who actually had to solve it by myself?

>> No.75307776

Shut the fuck up, retard.

>> No.75307786

Well my list involves servitors, a spartan assault tank and no primaris so my way of dealing with it is probably just to lose.

>> No.75307802

> Kastalans
> Kataphrons with Grav
> Dunecrawlers
> Powersword Infiltrators

>> No.75307822

Have you consider teaching English in some Asian country? Either you end your life or thrive. Seems like a win win situation

>> No.75307831

We are both geniuses anon, let the small brains cry and piss.

>> No.75307837

They still don't get canticles or FW dogmas
Admech has so many better options
They do look cool though so you might as well pick up the kit for the bits.

>> No.75307850

Bare metal and teal. I have quite a bit of chaos painted in this scheme.

>> No.75307865

Bear in mind that even in last edition lists were totally different, so that might be the reason.

Large amounts of warriors with adaptive and gants for screening can still do ok, kinda depends how WAACfag your local meta is. I've seen Biovores+spores used well, but not against experienced players

>> No.75307867

Are there any specific examples of tyranids psychically warping their surroundings the way daemons, or even orks, do? Or begetting daemons like humans and eldar do?

>> No.75307874

i am upset you drilled your barrels but not your smoke stacks on that one with the icon

>> No.75307882

Shadow in the Warp is so thematic its a tabletop rule, if thats what you mean. Or are you talking physical surroundings

>> No.75307899

Thanks anon, as the only one to give me Blood Angels advice in the last week I'll follow that suggestion

>> No.75307900

Mostly how their psychic presence affects their physical environment.

>> No.75307901

Exercise, and sex anon.

Not fapping, actual sex, even if you are such a meet that you have to pay for it the first few times.

Hormones will sort out your brain chemistry.

That, or push you over the edge into a shame spiral and lead to you killing yourself.

Either way, it'll stop you being depressed.

>> No.75307903

Isn't the smoke supposed to exit through the holes on the sides? I've been puzzling over this with Rhino side exhausts as well.

>> No.75307930

No, the fumes should come out the top.

The cowling around it is supposed to be a heat shield / armour plating if it was a real tank.

But as with most GW things the original sculptor knew what tanks and guns had in them visually, but had no fucking clue what function those components actually served. So you end up with things being way out of proportion, or stylised into uselessness.

>> No.75307932

I do in fact have 200+ guardsmen on hand.

>> No.75307947

very good... impressive

>> No.75307962

Good god what a faggot. i literally cant imagine the mindset required to buy into a game not for the purpose of playing it.

>> No.75307970

No, because unlike dumping 2k into .png's of your favorite anime girls (I assume Magica Record is a gacha game), you still have the door looking units on your shelf to make fluffy games with our sweet displays. Unless you only bought what was Meta even if you didn't like it. Then you're an uber fag.

>> No.75307979

Fair enough and thanks for the explanation. I'll get those smoke stacks drilled if it makes more sense.

>> No.75307982

How many SoB with VH can I fit in that point cost? I'm sure it is less than 200.
No one is having fun today

>> No.75307986

no, because you can resell them and cover a bit of the loss

>> No.75307988

>begetting daemons
The genestealer familiars are born out of the psychic mass of the cult's brood mind. So in that sense they're daemons.

>> No.75307995

Would an Incubi ever use a pistol? I'm in the process of unfucking an ebay rescue that was broken in a shit ton of pieces and one of the glaives has a missing arm and my only options for replacements are the arms from the kabalite box

>> No.75307996

They do things like blowing someone's Throne Mechanicum, close Chaos rifts and generate warp fields around themselves but I don't think they do Chaos-tier stuff.

The terraforming they do all tends to be organic

>> No.75308009

Nah they are JoJo's Stands.

>> No.75308021

Arent there some knife holding arms in that box too?

>> No.75308040

ignore these WAACfags anon.
Rules not mattering atall is dumb though, its hard to enjoy a narrative game when theres a giant power disparity between the two forces.

>> No.75308052

not sure, the only thing left on the sprues were the ugly bald heads

>> No.75308054

>call people waacfags for sharing the exact opinion you do
you ok lad?

>> No.75308055

Luckily my local scene is far from WAAC so I still should be able to do some damage but this is what I have:

1 x Tyranid Prime
1 x Flyrant
1 x Broodlord

9 x spore mines
14 x Gargoyles
40 x Genestealers
6 x Tyranid Warriors
60 x Termagants
60 x Hormagants
6 x Ripper swarms

5+1 x Carnifex + Old one eye
1 x Mawloc
1 x Trigon Prime
2 x Tyrannofex

Gonna focus on getting my psychic stuff up first I guess, but gotta paint the whole lot before I even consider buying any more or I'll be mercilessly ridiculed by my friends

>> No.75308066

So now that the Luther book is coming and is said to explain why the DA turned obsessive over the Fallen. What do you guys think the reason will be. Will Gav deliver on a over the top explanation that will justify it or will it be something silly?

>> No.75308070

I am no genius and I'm still working on the second one.
I'm working off a hint but it's not working quite right.
Not even sure if what I'm trying to access is even something I need but I'm curious.

>> No.75308088

I dunno, maybe because the Fallen are fucking traitors from their own Legion/Chapter.

I mean holy shit, that's the worst thing one can be for any loyalist chapter/legion. There is literally no reason to add anything on top of that, besides needless convolution for the sake of it.

>> No.75308093

What points are you going for? Can make something that won't be a trashfire with those units though you are hurting for Zoan/Neurothropes.

If they're Acidfexes 2D6 x 2 auto-hit shots doing D3 damage you can fire in melee is scary as fuck. Not wholly points efficient but they're nice

>> No.75308106

you have been shilling this fucking book for at least the last 5 threads.
no one gives a shit about the faggy angels.

>> No.75308107

>needless convolution for the sake of it
That's basically the Dark Angels novels summed up.

>> No.75308129

Haven't posted in /40kg/ for at least three weeks tho. I just read about this release in the community page.

>> No.75308146

DA was my first army and always will be, but you can't tell me I should be taking this guy seriously.

>> No.75308156

Would any anons have recommendations for representing an Enslaver? I thought the heralds of ruin rules for them were really cool and would love to bring one into kill team for different missions with my friends

>> No.75308160

No Gav is terrible and I hope the guy that wrote the Lion primarch novel takes DA's over from him.

>> No.75308164

my force is now split into two different paint schemes from different chapters. Should i just run them together under the same rules or strip one half and paint them up to be more uniform?

>> No.75308166

Feedback loops are a thing. Negative stuff can cause more negative stuff and self perpetuate. Try positive stuff.

>> No.75308171

I just run them together but my group plays pretty loose

>> No.75308190

Yeah nobody in my group really cares, but i have this feeling it would look/feel better for them to be uniform but ill leave them as is for now then

>> No.75308199

Gav is a male feminist cuck who probably watches femdom pron while his wife is getting plowed by her black boyfriend. That's the impression his twitter profile gave me

>> No.75308218

>What's your favorite color and did you use it in your army scheme
Purple and yes

>> No.75308221

well yeah, he's British

>> No.75308232

Idiot meming about taking units that don’t contribute except by objective squatting aside, what kinds of units and armies are dominating in 9th?

>> No.75308247

He's an actual hobbyist and is here for the small craftmanship.

>> No.75308263

Bretty nice scheme

>> No.75308272


>> No.75308276

how long are they going to drag this fallen stuff out? and how many more secrets can they reveal and information we thought we knew turn upside down? at this rate its going to turn out luther and the fallen actually are loyalists who were ordered to turn by the Lion/Emperor

>> No.75308289

Wait enslavers have official rules?

>> No.75308302

They have rules in the more expansive, fan made version of kill team. Really cool ones too, a d6 pool you can add to for points cost which allows you to enslave enemy models, though it must be maintained throughout the game and your dice are limited so must be spent wisely

>> No.75308323

it wasn't always that way

>> No.75308331

Yeah, and as a human I'll use my corrupt versions, thank you very much.

>> No.75308338

I mean, yeah. This isn't character driven storytelling, it's event driven. I miss Cain.

>> No.75308343

I don't believe you

>> No.75308347

Does this relic and the warlord trait give the model a 1+ save failing on 1s of course or does the "to a maximum of 2+" come into effect? Just curious if AP-1 weapons give this model a 2+ or a 3+ save.

>> No.75308350

Fuck xenocentric language.

>> No.75308359

These guys seem fun

>> No.75308360

>those top bantz

>> No.75308365

If you can't figure something this obvious out yourself no one can help you.

>> No.75308371

Warlord trait says to a max of 2+.

Which means it can't go to a 1+.

>> No.75308380

You bought the lie, we get it

>> No.75308393

>Genuinely defending obvious copyright shenanigans

>> No.75308399

It doesn't say 'after modifiers' so no, it's not immediately obvious.


>> No.75308402

What is the dumbest sacred cow in 40K?

>> No.75308416

I miss the good ol' days.

>> No.75308418

True line of sight.

>> No.75308420

Up until this codex came out, I'd have said the tactical marine statline. But they've gone and changed it.

>> No.75308424

Brass. Yes.

>> No.75308431

DA/Fallen shenanigans

>> No.75308434

The turn structure.

>> No.75308443


>> No.75308448

I like this a lot

>> No.75308451


>> No.75308457

>Thinking he can use the same fallacy logic as back in the day with Mark of Tzeentch
It says the save characteristic can't be improved beyond a 2 plus. Period.
Are you one of those people that thought they could win games by forfeiting?

>> No.75308466

That is a really nice colour scheme anon.

>> No.75308468

Here's an idea, stop using twitter

>> No.75308471

Thanks. I think they're fucking aesthetic too but it doesn't stop me from getting raped by BDSM space elves and bugs.

>> No.75308479

Space Marines

>> No.75308488

Nice Minotaurs dude

>> No.75308511

Name a better randomiser that is readily available?

>> No.75308523

>What's your favorite color and did you use it in your army scheme?
Yellow and abso-fucking-lutely.

>> No.75308530


GW doesn't have anything original.

>> No.75308536


>> No.75308538

a coin, aka a d2.
Now everything has a bf/kg of 4+ and every other throw is on a 4+ aswell.

>> No.75308543

It's amazing how far people will go to defend Space Marines, like saying bolters are easy peasy for them to avoid

>> No.75308546

Any chance of getting beyond the veil in the mega?

>> No.75308547

Custom paint schemes

>> No.75308560

>fact: Adrian is currently learning to walk upright

>> No.75308568

>TQ: What's your favorite color and did you use it in your army scheme?
I think it's orange, and no(t yet). My Word Bearers are going to use a lot of flames, so that'll be an opportunity. And one of my future DEldar army's subfactions will definitely use orange. Probably the Kabal since it wouldn't look good with all the skin Wyches are showing and I plan to use red flesh for the Haemonculus Cult

>> No.75308571

the crusade thingy ?

>> No.75308579

I'm not trying to get through any rule loopholes or similar. I'm making a list and saw that there was a relic and warlord trait that have the same benefit, and was curious to see if they synergise.

>> No.75308585

Imagine arguing on Steam forums of all places

>> No.75308587

I only use 120 boyz, because Daddy Ghazkull will break his army when he arrives in melee

>> No.75308593

Spacebattles actually but honestly it isn't any better

>> No.75308600

You'd be suprised anon
The amount of retards on steam is incredible

>> No.75308601

I dont miss these guys at all, i wouldnt let one of them near my GF. They look like they were all bullied at school.
Anyway, none of the above applies to Paul, he looks like a cool dude.

>> No.75308624

>marines can easily parry bolts
>yet marines kept using bolters to fight other marines
>even invented new, expensive bolts to go through power armour
>despite the projectiles being easy to parry

>> No.75308627

The Emperor

>> No.75308629

>i wouldnt let one of them near my GF

Imagine being this insecure.

>> No.75308632

D8, D10? Obviously D6 is more popular since a ton of other things use it, but they're not hard to find.

>> No.75308638

>t. Paul

>> No.75308645

>TQ: What's your favorite color
>Did you use it in your army scheme?
Of course.

>> No.75308646

It's just bait, calm down.

>> No.75308647

Being a faggot on the internet is no kind of life to lead, Anon

>> No.75308653


>thinking this guy has a GF at all



>> No.75308655

I'm aiming around 2000, and Acidfexs sound fun! I already went ahead and magnetised my tfex's so they're ready to coom acid.
If you don't mind what kind of troop choice should I be aiming for? As I understand it and have been told Genes are expensive, horms are useless chaff unless you take mega swarms and terms can't shoot their way out of a paper bag

>> No.75308657

kind of, yes
For the last time, i am not paul sawyer, i never was paul sawyer and i will never be paul sawyer ! He is surely a cool guy, but he is not me!

>> No.75308659

redpill me on airbrushing

>> No.75308665

Then I suggest you stop

>> No.75308671

why should i redpill you on a meme ?

>> No.75308674

It's lazy and immediately makes you look lazy.

>> No.75308689

Nice for priming.

>> No.75308694

Only after you gtfo.

>> No.75308710

It's something that scale modellers used for tanks, which has become a lazy shortcut used by comission painters and retards doing "osl".

>> No.75308711


I dunno if its something I'm doing wrong but no matter how much I clean my airbrush or how careful I am it always seems to clog. I bought it to save time and it feels like its costing my 10x as much.

>> No.75308720

>Brass khorne
Keep harvesting those skills brother

>> No.75308727

Good for basecoats, larger models, and certain effects, but has been abused by lazy cunts

>> No.75308729

>"I just spent the last 2 hours painting the minute detail on my commander and he looks great!"
It can be used for nice effects but most just do like pic related and absolutely blast their minis to death, my heart sinks whenever I see the airbrush come out at the end of a painting video

>> No.75308734

It's a pretty useful tool for applying basecoats, pre-shading and shading on large flat areas, and also for doing ultra-smooth transitions on things like power weapons, etc.
Still, you have to know what you're doing and preferably also learn how to use a normal brush well before picking up an airbrush.

>> No.75308735

yanno I didn't actually think that far ahead

>> No.75308736

does anyone know where I can find a PDF of Raiders of Commorragh?

>> No.75308744

what the fuck yikes

>> No.75308749

Its a tool.

Its good for doing very smooth blending or for applying paint to a large swathe of model, but its not great for details and requires fine control

>> No.75308750

I know the archangel shard specifies that it was swords made of the blade encarmine but is it possible to have had a spear or something forged?

>> No.75308752

Virgin airbursh vs Chad paint brush.

>> No.75308757

I just bought a bunch of drukhari and how the FUCK do i edge highlight

>> No.75308758

how much do you thin your paints/what size is your needle
I'm still pretty new to it but I've been bingeing a bunch of airbrush content recently and the non-miniatures consensus seems to be you want a 0.4mm or bigger needle if you're using acrylics or it will clog, while the miniatures consensus is, as always, just thin it more

>> No.75308759

Nid troops aren't really intended to kill anything in 9E as they're too weak, 40-60 gants of either variety that you want do the job of just being a body with obsec that you slingshot up the board with Metabolic Overdrive and ideally supported by Levi's 6+FNP or Catalyst though thats better used on your more expensive units. As you lack Lictors, Rippers might also be worth including just to deepstrike them for location/action secondaries or to contest primaries. Depends how good your opponents are at screening.

Genestealers can do work especially supported by a Broodlord but you're correct in thinking they are overpriced, and Warriors can be good but thats matchup dependent. If you're facing a lot of AP-1/AP-2 then they can be okay. Face a lot of AP-3 and they're absolutely worthless.

But like I said, your local meta and players might make something else wacky actually work.

>> No.75308766

Me in 9e I guess

>> No.75308770

More like the retard that painted OSL on a backback when the model's head is completely obscuring the source and for some reason what looks like the rubber on the back of the stock

>> No.75308775

>brush vs airbrush
>not combining both for best effect
Niggers get on my level.

>> No.75308781

How do you end up with thick paints with a fucking airbrushed model

>> No.75308782

Are you using airbrush paints? Or just thinning down normal acrylics?

>> No.75308784


>> No.75308785

>OSL on a backback
That's just a blue wire you fucking ape

>> No.75308792

Sexy as fuck anon

>> No.75308795

incredibly poor choice of color then considering its identical to the OSL and ruins the effect

>> No.75308797


0.5 needle, I don't measure things out but I followed some youtubers suggestion on putting a few drops of thinner then paint then water before mixing it up with a brush directly in the cup and then doing blowback for more mixing before using it.

I should probably watch more beginner tutorials, I've had the thing for a bit over a year but I only use it intermittently (mostly priming & basecoating). I'm also not sure if I should even be thinning down stuff like valejo airbrush primer and other made-for-airbrush paints.

>> No.75308799

Not mine, it's painted by some guy called erykey, but yeah his stuff looks pretty fucking dope/

>> No.75308800

do youse reckon the pink base at the bottom would make a good contrast with usual dark green deldar armour?

>> No.75308806

By doing it more

>> No.75308807

But he isn't, he has been consistently vilified and cast in dubious light instead of being a truly benevolent character he used to be.

>Look at my overexposed OSL photo

>>75308775 is actually sexy despite it

>> No.75308810

Well yeah, I'm just appreciating haha, I could tell by filename

>> No.75308811


Anyone who mocks a painting tool outs themselves as a hobbylet. There is no right or wrong answers in painting, there is no cheating. All is allowed.

>> No.75308814

so what fiendish things did duncan do to get fired

>> No.75308817

Daaaamn that's good.

>> No.75308821

Are there any current rules for tank traps and razor wire ?
If not, then how does this houserules sound ?
>Tank traps: Any monster, biker or vehicle unit that crosses this terrain piece decreases its maximal movement value by 2 ". Half all advance and charge rolls for a unit that crossed this terrain piece this turn. flying units are not affected. Infantry units behind these terrain piece also gain hard cover.
>Razor wire: Any model that is not a monster or vehicle unit that crosses this terrain piece decreases its maximal movement value by 2 ". Half all advance and charge rolls for a unit that crossed this terrain piece this turn. flying units are not affected
Please give me your feedback.

>> No.75308827

Emps' supposed benevolence was always meant to be in-universe propaganda but I agree that his blackwashing by B A L D kinda sucks

>> No.75308830

wanting more than peanuts for compensation

>> No.75308833

i've seen this on faggram this isn't yours nigga

>> No.75308835

>combining airbursh & brush
>instead of painstakingly painting everything by hand
Noobs gtfo

>> No.75308839

Practice, practice, practice. Grab a tutorial video, show up with your paints. See what goes well, repeat that, see what goes bad, try better next time. If you don't do, you can't improve. Base, wash, drybrush highlight is a perfectly legitimate starting point.

>> No.75308840


Seems fine, basically makes them craters?

>> No.75308844

He thought e celeb fame was worth a pay raise.

GW said lol no, and now he's begging for his dinner on patreon.

>> No.75308845

Yeah no shit. Learn to read nigger.

>> No.75308849

Plasma weapons have to be my favourite in the game and its in no small part to stuff like this

>> No.75308853


Thats one of the few OSL I've legimitately enjoyed, not too overdone.

Your opinion on painting tools is shit though. Its a tool, use whatever works.

>> No.75308855

wasn't there something in Apocalypse?

>> No.75308862

Orange, and Kinda?

>> No.75308865

pretty much, except that it is an obstacle and not an area. I really forgot that craters exist.
Good question, i will have a look into that

>> No.75308876

No. Elder is that faction's name. Also Aeldari is a shit name.
>Human is ripped off from real life
>Gotta call them something else

>> No.75308879

how the hell do you make the line so clean

>> No.75308882

>painting OSL at all
>instead of drilling your miniatures and putting leds inside for maximum realism

Hobbylets leave

>> No.75308901


Why would the helmet lenses be glowing at all? They're not fucking flashlights.

>> No.75308902

>painting at all
Hobbylets leave

>> No.75308909

Not that anon, but painters masking tape is a thing.

>> No.75308915

It's messier up close in some places where I got lazy

Just a regular brush with a good tip, though

>> No.75308916

well it sounds like you've got a handle on the generalities and now you just need to tweak it till you find what works for your setup, but that took/is taking me a while to do as well - it really is discouraging when it's fucking up every time you pick it up, to the point that even now I've got a handle on it I keep procrastinating doing more with it

>putting a few drops of thinner then paint then water before mixing it up with a brush directly in the cup and then doing blowback for more mixing before using it
that's what I've mostly been doing as well, but I've also seen people mix it up in another container before pouring it into the cup when they get the right consistency, which might help ya. also I've seen people go for some crazy thin mixes, like 3:1:5 or even thinner

>not sure if I should even be thinning down stuff like valejo airbrush primer and other made-for-airbrush paints
I do thin them, but that's mostly cause Vince Venturella does it and he's been my main source for airbrush fundamentals. I'm still very much in the monkey see monkey do phase, so sorry I can't be more help.

>> No.75308922

>how do you paint a straight line
Gee I don't know, by not having a fucking stroke when you're painting? It's not that difficult, if you can't paint a straight line you should propably keep practicing more.

>> No.75308927

It's a bit too much of a pain in the ass on models this small

It'll be useful when I get around to painting a tank, though

>> No.75308930

>But he isn't
But he is, hes the central macguffin of the setting for some fucking reason, him not being the flawless jesus christ the in universe propaganda painted him as is irrelevant

>> No.75308941

Keep the brush parallel to the line and flat on the surface. Then slowly shimmy the brush closer to the line.

>> No.75308950

Keep your brush tip sharp
Don't out too much paint on your brush
Pull the brush along the surface, never try and push paint.
Rest the wrist of the hand holding the brush against the hand holding the model, this will cancel out any tremors in your hands.
Relax in your chair, don't tense up and hold your breath

>> No.75308955


Got back to playing recently after a long break (stopped playing around beginning of 5th edition)

I've picked up Sisters of Battle, bought models, played a game or two, but I have few questions:

1.How the game is balanced atm? Any noticable cheeese armies/armylists?

2. Where would You place SoB atm, in terms of power level tier?

>> No.75308965

I feel like these are the destined rivals of my Slaanesh CSMs
Also man thats a sweet Juggerlord

>> No.75308973

>not knowing about Emission theory
I bet he doesn't fuck little boys too.

>> No.75308974

I wish I wasn't such a retard that i could get the megas to work. Fucking faggots keep sharing them is why we can't have nice things. Anyways, can anyone post a screenshot of the new detatchment builds?

>> No.75308975

When I see plasmas painted like this I can't help but smile. Even when they wipe out most of my terminators.

>> No.75308980

1.How the game is balanced atm? Any noticable cheeese armies/armylists?
Poorly, and everything Primaris.

>2. Where would You place SoB atm, in terms of power level tier?
Pretty good, not S-tier but with the weapons changes they stand to do alright

>> No.75308985

The lenses are used as display screens. If for some reason the lenses didn't filter light, they could appear to glow.

>> No.75308994


1: never has been, 9th doesnt look like it will be any different. (Salamanders, Dark Angels and Iron Hands are generally seen as the new hotness)
2: I really like SoB and their miracle dice it's not considered top tier but a good player can take wins, flamers got a buff in 9th

>> No.75308996

>Where would You place SoB atm, in terms of power level tier?
I play against them a lot and they feel pretty strong. Seems like they have stratagems to do just about anything they want and Bloody Rose and Valorous Heart are both rough to play against for different reasons

>> No.75309000

S tier: marines with good chapter tactics/relics etc
A+ tier: any other type of marine
A tier: sisters, Imperial Guard, Custodes, death guard, Necrons, Harlequins, Orks (maybe)
B tier: craftworlds, DEldar, CSM, grey knights
C tier: Tau, Tyranids, thousand sons,

>> No.75309007

Balance is skewed because of the new push for primaris and release of 9th. Codex creep for t he coming codexes should get this back in line.

SoB are B/A tier, and have the best model range in the entire game.

>> No.75309018

Wahapedia is your friend anon


>> No.75309020

>1.How the game is balanced atm? Any noticable cheeese armies/armylists?
There will always be a top dog, but the meta's in flux -- just this past week we got a huge redo of the Marine armies that's very likely to completely upend the top-end lists. That said, Eradicators (Primaris Marines in big chunky army with super-melta) are fucking ridiculous. Other than that, Harlequins, Custodes, AdMech, Chaos Daemons, Orks and Death Guard are all doing well.
>2. Where would You place SoB atm, in terms of power level tier?
Somewhere around tier 2. Not tippy top, but competitive, if slightly monobuild.

>> No.75309026

>Orks (maybe)
I think Orks are pretty solidly A, both Kult of Speed and Ghaz and the boyz lists have done pretty well
Dark Eldar feel pretty rough though, but I've been going harder into Kabalites than Coven so that might be the problem

>> No.75309031

Nids are F tier. Especially now when most power armor units are rocking 2+ wounds. Just squat my army already GW.

>> No.75309035

In addition to >>75308950, mind the angle. You should find which way is the easiest for you to paint a straight line.

>> No.75309036

>Poorly, and everything Primaris.

Dude, I have seen the horrors of 3rd/4th/5th ed cheese, where GW did not gave a single fuck about posting FAQ of clearly broken/misinterpreted rules and combos for years upon years.

From what I've gathered they finally pulled the heads out of their asses and actually started to playtest/FAQ their game.

DESU it looks optimistic compared to what I remember.

>> No.75309051

Thanks friendo.

>> No.75309062

Yeah I'd love that.

I mean it's nice that the Mega's back, but nothing's being added to it as far as I can see. :(

>> No.75309080

hasnt mega been nuked again?

>> No.75309086

what makes you think so ?

>> No.75309099

That's fair, myself while I played in 3rd and 4th the memories are muddled by taking a massive break and being filtered through the eyes of a teen at the time.
So for me it's basically been coming back in 8th and everything I fought since then feeling decently balanced except Primaris, which almost exclusively end in tablings, not just for me but my entire group.

>> No.75309100


Thanks guys.

Its good to be back.

If anything, the models quality had made several leaps since I last saw them.

It is a true treat to assemble/paint.

Good do hear that they are now also pretty competetive, they were always a meme army back in the day when I was playing.

>> No.75309102

>> No.75309110

>SoB are B/A tier, and have the best model range in the entire game.
>the best model range in the entire game.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

>> No.75309117

>whipping niggers to do their job
i don't see the problem

>> No.75309121

how bad are dark eldar? I really want to start an army cos I love the models, but im already shit on the tabletop playing admech, who are supposed to be a top tier faction at the moment

>> No.75309133

link doesnt work?

>> No.75309135


Start an army because you like them not because they are in any sort of tier.

-t. Dire Avenger spamming Craftworlds player.

>> No.75309148


>> No.75309150

That grot with the beret is unironically good though.

>> No.75309151

I want to jump into Flesh Tearers, I like the Rip and Tear lore and Gabriel Seth seems like a cool dude.
I have ordered:
1 box Sanguinary Guard
4 Boxes Death Company
1 DC Dreadnought
1 Jump Pack Chaplain
1 Tac Squad

How should I build it/where to from here? How should I trick out my tac squads?I want to run all first born since seth seems to hate the new boys and want to base my force on a "last of the old guard" motif.

>> No.75309157

>black dots painted on instead of drilled barrels

>> No.75309163

I'm having a bit of a hard time with mine Kabalites are fast and darklight weapons are good, but they're expensive, fragile and splinter weapons are very underwhelming in practice, especially with such poor AP.
Covens should be good for holding objectives but I admit I haven't been testing mine as much lately; I think they're still going to be more expensive than they need to be.

>> No.75309167

maybe you lack the knowledge how to acces its secrets ?

>> No.75309180

There better be enough helmets in that box for all 10 of them.

>> No.75309181

illuminate me, archmagos

>> No.75309185

>I miss Cain.
Why? Didn't he just got a new book?

>> No.75309192

>literally every exposed face
>every single fucking one
You'd think by fluke one would come out decent

>> No.75309198


>> No.75309209

As has been repeated ad nauseam here, the problem with the Sisters faces is the 'eavy paintjob. Someone post the pic of them done correctly.

>> No.75309210

there aren't

>> No.75309212

The superior with the bionic eye is alright.

>> No.75309215


>> No.75309216

Kuina > Oden

>> No.75309217

To acces it you need to be pretty based. You need to be based 64 times. That is all i will tell you, or else i will get yelled at again because i told shills how to acces the megas

>> No.75309218

go back to a previous thread and it's literally spelled out

>> No.75309224

You can look at the sprues in the GW site. There's like 20 heads in the box, with helmet options for everyone.

>> No.75309225

Fellas I haven’t been around since about the 8th CSM codex release and because of irl I ain’t touched none of my stuff I’d gotten from even before then so it’s all still on sprue. So flamers are 12” now and bolters got a boost or some such? Mind helping a confused older fellow out with all what’s going on since? Are they releasing new updated codices or what?

>> No.75309242

The codex is still the same as it was in 8th, there's an updated FAQ on the GW website with some slight weapon adjustments

>> No.75309250

Then Tau are in the same spot. They can't hold objectives and have to choose between being tanky or killy.

>> No.75309251

which is better, deldar, admech or CSM? i have ideas for all 3 but cant choose a first one

>> No.75309260

>N-no it's not the sculpts! You just have to paint them correctly!
>brings up that one commision painter who somehow managed to make a few of the better looking heads looks decent by literal hours of painting and studying makeup tutorials

Please just fuck off already, most of the SoB heads are fucking garbage.

>> No.75309261

No one knows what the fuck GW's plan is for CSM. They were supposed to get 2 wounds in the update, but only got the base upgrade in their weapons like everyone else.

Leave the CSM cuck corner and start necrons.

like me

>> No.75309264

This one?

>> No.75309265

>none of them are primaris marines
out of the three dark eldar are weaker but you may as well not bother with any of them.

>> No.75309272

>waited more than two decades for an update
>maybe this time SoB wont have men with wigs
>20 years late
>men with wigs but in plastic!

>> No.75309275

Its almost like painting female heads will require a different skillset and technique than male heads.

The scupts are fine, stop being a paintlet.

>> No.75309278

stop being such a bandwaggoner

>> No.75309290

>everyone insists SoB are A tier despite subpar codex and no PA supplement
not saying you guys are wrong, but if they're so good then why haven't they been placing at tournaments?

>> No.75309291

Throw away all manlets,
Use 4 units of 10 death company assault intercessors in impulsors.
Your welcome
> *dabs*

>> No.75309298

Sculpts are fine.

Female faces are just much harder to paint in miniature because the detail is softer. Can't edge highlight a face.

>> No.75309301

GSC had some faces that with shit like contrast and basic wash still looks like a woman.
Needing to add makeup to a miniature in order to look like a women, just means the heads are shit. You could make marine scout head look like a woman with proper make up

>> No.75309303

>and start necrons.
>like me
Enjoy being forgotten for the next two decades after the initial drop.

>> No.75309310

i have 5k points of painted Night Lords and 4k of Word Bearers. Shut the fuck up faggot.

>> No.75309311

No one plays them.

They're decently popular with hobbyists, but outside that they're one of the least played factions.

>> No.75309312

Fucking GSC do not have this issue and they are bald cunts with klingon props. The issue was never the painting. It is the man head.

>> No.75309316

go on then

>> No.75309318


>> No.75309321

They are like GSC during 8th. Only good if you do not know what they can do.
Onces you know their gimmicks like the super fast repentia the gimmick is lost

>> No.75309329

One of the reasons Primaris fucking suck is the fact that you can't play historical battles that take place before the Great Rift/Ultima Founding

>> No.75309330

Put paint on pallet. Thin paint down with water. Take small brush and apply a small amount of paint to it, then clean off the paint on one and only one side of the brush. Using the side that still has paint on it, start running the brush along the edge you want to highlight.
Bada bing, bada boom, ezpz edge highlighting.

>> No.75309333

my issue isn't with you having a chaos army it's the fact that a new army comes out and you hop straight on it, you bandwaggoning fuck.

>> No.75309335

Nope, 99% of the sculpts are just garbage. The only decent ones are some from the Triumph of Saint Katherine and the ones from Celestine & Twins box.

But please, post some of the "fine sculpts" you keep posting about.

>> No.75309339

the GSC women also have elongated and exaggerated features.

>> No.75309342

Lots of faces there are good. The point is not that they are bad, it's about being amusing.

>> No.75309343


>Johnny depp as an example of heavy feminine makeup

I mean, they aren’t wrong.

>> No.75309350

the black dots are okay if you don't want to drill everything, at least it's effort
pic related on the other hand...

>> No.75309351

Its not bandwaggoning to start a new army with the release of the new codex.

Its bandwaggoning to meta chase the newest WAAC list.

You fucking brainlet.

>> No.75309352

>painting female heads will require a different skillset and technique than male heads
Pic related is the best 'eavy metal professionals with decades of experience could do. The sculpts are just shit.

>> No.75309359

Which is usually a trick to make female heads at this dumb scale.
You need some exaggeration otherwise everyone ends looking like a dude

>> No.75309360

Should I give my CSM termis an autocannon or heavy flamer? I’m not sure which I like the look of better nore am I sure which is better rules wise either.

>> No.75309371

>'eavy metal
>professionals with decades of experience

>> No.75309372


damn brah, congrats, that shit is FIRE

>> No.75309377

whatever helps you sleep at night mate.

>> No.75309378

I've crawled back into 40K after a ~8 year absences and I'm lookin to build me a new army with a lot of kitbashes. I recall there being one or two chinaman recaster(s) that a lot of peeps ordered from back in the day but all my saved info is outdated and just throws 404 not found now.
Anyone care to hook a fella up with some juicy recaster contact info?

>> No.75309384

Get fucked faggot

>> No.75309386

heavy flamer, autohits are never something to sneeze at especially now it's out to 12"
I think reaper autocannon looks better but it also protrudes enough to be a bitch in most carrycases

>> No.75309391

>that 5 o'clock shadow
what the hell were they thinking?

>> No.75309393

Not him, but calling someone who apparently has 10k points of the two worst legions rules wise a bandwaggoner is pretty dumb

>> No.75309398


>> No.75309399


Great tool for priming and basecoating. Makes painting white and yellow a breeze. Enables you to create smooth semi-translucent coats to play with different coloured coats, and create nice, smooth blends. Layers are thin so you prevent your mini from becoming a sludge monster.

Still, your main tool will always be the brush.

>> No.75309404

absolute brainlet

>> No.75309412

I only know BMM and WTG, and both are a google search away

>> No.75309413

the people with experience long left that company
honestly especially with primaris designs it looks like mostly young people with mostly a few years experience work there anymore

>> No.75309423

Promoting or buying recasts of Games Workshop™ Warhammer 40.000® models is illegal and won't be tolerated on this sub. Please delete your post.

>> No.75309427

I can't figure out how to access those Mega links. Anyone help a retarded anon out?

>> No.75309431

Paint or not, the heads are still shit. Celestine and cheerleaders are objectively better heads. You can throw paint them and a wash and no one would think they are just men with wigs
NuSoB heads are just shit.

>> No.75309432

it's been awhile since I've been back here
How do the new megas work now?

>> No.75309435

No, fuck off, read the prev threads, copypaste properly, kys.

>> No.75309436

Good fucking God that looks awful. I know the old metal ones looked like women in their 40s and sometimes 50s but at least they looked like women MOST of the time....

>> No.75309441

They're encoded in base 64.
Don't you fucking dare go spreading the links after you solve them.

>> No.75309442

yes you are retarded. Maybe in Christmas you'll figure it out

>> No.75309444

sure, what you've got to do is go back a few threads and look for the answer there.
You gotta work for your free shit anon.

>> No.75309447

And that is like one color and some basic highlight thrown over.

>> No.75309451

Heh, now that I look more closely at them they do kind of look like your typical 40 year old auntie, always angry and asking to see the manager.

>> No.75309458

>Karens of Battle

>> No.75309459

>honestly especially with primaris designs it looks like mostly young people
The Primaris were designed by Jes Goodwin you fag.

>> No.75309470

Some still look like He-man, but considering the age of the sculpt and the technology that use to make them. I've seen worst
NuSoB have no excuse to look so shit

>> No.75309475

Either that is some brand move or the guy just draw the worst thing he could think of and GW still use those shit

>> No.75309481

TIL Jes Goodwin is a young 'un.

>> No.75309484

You mean hand sculpting?

>> No.75309485

>I would like to speak to the Emperor

>> No.75309486

Do you really expect these chucklefucks to know who Jes is?

>> No.75309489

Or you just don't know what you're talking about.

>> No.75309507

Ok I chuckled

>> No.75309523

god stop spoonfeeding for fucks sake

>> No.75309527

I blame the sculptors.

>> No.75309533

Assuming someone wouldn't magnetize his chaos desacrator, would there be any leftover bitz to use for converting imperial knights other than a single melee weapon and a mask?

>> No.75309534

I love them anon

>> No.75309537

Is still tech, very simple one.

>> No.75309539

>Harlequins, Orks (maybe)
>A tier
>When they're taking back to back GTs
Yeah I get it some Primaris retard blew you the fuck out on the tabletop, lets not let it cloud your objectivity, eh?

>> No.75309563

Pic related is the best FW can do in RESIN. SoB had no chance to begin with.

>> No.75309572

I feel that extreme tournament settings aren't a fair representation of how well an army performs overall, it shows the top potential of the faction and not necessarily how the faction performs most of the time

>> No.75309576

Could be, but outside of the Stormcast leg that could be just another regular marine model

>> No.75309587

That's post-bligh forgeworld though painted by a GW eavy metal artist

>> No.75309595

That is just bad painting. The face is good enough for GW usual shit heads

>> No.75309598

Fairly reasonable statement for Harlequins because they straight up don't function if you don't know how to play them

But the Ork lists aren't complicated at all, average person can pull them off

Oh, actually forgot
>Imperial Guard anywhere but C tier
you don't play this game

>> No.75309636

>They were supposed to get 2 wounds in the update
It was always going to be with their Codex

>> No.75309645

kay why ess

>> No.75309653

This is your brain on chaos

>> No.75309654

If thats the biggest thing I've missed I'm okay with it, it'll just get fixed whenever I go back to touch the paintjob up

>> No.75309659

I get people hero-worship bligh, but he didn't have a lot to do with the model making side of things

plus >>75309595

>> No.75309677

Citation needed.

>> No.75309709

>GW says CSM are getting 2 wounds to be in line with SM
>GW doesn't give them 2 wounds at the expected cadence.
>No ETA on codex
>still calls CSM players whiny
Literal 60 IQ take.

>> No.75309715

>mfw Death Guard codex drops and they are still 1W
I expect it.

>> No.75309717

Harlequins are definitely A.

The maybe was for Orks, as I think they are doing better than they should because the old Ork boy horde lists suit 9th pretty well.

Once other players adapt I think they'll drop off a bit until they get a codex.

>> No.75309720

>"I'll put some shadow on her cheeks"
>"Whoops, maybe that was a little much. Oh well."

>> No.75309736

>>GW doesn't give them 2 wounds at the expected cadence.
Expected by brainlets.

>> No.75309740

"These new rules and points will come into effect officially, as new codexes are released."
from the mouth of god

>> No.75309759


>> No.75309768

>That’s right – it won’t just be Primaris Marines on 2 Wounds anymore! All of a sudden, a lot of units that may have felt a bit left behind become very durable and appealing. From Battle Company units such as Assault, Devastator and Tactical Marines, to the elite Terminators of the 1st Company (who will be increased to 3 Wounds accordingly), the first born will be back to prove to their Primaris battle-brothers their great worth.
>And as for future codexes for other genetically engineered transhuman warriors (both of the shiny grey and spikey variety), the same will apply to them. Just think how durable that will make units like Rubric Marines or Plague Marines.

>future codexes

It's your own damn fault for not being able to read.

>> No.75309772

>Gives SM manlets 2 wounds
>Doesn't give CSM manlets 2 wounds
>calls CSM players whiny

I get laughing at CSM players, but this was fucking stupid and guaranteed a negative reaction - as well as reaffirming feelings of bias.

>> No.75309775

Is using a comission painting service cheating?

>> No.75309799

There was no way they would be able to balance changing to 2W across all units in the CSM book without a complete rewrite.

Just adjusting points values based on a guess would either end up OP or shit, there's no way they'd eyeball it right.

>> No.75309801

>>Gives SM manlets 2 wounds
>>Doesn't give CSM manlets 2 wounds
>>calls CSM players whiny

>SM get a new codex and so get updated.
>CSM do not get a new codex and so do not get updated.
>CSMfags are whiny because they don't get an update now now now

>> No.75309803

saying this will be "official" in future codexes doesn't limit them from adjusting the wound profile via FAQ, as they did with numerous other unit and weapon profiles.

Stop bootlicking for GW.

>> No.75309806

Please bully me.

>> No.75309810

Why would it be cheating? Unless you are participating in a competition that explicitly says the models have to be painted by your own hand and tools.
Calling it cheating is dumb

>> No.75309819

Those models didn't get that extra wound for free. They got price hikes to account for them. It's really not a straight-up buff that CSM are being denied, since now the standard CSM is much cheaper than the tactical marine.

>> No.75309830

It's not bootlicking to correct your dumbasses when you claim GW promised shit they never promised

>> No.75309834

>saying this will be "official" in future codexes doesn't limit them from adjusting the wound profile via FAQ
But they never said they do that, they said they'd do it in codexes.
That you expected the update to come into effect before a new codex when they specifically said it would be with the codex means you're a brainlet.

>> No.75309836

the CSM codex is so weak I doubt it would be an issue.

Its almost like CSM players are tired of playing second fiddle

>> No.75309841


>> No.75309849

>Its almost like CSM players are tired of playing second fiddle
Yeah, like they're whiny.

>> No.75309853

>Space Karen telling the imperial fists recruiter little Timmy can’t join because she’s sure his custodes application will go through any day now

>> No.75309854


What’s up with the gate keeping snowflake new mega links anyway?

Is this some new form of /tg/ autism to force half the general to the discord instead?

>> No.75309855

Well GW did some weapons updates, but left xenos without the updates.
GSC for example got updates, but the heavy flamer with another name didn't get an update for some reason.
It just piss off costumers at this point.

>> No.75309857

>Literally playing a faction which is just another faction with spikes on it
>Complains about being second fiddle

Your whole faction is literally an in universe knock off version of the real deal.

>> No.75309865

>whats up with filtering retards and stopping the mega getting taken down every couple days
you tell me, champ

>> No.75309867

Previous link kept getting shared on Reddit and FB and got taken down.

>> No.75309872

Just extra steps. As soon the links are posted here, some faggot cuck send it to GW

>> No.75309876

>not having a painted army.

>> No.75309878

Bots and/or kept getting them removed so steps had to be taken.

>> No.75309880

Imagine being this much of a lorelet. Traitor legions are part and parcel of the universe.

Its not CSM players fault GW struggles with this.

>> No.75309901

>im not bootlicking for GW, im just blaming the player base for having basic expectations of equity.

>> No.75309905

no one has anything original anon

>> No.75309907

Your doing god's work Ano
Helping us plebs out
Bless ya

>> No.75309920

Illiteracy is a terrible thing.

>> No.75309921

Someone has it in english? Don't speak Moonspeak

>> No.75309923

>im just blaming the player base for being whiny

>> No.75309927


>> No.75309935

>not speaking the language of the new empire
To the gulags!

>> No.75309942

I'll never understand corporate white knights.

>> No.75309946

we already know they aren't

>> No.75309955


>> No.75309966

Where's that face compilation, there's a lotr figure in it with eyes painted exactly like that.

>> No.75309973

You don't even understand what they are if you think I'm one.
Never once have I defended GW, but I don't need to be on their side to call you a whiny cunt.
If they were posting here I'd have a few choice words for them myself, but they're not and you are.

>> No.75309975

they think they'll get a reward for being loyal

>> No.75309997

someone asked for citation and i gave it and then got called a bootlicker, its just like twitter

but it doesnt make it any less of a terrible way to update the rules or balance the game though, you cant even argue that you get more firepower via more bodies because every primaris unit outguns/outranges everything you compare it to

>Heavy Intercestors with 69" Heavy Bolter Stalker Rifle Rifles

>> No.75309998

What motivates you? Why do you feel compelled to defend poor decisions by a corporation on the internet?

>> No.75309999

Spoiler: You don't have to choose between disregard for corporations OR whiners, you can dislike both

>> No.75310007

Like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VAg5V56gPw

>> No.75310008

By calling the playerbase whiny you're by definition defending the action of GW, or else their complains would be valid.

Stop trying to have it both ways.

>> No.75310012

>Necrons not S tier now

>> No.75310015

The bitching here is justified.
Specially when GW already said the next codex are just more marines.
Just give chaosfags their 2 wounds and give xenos their meltaguns and flamer updates properly.

>> No.75310020

I get the idea of displaying your colors and heraldry to the enemy, that what they can see they'll soon learn to fear...but veteran, sergeant and HQ marking are yelling "please shoot me I'm the head". That is, when the marine actually wears a helmet. You could say markings for chapter eyes only can be written in high infrared or low ultraviolet or something, but how do you guys reconcile that with trained space soldiers avoiding all hq being killed by snipers??
>Proud to live! Proud to die!
>Fucking *DIES*

>> No.75310023

>SM Termis
>ignore wounds of 1,2,3
>can take storm shields

>CSM Termis

i hurts

>> No.75310028

Yeah, but the image is Chinese not Japanese.

>> No.75310036

>Why do you feel compelled to defend poor decisions by a corporation on the internet?
Never did.
>By calling the playerbase whiny you're by definition defending the action of GW
No I'm not. It's not a binary option. GW could certainly do things better. But it's not something worth whining about to anonymous strangers on 4chan.

>> No.75310037

post them then

>> No.75310038


Saying ackchyually GW said in their community article it would come in the codex (with no release date) doesn't make the decision not retarded.

>> No.75310045

Death korps infantry and a lot of artillery. Neither of us are going to enjoy this.

>> No.75310056

But you can take marks of chaos and devote your units to a literal God of bloodshed!!! Does nothing, but it helps the soul.
This meme by the Reroll Morale WB Gang
If it helps, only the DA have all that broken shit. Rip on the doctrines side though

>> No.75310062

Literally looks exactly like the model. How can you blame the sculptors for what is a near 1/1 art to sculpt?

>> No.75310063

can't all SM take storm shields on their termis?

>> No.75310064

CSM termies are a nice platform to display all your Reaper Chaincannons you bought off ebay and etsy

>> No.75310067

Wow anon you're really being whiny, you should grovel to every awful decision GW makes or your being whiny.

I'm definitely not a corporate white knight

>> No.75310068

Yeah, she looks like a cutie that just happens to be pissed at the moment

>> No.75310069

>Neither of us are going to enjoy this.
How thematically appropriate

>> No.75310070

>Saying ackchyually GW said in their community article it would come in the codex (with no release date) doesn't make the decision not retarded.
Irrelevant, because what actually happened was people crying about how GW promised them they'd get the update at the same time as Marines got theirs, when in fact GW never promised that and specifically said it would come with future codexes.

>> No.75310075

2/2 what if Chaos Marks were doctrine-like
MoK -1AP on melee
Most -1AP on shooting
MoN FnP 6+
MoS +1" M
Dunno what icons do lmao I don't play chaos

>> No.75310082

Its completely relevant, you autist.

>> No.75310088

You get cheaper marines so shut the fuck up already.

>> No.75310091

I use cataphractii and they have volkite...
>the reaper chaincannons I made by kitbashing heavy bolter and autocannons, I realized the autocannon barrel is the exact size to fir into the hevay bolter barrel

>> No.75310094

>Dunno what icons do lmao I don't play chaos
Right now nothing. They restrict your options more than they give you new ones.

>> No.75310095

Yeah but they can be wounded on 2+, that rule is DA only. And apparently now imperial Cataphracti is 5++. DG cataphracti is 4++ right.

>> No.75310098

But anon, I'm a Chink who can't read Chinese.

>> No.75310099

Storm shields use grav technology which melts on contact with heretics apparently

>> No.75310103

The Space Marine player cries out in pain as they strike you

>> No.75310104

Is not like they can't go "here chaos marines have 1W and this are the new cost" Fucking spreadsheet is enough to do the changes.
Having the update on later date in a codex is hardly a relevant point when the update is needed along with the rest of the changes.

>> No.75310107

oh sweet! my literally same marines, that also have 10 000 years of warfare experience are worse in every regard, but I can at least play them as a horde

>> No.75310109

No I mean there's marks and icons. One of them already does something right?

>> No.75310118

>ignore wounds of 1,2,3
Do you mean the stratagem? That's only for Primaris now

Also yours can double-shoot with buffed combi plasmas twice in a row out of deep-strike

>> No.75310121

Stop being whiny and obey our corporate overlords

>> No.75310131

>3 eradicators squads

>> No.75310137

Marks are just keywords that make the unit eligible for certain auras and stratagems

Icons are upgrades for marked units that give the unit a real effect

>> No.75310139

Icons give you a small bonus and cost points. Marks are just a free keyword that lock you out of options.

>> No.75310143

Whats confusing you

>> No.75310149

No it's not, because that's why you got called whiny. You got upset by GW not keeping a promise that you invented, because you can't read.
Yeah, they could do the update now, but they never said they would, and in fact said the opposite. Getting upset when they don't do the thing they said they wouldn't do is stupid.

>> No.75310156

slaanesh gives death to the false emperor on 5+ instead of 6+
nurgle gives -1 morale if enemy is within 6'' of banner (so they don't even stack)
khorn lets you reroll charge rolls
tzeentch 1 mortal wound on a roll of 6 to the nearest target in 18''
vengence +1Ld
So you can either take an icon or a combi melta lol since they are 10pts.

>> No.75310162

Shill posting this hard.

>> No.75310165

Yeah that. I wish marks did something, and could be combined with icons.

>> No.75310172

Do you genuinely not understand the point or are you completely fixated on the codex part?

>> No.75310176

i think DA termis have the ignore wounds always on without strategems

>> No.75310180

I just realized how cheap they were, but even then as an SM player I wouldn't do that. It's a shame GW encourages shit like this with these insane cheap point values.

>> No.75310182

General question for everybody, I'm already nearing the 70 gb limit for free accounts meaning I'm going to split the mega into 2. How would you like to see it split?
If I see a copy of it I'll add it.
I'd like them yeah.

>> No.75310186

GW already did an update for everyone. (A shit one at that) Its not like chaos fags or non marines are asking for new extended rules, just stats changes to endure while the codex are release.

>> No.75310188

Megagargants have the shittiest art direction for giants I've ever seen. Who wants to play as miss-shapen retards? Atleast 40k Ogryns are muscular retards.

>> No.75310196

you could split it by going
MEGA_1 SM shit
MEGA_2 40k shit

>> No.75310197

>How would you like to see it split?
Fluff in one, crunch in the other.

>> No.75310202

If there's some 40kg discord related to the megas, I've yet to see it.

>> No.75310204

Wew the ones I proposed are better kek >>75310075

>> No.75310218

How much space does the Imperium stuff take? If it's more than the rest of the books combined, the imperium books should be on their own mega.

>> No.75310231

as admech plz lump me in with the xenos

>> No.75310233

Why aren't more CSM players using Decimators with Soulburner Petards? Every time I see them they're absolute monsters.

>> No.75310239

SM & rest of the Imperium
Chaos welldivided
Elves & other xenos

>> No.75310241

>not wanting to play a literal mountain made of guns, metal and forcefields

>> No.75310242

They're just bigger versions of the old Warhammer giant, which I've never seen anyone complain about

>> No.75310249

...is the nature of my game!

>> No.75310254

Where? GW are nigger faggots. Happy?

I get the point that you're trying to spin, but I don't care.

>GW already did an update for everyone.
I know. But they said when you'd get your wound bump, and they did this almost 2 months ago. Whining when you don't magically get it before then is stupid.

>> No.75310257

They're fucking expensive, points and money wise, even from a recaster. Also up until this edition daemon engines weren't that good.

>> No.75310258

What's a soulburner petard

>> No.75310263

Also contemptor might be better, but soul burners are really expensvie
A contemptor with two sige claws and 2 soul burners is like 205pts

>> No.75310266

How many threads back do i need to go?

>> No.75310269

>Player gives legitimate critique about the hobby he likes.
>Lol stop whining

This community is trash.

>> No.75310272

They're really expensive and Decimators are still fragile.

>> No.75310275

No, in their index that warcom released a couple days ago, all their unique termies have that all the time.

>> No.75310276


It's part of the "inner circle" rule.

So all Deathwing (including terminators), and ravenwing characters

>> No.75310277

So how did Twin Linked weapons work?
Shoot it like a regular, single, weapon but reroll a failed hit roll?

>> No.75310278

What's a Decimator

>> No.75310281

Just pagesearch for 'mega' and follow replies, not hard

>> No.75310287

What's CSM :^)

>> No.75310293

a FW daemon engine that's supposed to be a substitute for a contemptor

>> No.75310294

FWIW I get what ya sayin dude

>> No.75310295

2gb, the rest of their shit is from books with other factions.

>> No.75310297

They were just statted like a normal version but it rerolled hits. Or wounds in the case of flamers.

>> No.75310298

They haven't worked like that for two editions now dude. Just read the datasheet, they work exactly like the statline reads, nothing complicated, just twice the shots.

>> No.75310302

>Faggot cries about his expectations not being met despite it being written in black and white from day one that they would not be
Stop whining.

>> No.75310314

how much can you force AoS vs 40K?
As in playing a game and trying to make them compatible, not as "my plastic figures are better than yours"

>> No.75310316

Don't they have actual Contemptor. Used to think they were knightlets until the actual knightlets came out

>> No.75310319

It's infantry only so RW characters don't benefit from it.

>> No.75310320

Not sure if retarded or just a dumb shill
Because in the recent update GW didn't update things correctly.

>> No.75310325

not at all, unless you use some homebrew quite a few rules

>> No.75310329

Its just this one faggot shilling for GW.

There is a meme of CSM players being whiny (which, anyone with a brain can tell that its justified) but he either doesnt understand the irony or actually thinks GW is right.

>> No.75310330

They're what put the last nail in the Old One's coffin, right?

>> No.75310336

CSM have both. The Decimator has its pros and cons, especially now that GW is encouraging daemon souping, but the Contemptor can probably still benefit from more stuff from just the main army like your legion trait (if it's not ass).

>> No.75310342

Why aren't there more CSM?

>> No.75310344

>faggot defending obviously terrible decisions because hes a pedantic faggot

>> No.75310350

Stop whining about other people whinging. You're just looking like a hypocrite and perpetuating it.

>> No.75310356

40k in one

Fantasy / AoS in the other.

>> No.75310358

CSM is the most played faction on /40kg/

>> No.75310365

I like femdom pron, what are you getting at?

>> No.75310370

Basically a mortal wound machine gun, 2D3 shot at 3+ BS every time you hit it's an automatic mortal wound.

If you roll a 1 the unit take a mortal wound instead but only once instead. An hybrid between overcharged plasma and smite if you will.

Extremely strong that's on average 8 mortal wounds a turn because you can take two

>> No.75310371

Misreading and inventing expecations and then whining on a indonesian fence brushing board when they aren't fufilled is pretty damn sad, and should be called out as such. Extra entertaining when the spregs lose their minds over it.

>> No.75310375

Decimators are Daemon Engines, Contemptors arent, theyre pretty similar otherwise with contemptors having 2+ BS and WS at full wounds which is rare atleast for us

>> No.75310378

I'll start a CSM army when they get around to updating Berzerkers

>> No.75310387

>im only pretending to be retarded

>> No.75310391

Stop whining

>> No.75310395

>Because in the recent update GW didn't update things correctly.
Okay, and?
That's not what's being discussed at all.
GW fucks up all the time, but where they didn't fuck up is by promising CSM would receive a wound bump at the same time as Space Marines got theirs.

>Its just this one faggot shilling for GW.
Where have I shilled for GW?

Where have I defend anything? I'm attacking you dipshits, not defending GW.

I will once they fuck off, that's simply being reactionary.

>> No.75310398

If you have a 3D printer or don't mind hunting down bitz you can make your own now out of the new CSM kit.

>> No.75310409

Nah, he's just one example of many. I understand memes but this community is outright vitriolic if you don't like what they like.

>Enjoy the tabletop over everything else?

>Enjoy reading the books?
Post Models

>Hate painting?
Literally find a new hobby.

and god help you if you're playing an unpopular army, especially when it needs help. I play tau and the amount of legitimate vitriol I get is astounding. Incomparable to any other game I've ever played.

>> No.75310411

These Gue'Ron'Sha have a death wish. They're marking our targets for us!

>> No.75310414

How could you lie on the internet like that

>> No.75310415 [SPOILER] 

Hi, I am thinking about getting into 40k again and I love the Mad Max look of GSC but everywhere I read/hear that they're super bad in 9th edition. I thought about mixing them up with Manticors. Would that make them playable?
Maybe something like this:
GSC [103 PL, 8CP, 1,996pts]
Battalion Detachment
Cult Creed: The Rusted Claw
Grandsire's Gifts [-1CP]

Jackal Alphus
Amulet of the Voidwyrm, 2x Familiar, Power: Might From Beyond, Power: Mind Control, Warlord, Warlord Trait: Biomorph Adaptation

Three units of Neophyte Hybrids, each with
7x Neophyte Hybrid
Autogun, Autopistol, Blasting Charges
2x Neophyte Hybrid (Mining)
Autopistol, Blasting Charges, Mining Laser
Neophyte Leader
Cultist Knife, Web Pistol

Oppressor's Bane

Two units of Purestrain Genestealers, each with
5x Purestrain Genestealer
Rending Claws
(They're supposed to ride in the 2 Rockgrinders)

Fast Attack
3x Achilles Ridgerunners
Flare Launcher, Heavy Mining Laser, 2x Heavy Stubber

Two units of Atalan Jackals, each with
3x Atalan Jackal
Demolition Charge, Shotgun
1x Atalan Jackal
Demolition Charge, Grenade Launcher
1x Atalan Leader
Demolition Charge, Power Hammer
Atalan Wolfquad
Mining Laser, Shotgun

Heavy Support
2x Goliath Rockgrinder
Heavy Seismic Cannon, Heavy Stubber

Spearhead Detachment (Astra Militarum)
Detachment CP [-3CP]

Lord Commissar
Bolt pistol, Power fist

3x Heavy Support
Augur array, Heavy Bolter, Hunter-Killer Missile

>> No.75310418

What the fuck
Forge World had things listed as back in stock yesterday.
Does it really sell out of stuff that fast?

>> No.75310419

Stop whining

>> No.75310423

we did a poll. The majority of people here had CSM as their main faction

>> No.75310427

>I will once they fuck off, that's simply being reactionary.
(of a person or a set of views) opposing political or social liberalization or reform.

>> No.75310433

>and god help you if you're playing an unpopular army
Or even a popular one. The amount of hate marine players get is absurd, and I don't even play them. It's not really their fault GW is giving them broken rules at a breakneck pace. Before 8th they were okay at best for over a decade and they weren't even good for most of 8th either.

>> No.75310443

pretty sure you can only ally with tyranids due to keywords

>> No.75310444

My friend played (note past tense) GSC. Nothing short of a new codex will make them playable. Though you can have some fun games against Tau and Nids!

>> No.75310446

I've seen things restock and go out of stock on the same day on the GW main store recently. And Forgeworld restocks way slower than that.

>> No.75310449

I guess I'm kind of numb to the autism after playing 40k since 4th.

>> No.75310459

mega files not working for me.
am i retarded?

>> No.75310464

don't you mean 2+?

>> No.75310474

>whiniest faction
>most common faction in 40kg
Checks out I don't think majority means what you think it means

>> No.75310475

post necrons

>> No.75310477

yes, you are
read the OP properly. Plurals are important.
Side note, thank you to whoever is maintaining the MEGA.

>> No.75310484

Factory is in UK so they have to follow vivid guidelines, which means not fully staffed at the moment.

So production and shipping will be very limited compared to normal.

>> No.75310490

There is little reason to ever run Genestealers from GSC. Metamorphs or Acolytes are objectively better.

>> No.75310492

That character's can't die.

Calgar, Abaddon, etc. should absolutely be capable of being killed in order to advance the narrative/setting. Huron Blackheart could be the next Warmaster. You could have a Chaos Civil War.

Keeping everyone alive so their model can still be sold is silly.

Keep your model. If Abbadon dies in the story, then it just means the game you're playing is set somewhere else in the setting's history; either 1 or 10 thousand years, depending on how you justify 40K.

>> No.75310502

I phrased it wrong majority in my language roughly translates to "biggest section" so I keep using it as such

>> No.75310504

Marines deserve it.

>> No.75310506

Yeah I don't know why the players get the hate (though I suppose in MTG 'netdeckers' get hate by caacfags)

I will say that pretty much every space marine player I've ever talked to in depth about models has been ignorant af about just how busted their shit is. When I learned just how good dreadnaughts were I almost lost my mind. They are 1/2 the cost of a riptide with 1/2 the shots and a better profile and yet when I point that out people will just say that Riptides are the best model in the game, or complain that riptides can be protected via drones so it's okay.

>> No.75310510

Any company make small Marine style shoulder pads, something that'd fit IG better? I think Master Crafted had some a while back, but they've stopped making them. There's the Chaos Marauder pads (pic related) and they're quite nice, but they need some work and not readily available in larger numbers.

>> No.75310514

So it seems.
Go lick eight by eight bases, to correct your tongue.

>> No.75310522

it's a regiment selection thing iirc, BROOD BROTHERS

>> No.75310525

Imagine if GW constantly released models for new characters and the old characters went out of style. I'd drop the game immediately. Fuck you

>> No.75310526


>> No.75310527

Huron becoming the next Warmaster seemed pretty clear from the novels.

>> No.75310531

Yeah that's dumb. Aun'va is dead and he still has a model. Nut up GW

>> No.75310547

the word in english for "biggest section but is not a majority" is plurality
however technically that's only for voting, so while majority CAN be used for it, plurality is more accurate

>> No.75310565

How do I model Markerlights on infantry? I don't recall ever seeing an official model.

>> No.75310576

You are ok anon despite being a chaos player.

>> No.75310580

LED lamps

>> No.75310596

brood brothers are various GSC units with different datasheet and keywords to Astra Militarum units which they cannot take, the only other detachments they can have are Tyranids or more GSC i think

>> No.75310612

Nothing wrong with these lads

>> No.75310625

Pathfinders have markerlights on their weapons. They are the attachments on top of the gun fitted in front of their scopes.

>> No.75310644

Brood brothers in the GSC makes reference to number of things.
Brood Brothers the keyword
Brood Brothers the units (Brood Brothers, Heavy Weapons and Leman russ)
Brood Brothers the imperial Guard regiment
And I'm missing another one, but I can't be ass to look it up.
In other words GSC can have GSC, Nids and IG in the same army as long as they have different detachments.
IG replace Regiment for Brood Brothers and aux units like comissars, scion, Valks, Ogryn, etc also get the Brood Brother keyword, but still have all the restrictions they used to have.
Like Tempestors can't give order to Ogryn or GSC Brood Brother troop choice
GSC can take every single IG unit, as long they are on their own detachment

>> No.75310647

agreed, berzerkers are pure kino

>> No.75310664

Will it work if you separate 40k from the other GW game systems? Love having access to both, so please do keep it up!

I noticed your Kill Team folder was a little light so I just put what I've got in the MEGAdrop. Should be most of the cards release d for Killzones, teams, and tactics.

>> No.75310668

I got the Megas, thank you for not spoonfeeding me too much.

>> No.75310682

Noticed this guy in the art too. What's he up to?

>> No.75310689

Dementia mainly.

>> No.75310701

wow i actually learned something from a /40kg/
thanks for taking the time to elaborate, the GSC SC box is a bit more tempting now

>> No.75310702

I hate what 40k is becoming yet I cannot free myself, please help me.

>> No.75310704

he's rising from his tomb, they are pushing the 'undead' aspect of necrons more

>> No.75310709

Blueish green or greenish blue. No, I used it in TSons but they're sitting on the shelf until GW stops fucking them.

>> No.75310721


>> No.75310730

Please i can't take this anymore

>> No.75310741

Be warned that GSC are a cunt and half to play.
Overcosted, fragil, dumb restrictions, rules that only play during certain turns, rules that only happen once and then never again, etc

>> No.75310764

I was gonna fluff my side army of tau as being sent by the Ethereals to, I quote, "Go explore or some shit we dunno lmao"
Should I give them a specific visual theme? Was gonna just paint em T'au Sept.

>> No.75310787

Kill yourself. Unironically.

>> No.75310791

That makes more sense; I thought he was pulling a metal sheet off of the Necron in front of him.

>> No.75310797

how do i not feel like a massive faggot for bringing 6 bikes with my custodes army.
it just patches too many holes in my army

>> No.75310807

Here you go

>> No.75310818

Why would you feel guilty for playing Custodes when Space Marines exist?

>> No.75310843

>TQ: What's your favorite color and did you use it in your army scheme?
Purple, and no. Never been able to come up with a /yourdudes/ I like, so I play a canon faction.

>> No.75310844

>12" move t6 4w 4a 2+ 4++
>12 s4 ap- d1 shots
>reroll wound rolls on charge

they just feel so gross stats wise. but christ too good to not take.

>> No.75310853

>How good dreadnaughts are
What? Are you ok anon, are you having a stroke?
>complain that riptides can be protected via drones so it's ok
Yes, something that can literally handwave away 20-30 wounds worth of heavy anti-tank fire is pretty important yes. Or shall we have Iron Hand immortal wound passing siege dreadnaughts again if it isn't a big deal?

>> No.75310878

Just take them, you don't have that many units.

>> No.75310888

>s4 ap- d1

Oh noooo, whatever will those Space Marines do.... Oh yeah, right, just shrug it off.

>> No.75310909

this model is pure sex, what admech unit should i convert it to

>> No.75310919

Ok but it really DOES.

>> No.75310921

14" move iirc. Also I'd much rather the anti tank shots.

>> No.75310938

72 hurricane bolter shots is still gonna churn through some shit

>> No.75310941


>> No.75310944

Bike are perfectly fine, they're well priced and aren't ridiculous.
If you ever watched any Battle Reports on youtube, you'll see they actually get shot off pretty fast if the enemy focuses them.

Also, Hurricane Bolters aren't at all OP in a MEQ-dominated meta. A full 12 shot salvo (assuming all hit, which is safe given 2+ and rerolls) will on average kill 1 marine.

Personally, I only have/run 6 bikes, 1 cap and a unit of 5 regular boys.

>> No.75310952


>> No.75310954

One bike kills on average a single 2 wound marine that isn't in cover. It isn't that great.

>> No.75310967

>archeotech guns and servoskulls
>simple peg leg
this is peak ad mech

>> No.75310973

new one people

>> No.75310988

>dude revolvers lmao
I want this meme to END

>> No.75310989

>ywn be the radical inquisitor who takes the lone survivor of a genestealer cult into your custody and develops enough trust to place her on your personal retinue
>ywn pay dearly for your simp behavior when she stabs you in the back, steals your ship and plots a course for the nearest hive world
Puritans will never understand this pain.

>> No.75310992

I prefer 7" movement termies with +1 to advance and charge and advance and shoot rapid fire weapons.

>> No.75311001

>dude women lmao
I want this meme to END

>> No.75311021

Sorry to clarify I wasn't speaking of the vanilla dreadnaught. I'm not a SM player but apparently there's a dread for like 180pts with 13 wounds?

Anyway I was discussing the model itself, IF we go with support then point for point the SM is STILL better off. Run a fast attack or two to clear off the drones , or just some long range troop I suppose and suddenly you're looking at a 13 wound T7 model that has a 50% chance to hit and takes a mortal to protect itself/increase it's damage. I'm not saying that the riptide is bad, in any way. I'm saying that a 1-1 comparison to vaguely comparable SM models makes them look god awful.

>> No.75311026

you will not be missed

>> No.75311060

But what about the Manticors? Does it seem like a good idea?

>> No.75311141

is it hard to live with shit taste

>> No.75311200

theyre in all the meta guard lists right now so apparently

>> No.75311384

you tell me
from over there, where I can't smell your cowboy-larping non-bathing ass

>> No.75311571

Cringe & bulepilled :|

>> No.75311756

they came out the week before the covid lockdown and have been pretty much sold out since then.

>> No.75311780

isn't Jes Goodwin stayed behind because he was OK with selling out. He makes whatever management tells him to make.

>> No.75311797

its a sword leg

>> No.75312185

Not gonna abandon my tsons

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