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The True Chads take over edition
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>Thread FAQ(very old, remembers Age of Terra)
>Thread FAQ(suggestion)
>Erratas and extra downloads
>Rules and stuff for HH and Titanicus

==/ATG/ Zone==
>Rules and supplements
See the MEGA in HH section
>List of Titan Legions with Badges and Colours
>More lists
>What size magnets do I need?
>homemade missions:

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1rst for worst legion

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For the VIIth Legion!

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Third for best mechanicum

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Nice, anon. Have a cool praetor to show off?

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This is the only praetor i have, because the other one looked like shit

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What did he mean by this?

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>he doesn't know
I laugh at you anon.

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You forgot your smug animu avatar.

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Try to laugh when you choke on phosphex.

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Throw out the HorusCucks.
> n n n next bo bo book won't be shit!!!
> th th this is the last time I preorder!!! Promise!!!

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>impregnate the phosphex with negative psychic energy to make a phosphex psyk-out grenade

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Traitor Iron warriors had none of these

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Could you fucking restrain yourself from changing HH thread designation? You're a massive titanicus faggot, I understand that, but you don't have to mess around with titles, you piece of shit.

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But they have.....


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literally a joke about how titanicus is obviously second fiddle, autist. I only changed the order in the subject.

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HHG is in the title, who cares?

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This one also looks like shit anon.

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Is this the power of autism?

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Iron Warriors have at once extremely cool and total shit things going on with their fluff and feel. This is probably the only legion I can't make my mind about. Sometimes they seem dope, somehow rational and most grounded of all, at times they feel totally retarded, boring and unisnpiring.

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Frustrating how shit some of the regular posters are in hhg now.

I miss when the fuckwits were kicked around for fun

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I feel you. On one hand I should love them then I read their lore and they're just less interesting Krieg. Then you read about how they're the most competent traitor legion and you think you maybe missed something. Then the cycle just repeats.
But hazard stripes are cool.

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/ATG/ wins again!
>can’t have shitposters if no one posts

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This is still the best forum for discussion of HH, other forums are painful circlejerks of with power hungry mods.

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or worse, they’re dakkadakka which has an even more miserable and adversarial environment and bigger faggots.

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Dakka is so painful to read, they form cliques for each side. Every topic is always the same people arguing over the same shit. You either suck the full length of GW's cock or you are bitter cunt that yearns for Rogue Trader days. No inbetween.

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it is truly amazing to see that apparently, yes, HBMC does fully intend to “die mad about it.”
Never ever witnessed a more bitter person

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>"So... how long do we kneel here?"
>"Until he gives us permission to rise."
>"I think he's asleep."
>"You wanna risk it?"
>"Better not."

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The fuck. Reading legions fluff in black books, DG were probably the most fucked up legion which at some point decided to burn and pollute every world they have conquered and to deliberately cause as much unnecessary damage as possible.Preferably with chemicals. Also they had the highest attrition rate (ok, WE and IW had higher, but WE are out of equation because they agreed for retard implants and Pert was a master of logistics) because Mortarion decided that it's cool to walk slowly under heavy fire. IW are memed but DumbGuard is just pathetic.

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>"I'd like to change a knee..."
>"hm, what?"
>"I just said that I... wait a minute, are you watching Real Housewives of Davin on your helm display?"

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I think my biggest complaint about the modern HH series, both in the novels and FW stuff, is how so many legions were already aligned with their primarchs' methods before meeting them. Death Guard are one of my favorite legions largely because of how much they changed when they met Morty. The change from Dusk Raiders to Death Guard was huge, but now we learn that Night Lords were always a terror weapon, Dark Angels were always secretive, World Eaters were always super choppy, and so on.
Back before all this lore came out, I imagined the legions all starting off fairly generic, the Emperor designing them to be soldiers first and foremost. A few would develop distinct identities during the Crusade, but they wouldn't really become truly distinct until their primarchs, who were originally just intended to be fucking great generals but who are now very heavily influenced by new cultures, returned and turned everything upside down. I feel like the Emperor would have been more likely to make 20 all-comers forces rather than a bunch of specialized units.
There would be exceptions, of course. I can't imagine Thousand Sons geneseed ever not having a lot of psychic potential, for example, but I think you get what I mean.
The Emperor designing each legion for a specific job and then having the chaos gods send the primarchs to the perfect world to train them for that job seems lazy and overly convenient to me.

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I find no fault at specializations, except that "conviniently" most primarch's backgrounds or methods of war overlapped with their yet to be joined legions. Unless of course it was all part of the plan which sounds like a max stretch.

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the psychology of space marines are shaped by their geneseed which is based upon their primarch and this geneseed shapes the minds of primarch and legionary alike making them more alike than to other legions when isolated. Konrad was always meant to be a terror weapon, perhaps in greater days he could have been one of just terror but ended up as one of barbaric and degenerate terror. The legions were shaped from their father's genetic information and were supposed to work alongside the primarchs from the origin of the heresy but without their primarchs hand they ended up often strange and flawed, so to did their primarchs (designed with an upbringing on terra in mind) get a bit fucked up by their early years away from terra, But both primarch and legion are made from the same stuff more or less which means that in some cases they will end up quite alike as a night lord is designed to favor terror while say a white scar prefers to stay on the edges of civilization driving away the terrors.

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origin of the great crusade*

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I can somewhat agree with this, but I think there’s a good job mixing the ones that changed and the ones that stayed the same. WE changed if not massively, IH and DG changed significantly, as did the BA, RG, WB, and to a lesser extent White Scars and Sallies. DA had minor changes but only minor, wolves of both kinds found their primarch so early they barley had time to be anything, IF and UM changed not at all, IW didn’t really change, Alphas are meme, Tsons and EC are sort of defined by their pre primarch tragedies that shaped their latter character as their primarchs repaired them. you could argue that night lords changed a fair bit near the end when nostramo started sending them worse gene stock.
Though i won’t deny the “and they went to the perfect planet to become what they were destined to be” is a bit blatant wuth some but less so for say, ferrus, vulkan, dorn, fulgrim and sanguinius. Fulgrim’s planetary takeover and subsequent rule is still retarded to me. “Yeah the mines suck but let’s paint about it”

>> No.75302625

But the primarchs were also changed by their trip through the warp. The most obvious one is Sanguinius, with the wings and all, but they were all altered. The geneseed left on Terra, which was used to make the first marines, was not tainted in this way. The changed version of the primarch DNA did not enter the legions until the primarchs reunited with the Emperor.

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Here ya go gents. Just dropping this in to be ripped apart or praised. May it be entertaining if only for a moment.


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2/4. Right side. Suck at plasma glow.

>> No.75302730

3/4 posterior aspect.

>> No.75302743

4/4 Left side, trying to figure out how to go about weathering both shoulders.

>> No.75302748

Yes, eight legions that turned to Horus' side. One would imagine his own legion was already on his side.

>> No.75302792

It's fine. Weathering is a bit uneven and a bit too heavy, but that's personal preference. Also too glossy, but could be the camera.

7/10, better than most shit on the tabletop, but won't win any awards.

>> No.75302804

interesting theory but it explicitly includes the luna wolves in this list and doesn’t say “who sided with the sons of horus” but “who were to turn on their brothers”
I presume Alan’s OG plan was perhaps to keep the TS neutral after prospero rather than join the siege. come to think of it i think he may have hinted at this

>> No.75302833

is he an ammo bearer? If so how does he do a good job at it if he has a power fist in one hand and a plasma gun in the other? Do his squads just need the ammo that bad?

>> No.75302839

Bit too much weathering, or at least it could be managed better. The decals are glossy. The purple shadows on the coppery trim seems odd. I’m bemused by the bullet decal - does he forget where he keeps his ammo if it’s not labeled?
solid scheme though, 7/10

>> No.75302855

The text doesn't say eight that joined Horus, just eight that turned, and the 4 would be War Hounds, Imperial Heralds, Luna Wolves, and Dusk Raiders.
Maybe they aren't counting thousand sons? Or it's shitty editing.

>> No.75302865

Wrote a list based around one truly massive gun. At 3k I can get some more aircraft and mobile elements in there but at the moment it is Iron Warriors-tier static despite the Thallax.

2500 Ordo Reductor Crusade detachment

Archmagos Reductor, Djinn-Skein, 4x Occularis, Machinator, Familliar, Photon Thruster (315)

Secutarii Axiarch, omnispex, photon gauntlet, power fist (80)

10 Hoplites, Omnispex (140)
3x3 Thallax, plasma fusil, meltabombs, Destructor (175x3)

Avenger Fighter, 2x Krakens, Battle Servitor Control (190)
3 Destructors, Photon Thruster (240)
ORAT squadron, 2x medusa, Machine Spirits, Siege Plating (310)

Fortification: Aegis line, quadgun (100)
Lord of War: Macrocannon Aquila Strongpoint, Void Shield, 4x Heavy Bolter (600)

>Total 2500/2500

Axiarch mans the big gun with Deconstructive Confluence, Hoplitesman the bunker, everyone else does the obvious things. Aegis line wraps around the front of the big fort for 4+ cover, Myrmidons stand off, Thallax dart around and cap stuff while the artillery can either stand back and rain hell or serve as assault tanks with front AV13 and Machine Spirit letting them move 12 and shoot.

>> No.75302869

The sentence goes on for a while, ending with "in the service of the traitor Horus." Also, TS were basically excommunicated before the Heresy, so they didn't really turn with the rest, but became more allies of convenience.

>> No.75303241

>Fulgrim’s planetary takeover and subsequent rule is still retarded to me. “Yeah the mines suck but let’s paint about it”
Unless they changed it (and its BL so they may have) Fulgrim's backstory was that he increased the planet's recycling efficiency and land reclamation to the point that it went from a constant struggle not to starve overnight to a place where people had time for leisure activities. How does that not make sense?

>> No.75303417

why are your word bearers green

>> No.75303436

>Every topic is always the same people arguing over the same shit

literally hhg

>> No.75303493

ehhh I mean you can make an argument that some of the legions clearly derive their nature from intentional geneseed traits (or at least the byproducts of intentional traits) but there's clearly a psychic element to it, probably most clearly in the IX whose descendants all get memories of being on the wall during the Siege and yeah, OK, their particular geneseed was intended to ramp up the eating brains thing from the start but that's just fucking weird

not that big of a stretch to suggest that the Night Lords, Blood Angels and other psyker or weak-psyker Primarchs had some kind of innate but unrecognized connection to their legions even long before they were found

or maybe the flesh-change wasn't the only gift Teethczh bestowed on the legions, maybe it gave them the gift of narrative irony

>> No.75303572

warlord lascutter for titanicus when

>> No.75303725

Right now faget

>S: 13/9 D: 2/3 Range: 2”/T
>traits: Draining, Versatile (each time it’s activated, the titan may choose to use its Lascutter with either the first profile and the melee trait, or the second profile and the firestorm trait)

>> No.75303781

It's explicitly the Transmens. The War Hounds, Imperial Heralds, Dusk Raiders and Luna Wolves are all listed (so it can't be Horus own legion that's not counted). The other four are the Iron Warriors, Alpha Legion, Emperor's Children and Night Lords.

The Thousand Sons don't turn on their brothers in the Isstvan betrayal - they don't participate in it at all and fight only incidentally in the early stages of the conflict. As far as Russ is concerned they're pretty much fucked at that point. Book 1 only deals with that betrayal - I think it's mentioned or alluded to several other times in the same book, but I don't have time to re-read the whole thing tonight.

Of the remaining legions, six of the loyalists have definite names and identities before reuniting with their Primarchs so it sort of falls down there; the IX also were called the Eaters of the Dead and Revenant Legion, so seven, arguably, but that's not the point of a hagiography of the Imperium which is the perspective the black books are written from.

Betrayal p. 27
>Battle honours were accumulated and the effect of each Legion's character worked upon them, so that as the Legions expanded to conquer the galaxy, storm cloud grey became granite, silver, viridian, iron, sable, gold, ocean, ash or ice

pick scheme, do scheme

>> No.75303830

flesh change confirmed for side effects of Testosterone injections

>> No.75304586

>Battle honours were accumulated and the effect of each Legion's character worked upon them, so that as the Legions expanded to conquer the galaxy, storm cloud grey became granite, silver, viridian, iron, sable, sable, sable, gold, ocean, ash or ice
Fixed that for FW, man even in Betrayal they just weren't on it.

>> No.75304718

I like it. It's silly, but it should be fun.
I suggest converting fighter-drones instead of using the standard Avenger.

>> No.75304782

that’s a fucking sexy conversion

>> No.75304807


Yeah, that was the plan. I was going to try and build something vaguely similar to pic related, and then mount a Leviathan Storm Cannon in the belly hatch as a kind of hover-gunship.

Regular Avengers are cool but the model looks a little low-tech. At 3k I'll probably add a second Avenger and a couple of Krios tanks or a Macrocarid, get a little more mobility in there.

I don't know if the quadgun emplacement can use the BS and special rules of the Hoplites that would normally be firing it if it's shooting Interceptor, but I see no reason why it shouldn't. Makes it kinda brutal against Kraken lightnings that would otherwise rip the fort to pieces. Hits on 2+ rerollable, -1 to Jink from Omnispex and pens on 5+ with +1 to damage table.

>> No.75304970

Using terrain as spaceships/vehicles always looks cheap IMO. Best to mash actual vehicles together.

>> No.75305107

Scananon needs to upload Fury of Magnus already

>> No.75305134

How could he upload a book he doesn’t have?

>> No.75305229

i've sceen screenshots

>> No.75305324

Yes retard, but it was a special edition limited release that he almost certainly didn’t buy, since i’ve only seen him buy rule books anyway
all the past special edition novels were uploaded by other anons. don’t be such a faget.

>> No.75305366

My shift was so fucking long I missed 2 threads. Goddamn

I could use some advice on a list, to follow

>> No.75305425

2,000pt list.
Detachment 1: Word Bearers
RoW: Orbital Assault

Zardu Layak
+Drop Pod

Chaplain w/power maul

7 man Gal Vorbak squad

Tactical squad w/CCW
+Drop Pod

Tactical squad w/CCW
+Drop Pod

Detachment 2: Death Guard
RoW: Creeping Death

Delegatus in Cataphractii w/power scythe

Siege Breaker w/power fist

Apothecarion Detachment

20 man tactical squad w/extra CCW

20 man tactical squad w/extra CCW

>> No.75305436

Forgot a heavy weapons squad with the DG. They’re rocking missile launchers

>> No.75305465

thematically neat, realistically you have absolutely no way of dealing with your opponent even bringing a handful of AV 13, let alone a single land raider, spartans, a typhoon, leviathans or even contemptors. my advice is pick one team or go shattered legions and pick one rite.

>> No.75305625

I really like white scars fluff and crunch but I don't want to paint all white PA and vehicles. Would making an army that's committed some great sin (like the Sagyar mazan) and then painting their entire brotherhood black like the Ebon keshig do be super wrong? I would leave stuff like shoulders with the legion mark white of course.

>> No.75305656

I don't think this is a legal list. You can't take 2 full detachments in HH; one would need to be an allied detachment. That means you can't do 2 HQs in one of those forces. Also, the delegatus must be your Warlord, so that can't be your allied one.
And, as the other anon said, you are going to have a bad day against vehicles like predators, dreads, land raiders, and pretty much anything airborn.

This looks like a lot of fun to play against, though. If your opponent is playing a similar list you should have an enjoyable game.

>> No.75305724

i don’t think so, would be neat, just don’t forget the red

>> No.75305869

Sounds fine

>> No.75306043

Thanks for the feedback, gents. I missed that about the delegatus and had to go back and check for anything else

Now I’ve gotta make the hardest choice and pick between WB and DG. Or say fuck it since my gaming group is small as shit and already okay with basically anything. Even so, I do have a problem with AV right now and my current plan is “kill the important infantry with the WB and hold objectives with the DG”

>> No.75306053

Sounds both fluffy and cool. Bonus points for at least getting their specific armor kits to make them stand out as White Scars

>> No.75306122

Good boy points if you include some mk V

>> No.75306461

Thanks everyone! I'm gonna go ahead and do it. I have lots of Mk ii and scars upgrades that I'll shower them in, will have to get some Mk V for those peak heresy mixed armour squads

>> No.75306503

Pst, hey kid.
Want to transcend the weakness of the flesh and become a beautiful machine unyielding to time?
Turns u into a thallax

>> No.75306600

fuck I didn't know the vorax was that big
I thought it was closer to thallax size

>> No.75306618

the answer is selective canon, as it is in any situation where the writers can't decide in which direction to pull
personally I like angel exterminatus iron warriors

>> No.75306666

don't you want to be put into the I have a mouth and I still can't scream bot?

>> No.75306673


>> No.75306924

Finished The Fury of Magnus and had some questions.

Did the female perpetual give up her eternal life as a perpetual by free will or something? It was cool in a way but a little confusing. She’s definitely dead-dead now.

Did Malcador actually come back from his death at Magnus’ hand? It seemed very final feeling. His return described him as more empty and sad so I’m not sure if he’s actually depressed as shit now or someone else.

>> No.75306993

what's a cool army if I like tanks and camaraderie

>> No.75307020

Either Solar Auxilia or Imperial Militia my guy

>> No.75307116

Is a normal game of 30k still 2k points like 40k or do people usually play 3k or some shit?

>> No.75307147

Iron hands

>> No.75307156

but they're turbo autists

>> No.75307192


>> No.75307304

and so are (you), you should get along well

>> No.75307319


>> No.75307325

Its different; similar-ish size, but with its differences. 30k is more suited for 2500pts or higher, give or take.

>> No.75307330

Getting closer, just need to add the white stripes, touchups and do the weapons. These might take another month to finish but at least it's been fun.

>> No.75307354

I do love Solar Aux... maybe it won't be TOO expensive if I keep it relatively elite...

>> No.75307429

>that coil weapon

>> No.75307571

>look at their rules
>Carnodon maxes out at like 90 points if you're really pushing it
>costs 90 euro too
Haha FW you're so silly

>> No.75307606

>when demo dracosan exists
its like you dont even powergame

>> No.75308561

Having a Mechanicum warmachine look like a tripod from War of the Worlds is pretty genius.

>> No.75309292

IW win hands down when compared to DG in every way, starting from Primarch ending at aestethics.

>> No.75309589

True but to be fair Perty is one of the best primarch sculpts out there. He might be a cunt but he's a beautiful cunt.

>> No.75309769

orimarch i'll give you because perty's autism at least get things done, he's not the biggest hypocrite in the galaxy and unlike morty he isn't second banana in his own legion.
Aesthetics though, i dunno, dg poop dunk/nurgle corruption is fuck ugly, but boltgun metal rust and hazard stripes is also fucking ugly and lazy as all hell to boot so that's a draw, as are their most popular rites which're both about being a blast spamming shitgoblin
the diglets do win on units though, everything is terminators is more fun than just spamming havocs + beepboops are crap, albeit entertaining in memes.

>> No.75309778

Even in fluff Pert beats Mortarion. I'd even say that giving Mortarion his legion and allowing him to shape it in his own twisted image was worse thing than any retardedations caused by Perturabo.

>> No.75309987

2k isn't enough points to warrant a big Allied Detachment, which you technically done wrong with too many HQs. Zardu cannot take a Drop Pod on his own. 50 tacticals will accomplish virtually nothing but a war of attrition since you have no AT

>> No.75310046

I'd still go for "I identify myself as a part of tools department in Walmart" IW, than with pooped over white with diarrhea inspired green DG with. One looks functional and brutal, other looks just unhigienic.
Ironfire is for fat bitches because Hammer of Olympia = what real IW are about. Storming the breach while hollering and pew pewing on full auto is awesome. And IW have Siege termies so it's not that they lack TDA awesomness anyway.

>> No.75310232

i was going to mention siege termies but much like the typhon it's basically perty channellung his inner ork and just adding more dakka

>> No.75310262

>The fuck. Reading legions fluff in black books, DG were probably the most fucked up legion which at some point decided to burn and pollute every world they have conquered and to deliberately cause as much unnecessary damage as possible.
Read the newer DA fluff, they were just as bad, but most of their records has been removed, at least early crusade stuff.

>> No.75310305


>> No.75310322

is his poison rebreather actually filled with super lemon gas?

>> No.75310349

female space marines when

>> No.75310416

When ADB gets hired to write black books to fill Bligh's shoes

>> No.75310487

I love that image of the primarchs at the ullanor triumph where the others are just standing around while morty is brapping poison like a smokestack

>> No.75310648

Yeah, but DG were using chem weapons just because their primarch liked them, not because it was always the most effective tool at their disposal. And it's not that DA rolled always with Dreadwing warcrimes.

>> No.75310716


He’s also all in on the Great Marine Squattening conspiracy theory, and takes them being given the same wounds as primaris as further evidence they’ll be gone any day now.

>> No.75310780

Currently finishing a commissioned epic 30k toads modeling project. 3 units left to go!

>> No.75310892

very nice

>> No.75310901

them blades be THICC

>> No.75310951

The DG didn't do warcrimes always either, not against human worlds who could be turned. Mostly against xenos or worse, xenos psykers.

>> No.75310964

Unfortunately you gotta overcomp for casting minimums and durability. It looks fine on tabletop (shitty test prints)

>> No.75310984

It's not a war crime if you don't declare a war.

>> No.75310987

took me a moment to realize this wasn’t a conspiracy theory about the fact that marine models are always vaguely squatting

>> No.75311032

maybe the real squats were the marines we made along the way...

>> No.75311047

oh fuck I thought they were meant to be 28mm
on a side note, valdor's model is so dumb

>> No.75311081


>> No.75311185

It's also not a warcrime when there's no one left to report it.

>> No.75311192

He's a fuckin space fridge

>> No.75311222

Mortarion is literally a person who hates fags and wishes them death, but when you browse his search history 90% is gay porn.

>> No.75311277


>> No.75311300

It makes perfect sense, to hate you need to understand the gay, so you watch it.

>> No.75311340


>> No.75311345

At least you can't blame him for prejudice.

>> No.75311367

Ah so that's where THAT comment came from

>> No.75311418


>> No.75311453

That speech is so gay and totally ruins it

>> No.75311480


>> No.75311570

>needs to indulge in YT drama
Go away.

>> No.75311727

Whats the best AT infantry option the astartes have? Especially against superheavies

>> No.75311842

Melta bombs and chainfists :^)

>> No.75311876

Scouts, assault squads, and terminators. All can take Armourbane weapons.

>> No.75311901

Not all superheavies are all sides AV 14. Baneblade chasis has 12 at the rear and 13 at the sides, and that's a good material for melta, AC or not. But yeah, what>>75311842said, your surest way is multiple MB or CHF attacks in melee, preferably by a fast moving, suicidal unit. Preferably jetbikes.

>> No.75312422


>> No.75312475

>Mortarion decided that it's cool to walk slowly under heavy fire.
Implying he was wrong.

>> No.75312506

Yes he was. Your point is?

>> No.75312517


>> No.75312573

>people accuse me of bringing real world politics onto the tabletop and even if I do they shouldn't say that because I'm gay

>> No.75312644

not him but the point he’s making is obvious if you watch the clip, which is actually a pretty weak sketch for them

>> No.75313077

Was not that because Mortarion was addicted to the gases of Barbarus or something

>> No.75313454

Even if i slap some paint on it ?

>> No.75313579

If an AL Saboteur pops his auto-penetrating hit on a vehicle/building with a Void Shield, does it hit the shield or go clean through like a close combat attack?

>> No.75313585

Clean up your base rim

>> No.75313729


>> No.75314769

>want to play marines but something feels off
>after much thinking realize what I really want to do is a Badab War successor army
>no point in 40k because primaris ruined marines
>no point in 30k for obvious reasons

>> No.75314776

Looking awesome

>> No.75314793

Play Executioners. They have their roots in 30k and small sections of them can be painted in their color scheme.

>> No.75314874

It's not really stated, but I would come down on the side of Sabotage being a sort of shooting attack as it can only target (among other things) a transport, not the unit inside the transport. So to prevent being hit by a Saboteur's attack, you would just hide it inside a transport until he arrived. Void shields are fully effective against a shooting attack and so the void-shielded target of such an attack would simply collapse one shield (which is still an advantage since there's no AP roll to fail, and the Saboteur is going to arrive in his own turn, not the enemy turn, giving no chance to restore the shield before the weakness can be exploited) when the Saboteur turns up.

There's also an argument for melee (cover saves may not be taken against the Sabotage attack, cover saves do not apply in melee), but there are also weapons which ignore cover with shooting attacks so it's not 100% watertight as arguments go. The Saboteur does come with melta bombs as standard so it's arguably supposed to represent that, but I also feel that if that were the case we might expect the attack to be an automatic melta bomb hit, even if it could be shared out to infantry per the actual rule. As it stands neither the infantry nor vehicle attack is much like a melta bomb profile anyway.

Personally? Shooting attack, unless it's FAQ'd somewhere/sometime. If you're unable to agree, roll off for it.

>> No.75314906

Did they ever update the Tyrant's Legion for 8E?

What the hell is a Badab War successor army anyway?

>> No.75314974

Could be a pretty cool force but I don't care for IF sadly. Also aesthetically I prefer the look of 40k marine vehicles and I'd want mk 7 and 8 in there too. I think I should just look into a compeltely different army for 30k.
A successor chapter featured in the Badab War. Maybe I worded it a little awkwardly. Big fan of Mantis Warriors and Minotaurs. As for the rules I believe you're just supposed to use successor chapter rules, so no unique rules to them.

>> No.75315007

greens a bit flat which i’m sure you know. I think something was up with your primer in the last picture, looked a bit off
he’s a handsome fella now

>> No.75315010

Do space sharks. Embrace mark5.

>> No.75315082

mate, they only barely updated badab for 5th edition
honest advice? build the force as a modeling/painting challenge for yourself, shill on insta/tg/reddit/b&c, collect your validation and see if a lgs won’t put it in a display case.
Or play it in epic
Or, if you want to go turbo autism, work on making a 3.5 revival that incorporates the best of IA and the good books that came later like 4th ed SM/BT, 5th ed DE, maybe 8/9th sisters and GSC if your scene likes em. Bring back the best years of FW and GW. Laugh while you kill.

>> No.75315104

actually alternate option 4 you could do >>75315010 and make them the origin story of the sharks in the heresy, which would be frighteningly based

>> No.75315135


Yeah, that was my thought. Each hit scored against the model strikes the void shield unless it's explicitly a close combat attack, and this isn't. I think if it was a narrative match it would make sense for it to go through since the fluff is that the guy has planted some sneaky bombs, but RAW it hits the shield.
Great for fortifications that get messed up badly by penetrating hits and can take a cheap void.

>> No.75315249

Dracosans and volkite vets can help you fill up points and have a nasty, short range fire base; your looking ~1150pts to get:
4 Dracosans+Demolisher cannon
40 Velataris Storm Section with volkite chargers.

Quick and dirty, but then sprinkle in tonks

>> No.75315254

"Father would have us as crows, sitting around brooding in the shadows. Nay, say I, we should be as sharks. The apex of predators. Lurking in the murky deep only until we come to grips with our foes."

>> No.75315423

>not taking power axe sections
You goof

>> No.75315564

Been a while since I read the raven guard black book stuff but raven guard Terran vets who served under horus and use lots of termies would be a pretty cool force.
Corax is a total cunt btw and it's a wonder it didn't result in a DA or WS type schism.

>> No.75315574

Couple ways you could do them too - raven guard liberation force, black shields, or shattered legions with RG and SoH (to represent terran brutal horusaboos) or WE (to represent their last chapter tactics near perfect, but i’m not in love with that)

>> No.75315631


If I may weigh in on the Pertie vs Morty legion debate, they represent two different aspects of siege warfare in a way.

Death Guard are meant to invoke the muddy, grimy hellscape of poison gas and over the top charges and gun battles in no man's land; ala some twisted futuristic WW1 doctrine of the British Infantry at the Battle of Somme with the German penchant for chlorine gas shells. Hell, their colour scheme is meant to highlight that fact. Forlorn pessimism and an attraction to just going hard in the toxic hellscape they drop on enemy forces.

IW are the Prussian+German army of WW1, through and through, just take out the chemical weapons usage and add in rolling bombardments as a common doctrine. These guys are through and through professionals of the craft, requiring no embellishments or other things; purely functional aesthetic. Stoic with the undercurrent of bitter rage when it comes down to the wire.

Pick the one you like best

>> No.75315668

it only didn’t because Horus decided to fuck corax over at gate 42, which lead to corax suiciding his terran horusaboos at it. he then told the rest to piss off into fleets, and the loyal ones who tried to control their brutality became Sharks, the cunts became ashen claws, and the biggest horusaboos did, it seem, join him.

>> No.75315720

Thats fuckin metal; I can respect that shit. You will shred the shit out of marines if you get a chance to swing.

I havent seen how well they work in game, but I would assume they are able to do some work

>> No.75315734

It doesn't seem super clear if the Carcharodons were offshoots of the Ashen Claws or were a separate group from the start.

>> No.75315743

>some twisted futuristic WW1 doctrine of the British Infantry at the Battle of Somme
it’s referenced in the section about old albia and the dusk raiders, I think thr shtick is partially “what if the meme about british officers telling their men to walk, not run, across no man’s land because it would be 2spooky was not just true but worked”

>> No.75315767

I think the idea is to send them at termies who are usually Int 1 anyway for mutually assured carnage that trades points reasonably well

>> No.75315779

Yeah they are pretty cool, it's a shame they lack an assault transport besides the Stormlord.

>> No.75315848


They need some buff stacking and suffer badly from lack of assault transport, but they make great countercharge units if you just take one squad and keep them around your shooty stuff.

Household Retinue get WS5 if you keep them base to base because of Close Formation Fighting, plus whatever goodies your HQ brings along like Marshal's 2.5++ save, surprisingly good initiative, anti-charge field and Paragon Blade.

>> No.75315858

This is starting to sound pretty doable... How are Castellax in SA? I happen to have 2

>> No.75315944


Much the same as Castellax anywhere else, although you have to be careful with Cortex Control since the Enginseers you bring to get access to them are easily shootable and massive targets since every automata they have can take a Haywire grenade launcher. 8 haywire shots will fry any vehicle with ease, AV14 flare-shielded Spartan or not.

>> No.75316235

Not only did nostramo send their worse gene stock they were also subverting the legion with real world politics. It’s implored in the primarch novel that the old nobility and the gang leaders were working together to seize control of nostramo and the legion. I’m pretty sure it’s skraivok who was legit old blood nobility was being sent gang recruits specifically to him and not the legion at the large to bolster his strength

>> No.75316244

Unrelated, but managed to come into possession of some oldmarine stuff from a buddy who is getting out of 40k for SW legion. Would Mars Pattern vehicles be kosher for 30k? I know they were not as prevalent as the Deimos pattern but figure they were more liked in smaller detachments in the late Crusade/ later Heresy. Have a few painted up so far.

Hell yeah, thats why my buddy got into Death Guard.

Yeah, thinking on it more, getting them into Terminators seems pretty solid trade.

>> No.75316309

Yeah mars pattern is fine

>> No.75316461

Mars pattern was available and some legions are known for favouring Mars for its robustness, like SW.

You could make slight changes to them, like get the FW extra armour kit that bulks the turret a little, and maybe replace the stock autocannon barrel with, say, one from the Dunecrawler kit. It has that FW 30k autocannon look to it. Seen some people do it and it looks nice.

>> No.75316509

What the fuck is this, John? I hate everything I'm looking at.

>> No.75316561

god but I love the spartan
such a nice homage to the old land raider

>> No.75316585

People get a bit autistic about armour marks and vehicle patterns, but it's fine. The galaxy is a big place. The paingjobs look pretty good, aside from a bit of cleanup on the pred's tracks.

>> No.75316618

Ah, solid stuff. The 'plus sign' muzzlebreak I can probably make using a modelling file; the recoil compensators would take a bit of work. Sorry anon, not trying to be lazy, just stuck in poorfag mode for now.

>> No.75316656

Found an image of the conversion.

>> No.75316731

Honestly, perfectly fine; all my other stuff is mk 3, mk4, cataphractii, tartaros and justaerin. I wont touch anything that shouldnt be floating around during the time period, or at least be a variant of something from the time period.

Nothing wrong with that, but what about it do you hate, anon? How can I improve the aesthetic/painting?

Damn straight; love this big fucking brick of resin. Briefly got to try it in HH before the local scene died because of 8th, it was a near unkillable monster.

Wish I could find a new HH group in my new locale, but Im sure there is at least a few.

>> No.75316848

Alright, thats pretty fucking slick; bit pissed I never though of the stacked HK's on the side of the turret, ala M3 Bradley style. Did do the smoke launchers on the underside of the turret though.

>> No.75316876

where's the base from anon?

>> No.75316883

How many smoke launchers does that thing got?

>> No.75316945

In the kit, two. On the one I painted up? Four. Enough smoke to cover ~300* around the tank if the turret is facing forward. Have a fair number of spare bits around, including smoke launchers

>> No.75316992

>Smokes lets go

>> No.75317073

It's too clean. It doesn't even look like they've just rolled out of the factory; it looks like they were assembled in a sterilised laboratory.

>> No.75317110

Best thing about weathering is you can do it whenever you want and it's never too late to add more.

>> No.75317161

>why are your word bearers green
This somehow sounds like an absolutely vile insult or something out of context.

>> No.75317186


>> No.75317188

Do the following anon. Join the forgotten sons of the Raven.


this an absolutely unfathomably based take. fuck FW and GW - be free. do this instead.

>> No.75317198

You have a very good point there; admittedly Im not confident in my ability to weather currently, but am slowly learning with some Team Yankee shit I have around. I will take it as a compliment on my gorilla hands becoming steady and methodical at least. Would you mind sharing some sauce on weathering examples, or should I look at the Blood Angel guy from the start of the thread?

>> No.75317265

>The Codex Astartes strongly advises the Battle Squat POSITION as the grounding of basic Astartes fighting posture.
>It is named as such because the Battle Brother must gently crouch, pauldrons-width apart, to a distance from the ground approximate to as if one were sitting upon a Squat's head.

>> No.75317296

>DumbGuard is just pathetic.
That was obvious from the get-go. They gave in their immortal souls to serve the Chaos god of greasy, infected diarrhea. They are not smart men.

>> No.75317574

Has anyone here played with the 8th/9th edition rules I've seen around? Are they any good? I honestly can't bring myself to go back to the 6th/7th edition ruleset.

>> No.75317701

I dont think they had much say in the matter; like waterboarding, but with super diarrhea instead of water.

Ive tried it here and there in 8th edition, initially it was a bit underwhelming, then it got overwhelming with the points cost reduction mirroring the 8th ed Numarine codex. Honestly, if you could mash certain factors from 8/9th with 7th, you could have something pretty good, like save modifiers, but vehicles, etc. get their armour facings+saving throw. Multi-damage weapons and things over strength 10 could work nicely as well, same with potentially giving everything 9th ed vehicle rmove and shoot rules. Not sure how you would do blast weapons, perhaps a combo of, 'roll the heavy d6 for single targets, use the pieplate for squads?'

>> No.75317988

>be free. do this instead

does anybody know of a II/XI player? any good armies out there just spamming Furious Charge or whatever it is generics get as their LA?

>> No.75318076

So I'll throw this on here; it's not done yet, but I've spent an impossible amount of time working on it and any feedback (even "it sucks") would be appreciated.

Known issues;
Contemptor-cortus is just... Wrong
Thunder hammer not nerfed
Paragon Blade exists as a weapon option without stats
Power fist and chainfist not reversed.
Dark angels have point entries for units but no datasheets
Dark angels do not specialist detachments.
Formatting is ALL over the place.

>> No.75318124

The 9E blast rule - squad numbers count for minimum hits with a Blast weapon, max hits for outsized squads - is a great improvement over templates generally. I think my only problem with the ruleset generally - given that it's mostly just doing what the older rules did, but with cleaner operations and less time eaten away - is that I'd like Overwatch to be better. Haven't played with the new rules - I think it's very limited in terms of who can Overwatch, which is how it was when it was introduced and it took away your prior movement/shooting phase and even had to be marked with a counter - but I still think certain weapons should be auto-hit rather than snap shots at that range, maybe even turn your hit rolls in the melee into snap-hits. It's hard to look at a terminator squad with storm bolters and assault cannon and heavy flamers and say "yeah, they're going to unload onto those purestrains buuut basically only fire stands any chance of hitting them" when the assault cannon should shred anything that gets close.

Also, I really, really want assault cannons to go back to being rotary autocannons and not just rotary autoguns, but that's just me.

>> No.75318196

Shit, you made this whole thing? Honestly man, the Heresy.net guys have this thing already done up. I can see you put a fuckload of effort into this, so its a shame to say that those guys beat you to it.

It needs some major reformatting, a table of contents, the whole 9 yards there, but raw data, you got all the statlines.|

Cortus dreads have a shittier shield, so giving them the same 5++ doesnt thematically fly.

Thunderhammer nerf?

>> No.75318225

>is a great improvement over templates generally
ding dong your opinion is wrong
what made templates good was that they compensated for low BS armies' appalling accuracy by just not caring
being able to lay down plates everywhere was both thematic and great fun
and it's an archetype that's completely dead, taking a number of fun units with it, with the new blast rules doing nothing to bring that back

>> No.75318228

Yeah, thunder hammer got a reduction of ap by one to -2.

Cortus should be 115 points for a 3+ws, 3+bs, s6, w8 Contemptor with the helbrute Crazed rule. And a 6+ invuln.

>> No.75318258

Fair enough; it was merely a spitball option, but Ive used the 10" blast template in 7th as an ex-guard player, and fuck me, you havent experienced true power until you evaporated a full 30 man Ork mob with one shot. Suppose its up to your gaming group, but the 9th ed rule would work just fine.

I actually really prefer weapon and vehcle armour facings, but I find the infantry rules are pretty good for 8/9th. On the flip side, I get pretty fucking tired of rando shots, and damage and like the consistency and nuance of 7th ed

>> No.75318360

Last time I checked, I needed a login for heresy.net to download their stuff, and I never hear anybody talking about their work so I decided to do my own.

>> No.75318370

Anon please be realistic. They are I1 with their axes, have no mobility as you mentioned and marine players are not stupid, when fighting SA you see a lot of power maces on the assault units. Literally no SA unit has a staying power to hold a dedicated astartes cc unit for even a single phase so countercharging is not an even doable. Especially since T3,4+ 10 man unit is so easy to shot down anyway. I often play vs auxilia and always feel bad afterwards even though my opponent considers it a fair game, but his veletaris with axes never made it into CC even once. Truth be told I don't even know how would I play them myself, lack of assault transport is too big obstacle to overcome. Better take volkites.

>> No.75318404

>Iron Warriors don't have a Bull named Trench fighter unit which use shields and power weapons

>> No.75318469

Logged on, last post was 3 days ago in regards to the 30k 9th port; still alive and kicking.

Depends, I dont optimize to fight solar auxilia beyond chain axes on reavers. Its also hard to say since Ive been cucked on actual HH rules and games since 2017. Its a tough bill to get the murder firefighters into CQC, but they should be able to suicide with a termi-squad for less than half the cost. What legion/faction do you run anon?

>> No.75318524


Oh yeah, I was perhaps a little over the top, it's certainly a style unit at best and relies heavily on the Lord Marshal tanking hits to get a decent number of swings off. I've seen them deployed fairly well in a lasrifle section list against Assault squads that would otherwise chew through the entire line or mopping up stuff like drop meltavets.
Not sure about the power mace thing though, there's usually so many Marines relative to Auxilia, Militia, Mechanicum and Daemons that nobody bothers with the AP4 aside from list tailoring.

>> No.75318572

Yeah, they definitely should have a cc+close range stormtroopers for the job to complete their siege/trench warfare image. There are couple of options already to represent such unit but I wish there was a dedicated one with their own shenanigans.

>> No.75318641

point taken, but if orks can't hit with little guns they shouldn't be using big ones either

again, I think maybe that between engagement range and a minimum range, certain kinds of weapon should be much more likely to hit, which makes low BS armies that really shouldn't be relying on anything but horde and auto-hit for a shooting experience much more likely to fight close-quarters as, you would hope, they were intended

don't get me wrong, ork snipers would be hilarious the way tau melee specialists would be, but it ain't gonna happen no matter what you do to the rules and we shouldn't be encouraging stand off and shoot with low BS

oh yeah, they can be FUN, no question, but for your MEQ or even GEQ with BS3/4+, 6 shots on a big blob with a missile for 3 hits is a reasonable trade in time and effort compared to getting out the template, centering it over the target, checking to see who's in range; per-unit hits takes away some of the slowdown, especially the unconscious slowdown where people are trying to micro-manage maximum blast template coverage for every shot, it adds up and when you're only talking about frag missiles anyway it's not fun, at least not in the way that laying down an exterminatus template is

>> No.75318670

>but if orks can't hit with little guns they shouldn't be using big ones either
but that's wrong you daft bugger
orks LOVE big booming guns
they're indiscriminate , which is what makes them a perfect fit for the ork playstyle

>> No.75318676 [SPOILER] 

Anon listen very carefully, hand over all the information you have on that melee weapon or your gene-seed gets poisoned.

>> No.75318826

I didn't make the model but the guy who did says he got them from Pop goes the monkey on Shape ways.
Here's a link to their melee weapons page:

>> No.75319383

Well, you dont need to be pinpoint accurate when your shooting the HE rounds from the Schwerer Gustav; general area is good enough at that point, nit at the same time, pieplate weapons suck ass for hitting vehicles with any sort of ferocity.

Its why I like the split edition idea of roll d6/2d6/3d6/etc vs singular, big targets, then the pieplate for smaller, numerous targets. Fluffwise its just switching your ammo type between shots from HEAT/APDS to HE/HESH, or some shit like that.

>> No.75319580

thanks anon, dont come to Istvan tomorrow.

>> No.75319725

If the Imperial Militia & Warp Cults list were to be updated, what would you like to see added or changed?
Any ideas for new units?
New Provenances?

>> No.75319799

It seems...pretty all inclusive(?) You can use pretty much anything and everything as long as your consistent with what it does/represents.

What about you, anon?

>> No.75319954

Space wolf players, Grant me your wisdom. What do you bring to the table hq wise? Loadouts? Comboes? Do you prioritize some things over others per 1000pts?

>> No.75320096

Thallax work best in fairly large units to help make them better at holding ground and being a minor threat to vehicles (hey if a spartan has a single hull point list 4 lightning guns with tank hunters have a decent chance of finishing it). I generally run them in units of 6 with fusils and tank hunters.

>> No.75320301

New provenances if they wanted to reflect more of the Imperial Army would be nice.

>> No.75320316

A platoon-style infantry unit, bikes or cavalry, a build a bear tank like the one the Mechanicum gets (but weaker, of course) to represent weird local stop-gap tech, more diverse evil provenances to represent later stage Heresy (I don't think it's want to see daemon engines, though(, a walker tank since in think they're fun, an elites squad of almost good infantry. More abhuman traits like to +1 toughness in exchange for lower Initiative. I love things that trade stats like that.
Let grenadiers take special weapons in 10 man squads.
Honestly, my only real complaint about the list is how restricted it is by the limited number of troops slots. It's the horde army, but Solar Auxilia can technically fit more units and models into a list. And taking any sort of specialized infantry denies you a bigger infantry squad. I found the Renegades and Heretics list from IA13 to be much more well rounded in that regard. The Kroot mercs list from 3e also has some neat ideas

On a related note, I'd like to see the SoS get a force orge chart like the Eldar Corsairs had. The Cadre thing is fun, but it's not all that compatible with a standard force org chart.

>> No.75320338

put a tail plug in when you play

>> No.75320352

>I'd like to see the SoS get fucking anything
FTFY, theyre all wasted potential

>> No.75320411

You make an excellent point, anon.

>> No.75320455


Not enough points to do 2x6 at this level without cutting something important and I wanted more units that could spread out, deny Infiltration and hold objectives.
At 3k I will probably make that switch, since small units are more likely to get deleted and I could use the higher density of AP3 shooting.

>> No.75321869

The Legions and their players
>I - Dark Angels: You either started playing DA back in book I or just picked them up. You bring too much Plasma or too many bikes. Despite dreadwing memes there are hardly any Dreadwing armies
>II - [Redacted]: People forget the lost legions were meant for homebrew. Your army is “a bunch of special snowflakes.” There is no hope and you should ask for none, lest you get “Rangdan’d”
>III - Emperor’s Children: Coming up with the right paint scheme was the hardest decision. Figuring out how to play the army was the second. Everyone wants to play against you
IV - Iron Warriors: You’re either explaining why it’s totally okay that you have so much artillery or why YourDudes stayed loyal. Perfect number per gaming group: 1
V - White Scars: You’re just happy you came out of the Heresy with better books and better rules than most. Now how the fuck are you gonna paint that white?
>VI - Space Wolves: You love shitting on TS players just slightly more than you hate the FW sculpts. You insist on being called the “Vlka Fynrika” and playing 4,000 point games, no one wants to do either

>> No.75321897


>just picked up dark angels
>filled with plasma

Why you gotta call a dude out like that man

>> No.75321952

Moar anon, these are good

Dont sweat it DAngel bro; you got anything your willing to show off?

>> No.75321974

Don't feel bad, anon, you could have picked them up around Book 6. And have an army based around veteran squads with heavy bolters.

>> No.75321985


You have a whole armoury of unique plasma weapons, might as well use them. Way less annoying to play against than Ravenwing superbike spam even though my Mechanicum suffer from plasma and can blow clean through a lot of Jink saves.

>> No.75322119

>III - Emperor’s Children: Coming up with the right paint scheme was the hardest decision.

You can scratch that, papa kizzdougs said he'll be posting a tutorial for these fuckers tomorrow

>> No.75322410


>> No.75322481

Fuck anon, metallic purple looks sexy as fuck!

>> No.75322529

bit shit though yeah?

>> No.75322543

Not a fan of the DA novels or the Imperium Secundus arc, but I really love the scene where Lion and his inner circle huddle together and decide to bombard Ultramar with phosphex.

>> No.75322552

Too vibrant, they have a really specific shade of purple in the black books.

>> No.75322609


>> No.75322611

I think I've seen something close to that shade in official art, although not in the black books. And I'd note Saul Tarvitz looks to be wearing a different shade of purple than most EC, so there's a little bit of precedent for different shades even in the game.

>> No.75322642

See you tomorrow bro

>> No.75322667

>so there's a little bit of precedent for different shades even in the game
Especially post-istvaan after they went full traitor

>> No.75322689

Yeah that was pretty great

>> No.75322780

I'd argue that the sallie storm shield could give a 6++save on it own and a +1 to all saves, including invulnerable ones, to get the 3++on cataphractii armor (of course for a fairly high price on most stuff)

>> No.75322786

Yuh, the colours for EC and say, SoH and TS tend to very a bit. Which is annoying at times, since it introduces doubt in if I painted my SoH properly, despite going with originally the FW painting guide, then the Rhodes version

>> No.75322791

I know exactly what you mean anon, I'm personally inclined towards the metallic purple because of how gaudy it comes off, but their purple pre-heresy is explicitly the tyrian purple seen in byzantium and carthage.

As >>75322667 said though, you see the transition to a much wider palate after istvaan, with fun colours like hot pink appearing.

>> No.75322909

I had to mix my own SOH scheme to get one I liked, there are so many out there. I didn't like the GW lupercal green and SOH green.

>> No.75322951 [SPOILER] 

A Man.

>> No.75323050

Do Auxilia russes not get sponson weapons?

>> No.75323111

Solar auxilia don't get sponsors, but Milita does.

>> No.75323128

why are named characters so much cheaper than praetor/centurion counterparts with same gear? or rather, named characters are merely more expensive for all the extra shit they come with. I'm looking at sevatar right now and it could appear that I'm a dick for taking him instead of a praetor (with same gear)

>> No.75323169

I know there's a bit of fluff in the Fabius Bile novels about Word Bearers (at least post-Heresy) sporting over three hundred different shades of red, all approved by the Dark Council. The exact number would vary since the council members would frequently ban certain reds on a whim and give the thumbs up to others.

Anyway, I think it's easy to imagine some other legions doing similar shit, even before the Heresy. Like, it's easy to picture the Emperor's Children wearing different kinds of purple with each shade signifying different things. Fulgrim might have approved a darker hue for one of his Lord Commander's and their cohort, or a lighter hue for a battle group that successfully pulled off a critical compliance action. And so on.

>> No.75323186

For a second I thought I wouldn't have to bother magnetizing the sponsons but I guess I should just in case.

>> No.75323199

Many special characters are made to have points values to be roughly in line with the role they represent.

Many of those also don't have any super unique special rules, rather fixed warlord traits etc.

Most are unimpressive because they don't conform to the ap2 at initiative meta for beatstick characters.

Some, like Sevatar (with his upgrade) and Sigismund, are way ahead of the curve.

From what I've observed 30k players tend to gravitate away from named characters in favour of their own guys they can fluff up.

>> No.75323288

many thanks, will check out everyone because I remember sigismund being overpowered thanks to his sword

>> No.75323324

upload a scan and I'll tell you

>> No.75323357

Did they reprint Book 1 with alterations? Was reading the book, saw a cool quote. Figured I'd screenshot it in the PDF and the page's completely different.(World Eaters rules)
I guess it's obvious since my copy mentions a separate Taghmata list.

>> No.75323400

Quote in question. Page 251

>> No.75323432

>ultraviolence is wisdom
hell yeah

>> No.75323764

Not interested, he looks like candywrap. Too much.

>> No.75323815


>> No.75323822

Literaly one of the dumbest and cringe wortal quotes in old HH.

>> No.75323874

>He doubts the wisdom of Kharn and Angron, the most cerebral of astartes and primarchs

>> No.75323892

>most cerebral

Yeah they really nailed it.

>> No.75324555

>I - Dark Angels: You either started playing DA back in book I or just picked them up. You bring too much Plasma or too many bikes. Despite dreadwing memes there are hardly any Dreadwing armies
>IV - Iron Warriors: You’re either explaining why it’s totally okay that you have so much artillery or why YourDudes stayed loyal. Perfect number per gaming group: 1

Literally my room mate and me.

>> No.75324623

Khârn the Bloody
First Captain
Of the World Eaters

>> No.75324686

>You insist on being called the “Vlka Fynrika”

Anyone who does this also touches kids and needs to be vanned.

>> No.75324967

>want to build my leman russ
>don't have magnets for the sponsons
>can't assemble it without the magnets or I can never reach inside the tracks again

>> No.75324976

>touching kids
That's true. 65% of registered sex offenders are SW players.

>> No.75324988

>but fucking magnets

>> No.75325156

>but fucking magnets
Confucius says man with but fucking magnets has very attractive ass.

>> No.75325184

>pic quote
Person who has commited sudoku while leaving this note did a right thing. Mindset capable of that level of pretentious cringe should not pollute the world.

>> No.75325347

All right Dorn, stop that.

>> No.75325388

Are you autistic?

>> No.75325395

Yes, why?

>> No.75325502 [DELETED] 

>admitts heris
Never mind, carry on.

>> No.75325712

Post lists, ideally 2.5k lists. Getting some friends into Heresy from 9th and I want to show them what standard-issue armies look like in Horus Heresy that aren't my stupid 12-Myrmidon 18-thallax heavy infantry only builds.

>> No.75325762

>never deploy vehicles and fliers
>explicitly deploy vast amounts of cultist hordes
>imaginary opponents keep seething over wasted points on antitank and antiair
feels good, fleshbros

>> No.75326202

my list is built entirely around rule of cool, so blinged out grey hunters, assault marines and destroyers coming in a big wave of swords, axes and knots, with super heavies for AT work.
yiff hqs are choppy, so paragon blades and spiffy magic armour for the jarl, if my termies are along there's a rune priest and/or wolf priest along for the ride, the rp goes with tarts, the wp with cata.
i usually have a couple of captains trundling along with my boss with gfbs for chaff-shredding, sometimes one gets to be a champ with a paragon.
Finally, dreads, trio of boxnaughts and a cortus.
Everyone walks, unless they can fly, i will eventually get a yiff skyboat and run it as a caestus.
Yiffs aren't complicated, they're an all ahead full army you basically just run up to the other guy and start hitting him, tgen his friends, unit by unit, while your shooting does distraction fire to tie him up.

>> No.75326244

what if you're Legio II, REDACTED, but use someone else's rules because that legion doesn't deserve them because the players and fluff for them are objectively terrible?

>> No.75326485

>VII - Imperial Fists: There’s a 90% chance you play First Company to avoid painting as much yellow as possible. Or you spend so much time making your yellow look good with chipping and weathering effects you never play an actual game. You enjoy not getting the autist treatment like the IVth but you secretly know your army is just as boring to play against
>VIII - Night Lords: You like the idea of fast and terrifying melee attackers with a cool paint scheme, or you love the idea of Saturday morning cartoon villains with goofy aesthetics. Either way you don’t like the other type of NL player. You want your entire army to have chain glaives but cry at the thought of paying and converting so much
>IX - Blood Angels: You also play BA in 40k. You secretly think your legion is the best legion but want to be humble about it. You never once considered a RoW that didn’t involve lots of jump packs
>X - Iron Hands: Your legion has the best aesthetics and upgrade kits. This isn’t an opinion to you. You’re bummed your legion was forgotten about after book II but love your gaming group consists mostly of traitors to thrash
>XI - [Redacted]: Same as II but you’ve actually written a ton of lore. You opt to play as UM/AL but also have home brew rules you’d like your opponent to look at
>XII - World Eaters: Your army got a significant aesthetics upgrade compared to 40k and you love it. You embrace the memes because getting the charge off with a 20 man squad of power-armored gladiators armed with chain axes (and sprinkled with a touch of BftBG paint) is so satisfying. You want to bring your legion’s relic purely for the surprise of it

>> No.75326495

Does anybody know some good mechanicum units that could be cannibalised in order to turn into mkIII space marine bionics, especially something that could switch out for a termie leg as i want a termie HQ but dont want to buy another 5 termies or a character

>> No.75326638

titanicus knight bits can work

>> No.75326713

>XII - World Eaters: Your army's rules perfectly mirrors your limited mental capacity. End.

>> No.75326719

why would you want a terminator that's not wearing full terminator armour?

>> No.75326787

i converted up a torso from a techmarine, with the bulky backpack and armswaps i think it could look terminator like enough to be one

>> No.75326892

Even IH termies don't roll with their bionics uncovered. Neither should yours.

>> No.75326921

Pretty much all of 30k mech is automatas and the few tech priests are fully robed one cast resin pieces. So no not really.

>> No.75327030

>XIII - Ultramarines: You’re happy your army is much less bland than its 40K counterpart. If only other people recognized it. You actually plan out your list and strategy well ahead of time depending on your enemy’s army. You want to bring your Primarch more than any of the other players. Nobody wants you too
>XIV - Death Guard: You chose them so you can bring as much rad And Phosphex as possible. You love power scythes and though you brought as many as you could in the beginning, your army still includes at least one. Loyalist DG are as cool as Loyalist IW think they are
>XV - Thousand Sons: You’ve either been playing TS for at least a decade or you fell in love with them after reading McNiell’s book. You unironically believe they did nothing wrong. If a “loyalist” player, you bring an unexpected list like artillery or bikes just to trip people up
>XVI - Sons of Horus: Admit it, you kinda wanted to play Luna Wolves. You know exactly how your army works and have no indecision about what RoW you wanted to field. You hope your opponent’s having a good time. If you didn’t bring your Primarch, they are
>XVII - Word Bearers: The other traitor factions didn’t appeal to you because you like bad guys that are completely evil. You also think they had the best reason for turning. Every WB army has an allied faction eventually. If there’s a UM player in your group the two of you planned it out
>XVIII - Salamanders: You deserve the treatment the Vth have and ended up with the one the Xth should have had. You love your models but sometimes aren’t sure if you want to play any more. Your gaming group loves playing against your army

>> No.75327096

XIX - Raven Guard: Your army is everything the XX’s is accused of being but with none of the memes. No one knows how to play against them the first time. Their players either embrace the emo bird aesthetic or try to hide it completely.
>XX - Alpha Legion: A living meme. You want to get at least one of every other army’s special unit so you can play it against them. Despite the reputation (or because of it), people are excited to play against AL. You wonder if your opponent is having fun, they are

>> No.75327105

>Loyalist DG are as cool as Loyalist IW think they are
I don't think you understand the meaning of what you've just wrote.

>> No.75327501

Come on, man, I mean the Vlka Fenryka do the thing, but, you know... awoo.

>> No.75327698

Anyone here here built a FW Leman Russ before?
There's a ring that goes into the hull which the turret then slots into, but from which side is it supposed to go in?

>> No.75327725

Do you mean primarch or a tank?

>> No.75327753

The one with a hull and turret

>> No.75327762

So? Which one is it?

>> No.75327769

The ring attaches to the turret. It widens it if you're using an older Russ hull, which had a wider turret ring. It doesn't attach to the hull.

>> No.75327794

>Every WB army has an allied faction eventually

Accurate, mine technically has three. Does mean that your armies lose far less actual Marines than anyone else, so the loss ratios after battles look very lopsided.

>> No.75327921

>Vlka Fenryka is an idea.
>Leman Russ needs to denounce Space Wolves.

>> No.75327929

I guess that makes sense, otherwise the turret gets too easy to take off.
Also I just realized I wasn't supposed to cut off pic related. Fuck.

>> No.75327935


>> No.75328017

No no, it's supposed to be easy to remove. You don't use the ring to sandwich the turret and fix it to the hull. That'd be weird. You use it, if needed, to make the peg wider so the turret doesn't rattle when it's placed on the hull.

Also, you can either replace that tiny support strut with a bit of plasticard or ignore it. Nobody will notice, especially with weathering.

>> No.75328037

Did he take off his pants to get inside? if the tank is destroyed will he run around the battlefield in his tighty whities?

>> No.75328054

It's a struggle to get him to wear pants at the best of times. He keeps "firing his battle cannon" at the furniture.

>> No.75328112

He had to remove his lower body. To compensate, he wore a tank

>> No.75328129

god I really wish to see how they fucked up with 'summoning giant wolf and dragon spirit' bullshit with my own eyes. it gonna be so bad it's great

>> No.75328156

The old Expeditionary Navigator event model has some surprisingly fun rules for a 50-60pt cheap HQ.


Carries a nuncio-vox, provides good psyker and daemon defense, makes his unit harder to shoot at in general which is never a bad thing for a deathstar and makes all psykers roll 3d6 pick 2 highest on the Perils table, which is just hilarious.
I'm almost tempted to take him with Word Bearers just to make all my psykers either explode instantly or Warp Surge half the time on Perils.

Also free combo for the DAbros, slap enemy with a Stasis Shell and then fire Lidless Stare. 5/6 of that unit of Sekhmet or Justaerin just detonate, invulns or no invulns.

>> No.75328176

I've heard that Leman was not invited to Ullanor Triumph because he had a habit of taking out his peepee and urinating whenever he felt like it, no matter if he was riding in Mastodon, at the council with the Emperor or when feasting with his legion. Horus was supposed to say that he "doesn't like Russ pissing on his parade". He meant it literally.

>> No.75328246

It's a pity the model is so shit. Oh well, Navigator conversions are great.

>> No.75328265

Maybe we're thinking of different builds. See pic.
Though maybe I just need to file the hole in the hull more, it's a bit miscast.

>> No.75328351

Ah, just having trouble explaining it.
Put the ring on the bottom of the turret. Helps it fit.
That does look like a decent cast, overall. No major warping.

>> No.75328373

If I remember correctly, old FW Mars hull had a smaller turret ring and in order for all their turrets to fit both them and the Leman Russes at the time (pic related, the ring was the same size as the Rhino turret ring), they added the ring adapter you could use. Later they changed the Mars hull to have a larger turret ring, but some of the turrets have the old sized ring, so have to come with the adapter.

>> No.75328391

That explains why it's not even listed on the "manual"

>> No.75328419

The Thousand Sons should stand back and stand by.

>> No.75328422

Ever tried to assemble the old FW resin baneblades? This is the front of the instructions page. The remaining info is on the back.
Everyone, and I mean everyone, got the treads wrong the first time. And because they were resin, one side was often 1 link longer than the other.

>> No.75328480

are there any books that cover what Typhus was up to during the heresy?
I seem to remember Morty complaining about him missing in Scars, and maybe in Path of Heaven too - and he supposedly betrayed the DG to Nurgle but i cant really find much on that

>> No.75328541


Yeah, get that Dune conversion stuff going on. The fun and fluffy thing to do here would be to take a Tainted Flesh army and load up on Rogue Psykers. They can roll on Malefic Daemonology, when they inevitably eat a 3-dice Perils to the face they either roll Warp Surge and start slaughtering stuff or die, get possessed on a roll of 2+ and become a slightly less amazing combat monster.

Unfortunately you can only get one because the Navigator is a HQ, you need a Force Commander and I think you only get one Rogue Psyk per slot, so it's kind of a waste.
I just wanted to rain horrific psychic abominations down upon my foes.

>> No.75328580

Well, keep poking at it. There might be a list buried in there somewhere.

>> No.75328632


It sounds fun, just needs a kicking. If you could in fact take three per slot you could run 6 and trust in the inherent unreliability of Malefic rather than the Navigator curse, but FW says no fun allowed.

>> No.75328677

Planning on adding one to my Talons as Malcador.

>> No.75328682

There must be a way. Some sort of counts-as ally nonsense? The rules are such a mess that loopholes and combos must exist somewhere.

>> No.75328705

That skeleton reminds me of >>75296246

>> No.75328723

Unfortunately DAbros lose out on that sweet LD10.

>> No.75328756

>Good news! We have cured your mutations by removing all your extraneous flesh.

>> No.75328804


>> No.75330615

>>XIII - Ultramarines
literally me

>> No.75331522

Its super clear and every one fucking knows it

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