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Recently artist Karl Kopinski was hit by a car while on his bicycle and is currently in the hospital for a hip replacement. Apparently his hands are fine so he will be able to continue drawing, but what about a Karl Kopinski art appreciation thread?

A lot of the "modern" (2003+) feel to Warhammer Fantasy and 40k I contribute to him.

I will be posting what I consider his greatest Warhammer pieces, but my collection is far from vast.

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best in thread. feels very real

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he’s a man who understood warhammer well and has serious talent. glad to see a thread of his best worlds

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Fuck, he's as important as Blanche is to 40k

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I would almost say more. Blanche was important for the initial feel of the aesthetic, but Kopinski cemented it.

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Huh, I thought I recognized that name. He's done some stuff for Magic too.

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My favourite Guard pic, besides maybe Tyrok Fields.
Why don't they make art like this anymore? It's so superior to the digital shit they peint nowadays.

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I would completely agree with >>75059526 on this.
Kopinski was essential for the turn from Blanche to the new warhammerthat was 3rd and 4th 40k and 6th and 7th Fantasy.

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That is a great piece by Paul Dainton. I'll post it as well just because it's so great.

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See? That's why, as an artist, I travel exclusively by car no matter the distance
Bikes are dangerous, there should be PSAs and informative campaigns for artists.

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More so at this point

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Not Kopinski.

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My mistake. Random internet thread threw me off.

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Shit, that sucks. I always watch his videos on youtube when I need some inspiration.

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one of his best

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Didn't realise I ran out of art. Anyone else who has any favourite pieces please contribute.

Meanwhile, here's a great piece from his brother Stefan.

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>riding a bike
Why? specially if you work with your hands it is like asking to lose your source of income

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He does it recreationally, races and so on.

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>riding a bike
Still dumb anon regardless of the reason for doing it.

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Found a couple more.

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I love big K. He's just really good.

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>Why did GW stop hiring Korpinski

Because he became very fucking expensive after his artwork in 6th and 7th and while his art is good, his art also looks very much the same since he sort of stagnated his work while under GW.

Love his Conan work though.

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Sure is dumb doing things you enjoy.

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>Love his Conan work though.
I have not seen much of it. Please post some!

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Only a few sketches, from the Big Korpinski.

Like Adrian Smith, I prefer Korpinski doing down to earth sketches where his anatomy work really shows through.

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These nurgle demons seem a bit. . .orkish

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Good art is expensive, and Primarisfags don't have the taste to care. Though to be fair, the current stuff is better than the shit they were spewing out in 7e.

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They're possesed orks actually.

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I would say more. I appreciate Blanche, but Kopinski was who got me into 40k. When I think 40k, I think a Kolpinski work. OP's image often specifically.

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Well, this thread has now shown me another brilliant artist I'll be keeping my eye on.

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I'm a hardcore dwarf fag, and I actually prefer Kevin chin's art in 8th edition to Korpinski's work for 7th.

It felt a little phoned in and Korpinski's dwarves sometimes had a bad habit of looking like human heads and torsos with weird deformed arms and legs.

Who knows GW may go back to paying Korpinski, but I can't blame GW for letting a few other artists have their chance.

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I want him to draw something for me. Also I want to help his recovery.

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>Not Wayne England

You are like small grimdark child

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>that quote
yeah his facial expressions and sense of motion, along with really creative design decisions, are where his art shines.

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The thing about late 90's/early 00's GW is that they had a huge group of really fucking good artists to draw on.

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GW actually just used to contact UK based MTG artists.

GW art has declined entirely because MTG art has declined.

Adrian Smith, Korpinski and even Wayne England were all MTG artists at the same time as GW artists. Even kevin Chin, GW's new favorite artist was a MTG artist.

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While I like a smattering of Wayne England, the wacky faces don't do it for me, but the rest of his style with the exaggerated size of the dark tech like the guns, tubing ect. is classic GW grimdark and is a pleasure to see occasionally pop up in new books

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Blanche is in a league of his own. If Kopinski, Dainton, and Smith are master artificers then Blanche is raw warp-stuff.

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>40kid trash
If only it had crippled his hands...

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it’s weird, because ninth ed art is suddenly stellar while 8th ed art sucked, and AoS art improved massively from release to now (though nothing yet touches the glory days of yore)

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David Gallagher and Mark Gibbons weren't mtg artists.

you're seeing a pattern where there isn't one

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Post 'em.

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Damn, I hope he has a swift recovery.

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What is it with ellipsis and appearing in bottom of the barrel posts? Retarded boomers love em.

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David Gallagher and Mark Gibbons are in house artists like Adrian Smith used to be.

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I think its their attempt to make the characters and the worlds 'pop' a bit more to draw in more people to the setting.
As I grew up with Kopinski's art in 3rd and 4th ed I didn't really appreciate very much of his art as was mostly black and white and seemed like 'wallpaper' art at the time, there was only a few that stood out that were in color like the codex cover art and pic related which is my favourite piece of 40k art of all time.
I am glad they eventually went back and went for a more darker/grimy art style during 9th and AoS 2.

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>I would say more so

Yeah, no. Korpinski was good but Blanche and Wayne England managed to print the literal soul of the setting.
It's like saying Adrian Smiths Conan Art is better than Frank Frazetta.

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This is the correct take

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Kopinski and Blanche basically are 40K, and their baroque art is what sold me on it int he first place. 40k has moved way too far from it over the past few years. Although there seems to be a bit of a swing back to it of late.

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Yep, dunno how I forgot Wayne. And yeah, gotta agree that Blanche is in a tier of his own. Personally I've never loved Wayne as much but he did inject a lot of the early 2000AD aesthetic.

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It's not that they weren't important, but Kopinski's stuff is way more important to a lot of people than the goofy 90s stuff when Warhammer was still obscure. Remember, the games really boomed in 40k 3rd edition and fantasy 6th edition and was a lot of people's first impression of the settings.

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GW appear to be turning the grimdark up to 11 with 9th edition. It's way better than it used to be in the last two previous editions, but I'm still unsure what I think of this new direction unless it is also showed in their models and painting styles.
I would be totally OK with it if they started making kits with a ton of bits again and encourage conversions coupled with some "blanchitsu" painting guides and official products.

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Awesome, I haven't really kept up with either in a while, but I love that aesthetic and going back to it definitely sparks my interest.

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Could you post some more Wayne England? I don't know him that well.

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>those poor bastards
My god what is even the point in fighting in Warhammer40k universe? Chaos civilians are living in hell, Imperium civilians are living in hell, the soldiers are fighting in a never ending hell-like war.

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Blanche's """art""" is dogshit fingerpaintings and scribbles. You can count the number of pieces he's done that constitute as 'okay' on one hand, but ha ha 1d4chinz meme say he best.

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It's almost like the tagline is, "In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war."

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I will never forgive GW for what they did to Wulfen

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I want to go back
Every piece of nu-art is so fucking clean and sterile. It makes me sick

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Pray and hope he feels better, he's a good artist.

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9th Edition really is way more grimdark than 40k ever been. Look at these mfs

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Bikes are dangerous.

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Imagine what we could have had if they followed Kopinski's art, but instead we got this..

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When it comes to 3rd/4th/5th 40k and 6th edition Fantasy, absolutely.

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Hope and pearl of nobleright in the darkness is for Warhammer Fantasy.
(Except if your a naïve and optimist xeno who don't understand how fucked things are)

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That’s why I swerve in and out of the bike lane and get mad at the cyclists when they yell at me when I almost hit them
Pic related, it’s me

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Having followed him on Instagram for a while, It also appears he's a very "old school" artist as he only ever uses ink and board/pen and paper.
He has no digital art presence to speak of. So he'd likely not work for GW anyway these days what with them favouring digital art now.

>Mmm big titty lake tart.
I'd present her my sword any time!

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This dudes artwork is how I imagine 40k to be, Grimdark but usually not the goofy retarded stuff. Especially like his contributions to forgeworld, it's just spot on.
See also his plague marine, seems like a thoroughly corrputed son of a bitch with his entrails hanging out that doesn't give a fuck with corrupted wargear to boot, just no random bits sticking out and overcrowded shitty artwork. We need more of this style.

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>the games really boomed in 40k 3rd edition
>and was a lot of people's first impression of the settings
And this was the first thing they saw.

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You might forget that 3rd edition lasted for 6 years and a lot of stuff happened during that time.

>> No.75069238

Thank Darren Latham for those.

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The call to arms rings out across the dark void that is the galaxy. Its toll is answered by the iron willed devotees who are themselves but humble servants of a greater power. Who among the teeming billions of Mankind has the strength to answer the call and march to war? Come forth you mighty warriors, gather under the bloodstained banners and grisly trophies of conquest! Join now the massed throng whose aim is to rid Humanity of its benighted fate. To win famous victory on hellish otherworlds!

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Yeah but damn, look at those dudes, this is a fucking hellish scenario.

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I really like Kopinski for a couple reasons.
First, I'm a sucker for a good inker. And from a technical standpoint his work is excellent.
But mainly, he got the right amount of over-the-top in 40k. Much like Ian Miller, everything is giant and ornate with Kopinski. But not needlessly so. You really feel like it's a baroque future/med-fan society, and not just some random gubbits glued everywhere to look cool.
Looking at the OP, you can see the groups' identities. The flagellants are criminals and heretics made into killer cyborgs, and such they're branded, have drug injectors, and an overseer whipping them. The repentias are zealots craving redemption, so they're unsupervized but have horrendous self-inflicted wounds. It's the far future so even the lowly preacher has some induction ports, and the pulpits have servoskulls on them...
He really thought about how that army would be composed, move and fight

Also he's a man that drew a lot of historicals, and as such makes pretty decent formations and battle scenes.

Btw, did you know he did the art for several 40k comics, most notably the Kal Jericho ones. It's a notch under his regular artwork (I suppose time was a major concern), but still plenty good.

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technically they're on your side. and this is the level of commitment it takes to survive in the 41st millennium. without such frothy mouthed wild-eyed zealots, mankind would be doomed.

>> No.75071847

Great analysis!

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Saying Blanche is better than Kopinski is just baseless oldfag virtue signaling. Something being the first doesn't make it the best.

>> No.75071992

Theyre different, im not even sure what you could base the comparison on.

>> No.75072414

GW literraly doing opposite of that. If it not mini it doesn't deserve art.

>> No.75072453

Is there full pdf of 9th with lore section?

>> No.75072478

It looks like deviantart try on Blanche.

>> No.75072512

I love that this Raven Guard of all people.

>> No.75072861

Yeah it can seem a bit excessive at times.

>> No.75073038


Whatever this dude is charging they need to fucking pay it. Art like this IS 40k. I don't even collect space marines but shit like this is what got me into the hobby. I miss it and the digital garbo put out now is a crying shame. More profits than ever and yet they dont put that back into the IP. I've not seen a piece of nu40k art that i thought damn that looks just as good as the old stuff. It just has an aura of cheapness about it that reflects on the hobby as a whole. Quantity over quality. I'd rather have like 1 or 2 great pieces like this and the rest just vague sketchworks than the shite we get now.

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It's a step in the right direction at least

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>My god what is even the point in fighting in Warhammer40k universe?
Because you ought to.

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Warhammer40k pics should be the combination of fantastic massive cities full of miserable hobos and hideous cyborgs, it shows a fantastic civilization sustained by extreme poverty and suffering.

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No, something being best makes it best. Kopinski is a better draughtsman than Blanche whereas Blanche is more creative and has a stronger artistic vision. Reverse their roles and 40k is astronauts with AKs.
>inb4 that sounds great

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Fuck cyclists.


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I strongly dislike England's illustration, but on the other hand I appreciate that he had an idiosyncratic style. More than can be said for most of the guys in fantasy illustration today that look like they've been pressganged straight from Deviantart.

>> No.75075368

Dainton and Kopinski define the second 'grimdark' phase of the 40k aesthetic. Unfortunately the art was too good to be a vehicle on whose back to sell boxes of space marines to teenagers, because the look of the tabletop models would always be underwhelming in comparison and the new demographic GW wanted to push into the hobby lacks any imagination. There was obviously no going back to the 80s RADICAL aesthetic which preceded it, so the good artists were quietly sidelined and now we're stuck with this moronic epic/tacticool faggotry because it's made to look more like the models and is therefore better marketing. Kopinski's quote here >>75060275
says it all. GW simply doesn't want art which might make its latest £150 monstrosity of a model look bad.

>> No.75075421

I agree but it's better than what we had, my God

>> No.75076447

I get the idea that Karl was influenced by the series of paintings Geiger did of his then girlfriend.

It has that same "my penis is awake and scared" energy too it

>> No.75076485

If being an artist has taught me anything, it's that every artists secretly wants to be a few other artists, and considers themselves inferior to them.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if Blanche and Kopinsky secretly envy each other's style

>> No.75076617

>modern feel and look
good riddance then?
hasnt the game gone straight to hell?

>> No.75079186

Nobody does Sisters of Battle better. This image is truly iconic.

>> No.75080953

kys, you won't be missed

>> No.75081076

Seeing this in the 7th edition rulebook really influenced how grimdark the warhammer world is to me - "Ten thousand flagellants dragging the automemorial of Middenheim Delivered from the Darkness."

Ironic thing is that I've also played WFRPG with people, and the GM at least recalls an earlier, somewhat less grimdark (and less over the top) time, which occasionally led to a sort of culture shock with what I was expecting and the scale of the places we were travelling

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