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My final message edition

>Battlezone Pariah and You:

>Core Units and Characters:

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pf7w5Y9Cf6c [Open]

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>Thread Question
When is the last time you started a new army?

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like 2009, I think?

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The Thousand Sons ain't shit.

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Just finished this.

Anyone wants its spoilers?

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I've only ever had 1 army.

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Which one was your favorite?

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Ere yo go. The Ork novel spoilas.

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wizards are cringe fantasy shit and people who like them should go play aos

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Thoughts on accuracy rules?

Say a unit has a 24" range. At 24"-16" it has a minus one to hit rolls. At 15"-9" it has no penalty or bonus, and at 8"-0" it has plus one to hit.

Seems kind of weird how units can hit things at their very max range just as well as at close range.

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If you count the single box of custodes wardens I bought on a whim with little intention of buying any more (maybe, their terminators look really cool) as starting a new army, then early this year before all this covid shit happened and now I'm actively losing 200 bucks a month purely due to bills so now I'm thinking about selling my warhammer stuff so that I don't have to start draining my savings account

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I'm a weirdo who uses spoilers to decide which media to consume next.

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My Brother.

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>It's revealed that an Iron W-
Stopped reading there
I want to check this out now

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Have some basing materials in the mail, going to put flower tufts of various types along with deep green grass. The krieg army grows by the day.

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>leaving out the one true psyker chapter

>> No.75013519

>big green grin
But isn't it like mostly magenta?

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Who won?

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Too interesting for 40k.

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That's how you see it. perception of the Rift differs between individuals

>> No.75013533

The crows.

Though he certainly didn't take those middle objectives off of me with two riptides.

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go look at necromunda before you reinvent mechanics from necromunda

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A GD of Khorne not understanding technology is a bit weird when Khorne daemons are the only ones that use machines and guns and such

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>-One of the projects that Hephaesto was working on was a Primaris Centurion suit that featured a jump pack. The Orks looted one of the prototypes

Oh nooo.....

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Are there alternative color schemes that have any fluff to them for WB? I really like WB but their color scheme is too close to my loyalist marine color scheme.

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Why is it that /40kg/ threads are so much worse during american daylight hours?

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What I like about the novel is that it implies that the Necrontyr knew about the Chaos Gods before they turned into Necrons.

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>-One of the projects that Hephaesto was working on was a Primaris Centurion suit that featured a jump pack.

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I wanna thank Warhammer for making me a whole lot happier. - I've had nothing but support from his community. Even from 4chan that shocks me.

Thanks guys.

Show me your dudes.

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This little guy. After that, probably the 4th edition one with the custom regimental rules. 3rd edition had the most character to it, though, and 5th-6th had chimeras with 5 fire ports which was like the Steel Legion golden age ruleswise.

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Tzeentch aligned Daemons helped create the heldrake, and slaaneshi things are known to use ranged weapons

>> No.75013588

Because the Americans are at work and the neet yuropoors are on peak shitposting

>> No.75013591

Already confirmed in Rise of the Ynnari: Wild Rider.

>> No.75013593

Tell me your that guy stories.

>> No.75013594

Because the euromoors are cranky from lack of sleep and ability to leave their house and they shitpost endlessly.

>> No.75013596

I find the worst time of day is about 4-7a.m. mountain daylight time, which is early morning for the most part in America

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>Tzeentch aligned Daemons helped create the heldrake

>> No.75013626

Too fiddly

If you want to go down that route, I'd prefer the Stargrunt system where (iirc) troop qualities determines how far your small arms shoot.

>> No.75013627

Threads really go downhill during those hours, it's only shitposting and politics.

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What an unfun looking army to play against

>> No.75013643

Anyone know what the new Necron terrain is on pg 102 of the brb? At first glance it looked cobbled together but then I noticed the lightning was cast plastic. Maybe a new fortification or even just table terrain like the imperial sets?

>> No.75013657

Tends to be the main time that people get riled up about aa

>> No.75013658

What do people think of heavy intercessors? How will you play them? How will you deal with your opponant using them?

>> No.75013668

Does anyone have some cool kitbashing/conversions?
I still need to make one.

>> No.75013687

I do

>> No.75013691

The guard or the tau?

>> No.75013699

-1 if they moved except assault weapons
-1 for over half range
-1 for rapid fire double tap
All units have +1 bs

>> No.75013700

>tfw no horror gf to build demon engines with

>> No.75013701

What are you talking about? I would be salivating at the chance to charge my khorne berserkers into that.

>> No.75013707

I don't understand why they made morale even worse

>> No.75013710

The guard obviously. The tau too probably but I cant see it, so definitely the guard.

>hey bro wanna play a game
>hope you brought enough bullets to kill 200 guardsmen

This is coming from a personal who plays guard too btw

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Would a Primaris Centurion suit look cool? Will it sell?

>> No.75013719

>> No.75013721

Wat dis?

>> No.75013724

To force smaller squad sizes and to make games finish quicker.

>> No.75013726

>charge berserkers into first squad of guardsmen, murder 50 pts
>consolidate into more squads
>they fall back and fire back with orders and gib you

Based retard, khorne is perfect for you

>> No.75013734

When will the most 40k unit be good?

>> No.75013735

Samas Aran calidus conversion? Wonder where the pony tail comes from

>> No.75013736

The autocannon nest in the back is really the finishing touch to this masterpiece.

>> No.75013737

but morale being worse incentivizes bigger squads

>> No.75013744

I don't like regular centurions, it would take a lot of work to make me think otherwise.

>> No.75013745

If I had to guess, a Custodes topknot?

>> No.75013746

But it is...

>> No.75013747

Wanna post it?

>> No.75013754

Big blobs don't just autodie if you kill half of them now.

>> No.75013758

19 S3 BS4 shots aren't exactly gibbing much.

>> No.75013759

Even in Death I still serve

>> No.75013761

They wanted to even it out between large and small squads.

>> No.75013766

My buddy made her from a callidus assassin, and he's so proud of her that he sneaks her onto the game board every time we play.

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>> No.75013773

>I gib the darkness!

>> No.75013774

Cents are packets of concentrated testosterone.
Primaris are hard t inhibitors.
Really hard to say how it would go.

>> No.75013776

I once met someone that played Tau

>> No.75013779

Try 36 shots per squad, rerolling their hits.

>> No.75013780

but that should happen
if you aren't using leadership-buffing units then you deserve to lose models to morale tests

>> No.75013786

>How will you play them

>> No.75013787

>Primaris Space Marines Marines
please no

>> No.75013788

They aren't getting 36 shots if they fall back and use get back in the fight.

>> No.75013791

characterization of non-humans in 40k fiction is usually terrible and rarely consistent

>> No.75013796

Brother vinni makes some pretty decent female heads for conversions. I think he got the ponytail there as well.

>> No.75013802

Oh no, he's not shooting with the squad that fell back. he's shooting with the 90 other guardsmen that are in rapid fire range.

>> No.75013829

Even in death I still serve.

>> No.75013836

>tfw cant find the death guard start collecting box anywhere

>> No.75013842

there isn't one yet

>> No.75013850

I sold my Eldar army, but I kept my metal striking scorpions as I may use them for Kill Team. Their paintjob is pretty mediocre, so I figured I might strip and repaint them. Any funky scheme I should try?

>> No.75013855

You're an absolute retard. Always assume 37 shots per squad due to orders. Your berserkers would get gibbed.

>> No.75013856

+5 minutes to every squad shooting.

>> No.75013860

Based retard who's never played against guard before

>> No.75013861

There is not a single autocannon in that picture.

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>> No.75013875

Best edition coming through

>> No.75013878

>-Daemons call the Orks "The Abhorrence". They are thinking and living mortals that the Chaos Gods could hold little influence over. They are resistant to the temptations of Tzeentch, Nurgle, and Slaanesh. Even Khorne cannot offer them an outlet for their violence that Gork and Mork hadn't already gave them.

>-Aeldari acknowledge and understand Chaos. They know its danger, after all it brought low their ancient empire. The Necrontyr also knew of Chaos Gods but now they are soulless mindless husks that are worthless to the gods. Humanity understood the horror of Chaos once it's presented to them in all of its glory. Orks on the other hand infuriatingly did not acknowledge the power of Chaos. To them it's just another enemy to gleefully fight. Even Ork psykers used the Waagh! energy as the main source of their powers instead of drawing upon the Warp. It was as if Chaos is irrelevant to the Orks.

Is this lore rape?

>> No.75013879

He needs to brush more often.

>> No.75013882

thats not an autocannon. that is a lascannon

>> No.75013884

Orks ain’t ever gonna hit shit then

>> No.75013887


>> No.75013888

Except I have a guard army. You aren't gibbing much with the 10 other squads either. And you're retarded if you think you're only losing one squad and then freely shooting with all of the other ones.

>> No.75013890

no, it's true. orks do not fuck a give. based orks. yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and spend $700 on 2k points of orks brb

>> No.75013891

That's a multi laser

Why would the berserker anon only have 1 unit?

>> No.75013892

Those are multilasers, my friend

>> No.75013899

there are nurgle and khorne orks though

>> No.75013907

Yes, I'm sure he only attacked a single squad and no other guard squad in that tight mass was locked in combat or took any casualties.

>> No.75013908

Let me guess. You were just pretending to be retarded?

>> No.75013915

>gw not open yet
>still havent found anywhere i can walk into to play my first game of 40k that isnt restricted to me being milfag

>> No.75013916

He did say that, kill one squad and lock another in combat

>> No.75013917

I’d say it’s pretty based

>> No.75013921

No, the one in the far back is equipped with an auto cannon.

>> No.75013925

Why the hell did they paint an IW robot with heresy era WB grey? Besides that I like it

>> No.75013932

One guy just said he's like to play against it with his zerkers and another anon posted a hypothetical that just gave a vague "consolidate into other squads then die".

>> No.75013938

90 guardsmen
At most, 360 shots
180 hits
60 wounds
20 fails
10 marines dead
only 5 if they were in cover

The power of guard infantry was never its ability to remove stuff.

>> No.75013939

Ah good spot, it looks like the multi laser is circled

>> No.75013943

Do the Leman Russ Demolisher turrets fit right on a normal Leman Russ?

>> No.75013946

You're a milf?
You should be able to find games with anyone in this hobby man

>> No.75013947

3rd party anime head

>> No.75013949

Yeah I know it's silly. Especially when there would be about 25 zerkers to match the 90 guardsmen points wise in this scenario

>> No.75013954

what else is new?

>> No.75013960

>dont worry, my badass khorne berserker squad of T4 1w 3+ infantry will surely be okay when 200 infantry shoot me in the face


>10 other squads
Looks like hes got 20 squads of guardsmen and plasma veterans. I think guard anon is fine.

>locked in combat
>fall back and shoot

>> No.75013961

On one hand "yes you fucking dumbass"
On the other hand I probably asked something like that once

To my knowledge yes, yes they do. A Leman Russ comes with like three different barrels to use, Demolisher should be one.

>> No.75013962

>he's not lying

fuck bros we're literally all retarded blind orks

>> No.75013967

Extremely rare though. It's because Orks simply don't need Chaos.

It's like an Eldar philosopher said, Orks have a perfect society. They have no angst, no worries.

>> No.75013974

Marines still have 1 wound at the moment anon.

>> No.75013975

with current power level of marine rules

no one aint shit

>> No.75013976

Why would there only be one unit of zerkers
I know :'(

>> No.75013977

>eldar philosopher
more like an eldar CRINGELORD

>> No.75013981

They're getting squatted

>> No.75013992

If you can't win against 1k sons, you are actually retarded.

>> No.75013994

The 'modern' Leman Russ kit has every codex variant on the sprue, and they all use the same turret. If you are industrious and have magnets, you can have every cannon swappable on the same turret.

>> No.75013997

Let me tell you anon, of the glory of Cadia. Brought to you by Creed, Kell, and the Relic of lost Cadia.

360 shots
270 hits
135 wounds

I have slain Chaos knight titans with mere lasguns anon.

>> No.75013998

I'm saying he has an entire army attacking his guardsmen you moron, not just a single squad of berserkers.

>> No.75013999

is punisher not codex?

>> No.75014002

I don't think this is what anon was saying

>> No.75014007

>A Leman Russ comes with like three different barrels to use, Demolisher should be one.
It's a different kit to the regular russ.

regular russ makes vanquisher, regular battle cannon type, eradicator and exterminator, demolisher makes demolisher, punisher and executioner

>> No.75014008

Mephistob looks like he belongs in a Harry Potter movie, not 40k

>> No.75014011

There's two different kits. There is no single unified kit with all the variants on one sprue.

>> No.75014012

Then in any laboratory mathhammer hypothetical there will also be more marines in this scenario, as they'll be cheaper. Again, guard infantry are not good at removing stuff. They're good at not getting removed efficiently.

>> No.75014017

No, the plastic is shaped different but you can make it work. Demolished has three options. Don’t be a dick when people ask for help, dumb fuck

>> No.75014019

>The 'modern' Leman Russ kit has every codex variant on the sprue
Store page says that each one has a different set of turrets

>> No.75014022

If there were more than one unit of zerkers on that table setup, I'm sure anon wouldnt be a retard and he would only feed the zerkers one squad of guardsmen to them a turn then shoot them to pieces, which looks incredibly easy

>> No.75014025

listen to
it's been a long time since I bought a russ and he's probably right

>> No.75014032

The slot the turret fits into is the same on both kits.

>> No.75014041

Don't do a sad face anon
I even said I've asked stuff like that before, so you know I'm not irritated. I love you anon.

Wacky. I just remembered that. I wonder why they did it like that?

Did you not see the part where I said I've probably asked things like that before

>> No.75014045

Basically any cadian guard army with the relic of lost cadia and uses V4C every single turn will win 9/10 times against chaos armies

>> No.75014046

vs Chaos only.
You are now not only 90 guardsmen, but 90 guardsmen plus characters. I know you can stack more damage on them, but them the price per guardsman just went up and the numbers/points all change to reflect that

>> No.75014053

In fairness you're not wrong in saying that they have the same turret in both kits.

>> No.75014055

Is that not what we're talking about?

>> No.75014060

>Wacky. I just remembered that. I wonder why they did it like that?
To sell more kits. The same reason they do literally everything, since that's what their business is.

>> No.75014062

Pastebin 404'd, you got a backup?

>> No.75014065

I hate that these guardsmen not only swept that tau army, but have conquered this thread.

>> No.75014072

Dude what are you talking about? No one said anything about mathhammer stuff in a vacuum. We're talking about charging khorne berserkers into the guard anons pic.

>> No.75014075

Oh sorry sad face was supposed to be in reply to>>75013962 about missing the autocannon

>> No.75014076

Rerolling ones to hit and wound on over 100 lasguns is no small buff either.

>> No.75014082

At least it's a 40k discussion.

>> No.75014085

faction specific buffs are not really a valid thing to include in mathhammer to me, because it's just too niche. Yes, it applies in this one case, but it can't be taken as a general rule - that, and imo items like this are just super unfun mechanically for the opponent even if they are fluffy lorewise. Imagine being Chaos and every time you play against Guard they shove that relic in your prostate and become 50% more effective before the game even begins. It's lame.

>> No.75014091


Well I still love you, autocannon anon

>> No.75014096

Morale is now better than 8th edition.
Marines can now actually die to attrition.

>> No.75014097

Why are daemon engines so hot?

>> No.75014101

If you spaced out that many guardsmen so they couldn't get multi charged/consolidated by several units of zerkers then many of the guardsmen wouldn't be in range.

>> No.75014104

That relic also requires you to shove all those squads within 12" of the character which is a bit harder to do with the changes to coherency killing daisy chains.

>> No.75014107

Thank you. Love you too

>> No.75014113

>"One of the projects that Hephaesto was working on was a Primaris Centurion suit that featured a jump pack."

>> No.75014114

stacking leadership debuffs is worthless now

>> No.75014118

Because you touch yourself at night

>> No.75014120

Looking at that pic, with how tight those guardmen are packed just to fit on the board, it doesn't seem that hard.

>> No.75014122

Their preheresy grey scheme

>> No.75014124

Luckily the whole planet got destroyed

>> No.75014125

Should I make a Nid or Ork army? I just want to throw wave after wave of bodies at my opponent. I don’t even care if I win I just want carnage.

>> No.75014128

In the 5th edition codex, when those variants were introduced, there were two separate russ' variants each with those weapon options,

>> No.75014135

there's two types of leman russes

the battle tank, which comes with:
>battle cannon
>vanquisher cannon (irredeemable shit; literally the worst piece of wargear in the entire game)
>eradicator nova cannon
and the demolisher tank, which comes with:
>demolisher cannon
>punisher gatling cannon
>executioner plasma cannon

>> No.75014137

Orks are probably more fun for that

>> No.75014140

Leadership debuffs are looking to also affect attrition tests going forward.

>> No.75014153

I wonder if the changes to the terrain rules actually gives the nova cannon a reason to exist again because it was just a worse battle cannon in 8th.

>> No.75014156

I just played a game that made me realize the only weapons I have in my army with more than -1ap are 4 fusion guns on my coldstar commander and a single railgun on a broadside. the coldstar can basically delete a tank per turn, but surviving after killing the first one is a coinflip and if he dies I basically have nothing to deal with tanks 2+. what can I do? should I change the enforcer to a second coldstar?

>> No.75014163

What would you do to make the vanquisher actually worth taking?

>> No.75014164

Well, first revealed necron Psychomancer debuffa not only morale but attrition tests as well. I assume things will go similarly for other codex factions

>> No.75014168

They'd better
I want to get some use out of my bell boy

>> No.75014176

Any hints you guys can give when running a narrative campaign? What's your typical idea for mission structures? Do you think far ahead or do you make missions as you go along?

>> No.75014186

as it is currently? yes it unironically makes a absolutely fucking massive difference against anything T5 or less if they're in cover

make it an unbelievably consistent form of damage in line with its lore. the most accurate weapon in the game. something like deals D3 MW and always hits or some shit.

>> No.75014195

the list in question

>> No.75014217

+1 to hit vs Vehicle or Monster
S10 AP-4 D6+2 damage

>> No.75014219

Honestly you're probably best off having a set of missions drawn up beforehand and then coming up with special missions that adapt to the current situation for milestones or something.

>> No.75014225

That won't stop GW you know.

>> No.75014229

this is why I miss templates

>> No.75014242

I'd love to see it but the d6 doesn't allow for that much granularity and +1's and -1's are just thrown around these days I'm abundance.

Gimme a d8 or d10 system and give me -1 to hit outside of half range as well as:
Infantry can go to ground for a -1 to hit but half their movement
Suppressing fire: reduced chance to hit but unit has to pass a Ld check to avoid being pinned.
Cover gives greater survivability.
Vehicles are much sturdier if attacking from the front

Wow I just made 40k a great game

>> No.75014252

Bumping for curiosity. I got fluff written out but don’t know where to begin for coming up with missions

>> No.75014263

Daily remind that all the primarchs returning, endless primaris, galaxy being split in half is all because chaos wouldn't let the imperium win the eye of terror campaign like they were supposed to. You did this chaos players, its all your fault!

>> No.75014279

>Infantry can go to ground for a -1 to hit but half their movement
Suppressing fire: reduced chance to hit but unit has to pass a Ld check to avoid being
Na fuck that.

>> No.75014293

Yeah I've got 6 or so missions already made (A couple only get played depending on the victor of the previous mission) and saving the rest for when we actually get up to the point where more missions are needed. I just wanted to see the process of other campaign makers here.

The way I like to think of missions is what kinda battle do you want to see with the armies that are fighting each other, then you can go from there trying to fit the mechanics to the fluff.

>> No.75014300

>the 4th edition one with the custom regimental rules
that was also 3rd edition, specifically the 3.5e guard codex. Guard doctrines were the prototype for the custom chapter stuff in the 4th edition space marine book.

it just feels like it was the 4th edition codex because guard didn't get a book in 4th edition

>> No.75014347

Play a real army

>> No.75014352

In july i started eldar craftworlds my second army. I'm currently at 1300pts and waiting to see how the upcoming stat update pans out before I invest in any more eldar shit.

>> No.75014368

40k is a high fantasy setting

>> No.75014376

as in you have to be high to believe in the fantasy that it's a good setting

>> No.75014382

Post the MVP of your army.

Pic related made a 12" charge and killed a full hp knight in melee during his first battle.
Needless to say i have some expectations after he set such a high bar

>> No.75014384

got em

>> No.75014403

I got back into the game earlier this year with this army and am just about to get it to 2000 points painted once I finish the rhino I'm working on (some characters and stuff aren't pictured here that I've recently done)
No idea how much it'll be after the new codex, probably like 2200.
I painted a couple of characters just for fun earlier in the year but started doing it as an actual army around 4 or 5 months ago when I picked up some tactical marines.

>> No.75014404

The ten of these I run at the same time

>> No.75014407

Even when I lose he always manages to stay on the table.

>> No.75014434

Post dramatic battle finishes

Pic related is 1 wound WE contemptor mulching Krieg tank, and the Krieg tank exploding to wipe them both.

>> No.75014436

Just maybe tell me whether it was a good read or not?

>> No.75014446

Cant find a pic but my Decimator beat up a squad of marines and fisted a dreadnought, though I did use some psychic trickery to pull that off.

>> No.75014463

I don't have pictures but the dread in
>>75014382 survived the knight's melee attacks and its explosion, with one wound left

>> No.75014469

I personally like to do it that I come up with one mission idea then the other people come up with mission ideas until it comes back round to me again. Generally, the next person who makes the next mission writes the fluff that connects it all together until the next mission. One problem with this method: Lots of players can think of cool mission ideas but sure as shit can't balance them. But, that's kinda the fun of it so whatever.

>> No.75014483

>40k fiction is usually terrible and rarely consistent

>> No.75014489


>> No.75014511

>/tg/ thinks 40k fiction is usually terrible and rarely consistent

>> No.75014519

Is there really a negative stigma about playing SM or Tau or are you fags just memeing?

>> No.75014526

SM players get some shit at my LGS because of how good they are but its more playful ribbing than autistic hate

>> No.75014530

most people irl don't give a shit unless you're an obnoxious waac shitter bringing a netlist to a friendly pickup game

>> No.75014540

No. Unless someone is a sperg nobody really gets angry about what factions other people play. Just have your shit painted and don't be a WAACfag and you'll be fine.

>> No.75014543

SM get stigma for being the faction for children and low IQ people while Tau players get stigma for being too muscular and handsome causing jealousy from others.

>> No.75014557

You might joke but the hardest fucking military dude that comes to the LGS is a Tau fanboy.

>> No.75014568

>6 man squad of Allarus deepstrike in, cripple a squad of sisters with gunfire then charge the other
>Intervene with Celestine
>She single-handedly rips them apart over the next two combats while suffering no wounds
A Saint indeed.

>> No.75014596

Celestine is a fucking blender. My friends have yet to figure out a good way of dealing with her.

>> No.75014615

Anyone got a scan of the new ork book?

>> No.75014619

Where are my dark angels at?

>> No.75014621

she only has a heavy flamer and a bunch of s3 attacks. how the hell do you lose custodes to that? she's only good for being a cockroach and her aura.

>> No.75014622

I was gonna do a SP Scouts only army, but I want to finish my backlog first before digging into side projects.

>> No.75014635

She has a +4S melee weapon.

>> No.75014641

>Ardent Blade
>S+4 AP3 D2

>> No.75014646


>> No.75014657

TQ: bought some dark eldar boxes last december, but didnt start building until early february, so my new dark eldar army counts, fully painted, maybe missing a couple of vehicles yet.
Should be around 2.5k

>> No.75014661

>S7 melee, 12" flying movement, refuses to just stay dead
I've never faced custodes but she really is quite a nasty threat to most anything you can put on the table.

>> No.75014669

I want to play Drukhari but fucking hell the new SM units look awesome too.
So go with emo elves who get little support but are rarely seen and opponents don't list tailor against VS go with the army that gets the most love and has the newest minis, but everyone builds their army to fight?

>> No.75014680

split the difference and play nightlords

>> No.75014690

Can ya share it anon?

>> No.75014691

what the fuck how did I think it was S user all this time?

>> No.75014692

Her sword is +4S D2, and she has 6 attacks. She fucking murders people.

>> No.75014697

Let me tell you about this bastard.
He's a vanilla, unnamed IG company commander for 35 points with a 5 point power sword. He hits on 3+ with strength 3.

However, since he is a Steel Legion officer, he gets access to a warlord trait called 'Ex-gang Leader' that gives him +1 to attacks, and +1 to wound rolls. Mind you that's not +1 to strength, but +1 to wound rolls. This is important.

It's important because you can give him a relic called the Blade of Conquest, a power sword upgrade that gives him +2 strength, AP -4, and D3 damage per hit.

When using this thing, he now hits meqs on 3+ and wounds on 3+ with his strength 5 sword...but adds another +1 to his wound rolls. So he wounds on 2s. With a sword that on average 1-shots a marine. With his 4 attacks.

Now that guy behind him is a priest. He gives this officer another +1 attack. The Ogryn gives him an average of 3 additional wounds. And if Yarrick is around, he rerolls 1s to hit.

On top of all that, he can order himself to melee people in the shooting phase, then melee again in the fight phase for 10 attacks per turn with that sword.

The best ever? No, of course not. But an unexpected gem for a simple unnamed IG officer, for sure. No one ever expects it when he counter charges a marine assault unit and carves up 3-4 of them himself.

>> No.75014707

is dry brushing supposed to be braindead easy or am i just getting lucky with it?
it even works well for highlighting stuff

>> No.75014713

oh, I don't have it
but I'm sure someone does

>> No.75014716

muddy looking mud

>> No.75014720

it's easy as fuck, but not a substitute for other techniques, and a lot of people still somehow manage to do it wrong.

>> No.75014722

how do I use incubi without getting them killed?

>> No.75014726

Oh you sweet summer child

>> No.75014727

Show me your counts as/ stand in models

>> No.75014731

just accept their fate

>> No.75014732

i play a lot of mil sim in battlefield, arma, planetside etc. and have read a lot of combat novels, and am also active duty military. here's my first, and last campaign that i started, but did not finish with a buddy whose currently overseas in training

lore/backstory summary: Tarsonis IV is a large water world, roughly 25% larger than Earth, with 97% of its surface covered in a saltwater ocean. It was re-discovered by Rogue Traders in the late 40th millennium and formerly inducted into the Imperium of Man by the start of the Indomitus Crusade. Tarsonisians are a peaceful people, having had no natural predators, and having only a small forested continent for their population of 2 billion. This has made their society into an efficient, minimalistic one.

Upon senior government officials of the planet being introduced to the perils of the greater Imperium, they petitioned Ad-Munitorum representatives for "considerable assistance" in facilitating their tithe. Seeing their potential, the request was granted, and the Ad-Munit. reps were able to requisition Astartes supervision, as well as additional Commissariat, Schola Progenium, and even direct Astra Militarum from recently-decimated regiments. Two years later, the virgin proto-Regiment is sent to an adjacent star system to test its mettle against a small Ork presence.

Rather than use 40k, my brother and I decided to kick off the campaign with an extremely short, semi-related "prologue" match of Kill Team. I asked a buddy whose a kill team vet to come up with the rules, and I fed him the actual "concept". My buddy also played a lot of D&D and had a lot of traditional p&p inspiration with this particular match. Here's what I remember:

>> No.75014739

Mission: Find out what happened to the Scout element, and why they haven't reported in.
I deploy 2 guardsmen, a barebones sergeant, and a sniper with a longlas, on my side of the map. There is a "derelict" (its just laying on its side) scout sentinel in roughly the center of the map, offset slightly. There's rocks, brush, trees, and other terrain surrounding it. The entire layout is eerily similar to as if the scout sentinel were a meteorite impact, of some sort.

On turn 3, my guardsmen make it to the center, and I declare that my sergeant investigates the wreckage. I rolled a 6 on the action, which meant I made two extra discoveries. The first being that the sentinel was merely deactivated, and not in any incredible state of disrepair, and the second being some blood trailing away from the scene. At the start of the next turn, I move over to where the blood trailed off to, and discovered an unconscious and injured, but alive sentinel pilot. I had my sniper roll to wake him, and succeeded.

Suddenly, as per the mission, at the end of Turn 4, the opponent reveals themselves, and a single Ork Boy appeared on the board at the opposite end of the field. This will continue to occur at the end of every turn thereafter. My sergeant fired a laspistol shot, but it went wide. The pilot, groggy, and head spinning, also attempting to hit the ork with his lasgun, but also missed. My sniper, caught off guard after busting out medical supplies to attend to the pilot, was unable to fire that shooting phase.

The boy attempted to charge the pilot, and succeeded, but was cut down by the pilot's successful overwatch. Turns 6 and 7 were spent repairing the sentinel, and I managed to get it upright on a 4, but it was unable to fire, and had only 3 wounds, and could only move 6 inches.

The end result was a victory, and nobody died, and now all of these units have since been promoted, and are the main characters in my narrative.

>> No.75014741


>> No.75014757

Me and my group plan on doing a crazy crossover campaign with Mass Effect.
Where can i find some Mass Effect minis?
Mainly just need reapers.

>> No.75014767

Get a 3d printer

>> No.75014770

>He thinks 40k isn't fantasy with a sci-fi filter on it
Begone secondary.

>> No.75014779

Big old Executioner Plasma Cannon - Only causes a mortal wound if it fucks up
Regular Plasma Cannon - Blows the tank to kingdom come.

>> No.75014790

>executioner plasma cannon
massive and overdesigned, ironically, with safety in mind
>stamped steel plebsma cannon
mass produced unsafe backwater-forge world garbage

>> No.75014791

That's a cool hellstalker, but the dico lord is supposed to be more dark mechy then space mariney.

>> No.75014818

Never thought of that. Might copy that as I also play Steel Legion.

Now I just need an Ogryn and a Priest.

>> No.75014842

Wounds Vehicles and Monsters on 2s.
AP -3
Either 1d6+2 damage or straight 6 damage.

>> No.75014868

Paint nids like necrons

>> No.75014919


>> No.75014938


>> No.75014988

Here me out.

40k Lite
A self game system for 20 USD. Simplified rules, pogs instead of minis, 3 armies, a cloth measuring tape, and some d6 dice. Space marines for the shooting army. Orks for the melee army. Eldar for the psychic army. Games last no more than 30 minutes or so.

>> No.75014992

Anyone have any experience using them with guard? Can they still vehicles if they are in a ecclesiarchal battle thingy

>> No.75015011


>> No.75015014

Now I gave to green stuff bread into a seraphim mouth.

>> No.75015021

They're waiting for you in 2021.

>> No.75015029

Mephiston is the only one there with a full personality.

>> No.75015046

All weaklings compared to Ephrael Stern.

>> No.75015048


>> No.75015055

For what purpose?

>> No.75015059

The Horned Rat

>> No.75015065

To lower the entry barrier for new players. Serve as a more portable version of the game.

>> No.75015073


>> No.75015092

>lower the entry barrier for new players

>> No.75015097

Oh, I feel like that misses the main appeal.

>> No.75015139

wish this hobby wasn't so full of simps

>> No.75015151


>> No.75015228

Never, but gonna figure out what to do with the Space Marines that came with my Necrons in October; they're probably becoming Blood Angels.

*Psykers* ain't shit, anon; pic related.

>wish this world wasn't so full of simps

>> No.75015263

starter sets have a pretty low barrier

>> No.75015266

What's the bottom right dude doing there?

>> No.75015273


>> No.75015274

Never getting a new model

>> No.75015286

Oh man I've seen dumb, but it isn't often I get to see stupid.

>> No.75015294

Does dettol melt green stuff? I wanna strip the paint off an old pewter model but keep the green stuff sculpt

>> No.75015299

He's like a kaio-ken user next to super saiyans.

>> No.75015351

Death Guard or bust

>> No.75015358

Show bust or gtfo

>> No.75015363

busty death guard

>> No.75015378

Big bags of puss!

>> No.75015389

>dico lord is supposed to be more dark mechy then space mariney
>is literally a space marine riding a demon engine

>> No.75015401

It's a warpsmith

>> No.75015408

Dank Imperium is 350, kill team starter is 150, know no fear is 90.

Plus the painting, assembly, and figuring of the rules.

40k Lite would be cheap and simple enough for ten year olds.

>> No.75015409

what dark mechanicus, it's just a chaos marine wearing a scarf m8

>> No.75015417

still, a space marine

>> No.75015419

Where do you live?

>> No.75015421


>> No.75015425


>> No.75015426

Even among loyalists, Tech-Marines are not ordained members of the Cult Mechanicus ERGO they are not tech-priests.

>> No.75015428

You don't see any difference between a primaris incestor and a warpsmith?

>> No.75015433

Dawg Dark Imperium was like 180 when it was in production, id just have people buy the 9th starters

>> No.75015435

Hence why I said they should look more dark mechy and less like a generic space marine.

>> No.75015442

There's a difference between being a space marine techpriest and an adeptus mechanicus priest.

>> No.75015443

>i want 10 year olds playing 40k

>> No.75015448

Most of the older people who got back in with 8th were younger durring older editions

>> No.75015453

I never said it's literally a skitarii ranger on a hellstalker.

>> No.75015456

Fuck off, faggot

>> No.75015458

Get them young. So they want to spend their teenage years disposable income on the grown up game.

>> No.75015460

32-year-old here. I started playing when I was 8. Umad?

>> No.75015487

2 kustom boosta blastas or one Gunwagon w Da Boomer & 4 Big shootas?

>> No.75015493

Based Steel Legion Anon, where do you get those vehicle gear? Like that row of jerry cans. Historical kits?

>> No.75015499


>> No.75015511

I also started playing when I was about 10 with lotr, but I wouldn't want my former self playing nor would I want my 10 year old self around a LGS

>> No.75015522

Hey /40kg/, can I use a hobby knife to trim calluses off my feet?

Or would pumice be better?

>> No.75015525

Add this to the fucking OP so lorelets grow a fucking brain already.

>> No.75015531

Anyone seen any good ways to calculate overall unit 'value' per point cost?

I'm talking about things like:
- 'point cost per effective wound taken by weapon type x'
- 'point cost per effective wound done to unit type x'

Working in things like save / invuln / fnp for the wounds taken?

Sounds like it's probably a lot of hard work but, idk someone might be smart?

>> No.75015532


>> No.75015534

If you do it, put it on live leak

>> No.75015536

The sooner you Necron fuckers lose the ability to ressurect models that died in previous turns / attacks the fucking better.
>Tee hee just rolling my 3+ reanimation protocols rerolling 1s tee hee

>> No.75015541

Suck your own toes and scrape it off with your teeth.

>> No.75015544

Literally used my knife to do this before

>> No.75015551

t. assmad and entitled primaris kid

>> No.75015573

Play kill team

>> No.75015575

Yeah I was the same way, I started when I was a preteen but I probably annoyed the piss out of all the older fellas at the hobby shop. Fortunately, most 10 year olds don't drive and most parents don't want to deal with the hassle of carting them back and forth all the time. Not when most 10 year olds that would play 40k would also play on the computer and do other things that would equally keep them out of their parent's hair.

>> No.75015577

To many variables, even with mono-loadout units.
They need separate score per target, resulton in a "quick lists taking up more space than actual datasheets.

>> No.75015578


>> No.75015580

>Imagine actually losing models when they die

>> No.75015593

Are you my fucking clone? I'm also 32 been playing since I was 8.

>> No.75015594

You mean like power level and points value? That is pretty much what you are describing and there is already a system for that. While most (if not all of us) disagree about how some of the units are valued, that would be the case no matter who did it.
Think what you are looking for anon is like a tier list.

>> No.75015603

How long until Necrons are declared Abhuman Digital Martyrs?

>> No.75015605

Things like stats engine will let you know a units rough worth against a specific target, but how would you even begin to calculate it against every type of unit in every army in every composition? On top of that, there are units that can score way above what they deserve through shenanigans, like lìctors

>> No.75015609

I doubt we will, it is baked into the cost of our units. Just focus fire units rather than attacking them all evenly

>> No.75015612

Ah, yes! Our ancient ancestors, the Necron Dynasties!

>> No.75015640

Soak in hot water and pumice stone. Then generously apply lotion.

>> No.75015673

Are tempestus scions decent to recast?

Specifically the command squad box.

>> No.75015678


>> No.75015702



>> No.75015705

Not enuff dakka

>> No.75015713

The faces get flattened badly, and resin is a terrible material to make banners from.

>> No.75015720

>Almost all 40k youtubers are cringy man-children.


>> No.75015728

i would think so. It depends if you keep them on the sprue or not. I havent gotten around to recasting yet, but i feel like it the sprues would make the recasting more complicated. Either way, liquid resin would be mandatory because i dont think greenstuff casting is viable beyond single pieces

dont be gey

>> No.75015730

>Specifically the command squad box.

Scions have only one kit.

>> No.75015731

The Games Workshop thought police have already been notified.

>> No.75015740

Systemic mahogany.

>> No.75015752

Almost like the hobby itself attracts cringy man-children and the occasional femcel.

>> No.75015758


>> No.75015765

what the hell do you expect? 99% of youtubers are manchildren.

i can only think of a few that arent.

>> No.75015771

The new rules heavily hint that RP is simply becoming 5+++
Fail the 5+++ and your ass is going back in the case, just like if you failed moral. No coming back from that.

>> No.75015777

Did a Warboss recently. Took the black reach warboss, chopped off his arms and gave him a dreadnought arm and a shoota from a meganob. Also cut the backpack it had off and gave him a little gretchin friend. Krunchy n Munchy ready for blastin.

>> No.75015783

>> No.75015787


>> No.75015794

I'm probably only going to recast the bodies as I'll use heads from other kits. Resin is the way I'm probably going to go.

>> No.75015801

If 10 years old can be taught the bible, they can be taught 40k.
They're roughly the same in terms of angry gods, genocide and people being flogged for not following orders.

>> No.75015805

To the resin mines with you. If the warped tunnel collapses don't get you the 'White Lung' will.

So boring. Just playing silver death guard.

>> No.75015810

>Krieg are emotionless robots following orders without question, marching into hellstorms without flinching
>Krieg are literally no different than any other guard and panic and run away and require Commissars to shoot them in the back as they run away and in turn kill their Commissars
The thing I love most about GW is the consistency amongst all their fluff writers, in no way do I think they should be hung by their balls and forced to read the lore until they understand it before writing these terrible pieces.

>> No.75015813

Ill eventually get around to kitbashing together a primaris captain. Gotta paint some tau first i think

>> No.75015823

krieg is a big place.

just becvause 95% of their regiments dont flee doesnt mean it never happens.

>> No.75015824

The 40k setting in a broad sense is great. I ignore any minor details that don't match my head canon.

Head canon is best canon.

>> No.75015826

Let's not pretend 2nd to 7th where complex games
Even my malnurished third world ass could learn 3rd a non starving kid can learn dumb down 9th

>> No.75015827

everything is canon, but not everything is true.

>> No.75015831


>> No.75015836

I wish leadership and morale failures were more developed mechanics that could create fun and interesting emergent narratives like this.

>> No.75015841

They're trying to make it not sound like feel no paint, but its literally feel no pain
>Instead of rolling at the start of the turn... you roll after *every attack*
so its feel no pain?

>> No.75015861

You roll after each enemy unit has finished their attack sequance, so if you get wiped by a single unit no reanimation roll.

>> No.75015870

Silver death guard but worse.

>> No.75015879

I want marines to go up in cost so i dont have to bring as many models

>> No.75015882

i want marines to go up in pts so marines stop being a horde army.

>> No.75015886

fuck me
punished necrontyr

>> No.75015888

Come back with full wounds, better rolls due to more positive modifers.
It's almost like its hard to come to a conclusion before we see the codex and actually play with the new rules. Who coulda thunk.

>> No.75015896

It ENTIRELY depends on who's doing it. There are excellent above-GW/FW copies, and bubbly dogshit copies

>> No.75015902

Think what you want. They've made necrons into worse-DG.
New nuCrons are a false messiah.

>> No.75015903

I mean, it's basically Graia's Refusal to Yield.

>> No.75015911

Still going to be harder to completely wipe a unit than right now.

>> No.75015915

codex aint even out bruh

>> No.75015922

doesnt matter, morons here will postulate and bitch and panic no matter what.

>> No.75015933

Also this.
With basically doubling part of their survivability with the wounds i hope they will at least go up by quite a bit.

>> No.75015942

We've know tacticals are going to be 18 for over a month now. Get with the times boomer.

>> No.75015944

>reeee! stop speculating! you have no right!

>> No.75015945

If its one shot then flat 6 is best.

>> No.75015948

I think Tacticals are now 18pts. I think it was mentioned somewhere.

>> No.75015952

How do you know all this?

>> No.75015970

and what reason do you have to believe your wild speculation?

>> No.75015980


Models have since been painted but this was a hilarious little encounter.

>> No.75015984

>Of course, all these updates will also come with a suitable points adjustment. The aforementioned Tactical Marine will clock in at 18pts for his extra Wound (20% more than he is today). And it means Space Marine forces will be compact, elite, durable and utterly deadly – just as they should be.

>> No.75015988

If you don't show solidarity for necrons I'll mock and belittle you.

>> No.75015999


>> No.75016003

we havent even seen any of their stratagems.

wait for that and then you can whine for 2 years until the next necron codex comes out for 10th ed.

>> No.75016007


>> No.75016018


>> No.75016020

>expensive vampire game attracts crazy unlovable vampires
Go play Infinity.

>> No.75016029

>marines get better stats
>better rules
>less than 30% point increase
>other armies get nothing
>50% point increase
If I wanted to play marine versus marine I'd be playing HH

>> No.75016031

It's fun to speculate things, even if said speculation leads to whinging

>> No.75016046

I mean im just glad they didnt go down in points

>> No.75016060

Is homesickness Nurgle?

>> No.75016064

How can i make better hazard stripes? I'm a shitty and unexperienced painter and it always looks like this.

>> No.75016065

what?! are you trying to tell me an eldar guardian isnt worth 10pts?!


>> No.75016081

>expects mundane consistency from a setting which involves alternate realities, magical FTL, a cyclical universe, and quadrillions of inhabited worlds
It's almost like Krieg is an entire planet and not a country...

On top of that it's probably technically like 400 planets with how accurate warp travel is...

>"Warp translation cut out early, which Kreig have we arrived at?"
>"Who cares, just pick up troops, they're gonna die anyways..."

>> No.75016092

Have you watched the Duncan tutorial?

>> No.75016093

>Grots go up 66% points increase, no benefit
>Kabalites go up 50% points increase, no benefit
>Guardians go up 25% points increase, no benefit
>Marines get an extra wound go up 20%
Just unironically imagine being a Marine player and defending GWs behaviour

>> No.75016118

Tacticals went up over 60% compared to 8th. At least try to be correct.

>> No.75016134

>be eldar
>still form firing lines like it's 1450AD Earth
>wHy aRe wE gOiNg eXtInCt!?
This is what xenos tradition does to human minds.

>> No.75016146

Have you tried not being a filthy fucking xenos on a human colony?

>> No.75016157

unironically looks fine. i wouldnt give a single fuck if i saw that. looks like normal battle damage or something.

>> No.75016166

what do you guys use to brush dust off your dudes

t. open-storer

>> No.75016170

B-bro hold me

>> No.75016188

is there a chapter approved this year? was there one the first year of 8th?

>> No.75016192

Just say they paint their stripes by hand and they never end up perfectly right because they're IW. Over time repaint over it to show how they keep trying.

It looks okay anyway.

>> No.75016194

Always named shit like "warhammer girl" "(girls name)_miniatures" "geekgirlwhopaints". I hate women.

>> No.75016196

use tape moron

>> No.75016202

There was a CA in 2017 with point values but we've already had CA released this year.

>> No.75016203

they have to tell you every second that they're women cause its the only way they get anywhere

>> No.75016208

Thanks anon
Others look worse than that, also it looks a bit better in a picture.

>> No.75016211

>what is a themed account
out of all the stupid shit you could criticize this is literally the worst one. this fucking fruit isn't even hanging anymore, it's touching the ground

>> No.75016213

Pretty much. They're always so mediocre.

>> No.75016222

This lad donates to youtuber patreons

>> No.75016227

thats because they know they standout as a woman. they dont do it in things where being a girl doesnt make them stand out.

>> No.75016228

>I need a separate account for each of my interests and hobbies
Fucking "cis"-whymyn...

Either an idiot who forgot how she became a woman or just someone's flesh-puppet.

>> No.75016232

yeah i give a dollar every month to autism tactics

>> No.75016261

Based auspex autism

>> No.75016270

Ok I chuckled. How did the encounter go btw?

>> No.75016275

and of course he plays imperial guard. imperial guard players are almost always autists.

>> No.75016278

>tfw i play imperial guard

>> No.75016282

Why? These faggots are the One Mind Syndicate of '''''''''tactica''''''''' videos lmao

>> No.75016298

His videos are so comfy though.

Nothing like logging into work, cracking an ice cold monster and watching some auspex autism.

>> No.75016307

Try tamiya masking tape. It's good stuff

>> No.75016308

im a man and my account is [myname]_minatures lmao

>> No.75016313

Didn't he showcase a painted SM army tho?

>> No.75016329

He mains Marines and guard, though I think he's starting a DG army.

>> No.75016331

>these faggots
who? there's only one faggot, and he's absolutely based as fuck.

>concise videos and good topics
>simple; doesn't get overly technical or complex. was easy enough for me to understand having not even heard of warhammer 40k beyond memes
>makes solidly educated guesses and inferences based on extensive time and money spent on the hobby since 3rd ed. and having been in the competitive scene for an equal amount of time
>doesnt hate the game or games workshop's decisions, and chooses to figure out and understands why things are the way they are from their point of view instead of just getting mad and flinging shit everywhere like /tg/ does about everything
>makes a lot of people wonder if he's secretly or historically a GWS playtester given how accurate all of his guesses have been

>> No.75016334

Virtually everything Tamiya makes is amazing stuff

>> No.75016336

yeah but he mentions in several videos that he mains imperial guard.

>> No.75016345

Hello, Ausperg Tactics. Didn't know you browsed 4chins.

>> No.75016357

I love you but you're falling for bait anon.

>> No.75016362

So does Fenris have fucking land or not? Anons keep saying NO, but so many sources say otherwise, that The Fang is on a mountain and Ragnar Blackmane fought a Thousand Sons sorceror named Madok deep below. It's also described as volcanic and ever-shifting. So what the fuck is it, then /tg/? You talking out of your ass again? Are Space Wolves just gaslighting assholes with a ton of feral worlds in their sector they all call "Fenris" to the new fangs since they're stupid primitives who wouldn't know any better anyways? Is it warp-fuckery like >>75016081 says with Krieg where you might go sideways through time and end up at a completely different Fenris?

>> No.75016363

Honestly a hilarious wiff fest with both sides waving arms around like retards (the exarch had a chum or two to thow under the buss) a wounded Sly won out in the end, we had to play long tall Sally over the speakers afterward. I think he ended up playing tag with a wraithlord out for revenge for like two turns around a building or something.

>> No.75016368

>concise videos and good topics
>simple; doesn't get overly technical or complex. was easy enough for me to understand having not even heard of warhammer 40k beyond memes
>makes solidly educated guesses and inferences based on extensive time and money spent on the hobby since 3rd ed. and having been in the competitive scene for an equal amount of time
>doesnt hate the game or games workshop's decisions, and chooses to figure out and understands why things are the way they are from their point of view instead of just getting mad and flinging shit everywhere like /tg/ does about everything
>makes a lot of people wonder if he's secretly or historically a GWS playtester given how accurate all of his guesses have been

this is exactly why i watch his videos. he has a good understanding of the game and doesnt take too long to get to the point. no stupid obnoxious persona or jokes. just info.

kinda why i dont like kirioth. he seems like a nice enough guy but his videos are just him blathering for 10mins.

>> No.75016374

Auspex autism is currently the best 40k content creator by a country mile

>> No.75016378

Good god that looks boring.
Imagine playing guard and doing almost only infantry.

>> No.75016385

that's the point of guard retard

>> No.75016392

I don't remember asking retard

>> No.75016409

Kirioth is just annoying, Val is a Sperg, Outer Circle is a hater, Arch will not be missed, etc

Auspex Autism’s only ‘bad’ point is being almost too monotone.

>> No.75016421

Based nippon autism at work.
go away plebbit. Krieg has been established as being a mono culture.
That being said, they're still unmodified men and can break from hyper extremes. Though this passage is odd.
What is this from?

>> No.75016430

>almost only infantry
>that's the point
if you're not running support equipment alongside them you're boring as shit.
Unless you pay for trenches and bring those. If you do that you're based and forgiven for being just infantry, as long as you also bring towed artillery.

>> No.75016443

>go away plebbit. Krieg has been established as being a mono culture.
I never said they weren't mono-cultured (lmfao literally in tanks) I was saying it's a larger sample size you fucking dingus.

>> No.75016455

>le mao 400 kriegs because le based ebic warp shenanigary
>quadrillions of inhabited worlds
that's why I'm calling you names

>> No.75016496

You'd make a shitty navigator it sounds like.

>"We're here."
>"We are clearly NOT here."
>"There's only one Krieg so we're here."
">Is this even the right year? This is an asteroid belt!"
>"Time travel's impossible retard."

>> No.75016497

Wouldn't have to form firing lines if GW would stop making shuriken weapons more short ranged than fucking shotguns.

>> No.75016515

That's historicals kinda shit.

>> No.75016521

>guy has one of those little card speakers on his vehicles
>only uses it for meme shit like eurobeat racing music
it was funny the first time you played deja vu while drifting a tank around the corner but now it's just annoying

>> No.75016526

>What is this from?
Looks like it might be from one of the Siege of Vraks books.

>> No.75016530

He's just an autist trying to be funny so you'll be his friend anon. Be nice to us, we try.

>> No.75016533

no what are you talking about IG are the chad hotties who wow women around their world with the IRL knowlege of the nazi regime and sleep with dozens of 10/10 aryan girls every night with their basilisk sized dick you wished you played IG

>> No.75016542

Makes sense. At least the early vraks books remembered to portray kriegers as 'still human'. Facing that kind of across the board assault on the psyche and battlefield insanity would break damn near everyone.

>> No.75016545

I put leds and sound to a tank once. It was fun like 3 times.

>> No.75016553

You're trying too hard to meme, anon

>> No.75016556

>alternate realities
warhammer 40k doesn't have those
>a cyclical universe
warhammer 40k doesn't have that
>and quadrillions of inhabited worlds
even the "million" worlds of the imperium is a gross overstimation

>Apart from a single area of the planet that is permanently land-locked, Fenris is a world of shifting geography and mostly oceans.
>Asaheim — The only stable continent on Fenris, located on its northern pole. Here there are many unique creatures not seen elsewhere on the world such as bears, elks, mastodons, ice trolls, shape-shifting dopplegangrels, and ice wyrms. Asaheim is surrounded by cliffs thousands of feet high, separating it from the rest of the planet. The tribesmen of Fenris consider it the land of the Gods

>> No.75016579

Why do you think million is a huge overestimation?

>> No.75016593

That level of autism is Imperial, there are Shrine Worlds founded on strange pop songs from the 90's that somehow survived and have religious allusions in M42.

Millions of pilgrims self-flagellating to that awful dubstep Seven nation Army cover from a lossy .mp4 file from a broken Zune an explorator-magos found in an abandoned arcology in the Ghoul Stars.

This is an example pulled out of my ass, not exactly headcanon so much as, "this scenario fits the formula the rest of the fluff is written on."

>> No.75016614

See anon, >>75016593 , just autists trying to be funny and friendly

>> No.75016619

Doesnt cawl listen to david bowie?

>> No.75016627

>warhammer 40k doesn't have those

It does. In the novel, the heroes see versions of themselves from a different universe/timeline. Both parties were confused by what they saw.

Also the C'tan are said to send people to alternative realities.

>> No.75016646

'the novel'
Also black library fucking sucks, it's marvel tier writing 99% of the time with the HH series being consistently the best example.
Treat BL as fanfiction.

>> No.75016651

I need to find back the quote, but there was an imperial guy claiming the "million" of worlds is mere propaganda since the imperium loses worlds constantly and at an alarming rate and even if the imperium did have a million worlds and accounting for the worlds that get reclaimed or reached anew, during the thousands of yeara of grinding the number must have gone below that number

for convenience it's safe to use that number for canon estimation, but in practical terms I expect the precise number to be significantly smaller

>> No.75016666

That's some selective thinking.

>> No.75016667

>Also the C'tan are said to send people to alternative realities.
dimensions, not realities.

>> No.75016698

>In the novel
which novel?

>> No.75016706

No, he's right. The Eisenhorn series is really the only exception. Basically everything else is pulp.

>> No.75016708

How come the krieg kits don't come with bayonets, I thought that was their thing.

>> No.75016709

Ugh, fucking read the fluff.
>warhammer 40k doesn't have those
FTL is based on it, there's at the minimum The Material, The Immaterium, and DA GREEN. Not counting other things like necron pocket-space. Daemon realms are all technically their own dimensions as well you fucking dingus.

>warhammer 40k doesn't have that
According to The Eldar and The Slann they fucking do, so read the fucking fluff, dingus.

>even the "million" worlds of the imperium is a gross overstimation
Did I say they were Imperial or merely that they were inhabited? I said they were inhabited. Dingus, learn to read.

>> No.75016715

>reads about characters having illusions
>"well, that must mean imperial ships warp jumps to different realities all the time
this is selective thinking

>> No.75016735

Thank you for at least backing me up on there being a version of Fenris with that arrangement though, that's the exact version I read about in the Ragnar Blackmane novels. But recently on the fandom wiki I read it was all volcanic and shifting, and some retard in a previous thread form days ago was screeching there was no solid land at all anywhere. So many retards in this hobby getting gaslit by their irl friends headcanon.

>> No.75016751

sounds bout right

>> No.75016759

>FTL is based on it
it's based on the warp, imperial ships have never gone to different realities
>there's at the minimum The Material, The Immaterium, and DA GREEN.
the immaterium and da green are both warp
>necron pocket-space.
this are sub-dimensions of the main reality, not alternative realities
if they were alternative realities the necrons would be able to get resources from there, but they don't
>Daemon realms are all technically their own dimensions
no, they're still just the warp

>> No.75016765

Do sisters still have access to the Avenger Strike Fighter and Arvus Lighter for fliers?

I have no doubt they still have the repressor

>> No.75016768

The imperium also constantly retakes worlds, anon. I'd hedge the number in m41 to be between 900,000 to 1,000,000, which is a huge variance if you think about it. and still makes sense. I doubt the imperium is losing thousands of worlds per year.
Not really, no. Use a little critical thinking.
I'd say pulpy=/=always bad, but it often is. Stuff like McNeill's old ultramarines series is decent enough despite being pulpy because it meshes well with the core fluff and feel of the setting, you know?
alternate dimensions=/=alternate realities, in his defence

>> No.75016773

Friend, that's the same thing even if you define 'dimensions' as 2d, 3d, 4d, etc... If you alter one of these variables you can end up in an entirely new reality with entirely new rules...

I think you all might actually need to read more physics and biology than fluff... /tg/ just might not grasp science enough yet to understand what the fuck they're reading...

>> No.75016780

>out of print
sorry anon, no rules for 9th.

>> No.75016783

>on the fandom wiki I read it was all volcanic and shifting
because for all practical purposes it is, the population of the planet doesn't live at the stable pole, it's reserved for "the gods", the marines

>> No.75016784

They are present on the models, just not necessarily being readily equipped.

>> No.75016797

>No more repressor
Now that's just some shit now ain't it

>> No.75016803

So some random in-universe character's headcanon they spouted off to add mood to a scene or characterize themselves now supercedes all the other canon for you?

What kind of combination of ADHD and autism is this? Your brain must be like a punch-card-reader with no HDD...

>> No.75016804

Repressor is index rules still. We’ll see with the new book.

Its p good for them due to fire ports.

>> No.75016811

Reality. The text says reality.

Cawl novel.

>> No.75016818

Only have the Repressor. That was the one thing that I expecting to go the way of the squat.
But the models still in productions got axed instead.

>> No.75016825


It's the Waaagh! energy in the Warp, you double dingus.

>> No.75016826

>Friend, that's the same thing
no, an universe is made of dimensions too, but not exclusively by them
it's like saying an empty room and a fully furnished room are the same thing because they both have 4 walls

you may want to learn using logic before claiming you grasp science

>> No.75016836


>> No.75016869

>Reality. The text says reality.
Post the text, as far as I can find I read dimensions
>Even now in their reduced and wholly fettered state, C'tan Shards are beings of near-unlimited power. They can manifest energy blasts, control the minds of lesser beings, manipulate the flow of time, and banish foes to alternate dimensions.

>> No.75016882

yes, that's chaos, not imperial ships

>> No.75016887

>C'tan Shards are beings of near-unlimited power. They can manifest energy blasts, control the minds of lesser beings, manipulate the flow of time, and banish foes to alternate realities.


>> No.75016901

It's fucking canon, warp travel is incredibly dangerous and it's one of the ways people get lost, never to be heard from again. Some lucky ones get back such as the protagonist of Battlefleet Gothic Armada 1 and 2, who was lost for 800 years. Are you just some idiot IRL guardsman who figures you know space already because you're form Cadia or some shit and don't have to read a single book from this planet? Have you ever talked to a fucking navigator about trying to navigate before? I'm being trained to fucking do it, so don't fucking argue about warp-theory, psyniscience or astropathy to me unless you're already guilded or sanctioned in some way or have made a fucking accurate warp translation yourself IRL before.

Sick of this planet and I'm sick of /tg/.

>> No.75016909

Watch him deny that unit descriptions are canon.

>> No.75016911

We was lost in the Warp. Not a different reality.

>> No.75016921

>It's fucking canon
Then post a single instance of an imperial ship reaching a different reality

>> No.75016947

fair enough, can you prove what those realities contain?

>> No.75016955

>Every battle report I watch with Drukhari, they pick kaballites + drazhar
>when Haemonculi is the one that is worth it rigt now
I dont get it

>> No.75016958

>who was lost for 800 years
In the warp, not in different realities.

>> No.75016983

This guy's original tribe.

>> No.75016984

Oh, you are a complete retard apparently:
>it's based on the warp, imperial ships have never gone to different realities
What is the warp then? Then there's only one reality. Wire your brain together. CBD oil increases neural inter-connectivity and repairs the myelin sheathes in your nerves.

>the immaterium and da green are both warp
So the warp is just one big dimension to you with no spectrums, bands or dimensions? What old-ass warp-drives do you fucking use? No wonder you think the Imperium is so small...

>if they were alternative realities the necrons would be able to get resources from there, but they don't
But then how do the Necrons have seemingly infinite resources? Fucking use your head.

>no, they're still just the warp
That's, no. They get sealed and warded in their own ways by the daemon prince to keep their enemies out or else they have no sovereignty and it's not even a daemon-realm.

You don;t know jack SHIT about the warp, shut the fuck up, Tau.

>> No.75016998

>But then how do the Necrons have seemingly infinite resources?
They don't. They need to harvest energy and mine worlds to fuel their empire using scarabs and mortal and machine slaves

>> No.75017009

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Astropath academy, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on the Black Legion, and I have over 30000000 confirmed kills. I am trained in guilliman warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire Imperium armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Multiverse, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Noosphere? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of inquisitors across the Imperium and your location is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred millions ways, and that's just with my bare mind. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Grey Knights chapter and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the Immaterium, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.

>> No.75017012


>> No.75017028

I think everyone is using 'reality' and 'dimension' to mean different things.
Personally I'd consider an alternate reality something like 40k compared to LotR or Star Wars or real life. Completely different but encompassing settings.
Likewise, I'd consider 'dimension' to be subcategories of those realities. The warp I'd consider another dimension in this case, to distinguish it from another 'reality' like real life. I'd also consider heavan and hell, the place the elves go in LotR, etc as dimensions using this terminology.
>CBD oil increases neural inter-connectivity and repairs the myelin sheathes in your nerves
sounds like I should look into CBD, my brain is a fucking shredded mess

>> No.75017044

but he comes from the land of the forgotten
pic related, near the eye of terror
that's the warp

>> No.75017075

>alternate dimensions=/=alternate realities, in his defence
Watch Steins;gate. You move too far sideways in 'time' (4th dimension) you're now in a new reality and things are different, people are alive and dead who weren't before, etc. Malcador and the God-Emperor even ran simulations on tabletop for this very reason in the HH novels.

"The warp" is a catch-all term for any immaterial dimension, triple-dingus. "DA GREEN" is a spectrum of said immaterial dimensions.

Fuck, do you realize how matter is made? Of tiny sub-atomic particles that also make up EM radiation and vibrate differently and bond in ways to form different substances and elementary atoms?

How can you be this fucking retarded?


See above and self-flagellate yourself.

It is a fucking mood, though.

>> No.75017082

>They get sealed and warded in their own ways by the daemon prince to keep their enemies out or else they have no sovereignty and it's not even a daemon-realm.
which is like saying your room is a different reality from the rest of the world because you closed the door
fucking kek, you're retarded

>What is the warp then?
not an alternate reality where you can meet an extra copy of yourself from a different timeline

>But then how do the Necrons have seemingly infinite resources?
they don't; when they want energy they harness it from matter instead of getting it from other dimensions

>> No.75017089

no, they never do that

>> No.75017112

What's that like 1500 points of guard?

>> No.75017148

>which is like saying your room is a different reality from the rest of the world because you closed the door
It's really not. And at the same time if I create a strong enough magnetic field inside my house by perturbing mercury it actually can become another reality from outside. But a door is just a wooden plank.

>not an alternate reality where you can meet an extra copy of yourself from a different timeline
Except it fucking is. Eldar fucking warn themselves through time from the future or an alternate past in meditation all the time. Read an anthology of short stories.

>they don't; when they want energy they harness it from matter instead of getting it from other dimensions
What do they do with the pocket dimensions they do have, and what contains the pocket dimensions? Have you considered they have hybrid energy-collection methods, being an ancient star empire that spanned the galaxy and all?

>no, they never do that
They fucking do, read the books, it's more than pulp it's all world-building which you ignore so you can cherry-pick some stupid fairy-tale Star Trek universe from. Get eaten by a daemon.

>> No.75017176

>SM fag bitching about literally anything
Sit on it and rotate, fleshbag.

>> No.75017181

Actually, specifically read "Into the Maelstrom" from 1999 edited by Andy Jones and Marc Gascoigne.

>> No.75017305

I don't remember when.

>> No.75017313

Fuck, wrong anthology, short story I want you to read on warp-theory is "Ancient History" by Andy Chambers from the Dark Imperium anthology.

I mean fuck, underhive ratskinners have their own webway made of... eating mushrooms... which connects to hive cities on other planets somehow. They're one of the only human populations that survives universe cycles without being eaten by Tyranids because they essentially get high as fuck and run down an abandoned corridor until they're on another planet.

>> No.75017376

>They fucking do
post it

>> No.75017387

>universe cycles
those don't happen

>> No.75017395

>What do they do with the pocket dimensions they do have
they use them as cages or means of transportation

>> No.75017435

>Eldar fucking warn themselves through time from the future or an alternate past in meditation all the time.
no, they don't, they only read the threads of fate
like a person projecting hypotheses through the warp, they don't actually meet with alternative versions of themselves

>> No.75017529

>Ancient History
I read that, there's literally nothing supporting any of your points

>> No.75017601

just in that one (awesome) 3.5 chaos codex that GW has been trying to move away from for almost 20 years.

>> No.75017622


Yeah, you're probably right

>> No.75017629

fags like you want all army flavour sand blasted off so your microbrain doesnt have to consider more than one variable at any time.

>> No.75017685

Just go play infinity faggot

>> No.75017818

Well no, the eldar don't *physically* meet themselves when meditating. Other people have mentioned HH characters meeting themselves but I haven't read all of those novels to cite sources for them. Even so the eldar still observe and warn themselves in this manner, via their mind's connection to the warp and back... like: how is this not what it is?

The deck full of mutants that the protag is told not to go into because it's still tied to another reality and closed-off and full of horrors? because if you did you wouldn't be talking this kind of smack like an escher juvie with a new knife.

>> No.75017824

>Actually, specifically read "Into the Maelstrom" from 1999 edited by Andy Jones and Marc Gascoigne.

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