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Post about them and shit.

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They wear funny hats.

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First for saying Oldcron styled gunlines are back.

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Isn't that a protoss unit?

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Similar, I mean with the self destruct stratagem you can turn spyders and scarabs into reavers

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Um no, youd drain CP like a leaky heart valve doing that for a shitty returns

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But it's fun and fluffy and you'll clear out an Imperium SCV line in no time.

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So what's the word on a "make your own dynasty" ruleset in 9th codex bros? Will o be able to satisfy my autism?

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Trazyn is great!

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Do we know Void Dragon rules? Fluff?

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Will we get a Necron Nagash?

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What's that got to do with a scarab boom stratagem?

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Hes called the deceiver

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EHile there are good arguments for preferring both New- and Oldcrons, People arguing for the latter often do not realize they're arguing for the godlike presentation of the 3rd Codex, not that actual lore.

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They gey.

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Already talk about my Dynasty last threat, so here's about the destroyer cult within it:
The Vult of the Unmaker began as a necrontyr religious sect fanatically worshipping the c'tan known as the Unmaker, and were pretty much a doomsday cult. In the modern millennia, this cult has become all destroyers, and the courts under its sway are carefully watched and, above all, all fragments of the Unmaker are kept WELL away from them, as the cult hates that their Yoda is imprisoned and would release them.

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I wonder when Ironclad starts their lawsuit.

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Fuck, quoted the wrong post.

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who could have guessed minecraft would be a prequel to 40k

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The objectively best way to combine New and Oldcron Lore:

-C'Tan in charge
-Dynasties do exist and bicker amongst each other when left to their own devices
-sentience for Lychguard upwards
-Flayed Ones are calculated terror weapons, none of that defective murderhobo shit
-Destroyers are in fact retarded
-Pariah do exist, though in very small numbers

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Yeah, much of the lore is actually pretty basic, it's just presented really well. It's why I like to imagine necrons dont speak audibly to eachother, instead using an instant messaging system similar to the noosphere (but better of course) able to convey words, images, feelings and concepts in a manner that makes conversation feel downright clumsy, with hours worth of exchanges happening in minutes or seconds between sapient necrons. With dialogue being simple translation convention or them specifically speaking to the living to parlay or deliver ultimatums. Using that can make the imperium or eldar easily assume much if 3rd edition lore applies to them from their perspective.

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Never, war of the worlds is public domain

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What about Flayed Ones being muderhobos that are cultivated by dynasties to be terror weapons?

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I thought his name was the silent king?

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How should the necrons feel about their masters? Loyal? Resentful? Rebellious at times?

I kinds like the shards aspects, not strictly as a pokemon but as a way of spreading influence, which the deceiver is still doing even in current lore.

Could refluff the tesseract vault as a "tesseract throne" for factions with C'tan shards in charge.

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He gives me more of a settra vibe

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Never. Dump the C’tan shards in the bin, and bring back the star gods.

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It's politics. While normally warriors don't have shit for memory personality, even that is up to Your Dudes details. Above them there's memory and personality abounding as you go further up, and all the lords/crypteks are full on courtly intrigue baseline

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I prefer them not.
The 3rd Codex had this really cool bit about them lying in ambush amdst piles of corpses. I'd rather have them a scalpel than another case of Berserkers/laggelants/Death Company/whatever to be pointed at the enemy.

Varies from Lord to Lord.
Some Might like being Immortal, some are just scarred shitless of losing what little of an existence they have left, some might actually been plotting. The Necrons not being a monolithy hivemind is one of the coolest aspects of the Newcrons.

As for Shards, no reason you couldn't have them; someone like the Dragon or the Deciever would probably be smart enough to see the use in the remains of their former brethren.

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They’d feel all of the above. Some would be boot lickers, some would be rebels, and some would just want to be free.

Depending which you encounter you would get different results.

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I'm never going to stop wanting to go back to the oldcrons. All this shit is just pissing on the ashes of a perfectly fine identity

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While I'm not one for putting the c'tan in charge of everything, I do feel there should be rules that let you run them as HQ or elites depending on who's running the show.

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Slaves cannot be in charge. Also that would mean that they get to get Necron Warlord traits. How would that make sense?

C'tan are not Necrons.

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You can play old crons perfectly well as still Enslaved necrons

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Rogue shards that have managed to over take tomb worlds or have loyalists

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Well yea, you’d figure some of the Necrons would be loyalists to the C’tan and worship shards even. There are always those people.

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I point this this as the problem >>74947335 can't make a c'tan an HQ

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The Necrons were programmed with Anti-C'tan protocols that makes them hostile to the C'tan.

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Nah. All lore on the subject matter shows that the C'tan shards destroy the Necrons rather than enslave them.

The only exception is Gladius but "HURR HURR NOT CANON".

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That's fair, shit though it may be. I'd say ask in friendly games if one can be warlord, it's not like you should be playing competitively in 40k anyways.

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Hell the way i see it we can keep the Dynasties at the beginning of the war in heaven when the bio transverses was still fresh. And the necrons were only just finding out the true horror and cost of what they have done to them selves in the quest for immortality. But after the war ends and the old ones are all dead the necrons give in to despair at there evil fate and not only rebels against the C'Tan but the Dynasties and the silent king as well. That should have been the real reason the silent king fled the galaxy he was running from a rebellion of god killers out to take his head in revenge for what he did to them and everyone they loved.

And don't you all think it is weird that the silent king never set up new empires in the other galaxy's that he went to in his travels made up of the species and peoples of those galaxy's he dominated in his exile.

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-Deciever tricked the silent king into killing off the most of the competition.

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I am paralyzed with indecision about what colour scheme to paint them.

Original black and green?
The new bronze?
One of these three?

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that white and gold looks baller but a bitch to paint. Otherwise go silver/black and green,

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I'd play around with WHite & Gold a but.
Consider nmaking the latter a bit tarnished and make the white light greay (along the lines of Ulthuan Grey), basedou can accentuate the edges.

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I'd play around with White & Gold a bit.
Consider making the latter a bit tarnished and make the white light grey (along the lines of Ulthuan Grey), so you can accentuate the edges.

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>C'tan in charge
>dynasties do exist and bicker
You couldn't pick a more stupid combination. If you want crons with personality, you can't have them be the slaves of the evil gods who stole their bodies and souls. The actual objective best way to mix old and new is to have the great sleep as a plan of the c'tan which failed due to the machinations of the newborn warp deities, and as a result each dynasty awoke with various degrees of loyalty, memory, and sanity. The star gods themselves divided into shards as a failsafe incase, so that the destruction of no single world would doom them over the 60 million years they slumbered.

That gives you any range of relationship between c'tan and necrons, as well as any range of modus operandi. It also means there aren't arbitrary "you must cost this many points to be sentient" rules, you could have dynasties entirely devoid of personality or free will enthralled to a c'tan, but also dynaties where every single necron awoke with a mind, where they all try and adapt to life as a society of immortal robots. It also let's you fluff destroyers and flayed ones as anything from ruthless, pragmatic weapons, to broken, horrifying shells, or even to religious cults.

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Fuck that noise.

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Son of a bitch, you're right, here ideas trying to crowbar the concept into newcrons as a sort of sub faction (ala farsight enclaves) but your take is way better.

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>newborn warp deities,

You do know that the Chaos Gods are older than the C'tan Gods?

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They are explicitly not

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That seems unnecessary divergent from the old necron aesthetics. Necrons have always been about seamless, sinister arcane technology. All of these clunky pistons and hanging wires and different colors of metal make this look less like a necron creation and more like something produced by the Adeptus Mechanicus. If it wasn't for the shape of those two small guns and the eyes, it would have literally nothing in common with previous necron designs.

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The wires are fine, but I'm clipping most of the hydraulics

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Post paint jobs

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The Chaos Gods exist outside of time and have been menacing the galaxy before the War in Heaven, by billions of years.

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They are specifically stated to be warp entities that didnt fully come into being until after the war in heaven, the karmic result of the old ones hastily and huberistically weaponizing the afterlife.

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Wrong. That's ancient lore. Recent lore has the Chaos Gods and daemons being active before the War in Heaven.

Why the fuck are you more than a decade backwards?

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3rd ed crons were best.

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>Recent lore
Also known as shit lore made by retards who dont know what they are writing for, and thus doesnt count any more then the sysr wars prequels or any star trek after voyager.

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Amen brother.

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Shit I ment to write sequels

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Then they're not Oldcrons are they? And that doesn't fix the problems with the lore.

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Forget it, I like my space kangs better then having all of two options of goth khorn and golden tzeentch as my leaders.

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The Nightbringer was a sadistic murderer who enjoyed on fear and horror. Khorne is a war god.

You are comparing a warlord with a serial killer.

As for Mephet'ran, he is no more Tzeentch than Cegorach was/is.

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You're splitting hairs

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The omnissiah claims this thread!

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Not really. The Nightbringer abandoned the war and his legions to torture and feed to his hearts extent. He didn't give a fuck about war. It was just a means for him feed on sentient races when it dragged on too much he went fuck this and did what he really wanted.

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This reminds me, now do you feel about people using different designs for specific c'tan shards?

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Is it weird that I think the big robot thing is kinda cute?

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Not at all, it's based in a vulture droid, and they, like many separatist droids, were adorable at times.

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It could be something new and untested made in a hurry by the necrons so as to fill in a gap in the army's of the necrons as fast as possible so as to get rid of a weakness they found out they had.

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If we are using the shard thing then it shouldn't matter.
Question for the thread: What are your specific tactics for certain enemies and which dynasties do you run for each?

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Wait if that is true then how did the old ones master the warp in the first place? The chaos gods are by there vary nature unable to stop them selves from corrupting and destroying anyone and everything that touches the warp in any way. The only way the old ones could have mastered and used the warp in the way they did is if the chaos gods did not yet come in to being in any way yet. And we know for a fact that it was the necrons and the enslavers that destroyed the old ones in the end not the chaos gods.

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Because I am forced to do so, when playing my friend's farsight enclave I like to go Mephrit dynasty with my overlord (with voidscythe) going Honourable Combatant. The strike team sucks ass to get into range to but he always wants to push his battlesuits and vehicles forward, so I let him get as close as possible before raining hell.
Basically I want to win on controlling my territory more than going for his objectives.

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The Old Ones constructed the Webway in order to travel the galaxy without ducking in the War[/ They also created daemon cages that trapped untold billions of daemons and isolated them from the Warp.

They also created races that were specfically designed to be resistant to Chaos like the Aeldari. The Aeldari even allied with the ancient Necrontyr to contain the forces of Chaos. In one example, they imprisoned a daemon host of Slaanesh within a daemon vault.

The War in Heaven destroyed the barriers that kept the Chaos Gods out and they swarmed over the galaxy.

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>The Aeldari even allied with the ancient Necrontyr

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This pic has got me thinking. Do you guys think that the necrons should have a big robot monster that controls gravity with so much power that it can not only send men and tanks screaming into space or the sun depending on where it aims. But also the vary terrain and buildings them selves are ripped out of the ground and sent into the void of space at the whim of this robot of the necrons.

>> No.74949744

But even if it's a new creation, why the fuck do necrons, the supposed masters of science and the physical universe, use hydraulics?

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Yes, but it should be titan tier, like bigger then the sereptek

>> No.74949969

They were both lazy and working as fast as they could to get this thing up and running so as to keep there lord from finding out how much of a bunch of fuck ups they are. So now the necrons that made this thing are doing everything in there power to keep there lies about this shit box going so there lord does not kill them all with his bear metal hands for how much time, man power, and resources they have pissed away on this damn thing.

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Should it be a bug like titan like the sereptek or should it be a humanoid titan like most other titans? Because narrative normally has it that no matter how powerful a bug is it will always in the end be crushed like a bug by the thing that looks more human.

As well as the thing that to me at least all real titans look somewhat like the race that made them in the first place. Other wise it would just look like a big tank in the end and not a real titan.
And if it is a humanoid titan than to set it apart from other titans it should use its power over gravity to float above the ground. As tho it were a god come down from heaven to judge the vary world for its sins with its overwhelming strength.

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Nigga you gay.

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White and Gold looks best, but only if you make the white a ceramic-style white. It's also going to be a much bigger challenge than it seems. Paint jobs that clean and simple are like steak tartare - the simplicity of the ingredients leaves you absolutely nowhere to hide if your skills aren't up to it.

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>The objectively best way to combine New and Oldcron Lore:
you mean the one where the territories of the necrons are split between the dinasties that still manage to keep their c'tan shards chained and the ones that have been taken over by c'tan shards that have managed to escape and regroup? with the latter also absorbing rogue mechanicus members, men of iron and pariah hybrids of living races?

>> No.74951280

My personal idea behind trying to combine old and newcron fluff would be mostly keeping it the same as now (with unique dynasties, sentient higher ups, sharded c'tan ect), with these 'free' dynasties making up the bluk of the necrons and somewhat loyal to the silent king.

However at the end of the war in heaven the necrons were unable to shard ALL of the c'tan. A relative handful (the important named ones) were able to remain whole but were just weakened by the event. These 'unsharded' c'tan still control large groups of the old style soulless killing machine necrons totaly beholden to their will. The aim of these c'tan is to try and absorb all the shards of the broken c'tan to increace their power to its former god like level and in so doing also re-enslave the 'free' necron dynasties who keep the c'tan shards imprisoned.

Also helps add a good deal of necron on necron violence with a more interesting root cause rather than just all being squabbling dynasties.

>> No.74951634

modern "lore" truly disgusts me

>> No.74952284

I went for something close to the Thokt aesthetic, and added the whole blue crystals/grey desert/snow aspect on top of that.

Regarding the latest releases, I'm still on the fence about the whole Destroyer sub-faction, but I won't complain about having a bigger range of models to work with. And even though I'm seriously biaised towards Canoptek constructs, I feel like the Reanimator/Doomstalker is good design wise, but feels useless gameplay-wise ? I mean GW just reuses other models' niches ( wraiths became ophydian and skorpekh destroyers, the ghost/doomsday ark became the Reanimator/stalker)
I really like the fact that the cryptek schools came back with new models, but I feel like there is some kind of unbalance between the range of characters and HQs, and the range of troop models. We only have 2 so far, and adding the ""weapon option"" to warriors only feels like a band-and over a broken leg...

>> No.74952330

I like them.

>> No.74952514

>how did the old ones master the warp in the first place?
They didn't.
Like every single other fucktard who ever believes that they are the master of the warp, they're wrong and the warp masters them.

>> No.74952563

>forge world stopped selling the standard stalker and only sell this gun faced one
I hope this means we'll see a plastic one with the new codex.
I know we won't be it's nice to dream

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>> No.74953140

you're spouting demonic lies

the proof that the old slann mastered the warp is in their use of the universal language of magic
the only reason the gods formed in the first place is because they did so

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>> No.74953537


>> No.74953787

Can we talk about how ridiculously cool the psychomancer is mechanically?

>> No.74954132

I have high hopes that GW won't fuck up the morale phase again.

>> No.74954179

but we already know how it works

>> No.74954313

Yes, this does not stop GW from making every other army released ignore the morale phase just to name a GW example.

>> No.74956163

I know it’s unlikely but I hope Lychguard can bounce back shots again.

>> No.74956177

Same Anon.
They had that specific ability before it got taken by the Imperium for being good.

>> No.74956306

I wonder if the original idea that was sold to the nobles and later the citizens was to be robot skeletons. Like they designed the perfect immortal body for themselves but landed on shiny skeleton for the look.

You would think a few rulers would still want to look like a person.

>> No.74956329

you don't think they looked like Hordak with skin on?

>> No.74956346

I'm assuming that many were just caught in the desire for immortality and freedom from sickness, those in power to do anything to tunnelvisioned to this goal along with vengeance on the old ones to notice any of the glaring red flags.

Made even worse in my headcanon, the necrons arent even transfers, but copies, their real selves simply dying a gruesome death that day

>> No.74956389

Not him but closer to my impression, always figured they had a nosferatu look about them, and even if they were ever healthy they probably had very gaunt and slender features.

I also like to imagine many of them had life support rings implanted into their bodies, which had become so normal as to be seen as fashionable, which is where we get oddities like secondary spines

>> No.74956398

I liked the original idea of flayed ones as people who went crazy living as bots for thousands of years. And they wear skin because they are just goddamn crazy now and miss being a living person.

>> No.74956478

Whelp individual peasants are just plain old bots with no individual brain. They really didn't even need the upload at all here. They can just build robots with the same performance as a standard Necron warrior.

Everyone else is not really in a position to defy a damn thing since their entire existence is determined by their masters, down to being shut off or having memory wiped.

Necrons seem more like one of those civilizations where the evil supervillain/wizard won and all of humanity is now enslaved...and then it's just a bit "okay now what?" Since each dynasty is roughly an evil immortal godking, a few dozen loyal minions and then millions of mindless zombies.

>> No.74956526

C'Tan seem like they would be the ones in charge since the whole thing is basically vampire courts in space. But I was never really a fan of them in the first place.

I would have preferred the C'Tan be something more like a super advanced AI that reached singularity status and now fucks with reality. Than some energy bird that wears robot skin.

>> No.74956663

Yeah the not having a soul thing really makes me wonder if they are an upload at all but just some AI that thinks it is this dead person. While the actual Necrontyr has been long dead.

>> No.74956693

>-C'Tan in charge
>-Dynasties do exist and bicker amongst each other when left to their own devices
>-sentience for Lychguard upwards
Why would the C'tan keep dynasties around?

>> No.74956751

You are dumb, the best way to give Necron armies individuality is to lore more than two and a half (void dragon doesn't really count since he is underground) C'tan. Sure you have the Nightbringer and Deciever but you also have dozens of unnamed or very lightly fluffed out C'tan if people want to run their own C'tan who has a unique personality.

>> No.74956910

Each C'Tan has their own grouping of Necrons they rule over.

>> No.74957112

Each Necron Dynasty has their own C'Tan they rule over.

>> No.74957224

They occasionally make them fight and place bets on the winner

>> No.74957481

C’Tan need the Lords and such to have some freedom so they can strategize. While Lords who were left with their personalities, the lesser necrons lost their personality over time so at first the Lords were really just ruling over metallic versions of their dynasties, they were so out of touch that they didn’t care about rumors of their serfs acting strangely. After a while when it became obvious that Biotransference screwed the Necrontyr over, the Lords were actually thrilled because their peasants were now perfect works who wouldn’t slack off or demand paid holidays.

>> No.74957596

It adds a nice layer of irony to it all, they were promised immortality, but all they got was extinction and an army of metal impersonators, who didnt even do a good job at it, it's why Szerez will never crack the secret, he never knew what he was doing in the first place

>> No.74957716

vex bronze! maybe put some garden greenery on the flayed ones

>> No.74957813

dynasties are fucking stupid

>> No.74957887

Yes and all two flavors of space vampire was so much better

>> No.74957903

Space Marine Chapters are fucking stupid

>> No.74957914

unironically yes. i don't need my terrifying space robot monstrosities to have personalities like whacky dementia grandpa or kleptomaniac collector guy.

expanding on mysteriousness in 40k is one of the shittiest things you can do.

>> No.74957973

Is the Indomitus made to order period permanently done now? A friend was considering it, and I'm tempted, myself.

>> No.74957975


>> No.74957992

So you like things boring?

>> No.74958005

Get with the times, gramps.

>> No.74958011

The proper boxes will come up soon

>> No.74958020

the unknown isn't boring.

>> No.74958041

how do you like your C'tan (shards or otherwise) to look?

I dread to think how much the new monoliith and the void draon will cost

>> No.74958097

I just want that pic without the obnoxious captions

>> No.74958182

Does that mean I've missed out on the bundled prices? I'm hesitant to start a new army at sticker price when I have some existing forces already.

>> No.74958204

Depends on what the new start collecting looks like

>> No.74958216

yeah, check ebay though you can get the necron part of indomitus for about £55 quid which is still a bargin

>> No.74958608

I wonder if we'll get new sculpts for the Deceiver and the Nightbringer
It's still really weird to me that GW decided to give Necrons a massive range refresh but they only replaced two of the resin kits
Maybe they plan on doing a psychic awakening style event where every faction gets a new book and most factions get a new character in every new edition going forward and they're keeping Imotekh and the other named characters in reserve for them.

The monolith and Silent King will both be the same price as Teclis

>> No.74958814

Has anybody created a "crazy-cat person"-themed dynasty of Necrons yet?

>> No.74958839

What about "Evil to the point of no return"?

>> No.74958974

Why is the Reanimator so cool, yet so bad on the tabletop?

>> No.74959010

Because it is a much bigger cryptek with no added benefits. If it did something like say... have void shielding, that would definitely make it worth it.

>> No.74959015

Only sort of.
The phaeron ruling over my dudes is content to just sit and wait within his secret necron city in the center of an Imperial planet until the Silent King says it's time for everyone to get together, obliterate the tyranids, seal the Warp, and reconquer the galaxy. After all, he's immortal, he can just wait out anything that annoys him.
In the meantime, he likes to just watch over the dumb humans living on the planet's surface. Their megacities are like ant farms to him, and their propaganda films make for better entertainment than anything the tomb spyders can cook up.
He's starting to grow kind of attached to seeing the humans live their pathetic and short lives within their pathetic mortal bodies and wouldn't mind keeping them around as novelties someday. But not because he likes them or anything, b-baka. His own sons and other subordinates are absolutely disgusted with how spineless he seems to have become and are plotting to overthrow him so they can properly exterminate the worthless meatbags squatting in their rightful territory without having to go behind their master's back.

>> No.74960380

i actually like this style

>> No.74960410


Idk anything about Necrons but I'm so sick of looking at Space Marines. I hope your armies kill them all, anons.

>> No.74961310

I was honestly thinking of creating a dynasty that treated its controlling C'tan (and scarabs) like how ancient Egyptians treated their cats, due to their C'tan using a collection of Scarabs as their avatar

>> No.74961371

I like the idea the Necrons don't care who serve them as long as they serve. Humans, Tau, ECT, just pay your fucking taxes and and praise to the Phaeron

>> No.74961445

I was going to post some deep lore about the Chaos Gods to backup the others calling you wrong but then I saw you posted this >>74949405 and >>74949700

You're a clown. A red-nosed, ball-backwards, shitshoed fool. A corporate bootlick who allowed themselves to be partially lobotomized by modernity and the illegitimate aristocracy of megacorporations. You must read propaganda with the same vigor you show whilst eating radioactive roach-turds from a hog trough. I bet you beg for seconds, bent-over, with cum leaking from your ass.

How do you feel about the Avengers? Are you gonna tell us how they're a modern Iliad and Odyssey? How about the new Star Wars trilogy? Star Trek Picard? Let me guess, greatest films ever made, right? Faggot.

>> No.74961553

Jesus fuck that high-contrast heavy line highlighting is sexy as hell.

>> No.74961594

But why give them any autonomy? Also there are only two C’tan left.

>> No.74961621

Nah still gay. Only change Necrons needed were more C’tan to justify your dudes. Otherwise they were fine.

>> No.74962169

Now that is a great idea, I like your thinking. However, it might be a challenge to write necrons having any sort of positive feelings towards the C'tan after that whole biotransferral brouhaha. Maybe your Necron Lord just thinks his shard is cute when it's no longer capable of trashing his tomb worlds. Or he likes the way it rampages through mortal armies.
In my own opinion, if I were to go with that angle, I'd focus more on the necrons doting on their constructs instead of any C'tan in their midst.
Have no fear, anon, mine often do.

>> No.74963431

Crazy scarab Phaeron would be cute

>> No.74963633

Ehh, considering the lengths real cat owners and the ancient Egyptians are and were willing to go for their animals IRL, I do not think the reasons why this dynasty is still following their C'tan after biotransference need to be particularly strong

>> No.74964024

>Made even worse in my headcanon, the necrons arent even transfers, but copies, their real selves simply dying a gruesome death that day

Well, the transfer IS a copy. Necrons are dead copies of the original necrontyrs.

>> No.74964147

Public domain covers the concepts and text.
Just because War of the Worlds is public domain doesn't make the Tom Cruise movie public domain.

It's the presentation and designs that are copyrighted or IP, not the concept of alien's attacking from Mars.

>> No.74964179

You are still being retarded since the Reanimator/Doomstalker don't look like the Ironclad tripods

>> No.74964218

They could have easily brought the other two into the game with subsequent editions, not to mention that the Outsider ate all the rest, so it would be easy to say he went on a bender and threw some of them back up.

>> No.74964274

Hell yes. Dynasties just turned Necrons into TOMB KINGS IN SPAAAACE.

>> No.74964290

If you think Oldcrons were boring, you are more basic than a blond white girl in tight jeans and ugg boots.

>> No.74964298

Why? We already have Chaos. Necron's being Saturday Morning Cartoon Villains add nothing to the lore. Leave that shit to Chaos.

>> No.74964316

Then what are oldcrons then? Their entire purpose was to kill all life to feed their gods. How is that evil any different to Szeras mass experimenting on living creatures to achieve godhood like his former rulers?

>> No.74965082

Because hes still some goober kang instead of a glorious star vampire god

>> No.74965276

Szeras is not a kang. The only thing kang thing about him is the chin, everything else could fit within the horror vibe of oldcrons.

>> No.74966274

I want an Army of B1 battle Droids and Hyena Bombers and say they are CIS Scum!

>> No.74966299

Their purpose was to enslave and farm life in the name of the Star Gods. It was never about mass genocide/

>> No.74966312

By deep lore, you mean your fanfiction? I am glad that you went chicken shit. In fact, replying to an hours long ago post already painted you as a chicken shit scumbag.

>> No.74966359

Not really. He is incompetent, arrogant, and he gives cartoon villain monologues to his enemies.

His goal is to suck up to the Silent King and eventually ascend to godhood. He is not scary at all. No more than any Decepticon.

Oldcrons did horrific things to humans in the lore like removing all the body glands from a little boy. And they did it in silence and mystery. Why did they remove the glands of that little boy? Why did a Necron lord kidnap a little girl from another settlement? We don't know. The mystery haunts us. It's not a cackling mad scientist with delusions of godhood.

>> No.74966486

Silence is boring, what's the point of a faction being playable if you cant get into the head space?

>> No.74966525

We did get into the headspace of one of the Oldcron lords. The Herald of the Storm from the Medusa V global campaign. There are some small pieces from his Pov like the Necron ending

>> No.74966578

>Their entire purpose was to kill all life to feed their gods.
No it wasn't. It was a) seal off the warp, b) take vengeance on the living and c) farm and harvest the survivors to keep a foodstock available for their gods.

>> No.74966589

You severely lack imagination. Good thing then that there are so many other factions in 40k. Was good when there were some uniqueness to some of them. They didn't all have to become the same cookie cutter mess.

>> No.74969129

The Hexmark destroyer looks ok, but I'd clip all those fucking pipes off. Pain in the ass to paint and just looks too busy with them. He looks like 1 startle away from becoming the back of every PC case.

>> No.74971188

Wow, you're an actual moron. A true in-the-flesh proof that some people are below the intellectual average.
Unsubscribe from life and make the world a better place.

>> No.74971307

>destroyer models are a pain in the ass to assemble, same with Szeras
>this is to prevent recasting
>recasts already exist and even STLs files for printing at home
? Okay GW.

Anyway, are the new rules good / fine to play?
Im tired of playing the same shit list with my oh so adaptable nids.

>> No.74971417

Why everyone lumping avengers in with nu star wars and nu trek?

>> No.74971506

because they're all the same kind of awful made by comittee checkbox garbage

>> No.74971572

Nice touch with the Hieroglyphs! I am impressed!

>> No.74971604

I've been subjected to all three, the former at least didnt make me want to vomit after it was done, but I guess I have a higher tolerance then others

>> No.74972383

What if they did another necron adjacent faction that were space Vampire Counts to their space Tomb Kings?

>> No.74972597

Necrons that have successfuly managed to biotransfer back into living bodies, some C'tan essence got carried along for the rid and the result is now freaky star vampires, but smaller

>> No.74972822


I hate this shit, same with pushfit garbage. Just fucking make the models so its easy to build GW, people are stealing your shit regardless so atleast make it easy for someone thats buying your overpriced shit to build.

>> No.74972925

They gnash and thrash against the inevitability of 3-D printing, insaw an STL file for the void dragon, it can't be stopped, complexity only delays the inevitable.

>> No.74972975

What about c'tan that were used to test bio transference, making humans infused with c'tan powers?

>> No.74973005

end result is still mini star vampires, works for me

>> No.74973087

Have fun getting this work though.

>> No.74973141

Yeah. I guess the question is how related to Necrons are they? If we make Szeras as Nagash-lite, then we have him testing bio transferrence on other races? Humans, being everywhere, are the most obvious treat subject. Humans subjected to biotransferrence to become like c'tan, things of living light as the Cryptek plans to himself once he's got the system down. All his test subjects just become more like umliving holes in the warp, reinforcing reality, or c'tan like pariahs

>> No.74973547

>The mystery haunts us.
No, it's just a boring mystery box.

>> No.74973565

>>destroyer models are a pain in the ass to assemble, same with Szeras
>>this is to prevent recasting
Says who?

>> No.74973718

>Sucks to be those guy
>turns out they are incredibly powerful assault units which would rek basically everything short of the monolith in that pic

good work GW

>> No.74974319

and yet the sprues are still flat. people can recast the sprue you know.

>> No.74974952

GW support, I actually asked them if Im doing something wrong or if the instructions got printed wrong, because I nearly snapped 2 destroyer/torso combos the way they tell me to.

>> No.74975143

Given what we know about the praetorians, that depends on whether or not who's turn it is. They're looking pretty good now.

>> No.74975756

Is that your paint job? In which case, what is your recipe?

>> No.74975800

Post screencap of Customer mails/convo.

>> No.74976259

yeah sure I keep stuff around from a month ago, believe me or dont
I dont know either if they actually meant what they said or if its just PR bamboozle.

>> No.74976308

> believe me or dont
I won't then.
You don't have to defend your statement, but "dude, just trust me" is not something I'll trust in any capacity and I'd urge the other people here to do the same.

>> No.74976362

Sorry man I just posted, I should ask the guy who posted it on r/necrontyr

>> No.74976385

It looks gorgeous, remember to post it here if you get it!

>> No.74976402

>is not something I'll trust in any capacity
Fair enough - though, why I would invent something like I do not know, thing is, I could actually believe GW in saying that, but on the other hand, I could also picture GW like this with the STLs right in front of them.

>> No.74976441

>why I would invent something like
That is actually how most rumors start.
Malicious rumors, stupid rumors, false rumors, it's all the same.
Some people just want to make statements to see how much they can spread it, some people just throw out half-baked assumptions and pose it as truth in the hopes that people just won't contest or question it.
The motives behind this behaviour is too personal to make educated guesses at, but believing rumors on 4chan is a 3head move.

I wouldn't know why you'd make statements without accompanying it with your actual chat or source of information. but I'm going to just drop an unbacked statement that you want people to thank you for your insight or find it amusing.

>> No.74979407

Anyone want the Necron half of the Indomitus box?

>> No.74979673

yes please

>> No.74980394

Not an argument. You are wrong. Simple as. If you can't defend your position not even post it means you are low IQ. You are just getting mad because you were BTFO without any effort on my part. Which is really pathetic.

Again let me laugh at the time you used
What a faggot lol

>> No.74980396

Anyone who says that Oldcrons needed "PerSoNAliTy" is a fucking moron. That lack of personality in their individuals was a part of the FACTION'S personality.
If you want another
>angry man conquer galaxy guy
>Le Goofy Museum Man :DDD
you could play any other fucking faction out of the 20+ that the game has. The fact that Necrons were all emotionless and devoid of individuality was what set them apart from the other races, now they're nothing but another
>grrrr we're gonna conquer the galaxy
>oh, also, we're skeletons
Do you think Tyranids need "personality?" Do you think they need more complex motives? Do you think adding characters like
>oooh, I'm a tyranid, but I don't like eating!!!
>I'm a tyranid but I like to wear the hats of the people I kill! Cool, huh?
would help them?
Fuck Newcrons. Matt Ward didn't give them personality, he stripped it from their bones.

>> No.74980414

Prove it.

>> No.74980465

I wanted the robot faction but not the boring faction

>> No.74980507

Then buy some admech models for 30K or 40K.

>> No.74980535

they werent a thing when I got into the game, also I'm not talking cyborgs, and im not even trying to "win" an argument with you because of how much of a judgmental ass you've been, so I just thought it would be fun to antagonize you

>> No.74980556

what makes them anything but a mass paint by numbers then?

and what stops you from running them like that? I don't think you understand the point of 40k. it's a SETTING.

>> No.74980573

I am a different anon, you paranoid moron. So you are arguing with the other guy in bad faith. That's a point against you.

>> No.74980586

Nobody likes fanfiction. We want stories and narratives that feature out favourite factions

>> No.74980598

some of these guys are just offended their "Ohhh sooooo Spoooky" old lore isn't the primary focus, anymore, Codex Deciever had Excellent presentation but end of the day was actually very basic lore that wasn't nearly as deep as they claim.

if fifth edition had done the same presentation for its new lore I doubt there would be nearly as many complaints.

>> No.74980604

go fuck yourself i want /my dudes/ and i don't want faggot tombcrons

>> No.74980608

you still got them

>> No.74980634

Selfish. Oldcrons demand representation.

>isn't the primary focus,
They aren't even in the background of the picture.

>if fifth edition had done the same presentation for its new lore I doubt there would be nearly as many complaints.

For some reason Ward decided that comedy was a got introduction for the retcon.

Prove it.

>> No.74980706

I agree that Comedy was not the best foot to put forward but also that it still has a place in the lore, I feel like a contrast of perspectives would have been best, from the view of humans, tau and eldar, it should feel like horror, sometimes gonzo horror, but from the necrons perspective it should be a game of political intrigue and back room wheeling and dealing where the living exist only as occasional pawns for use in their games against eachother.

>> No.74980748

You guys should play as the empire of the severed. I’d think you’d love it.

The Empire of the Severed is a Necron Dynasty based from the Tomb World of Sarkon but has since absorbed other worlds into its fold. As a result of radiation storms, the memory banks of every Necron interred within were wiped, rendering them mindless.

Not realizing its own systems had also been damaged, the master program of Sarkon observed the quiet order it had brought to Sarkon and resolved to carry it to other worlds. The Master Program has since become a Necron Overlord known as the Sarkoni Emperor. The Severed have since absorbed the Tomb World of Takarak, overwhelming its defenses and absorbing it, along with three other Tomb Worlds, into its fold. The Sarkoni Emperor has since begun to extend its will across other, non-Necron worlds, using Mindshackle Scarabs to bring any unruly creatures under its direct control.
The Severed Worlds are Necron planets that have had their inhabitants' bodies co-opted by their Tomb World's master program. These worlds consist of Necrons whose minds fled during the hibernation of the Great Sleep, after which the master program of the planet decide to take control in order to instill some sense of order to their existence. The inhabitants of these Severed Worlds are both feared and loathed by other Necrons.

>> No.74980767

The Sarkoni Emperor speaks like a Necron Overlord and it's not loyal to the C'tan. It just wants to bring order and silence to the galaxy.

And it's not a dynasty.

>> No.74980868

>Do you think Tyranids need "personality?"
Unironically yeah. That's why Genestealer cults are a thousand times better as an antag than actual Tyranids.

I don't agree with the way they decided to give Necrons a personality, ancient dynasties and the same retarded aristocratic shenanigans you can get from the Imperium wasn't the right approach. Pariah's having conversations with their former allies supplemented by the actual alien intelligences interacting with individuals when shit was really bad was much better.

>> No.74980877

>Not a dynasty
Ah, my mistake.
But it’s still the best option to relive the oldcron days, except for maybe the Maynarkh Dynasty, but they’re orange so whatcha gonna do.

>> No.74980912

>the Maynarkh Dynasty

They are a typical dynasty suffering through a bad Flayer Plague outbreak. It seems like Oldcrons to you and others because the book that featured them was nearly just Imperial PoV.

But if you flip the pages to the PoV of the dynasty, you will see that they are as cooky as the rest of the Necrons. Like when they invited the governor for dinner.

>> No.74980930

he wont be happy with anything short of rewinding the clock to 3rd edition, stop trying

>> No.74980947

I think the GSC and Nids actually compliment eachother really well, the cults serve to give them a sense of scale and scope but zooming in to the person to person goings on of the prey worlds, while the Nids get to serve as the culmination of a cycle worthy of lovecraft, but as the setting is glaxy spanning we get to actually see the end game play out in full

>> No.74980955

Nope. Give us a dynasty that serves the C'tan and rules for C'tan Warlords and then I will be happy.

>> No.74980968

On this one, I actually whole heartedly agree, Fuck even a rule for custom dynasties to permit it would be enough

>> No.74980972

> rules for C'tan Warlords
Nightbringer having that warlord trait to get +d3 attacks against charactrers would be horrifying to say the least.
That or Trancendent C'tan become maximum broke.

>> No.74981017

Hey now, that's just general necron civility. They will at least treat a man to dinner before killing him.

>> No.74981037

would be a good counter to Guilliman and daemon primarchs, should be downsides, like you cant take any of the necron Named characters, cant ally with them, cant take tesseract vaults, necron HQs can only take half the warlord traits or something

>> No.74981052

Holy shit. It's like some stone guardian. It looks appropriately old.

>> No.74981113

I too am wanting to make stone crons, and this is a perfect reference, a bit less green and more dark blue is my plan

>> No.74981474

>dude, the entire identity of the old faction still exists as 1 (one) subfaction that will never get any more attention, you're just overreacting
None of you newfags will ever understand. I don't care about how "deep" the new lore is, it's simply not as cool as what Necrons used to be. If I wanted a faction with independent characters I would have played any other faction in the game. The
>unending mindless horde of robot skeletons
is what made them cool. Now they're a bunch of retards with Alzheimer's who can't get shit done without daddy Szarekh getting his belt out.
It's lame.

>> No.74981548

C'tan are Star Vampires.They already had a huge vampire feel to them, which they should have run with.

>> No.74981567

They weren't boring to anyone over the mental age of 12. Also, you got the Mechanicus now for your wacky robots.

>> No.74981680

Ever notice that the ones harping on how mature the thing they like is are usually really immature?

>> No.74981710

Is the concepts of the Necron Dynasties really that silly that it can't work? Yeah, currently it's pretty shit new stuff might course correct that, I'm loving these destroyer variants but is the concept of the Undying hordes also having an internal system doomed from the start?
Surely there is a way to write nucrons in a way that they still are undead horrors.

>> No.74981761

It's not that it being silly that's the problem, it's the self limiting nature of GW lore that is the crux of the issue.
Without putting some arbitrary and admittedly weak limitations on Necrons, they'd TPK

>> No.74981771

So what could the solution be?

>> No.74981824

rewind the clock to when it was objectively perfect in the first place

>> No.74981851

Yes while that is the "best" solution that's not what I am asking. Is there a way to keep the dynasties as a form to "your doods" Necrons while also keeping the cosmic horror vibe about them?

>> No.74981882

Put simply, Necron characters are too human. We're told that they're cold, dead machines with no souls, but they all act like wacky morons with egos. It's a fault of human writers being unable to write non-human characters.
With the exeptions of a few outliers like Trazyn (who would work better as a DEldar or Harlequin) most Necron characters have good ideas at their core that get bogged down by shitty execution. A necron who doesn't realize that he's a necron is a good idea. A necron trying to convert the rest of the galaxy into machines like him is a good idea. One who just wants to kill everything out of petty malice is a good idea. Then, some Black Library author actually writes them and we end up with what we have. The only real solution is just
>do it again, but good
And don't have them act like polite aristocrats, that shit is stupid and makes them look stupid.

>> No.74981893

>Then, some Black Library author actually writes them and we end up with what we have.
Sounds like the moment we get anything from the perspective of Necrons or Necrons actually interacting with other species is when shit goes sideways.

>> No.74981916

If they did revoke the no WLT restriction, I mean, easy solution, just give them their own warlord trait/trait table. They have a whole section of C'tan Powers already, so giving them 6 special rules they wont use half of isn't a new thing.

I much prefer the old fluff when the C'tans were in charge, just make the shards be "avatars" or "aspects" of the C'tans and not just broken segments and pretty much fixes everything.

>> No.74981918

The same thing happens whenever someone tries to be cool and write from the perspective of the Tyranid Hive Mind. Instead of understanding what it actually is, some dumbass just makes it a big angry space brain that can harbor a fucking grudge against the Blood Angels.
We shouldn't be able to understand the Necron perspective because they operate on a fundamentally different level from humans. Show is the "What" through their interactions with other races and leave the "Why?" up to the interpretation of the reader.

>> No.74981942

I really miss the spy concept behind them, which never really made any sense, but the whole concept of Flayed ones would sneak in, kill a few soldiers and literally hide in their skin until it was time to attack was just fantastic IMO. It really fed that horror theme, imagine being a Guardsman and your buddy skin suddenly erupts in metal and and claws, and half your unit is Flayed Ones hiding in your own ranks.

They never explained how they hid the claws though, but it's 40K, you don't read the fluff for it's realism

>> No.74981966

>Fluff wise Death marks are relentless killers, literally traveling in and out of reality until they slay their target
>Tabletop they are either warriors with deepstrike and a slightly better weapon (Old) or snipers with deepstrike (New)
There has got to be a better way to represent their endless pursuit.

>> No.74981974

>The fact that Necrons were all emotionless and devoid of individuality was what set them apart from the other races, now they're nothing but another
Most of them are still like that, dumbass.

>> No.74981979

its why I like the idea that the personalities we see are just the face they present to the lower creatures, communicating in simplistic terms we can understand

>> No.74982000

I feel if you wanted to keep the Newcrons fluff, the easiest way is just remove the old faulty robotics makes them crazy aspect. Stop with the "I'm curious what food tastes like, and I miss my skin!"

No, just be a King/Pharoh/Leader Type that want's to spread your Kingdom, accept your higher status above flesh and destroy the weak on your land.

>> No.74982013

>warriors with deepstrike and a slightly better weapon (Old
their weapon was worse than warriors in 8th, the hell are you on about.

>> No.74982034

I really think the way to close this divide is for Necrons to not interact with lower species at all. Keep everything about the dynasties but make it entirely an internal affair that the Imperium is only guessing about from their time on the battlefields against the Necrons. That way, you can have the dynasties with distinct roles/goals but also keep an air of mystery about them.

This as well. The only one I can accept as crazy is Nemesor just because his craziness makes him a genocidal maniac with access to Necron tech.

Only because Death mark squads aren't that big. Synaptics in 8th were literally gauss flayers except they dealt a mortal wound on 6's

>> No.74982051

>Only because Death mark squads aren't that big. Synaptics in 8th were literally gauss flayers except they dealt a mortal wound on 6's
They had AP0, flayers were AP1. mortal fishing is shit compared to having an actual ap value.

>> No.74982052

The problem here is "Most" and not "All", the few that aren't included in the "Most" are the things ruining things.

On top of that, the "Most" got dumbed down even further then Oldcrons who retained their souls but had absolutely no free will because of C'tans control of their living metals. Now their no different then a battery for the robot parts they sit in.

>> No.74982054

Shit, forgot that they didn't have AP, my bad.

>> No.74982080

I will be honest, Nemesor and Obyron were the only two New Lords I actually liked, and albeit he was a crazy robot, he didn't even understand he was a robot, he didn't desire food or the return the flesh because he doesn't even understood he left. He's so crazy he's almost normal.

>> No.74982113

>deathmarks a shit

>> No.74982122

I'm talking about their characters, moron

>> No.74982265

I think Necrons are cool, and the people who play and build and fluff them are even cooler.

>> No.74982401

y-you too

>> No.74982460


>> No.74982515

What do you think those hanging wires at the bottom of the leg do?

>> No.74982559

Ya know, hanging cables and cables in general does feel kinda un-necron.

>> No.74982671

Play shit the way you want in the bumbling hellscape miasma that is 40k, and gird yourself for 'everything ded kinda lol' for 50k

>> No.74983120

I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case and in combination with the 5E codex onwards preventing people from seeing that 3E Necrons were far from perfect.

>> No.74983589

Also don't forget that the Deathmarks are banned by certain Dynasties for breaking all of their internal laws of combat.
Deathmarks are lorewise a literal warcrime.
Pic related.

>> No.74983597

I reccomend you read the Indomitus Nemesor + Oberyn Novella. It's really good, like actually quality writing.

>> No.74984013

>> No.74984369

>The Aeldari even allied with the ancient Necrontyr to contain the forces of Chaos. In one example, they imprisoned a daemon host of Slaanesh within a daemon vault.
How the fuck did they do that when Slaanesh didn't exist until after the Fall?

>> No.74985161

Because the novel writer who added this is a hack, this is why people prefer to operate on selective canon

>> No.74985193

slaaneshi daemons travelling back in time

>> No.74985244

>be ruler of a dynasty
>take on the field because you need to uphold your status
>the enemy employs sniper assassins
>oy vey you can't do that!

>> No.74985247

>reanimation protocols used to be called "I'll be back!"

>> No.74985260

Lemme spitball it.

They're a mcguffin.
If the enemy is convinced your decor is important to you're function, then the bits that aren't decor get targeted less.
And if the decor is strong enough, that idea it may be important may persist, thus they remain to misdirect the enemy that has no conceptualization of your technology.

>> No.74985268

That is how a code of conduct works, yeah.

>> No.74985279

>Surely there is a way to write nucrons in a way that they still are undead horrors.
see >>74980748

I really don't understand what everyone is sperging about

>> No.74985305

Maybe something where they pick a target and get +1 to hit against it, and if they slay it they get to pick another and deepstrike again.

>> No.74985315

If by "recent lore" you mean a single book, with so much weird lore that contradicts everything printed both before and after it that it's almost certainly not canon.

>> No.74985321

Because once a Chaos god is brought into being his works from when he was a formless entity are identified has been one explanation, the second is that once they're in existence they occupy a realm outside of time and can be and not be, as in, we know now he was Slaanesh, but only so after he exists.

>> No.74985366

Just new people wanting to bitch and get spoonfed answers to problems that mental capacity would fix.

>wants to have a lore sanctioned way to play his guys
>relentlessly consumes the media
>doesn't fukkin do any research into the actual dynasties
>wtf why is necron lore so bad now? Why can't I play my guys?

The cycle endlessly repeats until mops get tired of being mops here and fuck off to their next fad.

>> No.74985400

Capeshit always sucked so you don't feel offended by it, but you liked SW and Trek back in the day so the new versions hurt you.

>> No.74985736

Oh I forgot, 4chan has this hate boner for all superheroes, not just the bad ones.

>> No.74985750

>not always bad

>> No.74985917

Explain, what is just inherently awful about them?

>> No.74985990

they're a terrible genre with terrible designs and barely any worthwhile narrative or theme

>> No.74986342

Buddy, you haven't been introduced to the Worm webserial by Wildbow have you?
I didn't like capes nor was excited by the concept either.

>> No.74986369

Because marvel is popular, so naturally the contrarian stance is to be against it.

>> No.74987934

Because once birthed, a Chaos deity exist in all times retroactively, that is how Slaanesh is the youngest, and yet just as old as the other three. Because Fluff

>> No.74987989

Is that the "Severed" one? I'll have to look into it further, Thanks :)

>> No.74988353

>role playing

white dwarf is fucking garbage

>> No.74989471

Yeah, i think so!
It is really short and sweet, a 20 minute read.

>> No.74990161

I'm still peeved about Crypteks and Lords being full HQ choices and not diy terminator sergeants you can spread around the army

>> No.74990430


This >>74971188 is not me, but I'm glad you've shown off the rare talent of repeating Stefan Manure memes.

Pretending that older lore is somehow irrelevant and illegitimate simply because it's old is patently ridiculous.

Pretending that it's irrelevant and illegitimate because a new writer or, worse, a veteran writer with an obvious agenda just retconned it is also patently ridiculous.

Pretending any of the modern lore, that's essentially meta-propaganda written for the express purpose of just selling more Eldar and Primaris, overrides the older lore just because a new issue of White Dwarf or Phil Kelly or the tweets of a BL Editor say so is, once again, patently ridiculous. Especially in light of all the agendas at play.

40k wasn't a story, it was a setting. Had been since 3rd Edition codified everything in the 90's, then Gathering Storm came along and made the whole thing into a farce. You can't just handwave away 20 years of canon and expect people to take you seriously. It's extremely obvious that you're either a bootlick that just got into the game and thinks its perfectly fine to just throw out the grognards that built the whole goddamn market for the game. Or, worse, you're some pseudo-veteran tool that is enjoying this masturbatory fantasy where Primaris are uberchads that can't lose and the Eldar retroactively did nothing wrong and the Tau are conquering the galaxy now.

You're still a clown, like I said, pushing this absurd drivel on behalf of a multi-million dollar toy company run by Anglo boomers and selling Chinkshit at Yuropeon prices. You're a mentally-ill peasant blundering around the court of shit-eating corporate aristocracy, wearing a ludicrous outfit, pretending you're better than everyone who criticizes your masters because you've deluded yourself into believing your place in the castle is secure or even valuable.

This board should have a default filter for anyone who unironically uses the Nu40k newspeak.

>> No.74990583

This is why I assume every edition is it's own internal continuity, theres overlap but they clearly arent the same settings.

And when it comes to the games I actually play, I role with selective canon. Using the material as a toolkit.

>> No.74990682

Probably one of the best ways to handle it. Generally speaking, there was some consistency in tone and 'flavor' between 2nd and up till 5th Edition, then 5th to 7th, but that usually lines up with the 'eras' of 40k.

Also, I agree with you that 40k should be approached from the perspective of an RPG setting and not a literary or standard wargame one. 1st Ed. Rogue Trader was basically an RPG anyway, and 40k had been kinda sorta leaning that way with its specialist spinoffs since then - OG Necromunda/Gorkamorka, Inquisitor, most of the 3.5 codexes, Kill-Team to modern Kill-Team and Necromunda, even if they are shit, etc.

>> No.74990723

It's why I can live with being able to extract value from modern lore and re imagine it to work with a more classically flavored vision of the setting, even if it's just a reframing of that stuff

>> No.74990726

I see all of the wank bait books as the propaganda laden stories that come out of much less one sided or quirky circumstance.
As far as the Imperium is concerned, all told is The Truth, but it isn't necessarily the actual factual.
Such a perspective for reading makes all those glaringly awful choices a little less pressing and influential on my opinions of the whole novel.

>> No.74990737

Sheer perfection

>> No.74990813

Writers should publish opinions, not facts. In universe bias is a great writing tool, but each one thinks they can be the big dick writing chad giving us "the real 40k story!" When part of the fun and indeed point is that the truth is so lost as to not exist.

>> No.74990847

>40k wasn't a story, it was a setting. Had been since 3rd Edition

You mean since GW printed too many foreign copies of Gorkamorka. It's interesting how people who talk about 40k being a setting don't realize the Third War for Armageddon and the 13th Black Crusade were events that were supposed to happen and be built upon, not unfinished projects left to rot.

I'm tempted to say you could look at Priestley's plans for Gates of Antares and glean what the future for 40k might have been without meddling.

>> No.74991118

It's gotten much harder to do that every edition since 5th and I would argue there is very, very little of value added post 7th.

That's what they're supposed to be. The original idea was that every Codex represented its faction as the best because it was supposed to hype you up to play that faction. But the conceit there is that you have to have some modicum of game balance or else you're basically just selling all of a given faction's playerbase a lemon.

And that's insane when you consider that GW built the customer base they had for 40k on appealing to different demographics with each different faction and take that into account with the patterns that have been on display for the last like 15 years. That dovetails into what I mean by lemon. 4th Edition and onward they've basically done the same things:
>Space Marines, Craftworlders, and Tau
Indisputably more powerful for their points than everyone else and the easiest to play.

>Imperial Guard and Tyranids (and Mechanicus & their associated subfactions later on)
viable if you exploit meta and sink an absurd amount of money into their model counts
By subfactions I mean Knights, Storm Troopers, Genestealer Cults, etc.

>Everyone else
Are flavor of the month when they first come out/get updated and then go back to fighting over the bottom rungs with one-another once errata or another update comes out.

This pattern has repeated every edition but with increasing severity and it should worry everyone invested at all in 40k because it means that GW will likely continually ramp up the trend until the game dies or 40k is just the Horus Heresy but with elves and commies instead of traitor legions.

And I do mean everyone - even if you just play the RPGs or the vidya or read the books, you should care about this because GW centers the entire management of the IP on the wargame's performance and canon. Even if you just like the books, you'lll eventually only be able to read about those 3.

>> No.74991347

Except Rick Priestly was pushed out of the company by the same fuckery that's been the cause of what we've been talking about with modern canon. Same with all of the writers and designers that did anything decent for the setting.

You say 3rd War for Armageddon and 13th Black Crusade like there were left unfinished on accident but you should know better. GW tried to do that 13th Black Crusade campaign and sperged out when it didn't go the way they wanted, which was more stagnation. When the results came in that every faction except the Imperial ones were beating ass all up and down the galaxy, they just stopped the whole thing and declared that nothing happened and that the 13th Black Crusade was still looming.

3rd War for Armageddon they never bothered moving forward because of Medusa V and GW's staff and executives will shit blood before they allow the orks to matter. Closest they've gotten in recent years was War of the Beast and that might as well have been a YouTube-tier prank for the ork fanbase. In reality, Black Library just were pulling woodchips up from the barrel trying to figure out a way to create a new cashcow since the HH is apparently going to have to end at some point and they failed so spectacularly that now they're doing the Siege of Terra series.

As for what he could've done had Priestly not been forced out, I doubt much would change. If we're going to speculate here, then I would say that we can't look at everything as if it's only corporate meddling. I have my reasons that are both just my opinions and too long to list in this post, but to summarize them, I believe Elf players/fans are half the reason why GW ended up becoming the monstrosity it is and a lot of the devs, even back in the Priestly days, were elf/eldar fanboys that probably helped push him out.

>> No.74991357

Everything you posted is stone cold fact


>> No.74991486

I hate how such a good concept like global campaigns is muddled by GW's railroading. If they are going to have a story with 40k and do global campaigns, they should let the global campaigns affect the next part of the story.

>> No.74991529

>Muh retcons

>> No.74991607

Even if you aren't going to let them affect the main plot, you could make sideplots that are affected by them in such a wide universe. Medusa V could've been like that had they not attached so much gravity to it.

And even if they weren't gonna do that, they could've at least used the campaigns to get data on their faction balance and try to fix it. Of course, GW being half-retarded probably did that in the most heavy-handed way, without the assistance of actual statisticians, and internally used the 13th Black Crusade global campaign as the justification for shithousing nigh on every faction that wasn't Space Marines for the last decade.

Hell, we know the Iron Warriors artillery shenanigans from 3.5 was hated by enough of the encephalopaths in most 40k forums (DakkaDakka, Bolter&Chainsword, etc.) that it was used as justification for making CSMs as a whole eat shit for like 12 years. You just know that shit is what a bunch of the HH fans are thinking about when they lobby in favor of all the dumb retcons the HH books have done recently.

>> No.74991633


>> No.74994430

Going full Sol Divisive, there?

What could proxy Concecrated Mind? The Void dragon would make an excellent Sanctified mind, though.

>> No.74994570

owned lmfao

>> No.74994865


>> No.74994891

Most 'lore' from the last decade and all from the last five years should be totally discarded, canon isn't just whatever your corporate masters say it is.

>> No.74994977

It's true. The fluff says so. Even without the recent fluff, the Chaos Gods are not bound by time. They have always existed. While the C'tan Gods allegedly were born from the first stars

>> No.74995024

Wrong. Laurie Goulding commented on this misconception you are spreading here.

GW looks at all sources and then chooses the best path going going forward in terms of IP appeal and internal logic, etc etc.

Your delusions and misinformation do not factor here. You are a faggot who doesn't have say in what is canon and what is not canon in the setting. It's GW's canon and we are discussing the current canon of the setting.

What a fucking child throwing a tantrum like that.

>> No.74995035

Yes it is. Because it's their setting. If I wrote a book, you don't get to tell me what's in it or what my characters did. Sheesh talk about entitlement.

>> No.74995106

Could we make this a sticky please? These bootlicking shills need to be constantly humiliated

>> No.74995148

How? Because he threw insults and acted entitled because nobody was talking his fanfiction seriously?


>> No.74995182

And yet that's exactly what is happening you fucking retard, who do you think actually wrote 40k? I'll give you a hint, he hasn't worked there in a long time and isn't even legally allowed to discuss it. Priestley was and is the holder of the canon, GW is just the holder of the IP and if you weren't such a cocksucking moron you would understand the difference.

>> No.74995192

You've been repeatedly blown the fuck out you nigger loving redditor, fuck off back to your tranny server

>> No.74995218

>GW looks at all sources and then chooses the best path going going forward in terms of IP appeal and internal logic
And yet they actually make the worst choices, evidenced by the presence of snivelling wretched like you

>> No.74995234

He is just an author that retired and he has spoken about Warhams in a few interviews. What are you talking about? Holding him on a pedestal is asinine. He is a dude that had his time and retired. The setting continued on. He has no value anymore than any other writer than worked on the setting. He is not the "holder of the canon". It was Alan Merrit and he recently retired.

We are discussing the setting as it is now. We are discussing the current Necron lore. And you shitting up thread because the new lore triggers you. If that's the case, start a new general called "My fanfiction Warhammer" and be done with it.

>> No.74995255

No. He threw insults and delusionally pretended that he owns the IP because because I told him that his fanfiction is not canon. To anyone with braincells, it seems that he BTFO himself.

>You pooppooheead

This is your level.

So? It's their setting. Not yours. We are discussing the New-new-Necron lore in which the Chaos Gods as per the fluff warred against the Old Ones and Necrontyr.

>> No.74996203

No one cares about Novohk, so I'm cool with them jobbing.

>> No.74996873

I'm now convinced you're a payed shill

>> No.74996882

No, as the OP of this thread, I was just making a thread about necrons, reguardless

>> No.74996969

It's Carnac.

>> No.74997128

And in that reply chain we were discussing recent Necron lore.
Paid shill because I don't want to read your fanfiction and after I spent majority of my posts saying that Newcrons are shit.

>> No.74997315

>calls newcrons shit
>but sucks up to garbage nulore

>> No.74997336

I acknowledged that exists and that it's the current. I am not a delusional manbaby like you.

>> No.74997376

>after I spent majority of my posts saying that Newcrons are shit.
And after spending years saying the exact opposite.

>> No.74997423

Current doesn't mean valid, death of the author and all that shit.

>> No.74997431

Well shits, thanks for ruining another thread, you've convinced me to quit this shitty board

>> No.74997443

Nope. It's the new valid. Death of the author is for yourself. It doesn't mean that you have the authority to dictate what's true and what's not in any work of fiction and pass it off as fact. What kind of commie shit is this? You should be ashamed of yourself.

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