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>The Codex Show

>Warhammer TV Tip of the Day:
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Thread Question: What loyalist Space Marine Chapter do you hate the most?

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Whoever the BA hate I guess.

>> No.74884226

There's like one dude on shapeways who doesn't charge out the ass. His stuff is always great tho

>> No.74884234

First for Tau

> TQ: I'd go for Dark Angels.

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Iron hands

>> No.74884251

>Run an extra battalion and auxiliary support super heavy detachment at 2,000 points
>Start with just 3 CP
>Never need more than 1 CP a turn to be effective
Is the command point mindset a trap?

>> No.74884259

I've just heard that Heavy Intercessors are a fucking troop-choice. And can be 10-man. That'd be 30 wounds at T5 with no limitations on how many you can take.

What the fuck even is this anymore?

>> No.74884271

Fuck, I wish I saw these before I bought a bunch of helmets off of shapeways.

>> No.74884273

>Space Marines are finally top tier after a decade of competitive mediocrity
>everyone else: REEEEEEEEEEEEEE

>> No.74884296

Search Yellow Duck and look for miniatures conversion. Guy must be from China or something, his stuff blows most other modelers out the water at dirtcheap prices

>> No.74884306

>T5, 3W, Troops
Okay, so they are cheaper Custodes with a slightly worse save and no invuln.

>> No.74884314

You forgot to answer the Thread Question

>> No.74884316

Yes, 5 storm ravens at beginning of 8th was very mediocre. Fists and iron hands towards the end of 8th was so mediocre
Marine BS with librarian conclaves and free transports was very mediocre in 7th edition

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>I don't pay attention to competitive 40k

>> No.74884326

Anon, they are far over the top. They are running all the way with a field of dead behind them.

>> No.74884336

I'm counting IH/RG -> Present as the Space Marine era.

>> No.74884343

Lol Skyhammer Annihilation Force+Librarius Conclave+Smashfucker

>> No.74884345

>worse save
>no invuln
Sweet summer child.

>> No.74884347

So 2 codexes is the present era
Even then, they were bonkers in 7th and for parts of 6th

>> No.74884352

>Daily Reminder coming your way


>> No.74884380

t. Eldar player who's always found a way into top tier

>> No.74884381

Its also 140pt at 5 man :^)

>> No.74884388

I play orks

>> No.74884400

Make Mech Tau great again!

>> No.74884427

>28 pts for nid warriors with 1 more bs, T, sv
Really cool can't wait!

>> No.74884432

trying to get into guard, mainly tempestus. what should I get for my first 500 points for a slow grow league? and what other pieces should i buy to round out my army?

>> No.74884445

I was talking about those particular helmets, but I did get these from miniature conversions. Looks like he added some more stuff since I last checked too.

>> No.74884446

I don’t know if you can take a Russ, but a punisher cannon tank commander is broken as shit at 500 points.

>> No.74884457

I hate no armies, of any kind. I hate GW's desperation to drain every cent out of this series, at the cost of quality. SM hate is very SJW-esc, instead of fighting for equality, you fight for the previous group on top's suppression.

>> No.74884458

Since Marines are getting heavy Intercessors, when is Chaos getting heavy Chaos marines?

>> No.74884466

What a shitty 40K General, I think some needs to make a new one.

>> No.74884479

Oh wow. That's expensive! :^D
To think that my 3 battlesuits without weapons are 90 points. With weapons they are about 150-160 pts <( *_* < )

To think GW really do respect math :>)

>> No.74884512

SM privilege is real though. You are probably a space marine player because you want to talk about equality when your army has +50 new kits compared to anyone else.
inb4 this faggot going to bat for marines plays DE or Orks, always these people claim to not play SM and always they claim to play a xenos army but they spend the next 2 hours in the thread defending primaris to the death.

>> No.74884521

When the EC release happens and we get bigger louder bikes.

>> No.74884524

Uhhhhh just play space marines?

Seriously is it that hard to play a real faction???

>> No.74884540

If they wanted to make more money, they could just power creep the xenos so people can't just show up with Blue Angels, Blue Hands, or Bluemanders - and actually buy different models.

>> No.74884555

So pretty much just Eldar? Who seem to end up Power creeped to hell somehow.

>> No.74884559

>See the Necron releases
>Destroyer X
>Destroyer Y
>Destroyer Z
>Destroyer Infinity

Someone really likes the Destroyers at GW. But there is an issue. Having the Necron range being filled with beep boop mindless killing machine kinda defeats the purpose of the Newcrons doesn't it?

>> No.74884569

Necrons need a points hike. They are too strong

>> No.74884572

SM privilege is real, though I'd say Primaris shouldn't count as Space Marines, but they do. I never disagreed, but hating SM players for something they can't control. Hate the company for being j---.

>> No.74884575

*Giggling custodian guard*

>> No.74884577

I need to figure out the best way to do the chains for his flail. And also a ton of other cleanup, but one thing at a time.

>> No.74884604

Newcrons is a self-defeating purpose.

>> No.74884610

>laughs in iron hands
>laughs in 5++, 5+++ troops
>laughs in better custodes than custodes
please don't change chief apothecary GW

>> No.74884613

What are Guard lists going to look like this edition?

Triple Demolisher Commanders, Hellhounds, and Full-Payload ace Manticores seem like they're going to feature. I wonder if mech guard as a whole is going to be back, maybe with dual heavy flamer Chimeras

>> No.74884635

not really, if you mean the whole 'pariah' shit, since dead or null doesn't make much difference to stopping chaos. The only reason they don't ONLY kill and want to turn people into nulls is to prevent the wars from making chaos more powerful with emotions like bloodlust, fear, hate etc, plus its probably quicker and they need to seal off the eye anyway.

>> No.74884654

Destroyer cults were always supposed to be varied in lore, they're just kinda going back and fixing the models to match this

>> No.74884673

Same with the Crytepks. We're getting back to 5th edition style and I'm glad.

>> No.74884677

Guard is shit tier this edition

>> No.74884685

>Marine BS with librarian conclaves and free transports was very mediocre in 7th edition
Compared to what else was around? Yes.

>> No.74884710

WYSIWYG is a dumb fucking rule, change my mind

>> No.74884716

>> No.74884724

Being shit tier never stopped anyone from playing orks

>> No.74884727

They had their time to shine with the Fish of Fury days

Get over it old man, we space marines now

>> No.74884730

treat them as heavy elites and not troops and you'll deal with them pretty easily.

it's not a rule, it's a goal. the leisure of seeing an opponent's army and instantly identifying what's in it by sight is fantastic and is what you should always aim towards

>> No.74884731

Hey OP why is the TQ rhetorical

>> No.74884732

Why are people sperging so much about this?

It's not like T5 is a big problem and they're only 5" movement. Deal with them the same way you deal with Death Guard or Custodes.

>> No.74884734

Depends on how WYSIWYG. Every Guardsman has a lasgun? Cool. Every guardsman has 4 grenades? Autism.

>> No.74884738

>> No.74884739

Reminder Tyranid Warriors 2e stats translate in modern day to Mv 8" WS 2+ BS 3+ S 5 T 5 W 4 A 4 with an upgrade to get a 2+ armour save and their swords are S 6 AP -3 with a defensive bonus in melee.

For 33 points per model with a 2+ armour save

or 38 points per model for a 4++ invulnerable that cancels enemy invulnerables in melee and gives them an extra +1 strength on their melee attacks.

>> No.74884750

Based autism, though.

>> No.74884757

>Having the Necron range being filled with beep boop mindless killing machine kinda defeats the purpose of the Newcrons doesn't it?
no, it doesn't

>> No.74884765

I wouldn't be so irritated if so many sprues didn't have bits for all the options a unit can take. However, the post-lawsuit fix of "everyone gets one weapon and no wargear options" sucks hard too.

>> No.74884769


Um... no.

>> No.74884776

>it's not a rule
it is at loads of events

>> No.74884782

>Finally played Death Wing: Space Hulk
>"Fuck, terminators terminators really are awesome!"
>Really want to get some termie models now
>Look over at my army on my shelf
>Dark Eldar
>I would literally only be buying terminators for the sake of liking terminators
Eh whatever, what are some neat terminators for the pure sake of buying and painting? I kinda like Tyberos and the Emps Children Phoenix Guard, there are plenty of other cool ones though

>> No.74884797

All Terminators are cool. I personally like Cataphractii.

>> No.74884803

Did you miss the 3 crypteks, royal warden, overlord, silent king, szeras, c'tan shard

>> No.74884807

>it's not a rule, it's a goal
It's the rule at a lot of events, and accordingly -because it's easy to say "here's my 2k list, let's play competitive rules" - you can expect it in pickup games.

>> No.74884854

I am rather fond of those as well, I think it's the tassels that really get me

>> No.74884857

>let's play competitive

>> No.74884863

Triptide with a bunch of shield drones is lame tho

>> No.74884866

Would you like reference cards included in every box of minis, so you buy a farseer and get the reference card for example? I think it would be nice not to have to flick through a huge codex or use digital references.
Feed back as well on this example I made?

>> No.74884871

Its a great rule because it filters the WAACfags and hobby lets who try to proxy the current flavour of the month build.

>> No.74884893

shit example, there are no rules for squads of guardsmen using 4 grenades at once

>> No.74884906

At what point does grimdark cross the line into edgy?
Pic related. I think the guy does pretty cool work, but goddamn it's isn't a bit much. Especially when these guys are supposed to be loyalists.

>> No.74884908

>wannabe comp marine nigger faggots on discord servers and jewtubes defending the 28 ppm heavy intercessors as being balanced

Imagine being so fucking inadequate as to need GW to hold your hand to win at a children's toy soldier game.

>> No.74884912

It doesn't filter anyone. WAACfags just go out and paypig the model and slap some base colors on. Preventing experimentation is also cancerous because unless you're rolling in money you don't really want to buy a meme list and run it, even if that would be fun for everyone involved.

>> No.74884927

stop making me want to start playing necrons

>> No.74884930

You can dislike the scenarios, but you're just wrong if you think going "here's my 2k list, comp rules, let's roll for scenario" and having a game isn't convenient. A casual or campaign takes more hashing out, between figuring out what point level you want, what's allowed and that's before you even figure out what scenario you're playing and set up your army.

>> No.74884935

what crosses the line? there is not even any blood.
Also loyalists are not "good" either

>> No.74884942

>Feels like Death Guard are the new CSM poster boys
>Death Guard are the least interesting part of CSM
How is this happening?

>> No.74884945

Grimdark is already over the line to edgy

>> No.74884950

They aren't. Everyone agrees they're S-tier and are reduce competitive diversity.

>> No.74884963

Which first born units should I get with my primaris army?

>> No.74884966

I'd understand it if it's been a group policy from a start, but if they change it because they lost due to "model confusion" then they can seethe in silence
>t. had a player who wanted to ban unpainted models and proxies in my army despite having unpainted and 3rd party printed models in his that ran different stats at different times

>> No.74884974

Can you prvide the definition of Edgy as use in your post?

>> No.74884981

It was a bad example, but you take my point. It gets more and more autistic the more detail is added.

>> No.74884984

They were definitely the poster boys for the beginning of 8th, but once Vigilus happened, Black Legion took that spot.

If what you're speaking of is them getting their codex first, its probably bc they had the most outdated codex excluding Psychic Awakening. I wouldn't say they're the poster boys of Chaos atm.

>> No.74884996

>not edgy

>> No.74885002


>> No.74885014

Marine Players v. Old/New Tau Players. Who's worse?

>> No.74885017

I for one welcome our new Ork overlords.

>> No.74885018

Biker Warboss is done, let it go!

>> No.74885033

The only T’au player I know is a nice guy. The only marine player I know is a nice guy. They both build deliberately bad lists so that they’re fun to play against. They play as armies fight in the fluff. They’re both amazing painters.

They’re the same guy.

>> No.74885039

>Especially when these guys are supposed to be loyalists
You're a fucking lorelet. "Loyalist" does not mean "nice". These aren't even that edgy. I hate you newfag secondaries so much.

>> No.74885045

No, he’s back.

>> No.74885060

Just magnetize, you absolute mong.

>> No.74885076

One of their former sculptors (Who did the DG line), and now the studio content lead is a HUGE Death Guard fanboy.


>> No.74885082

I need proofs!

>> No.74885091

GW just announced it yesterday.

>> No.74885098

FW section of the twitch preview stream

>> No.74885100

Check warcom, they announced it yesterday iirc.

>> No.74885124

>I either waacfag so hard people try and make houserules for my shit or build so trash that I lose despite doing everything right and people try and talk tactical to me
I know what my winning list is. And when you tell me to bring those units like you're some sort of genius, only to whine that big bases should block los to small bases when it comes to the shooting phase for those same units, it just feels like like a dick thing to do

>> No.74885146

Speed's back on the menu

>> No.74885147


>> No.74885150

>Game is more one sided than ever before
>Sm players are fine with having a crutch

>> No.74885155

But why is the sillhouette in mahogony?

>> No.74885165

I appreciate people who heavily convert their models. Sometimes it strays pretty far from wysiwyg but I’d never want to hamper that creativity for the sake of easily recognizing loadouts at a glance. Especially when it’s so easy to just ask.

>> No.74885167

Loyal to the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable. Fucking secondary.

>> No.74885175

Whatever army is the current OP FOTM band wagon

>> No.74885179

The actual presentation of space narines in 40k by GW is as clean, brightly colored good guys emblazoned with golden eagles.

>> No.74885209

>Especially when these guys are supposed to be loyalists.

So are these guys, besides loyalists are not good guys, even the Ultramarines have a successor that covers themselves in skulls and feast on corpses and then there's the host of chapters that are a bunch of assholes that care not for collateral damage and would gladly stomp through the innocent to defeat an enemy.

WH40K is death metal: the setting.

>> No.74885211

>Deal with them the same way you deal with death guard or custodes
Current meta statistics say you deal with death guard and custodes by losing

>> No.74885215

Oh really, O’reilly?

Newfags and secondaries fuck off.

>> No.74885220

>be peaceful xeno farmer with a laser pitchfork
>Alien pod drops down
>puts fucking explosive bullets in my friends heads
>run towards me at 80 mph
>I try to run
>he rips me apart with a chansaw as I scream for mercy he says "die xeno"
They kill all aliens for no fucking reason, not good guys

>> No.74885228

What could GW do to make aspect warriors viable and not complete fuck the balance of the game? like they are doing with primaris

>> No.74885240

How do you kill a riptide?

>> No.74885242

>WH40K is death metal: the setting.
Not anymore. It's turning into Marvel with skulls

>> No.74885245

fucking secondarie they are word bearers read their instagram

>> No.74885252

>good guys
>space marines

>> No.74885260

Feel free to look at products and marketing that are actually so you can understand why people think things like >>74884906

>> No.74885265

That looks like something Giger would draw when he was five years old lol

>> No.74885268

by making it useless and unable to do anything that its owner actually wants it to do

>> No.74885272

1) loyalist doesn't mean nice or good
2) that's not edgy. It's got a lot of skulls, but that's not edgy. It's fit right with the catholic influences of the imperium

>> No.74885274

So tyranids need more sculpts. But how would you improve them ? More detail? That would make them even more of a pain to paint

>> No.74885282

What is this body type called?

>> No.74885288

That's why it's soulful

>> No.74885291

But they are. Imperium has the most diversity of any faction :^)

>> No.74885294

Primaris seem to be on the road to becoming more acceptable tbqh. And most of the lore that’s not shoved in Timmy’s face is still quite grimdark.

>> No.74885295


>> No.74885299

Is there a way to prevent it from being swarmed with drones and a way to stop the 3++? Can't really get around it.

>> No.74885305

Make their weapons a bit better? Most of them are stuck with strength: user weapons which suck for Eldar bc of their s3. Also some -AP would be nice.

>> No.74885306


>> No.74885309

They don’t. They need better rules. The finecast stuff being updated would be nice, but there are other armies who need it first.

Bids have held up well.


>> No.74885311


>> No.74885315

No it's not. I'd call you a newfag, but it's not even true for primaris anymore

>> No.74885317

Cowgirl anal

>> No.74885324

did you read my post?
just touch it with some garbage and it'll just become a big, ugly paperweight

>> No.74885326

Most sculpts are great, updating a few of the finecast or shitty ones to the ~2013 standard would be more than fine.

Biovores, Pyrovores, Lictor, Red Terror, that kind of thing. I care way more about a codex than new sculpts right now

>> No.74885327


>> No.74885335

Heretically thick

>just some skulls and a tribal hunter aesthetic
>too edgy
>a bit much
>supposed to be loyalists

They weren't kidding about nu-40k turning into capeshit, if people actually think like this

>> No.74885338


>> No.74885339

Slampig, ready to save lives with her thick thighs!

>> No.74885359

Anything grimdark is already balls deep into edgy territory.
If you think otherwise you lack self awareness

>> No.74885364

So I am working on a craftworld army and kind of want to paint my characters with exposed skin to be drow. Should I go for it?

>> No.74885371

Primaris are getting soul rather people want to admit it or not.
Dark, edgy, skulls, blood, catholic imagery etc.

>> No.74885376

Tyranids don't really need more sculpts in general. There are only a few badly dated kits.

They need a plastic biovore/pyrovore, plastic lictor/deathealper and maybe a plastic red terror.

Of those the only one that super needs an update to its design is the red terror, which is a 3rd edition sculpt, so it should be updated to be more in line with current ravener sculpts, or be made into something bigger and more monstery if they wanted to go that direction.

>> No.74885379

With the hit roll penalty cap, they need to be tankier aswell
Shadow Spectres and Warp Spiders got essentially murdered in 9th edition thanks to that (not that they were doing well before), it would be nice if Warp Spiders got half movement after shooting instead of flicker jump, shadow spectres are just weird as fuck so I can't offer much here
Striking Scorpions and Banshees need better melee weapons and I would bump their toughness to 4 and give them one more attack
Swooping Hawks are just...idk...dead? Unless someone is bringing a chaff army, which no one will do.
Fire Dragons need a point reduction.

>> No.74885380

They really don't. All the actual sculpts are still great, they only need a Lictor and a Pyrovore/Biovore box and their army is pretty much complete.

>> No.74885382

>death metal
Metalfags pls go 40k is mainstream rock not your tryhard trash

>> No.74885386

>Decided i'd finish basing my cultist blob & and paint some raptors this weekend
>Instead i slept like 14 hours and did anything but painting each day

>> No.74885391

You're confusing the marketing materials with the actual content of the lore

>> No.74885396

>literally a bright blue knight covered in golden eagles

>> No.74885397

Eh, it's 2 steps forward one step back. We get cool stuff like the bladeguard, then needless retarded units like heavy intercessors. Rather than a shooty veteran unit to go alongside the blade guard

>> No.74885425

As >>74885371 said, Primaris are gaining soul. They’re not fully there yet, but like it or not, they’re improving.

>> No.74885428

That dude is not clean and has 12 skulls just visible on him compared to 3 eagles. Ergo, you're a retarded fucking secondary

>> No.74885429

Maybe just heavily diluted nagaroth nightshade over white or a light skin tone? I'm not sure though.

>> No.74885430

Thats just GW being GW
>We gonna give primaris some cool veteran units
>but also, we gonna give them roided versions of existing marines! Melta marines? Now you can shoot twice and from 24'' away!, heavy marines? Now you won't lose them at all!
Its a bit retarded

>> No.74885447

With eradicators, the amount of must-take units has dropped so far it gives me lots of freedom to do whatever I want with the rest. Timmies always win

>> No.74885461

>Having the Necron range being filled with beep boop mindless killing machine kinda defeats the purpose of the Newcrons doesn't it?
No, nobles are the only ones with personalities worth speaking about.

>> No.74885462

>There are now so many loyal Space marines models, they got their own category.
Holy shit my sides.

>> No.74885472

Has it not been like that for ages?

>> No.74885480

>Thats just GW being GW
Yeah sure, but it's frusterating even if it's expected.
Making heavy intercessors gunguard or whatever and moving them to elites would fix the biggest issue with them, durable obsec in an already OP army, and give them a better niche than "primaris primaris"

>> No.74885484

Is AoS in a better competitive place than 40k?

>> No.74885486

I didn't say anything about a nebulous concept like "soul". I said GW markets space marines as the brightly-colored, gold embellished good guy faction, which they do.

>> No.74885489

I want these for literally every rule these goofballs put out. I make my own datasheets so I dont have to flip through 100 books to find what I need

>> No.74885493

About two months ago yeah

>> No.74885496

It's been like that for years retard

>> No.74885498

>The first known picture to make use of linear perspective was created by the Florentine architect Fillipo Brunelleshi (1377-1446). Painted in 1415, it depicted the Baptistery in Florence from the front gate of the unfinished cathedral
This is what soul means? Ignoring perspective like before thirteenth century?

>> No.74885503

Reminder that the stupid niggers at gamesworkshop took that and turned it into this

>> No.74885507

h-haha, yeah if only I could get close enough

>> No.74885511

More seers and wraiths, please.

>> No.74885513

AoS dont suffer from one faction being the irrefutably poster child of the franchise and hogging 90% of the playerbase to it, so the releases are more evenly distributed

>> No.74885514

It certainly has a healthier release schedule. They tried doing what they're doing with Primaris for Stormcast, but I don't think it worked, now we get actually interesting factions and updates. As for competitive, I haven't heard anything being ultra busted, though there are some definitely higher tier armies.

>> No.74885531

Stop. I'm really close to pulling the trigger and doing a Wraith Host army.

>> No.74885534

Despite what 40kg might tell you, the competitive side of 40k really isn't that bad. Especially outside of GT tables, where people are in general so shit that you can make every faction easily work

>> No.74885536

Erebus model in plastic when?

>> No.74885541

I like those.

>> No.74885544

>people ITT think that tyranids dont need new sculpts

They look like cartoonish dorks. They shouldn't look cute, they should look like terrifying monsters.

>> No.74885546

more like a few months, and uh you must be new, can you please refrain for using such offensive language on this site

>> No.74885552

My creation it's more accurate.

>> No.74885563

have they said anything more about the lokhust heavy destroyer?

im mostly interested in how they will sell it. im worried since its alone in the picture they showed and i want several of them and im hoping the box has at least 2 or something. like helverins.

>> No.74885567

Ffs no
Eldar desperately need more infantry options because as of now, its practically a vehicle army.

>> No.74885569

Kek. From a technical standpoint, yes, you’re entirely correct. It’s shit. However, it’s also evocative. It is- for want of better words- brutal, raw, and most importantly- metal as fuck.

>> No.74885572

everywhere else I check seems excited for the next mass of space marines

>> No.74885584

it's gonna be $50 for one and you'll need 3 to keep them alive.

>> No.74885585

>xenos barely on top of terrain on the tabs

>> No.74885587

Reddit isn't aswell
so Idk where you are checking

>> No.74885588

So 40k is based now?

>> No.74885589

Just because they haven't had that tab for years doesn't mean they haven't had more models than most other factions combined for years
>can you please refrain for using such offensive language on this site
Bite me, you double nigger

>> No.74885592

They are easy to built kit, so 90% going to be a single one per box.

>> No.74885600


>> No.74885603

Competitive AoS is pretty bizarre and janky, but there's certainly much more army variation.

>> No.74885607

No we don't.

>> No.74885613

if you really knew how bad things really are

>> No.74885614

...You mean terminators?

>> No.74885619

That a cute guy. Where you find him?

>> No.74885620

Raven Guard

>> No.74885625

Don't do it, anon. The WAACfagging is worse, the power gaps are even larger, and the autism is even deeper

>> No.74885627

>it’s also evocative
I think that you nailed the definition of soul

>> No.74885629

Already have terminators. Don't ask for that abomination

>> No.74885631

>Chaos getting heavy Chaos marines?

You mean Plague Marines?.

>> No.74885632

Fuck off retard nobody thinks your shit is funny no matter how many threads you make 404

>> No.74885635

You got your havocs and you'll like it. It's either that or you switch to the only chaos GW can identify with, Deathguard.

>> No.74885637

you may use that language of 4chan, but we here on 4channle haven't used that kind of speak for some time

>> No.74885642

4channelers are pure

>> No.74885645

Whats with all this stupid faggot shit posting? Is it always like this?

>> No.74885648


>> No.74885649

What is /v/ quadnigger

>> No.74885651


>> No.74885655

Yea this pretty much and new rules. The warr upgrade hype is cool but I'm really concerned about the entire overall army not just buffing warrs (plus I only have 6 painted even though I have a 4k pt army I don't want to paint more of them)

How about just get nids in fucking stock for fuck fucking sakes FUCK

>> No.74885661


>> No.74885666

Primaris centurions look great

>> No.74885668

>posted it 7 times in the space of 24 hours
Sad cunt.

>> No.74885671

nothing is in stock right now

>> No.74885672

He's Japanese and makes some fantastic stuff, yeah. Hoping he does Blood Angels and other stuff too, after his Templar kick.

>> No.74885675

makes you salty, that's the best reward

>> No.74885684

>> No.74885687

So more weaponry and mobility in exchange for less bodies.

Sounds about right.

>> No.74885695


>> No.74885696

What shitposting are you specifically referring to?

>> No.74885708

It has always been like that

>> No.74885714

>Ignoring perspective like before thirteenth century?
I mean, if one of the major themes of the setting is endless stagnation and (to borrow from the spiel) that, "so much has been forgotten, never to be re-learned," that's a pretty appropriate style for the art

>> No.74885724

>Warr upgrade

What upgrade? Nothing they get will make them able to survive against primaris niggers.

>> No.74885725

Fuck off faggot

>> No.74885727

Space marines are.

>> No.74885732

The place you should to back to

>> No.74885737


>> No.74885739


>> No.74885745

a foul place we do not speak of
yes, we , the community of 40kg
this guy gets it

>> No.74885746

>and the impossibility of bathing
Guilliman neckbeard confirmed?

>> No.74885748

They have great sculpts for the most part, their gaunt kit is one of the best troop kits still being sold, and they can soup with GSC for a really varied but fucking awesome visual lineup when you coordinate the palette between them.

>> No.74885749


>> No.74885762

I laughed

>> No.74885763

Post some models you secondaries.

>> No.74885774


>> No.74885779

im sorry, dont you feel welcome on our website?

>> No.74885793


Mt.Dew bod.

I only ever see that saggy belly that hangs off the ribs and settles around the hips rather than rounding out the whole gut on people who drink 2+ cases of soda, usually Mt. Dew, a week.

>> No.74885797

I swear I read other sources where he takes the armor off and wanders about in a bathrobe. Which is it?

>> No.74885799

To all you 3d print fags, how hard is it to scale / do fairly simple removes of bits to stl files?
I have had an idea of trying to make a resized Caestus Assault Ram into a counts as Land Speeder. To do this, I'd need to create two hollow spaces where the grills sit, and likely extrude that space forward to give them a bit more room. How difficult would it be to do this? And would it be able to be printed at an appropriate size?

>> No.74885800

Everything should be cute.

>> No.74885802

Almost done with this guy then it's on to basing

>> No.74885809

This has so much soul it hurts

>> No.74885816

>Current meta statistics say you deal with death guard and custodes by losing
Shot fired

>> No.74885818


I think it is meant to be around the time before his wound had yet to properly heal. It has been like a century since then.

>> No.74885819

who is the main threat to the imperium in 40k?

>> No.74885820


Daily reminder not to out yourself as a lorelet by confusing Skitarii for Cult Mechanicus so you can meme about cowboys.

>> No.74885822


>> No.74885824

I don't know what you think clean means.

>> No.74885829

the necrons

>> No.74885836

This model would be even better if the head was less "jurassic world/skull island theropod" and more like the Prometheus deacon.

>> No.74885845

>Almost done
base coating I assume?

>> No.74885855

Love that shit so far. Bright DG is a rare thing.

>> No.74885856

oh, so he really isn't trapped in there forever? I also kind of thought it would be funny if he was just a disembodied head that cawl's magic machinery had sawed off and ported onto a super power suit at the neck to 'cure' him.

>> No.74885861

Marine whiners are becoming more annoying than actual marine players.

>> No.74885866

>when his oppo brings eradicators

>> No.74885870

I prefer the current gants

>> No.74885871

>ultramarine primarch doesn't bathe
that sounda about right honestly

>> No.74885875


>> No.74885876

That is basically done. Blocking in the colours takes so much longer then shading and highlighting.

>> No.74885883

I kind of hate the idea of these synthwave models lined across the table from a normal painted army. But I think an army of synthwave against another army of synthwave on a table with synthwave painted terrain would be kino.

>> No.74885884

>Power creeped to hell somehow.
You mean broken codex entry because they don't test?
It's never intended for xenos.

>> No.74885896

>this is a bad thing apparently

>> No.74885902

Current gants are the worst of all of them. Old ones were more raw and dynamically posed and gigeresque, that new one is more detailed and gribbly and realistic. Current ones are kind of bland and cartoonish.

>> No.74885911

depends on whos telling the story and what models gw wants to sell

>> No.74885914


I don't know, really. But it seems reasonable to believe.

>> No.74885918

Are Corsairs ever coming back?

>> No.74885920

>guilliman lives in a giant chastity cage and never bathes

>> No.74885922

Once in a while can be a broken rule. Eldar have been consistently OP for literally every single codex release they have ever had. That's a pattern dude.

>> No.74885929

and 3 wounds kills the efficiency of all those d2 weapons you chose specifically for having a chance against marines :^)

>> No.74885946

>40K is now full of so many cucks they think the setting is good guys vs bad guys
>GW panders to this
Don't forget to pick up your marvel comics boys!

>> No.74885955


Dreadknight, Taurox, we're sorry for insulting you. We didn't know it would get this bad. Please come back to us.

>> No.74885956

At 500 points either go full scions or full guard. For scions get scions squads, a couple of tempestors and go either for the Taurox or the Valkyries. Basically choose which method of transport/heavy fire sounds the coolest and stick to one of them when you expand to 1000 points.

>> No.74885961


This is Darth Vader's levels of suit inconvenience.

>> No.74885962

>buying from GW

Absolute fucking moron.

>> No.74885966

>>people ITT think that tyranids dont need new sculpts
every could say a complete redesign can make them better
the thing is that a complete redesign of the tyranids is so unlikely as to be impossible, a partial redesign would leave the rest of the range in dissonance with it and, most importantly, tyranids sculpt still resist the test of time: they do not show any issue with scale or kind of detailing compared to the other armies nor compared to their newer kits

the simplicity of tyranids designs may be a flaw for you, but it is a quality for GW: it's useful for designers and sought after by new inexperienced painters or ones that want something easy and fast, which make a large enough cut of sales to justify an amount of miniatures support through the editions that was only second to mainline marines

the designs are, in fact, solid enough that when tyranid warriors received their third plastic version it was almost identical to the second one and the hive tyrant has been perhaps the only metal miniature that saw a perfect 1:1 transition to plastic

their "cute" elements are also a selling point, and I'm not talking about grills alone, GW knows this and has since made conscious efforts of adding such elements to their products instead of them coming as a by-product

the most tyranid plastic kits like hormagaunts, termagants, gargoyles, carnifices and genestealers may need is an extra sprue of biomorphs and weapons, just like the warriors or tyrant got

genestealers may see further attention and additional kits dedicated to them and their variants only due to their relevancy in the genestealer cults line, which has been developed with different goals in mind unlike the tyranids

>> No.74885973

Darth Vader could at least take off large parts of his suit in certain circumstances.

>> No.74885974

>3-5 broken units in the whole eldar codex of like 50 Units
meanwhile Marines have about 90 viable units and about 16 of them are S tier

>> No.74885977

I get where you're coming from but lets be honest most players don't care about the detail on gaunts. Most players just base coat then wash them and do the carapace, maybe do details like teeth and eyes.

>> No.74885979

only to marines
which is good

>> No.74885980

>he didn't realize this when faggots started talking about npc armies
marine power fantasy bitches have been a problem for a looong time

>> No.74885994

nobody cares marine apologist. cry about eldar some more.

>> No.74886002

>Noooo, we aren't a faction of powergaming faggots, what about muh bansheerines

>> No.74886003


>> No.74886005

>girl comes over
>sees one of your minis
>”what is this anon”
>uhh haha well it’s like a hobby uh
>”tell me about this one”
>oh haha uhm that guy is called fatty bilefart sloppity barfbelcher
>”. . .”

>> No.74886013

GW won't redesign nids

>> No.74886019

>He doesn't have a drop down screen and 400 page power point presentation explaining his army, the universe and its hobby
Get out

>> No.74886021

Heavy Intercessor players should be driven out of the hobby and made to feel unwelcome

>> No.74886023

this is the best necron unit. hes got 6 guns. SIX.

kelermorph called the fuck out

>> No.74886027

>They're worshipers of a god of disease in a scifi setting
Stop being retarded

>> No.74886035


I think the chief thing I want out of a new hormagaunt kit would be to bring the second set of talons to prominence again like the 2e ones.

>> No.74886037

if you are not capable of selling your hobby to normies then you're a brainlet

>> No.74886041

>s-so anyway my plague fleet is called the diarrhea marines and they’re currently—
>where are you going...

>> No.74886045

that power pack is ugly as fuck. Will snip along with most of the cables.

>> No.74886054

Any girl who is sufficiently not normie to actually ask a question about specific miniatures instead of instantly being disgusted by the idea of a man having a hobby isn't going to be upset about a splurty barfpooper.

>> No.74886055

>hormagaunts in 9th
big oof

>> No.74886057

>not locking the door before hand
A rookie mistake.

>> No.74886077

>barfity snotwretch the bowelburster

>> No.74886078

>calls an entire factions player base fags because power gaming fags exploited literally 5% of the codex
meanwhile 90% of the space marine codex is viable and half is S tier. Good one retard

>> No.74886080

>not roped to a chair
Christ you're just falling over your failures

>> No.74886083

He hasn't taken the resin pill? Surely he must know that no matter what he buys all he is doing is bankrolling 6 gorilion new Primaris models?

>> No.74886089

>he doesn't run 300 gaunts in a custom fleet to make them ap2 and ap 3 with the stratagem
lmaoing at your life do you even play nids

>> No.74886092


>> No.74886108

but they're bros in this fight against the power armours of men

>> No.74886111

The joy of working. Big plan the weekend, 0 energy to pull anything off.

>> No.74886115

Has anybody removed the weird crucifixs from the wrist guards from the Assault Intercessors from Indomitus? I picked up a box and want to remove them because they fit my space wolves. I'm guessing the key will be to use a knife, a file and then use plastic glue to smooth it over.

>> No.74886116

I call an entire faction playerbase fags because powergaming fags are literally the 95% of them. And you can see it because Marines being OP instead of them has generated so much butthurt from Eldar players they basically created a new Eye of Terror.

>> No.74886118

>caring about 9th when you can use new models to play 2.5 or 4th

>> No.74886120

wheres that kroot from

very sexy

>> No.74886130

the "I'm not fat shut up"

>> No.74886131

>suddendly a lot of people play salamanders!!!

>> No.74886135

>> No.74886145

Blackstone fortress, nice dude, doesn't have any of the posing issues of other kroots

>> No.74886147

Kroot were named before NECRONS

>> No.74886148

>Diverse women and men of all colors that are speshul and unique and different versus monethnic entities
>not being categorized as good or bad

>> No.74886154

>half is s tier
What? Maybe 20 units see competitive play consistently.

>> No.74886155

BSF, get it while you still can.

>plastic glue to smooth it over
Use millilitres or gs you uncultured fuck

>> No.74886157

>shill chambers

>> No.74886166

Those are marinefaggots, those are meta chasers

>> No.74886167

>maybe 20 unites see competetive play.
Fucking hell you realise how many that is?
Compare it to other factions bro

>> No.74886173

I wonder if they were meant to be insectoid or groots

>> No.74886175

Man, I didn't even expect that to be this close considering there was like no custodes left on the board by like turn 3

>> No.74886177

Most waacfags love to change armies to adapt to the meta but Eldarfags are scum even compared to those Waacfags because they are too lazy and entitled to do that. They instead choose the army that is almost always OP and just whine endlessly in those short periods between codexes when they are not.

>> No.74886188

Fuck modern Space Marnies and anyone still playing them.

>> No.74886189

That the 40k discord server? Yeah I got banned from there months back for telling a kid he couldn’t buy 17 Knights in a month unless he was Bill Gates.

>> No.74886192

You can tell a good from a fag Eldar player by counting how many jetbikes they have.
Its that simple, dont be retarded.

>> No.74886194

Not half their faction, unlike what was claimed.

>> No.74886198

Who are these home depot salesmen and why are you posting them

>> No.74886199

>all armies supported by GW

So... FW, discontinued armies and /yourdudes/ are free game?

>> No.74886205

the amount of details on the necron warrior suggest the range had already been developed and detailed behind the scenes though, even if they were kept 'unknown' for whatever worldbuilding or teasing purpose

>> No.74886207


>> No.74886208

>Wrong Image.

>> No.74886217

It is that simple. But it's only a very small minority that doesn't have dozen of them.

>> No.74886222

Best players in NA, Siegler won LVO back in January

>> No.74886224

>go on reddit warhammer
>70-80% of model posts are marine related
>look at 40k fb comments
>majority are paypigs shilling and excited to buy product
>come here
>people still shilling and defending marines, solid chunk of model posting is marines

Is this hobby dead?

>> No.74886226

>get it while you still can.
>what are recasts?

>> No.74886241

>Is this hobby dead?

>> No.74886242

No, its just getting more popular and there fore diluted into nothing to be more appealing.

>> No.74886243

dem fuckin hips tho

>> No.74886244

Yes, but it’s a very niche plastic model. Likely someone will be recasting it, but it’d be a fuckton of work trying to find them.

>> No.74886247

>reddit leaks
>chapter rules say IF now get 2 additional hits on a 6

>> No.74886257

Ironically the competitive subreddit is free from shilling and has very open discussion

>> No.74886261

Slightly out of shape college student or wage slave fem.

>> No.74886263


>> No.74886268

When I asked my girlfriend what army I should get she pointed these ones out

>> No.74886273

>>come here
>>people still shilling and defending marines, solid chunk of model posting is marines
I don't know what are you looking at, SM bashing is basically everywhere here.

>> No.74886274

It's so hilariously pathetic to treat this game as anything other than a casual tabletop board game.

These men might look like normal guys, but deep down they have crushing inadequacies and know that they fucking suck at all actual competitive pursuits (ie sports) and thus play toy soldiers to best fellow humans at something

>> No.74886278

Would be hilarious if this somehow becomes viable because heavy Intercessors turn the meta into D3 guns

>> No.74886284

>but it’d be a fuckton of work trying to find them.
I have found it on 3 or 4 sites already, it's not hard

>> No.74886290

You don't get a cult without sex appeal.

>> No.74886294

Places that discuss models are going to have a lot of the new models, because thats what people are painting. Primaris are the majority of the new models.

Doesn't take a rocket surgeon to work this out

>> No.74886296

nice marble effect, bro

>> No.74886305

Anon chapter tactics have leaked months ago. IF is ignore light cover and +1 hits for bolter weapons on 6. You can search for the screenshot yourself.

>> No.74886310

Really? Huh. Any clues?

>> No.74886311

>These men might look like normal guys, but deep down they have crushing inadequacies and know that they fucking suck at all actual competitive pursuits (ie sports) and thus play toy soldiers to best fellow humans at something
Holy projection, batman

>> No.74886312

Yeah dude I'd laugh right into my fucking grave trying to remove the mould lines on 300 gants

>> No.74886316

>half is S tier.
Dude what?
Top tier marine lists are pretty much the same set of units in different quantities: gravdevs, agressors, captians, lts, bladeguard and eradicators, with some inceptors, biker variants and contemptors to taste.

Marines are powerful as fuck, but that claim is fucking retarded

>> No.74886321


>> No.74886326

share your template in a mega file or something

>> No.74886328


>> No.74886330

Anyone who takes this game seriously enough to play it "competitively" is a massive faggot and poor excuse for a man so I have no interest in that sub.

>> No.74886340

Wargames have been competitive since they were developed. 40k specifically, yeah sure, but tests of "Spacial Intelligence" are no less legitimate than "Physical Intelligence".

>> No.74886348

Nah I'm good at sports.

>> No.74886351

I will work on a template, but if you want you can request a unit and I will make one for you for now.

>> No.74886357

It's not just for comp play, it's also for general discussion of the game itself, since the main warhammer subreddit is mainly posting models

>> No.74886370

That leaker is a liar. We know cron and marine CTs already.

>> No.74886374

This has since been fixed. Don't remember what book covered it but I know for sure in recent lore he frequently is our of his armor.

Specifically scenes in The Watchers of the Throne novels and in Plague War Guilliman is more than able to take off the Armor of Fate.

>> No.74886380

>spatial intelligence
>in a game where you mash your models into the center of the board and whoever rolls the dice the best wins

Dont really think that's spatial intelligence. Or any kind of intelligence really.

>> No.74886382

Humorously it's hardly actually competitive lists that get posted there.

>> No.74886385

Show me on the doll where a better player demolished you

>> No.74886387

Monster-girl fags and furries deserve the rope.

>> No.74886396

Smol squad of fulmentarus number 1 complete.

>> No.74886398

>he doesnt already own 300 assembled gaunts
Lmao at YOUR life

>> No.74886400

>"center of the board"
>keeps posting this exact same image
Thank god you're so easy to identify

>> No.74886405

Even crusade games are by definition competitive, retard.

Its a game. You win or lose it.

>> No.74886416

Monster girls deserve thick ropes of my cum

>> No.74886417

Did you miss the point that 40k is bad, but disregarding wargames as a general concept is bad.

>> No.74886429

Hips don't lie

>> No.74886443

They look good but I don't like how 40k bases look for epic.

>> No.74886444

Cooming soon to a 40k near you.

>> No.74886445

Holy fuck you're still around, huh? Find something else to do with your life that isn't going into generals and pointlessly shitting on the game its for.

Bizarre behaviour

>> No.74886456

>I’ve always loved Imperial Fists!

>> No.74886459

no: whitemarketminiatures and pricy-n-slowminiatures

but there are also guys giving it for relatively cheap on Ebay if you prefer quality

>> No.74886474

I did miss that part my bad anon

>> No.74886480

Multiple anons have reposted that same image. I know because I'm one of them and not the guy you're responding to. And games I've seen played IRL went that same way. 9e sucks balls.

>> No.74886485

Thank you Anon.

>> No.74886488


>> No.74886490

I just don't see the point of rectangular stands when you don't really want them in a melee formation like that. One round base per squad looks much better IMO.

>> No.74886499

Bruh he's one of the best i've ever seen wtf thanks for the heads up

>> No.74886506

Seems like we all agree that 40k as a game is in a hard decline and will be dead within the next decade.

Atleast you can read some books and maybe, just maybe there will be a proper 40k video game one day. But I wouldn't hold my breath.

Thanks to paypigs, the current political climate and pauldrones.

>> No.74886522

Jesus fucking christ on a pogostick don't use glue, use liquid greenstuff to smooth it out.

>> No.74886527

>Seems like we all agree that 40k as a game is in a hard decline and will be dead within the next decade.
That's not what their sales reports indicate.

>> No.74886538

I emailed some chingers and they don't respond. Don't like dealing with people and their bullshit much anyhow.
Don't like resin. Bought my initial army off kijiji for about 500 bucks cheaper than it's worth. I buy off craigslist/ebay etc and give handies outside my apartment at the dumpsters for models often too. I'm not a poorfag so I don't mind buying of gdubs. Damn I sound like a lady doth protesting too much but that's the truth.

>> No.74886540

>Seems like we all agree that 40k as a game is in a hard decline and will be dead within the next decade.
really shows how dumb you're at reading social cues

>> No.74886550

Blood Angels

>> No.74886551

>the best ig versus tyranids isn't even a 40k game, it's a spacestation simulator for The Aliens franchise

>> No.74886552

>Seems like we all agree that 40k as a game is in a hard decline and will be dead within the next decade.
LMAO people have been saying this since before /tg/ even existed. A single look at GW's stocks will tell you otherwise
>but the game is bad
The game has been bad for decades

>> No.74886553

No, there are alot of parents out there that will try anything to get Timmy off their Ipad for just an hour or two. I don't think their revenue is from any over 25 anymore, my dude.

>> No.74886564

Dead to you maybe.

>> No.74886573

>he reads black library books
>he is a filthy secondary
are you angry for being banned for your sharkposting?

>> No.74886575

You will not be missed.

>> No.74886583

Can space marines even put their own armor, or do they need help to get into their big boy pants?

>> No.74886585

> I don't think their revenue is from any over 25 anymore, my dude.

>> No.74886597

Even Battle Sisters need help putting power armor on, it's just not a practical thing to do solo.

Think of the opening of Pacific Rim, when they strap the pilot suits on the dudes. That, but more complex

>> No.74886605

>game is getting shitty
>read black library instead
anon that's recommending pulling out your fingernails because getting paper cuts got boring.

>> No.74886607

They’re often shown as having chapter serfs/admech help them.

>> No.74886608

>I don't think their revenue is from any over 25 anymore, my dude
you would be surprised by the manchildren and consomers that latched anew to warhammer

>> No.74886611

i have once again come to ask you how to magnetize these guns

>> No.74886614

i only played children at my LGS before 'rona, every adult in there was playing historicals

>> No.74886623

Are there any good totorials out there for doing cheap terrain? I grabbed some carboard boxes from work, and want to do a couple buildings. Im suck of random singular ruin walls and barricades.

>> No.74886626

Shame that second one rarely if ever responds.

>> No.74886627

they need help, but they can probably deal with it by themselves in direr circumstances

>> No.74886650

I want her on top of me.

>> No.74886658

At my LGS there’s 5 of us there who all buy GW.
There’s also 5 ttg regulars.

>> No.74886659

>take cool game photo
>hair on model
Im gonna fucking explode

>> No.74886667

Nice skin on those orks!
How do you paint them, anon?

>> No.74886668

Ah I dunno. Feels like certain factions should be on circles and others squares. Nids for example I think look much better on circles. More regimented stuff like guard belongs on squares.

>> No.74886672


>> No.74886677

Not him but it doesnt matter how much money GW makes off of normies if the franchise becomes a corpse of itself paraded around like weekend at bernies.

>> No.74886683

>my LGS has a lot of children
>therefore all LGS's must be the same

>> No.74886693

So that's a no then

>> No.74886694

I still have it saved fucker

>> No.74886697

>small, weak, appeals only to moefags
>carries a gun, too shy to engage in close contact
>swarmlord-senpia never notices her
>only exists to give marines something to shoot bolters at
>not even brought to fill out troop choices anymore

>big, strong, best-girl
>sexually assaults gunlines to keep them from firing
>swarmy throws her across the board turn-one every time
>marines can only try to overwatch before she hits their lines
>people build entire meme lists around getting her a power sword

>> No.74886702

that poor typhus model

>> No.74886703

Of course not. Have you never seen the multiple art pieces with Marines surrounded by a dozen serfs and tech priests helping them get into their armour?

>> No.74886711

Okey, sorry. Thanks for the reply though. Probably gonna' use that on my kroots.

>> No.74886740

pin em with wire instead

>> No.74886744

I hope all the xenofags quit so us Space Marine players can have an actual balanced game.

>> No.74886745

Not sure if synthwave or trans.

>> No.74886750

young professionals are the vast majority of GW player base. people who discovered it as kids/teens and are back to it now that they have jobs. no one else can afford this hobby

>> No.74886754

Why would I want to make it easier for my opponent to remember what I have- I only have to tell him during setup. It's his fault for having a goldfish memory and he should be punished for it.

>> No.74886766

Yeah, I hope so too.
So people in the future can detect autists by asking if they play Warhammer 40k

>> No.74886774

I think its cotton-candy flavored.

>> No.74886778

>being this petty over a miniature toy war game

>> No.74886779

That's a good thing.
Means the SJWs will lose interest in it.

>> No.74886804

I legitimately cannot tell anymore who is asking legitimately or messing with me, I get asked so often and multiple times its been people messing with me because I complained once before. No worries

>> No.74886830

Why do people call Space Marines OP when they still get tabled every single time by Tau, Eldar and Necrons?

>> No.74886842

They don’t. They are the most populated army in top 4 finishes.

>> No.74886854

Spoiler alert.

Most SJW's actually have autism.

>> No.74886860

I get wiped by Tau every single time by turn 3.

>> No.74886872

it was funny thinking about how I rarely saw eldar stuff, even with their release, paintjobs there but instead a constant blotter of people painting the latest marines

>> No.74886875

So that's the brain on Space Marines. No wonder you think they're not OP.

>> No.74886882

Post your list, your opponent's list and the table you're playing on

>> No.74886894

You first faggot

>> No.74886905

>losing to Tau in 9th
>getting wiped by Tau in 9th, let alone as Space Marines
My god, just wait until you play against ad mech.

>> No.74886907

Space muhreens and tau are both OP, SM are just more OP cause they're getting pampered with new impossibly good rules. Tau can still gun anything down and attempt to ruleslawyer weird ass shots against your dudes before they can even touch them.

>> No.74886915

so with the new DG lord model buffing Daemons Engines are PBC and Blighthaulers are gonna be an auto-include?

>> No.74886918

>the current political climate
still mad someone painted a marine black?

>> No.74886920

Not even maximum consoomer Valrak likes the balance as it is now.

>> No.74886928

>numerous first place finishings by marines that clog the majority of top finishes in tournaments that are being played right now
>the only top tau finish is a 4th place finish with 3/4s forgeworld models
>both of these are OP

>> No.74886949

Whoops, was meant to be a reaction to >>74886860

But if you insist...post incoming

>> No.74886954

Space Marines are the 'beginner' army which means winning should be easy for them.

>> No.74886958

>space marines are OP
inb4 post the others

>> No.74886973

If they are the "beginner army", then they should naturally start to fall off at the highest levels of play. They don't however, because they are just blatantly overloaded and undercosted

>> No.74886977

The game has always been unbalanced. You just avoid assholes or people that play with tournament netlists and it's ok. It's only more noticeable now because of the massive amount of SM releases and because Eldar players are butthurt about not being the best and have to make their voice heard.

>> No.74886981

I am probably too tired to make this look any good, but thought I would do another.

>> No.74886986

Unit name text shoudl be white

>> No.74886988

By 'beginner" i mean i should be able to win even while being a complete retard at strategy.

>> No.74886990

That faggot dislikes it only from the angle that people playing non marine nigger factions won't play against him.

He can't handle having a 2nd army or deliberately tailoring a non metafag army, he even says he WANTS to spam field all the new broken shit and dreads people will simply not play with him with xenos or chaos and he will be left circlejerking with other marine armies crying bitch tears when the playing field is even.

Fucking marinefags.

>> No.74887002


>> No.74887005

Didn't you know that DG and Custards are both marines? /s

>> No.74887018

How the hell are you getting wiped by Tau? I had my list cut by a quarter after the points spike. I am playing with a 3/4s my original army.

>> No.74887020

>Salamanders took first and second at the Flying Monkey Con GT.
>Wizards Asylum GT has Sister and Marine soup in first place (“b-but that’s not pure Marines!” The player stated that he souped in Marines because Eradicators were a straight upgrade to Exorcists.)
>White Scars and Salamanders army got first at Varbergs GT
>Salamanders in first place at the Vanguard Grand series
>another recent top finish with Blood Angels (that ran eradicators)

>> No.74887039

I appreciate it but I would need a whole army full (Death Guard) but I would appreciate the template

>> No.74887053


>> No.74887060

I'll post it in the next few threads when, hope you will see it.

>> No.74887066

how can I improve this pirate air force list? I know deffkopters suck but I don't know what else I can fit that flies for the points I have left

>> No.74887098

I'd hit it.

>> No.74887102


>> No.74887113

I refuse to buy and paint three of the same fucking model.

>> No.74887122

Marines are OP. That's undeniable.
The question that remains is why, with the two main schools being "a combo of a few broken units and chapter bonuses, nerf them and it's fine" and "everything's broken, nerf it all"

>> No.74887132

asterion is great if you pin FUCKING EVERYTHING INCLUDING THE CLOAK FUCKING CLOAK FUCKING SHIT COMING OFF 5 TIMES AFTER PAINTING LET ME SEE YOU FALL OFF AFTER THOSE TWO BRASS RODS AND THAT LAST GALLON OF CYANID ACRYLAT YOU FUCKING SHIT. tyberos is great, but also kinda small - turbo squat is fine for swiping plebs left and right, but the body itself is small (especially when you take fluff into account). space marine heroes and chaos termies are the biggest and therefore baddest. I myself am prolly gonna buy aquilons, cataphractii and gorgons next.

>> No.74887151

I don't want niggers or lesbians in my army so i don't play 40k

>> No.74887154

Table is pic related. We both knew it was a bit sparse on terrain, but since we were both melee lists we felt it was okay.

My list

>Bloody Rose sisters
>Canoness and Missionary
>six 5-girl units of basic Sisters
>three units of Repentia, two units of Arco Flagellants
>some mortifiers, an exorcist, a few support characters, a squad of seraphim
>rhinos to hold assaulty units

His list
>Blood Angels
>5 characters; a smash captain, a banner bearer, a healer guy, and two named characters I didn't know
>Two units of 15 death company
>Two units of sanguinary guard
>three units of scouts

I feel like I'm forgetting some Blood Angel stuff, but it was a full 2k list on both sides

Mission was The Four Pillars. We both went for forward deployments and I got first turn, which let my Repentia tear his Death Company apart pretty effectively. He didn't have enough units to win on objective control, so the final score was 66-32 in my favor

>> No.74887168

So don't paint anyone black or with danger color hair.

>> No.74887169

No way to hide from cover-ignoring missiles and the rapetide is too durable for only taking MAYBE 1 mortal wound a turn for massive buffs. Too hard to not get gunned down.

>> No.74887174

Most efficient way, kit wise, to build up a sector mechanicus board?

>> No.74887175

Meant to reply to >>74886949 >>74886894

I'm not good at this

>> No.74887176

Marines in general are undercosted and overloaded with abilities that they get for free simply by existing. Angels of Death, Doctrines, along with chapter tactics already make them very good on their own compared to what other armies get, but when you also throw in the fact that a ton of their models and units are just flat-out undercosted, they're oppressive. Especially when they are the most popular army in both comp and casual, and are easy to play.

>> No.74887182

You proved my point even more. It’s clear as rain now. GW will keep making broken SM units so you have a chance at winning with no clue to how to calculate points for a list even.

D6 is short for six sided dice btw. Thought I’d help you out abit.

>> No.74887203

If you can use/buy the tau and marines, the Kill Team starter. Combine it with the Command Edition Battlefield Expansion set for some LOS blockers that fit the aesthetic

>> No.74887205

Fuck off back to tumblr you SJW faggot sack of fucking shit.

>> No.74887241

>"a combo of a few broken units and chapter bonuses, nerf them and it's fine"
This is true
>"everything's broken, nerf it all"
This is just the effect of having good army rules, which make almost everything at least good. So retards that relied on the opponent's playing shitty units to win now get stomped and go crying on a Taiwanese wall painting forum

>> No.74887247

You know that they lost the ability to fallback and shoot, right? As well as shield drones getting nerfed quite substantially in cost. FTGG is barely a consolation prize for these nerfs in that you can just bait it out with another unit before sending in more things, since they can only FTGG once and can't overwatch afterwards. Seriously, Tau is not hard at all to defeat. I handily destroy them with my Ad Mech all the time, and they are getting no top placings at all in the incoming tournaments that are being broadcasted. Maybe their status as a casual pubstomper still remains, but they are nowhere nearly as strong as they were an edition prior.

>> No.74887256

>a bit sparse on terrain
There should be at least twice as much, and three times as much obscuring/LoS breaking pieces.
You are aware that objectives can't be placed on/in terrain and they should be set up before bulding the board in matched play?

>> No.74887260

>he doesn't give them all helmets and gender neutral names like taylor or morgan so he can claim the as whatever to win diversity points

>> No.74887261

>appropriate use of language in this situation
>must be from tumblr
deflect harder, doublenigger

>> No.74887268

How viable is an Expert Crafters/Wrath of the Dead eldar list with lots of Wraith units?

>> No.74887271

>You are aware that objectives can't be placed on/in terrain and they should be set up before bulding the board in matched play?
That isn't a rule in 9th.

>> No.74887274

shame the marines are Reivers, utterly fucking useless

>> No.74887283

>30" heavy 4 str5 ap 0 dmg 1 missiles that ignore cover bonuses and line of sight
>meanwhile marinefags have 3 types of whirlwinds to choose from for longer range indirect fire
>60" 4d3 str5 ap-1 dmg1 thunderfire cannons
>waahhh they hurt me because I play like a retarded nigger gw nerf tau NOoWwww

>> No.74887288

>objectives can't be placed on/in terrain
says who?

>> No.74887291

Y'all keep bitching about how broken marines are and how unfair it is that they have so many rules but at the end of the day it all just boils down to the one new unit that turns out to be broken with the new edition

>> No.74887293

You can use them as counts-as Assault Intercessors I guess? But yeah, garbage.

>> No.74887304

ITC-loving morons who haven't actually read the 9th book. It's not anywhere in the game, but they assume it is because ITC did it, I guess?

>> No.74887324

Angels of Death is fine, prior to it's introduction marines were among the worst armies in the game, held up by guilliaman alone. Doctrines are a problem for now because marines were the first one to get them, but we know now that doctrine equivalents will be for every army, just like chapter tactics.
Marines power revolves entirely around a set of absurbly broken units. Their isn't a single winning list in 9th edition for marines that didn't feature captains, Lt's, eradicators, bladeguard, Grav devs, and agressors. infilitrators, intercessors, and contemptors also need nerfs, but aren't as ubiquitous

>> No.74887346

They have enough mechanics that there will be some synergy that brings them back in.

Let's see if I remember how Iron Hands clawed their back to the top after several nerfs. First it was flyer spam, then it was Repulsor Executioner castles, then it was Broviathan unkillable dreadnoughts, and then it was something else. Inevitably, it's not going to be one unit; there's going to be another S-tier synergy that sends a different SM list to the top.

>> No.74887347

>one new unit
>repulsor executioners

>> No.74887362


It actually does specify that you set up objectives according to the mission type, THEN set up the terrain, and that terrain features cannot be set up on top of objective markers. This is in Matched Play rules for the Eternal War mission pack, under "Create the Battlefield" on page 281.

>> No.74887375

Note that this is for matched play/Eternal war and narrative like crusade places objectives after the terrain.

>> No.74887388

>Chapter tactics for every army
>Doctrines for every army
>More and more unit entries that fill an entire page

Geez, GW sure is doing a splendid job avoiding rules bloat and making units their statlines do most of the heavy lifting.

>> No.74887404

>what are aggressors
>what is the manlet grav bomb
>what are bladeguard
>what is the relic skorpius
>what is the chapter master being one of the most insane force multipliers in the game for its cost
>what are impulsors
>what are outriders
>what are especially eradicators
>what is the fact that with all of these units, secondary objectives are harder to score against marines than other armies
Yeah, one unit, huh?

>> No.74887405

>group yelled at me for being a rules lawyer for bringing this up despite having a 30% winrate at best and just accepting whatever rules other people tell me as true, as well as other folks knocking over and manhandling my dice to take away hits
How did your group react?

>> No.74887435

>Let's see if I remember how Iron Hands clawed their back to the top after several nerfs. First it was flyer spam, then it was Repulsor Executioner castles, then it was Broviathan unkillable dreadnoughts, and then it was something else
All I hear is IH have broken rules like they did when their supplement droped. Same as Salamander erradicators are broken now.
Still not a problem with marines in general. With supplements being a thing they are basically not the same army

>> No.74887443

Unironically, find a new group of people to play with if possible. Preferably those that are less of an asshole.

>> No.74887454

Really what I kind of hope they do is to just make each codex be the most powerful and completely counter the previous one. Would get the waac people to buy one of every army making them a boatload of money, get all the armies some time to shine, and get those of us who just want fucking plastic biovores a chance to get them. So like have eldar come out after deathguard and have a bunch of d3 weapon aspect warriors.

>> No.74887456


I've played exactly one game of 9th and I made the same mistake of setting up terrain first and having objectives inside terrain features, so I am afraid I can't help you.

>> No.74887468

Well I stand corrected then, thanks. While that does make sense I doubt it will catch on with most groups outside competitive just cause it seem like more of a hassle and people won't wanna change their ways.

>> No.74887490

It honestly doesn't matter that much, except that you can't sit on top of an objective and always get cover.

>> No.74887509

So make the same fucking mistakes with 40k as gw is making with age of shitmonkey. Where the newest book is the absolute best and the older books get to be a punching bag.

>> No.74887512

40k should go back to its old heavy metal aesthetic. its starting to look too much like a hybrid of marvel and starcraft now

>> No.74887551

I just want the "16th century religious painting" aesthetic to come back instead of the "cheap digital art" look

>> No.74887552

New thred when

>> No.74887562

Is AoS getting codex creep now?

I heard it had less of that. Or at least wasn't so heavy on 1 faction, like 40k and Space Marines.

>> No.74887577

That requires good artists who can demand high prices, instead of Chinks with a tablet they can offshore to.

>> No.74887579

Have you actually ever played AoS? Because while the last book being the strongest is something that happened it's absolutely false as a general rule. And some of the oldest books are still very powerful (see Idoneth).

>> No.74887585

Marvel, the comic company?

>> No.74887606

This was in my art room in school and the teacher didnt know what warhammer was, he just thought the image was so great he got a big wall sized poster of it.

>> No.74887613

I haven't but I'm kinda tired of seeing all power armor dudes, because not only do kids love them, but they're strong enough that the compfags who used to run Eldar/Tau/etc are running them too.

Is AoS have more diversity? The skeleton legion dudes look pretty cool.

>> No.74887616

300 hormagaunts, with AP2, assuming you could even get them all INTO melee and lost none of them to shooting or overwatch or countercharge, would kill roughly 22 heavy intercessors, or around 600 pts.

300 hormagaunts costs 1,800 pts. They are not going to kill shit, no matter how much AP you try in vain to put on them. Modern Tyranids (with like 3 exceptions) do not have the stats, weapons, special rules, stratagems, or design support to actually kill anything. 300 hormagaunts are there to swarm the board and score points as they die in droves.

It's a miserable way to play the game, but hey: it's a thing you can do if you really want to.

>> No.74887621

absolutely based, I used to paint models with my art teacher after class in summer, he was a bit of a lad

>> No.74887645


>> No.74887658

>and maybe, just maybe there will be a proper 40k video game one day

yeah it's called Starcraft broodwar and doom2.

How old are you?

>> No.74887659

AoS has more diversity because Stormcast don't get pushed, but they are having problems with power creep in the form of the bone boys and the new pointy elves

>> No.74887679

>just maybe there will be a proper 40k video game one day

Dawn of War?
Dawn of War 2?
Space Marine?


>> No.74887690

Looks like an average mortifactors patrol to me

>> No.74887693

I have those tyranid hives. I have three of them. gonna be a challenge to paint them

>> No.74887700

Use jewellery chain with 1mm by 1.5mm links.

>> No.74887716

There are a few armies strongest than the others but the meta is very varied and most armies can place well if played competently

Unfortunately the amount of shitposters or people that know nothing about it about it is incredible. See>>74887659, who is parroting things that are false (ossiarchs were very strong but got nerfed into just being somewhat good months ago, and the new Elves are at best a mediocre army).

>> No.74887746

Personally I wouldnt mind waiting a bit longer for the DG codex so that it doesnt get fucked by any potential edition creep. Our current codex is still pretty strong, it can last a while longer

>> No.74887749

You forgot they're reroll 1s to hit and wound.They acktually kill 30 heavy intercessors.
I know gaunts aren't good no matter the buffs right now, but I'm still having fun running ~60 of them with trygons.

>> No.74887757

are you retarded?
i do agree that 40k games have been trash shovleware since DoW1 but the TT is more profitable then it has ever been for GW

>> No.74887775

I mean, I switched from AoS to 40k and that is just not the case with them. New codexes come out strong but not so strong that no one can beat them. I stopped playing around cities of sigmar and while a lot of shit in that book was ridiculous, it wasn't half as ridiculous as the stuff going on with space marines right now.

>> No.74887784

I think there's rules for them in Kill Team if you want to lie to yourself that you'll actually use them

>> No.74887804

They already were or did you not bring anti-armor?

>> No.74887811

mother bearing hips

>> No.74887851

Those would be cool if they didn't have to faq everything all the time

>> No.74887889


>> No.74887890

>The skeleton legion dudes look pretty cool.
They are a strong army but not a top tier one. Unfortunately for them they suffer of a bad reputation because for a lot of time after their release they were a filter army because they have very good stats but are seriously lacking in mobility and similar, which meant that skilled players easily outmanovered them, but against noobs they basically autowon. This has been fixed, but the reputation is still out.

>> No.74887912

Imagine this..
Hahaha.. Sorry.

Imagine.. pfffthh.. Hahaha!

Imagine that Reddit has a subreddit.. Hahah!

Get this..

Called r/WarhammerCOMPETITIVE


>> No.74887924

those models look really cool desu
>tfw your a decent painter but youll never have cool shit like that

>> No.74887926

Oh my god I'm crying are Death Guard names actually this ridiculously retarded

>> No.74887939

why do you go to reddit?

>> No.74887940

>implying it's not the best sub for retarded takes and general salt
y'all are just more fun to shitpost with ;^)

>> No.74887942

I understand you don't like space marines, but there's people that do.
Consoomers will consoome, Marine fans like me will always enjoy marines, they're the face of the franchise.
Some people like the aliens they can coom to, others like to praise the emprah. Nothing you can do.

>> No.74887943


I guess trying to treat 40k as a competitive game is pretty laughable, but it’s a sad old joke by this point.

>> No.74887955

>and the new pointy elves
You should believe shitposts anon. The new pointy elves are terrible.

>> No.74887960

pleb tier opinion

>> No.74887974

Teclis is pretty much impossible to deal with...

>> No.74887978

Go into a GW with tacticool shit all over one wall and Calarts books for children on another. What are you gonna be thinking about when you're playing?

>> No.74888035

New thread:


>> No.74888055

Good thing he's 660 points in an elite army and fragile as hell so if you take him you don't have any kind of board presence to actually win the game or stop your opponent from doing it. He's just a pubstomper unit. In a competitive setting he's basically a Lord Kroak that cost double and he's easier to remove.

>> No.74888102

imagine actually using reddit

>> No.74888114


This i feel like is the number one reason i don't enjoy things as much as before. It used to look rich and somehow special and now with the total switch up to never seeing new art like this to cheap looking digital art, i get dissapointed. The company makes more money than ever but choses not to pay for good artists. I used to look forward to getting the new rulebooks and my army book. Now i don't bother since even the front cover art looks generic garbo. The art was the soul of the universe to me, helped build the fantasy of the universe. I can't believe they skimp on it now, its sad. Their books used to be filled with iconic images. Now you can pick like 1 picture per army book that looks decent but theirs nearly always something off about it.

>> No.74888133

I prefer the older, more industrial, grimier-looking Plague Marines.

Not a big fan of the brighter, more medieval-looking ones.

>> No.74888185

not death guard

>> No.74888213

At least they play the game unlike tg.

>> No.74888222

>a single alien versus a single woman who doesnt even get a gun is somehow tyranids vs guard the game
Are you fucking stupid?

>> No.74888280


This i feel like is the number one reason i don't enjoy things as much as before. It used to look rich and somehow special and now with the total switch up to never seeing new art like this to cheap looking digital art, i get dissapointed. The company makes more money than ever but choses not to pay for good artists. I used to look forward to getting the new rulebooks and my army book. Now i don't bother since even the front cover art looks generic garbo. The art was the soul of the universe to me, helped build the fantasy of the universe. I can't believe they skimp on it now, its sad. Their books used to be filled with iconic images. Now you can pick like 1 picture per army book that looks decent but theirs nearly always something off about it. I can't remmember the last time i saw some picture of an ork that didnt look shit.

The insistence on art of models in the pose you buy them in is one of the main offenders to me.

>> No.74888302

For some reason this image makes me think of the descending piano in Gone Hollywood by Supertramp.

>> No.74888327

based and cringe horseshoe

>> No.74888388

csm-13 retard

>> No.74888545

Use chewing gum

>> No.74888857

Why the fuck did the paypig make another 40kgeneral?
It’s a full blown party of based opinions in here.

Daily reminder:
Don’t play with or against Space Marines.

>> No.74888901


Can you give me your essential novels?

I tried to get into the literature, but it's just bad. Apart from Dan Abnett, the writing is horrible. You know the "show, don't tell" rule? Here it doesn't fucking exists. Any description of something supposedly epic like primarch or some cathedral ends up being "and it was so epic, everyone forgot to breathe". I ignored it at first, but it just gets too tiresome after a while.

I've read (in chronological order):
>Ciaphas Cain novels/short stories up until and including Caves of Ice
>15 hours
>Horus Heresy novels up until Fulgrim. Though, Fulgrim is said to be the best 30k novel, I gave up quarter into it.

So what are your recommendations? I'm not going to run blindly into this shithole that is Black Library again.

>> No.74889020


Gaunts Ghosts series, especially everything up to Traitor General is really stand out imo. Dan is the man.

>> No.74889091

Fuck no

>> No.74889121

It failed cause they made stormweiners shit in game

>> No.74889441

So when can we expect 40k games and battle reports to be fun again?

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