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Welcome to the Old School Renaissance General, the thread dedicated to TSR-era D&D, derived systems, and compatible content.

Broadly, OSR games encourage a tonal fidelity to Dungeons & Dragons as played in the game's first decade -- less emphasis on linear adventures and overarching meta-plots and a greater emphasis on player agency.

If you are new to the OSR, welcome! Ask us whatever you're curious about. We'll be happy to help you get started on this playstyle.

>Troves, Resources, Blogs, etc:

>Need a starter dungeon? Here's a curated collection:

>Being called a FOE (False OSR Enthusiast)?
Report, hide, and ignore. Don't give those people (You)s.

>Previous thread:

>Thread Question:
What is your personal Appendix N? What underrated or less known media do you keep in your inspiration shelf?

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Want to contribute to the thread but don't know where to start? Roll 1d8 (dice+1d8 in the "options" field) on the table below!
Our OC gets archived at osrgcontent.blogspot.com
Tag your post with [OC] to help archive anon find it, please.

>1. Make a spell
>2. Make a monster
>3. Make a dungeon setpiece
>4. Make a wilderness setpiece
>5. Make a magic item
>6. Make a race-as-class
>7. Make a 4-10 room dungeon
>8. Roll 2d8 and combine.

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2hu shit thread

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What is the best system to bring aboard 5e players new to the OSR, particularly over Roll20? BFRPG is great but the Roll20 sheet is not. Any anons willing to share their experience with the B/X, OSE or AD&D sheets?

The "monster of the week" episodes from The X-Files and old black&white horror movies, as there are some interesting ideas for monster encounters, e.g. City of the Dead (1960) as inspiration for a Chaotic cult.

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New dungeon, keyed and ready with PDF, as promised. Happy Shilling Saturday!

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Rolled 1 (1d8)

Rolling for content.


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I’ve run B/X games that I’ve advertised as B/X over Roll20 and gotten a bunch of curious 5e players. They generally accept the game as given to them and we had a lot of fun. If you’re looking to play BFRPG, I don’t see what would stop you.

I don’t use the Roll20 automation for anything, anymore. Dice rolls in chat and a sheet of paper and a pencil are all I need

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OSRIC only clones those parts of AD&D that are necessary to create 3rd party modules that are mechanically compatible. OSRIC leaves out all of the optional content and slims down the rules to focus on what’s necessary for adventuring. IMO, OSRIC works great as an at-the-table reference but you really need 1e core for the full content of the game.

Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyboria is the other 1e clone, this one reflavors the game to the Conan stories.

Advanced Labyrinth Lord isn’t 1e. It takes the 1e classes, races and magic spells and expresses them in a Labyrinth Lord compatible format.

Overall, the best 1e retroclone is AD&D 2e

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Initiative house rule:
>Works like it normally does in pink box or red box
>Group initiative, 1d6 for each side
>Only characters who are parrying (per Holmes) or casting a spell that round have to declare before rolling
>Any other action can be chosen right before you act
>When group inish is simultaneous, switch to individual/segment inish instead
>Group initiative rules are based on AD&D 2nd edition
>Each player rolls 1d10 (one roll for their character and all their henchmen)
>The referee rolls 1d10 for each group of like monsters
>Individual initiative ties are broken by roll-off

I toss this out because I need critics, and I won't get the chance to playtest it for a while. Does anyone see any problems with this idea that might be otherwise difficult to notice from my comfy game-design armchair?

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>*Individual initiative rules are based on AD&D 2e

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What does osric not have that you think it should anon?

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Sounds fine, I prefer a combat sequence but it works. Any reason not to use 1d10 for both rolls?

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What advantage does this have over group initiative where draws are rerolled?

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I kinda gave up on tinkering with initiative. Always end up going back to the classic group d6.

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Rolling 2d6 on the initial roll gives a 1-in-6 chance of a simultaneous initiative situation, which is (in my experience) just frequent enough to disrupt the usual swingy back-and-forth of d6 group initiative and to inject a little unpredictability into the flow of a combat. On a normal round where the whole party wins or loses initiative, they can still organize their tactics and act as a unit. On a simultaneous round, whether it's adjudicated with the combat sequence or simulated by switching to individual initiative, they can't really do that. (I just don't like adjudicating a simultaneous combat sequence. )
If I wanted to eliminate simultaneous initiative altogether, I would roll group initiative on percentile dice. This keeps the same 1-in-6 chance every round that the expected flow of the combat is disrupted by party and monster actions getting jumbled together rather than one side going before the other, throwing a wrench into the players' ability to organize their tactics. I'm just looking for a way to organize the "simultaneous" rounds without having to make fiat rulings, and I think that randomized individual initiative looks like a good way to do that—to "simulate" simultaneous initiative.

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Have I been doing this totally wrong? I roll initiative for each monster/PC first, rank them in order, resolve actions, then check morale etc.

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>I'm just looking for a way to organize the "simultaneous" rounds without having to make fiat rulings
Isn't that the whole point, that actions can be contested and it disrupts the otherwise rigid and organized flow of combat?

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Rate my OSR chargen rules. I plan to put them all on a printout I give to pass around the table at open-table sessions someday.

Roll 3d6 in order (of course) for Str/Dex/Con/Int/Wis/Cha
Figure out modifiers (-3 to +3)
Pick one of the four classes (Fighter/Thief/Cleric/MU)
Roll 1d4 hp for MU hp, 1d6 for thief or cleric, 1d8 for fighter.
Add Constitution modifier. Minimum hit points is 2.
If you're an MU roll 1d6 for starting spell.

1. Magic Missile
2. Sleep
3. Charm Person
4. Light
5. Mage Hand
6. Silent Image

(light can be expended for blinding flash a la gandalf, mage hand can be used to swing a staff or slap people)

Clerics can say a prayer before battle for everyone to get +1 to hit and saves (might change to every party member gets a d4 they can expend a la 5e bardic inspiration even though that's FOE garbage) and can lay on hands for 4 x cleric level hp per week, each "casting" takes 1 minute. It's a west marches game so week of downtime between sessions, and this makes downtime healing a bit more important.

Starting equipment: you get a shortsword (fighter), staff (MU), dagger (thief) or mace (cleric), as well as leather armor if you're a fighter (no armor otherwise to start), a backpack, a bedroll, a waterskin, 1d4+1 days of rations, and 2d4 sp. MU gets spellbook, cleric gets holy symbol. That's it.


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Change stat order to
like it's supposed to be

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>Min 2 HP, MUs are less likely to end up with overly situational shit
I can get behind that
>Cleric prayer
Not fond of this. 1 minute is chump change in the dungeon, even more so during wilderness travel, and if there's no downsides then your party will be going into nearly every encounter with the bonus active. Make it take 10 minutes in the dungeon, and 1 day in the wild (takes longer because it needs to last longer). Though, maybe you can introduce treasure like "+1 prayer incense" that reduces the duration a little or have a chance to make it instantaneous if the gods smile on you.
>Clerics can heal 4*level HP/week, takes a minute
Not terrible. Certainly a good way to make downtime more important. If you're doing this though, you might as well make spells take 1 week to recover, which is effectively "you get them back between adventures" (but less abstract), i.e. the way God & Gygax Intended (tm).
>No starting gold, just equipment
I approve, it's a solid way to cut down on the chargen shopping minigame. "No armor" is brutal though! At least give the poor guys shields. Or wooden bucklers that, idk, break when they take a crit, or something.
Also, if Clerics get a symbol and MUs get a spellbook, Thieves should start with a lockpick too.

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DrawGrog here. I will now draw your OSR related requests in stunning B&W inked line art. I prefer to draw original monster concepts. You can contact me at [email protected] for custom work.

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What are you guys working on today?

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cleaning my house
then maybe a map if I'm not playing heroes 3

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Just touching up some small random dungeons, reading some AD&D books. Started painting some warhammer models too.

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1st, Lurk Moar.
2nd, don't get pulled into e-drama.
3rd, welcome newfag

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Heroes of Might and Magic??? I have to actually not do gaming/d&d shit and do some cleaning, baking and shopping.

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Moving the module I plan on running for my group's first dab into OSR to foundryVTT a little more. So far I got the walls and lighting done, currently creating template tokens for the monsters one by one.

In non-/tg/ related stuff: might play a game of EUIV with two buddies later today and also have some household chores left to do.

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meant for >>74865487

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Fuck I'd love to do some baking but it's way to hot to use the oven. I could go for some cookies or banana bread right now.
And ya, heroes of might and magic. Been playing a lot of stronghold lately trying to figure out a half decent build order

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Which AD&D books? I made an ACKS region/campaign map and it was relatively painless. Just need to write up a basic bullet point list for regions, locations, monsters, etc.

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Bra, I'm playing the BECMI Stronghold game on GOG and it's a lot of fun (definitely not close to the brilliance of HoM&M but still.)

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Writing the third revision to an OSR game that I was working on even before there was an OSR and first published back in '08.

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Finishing these boys

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Working on my latest hipster indie game that will readily use OSR as a tribal marketing term But really just be a rehash of BX coated with thick layer of artsy fartsy horseshit.

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Gotta finish stocking level 2, start on level 3, and at some point get the weedwhacker and finish cleaning up the lawn, whenever it's done charging and it's dropped back below 100 degrees outside.

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Buy a window unit for the kitchen. My folks have had the same one for like 30 years and run it to target the room.

Was trying to upload the Guided Random Encounter Generator tool I'd been working on into GitHub... but my wife decided she's baking now, so I'm chilling with the twins.

A conjoined flesh golem - two halfling-sized, mostly hairless humainoid flesh forms, held together by malice and dark magic - their skin slightly sloughing - who are conjoined by a boney bridge and can sling one another around for moderately inaccurate, but effective, slam attacks.

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Played OSE via Roll20 with 6 friends. The sheet work well enough, some things are not obvious (like where is the initiative button or if str is taken into account for some roll) but we didn't get stuck on any particular issue.
Donjon crawling works nicely with the tool of the software.

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I would but I am too FOE to get used to that. Maybe I will change it later.

Yeah I will change the prayer. I was figured it would be a 1/day thing, one of few such effects. But I hate 1/day things because is it 1 per 24 hours, need to finish a "rest" (I hate "rest" as a discrete unit, like if you rest 7 hours and 59 minutes then you don't get anything). Perhaps 1 use per week.

I forgot that my original rules included a wooden shield for a starting fighter. No armor is brutal but characters will quickly find armor and low-tier starting armor feels more like "cloth and hoods and cloaks" fantasy than pauldron-core garbage that nu fantasy has devolved into. But I am considering adjustments to AC maybe higher base AC or something to make things better. I like combat with a lot of missing, but when there is a hit it's bad. OSR fits this with low hp totals. But the higher AC would be required to make combat a bit more tense without shifting the game balance too much.

A hydra, but its heads are dandelions with four sharp spikes hidden within the fluff.

>> No.74866461

I'm pretty sure hydra drawings have been banned after the infamous arachna hydra

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My wife works hard to keep our home nice, I appreciate her ways. I want to teach our little goblin how to play Zork when she's old enough.

How do you like to stock your rooms? Gotta buy a weedwhacker, thanks for reminding me

But I'm sure you have some original rulings at least?

What floor of the dungeon are those boys at? I need to know so I never visit those floors.


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Wilderness survival guide and reading the DMG before I run something.

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Ogre, but a parasitic goblin has bitten him in the eye and fused, replacing said eye. The goblin limb are starting to atrophiate.

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I love you drawfag, were you living near me I would choose you to carry my brood.

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love that book. I got mine before the pandemic although I would never integrate those subsystems fully into my game but I may roll on them every now and then for more dynamic variance in random encounters.

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For each room I roll a d12, 1-4 is a monster, 5-6 is a trap, 7 is a special, and 8-12 is empty. Monsters have a 3/6 chance of having a hoard, trapped rooms have a 2/6 chance of treasure, and empty rooms a 1/6 chance. Special rooms generally don't have treasure, unless that's part of the setpiece. To determine monsters, I either roll on whatever table strikes my fancy at the moment, or put something appropriate to whatever faction maintains control over that area. For traps and specials, I usually come up with something while writing it or steal from a module. My treasure tables (pic rel) are sort of a mashup of OSE and AD&D, converted to a silver standard, with a few bits (the gems and jewelry most notably) from RC.

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File: 146 KB, 890x662, Screenshot 2020-09-12 140955.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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That's really nice and clean.

I also use a silver standard but I roll on the DMG table. Produces a lot of empty rooms but my players like to navigate and map larger dungeons.

>> No.74867072

To be fair, the chessex d12 I use seems to roll high more often than not, so my dungeons often end up with slightly more than half the rooms empty anyways.

>> No.74867221

Chessex is, per my memory, known for half-assing the baking process. I have a d20 that for the life of it can't roll above a 9. Once rolled four ones consecutively on that die...

>> No.74867355

NAYRT but while that's not "wrong," a lot of people find that group initiative (roll 1d6 for each side, whoever gets higher goes first) is quicker and makes combat more exciting and swingy.

>> No.74867373

Revising my homebrew and prepping for tomorrow's game, where the players are going to hit the Crypt of Luan Phien.

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Finishing my PSIONICS RULES.
If I get them up on my blog today I'll shill them here.

>> No.74867564

This pleases the autist (me)

>> No.74867581

I think your art has really been improving over the past few months. Keep up the excellent work!

>> No.74867604

I want to hear about dat crypt. Not from an objective vantage tho. What could I learn about it from the tavern, hermits, etc living around it?

>> No.74867731

I hadn't considered it in that light: I rolled up a treasure map in the players' loot a few sessions back, and decided this would be it, so I've had it as completely buried and unknown until this map arose.

In terms of what I was thinking I'd be doing as they close in:

Nearby villages: rumours of ancient treasure, young men going off and not coming back (have to have the undead treasure hunters come from somewhere, though I'm going to have a lot of them be very old, from ancient civilizations and such)

Hermits would report a strange rumbling, like earth thunder, coming from the hill the Crypt is entombed in (the constant cycling of the tomb sections produces this)

I was also thinking of a ruined mausoleum nearby, leading to one of the entrances.

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File: 94 KB, 786x400, 7e2f757a-f2dc-4243-8ecf-d786aadb01b2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Candle gollum anon here, I ran it as a 4 hd monster in a ritual room of a mad wizard. Standard d6 attacks with its candle arm swings but on a 6 it splattered wax on the target, causing a 2 in 6 chance of trapping them in place with wax! One round of movement must be used to break free. On death the candle monster exploded in flaming wax, causing a 2 in 6 chance of anyone in range being injured and stuck in place for a round as well as causing the wooden tower to start burning. My players got lucky and none were struck by the monster, but it killed two hirelings and stuck another who burned in the building. They are heading to town but expressed interest in an abandoned beach fort. Think you can draw enchanted sand humanoids? I'm thinking crab claw weapons and large shell shields, but anything you have in mind.

>> No.74867763

So I'm thinking about rounding up some lads to play TSR D&D before I ship out to bootcamp in two months.

How much should I have done besides the first 3 floors in a dungeon, and the local town for a campaign?

>> No.74867870

Overworld encounter map and then you should be good. Maybe a few points of other points of interest besides the dungeon (like monster lairs, magic trees, other settlements) but those aren't really necessary if you're just playing for two months

>> No.74868732

Here's a monster in the dungeon I'm working on.
Goldclaw (semi-intelligent giant scorpion)
6+6 HD
AC as plate
Movement: 1.25x standard
3 Attacks, 1d8/1d8/1d4+poison (save or die in 1 round)
Morale: 6
No. appearing: 1 (unique) +1d4 huge scorpions (4HD)
Special: This somehow-sentient giant scorpion has come into posession of three magic rings: a Ring of Invisibility on it's left claw, a Ring of Telekinesis (up to 4000cn weight) on it's right, and a Ring of Arachnid Control (up to 40 total HD at a time) on it's stinger.
While it is a formidable foe in melee, it prefers to hide behind its entourage of controlled huge scorpions. The first time it is hit, and when it is reduced to half HP or less, it must check morale.

>> No.74868813

Do the magic rings grant their abilities to the scorpion? Because if my players came across a giant invisible telekinetic scorpion in a dungeon they'd probably quit playing

>> No.74869047


NAYRT but I'm putting a Collar of Humanity in my game that sets the intelligence of the wearer to 10 and lets them speak common just for the shenanigans my players will get into.

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File: 1.35 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Map for a S&S setting I’m putting together.

>> No.74869491

Yes; however, it can only really use one at a time. If it uses the ring of telekinesis or attacks, it will break invisibility. It can command other scorpions while invisible though.

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How would I go about making a Bronze Age or Classical style campaign? I heard it isn't too hard but I'm not sure how to go about that.

>> No.74870100

Continuing >>74802372 session report.

The players watched the market sellers setting up and decided to announce to the crowd that the Nobbins family were up to no good. The Elf leapt onto a wagon and started calling people around. He gave an impassioned speech to the crowd and displayed the slave contract between the traders and the noble Bobbins family. The crowd roared.

While the party spoke to the crowd, townspeople noticed the slave traders trying to sneak away down the main market road alleyways toward the town gates. The slavers grabbed a local girl and held a dagger to her throat and said that they would cut it if they weren't allowed to leave.

The halfling tried to hide in the crowd and get closer, but was discovered by one of the slavers. The mage hid in a barrel and approached them. He tried to attack them through the barrel but failed. The Elf successfully intimidated two of the slavers into fleeing but they were caught by the guards at the gate.

The slave leader saw the oncoming heavily armed party and panicked, stabbing the local girl and leaving her for dead before attempting to flee. The crowd beat him and the remaining slaver to death. The Halfling cleric used her healing knowledge to stabilize the dying girl.

The party convened with some guards and a retired Illusionist and decided to attempt to overthrow the corrupt nobles and restore order. The old wizard told them of the previous noble family that were fair minded and generous. He went to his ramshackle cottage and prepared spells with the junior mage of the party.

Notes- I will be using the mimic carpet trap and the meat-eating plants OC posted earlier. The mansion also has a secret passage running around the walls of the top floor leading to a satanic sacrificial chamber. The nobles were keeping the choicest slaves for rituals. There is a maze in the garden with some type of demon or statue. The crowd will likely be dealt with by the mansion's defenses.

>> No.74870108

Armour = leather, cuirass, shields
Weapon = same as normal, no polearms or crossbows, add atlatls
Modifiy coinage to cp, sp, and ep

>> No.74870203

are those 3d prints or bought models, or did you make them? My wife's son has been obsessively scultping minis out of bake clay for the last three days.I will post them later. He's got a neat marbled stone effect going on.

>> No.74870219

wow stealing this for >>74870100 session tonight

>> No.74870370

Thank you!

A good place to be and very cool to hear! Game on, brother!

>> No.74870371

Do you have your players hire men at arms to take with them to dungeons?

>> No.74870629
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In time periods where armor is limited, I've had good experience with shields becoming a 2 in 6 and 1 in 6 chance to avoid all damage from a "hit" in melee and ranged, respectively. Players feel like having a shield makes a bigger effect on combat, which it should. This is if you keep "Leather" and "Curiass" stated as leather and chain.

>> No.74870640

Yes. No party should leave home base without filling up their slots up until they have at least 9 members (1e NPC parties at least always have exactly nine members)
Now, specialist hirelings are a whole different beast
>Bankers who increase the value of coins found
>Naturalists who know the Monster Manual by heart
>Healers who have cure spells ready at all times
>Guides who reduce the rate of random encounters when travelling overland
They only fight for self preservation and to escape, naturally.

>> No.74870736

I've been asked to post Simulacrum updates when I have some, so I guess this will be my Shilling Saturday content. I've been running a weekly campaign using it with 6-7 players: 14 weeks in, and as always nothing beats playtesting for actually ironing out rules and wording issues.

GM's Manual:

>> No.74870740

Rolled 6 (1d8)


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File: 1.53 MB, 869x1301, 1590795594759.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My campaign is post-mythic, early classical greece inspired. Get familiar with ship rules: a lot of travel should be on the sea. Read up on classical era tech, and adjust the armor (I use fur, fabric, scale, chain, segmentata, breastplate). Shields were huge, and I don't bother with any two-handed weapons beyond bows. I have a personal shield for +1 AC, and a formation shield (scutum) that provides +1 AC for each adjacent scutum wielder, for a max of +2.

So many monsters are just straight up from greek mythology already; I'd add some giant animals, and lots of feral giants roaming around.

Someone linked a good blogpost outlining a famous greek/classical era campaign not too long ago.

>> No.74871193

I remember I asked this a while ago but forgot to note down the answers I got (I'm dumb I guess). So I'll be repeating my question: one of my player made a deal with a demon for extra power. One of the conditions (rolled at random) was to safeguard and keep at all time in his bag a big egg of unknown origin. Now I didn't know at the time what to make of it, and I'd like to do something with it. I'm hesitating between having something pop out of it or a magical effect. What would you do with that egg? I don't want a "lol you all die" effect, even though it can be evil (it's probably evil... it was a demon contract after all).

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>see attached

>> No.74871278

Thank you Simlacrum-senpai.

>> No.74871363

quick rundown?

>> No.74871393

In terms of changes, or in terms of what it is in the first place?

>> No.74871480

This looks great nice layout and graphics

>> No.74871497

in terms of what it is, is it a whole system?

>> No.74871540

>modifiers (-3 to +3)
>1. Magic Missile

>> No.74871564

I just make most of my monsters able to speak common. It gives them a Jack Vance sort of vibe where they can taunt, beg, threaten, bargain, etc. Also a good excuse to pull out the funny voices.

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Here's little man's handmade clay minis. There's a Mimic chair, a shadow, some adventurers, props, gelatinous cube, stirge, guy in the middle is the old wizard.

>> No.74871607

Not a fan of class bloat but I don't believe in overruling dice once you've decided to roll so here goes:

[OC] Frogman
HD: As Fighter
THAC0: As Fighter
Saves: As Thief
Experience: As Fighter
Movement: As Dwarf
Alignment: Almost always chaotic
Level Cap (if used): 8th level
Frogmen are trained in the use of one handed melee weapons and most spears, including bidents and tridents as well as javelins and throwing spears but not pikes or shields.
Frogmen shun heavy metal armor but make extensive use of armor made from animal hides specially treated to be water resistant. They can wear leather armor without penalty and can make special hide armor from the skin of great aquatic and amphibious creatures like crocodiles, hippopotamuses, whales and more exotic creatures that protects them as chainmail without hampering their ability to swim.
Frogmen are naturally amphibious, able to hold their breath for extended periods of time, endure high pressure and swim as easily as they walk and run. They are not hampered by water that is not flowing exceptionally quickly or magically animated.
Frogmen are great leapers, either from solid ground or water. When unencumbered, they can leap five times as far and high as humans.
Frogmen who advance to fifth level and beyond are acknowledged by their slumbering god and granted spells as a cleric three levels lowers than their frogman level. They are restricted to spells related to water, disease, animals, regrowth, nature and anything else the referee deems appropriate.

Known by many names, kuo toa, sahuagin, deep ones, swamp creatures and others for there are many varieties of frog men. Ever pragmatic, there is little that a frog man will not consider if it might help him survive, so it is rare but not unheard of for individual frogmen to make temporary or even long term alliances with adventurers of the soft skinned races, although such allies of convenience are seldom trusted.

>> No.74871627

forgot to mention his older brother made the one in the white robe in a different style.

>> No.74871671

The player is smuggling something foul; probably the soul of a previous petitioner reincarnated into the body of an unborn giant flightless bird for safe keeping. At some point it's either going to hatch and he'll have to continue taking care of it's increasingly inconvenient baby bird demands or his travels will take him to wherever the soul is being smuggled to as the demon foresaw and he'll be instructed to do something dangerous to deliver it.

>> No.74871959

Imo, the classes are great for henchmen, not as player options. If my players got a 12+ on a reaction roll with some deep ones, I'd grab this oc if they tried to hire one of them.

>> No.74872005

In response to running a Hungarian d20 society adventure.
I quickly ran City of Vultures (Echoes 6 and 7) in conjunction with the Nocturnal Table aid. The writing style and format requires you to have preread and shorthanded the area descriptions for quick reference during play (which should be expected) otherwise you will be stumbling over text and omitting important details. Having said that, the writing and world building is immersive.
My table never got to the underground areas but spent a week wandering the surface, which was abundant in encounters thanks to the Nocturnal Table. The general sense was that the city was grimy, malevolent and cramped. The players were very nervous about staying too long and left the City of Vultures once their business there was concluded.
This is a great adventure to have up your sleeve for when you need to create an urban sprawl that is exotic and dangerous. Expect to have to deconstruct the adventure into your own notes for ease of reference, some locations are yet to be released in future Echoes zines (currently incomplete/open to your own additions). I recommend it!

>> No.74872007

I altered thieves quite a bit, they mostly are for moving silently, pickpocketing, and backstabbing now.

>> No.74872012

Yeah, complete in two books basically.

I found that OSR games tended to go for artsy and useless (itchio stuff), simplify to the point that a lot of the game is gone (the various Hacks), restate what's out there (OSRIC, OSE), or go for setting/theme (AS&SH). They also tend to binary in terms of complexity: add more, or strip away.

I wanted a setting-neutral game that simplified where I thought it could stand it while adding a bit more in areas that seemed essential. I also wanted more class flexibility without adding piles of them, and the ability to run old-school crawls with 4-5 players instead of the classically assumed 6-9.

So, simplicity-wise, just two classes, but decent modularity to make your Grey Mousers and Conans and Elrics, and to have all casters feel different. 3 weapon and 3 armour types. Only 6 spell levels like OD&D, and the spell descriptions super stripped down so that all spells of a level fit on two pages. But better climbing and falling and jumping and digging and light and hunting and pursuit and encumbrance and all that core stuff that people tend to pass over because it isn't sexy but really is the heart of an old-school game. Native hexcrawl rules that don't make wilderness exploration a drag. Skills that work in a more old-school, wing-it fashion. Modular magic item creation for more treasure variety. A decent amount of advice mixed in, since I find that almost all games shunt that off to the Primers. And a clean layout with lots of cross-referencing and tight wording and an index and such.

That's the goal, anyways. It's been working nice at the table so far, and I've had proofs made to check the physical layout. I've been posting it here off and on for a couple of years and had lots of good feedback.

>> No.74872427

Sounds pretty awesome to me. I will run a one-shot with it during the week and post in here. Sounds perfect for my small group.

I was flicking through Lamentations rules at the book store and it looked pretty good, but the art was off-putting. I can't have a book like that on the dining table. Basically porn.

>> No.74872451
File: 34 KB, 620x405, 1597161184720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I do the opposite! My players can learn to speak Avian, Canine, Feline, Equestrian, Herptile, Draconian, and Gobloid to speak with monsters of an appropriate physique.

>> No.74872642

>I will run a one-shot with it during the week and post in here.

That would be awesome. I've had one other friend run it with a separate group, and you can't beat playtesting like that where you're not there, because they can't make assumptions like the writer can.

I've attached a character sheet I've mocked up. I stole a graphic from Barrowmaze for it (since it was just for my own use), which is why it's not in the player book, but it should make things easier.

Looking forward to hearing the results.

>> No.74872663
File: 25 KB, 393x507, Magma Zombie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Magma Zombie
Born from a joint project between a fire mage and a necromancer these undead are same as a normal zombie except immune to all fire and heat damage, takes double damage to cold attacks, and hits from it do d8 fire damage. They also are hurt by water taking d6 damage from touching it and give a lot of heat and a red glow.

>> No.74872746
File: 90 KB, 700x874, pathetic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not that anon, and nothing to do with his point that it needs MOAR overall, but I always hated how OSRIC did fighter weapon specialization. OSRIC says you can only choose it at 1st level, and if you don't you're forever excluded.
That's exactly backwards though. If you limit it in any direction it should be limited to choosing on leveling, so you get more of a power up right as mages are getting their better spells.
Easiest thing in the world to change if you're the DM, but I gather some mongoloids actually follow the rules as written on that. It'd be better if they'd done it right in the first place.

>> No.74872972

I can't believe I didn't think of this. I'll keep it in mind.

I like the idea of a reincarted thing. Maybe the thing itself, that was his end of a bargain. That being said, it would be too easy for the players to just kill the bird and be done with it. I'll have to think of something if I go that way.

>> No.74873140

>kill the bird and be done with it
Your players can already ditch the egg and be done with it if they want. I can't think of any time double crossing a demon ended poorly for a mortal so they'll probably be fine.

>> No.74873152

Thanks anons. I have decided to go for OSE, as my players will like the automated sheet. Since it also has the option for descending Armor Class, I can run some classic TSR modules without conversion. Also hoping the differences between OSE/BX and 5e will be enough to shock them into realizing it is a different game. Running an "official" TSR module should ease them into things, so they do not feel that I am being unfair.

>> No.74873348

How would one go about making OSR more High Fantasy?

>> No.74873427

Depends on what you mean by high fantasy, could you be more specific?

>> No.74873432

Start players at higher levels, letting fighters choose their magic items (particularly encourage them to choose magic swords with a few powers) and MU choose their starting spells.

>> No.74873575

>making OSR more High Fantasy
Be more generous with gonzo magic items and spells. High fantasy tends to lean more heavily into feelings and fairytail/dream logic which isn't concrete enough to be analyzed strategically which is the main point of OSR so you can't go too far with it. You might be better off finding which aspects of OSR you like and importing them into your high fantasy game of choice.

>> No.74873906

Is this from Berserk? I never read the manga I just feel like this seems like the kind of thing that would be from Berserk

>> No.74874192

sweet sheet, thanks. I'm in here lurking or posting every day. We will probably play it on Monday night.

>> No.74874446

Have you completed the Simulcrum Players Guide, and can I get a link if you have?

>> No.74874548

Both books are at >>74870736.

The Players book is the one attached; the GM's book is the one linked. Both are compressed copies for 4chan posting, so there's some art artifacts, but they're up to date otherwise.

>> No.74874565

I'm a dumbass, never noticed the image was a PDF. Thanks!

>> No.74874601

Btw do you have this on any of the printing websites, I like hard copies.

>> No.74874698

I wanted to firm it up first before having people buy it; don't want anyone paying good cash for stuff that hasn't been played enough yet. I'll probably put it up in six months or so, once this campaign gets into higher level material, so I can make sure it also works past intro-level stuff.

Lulu, who used to do my proofs, has gone and changed everything about how they make books, so I don't even know if I can still get them the way I like (they seem to have axed saddle stitching, which I like so your books lay flat at the table). But that's something for me to worry about later.

>> No.74874857

i will use pdf2book on linux to make little booklets then for now.

>> No.74874865


>> No.74875385

There’s a BECMI Stronghold game?

I thought he meant the first game in the Stronghold series, like Stronghold
: Crusader

>> No.74875439

Was gygax a stingy player with how much treasure he gave, or are modern OSR players perhaps too lenient with how much treasure is given these days?

>> No.74875520

A matter of taste, really: it's entirely subjective. Remember also that he was playing all the time in the early days, so if he went with a faster, more typical rate, then his players would be shooting up the levels, because those guys just gamed and gamed and gamed.

>> No.74875655

I've got to put together a player map drawn like a 5th century Etruscan for my players next week. That looks well done man.

>> No.74875685

This. A correct amount of treasure is being handed out if the average rate of advancement is in line with the referee's intentions. (Modulo stuff like player competence; if they keep sticking their feet in the bear trap over and over again it hardly condemns the treasure distribution when they don't advance.)

>> No.74875847


Level 1-36

>> No.74876444

Very cool, content anons are best anons.

>> No.74876456

You have a website dedicated to it where we can keep up with it or just updates here?

>> No.74876523

I'm curious, what is /osrg/ been playing/running lately? I've been wanting to run a game of White Box, but mostly have been just playing games of OSE. Got to try out The Black Hack, wasn't exactly impressed.

>> No.74876528

I've still got the answers I wrote down! I'm sure you could find other anons' on 4plebs.

>Fairy tale weakness: The egg is actually linked to something important, like the character's soul or the king's castle, and if it is ever destroyed or stolen, the same fate will befall the real thing
>4D chess keikaku: The demon works on time scales above a mere human's. The egg isn't a threat in the short run, it just needs to spend 666 years alongside a hero before it can hatch into some world-ending thing, and the PC provided it with a fraction of what it needs.
>Seed of paranoia: The egg has no property other than its very existence causes terrible and contradictory prophecies to spring up (breaking it and letting it hatch will both end the world apparently). As the local powers secretly grow to fear it, the PC winds up at the center of a vortex of paranoia, grudges, hatred, and violence. The ensuing LotR-style race to destroy/hatch the egg is just a massive ploy to keep humanity's armies, rulers, and heroes distracted while the seeds of fear and discord sprout.
>Hitchcock's The Birds: Every oviparous creature in a ten mile radius around the egg begins laying deformed, sickly eggs, which themselves carry the same curse. And that PC's been traveling across the entire region, right? The horrible, screeching birds and mutant dragonlings have finally arrived to maturity and begin gathering into a swarm, and they all have supernatural strength, too...

>it would be too easy for the players to just kill the bird
What if it's got the soul of a really evil person? Like, some horrible and powerful sorcerer-king from the ancient past. The demon kept his soul trapped in a bird, to fulfill some weird demon plan, but if the players break the egg or kill the bird, the sorcerer's soul escapes and can reincarnate... (And if that happens, well that's just an alternate step of the demon's plan, of course. Now the guilt and responsibility is on a mortal. That's useful.)

>> No.74876607

Yeah, https://osrsimulacrum.blogspot.com

It's stuff for my game, intermixed with general OSR theory and game design stuff (like some articles on layout, etc). I didn't just want to talk about my game because it would be too niche, so I try to add general interest material as well.

>> No.74876694

anyone got that tool that uses the google maps api to create 6 mi hex grids ?

>> No.74877499

>all those latin words

>> No.74877598

Maybe his setting is really mythical classic Greece as retold by the Romans?

>> No.74877716


Rome went imperial way sooner, because the emperor is a dragon. Alexander rode wyverns into India under the Roman Banner.

>> No.74877735

Wait, you've only just started actually playing?

>> No.74878150

Alexander was under the romans..
The state of romanboos is hurting me

>> No.74878229

Thank you! I haven't done a puzzle in a while, so I figured it was time. They can be tricky - I once played in a game where the ref had a field of minesweeper (literally the 90s comes-with-the-OS minesweeper) which went over... ok, I guess - I've seen some good ones here, truthfully, that I would steal in a heartbeat.

>> No.74878444

Yep. Its the Behelit

>> No.74878597

A roughly man-shaped dirt-elemental with a mushroomy head and little shrooms growing out of his shoulders

>> No.74878835

They are ask to do various task to "awaken" the egg: plunge it in the blood of 3 cows slaughtered a moonless night, force a hag to sit on it for 24h while chanting the 12 psalm of the dark dawn, throw a orgy or another church reproved activity with the egg in the center...
Once awaken, the demon simply ask of the PC to put it under the bed of the prince of the kingdom.

>> No.74878838

Nice clean lines. Good job

>> No.74878985

Hiborian and Bronze age like campaigns are my prefered.
Add tribal themes and lots of abhumans...

>> No.74879180 [DELETED] 

hi there osrg, im killing myself.

there's nothing left. nothing. i have wasted my life, my body is falling apart, there is nothing but death around me and my girlfriend died from covid.

there's literally nothing left to live for.

you guys have been friends of mine for years, loved hanging out in the discord, shitposting with pastaman, trolling the trannies, making namefaggots cry, etc. I'm responsible for like, 90% of gregposting and i have a tattoo on my shoulder that outright states I drove cavegirl away.

now if you'll excuse me, I have some cyanide to swallow.

>> No.74879204 [DELETED] 
File: 11 KB, 205x200, 1462775115996.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74879216


do a flip

>> No.74879226


>ruins the thread for years
>hangs out with the biggest faggots in the thread
>leaves a whiny suicide note
>doesn't even pay the content tax

Good Riddance.

>> No.74879240

>running Stonehell
>player literally screams "I ROLL TO RAPE IT!" at every encounter
>kick him out of the group for being a shithead
>entire play group quits my game, because I "have no sense of humor"

Am I the bad guy here? We literally played in public and he was screaming this shit.

>> No.74879251


your fake story isn't interesting all you're doing is informing the thread that the americans are waking up

>> No.74879264


I'm canadian you retard

>> No.74879307

He will just fall over.

>> No.74879328

>have a tattoo
Post a pic.

>> No.74879347


my mistake, you're an american in denial, clap clap

>> No.74879358 [DELETED] 


>have their own flag
>have their own language
>have their own cuisine
>have their own borders
>have their own cultural identity
>almost entirely white
>not racist
>cops aren't animals

Fuck off loser. We're a seperate and proud nation.

>> No.74879585
File: 634 KB, 540x710, Old-SchoolEssentialsRulesTome2ndPrinting02_60e5dc0c-dd56-4f88-800f-c0bf53603676_540x.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sell me on Old School Essentials. Is it any good for a baby first RPG? Is pic related really enough to play a full game?

>> No.74879639

>sell me on a fotm retroclone when the originals and other free retroclones exist
Why would I do that Anon?

>> No.74879822

>almost entirely white
>not racist
Not racist except for you, I guess.

>> No.74879953
File: 82 KB, 720x479, aint gotta explain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>why would I buy a well presented and well formatted book that costs less than getting a free retroclone on POD

A true mystery. Its better formatted than the original and only orcs or other chaotic beings would play with PDF's on a laptop.

>> No.74880243


>> No.74880249

>he is even worse than an American, he is -- may Allah forgive me for uttering this word -- a leaf

>> No.74880413

I am going to run B/X (using OSE) for a group of total normies. I've chosen Keep on the Borderlands as our first adventure. As it is a sandbox adventure I want to flesh it out with a story/purpose and some interesting NPC's.
Anyone here ever ran Keep on the Borderlands? How did you customize your campaign? Looking for inspiration.

>> No.74880964

Have you tried waiting for the thread to autosage?

>> No.74881011

>> No.74881022


>> No.74881056

>not integrating a gaming table with VTT built-in and every player has a tablet

>> No.74881064

Best in life is printing off b/x with extra space in the margins, making notes and accreting a frankengame of houserules and other pages jammed in a nice 3 ring binder you can use as a gm screen as needed.

>> No.74881080

Whatever your plan is double the dose. Measure twice, cut once, amirite?

>> No.74881089
File: 917 KB, 1614x3287, boar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.74881093

Bestest in life is not needing to because you know all the rules.

>> No.74881098
File: 1.23 MB, 1235x2892, dm_advice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74881111

>Der Ewige Ahornblatt

>> No.74881114


>> No.74881128

>what happens when you hand out participation trophies to everyone

>> No.74881131


>> No.74881147

Odnd printouts

Monster stuff

Online Monsters (no stats)

>> No.74881165
File: 341 KB, 591x805, Mapboard_Movement_Chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74881246

Was OSE PDF ever been leaked? I can't find it on any trove.

>> No.74881350
File: 562 KB, 1554x1182, non_transative.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74881416

Look around in the pdf share thread on tg. You'l find a secret trove with the ose pdf there.

>> No.74881424


>> No.74881441
File: 73 KB, 825x375, Other_Hand.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74881527


>> No.74881539
File: 63 KB, 873x903, player_aid_card.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74881574


>> No.74881648

There is wisdom in what you say but I got a tax rebate and OSE is just a nice, well laid out book.

>> No.74881766

Why is your body falling apart? Sorry to hear about your girlfriend.

Even though you are a bully, I feel like it's wrong to ignore your desire for suicide. You should call the national suicide prevention hotline.

>> No.74881782


>> No.74881802 [SPOILER] 
File: 215 KB, 677x503, 1600011084045.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll put it behind a spoiler image this time. People hate it because it's a horrifying monstrosity

>> No.74881828
File: 91 KB, 430x409, DM Whiskey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would venture to say it's "CREEPY", and leave it at that... :-)

>> No.74881876


>> No.74881891
File: 50 KB, 1179x969, Where_it_happens.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74881949

Neat! One of my original "Where They Find You" tables.

>> No.74882052
File: 518 KB, 1167x1654, wierd_magic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I saved a million things form these threads, figured I'd dump a few

>> No.74882100

I'm loving it and saving nearly all of them, do you have the conan one?

>> No.74882103


>> No.74882108

The feck am I looking at here?

>> No.74882126

Anyone has trieda Summoner/spiritist/shamanist character?

>> No.74882127
File: 985 KB, 4032x3024, kqpj13atr7t21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's not a bad idea, actually.

>> No.74882158

Don't think so

>> No.74882170
File: 32 KB, 862x366, Conan_aging.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually I have his stats but not the rest of the article

>> No.74882193


>> No.74882199
File: 740 KB, 2048x2048, EcRRTcVWsAo5XDU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Blueholme, OSE, or S&W?

>> No.74882217


>> No.74882235
File: 122 KB, 568x433, 1520341810593.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah I've checked all files, archives and troves - found nothing.

>> No.74882268

>> No.74882286

bytee's. see the share thread; his posts are usually at the top.

>> No.74882342


>> No.74882352


>> No.74882408


>> No.74882432


>> No.74882472

damn these are cool. Little man wants to sell his, but he needs more practice

>> No.74882513


>> No.74882524

Just hang in there, I know it takes a long time to get the OSE books from Kickstarter, but March will be here before you know it.

>> No.74882535


>> No.74882575

book2pdf on loonix makes perfect half-letter-page-sized booklets automatically. You need a printer that can do double-sided printing though. Don't even need to cut them, just staple and fold.

I like booklets because they are easy to pass around the table.

>> No.74882595

got the name wrong, its called pdfbook2

>> No.74882832
File: 71 KB, 1080x1080, Polymer Clay Shambling Mound.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lucky for him, clay is relatively cheap and easy to learn with.

>> No.74883121

Have you considered suicidal political violence instead?

>> No.74883142

No, I've been running one-shots and mini-games for about a year and a half. But this is the first long-term campaign with it.

>> No.74883773

I usually have shields be +3 to ac, and helmets are only +1

you can do other things with your hand.

>> No.74883841

>running LotFP
>player literally screams "I ROLL TO SEDUCE IT!" at every encounter
>kick him out of the group for being a dum-dum head
>entire play group quits my game, because I "can't take a joke"

Am I in the wrong here? We frequently played in public and he was screaming this every time.

>> No.74883871

What's a good name for an OD&D campaign on Roll20 using the Assumed OD&D Setting of Outdoor Survival?

>> No.74883936

No, you absolutely did nothing wrong.

There's a fine line between having good humored fun and just being obnoxious and retarded.

>> No.74883946

Who knows? Maybe it literally happened the way you said, maybe you're leaving out other incidents and valuable context: we weren't there. But as you wrote it, yeah, I'd have axed that guy too: fuck lol randumb players, especially obnoxiously loud ones.

>> No.74884077
File: 49 KB, 1227x301, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I ran Keep on the Borderlands for total normies. It wasn't a good choice and I hold that the module sucks as a modern "intro module" despite its many other qualities.
That being said, I did give it a bit of depth by coming up with vague lore and actual descriptions for the basic-ass +1 weapons in the module, maybe you'll get some use out of these?

>> No.74884089

What would you say is the module's weaknesses?

>> No.74884092

What's the best Nu-SR game?

>> No.74884153

Mörk Borg
Eleczric Bastionland
That's about it.

>> No.74884216

For modern players? It's too open ended. Players have no reason to investigate the Caves other than that's what the game is about.
Modern players are entitled bastards and treat the DM as a writer-slave who is only given a seat at the table for the privilege of making them care about the game.

The idea that "It's a game, so I'm going to do what I need to play the game" is anathema to them. They seriously treat ttrpgs like an interactive novel. Their character is their character, and it's the total responsibility of the "plot" to provide a reason for their character to act.

>> No.74884344

thats some high-level modeling

>> No.74884372

we haven't played yet, but the kids love the artwork and seem to be picking up the Player's Guide pretty quickly.

>> No.74884444

Trying to steal your dice, level 2 thief.

>> No.74884462

Rolled 61 (1d100)

forgot roll

>> No.74884516

Not a fan of the *-Hack games, Troika, or any of Questing Beasts (Maze Rats, Knave, etc).

Also Whitehack

>> No.74884740

I've shared my thoughts on the matter a few times. tl;dr
>B2 has almost exactly the amount of treasure recommended by B/X IIRC, or maybe twice that, but has four times the amount of monsters (and this is assuming ~8 PCs or so. Modern groups with ~4 PCs will have it even harder.)
>Like 90% of that treasure is concentrated in two (2) rooms. If you pick the wrong cave complex to explore, or don't find the treasure rooms (one of which is fairly harshly hidden) you'll leave with a piddly 100 to 2000 gp assuming you grab literally all the loot.
>Near-zero traps or special rooms
>No verticality (despite the wonderful map layout)
>NPCs and factions are B2's best hope at being really interesting and will give your players a decent chance against the difficult odds, but the module provides zero support for it, you need to do it all yourself
>The dungeon ecology just kinda sucks honestly. It's a damn monster hotel and every tribe is seconds away from each other.
>"I'm a dwarf in a cave fighting orcs, wow!" can be exciting if you're vaguely into Tolkien and know why dwarves and orcs are cool. Normies who don't have that pre-existing nerd baggage will be harder to captivate. It's worse with "normie geeks" who've played a whole bunch of vidya and have seen enough dwarves and orcs to last a lifetime, you'll need to work to get them interested.
Among other things.

>> No.74884904

>I hold that the module sucks as a modern "intro module" despite its many other qualities.
I do think the best of the newer OSR modules are objectively better than even the classics of early D&D. We've got their example to learn from and build on.
The classics had the advantages of being everybody's first time, and of being a lingua franca that most people had played and could compare. (The latter can't be duplicated now that more stuff is published every day.) But that doesn't always translate into objective quality.
Tomb of the Serpent Kings, Tower of the Stargazer, and Tomb of the Iron God all surpass Keep on the Borderlands as intro adventures.
The thing I like most about Keep is the stats and treasure for the Keep itself. Just in case the players try to heist it, or take it over, or just go full murderhobo on it. But that's also the element players are least likely to interact with.
Not that anon, but one weakness is its minimally keyed and is pretty dry if the DM doesn't bring it to life in play. That was the default back in the day, and it has the advantage of being easy to read and reference in play at the table, but it counts on the DM bringing his own skill and life into it.
Newer DMs sometimes run only what they see on the page, and end up with an experience probably not what the author intended.

>> No.74884905

Pretty much my issues, yeah. Fairly boring dungeon with a lot of monsters in close quarters. I understand treasure being in their lairs tho, but there's pretty practically no other treasure. Really too many damn monsters.

However there ARE a lot of factions so there's potential for bartering among other things to be made or negotiating with the monsters in question so in that aspect it's not too bad.

>> No.74884946

Set up The Hole in the Oak on Roll20. Gonna be my first time DMing, wish me luck!

>> No.74884947


>> No.74885070

Its on the trove under OSR(ic) for some reason

>> No.74885194

Is Dark Sun a good campaign setting for OD&D? Sounds wild.

>> No.74885383
File: 53 KB, 412x393, 1522601124996.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a little bit confused. Why there is no difference between race and class in OSE Classic Fantasy? What's the purple of the lack of such distinction? I mean, even the 1st edition of DnD was using three main classes and four races.

>> No.74885528

Race is and should be a major part of the characters identity, not just a costume for meaningless customization of a character in a dungeon crawling game that's not about who your character is.

>> No.74885559

i just had a sudden clarity moment realising that the great age of pirates fits the osr loop perfectly. you re a bunch of scoundrels in far off places of great wealth but far from authority, weird lands that are so very different from the old continent that could be filled with literally anything and a constant drive for more wealth accompanied by trips to the nearest port to waste it all on wenches and mead (carousing rules and all that) and off you go again to another adventure. Am i retarded for just realising this and it was too obvious for the start? What do you guys thing about it? Does it have potential for a world dressing? What does it lack?

>> No.74885606

That's how it was in B/X. The Advanced Fantasy Genre Rules has rules for race-and-class.

>> No.74885662

Exactly - thank you for proving my point. By not splitting race and class both concepts feel underrepresented and minor. Having to choose between race and class will always make the other group ignored.

>> No.74885679

For ACKS, do I divide gold for xp up by party member or give them EACH the combined value of the treasure they brought back?

>> No.74885743

>By not splitting race and class both concepts feel underrepresented and minor.
That's the exact opposite case.
You're delusional.
Race-as-class objectively means being a demihuman is the defining characteristic of the character.

Race-and-class only serves to dilute the importance of character race and, in modern editions, relegates it to an unimportant costume.

>> No.74885794

>Why is race-as-class a thing?
An age-old question, but my answer is that 'pigeonholing' dwarves and elves into a single archetype 1) balances their powerful racial traits (infravision, etc), 2) keeps their concept from getting too diluted.

"Feel underrepresented"? "Make the other group ignored"? This doesn't "prove your point" anon, this is word salad.

>> No.74885865

I don't know about ACKS specifically, but in OSR you have to save up gold for a stronghold by a certain level. By not dividing exp, they'll level up much faster but won't have enough for a stronghold by name level most likely. If you divide exp they'll level up slower, but by the time they reach name level they can naturally transition to the next phase of the game with their funds.

If you never have plans to build strongholds or you don't care then I don't see anything wrong personally with not dividing.

>> No.74885917

Party: 4 PCs
Party finds 2400 gp.
600 gp and 600xp per person.

Party: 4 PCs and 4 Retainers
Party finds 2400 gp
PCs get 400xp, Retainers get 200xp.

>> No.74885954
File: 1.05 MB, 564x911, quads.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nice quads.

>> No.74886170

good riddance

>> No.74886325

It's a weird question to ask, OSE is a clone of B/X and B/X was that way

>> No.74886471

>knave simplified
isn't this jsut the full game

>> No.74886487


>> No.74886525

Because Holmes thought having them separate was too complex for Basic and everything else inherited them from there.

>> No.74886722

It's really a setting question that manifests in the game mechanic. Are elves and dwarves different to humans physically but pretty close mentally? Then they should be races on top of classes since the range of thought within humanity will be greater than the difference between the median human and the median elf and there will be many instances of individual humans that are more elf like than individual elves.
If, on the other hand, your fantastic races are more alien such that even if just talking to them without seeing them no one could mistake them, they shouldn't have the same classes as humans. Imagine the sort of mind that causes an elf to spend eighty years straight dancing and reciting a single poem to a tree as it grows from sapling to maturity and finally falls. It's no the same sort of mind that drives a man to worship the gods or take to a life of crime.
In short, elves and dwarves don't take on human classes because they aren't human; they don't think like humans and they don't solve problems like humans.
Now, that's not to say that all elves and dwarves are the same as each other. Personally I'm a fan of ACKS's solution of giving each race multiple classes but I can see why others might not like the increased complexity that comes with it.
In short, making races their own classes makes them more distinct from each other which drives home the fantastic nature of the setting without necessarily making the members of any race more similar to each other than different fighters or wizards.

>> No.74886743

>MFW i only got the pdf versions of the books.
Time to raid some villages I guess...

Downloaded the pdf a couple weeks back, downloaded some modules (the Hole in the Oak, "Mine, Claws & Princess", the maze of the Lamb...). Read both in less than a week, scheduled a session with my friend, everything was a-OK.
The game is easy to read and use in game, there is juste enough rules to not get bog down and character creation is damn fast (you don't need to dedicate an entire session just for that).
I recommend whole-heartedly.

>> No.74886764
File: 87 KB, 206x266, 20200913_223926.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related

>> No.74886862

>OD&D printouts
Don't just post this unobfuscated in the thread, you dumb motherfucker. You want them taken down?

>> No.74886902

>spoonfeeding the noobs

>> No.74886979
File: 230 KB, 700x525, underground-river-compressor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bump for this again. I am truly at a loss.

>> No.74887124

Dats cute nigga !
I wish I was that good.

>> No.74887180

Holey Divers

>> No.74887368

Enjoy Anon, my second game of tHitO is wednesday.

>> No.74887409

Indoor Survival.

Frankly it doesn't matter whether you're using the OD&D implied setting or not, in the early levels your players won't see shit one of that.

>> No.74887603
File: 79 KB, 660x338, castyourspell.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dark Dungeons

>> No.74887957

The Fantasy Adventure Game.

>> No.74888065

In the original edition of D&D, Dwarves and Hobbits could only be Fighting Men, while Elves could choose between Fighting Man and Magic User per adventure. The B/X OSR classes are essentially the same, except for Elves being simultaneous FM/MU.

>> No.74888070
File: 27 KB, 1067x306, 364 day calendar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Strict time records

Made this calendar that's super convenient. It's 364 days, 12 months, 4 feast days, and the months repeat 4 times a year.

Shilling the post cus it has links to the spreadsheet template I use for recordkeeping.

>> No.74888169

I like both race-as-class and race and class.
For example a hobbit/halfling race-class does a better job of capturing a hobbit/hafling for an RPG than a halfling thief or fighter.
But for an elf it's reasonable to have pure fighters, pure thieves etc.

>> No.74888466

My OD&D game

Are you literally just obsessing over what to title your game?

>> No.74888624

>a Mimic chair
Fucking excellent, props to your boy.

>> No.74888755

>What's the purple of the lack of such distinction?

Race-as-class allows you to make each race distinct. Race-and-class means that each class has to be generic and that each race cannot have too many abilities without becoming overpowered.

OD&D 3-LBB has de facto race-as-class, which B/X made de jure

AD&D explicitly restricts Many races from being certain classes following the guidelines from Greyhawk.

D&D 3e+ has implicit race and class restrictions by giving stat bonuses to races and stat favoring to classes, and focusing the meta game on optimizing both. That’s a whole argument in itself but it’s a major part of the d20 system.

If it bothers you so much that Dwarf players can only be the Dwarf class, create more Dwarf racial classes. Personally I like Trollslayers and Engineers.

>> No.74888762

What does it do that makes it good?

>> No.74888800

BECMI is just B/X 1.5

actually more like 1.01

>> No.74888823

Holmes has 12 race-and-class combinations

Moldvay introduced races-as-classes with the 7 classes

>> No.74888860

My knee-jerk is to say "Yes: Dark Sun is good for everything." But thinking about it, Dark Sun has a hefty slice of psionics, if I remember correctly: which I'm not sure 0e has. So that, plus some of the races, you may have to ad-lib.

>> No.74888953

it's cute and epic

>> No.74889066

Is there any drawbacks to using OD&D with modules for later editions? Like do the monsters get too powerful for the PCs or are the magic items out of whack?

>> No.74889348

Hey, I'm new to OSR stuff and a new GM in general. Can you guys recommend me some books that have tables that can help me stock the dungeon with interesting ideas? I've been coming up blank on what to do for a lot of my dungeon rooms and was wondering if you guys could help.

>> No.74889376

tome of adventure design

>> No.74889707

Different editions of D&D operate under different assumptions so it's not possible to get any hard rules but here are some rules of thumb to consider.
You will almost certainly have to convert stat blocks and probably numeric treasure values.
Later editions tend to assume a narrower distribution of encounter difficulty paired with a stronger emphasis on and assumption of combat. Taking everything head on will quickly drain an OSR party of resources but some modules might not always give alternatives.
The only assumed motivation of OSR PCs is greed. Later modules might rely on more heroic motivations to drive their conflicts.
At the end of the day, you can adapt almost any module to almost any system, but the more adjustments you have to make, the less work you save yourself which is the main purpose of using a module anyway. In the case of later editions to OSR, you probably pass the tipping point where you have to practically remake the adventure from the ground up anyway so it's probably not worth conversion. Go ahead and scrounge them for ideas but if you try to run them as is, don't expect it to go smoothly.

>> No.74890485

>Its better formatted than the original
If 8 year olds could handle in 1983, you can handle it as a 30 year old in 2020

>> No.74890537

Doesn't take away from the convenience.

>> No.74890622

More like sloth and decadence
Play the fiddle, Nero

>> No.74891135
File: 124 KB, 298x812, Delayed Magic Missiles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Question for /OSRG/ - Delayed Magic Missiles. This is a spell I'm considering to pick up because I love the idea of it, but reading it I feel stupid because I don't understand it.

From what I understand, if I'm a 12th level wizard, and my target fails 3 saving throws, they will receive 4d6 points of damage and the spell ends regardless of how many rounds the spell is supposed to last, ending it there. How would you interpret this spell?

Pic related.

>> No.74891150
File: 132 KB, 1280x1034, pirate captain thinking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Run with it!

>> No.74891172

>Choosing your spells

>> No.74891230
File: 76 KB, 813x377, wand of wonder.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Regardless of previous saving throws, the magic remains potent until the duration runs out.
And read the following sentence, but it seems to last the full duration.
>Choosing your spells
Also this. At the very least I'd require a player research this as a new spell, not "pick up."

>> No.74891274

>Tons of content is being posted
>People are actually responding and answering questions, giving feedback
>Great vibes all around
>KLOWN is here
>greg finally an heros
It's a great day for /OSRG/

>> No.74891284

I don’t mean 3e or later. I mean literally using OD&D with AD&D 1e, 2e, or Basic modules and monsters. I’m just concerned that it might be too difficult for the players or they might not have access to abilities that are assumed use in later editions.

>> No.74891332
File: 161 KB, 741x635, High Priest of Lugribossk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I should have phrased it better, I did not mean I`m going to my local shoppe and being like, "Excuse me good sir but wouldst thou have one cup of Khelben Blackstaff's Delayed Magic Missiles? I'd greatly appreciate it if thou could sparest one for 400 gp, perhaps with a discount milard."

I would research/have players research this spell, try to create a close equivalent to it. That said, "the magic remains potent until the duration runs out" means it keeps dealing damage then for those 12 rounds? That seems a bit much even for a 4th level spell.

>> No.74891392

Woah there partner - you best not be heading through these here parts without dropping source for that picture

>> No.74891418

It keeps dealing damage until the missiles run out. If they haven’t all struck by the end if the duration they dissipate.
Don’t get hung up on the phrasing of the magic lasting the duration, it’s just poor wording.

>> No.74891449

damn what >>74891392 said. Where tf is this from?

>> No.74891477

NAYRT but OD&D is essentially equal in power scale to B/X, but lower than 1e and 2e. BECMI has a very slightly higher power scale than B/X & OD&D but it probably isn't noticeable at the table. Also, don't sweat it that much.

>> No.74891490
File: 193 KB, 782x602, Neogi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Astromundi Cluster Box Set, it has a bunch of the old art cards for the factions within it. Including this Neogi art, and the Antillian Human Solar Mages. I can post all the pics if you want.

>> No.74891581
File: 224 KB, 864x736, Spelljammer Antilan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More than fair. Just wanted to make sure I was reading it properly, that poor wording made me over analyze it.

And I'll post one last Astromundi Cluster picture- Antilan Solar Humans.

>> No.74891584

Ok, so essentially it’s not that big of a deal from the player’s side of things? I just don’t want to be accused of being unfair.

>> No.74891609

Anyone know who the artist was for these? I think I'm in love

>> No.74891622

No. You're probably going to need to scale back AD&D stuff if you plan to introduce it to OD&D or B/X (and its derivatives) but otherwise it all translates pretty seamlessly.

>> No.74891623

IMO Keep on the Borderlands was written as an OD&D module, not specifically designed for B/X

B1 In Search of the Unknown is the same.

>> No.74891650

Alright, cool. I can scale down the AD&D stuff

>> No.74891675
File: 841 KB, 1026x1500, 2015 David O Miller.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Had to double check but yeap! The artist is David O. Miller. He did a bunch of art throughout TSR, including for the Player's Handbook and the DMG. Here's a 2015 Neogi Deathspider art piece of his before I bid farewell and get my discount Khelben Blackstaff spells.

>> No.74891849

The way I read it, the initial hit does d6 damage (unavoidable) and puts a lasting effect on your target with a duration based on your left. Each round as long as the debuff lasts (when? start, end, your turn, their turn?) your target has to make a save vs magic at -2 and takes another d6 damage on a failure. If he's casting a spell at the time, the normal rules for being hit by an attack while casting a spell apply.

>a spell I'm considering to pick up
I assume you mean pick up out of the spellbook of a fallen rival after specifically hunting him down because he has that spell and your character wants it. Good luck on your quest!

>> No.74892069
File: 360 KB, 1024x683, monks and cola.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Silver Fists
Magic-User 1
The fists and other unarmed attacks of the target of this spell become capable of harming creatures struck only by magic weapons, including incorporeal creatures, and do damage equal to the target's hit die type. Lasts for one turn, and requires the caster to touch the target.

>> No.74892244

>How would you interpret this spell?
Same as you, you can't exceed your max damage. It's just that you're very likely to inflict it over time since the duration is so long.

That said I hate this spell. Provisos like "yeah it's a magic missile but Shield explicitly doesn't work anyway" drive me up the wall, and it manages to be underpowered and overpowered for its level at the same time -- low damage but designed to ratfuck enemy spellcasters in a staggeringly obnoxious way.

>> No.74892308

The main issue IMO will be the monsters' larger hit dice -- assuming you play LBB. If you use the supplements it should all be smooth sailing.

If it IS an LBB game, the easiest way is to just roll the specified number of HD as d6, and the more thorough way would be to go through the adventure and convert the monsters to OD&D equivalents entirely. But I agree with the other Anon that it ought not to be that big a deal.

>> No.74892361

any suggestions for making custom classes

>> No.74892673

ACKs has a good system for building new classes, take a look at that for some inspiration

>> No.74892764

Holy shit this PDF is gold. Thanks for posting!

>> No.74892914

First ask yourself if a class needs to exist.
Simulacrum has two classes, Warrior and Mage because that's all it needs and while I don't agree with every design decision, I think this one is dead on.
Once you're sure you need a new class, figure out what it is that this class does that's different from all your other classes and build the rest from there. Using the class I made earlier in this thread as an example (>>74871607), the frogman was intended to be more of a commando than a soldier and have latent magical powers that would only manifest after he grew in strength. You can see how this is reflected in his equipment access and his delayed access to spell casting. I'd like to emphasize the way the spell casting works is different to the way it does for MU clerics and elves because the frogman approaches such things with as different a philosophy as the elf does. I think it's important to emphasize that races different enough to be their own classes should not just have alien bodies but also alien minds. Looking back I suppose I could have given frogmen the ability to sneak in bogs the way halflings can move silently but I'm not much of a fan of thief skills as a game mechanic and the class is already about as complex as I think can be justified.

>> No.74893146

Word, brother.

>> No.74893444

Find a niche role and stick to it; too 'diverse' a skillset and it's too OP. As an aside, I find race-as-class the easiest custom classes as the niche is much more built into the character.

>> No.74893561

Sure, but you'll have to homebrew the shit out of it, but you wouldn't be playing OD&D if you thought that was an issue in the first place.

>> No.74893760

Do you have these for other environments and if yes can you post them?

>> No.74893914

There are a few more in my Tomb of Annihilation adaptation docs. Each chapter of the Monster Overhaul will have at least 1 d10 table of them, so that's another 20+ to look forward to.

>> No.74893943

Close enough to get a feel for it and make some.

>> No.74893977

Seconding this, ACKS' system was reverse engineered out of the existing B/X classes and do progressions. If you ignore fighter-type damage bonus you can use it for anything in the B/X family.

>> No.74893996

Now that we're over the bump limit, I'm curious to know which Simulacrum design decisions you don't agree with. Outside critique is always nice.

>> No.74894149

How the fuck are those things supposed to use bow and daguers without hand ?

>> No.74894903

Could anyone check if "Dungeon Crawl Classics/Modules/d20 DCC modules/DCC 49 Palace in the Wastes.pdf" can be downloaded from the mega? It inexplicably errors out for me.

>> No.74895016

I don't want to present my taste as more authoritative than anyone else's and I didn't do more than skim it so take everything that follows with a grain of salt.
It feels more like a collection of mechanics than a unified game system. Modularity is good and it's true that DMs are going to pick and choose the rules they like anyway but by treating the game like a buffet instead of a unified experience from the onset Simulacrum ends up not feeling like it has any identity. How can it when not knowing what it is is one of it's assumptions? It'd be better to have a default case for all of the rules with optional variants since every system needs to interface with the rest of the systems and be calibrated to them if you want to have predictable results.
Charisma is dropped in favor of roleplaying all social interactions, which I think is fine since you're deliberately deemphasizing the leadership aspect of D&D but I don't think giving perception increased prominence is a good idea. The same way that social interactions should be played out instead of rolled for because that's more interesting, so too should be searching and evaluating. If there's a hidden trap, its mechanisms should be defined and have some footprint in the DM's room description, as should hidden treasure, ambushes and deceitful NPCs.
I don't like feats since they cause character sheets to bloat and add extra things to remember which slows the game down. The same goes for the warrior's style. It's better I think for different fighting styles to be expressed by the inherent qualities of different weapons and armor and for characters to express themselves in their choice of equipment, not through a mechanical decision made early in a character's carrier.

>> No.74895024

>designing dungeons

To be honest friend I use a random dungeon tool then randomly stock, good PDF though.

>> No.74895025

I do like that mages have access to only a limited number of schools. I might allow a starting mage to trade two schools for any one school of his choice so that players who really wanted to play a specific school wouldn't be completely dependent on luck.
Leaving race to DM discretion is a pretty big gap I think. It's true that it's entirely setting dependent but so is tech level and magic system and it isn't a flaw for the system to have those implicitly baked in. It's pretty inconsistent to treat races differently.
There have been many many threads about alignment so I'll be brief. Law vs Chaos is a brilliant system specifically because both can reasonably consider themselves to be good while honestly decrying the other as evil. Adding an orthogonal good-evil axis is redundant and undermines the first axis. How can Law claim to be the good guys when Good is by definition? Evil is reduced to cartoonish cackling when they are consciously and actively bad guys. This is probably a place you should have left the rules to be filled in by DMs and simply said that some creatures have alignments, some alignments are opposed to each other and some magical effects care.
I think two handed weapons are given too much damage in this system and reading the blog post about it only convinced me that the designer didn't appreciate how powerful he'd made them. For comparison, a one handed weapon deals an average of 4.5 points of damage on a hit and a two handed weapon deals 7.5 points of damage, 67% more. For this the two hand warrior gives up a shield, +2 AC. As long as his enemies aren't more accurate than needing a 15 or better to hit him without the shield and 17 with it, he loses more in damage than he gains in protection by picking up the shield unless fighting much weaker monsters than himself.

>> No.74895033

I am not a fan of skill systems, for similar reasons to why I'm not a fan of feat systems. It's all too easy for a system intended to empower players by giving their characters definite areas of competence, all too easily they end up implicitly prohibiting all actions not explicate granted, especially those that would have been assumed in the absence of a skill system. Swimming and disguise are stand out cases. Any an activity that is not common enough to justify being an elaborated part of the rules is not common enough to justify a skill requirement over presumed player character competence. Of the skills listed on page 12, blind fighting and siegecraft and wrestling should be either feats or part of the core combat system and disguise, etiquette, gambling, performing, pick pockets, read lips, shadowing and stealth should be either be roleplayed or allowed to succeed in situations too trivial to be played out. Mobility skills, acrobatics, climbing, jumping, lockpicking, riding, running, seafaring, swimming, tracking are more interesting as part of the encumbrance system than as a game of guessing at character creation which activities will come up in a game and in a game where any of them do come up enough that the difference between passable and expert matters they'd be more interesting as game mechanics onto themselves than as skill rolls. Leave it to the setting authors and DMs of such games to write appropriate mechanics because they'll know both their goals and constrants better than you possibly can. Knowledge skills, herbalism, language, lore should be assumed if they're boring or learned through play if they're interesting.
That's about as far as I got. After reading this far I knew I wasn't going to use this system and skimmed the DMG for ideas but nothing jumped out at me.
Anyway, just my two cents.

>> No.74895191

>Anyway, just my two cents.

No, that's great, man: I really appreciate you taking the time.

I won't try to convince you on the material you covered. I'll only say that I'm interested in the idea of going with only Law and Chaos and will consider that, though in my experience that just becomes Good and Evil under different names, which is why I avoided it in the first place. But going with it and filling in the gaps with GM advice as to how to make that do what you want / capture the full gamut is an interesting idea.

Anyways, thanks again.

>> No.74895199
File: 136 KB, 600x338, dagon5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Give me a QRD on designing a small dungeon that revolves around solving puzzles and traps rather than killing monsters

>> No.74895220
File: 34 KB, 223x310, 1558133133497.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i was considering making a guyver based class

would close combat with a ranged attack be op?

>> No.74895397

Tower of the Stargazer

>> No.74895869

No problem. Putting my thoughts into words made me appreciate the diamonds in that rough. I think after I've had a good night sleep I'll read through the spell list to look for more.
As far as alignment goes, if a campaign only needs good vs evil to have clear boundaries drawn so the characters are morally justified to do what the players want the game to be about, that's a feature, not a bug. Whether a character sees law or chaos as the one that is good really comes down to who is holding the whip but the alignments can be whatever serves the setting. If Athens aligned priests can smite spirits summoned by Sparta aligned priests, that's everything alignment needs to be imo.

>> No.74896071

Not that cruel jesus

>> No.74896302


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