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Worship edition.

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>Thread Question
Favorite subfaction that isn't a Space Marine Chapter or Chaos Legion?

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Just a reminder
I work for a printer that does GWs codexs and here are the next 6 releases
>sm, necron
>tyranids, imperial guard
>chaos, eldar

That will bring us to December where there will also be a huge surprise reveal.

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That is what I meant basically.
Also rak'gol elites.
>Giving the T'au their gimmik back with an Aux book would be nice
I agree wholeheartedly but I feel like that is not happening because they've been sort of slowly shifted out of print and popularity. The identity is simply not there anymore.

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Hive Fleet Kronos.
>ha ha bioplasmic cannon go FWIISSSSSSS

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So what do 'Nids do nowadays.
Termagants and Gargoyles were useless when I played them today but Deathspitter fexes+flyrants felt good.
Swarmlord felt pretty bad, and I had the thought that what if I gave a flyrant Scythes of Teran. I'd lose the invlun and 1 attack base but gain a warlord trait that does something, and probably get more hits in with each to hit of 6 giving an additional hit. Also it'd cost less points than swarmlord.

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>6 books by December
You fucking expect us to believe this shit? Lmao

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Fuck you saying it in this thread.
Giving the T'au their gimmik back with an Aux book would be nice, mostly Kroots and Vespids with Humans and the other old minor auxiliaries with a few units would be great.

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Twisted Helix from GSC
They cuck a patriarch in a test tube and sell pharmaceuticals. They don't worship the nids but use their DNA to make them selves fuck machines.

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>So what do 'Nids do nowadays.

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Space Dogs of War book with Rogue Traders.

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Then what's up with them showing off Death Guard, Drukhari, Ork, and Admech models?

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Have you picked up another game in place of / in addition to 9e?

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>Lots of Zoanthropes
>Warriors w/ Enhanced Resistance

Kronos detachment with
>Hive Guard

Carnifexes are meh and overcosted

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a rumour without a reliable source, or a proof, is just a wishlist

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Pick fucking saved

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>Giving the T'au their gimmik back with an Aux book would be nice, mostly Kroots and Vespids with Humans and the other old minor auxiliaries with a few units would be great.

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>Boyz and Ghaz win another GT

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If people want to try another game they should check out Monsterpocalypse. Shit company but the game is amazingly fun

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This is how I Chaos Xenos.

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>4 game losing streak at new LGS
I'm learning though!

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My group is trying out Necromunda soon

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If you don't show me the DG DP model tomorrow that's been teased for months I will hunt you down

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DC with or without jump packs? If without im going to stick em in a drop pod

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What´s /40kg/ working on right now? Pic related are my cute pox bringers. Very cute but a tad annoying to paint due to the amount of little details such as boils and maggots.

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I'm slowly gathering shit to write my own ruleset, my old playing pal doesn't seem capable of thinking about anything but the 6th edition ruleset for his imperial guard, though freeform games with him can be fun, albeit childish

so I want to tackle the old "easy to learn, hard to master" ideal and see if I can manage to convince him to play something entertaining for once

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Didnt GW print all in China?

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Are you having fun at least?

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It's nice that you put so much effort into them. I had 50 so I just contrasted them all.
Anyway I'm working on a Biologus now.

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you're not allowed to do that, anon

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Yeah as long as I get to kill shit and roll dice.
The only one I didn't have fun was the Sally list with 3 Eradicators and 6 Assault Cents. That was just plain oppressive.

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How good are they?

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Help how do I stop being so unpleasant to play against? I think im pretty chill during the game but if I lose I get really hard on myself thinking about where I screwed up and I think everyone hates me. Send help please I just want to be good at 40k guys

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Mind helping? I was thinking of getting Hive Guards and Zoanthropes but I didnt know Exocrines did things now.
I have
>3 flyrants
>swarmlord/hive tyrant
>2 broodlord
>6 warriors
>2 dakkafexes
>hive crone
>2 mawlocs/trygons
What should I prioritize? I played 1 game of 8th ed when it came out and didnt play until today.
Psychic felt good, especially getting feel no pain from Catalyst.

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Where do I find the expanded rules for harlequins? Which book?

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>taking a warlord trait at all
Scrap that shit the adaptions from the PA are infinitely better. Give flyrants rending claws they're free and better then every other melee option. To make swarmy work you need multiple things for him to throw foreward turn one. Prime targets are gaunts or gargoyles if want to tie stuff up or genestealers.

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Well, it’s for a Kill Team so I can really give them my all here are their friends (and I just realized I missed the bronze fly on the middle one... Damn).
Any pics of that Biologus?

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What expanded rules? You mean the Psychic Awakening additions? They were in WhiteDwarf I believe.

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I'm concepting out a new army themed on a Chaos Cult Uprising, basically running the CSM dex with no Marines, but some proxy units like Corpse Grinders as Khorne Berserkers

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Wait, are you a new player? And someone ran that shit against you?

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Not very apparently.
But they're at the state that they should be.
Really good if your opponent isn't prepared, pretty shitty if they are. Before they were mid to top tier but with the benefits of the latter.

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They gotta have some English speaking employees

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Favorite subfaction fluff wise is bladed cog. It’s my two favorite bigger factions combined into one.

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Post models!

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Your a big tank

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GW could at absolute most release another SM codex or two before the year's end.

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Currently painting this Sagittarum Guard (left arm fell off while painting). Still waiting for oils to dry before glueing it back

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Slaaneshmas is fucking dead-dead

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I think you need to stop gaming and start writing
you are a great general/warboss/overlord/whatever and your battles are events to write about
transcend the need for victory
become writer of your own press releases

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Forgot to ask, should I paint the skirt/tabard red with oils or acrylics? Or should I paint with another color all together?

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Exocrines are the best tyranid monster period and have been since 8th dropped. Hive guard are the most effective unit overall. Zoanthropes are the most durable unit and are effective against elite units with high cost to wound count ratios, but really only against that.

Warriors with the ignore ap-1 and 2 adaption are the most durable troops, gaunts of either type are not very useful, rippers can be a good choice to fill battalion troop requirements.

Mawlocs, trygons, hive crones, toxicrenes, maleceptors and tervigons are basically all different flavors and levels of useless.

Tyrannofexes and harpies are sort of okay but not really "good".

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Still WIP

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Download the blood of baal book in the op it gives nids some good stratagems and psychic power of along with some fun custom fleets. It also gives you biomorphs that act like pseudo wl traits for up to 2 units. As for units crines and hg are the best units for shooting, warriors are good objective campers along with rippers. Oh and big devourers are better than deathspitters except against t6/7 so I'd take them instead.

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Blue could work. Red would nicely reference the shoulder pad while green would contrast with it.

>> No.74847603

I'd say some Zoanthropes, 3+ invul on objectives can be really hard to shift and they're fairly consistent mortal wound machines. Can't really go wrong with them. Some more warriors instead of gargoyles would probably be better, too. No fall back and shoot on garg/flyrant really hurt them

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Pretty clean so far. I’m envisioning a sick blue scheme for my Plague Marines, as to give the poxwalkers’ orange clothes some nice contrasting colors.

>> No.74847617

Gotta agree there. Love them

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New to the LGS but it was a league game so it was understandable if people wanted to bring their A game.
I used to game at the nearby Warham but COVID has closed it for gaming for months so now I frequent this LGS which is a 30 min drive away.

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Bitch ive gone on a ten game streak
Ninth is fucking annoying

>> No.74847652

Ah, that’s more understandable. Let’s hope you bounce back.

>> No.74847688

Its cool, the crowd at the LGS is much more experienced and brings tighter lists, so it's a learning experience! My strategies are kinda sloppy as well, so improving them is good in general.

>> No.74847695

I have an extra can of green spray primer
What small army should I get and paint up?

>> No.74847718

I wonder what she's up to these days.

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>The Covenant in fact own the concept of multiple Aliens working together. Any time you see multiple aliens working together, under a single banner, that's literally my mom's Covenant.
...also Imagine forgetting Engies and Skrimies.

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What army do you play?

>> No.74847866

Expirementing with contrast to see how fast I could do these raveners.

>> No.74847873

I got some Zoanthropes and will try and locate as mamy Exocrines+Hive Guards.
I'll still use Mawlocs+Fexes since they didn't feel completely useless whereas small ground units did.
How do I equip them?
Some anon had suggestions for flyrants but what should fexes and hive guards field?
Sorry to ask so many questions, I just like 'Nids and want them to suck as little as possible.

>> No.74847882

Man, you aussies sure get up early

>> No.74847925

It's just this one guy who keeps trying to push the covenant tau meme

>> No.74847928

Cropping your phone pictures, even by a few pixels, will ensure they don’t rotate wildly.

>> No.74847935

Can't wait for my recaster order to be complete. I ordered: a Macharius (w/all 3 turret options), 3 Mars Alpha pat Leman Russ (with extra Anihilator and Demolisher turrets), 2 Vanerheim pattern Griffin Mortar Carriers, a Trojan Support Vehicle and an Arvus Lander alongside some R&H dudes and ogryn to use in kill team and some other bits.

Total for me was £211.94 for the lot shipped to the UK.

> On that note, are Griffins getting rules in the FW update? If not what shall I run them as?

>> No.74847940

Thats what this thread is for, anon.

If you find Mawlocs/Fexes work for you then run with that. I love Fexes, they're my favourite unit in the game, but they just don't work whenever I've tried them. Dakkafexes are on paper better than melee which are just really weak right now. HG take Impaler Cannons generally.

I agree with the small units feeling pointless. I run rippers, but other than that the smallest unit are Warriors

>> No.74847953

Death Guard.
Painted Morty recently but I think I'll only get to use him in casual games.
He looks nice though.

>> No.74847992

If you're playing in meta where you find mawlocs even function let alone being effective it really doesn't matter how carnifexes "should" be equipped.

>> No.74848002

Did you go with one starting with A or one starting with S? I've got some bits coming from both, eagerly awaiting the quality of them.

3 for $7 rather than 3 for £24 on FW Ripper Swarms is a no brainer

>> No.74848033

Second for Monsterpocalypse. Nothing like using your War of the Worlds Alien Monster to suplex your opponent's Pacific Rim or Evangelion Jaeger through a building.

Good fun with a surprising amount of depth.

>> No.74848041

Nope, it is two words, the first being an H and the second being an F.

Thanks to those lads I could get my Elysians some more dudes.
> (sorry for old pic)

>> No.74848051

how shitty are we talking though

>> No.74848052

Man, I bet you’re going to be a happy motherfucker when the wound buff comes along for your marines

>> No.74848065

What new model are you hoping to see during tomorrow's stream?

I want the new Nurgle Demon Prince, and if it doesn't look as awful as the previous model I'll get it.

>> No.74848066

Its privateer press. They are thoroughly incompetent.

>> No.74848067

Break free of your GW chains bros. There are many fun and interesting games out there with great models which are reasonably priced with great and balanced rules. I beg you bros. End the tyranny of GW

>> No.74848070

Same people behind warmachine
so, y'know, super shitty.

>> No.74848080

...but anon, I like the setting.

>> No.74848082

Thats stupid grainy speeder from the pic

>> No.74848092

The mawlocs were complete shit even in my meta where I just play with friends. It's just a cool model.
Fexes werent great but they at least got to shoot things from some range and didnt die.
Thanks for the help!

>> No.74848100

Yeah, especially for OOP shit I don't know why anyone would have a problem with recasters.

I got my dad some Krieg stuff that he simply can't buy anymore

>> No.74848120

What pic?

>> No.74848126

finishing off this guy then on to basing

>> No.74848145

Are you learning that victory in this game is 85% what you bring rather than the tactics that you use? Are you learning that there isnt a semblance of balance between units or factions? Are you learning that this game is about as deep as a puddle and there are much better games out there?

Trust me anon, get out while you can.

>> No.74848171

I can hear the synthwave. Looking great anon!

>> No.74848192

>Are you learning that victory in this game is 85% what you bring rather than the tactics that you use?

>> No.74848229

You cant like more than one setting? You cant like the setting but play better tabletop games?

>> No.74848257


Right, probably more like 95% at this point.

>> No.74848272

The mawloc stratgem from PA makes them pretty good distractions. Fexes aren't bad, but they are overcosted now and changes to hit modifiers hurt them bad.

>> No.74848278

>Why yes, I do only bring the most powerful units instead of the units I enjoy.
I, too, am a faggot.

>> No.74848283

Probably more like you're looking for excuses as to why you lose

>> No.74848293

That looks fucking awesome. I'm so glad to see people with Necrons after an entire edition of them only being mentioned when the discussing the worst armies in the game.

>> No.74848297

Anon, let people make their own mistakes.

>> No.74848300

just because tactics dont matter to you doesnt mean that other people are unable to use it.

>> No.74848304

Treat games as experiments rather than an assessment of your validity as a person:

Will X army do well against Y army with composition Z? Take the outcome as data to be considered going forward. Unless you're playing in a tournament the results do not matter, only how you grow across all of them.

>> No.74848315

I would like to play better tabletop games but I find that the awful ruleset and nonexistent balancing of 40K serves to filter out intolerable assholes like you

>> No.74848335

We shall build a wall of fire and make the Xenos pay for it.

>> No.74848337

Ushabti bone? More like Ushabti BONER

>> No.74848345

>What is OnePageRules

>> No.74848346


So glad I found some metal Noise Marines on the cheap. Gonna melt some knife ear faces next week.

>> No.74848357

Popularity is an important metric for how good a game is.

If I can walk into an LGS and almost be guaranteed a game at the drop of a hat, or be able to find multiple clubs familiar with the game and running events for it, I will play that game even if it is "worse" than one I have to hunt down for the rare match for.

>> No.74848367

Anon. I say this because I care. Stop being a faggot, and stop playing against other faggots. You are ruining the hobby for yourself through your poor choices.

>> No.74848369

Narrative play is cool though I've got nothing against that except the game mechanically being terrible

Nope, the only two games of 8th I lost were my first 2 40k games ever and i played in one of the most competitive leagues in the country.

It feels good though to play better games and win based on tactics and outplaying your opponent rather than alpha striking, spamming OP units and generally cheesing your opponent.

>> No.74848373

>Favorite subfaction that isn't a Space Marine Chapter or Chaos Legion?
Eldar Exodites and every other answer is wrong, Though Kroot mercenaries are the least wrong answer

>> No.74848392

This. What units you brings is more important than how you play in exactly two situations. The first is if both you and your opponent have the exact level of skill. The second is if one brings a tier zero tournament list and the other one an extremely causal for fun list.

I consistently win most games I play just by having my opponent give me his list the day before and actually reading his codex so that when actually playing the game I know what his units actually do.

>> No.74848393

Congrats! GW has inexplicably decided to make the Vespids their own army, and has put (you) in charge of making the Vespids unique and worth taking in T'au soup, how would you do it?

>> No.74848408

Narrative play is pretty cool. The game might not be perfect, new ruins are a fucking nightmare to play against, but it's not that bad.

>> No.74848413

Oh I see, you played in a shitter pool with zero terrain and think being able to table T1 is a problem with the game, not the retards running your boards. My mistake, fairly common error

>> No.74848421

I don't know what that is, spoonf-- I mean redpill me on it.

>> No.74848422

>Narrative play is cool though I've got nothing against that except the game mechanically being terrible
What the fuck are you talking about? The game mechanics suits narrative just fine. It's competitive play that breaks it.

>> No.74848429

Do you think thats a good table, anon? Is it yours?

would explain a lot

>> No.74848433

>Popularity is an important metric for how good a game is.
Not really, it just means its popular

>> No.74848438

>Mortal wounds

>> No.74848443


The tactics where you shoot your enemy before they do anything? I guess in 9th its about parking unkillable blobs on objectives though. So much better gameplay.


I agree, which is why it's such a shame that 40k is on top.

>implying I play this trash game anymore

>> No.74848448

Try reading a post and get back to me

If I can't play a game, its a shit game.

>> No.74848449

Wow guys Creed is ITT. What a cool guy! Never lost!

>> No.74848465

So I don't know of a more wholesome Community than this one and dont know where else to go really. I've been struggling really bad lately, I've found it really hard to keep a grip on my sanity and it's slowly slipping from me. I thought I was over my suicidal thoughts when I met my girlfriend last year after leaving the army.

I got abused in a pretty fucked up way by my mum when I was a kid and young adult. But who was gonna believe a little boy when they say that my touches and does strange things to them? Definitely couldn't talk about it in the army.

I've been fighting all my life against my own thoughts, against the hate I get from others for being different. I'm getting help now, and people in my life keep telling me how strong and brave I am. I'm not, I'm getting worse day by day, I can't do my job any more and I just sit in my van and cry and cry until my throat hurts, thinking about putting that stanley through my wrists or swerving into a lorry, or jumping off a fucking building and just being free.

But I don't, I don't know why, I don't want to keep going through this pain everyday and it's only getting worse.

I always wanted to be good on the guitar and make my own music, she never let me have a guitar. She gave me a clarinet and low and behold I was shit and hated it. Told me I was musically retarded. Now I'm 25 and I can't touch my guitar because all I can hear is my voice mirroring her words.

I only have my girlfriend, I don't have any friends anymore, they have either moved on or are still in the army.

I don't want your support or your thoughts and prayers, just felt lonely and needed to write this and and get it out there sorta thing.

I think I'm gonna leave for a while, I don't know if I'm gonna come back but I'd like you all to know that I enjoyed seeing the fun you all had here.

I think I'm gonna go now.

>> No.74848469

God get a load of that cringe tattoo.

>> No.74848472

>The tactics where you shoot your enemy before they do anything?
Anon you're clearly playing on shit boards, and I feel sorry for you

>> No.74848474

How good a game is depends entirely on how enjoyable it is. If you can't even play a game, it can't be said to be enjoyable.

>> No.74848478

Oils for cloth any day of the week no matter the color.

>> No.74848480

Have more than one datasheet for starters

>> No.74848490

>Stop having fun guys! I stopped lot of time ago and look at how not salty I am while I yells at cloud on a Kazakhi Stone Carving newsletter!

>> No.74848499

>opponent gives me his list
>I tailor mine to beat his
>win most of my games in this competitive and amazing game

Congrats anon, you're a fucking moron.

>> No.74848505

Hive Fleet Behemoth. They have the best color scheme of the canon Hive Fleets, came the closest out of anyone to killing off the Ultramarines, set up the threat of the Tyranids well and Old One Eye is easily the coolest Tyranid character (I know he can show up in other Fleets, but he originated with Behemoth and is most associated with them).

>> No.74848513

That is not popularity though.

>> No.74848524

I give them my own list before having them give me theirs, you mongoloid

>> No.74848526

If this is real then JFC Anon, get psychological help.

>> No.74848532

I hope you also return the favor by giving your list one day before.

>> No.74848535

Don't drive into a lorry, that's not fair to the driver. Just aim for a nice big tree.

>> No.74848569

Nope we played with standard ITC terrain. The pic wasn't mine.

>suits narrative just fine
Yeah I mean it works for sure, but theres a lot to be desired gameplay wise to make it better. Namely alternate activation of some kind.

No, no.

Are the standard tournament itc boards cringe? Yes, but it's supposed to be the most "balanced setup"

>> No.74848576

What is a lorry?

>> No.74848579

Lol don't kill yourself then your cunt mother wins. There's no point being a sadlad just lift weights and play warhammer. And get as far away from your past as you can so you dkntnhave to deal with it.

Or you know rape your mum for the lulz. Then you'll have the power and won't hurt.

@feds: everything I post here is satire

>> No.74848586

So you're even aware you were playing on shit boards, but you still blame the game

Final (you) for the Infinityshill. Really hope you're being paid, at least. Otherwise its just sad

>> No.74848594

Red lorry yellow lorry

>> No.74848596

Asking for help is the first step to receiving it anon. For what it matters, try to remember that suicide is a very definitive solution to what often are just temporary problems. You'll be surprised how many people are happy in their thirty or forty while having been in an extremely bad place sooner in their life.

>> No.74848600

BRUH call suicide hotline pls and get help.

>> No.74848610

A british truck.

>> No.74848620

Why aren't you recasting minis with sprue /tg/?


>> No.74848626

See >>74848524

>> No.74848627

It's a truck that sips tea and worships the queen.

>> No.74848629

>Hivemind recognised the power of fear before the mythical beast that was created by accident that it has started replicating the injuries and copypasting OOE

>> No.74848633

yes, yes they do. Which is exactly why that lying faggot is just that. A lying faggot who's trying to be a troll like a faggot, on this faggot website

>> No.74848650

you mean "the lords of terra", fellow claw? and how creative of you to think of a new armor mark, huron! you lack rare materials and arcane technologies to spam termies and raiders so you made a super duper scoopity poop poopity scoop big armor! genius! they are horrendously ugly tho. and why are they all tip toeing? won't they sink into the dirt they are standing on?

>> No.74848651

I think they brought all of their printing back in the UK after the Sylvaneth fiasco.

>> No.74848664

>Nope we played with standard ITC terrain. The pic wasn't mine.
>standard ITC terrain
jfc ITC doesn’t even have a rule set for 9th, which plays differently than 8th. Could you possibly be any more retarded?

>> No.74848672

I've played on boards with tons of terrain too. The game is still shit because its fundamentally flawed and rotten at its core.

Dont play infinity. Always thought it looked cool though.

>> No.74848675

utter faggotry, clean shot just like that, in motion, moving at hundreds of miles an hour in a plane, hitting a target also moving at high speed. Should have dropped that 3rd nuke, in all seriousness

>> No.74848683

I just agreed to buy an entire unpainted Space Wolf army.

Does anyone have any pics of non-default space wold paint schemes?
I've tried looking but haven't found much.

>> No.74848685

With some help from the last thread, I've updated the paintjob on "Da Torktoise". Does it look better?

>> No.74848687

anal idol

>> No.74848691

dont worries anon,you can do whatever you want

>> No.74848696

>Namely alternate activation of some kind.
AA is shit. Better than IGOUGO sure, but it's still rife with problems like out activation.

Casualty phase is the patrician's choice

>> No.74848701

I havent played a single game of 8.5- I mean 9th edition because it's more of the same terrible game with a fresh coat of paint to fool idiots like you into thinking it's new and improved.

>> No.74848702

Local man discovers anime is gay as fuck

>> No.74848722

>I haven't played it but I know it's bad

>> No.74848728

I love shit like that, when Tyranids are revealed to be smarter than people think they are.
My favorite example is that Deathleaper story where, instead of assassinating a priest, she would just slaughter all of his bodyguards every day for a month until the priest became so paranoid and scared that he killed himself, completely crushing the morale of the planet.

>> No.74848734

>complains about 9th
“Well have you played 9th?”
You literally cannot make this shit up

>> No.74848736

>Cutting up all those sprues by hand, in addition to the other labour and materials
Because its a better use of my time to do literally anything else and buy from a recaster for a couple dollars

>> No.74848737

What is casualty phase

>> No.74848738

That looks nasty

>> No.74848749

Why are you posting in /40kg/

>> No.74848755

Thanks for at least outing yourself?

Bizarre. You can fuck off now

>> No.74848764

>thinking list building and tactics are seperate things
Your right games are won at list building, but not for the reason you think.

>> No.74848766

Looks better than last I remember it. The tracks look a bit flat though.

>> No.74848772

>thinking that 9th is at all different than 8th except for some terrain rules and point changes

You cant make this shit up. This is your brain on GW products. Please stop responding to me guys, dont you have some primaris marines to consoom?

>> No.74848780

>9th sucks
What's bad about it?
>Don't know, haven't even played it

>> No.74848797

Because you're all very easy to bait and get incredibly defensive when someone points out how bad the game is.

>> No.74848799

>Hold the line!
>Sir the bugs are on the ceiling!
>I said hold the line! Strap on your mag boots before I have the commisar strap them to your corpse!

>> No.74848800

Can I get a quick rundown? Not huge on the marine lore.

>> No.74848804

Archon I conveted in 5e using finecast incubi bodies. Finecast was so bad then. There is no even surface, its allllllll bumpy. The spot lighting isn't helping, looks much better in normal room light.

>> No.74848810

>thinking that 9th is at all different than 8th except for some terrain rules and point changes
That’s not nearly all that has changed. You want to know how I’m certain?
Because I’ve played it.

>> No.74848816

Anon people are laughting at you

>> No.74848818

>britcucks can’t even buy guns to kill themselves

>> No.74848823

Space Wolf's don't have successor chapters

>> No.74848828


>> No.74848833

I highly doubt they print all their stuff in china. What about the Legions of Nagash or Necron codex? China doesn't like skeletons, remember?

>> No.74848836

astral claws, aka red corsairs before they turned
aka the ancap legion
aka they have no way of ever having had pr*maris

>> No.74848837

Needs a bit of colour to break up the grey but that's just my opinion

>> No.74848838

They have one now, but they’re all Primaris.

>> No.74848846

Shotgun certs are shall-issue, friend

>> No.74848857

Worthless fucking trash

>> No.74848859

Bless you pants-hating anon

>> No.74848865

>one of the defining features of the SW is no successors
>lol here come the primary sues to save the day!

>> No.74848869

Did every of them turn?

>> No.74848882

please run a dryrbush of some slightly lighter gray on those... side panel things. I donèt know what to call them, but the ones that are bolted on to the vehicle.

>> No.74848896

at least they are not Australia

>> No.74848900

he looks like he murdered a brachydios for that gear
very nice, anon

>> No.74848911

>Strength: Chapter dissolved; approx. 300 at that time

>> No.74848914

Need to neaten up a bit, but how does he look so far?

>> No.74848915

Exactly what it sounds like, a phase where casualties are removed. Rather than removing a model at the end of some action, you just mark a casualty. Then at the very end of the game turn you remove casualties from units.
It allows better simulation of turns being in real time than AA does.
Now to be fair, it only solves half the issues of IGOUGO, which is why I personally advocate adopting MESBG's turn system as well so as to allow reactive play.

>> No.74848920


>He needs a certificate to buy a shotgun

>> No.74848922

Fuck the raging one though

>> No.74848923

I just went through Blood of Baal, and if I'm not retarded, I can get this AND another hive fleet adaptation?
So I get regenerating Zoanthropes that also reroll psychic.
Did I read this correctly or am I rarted?

>> No.74848927

>huron can't stop winning in the maelstorm area (mini eye of terror)
>huron requests additional supplies from lords of terra to establish complete control over the maelstorm
>they deny him multiple times
>he stops paying taxes in both material and geneseed sense
>over the course of 150 years he amasses around 3k marines and fuckloads of rhino based vehicles (which he shares with lamenters, mantis warriors and others)
>some local sector gets pissy over late supplies (150 years) and sends in a fleet to inspect the situation and somehow drag mechanicus into it cuz geneseed
>both fleets get destroyed for coming in too close to badab primaris despite all the warnings
>badab war starts

>> No.74848939

Tell me exactly what's changed with 9th to make it so much better than the dumpster fire of 8th.

>some minor terrain rule clarifications
>capping hit modifiers
>change of force org and CP regen
>points changes
>-10VP (incredibly based changed by the way)
>objectives scored at end of round

I miss anything? Still no AA. Still no semblance of balance. Still as deep as a puddle. Still has OP marines. Still takes place in 28mm and they LOWERED the board size.

Oh and still has retards who think this is a competitive and deep game which has any value other than narrative play.

>> No.74848941

The edge highlight is great

>> No.74848942


Better than bouillon/10

>> No.74848944

>9th is the same, I know it even though I've not played it
>proceeds to not even list the biggest changes 9th introduced

>> No.74848945

>aka they have no way of ever having had pr*maris
Guilliman is using Primaris to ressurect dead chapters, so they could be.

>> No.74848951

like a stupid fucking CUNT
good on ya for painting t'au instead of vi*r'la tho

>> No.74848956

The re-rolling psychic one is probably the worst chapter tactic equivalent of any faction in the entire fucking game. It means literally one (1) psychic test in your entire army.

>> No.74848972

Based post.

>> No.74848976


>> No.74848984

Even if all of those thing you listed remained the same the changes in the scoring system alone (that you somehow missed) would make it a very different game.

>> No.74848992


>> No.74848997

Not him but they don't do anything to fix the core problems that 8th had and they're really fucking annoying with all the bloat too.

>> No.74849004

Sorry to disappoint you but these guys are not fething Astral Claws. The scheme's based on the Iron Ravens and is fully intended to represent them.

>> No.74849008

try slapping yourself when having nigger tier thoughts. that might condition your brain into not having them. also lift weights, eat well and all that shit that makes the body itself happy. in healthy body healthy mind

>> No.74849009

Whats a good 500 pt list for dark angels? Wanna build a strong army of them on a budget

>> No.74849021

>guilliman starts bringing back traitors
>yfw guilliman brings back the word bearers and gives them the full ecclesiarchy treatment as a fuck you to lorgar

>> No.74849024

>Still no AA
Fuck off with your meme suggestions. AA is shit. Just because it's a slightly less smelly type of shit than IGOUGO doesn't make it not shit.

>> No.74849027

Really? Thanks. I bought some paints with the set but opted to pass on the one I needed for a highlight because I thought I had something at home. Couldn't find it so I mixed paints for the first time ever. Glad to know it came out nice, I'll make a note of it.

Sorry, I'll try thinning it a bit more for the rest.

>> No.74849031

AoS has dancers, and slaangor as two types infantry in the Underworlds box coming in December. Plus pic related.

I think we might actually be getting EC within 6 months or so.

>> No.74849049

Wait wait wait 40k is a GAME? I thought it was shit posting with a narrative.

>> No.74849052

the army-wide FNP is too good to really pass up

>> No.74849066

But did I understand correctly that the whole detachment can get regenerate and another hive fleet adaptation?
And then 1+1 adaptive physiology total as well?

>> No.74849067

Ya know.... for people who claim to like 40k enough to find a thread dedicated to it you sure bitch a lot about it and never post models

>> No.74849070

You're right holy shit. I thought this looked familiar.

I had trouble with him too for a bit. Switched to a shield crimson kadachi lion 2 build and now hunt them regularly.

>> No.74849091

>implying anyone here plays
At least one admitted that they don’t play

>> No.74849096

sate my curiosity gents.

Is the complete and dominating Marine focus and creep real,

or is it just a reflextion of how covid have slowed everything down so its' been drawn out?

>> No.74849097

They faq nerfd the psychic one you can only reroll one test turn not one per psycher.

>> No.74849104

Are sniper drones in 9th utter shit? These might be my favorite 3rd party models ever and I’d love to play them viably

>> No.74849108

Here is a model I finished last night. He’s a bit of a rush job, but I’m pretty happy with how he turned out. Will give him some touch-ups later.

>> No.74849117


Oh what's changed about the scoring system to address the core problems of 8th that I spoke about?

The state of GW brainwashing. Youre like a boomer hearing the word socialism. Reason goes out the window, ape mode and anger rule the day and they see red. Why do you hate AA so much?


>> No.74849122

>Are sniper drones in 9th utter shit?

>> No.74849128

We post models all the time. "Post models" is the correct response to off-topic political shit. It is not a legitimate response to people discussing the rules.

>> No.74849137

>Oh what's changed about the scoring system to address the core problems of 8th that I spoke about?
Ironically, ITC ended up mostly fixing those problems by having primaries scored at the end of the battleround.

>> No.74849150

>AA is shit.
Which one? There are about as many AA systems as there are wargames. I'm guessing you've tried... none of them. Or at best it was a skirmish game with activating individual models, not squads or battlegroups or detachments or formations.

>> No.74849161

>blue base rim

>> No.74849163

Yes, if you use a custom Hive Fleet you get two Adaptations, and if you don't take a Warlord Trait and use Progeny of the Hive (-1CP) you get to put an Adaptive Physiology trait on 2 Units.

Metamorphic Regrowth really isn't all that strong, most units don't tend to sit there for multiple turns taking wounds, and its only 1W. Thats why Leviathan has so much value, it is always relevant and can block multiple points of damage

>> No.74849181

>Is the complete and dominating Marine focus and creep real,

>> No.74849183

LMAO, which one, the one that only works on Overwatch which basically doesn't exist anymore, or the one which is only a 6+++ for only Monsters that remained stationary?

Most of the custom Hive Fleet traits are insultingly terrible and make me want to take a shit on Cruddace's car.

>> No.74849191

Yes thats right.

>> No.74849212

The Leviathan FNP, anon.. which you can't use if you go custom

>> No.74849221

Thanks, Im still experimenting with using weathering pigments.
Just did that, thanks
I kind of like it how it is now, the primary colour for Goffs is black and I dont want too much non-black on the model, though It looked way worse from before.

>> No.74849258

Yeah, got a problem with it? All my GSC get blue rims on their bases, while my Tyranids get light grey.

>> No.74849268

Post Iron Warriors NOW.

>> No.74849270

Ah, that anon was asking about custom traits so I didn't think you were referring to an existing Hive Fleet. Leviathan is okay, but are you seriously claiming it's better than Kraken which has been the auto-take staple since the day the nid codex came out?

>> No.74849280

The scoring fixed the lack of AA, the balance issues, the scale creep, the rule bloat, the lack of depth and the oppressive marine dominance?

>> No.74849287

>Is the complete and dominating Marine focus and creep real
It's clearly real enough in the perceptions of the fanbase that even marine players and youtuber shills are saying it's too much. So yes.

>> No.74849292

Redpill me on the Tau septs.
>inb4 “lol t’’’’au gay”

>> No.74849303


>> No.74849306

"strategy" in this game is buying the best units then doing boring shit like conga lining and blobing or castling. Just play for fun.

>> No.74849311

I don't run a melee heavy nid list so Kraken doesn't do much for me

>> No.74849313

Post models

>> No.74849316

Expression of laughter, Tau (with an abundance of apostrophes to satirically mock GW's copyrighted name change) are homosexual.

>> No.74849324


>> No.74849328

lol t’’’’au gay

>> No.74849332

Strategy is sitting on an objective and declaring yourself Tactical genius for realising that earns you points

>> No.74849334


>> No.74849339

If you're all shooty wouldn't you prefer Kronos?

>> No.74849354

>in 9th
none of you faggots actually play this game do you? holy fuck

>> No.74849362

This. You can tell how much someone is a pretentious dickweed who thinks they're fucking sun tzu by how much they use the word "primaries" in a post that's eagerly sucking cock over 9th editions mediocre scoring changes.

>> No.74849367

The ITC changes happened before the new Marine codex in late 2019, and even with the release of said codex, the meta was still in a reasonable spot with Marines gaining a resurgence. It was the supplements that broke them game. This also came before psychic awakening, by the way.

>> No.74849368

In gonna make some fucking weird ork conversions

>> No.74849371

Not a bad looking bunch, was thinking of painting my knight in IW colors too.

>> No.74849372


>> No.74849373

>Why do you hate AA so much?
I already told you here.
Not my fault you missed/ignored it. The notion that AA is some catch all solution to GW's problems is fucking retarded, since issues like out activation will just buff horde armies.
Which isn't to say there are not ways to solve this issue, but at that point it becomes more complex than just "Switch to AA". And retarded since more elegant solutions that fit better with GW's current 40k design philosophy exist

>> No.74849375

Kronos detachment for the shooty units, Levi for the rest, including the ones intended to sit on objectives

>> No.74849379

>Is the complete and dominating Marine focus and creep real,
If by focus you mean model releases then yes, since they've been in the process of duplicating/replacing the whole range with Primaris. There are a few other factions that have gotten extensive releases, Sisters, AdMech, Necrons, Chaos Daemons, for example. But marines are the lion's share.
If you mean game strength wise, not nearly as much as people complain about it. They are good, and probably the best army overall, especially at lower level play. But lots of armies compete well with them and can regularly beat them outright. Orks being the Xenos posterboys for doing this at this point. Marines are good, but not nearly as strong as they were late 2019/early 2020. They're just strong, rather easy to play, and almost everyone owns some of them, so they feel like they're absolutely everywhere.

>> No.74849384

Tau sept if you’re a pussy, custom septs if you want to play tanks, and Farsight Enclaves if you’re tired of sitting in one corner of the map

>> No.74849386

>Is the complete and dominating Marine focus and creep real,

Release wise yes. Marines get more units than the rest of the armies put together.

Rulewise not really. Marines are currently strong, but these things chance with high frequency, and it's not something you'll actually face unless you play at tournaments or against tryhards.

>> No.74849392

>splitting detachments in 9e with the CP changes

>> No.74849394

Yeah. 5th edition.
Those were better times. Better rules. More fluffy rules.

>> No.74849403

>try to play for fun
>sit around for 40 minutes and occasionally roll armor saves and put my dudes in their case
>game takes 4 hours

It's hard to have fun when the game isnt fun.

>> No.74849404

>conga lining
Hah. No.

>> No.74849411

Its absolutely worth the 2CP but ok

>> No.74849412

4e >>>> 5e

>> No.74849417

Based art

>> No.74849420

Dude there werent terrain LOS rules AT ALL in 8th. You had to use massive syrofoam blocks or kneehigh-boot shoeboxes.

>> No.74849423

What are those up front are they, new in 9th, or am I forgetting some uber popular unit?

>> No.74849428

>I didnt address any of your problems with the game: the post

>> No.74849434

>castling in 9th
Do people really do this? I don’t even see Tau trying to castle anymore

>> No.74849438

>Top of turn 1
>Bottom of turn 2

>> No.74849441

I though castling was being in blobs at the end of the map?

>> No.74849456

Se have a few shitposters that still pretend it's objectively the best way to win

>> No.74849461

Yes, a completely nonviable strategy in 9th

ok, and?

>> No.74849463

Battlegroup activation works great. Just cap the activations at a certain number.

>> No.74849468

>Tachyon arrow goes pew
I love that thing and I dont even have necrons. Such a cool weapon.

>> No.74849472

People in castles don't leave the castle when they're being attacked.
So you set up a castle with barriers and then remain still.

>> No.74849488

I don't get why the bionics would be left unarmored. Iron Hands are weird.

>> No.74849496

My hate isn't actually against AA in general, more the people who think it's some catchall solution. Game mechanics are just a tool, they are their own are nothing, it's how they mesh in the greater whole that matters. I love AA in infinity for example, but hate the retarded quasi-AA bolt action uses. But IMO any viable form of AA is going to be too complex to mesh with one of the core tenets of current GW's design philosophy, which is to make it simple. Other existing solutions to the problems of IGOUGO do mesh with this philosophy while solving the issues in ways that are more elegant and fitting for how GW likes to deisgn games

>> No.74849500

>he notion that AA is some catch all solution to GW's problems is fucking retarded, since issues like out activation will just buff horde armies.
>Which isn't to say there are not ways to solve this issue, but at that point it becomes more complex than just "Switch to AA"
Anon there is no point at which "switch to AA" was ever a simple three word thing you just do. It's always needed to be a system overhaul with the rest of the game built around it.

And a retarded casualty phase is not elegant, and GW's current 40k design philosophy is fucking garbage so who cares if it fits with it?

Also, the very worst AA system in existence is still miles better than IGOUGO.

>> No.74849517

Here is a crappy nublit

>> No.74849519

You can do it if you aren't playing the eternal war or GT2020 missions. So casual/open war play basically.

>> No.74849524

>all this talk of AA
I assume you’re all onboard with SNA’s 2.5e then? It seems like that will have AA

>> No.74849536

I actually really like it, reminds me of the FW Ork tank schemes. If you do want more colour i'd add ground mulch and extra rust to it.

>> No.74849545

i have and i choose to complain
the fucking zoomers in here that don't know how little the rules really changed from 4 to 5

>> No.74849546

I really don't like the current behemoth scheme. The old red and bone with purple or green weapons was based though.

>> No.74849558

Then you're punishing armies like nids or orks or IG who like to bring lots of units, and rewarding armies like custodes and marines, who really don't need the help
Something as simple as "remove all a turn's killed models at the very end" doesn't favor any army build or type. A nice, clean and elegant solution

>> No.74849559

I’m riding with SNA.

And on him, too.

>> No.74849568

His system is odd, actually, it's not IGOUGO but it's not quite AA either. I'm all the more intrigued by the fact that he seems to have managed to create a new system rather than what most people homebrewing do, which is to just rip the existing mechanics out of another game wholesale.

>> No.74849573

i bet they will show orks tomorrow!

waaaagh! its a good time to be green!

>> No.74849581


>> No.74849593

No. Homebrew defeats the entire purpose of 40k's market advantage. I'd be happy to try an official AA version of 40k if GW made one. But no way I'm I going to go through the effort of proselytizing for a homebrew variant of 40k that no one is going to give a shit about. If I'm going to spend that effort I'll do it for a game that actually is designed for AA.

>> No.74849598

>And a retarded casualty phase is not elegant,
It by definition is. Solves first turn advantage and a number of the problems of IGOUGO in a simple and ingenious way without needing a massive overhaul to the system

>> No.74849601

>Something as simple as "remove all a turn's killed models at the very end" doesn't favor any army build or type. A nice, clean and elegant solution
Removing killed units is actually a strategic choice, and having them be removed at the end has multiple ways in which it could actually hurt you more than it helps

>> No.74849603

What are those small knight things?

>> No.74849607

>Worship edition.
I would, were she not a twisted abomination before the Emperor

>> No.74849610

What's the surprise, they gonna actually release good rules?

>> No.74849616


>> No.74849625

This guy is pretty cool
Shame I hate meleecrons

>> No.74849635

Do you even know the IH lore? It doesn't sound like it.

>> No.74849650

>Homebrew defeats the entire purpose of 40k's market advantage
Homebrew is the entire purpose of playing tabletop games as opposed to video games or something where you can't just come up with your own rules and objects unless you know how to code/3D model etc.

>> No.74849652

Armiger Helverins/Armiger Warglaives. Based as fuck, beautiful little kits, 10/10 would recommend.

>inb4 shill

>> No.74849683

People might give a shit about it if there were less autists like you who reject out of hand anything that doesn't have the GW Official Trademark Stamp of Approval.

>> No.74849700

>Iron Hands
At least Papa Perty is alive, homo lmao

>> No.74849716

I hate the flesh for thighs and feet. Looks like they’re wearing big metal diapers.

>> No.74849731

>>some minor terrain rule clarifications
More like huge terrain changes that makes it so not half the army is in a castle getting cover the entire game
>>capping hit modifiers
Huge improvement cuz stacking hit modifiers was cancer
>>change of force org and CP regen
Great for balance cuz now everyone ger a similar amount of CP and soup, which is cancer, is punished more than before.
>>points changes
>>-10VP (incredibly based changed by the way)
So another positive change
>>objectives scored at end of round
They are scored at the begining of the round, making it impossible to just run to an objective and claim it, you actually have to defend it during your oponents turn. This gives an incentive to try and get them away from the enemy and one of the better ways to do that is charging in melee which improves the utility of melee units.

Other changes:
>Characters are a lot more vulnerable to shooting.
>Strategic reserves makes it so a lot of units that were good up close but struggles to get in range are now viable
>Changes to multi charges makes makes it so that you are more conservative and dont play melee units like a retard.
>Warlord traits, relics and upgrades have to be in the army list so no list tailoring depending on your opponents army.
>Blast Weapons rule improves random shot weapons by a lot

It's a big list of changes.If you actually played some games you'd see they don't go like they went before.

>> No.74849733

I'm assuming you're referring to stuff like "kill a front dude to make a charge harder" or similar situations.
And while yes, this solution would remove those, it would create new decision points such as "do I move a unit closer to get in range but risk the charge, or stay back but not shoot that unit"
And in the end, all systems have tradeoffs, but this has ones that are less punishing than "you can't use all your dudes" or "that guys acts twice as much as you"

>> No.74849748

I want to paint my Space Marines with white accents notably pauldrons. Figured it would be easier if I started from a white base, so I bought some Corax White spray and tried that.
It ended up all grainy and shitty. I read that Corax White is known for that, and feel foolish. And now I'm asking myself a lot of stupid questions about priming:
Should I start from Mechanicus Grey, then build up to white (with Celestra Grey, then some real white)?
Would it be possible to work to white from Abaddon Back without?
Are the Contrast Spray interesting even if I don't want to use Contrast paints?

>> No.74849750

Necromunda looks like a goldmine for Ork conversions

>> No.74849752

We're not talking about "hey here's a cool new mission to try" it's more hey lets play a different game with our models. I'm all for homebrew or community rules in places where it makes sense. Inquisimuda is a good example. Especially when that's built for campaigns and often has an arbiter responsible for running things anyway. 40k is not that.

>> No.74849755

> gun down squad
> then charge corpses for free move
> already marked as casaulty models from shooting still fight back
Sounds like an excellent system anon you should work for GW

>> No.74849757

>They don't know

>> No.74849767

>brass custodes instead of gold

>> No.74849778

Doesn't even make sense since the armour is supposed to be turned into living fleshmetal, so there's no reason for certain bits to just be missing

>> No.74849779

>Homebrew is the entire purpose of playing tabletop games as opposed to video games
Personally, the whole modeling and painting thing is my reason. If I just wanted homebrew combat rules I'd play PnP RPGs, which I also do.

>> No.74849784

I have no idea how this is different from Inquisimunda to you. It's the same concept.

>> No.74849789

Not being able to remove the one dude that is enabling your opponent to see the rest of your dudes behind cover and shoot them is absolutely punishing. Rather than losing a few models, I could lose the entire unit

>> No.74849791

> thinks Infinity is Alternating activation
Anon if you don't know what you are fucking talking about SHUT THE FUCK UP

>> No.74849798

Also: Overwatch changes nerfs gunlines and introduces choices on when, and even if it’s worth using in the first place.

>> No.74849811


I really hate objective markers. "Lets fight over six indistinct random objectives"

Even if modelled they're kinda dumb "Lets fight over space marine bodies numbered 1-6" or "Lets fight over some random debris on the battlefield"

Objectives like: "Secure the control room", "Assassinate the Warlord", "Secure the Relic", "break through the opposing board edge". Are all much more interesting.

>> No.74849812

>Is the complete and dominating Marine focus and creep real,
It's absolutely no different that it was at the beginning of 8th. Necrons have more new units than marines but people are buthurt cuz marines need a nerf so they are going to complain about any new model for them.
Releasing a box and teasing new units when they have done absolutely nothing 40k related in 2 months and with another one to go probably doesn't help the idea that marines are the only ones that get stuff.

>> No.74849814

My chaos bikers finally came in the mail bros

What's a good loadout for angry cyclists?

>> No.74849816

no its not fag. Go garage hammer somewhere else

>> No.74849818

>Huge improvement cuz stacking hit modifiers was cancer
The modifier cap was in general a lazy, shitty bandaid that broke dozens of units and core game mechanics to stop a few units from being broken, rather than fixing those broken units

>> No.74849823

SW Legions > MESBG > AoS > 40K

>> No.74849827

This. There were almost no units that were actually abusing hit modifiers that badly and there were a lot of units that were entirely dependent on them to be playable which are now shit.

>> No.74849846

-2 to hit is already obnoxious and makes half the armies worse than orks at shooting.

>> No.74849852

Assembled and glued these Repentia to their bases. Going to base and do touch-ups, then it's onto their heads and slathering them in gore.

Almost sad to cover up the paint job I did, but what kind of Repentia isn't covered in gore?

>> No.74849857

I've read the Legions rulebook, it's absolute fucking garbage. Multiple types of weird proprietary dice, proprietary fucking measuring sticks, proprietary cards, 900 different kinds of tokens, confusing and poorly written rules, named character cancer as a requirement to even play with zero /yourdudes/ potential.

Also jack shit for factions, the setting, despite being called STAR WARS, is so much worse for a wargame. 40k was designed from the outset to be a wargame, SW is a fucking movie franchise, it doesn't lend itself well to the medium at all. It's bad.

>> No.74849860

they could pass as rail rifle pathfinders

>> No.74849866

I don't see the issue. Stop being an entitled gunline fag?

>> No.74849877

>t. taufag

>> No.74849878

Haven't played it, but for as much as 40kg (and I would guess the rest of /tg/) complains about capeshit, I can't imagine many games of SWL without Luke/Darth Vader/Han/Leia/etc. It's like how SW: Battlefront devolved to mostly just character duels

>> No.74849880

So Im putting together my first minis, is it easier to fully build then paint or paint them in pieces?

>> No.74849883

>when the nuln oil goes on thicc

>> No.74849888

I’m waiting for my stuff to get here so I can start my IW, and I think I’m going to try painting the obliterators metal all over, hopefully it looks less janky.

>> No.74849894


Did you do something weird to his waist

>> No.74849901

Yeah and that alone kills any interest I might have had in the game. The annoying rules and dice just really, really seals the deal.

>> No.74849903

That's just another decision point, and an example of a system rewarding playing better. If you don't want that to happen, just don't position your unit so that can happen.

>> No.74849906

>set discord status to something about how people need to get over 9/11
>someone in the local group asks me about it
>quick political discussion that's pretty much civil
>guy sees it late, freaks out, quits the Crusade we're playing and forfeits the competitive league game we have coming up so he doesn't have to play me
What a snowflake

He also plays Ultramarines and ran two repulsor executioners in a narrative Crusade game, so...no loss, relaly.

>> No.74849907


>> No.74849912

>not being original
what's the fucking point?

>> No.74849915

Usually pieces but depends on the mini. Something like a melee unit with the arms stretched separate doesn't usually need sub assemblies. Something with a gun in front of the chest usually does

>> No.74849916

SNA's bullshit isn't going to get any traction as a 40k alternative (If it somehow does I'll humbly eat crow). Inquisimuda has traction, in large part due to the years it spent as the de facto current rules for Necromunda. Besides both Inquisimunda and Necromunda are both niche games in the first place. A huge part of 40k's appeal is the universality of the game. I'm under no illusions that 40k has the best ruleset around, but it's a wargame were I can get a game pretty much anywhere with pretty much anyone. Or go somewhere new and almost always find a playgroup. Turrning 40k into a niche game because you think you can make the rules a little better largely defeats the purpose.

>> No.74849924

flamers or melta

>> No.74849937

>SW Legions > MESBG

>> No.74849941

I'm still trying to invent some way to make something look simultaneously fleshy and metallic
So far I have not succeeded

>> No.74849942

>What are those up front are they new?
Every Knight has his squire aka Armiger.
Those are Armiger Helverins and Warglaives and they've been around for years and are usually used to fill up some points in a Knights detachment.

>> No.74849960

>He wants Normalfags in the game
Please, kindly fuck off

>> No.74849962

Build as much as you can without making it hard for you to paint. So don't paint every individual piece, but if you're going to have trouble painting behind a model's gun, leave off the gun. Or if a vehicle has tricky parts like a pilot in a cockpit, leave him separate.

>> No.74849971

I don't think anyone including SNA is under any illusions it's going to be a massive phenomenon, but it could consolidate all of the "I want a version of 40k with AA" type people and the "I quit 9th to play an older edition" people under one umbrella. If you don't think Inquisimunda is an appropriate comparison, look at Heralds of Ruin and how well that did. This is assuming he writes something that good of course.

It's even possible SNA's project fails but someone else succeeds doing something similar. I think the timing is just right for it. A lot of people are fed up with GWs shit. 9th edition has a lot of detractors.

>> No.74849982

>SW Legions
FF and it's cancerous proprietary dice can fuck right off

>> No.74849996

check on youtube how to paint white armor, you don't actually use white, as white has a chalky look.
Also if you want to paint white, you pretty much need an airbrush, it will make your life a lot easier and you can use for other things, like priming.
White armor is very important to do zenithal hightlight.
Any amazon airbnrush kit will do, I recommend one with a 3L tank at least (search for the AS-186 kits and similar named).

>> No.74850008

>Necrons have more new units than marines
>Necrons 58~ counting, Legends, WD, FW and Indomitus
>Marines I stop counting when I reach 60 units on HQ alone
Do you mean something else beside when you say Necrons have more units?

>> No.74850033

>checking out the lgs facebook page to see who is plaiyng
>everyone is a better painter than me
>get intimidated and afraid to go and play a game because my models don't look good

>> No.74850041

I'd argue the "active players acts, reactive player reacts" is a variant of AA. A very extant variant from normal AA sure, but more akin to it than IGOUGO

>> No.74850048

Anon there are probably plenty of other people like you who don't have amazing tier models but simply haven't posted them on the page for that reason. You're seeing only the best stuff. Besides, it takes time to get good. Just enjoy games in the meanwhile.

>> No.74850050

>based stealthsuits with astrogranite
>want to change basing scheme to stirland

Should be pretty easy to repaint right?

>> No.74850063

>teehee, here's my first ever mini, C&C appreciated!
>*professional-level Primaris model on solid wood base*

>> No.74850071

Texture paints like that scrape off relatively easily

>> No.74850079

My old models are painted fucking godawfully, will acetone fix this?
Also I was stupid and glued a big flier to it's base, what do?

>> No.74850098

>his first mini wasn't a golden daemon winner
sucks to suck

>> No.74850100

This >>74849960 is also a pretty good argument in favor of homebrew rules. Filtering the brainlets who can't bother to read or understand a good ruleset only strengthens the community as a whole. Yeah, you can always get games playing regular 40k, but are most of those quality games, or are the majority of them against WAACfags and That Guys? Is that worth putting up with the worse rules?

>> No.74850110

>gahz will never get a final showdown with yarrick because he jobbed and got killed off by a literally who space wolf

>> No.74850111

>will acetone fix this?
For metals, yes. Do not put plastic models in acetone unless you're a masochist who wants to cry over annihilating all that time and money.

>> No.74850121

Acetone will work unless the models are plastic, in which case it will melt them.

He got better!

>> No.74850123

>will acetone fix
I mean it will remove the paint along the resin/plastic model

>> No.74850132

Yeah. Just paint it the astrogranite with Dryad Bark (or equivalent) and it should be pretty close. Once you add a drybrush and/or wash you won't notice the difference.

>> No.74850133

They stitched his head back on, good as new, fucking jobs a good 'un.

>> No.74850136

Is it metal than yes. If plastic also yes, but even more so.
If you used super glue put it in the freezer this can also break every other glue joint though. If you used plastic glue get a saw.

>> No.74850152

Don't worry, it was just a flesh wound

>> No.74850157

>If plastic also yes
You're the same kind of guy who tells people to delete system32 to speed up their computer.

>> No.74850164


Based trips. I just embraced the flesh and went for heavy purple washes to make it look as "dead" as I could.

The texture itself on those parts doesn't really lend itself to metallic, or I'm just not imaginative enough.

Currently have an unbuilt daemon prince, still trying to figure out how I can convert it into something more like the DOOM cyberdemon, but still with a sword.

>> No.74850170

many problem im having is a lot of them the paints chipped off some of the exterior detail and looks like theres no primer on it anymore, so even if i touch it up it probably won't look that good

>> No.74850171

so how do I unpaint plastic models then? and guess I'm fucked with the base

>> No.74850187

They sewed his head back on straight afterwards.

>> No.74850195

More NEW units

>> No.74850215

Google “simple green”. It works for stripping paint from plastic.

>> No.74850217

Simple green works good for gw paints. Soak them for a day or to and then scrub them with a toothbrush.

>> No.74850225

It's called stripping and there are any number of cleaning fluids (i.e. simple green, dettol) you can use for it depending on where you live in the world. Or you can use isopropyl alcohol.

>> No.74850227

Superclean Degreaser. Comes in a big purple jug in the auto parts section of most stores. Soak for 24 hours in a sealed container(tupperware works) then brush with stiff-bristled brush under running water. Removes paint real nice. Will probably remove basing too

>> No.74850244

Get a Vehicle Upgrade Frame and use the robot daemon head from that
Use an Ork Power Klaw for the non-sword hand (you can totally get away with using that on a chaos model since Defilers have the same sort of claw), OR use a helbrute arm (with combi bolter)
Guitar string and/or a greenstuff tube maker are really good for making tubes and cables

>> No.74850284

I thought they changed the dettol recipe so it didn’t work?

>> No.74850298

Isopropyl Alcohol 99%

>> No.74850302

Maybe? I don't live in the UK.

>> No.74850369

Jesus christ.

>> No.74850373

help I just swallowed a 3x2 neodymium magnet and to get it out I tried using another but I lost it and now I have 2 in there and I'm thinking the only way to get them both is to use a third oh no this is bad

>> No.74850390

Tfw no genestealer Mommy to dom me.

>> No.74850406

Simple Green doesn't work very well any more due to a formula change. I've had amazing results with pic-related. I just left the minis in it overnight and scrubbed them with a toothbrush.

Best part is you should be able to find it in dollar stores.

>> No.74850409

You are straight up retarded. You'd honestly be better off having not tried to get it out.
Go tell your tard wrangler, he'll call 911

>> No.74850422

Actually go to ER
You really should have just let the one pass through

>> No.74850427

I used a third and thats gone too maybe I should try my 5x3s I'm gonna try that and get back to you guys

>> No.74850436

>Removes blood stain
Why is that the first stated use...

>> No.74850444

I understand what he's trying to say. The use of complementary colors can be discret to make the overall model look better then to just splatter the colors. The problem I had with his video is, there is no yellow. He says there is yellow on the bones, but it's way to subtile.

>> No.74850451

As an example, this guy was primed black, caked with paint and had a matte varnish seal. It all came off this well after soaking in LA's Simply Awesome overnight.

>> No.74850472

If they had reproductive organs their lifecycle wouldn't revolve around piracy of other people's balls

>> No.74850486

He means a hybrid like the OP.

>> No.74850493

He looks happy

>> No.74850503

Try some iron filings, they should attach to the magnets and soak up the "magnetization"

>> No.74850510

Is Citadel's Mechanicus Grey a Primer or not?

I've had multiple people tell me it is, but it also says nothing about that on the can.

>> No.74850517

blood stains are very hard to remove with normal cleaning products

>> No.74850518


>> No.74850520

>I'm going to paint purple and yellow
>Paints blue and bone
Quality vid their Scot

>> No.74850521

Because people bleed often

>> No.74850523

You can use it as one. And a basecoat, too.

>> No.74850541

No its a base

>> No.74850543

Something is either a primer or its not, anon.

>> No.74850571

>retarded zoomer that only paints figures for videos
>not even particularly good at painting
>pretends to be a metalhead for no reason

>> No.74850574

Am I the only one who things 9ths terrain rules are kinda goofy? I get that it's meant to be for tourney players, and it's better than 8ths minimal effect, but it honestly seems a downgrade from the 8th CA Cities of Death rules which made terrain and cover incredibly powerful. 9th has all these rules, but in the end it's still "-1 to hit", "walk slower" or "+1 to save" and that's about it.

>> No.74850576

It’s a base, but it will work as a primer.

>> No.74850587

Well no, it won't. It might not matter because primer is mostly unnecessary on plastic models but its not a primer

>> No.74850588

Technically no. But normal spray paint has enough adhesion and tooth that it serves the purpose for wargames miniatures, especially plastic ones. It's not like you're going to be leaving your minis outside in the weather.

>> No.74850598

>first minute of the video he calls out my sergeants
Fuck you miniac

>> No.74850601

>I don't know what a primer is or does

>> No.74850603

Cities of Death was fun but it tilted the game to the point where basic shooting like bolters and lasguns was all but useless. +2 to save for cover was too big of a thing.

>> No.74850604

>not even particularly good at painting
Okay Van Gogh, let's see your paint jobs

>> No.74850608

It's not just you. I'm pretty massively disappointed in them. Especially because you can't even use Cities of Death now with the retarded cap on hit modifiers.

>> No.74850610

GW’s terrain by default just isn’t good. Look into terrain that completely blocks vision, like solid walls.

>> No.74850624

Ironically you've done what his video should have done. You've got the nice complimentary colours but it's used sparingly, helmet in this instance. It looks good.

>> No.74850625

I have never painted a figure in my life.

>> No.74850631

See >>74850588

>> No.74850632

Don’t listen to anyone that says “simple green” since there are multiple formulations that exist and you will probably end up buying one that doesn’t have the most important ingredient - isopropyl alcohol. Instead just go to your drug store and by 91% or higher isopropyl alcohol. Soak the models in it for at least an hour and then use a toothbrush to clean off the paint.

>> No.74850633

>tfw trying to summon the will to start painting first minis

god i hope I dont fuck this up

>> No.74850648

>9ths terrain rules
what rules

terrain is one of the most ambiguous things in the game

>> No.74850650

Also, isn't the point of space marine chapters basically just sport teams everyone roots for their favorite?

>> No.74850652

Yes, I do, and on a plastic mini a base spray will stick enough to serve as a primer.

>> No.74850657

This. Miniac is a chump who screeches like an autist if people use striking colours - you did very well and you should be proud of your work!

>> No.74850666

who cares man, just have fun with it. Worst case you could always just strip the paint and try again

>> No.74850667

What minis? What colourscheme?

>> No.74850668

>t. hasnt played a single game of 9th

>> No.74850678

>t. hasn't played a single game

>> No.74850684

No? 8th had terrible terrain rules, but the ones in 9th are pretty functional and well defined.

>> No.74850685

"Sports team" color schemes are absolutely perfect for game pieces. This guy drank too much of the stupid juice and smug coffee that morning.

>> No.74850701

I’m not talking about the rules, I’m talking about the terrain models themselves you nonce. The ruins absolutely filled with holes and the like that require you to stand 3” away to block LOS while a solid wall would accomplish the same thing without arbitrary distance rules, especially with the more terrain you start putting on the board

>> No.74850705

have ya tried alcohol its great

>> No.74850709

you willl, don't let that stop you though. It's all part of the process

>> No.74850714

I just KNEW this was Scott before I clicked it, this fucker has gone so downhill ever since he made this his main source of income.

>> No.74850720

Where’s that montage of derpy faces?

>> No.74850725

That's fair, I did have some very resilient cultist squads. I just wish that fortress terrain gave a +2 bonus instead of the weird melee rule (which also seems to buff your opponent so there's no point).

Honestly we've just been ignoring the cap, no one in our group abuses it. It felt really dumb that hiding in a bush telepathically made the enemy able to run-and-gun with a Heavy Bolter.

>> No.74850730


>> No.74850737

Complains about color theory as if the beginning and end of it is complimentary color pairs in a traditional color wheel model.

>> No.74850742

those ruins completely block line of sight for everything but titans and aircraft

>> No.74850745

Cringe or based?

>> No.74850750 [SPOILER] 

When picking out units for your army, do you go for something that makes more sense in the general lore and setting, or do you pick only powerful ones that are currently viable?

>> No.74850759

Just do it anon. You'll never get better if you don't try. There's nothing wrong with failing, it's not trying that's unforgivable.

>> No.74850761

The wrong trousers, Gromit!

>> No.74850764

Fluff always wins over crunch.

>> No.74850772


>> No.74850779

Looks a bit bottom heavy.

>> No.74850780


I'm not a competitive 40k player because I feel that is not the path to fun and enjoyment in this very expensive and time consuming hobby that I sink extensive self into.

I prefer fluff and respect both choices, but being WAAC in this game brings only pain and suffering. Also autistic screeching.

>> No.74850784

A bit of both

>> No.74850794

some tip to search the recaster?

>> No.74850798

Kind of a mix on both. If something becomes good that’s a part of my army, either I already have it and that’s nice, or I may consider getting it. However, if it’s a viable model but it’s ugly like pic related, I refuse to buy it unless I find out a way to convert or kitbash it.

>> No.74850810

a fine addition to the collection

>> No.74850813

I seem to be alone in liking that mini.

>> No.74850820

>but the ones in 9th are pretty functional and well defined.
It tells you how many pieces of terrain you should have on a board, but not what they should be. A single crate? A big ruin?
It tells you rules on being inside/outside terrain, but not how boundaries are defined, especially on ruins with no base.
Terrain can have traits, but what terrain has what traits is not defined by the rules. You have to make it up yourself and agree with your opponent

>> No.74850827

It's an infinitely large combination of infinitely varied individuals, warbands, and factions within a staggering large Galaxy. Literally any legal organization of your force makes sense in the "lore" so don't limit yourself one way or another.

>> No.74850833

I like all the individual parts of the kit but all together it really doesn't work for me

>> No.74850841

>Hey guys let’s buff the heavy laser destroyer haha

>> No.74850845

I don't know if I should take one of my models being on that collage as an honor, especially because it's near the top as an early addition.

>> No.74850850

some tip to search those recasters?

>> No.74850852

Are these the best boxnaughts?

>> No.74850857

Same for me.
Legs? cool
Ass bombs? cool
Bird wings? cool
Bird tale? cool
Canopy? cool
Everything together? The fuck were they thinking?!

>> No.74850860

i'm good at posting on 4channel

>> No.74850866

Which one is it?

Kek. Idk ruleswise, but Bangelnaughts are based.

>> No.74850870

I fucking hate it. Could buff the Vanquisher but NOOOOOO MARINEEEEEEEES.

>> No.74850874

I wouldn't mind if all lascannon variants got D3+3 damage. Would make them much more viable. Not sure I like it getting S12.

>> No.74850890


>> No.74850897

other lascannons are still S9 d6. What happened was the marine writer saw the new croissant and decided he needed marines to have a better gun than necrons.

>> No.74850899

>having an anti-tank gun that can actually do anti-tank

but why?

>> No.74850907

bitches cant handle my poorhammer terrain

>> No.74850910

I pick out the models I like the most then smash my head against the concrete wall labeled "melee nids". Someday I know it will crumble and my dimacarion will be worth while.

>> No.74850912

Now I understand why somefags try to break other people's models

>> No.74850933

>Terrain can have traits, but what terrain has what traits is not defined by the rules. You have to make it up yourself and agree with your opponent
There's a "common terrain traits" section that give you the tags for typical things.

>It tells you rules on being inside/outside terrain, but not how boundaries are defined, especially on ruins with no base.
Because terrain doesn't have official models that's always going to be open to a bit of interpretation. Although "use the base" or "draw an invisible line between the outside edges of the walls/terrain elements" seems standard at this point. Both work for inside/outside and aren't particularly challenging or controversial.

>It tells you how many pieces of terrain you should have on a board, but not what they should be. A single crate? A big ruin?
Fair. The setup guidance is not great.

>> No.74850934

It could already do anti-tank you mong

>> No.74850935

There's a subreddit. Can't tell you much because I know there are redshirts here

>> No.74850942

you should

>> No.74850943

No wonder you are poor. Sane people only has one overpriced hobby.

>> No.74850945

Have we seen any profiles for other lascannons? But if that's true, that sucks.

>> No.74850947

Whats a good source for storm grenadiers? They're still in the rules but fw stopped supporting them so I need to find a recaster since I'm finally man enough to play krieg.

>> No.74850948

it's growing on me

>> No.74850950

>new Miscast video is less than 4 minutes long and is better than anything the usual weekly 15 minute Patreon-begging shitters whose content dried up about five weeks after they quit their jobs. could muster

>> No.74850958

anon i am planing to run a crisis squad with at least one model who has a flamer or 2 on them. Just gotta see how i would pick out their weapons, I think the more close range kills they get the more likely they are to choose something like a flamer while a longer range unit would use something else

>> No.74850970


>> No.74850972

White Market Smallitures

>> No.74850977

So this is a Primaris Razorback? Can they please just make a separate codex for their shit?

>> No.74850982


You going to magnetise lad?

>> No.74850986

Most toxic moulds will do that.

>> No.74850989

Fuck that shit, I'm sticking with kino predators

>> No.74850991

Primaris Baal Predator

>> No.74850994

Not a buff. It's functionally identical to the old rules, just expressed entirely via the damage roll rather than a separate line of text.

>> No.74850997

Can anyone tell me if mortis dreads can still take cyclone missile launchers? I want to make a Missilenaught

>> No.74851003

Why would i? My crisis suits will be built fluffly and to the personality of their user, If Shas'vre Whatever feels like she should use a flamer and a missile pod she will be getting one

>> No.74851007


>> No.74851011

I wonder if it will be better than the baal predator once its released

>> No.74851013

Every bad sculpt always does.

>> No.74851015

Old HLD was S:10 dude.

>> No.74851019

Nah really the problem is that Yarrick is an old fart who can't possibly get better rejuvenat treatments, both because he's so old and also because if he were young again his whole character would be out the window. He's only ever going to fight Space Marines now because who cares about big name Guard characters?

>> No.74851022

we've already lost one anon this thread to the magnet menace and here you are recommending it while the body is still warm

>> No.74851029

Thanks dubs, this is the kind of stuff I was looking for.

>> No.74851033

well at least it's better than the basic repulsor, I hate that particular tank design so much

>> No.74851043

Preadator. The impulsor and repulsor both sort of fulfill different roles of the razorback.

>> No.74851045

>Laser s10 min 3 to S12 min 4
>heavy bolter buff
>onslaught S5 to S6
>stubbers 3 shots to 4 shots
Yeah doesn't seem like buffs at all.

>> No.74851051


>> No.74851070

Yeah getting the second magnet in the digestive system is actually where the problems can arise, from what I've been told.

I don't think the odds of pinching your intestines shut are THAT high but I sure wouldn't wanna fuck around and find out. Better to see a doctor so he can give you an ultrasound or auspex scan your tummy or whatever.

>> No.74851072

It's certianly the best tank they've put out thus far for primaris. It's still a bit too busy IMO. Remove the black boxes on the sides of the turrets and some of the lights they have all over the thing and it'd be amazing

>> No.74851094

its fine. its not better than a predator but its totally fine.

the best of the new space marine vehicles.

>> No.74851122

>Quits job to do terrain videos
>Releases video saying he is burnt out on doing terrain videos
Black Magic Craft is such a twat.

>> No.74851125

No it can't. It statistically under performs vs even other Leman Russ canons.

>> No.74851128

>back in stock never
anyone else waiting for inventory updates?

>> No.74851136

Mostly irrelevant. Only matters vs. T6 specifically.

>> No.74851137

well making something your job is a good way to kill any joy you get from it.

>> No.74851141

GW needs to understand that "busy and full of detail" does not equal better. Yes Rhinos are comparatively boring, but you can paint all sorts of things on them or even kitbash. All that stuff just gets in the way, and I'm not sure who it's meant to appeal to.

>> No.74851160

I used to think tactical squads were the best thing ever back in 7th so i bought 3 boxes of these and then painted them and then got sick and tired of painting red. then i learned that tacticals aren't that good and too expensive for their point return and then felt silly

>> No.74851161

Is this supposed to be an example of something that looks good?

>> No.74851165

what a disgusting looking tank.

>> No.74851171

God that looks trash

>> No.74851173

>Anon believes that 1d3+3 is the same as d6 min3

>> No.74851176

>> No.74851177

I don't like the flying base

>> No.74851185

but they look cool though

>> No.74851189

>the buff is not enough
Marine apologist deserve the rope

>> No.74851192

Old HLD was 50% 3 damage, and 16% chance for 4, 5, and 6.
New HLD is 33% 4, 5, and 6 damage, which is absolutely a buff.

>> No.74851195

I member that army being featured in one of the first White Dwarf magazines i ever read

>> No.74851211

Oh they look amazing, its just they are so highly detailed compared to the other normal tactical kits, that i learned a lot about painting shit between legs and stuff very quickly. So many ropes

>> No.74851213

It's not about if it's good or not, it's that the kitbasher was able to pull it off because they didn't have a ton of lights and angles and missile launchers in the way. Pic related is gross but creative, and yes it's not a Rhino.

>> No.74851216

>T6 irrelevant
>lots of xenos vehicles are T6, including all necrons
Sure will be irrelevant wounding everyone else on 2s

>> No.74851220

It’s just plain gross

>> No.74851237

well, at least it's got character

>> No.74851238

Been waiting for one of these glorious bastards forever

>> No.74851253

I have a shitload of Tau bits, would it be kino to make a few breacher teams where everyone's got no helmet on like fucking rambo fishmen? Maybe even give them some headbands?

>> No.74851254


>> No.74851262

It's actually a nerf against necrons

>> No.74851264

It's like the reverse of that monorail in New Vegas

>> No.74851265

Go for it

>> No.74851269

Are you trying to prove marinefags have no taste? Because we already knew that.

>> No.74851287

Only if GW let's them keep QS as is, instead of changing it because marine babies keep crying about how it blocks their big boy guns.

>> No.74851299

Are you making up scenarios where you are oppressed again?

>> No.74851303

Cringe: Sergeant with no helmet
Kino: Sergeant only one with helmet

>> No.74851305

I don't like:
-the over amount of weaponery;
-square looking figure
- hovering tank, specially on the previous point;
- Wack-a-Mole Primaris marine on top
- It looks like it was drawn by a kid
- "Bumper kart!"
- volatile peripherals completely unprotected (tank on the side)
- Those fucking antennas.

Before anyone tells me all tanks are shit, just look at pic related. That's a fucking sexy tank, and doesn't cost that much more than this plastic mess.

>> No.74851323

Forgeworld legit has different design taste than GW as a whole

>> No.74851324

Fuck you, you are the type of person who makes marines look bad. This change makes it excel at killing light vehicles and super heavy infantry, which is pretty much the only other factions doing well right now. It was fine as is, there was no need to buff it like this.

>> No.74851328

Why are you still apologizing for marines?

>> No.74851330

looks like shit

>> No.74851339

Than maybe GW should learn from FW.

>> No.74851341

And do you have any evidence that GW is making such changes?

>> No.74851342

Got some SB/SS Deathwatch dudes glued up, and kitbashed a smash captain and a watch sergeant

>> No.74851344


>> No.74851350

>not fucking xenos

>> No.74851364

Forgot pic

>> No.74851369

So that would be a no then

>> No.74851375

Armigers guy
Baby knights

>> No.74851377

>GW not pointlessly changing rules xenos rules for the worse
How new are you?

>> No.74851379

People like you making up things to be mad about make it so the legitimate grievances are taken less seriously

>> No.74851393

It's a shame it's sleek visual design aesthetic doesn't fit with the Custodes' bling-encrusted overindulgence at all.

>> No.74851408

get good

>> No.74851411

>Noooo you can't complain about marine buffs there are worse things out there
Fuck off with your whataboutism bullshit you sophist.

>> No.74851431

Yeah, I still prefer the Dreadnought as Custodes' main sources of vehicles.

>> No.74851433

Why aren't you complaining about marines buff then, instead of complaining about Necron nerfs that exist only in your head?

>> No.74851450

Bitch did I stutter? If you don't have proof GW has nerfed QS then fuck right off.

>> No.74851460

i play harlequins so i only get like 8 units and i play all of them.

>> No.74851481

At least IG and Chaos are also gonna benefit from the HB upgrade.

>> No.74851626


Yeah I'm actually wondering what the best HB conveyance is gunna be for CSM coming up that's actually not just havocs.

>> No.74851681 [DELETED] 

I have several ork cars now and I have no idea what order to go about the painting. between subassemblies for the crew, all the little panels and details and also trying to use my airbrush for as much as possible to save time, it is a rubix cube of parts

>> No.74851741

>captain with HTH
>HTH with other wargear
>HTH held in one hand
>not using DW stormshield

>> No.74851766

Man how the hell did the postal service last thousands of years?

>> No.74851842

Government enforced monopolies

>> No.74851888

Alright time for some Catachan breachers

>> No.74851904

And then the Zen squad, obviously.

>> No.74851936

Up until 2006 it was posting a multimillion dollar a year surplus income. Then the republicans passed a stupid law making it fund 75 years worth of pensions ahead of time, specifically to drive it into the negatives to justify trying to privatize it.

>> No.74852082

Cringe for using gradeschooler terminology for your attention-whoring.

>> No.74852250

This guy looks like he thinks Warhammer needs more faggots

>> No.74852271

Why the fuck did you swallow a magnet

>> No.74852390

>How do we fix Predators?
>I dunno, give them fly, double the sponson weapons, double the shots of the turret, give a third, high-RoF, turret so the Blood Angels aren't special anymore, add more secondary weapons...
>Which one do we do?
>All of them, also quadruple the sponsons, I don't like that the Land Raider Prometheus so we must invalidate it as a shooting unit.

>> No.74852542

If I shoot my guns at an enemy squad, half in range half outside, can I still kill the ones out of range?

>> No.74852590

Yes. Wounds are applied to the squad as a whole. Only one model has to be in range and visible.

Another note: Because you have to declare all your attacks and then resolve them simultaneously, it's impossible to shoot yourself out of range. For example, if you've got a single model at 12" from the shooter and more behind it, and you shoot your 24" range boltguns first, and your opponent has the front model die, you still get to fire the meltagun because the target was in range at the time shots were declared and all fire is resolved together.

>> No.74852842

You should leave the heads off, they'd look hillarious just with a bit of gore

>> No.74853610

Only acetone pewter models, it melts plastics instantly

>> No.74854607

Not advice bbbbbbby

>> No.74854762

No successors is fucking lame, just like grey knights and custodes it only kills variety and creativity in this hobby.

>> No.74854779

Just do it anyway
No one needs to know

>> No.74854811

BF devolved into mostly character duels because it was a shit game where you die to a stiff breeze.

>> No.74854838

I considered making a black armoured custodes or grey Knight army

>> No.74854870

Dude no one will have a problem with that kek

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