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Not that one fag who thinks his /88lbs/ joke is clever edition.

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>Warhammer TV Tip of the Day:

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

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>/40kg/ Book Megas (Don't share these, cunts):

>Previous Thread: >>74806655

Thread question: Why is it so hard for you dickheads to stop posting off-topic?

Actual thread question: GW asks you to come up with a brand new Imperial Guard regiment for 40k. What are its design themes,style, lore, and Regimental Doctrine special rules?

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FIrst for dkok

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Post your storage solutions for your miniatures (complete and in progress). I need inspiration as I'm cleaning out my closet and getting ready to build some shelves for my stuff.

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I like tau

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*multiple big steppys*

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Lemme see them new dex leaks

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>shitlibs think i'm a bad guy because i empathize with the imperium's political goals
>i'm actually a bad guy because i empathize with and support the orks political goals

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It's true tbf

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Staying on topic doesn't get as many (you)'s. Duh!

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decent, but not as good as powder blue
>literally a war that started as the vietnamese revolting against being a literal french colony
>the US got coopted into supporting france's claims and then stuck around after france left
>the Vietnamese accepted supplies but never really embraced being part of a multinational unified communist state
god you're dense.
that's a cope, anon. We failed our objectives and they succeeded in theirs
blurry res

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Gurd army with no skin showing, think hazmat suits meet flack armour. Form fitting one for a female commissar mini with massive honkers

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What's a good proxy for vespids?

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Can you still play these old metal Storm Troopers ? Got a bunch from buying up a collection.

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Buying from based chinaman

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i like older tau stuff before all the mechs took over

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IKEA Kvissle + Magnets + Cajon Backpack

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Kroot with wings

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>carrying over off-topic from a previous thread
Kill yourself.

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Why do people dislike their helmets so much

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>the Vietnamese accepted supplies but never really embraced being part of a multinational unified communist state

Yes im sure it had nothing to do with expanding the Soviet sphere of influence and curbing western power in the region.

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>the smoke has a blood stain

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honestly a fair point, but not yet
because they replaced the most iconic part of the space marine imagery. I'd argue the frowny grill was more iconic than the paldrons, or at least as much.

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Old player coming back to the hobby. How are the new sisters?

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I don't dislike it, I just like mk 7 helmets more. The primaris helmets are like an updated mk 4.

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Because all other designs look nicer

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Bigger Batman seems like a cooler character than Batman DESU

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This objectively wrong

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Phil Kelly said in some of his interviews that the T'au have the ability and power to find a solution to Chaos and fix the 40K galaxy. They can even *maybe* defeat the Tyranids. Had they risen earlier things might have been different because now it's too late. The doors of hell are fully open and there is no saving the galaxy now.

I am really curious. How would have the T'au saved the galaxy? What could they have done that the Emperor/mankind couldn't do?

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How do they work?

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They're great! The models are a bit monopose and the heads kinda look weird but the helmets look great and all the kits have more than enough. I've got around 30 I'm working on right now and they've got a ton of detail so they're a bit of a painting challenge.

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If I wanted to play Tzeench I'd play AoS.
Outside of Repentia, Immolator and not fixing the He-man issue. The models are fine.

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Shapeways has jet packs for breachers

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bro, id be happy with primaris if at least they weren't a fucking shoehorn but lore will always play second fiddle to models
fuck gwjews

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Like this?

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what's your point, buddy? Oh no, the soviet's were making allies just like the west was. Oh golly. Somehow this makes the US supporting a literal colonial regime not imperialism.

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Am I missing something? But GSC simply ignore Strategic reserve rules?

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In October when their weapons get buffed, they are going to be scary.

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I'll give you mk5 maybe but every other helmet design is better

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And as what ? If i had to guess i would say Tempestus Scions

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I need those models. I only have 20 Karskin and those are not as cool

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to me it feels like it's not something from 40k but something outta halo

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Maybe a bit more armour playing but pretty much

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Can't Strategic Reserves be used for anything?

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this general is almost certainly serving as a simulated social life for a number of anons right now. Also, people fish for (You)s.

Necromundan Spiders are go. We have countless mentions of hive ganger turned guardsmen but none of it is actually reflected in the models. yes i know steel legion are all hivers fuck off

Give me mohawks, padlocks on chains, ramshackle spikes duct taped to guard pauldrons. All that good shit. Also rules for bikers and ambots.

Doctrine rules: Dirty Fighters. All Spider INFANTRY gain light cover when in the open, and all Spider units may reroll wounds (or wound rolls of 1 if that's too crazy) in the fight phase.

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GSC rules have literally nothing to do with Strategic Reserves rules.

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I tried that, but there was always one fucker that would come lose and proceed to peacefully protest the rest of the model into the ground.
So I simply made levels, just in case some one escapes the magnets he will only hit one level of models and not the entire container.

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The helmet isn't bad per se, it's just worse than the screaming mouth grills.

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The question you should be asking is if they ignore “Reinforcements”, not “Strategic Reserves”

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Whats a decent display case that won't make me remortgage a house?

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No, my point was that saying the U.S is evil for imperialism becomes irrelevant when you dont apply the same standard to the Soviets.

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That's literally just a bad writer's excuse for characters to get new kits. Has anyone actually died crossing the Rubicon? No. Smoothbrain.

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Big steppy on me, mommy!

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>IKEA Kvissle
>cant ship in the US, only a few domestic IKEAs in ehole country.
I wish

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The FAQs literally say:
>Matched Play: In matched play, units set up in ambush using this rule do not count as being Strategic Reserves or Reinforcement units.
Just like the image says

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Detolf from ikea is a good starter display case. you can get 2 for under 200 and should be plenty of room for display.

Note - they are slightly cheap feeling.

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Based, good choice. Given GWs recent predilection for bringing back old stuff for nostalgia (GSC, electro-priests, zoats) and the rebooted Necromunda it would be pretty cool if the Guard update was Spiders.

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>Created to counter titans
>struggle against Knights


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the side profile. The bulbus front grill. If it was flat and angular or just mkiv copy paste it would be better

>> No.74811550

Why does GW make it hard for people to buy and play FW models?

>> No.74811551

They don't, they're just lying. It's an updated mk 4 and people loved mk 4 when they could reliably get them via HH.

>> No.74811552

nice tauties

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If tau had gotten to be as prolific as humans or orks, the collective "lol chaos doesn't existit can't hurt you" power would have worked wonders to starve the chaos gods and ultimately calm the tides of the warp dimension. Coupled with all the other sentient races oreven humans believing either that chaos doesn't exist or believing in the greater good would have created basically an anti-chaos entity in the warp that would counteract a lot of the fluctuations of that realm.

Problem is that everyone would have to be half mindless automatons following that greater good belief for it to work.

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can someone do a quick run-by of what meaningful changes have happened to terrain in 9th? I assume +1 to save isn't a thing anymore in cover?

>> No.74811564

I hate this fucking meme. It's a MINIMUM, it should never be enforced or used in official capacity.

>> No.74811583

Well it seems GSC can ignore it.

>> No.74811584


Because they fear that FW models will make the game unbalanced, while their Timmy brings 9 eradicators.

>> No.74811593

Tall terrain blocks LOS even if splindly bits of the model are visible.

Terrain can have "tags" that give enhanced rules. like forests giving -1 to hit etc

>> No.74811603

>He-man issue
Gw didn't learn, did they.

>> No.74811606

man fuck the tau, literslly good for nothing eldar puppets

>> No.74811623

Do they let in dust? That’s my biggest pet peeve

>> No.74811625

>GW Official models only
>but not this GW Official models

>> No.74811627

Yeah not only they have nothing to do with strategic reserves, you also have a faq confitming that They have nothing to do with them. I fail to see what the question is

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You should see the rest of her.

>> No.74811646

>tfw just ordered a fuckton of OoP kroot stuff
Looking forward to my auxiliary-heavy fail-list.
I've been advised to run the knarloc riders as krootox in matched play, but I don't know what to do with the great knarloc. It's about riptide size, maybe I find a big tau gun to strap to the top?

My buddy keeps talking about trying the small size and I'm like dude, I just got this big-ass table for us to play on, and you play GSC, you're gonna get screened out super easily on a small board.

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I could use a hand with a problem I am having.
My friend and I are doing crusade battles against eachother and having fun with it. Thing is I'm playing chaos and in one game I did demon summoning and he watched as I brought in Greater demons, massive Daemonette swarms, a butchery of Blood Letters. He basically called the Demon Summoning rules broke, and we agreed to try to work up an AOS style of demon summoning where I earn points to summon in my shit.

I'm playing Word Bearers. Here is what we have so far.
When summoning a demon a character or squad with an icon must spend ritual points from the pool available equal to the power level of what is being summoned. These points are gained if, a character, vehicle, unit with an icon, or monster destroys a unit, and gains an additional d3 points if the destroyed unit was a character, vehicle, or monster.

The Spell Incursion grants d3 ritual points, and if the player has enough points to perform a summoning he must.
A Venom Crawler generates 1 ritual point every turn it and a master of possessions are on the table.

Seem fair?

>> No.74811665

They aren't air tight. But they are also dirt cheap. If dust bothers you you shouldn't be smoking or vacuuming more.

>> No.74811668

They're not the Mk V bulldog look I love

>> No.74811675

In fairness, like any scientific endeavor, the more they've performed the procedure the more they've presumably ironed things out. They probably do shit like force the drug-sac to fire during the brain surgery portion to make sure they keep getting the same results as Calgar under the knife, where he went into full arrest but the Belisarian Furnace brought him back from the brink long enough to complete the implantation.

>> No.74811700

they're cool

>> No.74811702

Youre playing with reinforcement points for the summoning right? Its balanced, you rolled well and he got unlucky, shit happens.

>> No.74811713

Swear I read somewhere Cato Sicarius is a half Eldar time traveller. Anybody got a link?

>> No.74811719

Because it looks like a squished FW MkIV.

>> No.74811733

So GSC can simply deepstrike turn one, put whatever number of units they want out of the board and even start with no troops on the table.

>> No.74811739

No we are not. Reinforcement points for summoning or Imperial Assassins are not used in Narrative Play.

>> No.74811740

Stupid fucking ordo chronos shitposting. pic related

>> No.74811758

Nice. Are the trays magnetic as standard? Do you ever have problems with other players also having magnetised bases and stuff?

>> No.74811776

There's a reason its used in matched play - broken as shit otherwise. take off 1/2 of the PL cost in matched and run it as is

>> No.74811793

>Are the trays magnetic as standard?
They are metallic, so yes, you only need to out magnets under the bases.
>Do you ever have problems with other players also having magnetised bases and stuff?
No, the magnetic force is basically not existent perpendicularly to the bases.

>> No.74811800

What size are you using and how many? Mine seem to always fall off

>> No.74811813

That's exactly what the rules says. What's your problem with it?

>> No.74811830

Wasn't it to kill Tyranids?

>> No.74811851

i feel like Tau have decent your dude story stuff along the lines of space marines as each fire warrior can eventually receive high command ranks. I wish the female tau head didn't look so stupid

>> No.74811854

That was the question. I really find it odd that GW give Nids a buff intentionally

>> No.74811856

Adhesive magnet tape, cut in rectangles on mdf flat bases with a bit of glue. Unless the case gets rattled it holds pretty well.
For the tanks i'd to resort to gluing it on the lower tracks, mostly hidden

>> No.74811875

Which is funny, because basically every instance of knights or titans fighting nids is
>haha look at all the little bugs, i'll focus on that big one back there

>> No.74811879

In better editions and lore, Tau used aircraft and combined tank formations to kill Knights and Titans
Then this shit shows up as a counter for Titans because "lol muh center piece model"

>> No.74811882

They had that rule since the GSC codex first came out, before it got hammered with subsequent nerf after nerf.

>> No.74811883

You're making no sense here.

>> No.74811897

Yeah slow down there champ. everything after your first sentence stopped making sense.
What do you mean "take off 1/2 of the PL cost in Matched and run it as is?"

This makes no sense? In matched? We aren't playing matched play? We are playing Narrative.

Reduce the Power Level of what by half?

Are you saying that I should reduce the PL of the demons by half for how many of the points I need to spend to summon them? So 1 point summons nurglings?

>> No.74811902

Not really. Just 200 Knights IIRC defeated a Tyranid fleet.

>> No.74811909

On a side note does "boots on the ground" rule even exist in 9th?
Fucking 9th feels like they added and removed things at random

>> No.74811913

There are a lot of good 3rd party head swaps to fix that.

>> No.74811922

TQ: Canadian Sniper Guard. All in guillysuits and long range riffles. Dope aircrafts but no tanks and shit in melee.

>> No.74811940

You can just paint red leaves on your Tau yknow

>> No.74811947

Remember when GW released those ugly ass Tau flyer kit everyone hated. I’m guessing no one bought that and they were like “welp better stick to gundams”

>> No.74811948

I use 2x10 neodymium. I put one under warriors and smaller, two under Hive Tyrant/Carnifex, three under Tyrannofex and four under Trygons and similar. They hold pretty well

>> No.74811971

FW flyer where cool. Plastic abortions that GW made... I like to pretend they do not exist

>> No.74811976

I fucked up by painting a legion color I should have just made my own now im shoe horned into a specific play style

>> No.74811987

What's wrong with the Ork and Eldar flyers?

>> No.74811991

It's now a part of the generic objective rules. Aircraft and fortification can't hold objectives. It's a little different from Boots in the ground as now Flyers that aren't Aircraft like Heldrakes or Tyranids ones can hold objectives.

>> No.74812003


>> No.74812013

They're fine, we're just t'aulking about t'au flyers

>> No.74812018

you've got a bug on the outside of you carry case dude you might wanna catch it.

>> No.74812019

No one you play against will care if they are well painted.

>> No.74812021

not at random, everything was done to help 'objective gain' play; buffing static units and long range but nerfing anything that isn't supposed to be a melee army. The problem is they suck at their job and only succeed in making charges an all-or-nothing gamble and anything shooty a sniper/artillery grind. Not that there was ever much of a mid-range game but now it's fucking gone.

>> No.74812025

Good luck getting on to a bus or subway with a case full of metal and magnets. You are going to be on the floor eating concreate, trying to explain fast and few words why the thing isn't a bomb, weapons or other contraband.

And when they open it, you will start explaining why a 30+ men has something that looks like toys for young boys. And it better not be the part of the year when the state is out to find the pedos.

>> No.74812028

So Cadian Hazardous Environment/Kasrkin girl?

>> No.74812033

It's ok its name is Jim

>> No.74812035

>adding pointless detail shit onto a perfectly fine design

Why do tacticools do this?

>> No.74812048

We don't live in a totalitarian dictatorship. If anyone pulled that on you, you'd sue for millions.

>> No.74812064


so is +1 to save still a thing for all terrain? With a few getting further bonuses?

>> No.74812068

You've never actually been on public transit have you

>> No.74812070

Sorry bitch, how do weak magnets and metal plates effect busses or subways?????

>> No.74812072

It's a thing for "hard" terrain. Things like woods instead give -1 to hit.

>> No.74812084

Even at airports its has not been an issue.
I get "random" checks due to my name than my big ass case.
I'm more worried about a single model getting lose and hitting everything else inside.
That is a more sane option.

>> No.74812085

What fucking dictatorship do you live in where they're screening every package on a bus to tell if it's metal?

>> No.74812101

I was just looking at fw and a lot of dkok stuff is missing. Is this a bad sign?

>> No.74812112

Don't forget what dictator ship is he living in where they think any metal is a gun, when it could just be builders tools?

>> No.74812117

If you're talking about 40k I'm sure plenty of players wouldn't even necessarily recognize that as WE. Run them as whatever you like. You could even say they're a warband/renegades who happened to have the same scheme coincidentally, or instead chose to emulate Pre-Heresy world eaters for some reason.

>> No.74812123

That's pretty universally considered retarded lore by almost anyone's standards, though. The nids in that story somehow did nothing except throw gaunts at knights and completely forget the entire rest of their codex, let alone all their lore stuff like tyrannoforming.

>> No.74812126

they're getting a codex this year, FW is extremely wonky and inconsistent but DKOK are like 80% of FW's sales so they're not going away anytime soon

>> No.74812146

is this a better melee weapon than current power fist rules? Same cost
S+3 AP-3 D1

>> No.74812149

the state of bongs. getting beat up over army men. learn to drive maybe lol

>> No.74812152

Thoughts on the word bearers

>> No.74812160

To be fair, if he's living somewhere where every public transport apparently has airport level security or better and the initial reaction of security is to pound you into the concrete, I can believe they'd consider tools to be a weapon.

>> No.74812169


>> No.74812172

Very cool. I wish more of their models had books

>> No.74812176

Buncha pooftas

>> No.74812191

In which case this could mean the molds needed to be redone.

Or given how mainline GW stuff is bouncing in and out of availability could mean that they sold though back stop and have to make more.

Legion trait needs an update, it's rather weak, but they aren't bad. They have some pretty good relics and Warlord traits but seem pretty tied to demon summoning.

>> No.74812193

I've got info from a 100% solid source that multiple new Tyranid models are on the way "of various sizes". No word on when, just that they've been spotted in the design studio. This could mean they're still years out, or we could get a sneak peak on Saturday.

Take with salt as you will, I don't have any proof, but my source hasn't been wrong before.

>> No.74812195

You might be mixing it with Tigurius who was indeed a half eldar back in the day. No idea where the time traveling comes from tho

>> No.74812197

Worst legion, worst primarch. Which is saying something because that's some steep competition.

>> No.74812203

Unless he lives in an airport.

>> No.74812205

Cool aesthetics lame edgy lore.

>> No.74812212

>Oi mate u got a loicense for dem space men

>> No.74812221

Cuz 10/10 helmets in a squad look 100% the same. Needs more variety

>> No.74812225

>he's br*tish
i'm so glad I'm not from that godforsaken island

>> No.74812226

That lad was fired, don't you know.

Black Library/GW ousted him.

>> No.74812231

A guard regiment that is done in 15mm scale to match the rest of the game moving to 15mm scale because 28mm is fucking atrocious for this game and is holding it back.

>> No.74812237

>Worst legion, worst primarch
Except Lorgar was right. The Emperor was retarded for lying to his sons about Chaos, rather than educating them on its temptations.

>> No.74812240

>Black Library
Not anymore lol

>> No.74812241


We call it an underground, that's not a british guy.

>> No.74812243

Press D to dab on this man's life

>> No.74812246

That dude was fired, because it turns out GW cares more about profit than politics

>> No.74812247

calth was an act of self defence

>> No.74812250


>> No.74812259

thats why i had to screen shot it for posterity

>> No.74812261


Anyone bother to un-"redact" today's regimental standard? Kinda want to see what it says, if anything, but not interested enough considering there's a decent chance it doesn't say anything

>> No.74812271

Did they remove no turn one deep strike in 9th?

>> No.74812274

If the GSC loves the Tyranids why can't the Tyranids just reciprocate that love? It rather mean to use and manipulate the GSC.

>> No.74812285

come on guys, he clearly that polish guy

>> No.74812291

>suicide attempt survivor
why would you broadcast this? "I've been mentally unstable in the past to the point of almost taking my life, how are you"

>> No.74812293

What fucking insane world do you live in? The last time I rode the bus they carried an ODing tweaker off and I was worried because I still had my gun in my bag. Some dude with magnets won't cause anyone to bat an eye here.

>> No.74812296

Exalted Possession is the dopest shit and I want more of it.

Gimme a Dark Channeling stratagem, please, GW.

>> No.74812303

Upset, anon?

>> No.74812305

He's posting from the Shadowrun universe, I reckon.

>> No.74812308

No. It's part of the mission rules for the matched play missions.

>> No.74812309


classic low IQ posts really

>> No.74812312


>> No.74812316

>threatens to use his position in BL to push his politics
>routinely racebaits and calls customers sexist for not wanting spacemarines to be eunuchs

He got fired for being extremely online, nerd

>> No.74812325

Probably because he clearly didn't actually try commiting suicide at all and has that there because a) it's pity points and b) NOONE would dare question the legitimacy of such a subject

>> No.74812333

>Except Lorgar was right.
No he wasn't. He was the only retard dumb enough to fall for chaos without having to be poisoned by some magical chaos weapon or something like that, and he already showed that he was going to do what he wanted no matter what the emperor told him, otherwise monarchia would have never happened. Even if emps told him everything and commanded him to never fall for them he already showed that he didn't give a shit about emp's commands

>> No.74812335

Ah, was looking at reinforcement rules, thanks.

>> No.74812336

>Suicide attempt survivor
why would anyone unironically write this about themselves?

>> No.74812338

Tyranids likely don’t understand the concept of love, or at least they don’t feel it themselves. The Hive Mind is utterly alien to common ways of thinking.

>> No.74812342


>> No.74812346

As was monarchia, then.

>> No.74812348 [SPOILER] 

that position is inherently political, politically based that is

>> No.74812366

He was "right" as he was a natural repercussion of the Emp's autustic refusal to enlighten his sons about Chaos.

He was also right about the Emp being a God, even if he refused to call himself one.

>> No.74812368

I'd rather be double digit IQ than British, because that's mainly single digit IQ

>> No.74812372

>caring what bongs call their shit

>> No.74812373

He gt fires for getting into an internet shouting match and calling a nazi to someone who happened to be a GW investor

>> No.74812378

...but anon, that makes me sad...

>> No.74812379


>> No.74812384


>> No.74812390

>saying brits are single IQ
>The nation with the most amount of inventions ever, gifted to mankind as a whole

What has america done other than make cheeseburgers?

>> No.74812391

Well some Hive Fleets have Road trips with their cultist.

>> No.74812394

>implying Monarchia wasn't a huge mistake by the Big E and single handedly caused the fall of his entireplan

>> No.74812400

I wish nothing but bad things to happen to people who literally look like basedboy wojack

>> No.74812401

I honestly prefer that.

>> No.74812405

The Emperor was fucking wrong though? Like, objectively, gods existed and he is one.

>> No.74812412

Why does that make you sad?
All it means is that now you can have a heartwarming story about the Cultists teaching the Tyranids the true meaning of love!

>> No.74812416


>> No.74812423

Ah yes, landing on the moon with nazi rocket tech.

Try again.

>> No.74812431

Correct. Hence, Lorgar was right. The Emperor's autism was his fatal weakness.

>> No.74812436


>> No.74812441

>make hamburger country!

>> No.74812447

>Nazi rocket meme
The key to Apollo's success was our advancements in rudimentary programming and computerization, edgelord.

>> No.74812448


>> No.74812452

>Tau meet the imperial guard


>> No.74812455

We call our shit "Primaris" and you chucklefucks eat it up at a premium

>> No.74812460

If it was so easy you should have been able to do it first

>> No.74812466

>He was "right" as he was a natural repercussion of the Emp's autustic refusal to enlighten his sons about Chaos.
No. Lorgar's desperate need to find something to worship is not the fault of the emperor. There is no evidence that had lorgar been told about chaos he wouldn't have worshiped them, because as already stated he had shown that he wasn't interested in listening to the emperor.

>> No.74812472

>The key to Apollo's success was our advancements in rudimentary programming and computerization, edgelord.
Yes, computers made by the british and calculations performed by literal nazi scientists the Americans took on to win the race against the russians in the cold war.

I know more than you on this subject. Just stop.

>> No.74812485

>>The nation with the most amount of inventions ever, gifted to mankind as a whole

Name anything relevant in the last 50 years

>> No.74812486

He wasn't interested in listening to the Emperor because the Emperor was lying to him.

>> No.74812497


>> No.74812499

The actual internet.

>> No.74812502

I don’t have the exact page number, but the last Genestealer Codex mentions that some cults go fleet-based and will follow Hive Fleets across the galaxy.

>> No.74812504

>I know more than you on this subject. Just stop.
Hello cringe department?

I know you're seething, but the advancements came primarily from MIT, not "Nazi Scientists".

>> No.74812505

Obviously. Basically all of the falls could have been avoided. Magnus, Lorgar, and Perty most of all.

>> No.74812512


>> No.74812514

The Emperor literally made him so its kinda his fault...

>> No.74812523

>Stealing credit from the US army
kek ok

>> No.74812535

Depends entirely on how you define "gods". If you take it to mean "a superhuman being with power over nature or human fortunes", then sure, but that would include pretty much every psyker as well. If you're taking the monotheistic definition of God, then no, emps wasn't, nor are the chaos gods

>> No.74812538

> literally phoo-phooing mankind's greatest achievement, and dismissing a mountain of then-revolutionary technology that made it happen because one of those techs was not 100% american.
Get the fuck off 4chan, turn off your computer, go outside, and talk to real human beings! You have spent too much time in the cesspit of the internet.

Either you will learn to Human better, or you will catch the COVID, either outcome will be a win for us all.

>> No.74812542

Legal? Illegal? What happens if the one in the middle is destroyed with units on top?

>> No.74812544

Nope, we made it.

We've also invented Graphene.
And cloning. Yes, cloning was us too.

>> No.74812547

Exactly. Honestly, Emperor should have gone all in on it and embraced the cult.

>> No.74812550

No? Like at all. Why would you even bother with that. It's worse for anyone who can actually take a powerfist

>> No.74812559

Emperor didn't jet him to a planet of crazy chaos priests who instilled in him the need to worship. That's edras fault.

>> No.74812563

all those inventions and uh who's military bases are all over the world? not even american too lmao

>> No.74812565

I fucking love this guys twitter. It is like watching someone fight to justify their shitty existence with even shittier behavior. I hope he streams three or four suicide attempts.

>> No.74812566

What is this a 40k multi-story car park?

>> No.74812567

They’re beings of cosmic power. They’re gods in the way Cthluhu is.

>> No.74812568

Because old good, new bad.

>> No.74812573

That's adorable.

>> No.74812577

God, what a shitty twist...

>> No.74812580

>complaining about brit names i a thread about a brit game


>> No.74812583

Because they look considerably less angerey.

>> No.74812586

He only belived emps was lying to him because of the influence of literal chaos worshipers. He believed erebus and kor phaeron when they told him "emps is lying, gods are real", so there's no reason to believe he wouldn't believe them if they said "emps is lying, chaos is good"

>> No.74812587

not gotten beat up for taking army men on the subway or whatever you snaggletoothed crumpetmunchers call it

>> No.74812597

By almost any definition the emperor and the Chaos Gods qualify as "gods". Anything else is pedantry.

>> No.74812598

So not at all?

>> No.74812609

Again, that describes a good deal of 40k beings. Old ones, necrons, pre-fall eldar, and some extremely powerful psykers all fit that bill as well, yet lorgar wasn't worshiping them

>> No.74812610

>Nope, we made it.
Tell that to ARPA

>We've also invented Graphene.
I said relevant, not cool but incapable of being produced economically, hence useless.

>And cloning
Again, I said relevant

>> No.74812615

So I have one other item on my To Do. I want to add some extra heavy firepower to my Order of Battle. We are currently running at 50pl. My Order is sitting at 60 PL of Word Bearers as follows.
* Amulekiah - Daemon Prince w/ Wings (Axe, Warp Bolter - Sacriligious Regen, Crown of Blasphemer, Well Balanced (Axe)
* Korihor - Master of Possesions (Master of Union, Psychic Fortitude for 1 extra power known)
* Nehor - Dark Apsotle (Mark of Slaanesh)
* Daughters of Chaos - Cultists x10 (Leader CCW + Pistol, x1 Flamer, X3 Autogun, x5 Pistol + CCW, Mark of Shame)
* Missionaries of the Neverborn - Cultists x10 (Leader: CCW+ Pistol, x1 Heavy stubber, X1 CCW + Pistol, X7 AutoGun)
* Squad Elias - CSM x10 (AC: Combi Plas + Chain Axe, x2 Reaper Chaingun, x7 Bolter)
* Noah the Burnt - Hellbrute (x1 Plasma cannon, x1 Scourge Mark of Slaanesh)
* Archleon - Greater Possesed
* Fell Fated - Possesed x5
* Urasurai - Obliterator x5
* Kor'theron - Forge Fiend (x2 Hades X1 Ectoplasm)

I'm spending 2 resource to up my list to 70, any idea what would be a good addition?
A Contemptor maybe? I could probably convert up a butcher cannon if that would be a good choice, or use an Ecto cannon from my forge fiend kit.
Or would a Defiler work good?

I'm having to deal with a pair of nasty distraction carnifexes in the form of Castellan Robots and a Datasmith. I can't just ignore them because those Phosfex blasters are nasty.

>> No.74812616

Cthulu isn't a god though, you could have picked literally any other being and been right.

>> No.74812622

very good. They have a very recent codex with a good mixture of tools to play with and the new models are great. Kit comes with a ton of options so you can get a lot out of the basic 10 sister box. Bitch to paint, though.

>> No.74812635

No. The emperor was literally lying to him. Magnus knew it too.

The primordial truth was becoming clear to the Primarchs as they completed the Great Crusade, and rather than explain the truth about their birth, he lied to them.

The Horus Heresy lied directly as a consequence for this decision.

>> No.74812643

Well, we made the base internet, america lapped it up like the dogs they are and made it "HURP DURP MILLYTARY" and that's it. Then a brit took the shitty internet network on the u.s. military and made it six million times more useful by actually giving it a purpose for everyone else and changed the world.

America could have changed the world, but you didn't, you kept it for your army like retards.

>> No.74812645

>seething anglo so unironically mad they've been lapped by their former colony

>> No.74812652


>> No.74812654

Why even post this?

>> No.74812659

Holy fuck sucks to be you

>> No.74812661

Now explicitly illegal in 9th. Buildings cannot be placed within 3" of another terrain feature or another building not part of it's own datasheet.

>> No.74812664

>By almost any definition the emperor and the Chaos Gods qualify as "gods".
No. By the definition used by nearly every major monotheistic religion neither emps nor chaos wasn't.
The only definitions of god which emps and chaos fit are going to describe a very large number of beings in 40k.

>> No.74812665

I'm the britbong, I don't recall us making nukes.

>> No.74812666

Seething so hard you need to rewrite history to explain why you went from the world's preeminent power to a backwater in 100 years.

>> No.74812681


>> No.74812688

Silence, satan. We all know Britian has made the best inventions and only lost its power thanks to fighting Nazi Germany

>> No.74812689

Newfaggot here, first minis ever made, just primed them with Tamiya Fine Primer.

This a good enough coverage? I had another mini and I think I used too much as I lost some detail, assume there's a sweet spot between coverage and thickness. Any tips on getting it right? I think this is ok but not entirely sure

>> No.74812690

Pure pedantry. Im sure you're fun at parties.

>> No.74812691

Should be the poster child instead of black legion, super religious chaos boys is a much more interesting undevided legion than "uh they're mad about horus being dead I guess"

>> No.74812701

That's some fucking sweet ass thin priming.

>> No.74812706

pissing off br*ts is so easy and fun lmao

>> No.74812711

It's much better to ere on the side of less. You don't need perfect coverage for primer to do its job.

>> No.74812717

Easy because you americans are insufferable idiots. And fun because your lack of intelligence gives you satisfaction from nothing better to do.

This thread is legit better when it's UK not US hours.

>> No.74812730


Yeah, they should really have a Volcano Cannon type option for their main gun if they want to live up to their fluff.

>> No.74812745

Christ, I’m a christfag but even I understand that a monotheistic definition isn’t the only one.

>> No.74812770

He didn’t know of them, and they weren’t worthy of it. The Emperor could have been.

Could have been very Zarathustra, but instead Emps chose autism.

>> No.74812775

It's not pedantry when the definitions are critical to the conversation. Whether or not emps and chaos are actual gods by definition is key to whether or not lorgar was right. If that definition does not include a number of other beings in 40k is also critical, because if lorgar wasn't worshiping them then his other key axiom "we should worship gods" falls apart

>> No.74812792

I leik necrons, they're robot skeletons and I like that.

>> No.74812797

It must be hard to be this dumb.

>> No.74812804

>and they weren’t worthy of it
And neither was emps

>> No.74812810

Fuck I'm so lazy. I want to paint but all I do is masturbate, play videogames, eat hot chip, and lie

>> No.74812812

Opps. Forgot some details.
Missionaries of Neverborn have Shell Shock
Squad Elias has Grizzled
Urasari has Improved sights on Fleshmetal Guns
and Kor'Theron has Improved Sites on Ectoplasma.
Nehor was Spec Reinfrocemet (Dark Council) and has the prayers Mutating Invocration, Warp Sight Plea, and Illusory Supplication.
Korihor has psychic powers:
Cursed Earth, Incursion, and Infernal Power.

>> No.74812824

Not an argument

>> No.74812838

for dudes a fair few of these. pretty good use of space, only rarely is a guy too tall.

>> No.74812843

Individual Tyranids wouldn't feel love, but I imagine the or a Hive Mind can. I imagine when a hive fleet splinters, it develops a seperate Hive Mind. A Hive Mind is basically one intelligent force. If hive fleets have splintered thousands upon millions of times, and each splinter adapts to best suit its environment, then perhaps a splinter fleet has encountered an environment where love is its best strategy for survival.

Imagine a hive fleet splinters off into a realm of space occupied by god-like beings. The Tyranids would be like toys to them, or what dogs are to us. Perhaps that Hive Mind decides the best strategy for survival is to be cute and loveable. They might become soft and fluffy creatures bred only to love their alien overlords. The Hive Mind might build its creatures as organic toys; hive fleet Mattel. Or the Hive Mind could prey upon the sexual desires of their alien overlords, creating a legion of vibrating dildogaunts. The Hive Mind might think it can play the long game; infiltrate their planet with cuteness and love, then strike.

You can then imagine that part of that love fleet then splinters off and reverts to survival mode in the traditional Tyranid way. They might retain their cute and loveable appearance while ripping everything to shreds and stripping its biomass.

Unless there is some lore that suggests that all Tyranids are controlled by just one Hive Mind and fleets don't operate independently, then I am certain that Tyranid Love Fleets could exist. There are Hive Fleets that prey on other fleets in the lore, so I don't think that's true.

I'm not sure what to capitalise in this post, so I'm just posting it as I wrote it.

>> No.74812847

Priming plastic models is way less important than people think. A light single coat will be enough. They said you've done a very good job. Switch to grey next time though best option for 95% of jobs

>> No.74812853

Not even American bro, hahaha, watch out the knife police are right behind you, better produce your license bruv

>> No.74812855

Set aside 1 hour a day to paint.

>> No.74812860

why on earth are you proud of being British? i'm not, this country is a shithole

>> No.74812866

Where are you from in the UK?

>> No.74812868

In China I had two separates instances of deodorant being confiscated on the subway.

>> No.74812873

as long as you have a smooth even color to work with as your base you are golden.

>> No.74812884


>> No.74812885


>> No.74812905

Oop, comment deleted. Alright, but I saw it.

It's a nice place in the UK, how can you not like this country living in such a nice place?

>> No.74812929

>Can't even speak his own language (uses "legit" instead of "legitimately")
>Attempts to insult the intelligence of another

>> No.74812931

a single fleet also RKOed House Ravens homeworld, making the remaining knights nomadic
lore is, was, and always will be inconsistent as shit

>> No.74812937

Yeah because I can be arsed to write in full eloquent sentences all the time.


>> No.74812958

>getting anything
want to know how i know youre lying?

>> No.74812962

i would rather be anything other than American. I would literally rather be black. Your nation is responsible for ALL degeneracy and decadence in the west.

>> No.74812967

The Hive Mind doesn’t splinter, all Tyranids are controlled by the same Hive Mind.
The Tyranids codex explicitly says that when two Hive Fleets encounter each other, as long as there is no other danger around, the Hive Mind has them fight each other to determine which adaptations are strongest, while making the winning fleet much larger.
That doesn’t negate each Hive Fleet doing things differently though. The Hive Mind likes to experiment and develop different specializations for each Hive Fleet to see what does and doesn’t work.

>> No.74812973

Does anyone have the Repulsor Execution instructions? All the ones I can find on the web have been taken down.

>> No.74812975

>Actual thread question: GW asks you to come up with a brand new Imperial Guard regiment for 40k. What are its design themes,style, lore, and Regimental Doctrine special rules?
I think there's design space for a guerrilla-focused regiment -- not the Catachan "army of Rambos" type but actual stealth and ambush tactics. Give them extra bonuses for being in cover and ideally something for attacking enemies that are already engaged, setting up booby traps and sniping. Tacticool optional.

>> No.74812983

Ah, but I never claimed to be American!

>> No.74812984

Correct, its a statement.

Aping Moly only works if you can actually demonstrate a level of intelligence beyond that of a mollusk.

>> No.74812992

>the hivemind is just some fat V-tard sitting on his ass playing AoE 2 in the warp

>> No.74812994

>The Emperor could have been.

>> No.74812997

>GW asks you to come up with a brand new Imperial Guard regiment for 40k. What are its design themes,style, lore, and Regimental Doctrine special rules?

Regiment based on the Imperial Japanese
They use smaller human-sized power swords
They perform banzai charges and the like

They fight on the eastern fringe of the universe, primarily against the tau doing full on WW2 japanese things like hiding in caves and the like.

>> No.74813002

Because it's true.

Just remember this post when it gets revealed.

>> No.74813007

Words are made up, guy.

>> No.74813008

How many psykers is too many for a tyranids army?

>> No.74813014

Anon, that mean the hive fleets have seperate hive minds untill they reunite. Your quote disproved your ow point.

>> No.74813015

>I was only pretending to be retarded/american!

>> No.74813019


>> No.74813020



>> No.74813022

I did nothing but point out his failure in speaking proper English, despite his claims of mental superiority.

>> No.74813029

Lighting is probably bad but it is a grey primer.

Someone recommended black to me, someone else white, but grey looks like it'd work out in most cases like you say

Good stuff


>> No.74813031

>Your nation is responsible for ALL degeneracy and decadence in the west
spoken like a true retard

>> No.74813032

Although you are right about the thread being better in British hours, you're getting baited by a retard just stop

>> No.74813035


>And cloning. Yes, cloning was us too

Good thing we discovered DNA for you bud.

>> No.74813045

nice one. mate

>> No.74813059

Not remotely. Multiple damage is extremely valuable, and in many cases the hit penalty would be offset by the lower strength.

>> No.74813066

Considering loads of your good units are Psykers, not including Zoans which are excellent, probably a lot

>> No.74813067

No number of insults will make you any less wrong
You've yet to provide a definition of god that doesn't describe a plethora of beings in 40k, including those which lorgar knew about and interacted with, yet never asserted to be gods. And if one does accept one of those definitions, then you still have to prove that the second part of lorgar's assertion about emps, that he was/could be worthy of worship as a god. Lorgar wasn't just asserting that emps was just a god in the Lectitio Divinitatus, but that he was uniquely worthy of worship.

>> No.74813069

still undecided on whether to do tau or guard with this aesthetic. ruled out gue'vesa yesterday so it's either one or the other. not sure yet.

>> No.74813082

That would be the Swiss and Germans

>> No.74813089

>The Hive Mind doesn’t splinter, all Tyranids are controlled by the same Hive Mind.

Not according to the Gladius video game.

>> No.74813096

I want to start collecting but its just so expensive. Any tips?

>> No.74813104

no, it was the english you low wit

>> No.74813117

No it doesn’t. It’s the same Hive Mind across all Tyranids. Nothing in Tyranids fluff talks about there being more than one Hive Mind, and it is always talked about in the singular. It is a single entity. That’s why, for example, Hive Fleet Kronos knew how to counter Daemons during the Second Battle of Shadowbrink. Because Hive Fleet Leviathan already bear Daemons in the First Battle of Shadowbrink, so the Hive Mind already knew what strategies to employ.
Hell, other Hive Fleets will leave defenseless, but biomass filled planets behind for Hive Fleet Kronos to eat since it fights enemies it can’t eat. The Hive Fleets help each other out without ever having met because there is only a single intelligence directing them.

>> No.74813119

It is an ironic fact that Tau actually look pretty good in grey.

Just run lots of stealthsuits.

>> No.74813120

Start Collecting Kits are a god send.
Do a slow grow thing like Crusdade.

>> No.74813121

Its not *that* expensive. Just avoid buying paint, tools, glue etc from GW because they're all overpriced. Start Collecting sets, if they're good for the faction you want, are decently discounted

>> No.74813123

>video games
not canon, retard

>> No.74813126

get a job

>> No.74813140

Gladius is literally the only thing that says otherwise, and considering it’s no directly from GW, I would take its lore with a grain of salt. Like how Dawn of War had Khornate Sorcerers and Psykers all over the place.

>> No.74813143

Anon, the fuck the point of the fight if they are litteral copies of each other.

>> No.74813150

6s generate extra wounds on enemies that have fired over 12" in the last firing phase or something along those lines.

>> No.74813157

how to am evolution and adversity
how to am survival of fittest

>> No.74813159

If the Hive Mind could splinter then it would have done so when it temporarily died when the Great Rift opened

>> No.74813163

According to Fire Warrior a single Tau can slaughter Space Marines with a knife because they can't look down

>> No.74813172

Not him, but just because the hive mind controlling them is the same doesn't mean the actual hive fleets are. The fight is to figure out which fleet is better adapted and then absorb the good genes of the other

>> No.74813175

>whats the point of the fight if theyre copies
because the winner gets all the biomorphs and biomass of the loser, making the fleet stronger in the long run

>> No.74813183

Anon, evolution doesn't apply when an intelligent force is creating and assessing creations.

>> No.74813188

according to battlefleet gothic 2 abbadon eats shit and dies right before the eye of terror is permanently closed in every possible future

>> No.74813190

I'm getting back into the hobby, and with more appreciation for well painted minis and proper techniques I realized I need to unpaint my old minis cause they're atrocious.
I also just got done removing all the moldlines and other artefacts left from the manufacturing process, and I realize how awfully I had assembled some of the minis.
Please forgive me, I swear I will make it right with this next batch of minis. I will remove all moldlines and thin my paints.

>> No.74813205

why not? if i make two things fight eachother the one that wins is a better fighter. whatever adaptions he has might be the reason why. done

>> No.74813218

Why do you think cows and pigs look the way they do, anon

>> No.74813221

>the hand of God brute forcing rapid evolution
literally one of the oldest and most enduring tropes of science fiction

>> No.74813230

How exactly do you think that the force is creating them?

>> No.74813231

So different hive fleets can pass on their knowledge, but they can't use that knowledge until they've consumed the other fleet that has them? Why doesn't the hive mind just share the genetic code to create them without the big mess?

>> No.74813232

>cold beans on white bread

>> No.74813239

How do I come up with a background for my Guard regiment?

>> No.74813244


>> No.74813246

Who said they're cold?

>> No.74813266

>cold beans


Is this truly what the nation who boils their water in a microwave thinks?

>> No.74813270

Priming black is a mistake 90% of the time unless airbrushing or you really know what you're doing.

>> No.74813279

The Hive Mind is essentially playing a war game with itself, except forces actually die. It’s an experiment, and considering the winners eat the losers, there are no permanent losses, and the winning Hive Fleet becomes larger.
Think of it like this:
>Hive Mind: Hmmm... I wonder what happens if I have Hive Fleet Behemoth try this strategy against an entrenched ranged foe? I know, I’ll have a Behemoth splinter fight a Kronos splinter to give it a test run.”

>> No.74813285

how the fuck do you think the tyranids, a race which assimilates genetic code through devouring and breaking down life, passes on genetic code?
DNA is not something that can be passed on via the warp, anon. and if the two fight then the stronger fleet just builds more shit out of its new biomass, no need to repurpose existing ones

>> No.74813290


>> No.74813294

Like i said early, this tism timmy is just pretending pedantry is an argument.

>> No.74813306

dont forget, they also wash their meat

>> No.74813314

I wonder how people would react if the Techmarine helmet was the defacto instead.
It looks much cooler in my opinion.

>> No.74813319

join warhammer trade facebook groups. Ive gotten insane deals there. Use eBay. Start collecting.
Ask your local group if any of the turbonerds who has 5k+ in unopened backlog would like to sell in bulk.

>> No.74813328

Is helbrecht really fucking good at 150 points?
>chapter master reroll aura
>+1 S aura
>sword is fucking insane
>great brawler statline

>> No.74813337

>Why doesn't the hive mind just share the genetic code to create them without the big mess?
Because they fight to figure out the superior fleet.

>> No.74813350

>that gradient on the lenses
>all those crisp details

>> No.74813358

>visible seam

>> No.74813360

And like I said, no number of insults will change the fact that you're wrong.

>> No.74813367

>oi bruv my beans 're 'ot and me bread is soggy innt

>> No.74813384

That's why you toast the bread.

It's called beans on toast.
It's god tier for hangovers with a side of bacon.

>> No.74813390

Thats why you toast the bread, anon.

>> No.74813399

Cambridge is lovely. Even the homeless have a certain charm there. Unless you went to Girton College you’ve got nothing to complain about.

>> No.74813405

>If any of the turbonerds who has 5k+ in unopened backlog
that cut deep anon

>> No.74813411

Can both you autistic faggots fuck off?

It's clear neither of you are going to agree, so stop shitting up the thread throwing the exact same replies at each other.

>> No.74813422

Are you Swiss then?

DNA's structure was discovered by a British team (plus one visiting septic who didn't even do the important stuff) in fucking Britain. Somewhat famously

>> No.74813436

The Hive Mind must have some form of Email between different hive fleets. If Hive Fleet Kraken devours and breaks down some genetic code, it could upload that code to the central Hive Mind which then sends it out to all of the other fleets. The Hive Mind probably has its own version of Github.

>> No.74813477

>The Hive Mind must have some form of Email between different hive fleets. If Hive Fleet Kraken devours and breaks down some genetic code, it could upload that code to the central Hive Mind which then sends it out to all of the other fleets.
There's no lore to support this. You're also assuming every hive fleet consciously knows what genes they have and are able to share this across the hive mind, which is also not supported by lore AFAIK

>> No.74813501

I have a job anon. However I also have other hobbies that I also put money into.

I'll have a look, I don't know if my state has that much of a scene for it, should be at least one group though.

Where would you recommend getting paint from?

I'm looking at Necrons and Tyranids mainly. Are their start collecting sets decent?

>> No.74813514

To whom it may concern,

W̨̥̭̥̞̦̩̬͢E̙̘̝̼̩̫̱͟ ͕̟̠͕̣̼͡H̞̤͘A̜̪̳̼̖̘͟͜ͅV̕ͅE͔̠̞̘̟̙ͅ ̪̠͞Ć̴͚̫͙O̱͖͈̻͡N͕̖̳̥͉̱͈͉S̠͖̺͇̟͇̙͞ͅU̺̘͓͔͍M̴̮͓̝̭͉̀͠ͅE͍͎̦͟D̛̪̙͓͘ ̴̬X̨̜͇̦̣̩͈͙͙͜E͙̱̭Ṟ̵͈A̴̼͙̳̠ ̡̭̪̜͞I̬̦͈̺̯̗͝V̡̠̤̖͎̥̤̕ ̨̛͓̼A̞̫̰̥̟̜̜N̺̣̮̖͇̹͇͝D̨̻̻͍͕͓̝͘ ̵̥̻͈̩̥̬͈F̸͎̞͓̱̼͎͔̜̘́Ó̡̙͍̹̗U͈̯͢͢N̡̬͖ͅD̶̠̙̙ ̵͙̟̩̩͔͍̫̤Ǵ̥̯̬̹̞̱̹̠͓͘Ṛ̜̜͓̝͎̣E͙͍̦̮A͙͖͈T̫ ̨̱̦̖͚̰͚P̶͎̼R̡̖̪͙̳̹̩̣͝O̯͇͙̜̝͉̱͟M̩̮Í̠̣͍̯̥̬̞̻͢S̳̭̣̝̣̰ͅE̫ ͕̪̱̺̦͜I̶͕̻͕͈͠N͙͓̳͔͉͓ ̮͇́ͅͅT̫͚͙̞̫H̞̗͇̟͔E͉̬̖͍̟͢ ̪͙̗͖̺F̵̙͍̱̖̬̥͕ͅO̪̬̩̩͉̮͢͢L̷̯̼̪͖̼̞̹͉L̷̥͙̣͈̺̬̜̞͘Ọ̹̖̹Ẉ̸͚̞͚̩̟͎͢I̴̺̯̺̤͟N̫̟̖̤͚̭̕ͅG͚͚͕̼ ̵̫̥̞S̛͖͖̦̗̬T̴̹͎̖̣̠̜͇͡ͅŔ̛̳͙͘A͎̘̠Ị̡́N̗͖̕:̷̫̯́
Kind regards,

>> No.74813522

The fact you don’t understand despite, in your own fucking post, explain why Emps was different, is wild.

>> No.74813529

Nid's start collecting is a pretty good deal.
Necron's see if you can get someone to go halves with you for the new box.

>> No.74813554

ok Im actually retarded, how do I use this new citadel glue?
Are you supposed to cut off the plastic casing around the metal tube or what?

>> No.74813558

Loss to entropy weighed against gains in knowledge.

>> No.74813559

>Tyranid civil wars over style guides and code of conduct

>> No.74813564

you twist that off. That is the cap that keeps air off your glue and keeps it fresh.

>> No.74813565

nevermind I figured it out, the cap was just really tight

>> No.74813566

Necrons will be your best bet. You can get indomitus halves for 70-80 dollars at the moment.

Games Workshop paint is fine, if a tad expensive. Don't buy their brushes and accessories as an anon said. Use Army Painter or Vallejo as an alternative for paint.

>> No.74813568

What the fuck is Crusade?

>> No.74813571

With hundreds of years of use data, the need to waste time having your dudes beat each other with sticks, disappears. That's ignoring the fact that all that this retarded, barberism only "tests" how good tyranids are beating other tyranids, a completely different skill set from what it would take to kill some T'au.
Anon, we didn't just go to a pit of goo and pull Cows and Pigs up from the goo. The accurate metaphor is Genetic Modification, and the only reasone don't just look at data and create ultimate creatures, is because we don't know fully understand how to read and write genetics.

>> No.74813572

So I've been painting a small ork army for my first army. I have the SC! box done as well as a weirdboy, and I have two boxes of stormboyz and two boxes of loota/burna boyz. Seeing as how stormboyz are overcosted as fuck right now I'm going to work on the loota/burnas, but which way to build them? I'm thinking burna boyz are the way for now, with the smaller table size, points increase of grots, and cost of lootas. I'm asking since I can only make guesses, seeing as I haven't been able to have a game yet due to the rona.

>> No.74813578

You just... lift it up,anon. The metal rod is stuck to the plastic tube,which is there for handling.

>> No.74813586

>Where would you recommend getting paint from?
Vallejo, Army Painter, doesn't really matter. They're like half as expensive as Citadel's range and often better

>> No.74813588


>> No.74813592

Suck my fat cock, over half of my range FW

>> No.74813593

A new Narrative game type that adds RPG like experience systems to your units and characters. It's a load of fun.

>> No.74813599

New narrative format with formally-supported rules for evolving and upgrading your army throughout a campaign.

>> No.74813610

A narrative game mode that lets units gain experience, wounds and such

>> No.74813614


Thanks, but that's only the Repulsor instructions.The Executioner has a different turret.

>> No.74813627


As an aside other British innovations of recent years include gene editing, holographic TV, Iris scanning, text messages, ARM processors, DNA profiling, digital audio and viagra.

Oh and the fucking game you're fucking discussing you terminally dumb fuck - in the English language lol

>> No.74813634

From my understanding it's going to be the tournament standard going forward.

Honestly it's pretty nice for my CSM.

>> No.74813638

Do you really need instructions to build a turret?

>> No.74813644

I know certain people don't like it, but using green stuff to close the grilles gives the helmet a look that isn't as weirdly goofy.

>> No.74813646

Looks too much like a techmarine for general use

>> No.74813659

Narrative version of the game, focused on your dudes leveling up, getting new wargear and getting injuries and stuff. Like a mix between and RPG and a wargame, or akin to a larger scale DoW 2 campaign.
It will be getting it's own expansions, which will include new ways to level up and spend xp/requistion. and possibly some campaign stuff given what we know about the codexes and that one book announced for it

It's loads of fun, and I'd argue how most people should play 40k if you aren't interested in actual tournament play

>> No.74813684

Isn't Gladius the game that has Enslavers as random hostile fauna?

>> No.74813686

[muffled screaming]

>> No.74813691

I'll agree there. Honestly both my squads of Cultists are carrying wounds right now.
One doesn't get to benfit from Aura Abilities
One has -1 Leadership and -1 to Attrition tests.

>> No.74813701

>It will be getting it's own expansions, which will include new ways to level up and spend xp/requistion. and possibly some campaign stuff given what we know about the codexes and that one book announced for it
I hope codexes also have expansions for their featured races as well for Crusade

>> No.74813712

I could see doing this for a squad or a specific type of unit, but I don't know if it would look good on a whole army. On one hand I like how clean it looks now, but on the other it also looks barren, if it that makes sense.

>> No.74813716

Smurfanon with a progress report.

Still waiting on parts, Rikarius has ground to a production line halt.

Pic related is current parts/progress. (side guns aren't glued on, nor are the smoke launchers or headlights as i'm waiting for extra armour.)

>> No.74813729

They didn't manipulate anyone. Those cultists knew what they signed up for. Did the hive fleet not cast down their oppressors or ascend them to higher state so they can become one with them?

>> No.74813749

I mean if they are going to do the same thing they did for AoS with path of glory then we can assume so

>> No.74813775

They have already said that. The Space Marine Codex this summer has special things Space Marine units can buy with their resource points like being able to convert a injured space marine character to a dreadnaught.

I hope they include something for chaos boons...because as is the Stratagem doesn't work so well with the system. My Chaos Lord got a super lucky Roll after squashing Shadow Sun in his first game and became a demon prince...and that caused all kinds of problems.

>> No.74813815

>that fucking poorly printed decal.

>> No.74813823



>> No.74813839

Do CSM characters still forget they are a psyker when they become a daemon prince?
I remember becoming a DP through Chaos Boons table was actually a downgrade most cases, because your character lost all wargear and special rules.

>> No.74813841

>Marine character gets heavily injured, gets turned into a walking tank.
>Chaos Lord achieves great victory in the battlefield over his foes, he get turned into a spawn
You are asking for it at this point

>> No.74813846

for people who don't know what i'm talking about.

>> No.74813851

Why are all fucking female tau heads made for coomers? I just want more representation in my army and theres only one stupid looking head in the fire warrior box

>> No.74813862

Necrons would be pretty good at the moment. Lots of people selling the new boxset. You could get one yourself and find someone to sell the Space Marines to. They seem like the best army to start getting into painting too. You can keep them simple, learn all the basic techniques, and get some great looking models with even a beginner skill level.

The Tyranid Start Collecting box imo isn't great. You get a nice big Trygon model, but I'd really recommend magnetizing it. It's not a crucial unit as well. A Hive Tyrant would be appreciated.

In the start collecting Tyranids box you'll get 435 points to work with, presuming you run a Trygon Prime.

In the Indomitus box you can get almost 1000 points worth of Necrons, which is playable. I've just taken a look and there are people selling all of those Necrons for ~£55, so a bit more than the Tyranids start collecting box, but it's an actual army.

>> No.74813865

>Leviathan: It can create confusion if you don’t use it!
>Gorgon: You guys are arguing about commas, but refuse to use semi-colons!

>> No.74813866

>Closes grills on helmet
>Not the ones on the chest plate that are even worse offenders

>> No.74813872

I like it more. Mk7 was starting to look really dated, all I could see was 2005 DoW shit

>> No.74813874

Forgot the second question, fuck me. Say I'm building both boxes as burna boyz, which weapon should I give to the spanner, KMB, rokkit launcha, or big shoota? I'm guessing the KMB or rokkit, which would suit me better in 1k - 1.5k game?

>> No.74813880

females wear helmets too

>> No.74813909

I've heard the opposite from TOs

>> No.74813918

Who's the hive which eats the other hives?

>> No.74813921

Agreed, but I think that's because the guy cut off the crest on the top of the head as well.
Strangely enough, Forgeworld's BA helmets remind me of the no grilled Primaris helmets. And any of these would make for good Primaris head variants as well.

>> No.74813923

I want a DoW with Primaris

>> No.74813947

Unless you are a demon prince of Korne DP are Psychers (that know 1 power so downgrade from Sorcerer)

Though I do agree it can be a downgrade. We ruled you get to keep your Warlord trait, and if your relic wasn't applicable you got to swap it for another that was. So for my lord it was an upgrade. Just...caused issues because he was worth more PL than my Order of battle could hold so I had to spend all my resource on that.

And technically we house ruled how that upgrade works.

And every boon they gain, should that increase their crusade point count (A mark of how powerful they are?)

>> No.74813955

If they wanted to make a proper DOW IV they'd need to have a mix of primaris and normal marines.

Have the primaris fill roles like hellblasters or something.

>> No.74813963

Hydra. They eat splinter fleets so their numbers can be reconsolidated back into one larger fleet.

>> No.74813969

OK legit text him back and say if someone can bring 3x9 eradicators why can't I bring a plane that is worse than a plastic valkyrie.

Post reply

>> No.74813975

What if hydra ate ymgarl genestealers?

hive death?

>> No.74813984

Honestly Spawndom causes just as many problems because does the spawn get to keep the Warlord trait you gave them even though they normally can't have one? You had to spend Resource on that, does it get refunded if you don't get to keep that? or is it just lost?

>> No.74813992

ITC confirmed they'll be using the new size. I'd imagine NOVA will too

>> No.74814017

I imagine it will be the standard at Adepticon too.

>> No.74814036

>> No.74814046

>then the Hive Mind realises they're all one and sheds a lonely tear

>> No.74814059

It's still amusing to see the Primaris Apothecary just stepping on his dead brother like it's no big deal.

>> No.74814070

>Unpainted looking storm bolter with fat mold lines on the painted container

>> No.74814085

Always when I have lots of models on my desk I feel overwhelmed and never start. If I had just primed one unit and placed it on my desk I would have done it yesterday. Instead I decided to do all my building and priming in one day, now I have 2 white units and 2 white HQs just waiting for me.

>> No.74814088

>It's still amusing to see the Primaris Apothecary just stepping on his dead brother like it's no big deal.
... hehehe but he can resurrect it

>> No.74814090

The dead and dying should know their place.

>> No.74814099

Not really? If anything you could have Firstborn and Primaris be different factions.

>> No.74814102

>>Unpainted looking storm bolter with fat mold lines on the painted container
:-D yeees, i love the mold lines...

>> No.74814110

And fight each other? Don't be retarded.

>> No.74814115


>> No.74814126

Oh fuck, that's a good deal then. What is the name of the new box set? I'll see if anyone in my city is selling one, or wants to potentially go halves in one.

>> No.74814130

>every model, terrain and objective is competently painted
that's the shit right there

>> No.74814132

just paint for an hour and a half everyday and you'll fly through your backlog

>> No.74814140

The most based legion.

>> No.74814147

the unpainted stormbolter I understand. But the container? I dont see mold lines on it.

>> No.74814151


Would I be on 4chan if I could think for myself?

>> No.74814155

>Sponsored by GW
>GW says use the new sizes to push sales for the cardboard
>GTs say OK, we will also sell that new size game mat
>both profit

>> No.74814161

Actually, the Ymgarl adaptation is no longer seen as a bad thing, IIRC. Tyranids have a relic called The Ymgarl Factor they can give to their leaders.

>> No.74814165

The mold lines are on the stormbolter, not the container

>> No.74814166

They will. We know a couple things for it from the marine and cron codexes. Marines are getting ways to turn characters into primaris/dreads.

>> No.74814178

>that's the shit right there

the ground is made of cardboard

>> No.74814184

Do you think different Nid fleets have to like requisition genetic templates to produce different shit? Tyrannid bureaucracy could be funny

>> No.74814187

Oh, well. yeah. Maybe he's gonna finish those.

>> No.74814193


>> No.74814199

Indomitus. Check eBay for necron halves and you'll find dozens for 70-80 USD. Also the new starter editions for 9th edition have smaller sets of the new necrons.

>> No.74814233

Why doesn't GW just come out and say yes, FW models are still considered GW models, the insanity must end.

>> No.74814234

Its an RTS?

Could be a rogue chapter scenario, could be just multiplayer only.

>> No.74814242


>design themes
WW1, but leaning more into the prolonged trench warfare over krieg's brutal fighting with high casualty rates. aesthetically, think paths of glory, with deep grey uniforms over krieg's blue, pointed helmets, leather boots, and shorter coats.

a colonization mission turned as far south as can go when the colonists found their beautiful world to be inhabited by monstrously powerful (think ogryn) chaos worshippers. Haughty military offensives that assumed easy victory were completely slaughtered, leaving the few remaining officers and soldiers to switch towards slow, grueling offensives where superior firepower and redoubtable positioning could compensate for their lack of numbers, equipment, and their enemy's overwhelming physical superiority.

>regimental doctrines
playstyle centers around dedicated siegewarfare, holding ground and fighting to the last man. doesn't do much for vehicles, but incentivizes making large, supported pushes with infantry and holding the line.
doctrine buff:
>Infantry that did not move in their previous movement phase count as being in light cover. If they are in cover and did not move, they instead gain +2 to save rolls.
>however, units cannot fall back unless an officer is within 6"
special order:
>pick a unit with a mortar, it can roll 2 dice and pick highest when determining number of shots for the mortar. Mortars targeting units within 3" of that unit may roll 2 dice and pick highest when firing their mortars as well.
>give to a veteran squad with regimental standard, whose unit cannot take any special or heavy weapons but gains the character keyword. friendly units within 3" automatically pass morale tests, and may re-roll failed hit rolls in the fight phase.
>friendly units that did not move in the previous movement phase that target the nearest enemy unit, while it is not in cover, may re-roll 1's to hit and wound for shooting attacks.

>> No.74814246

The box is Indomitus and seems to be out of stock everywhere, but it's being "made to order" for November/December. Probably everyone else in this thread knows more about that situation than I do.

I just checked ebay and there are about half a dozen selling them between £55-60 to buy now. Then absolutely loads of them on auction, so you could snipe it for even less. I'd recommend just getting one of these then not having to worry about the Space Marine half.

>> No.74814251

>the ground is made of cardboard
or paper... drawn paper...

>> No.74814278


>> No.74814292

Are tau sniper drones + firesight marksman a waste of points? They don't seem to pack much punch.

>> No.74814293


>> No.74814308

nazi admechs

>> No.74814310

I imagine a big fat five million IQ brain with hooves sitting in the core of the Tyranid home planet organising all of his files and limiting his upload speeds to the hive fleets when he finds seeders on his favourite ancient Necron sitcoms.

>> No.74814319

Gross. I like it.

>> No.74814330

>> No.74814343

Build lootas, but if you've got some skill you could magnetise the arms and have both. Until we find out if Burnas get a buff in 9th they're going to be a pretty underwhelming unit. For the Mek go KMB but again I'd recommend magnetising the arms.

>> No.74814352


>> No.74814361

British and French jews actually are to blame

>> No.74814366

You have technique down, but detail is downright lazy.

>The entire stormbolter is metal
>The lights, and the lenses are green.
>The windows inside the front are red.
>The inside of the engine towers are red
>the metallic pintle for the side sponsons are red, as is the lens holder
>the side bolters are silver as well.
>the top hatch periscope is unpainted
>the engine ports aren't drilled

Come on.

>> No.74814372

How do you do the scroll writing?

>> No.74814375

Sniper drones used to be able to be buffed up to 2+ (marksman+drone controller+markerlights) but I'm not sure if that's still in effect due to 9e +1 caps. Depends on if it directly affects the BS or just the to-hit roll, I guess. Still, three relatively cheap 48" rapid-fire 1 S5 sniper rounds isn't terrible for popping infantry HQs that aren't monsters or demigods.

The marksman is good enough that people used to take them on their own. It's a cheap character that gets a 2+ in cover and has a BS3+ shot to get the markerlight ball rolling, which is something for Tau.

>> No.74814400

Added: 25,430 years ago
Size: 3.64GB
S. 1
L. 47
Uploader: xXImmortal69Xx

>> No.74814422

Good thing I dont live in burgerland, but I thing you are really exaggerating

>> No.74814439

>public transportation

>> No.74814451

the tank is game ready... it is not for a golden demon...

>> No.74814477

Some of our cities aren't bad.

>> No.74814481

Dude, you did more complicated things like the track dirt and the scroll text, and the tidiness of your highlights.

All i'm asking is you put colours in places you just fucking skipped.

>> No.74814484

for awhile now ive been just using cardboard boxes w/infantry in bags
But I've bought some magnets, and I'm planning on buying some sort of box and metal so they can't get fucked up

>> No.74814492

Sure, but most burgers aren't taking public transportation even if their cities have nice transpiration.

>> No.74814495

i understand warhammer is an expensive hobby but it's pretty insulting the cost of space marine stuff to their points values and then the cost of xenos/other imperium to the points values

it makes it so logically for the best financial decision (not not playing the game) is to go space marines.

>> No.74814499

Why take public transportation when I have a solar powered car?

>> No.74814509

Both are bad now. Hit modifier caps mean that Sniper Drones can no longer become 3+ to hit, and even then they were considered lackluster and overpriced. The Firesight Marksman is less useful now due to cheap Sa'Cea detachments becoming extinct due to Command Point changes, and the changes to Look Out Sir! means that they can get targeted freely unless they are moving with the army, which defeats their purpose of being cheap, accurate markerlight sources.

>> No.74814530

I assumed bomb terror is a thing of theirs, cant say about anything else, i'm pretty much ignoring news lately

>> No.74814536

They're a model company first, you'll typically get the same number of sprues for the same prices :^)

>> No.74814537

Because original Tau lore had them not being retatrds with giant suits and instead just use Large atomosheric craft blow titans apart because... you know, they aren't retarded.

>> No.74814538

he has a point anon, you should actually paint all the details if you're gonna go through this much work w/highlights and everything. painting all the details is a basic thing
that being said, it looks very pretty. just finish up the details and it'll look perfect

>> No.74814544

gw's attempt to commercialise what you should already be doing for warhammer

>> No.74814559

The marksman seems pretty vulnerable since you need to be next to units to hide characters now. Also, he can't infiltrate and only has 5" of movement, so getting him to a useful position might be tricky.

Him and the drones are 90 points. I could get a broadside for that much.

>> No.74814581

>Dude, you did more complicated things like the track dirt and the scroll text, and the tidiness of your highlights.
>All i'm asking is you put colours in places you just fucking skipped.

skipped because not seen, you have reason, but the track dirt and scroll test is very simple to make ... painted like this, can it's good for play?

>> No.74814596

yeah, fair. Pathfinders might be the better markerlight unit now, though they took a hefty point hike.
Good thing we still have cadre fireblades.

>> No.74814609

all things considered, are they even that bad?
180 points for 30 bodies is still pretty valuable and not that costly at all in a chaos army, especially considering this edition is all about control and objectives.
I think people just saw that guardsmen were cheaper and immediately called cultists shit in comparison

>> No.74814634

Trying to round out this little recon force.

A second fireblade might be a bit excessive at 500 points, but maybe okay at 750. I suppose the best option here is to take more fire warriors.

>> No.74814639

>Conscripts, intended to be cheaper Guardsmen, are the same cost as Guardsman
>Grots are the same cost as both too

>> No.74814641

These guys are already super damn monopose, would there be any downside to getting a new kit? It's kinda tough to kitbash the number of these guys that becomes relevant.

>> No.74814643

>tfw you will never stride into battle with tyranid swarm with a whole host of knight bros with you
why even live

>> No.74814678

>That's pretty universally considered retarded lore
Nidgers are always like this, when they win it's perfect, when they lose it's retarded.

>> No.74814681

Don't forget you can give fire warrior shasui's MLs too.
Also pulse pistols are free now, never don't take them.

>> No.74814699

Post tanks.

>> No.74814712


>> No.74814720

people complain about armies that aren't fun to play against, but where are some armies that are actually fun to play against?

>> No.74814725

>get off my lawn

>> No.74814730

>double burst ion cannon

>> No.74814735

Any of them with the proper list.

>> No.74814739

>You damn old fool, Bjorn. You've stepped in the chapter's custard supplies.

>> No.74814778

>i walk where i please, and i please where i go

>> No.74814782

just finished a a game against this absolute beast, he ate a whole necron shooting phase, and trotted out with a single wound. what a monster!

>> No.74814787

imagine carting around the corpse of what killed you for six centuries. I imagine it would get a lot less impressive after a while

>> No.74814796

I enjoy fighting combined arms forces of pretty much any faction. Blobguard or Orkboy mobs can drain on time and patience. Knights or Leman Russ spam are also a bit boring.
I probably enjoy playing against Dark Eldar, Orks or Tyranids the most due to mowing down their light infantry, blowing up their vehicles, and also fighting their heroes and bigger monsters is properly "epic".

>> No.74814799

tank interiors?

>> No.74814814

I don't do my tank interiors. I haven't had one special enough yet.

Maybe when I get a damocles.

>> No.74814836

>I don't do my tank interiors.
Lame and for shame

>> No.74814851

What? I'm from Poland and I swear nothing short of actual ticking time bomb with wires and a dynamite would cause people to give a fuck

>> No.74814852

I miss this time for tau, it reminds me when I was just a kid and would see my local gw's tau in the window. I used to care about my fire warriors back then.

>> No.74814855

Why do decimators have to be FW units? 2+ WS/BS with a lord discordant nearby sounds nuts, run two with dual butcher cannons and you just melt shit.

>> No.74814900

One day he tweeted about his wife divorcing him and this (June or July) month being the worst one in his life. A day passes and he's in a tweeter argument about H.P Lovecraft being a racist. You can't make this shit up

>> No.74814902

That model looks so retarded and uninspired.

>> No.74814917

>melt stuff
You remove one unit of marines.

>> No.74814918

>Post tanks.

>> No.74814942

Protip: Just run Farsight Enclaves

>> No.74814949

Is this power ranzers??

>> No.74814955

what's the deal with the farsight enclaves?
are they supposed to just be tau who are anti-ethereal?
do they even explain why he went rogue?

>> No.74814972

Marines need a 5++ 6+++. They don't feel as elite, when every D2 weapon just eats them up. Terminators should have 4++ and 6+++.

>> No.74814989

Fuck off.

>> No.74814990

It's not just the fact that Cultists are more expensive, but the fact of the matter is that an Infantry Squad can straight up do more. Orders are a hell of a drug, and when used in conjunction with good positioning an Infantry Squad makes back double what you're paying for Cultists to... kinda mob around and have two ways they can kinda work better.
It's not about Cultists being bad, it's about the fact that a far better Troops unit costs less than them.

>> No.74814991

They are Tau who created a working government without the presence of Ethereals. Regular Tau do not like them because they have no Ethereals and therefore must be rogue.

>> No.74814993

Well they kinda did get a new kit, the BSF cultist kit. Its also monopose, but its something.

>> No.74814994

Sure, but what about them are we nerfing? I'm all for making the rules feel more lore accurate but we also need them to be balanced. We just gonna make marines expensive as fuck?

>> No.74815009

As I said, I would if I had a worthy tank.

I've got a predator which doesn't carry troops so who cares, vindicator which is the same, and my razorbacks are both capable of being heavy bolter, las, or a rhino so their spare bits are stored INSIDE themselves.

big iq plays here.

>> No.74815011

I do, but I don't care about crisis all that much.

>> No.74815014

It's lore accurate for marines to win any battle that really counts.

>> No.74815020

Thats one unit of marines that doesn't exist anymore

>> No.74815029

even rhinos deserve to have their interiors done
blessed is the machine spirit

>> No.74815060

They do, that's true. But mine carry spare bits, and I don't want them rattling around and chip the paintwork away.

>> No.74815065

Not him but what id i want to run units with seeker missiles? I would need markerlights to not suck

>> No.74815094

Ya so do terminators

>> No.74815099

As a Marine player, no.

>> No.74815141


>> No.74815172

Really marines should just play as pseudo custodes. You shouldnt field basically an entire company and transports on the field. So there needs to be point costs for an army between the size of custodes and their current army.

>> No.74815230

The planet was a part of the Old Ones Empire. The Enslavers are swarming over the Old One ruins there.

That game story mode is a What IF.

>> No.74815240

A single tac marine now costs 2000 points, but had the following special rule:
"Greatest of them all: At the start of each turn roll a D6. On a roll of a 5 or greater, the controlling player automatically wins the game. Add 1 to this roll for each turn after the first (I.E. add 1 on the second turn, 2 on the third turn and so on)"

But hey, it costs 2000 points so at least it's balanced.

>> No.74815311

>You shouldnt field basically an entire company and transports on the field.
You really can't, especially not with the new costs for marines.
Even as is if you want to field a whole company and transports you're going have to bring essentially no wargear outside of bolters, bolt pistols and chainswords.
A stanadard marine list is nowhere near a whole company. Maybe about half of one

>> No.74815314

What should I get next for my army? I currently Have:
Start Collecting: Tau
(troops as strike team)
Stealth Suits

I was thinking of getting a farsight(as a new commander, I want my detachment to not be affiliated with ethereals), Another breacher/strike team, a pirhana, or a pathfinder team.

Any suggestions?

>> No.74815321

New thread WHEN?

>> No.74815328

After I finish painting my Daemons, should I do a little combat patrol of not!GSC or Tau

>> No.74815335


>> No.74815350

get something on that skull and wings insignia
far too imperial for a nurglite

>> No.74815358


>> No.74815375

Seeker Missile styled lists can be done with a custom sept that gives additional AP on missile weapons. Just note that it's a one-pump and done army that blows it load in one go, so hope that you go first and your opponent isn't managing to hide their stuff.

>> No.74815380

tf. The only white Georgians I know are all Marines and Rangers and then there's this guy.

>> No.74815420

if you're planning on ever wanting more crisis suits or fire warriors you're best off buying another start collecting

>> No.74815482

Isn't that the guy who wanted to carve up other players models for not doing as he said!?

>> No.74815499

Based italian brother

>> No.74815510

So you want the movie marines list.

>> No.74815645

So I know fuckall about CSM armies, but I've looked through the DG codex a bit and I think I wanna start collecting them. How does this look for a start?

>> No.74815890


>> No.74816403

So what are the odds that Black Templars continue to be in that awkward position of "Chapter most crapped on by GW, but still Marines so you feel bad complaining too much about it" going forward?

>> No.74816482

Thats deathwatch
Unless BT get rolled into fists supplement Or get their own

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