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Space Wolf Edition

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>Primaris Figure Order:

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>Warhammer TV Tip of the Day:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuvxXtasNuY [Embed]

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

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>Thread Question
What kind of pet would you like to see added to your army?

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Why are video displays so uncommon in WH art? Is it just an art thing or are they uncommon in the setting also?

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How do we fix it?
Hard mode: No squatting

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OK so I'm building the Intercessor kit, and it's neat that they have all the little pouches and doodads for making your guys different.

But I have a devil of a time getting them on! It seems like they're supposed to go on the belt, but they also don't seem to fit perfectly great on it. I just have to move it around until I figure out how to get the pouch or whatever making enough contact with the rest of the body for the cement to work

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Canoptek owl.

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Name them, /tg/.

I've already been suggested "Waaaghvus Lighters"

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Question bout 9th

I get that monsters and vehicles can shoot their weapons in combat, but can that only be done in the combat phase? (excluding their ability to use melee weapons) or does it happen in the shooting phase?

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Shooting phase.

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Give it three legs. It's that easy. If it had a third leg it would look like it was actually appropriately braced for firing that huge gun

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Did warhammer conquest ever release the terrain? I was hopping to get some of it cheaply through it/

Those look great anon

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Convert and Less

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But it's already squatting?

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Just use superglue or greenstuff it.

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Warhammer Review

Who is ready for

>Chat is subscriber only to filter out racist spergs, but in doing so makes the chat in consoomer central.
>"Where yall in chat from"
>"what have you been working on"
>obvious stalling
>"The ChAt iS GoInG CrAzY"
>technical difficulties that they then joke about on stream
> (first video shown) "Wow! so why don't you tell us what that was"
>55 minutes probably dedicated to space marines codex
>3 minutes talking about necron lore and getting it wrong
>Wow, what amazing reveals, the chat is eXsTaTiC

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UM are a pretty damn solid close range shooting and melee mix. Walk out of combat after charging and shoot, pop a strat to charge again (and get no -1 to hit). Relic banner gives you +1A too.

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It should have some containers, plasma generators and mechanicus stuff if I recall correctly. You can check the 1d4chan page or find the issue list on the official website, Hachette is the european editor if that helps

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What are they suppose to be, scrapjets?

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I really fucking wish they would not be pussies and allow comments on their youtube videos.
It's not like any of them have a negative like/dislike ratio.

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>The ChAt iS GoInG CrAzY

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>Orkish TIE-tanks

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Now I kinda get why they still get flak after all these years

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The new Imperial Guard lieutenant model looks alright actually

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>>Chat is subscriber only to filter out racist spergs,
This never works, Amazon Prime give out a free subscription

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FOUR legs

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If GW gave combat doctrine equivalents to other armies (i.e. insanely good buffs that change from turn to turn), what would be appropriate for other armies?
>Genestealer Cult
>Turn 1: All units count as being in obscuring cover and light cover
>Turn 2-3: All units may roll 3d6 for charges and take the two highest
>Turn 4+: All units gain +1 Attacks

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I already like it, I don't think it needs squatting
that said, maybe if the cannon was underarm it would look better

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'Ardvus Laghterz

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Anyone got some good links for printed terrain? I have some free time with my printer so I want to pump some stuff out to use. Sector Imperialis or city ruins style preferred.
A Sister for attention.

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post miniatures where you painted the face of the mini, no matter how good or bad you think they are

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>more doctrines and power from pain
I dont want those to be core mechanics.

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I just straight alt-f4 whenever a stream I'm watching does this
it's beyond cringe

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They get flak because GW advertises them as regular boys in blue good guys instead of being the gay romans that they are. Usually UM are one of the mid-tier to weaker chapter.

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How's this look

Patrol, 498pt
Ethereal on Hover Drone
>Honor Blade, Solid-image Projection Unit (60pt)

{2} Strike Team (190pt)
>Markerlight, Pulse Pistol/Rifle
9 Fire Warrior
>Pulse Pistol/Rifle

XV8 Crisis Bodyguard (172pt)
2 Crisis Bodyguards, 1 Crisis (Iridium) Bodyguard
>Burst Cannon, Plasma Rifle, Early Warning Override

[Fast Attack]
Pathfinder Team (76pt)
>Markerlight, Pulse Pistol/Carbine
4 Pathfinders
>Pulse Carbine
1 Pathfinder
>Rail Rifle

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Ultras are mostly shooty with some melee stratagems to support.

Imperial Fists are all shooty. BAngels are all choppy.

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Anyone know where I can get prophets of waaagh audio book download for free? I'm poor

>> No.74796301

Just trash it and replace with plastic Taunar.

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Fuck I wish conquest was also out in the US. I just want the terrain cheaply, everything else would be a huge bonus

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>Turn 1: All units count as being in obscuring cover and light cover
Did you mean dense cover?
Might be an idea to differentiate the "doctrines" so the entire army doesn't gain a great bonus from every turn ability.

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whats even better if when the presenters are pretending to look for a question to answer, as if they didn't already have questions they were going to ask themselves infront of them.

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poor AND lazy
not a winning combination

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I don't think each at should have a turn based gimick in the same format, they should all represent how the way the army fights changes as the battle wears on. Like nids should play there are waves upon waves coming and the creatures I. The waves change based on the battle. Maybe have some units not cost reinforcement points provided they arrive on certain turns.

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What's the verdict on the new necromunda game? Watched a bit of the gameplay, looked like ass.

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Worst 40k character

>> No.74796385

Yes. Cool model though.

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>lascannon is the starting heavy weapon
>does less dmg than a heavy stubber
It's from the same studio that massacred Mordheim, so of course it's fucking trash.

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Nids should be like in 2nd. No doctrines or similar, but a bunch of rules about environmental effects that represents the world being under siege.

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I'm ready to be perpetually disappointed by the following:
>no new xenos army
>no updated Eldar range
>no named character for IW
>only daemon engines for CSM, fuck you
>powercreep SM

And to top it off maybe a codex for CSM before the end of the year.

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Why do they not just fucking adapt the rules straight?

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>> No.74796418

You might want to ask /gwsg/

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Well think about what most of the 40k art represents. Wars and scenes on a battlefield. You're not going to find a video display in the middle of a battlefield. Same reason you don't see much art of people eating in 40k.

>> No.74796434

Visarch the cuck is worse

>> No.74796437

>Now twice as killy!

>> No.74796443

Because they are a shit studio who knows nothing about neither Mordheim nor Necromunda. They should all be lined up and shot.

>> No.74796446

It appears to be terrible.

>> No.74796451

I've looked in the mega, tried the bay of piracy, and Google. No dice.

>> No.74796458

>instead of being the gay romans that they are
I sometimes forget that it's actually part of their aesthetic or it used to be, at least

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So basically all of Ynnari fluff is terrible why?
I'm not familiar with their fluff

>> No.74796473

She has one redeeming fearure: she's the only thing keeping the weirdo's too distracted with their shipping the two together, for them to start demanding Guilliman be made a fag.

My vote goes to this fuck nut, who is now the excuse for every bullshit redesign and Primaris release GW keep making

>> No.74796474

more than twice

>> No.74796477

Why do people use inceptors? Especially the plasma ones i just can't see why they are good for the life of me

>> No.74796485

I’m not saying it should be universal. I hate combat doctrines and think they and shock assault should be removed. But I could see GW being stupid enough to “balance” things by giving every other army a similar ability, so I’m curious what would be sufficiently overpowered enough to match doctrines.

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>> No.74796506

that would be Bellisarius "whoops I invented it again" Cawl

it's terrible
WoW or LoL tier

>> No.74796508

try forum[dot]mobilism[dot]org

>> No.74796525

waaagh, brother

>> No.74796532

/40kg/! You have 3 HQ slots and 5 seconds to choose. Go!

>> No.74796534

>Buy arm mods from shapeways
>suddenly its a giant ass broadside and looks kickass

Rules wise, the fix need is:
>3+ ballistic skill normally
>anchor mode gives you the same +1 to hit and the ability to re-roll number of shots
>destroyer missiles fired at stormsurges own ballistic skill

>> No.74796544

Show me on the doll where the intercessor with auspex scan touched you.

>> No.74796557

Is their a known tau word for world? ive been googling for like an hour

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>> No.74796579


>> No.74796582

Primaris Psyker, primaris psyker 2 and a lord commisar to shoot them both

>> No.74796583

Just write world in tau script

>> No.74796589

warboss on bike
warboss in mega armour

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>> No.74796608

Arm mods.

>> No.74796617

Have you read The Great Work?

>> No.74796620

Considering I play Tyranids and GSC... most of my body?

>> No.74796622

What's the cutest lil T'au suit?

>> No.74796629

Company Commander
Company Commander
Company Commander

>> No.74796630

Now thats a nice, thick gunky layer of white as god intended

>> No.74796633


>> No.74796634

Arm mods alternative with the closed cockpit conversion bit.

>> No.74796640

Hive Tyrant
Old One Eye

>> No.74796652

I like the Ynnari fluff honestly. But it's VERY disruptive to the previously established Eldar background and introduces characters who kinda by default become far more important than prior Eldar named characters.

>> No.74796653

Why do all the miniatures have such ugly faces

>> No.74796656

>dude what if the stormsurge was just the riptide but fatter

>> No.74796663


>> No.74796675

Name my battlewagon I just finished, Only nickname I have so far is "The Turtle"

>> No.74796678


>> No.74796693

I think that answer is all we need.

>> No.74796706

Army organization is for loyalists

>> No.74796719

Arms and enclosed cockpit, yes, but I like my over the shoulder gun mechs. Also, if you model your broadsides old school with shoulder rail rifles, you'll get a nice thematic element where heavy fire support suits have arm missiles and shoulder gun(s).

>> No.74796725

Based and chaotic pilled

>> No.74796732

guess ill just use the word for earth since tau names tend to be very literal

>> No.74796737

>Head Behind the shoulders
And I thought terminators looked silly before. This is on another lever of retarded

>> No.74796749

junith eruita
fear the 4++ tanky sister!

>> No.74796751

40k designers can't into sculpting faces

>> No.74796765

Deep strike at no CP cost. 18" range means they can often come down within shooting range but out of melee range and their speed lets them reposition quickly. D3 Blasts weapons means each Inceptor is getting 6 shots against any squad of 6 or more models, so they're flexible and effective against a huge variety of targets.

>> No.74796772

fuck I love lasers that don't bother with barrels
just a big fat lens

>> No.74796774


Went overboard with the agrax. But at least im done the SC box.

>> No.74796790

What exactly is going on with the seam between the side door and the hull

>> No.74796802

>What kind of pet would you like to see added to your army?
little nurgling sized C'tan shardlings that are on the bases in all kinds of hilarious poses doing funny things

>> No.74796803


>> No.74796817

Poorly flattened greenstuff patching a hole

>> No.74796824


>> No.74796826

>3+ ballistic skill normally
This but for all tau barring basic infantry

>> No.74796827

I'm guessing massive amounts of glue or some awful mistake when greenstuffing.

>> No.74796828

Shackled and tortured men of iron

>> No.74796829


>> No.74796841

GSC already have very unique and cool special rules. They mostly just need units that have better stats/costs.

>> No.74796842

Why is there a hole?

>> No.74796845

Attack Ravens

>> No.74796846

C'tan shard of the Nightbringer
C'tan shard of the Deceiver
C'tan shard of the Void Dragon.

>> No.74796857

>squeezes off a burst
>blinds the driver

>> No.74796862

eat this

>> No.74796867

>What kind of pet would you like to see added to your army?
Donkey for Guard

>> No.74796869


>> No.74796876

The hull pieces did not fit together well, plastic was probably a little warped

>> No.74796889

>doesn’t have auto dimming in your helm

>> No.74796911

Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour w/ The Red Butchers strat and a giant demon weapon
Dead loyalists
More dead loyalists

>> No.74796913

What's a grimdark way to fluff T'au?
Ethereals are all mind controlling/lying to them and the regular blue dudes genuinely believe everything is a-ok?

>> No.74796926


>> No.74796936

I ain't seeing it on their website not app? I made an account. Is it under prophets of waaagh?

>> No.74796937

>Watching clip of DBZ where a baby Broly is kept awake and annoyed by baby Goku constantly crying
>This causes Broly to have an insane rage mode switch at the mere mention of Goku's true name as an adult
Which Primarch would be Broly and which like Goku if this scenario was in 40K?

>> No.74796954

>What's a grimdark way to fluff T'au?

>> No.74796955

Look up the 4th Sphere Expansion and their survivors

>> No.74796958

keeper of secrets, bloodthrister of insentate rage, and lord of change

>> No.74796963

I didn't check for it, but it's a good site to find ebooks and audiobooks.

>> No.74796992

Fire Tau beat up any Water, Earth, or Air Tau that looks at them the wrong way, their warrior upbringing making them arrogant.

>> No.74797000

What are your predictions for the "whats next" bit? Just the models they teased for codex releases, or potentially something new? What are your thoughts? (inb4 more Primaris bc thats a given at this point).

>> No.74797011

They'll reveal the Ork/DG/Admech/whatever model they teased last time

>> No.74797031

probably the new thing for orks
More info on the AdMec HQ, melee crisis variants for Farsight

>> No.74797044

Well the "head" is just another camera feed.

>> No.74797045

>melee crisis variants for Farsight
When did they tease that?

>> No.74797047

Heavy Intercessors and the new Destroyers.

>> No.74797051

do Orks have dicks to kick or is it just a bunch of spore pods there?

>> No.74797058

Never, i just want it lol

>> No.74797064

Third leg in front or back?

>> No.74797075

Whats everyone thinking heavy intercessor stats will be like? 2+ save or T5?

>> No.74797077

No need for sex organs if they reproduce asexually

>> No.74797104

Imperium: What do we do!?
Imperium: Huzzah we are saved!

>> No.74797113

Dick squigs

>> No.74797148

they are tiny so you need to exaggerate some features, this results in just big chins, sharp noses, and prominent brows like neanderthals.

>> No.74797174


>> No.74797186

I would fine with reducing the cost of already overcosted units.
Also remove the dumb one character per detachment rule. Maybe leave it for the Patriarch, Magus and Primus.
It hardly made sense in 8th and in 9th is even more dumb

>> No.74797200

Hmmm, it looks a little too weak. Needs some heavy6 AP-2 D2 missile launchers on it. Missiles need to be blast, and don't need LoS. That would make it fair.

>> No.74797203

Axe champion (can't remember the stupid name)

>> No.74797216

Return of the Lion

Angron would be good too

>> No.74797220

Tbf the 4th sphere is so fucked because they traveled through the warp with no gellar field and suddenly all the non-tau had daemons exploding out of them

>> No.74797224

Finally a thread worth of awoo!

>> No.74797229

This guy slaps your girlfriends ass, roll to hit with your model of choice

>> No.74797236

Ork do have dingling bits
Orcs have some form of dick used to rape humans. They do it because it disgust and annoys humans, but they are not sure why.

>> No.74797246

3 Shield Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike
Manipulus, Cawl, Daedalosus
Ahriman on Disc, 2 Daemon Princes, one with sword and wings, one with axe and wings
Azrael Talonmaster Asmodai
Sammael in Speeder Talonmaster Talonmaster

>> No.74797253

J.G. III of the LuftWAAAGHfe

>> No.74797256

Gravis, T5, 3-6 man squads, Rapid Fire 1 S5, -1 D2 guns

>> No.74797270

>helloooo internet!
>time to reveal 4 brand new Lts for space marines?
>what? why would we reveal an ork, sister or another army? ha, so silly
>oh and some Age of sigmar no one cares about

>> No.74797281

I care about AoS

>> No.74797294


>> No.74797299

>What kind of pet would you like to see added to your army?
Not quite "pet" more like a coterie. Chaos Lords can take Cultists/CSM/Daemons as a group of followers. Think Court of the Archon from Dark Eldar. I'd love to give my Chaos Lord a harem of Daemonettes.

>> No.74797301

Id take another half second shot of an ork's foot desu

>> No.74797305

chaos hounds

>> No.74797321

New SM LT and that's it. GW has said they're pulling back on 40k for now to give AoS some love.

That's said, I hope it's Slaanesh Mortals for AoS.

>> No.74797322

Thread Question
>What kind of pet would you like to see added to your army?
For my SoS, the psi-hounds

>> No.74797339

The old ork foot on the ammo crate pic. New models for them would be good.

>> No.74797341

Rolled 3 (1d6)


>> No.74797352

>What kind of pet would you like to see added to your army?

>> No.74797373

Aos, necromancy, probably some AI, new blood bowl.
Then the codex preview and nothing else. They drip feed model previews the next 3 weeks for 40k.


>> No.74797379

>why would we do exactly what we did last stream?

>> No.74797382

>Thread Question
>What kind of pet would you like to see added to your army?

Squigs FFS

Shameful that theyre such a big part of ork flavor but dont have a single separate statline. They're just weapons and rules for other units

>> No.74797388

Fun to paint though

>> No.74797390


>> No.74797400

Heh, nice try you floating testicle.

>> No.74797404

Rolled 6, 6 = 12 (2d6)

>All my pics of my Datasmith are on my old and broken phone
Just pretend his coat is blue

>> No.74797433

More cute fiend/stead creatures! I love their stupid adorable faces! Give us like a fiend warhound or a fiend raptor or any other cutely dumb looking critter!

>> No.74797446

How do I get 3 manticores each with full payload in my 2k guard list?
Tank commander only allows one support ace?

>> No.74797451


>> No.74797452

Rolled 3, 1 = 4 (2d6)

Wound rolls! Strength 8, wounding on 2s. Eat my power fist, primarishitter.

>> No.74797469

God please I can't wait for the new codex so we can hopefully finally get dreads that don't fucking melt the second anything stronger than an autocannon points at them.

>> No.74797474

I almost forgot to bring you your Daily Reminder!


>> No.74797485

You don't cocksucker

>> No.74797489

*honks back*

>> No.74797498


>> No.74797499

I love how it was mostly marines being best marine killers.
Guess marinefags are actually just playing with each other.

>> No.74797500

Unironically looks pretty cool

>> No.74797513

Filtered (;

>> No.74797518

>go to FLGS
>see this

What the fuck is this. What has 40k come to

>> No.74797521

than whats the point of playing?

>> No.74797533

This isn't new.

>> No.74797537

Munchkin is the base game, they have a million and one expansions foe basically every form of media you can comprehend. Inevitable they'd ask GW to use their IP

>> No.74797541

bruh that's a year old

>> No.74797543

That's from about a year and a half ago.

>> No.74797545

I don't think this boot matches the one teased in the reveal, and neither does the Big Choppa Rumour Engine. Hopefully this means there's a little more coming for Orks.

>> No.74797554

That feel when your hobby revolves around gluing and painting figurines, but you just want a date for your army’s colored A4 pages.

>> No.74797561

If you didn't know how to deal with Primaris in the Primaris edition, you're hopeless. If you did, 9th won't be any different.

Plasma Calivers, Ho! The 21 shots from the Radium Carbines also help. S3, but it's still a helluva lot of shots going in. It'll kill something. Plus they're D2 on wound rolls of 6. I've killed a Contemptor with that, once. Iron hands too

>> No.74797565

>one nids unit
>two csm units, both of which are daemons
>one deldar unit
>one ork unit unit
>one necron unit
>one gsc unit
>general shoutout to heavy bolters
>one space marine unit
Huh? Even counting csm stuff and the heavy bolters as specifically marines, you're wrong.

>> No.74797578

Rolled 4 (1d6)

Heh, only one wound kid? I'll save that and take your girl home with me.

>> No.74797583

That feel when your hobby is called warGAMING and you have a problem when people want to hear about the GAME portion of it

>> No.74797588

Gaming is only one part of the hobby. Painting is another, you'd know that if you actually played.

>> No.74797591

Please don't play if you can't handle not putting tank aces on everything.

>> No.74797595

Eat shit, Marine! I have d3 damage!

>> No.74797603

>Gaming is only one part of the hobby. Painting is another, you'd know that if you actually played.
Yes, so why do you have a problem with the gaming part, autismo prime?

>> No.74797608

Wargaming only makes up 33% of the hobby. The other two being modelling and painting.

>> No.74797615

Rolled 2 (1d3)


>> No.74797624

Was mocking the comments on facebook.
>marinefag apologist

>> No.74797628

Be strong Roboute,
Be strong for Father

>> No.74797634

Yeah, that’s the joke.
I’m waiting for a date for my codex. That is THE only thing that can make this preview worth it.
I couldn’t give two shits about any new models or lorefag stuff. I just want a codex.

>> No.74797637

For the couple hours spent modelling and painting a unit, I've spent many more gaming with them

checkmate atheist

>> No.74797641


>> No.74797649

ok i wont

>> No.74797650

Would 100% endorse mustache ships being canon.

>> No.74797651

This is old and munchin is fun as fuck

>> No.74797654


>> No.74797678

I'm working through my backlog while I wait for my new codex. I play orks, so I probably have at least a year, might start on my new planned army after that.

>> No.74797683

That's just silly old one off stuff.

What you should be worried about and disgusted by is the marvel 40k BS that's been rearing it's hideous head up lately.... That shit is going to have some pull.

>> No.74797708

They teased something Orks during one of the last reveals. Orks might end up being one of the earlier ones.

>> No.74797712


>> No.74797718

What do you mean

>> No.74797732

turn it into a superheavy tank like what tankanon is doing

>> No.74797733

Not even sure if it counts as “painted the face”

>> No.74797751

I've always found this one strange everyone hates primaris but not that many people think Cawl is the biggest ass pull in the setting.

Don't worry guys Cawl will just invent a wrap plug soon.

>> No.74797779

Cawl is just one model and anyone sane ignores lore from 5th onward. Sadly it is hard to ignore like half of the fags playing this shit

>> No.74797783

I hate Cawl

>> No.74797790

don't raise my hopes anon, please

>> No.74797821


>> No.74797845

I don't necessarily hate primaris but fuck cawl.
Even worse is every fucking halfway decent admech list essentially has to run him

>> No.74797855

Big fuck off bats!

>> No.74797878

50 points for a flying gravis with inbuilt deep strike and 2d3 plasma shots is a fucking bargain.
They're good in pretty much any Space Marines, but the second you get to Dark Angels now they're 3 damage, at which point 2 will average a dead t7 3+ with 12 or less wounds, if properly supported.

>> No.74797917

Is there any faction more retarded than Night Lords?
>Our entire thing is fear!
>What's that, our main enemy of SM doesn't feel any fear?
Like what is even the point of them?

>> No.74797918

how do you beat custodes?

>> No.74797924

Those are elites, not HQ

>> No.74797929

-1CP for Alliance of Agony because it's dope as hell

>> No.74797936

Volume of fire and area denial

>> No.74797948

Perterabo is Dorn

>> No.74797950

more half second glances at random models that won't be purchasable for another 10 months at a minimum is my guess

>> No.74797951


Heavy intercessors, heavy intercessor captain & the new speeder reveal.

Some things for Necrons too I guess.

Probably a look at the supplements for BA, DA, SW & DW. Which will probably take up the rest of the year. Oct: SM codex, Nov: BA & DA, Dec:SW & DW.

>> No.74797962

They weren't originally fighting SM remember? They started by fighting Xenos and pacifying worlds like the other Legions before the Heresy. Night Lords nowadays tend to raid Imperial planets, terrifying civilians and pdf, not actively seeking out loyalist SM.

>> No.74797968

I had no idea that existed
thanks OP, I'm gonna buy it

>> No.74797972

>No squatting

Completely retcon them from existence.

>> No.74797973

To bully guard and unamed planetary governors.

>> No.74797975

Fear mechanics are the dumbest shit in the game. All but a handful of armies shouldn't give a shit.

Probably just new flayed ones for necrons.

>> No.74797989

Can you build two sergeants from the cadian infantry squad?

>> No.74797992


>> No.74798010

What did Necron originally look like?

>> No.74798015

I can't see them doing the other Space Marine codices, especially after they said they would be included in the new overall SM codex. I think the next ones are gonna be for the models they teased, i.e. DG, Deldar, Admech, Orks, and Sisters.

>> No.74798020


>one gsc unit

You can remove that, its a 180 pt unit that if it happens to make the 28% chance charge when it shows up *might* kill a unit less than half its price. I'm not really sure why they put abberants up there.

Does GW actually think abberants are good? Is this why they keep getting points hikes?

>> No.74798027

Yes. Cadian kits are just two 5 man squads thrown in a box. Before that it was 4 man 5 man squads thrown in the box while costing way less than the current kit.

>> No.74798028

A mix between humans and elves, but with cancer.
Necrontyr eternally malding.

>> No.74798029

Probably something like this.

>> No.74798032

>Fear mechanics are the dumbest shit in the game. All but a handful of armies shouldn't give a shit.
t. no imagination
think of it less as fear and more like "oh shit this thing is clearly immensely dangerous, we should fall back so as not to waste our lives"

>> No.74798041

To clarify, they will make them eventually, just not immediately, especially when everyone is complaining about their non-marine factions not having updated codices.

>> No.74798043

Night Lords don't really have a "main enemy". They have no end goal. They just like to kill and scare people.
Morale is not just "I am scared"

>> No.74798048

Ive painted +100 models since the end of February
What are you working on /40kg/?

>> No.74798054

You know what I mean friendo.

>> No.74798056

What's the point of playing especially when Marines get their new codex in October?

>> No.74798063

You mean 'marines with skull helmets are super spooky, we should run away.

Not morale, fear effects.

>> No.74798064

Daemon Prince
Lord Discordant
Master of Possession

>> No.74798067

like hunched over skinny humans, potentially had big spikes on their back/shoulders

>> No.74798068

you just KNOW

>> No.74798076

Wait they honestly put Aberrants?
>reads article
Aberrants have issue even been put in a list due to how underperforming and overcosted they are

>> No.74798083

Thanks, I got one of the ETB kits to practice on before so I will get another and an infantry squad so I have 20 lads.
I'm really enjoying building and painting things

>> No.74798085 [SPOILER] 


>> No.74798095

The exact same but not metal

>> No.74798100

Keeper of Secrets
Lord Discordant

>> No.74798101

No, Night Lords due shit like sever communications to cause confusion and disorder

>> No.74798102

Looks good man, amazing that a simple headswap takes cadians from absolute shit tier to pretty solid.

>> No.74798104

Probably closer to Eldar since Eldar were modeled off of their beauty ideals by the Old Ones to mock them.

>> No.74798107


>> No.74798111


>> No.74798115

This is canon btw

>> No.74798119

>> No.74798128

>Implying that's not symbolic of their new strong metal bodies rather than their original appearance

>> No.74798136

Smash captains

>> No.74798150

Tank Commander.
Tank Commander.
Tank Commander.

>> No.74798153

I mean 3 hq options is all tau really have outside of named characters

>> No.74798161


>> No.74798167

Morale loss, fear, confusion, terror tactics, terrorism, sabotage, disruption.
Night lords are about making themselves bigger and their enemy smaller than they actually are, not just "Ooo big batman, please piss your pants".
Before the heresy atleast.

>> No.74798173

You mind your tongue

>> No.74798179


>> No.74798189

That's no Ork, that's a Primaris Snow Boot for the upcoming Hoth-esque theme

>> No.74798193

>playing Imperial Guard in a Sci-Fi game when your could be playing something actually interesting like Space Marines

>> No.74798205



>> No.74798209

Go all in on the brainwashing and second or third class citizenship status of the Tau auxiliaries.

>> No.74798224


>> No.74798229

>this is bait

>> No.74798236


>> No.74798240

How is any of that supposed to work on non-mortal armies? Marines would be resistant, custodes even more so. Eldar would autism their way through it, and necrons would probably just laugh at it.

>> No.74798243

I'm painting more terrain I'll hardly ever use

>> No.74798258

I had a guy tell me once during a game

>> No.74798264

3 chaplains

>> No.74798265

That is the moment the night lords capture a
Valkyrie and drive it into the twin obelisks.

>> No.74798269

It's true though.

>> No.74798274


>> No.74798279

Remove the head, put a small AA gun there instead.

>> No.74798282

Imp Guard is fine, they still got cool chicken walkers and stuff.
It's not disgusting like those weirdos that play historicals. How fucking boring.

>> No.74798283

HAHAHAHAHAHA holy shit, how do you guys convince yourselves to support this terrible fucking game when a single tank costs $100?? You can buy an extensive collection for literally any other tabletop game for that much money.

>> No.74798289

Just like The Terminator.

>> No.74798296

because I buy second hand and only models I like the look of, none of this new crap

>> No.74798301

Marines are like the most boring part of 40k. Sure usually people get into 40k thanks to the poster boys.
Once inside literally everything else is more interesting.

>> No.74798304

>Night Lords are scary because they make humans afraid
>Insert Nids, Orks, DE, Necrons, STIs from that girl in the pub

Night Lords are less relevant than White Scars and thats saying something.

>> No.74798307

Tabletop is a cheap hobby in comparison to others.
I'm a wildlife photographer

>> No.74798311

>You can buy an extensive collection for literally any other tabletop game for that much money.
an extensive collection of models for games nobody gives fuck about, sadly.

>> No.74798313

nah marines are cool

>> No.74798315

Since when is a one time purchase of $100 expensive? You a poorfag or something?

>> No.74798317

Why would a Night Lords warband ever seek a fight with custodes?

>> No.74798318

>tfw playing White Scars/Successors
>if I was going to play chaos I'd play Night Lords
Stop bullying me

>> No.74798323


>> No.74798325

>Tourney fags will spend $300 for three of these just to win a game of toy soldiers

>> No.74798327

yea but it floats

>> No.74798329

They've been flanderized to hell and back, they are not any more scary than your fellow human brigands coming to rape-pillage you.

>> No.74798330

Where the fuck do you live that they cost $100?

>> No.74798337

This >>74798307 and this >>74798315

Try woodworking as a hobby, glad my Grandfather and father both woodworked as well

>> No.74798338

Throne of Mork.

>> No.74798343

Guard is lame by default, but marines are only shit because of fatigue.

Because they bought into their own hype and are dumb

>> No.74798349

probably australia

>> No.74798352

GW has to pay for the products to get shipped from the uk, so every other country has a 'tax' price increase

>> No.74798358

Who were your Primarchs again bike boy? I forget they even exist.

>> No.74798361

That thing should be at worst 30.

>> No.74798369

I don't care about primarchs I care about neat aesthetics.

>> No.74798370

The United States

>> No.74798375

$100 isnt a lot and those cheaper models have no value to me, I dont buy models just to have a "big collection", I buy models because I like the look of them.

>> No.74798378

Imagine being so retarded and stuck in the consoom mindset that you let yourself get taken advantage of and pay $100 for a toy tank. Its not that I couldn't afford it, it's that I'm not stupid with my money.

>> No.74798385


>> No.74798400

This is my hobby, this is why I save money so I can spend it on shit I like. I'm not spending it on anything else so the price is irrelevant, especially when it's a one time purchase.

>> No.74798402

Same can be said with IG. When is Cadian has been the only IG thing for decades older Cadia was way cooler

>> No.74798411

It would’ve looked better just to flip both wings around to make a ring ship

>> No.74798419

That's not a good comparison because the super star destroyer is 2 feet long and is a huge centerpiece model, rather than a tank. That's more of a comparable model to a titan, which is more than a grand. Retard.

>> No.74798420

this literally looks like a gay toy meant to be sold in barnes and noble or a toy store for children

i'm not even saying the attack bikes looked better or less like that but at least they didn't look like this

>> No.74798425

Are we really going down the road of telling people how they spend and enjoy their money, anon? This path only leads to you displaying your autism

>> No.74798427


>> No.74798438


>> No.74798441

3 hive tyrants

>> No.74798447

I'm convinced marines got such level of bullshit rules due how fucking ugly and boring the models are.
Just look at GSC bikes. Quad bike and regular bike. Way cooler and better looking

>> No.74798451

The repulsor executioner is also a centerpiece model for a marine army

>> No.74798453

Look at those beautiful sails, its like I'm really there

>> No.74798454

Although I do like your wagon I think you need a drivers cockpit above the spikes on the front of the wagon. And maybe doors on the sides.

"Da Torktoise"

>> No.74798456

This is your brain on consoom. I'm literally unable to put myself in this mindset, so I dont think I'll ever understand your autistic tendencies.

>> No.74798462

Anon, look at the description of what comes with the ship and compare it to the shit tank. A lot more effort but into the ship.

>> No.74798465

Is it actually good to take them as a trio? Will they "threat saturation" each other?

>> No.74798473


>> No.74798477

No it's not. It's the size of a tank, it's not a super heavy and isnt a centerpiece. You're a moron if you think it is.

>> No.74798479

effort alone doesn't make something better

>> No.74798485

I see you have not played Warhammer for a long time.

>> No.74798486

For once. Fucking ONCE. I would like to buy a bare plastic model secondhand and find that the mold lines were already removed.

>> No.74798487

>look at the description of what comes with the ship
>mdf, metal guns and not even any sails or flags at all

>Compared to a fully plastic model

sounds like the repulsor is a much better buy to me

>> No.74798488

Nah they are way to overcosted and easy to kill to be worth a damn.
Unless you can have nothing but those in your army. Then maybe.

>> No.74798489

go back to /r/iamverysmart

>> No.74798493

>$120 CAD
Kill me.

>> No.74798508

>120 cad is 90 usd

sounds like a deal to me

>> No.74798510

Havent seen this many biters on such obvious bait in awhile

>> No.74798511

The ship is bigger though, it's 28mm scale. Models fit on the ship.

>> No.74798515

Again, that's a giant superheavy centerpiece model. It's not a standard warjack like the executioner is a standard tank.

Why are you picking examples of the most expensive models from different games and comparing them to the standard space marine tank?

>> No.74798530

A repulsor executioner is not a standard tank you nonce

A leman russ or a predator is a standard tank so bitch about that at least

>> No.74798532

They are landraider size.

>> No.74798540

>A repulsor executioner is not a standard tank you nonce
>Implying it's not a core of some competitive builds

>> No.74798549

That is sad.
What do you even do then? I thought even 2 were good, so I assumed 3 would be better.

>> No.74798554

I think I'm pretty smart for not being so much of a consoomer that I am willing to pay $100 for a space marine tank. I think you should wipe the drool off your face and head over to the GW webstore to mindlessly buy more product

>> No.74798560

now youre equating tournament builds to what an actual standard army is supposed to be.

People spend thousands to spam one unit in tournament play, are you saying that extreme outlier case is indicative of the cost of the hobby to the average player?

>> No.74798576

We're doing pretty good right now, actually. That's right on par. Probably thanks to the stuff happening in the US combined with an election year.

>> No.74798577

Executioner spam was good because you'd castle up with overlapping buffs and blast people the fuck out, in 9th you want mobility and troops which you wont have much of in a list of 3 Executioners.

>> No.74798582

Off you go

>> No.74798596

>its not a standard tank
>its a centerpiece model
>but it's also the main battle tank of primaris marines
Absolute fucking moron AND lorelet. Stop posting

>> No.74798598

Maybe a year ago, it's eradicators, aggressors, and dreadnoughts now. Also impulsors.

>> No.74798615

>hive tyrants

>> No.74798627

>I don't know what main battle tank means

>> No.74798631

I didnt realize reddit is the place for non consoomers to go.

Unless you're just telling me to go to reddit as a defense mechanism for being called out on your disgusting autistic mindset.

>> No.74798645

Sure I've got an example of another main battle tank right here.

Stop responding to me, you have no idea what you're talking about and are grasping at straws to defend your mindless consumption of product.

>> No.74798649

You think spending disposable income on a hobby is somehow autistic? Why are you in this thread cuckboy? Or is it just jealously from being a poorfag? Do you want me to buy you that model you're saving up for?

>> No.74798650

A warhound titan is also considered a light unit in a titan legion in the fluff but a huge centerpiece on the tabletop so I dont get why youre trying to equate fluff to tabletop importance?

>> No.74798657

My friend got a skyshield that had some minor casting errors, complained to gw and they sent another kit as a replacement. The errors were in the feet and wont be visible so now we have two to play with

>> No.74798674

I wasn't the guy you were talking with initially, I'm just saying
You still don't seem to know what main battle tank is, and that there can be two completely different tanks with different roles in their respective forces and they can both be 'main battle tanks'

>> No.74798684

I mean marines have a super heavy too. Primaris tanks are basically flying Bradlies

>> No.74798701

How the fuck do people play that shit?
>plain battlefield
>same army
>shit paintjob
>same netlist strategy

>> No.74798704

>friend started a new Tau army
>he's painting it so well now I want to paint tau models
>have really no interest in playing Tau
why am I like this

>> No.74798720

Just dont

>> No.74798721

Get some and paint them. Then give them to him as gift between bros.

>> No.74798731

Some day you'll grow up

>> No.74798735

40k assholes complain about units being boring and derivative and then shit on anything unique they try to do

>> No.74798753

We aren't talking about titan legion games fuckface, we're talking about 40k and 40k sized armies. The repulsor is CLEARLY the standard tank of primaris marines, its not a centerpiece model.

Oh, so the main battle tank of primaris marines isn't their standard tank, however the main battle tank of the imperial guard is their standard tank. What is the standard tank of the primaris marines then? Its not a predator, that is firstborn marines.

>> No.74798763

>m-must cope and insult to defend my autism!!!!!

stop responding to me.

>> No.74798775

Primaris marines aren't a separate army you know, there's just the one space marine codex.

>> No.74798795


Post pics of your hand me down clothes I want a good laugh.

>> No.74798796

>Primaris marines aren't a separate army
>primaris can't ride first born transport
>first born can't ride primaris transport
>primaris have their own weapons and armor

>> No.74798805

Here, I already fixed it.

>> No.74798818

Do >>74798721, I wouldn't be able to stomach collecting a Space Marine army but my flatmate doesn't like painting and did most of his models many years ago using one thicc coat. I get a kick out of stripping, repairing and repainting a squad or vehicle he uses lots every now and then.

I didn't have any good photos, but here's how his Razorback was vs mostly done painting it.

>> No.74798820

That is like saying people who eat expensive food are retarded because they are going to shit it out the same as cheap food. Or people who buy their wives expensive jewelry are retarded because they are just rocks and metal.

It doesn't matter how much these things cost. They are a few bucks tops worth of plastic so whether it is $20, $50, $100, or $200 it can still be argued that it is overpriced. Since none of those amounts are a significant amount of money to most even mildly successful people, it is largely irrelevant.

>> No.74798840

>40k romance VN
>main waifu is SoB
>gets tortured and executed at the end for falling in love with you
>have to carry her head around with you as your atonement

Why do people always portray the Imperium as being anti-sex/anti-romance? I understand that in general, they ban pornography and smut, but most people take it to the next level and portray the Imperium as the Handmaid's Tale in space (marriages arranged by the state, all familial love discouraged, sex treated as a necessary evil, etc., just with more metal and skulls). How often does shit like this happen?

>> No.74798862

I apreciate the effort that went in to making that and it's come out well, I'm just not really a big fan of the double devilfish look, especially the two doors at the back

>> No.74798865

Likely because Slaanesh, and how sex easily distract one from one's duties

>> No.74798887

The back is the weakest part of the model I'll agree.

>> No.74798890

>marriages arranged by the state
Well there is entire wing of the Sororitas dedicated to that

>> No.74798893

Make it even more of a Metal Gear Rex clone by adding stabilizing high heels to its ankles

>> No.74798896

The fuck are you talking about? Everyone who hates primaris also hates cawl. He was called an asspull since the day he was introduced.

>> No.74798902

Librarian in terminator armour
Captain in power armour
Lieutenants unit, 1 with jump pack the other a ground pounder

all manlets

>> No.74798909

What the fuck.

As for the question, welcome to 40k where the canon isn't real. There's a billion different planets with their own attitudes, from shit like Krieg to decadent noble getaways. While a focus on serving the state seems mostly consistent, I think Necromunda gives a good look into what an average Hive City would be like i.e. authoritarian and brutal, but the state doesn't have enough control over the lowest castes to police their behaviour on that level.

>> No.74798914

No one can stop me from marrying my inquisitor...

>> No.74798915


>> No.74798917

I will never grow tired of that .gif

>> No.74798918

They're Roman Catholic Orwellian Space Commienazis. It's quite common, especially for officials directly serving the Imperium, such as the Sisters of Battle. The ideal for them would be sex that is pleasureless and passionless, only happening to provide more fodder for the Emperor's throne. "Think only of the Emperor" is something that they tell you to do when doing the act.

>> No.74798920

>they ban pornography and smut
haha, no.

>> No.74798928

Ciaphas Cain mentions that the penalty for possessing porn/jacking off is death but he doesn't give a shit so long as his men hide it well and don't make it an issue.

>> No.74798931

Oh jesus christ that is cancer incarnate. And I play pure primaris.

>> No.74798934

Illegal porn. There is approved state porn

>> No.74798940

basically just don't be a simp or a coomer

>> No.74798948

>average game of 40k
Marines went down hill since 4th. If only we knew back then.

>> No.74798953

Maybe for certain regiments of active enlisted. Or certain worlds. But broadly? Fuck no.

>> No.74798969


>> No.74798987

What would state issued Slaanesh-proof porn would look like? Sears catalogues?

>> No.74798995

Anon, there are pleasure servitors in canon. Imperium isn't some random guro fetishist's idea of a chaste society.

>> No.74799004


>> No.74799013

is the dark imperium death guard half good value?

>> No.74799026

God i want a copy of wicked sisters

>> No.74799031

I have never seen the original of this

>> No.74799033

Wicked Sisters honestly sounds like some quality soft-femdom smut.

>> No.74799046


>> No.74799053


Here you go

>> No.74799081

3 Neurothropes.

>> No.74799084

Again no. Read this if you want an idea of what an example of a normal developed world is like. Basically it's slightly dystopian and life is a little cheap. But it's surprisingly mundane in many ways. There are probably super-chaste shrine worlds or whatever out there, but it's hardly the norm. What the Imperium cares about is the tithe. As long at the planet scrapes that together and isn't letting aliens, mutants, or heretics run amok, the Imperium at large generally doesn't give a shit. They have more important things to do than police coomers.

>> No.74799088

Ciaphas Cain should be taken with a neutron star's mass of salt. It's so contradictory to every other 40k book in tone that it's canonocity is probably lower than even Goto's shit or GKs skinning SoB to use as armor.

>> No.74799096

Schism 2.0 with an independent Mechanicus when?

>> No.74799097

Sisters can canonically fuck

>> No.74799110

i approve this message

>> No.74799113

It the Imperium cares enough about your world to directly manage it, the world is likely going to be a horrific mess of enforced misery and crimes against humanity/nature. Just look at any Forge World for instance. Reading about the procreation factories, living conditions, and tech priests enjoying the laments of their slaves still gives me chills.

>> No.74799127

Is there a stubber in the taurox box or are you just supposed to pretend it's in there?

>> No.74799130

I will never grow tired of that .jpg

>> No.74799132

>one God Emperor
>corrupt politicians
>kind of cheap, scummy life but much more free than you'd think
>got a decent amount of leeway as long as you dont stand out and poke the wasp nest too much
So Imperium is basically closest to irl Russian Federation?

>> No.74799135

Why is he showing his ona hole to everyone?

>> No.74799138

>Monkey priests actually wear auto-flagellate devices
Oh Mathew, you clown...

>> No.74799148

it used to be Armor 10

>> No.74799149

Honestly that's not a terrible comparison.

>> No.74799157

I went out with a friend who builds and flies RC airplanes. He let me fly his $800 one because it's the cheap one and it's okay if I crash it.
I didn't.

>> No.74799171

Nobility operate by different rules than the masses. Nobility in general is portrayed as a bunch of hedonist child eaters and Baron Harkonnens (just dumber). Regular people either don't have the time for hanky panky, or get smashed into the dirt for it.

>> No.74799177

I'm not a broke bitch
Get a job poorfag

>> No.74799184

oh shit nigga i dident know there was a version of horus rising narrated by the Stanley parable guy.

>> No.74799190

>void dragon
>not a dragon

>> No.74799191

>Regular people either don't have the time for hanky panky, or get smashed into the dirt for it.

>> No.74799206

Exocrine or Tyranofex in Kronos?

>> No.74799210

Biovores all day every day

>> No.74799213

I think I did pretty well

>> No.74799214

Yes you did because you posted this the other day

>> No.74799223

I plan to run both, but if I had to choose it would be Exocrine.

>> No.74799225

With the amount of little iconoclasts and double-headed eagles I see everywhere (subway attendants, drivers, etc.) and overwhelming amount of onion dome temples full of luxury and gold I often feel like it was one of main sources of inspiration.

>> No.74799228


>> No.74799232

But the model looks awesome

>> No.74799233

are base metallics really opaque? because it feels like if i thin it any more than i currently have it its less paint and more colored metallic water.

>> No.74799242

But Biovore models look like shit

>> No.74799243

t. buzzword

>> No.74799244

You shouldn't really thin metallic paints, the metal falls out of the medium too easily.

>> No.74799249

I think they are cute

>> No.74799257

it really isnt

>> No.74799258

Lmao that's bs. I've been thinning my metalic paints for years.

>> No.74799259

Biovores are not comparable to either unit. They also aren't any better in Kronos than under a different hive fleet since getting a 1 on a hit roll with them can actually be a good thing.

>> No.74799263

Unless is something like Scale 75

>> No.74799265


exocrine looks like shit

>> No.74799266

nothing is canon
there is only fluff

>> No.74799277

That's true, Tyranofex it is

>> No.74799290

I'm building a Tau recon force for 500-750 points.
I've got some stealth suits and am looking to get a ghostkeel.

What else should I include? A piranha? a fireblade?

>> No.74799297


checked and i agree

>> No.74799303

Post Orks

Or you have to suck your moms feminine penis tonight!!

>> No.74799304

Yes. I just want more Biovores in games

>> No.74799305

In my experience metallics vary a ton. Some will be very opaque and cover almost anything easily. Others will be very transparent and old really work over particular basecoat colors or via lots of layers. It can be different from manufacturer to manufacturer and color to color.

>> No.74799308

>Primaris marines aren't a separate army you know
>he actually bought it

>> No.74799314

to be more specific i am using leadbelcher

>> No.74799317

i love his voice but it is not suited for something serious, its better for comedy desu

>> No.74799319


>> No.74799340

Love the tick marks on the welding mask!

>> No.74799344

>60 fucking quid for a glorified predator
christ I'm glad I don't play primaris

>> No.74799359

cute pinkwaaagh

>> No.74799374

In my experience leadbelcher has good coverage but does tend to come out of the pot quite thick. It's a fairly easy paint to use though and shouldn't seem watery even when thinned a bit. It sounds like yours might not be mixed well? Does it have a nice silver color in the pot? Is there pigment clumped at the bottom? have you tried stirring it with a stick of some sort?

>> No.74799395

Thanks man

I have no clue why my picture makes it look pink, probably overexposed

Pretty soon all the red will be going to Orange anyway, Im finally forgetting the traditional paint schemes so I dont feel like a POS when i want to play a different Klan.

>> No.74799398

quit thinking so literally, it's a well known trope that dragons can assume human form and there are probably shards of it that are more dragon like that this one.

>> No.74799400

Because in the old lore, the Imperium was barely better than the shit it fought against.

>> No.74799404

Just some goffs

>> No.74799409

How do you do markings for units without painting certain units differently than others.
Like I wont usually run certain special weapons in a squad, but I need to know when that particular model belongs to which squad.

>> No.74799420

because people like their grimderp

>> No.74799435

You could always just do a single stripe on the rim base.

>> No.74799436


>> No.74799440

Want to avoid painting any part of the model for that purpose

>> No.74799444

Is it possible to make a Admech army as Dark mechanicum and run it alongside a csm army? At least in open play and shit, do you think that people would object?

>> No.74799456

it looks good to me and i have even shaken the hell out of it, I mean it covers well and thins well but i am less worried about how thin it becomes and more worried about applying it too thick since even if i thin it its seems to cover the basecoat right away

>> No.74799458

Assuming you don't want any permanent squad markings at all, many people will use colored rubber bands around the base. You can also buy these colored squad marking rings online.

>> No.74799483

Ok that is more like the thing I'm looking for.
Wouldn't rubber bands shoot up? I mean GW bases are at an angle.

>> No.74799486

to me it basically comes down to how well you convert it. If you drop a straight up mars painted army on the table as a Dark Mecanicum i would probably be a bit miffed

>> No.74799488

Pretty sure open play lets you run detachments from unaligned factions. The problem might be getting an open play match or getting an open play match that's fun, last one I saw was someone trying to run a daemon summoning list against a new player and it was bad

>> No.74799494

Oh then you're fine and I guess I misunderstood you. As long as is covering well and flowing smoothly off the brush without running all over the place on its own you're good.

>> No.74799529

That look of utter misery, pain, and hopelessness wrapped up in religious zealousness is the ideal look for Imperials.

>> No.74799560

by having a memory better than yours

>> No.74799561

are evil sunz a better shooting army than bad moons?

>> No.74799564

>> No.74799567


>> No.74799573


>> No.74799592

>twin heavy flamer chainfists
uh, yes please?

>> No.74799598

>>friend started a new Tau army
>he's painting it so well now I want to paint tau

What? base coats and evy metal highlighting maybe or maybe not thinned?
Wow you have the brain of an 8 yr old.

>> No.74799601

Generally no. Even with just a square cross section the rubber has plenty of friction on the base and you aren't stretching them all that much. If you do have trouble then just get some that are flatter and will have more contact area with the base.

>> No.74799630

you have the penis of a 2 year old girl

>> No.74799649

Goddammit I really want termie sisters. Or something like centurions for them.

>> No.74799662


Those... vices look comfortable.

>> No.74799699


>> No.74799711

Quick 40kg, I need a chapter for a bosspole decoration - something that isn't blue or yellow.

>> No.74799755

Hammers of Dorn

>> No.74799763

Angels Penitent

>> No.74799767

Blood Ravens

>> No.74799771

a crimson fist's crimson fist
space wolf fursuit helmet

>> No.74799775

pick one of anon's dudes

>> No.74799780

So pretty much any other color? I would go with Blood Angels since the red should look good with the greenskin.

>> No.74799793


>> No.74799804

The yiff is strong with this one

>> No.74799817

Jesus christ no, stop. Stop trying to make Sisters into Marines and destroy their aesthetic.

>> No.74799823

Not for me. I can tell who is who at a glance.
Is for my opponent.

>> No.74799828


First post and dubs has it.

>> No.74799842

Technically she is not wearing pants. Since an Ao Dai is the "dress" and pants.

>> No.74799846

>Imperium isn't some random guro fetishist's idea of a chaste society.
Seems pretty normal for 40k though.

>> No.74799856

Hmm now you have me thinking. I hate everything about tau from their faggy weeb aesthetics to their playstyle and lore yet I LOVE guns. And anybody who loves guns must just be compensating for their small penus riiight?.

>> No.74799864

>They're Roman Catholic Orwellian Space Commienazis.
Go the fuck back 2 reddit.

>> No.74799901

The Imperium is a liberal utopia gone insane.

>> No.74799932

>love guns
>hate Tau playstyle

>> No.74799934

heavy suit design should be more consistent but nothing bigger than a riptide should be on legs. Big tau shit should be aircraft.

>> No.74799959

What if we just replaced the riptide's legs with a big hover tank base?

>> No.74799974

making a backup of 40k books just in case GW one day gets sue happy and all of the online sources get taken down
in regards to HH, im not wasting space on 50 books of filler, so i narrowed it down to the 13 books that are actually plot relevant plus siege of terra 1-4

>> No.74799992


>> No.74800002

That ship sailed the moment GW smelled money. Say goodbye to your combines arms air superiority and alien auxiliaries, hello mechas.

>> No.74800017

their tanks are real cool and fire warriors are cool and stealth suits and drones are cool but the army is just so fucking gay

>> No.74800020

>Being so poor that 100$ is unnatainable

>> No.74800035

Play Imperial Guard.
You can always try other companies if you want plastic and things like plasmaguns and melta:

>> No.74800093

tau players have no one but themselves for this. They could have bought kroot and vespids, instead they bought more suits and ruined their faction.

Exactly like marine players did. They could have ignored primaris as the obvious cash grab that they were and bought other factions, but instead they decided to vote with their wallet and ruin the game. A shame really.

>> No.74800095

t.seething poorfag

>> No.74800098

outside of gundam connections i don't really see a weeb asethetic to them. Like their caste system is more indian i feel

>> No.74800108


>> No.74800119

>being such a GW bootlicker and shill that you're willing to pay $100 for a plastic tank

I could easily afford it if I want to. But its pathetic to be willing to pay that price. I'll just recast, thanks.

>> No.74800143

Isn't that like, resin?
No thanks

>> No.74800157


>> No.74800170

Its not my fault people with shit taste have money.

It also doesn't help that the GW tau aircraft are ugly and useless, while the forgeworld aircraft are all great looking but expensive.

>> No.74800185

Sometimes yes sometimes no.
Most of the time is resin

>> No.74800191

That's because he's a lame blood vacuum. This one's gonna fly!

>> No.74800207

>take 5 minutes to scrape off flash and greenstuff cracks
>save 70% of my money

The consoom mindset makes no sense to me.


>> No.74800216


>> No.74800218

Resin is trash bro, you're spending 70% less for 70% more of a shit material.

>> No.74800229

>GW Resin is trash

>> No.74800234

>Why is this allowed? The poor American pigs fuck themselves. Make American slave pig a comfort woman

>> No.74800246

>they don't painstakingly carve their minis out of wood

>> No.74800254

KYS commie trash

>> No.74800264

>they don't astral project their minis on the tabletop

>> No.74800266

Not sure if my weeb is more horrible than I thought or you have worst grammar than me.
But the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.74800271

back at you hiro

>> No.74800286

>he doesn’t construct his miniatures proton by proton in an Indian government lab

>> No.74800290

There’s a licensed artwork that floats around 40kgs that confirms that

>> No.74800294

>£3 of plastic
>each one costs 0.19p to produce
>£80 mark up
actually coping that you are easily manipulated and a consooomer

>> No.74800297

For a moment I thought it was a Tau bomber bombing Eldar cities.

>> No.74800312

>bought kroots for my army
>were literally a waste of points and so I bought some more fire warriors for more gun power
>vespids literally never good enough to be worth it
how about they make the cool aliens atleast usable so people buy them?

>> No.74800313

>thinks cost of product is purely based on materials
t. poor lowerclass fag

>> No.74800321

>he doesn't metastasise his minis out of teratoma hand-grown in the ballsack

>> No.74800332

R&D, marketing...

>> No.74800344

アフィアは汚物がちりばめられた鎧の下部を開き、まるでまるで空気を吸い込んでいるかのように、不快に脈動しているように見えるグロテスクで汚された女性らしさをさらけ出した。それは、汚れたより大きなナーグルの一人によって個人的に祝福されていました。今では彼女は若くなく、むしろ以前の目的の病気のあざけりであるナーグルのために広がる新しい病気に耐えるでしょう。 充血した膿疱としだれ傷で覆われた病気で死にかけている肉は、彼女の完璧な顔と深いコントラストを形成していました。彼女の興奮が高まるにつれて、有害な粘液が彼女から滴り落ちました。彼女はその行為自体に喜びを感じませんでしたが、彼が自分の贈り物の根本にアクセスできるようにすることで、それが新しい病気を広める最良の方法であることを知っていました。 彼女は爪で彼の服の固まった生地を取り除き、彼女の裸の皮膚に胞子を愛撫させ、彼女は彼の固まった陰茎、その仕事をしている胞子の媚薬を露出するように彼女の道を進んだ。それをつかんで、彼女はそれを彼女の下に置き、彼を貫通させた。彼女は、陰茎の頭が彼女の荒い内壁に突き刺さるのを感じた。彼女は突きのテンポを上げました。彼のメンバーは、スラストの度に次第にボロボロになり、彼女のすさまじい内部は彼女に彼女が来るクライマックスに備えるようにしました。エクスタシーが増えるにつれて、彼女は上着を脱ぎ、膨らんだ胸を撫で始めました。そして彼女が彼らを圧迫したとき、彼女の乳首から漏出した香辛料の分泌物が彼の皮膚に飛び散っ

>> No.74800348

Do it again Kor'O Har'is

>> No.74800358

paying artists to create the sculpts?
do you think designs just pop out of thin air or something

>> No.74800361

seethe harder tranny. those paints wont thin themselves

>> No.74800367

>pay artist for concept art
>pay artist for sculpt
>after the first 200 of the tank being produced have paid off the artists
>now its just the cost of materials
>could be £25 and still make a lot of money after the artists cut
>now they can charge over a hundred times mark up still and consoomers lick it up like daddies spunk

>> No.74800385

Do I really have to fucking go through every step? You know they could be charging £25 for the tank and still be able to pay the artists, sculptors, etc and still make a lot of money
its literally overpriced because consoomers let it happen, fucking idiots think anyone who critisizes over pricing never went to college. I have 2 Cambridge degrees in business and business practice

>> No.74800386

>this brianlet take on economics.

>> No.74800392


And profits needed

>> No.74800399

Thankyou for proving my point poorfag

>> No.74800409

okay mr expert, please tell me the price the tank would have to be using the average sells of the product compared to the commission of the artists in order to make a large enough profit to be considered a success?

>> No.74800416

shut the fuck up with this bullshit
if you want to buy their shit... do it
if you dont wnat to buy their shit... dont

>> No.74800422

Lmao thinking artists would charge That little to make a sculpt for games workshop? are you fucking stupid or something? the sculptors, concept artists, writers, and other people behind them (cooks, janitors, admin, etc.) literally make the cost of one of those units probably tens of thousands of dollars

>> No.74800423

> has 2 business degrees
> can’t understand why businesses try to make money

>> No.74800430

>time and cost for making plastic injection moulds
>worker wages
>upkeep on facilities

The list goes on.

>> No.74800433

I literally buy brand new off off websites with 20% offs minimums, because I am not fucking awful with money

>> No.74800446

Not the same guy, but in his price those would be cover too.
That Primaris tank in particular could be sold at $50 and GW would still be banking around $40

>> No.74800449

yeah they sell more than one fucking model brainlet. It is not like a video game where the profits hinge on one product.

>> No.74800455

>"I only pay 80% mark up."

>> No.74800462

Sure its over priced, but thinking a product cost the price of its raw materials is dumb as fuck.

>> No.74800468

if I'm spending .50 cents to make a glass of lemonade, you can bet your ass I'm selling for 1.50

>> No.74800478


>> No.74800480

Don't forget the maintaining of storefronts gw product is priced so that brick and mortar stores even mom and pop ones can make a profit from selling their products.

>> No.74800490

>people should make things for free. REEEEEEEEEE

>> No.74800491

wtf is this big ass thing called? also wtc?

>> No.74800493

That's Fantasy, not 40k.

>> No.74800500

Actually your cost is higher. Unless you consider your work unpaid labor

>> No.74800510

I think it's a megalith

>> No.74800523

The thing on top is a Tesseract Vault. The flyers are Doom scythes and the big black thing is a curtain. The other big black thing is a custom made monolith by the looks of it.

>> No.74800533

Unless they have different deals for countries usually GW stuff is sold to brick store at 50% of their selling price in GW.
You have no idea how cheap GW things are and how absurderly high the mark up is.

>> No.74800534

I think a lemonade stand would count as working on commission lel

>> No.74800542

>xe hasn't trained xis tulpa to materialize xis earthly desires through mental discipline

>> No.74800548

>ITT consoomers and poorfags argue over the production of a childs toy soldiers

>> No.74800551

yeah, but if gw is spending £1 on a mini and you are buying it for £85 its a bit different innit
your comparison is like it costing £5 for the mini

>> No.74800554

Honestly embarrassing.

>> No.74800586

Why did you just post to reinforce my point? Product is priced higher so that brick and mortar locations can make a profit while GW also makes a profit. GW want's brick and mortar stores to succeed because they're a great source of free advertising. If they were to price their products at the price they sell it to commercial outlets then it would directly compete and price out their vendors.

Every single company does this. Do you really think a grocery store pays full price for a bottle of coke.

Again. Overpriced. Most assuredly but saying its only $5 worth of plastic is fucking stupid.

>> No.74800592

their lemonade stand is a lot bigger, with more employees, and their pitchers are like REALLY big, you know?

>> No.74800639

Which army should I use for this aesthetic? I'm wobbling between Tau or Imperial Guard. Imperial Guard seems like the natural fit but I really think Tau focusing on infantry and tanks with fewer mechs would work. Grey armour, grey/blue fatigues, and beige webbing with black weapons. I think for either it could look great.

>> No.74800644

>the big black thing is a curtain
this was immensely helpful, thanks lol


>> No.74800671

You can always kitbash imperial guard minis into tau! Make a faction of imperial guard soldiers that defected and were indoctrinated into the greater good or something like that

>> No.74800673

Anon I'm just pointing out that if GW sold that tank for $20 they are already making a profit. More than 100% in profit. The entire process pay everything in the value chain is impressively cheap.
GW only way to solve their incompetence has been rise prices instead of cutting down cost. Hence why things got way past their proper price adjustment

>> No.74800675

>5 guardsman can be bought for £5
>5 dire avengers are £22
>same amount of plastic in the end
How pathetic of you for questioning this practice, ofcourse I buy £10 water instead of the £1 one from the same resource

>> No.74800686

Why does game’s work refuse acknowledge black life matter

>> No.74800689

New thread is up before that idiot makes one without the pasta.

>> No.74800696

>I have no idea how much molds cost
Just stop already.

>> No.74800699

Alright so i want to know how you know how much it costs to make a tank for gw? Because these dont seem like guesses.

>> No.74800704

Kino foods for a painting session like this?

>> No.74800708

Fucking this, want to get into woodturning having a hard time just getting my head around having half the material I purchase become scraps/dust.

>> No.74800710

>he thinks how good a mini is in game should be a factor in real world pricing

>> No.74800717

Does anyone have the Dark Angels 3rd edition minicodex?

I hear their 4th edition codex sucked in comparison- is this true?

>> No.74800736

As soon as we can make a small enough power source landmates will be all the rage.

>> No.74800743

Yes molds older than some posters here. Some how those models keep getting more expensive.
Also plastic molds are in the random guy in garage price range now. Still not cheap enough to compete with resin and not practical enough to compete with 3D printers.

>> No.74800769

Like $1-2 at worst. Scale really drives the price down.
Unlike resin which scale doesn't change much if you do 1 or 10000

>> No.74801126

this is why your nation's birthrate is at an all time low

>> No.74801152

You can only get two max, in any list. One comes from "giving up" a warlord trait and the other is the stratagem.

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