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Sup /tg/

I'm looking for some practical, general advice for GMing. I'm okay at world building, and coming up with a general hook and idea for a campaign, but I find coming up with the nitty gritty details of NPCs and their motivations to be difficult.

I keep getting these notebooks shilled to me in adverts across the internet https://shop.therookandtheraven.com/, and while there's no fucking way I'm spending $60+ on a notebook, they claim to have sheets with prompts for NPCs, plothooks and other things that I think might be useful. Does anyone here build things with basic prompts or have experience with these books and what kind of prompts they use? Anyone have links to similar style writing prompts that might help an amateur GM build a more living world?

Also I'm surprised that there aren't more GM resources out there. A lot of advice is either kind of bad or so focused on the DnD experience it's useless outside of that context.

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books of tables feel creatively bankrupt to me, i hate using them. if you want to motivate NPCs then think like a writer. make them a foil to one or more PCs so you can get in-character dialogue going, and poke fun at their shitty character choices.

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I'm mostly looking for something like 5es really basic background prompts. The NPC is a questgiver, so basic shit like "I need X done because [blank]" and "Someone else doesn't want me to get X, why?" Etc. Just a few things to get them "off the ground" so to speak.

I'm definitely not looking for random gen or pick a personality. More like a creative prompt to help get the groundwork going.

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try the archives

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so more like a filler arc? the DM's guide has some if you're really desperate, but "clear out the monsters because they're evil" is always safe. pretty sure beowulf originally slew grendel as a bet so thats an option. try to think about what kind of dungeon its gonna be and what kind of people live in the area to come up with a good reason to want the threat cleared

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That was just an example. It's pretty easy to do a one note NPC who the PCs will talk to twice, once to learn what to do, and the next to get paid. I'd like to do a bit more work for some NPCs, the ones they interact with regularly. Have them have real relationships with other NPCs and goals and motivations. I feel like having a few quick prompts would make the process easier and quicker for me.

Basically I find writing goals and quests pretty easy. Writing the people who need them done is harder.

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1-Do not world build, no one cares about your snowflake setting, ESPECIALLY if its not a group activity where everyone contributes. If you are the only one who is participating in the worlbuilding, then everyone else is bored
2-Use modules, many of them are quite decent, and a lot of thought is put into the adventures/modules that developers put forth. You can find ready made adventures for almost any system. If you don't want to design stuff let them do the work for you.
3-Leave things vague, not everything has to be recorded in detail, learn to improvise
For example for this Traveller has Patrons supplement, that gives more or less tools to quickly create patrons and how travellers can develop relationship, or a ready made adventure Pirates of Drinax gives a variety of npcs, many of which travellers return again/develop a relationship to.

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ignore this guy and his forced meme

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astound rebuttal and good solutions.

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It is, isnt it

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This is why you don't ask for general advice on 4chan

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>Use modules, many of them are quite decent
Look at this guy and his fucking Stockholm Syndrome

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See the npc section of this.

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This is WONDERFUL. A little more sparse than I was hoping but exactly the style I was looking for. Thank you!

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Improvisation is a lot worse than you think.
It's better than nothing, and is your bread and butter for filling in gaps, but players super notice the difference when you've prepared and when you haven't.

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