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Worst Unit in the Game Edition

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>Thread Question
What's the worst unit in your codex? How could you fix it?

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Reminder, don't buy from chinacast because it lets them ignore international treaties

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Buy from Russians instead

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Reminder, buying from whoever you want is your prerogative

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I'm glad we have a thread dedicated to the Obelisk. He tries his best but it's time for him to be put down>>74717848

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Ok gw, I only order legit forgaworld products

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Who cares?

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>See skulls everywhere on bases and in art in Warhammer
>"This can't be real, there aren't just skulls on a battlefield. That's so silly."
>Read about the Battle of the Wilderness in the American Civil War
>Heavy rain washed out the shallow graves of previous soldiers
>Literally having a battle among tones of skulls
Holy shit

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For Tau, probably Kroot Hounds. I'd probably give them S4 and rerolls to charges. Maybe an extra attack too.
12" WS3+ S/T3 A2 Sv6+ with S3 AP-1 D1 is like the definition of meh, but making them decent GEQ harassers gives them some decent utility.

My other army is SoB and I don't really have enough experience to say what their weakest unit is. Maybe give Death Cult Assassins the power sword buff, i dunno.

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bros how screwed are chaos daemons in 9th? I've been busy with work so I haven't got around to looking yet

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Nurglings are the best obsec in the game atm

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Not Screwed. But I hope you like Nurgle.

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Should Tau be more about the aliens or more about the machines?

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Mixed daemons might be alright. Nurglings are great as are the exalted greater daemons and theres a few units like Flamers and Bloodcrushers that can do decent with support/stratagems. Monogod daemons are a struggle though, I've been using my Tzeentch ones but its not a great time for them. They really need stronger subfaction rules and maybe some list variety in the form of more generic daemons like furies and soul grinders (but ones that dont suck) to pad lists out

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This is what they should be about.

>only a few small battlesuits
>infantry is half tau, half alien allies
>infantry unable to shoot in the right direction

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The player base has voted with their wallets. Tau is about battlesuits.

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What are you working on? What ideas or thoughts are you trying out? Get your C&C here.

Here's the two Sister lists I'm thinking of for 1500. I think the VH/BR might be more sound but I can't help but love the idea of the full on murder slingshot.

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Aliens with machines. I never liked how Kroot just use shitty primitive rifles. Vespid are how it should be. Tau battlesuits should be no bigger than Broadsides, by the way.

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The Ghostkeel is pretty cool. Riptides and such look stupid.

Taunar and Riptides are fine in Apocalypse.

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Battlesuits should be reclassed as vehicles.

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there are over 100 billion human skulls on earth anon, they could be everywhere beneath your feet.

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It's completely unreasonable how haywire blasters and techno-virus injectors do nothing to battlesuits

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>Battlesuits should be vehicles.

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But how many times are they just on a battlefield?

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There might even be one hiding behind your face right now.

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Every breath we take, we inhale the remnants of millions of skulls.

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I’m still bitter we didn’t get proper plastic noise marines during the lifetime of 8e

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How does YOUR army kill space marines efficiently, /tg/?
Mine is Thousand Sons and the answer is I have no idea. High wounds seems to be the actual counter to MW spam and D2 is a rare thing in the army list

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We got nasty Marines anon, one Chaos legion an edition.

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I looove spending over 9000 hours in blender to make a 40k .stl perfect replica grade so I can resin print it :)

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I just refuse to play against Marines and watch them seethe when they tell me it isn't fair and that I won't get any games that way.

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There should just be a Mechanical keyword, haywire should probably also affect half the admech stuff that isn't a vehicle already

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Shining spears, they have s6 ap -4 2d.
Otherwise Starcannons on a variety of vehicles with s6 ap -3 d3d or dark reapers with s5 ap -2 2d
Rest of my units, including my dedicated anti-marine melee unit, don't even tickle them

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Plasma Calivers/Culverin, Heavy Grav Cannons, Autocannons, hell even Radium Carbines can do damage if you get lucky with your wound rolls.

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I'm gonna use these guys heads for my breachers. basic idea of the army being an exploratory fleet thats stranded very far from tau space thats trying to make its way back, but since they're getting low on numbers they've started bringing along any intelligent races that they come across and want to cooperate. I'm gonna use the breacher chest and weapons but I'm not sure what I should do for the legs and arms. I think the regular arms could work but I'd like to get my hands on the heads first, but the legs definitely need to be swapped. I potentially could make the phelynx legs work but it'd be a huge pain, any suggestions for other options?

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Post a screenshot.

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Do Ultras give a shit about assault intercessors and bladeguard? They don’t really look like they fit their play style.

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>bring a 1000 point all-comers scions list to club one day
>didn't line up any games, just wanted to hang out and chat
>WAAC guy asks me if I want to have a game vs his pure knights list

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This mean machine
Chaos Spawn
Obliterators, naturally
Skaven bits, perhaps?

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Not really.

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>getting filtered by space marines
>not even knights
>space marines

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whom are the emperors purest?

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>assault intercessors
Definitely not
Still good enough that they can be a useful tools for Ultras. Sometimes you want something lethal enough to wipe someone off an objective and tough enough to hold it and Bladeguard are one of the units that are able to do that. Bladeguard frequently show up in Salamanders tournament lists for example despite there being no particular synergy there either.

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they're so damn pure that chaos doesn't even bother to try to corrupt them

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Grey Knights

>> No.74718230

His Children, of course

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Is kitbashing hormagaunts to look like Zerglings easy?

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Trying to come up with a comfy tau recon force because I like stealth suits and the ghostkeel. Is there anything in particular I'm missing? Aiming for 500-750 points (prefer to be 500, but I don't want the ghostkeel to be too oppressive in a small game).

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rip I'm mono-tzeentch.

monobro, how are screamers? I hear blast weapons are shredding hordes like pinky blobs.

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I remember there was an EC apothecary who tried to extract the geneseed from one of his fellow legionaries. It tried to bite his fingers off and crawl away.

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Abaddon the Despoiler AKA Abaddon the Loyalist. The true most loyal servant of the Emperor. The one who took the position of Warmaster to stall and delay Chaos as much as he can.

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skaven seem to be best fitting from what I've seen, the crypt ghoul legs might actually work too but I can't find a good picture of the legs themselves

>> No.74718257

Do https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VAg5V56gPw instead

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Okay lets ask this again since last thread sucked ass. How would i go about making an Astral Claws up chapter with Primaris. I really love the fluff they have and also love their color scheme.

>> No.74718262

Wulfen or sang guard?

Can’t decide on which assault chapter I like more

>> No.74718271

The same way Astartes kill a whole bunch of Guardsmen.
Bunch everything up into a hammerblow to crush each part of the army separately and weather the tide.
Dice are never on my side, but fuck it I'm used to that.

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Just rename them like a corporate rebranding? Their color scheme is fucking fantastic despite being so simple and the fluff is pretty solid since it's a FW homebrew. Don't think anyone outside the chaosfags and some of the players that know more of the fluff in your area will even notice. Even then, Astral claws are just a good chapter all around up until Huron happened

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What in the swift fuck?

>> No.74718290

ah man, what a hero, using his foot to plug that LT's boltgun wound while the apothecary arrives.

>> No.74718321

>Has ridges even before printing

>> No.74718323

Lucius' warband is fucked up. They make First Claw look almost well adjusted by comparison.

>> No.74718339

I remember reading about this,
it brought up the topic on the future of astartes in the emperor's plan and wether it was just a chaos taint thing.

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>Wraith host eldar

It's a real toss up really, I CAN win but it's absolute ball busting after I lost alot of my back up psykers since we lost the good old SCD.

And since I insist on using my painted wraith knight it's even a bigger toss up since his now also 3 CP in the drain AND ain't gonna be able to be buffed from the specialist detachment.

Oh and since my wraithblades were build with swords, i only kill half a marine now.. Good times.

Anyway, Shoot, melee, pray. Wraith GUARD are doing the heavy lifting, wraith cannons are a great omni tool if you play Iyanden and can get Wraithsight off.

>> No.74718363

Dont play marines. No big deal. If I'm matched against them in a league format I'll just forfeit, not worth the time to play them.

>> No.74718369

No clue, haven't played a 9th edition game yet. Probably is super inefficient considering its better against hordes.

I basically run a bunch of Leman Russ, Wyverns, Heavy Wep Team(Mortars), with some guard troops and bullgryns as bullet sponges since thats all I have at the moment.

Not entirely sure what guard would need to be good against SM armies to be fairly honest.

>> No.74718370

>Lubalia. The Apothecary shut his eyes for a moment. His blade would be missed. Cesare replaced his gauntlet beneath the corpse’s jaw, and fired the reductor.

>With a moist pop, a lump of pinkish-grey flesh shot into a glass cylinder upon the narthecium. Cesare inspected the organ, before his eyes shot wide. He tore the cylinder free from his gauntlet, hurling it away to shatter on the ground.

>The earth glowed beneath Lubalia’s discarded progenoid. A puckered lamprey mouth snapped from the glistening flesh of the organ, emitting a shrill, breathless shriek. Thin fronds slithered from the mass, slowly thickening into tendrils. The organ trilled, beginning to pull itself across the ground.

>Cesare stomped down, crushing his brother’s gene-seed to pulp. The lambent pulse beneath his boot ebbed as he ground Lubalia’s legacy to the Legion into a ruined smear of softly hissing corposant.

>The Apothecary snarled. Another brother tainted with corrupted gene-seed.

>> No.74718376

There's some large region in the Ukraine or Russia (can't remember where exactly) that's to this day covered in bones from WW2

>> No.74718384

>Ukraine or Russia
So, in Russia then

>> No.74718389

They need more midsized daemons like fiends and they need so real generic shooty units. The soul grinder is a mechanical daemon... Why can't we have more cyborgs like that? Something like the cyberdemon and/or spider mastermind from doom would be perfect.

>> No.74718408

>and they need so real generic shooty units

This would just mean that Daemons become yet another shooty army that used to be a melee army.
Give daemons some other way to reduce the effectiveness of shooting at them (something with them being extra dimensional beings that prey on fear perhaps?)

>> No.74718413

What book is this from? Is this set in the 40k or earlier?

>> No.74718426

Adding 1 or 2 shooting units would not turn daemons into a "shooty" army.

>> No.74718429

How the fuck should GW make Chaos interesting/powerful on the tabletop without making them Primaris? Is making Havocks T5 good enough or should something more interesting/creative be done to make Loyalists and Heratics separate equal?

>> No.74718437

Lucius: The Faultless Blade. Not sure exactly when it's set since no specific dates are given and most of the story plays out in the Eye and the webway, but I think it's sometime after the Gothic War.

>> No.74718441

>monobro, how are screamers? I hear blast weapons are shredding hordes like pinky blobs.
Screamers suffer mostly from their poor WS, though they do hit pretty solidly when they do connect. I've tried running them as an escort for a daemon prince to take shots off him and let him shore up their accuracy a bit and its okay but not great
Flamers are by far the best thing in the tzeentch line up (along with the big bird) though, so thats a plus at least.
desu my horrors aren't as worried by blast weapons as they are massed rate of fire stuff like aggressors, which just demolish them

>> No.74718443 [DELETED] 

That art is so fucking awful. Bring back Dainton.

>> No.74718449

The easiest/most logical route would be to make marks (including undivided) matter again and give them relevant buffs. I'd honestly be happy with CSMs with marks being more expensive than imperials if it made them better as you'd expect traitor vets to be

>> No.74718459

Loyalists really should have been the middle of the road default, but GW are turning all loyalist marines into elite forces and thus all chaos and xenos into cannon fodder Armies. Chaos used to be the one army that was at the very least on par with Marines for their basic troops (often more elite with cult Armies). Chaos Marines use to be Marines but with 10k of experience and powers from dark gods, while daemons and cultists were the fodder... Oh well.

>> No.74718470

Would you recommend any of the non-HH EC books?

>> No.74718471

This is one of the saddest things I've ever read.

Maybe get a different hobby if you're going to act like such a precious little princess over something as small as this.

>> No.74718487

like what? skitarii? all i have are vehicles and some troops, everything else is just flesh with implants.

>> No.74718499

Dainton still works with GW afaik. But I think he mostly does stuff for AoS nowadays, and it's been a long while since someone of his caliber did book covers for BL.

Also, small peeve. I wish the cover artist had tried to emulate Smith's original Lucius illustration instead of the model. It's not a big thing but he looks more well proportioned in Smith's art and the sword looks entirely different.

>> No.74718512

ECs are coming and they’re bringing Fulgrim with them

>> No.74718515

sorry but art now needs to look like the model so people know it's the same thing and can consume the appropriate product

>> No.74718519

Unless you count short stories there only are like 4 EC novels in total. The Fabius trilogy is solid overall.

>> No.74718520

>Playing a game for fun
>Playing against marines isn't fun
>Don't play against marined.
Not him, but you're a faggot anon.

>> No.74718528

i spam my only multidamage admech has, breachers heavy arc rifles and auto cannons, only problem is that marines are always saving on a 4+ or better so firing 30 shots of S8 auto cannon fire still only pans out as
>30 shots
>20 hits , 27 with re-rolls
>17 wounds, 22 with the previous re-roll (i cant re-roll wounds anywhere)
>so 9 or 11 dead space marines, 6 or 7 if they are salamanders
this costs me 390 points to field and i have to take cawl to make it possible, and these walkers only have a 4+ save so bolter fire and the new heavy bolters will kill them without even needing anti tank weapons, not to mention heavy bolters two shot killing them with the +1 damage on heavy weapons v.s vehicles.

>> No.74718529

action based summoning
marks/icons do stuff
I'm not asking for complete equality with SM because I know that will never happen, just make chaos more useful

People go to chaos for power, following a specific god should result in some sort of buff

maybe +1S for mark of Khorne? seems fair and doesn't really break the game

mark of undivided, just make it ATSKNF - word bearers already get it so not that big of a deal

Nurgle should be +1T for all non-vehicles

mark of Tzeentch and Slaanesh are more difficult to decide on, maybe 6++ or +1 to ++ saves? and 6s to hit in fight phase = 1 extra attack (stacks w/ DTTFE)

>> No.74718533

Not him but holy shit you're actually seething lol

>> No.74718537

Who here would drop their current army for a World Eaters codex w/ plastic berserkers and Angron?

I know I would.

>> No.74718543

>even MORE marineshit
Just fuck off already.

>> No.74718546

everything you listed either hits on 4+ and costs double the targets its aiming at or will kill itself from a single bad roll, also have fun getting all your shots filtered out, every time ive tried to use plasma calivers even two squads of vanguard taking 2 each will rarely kill the five marines that they shoot.

>> No.74718552

I might check them out when I get a chance, I prefer EC stuff when it doesn't focus on lucius or bile but can't be too picky I guess.
I'm writing a EC short storys I plan on submitting to BL, so wish me luck.

>> No.74718560

>counting chaos as marineshit
At this point chaosmarine are as NPC and irrelevant as any other non-loyalist faction.

>> No.74718562

>People go to chaos for power, following a specific god should result in some sort of buff
This is central problem with how GW handle chaos. These are Marines that have sold their soul for power... Only to end up on par with loyal Marines.

>> No.74718572

Then you have some shit luck considering 4 over charged plasma calivers have a 50% chance of killing 5 marines and I've never had an issue with kataphrons killing themselves re-rolling 1s.

>> No.74718579

I just bring 100% survivability lists vs knights now and just obsec, while they stamp around like angry little toddlers.
>Dude, I killed 90% of your army
yeah, you still lost though

>> No.74718582

>and I've never had an issue with kataphrons killing themselves re-rolling 1s.
Not him but I see you've never taken a full blob of 12 then, can confirm they'll kill themselves even with rr1s

>> No.74718583

Slaanesh should be some sort of to-hit buff. Heighted senses and all that. Also means they can be used as either shoot or melee in mind (rather than purely melee like khorne)

>> No.74718593

Basic chaos marines are inferior to their loyalist counterparts, especially since the loyalists have 2 traits per chapter and their stupid good custom chapter builder. Most of CSMs salt comes from having just enough similar units to compare really well to marines but always have far less attention rules-wise to the poster boys and therefore almost always fall short of them

>> No.74718595

no but if they did darkmech and made it look like the mechanicus stuff in all the old art and blanche paintings but with chaos symbols on i'd jump on that in an instant

>> No.74718598

A full squad of 12 wouldn't even need to overcharge to kill marines unless they're running big squads.

>> No.74718604

They don't NEED to, but when you run Ryza why not?

>> No.74718606

>the absolute state of chaos fag mind
TS/DG/ and Chaos marine relese (insert chaos vs ork release pic) beg to differ

>> No.74718612

Because you have a strat that lets you shoot regular plasma as if they were overcharged with none of the downsides?

>> No.74718615

I think another issue for salt is despite being chaos and thus unhindered by any rules the imperium/codex astartes imposes, they always feel more limited than loyalists in customisation, with the 3.5 codex being the exception.

>> No.74718621 [DELETED] 

Half the shit in that pic is fantasy

>> No.74718640

>Oh and since my wraithblades were build with swords, i only kill half a marine now..
>didn't build them with the much cooler duel disks to begin with
It's bullshit how bad the twin swords look in the rules though

>> No.74718642

The 3.5 dex is well over a decade old, it's a myth at this point.

>> No.74718650

best way to reworks chaos in a fun and fluffy way would be to give them a handful of basic infantry platforms (cultists, marines, posessed??) but give each a shitload of options in a tree structure, like 'take this upgrade on the squad to access x y and x equipment lists for the squad'

>> No.74718666

basilisk, take like 3 or 6 of them and pray to god you get turn one and can kill space marine tanks or artillery in the first turn, then spam autocannons because your life depends on it, when the D2 heavy bolters come out it might be worth it to stick 3 onto each russ just to kill an extra 2 marines a turn with the tanks but you absolutely need to kill eradicators first or your tanks will die the second they can draw line of sight.

>> No.74718667

you have to wait until 10th edition

>> No.74718670

Traitor Legions > 3.5

>> No.74718675

All I wanted was some fucking dice

>> No.74718686

>in 9th edition
You marinebabbies really need to learn how the game works.

>> No.74718718

Do it for him

>> No.74718719

so i posted in a previous thread about wanting to build a marine army that i can take to run against only other marines with as much waac faggotry as possible, so far ive found the recasts i can get to deny GW the marine shekels while building a soul filled army with beakies and heresy army, 60 marines with bolters and heavy bolters for only 100 bucks. so far this is what i've got planned
>imperial fist successor, inheritors of the primarch trait
>6 squads of tactical (2W in the new update)
>a heavy bolter in each squad
>3 whirlwind artillery tanks (flat 3 D turn 1 vs vehicles) plan on using tank hunters to get +1 to wound vs vehicles
>two squads of 5 company vets with combimelta and storm shields in a drop pod.
>maybe more drop pods for denying T1 advantage to the opponent and getting T1 deepstrike horse shit.
any input for other things i could do?

>> No.74718729

Really? Looks more like Kopinski to me. Smith's characters had a "blocky" look at this time, with the overal composition strongly following the lines of force. I may be wrong though.

>> No.74718755

yeah don't you think knights are powerful?
>can be shot through buildings and can't shoot back
>cant take an objective if even 1 marine or guardsmen is on it
>only 24 wounds when half the game does multi-damage now
>5++ only at range when thunder-hammers on captains are going to D4
>no cover saves at all
>costing 400 points each at the cheapest
>outgunned by leman russ tanks while costing 3 times as much
i swear people just keep reading 1d4chan articles about the first few months of 8e and think it still applies.

>> No.74718759

> $46 AUD for 20 dice
> $20 AUD shipping on top of that
> Want to buy two different sets
> I already own some speciality games workshop dice from GW both sets of Custodes dice.
Goddamn I want to buy those dice, but I have to refrain from doing so. I own too many random styled dice as it is.

>> No.74718769

i was considering world eaters when the 2W update happens, stuff 20 into a storm eagle and hot drop those psychotics into the enemy deployment to really rip and tear.

>> No.74718776

you can order custom made dice for way cheaper and even submit logos and designs for them you know.

>> No.74718783

How many marine and non marine points have you? Bet the second is zero.

>> No.74718790

Did we lose the Forgeworld master class series books in the Book megas?, I'm not seeing them.

>> No.74718798

/wip/ has them

>> No.74718824

I honestly been thinking about it. Know of any custom dice makers who do 12mm square edged dice?
The 16mm round edged Chessex dice don't gel with me to be honest.

>> No.74718844


>> No.74718854

You should take a week off of 4chan and reconsider keeping 40k as a hobby.

>> No.74718884

I have a set of standard Koplow 12mm dice, 27 in clear blue and 9 in opaque white. A wonderful set that does me just fine in most games.
I can't find much online about them doing custom dice in small runs though, and they claim to not sell to the public directly.

>> No.74718900

why? i genuinely like playing against everyone but marines, orks tend to be a blast when they aren't geared up to only fight marines, guard have almost always been a pleasure to fight and tyranids don't perform so badly against me that i feel like im kicking a puppy, tau oddly enough tend to do poorly against me as well as dark eldar, but regular eldar are pretty tough.
>inb4 im talking to a butthurt marine fag

>> No.74718909

if you message them to buy like 100 or something they should oblige, just say you are running a competition in your local area and want custom dice to use as participation prizes.

>> No.74718950

You are so butthurt about this game that you are willing to go through all this trouble, just to basically shitpost irl and make this game even more miserable. Why not spend your time on something that you actually enjoy doing? I don't like the state of 40k either, but all the memeing in 40kg seems to have gotten to your head. Why not spend the money and time on 2 forces for another tt wargame and offer intro games for interested instead of playing a mirror match of the worst forces in a shit game?

>> No.74718962

I would probably suggest swapping 2-3 of the heavy bolter tac squads for stalker bolt rifle intercessors. Those will provide the same amount of firepower for likely just as cheap, plus you get to use the stratagem that allows the stalker intercessors to snipe at characters.

Make the intercessors into a 10 man squad and snipe, or combat squad them if your opponent doesn't have high priority characters.

>> No.74718972

trying necrosius

>> No.74718980

>> No.74718984

>What's the worst unit in your codex?
>How could you fix it?
Give us an actual HQ and troop choices.

>> No.74718987

In my head canon, 40k shotguns especially those used by Squats reload like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3Hs4do69ms&feature=emb_title

>> No.74718988

Deep strike plasma raptor spam
Hellbrute plasma spam

>> No.74718991

>> No.74719006

try to found a good grey palette for my new red scorpions army

>> No.74719029

what army fits this general vibe? https://youtu.be/xUAgawZAi5g

>> No.74719049

Looks good. nice detailing on the gold in the sword.

>> No.74719057

I'm not gonna read his book just give ma quick rundown.

>> No.74719146

miserable for you marine fag, everyone else gets to play my fluffy admech army or tyranids and actually have fun. also i like painting and hobbying so making a custom non primaris army to make you cry is great.

>> No.74719160

are the recasters using FW baggies now? I've never had FW write on my orders like that before.

>> No.74719163

imagine being so buttblasted you constantly shitpost about space marines in a game that was called space marine at one point.

>> No.74719164

...no forgeworld resin was mistreated

>> No.74719171

as for another note, i do play newer players and even have people who are not yet playing warhammer try the game against me using one of my other armies or i help them assemble stuff they bought and teach them the game while playing me, really the only problem here is marine waac fags who see a new player and curbstomp them so bad that they dip out of the hobby after less than a year playing, if anything its you marine faggots who should be ashamed of yourselves for taking your magic the gathering ass hole mentality to my comfy dice rolling game.

>> No.74719177

>was called space marine at one point
citation needed

>> No.74719186

now that is a man i can appreciate, i wish i had a red scorp player near me so we could do a siege of vraks apoc game. would be comfy as hell.

>> No.74719201

>$40 CAD for some fucking dice
How does FW keep getting away with this?

>> No.74719208

reporting in on progress, here are my eliminators, I'm really proud of these and just have my supressors left before I do all the transfers!

>> No.74719211

Because people keep buying it.

>> No.74719222

How many obsec squads should be in a 500pt army? Just starting out small with a Sisters force.

>> No.74719230

As someone who's not paid attention to the game much since about... 5th, how's tau look these days? what about low Battlesuit tau lists
I'm looking to get back into the game but I'd appreciate not getting totally annihilated at small points levels while also not just bringing horrible cheese.
Most likely playing against nids and muhrines most often

>> No.74719238

so anons, considering the hobby suffers from grade A waac cancer right now, what do YOU do to help your local area have fun or grow your local community.
for me so far i have done the following
>taught people to play using a loner army of either my own or a friends
>offered to play newer players with a more relaxed army and offered advice on what to do to deal with marines
>bought models and even start collecting boxes for younger players and helped them with modeling tips
>spent time with people helping to work out painting methods for their armies (including helping a new tyranid player paint up his swarm of guants in a single day,)

>> No.74719245

for a siege, it is necessary to build a large army

>> No.74719247

First Blood Raven complete, third painted model ever, sort of.

Yeah i'm liking this a fuckload more than painting white. Agrax really is liquid skill on those panel lines.

>> No.74719261

Don't forget about Kastalans
2 bots puts out 36 S6 AP-2 D1 shots in 36"
They're a bit pricy points wise, but their ability to shred MEQs is worth it imo

>> No.74719264

>Literally the scene in Expiration date where the Bread attacks the medic

>> No.74719267

tau are definitely not bad, and if you are not playing against marines you can even do well without using tonnes of battlesuits. hammerhead gunships with ion cannons can perform pretty well but they are a little points heavy for what they do in my opinion. the fire support one seems pretty good as well, but non battle suit lists will feel like they are limited by their low usage of suits.

>> No.74719268

Running interlinked crusade campaigns with campaign maps right now.

>> No.74719278

for sisters, at least 2 but including a third would not hurt too much but at 500 points two should perform very well for you.

>> No.74719282


>> No.74719291

Doing the god emperor's work anon

>> No.74719294

How do Custodes players make the 3cp Deep Strike Stratagem free with Trajann?

Am I missing something here? I know he was FAQd to allow the next stratagem spent that phase to be free, but dont you spend the cp for the deep strike stratagem before the battle?

>> No.74719295

There's a lot of situation comedy in there.

>> No.74719299

Tried adding some markings to one of my nids, to denote leader for kill team. Maybe white would have been better. Whatchu all think?

>> No.74719303

that's pretty cool, one of the few self built shenanigans ppl make that actually look like a good idea
I wish 40k had more and better shotgun bits

>> No.74719324

I assume it's because the strat is used during deployment and the only requirement for using the moment shackle is that Trafann be on the battlefield.

>> No.74719325

>complains about waacfags
>has a waacfag army that needs to be softened to play nice with others

>> No.74719328

looks really nice. Closeups make almost everything look shit.

>> No.74719334

that model looks great, what was your inspiration for that particular paint scheme?

>> No.74719341

There was no vote because there were no choices. When the only playable thing is battlesuits (and drones that come in battlesuits boxes), you can't really draw conclusions as to what type of unit the players like.
All the alien auxiliaries date back from the original faction release in 3rd edition (save from one Blackstone Fortress character).
The last vehicles were from 6th Ed (flyers) and the last useful vehicles from 4th Ed.
Infantry isn't much better with an okay-ish new entry (breachers), and just new sculpts for existing firewarriors and Pathfinders.
Everything else is just battlesuits, more battlesuits and bigger battlesuits.... Yaaawn.

>> No.74719352

Hmmmm, I guess?

Set Trajann up first, then use your deep strike stratagem as its not done in "declare reserves" part of the game but rather in the deployment phase

>> No.74719362

3k points of marines is perfectly enough to have when i have a friend with 20k points of Dkok and enough chaos players to draw a large amount of cultists and CSM from. just need that scorp player but all the marines around me are yellow or black and hate anything that is not competitive.

>> No.74719364

I'd argue it's not an intended interaction but RAWfags are never ones you want to argue with.

>> No.74719371

Well GW havent faq'd it and everyone has done it for a while plus theres no rules bending

>> No.74719394

>all but three marines have had their synapses burnt out from drug use
>their drugs are also used as a biochemical weapon
>Lucius is Lucius, everyone hates him but have given up on killing him
>the ship captain is a possessed child with a price on her head
>the ship is covered with thousands of daemons waiting to collect her, everyone just tries to pretend like they're not there
>the leader of the warband's raptor cult is so damned he can step outside the Gellar field and no daemons would even care
>the sorcerer is quarantined in a tower where he spends all his time listening to screams from people stuck in the walls
>the warband hates him so much he always has an oversized terminator standing guard outside his room
>the terminator is a serial teamkiller who scavenges armor pieces because his goal in life is to be huge
>the apothecary is an extreme puritan who hates everyone, but also supplies their drugs and works for Fabius
There's also a darkmech priest mentioned by name a few times but who never got an appearance. But he made fun stuff, like a gunship's piloting system made from splicing the dozen best pilots together into a big flesh blob.

>> No.74719424

Strictly speaking deployment isn't a phase I think, and the Moment Shackle is "this phase", so the Golden Light stratagem is likely not a valid use case for the Moment Shackle.

>> No.74719439

not that anon you replied to, that's pretty good vid for necomers, I just wish he had his THICC rhino to show on cam then it would be 10/10

>> No.74719443

Imagine being so new you think Space Marine was ever the name of 40k and not an early version of the Epic40k offshoot that was only called that because it was the expansion to Adeptus Titanicus.

>> No.74719452

i don't play a waac fag army against new players retard, reread the post and try again- actually ill spell it out for you. I only play admech, tyranids, guard and necrons vs new players; when i say more relaxed army i mean not marines faggot.

>> No.74719456

Reminder to just not play against marinefags at all.

>> No.74719464

Ok waacfag

>> No.74719470

Or better yet don't play this shit game

>> No.74719472

>do not accept games against marines
>do not reply to marineposters
>do not tolerate marine lore wank
>post games, models, lists etc. for armies that are not marines only

>> No.74719473

Begone infinityshit

>> No.74719476

I second this, especially if you are new to the hobby; best advice i can give to new players is that every marine player you see is THAT guy or
this guy, they will be as dishonest as possible and don't care that playing like a cunt will eventually lead to no one playing them.

>> No.74719510

Inordinate amounts of storm bolters

>> No.74719512

Or just do what I do: just suck and not win any game anyway. You can't get tilted if your win ratio is 0.
It's not for lack of trying, I am just awful at 40k.

>> No.74719520

>I am just awful at 40k.
40k is not a skill based game

>> No.74719521

Quite a reach, anon!

By the way, marines are fine. They're easier to build lists for and arguably less punishing if you don't know what you're doing, but outside salamander grav pod lists, there are more waacfag armies. Even then they're about on the same level, but people seem to just complain about marines.

Which just makes me think you don't actually play 40k, or you do but at really shit tables thinking shit players are waacfags because they're slightly less shit than you

>> No.74719527

I usually prefer markings to be striking and brilliant, but that's not bad

>> No.74719536

I'm definitely going to be playing against some marines.
Unfortunately I'm looking at tactica and it looks like all the units I find the coolest (pathfinders, snipers, aircraft, etc.) are pretty shit ?

>> No.74719548

>in a game that was called space marine at one point


>> No.74719549

Well it can't be my models, my codex or my dice, the only thing to blame is me.

>> No.74719595

Duncan has his own youtube channel


>> No.74719600

>you don't play
i understand the accusation but i have this accusation made every time i post and even though i post a model of mine every time you guys do it again but fine here you go.
the reason i tell new players to avoid playing against marine players (or other marine players if they are themselves playing marines) is because you don't even need to try to win most games as a marine player and when almost every person in my local area playing marines runs a netlist that I've seen a guy win a tournament while drunk and high, its literally two different games that are incompatible.
so why don't you post your models since you seem to be so convinced that nobody plays.

>> No.74719634

>Worst Unit in the Game Edition
such a fucking shame, Mutilators are an extremely cool concept and I'd love to see a refreshed mini along with rules that don't make them inferior to Obliterators in every way

>> No.74719638

Having a model doesn't mean you play. Doesn't mean you play well, either.

If someone drunk and high won a tournament in your local area, you've just confirmed your local area has a lot of mediocre to bad players. Marines might have a lower skill floor, but that doesn't mean you can't be a waacfag playing harlequins, tau or any other army and completely shit on marines very easily

>> No.74719642

>do you love me, my Lord?
>be strong, plaguecaster.
>be strong for Grandfather

>> No.74719650

Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun

>> No.74719658

>death guard

>> No.74719659

It's definitely better than the other fatfuck caster, though the six gorillion flies and maggots everywhere make it asscancer to paint.

>> No.74719664

the aircraft are pretty solid if you pick the right ones, i would recommend running custom sept and hardened warheads, take missile turrets on your strike teams so they can park down onto objectives and get some extra firepower; because you are going to be sitting there for the rest of the game with that squad.
Sniper drones may need to be shelved unless they get an update to their sniper rifles like deathmarks did. all three options for the fire support hammerhead are pretty good and serve different purposes, anti horde anti marine and anti tank, barracuda razorshark and tiger shark are all acceptable and ion cannons are something you will need a lot of. and the bomber is okay enough to consider.

>> No.74719670

9e should bring all the primarchs except horus back to the action. Though curze, sanguinius, Alpharius, and Ferrus will only be in the warp.

Then 10e is the return of the Emperor, sort of. As a Not God in the Warp. He starts the Second War on Heaven to defeat Chaos. While he is still tethered to his body on the throne. Eventually he has to decide if sacrificing the Materium by detaching from his body altogether. Is worth it to defeat Chaos.

>> No.74719680

>though the six gorillion flies and maggots everywhere make it asscancer to paint.
then why did you choose nurgle

>> No.74719690

Basilisks, I hope that all enemy troops are dead before my dudes even leave the transports

>> No.74719695

has an imperial fist list that kills 3 tanks on turn one with artillery, all his troops get extra shots on 6s and has a +1 to wound strat that allows anything to kill a tank if he wants to, inceptors that drop 36 heavy bolter shots out of deepstrike and can easily get double hits on 5s and triple on 6s,
a list like that can win without even needing to be at the table especially since every hit and almost every wound gets rerolled so the average hit rate goes to 97% and weapons get to kill any target they aim at regardless of what they are or the target is. but yeah my local meta is mediocre. just go suck yourself off somewhere else marine fag.

>> No.74719700

I was about to say Flayed or Deathmarks, but at least you can deepstrike them onto an objective. The Obelisk is pidgeonholed in a stupid role it's incapable of doing.

>> No.74719703

also post models faggot.

>> No.74719708

Lots hungry boys

>> No.74719713

The new cap on HQs in detatchments for marines should help with the re-roll spam i guess, cant take duplicate captains anymore. Wasn't there something about all members of a squad having to be in range of an aura ability to benefit from it? I dunno, I play guard, we have about one in our entire 'dex.

>> No.74719714

Give me a fluffy BA list.

>> No.74719718 [DELETED] 

The only recipe for happiness in this hobby is to seclude yourself with a regular group like-minded autists and play nothing but Fourth Edition/homebrew whilst ignoring every fucking thing GW has done since 2009.

>> No.74719719

Because I split DI with my little brother and he wanted the marine side.
I haven't seen another model with this absurd amount of flies and maggots scattered about the model like the nuts on a fucking 88 bar. Not the plagueniggas, not the terminators, not even the fucking siege tanks.

>> No.74719720

Thanks for confirming your local players are not good

>> No.74719722

Intercessors, cause they all died in the devastation of Baal :)

>> No.74719736

i'll devastate your baals you smarmy little shit

>> No.74719740

>Because I split DI with my little brother
lol i swear nobody plays death guard voluntarily

>> No.74719749

if you insist

>> No.74719774

Which author do you suppose wrote this? ADB? Haley? Goto himself?

>> No.74719779


Which HQ?

>> No.74719801

That's the fucking japan-exclusive one from the $50 paint set.
Please apologize to the model.

>> No.74719831

Building up and Sisters of Battle army. Are the triump, daemonifue and Judith worth it? Already own the other named characters. Aside from that, a canoness ad two Battle Sister packs are good to actually start out with, right?

>> No.74719856

>Eventually he has to decide if sacrificing the Materium by detaching from his body altogether Is worth it to defeat Chaos
When the Emperor dies he ascends to Warp Deity while at the same time the golden throne detonates creating a second rift between the materium and the immaterium but instead of it leading into Chaos controlled Warp/webway it leads directly into the God Emperor's Warp Domain which links up Ferrus and his Legion of the Damned with Russ and the Khan returning from their quests

>> No.74719864

overcosted as it is at least the SAG can potentially high roll and kill something big
I think the worst unit in the ork codex is the bubblechukka

>> No.74719874

>m... Marines are not broken g... Guys!

>> No.74719875

I wish necrons had cool rare japanese models...

>> No.74719884

Is there an easy way to get these models easily when you live outside of Japan?

>> No.74719905

>another day passes
>my chaos baneblade lies still with 0 deployments since the rules have been deleted from the game now
>mfw cruddace continues to go unpunished for his sins
>mfw baneblades are still garbo even if i paint over the nurgley bits and develop faith in the emperor
When will the government put a stop to his sinful hand?

>> No.74719909

You could always live in Japan. Unless you hate fotography, programing or teaching.

>> No.74719910

I'd let you play it with whatever rules you want if it meant my necrons could get their first game in. My LGS still isn't letting us use their tables and I'm the newest player there...

>> No.74719928

What? Rebegade Guard are not deleted from the game. Just use 8ed stats.

>> No.74719952

If you pay the points I'm fine.
Hell we can play with free super heavies.

>> No.74719958

3/11 chapters achieved a win rate above 50%

More like specific chapters that are the problem, not marines as a whole. Especially complaining about a chapter being broken when it has nearly 40%WR. That's lower than Tyranids.

>> No.74719975

>You could always live in Japan. Unless you hate fotography, programing or teaching.
I have zero interest in moving to Japan. I just want an easy way to buy plastic man-dollies

>> No.74719979

So other marines made the result lowers due to how much they are spammed.

>> No.74719994

Move to Japan then. Is not like Japanese is a hard language unless you are dumb gringo or french

>> No.74720004

I think you could remove mutilators at this point and no one would notice or care. I haven't seen one on the table in years. It's a sad state of affairs.

>> No.74720006

Nobody mentioned marines overall winrate, so.. no

>> No.74720017

why would I want to live among gooks

>> No.74720033

>thousand sons in a nutshell

>> No.74720035

Just use it with IG rules. I seriously doubt anyone would care if you ran R&H as IG.

>> No.74720045


I liked Tau when the only suits were crisis, broadside and the XV15. And I didnt even use broadsides since I would prefer hammerheads. And their fluff was all about how they chose practical problems to their military solutions over nonsense. Like when they originally saw titans deployed against them they went "Wow thats retarded" and invented heavily armed anti-titan aircraft.

This lore was later replaced by just progressively bigger suits including the stormsurge entirely replacing that last bit as now the lore is: Tau saw titans and went "We should also build a big retarded suit to fight their big retarded suit"

>> No.74720067

Well its better than niggers or progressives and also have easy access to hobby stuff.

>> No.74720069

>don't ever speak to me or my son again

>> No.74720071 [DELETED] 

Thank you based Ward

>> No.74720081

>guys if I say it long enough maybe it will come true
Go and be a marinefag somewhere else

>> No.74720095

>sample size of less than 100 games
>look guys this is definitive evidence
ignoring that marines beating marines skews their own fucking data.

>> No.74720096


You're a good guy anon:


>Purposefully hampered my own lists based on my opponents. the Death Guard & Blood Angel players have had a tough time lately so I toned my GSC down against them.
>Actually played against the one WAACfag since noone else will. So at least he gets a game.
>Built & Donated boxes of terrain to the store. So far its been a box of trees and a box of rocky crags.
>Ran a how to play using two of my own armies

>> No.74720104 [DELETED] 

Clean your fucking house you disgraceful neckbeard

>> No.74720133

I have like 1000 points of DG fluffed as a nurgle affiliated WB splinter. Though the LoC and the MPC I recently got still need assembly.

>> No.74720138

Tell me your that guy stories.

>> No.74720142

Has the new unit coherency rule made terrain like this all but worthless?

>> No.74720143

>he plays marines
>gets arrested for child porn

>> No.74720145

>SoB Repentia models show they're relatively flat
>SoB armour is also mass produced
>Howling Banshee armour is designes with boobplate as part of the aspect and not tailored (as evidenced by Male Banshees)
>SoS Vratine Armour is tailored to the wearer
>Aleya is also well endowed without her Breatplate on

This confirms SoS have bigger tits than SoB and Howling Banshees, and thus prove they are best girls

>> No.74720148

Only for 32mm or bigger aka the incorrect base size for 40k.

>> No.74720151

Some fat autist asked some kids if they wanted to trade models and recieve some free models, they agreed and he invited them back to his actual apartment. Of course, me and the manager told him to get the fuck out.

>> No.74720164

But how could a line of guardsmen for example be considered in coherency inside this thing?

>> No.74720168 [DELETED] 

for anyone wondering if you exclude other marines IF have a win rate of 76% vs all other factions

>> No.74720169

>Has the new unit coherency rule made terrain like this all but worthless?
No. It's no more annoying to set up your squads on those trenches than it was any other edition.

>> No.74720177

I usually skip using my own stratagems in teaching games for new players and try to bring lists new players won't have a hard time playing against. I'll always give new players tips during a game but I don't wanna backseat game them so it can be hard sometimes. There's a fine line between helping someone and just holding them by the hand.

>> No.74720182

>But how could a line of guardsmen for example be considered in coherency inside this thing?
Just don't space them out. It's easy to fit guardsman in there.

>> No.74720189 [DELETED] 

Has this ever been bested?

>> No.74720195


Same reason we have a lot of Necron players atm, because they're in the starter set now. Its also a huge reason Marines are overpopulated. Because they're always in the starter set.

GW can fix the overpopulation issue of marines simply by having a few editions where they have Guard, Admech, Sisters, Eldar, Tau or any other 'good' faction in place of Marines in the starter. Get a few less people instantly picking marines because its the good guys of the starter set.

>> No.74720202

My bad, for some reason I thought the new rule meant all models in a unit had to be within 2 inches of *2* other models, not 1.

>> No.74720219

Only in units over 5 men iirc, once you get to 5 it becomes 1 model

>> No.74720224

I wouldn't say worthless, but larger models probably are going to have troubles
guardsmen can still hold that line

>> No.74720236

>My bad, for some reason I thought the new rule meant all models in a unit had to be within 2 inches of *2* other models, not 1.
It depends on unit size, but the guardsman bases are small enough to keep them in coherency pretty easily.

>> No.74720246

Was it like this?

>> No.74720257


>> No.74720262


Of you could just ignore the coherency rule in friendly games because its only there to stop people blatantly conga-lining. As long as you and your friends never did that shit before I see no reason to start policing a rule that was only made to counter that.

>> No.74720272

Please tell me it went down like this.

>> No.74720314

How's this for a starting army? It's got three troops and 2 HQs, so it's a Battalion Detachment. And it's only 145 dollars

>> No.74720329


>> No.74720336

yeah it's fine
make sure you either sell the necrons or make a kill team or whatever.

>> No.74720341

>buying space marines

>> No.74720343


>> No.74720346

>How's this for a starting army?
Good choice. Don't focus too much on the detachments if you're just starting out. Get the stuff you like, and you can generally run it in 9th with no issues.

>> No.74720354 [DELETED] 

>starting armies in 2020 literally cost >$100
I'm so glad I stopped buying 40k models over a decade ago. You people don't even realise the ride you're being taken on.

>> No.74720373

>I'm so glad I stopped buying 40k models over a decade ago. You people don't even realise the ride you're being taken on.
I realise, I'm just having too much fun to care. I'm happy to spend money on things I enjoy.

>> No.74720376

Nothing really
Had a guy use guilliman in a 1000 point game when I asked a couple of matches to relearn after getting back into 8th but thats about the worst I've seen

>> No.74720378

If I just got stuff I liked I'd have nothing but Dreadnoughts and Aggressors,

>> No.74720388

500 point armies are still £50-£70 like a decade ago its just that no one wants to play small matches and like muh large scale

>> No.74720401


>> No.74720403

I'm thinking about doing some conversions of Orks that have looted tyranid corpses. Using their talons & other weaponry, as well as their chitin for armor. Which Ork clan would be more plausible in doing this? Snakebites or a bunch of ferals? Deathskulls for their notoriety of looting and being lucky to get such weapons working?

>> No.74720404

They're the most popular army, anon

>> No.74720409

>If I just got stuff I liked I'd have nothing but Dreadnoughts and Aggressors,
You can do that in this edition, and I encourage you to do so.

>> No.74720417 [DELETED] 

GW still exists because faggot like you with no self-respect keep greasing their sweaty cock.

That's a third of the what he's about to pay. Do you see the problem?

>> No.74720435

Are you going just for Orks using Tyranid arms as swords and so on, or are there going to be counts as Killa Kans and Morkanauts that are full Tyranid corpses frankensteined by Meks?

If the former, Snakebits. If the latter, Deathskulls

>> No.74720440

He's getting the guys on the left from a 60 canadian dollar box. If he was smart, he's sell the necron half for 30$ and make off like a bandit.

>> No.74720443


Sperg messaged me for a game where he never showed up and said he forgot. Did the same thing again about a month later. Saw him at the flgs a few months later where he asked for another game and I lied saying I didn't have any time for the next few weeks.

>> No.74720446

I had something similar in 8th but replace Bobby G with one of the Ork super heavies.
I had missed the part of 6/7th where you could use those

>> No.74720448

£50-£70 is not a third of $145

>> No.74720449

yes, that people want 1500-2k points even when playing with noobs and arent friendly enough to scale down to 500 or 750 for a begginer.

>> No.74720457

No idea, but we did have some incident when he would take pictures of the games but oddly enough there was always someone kid in the frame.
We didn't connect the dots till he try to invite younger players to his home and play. That is when we call the authorities.

>> No.74720458

Well, anon. If you don't like it, don't pay it. Also, go shit up someone else's general if you have no interest in the hobby.

>> No.74720479

Fuck Space Marines

>> No.74720492

>I'm poor and hate people who can afford things
You could always get a job and work hard. Most other people who play 40k can manage that.

>> No.74720496 [DELETED] 

>you have to keep buying minis to have a legitimate interest in the hobby.
Please continue forking out hundreds of dollars for the latest shitty models whilst I continue having fun with the reasonably-priced collections I put together years ago, you supreme faggot.

>> No.74720499

only if they consent

>> No.74720515

post models you subhuman

>> No.74720518

>Fuck Space Marines
When space marines were bottom of the barrel, you said nothing. Consider this the cost of your own self interest.

>> No.74720528

Post models

>> No.74720531

Be gently please

>> No.74720534

I wish I had gotten in to the hobby earlier, anon. But I was too young. I read white dwarf whenever I could, and I was always amazed at the artistry of the models in each issue. I would have played Tomb Kings, had I been but a few years older. Alas, time has passed, prices have gone up, and the Tomb Kings are gone.

>> No.74720544

On one part I agree GW stuff is overcosted as shit. On the other hand peasants should only speak when spoken too.
Know your place

>> No.74720548


>> No.74720553

>people constantly bitching about how op marine netlists are
>meanwhile I play a comfy old marine list
>similar list to what just got beat by fucking Slaanesh Daemons of all things on tabletop tactics
>just kinda tired of hearing about how op my army is even though I clearly don’t play the op shit
>just get told I’m a seething marine player
>even as I’m losing 20-45

whatever at least I’m getting games in

>> No.74720557

His face melting is exactly how I would describe my balls sticking to the side of my leg and peeling off after doing that weird step movement.

In other news how do I make Kommandos more effective in this edition?

>> No.74720559

>bottom of the barrel
Marienfags are delusional. Marines in all their history have been at worst mediocre.

>> No.74720576

Imagine being so bad at this game you can't even win with Space Marines.

>> No.74720580

>you have to keep buying minis to have a legitimate interest in the hobby.
>Please continue forking out hundreds of dollars for the latest shitty models
I never claimed this anywhere in my post. This was all about a guy just starting a new army. Stop being a faggot, and go and learn to read English. This is why no one gives a shit about you.

>> No.74720594

Then post your kino old models you dumb faggot, or was this all a LARP?

>> No.74720600

The patriork killed me

>> No.74720608

not that anon, but cool terminators anon
would send my necrons to kill them/10

>> No.74720622


Space Marines were never "bottom of the barrel". They're almost always the middle-tier faction, that was slightly difficult to play due to elite status. In fact they were often an important component to Imperial Soup (see: Smash Captains).

>> No.74720632

>Marines in all their history have been at worst mediocre.
At one stage during 8th they were doing almost as poorly as Necrons. You must be a newfag if you don't know shit from over a year ago.

>> No.74720635 [DELETED] 

> This was all about a guy just starting a new army.
And forking out one-hundred-and-forty-five fucking dollarydoos in the process. GW dicksuckers will never learn.

>> No.74720650

it's going to look like shit, but https://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Wyrm-Killa_Tribe

>> No.74720652

>mfw I sometimes imagine sleep paralysis demons trying to get me but getting blasted apart by a cupboard's worth of tiny space soldier men

>> No.74720658

Post models

>> No.74720659


Its alright anon. I really hate marines right now but I also recognize a lot of that hate is because my own faction (GSC) keeps getting nerfed for no fucking reason, so seeing the mass marine love is painful, and my GSC have no hope for a codex for at least 3-4 years. I'm coming to terms with the fact I'm probably the Beastmen of 40k now.

>> No.74720666

>Then post your kino old models you dumb faggot, or was this all a LARP?
This was never about my models. This was about a guy starting a new army. Fuck, it must be sad to be you. Honestly, your life will improve if you go do some basic English courses, get a job, and just try to stop being such a faggot. You don't have to be angry all the time.

>> No.74720671

>a single smash captain in soup means space marines weren’t bottom tier

They most certainly were for most of 8th. Of course you’re probably thinking of the one Gulliman build that only tournament fags played.

>> No.74720679

Marines were shiiiiiiiiit through most of 8th.

>> No.74720684


Solo marines maybe, but this was when the thing to do with imperials was soup them together. You can't bitch about being bottom of the barrel if your army is part of the most broken one. "hur why isn't my individual army as strong as my army when combined with five other armies?"

>> No.74720685

Not really. If your models are touching base to base a conga line follows the coherency rule even if you remove 1 of every 2 guys. 25mm bases are 1", you'd need something bigger than a 40mm base for it to be a problem

>> No.74720691

Strong, powerful argument caacfag

>> No.74720711

that's never going to stick

>> No.74720716

I understand that most people are mad because space marines are the spotlight but it gets tiresome having all that frustration vented onto me when I just want to play the army I’ve had for 5 years now and I clearly put a lot of time into. I run minimum primaris and often “forget” to use key stratagems and still get met with people like
>>74720576 who, as they’re melting my units down with lord discordants or some other WAAC tier x3 unit, have nothing but vitriol towards me.

Maybe I’ll start a GSC army just to have fun again.

>> No.74720718

I feel like its more a Snakebites thing, especially as you could use bits from the savage ork kits wholesale

>> No.74720720

Because 500 point games aren't fun or interesting, have you considered that

>> No.74720731

Absolute retard take. A faction can be shit by itself, but excellent in a soup. Three smash captains in a supreme command detachment don't mean marines as a whole where good.

>> No.74720734

do you have any tomb kings, anon?

>> No.74720742

>Space Marines were never "bottom of the barrel".
This is a lie. It doesn't matter how often you repeat it, it won't come true. Marines dominated for around 5 weeks of the 3 years of 8th edition. At the start of 8th they would have been considered mid-tier, but that didn't last long.

>> No.74720753

> TQ
The Archeaopter Transvector
I've honestly got no clue as to how one might fix this fucking thing. It's...just bad. Maybe if embarked units could fire out of it at a penalty or something

>> No.74720764


>> No.74720766

You better start believing in caacfags, because you're witnessing one

>waaaaaaa this guy won a local tourney using a terrible chapter while drunk and high, this cant be my issue!!
The caacfag is not capable of introspection, and must not be tolerated

>> No.74720771

>You can't bitch about being bottom of the barrel if your army is part of the most broken one
The army was so shit that it's good units couldn't prop it up. That's why they had to be in soup lists. Anon, you are so fucking stupid. You absolutely have to be a seething Taufag for a take like this.

>> No.74720812

Dark Techno Venoms are the absolute shit, 90pts for 12 shots at 18 on a flying platform that always wound on a 3 and have 2D per shot for the small price of a Mortal Wound per 1 rolled to hit

>> No.74720813


Bullshit, marines weren't as bad as people made them out to be. 2018 LVO saw a solo marine list make it to the top 10 (along with 1 Tau list, and the rest was a mix of Castellan+loyal 32 and eldar fliers). Sure you weren't top tier but you don't end up in the top 10 of a 200 person tournament with a "bottom of the barrel" codex.

>> No.74720815

That's what I'm working on :)

>> No.74720824

>no traitor guard dex
>next guard dex just has a "renegade" option that gives all units in your army the CHAOS keyword

Would that be enough?

>> No.74720833

>Player skill does not matter, only the list

>> No.74720839

stats on marines from the source they usually point to.
>Imperial fists W13 - L11 losses 54% sample size 24 non marine vs marine games
>Iron hands W4 - L4 50% sample size 8
>Raven guard W4 - L6 40% sample size 10
>White scars W15 - L12 55% sample size 27
>Salamanders W28 - L10 73% sample size 38 games
>Ultra marines W21 - L17 55% sample size 38 games
>Black templar W2 - L1 66% sample size 3 games
>Space wolves W12 - L8 60% sample size 20 games
>Dark angels W10 - L10 50% sample size 20 games
>Blood angels W16 - L14 53% sample size 30 games
>Grey knights W15 - L11 57% sample size 26 games
>space marines W129 - L95 57% sample size 224 games
>vs Sisters W2 - L6 25% 8 games
>vs Custodes W23 - L15 60% 38 games
>vs Guard W16 - L6 72% 22 games
>vs Eldar W4 - L4 50% 8 games
>vs Demons W3 - L4 42.8% 7 games
>vs CSM W7 - L3 70% 10 games
>vs Admech W13 - L5 72% 18 games
>vs Death guard W15 - L9 62% 24 games
>vs Drukhari W2 - L3 40% 5 games
>vs Genestealers W1 - L0 0% 1 game
>vs Harlequins W6 - L9 40% 15 games
>vs Necrons W5 - L3 62.5% 8 games
>vs Knights W6 - L1 85% 7 games
>vs Chaos Knights W5 - L7 41.6% 12 games
>vs Tau W11 - L13 46% 25 games 1 draw
>vs 1Ksons W4 - L3 57% 7 games
>vs Tyranids W3 - L1 70% 5 games 1 draw
>vs Orks W3 - L3 50% 6 games

>> No.74720841

Post the dumbest rules interaction you can think of
>lol psyker can mental interrogate a culexus for 3vp

>> No.74720867

... but culexus can’t be targeted by psychic powers or affected by them

>> No.74720876

>he thinks necrons are bad
lol you clearly have never seen an entire mephrit dynasty army in the enemy deployment zone turn 1 and watched 40 warriors shoot 80 S4 ap-2 shots into troops hitting with 2+

>> No.74720880

Psychic interrogation is a psychic action that doesn't Target, it just require an enemy character within range.

>> No.74720882

Doesnt matter, if hes the only character within 18"of a psyker when he casts it, said psyker gets 3vp

>> No.74720885

>Bullshit, marines weren't as bad as people made them out to be. 2018 LVO saw a solo marine list make it to the top 10
Even Necrons would get a top ten placement every now and then. Those anomalies occurred when a very good player got the right opponents. But you will only hear the retards try and claim that Necrons were a solid mid-tier army throughout 8th. It's the same with marines, but you butthurt faggots get mad because of an that was good for 5 weeks. It's fucking hilarious.

>> No.74720888

its not a power, its a secondary objective action.

>> No.74720897

and that’s just the troops. Destroyers are brutal and reanimation is entirely overlooked.

One of my friends plays necrons and I never understood where the necrons are underpowered meme comes from. He also always happens to run netlists that he totally didn’t look up tho so...

>> No.74720906

Guy got kicked out of the store for being a fucking nurgling. Would do stuff like sneeze and wipe his hands off in his hair and reach down his pants to scratch his balls. He would do this and then ask to see your minis or grab some of your chips.
He would also shamelessly cheat, didn't bother to learn the rules of games he played, be a sore loser, ect.
LGS banned him for all these numerous offenses.
Good fucking riddence.

>> No.74720910




I was thinking of the psychic power that vanguard marines get

>> No.74720918

you want to know a big secret, necrons being under powered is a huge meme campaign to get GW to buff them when they don't need it, i imagine nids are next.

>> No.74720922

Reanimation as it is now is just a skill check for the opponent. If the opponent is not skilled enought to focus fire it's extremely powerful. If it is then it will literally never come in play.

>> No.74720947

Ffs anon this is 4chan not english class. You don't need to double space your fucking post.

>> No.74720963

>reanimation is entirely overlooked
>being this bad
You do realise that Necrons didn't win a single major tournament during 8th. all of the top ranking necron players gave the army up and said it was trash. But don't worry. You're an expert, and we all value your expert opinions.

>> No.74720968

Lol so I’ve been getting gas lit by him for the past two years then?

>watch as my key units get blasted by destroyers that res on 4+ after I’ve already killed them twice
>80 warriors clogging up any objective
>numerous strat rerolls and my will be done

Dude I thought we were having a friendly game this is a netlist

>necrons are underpowered man I have to bring the best list possible

>> No.74720984

Reminder to play the game how you want and not to be influenced by the cucks of the "tournament" scene.

>> No.74720985

>implying everyone needs to be playing tournament level

I don’t bring tournament level lists anon. Nobody should. They aren’t fun.

>> No.74720996

Just focus fire and you win.

>> No.74720999

Only russiancast, understood.

>> No.74721027

>I don’t bring tournament level lists anon. Nobody should. They aren’t fun.
But we were talking about tournament results of space marines, and Necrons were only used as a yardstick. So, why are you even replying to the post you complete retard?

>> No.74721052

>spending that much time for a model you can get off eBay for $40
Why don't you just go to work for 4 hours instead wagie?

>> No.74721132

>my 5 dire avengers enter 4 inches into bolter range
>they shoot 12 times with "strong" weapons
they on average kill 0.6 marines
>they retaliate by killing 1 avenger next turn
>2 if they are at 12"
thats fun!
im new btw

>> No.74721141

Wait, are fem-marine stronger than male-marine?

>> No.74721173

imagifiers and that one sub factions buff giving an ignore ap-2 aura means that sisters sitting in cover get a 2+ and marines need to use ap-3 to do anything about it.

>> No.74721191

>Wait, are fem-marine stronger than male-marine?
He doesn't know how to sort stats by date, or he's a free user. So, ignore his stupid post. It's stupid, just like him.

>> No.74721198

T3 units are shit at killing marines unless they have plasma weapons/S5 guns. Dire Avengers are better suited shooting at other T3 units.

>> No.74721207

Could you help me understand if this site is real or a scam?

>> No.74721211

Go whine somewhere else you Eldar faggot

>> No.74721222

yeah like you have a choice of less tough targets when playing against marines
OH WAIT its every OTHER army that has some tough guys and some weaker ones, marines are always tough

>> No.74721229

Always have been. 8th with overpower marines is the odd one.
Usually marines are in the mediocre to good level.

>> No.74721236



All of them except ridgerunner s

>> No.74721245

>Eldar. The weakest faction in the games history
>have never been good ever
Oh no. That's terrible. We feel so sorry for you. Maybe your army can be powerful one day. Maybe for just one edition. You definitely deserve that. You know, because Eldar have been terrible in every edition of 40k

>> No.74721247

I don't

>> No.74721258

Nothing is really bad in GSC till you see how much they cost in points. Then you remember they aren't good either and they need the support of a lot of characters and stratagems to even function and you wonder if GW has gone out of their way to fuck GSC

>> No.74721290

Ridgerunners were the 'it's a nice unit but a bit overcosted for what it does' option last time I played against GSC.
wtf happened?

>> No.74721293

its literally only 9e results and they are the most recent, what are you trying to prove?

>> No.74721299

paint your bases

>> No.74721308


Hive Guard, Genestealers and Exocrines. Mortal wound spam from Neurothropes will do the trick too.

>> No.74721313

They were fine until their special detachments went into legends. Anointed Throngs was so good. I know why they did it but they didn't give GSC anything in return.

>> No.74721351

Till 9th really and the consecutive nerfs to powers and price increase

>> No.74721383

Six battle cannons and two storm-eagle batteries. Season with Guardsmen lines to keep muhrens at fair fighting distance.

>> No.74721391

Without multi charge they are kind of fucked.

>> No.74721455

I play Chaos demons at around a 1000 points mono khorne. My list includes an exalted blood thirster of insensate rage. I played against my friend first game of 9th edition who was using White Scars and i I won from capping and holding objectives while using the blood letter bomb as a distraction. It worked really!

I'm currently building some world eaters because I wanna soup them together I'm not a great painter but just love the game and the lore and been playing with grey tide before recently for like 12 years

First army I ever had was 3rd edition Orkz

>> No.74721467

They are

>> No.74721483

>dire avengers
>free 2w sarg

>tacticle marine

you get what you pay for

>> No.74721487

Everything else is just that bad

>> No.74721507

One of the few GSC things that didn't increase in cost but got reduced.
Also Vehicle so their BS4+ weapons wont be ass fucked for moving
Too bad I can't like the model so I'm looking for alternative in historical like armoured cares or tanquettes

>> No.74721508

You can make better washes that require a lot less cleaning up if you mix a wash 50/50 with contrast medium. I just buy pots of both and mix them ready.

>> No.74721532

You don’t say.

How do they perform?
Do you use them through an airbrush?

>> No.74721557

Good job anon, I like my Daemons too even if they struggle sometimes. I feel like they're just one rules update short of being a really fun army

>> No.74721572

not him but
>4+ armor
Tactical marines
>3+ armor
>bonus ap for half the game
>rapid fire for sitting still
unless dire avengers are getting a buff 5 points shouldn't add a wound better armor higher toughness and more natural AP

>> No.74721591

properly you fucker

>> No.74721612

>Things seems unbalanced if I don't list all the things Dire Avengers have more than SM
Eldar players are the scum of the earth

>> No.74721614

don't ignore the win rates for marines against individual factions, chaos being 70% shows how massive the disconnect between the two has gotten. of course in the end the low sample size makes all this info nearly worthless.

>> No.74721619

Ever since I played DoW I've always wanted to recreate the terrain for the tabletop. Has anyone ever made terrain that resembles the buildings in that game?

>> No.74721628

They are

>> No.74721632

White Dwarf 300 had an article about it

>> No.74721652

I'm talking about historically SoB have been better marines than marines since 3rd. 8th was the odd one out history wise.
Because even with 7th marine bullshit SoB held their ground

>> No.74721658

no, they are not

>> No.74721663

>oh wow if i lie about the costs, marines are really undercoated!
primaris are 20ppm you fuck

>> No.74721667

>Like TTT because of Lawrence and Beard
>Enjoy a somewhat competent youtube series that only occasionally fudges the rules
>Move forward two years
>Every episode is now that annoying cunt Bone, with Lawrence and Beard taking a massive step back.
Why does this always happen to good channels.

>> No.74721687

nigger they already stated the cost of fucking tacticals going to 18ppm and 2 wounds so pull your head out of your ass.

>> No.74721688

Cool, I'll check it out. Thanks.

>> No.74721695

He is talking of standard marines you dumb fuck.

>> No.74721701 [DELETED] 

Lawrence and Beard became bottom-shelf simps

>> No.74721720


Educate yourself on points boy.

>> No.74721732

They basically retreat to the recesses, they don't leave water marks, instead they just leave a thin film over the majority of the surface, darkening it a little. I use a brush and make sure it doesn't pool anywhere.

>> No.74721740

I take every opportunity I can to insult Bone, he's a moronic man child.

>> No.74721747

woah, nice eyes
would you mind telling me how you painted them? I'm painting some skeletons and I think that eye colour would be sweet.

>> No.74721773


>> No.74721799

>7" move and can advance and fire at no penalty
>-3 AP on 6's

>> No.74721801


>> No.74721808

Oh yeah? What daemons do you run.

They are fun they are CP intensive and no matter what anyone says there's a certain joy in playing Khorne and announcing your blood thirster now has 16 strength due to buffs etc. Even if it is knocked off the board the next turn.

>> No.74721837

The black could use another coat in parts, like the chest eagle and pouches where red is showing through. Afterwards drybrush those parts lightly with a dark grey to pick up the detail. Also if you can try to carefully straighten up the shoulderpad trim with more black as that's probably the most obvious detail visually on the whole model. Finally if you're feeling confident you can try to drop in a little wash, either with green or black wash, only around the edges of the eyes and let it flow into the crease there. It will help hide the rough paint transition and outline the green lens. But yeah, much better than your white marine and fine for tabletop standard already.

>> No.74721846

you spelled space marine wrong, and yeah your right i forgot to list everything marines get so here we go
>exploding shots
>only being able to be wounded on 4+
>ignore armor
>invuln saves
>+1 to hit
>reroll failed hits
>+1 attack on the charge
>super doctrines
>reroll wound rolls of 1
>rapid fire for sitting still
>+1 to wound for shooting something close
>ap-1 on the same sword everyone else gets but for free.

>> No.74721876

Why are daemons so much fun to paint

>> No.74721884

>Yeah it's not me that is a burning asshole
>Please let me proceed to play the victim some more
Thanks for proving my point you wicker man

>> No.74721888 [DELETED] 

It never used to be this way. This is simply the result of GW's increasing need to appeal to autistic children to drive sales, for whom they have conveniently forgotten about the difference between fluff and crunch.

>> No.74721889

Because Heresy

>> No.74721897

Never got this. Why would you play an army where there's no individuality for your models at all?

>> No.74721908

oh sorry i forgot some in
>turn one deep strike
>free redeploy
>advance and shoot without assault
>shoot twice
>shoot heavy weapons as pistols
reminder that all (current) marine fags are insufferable cunts and none of them were hear before 8th edition.

>> No.74721909

Interesting. I’m gonna have to give that a try.

Have you tried it with gloss shades?

>> No.74721917

>Where do you all buy rare earth magnets? Amazon's got so many knock-offs it's impossible to sort through.

>> No.74721930


You can very easily modify demons or make your own, give them demonic names, goals, make your own minor god even and use completely different models.

>> No.74721949

>reminder that all (current) marine fags are insufferable cunts and none of them were hear before 8th edition.

Instead we had to suffer Eldar fags being a lot more insufferable for nine fucking editions. Goddammit I'll accept multiple editions of HH if we'll get Eldar Faggots squatted as a whole. The end result would be unironically better.

>> No.74721968

If you're in Europe, look up supermagnete

>> No.74721970


>> No.74721982

>Hive guard
300 points for 10 d3 damage shots is not killing anything in high enough quantities to make their points back
Multi charge lol, 1 damage lol
Get shot off the board by 3 erradicators turn 1

>> No.74722007

>And their fluff was all about how they chose practical problems to their military solutions over nonsense.
I still want to run Tau like this - well-equipped combined arms, probably only stealth suits and maybe a commander strike team.

I do like breachers (in a fish) and the fortifications though, they seem decently fitting for old-school style tau

>> No.74722024

Drill lasguns or no?

>> No.74722039

Lots of skin and fleshy bits allow for flexible creativity in color and you don't need to be as precise as when painting armor.

>> No.74722048

alien auxiliary is a better aesthetic. suits bigger than a broadside are fake AND gay

>> No.74722068

I can second this, but your local not-ebay can have some good deals too. You just need to make sure the magnets are N48ish for good results.

>> No.74722096

>things that didn't happen for $200

>> No.74722115

>Eldar players being faggots and whiners is not real
You are a riot anon.

>> No.74722671

Yes it fucking is stupid ass caacfag

>> No.74722952

>What daemons do you run.
its not all bad, flamers do some real work and sometimes you'll roll hot on the 4++ saves and just survive shit, but outside the flamers it really feels lacking in punch.

>> No.74723026

Order 3 Hornets from a Chinese recaster and take the hornet pulse lasers. Then LMAO as you make all marinefags seeth at 6x3 S6 AP-3 D2 shots per turn. RIP marine wank. They're insanely good in 9th.

>> No.74723043

I recently became an eldar fag and honestly it feels really great to play an army that isn't second fiddle for once. This must be how marinefags feel.

>> No.74723640

t. Never played against marines 1.0
Marines had 2 more wins than necrons before their second codex, and thats only because of a build that was banned almost as soon as it started winning tournaments.

>> No.74723736

We'll move to the Ocean!

>> No.74724454

running a crusade map campaign right now too, we based it on the planetary empires ruleset (which we heavily modified with homerules). mind sharing the pdf of your rules? i wanna steal shit form there,

>> No.74724528

thats a funny looking Falchion

>> No.74724550

if all the XAAC players are bad. Who are the good players?

>> No.74724753

>XAAC players

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