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There are no wolves on Luna edition

Previous heresy

>Thread FAQ(very old, remembers Age of Terra)
>Thread FAQ(suggestion)
>Erratas and extra downloads
>Rules and stuff for HH and Titanicus

==/ATG/ Zone==
>Rules and supplements
See the MEGA in HH section
>List of Titan Legions with Badges and Colours
>More lists
>What size magnets do I need?
>homemade missions:

>Battlefleet Heresy: Void Battles during the Great Betrayal:

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first for the art from the new book is not inspiring my confidence

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second for this photo isn’t terrible but it seems like they’ve forgotten how to take this kind of picture. very low angle and front on isn’t flattering, but perhaps i’m nitpicking

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Looks like art from this HH "card game" really. Quality drop for sure.

>> No.74688622

They could have put burning anakin somewhere.

>> No.74688665

ah i know what’s bothering me. it’s the paint scheme on the firsties. the difference in style compared to old FW stuff makes it stick out like a sore thumb against the grim gritty “realistic” background. shame

>> No.74688686

thought that was raven guard at first

>> No.74688744

that is some poor greenscreen, the paintjob may also be to blame

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That one’s better than >>74688525. Hopefully it’s just a couple of clangers.

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there was talk about powercreep last thread. how would you anon’s address it and ‘fix’ said powercreep?

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well, if i were GW i'd release a second wave of black books that brings all the legions up to the same level as the Dark Angels and then leave it at that, then after 2 months release the final red books and switch to FAQ'ing the rules as needed.

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dark angels aren’t even out and people (newfags) are already bitching. unreal

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here i’ll post more art and such from thramas so anons can decide how they feel

>> No.74689108

this one is just utter shit. horrible sense of perspective and scale, poorly composed

>> No.74689118

We will see in 3 weeks or more.
It's out 2 weeks from now, and probably will be scaned week after.

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i'm not bitching, i'm a DA player, but one has to admit that several other legions have been left behind, products of an older method of thinking and rules writing that has left them noncompetitive one surely cant look at phoenix terminators and believe that they are a good competitive unit can you?

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>> No.74689147

>> No.74689158

these are composed like they were the covers for books that never came out.

>> No.74689176

notice how much worse this looks cropped square. i think that’s why i hate the first too, very poorly composed but they could be cropped by warcom

>> No.74689210

they just haven't color graded the front lads like they used to do in the older books, so they stick out because they don't at all look the same color temprature and hue wise. they have done it to the land raider and the plasma lads in the back so they look better.

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Lads, I've got some 40k indomitus terminators I want to convert and use. Apart from removing the crux terminatus and aquilas, along with swapping the weapons with tartaros ones, is there anything else I could do to make them more suitable for 30k?

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Are Sanguinary Guard in the new book?

>> No.74689352

Anything that can make them look worse desu

>> No.74689356

No. Why would you think they'd be? Besides, Anus at FW thinks they don't deserve to be included in 30k.

>> No.74689394

I figured FW might eventually come to their senses, dont know how you can make a game full of shit rules and disallow something good in the game

>> No.74689397

They are too horrible. Nothing can be done to make them look better.

>> No.74689443

Nah FW realised the 30k fanbase is 90% consoomers so they'll keep pumping out garbage

>> No.74689457

Just no crux and no aquilla.
Also rules are shit.

>> No.74689464

Ah alright, see you guys next black book then

>> No.74689472

Unfortunately I don't think they'll ever come to their senses. There is clearly no one else like Alan Bligh in a position of authority at FW and the dumb fucks in charge there now are not going to let themselves be pushed out for someone who actually cares about the game and setting to take over

>> No.74689509

fluff is gonna be what makes or breaks for me

>> No.74689552

I'll just leave this here. Because I want to.

>> No.74689669

never thought i’d see the day that someone makes a decent conversion for thunder warriors. cheers mate

>> No.74689752

FW has really stopped giving a shit

>> No.74689798

>Besides, Anus at FW thinks they don't deserve to be included in 30k.
They don't

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Unfortunately they'd just be Dawnbreakers but with Grenades, so they would be very overpowered.

>> No.74690135

>People worried about DA potentially being powercreeped
>BA players jump in to bitch about Sanguinary Guard
>TS players quietly paint a ninth Sekhmet squad in the background
Never change /hhg/.

>> No.74690174

Wonder if BA players are so dumb not to have guessed that Dawnbreakers are Sanguinary Guard in all but name including that they can be taken as troops if you run Sanguinius.

>> No.74690178

this one feels like a painting, which is better than looking like just minis on a greenscreen. Fitting in some respects for the dark angels but not based in pre-established legion styles in previous books

>> No.74690183

Faggots are going to whine. Some fag was crying about 4W on heros without fucking EW anyway... hey bitch he still dies in one shot to any random terminator with a powerfist in the death star you threw YOUR death star into.
> wah wah competitive!!!!!
If you are retarded enough to think HH was created with anything approaching competitiveness in mind, you are legit retarded. Don't reply, the discussion will go nowhere, and you drool all over the place when you get worked up.

>> No.74690237

sell the 40k termies, get some gorgon terminators, remove the legion icon and gear trim, do this while they are still in their sprues and resell them as generic 30k indomitus termies. youll make a good few bucks and get your inferior pattern

>> No.74690268

i wasn't talking about tournament competitiveness you flaming retard, internal competitiveness is a thing you know, each legion should be able to compete with each other with upsides and downsides, the original legions are lacking in both rites of war and unique units and it is only fair that they be bought up to the same level of quality.

>> No.74690313

i mean, i’ll be honest, EC are just the worst legion by a big gap. They’re restrictive, don’t really reflect the fluff, and are shit. but DG, SoH, IW, NL, etc are in very good shape. There have been about as many duds for overpowered shit in the last couple books. TS are egregious of course, but people also said UM and Sallies were OP. DA having lots of toys feels right to me. Frankly BA are the guys who got too much (paladins are just retarded)

>> No.74690462

>updated official models never

>> No.74690467

>Paladins are just retarded

You mean retardedly shit? I agree.

>> No.74690520

i mean theyre shit and you could remove them and lose nothing from the blood angels in how they play or feel or their fluff.

>> No.74690569

Gotta admit, I was worried about this one. I had a bad feeling SotFW would just give the character PE:Characters and be a near autotake, because FW can't remember how rules actually work.

So pleasantly surprised.

>> No.74690589

Forgot my pic like an idiot.

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>> No.74690777

EC aren't as bad as you say anon, they are good as chargers and duelists + maru skara 3 units outflank is still powerfull. Eidolon is dope and Fulgrim being one of the better primarchs out there. But yeah, forget about using your special units and non-assault centric gameplay will not go well.

>> No.74690877

Cenobium with attached Firewing Forgelord with rad vs Aquilons Custodes could be hilarious.
>Rerolls to hit in first round
>minimum 3 attacks wounding on 2+,ID per model
>possible rerolls to wound of 1 thanks to cenobium rules

>> No.74690999

>Still no MkII
>Generic 40k marines now 50 a box
>Half our units are OOP
I am amazed HH is still going.

>> No.74691014

>still no mark 2
There used to be. They retired it.

>> No.74691058

Yeah they will work but you have to play them fast and carefull. I play EC only with Angel's Wrath/Assault Vanguard and sometimes Maru and they play nicely if you don't fuck around instead of assaulting.

>> No.74691095

>Still no mark 2
Look anon, it's no longer beginning of the Great Crusade, technology has moved forward. So must you.

>> No.74691140

Which primarch would unironically be a prepper?

>> No.74691177

perty and gorillaman

>> No.74691328

This >>74691177
Alpharius (considering he was planning for heresy even before it was a thing)

>> No.74691524

Lion on the otherhand isn't a prepper. He's just a hoarder.

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>> No.74692349

>Pert sitting in a bunker with a bunch of guns, 3 years of dried food and a Gadsden flag on the wall.

>> No.74692606

>...in his labyrynth bunker...
Here, fixed.

>> No.74692607

> I...I...I didn't say TOURNAMENT competitiveness!!!!!!
Neither did I you drooling fucking retard.
"Internal Competitiveness," or "balance" as the NON retarded say, has literally NEVER been something FW gave two shits about. Its pathetic it has taken you apparently this long to realize it.
Maybe mop up your drool and log off. Have your care taker change your nappy

>> No.74692682

I know forgeworld don't care about it, it was an answer to what I would do if in charge of the heresy you absolute twat, your basic lack of awareness about the actual context of a statement is astounding.

>> No.74692702

he’s english everyone, we can safely ignore him

>> No.74693097

>some legions and units are OP while other suck dicks
>b...because it's narrative play!
I seriously hope you don't believe what you say and only shitpost.

>> No.74693455

Yes, they are exactly that dumb

>> No.74693461

>comically long sword that just keeps growing

>> No.74693546

What weird fucking rules too. It degrades invul saves by hits, but pretty much causes instant death to most enemies anyway so its abilities won’t come into play in a second round of a duel.

>> No.74693586

Nah dude it's just an overly verbose "if you get hit with this, your invuln is -1 against it"

Can see how you'd read it that way.

Awesome sword even if it is a giant meme

>> No.74693608


>> No.74693782

You're welcome. I've edited this pic about a year ago and forgot to post it in here.

Nope. Never. Or if we're lucky, a single anniversary/limited edition model.

>> No.74693982

Long time deathwing fag (4th ed 40k)

Looking to get into 30k and want to make another DW type list for DAs. What suits do you guys suggest? Catas for my beatsticks and tart for my shooties? Is the spartan any good?

>> No.74694040

>a single anniversary/limited edition model.

As a primaris lieutenant.

>> No.74694043

wait for book

>> No.74694053

first advice: wait the 2-3 weeks for us to have all the DA rules
second bit of advice: cataphrachii is better in almost every situation
third bit of advice: spartans are fine delivery systems but see the above advice about waiting a couple weeks.

>> No.74694096

oh and here’s a deathwing special character, he’s online only but perfectly legal

>> No.74694098

For sure thanks. Im getting catas for aesthetic mostly. They got that 30k drip.

>> No.74694151

Cataphractii all the way, erry day.

>> No.74694263

It’s ironic
the game is called adeptus titanicus, yet it depicts the horus heresy, an era in which they were known as the collegia titanicus. the shattering of the legios in that war was what diminished them enough to see them become another adeptus in the machinery of terra

>> No.74694439

Because the OG game was named that and was set in HH as well.

>> No.74694445

>Is the spartan any good
its THE ground delivery system for terminator and/or prirmach deathstars
just slap on a flare shield

>> No.74695240

Is it feasible to use more than 1 or they $$$$ point wise?

>> No.74695264

most armies only take one, you could do two, and if you have a good recaster one should only set you back $56.

>> No.74695323

If you play Warhammer competitively you are a faggot.

>> No.74695380

at over 300 its a bit pricey to have more than 1 unless you're running over 4k

>> No.74695502

More than one's so expensive that it's hard to have the rest of an army. If you just want more AV14 than the enemy can kill, just bring a bunch of LRs

>> No.74695847

i cannot think of many good reasons to take two. you need to have a strong hammer in one to get the most out of it and two means you have few support elements. it’s not really going to kill much on its own. you’d get more out of multiple land raiders if you want a lot of invincible bawkses. if you want big tanks go with a typhon or fellblade or something

>> No.74696002

Makes sense. One it is.

>> No.74696387

How would you guys differentiate Calibanite and Terran DAs? Maybe give the Calibans DA green right shoulder instead of all black?

>> No.74696400

Man, the influx of questions that can just be answered by "wait for the book" over the past few days is astounding.

>> No.74696426

Thats more an opinion thing unless you know something about it.

>> No.74696467

The fact that 1d4chan has Holguin and Redloss as "Dont take until their we have their actual rules" is pretty hilarious considering the PDF is their actual rules. According to the Table of Contents, they arent in the Book.

>> No.74696552

Its because FW. Doesn't. Care.
Their playtesting, if you want, is just a group of kiss ass who play pure beer and pretzels 'why would I take more than one of a unit lol.'
They know fags will buy anything they produce, regardless of rules, so they don't give a shit about quality control, beyond make new thing better than old things so fags will buy them

>> No.74696641

Isnt that more our fault cause we keep buying though?

>> No.74696678

"fixed" some of the crusade art. Is it really so hard to adjust white balance to suit the scene?

>> No.74696830

not him but we know like nothing about the DA. they’ve gotten few stories and next to no good ones and a lot of the early ones have been soft retconned. no one here can tell you anything concrete, because the most concrete 30k fluff, especially the logistics, heraldry, and the early pre primarch stuff, and even the later great crusade stuff.
not trying to be harsh here, but you might as well be asking us about the tokyo olympics.

>> No.74696869

>and a lot of the early ones have been soft retconned.
On which note, it sounds like they're quietly retconning Sarosh into not being the very first thing the DA did under the Lion.

>> No.74696970

thank god because that was utterly retarded. The moment we left caliban in those stories it just stopped making sense in about every single way. even at the time it made little sense but now with more fluff about the gc and primarchs and so on it just reads as bizarre

>> No.74697002

trudging along with titanicus homebrew still. Gonna do some extra heresy weapons
so far graviton, volkite and phosphex launchers seem good candidates - anyone else have ideas?

>> No.74697110

its very subtle but i can see how this makes the models fit in much better with the scene

>> No.74697154

>titan grade graviton weapons
finally, a way to make titans be affected by gravity

>> No.74697157

Ayy fellow heretic.

>> No.74697370

What faggot at forgeworld thought titanicus knights should be immune to difficult and dangerous terrain? difficult sure but dangerous? surely anything dangerous for titan would be for knights too. they just tiptoeing through minefields and leaping over lava and such?

>> No.74697494

To be fair every relic is a meme
>Ignore invulnerables but ap 3
>Fleshbane but BA already wound marines on a 2+ with paragon blades

>> No.74697507

Titan sized lightning gun. Lightning arc capable of causing a blackout in an entire hive.

>> No.74697560

Fuck off, parasite. Were talking about the Horus Heresy.

>> No.74697583

If a new Warmaster was picked after Horus who would be your top 3 for the job?

>> No.74697589

>Not playing Iron Hands with two autosimulcra spartans carrying 10 terminators and a rad grenade forge lord in each
It is only like 1800 points faggot

>> No.74697612

1. Guilliman
2. Guilliman
3. Guilliman
4. Dorn

>> No.74697616

Interesting. Show your work anon.

>> No.74697643

Stomp the skulls of Dark Angels wankers.

>> No.74697650

>t. space furry

>> No.74697651

lion, sang, or guilliman

>> No.74697661

I agree with all of them.

How do you feel about Dorn? Too masochistic?

>> No.74697664

I ain't no fucking furry, I'm much worse, I'm retarded.

>> No.74697680

>T Sons

Their heresy paint job is much better than the shitty blue and yellow.

>> No.74697687

Lol wat, knights are in the Horus Heresy novels.

>> No.74697752

Dark Mechanicum are chads.

>> No.74697806

Guilliman didn’t wander off after the heresy when the imperium needed primarchs the most like Khan, Russ, or Corax. Lion is too secretive, Sanguinius is dead, Ferrus is dead, Vulkan is dead-ish, and Dorn isn’t a very good people person.

If you mean during the heresy than Dorn already got that job by being present, praetorian of Terra is essentially emergency warmaster.

>> No.74697884

>Lion is too secretive
Nothing wrong with being secretive but he was also not a very good people person. Dorn is just more of a meathead stoic sledgehammer and cant help it.

Being a recluse would not make a good Warmaster if that is what you mean. If he wasnt so standoffish with most people the Lion would be a great warmaster but excels at being autonomous which is where he belongs.

Sang would have been the go to guy and Guilliman the next so I can see where you are going. I always loved the part where most of the primarchs are shocked it was Horus over the other 3 likely pics but those other 3 are not surprised at all Horus got it and are not upset over it.

>> No.74698000

I cannot think of a single noteworthy thing about dorn other than he defended the sol system during the HH

>> No.74698014

Sigismund comes from him. I guess thats noteworthy.

>> No.74698261

was he supposed to the Emps to fuck off while he leaves with his sons to go to war?

>> No.74698710

The models stand out too much against the background. They’re very clearly models instead of it feeling more like an in-universe photo

It’s like they want to advertise the models in the black book, but that’s not the fucking point of those books. You want to be drawn into the setting. You’re already getting the fucking models, that’s why you bought the book

>> No.74698820

Just want to weigh in, as somebody who hasn't looked at this stuff before, I thought they were part of the art.

>> No.74698857

If you haven't already, you might wanna check out the Grey Knights Omnibus. They go to a Dark Mechanicum planet in it.

>> No.74698865

Yeah I read that one a while ago.

Alaric is a chad.

>> No.74698872

Is it just me, or should the Dark Mechanicum should be much more advanced than their loyalist counterparts?

>> No.74698881

They are.

>> No.74699194

Well, anon, when the Mechanicus says something runs on hopes and dreams they mean it as an insult. When the Dark Mechanicum says something runs on hopes and dreams they're telling you that the engine is rated for Tzeentch daemons.

>> No.74699634

Welcome to New GW where literally everything is an ad for new models and will not exist if you cannot be sold something along with the purchase of said ad.

>> No.74700114

can’t figure out what i’d expect the titan lightning guns stats to be. Ordinance and rending make sense but i can’t figure out anything else to make it interesting
Think i have a solid idea for volkite weapons and a graviton cannon, and maybe something for phosphex and a radiation cleanser.

>> No.74700526

Titan Lightning Gun could also have a small amount of Voidbreaker (1 or 2) to show the energy shorting out shield emitters (or whatever). Keep the shots fairly low, but it would still have some additional effect against voids.

>> No.74700634


>> No.74700682

Are EC considered to be left-behind ruleswise? What would you do to fix them?
Same goes for all old legion rules.

>> No.74701013

EC need a full rework of their legion astartes and wargear, a few others need a couple of tweaks. Maru Skara's still a great Rite, Fulgrim's one of the better footslogger primarchs, eidolon's a solid beatstick HQ, but even with their rework Palatines are nothing amazing and the other two units are complete ass. Not to mention their awful wargear. Honestly i wouldnt mind the EC getting something similar to the UM LA to reward skilled use of combined arms tactics rather than their current charge focus.

>> No.74701071

The reader the royal we?

>> No.74701090

I'll give my thoughts on Sons of Horus, even if maybe its retarded wishlisting:
Legion rules/rites are in a good place, no changes there needed. Lack of special wargear apart from banestrike ammo is dissapointing flavor wise, but they dont actually need anything
Special characters could use minor adjustments:
>Abbadon either slightly cheaper, or give him EW and make him slightly more expensive
>Maloghurst feels a bit too auto-include (but thats mainly due to veterans being incredible)
>Tybalt needs AP 3 on his sabre since he's kinda pointless otherwise
>Loken is fluffy and fun
>Horus is fantastic, possibly borderline OP in <2000 points
Justaerin are good, imo should have banestrike ammo combi-bolters if only for flavor reasons.
Dreadclaw profile is unneccessary now that it exists as a generic choice.
Reavers are the only real shit unit, since they're alternatives, assault marines/veterans, are superior no matter how you build them. Best way to fix them imo would be to just automatically start them equipped with the banestrike bolters, instead of having to pay for them. Would give them an interesting niche compared to assault marines and vets.
I just want reavers to be good since I'm building a Black Reaving force with 30 of them.

>> No.74701150

This is the timeline as it stands at the moment
>the Lion is the 11th Primarch discovered, between Sanguinius and Perturabo. Sanguinius is discovered 843 [HH VIII] and Perturabo is discovered 849 [HH III] so Caliban is between those dates
>Sarosh is dated to 848 in HH VIII, which fits with the above
>Luther returns to Caliban in 905 [HH Journal]
>he still has ships and is leading expeditions from Caliban until 970 [Angels of Caliban]

So Sarosh might have been the first battle that they fought under the Lion, but then Luther spends 57 years getting back to Caliban? And then spends another 65 dicking around behind the Lion’s back until he gets caught? This also ignores the rough dates in Fallen Angels and Angels of Caliban as to how long Luther’s been there

>> No.74701182

I don't know the full story but I would just like to point out that warptime is fucked. He might be gone for 40 years and for him it's been 3 days.
This is a problem everywhere in 40k. People arrive before they've left and so on.

>> No.74701294

That is a possibility. I just wanted to point out that Sarosh was an early battle and that he could have fought in some wars, as he could have taken his sweet time getting home. Even if he didn’t and he did lose ~50 years getting back, he was still going out and fighting behind the Lion’s back

>> No.74701331


EC should have a shooting element added to their LA rather than being dedicated CC. Perhaps the first EC unit to shoot a target in a phase gets to reroll 1s to hit, rewarding specialised units.
Would also be happy with the Maru Skara '+1 to move, run and charge' becoming a core part of the LA rule.

> Word Bearers
3D6 Morale bit also applies to friendly Militia and Daemons within 6".
Mandatory Chaplain is FOCless.
Optional 'Apostle' upgrade that grants +1W and MotL to a single Chaplain.
Burning Lore explicitly allows Malefic Daemonology.
'Dark Channelling' changed to be a free upgrade that risks hurting your Scoring game. Results are:
> Zealot but lose Denial
> +1S but lose Scoring
> +1S and Daemon, lose Scoring and count as destroyed endgame
Lorgar gets Zealot
Dark Brethren allows you to purchase Ruinstorm Lesser and Greater Daemons as non-Comp slots that deploy normally

>> No.74701638

Does anyone have the shoop where World Eater Red Butchers skip around in a field with flower baskets?

>> No.74701689

Thus isn't even a relic relic, it's just the standard wargear of a new character.

What a fucking Chad

>> No.74702015

So how good are death guard? Are they playable?

>> No.74702132

This isnt 40k, everything is playable. Death Guard are solidly mid-tier, no negatives and a few good bits and pieces

>> No.74702156 [DELETED] 

I'd leave their assault benefits (I,crusader) intact but
>Spears need a constant Ap2 (should work like glaives),
>phoenix termies 2W,
>Lord Commander upgrade that allows you to choose strategic/astartes WT not roll
>Sonic Shriekers work on everyone, it's a sonic weapon for fuck sake
>buff palatines
>something witaj buffs shooting as other anon proposed

>> No.74702158

So what should I be focusing on for DG? Are tactical support squads with the DG flamers good?

>> No.74702281

yep, the general balance for 30k is better than you'd think assuming you don't spam either massive marine hordes or full vehicles. You've got
>alright characters
>great primarch
>two great terminator units
>excellent wargear
>decent Rites
It's very hard to build an outright awful list as DG, or as Legiones Astartes in general. DG are particularly good at just full infantry. A HQ, two tactical squads, a flamer squad and some terminators of any variety is a good 1000 point starter army for a ZM game, and will be useful no matter how large you go.

>> No.74702302

Based, just got betrayal and a flamer upgrade just for that.

>> No.74702321

Based and Radpilled
seriously, go look up the Reaping so you can irradiate people, its great

>> No.74702350

Thanks anon!

>> No.74702489

Can't remember if I posted him here at this stage, but whatever. Done with the heraldry for now.

>> No.74702507

These decals are so easy to make good, why didn't GW do gradients on them? Because they did that with previous CSM ones.

>> No.74702528

And my attempt at freehanding an Opus Machina. Couldn't find a single source of good-looking sculpted pads or decals for tartaros techmarines.

>> No.74702868

Looks god, anon!

>> No.74703485

Forgeworld paintjobs are always talked about in comparison to GW ultra bright spotless line highlight paintjobs, can someone post examples of good FW paintjobs?

A lot of them on the website are complete dogshit and rushed. Some guy just dabs a sponge hap hazardly over a random marine and calls it a day. Some end up looking bland and flat. The best FW paintjobs seem to combine airbrushing with unrealistic lighting with substantial weathering, like the Solar Auxilia.

Does a Forgeworld style paintjob necessitate a complete lack of line highlighting? How much oils do you think they use? I'm looking up historical WW2 model paintstyles and it seems they definitely incorporate most of those techniques, which make sense seeing as the HH and Badab War are trying to be grimdark but also realistic. As someone who has been used to painting standard GW edge/line highlighting with a bit of airbrushing, the thought of not applying some line highlighting feels weird. On marine models it mostly looks like shit without SOME edge highlighting, but I can see its worth on tanks. What's the quick rundown on how to get into this style and making it look good? I've seen a few models in this thread that slather on oil paints on marines and it just looks bad.

>> No.74703745

What day is pre ordering supposed to start for the DA/NL book?
Still looks like shit. Drill your barrels cunt.

>> No.74703773

Friday. Forge World is almost always Fridays for preorder/releases.

>> No.74703827

> FW writes shit rules
> more news at 11

>> No.74703846

can't stop the HH Cuck-sumer.

>> No.74704007

Never look at ForgeWorld for inspiration. They often ruin their models by their lousy paintjob. I would just recommend looking up historical painters and follow their tank paintjobs for marines. There's some very cool stuff you can do there.
Look up MarcoFrisoniNJM on YouTube, specifically his Imperial Fist video. You can take a ton of inspiration from there.

>> No.74704085


new heresy dice

>> No.74704160

I still think the body of the combi bolter should be a different color than silver, but I like him a lot.

>> No.74704181

1. Sanguinius, he got along with everyone and everyone in universe think he would be warmaster if not Horus.
2. Guilliman, warmaster need to be good diplomat so even more autistic primarchs obey him.
3. Tough one. Dorn? He kinda got a job during heresy, but there was no Primarchs to command. Or maybe Fulgrim, from what I remember he didn't have many enemies, and have friends. I tried my best to sort them out at this one, but they are still worse choice than number 1 and 2.
Reminder, warmaster don't need to be super strategist, he must be at least respected by everyone so he can command legions. That's why turboautists like Lion or Perturabo are not fit for the job.

>> No.74704198

Old ones looked better.

>> No.74704201

Glad to see FW has got their priorities straight

>> No.74704220

Stop edge highlighting. It always looks like shit.

>> No.74704252

Night Shift and Plasmo Models on YouTube. Do not look up Marco he is an artfag Italian loopy colour twat. Apply techniques instead of following GW' boring garbage.

>> No.74704267

Horus was really the only choice. Half of the primarch would have thought themselves better strategists/ tacticians than Sang and people kinda just liked him by default. They’d soon sour on him once their forces were getting fucked or they weren’t getting supplied like they thought they should.

>> No.74704321

they shouldn't be because they're not anymore objective scientists then the "normal" mech, they're gibbering cultists and "demons for brains" retards, its just that their machine spirits are literal demons.

>> No.74704334

But warmaster is not telling Primarchs how to fight, he say "go to sector X and conquer it".
Everyone liked and respected Sanguinius, so he would be a good Warmaster, even in lore everyone agree on that, even Horus.

>> No.74704391

>let's fuse our tech with super unreliable daemons and xeno tech that make user go insane faction
>more advanced that faction that use only kosher but very advanced stuff
Dark Mech went insane and abandoned technology for space magic.
You have first glance at Dark Mech with Scoria, he tortures his robots so they turn into angry wild beasts.

>> No.74704419

How is the Sons of Horus colour described in the books? Ocean green?

Would it be bad to use a light teal colour?

>> No.74704444

>Calls Pert and Lion turbo autists
>Puts Dorn on a list
Gtfo yellow homosexual. Dorn was one of the worst primarchs to work with, even Sigismund admits that his primarch is autistic like hell.
>Reminder, warmaster don't need to be super strategist
You are also turbo retarded to say that.

>> No.74704462

Thing is Dark Mech has no qualms about innovation. A shit engineer willing to try anything will accomplish more than a shit engineer who thinks removing the hull machinegun on a Sherman is a crime warranting the death penalty.

>> No.74704518

Yea but while Sherman of "removing hull MG is warcrime" guys works well, the other innovative guys put most unstable plasma reactors they can find and put it in sherman giving it a lot of power and making it explode by itself.
Dark Mechanicum are nuts.

>> No.74704539

Reminder that BL fanfiction (especially by Abnett) isn't a source. That Sanguinius was "likable" is no reason to put hmm in overal command of the Crusade. He wasn't a big dick strategist or tactician like Horus, Gorillaman, Lion or Fulgrim and he was too mystical and not very much down to earth like these four.

>> No.74704562

So bitter you got 4s.
If being super strategist was required to be warmaster, someone, anyone would think that Lion is good for warmaster, but noone beside Lion ever though that and every Primarch(ok maybe not Angron but only because of nails) was master strategist anyway.

>> No.74704566


>> No.74704571

Dark Mechanicum = Skaven and Chaos Dwarfs doctrine and methodology in building stuff

>> No.74704578

>EC should have a shooting element added to their LA rather than being dedicated CC.
Only for thematic reasons. IMO they don't really need a buff for their collective legion, just individual units.

>Would also be happy with the Maru Skara '+1 to move, run and charge' becoming a core part of the LA rule.
Nah, crusader already represents focus on mobility, Maru Skara movement boost just makes them more of an overspecialized meme.

Also I have already mentioned my suggestion for fixing phoenix guard by replacing sudden strike's +1 initiative on the charge (which was made before EC universally got +1 I on the charge instead of just in challenges so it was actually useful once) with instant death on the charge. They become the melee counter to enemy death stars, palatines may be cheaper and more mobile or easier to transport, but Phoenix Guard can go toe to toe with Justaerin and the like and potentially win.

Statistically speaking 10 PG with shriekers charging 12 PF justaerin with the ID on the charge rules results in 7 dead Justaerin (6.66 actually) and 3 dead PG (2.77 actually). If the Justaerin survive that round without running away (and probably being swept) round 2 results in 0.77 wounded Justaerin and 3 more dead PG, so the Justaerin will grind down the PG if they don't break the Justaerin on the charge.

If you are concerned about stupidity like Phoenix Guard hacking through Perturabo's robots effortlessly you could always make their ID conditional like killing blow in WHFB, it doesn't effect independent characters or monstrous creatures.

>> No.74704631

More like he puts a royal ordnance L7 gun in the Sherman but had to remove the entire back half and roof of the turret for it to fit so there is nothing protecting the crew except a gun shield and each time it fires it fucks up the turret ring until the turret is jammed completely and you have a turretless tank destroyer with no traverse. Also it exclusively crewed by people who were arrested for killing their fellow soldiers.

>> No.74704639

Fulmentarus terminator detachment on the way.

>> No.74704661

How about Black Books?

>> No.74704689

The Warmaster calls the shots. If conquering sector X turns into Rangdan Xenocide pt 2 it’ll be “my legion wasn’t supported and supplied properly”, “there were other legions closer. Why send mine?”, “you knew that was a shit show. When was the last time your legion got thrown into the meat grinder?” etc etc. Then there’s joint operation where Sang as warmaster would obviously take command. The fact is Sang gets his balls fanned throughout the series in order to make his death more impactful. No one can really take seriously the idea that Horus would be okay with someone else getting the top job. Even Sang. That passage was most likely him feigning doubt and humility before whoever he was talking to. The. Theres Sang’s paranoia about people finding out his legion are mentally unstable cannibals.

>> No.74704715

Just more retconned ball fanning. Horus was always the Emperor’s favourite and first among equals.

>> No.74704716

Point is that horus combined all traits of the best candidate. Mayby he wasn't as good as Lion and Guilliman but he was an experienced commander in combined legions operations and knew how to use other legions to the best of their abilities. Lion and Guilliman (and many others) on the other hand always went solo with their own Legions only. Besides LW /SoH had a shittone of "friends" in other Legions and many considered it an honour to fight with them and be singled out for praise by Horus. WS, IH, EC had even honour badges with an Eye. Horus was also a good politician and very likable unlike Sanguinius who probably didn't give a fuck. Being respected like Sang ie. "wow an actual angel, so cool, laid back and pretty, full respect" is not the same as "muh nigga battle brother Horus".

>> No.74704732

You're a madman anon, how are you basing these? I have been gluing mine down then putting my basing material on top so the discs aren't as noticable

>> No.74704754

I'm just drilling the bases and then glue the models in the holes so that their little bases are at the same level as the squad base.

>> No.74704799

Nice, here's the start of my first basic tactical and terminator detachments, gotta print a couple more bases.

>> No.74704882

Looking nice. I'm using regular round bases but if you are printing them, there's bases with holes ready in Thingiverse, maybe that'll help.

>> No.74704971

Yep, I am. I might have to scale infantry down a few percent or make the bases a bit bigger because the holes aren't an exact fit.

Also, are you yoy the guy who Locutarus/Fulmentarus on Thingiverse? I can't find them with the shitty search function.

>> No.74705032

Never mind I immediately found them. They look great! Those Galactic Crusaders bodies have been an amazing opportunity for people to make Legion units.

Now I have to wait for someone to make my BA stuff...

>> No.74705051

>Yep, I am. I might have to scale infantry down a few percent or make the bases a bit bigger because the holes aren't an exact fit.
In that case, scale up the bases, changing the scale of the models at such tiny scales fucks up proportions big time.
>Also, are you yoy the guy who Locutarus/Fulmentarus on Thingiverse? I can't find them with the shitty search function.
Yeah, it's me. Thingiverse is acting up, it seems, you says it has problems with the search function and until this mortning they didn't even appear in my designs tab and the preview pics and 3d views aren't even showing. Here's the links if you want them.



>> No.74705137

>Never mind I immediately found them. They look great! Those Galactic Crusaders bodies have been an amazing opportunity for people to make Legion units.
For real. MoonJam has basically kickstarted the Epic 30k comunity in his own. Woddish has also made about every tank aswell, which is amazing. There's a few weapon options and units missing, but I'm sure they'll pop up eventually.
>Now I have to wait for someone to make my BA stuff...
I could try since I'm not making invictarus suzerains any time soon. Dunno which ones you want specifically, but they are very easy to make. Crimson paladins are just cataphractii with a custom shield and power swords, and I already have removed the weapons from them to make my fulmentarus and have spare swords, so no problem there. Angels tears are just destroyers with a custom helmet and dawnbreakers are just assault marines with mk 2 and mk 4 jetpacks combined and a spear instead of a sword (and I already had to remove the chainswords to make the locutarus, so no work needed there). If you need a particular one I could try get it done by the end of the week. I'm still on vacation until october.

>> No.74705205


>> No.74705276

Damn, well, I'd love Crimson Paladins to start if you want to. Corona has prevented me from playing much epic anyways atm so im just getting stuff together to play later on.

>> No.74705291

>Cool 100% hetero Horus >> homosexual in golden armour Sanguinius
I much prefere Horus Heresy than a Imperium's gradual slide to fagginess under Sanguinius

>> No.74705306


>> No.74705368

>not masc gay to sang's femme and fulgrim's slut

>> No.74705375

God I love to see epic armies. Yours look so nice. I'd get some titanicus models but they are very expensive so I'll just wait until I get a group to play with. I've actually not played yet and have only gotten into it during lockdown (mainly because MoonJam made his mk 2 tacticals and I fucking love that armour). In any case, I'll try making them, I'll probably post a pic of the final model here when they are done so you know you can get them.

>> No.74705408

Best pairing is Fulguinius followed by Fergrim and third Horinius,

>> No.74705422

Yeah that Titanicus starter box is legit, heavily debating picking up another one or just a Warlord.

>> No.74705462

those are generic, if not vanilla. how about ferrurabo or curzinius or lion'alpharius or morvus

>> No.74705571

this would have sold like hot cakes... 5-6 years ago.
well at least we know now that GW and FW are on the same page again, this is a very nu-citadel move

>> No.74705618

>scatter dice

>> No.74705652

horus is the 5th least heterosexual primarch

>> No.74705677

>not a faggot

>> No.74705732

>rebel Chapters
It's old lore, but it checks out

>> No.74705760

That's just bara

>> No.74705794

nah, imagine the intricate dungeon setups that pairing would have. Dorn's just pure maso with his pain glove, those two would have actual fun with everything

>> No.74705811

All primarchs are a gachifest, with possible exceptions of Pert, Bobby and Alpharius/Omegon (those four are simply too autistic for it).

>> No.74705816

do you think ferrus and fulgrim ever held hands

>> No.74705848

>space wolf dice are in DA legions colors and look way better

They did that on purpose.

>> No.74705871

Still two gross musclular men unlike a bishonen yaoi pairing or even big top bishonen bottom like Horguinius.

>> No.74705872

they all look shit with possible exceptions for death guard and the fists, which only look ok.

>> No.74705886

Oh boy here I go killing again!

>> No.74705923

>Ferrus your hands are so rough and coarse, we need to get your hands polished nice and smooth
>Fulgrim gives Ferrus Manus' ferrus manus a manicure, using sandpaper of various grits until his hands are polished to a mirror finish
>Ten minutes later Ferrus is in the forge using his hands as hammers

>> No.74705931

Had to stop airbrushing because my compressor got burning hot and now I remembered why I do infantry in groups of five, characters and vehicles separately.

>> No.74705951

Yea, some people liked sang more that horus, ie: the lion.

>> No.74705954

80% of you are closet faggots.

>> No.74705963

god bless a certain lass for giving us yaoihammer

>> No.74705978

i’ll have you know i’m quite open about my bifaggotry.

>> No.74706014

who tops?

>> No.74706056

Are Night Lords getting a points adjustment? I'd like to actually field Raptors that don't cost twice as much as assault marines or terror squads that aren't bad veterans.

>> No.74706076

Guys, stop.

>> No.74706118

nah, NL are a bad legion for bad people and we get nothing good ever, just 10" range heavy weapons and sevetar for us old chum

>> No.74706128

Bow to your Calibanite bulls Night Cucks.

>> No.74706298

>alpha dice aren't clear with light markings, alpha symbol on on side, omega on the other, and 2-5 being represented by hydras with different amounts of heads

If Forge World NOT trying to sow confusion onto the battlefield?

>> No.74706342

GW special dice are so fucking stupid and bad. Stop getting dice with rounded edges.

>> No.74706384

Nobody, they're all running a chocolate train in a circle.

>> No.74706404

I want the OOP 40k DG dice as wound markers.

>> No.74706600

>this would have sold like hot cakes... 5-6 years ago.
Hilariously, they tried exactly this, it failed, but now people are willing to pay hundreds for an original set of Legion dice.

I purchased a set of AL dice back then, and they are quite coveted possessions of mine. They're very pretty and weighty.

>> No.74706675

I like the guy using flayed flesh as a bandanna even though he already has a helmet over his head.

>> No.74706696

You can still make out where the transfers were placed on the NL Leviathan.

>> No.74706728

Thanks anon, I'll never be able to enjoy this image even a little bit ever again.

>> No.74706886

No I will not stop because the new FW stuff looks like they're models that are on a board or in a display cabinet (of shit) instead of looking like they belong in the HH. Fuck you.

>> No.74706897

Sallie heavy flamer not-destroyers have that on every model.

>> No.74706940

Anon you do realize all primarchs come witha scenic base and a smaller base to play with them, right?

>> No.74706956

Thanks man! Much appreciated

>> No.74707035

I understand that and like it. What I don't like is the shift in the painting style. Instead of being gritty and realistic it has become overly show-y like a Spanish Instagrammer's advertisements for his commission painting services. It has become pseudo-'Eavy Metal shit and it does not fit.

>> No.74707056

And that matters exactly why? Your models come unpainted.

>> No.74707179

So whats the deal with the death guard’s intractable rule? why give them a -1 to sweep people and name the rule ‘Intractable’ it just doesn't make sense to me.

>> No.74707265

they are stubborn and stationary, not exactly the type of legion to surge forward.

>> No.74707318

Excited to put my zero scoring unit World Eaters army on the table this weekend.

>> No.74707327

Old dices were better than new ones.

>> No.74707639

>>74707056 because >>74707035 doesn't actually paint nor play the game. They just like to bitch about something.

>> No.74707670

Why does art matter in the books? All you should use them for is fluff and rules.

>> No.74707702

The art in the books still looks fine, so what's your poinit?

>> No.74707792

It's getting painted black with flame freehand and sacred geometry, like in the black books.

>> No.74707813

bro he’s just trying to protect his loved ones from corona-chan. go vote for your cheeto man lmao

>> No.74707836

yeah he’s a fucking loon been spamming the thread for longer than i can even count.

>> No.74707846

I think it matters because it sets a tone and the expectations for the game. 40k is full of shitty cartoony art and painting now that I think clashes hard with the “grim darkness” mentioned in the tag line, and the cartoony style is pushed because it’s easy to achieve (and can be done entirely with GW products). This is why so much stuff is monopose/minimal options now, uniqueness costs money and it might lead people to purchase non-GW products.
Heresy was really cool for a long time because all of the official art and model samples had a ton of work done to make them look gritty and beaten up like the setting suggests. All of the custom body kits, helmets, and shoulder pads really helped sell you on the idea that these are Your Guys. I’ve never seen any two Heresy armies that looked alike because for a long time all the material was really promoting uniqueness and high effort. Even the actual FW guys weren’t using GW paints on their models. Obviously that’s tapered off but even new players to Heresy tend to identify more with the old stuff over shit like the Space Wolf Fat Bastard.
Meanwhile 40k Space Marine armies basically all look the same. There’s no push to make things unique because all of the models are identical now.

>> No.74707857

He does somewhat have a point, different painting styles do help communication to potential customers as to what form of a product they are being sold and can affect the overall customer base.

>> No.74707881

Anon HH is a niche within a niche that costs even more money than the already prohibitely expensive 40k. Anyone that buys into it is a hard on HH fan and they will know what the tone is just fine.

>> No.74707883

They take turns. The customary fight when they meet decides who has to be the bottom first

>> No.74707952

I don't disagree.

>> No.74707966

Do you think Heresy would have the same tone if everything looked like Hvarl? Or did they establish a tone of high effort uniqueness by emphasizing that in the model range for several years?

>> No.74707988

I don't think it's ideal either, but I also think it's hardly an issue because it doens't have any real effect.

>> No.74707997

The Fat Bastard really grew on me.
The horrible fur coats, however, have not.

>> No.74708025

40k models have ALWAYS had cartoony paintjobs and the art isn't cartoony at all.

>> No.74708059

9th been doing a banger of a job going back to darker themes, but 8th art had a great deal of more brighter and safer images in it. Not all obviously.

>> No.74708365

Meanwhile everything new in 8th edition is cartoon.

>> No.74708448

There's a difference between cartoony art and shit art. 8th edition is the latter.

>> No.74708543

Hello /30kg/.

Longtime 40kfag here.
I promised myself several years ago that I would one day start a 30k DA army.
While I’m familiar with the overall story of the HH, are there any specific battles/campaigns etc that would be cool to theme my army around? What units would be present there?
Looking for maximum fluff, so idgaf if the rules are shite.

>> No.74708570

Why though?

>> No.74708801

Myself I am going for a more Terran heavy DA army with a few new Caliban boys sprinkled in.

As well as dreadwing.

>> No.74708817

Absolutely based anon. tell us how your match goes.
Well anon, the black book that will have all the Dark angel goodies and more lore will be coming soon, the book focuses on the DA crusade against the NL durring the heresy. though pre heresy the Rangdan Xenocides definitely come to mind, although the DA were not the only legion or non-marine force deployed in those xenocides it is among the most notable of the imperial forces deployed to them.

>> No.74708843

A) Make your own story up like a real Chad Angel.

B) Wait for book.

C) If you like boarding actions and dislike the Mechanicum check out Book VI.

>> No.74708868

Right, the real chad anti-authoritarian ships are Cangron or Moghatai

>> No.74708938

Hope we find out what part of earth DA are actually from. I find those little tidbits cool.

>> No.74708941 [DELETED] 

I don't play 40k

>> No.74708944

Do you think we will get His model one day? When?

>> No.74708974

Want a medal?

>> No.74709012 [DELETED] 

I don't think I'm going to play 40k.

>> No.74709213

Thanks guys. I’ll wait for the book.
I’ll pick up some MkIII and the FW heads in the meantime, though.

>> No.74709273

I don't play 30k, I just paint the minis. Maybe one day

>> No.74709535

Godspeed anon

>> No.74709696 [DELETED] 

40k is just not my thing

>> No.74709924

I am not gay. I have relationships with women.
And sex with men

>> No.74710117 [DELETED] 

40k isn't for me, I'm going to play something else.

>> No.74710177


>> No.74710288

what's better, interemptors or plasma support squad?

>> No.74710382

Managed to get the assault cannon dude done before going to sleep.

>> No.74710398

Beter view of the assault cannon because I'm pretty proud at how it turned out.

>> No.74710630

You're a chad anon, you even did the robe!

>> No.74710664

Do you have a reliable way of getting the Interemptors where they need to go? Like a Termite or a Dreadclaw/

Personally, I would choose Interemptors, but that's because I already have them built and I don't have a plasma squad. The models are also sick too.

>> No.74710691 [DELETED] 

I don't want to play 40k right now.

>> No.74710735

nah, just wondering hypothetically. because some people i know say that plasma support squad is better mathematically

>> No.74710742

Thanks! I wasn't sure how to do it but turns out it's pretty easy. It's just a box I deformed with a spline to create the ondulating form and then adjusted the vertexes a bit and added some extra loops here and there to tuck it under the belt. The assault cannon was pretty fun to make, too.

>> No.74710761 [DELETED] 

I see why others like it, but I don't like 40k

>> No.74710811

imagine being this scared of seeing shitposting about gay shit on the third gayest board on 4chan.

>> No.74710908

Real question, does the plasma support squad look as cool as the interemptors. I think not.
But on a serious note their burners are more comparable to a flamer squad are they not, in terms of range. I think they serve a different role to a plasma support squad. The Plasma is better all arounders, range, power and flexibility of targeting. Where as the interemptors are just going to melt infantry of all sorts. I would say with a transport or some sort of shielding they should be better then a plasma squad.
Maybe a squad of breachers to escort them up to range if not a transport.

>> No.74710953

Rogal. He would fortify and then begin to prep. Dude's got a bomb shelter in his bathroom.

>> No.74710974 [DELETED] 

I don't see the appeal in 40k

>> No.74711037

How would yall paint thunder warriors if y'all had em? I need color schemes
>pic related

>> No.74711061

I always imagined thunder warriors had their own unique colours, while keeping within a scheme. No basis for it at all just sorta how I imagined them. So the theme may be a swath of colours that are all cool or all warm, but they have their own variance of it. Also highly scratched up armour.

>> No.74711087

Not a big 40k guy myself

>> No.74711147

for you

>> No.74711159

I'm just having trouble coming up with something that isn't already done to death in 30k/40k.

I was thinking a bronze metallic with turquoise, but idk how that would look once it's weathered and scratched up.

speaking of which I know yall are much better painters than most boards, how do you weather/ scratch your dudes?

>> No.74711294

Just use the 40k model, anon.

>> No.74711313

Fair enough, the legions do sorta cover most colour schemes.
With bronze and turquoise you could also do some verdigris weathering to sorta blend the metal parts to the painted parts. I kinda like the sounds of that though.
I'm not that great of a painter but just lots of really light scratches with some metalic paint, whatever the underlying metal is, works. Also weathering powder is a thing you can get from valejo and I think FW.

>> No.74711850

Anon, the Horus Heresy is a cartoon. It's been a cartoon since False Gods. The only way it could become more cartoonish is if the writing was done by the WWE.

>> No.74711915

This is a blue board, anon.

>> No.74712222

this is basically what a femme/masc relationship is like.

>> No.74712734

God I wish they would cut the crap and go full WWE

>> No.74712758

Third? We at least have /fit/, /y/, /cm/, /hm/, and /lgbt/

>> No.74712893

Aren't the SA supposed to have Lasrifles? Why don't we see the lasbeams?

>> No.74713160

>That's right, so-called Emperor of Mankind, I'm calling you out, this Sunday, to the ring aboard the Vengeful Spirit. One match in the Chaos Cage to prove once and for all who's the real head of humanity; winner take all, loser... no more. Will you continue to cower as the walls of your palace crumble around you, or do you still have what it takes to face me and journey into parts unknown.

>> No.74713180

Since when have lasguns had beams?

>> No.74713298

>"You know they say all marines are created equal, but you look at me and you look at Horus Lupercal and you can see that statement is NOT TRUE! See, normally if you go one-on-one with another primarch you got a fifty/fifty chance of winning. But I'm a genetic freak, and I'm not normal! So you got a 25 percent at best at beat me! And then you add Ezekyle Abaddon to the mix? Your chances of winning drastically go down. See, the 3-Way at Trisolian, you got a 33 and a third chance of winning. But I! I got a 66 and two thirds chance of winning, cuz Abaddon KNOOOWS he can't beat me, and he's not even gonna try. So, Horus, you take your thirty three and a third chance minus my twenty five percent chance (if we was to go one on one) and you got an eight and a third chance of winning at Trisolian. But then you take my 75 perchance-chance of winnin' (if we was to go one on one), and then add 66 and two thirds…percents, I got a 141 2/3 chance of winning at Trisolian! Señor Horus? The numbers don't lie, and they spell disaster for you at Trisolian!"

>> No.74713308

Painting, painting on the wall! Who is the fairest of them all? WOOOO! These loyalist boys have got nothin' on the kiss-stealin', wheelin'-dealin', Stormbird-flyin', Iron Handshakin' son of a tube, Ric Fulgrim! These snakeskin shoes cost more than the Phalanx! WOOOOO!

>> No.74713462

>Ric Flair as Fulgrim
I love you.

>> No.74713598

>Anon, the Horus Heresy is a cartoon.

>> No.74714884

Ah yes I forgot about all the deep complex themes and lore of the Horus heresy.

>> No.74715209

Chipping medium, oil washes, and weathering pigments are pretty much all I do.

>> No.74717920

Muted, sandy colours. Dark tan and tarnished bronze

>> No.74717965

Interemptors are ace in cityfight and heavy cover terrain. Ignoring cover on ap2 multishot is just insane . They are not must have in every list but a useful tool versus some opponents (like vs WS or NL). Mathammer is for fags BTW.

>> No.74717975

Anyone here ever played with or against the 3rd Company Elite RoW for Emperor's Children? I've been thinking about making a Late Heresy/Siege of Terra themed army with like, 4 Kakophoni squads or something. Paint them in bright pinks, yellows, etc, really assault the senses. Just want to know if I'd be making a list that can't really do much of anything? I really like Palatine Blades and Phoenix Terminators, so I'd include them too. Thanks for any help, anons.
The Praetor is totally getting a Daemonette head, fuck you, I want kinky intersex Slaaneshii Marines

>> No.74718081

why do you post this retarded meme every thread? is it your way of masking the fact that you don’t play?

>> No.74718093

Don't worry anon. So did BL

>> No.74718110

At least since Dawn of War

>> No.74718356

Are you fuckig retarded? I've used them in my last game you faggot and post it first time. And since when interemptors are a meme? Fuck off.

>> No.74718421

If someone turns up with Kharibdyss, Spartans or Storm Eagles to a FLGS, do you just assume that it's a Recast? Fair enough that people support Forge World, but when it's literally 20-30% of the RRP?

>> No.74718513

His dudes are his dudes, why would it matter where he got them from?

>> No.74718565


>> No.74718623

Lol $200 Aud for book 9. Fuck that

>> No.74718657



>> No.74718679

I’ll wait for scananon. $200 for 208 pages? Naw.

>> No.74718682

>Less content than books before
>more expensive than prior publications.

>> No.74718689

More like 170 pages

>> No.74718720

Ordered, someone less retarded than me remind me how long FW takes to actually release pre-orders

>> No.74718722

Best days of heresy are truly behind us now.

>> No.74718752


> £84

>> No.74718772

About a week, plus the time for the books to be delivered.

>> No.74718780

Thanks anon, pog declared

>> No.74718799

Book ordered, as soon as it gets here it'll go under the knife. For that price I'll be glad to make the scan so nobody else has to buy it. HH truly is in decline if a book is 100 pages shorter and 10 pounds more expensive.

>> No.74718813

I'm holding out hope that TOS (inb4 bashing) was right about the hidden section at the end.i don't see the book being *that* much shorter

>> No.74718826

The page lists the book at 208 pages. There's no reason to think they're lying.

>> No.74718829

Dude give it up. Wtf would FW hide content? It makes zero sense.

>> No.74718841

That I'll accept

Disagree here, FW's infinite retardation and capacity to overhype was more than enough to convince me, even if I was now proven wrong

>> No.74718847

You sure are stupid then.

>> No.74718855

>I was now proven wrong

Probably happens a lot.

>> No.74718876

Listen here niggers, HH in 2020 is a crapshoot, I was wrong, but TOS made a valid point

>> No.74718883

> TOS made a valid point

Fuck off James.

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