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What are you looking forward to /tg/?

What are you dreading?

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It begins

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>What are you looking forward to /tg/?
The death of MTG
>What are you dreading?
The ride will never end.

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Looking forward to the shitstorm after the announcement that the fetch "reprint" is the Secret Lair drop

Dreading all the wotc bootlickers who will defend them for free

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someone got a screenshot of leakeranons post?

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this and valakut awakening were on scryfall already, just putting them here for context as we start the stream soon

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It's back

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>2 mana 2/3 vigilance
I hate 2019+ mtg

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glad the showcase frame isn't ugly like m21's

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please tell me this is a joke

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It's about to start, get in here lads.


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Millchads rise up

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>Quizzes before stream
Um, OK?

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Why would it be a joke?

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OK so making Landfall something other than +2/+2 is a good way to save Zendikar as a limited format but fuck if this isn't going to be annoying.

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it's over

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>Flavour text
Stoneforge mystic comeback as legendary in boros?

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Barring a kicker payoff, this is just worse Dive Down

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>Out here everything wants you dead

lol wtf

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>GoOd FoR LiMiTeD

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So how does this work? Is it a split card or do you cast the spell half and then put the land half on the battlefield when it resolves?

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>They still aren't revealing Golgari Nissa

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this looks so shit bros

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>Decent card draw
>single color tap land

Lol is there a worse plane out there than Zendikar? Eldrazi trash, gatewatch faggotry and now a third visit nobody asked for.

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You can play it as either the spell or the land, but it's only the spell in your yard, exile, etc.

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>Thought it's a spell and then enters the game tapped as land
Welp, nevermind I guess

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It seems good to me. 2R wheel that you can play as a land T1 if you need to.

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>turn one tapland in red

High in play right here

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I'm not sure if I want to change out Roil for this.

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honesty doesn't seem that good

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Yeah, it's casual commander bait. Looks like there's black vs everything else sub theme in this set.

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>my ancestors reshaped the world to their vision
what's this level of historical revisionism ? If anything, the ancestors in question likely got reshaped by the world

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>they add white before black
never change wotc

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>rare tapland
Truly limited is the pinnacle of design
Edh player here, shit is dumb and I wouldn't play it

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Temur Omnath is my Timmy EDH deck with big, splashy plays and shit. Other than getting Cavalier of Dawn and Mirrari's Wake I'm not seeing a whole bunch of excitement for me.

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Why Nissa went black? Pity sex with Teferi after being dumped by Chandra?

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F.U.C.K. More land ramp. This game is deader than disco.

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2 mana 3/3 have been a thing since ravnica. The worst thing is the fact it shits out permanent ramp every turn

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if it wasn't tapped this would be a must-include in any deck that ran 4+ mountains. it's not for limited, it's for balance. they can't be better than a basic land.

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>"Upcoming change to Magic: the Gathering. It will be renamed to Bant: the Rampening"

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I swear to God WotC, we better be getting a good geopede/insect this set.

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Forgot pic.

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There looks to be a theme of the Kor trying to claim Zendikar as theirs.

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Very nice

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Please fling the eldrazi revival shit from innistrad back to zendikar, including emrakul.

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Kor Ethnostate time?

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trying to use the kor relic to stop the roil and ensure safety of the kor for generations
awakening zendikar to its full potential and, in a weird way, healing zendikar from the aftermath of eldrazi destruction
just vibing with his illusion?

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Doesn't this help Landfall decks by ensuring they always have triggers to use?

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Yeah, but usually they also want a bunch to remain on the field for big spells or utility.

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should've been white with exile instead of bounce

>> No.74669108

In some ways, yes, but landfall usually wins by amassing a large number of triggers in a single turn that puts them over the edge. Hard to do that when your ramp is invalidated and you're stuck with the 1 land a turn.

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It should've been white with Scry instead of draw.

>> No.74669244


It needed to say you can't play lands with that name anymore this turn and/or specify if they play any land on a turn other than their own. Because while it dampens permanent ramp it does nothing to temporary with non-tap lands since they can tap a land before bouncing it.

>> No.74669345

would lands with the same name do anything against 3-color decks though? I feel like "if a land would enter the battlefield under an opponent's control and they have already had another land enter the battlefield under their control this turn, exile it instead" is the correct fix

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You guys are fucking slow so ill start posting shit.

First are the reprints of fetchlands WOTC promised. theyre "expeditions" and by expeditions they mean theyre the box toppers. Thats it. Cant get em from boosters at all.

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Wrong thing here's the image.

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What is this crap with strict parties?
4 wizard party or bust.

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>You guys are fucking slow so ill start posting shit.
Probably because there is another thread?

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secret owling mine tech against simicshit

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God, I hate Zendikar land art so much. Really wish they'd reprint these more often with different art treatments.

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You can tap a land while the effect that bounces it is still on the stack though. Or bounce a tapped land.

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>they ruined Linvala

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I like it.

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lol. This is going to slot right into astrolabe piles and will see play. At the very least it ETB draws card so it cant be free karakas'ed. With uro'ing out a fetch, you can easily trigger a free board wipe.

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So I mean there has to be a return to return to return to add that final black mana right? Maybe one more time for <> colorless mana, and once more for snow.

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>DND shit in Zendikar
>next set: Harry Potter
>set after that: actual DND tie-in
What the FUCK

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damn that's some horrible borders

>> No.74670794

of course blue is the first colour that gets standard's version of anti-ramp

>> No.74670797

I mean, it IS a US based company.

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Kaldheim is the next set, but after that it might be worse than the worst timeline

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that is the gayest screenshot i've ever seen

>> No.74670965

What is the context for this image and does it involve a remote-controlled vibrator?

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>kaldheim will be good
Oh my god the delusion

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10/10 post

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So what’s the pull rate on them? Is there going to be one in every collector’s booster or are they competing with 40 other cards?

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It's like the least of colors that needs help against ramp decks. What about black or red? What about white decks?

>> No.74671161

At least it can be somewhat more interesting than the other sets

>> No.74671188

It's a Jace set, do you really think they care about any of the colors besides blue? The whole point is to force people into investing in the next Nissa so Wizards can make a ton of illegal money exploiting people too addicted to the game to quit.

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It’s a totally different card dude.

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>after that it might be worse than the worst timeline
Kaldheim will be just as bad
In less than a couple of hours, Wotc has proven that they didn't learn anything from the last Zendikar Debacle, and it's not like they didn't have time to think it over

Just look:
>Guilds of Ravnica:
>Ravnica Allegiance:
>War of the Spark:
full of mechanical flaws and long term-problems, we'll go with "flawed"
>Modern Horizon:
blatantly overpowered cards bring the decent design of the rest of the set to a bad rating
>Core Set 2020:
bad according to standard players, just a mediocre core set for everyone else. Well, veil of zoomer makes this bad still
oko , so bad. Can raise this to a mediocre if you value the few quality artpieces and the book
>Secret Lair introduced
not really a grade here just a passing mention of mediocrity
>Theros Beyond Death:
let's print Yawg's will in standard while buffing simic ! I wonder what can go wrong ?
>Mystery Booster:
only great set since 2019, for the sole reason that it is composed entirely of reprints and essentially a cube set, thus dodging both shit art, shit flavor and FIRE mechanics
Do I really need to elaborate here ? bad
>a bit more than 165$ fetchlands happens there
>Core Set 2021:
bad, and bad to play on top of it
>Double Masters:
ha ha, bad
>Zendikar Rising:
seeing as the only thing people wanted out of zendikar was a return to the themes of adventure and not a bunch of DnD references, I'm going to go with bad for now.
I don't think party can work period, and since it's such a bad gimmick they problably stretched it to the entire set instead of planning back up things like back in the day

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gisa and geralf splitting up between innistrad sets so they can fight each other once more but by joining a different team
geralf joins the vamps, gisa joins the werewolves, and the necrowarfare gets more savage

>> No.74671390

She was asked what she likes about her fake boyfriend by someone who is actually interested in her fake boyfriend.

>> No.74671702

>seeing as the only thing people wanted out of zendikar was a return to the theme of lands
We're getting landfall and modal lands
They've already shown that they recognize what they actually fucked in BFZ

>> No.74671715

What's a white deck?

>> No.74671741

Those things that only care about getting huge lifegain.

>> No.74671935

Core Set 2020 had a great draft format, that was my favorite set since Dominaria.

>> No.74672059

Its a green/black deck but with no fatties, no ramp, the removal is worse, and your "spells" are typically a variation of people just shooting arrows/throwing spears at things

>> No.74673679

Why are you guys getting mad? The set looks okay, right now. The party mechanic, while kinda underwhelming, indirectly gives support to some tribes that were lacking support for some time like Clerics and Rogues. The land mechanics look nice, without being busted, and there are no Eldrazis. Nothing fantastic, but also not the "pile of garbage" that you guys are saying.

>> No.74673697

remember when linvala was good
and didn't have a hijab

>> No.74673710

you're on 4chan. People are going to be pessimistic by default. You get used to it. It's kind of ridiculous to say the set's going to be shit with such little information available, and none of the cards spoiled so far either look like garbage fires or format-breaking staples.

>> No.74673714

I miss her tummy bros.....

>> No.74673716

So are the new fetches standard legal?

>> No.74673728

she's a fucking winglet, too. Give me my massive or 4-wing angels, not this half-assed shit. Least we get to see some thigh.

>> No.74673730

Obviously not.

>> No.74673749

Wayne ruins another angel

>> No.74673781

>More Reynolds shit
>Why is she suddenly blue and also a wizard
>And why is she affiliated with Seas Gate
>Either they've killed her in the story or they've given her a sac ability for no reason
>Why are these abilities on the same creature
>Her signature ability has been nerfed into the fucking ground
Thanks wizards I hate it.

>> No.74673803

Eat shit.

>> No.74673822

I ain't eating your food, sorry, pal.

>> No.74673849

Original Zendikar blew everyone away. Failing to live up to that is a disappointment.

>> No.74673909

Maybe I just don't get affected by this kind of nostalgia. I started playing "seriously" during Scars of Mirrodin.

>> No.74673940

Bros i don't want wizards returning to kamigawa the set is already perfect without them

>> No.74674113

What the fuck did they do to my girl, both aesthetically and mechanically
Feather looked awful too, does Reynolds hate angels or something?

>> No.74674225

>detain a permanent, but only if you have 3 other specific tribes out

>> No.74674236

I'm not mad, just annoyed, that the anti-ramp card is blue, as if notorious ramp decks weren't blue themselves

>> No.74674287

I'm expecting to be an anti-ramp card in each color, maybe two.

>> No.74674432

Low power level? Check
Awkward but interesting mechanics? Check
Completely undraftable? Check
Weird tribal support? Check
Great flavor? Check
No Jacetice League shit? Check
Take me home

>> No.74674478

>Completely undraftable?
bro Triple CHK is the best draft format ever put together wtf are you on about

>> No.74674585

the problems are that even if those are some cycle, we KNOW blue one will be the most playable one, because jotc sucks blue's dick since the game's conception
and once again, when some new design space is explored, it's blue that gets to do interesting stuff, while white gets lifegain

>> No.74674605

You actually want hate cards to be in the same colors as the deck they hate. Makes formats self correct.

>> No.74674778

The blue one is not even that good.

>> No.74674980

>look at me, I am the party now

>> No.74675186

Tribal is cool and tribal that interacts across sets is cooler.

Party sweet asf.

>> No.74675231

You need 4 of them.

>> No.74675275

>"one each of X, Y, Z and Ж"
>Card is one X, one Y , one Z and one Ж.
>Thus, as the wording states, it alone covers the entire party.
If Wizards wanted the mechanic to work differently, they should have worded it properly.

>> No.74675333

>If Wizards wanted the mechanic to work differently, they should have worded it properly.
They did, actually. Payoffs that don't say "full party" read "for each creature in your party."

>> No.74675368

>payoffs that don't say "Full Party"
so, the payoffs that do say that are worded incorrectly and imply one creature with Changeling fills the party.
Thanks for confirming.

>> No.74675385

Technically we don't have reminder text defining "full party" yet.

>> No.74675390

Based on what was said, it sounds like they're going to do a bit more of exploring/fleshing out the history of Zendikar prior to the Eldrazi showing up.

It seems like they're going with the route of, "Kor used to have an advanced civilization and control of the Roil, then the Eldrazi showed up and fucked our shit up."

I could have sworn that the Roil was just the physical manifestation of the power/soul of the plane, and the reason it was so fucking violent and crazy previously was because of the Eldrazi and the plane's leylines being fucked with.

If Nahiri is going to go the route of, "I have to kill the Roil to allow Zendikar to heal and the Kor to survive," then Nissa is probably going to be going the route of, "the Roil needs to exist to allow Zendikar to heal, now that it's free of the Eldrazi influence."

I think Jace is there simply because he wants to do some more research on the Eldrazi and is looking to go through the ruins of the Eye of Ugin to figure out what the reason behind their overall existence is, and if blowing up Kozilek and Ulamog was a good thing or not.

>> No.74675455

and probably won't thanks to the new Wizards policy of making sure every card rivals Anna Karenina in length.

>> No.74675553

Unlike some people I'm not spazzing out about the Harry Potter or DnD sets, but I'm not enthusiastic about the party mechanic at all.

>> No.74675568

>Completely undraftable? Check
Kamigawa was amazing to draft.

>> No.74675590

It's funny to read this when basically all of these sets are good to play in limited.

>> No.74675603

It's about the principle. When they push design space, some colours get to try new things.
Other gain life.

>> No.74675610


>> No.74675623


>> No.74675693


>> No.74675733

Your reading comprehension being shit is not Wizard's fault. Blame your retarded parents.

>> No.74675745

They specifically ruled a single creature can only fill one role.

>> No.74675750

>Your reading comprehension being shit is not Wizard's fault
I'm a professional editor but okay, you can believe whatever delusion you want.

>> No.74675815

I hope they make enemy colored Mirage fetchlands instead of reprinting the dumb broken ones. I can dream, right?

>> No.74675818

I thought nwo and its shorter text was the death of "real magic" what happened tg?

>> No.74675840

I mean what was the last really new effect? Fight in 2011? Menace depending on if you call that new?

No Prowess. Which they go back and forth on.

>> No.74675861

They kept going, making things worse, until the cancer integers got too high and we flipped over into the negatives.

>> No.74675864

average wordiness has been going up since then, but you can't notice it unless you compare sets 5+ years apart

>> No.74675874

There’s a lot of difference between a spell having a shit ton of words to explain what it does and having a card jam packed full of the shortened text that exists to prevent the first thing.

>> No.74675898

Bingo card update

>> No.74675915

>I mean what was the last really new effect?
Merging permanents (mutate)
Power-based burn from hand (Charge of Forever Beast)
"Spell trample" (Flame Spill)
Keyword counters
Enchantmentise (One with Stars)
Impulsive draw (Act on Impulse)

>> No.74676029

The roil was always there. Zendikar being so mana wild is why the three used it as squidbait in the first place

>> No.74676078

Haha yeah just like Teferi 3 and Narset really self corrected the format

>> No.74676097

Still don't know why Sorin and Nahiri didn't just get a green mage to help blast the Eldrazi to death

>> No.74676103

>Merging permanents (mutate)
Not new. Meld was a thing.

>Charge of Forever Beast
That was just a pie break, not something new. See: Disaster Radius.

>"Spell trample" (Flame Spill)
Not new. See: Liquid Fire.

>Keyword counters
Not new, just a clunky way to do an old thing.

Pacifism clones aren't new.


Hollow Warrior.

>Impulse draw
kek sure, but Mind's Desire looms

this is what you were looking for, and it was a catastrophic

>> No.74676136

3feri didnt just hate om blue decks. It hated on the whole format especially since enchantments were being pushed. It also did act a safety valve keeping Wilderness rec from going off

>> No.74676150

Becasue they listened to Ugin and didnt fuck with the fabric of reality

>> No.74676255

Mutate was five color (centured in sultai) and also based on champion

Hand biting is an extention of biting which was an extenton of fightig

spell trample is literally just trample on spells (rg)
keyword counters were five color ad each was just a keyword made as a counter

One with the Stars was a riff on a staple blue/white effect

impulse draw is literally just a draw twist

Sagas and vehicles were the really NEW NEW shit and both were leaned in white.

MTG is a game based on twists on formula. How many ever keywords are just (normally you cant, but now you CAN?) how many set keywords are just kicker? How many set themes are just taking something in every or most sets and just doing a lot of it?

Hell how often do they repeat draft themes? How many times is the basic shock/pacify/draw/counter/kill/ramp suite of cards from alpha just recycled?

MTG is the drum n bass of games ,an entire genre built around remixing the same song.

>> No.74676316

Both Sorin and Nahiri wanted to blow up the Eldrazi but didn't know how. Ugin showed up and said, "we can't destroy these things, but with your help we can imprison them."

Sorin agreed because he thought that one day they'd come to Innistrad and wreck his plane. Nahiri agreed because she was a (recently Sparked) Oldwalker compared to Sorin and Ugin and didn't want to see any more planes get destroyed.

It wouldn't surprise me if they do a bit more retconning here and say that Nahiri built the device she recovered in the trailer with her Oldwalker powers, and that was how she altered the leylines on Zendikar to imprison the Eldrazi. Only now she's going to use the device to imprison/kill the Roil.

>> No.74676408

>turning something into an enchantment is the same thing as pacifism
>keyword counters are not new
Find me a spell that says 'target creature gains trample until it leaves the battlefield. Draw a card' please.

>> No.74676453

>turning something into an enchantment is the same thing as pacifism
Functionally, yes. So, yes.

>keyword counters are not new
Avian Mimeomancer. Liege of the Tangle. The Myojin. Confirmed for not new.

>> No.74676468

Why are we back to Zendikar and what's rising this time?

>> No.74676471

>standard set fetchland reprint
>it's fucking expeditions...
Aren't you happy the whales vindicated WotC by buying the secret lair and proving that no matter how blatantly they shit on the playerbase people will still support them?

>> No.74676612

This card is going to be banned/restricted in every pre-pioneer format.

>> No.74676674

Why? It's not even symmetric so you can't do any weird land bouncing tricks.

>> No.74676693

>not wanting a gay embrace from Thor
Didn't know you were gay, anon.

>> No.74676734

Shitty opinion discarded in place of facts.

>> No.74676777


>> No.74676806

I was being hyperbolic, vintage won't care, but in legacy and modern, the two fetch formats, this thing is going to be a menace. Turn two Conundrum turn three Oko/Uro is going to be the bad guy of the formats.

>> No.74676845

>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
Sure anon, back to the basement once your hot pocket is ready.

>> No.74677685

...are...did you even think about how that interaction affects the tempo of decks leaning on fetches to fix? On one hand, the formats have gradually drifted away from real greedy multicolor lists, but on the other hand it's more bullshit in U.

>> No.74677995

>Hollow Warrior.
Hollow Warrior can be affected by creature removal while it is "offline"

>> No.74678013

Give me your new and fresh ideas then

>> No.74678048

Tier 1 Blue Moon, here we come!

>> No.74678114

>it's another "blue steals from white" episode
it is expected at this point

>> No.74678115

It just means you have to wait until the opponent's turn to crack your fetch. If hating on fetches was such a big deal, then my boy here would've been banned by now.

>> No.74678132

I think my biggest issue with MTG is that Wizards actively tries to stop players from exploring the history of the game. Lore for the older sets is reduced to dogeared paperbacks in used bookstores, and many older cards will never be reprinted again.

Just seems so bizarre to me.

>> No.74678142

Creature hate is abundant across colors, enchantment hat isn't, and often isn't mainboardable unless it has more reach like Trophy/Decay.

>> No.74678148

wotc loves wanking older characters. look at modern horizons or commander legends or even random shit like the cats in nine lives or random ass legends in core sets like mangara

>> No.74678425

I just got out-fucking-skilled by someone using this in their main deck. I shouldn't be mad, but I really am, all things considered. It's just a card game, it's my fault for letting the game drag out that long. It doesn't matter that I was about to swing for game, does it?

>> No.74679002


>> No.74679036

You're not going to get much non-doomposting in /mmg/. Might as well not even bother posting spoilers there.

>> No.74679115

i didn't notice a spoiler thread was up so i posted it in the wrong thread

>> No.74679222

Why is this blue

>> No.74679245

Prison and land hate are completely in blue's color pie. See, it draws a card!

>> No.74679261

Oh man can't wait for this post to be made every hour of every day until release.

>> No.74679282

Grove of the Burn Willows

>> No.74679298

Creeping Tar Pit

>> No.74679310


>> No.74679318

I love the Trap and Quest cards.

>> No.74679371

why are those question marks, these are reprints

>> No.74679415

metal gear?

>> No.74679440

A Hind D?

>> No.74679602


>> No.74679722

>Sagas are just enchantments that get counters, not new
>Vehicles are just artifacts that turn into creatures, not new
>Companions are basically just commanders, not new
>Planeswalkers aren't new, they're just enchantments you can attack
>Purple mana isn't new, we already had six different kinds of mana
>Sorcery tokens aren't new, we already had sorceries and tokens

>> No.74679775

Full list of Expeditions

>Flooded Strand
>Polluted Delta
>Bloodstained Mire
>Wooded Foothills
>Windswept Heath
>Marsh Flats
>Scalding Tarn
>Verdant Catacombs
>Arid Mesa
>Misty Rainforest
>Seachrome Coast
>Darkslick Shores
>Blackleave Cliffs
>Copperline Gorge
>Razorverge Thicket
>Sea of Clouds
>Morphic Pool
>Luxury Suite
>Spire Garden
>Bountiful Promenade
>Ancient Tomb
>Caven of Souls
>Celestial Colonnade
>Creeping Tar Pit
>Grove of the Burnwillows
>Horizon Canopy
>Prismatic Vista
>Strip Mine
>Valakut the Molten Pinnacle

>> No.74680140

Modern horizons was a blast minus a small handful of pushed bullshit
Core 2020 is the best core set in ages
Eldraine was great minus oko, loved the draft format
And core 2021 was fine
While the last 2 years have been a shitshow, there have been some great things done within this time and I think all the negative feelings towards garbage like hoggak or veil really clouded how people felt about some of the stuff done
Also as for theros beyond boring, the set's worst crime isn't the 4 busted combo it created and uro, but being one of the most vapid worlds ever, evoking less then zero emotion.

>> No.74680322

Crab tribal when?

>> No.74680385

You've seen 8Rack, you've seen 8Whack, now, it's time for 8Crab.

>> No.74680552

Thats because black will represent Omnath's dick

>> No.74680920


Does every collector’s booster contain at least one Expedition, or do we not know?

>> No.74681434

The cynic in me expects 1:8 rates, but that's not based on any real information.

>> No.74681501

what are the good ones?

>> No.74681818

I heard 1:6. So at least 2 a collector's box.

>> No.74681862

I thought they said the expeditions would be exclusively box toppers

>> No.74681877

>The foil Expeditions are found only in Collector Boosters with about 1 in 6 Collector Boosters having a foil Expedition (see below for full details on Collector Boosters). These foil Expeditions have the same high-gloss varnish treatment as their non-foil counterparts and contain the same set of 30 cards.
Collector booster boxes also get 2 boxtopper expeditions compared to a draft booster's 1

>> No.74681896

I hope you’re excited for Harry Potter Alts because they ARE HAPPENING And you need to SUCK IT UP. The art is already finalized, bitch. Shut the fuck up and buy more magic cards.

>> No.74681901

We're getting a walking dead secret lair apparently

>> No.74681918

Just wait for the LotR alts. The art is already finalized and Aragorn is black. I am super excited because of how many fucking uncle nerds are going to shit themselves over it.

>> No.74681927

I honestly have no idea how uncle got into there or what it was supposed to be

>> No.74681929

I refuse to believe it

>> No.74681939

You don’t have to, it’ll happen and you’re going to have to live with it. You have no control over your hobby anymore, you are not welcome here, and Aragorn looks fucking awesome.

>> No.74682107

>You have no control over your hobby anymore
You never did, delusional kun

>> No.74682720

>Haven't played standard since Amonkhet
>Become interested in Zendikar Rising spoilers since nothing else is going on
>Get the idea to make a mardu human party tribal deck
>Throw a dozen cards of interest into tappedout.net
>Already at over $100 on TCGPlayer and $50 on Card Kingdom
I now remember why I hate standard/Magic.

>> No.74682777

Hold on, I just checked the prices directly and it comes out to more like $36 on TCGPlayer. How the heck do they come up with these prices?

>> No.74682814

Already done that and in the set too...

Tajuru Paragon {1}{G}
Creature — Elf

Tajuru Paragon is also a Cleric, Rogue, Warrior, and Wizard.

Kicker {3}

When Tajuru Paragon enters the battlefield, if it was kicked, reveal the top six cards of your library. You may put a card that shares a creature type with it from among them into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.


>> No.74682847

Jace is in the set as planeswalker... so is Nissa.

>> No.74682925

Remember GODZILLA in last set, MONSTER HUNTER copy-cat DISCOVER Hearthstone COMPANION.

>> No.74683065

Fucking show me, because this card right here is 2CMC with one changeling.

>> No.74683143

Ok so what the fuck makes this different than a changeling?

>> No.74683154

Stop being retarded on purpose.

>> No.74683176

Spoils counts individual creatures, not the types. While a Changeling is all four, it's still only one creature. I can't say it'll be the same for other party cards though.

>> No.74683251

So what about this card then? >>74682814

>> No.74683278

Still only one creature

>> No.74683304

>up to one each

>> No.74683337

Coat of Arms rules. You only count one creature type per creature

>> No.74683387

You get 2 non-foil ones as boxtoppers in a Collector's booster box, and you will get approximately 2 foil ones per box in packs, as they show up 1 in every 6 packs.

>> No.74683492

My point is that MTG is a game built on variations and twists, if you look for something "totally new" it wont happen. Its a fundamentally stupid concept

>> No.74683561

Them going all in on this party shit even though the D&D set is slated to hit next year, just seems so fucking weird and confused to me.

>> No.74683638


>> No.74683686

Interesting, but vulnerable to removal.

>> No.74683691


>> No.74683725


>> No.74684189

But not NONLAND removal!

>> No.74684248

>caps off at 3 landfalls per turn
>cantrips, so timmy has an extra land to landfall with

>> No.74684311

do not lie to me, Kamigawa has no planeswalker cards, and no cards that mention either Jace or Nissa.

>> No.74684327

it's not a sliver, it's not a dog/hound, and it's also not [all the other creature types]

>> No.74684364

I would run 4 of these in my ashiok mill deck.

>> No.74684435

What was wrong with war of the spark? The blue zombie guys were fun.

>> No.74684487

oracle was just reprinted in jumpstart, so that's likely a no go
awaken could have just been substituted with "land creatures"

>> No.74684505

all this limited filler already? This set looks RAUNCHY af

>> No.74684524

I live the original Linvala

>> No.74684546

Calm down kiddos, it literally doesn't ramp til minimum turn 3, assuming it survives a rotation, and only poops out basics, nor does it replace itself with a draw. It's actually alright at best and pretty men most other times.

>> No.74684577

Ask me how i know you've been playing for less than 6 months.

>> No.74684677

Karn and Narset were too good in nonrotating formats Teferi was too good and fucking horrible to play against in everything. Nissa was irritating in standard

>> No.74684682

>What are you looking forward to /tg/?
>What are you dreading?

my answer to both questions is:
godawful flavor text

>> No.74684731

Remember when people here called MH a commander set, shat on Wren and 60$, and didn't think itd shake up modern at all? I remember...

>> No.74684759

she was part of my most weird lock down combination

>> No.74684868

So you’re one of those retards huh

>> No.74684881

Peak clownworld

>> No.74684899

>said no one ever

>> No.74684918

>What's in your swiss army knife

>More knives

>> No.74684929

The absolute state of equipment

>> No.74685020


>> No.74685036

Why didn't they make this into something like Jitte, so that it actually offers utility?

>> No.74685086

Jitte was busted asf

>> No.74685124

What were actually good equipments in recent years? I don't use much, but the only one that comes to mind is embercleave.

He just meant it having various effects you can choose from instead of being a normal enhancement. Like every time you attack/deal combat damage choose one: a +1/+1 counter, 5 life, pay life draw card. Just something flavourful.

>> No.74685228

Shadowspear and Embercleave are pretty much the only ones.

>> No.74685285

Week 2 of the core set spoilers was more exciting than Zendikar Rising. What's up with these "Return to X" sets being so weak ass boring?

Ikoria and Eldraine did a lot wrong but at least they tried something new and cool. Ravnica, Theros, now Zendikar...why are these sets so bad?

>> No.74685298

Marvel ruined a generation of writers

>> No.74685441

high expectations to former glory

>> No.74685515

Is this actually the worst one yet?

>> No.74685599

>someone got paid for writing this
>someone paid someone to write this

>> No.74685636

>bad, and bad to play on top of it
Good joke

>> No.74685817

Even a 'Keep your feet firm on the ground, the wind has a habit of stealing them out from under you' sort of cliche would have been better than this

>> No.74685846

>Keep your feet on the ground

>> No.74685849

The land flips are the "new coolr thing"

and also party is a new in a lot of it's under the Hood functionality. Not a lot of mechanics operate like it.

So one is more spike and one more Melvin/Taimmy

>> No.74685854


>> No.74685873

Fuck its been so long since I played wow I forgot about this. Okay how about;
'Pfft, it's plenty wide! what kind of idiot would fall from here?"
- quote from adventurer that fell

>> No.74685910

Why not?

>> No.74685925

the most important word here is "yet"

>> No.74685951

>not running a playset of molten rains and moons/moon-maguses to slap the shit out of land shenanigans decks
ngmi, shygddt

>> No.74686008

>stealing them out from under you' sort of cliche
they have done that before

>> No.74686023

Jesus this is beyond terrible

>> No.74686031

The only thing I'm interested in is a cool mono-B or mono-W legend. Looks like that's a whiff for this set. See ya next time

>> No.74686146

hahah the wind goes whosh

>> No.74686187

planeswalkers with static abilities that prevent your opponent from playing the game
it would've been fine if the effect was mirrored, but mirrored effects give major feel-bads to playtesters

>> No.74686188

Not gonna lie , flavor text may be the hardest thign to do good in magic.

You need to basically do a good story or line in only one to 3 bits of text.

I legit give WOTC a pass because even in custom magic I have yet to find really good flavor text, like its next to inherently shit.

>> No.74686217

this is /v/ tier posting, anon
you can do better, please respect yourself

>> No.74686222

"a long drop to a sudden stop"

>> No.74686244

I wouldn't be playing MtG if I respected myself

>> No.74686276

why are you even playing mtg, anon

>> No.74686297

because I hate myself

>> No.74686305

My problem with this specfic one is, that I just cannot imagine someone talking like that. The classic bad ones are just kind of lazy or clumsy, but this one trys hard and fucks up. Might be the zoomer version of puns.

>> No.74686318

Dont worry, you're not alone.
Everyone else hates you too.

>> No.74686325


>> No.74686344


>> No.74686350

>Non-changeling types in text box
Aw shit, we're back in Legends, guys.

>> No.74686386


>> No.74686396

Truest post in the history of m/tg/

>> No.74686419

>> No.74686433

>Mutate was five color
>based on champion
champion uses old o-ring mechanics, merged permanents are new
>is literally just trample on spells
and it's the first time it showed up in the game
>impulse draw is literally just a draw twist
it works and plays nothing like draw

>> No.74686453

>Not gonna lie , flavor text may be the hardest thign to do good in magic.

Imagine being this new

>> No.74686485

I'm playing it with Veteran Explorer and nobody can stop me

>> No.74686493

Oh yeah, forgot Shadowspear. Sword of the Animist also just came to mind, but that's also been a few years now. At this point anything that's more than a stat boost is worth mentioning.

>> No.74686498


>> No.74686518


>> No.74686524

We could keep going.

>> No.74686537

>whoosh - oops - bye
oh for fuck's sake

>> No.74686541


>> No.74686552

perhaps it would be more interesting than discussing this shitty set

>> No.74686558


>> No.74686575

Are we gonna act like old magic didnt have plenty of silly and stupid flavor text?

"Avacyn's Collar" was almost a decade ago. And lets not forget "I wanna Banna this big"
Just like with music its easy to filter out the one or two good fts from the thousands of shit built of in the past. With a success rate of like 10%, pulling from the first 15 years of magic will inherently have better FT than the last 5.

Same thing with magic story, it was ALWAYS shit. Is the current story crap? Yes. But so was Test of Mettle and all the shitty paperbacks.

>> No.74686585

This is one of my big concerns with party. Changelings don't work but this card and pic related are so completely busted with a full party I think they're setting it up to be a pretty abusable mechanic. I can see it ruining limited for sure.

>> No.74686586

This seems breddy gud imo
blanks removal or activates landfall

>> No.74686593

Seems a bit winmore. Or rather these cards make having a full party a wincon in of itself.

>> No.74686599

imagine getting fucking tar pit as your expedition
fuck (((them)))

>> No.74686603

The story in Kamigawa and Mirrodin > New Phyrexia wasn't crap.

>> No.74686620

This is basically split cards on permanents which is why i am so miffed that the backsides are all just taplands. Pretty dull.

Like imagine if every werewolf in isd flipped into a 5/5 with trample. Good? Yes. But extincting? Not really.

>> No.74686630

>"Avacyn's Collar" was almost a decade ago
"Old" Magic is Onslaught block and before

>> No.74686642

Sure. I'm just forseeing that the next sets we've had flagged ARE gonna be 'the warrior set' and 'the wizard set'. It's like with Oko and the food deck: I'm concerned they're going so hard on this to make it standard playable it's going to end up really overtuned. Their design all the way up to the DnD set seems to be orientated around this mechanic.

>> No.74686655

I have no problem with these lands. Modal lands are almost always really good cards.

>> No.74686678

If a player is able to assemble a full party, they're probably in a fairly advantageous spot already. Full party payoffs just seem win more in everything I've seen thus far.

>> No.74686860

it's only "busted" part was getting 2 counters
a utility knife will get 1 counter, or even 1 activation when it connects to nerf it further while still having the utility of jitte

>> No.74686888

>> No.74686906

showcase ver.

>> No.74686916

Oh thank goodness we got a showcase version for a draft chaff common

>> No.74686970


>> No.74687000

If it was anything else we'd have fucknogglers having seizures and screaming FIRE.

>> No.74687004

I know they are good, I am saying its boring.

If every kicker was draw a card you would still have good ones. It would still be playable, but not as fun.

>> No.74687008

Hence why it looks like absolute ass.

>> No.74687052

>we better be getting a good geopede in this set, he says

God a Zendikar limited format not defined by aggro, I cannot imagine. It'll turn out party fucks all the board stalls and whoever gets a full party first wins probably.

>> No.74687070

Post Onslught is the majority of the game's history at this point anon. Its passed from "old" to "ancient"

Most players first set was after the first innistrad.

>> No.74687252

This is fucking amazing I hope all you shits just continue to spiral as magic continues to become more and more accessible to normies and all of you become ostracized

>> No.74687260

>> No.74687265

sure thing, buddy

>> No.74687279

>> No.74687301

All the landfall cards get a variant, apparently.

>> No.74687307

Barely playable in limited?

>> No.74687359

As determined, since wu and br are the two colors that are primary/secondary in all party tribes they get party tribal.

Also we see one of the common wotc tricks to strecth draft themes. You have a mechanic and you make one color pair the slow version of it and another the fast version.

>> No.74687410

>> No.74687470

it'll never be "normie accessible" as long as it costs hundreds of dollars to play

>> No.74687483

What is the sure thing that you’re making fun of here?
That anon thinks this is amazing?
That magic is not becoming worse and worse?

>> No.74687487

Are you kidding? It's great in limited.

>> No.74687492

>getting jotc to finally print common walker kill spells
i guess there was 1 good thing that came from WAR

>> No.74687502

Jesus I hate this party mechanic so much.

>> No.74687503

Walking dead and Harry Potter

>> No.74687510

>coloured equip cost

>> No.74687532

read the previous post again, anon
he was happy that the game was becoming "more accessible" and he hoped that "we would get ostracized" from it

I was just being condescending...

>> No.74687544

do your job, froggies

>> No.74687572

~ ETB's with a +1/+1 counter on it.
Each time a creature you control with a +1/+1 counter on it becomes the target of a spell an opponent controls, create a 1/1 green insect token.
1, tap : Put a +1/+1 counter on ~.

>> No.74687588

Its a top hasbro brand. But if you are defining "normie" as games played outside of niche cultures, thats kind of a loaded concept since most people play virtual games of some sort.

>> No.74687605

Well that's not really accurate. He would've died if there was just one of you it just would have taken longer.

>> No.74687617

A R E N A on P H O N E S
Harry Potter C O S M E T I C S

WotC never needed you as a player. You buy second hand anyway. They want more jackasses who crack packs and just keep spending money on nothing.

>> No.74687625

>as long as it costs hundreds of dollars to play
you are forgetting about whales
you'll we surprised to know how much money people is willing to spend, in microtransations, for example

>> No.74687661

>you are forgetting about whales
i'm not
wales aren't normies

>> No.74687662

I agree with you in that subject

>> No.74687684

MTG is a scam.

>> No.74687687

>wales aren't normies
aren't they?
too busy fucking sheep and babbling nonsense, I guess...

>> No.74687709

...Did you say "insect"? Is it finally my time to shine?

>> No.74687744

I don't play limited too often, but not getting toughness and the equip cost are pretty big downsides. At least you get menace I guess.

>> No.74687746


>> No.74687749

>> No.74687787

english/extended ver.

>> No.74687810

Pioneer allstar

>> No.74687836


>> No.74687846

They are by defition not a normal customer

>> No.74687865

Like most of the party stuff it's good enough to play with 2/4 and all upside from there. +2/+0 and menace is fine equipment for limited and equipping on play is really nice. Yeah, the equip cost after that is a pain but it's also good to have mana sinks in limit. There will probably be equip cost reduction in the set too.

>> No.74687869

Why fuck with 1+* instead of just being a 1/3 that gets a statboost.

How often does the difference meaningfully come up and is it worth this ugly as sin complicated bullshit.

>> No.74687873

Hoho that’s where you’re wrong. Normies are whales, you have no idea how many normies will max out a credit card on babbies first hobby

>> No.74687892

I was gonna be like lol Nighthawk reprint but no, it's a considerably better Nighthawk. This is a really good card.

>> No.74687893

It's meant to evoke goyf

>> No.74687916

>powercreeped nighthawk
Love it!

>> No.74687933

This is ridiculously strong.

>> No.74687969

Possibly the best card spoiled thus far outside of the blue ramp hate enchant.

>> No.74687976

>Nighthawk that closes out the game with a 7-point lifeswing
Please, not like this.

>> No.74688019

Why does he look like a clown?

>> No.74688051

like looking at a mirror, right?

>> No.74688109

The nightgoyf ends the game super quickly late. Hard to imagine it's not gonna see competitive play.

>> No.74688240

Goyf sure was balanced, let's make a new one. At least it dies to bolt. Resists push though.

>> No.74688404

Goyf embraces FIRE.

>> No.74688585

If there's an easy way to make a party, this could be fun. There has to be a way to win on the spot if you resolve this in a real format.

>> No.74688626

There must be lots of loops and combos with this (other than the obvious Kiki + Deceiver Exarch one).

>> No.74688817

>>Yes, kill the white human male.

>> No.74688861

Priest of gix and one of the wizards that returns a sorcery to your hand?

>> No.74689389

This seriously doesn't have the qualifier of 'permanent card'?

>> No.74689524

green can retrieve instants and sorceries from Alpha

>> No.74689530

>Equipment with a "equip to target creature" etb effect
Are Auras dead?

>> No.74689729

Draft Themes:
Slow Party
Slow Landfall
Aggro Party
+1/+1 counters
Aggro Landfall

>> No.74689743

you people are so fucking weird

>> No.74689745

Auras are 1for1, in the uro days unless a card is at least a 4for1 it's shit.
Aren't you enjoying F.I.R.E.?

>> No.74689789

Not lately. It's been at least a couple years since we've gotten a card like this. Once and Future I think is the most recent.

>> No.74689839

How is that a "couple of years" Eldraine was October

>> No.74689898

>> No.74689956

>How is that a "couple of years" Eldraine was October
Seriously? Fuck. I guess I just forgot.

>> No.74690005

Its the 579th day of March 2020

>> No.74690082

All this to lose to a 2 cmc Blue enchantment

>> No.74690159

reddit leak continues to prove its authenticity

>> No.74690176


Everyone knows they are real by now.

>> No.74690185

>actually decent equipment
damn, that's three in standard now?

>> No.74690226

>ETB attach with overcosted equip cost
is this good or bad for the future of equipment

>> No.74690247

Just encourages you to play with new Nahiri.

>> No.74690363

new bread

>> No.74690470

wew lad

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