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Talking of Snacks:
>Your main Army
>Your favourite Snack/Treat

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I hope autism-kun posts his models in this thread

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guard. specifically mordians but god their rules are bad
>models must make base to base contact, so screening via cohesion is much harder, and in exchance you get +1 LD and +1 on overwatch
haha it's trash
grasshoppers (the drink) are my guilty pleasure

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>Iron Warriors
>Jumex Mango Nectar

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Is online more expensive than buying in the gw stores? Kinda want to go buy a few sisters/inqusition units or a batch of guardsmen.

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whatcha buyin next, anons

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Cheese on crackers with dark chocolate on the side, alternating which I eat

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A Mars Pro 2

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>Death Guard
>Chili nuts

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a fleshlight and/or buttplugs
corona has brought me to a new low . god I just want to hold someone in my arms

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>black coffee. Sometimes it's folgers from a can in my drip maker. sometimes I'll run some of this single farm, local roast stuff through my gucci grinder and take the time to do a proper pour-over/aeropress.

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Buy from third party hobby shops or sites, never direct from gw or in a gw store

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Three defilers and Epidemius when GW makes more of them. A couple of magnets today, and ordering some Vallejo shift paints for some sexy Plague Marine bug eyes, and possibly other uses.

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Just bought these. i really hope this turns out looking nice!

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you'll be somebodies grandfather some day, anon. When they look to you for inspiration, is that the kind of sight you would have them imagine?

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I´m in the ass end of nowhere right now, where nobody but a gw store is selling the stuff I want.

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How's citadel paint pricing compared to the price of gold rn?

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>bluish ink
>deep blue

painting a lord of change?

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I cannot think of a thing more repulsive than reproduction

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Nurgle is the grandfather anon, not Slaanesh. Smh my heads.

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>would I want my grandchildren imaging me holding a woman while I gently impregnate her?
I hope not. That's awkward. But raising kids (who aren't douches) is seriously underrated.

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hello tranny. I am having sex for reproductive purposes. What are you doing?

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>find a really cool paint scheme
>it has a tutorial
>"okay so now take your airbrush and-"
>turn off video

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I don't approve of transsexuals because they fornicate. I hate recreational sex just as much as I do reproductive sex. Stop having sex you fucking filthy profligates. It's gross.

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Which grey that citadel sells is the closest to Lucius' slate color?

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based eldaranon

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>Corn Chips and Hot Salsa

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You can base dawnstone, wash w/ agrax, wetbrush dawnstone and be good to go for highlights.

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Did you know adversion to sex is a sign of autism?

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I do have autism.

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based marketinganon

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That doesn't sound like being trans, more like something with a narcistic disorder and maybe schizoprenia. Some schizo patinets go really deep, that it is hard to be sure if it isn't BDD. Of course in todays politics you have to go with BDD, but this means sometimes someone who could function with small does of medicin, gets hormon storm and only gets crazier. Best to have a in family doctor .

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Not always, but often enough. The anon speaks truth to a degree.

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Literally all Miniac videos. Even the contrast ones.

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>Been into 40K for about 15 years
>Have lots of armies, read the books, love the lore
>Have never had anybody to talk to about 40K and no game stores close by
>Even if there was one I'm such a socially impaired fuck I'd never talk to anyone anyway
it's starting to hurt at this point. I just wanted a few bros to roll some dice and talk about 40K with. Maybe in the next life I won't live in a midwestern void and I'll have friends.

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What's wrong with his voice?

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>Unironically Monster Energy, but only pic related.

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Daily reminder that Guilliman is dead and Alpharius now rules the Imperium.

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restoring lost empires

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Don't play power armor cancer.

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Whats wrong with his face?

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post your models

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I haven't played in a store since like 1998

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You mean Omegon. Alpharius was killed by Dorn.

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work on your social skills ya faggot.
Comedy and comedy podcasts are great for understanding how conversation is supposed to flow. Hint: "conversation" masks what it's about it. Literally, it's dialogue you're after. "Dialogue" meaning "two people talking". It's about positing questions because you're genuinely curious what the other person will respond with, and also sharing what you genuinely believe when asked. It's always a two-way street.

A monologue is not conversation.

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Why would kids be imagining their parents doing anything sexual?

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how midwest are we talking? I can't imagine there isn't someone to play with within an hour or 2.

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I've never played a game at all

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Omegon and Alpharius were switched at birth

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I am Alpharius.

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What's that supposed to mean?

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I hate how miniac behaves like one of those normie youtubes with "WHAT UP LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE SMASH THE BUTTON" and those cringe clickbait thumbnails, but it must be working well

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Unironically prettty based.

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No worries anon, the real hobby is complaining about marinefags anyway.

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same accurate relatable

have reddit gold

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I am Alpharius

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Kansas let's say. So pretty much nothing and nobody around but normies and rednecks.

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That they are actually trans. They were supposed to lead the 2 (lost) female legions. Don't @ me, if your chud ass can't take deep lore.

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The Pure and The Putrid. Who won?

as usual
>post games

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Cool idc

post a dick or fuck off

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I am Alpharius.

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>storing bare plastic uncovered to collect dust before priming
No anon, no.

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Nope, deathguard. im borrowing an anons vaporwave necron scheme, and hoping it works with chaos. fingers crossed

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I'm actually thinking of stripping and taking these apart because I've grown to really dislike mark III armour (I like II now)

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Based out-of-the-closet weeb embracing his identity

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Well that is nice. But not everyone country has comedy, or it has it, but it is NEVER used in normal life.

Just look at the interaction between K-man and McGregor. McGregor thought that banter is a thing between fighters, and that it is both good for the sport and the tickets. And then he went suprise Pikatchu, when he found out that the banter ends in clan fueds in some parts of the world.

Try acting like a NY comic, and you will get called a jew and beaten up(at best) here. And try acting like a californian, and you can get killed real fast.

heck we have disco fights between towns and villages just when people try to hit on girls, with 10+ cars of guys doing raids on each other towns. and the 30+ married people that are in police or goverment do not react to it(well till someone dies), because when they were late teen or in their 20s they did the same.

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his sword is wobbly :DDDD

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They are actualy are painted. Spryed white and then undercoated with grey.

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Full Throttle Energy Drink and Peanut MnMs

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Should have at least chaos-ified them a bit. stock mk 3 looks bland as fuck

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Cringe: Oxidized bronze
Based: Just painting the bronze parts blue

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the two lost legions are just a generic grand mystery for the story of 40k. They force you to say "okay, so half of these primarchs took their legions and defected and yet their names are still remembered. so what the fuck did these two primarchs get themselves into?"

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That's not stock mark III.
All three have chaos backpacks, left has a chaos chestpiece, middle has a chaos shoulderpad, gun, and arms, and right has a chaos helmet and chestpiece.

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The best gift of Nurgle of all: Citadel Resin

>> No.74664154

the special noise marine or mk3 marines to use with my FW plague marine bits

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Just the way Slaanesh likes it.

>> No.74664159

looks fantastic. I wouldn't sweat it.

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Sad. I guess this is why people hate flyover states. Though to be fair, non-flyover states like virginia still have loads of problems

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slaaneshi DP because its probably rocking 8 attacks

>> No.74664169

What the fuck kind of hellhole do you live in?

>> No.74664176

more old rhino kits

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People will really be out here telling 40kg to not buy recasts, but somehow are nowhere to be seen when shitty GW resin sculpts pop up. You can seriously get better quality at 1/2 the price on anything pewter/finecast.

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is acting like a boston comic a no-go?
or should I channel Nate Bargazte (good ol Tennessee boy) to be safe?

>> No.74664188

DPoN could have a 2+/5++/4+++ reflecting saved wounds on a 4+ though

>> No.74664189

You’re right but only because my prince whiffed hard with his buffed up sword also having 8 attacks.

We got revenge later on however.

>> No.74664194

I'm pretty sure that anon was describing some 2nd-world country, not flyover states.

>> No.74664195

no man who's last name ends in a vowel can ever hope to call themselves a Tennessean. We know your tricks, yankee.

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just drybrush a little brass onto that blue. Please anon, for me.

>> No.74664205

I forgot you can give the DG DP 8 attacks with the psychic awakening stuff. Well done though.

>> No.74664209

>yankee as an insult
>which means rooting for the losing team

To be clear, I don't think of Nate Bargatze as a yankee. He's a bit too brutish (in a disarming way) for my liking.

>> No.74664210

Yeah? Well I would, and I do. The Mark III bits will be repurposed to use as plague marines (using the forgeworld kit).

>> No.74664213

Cool models anon, the blue on those mauls are really nice.

>> No.74664217

You have to do shit like that to get Youtube dollars anon, I don't blame someone for doing that shit

>> No.74664218

Isn’t the Lord Marshal conference in that area? Nigger please I bet you can find nerds.

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the RPG store where i used to buy all my Tyranids in 3 gen no longer sells any =(

>> No.74664229

Feels. Warboar in London shut down completely.

>> No.74664231

No you don't. LordMandalore as proof.

>> No.74664235

Why would I do that? The warband ran afoul of a Great Unclean One and now they’re cursed to bear his water pox until they prove themselves to Nurgle again.

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listen idk what you're on about chief but if you want a good southern comedian, find old jerry clower cassettes. None of that zoomer aziz ansari "why wont she fuck me" bullshit goin on down here.

>> No.74664251

>drybrush brass onto blue
Do you have pics of this or do I need to ready up a test model?

>> No.74664252

>Tiny Death Guard section
>One box each of Morty, Typhus, BLTs and Deathshrouds, nothing else around
>Tons of unsold indomitus boxes

Proof the store owner doesn't know what's hot in 9th desu

>> No.74664254

>A guy with 200k more subs is comparable
I'm not even sure Mandalors main income is youtube, he makes like 2 videos a month

>> No.74664264

>aziz ansari
>indian comics
Gross. Paul Varghese is the local one and he's only maybe 7/10 for local comics, 3/10 for global comics
Not a bad guy to have as an opener. but main show? Hard pass.

>> No.74664268

>Marinefags exist irl
God truly is dead anons

>> No.74664273

Post models
Working on DG

>> No.74664276

>god is dead
Yes, and I killed him

>> No.74664279

>Tons of unsold indomitus boxes
Where is this store? How do they still have those?

>> No.74664291

>Working on
>They're glued to their bases
Why do people do this?
Also fuck painting those weapons, slap a shitload of rust on them like real DG

>> No.74664292

Practicaly every country in the world other then the US, and that probably even true either, because from what my US family tolds me Boston and Chicago are the same way as any normal country.

Thinking that comedy is a good way to interact with people is a very interesting one, if I may say so myself.

I actualy have family living in boston. If you tried to act like a NY comic there, even at a bar (because at a family meeting you just get beaten and kicked out, if you don't follow the rules) you would, at best, get a wall of blank stares and the owner telling you to go out. And if you do something funny (which generaly means being offensive for some strange reason) you get beaten. And those people in Boston we call soft and amercinized. Because here if someone insult your family (specialy parents) or faith at work, you gun for them. If you are just strong, you do it on the spot, and quit. If you are strong and smart, you waith till you are off camera and alone with the person.

>> No.74664298

He's makin' like 54k/year on patreon, dude's doing okay and I think he has a day job. Miniac shits out videos but they're mostly bleh and he tries too hard to be funny.

>> No.74664301

Outland (store), Stavanger, Norway
No idea, guess the people here are more based than I thought. But yeah there were 10-20 of them laying around.

>> No.74664303

Plums, but they specifically need to be from a tree on some land I own back in my homeland. Those shits are amazing. Canadian plums can't even compete.

>> No.74664304

>being lazy and just painting brown

>> No.74664307

Do you think clear acrylic bases look good ?
I'm thinking about starting a Custodes army with it.

>> No.74664308

In the mean time my country of 30 mil people got 50 boxs and GW told the main supplier here that they won't be anymore, because they are out. Awesome.

But you do understand that marines are what keeps and kept GW alive all those years? That they not only outsell every other thing GW makes, but also whole games made by GW.

Plus what other faction gives you the option to play a Seljuk or Tatar army?

>> No.74664316

i cant remember where i picked up the technique, maybe i found it in a video about painting a sigmarite mausoleum or something. Heres a pic of how i used it to decent effect.

the cool thing about drybrushing brass over nihilakh oxide is it saves time and guarantees that all your tiny cracks will retain the oxidization.

>> No.74664320

Found some marines I painted when I must've been around 13 or 14; compared to some I was doing the other day.
How are your dudes looking now compared to when you first started out?

>> No.74664321

I find miniacs videos to be helpful desu, also if you are making bank off Patreon then youtube(as in ad revenue) is not his main source of income as I said. I just checked and Miniac and Mandalore have similar amounts of Patrons (About 1k each) but Miniac does not show his income so I am willing to concede the "He has to to stay afloat" argument. That said, I still don't really care if you remind people to do shit like that because it is just basic business practice and playing the youtube algorithm.

>> No.74664322

Your old stuff looks better than a lot of anons current models. Your current stuff looks nice though. Good job.

>> No.74664323

has 2.5 been released yet?
I want to see how SNA tackles alternated activations

>> No.74664324

did you varnish those indomitus minis ? i like the sheen to them.

>> No.74664328

>gluing to base
Run a knife under the foot and they pop right up, assuming you're not using CA glue like a tard.

>> No.74664330

they look better. but I ain't no painter.
Knowing the painting gurus around here, I full expect them to say there is no difference because both are shit, followed by them not posting any of their master pices

>> No.74664335

There is no god, anon, only us

>> No.74664337

You improved a lot. Your early models were painted a bit too thick, but your current work is breddy gud.

>> No.74664340

whats the best way to kit a 7 blightlord terminator unit?

>> No.74664345

>favorite army (right now my main project is death guard but I always come back to IG)
Imperial Guard
>favorite snack/treat
anything tolerable drinkable with alcohol so I can calm down
Not sure, depends on what I find myself needing once I finally start getting games of 9th in
do you not know how to order online.
airbrushes are incredible useful and easy to use anon. I got a 25$ dollar chink one from amazon, an adaptor for my nailgun air compressor, and use vallejo air paints that can be used straight from the bottle and work on the pallette too
there's a lot of huge gaming meccas in the midwest anon, especially northern illinois. Use google and facebook and search around for local groups, start integrating and getting to know people online, schedule a game, and give your opponent a heads up that you're new to everything
I have a friend who works in the mines in a wyoming podunk mining town with less than 5k people in it. They have a regular crowd of 25+ people every week at the one game store in town playing 40k

>> No.74664347

assuming the +1str gets transferred to blight weapons, then 7 blightswords, 7 combi-meltas, deepstrike

>> No.74664350

40k is the normie wargame. what else are you going to do in Kansas?

>> No.74664351

posted last thread

>> No.74664352

>I full expect them to say there is no difference because both are shit, followed by them not posting any of their master pieces

Half of 40kg is just dudes from reddit letting off steam from having to blow smoke up someones ass about how good their 10 year old kids ultramarine paint job looks.

>> No.74664353

each one must have different equipment and thematic mutations

>> No.74664354

3 doomsday arks, 3 annihilation barge and 60 gauss Immortals.

>> No.74664356

Would Tyranid Zerg rush work in 9th gen or all infantry and tarpet units just shit in modern 40k?

>> No.74664364

Similar to yours quality wise. I like the clean comic look without too much depth. You should take a pic of your dudes with a background other than red though, preferably white.

>> No.74664370

imagine actually using reddit

>> No.74664373

It was actually just blood angels red contrast paint over a gold basecoat

>> No.74664378

>I actualy have family living in boston. If you tried to act like a NY comic there, even at a bar (because at a family meeting you just get beaten and kicked out, if you don't follow the rules) you would, at best, get a wall of blank stares and the owner telling you to go out. And if you do something funny (which generaly means being offensive for some strange reason) you get beaten. And those people in Boston we call soft and amercinized. Because here if someone insult your family (specialy parents) or faith at work, you gun for them. If you are just strong, you do it on the spot, and quit. If you are strong and smart, you waith till you are off camera and alone with the person.
sounds horrible, but I know I don't trust no body and only speak my mind freely online when anonymous. Call me a bitch but I'm 5'7" so yeah

>> No.74664382

Who cares, painting isn't even that essential to the game. Loads outs and memorising the rules, knowing how to play against specific builds. Those are the important things. Anyone can have a painted army, they just have to pay some guy in st Petersburg to do it. No one is going to play the game for you and make you better.

>> No.74664387

>space wolves
>microbrewery beers
>i'm getting into wine/whiskey tasting my morher is into that kind of stuff so it's sort of a family hobby

>> No.74664390

Well I am half serbian, a quarter azer and a quarter georgian. So you don't have to tell me much about what is to keep my mouth shut in Public. And I wish I was 5"7, heck I wish I was 5"0.

>> No.74664391

>painting isn't essential
-10 vp

>> No.74664392

>Seljuk or Tatar army?
Uh, the much better choice of representing those i.e. the imperial guard?

>> No.74664393

Does anyone have all of the old White Dwarfs saved? The mega with them seems to be down.

>> No.74664398

The paintlet cries out in pain as he strikes you

You will not be missed.

>> No.74664399

Always take the flail

>> No.74664400

"People" who pay other people to paint their models for them aren't people.

>> No.74664401

I don't believe that cheap airbrushes can be any good, especially since most people talk about those 100+ dollar Iwata ones.
That sounds fucking hellish. Why would anyone want to live like that? What happens to autists and other socially awkward people?

>> No.74664409

nids are a shooty army now

>> No.74664411

-10vp. If you paid someone to paint your army, it's still -10vp. We'll know.

>> No.74664420

nids were dakka army back 3gen too

>> No.74664440

they're just fine if you're using them for basecoating
I don't paint the whole mini in them but I use them for the primary color, and for vehicles, and then do the more detail orientated work by hand. Additionally, since I'm now learning oil and enamel techniques, here's my deathguard process
>prime with airbrush (it's cheaper than can, but can definitely takes half the time)
>airbrush green base color
>paint in handful of details like metals, cloth, tentacles, bone
>airbrush enamel wash
>mineral spirits and qtips for the wash reduction
>rust, oxidation, any pinwash stuff I want
>airbrush matte varnish
>lenses and slimy bits
Here's a dude pre lenses

>> No.74664446

Here's a bad picture of a finished dude

>> No.74664451

which bandai are you buying?

>> No.74664454

And because you don't have to be as clean thanks to the oil/enamel thing, all this takes half the time of normal painting by hand

>> No.74664457

Gauss Reapers are supposed to be like shotguns, right? They excel in CQC but are kinda ass at longer ranges? I assembled my newest batch of warriors to all have gauss reapers because they look cool, but I didn't read their rules first. Is it okay if 20 of my older warriors have gauss flayers and one squad of 10 has gauss reapers?

>> No.74664461

Sorry to hear. The best I can relate to it is a Ukrainian friend who, when encountering Russians/eastern euorpeans, has learned not to mentioned it unless wanting a fight.
It's strange because the friend works in a jewelry store where all the delivery truck rivers a russian. Starting conversations with them is pointless even though they work for the same company. Any conversation would lead for fighting so why bother?

I am the outsider here. I can't imagine living like that. I think most people who are italian or of italian descent got over culture differences long ago

>> No.74664466

>everyone magically starting DG now that they’re potentially top tier
Ye all are just closet WAACfags damn ye

>> No.74664467

If you pay someone to paint your army it's not even yours, you're just a hobby cuck at that point playing with someone else's used goods

>> No.74664472

>cheap airbrushes
my uncle is a handyman and he's convinced that the cheap ones available at local hardware stores are perfectly fine for painting models.

>> No.74664473

Not a soi, so none.

>> No.74664485

The Gundam Barbatos MG kit, because I loved the HG one and I'm not experienced enough to build the RG kit.

>> No.74664498

Death Guard
Onion rings

>> No.74664499

Cool Mortarion. Do you think it's the more about the +1W or more about letting PBEs shooting in melee that makes the strong?

>> No.74664502

Still got some baking and highlights to do. What is /40k/ working on?

>> No.74664525

>Getting into DG just as GW drops the ETB kits, the starter box, and any of these will be priced sky high on ebay
>Getting into anything for waac purposes when the 9th ed books aren't even out yet
Waacfags never learn, let them get burned as always.

>> No.74664528

I like their horns.
Your hobby station isn't supposed to have so many distractions, anon.

>> No.74664529

fwiw I'm >>74664440 and I started this right as covid lockdowns hit as a project to distract myself with, not because of 9th.
as long as you're not using them for detail work they probably are

>> No.74664531

For me personally, having played Death Guard for two years now, the +1 wound has me excited because I love terminators and plague marines. Competitive play the new vehicle rules are huge however. I hate competitive play tho so I’m just wondering where all these Death Guard fans are suddenly popping up from.

>> No.74664534

Selling off every warhammer thing I own. Only keeping my chaos boys and will play casually. Every.book I need will be downloaded and printed out. Ain't paying this shit company hundreds of dollars for their shit rules filled with errors.

>> No.74664536

Adeptus Mechanicus
Mr Tom (peanuts and caramel bar)

>> No.74664538

Looks like more Orks are on the way

>> No.74664539

What the fuck does any of this have to do with 40k

>> No.74664543

>people think it's okay to bring these massive fuckers but not imperial knights?

>> No.74664550

>implying it's not necromunda's muties

>> No.74664551

Do you have any tomb kings or skeletons in general? Maybe even a classic Nagash?

>> No.74664559

It might be part of that Ork model they teased a little while ago

>> No.74664561

You wondering? I was playing DG in 4th Ed. It was me and 2 dudes in the country losing to everything. It's just the best version of Chaos which is super popular and it's easy as fuck to paint.

>> No.74664569

>boxnought sized
>massive fuckers

>> No.74664577

can't be, that one had a axe and a pistol

>> No.74664583

maybe anon is a retarded secondary and thinks those are mortarion and magnus lmao

>> No.74664587

They're tiny next to knights

>> No.74664589

Not counting the wings, a Daemon Prince is less than twice as tall as a regular old Space Marine

>> No.74664600


Hoping orks get a nice update.

So with marines getting all this stuff to "make them feel like marines" (bolter discipline, shock assault, doctrines, and now 2 wounds base on everything) what should other factions get for similar treatment? ie orks feeling like orks, nids feeling like nids, daemons feeling like daemons.

>> No.74664601

Alternate weapon option maybe

>> No.74664617

Just buy an airbrush you retard

>> No.74664624

Dried Mango

>> No.74664630

Primaris Marines
Ginger Chews

>> No.74664640


A knight is fine. It basically just replaces your standard array of tanks you might normally bring in an army. (ie instead of 3 tanks I have a knight)

Knights as a codex is a retarded idea that was only greenlit/pushed by Kirby to sell BIG EXPENSIVE MODELS, and doesn't mesh with the rest of the game at all.

>> No.74664654

>new orlock stuff for necromunda soon
>that looks very industrial
Won't be orks

>> No.74664659

DP's are fucking tiny. Knights are retarded.

>> No.74664660

All Space Marine models should come with helmeted heads.

>> No.74664665

Every Cadian Officer needs a LAS pistol. Our version will have removable magazine with some great little details on it.

>> No.74664677

it's weird as fuck to me that you're posting on this shithole bitter website, but looks cool
details like weapon attachments, or like the socket plugs for battery magazine?

>> No.74664684

all space marine players should wear helmets to help ensure they don't get brain damage when they inevitably run into things

>> No.74664695

>orks go down in points across the board, sorry I know your army is already hella expensive but the green tide needs to be fuck huge
>deldar get more trickery movement bonuses baked into their abilities and not stupid stratagems, maybe some better splinter rules
>tau go down to bs3+ and maybe better auxiliary rules
>craftworlds get better wraith stuff otherwise seem pretty fine, idk been awhile since I played against them and I don’t know too much fluff
>tyranids get cool npc matrixes to match their fluff role

>> No.74664697

40k players talk about purging the unclean, the heretic, the xenos, but if you ask me what you really need to purge is the hate from your heart

>> No.74664710


I'm... tempted to start a marine army but I'm particular about how I would do it. My current thoughts are either:

>Kitbashing new Melee Intercessors with Grey Knight kits and running them as an extremely Psyker heavy Primaris chapter. A kind of battle-mage space marine chapter. (using grey knight rules)
>Primaris scouting force, so mostly Vanguard marines only, final destination. If its not sneaky it doesn't make the cut. I actually dig the phobos/tacticool look for the most part and found a decent shell to cover the rollcage on the warsuit.

>> No.74664719

>forgot daemons, Nurgle forgive me.
>daemons get more fleshed out based on god stuff, still relatively weak individually but redo summoning exclusively for daemons to allow for huge amounts of it. Daemon incursions everywhere, forcing your opponent to scramble

>> No.74664747

Kitbashing Primaris with Grey Knights could be tough because of the size difference. The stealthy marines sounds like a more workable idea.

What color would you paint them?

>> No.74664753

I was just copying it from their insta, I do not work for Green Wolf Studios®

>> No.74664756

why do some marine models wear leather gloves over their power armor?

>> No.74664759

>not stupid strategems
anon, strategems are the only bandaids GW knows, and just like 7th ed formations they're ruining the game.

>> No.74664762

Reapers are good if you run the Warriors in Ghost Arks or if you play Sautekh.

>> No.74664769

Aspect warriors on have better damage output in their chosen field than space niggers, and either get cheap if they're gonna be so easy to kill or stay expensive and their survivability should be boosted to compensate.

Super cheap regular boyz but you're limited in how many regular boyz you can bring depending on how big your warlord is. If its a regular warboss, 3 units. If its a biggest warboss, 5 units. If you got 2 bosses, 6 units, and so on. Grots you could have nearly free but only X amount of to avoid choking the board.

Big mek warlord should improve shooting capability of orks by +1. Give him some rule like "da aiming gubbinz" or some shit.

Termas and hormas need to be cheaper, and have the ability to respawn at a board edge for 1 CP. If you have X warlord trait or relic, you can respawn 1-3 troops choices at a board edge for free. Get that endless swarm feel back.

Tyranid warriors need to be better than primaris if they're gonna be more expensive than primaris marines.

Many of the tyranid giant monsters need to be better at their chosen roles for their points cost.

>> No.74664771

I wish I could, but bitter loathing is the only thing left
at least
it so that you can tell then, silly

>> No.74664779

how many points worth of models do you typically have in your case, anon?

>> No.74664785

>Sisters of Battle
>ice cream

>> No.74664786

Because Vanguard Marines were a mistake
Then stop posting their CG renders.

>> No.74664790

I have a KR bad that has 4 cases, usually i have two admech, 1 SoB and one with my knights

>> No.74664796

Neither you nor they can stop me

>> No.74664801

The only people that care about strict wysiwyg are autists of the highest cabliber. Even in a tourny you could run your reapers as flayers as long as you made it clear to your opponent that you were doing so.

>> No.74664802

Its not hard, actually. You use the primaris marines legs and torso while using the older marines arms, weapons, head and backpack.

Presto, primaris grey knights.

>> No.74664807

>it's weird as fuck to me that you're posting on this shithole bitter website,
Outed yourself faggot. Now go back.

>> No.74664814

It would be fine if each army got maybe 5-8 of them that didn’t change the game TOO much and actually involved strategy. Shooting twice or fighting twice isn’t a strategy and it’s boring and I hate needing to remember 40 stratagems across 3 books.

>> No.74664815

>I-i don't w-work for them anyways
Ok, shill.

>> No.74664816

Would you mind if someone used the space crusade missile launchers in a 40k game? Just the weapon in a modern SM or CSM. I think they are neat.

>> No.74664821

kasrkins have arrived (I think)

>> No.74664823

It would be fun to see, it's how I got started with 40k.

>> No.74664829

But then ten Marines cost 120 bucks. Because you have to buy a whole Grey Knights kit just for the helmet and arms. And some backpacks, but most of the Grey knight backpacks don't look different enough to make it worth it.

>> No.74664836

Are you a soft femboy or a basic bitch?
>anciet sabol army transport roller bag that's as big as a 14yo
I almost never have it full of stuff, but a hell of a lot

>> No.74664839

Why does GW charge so much for everything, it's like only an Arab prince or son of a high-ranking CCP official could get past the FW captcha and not just scream. What possible justification is there to charge this amount for bits of plastic? My desire to deny the Chinese more money is starting run thin looking at this bullshit. Is this the price we have to pay for non-chink manufactured goods? Is this the industry norm? Do other hobby companies pull this shit?

>> No.74664841

>primaris grey knights

give it time brother, we'll see them this edition for sure.

>primaris sneakyboiz

just make a raven guard force. everything raven guard is sneaky, regardless of if it should be.

>> No.74664847

latter I guess

>> No.74664852

>then you wake up

>> No.74664855

Because GW knows their army of simps will pay for it

>> No.74664856

Sweet, I do play Sautekh. I don't have a Ghost Ark yet, but it's on my list of stuff I want to add to my list.
From what I understand, flayers are supposed to be long range weapons that excel at defending objectives. Maybe only having one squad of reapers is fine. They could be dedicated to different tasks on the battlefield than my flayer squad.

>> No.74664862

Cant stop me.

>> No.74664863


I'm going to try to do at least a kill team of the Grey Knight force anyways, so I'll be able to see how it goes in terms of conversion.

For colors the Mage Knights will probably be A light-middle Blue with silver as an accent color. For the Phobos guys I have no idea, something dark for sure to emphasize stealth. Dark Green, Grey, Black, something like that. Maybe even purple or blue.

>> No.74664865

Dark Eldar
I don't have a favorite because nothing can fill the void in my heart anymore

>> No.74664867

its a boutique business model, they don't have to compete with actual toymakers so they get to name their price.

FW is a different beast entirely, They used to make the extra special stuff, but now it's pretty much badly aging resin with aging rules. They pretty much exist now just to give recasters new sculpts to steal.

>> No.74664871

It’s a monopoly beholden to shareholders. They not only want, but are obligated to being the biggest dirtbags ever.

There is an argument that a $60 box of models provides about 10 hours of occupation / entertainment but I’m not going to defend Games Workshop’s predatory pricing.

>> No.74664874

yeah, the decision to put essentially all special rules bar one or two in stratagems has been horrid
>points out the remnants still hanging around a turkish dick flogging board are generally bitter and angry and have no real conversations of value
>reeeeeee reddit reeee
pathetic, faggot
plus there's not a lot of recasters that do grey knights because of how stuffed to the brim their box is with parts

>> No.74664879


>> No.74664893

those fingers look too humie

>> No.74664896

probably not, but maybe, cute
welcome to the virtual monopoly
only use reapers if you have a distinct plan of action and way to get them to the enemy fast

>> No.74664899

It’s necromunda.

>> No.74664901

The mk4 kit and forgewolrd have similar ones as bits for 30k models, I doubt the average 40k player would even recognize the difference

>> No.74664902

Look at those fingers, he's not wearing a power armour glove, the leather aides in his psykic ability to teleport behind you, look at those fingers now, they are diamonds, nothing personnel, kid.

>> No.74664909

clearly not an ork hand

>> No.74664918

Buy 3rd party or 3D printed bits. There is pretty much nothing you actually need from FW.

>> No.74664919

>grey knights successor
>vanguard primaris

>> No.74664923

What does an Ork hand look like

>> No.74664932

Space Wolves
Pork scratchings

>> No.74664935

probably necromunda

>> No.74664953

Sons of Malice.

>> No.74664954

I yearn for the day GW has the balls to post a teaser for a necron model, or a tomb king, or Arkhan without his giant boner dragon...

>> No.74664955

Now that Blackstone Fortress is over, will they do another season of Warhammer Quest in a new setting?

>> No.74664956

How's my Black Legion?

>> No.74664969

Looks like an iron warrior

>> No.74664971

yes, but it'll only have primaris in it

>> No.74664982

I can't tell if you're pooling your paints too heavily, or if that's just poor bordering.
Try to even out your brush strokes, and only bring as much paint to surface as you need.

>> No.74664987

what was the fucking ending

>> No.74664990

very cool warband choice

>> No.74664991

Blackstone Fortress didn't have a single Primaris marine in it, anon

>> No.74664992

good, 40k should be only about primaries

>> No.74664995

that's the saddest ork I've ever seen

>> No.74664997

decent enough but you need another color for the eyes to differentiate it from your cloth
also looks far more like an iron warrior thanks to the metallic armor. You're never gonna have metallic armored black legion that look like black legion thanks to the only difference between them and IW being the use of dark metallic vs flat black with the same trim and trappings

>> No.74665001


>> No.74665002

he cute

>> No.74665004

This is the last BSF expansion

>> No.74665013

>finally going back to work after being furloughed for six months
>tfw paradise of getting paid to hobby is coming to an end
how do I make this shit into a living bros? I can't go back to the 9-5 grind after this.

>> No.74665015

They should do one centered around Shyish and bring back one exclusive Tomb King.

>> No.74665025

Little of both. Thanks friendo.

>> No.74665030

Dude just like don't sell your soul to Tzeentch LMAO.

>> No.74665031


Was more intended to be just a psychic marine chapter. Not GK successors, was only using their rules because they're the best (loyalist) marine psykers.

>> No.74665032

>you need another color for the eyes to differentiate it from your cloth
Isn't the default paintjob for BL red eyes and red cloth? Seems to work okay.

>also looks far more like an iron warrior thanks to the metallic armor
Fair point, but I'm doing a mixed legion army which will have Iron Warriors in it and they'll be a hell of a lot lighter than this, so I'm not too worried. Dude also looks a lot more black depending on the lighting conditions, metallics are a fuck like that.

>> No.74665036

Shyish and Tomb Kings aren't part of 40k anon. Tomb Kings aren't a part of anything.

>> No.74665037

I think he's asking about a new 40k one, idiot.

>> No.74665038

>maybe some better splinter rules
if only

>> No.74665040


>> No.74665054

Wake up to reality anon, you're not a kid anymore, you have responsibilities. You can always 40k in your free time.

>> No.74665056

What's a good source for hand-held combi-bolters? Is the Chaos Terminator kit my only real option?

I guess I can always kitbash 'em.

>> No.74665058

Good fucking luck. No one wants to pay you what it's remotely worth. I try selling some pre-painted stuff from time to time and I always get people making offers that are almost half of what it cost just to purchase the boxes from geedubs. I don't know how anyone can make a loving off it, unless you are good enough to get sponsors or get picked up by gw or another mini company.

>> No.74665064

>nids feeling like nids
Most of the army need increased characteristics. They are supposed to be a deadly melee army with hyper enginered strain, but somehow Warriors are barely better than Space Marines and the whole army has shit characteristics. Almost every monster need at least a WS of 3+ and increased attacks. The entire army need to be faster and so on. Make hormagants WS3+ S4 Ap-1 and then they actually become good for something that is not just being chaff. The Carnifex being S6 is a fucking travesty, and so on.

>> No.74665066

How would you go about that?

>> No.74665072

Thus far I've got
2 Chaos lords, one in termi armor
1 lord of contagion
1 squad of 12 berzerkers
1 blob of 20 cultists
1 hellbrute
1 squad of plague marines
1 bloat drone
1 unit of poxwalkers

I am gonna be using the khorne bros as a hammer and the death guard as an anvil. Is this a good way to go?

>> No.74665074

What's the appeal of hotshot lasguns? AP -2 versus 0 is obviously better, but it's still just S3.

>> No.74665076

honestly you'd be better off just having a heavy use of librarians, or maybe blood angel successors for the librarian dread as well, grey knights are heavily limited to units with very particular loadouts, they'd be hard to do without being virtually the same.

>> No.74665089

Why do some kinds lasguns need their barrels drilled and some don't?

>> No.74665093

you just answered your own question, tard.

>> No.74665096

Better AP (maybe on 6s to hit or wound) would be a huge help, splinter fire is just a complete nonfactor against any power armored faction which is most of them

>> No.74665098

that's not a power klaw

>> No.74665099

I don't know, i just picked a start collecting that looked cool.

I was in the process.

>> No.74665102

just random shit with no rhyme or reason. did you blindfold yourself inside a GW store or something?

>> No.74665107

what legion are you thinking

>> No.74665114

But it doesn't seem worth the extra points investment.

>> No.74665121

Nah, I was given the DG half of one of the 8e starter sets, and then some dude gave me a bunch of reg Chaos Marine shit and I wanted to paint it up as World Eaters because I love the WE. Thought I might as well try to use everything together.

>> No.74665129


These days, either get famous on social media or get fucked. The people actually making a decent living out of it are like Kardashians with smaller tits.

>> No.74665132

Whatever way you find to monetize your hobby will slowly turn it into a grind. Eventually, it might be worse than having a day job and a hobby - after a day at work you at least had the hobby to retreat too. If your hobby is your work, you don't have that anymore.
t. a guy that used to run a LGS

>> No.74665154

from what I've looked at streaming is basically my only hope. I'm not good enough to do painting tutorials, even if I was there's already loads of competition. I've done some comission work in the past for very basic stuff (doing basecoats/battle ready, building difficult kits etc) but that would take time away from the stuff I actually want to work on. At least with streaming you don't have to be amazing at what you do to make it entertaining.

>> No.74665155

Painting AdMech stuff
Finished this enginseer last night

>> No.74665161

Kromlech and FW also have combi weapons.

>> No.74665182

you get three hobbies. one to keep you fit, one to keep you creative and one to make money on the side. you can mix them, but why would you?

>> No.74665188

>actually expecting a used product to have as much value as an unopened one
lmao, half box price is standard unless you're a good painter and that's why they're buying
it's on a platform with access to 4 special weapons, native deepstrike, a 4+ armor save, and BS 3+

>> No.74665196

SM storm bolters. Tactical, Sternguard and Devastator boxes, I believe, come with them.

>> No.74665203

to be honest I've basically been treating it as my job for the past half year. I'd start painting at 9:30, break for lunch around 12:00, and usually finish 17:30, sometimes going over or under depending on how much I wanted it done. My escape after it has usually been watching youtube videos and playing rpgs.

>> No.74665222

>not buying from recasters

>> No.74665229

>expecting all the work of painting to have zero labor costs

>> No.74665234


>> No.74665250

well, what the fuck happens there

>> No.74665251

Because I hate my job and the only kind of work I'm qualified for is soul crushingly boring, and without having to put serious time and money into re-educating myself for a different career that I will probably end up hating as much as what I'm doing now isn't viable for the position I'm in. My work isn't a hobby at all, I hate doing it and the people I work with. I have more than one creative outlet so turning one of them into a way I can make money would be better than doing something I hate for the rest of my life.

>> No.74665263

That's nice. I think you should still be careful. It sounds like you had nothing else to do and just painted, which is a lot of fun! However, if you make painting and streaming your main gig, there will be more pressure. Your attitude towards it might shift as time goes on. I'm not trying to crush your dreams, just giving a heads up.

>> No.74665269


>> No.74665279

I know I'm necroing something that's like 7 hours old but fuck you I had to sleep and I refuse to let this retard think he won
>You can't choose the same one more than once you shit brained idiot

>Adaptive Physiology
If a tyranids <character> is your Warlord, rather than determining a Warlord Trait for that model, you can instead select an Adaptive Physiology for one Tyranids unit from your army. To do so, select one Tyranids INFANTRY unit or one Tyranids MONSTER model from your army, and select an Adaptive Physiology from the corresponding list below. That Adaptive Physiology applies to the model or unit until the end of the battle. Write down any Adaptive Physiologies your models have on your army roster.

Use this stratagem before the battle. Select one Tyranids INFANTRY unit or one Tyranids MONSTER model from your army that does not have an Adaptive Physiology, and then select one Adaptive Physiology to apply to that unit or model until the end of the battle. You can. Only use this stratagem once per battle.

That is WORD FOR WORD what's in the book, now tell me fucking where it says anywhere in that passage that each adaptive physiology can only be taken once
>B-but the FAQ!!!!!
the only thing that got FAQd about adaptive physiology was that named characters couldn't take them you mouth breathing smoothbrain

>> No.74665282

>> No.74665283

>expecting your labor to have value when it's not desired
not even socialist economies recompense you for unwanted labor unless they're having you do it to keep you busy

>> No.74665294

Her being that thin is very problematic and unrealistic

>> No.74665295

>Implying antifa wouldn't instantly get put down in the imperium

>> No.74665297

It just means whoever buys it needs to put in labor costs to strip it. You'd basically need to sell a completely and well painted army.

>> No.74665306

sounds miserable anon, but I don't know how to help you
>pic related, dumbass

>> No.74665314

Get fucked.

>> No.74665316

I live in the middle of nowhere too.
The solution that I found is to get your IRL fix by only playing with a starter set (personally I think "know no fear" is the perfect middle ground between price and quantity) and for everything else I recommend using Tabletop Simulator.

Playing in TTS is actually a lot easier that it seems, specially since the game has gotten numerous updates and the community has done some insane stuff. Just join the discord and download the archive which is a light download containing most models, lots of maps and tools. https://discord.gg/pSnZbPU

By the way, they don't use 2D models like in the early days of TTS 40k, they now use the Dawn of War models for most and for the newer models they use models made by scanning the 360° images GW has for their newer models.

>> No.74665327

how would they fare in 9e 40k?

>> No.74665339

Why not play an actual good game at that point?

>> No.74665342

Forgot to reply

>> No.74665345

I don't know it doesn't come out until Friday

>> No.74665360

Pretty nice.
Not the base you didn't.
Also perform the rite of shitposting more carefully.

>> No.74665363

It released to a luke warm response, basically all the people who wanted it were either trolling or deluded grogs

>> No.74665369

You forgot to add the Strike Cruiser anon.

>> No.74665378

Stratagem: Call your opponent an incel, gain 3VP

>> No.74665379

Well their forgeworld so terribly

>> No.74665385

same reason people still play dnd
It's an incredibly low bar of entry, there's always people everywhere that do it (even online you need to spend more than 2 minutes finding a community for other games), and it's easy as fuck to learn the basics and just chimp out with dice

>> No.74665387

>Art thou winning, father?

>> No.74665401

Don't worry I get where you're coming from. In truth I did have other things I could have done but painting was the only thing were I would have something to show for all the time I had off. Even if there's more pressure I'd rather at least give it a try than wasting away at my current job before getting so depressed I walk into the woods and let nature reclaim me. I'm not going to go balls to the wall with it at first though, I'm just gonna stream from my phone and if I can attract at least a small audience I'll go from there.

>> No.74665405

>> No.74665420

I mean if you are playing vidya, you might as well play good vidya instead of tt 40k rules. Except for fringe cases, like friends moving state/country and tourney autists, I never understood the appeal of TTS 40k.

>> No.74665440

Fair enough, waiting on static grass to arrive

>> No.74665443

Then why buy it pre-painted and not just buy the boxes? It's like going to a car dealership and demanding money off just because you are going to repaint it or swap out parts.

>> No.74665448

hell, I don't get the appeal of wargames on tts to begin with unless you're just using it to keep up to date during lockdown days

>> No.74665450

Yeah, why not play an actual RTS or something at that point

>> No.74665460

Would doing female marines that Cawl created in secret or ones creted by Bile who turn on him and join the Emperor make more sense?

Wanting to include some since I made this because i wanted to include shadowsun in my army but i dont play T'au of course

>> No.74665465

Because it cost less than the boxes. Unless you are buying a pro painted display piece nobody buys a pre-painted miniature at the price of the box.

>> No.74665467

>> No.74665469

it's not like anyone should have expected a random homebrew to be somehow influential on the wider community given it's built almost exclusively on endless hype and obsessions of relevancy

but I still want to read it; I saw an incomplete version that included issuing orders through a command chain, but nothing about alternated activations like I was expecting them

>> No.74665479

Go for it, anon! Like you said, no use in being miserable. Even if it doesn't work out, you at least gave it a shot, enjoyed yourself and maybe learnt something in the process.

>> No.74665488

>funding the PLA just because you think you have a right to models on the cheap instead of getting a job

>> No.74665491

have you heard about sisters of battle? They're really cool
Loyalist marines are gay as fuck no matter the flavor, so why bother with a project like this with them unless you're baiting for attention.

>> No.74665492

timestamp of no answer

>> No.74665511

Bro I'm just trying to support the best system in the world anon. If our brilliant business leaders decided that selling our entire industrial sector to the chinese was healthy for the economy than surely it's okay for me to buy a few things too

>> No.74665512


>> No.74665516


>> No.74665519

needs some work to blend the transfer into the rest of the model

>> No.74665524

correct way to do pinups
incorrect way to do pinups

don't @ me

>> No.74665527

>doesn't sell to waacfags who hate the hobby aspect

>> No.74665529

>Heretics? No. This was Oyashiro-sama's doing!

>> No.74665533

Just buy from Russian recasters if you're that scared of China.

>> No.74665537

I am the PLA

>> No.74665546

No, i wanna play space marines, they are the face of the setting, plus better on tabletop. Theres no reason to play sisters

>> No.74665547

>doesn't buy recaster then sell at profit as pro painted

>> No.74665548

They are not going to buy it at retail price either anon.

>> No.74665556

I've gotten significantly better, in part because I started to enjoy painting and became more than just a chore get over with quickly.

One of my early gaunts from about 5 years ago vs my swarmlord I did a few months ago.

>> No.74665577

Nah thats to consistent and well made to be orks.
It's probably necromunda, maybe spryers.

>> No.74665579

That's a slick Swarmlord there, well done.

>> No.74665580

thanks for nailing the real root of the female space marine issue
make sisters and guard of both female and male variety have equal marketing presence as space marines for the rest of 40k's existence and the retards would lose interest
yeah, yeah you have gotten significantly better. Good on you, anon

>> No.74665649

>Would doing female marines
Just stop, you queer.

>> No.74665651

Well kind of a hard to forget 1881-2014. People not being allowed to be burried in sanctified ground, being married legaly, being able to take loans or be assigned state land after 1911. How Russians send in to ukraine and western provinces acted, how they disrespected locals and didn't let them have good jobs. How russians priest stole churchs and then forced people 4 times a year to give them food, money etc And if you didn't you were branded as anti state rebel, and at best beaten at worse sent to siberia or plain killed. And then there was the whole 20s thing, holdomor, communist times etc. The fact that (unless it suits them) Russian claim there are no ukrainians or belarussians doesn't help either. Kind of a hard to have a talk with someone that claims you don't exist.

>> No.74665680

You don't post this every day, PHONY

>> No.74665698

I think the better way would be to do primaries SoB rather than female marines.
Some hand wave of calls extra 3 organs are compatible with women and on their own enhance strength and resilience even if they miss out on the extras like spitting acid or secreting void sealed slime

>> No.74665700

It didn't release, he posted a preview. The "lukewarm response" was 9e fags whining it had blast templates and dice other than d6s... exactly like 2nd edition, which means literally none of the shitposters complaining about it were people that were originally asking for it, just trolls. We're still waiting for the real thing.

>> No.74665712

You do realize the state of ukraine was literally created out of essentially thin air to be a buffer for the reds against the super scary western powers right? They're a state created through an outside power just like israel. It's real easy for those red faggots to justify abuse when they can pretend you're not real.

>> No.74665718

Because you are a sniky git, and don't want to make extra sound if you can stop it, just buy putting a pice of leather on your glove.

In fact he should wear Conan/Arthas style fur feet protectors too.

>> No.74665726

I get that people shitpost to troll others, but spending money and time to create this abomination seems more autistic than the people who get actually triggered by it.

>> No.74665731

nah, just make SoB front and center on the marketing. They represent the setting much better than marines anyways

>> No.74665740

yep. This is a cultural mans option.

Or if you really want to go Chad Thundercock tier, recasts stuff yourself.

>> No.74665753

Oh I have doubts it was done for trolling.

>> No.74665754

New yarrick model.

>> No.74665758

Ok, so can I just check... My opponent had 2 units of 20 Indomitus Necron Warriors protecting the mission objective. They were
>within 3" of a Cryptek
>within 3" of a Necron Lord
>within 3" of a Ghost Ark
>within <= 6" of a Reanimator
and mostly in cover
So I did my best to focus fire a unit of 20 down, and between the cover and the 5++ Chronometron save, I only got 18 of them.
In his turn, at the start of the turn he said he got 3+ reanimation protocols rerolling 1s. 14 of them got back up.
Then at the end of his movement phase he said he got to 3+ reanimation protocols again (Ghost Ark?). rerolling 1s. Another 3 got up
He was back up to 19 Warriors and would be doing this every turn
His Lord also made them immune to moral
Is anything here wrong?

>> No.74665759


Buying from LGS
Buying from GW
3D printing
Recasting your own

Buying from recasters
Buying from 3d printers

>> No.74665764

If you're a real connoisseur of chad free market action you'd buy recasts from a factory operation owned and run by a western man living large in chinkland

>> No.74665765

Your highlights are amazing, great work, anon!

>> No.74665778

What's your reasoning?

>> No.74665805

Lets be honest. Gork > Mork

>> No.74665810

Triarch stalker and sypder to do pic related

I want to make it more scorpion like to have a similar silhouette though. I can't find and good scorpion ones

>> No.74665825

sounds dope

>> No.74665826

The fact that SNA's rules filter the brainlets and tourneyfags who think armour facings and templates are too complicated is enough to convince me it's going to be a lot better of a game than 9th edition just by sheer fact alone that anyone who plays it is going to be a more chill, fun opponent.

>> No.74665829

Option 1:
Paying the original creator for their intellectual property
Supporting a local business that supports your hobby
Taking matters into your own hands and attempting to recreate or exceed GW quality through your own efforts and experimentation, adding another dimension of craft to the hobby

Option 2:
Knowingly paying for a fake product, akin to buying MTG proxies from china. Lazy scum do this.

>> No.74665831

Mork > Gork

>> No.74665865

>His Lord also made them immune to moral
This is only true if the Lord had a specific Warlord Trait. Also the Reanimator can only use its ability on a single unit, and he has to declare the turn before he roll.

Other than that, yes, it's correct.

>> No.74665872


>> No.74665895

post models you wish were worth fielding

>> No.74665896

>my opponent has a huge buffed unit of infantry stacking all these benefits on it
>should I shoot the vulnerable combo pieces handing out the buff aura?
>no I think I'll play right into his hands and bash my face against the buffed up brick wall exactly like he wants me to

>> No.74665901

>pay GW for their IP
no, fuck their publicly traded shitfest
>support local businesses
completely reasonable
>doing it yourself to dab on them
chad move, I agree
>buying fake stuff bad
understandable sentiment I guess
I'm still gonna do it. Fuck GW, and I'll keep buying all my stuff for other games and hobby supplies from my flgs instead.

>> No.74665907


And if you have more than one Reanimator, (I have 3) the buffs stack.

The skellingtons are UNSTOPPABLE in 9th.

>> No.74665917


>> No.74665942

>I am 15, and love the idea of being a contrarian.


>> No.74666009

wot if...
wot if gork...
wot if gork = mork?

>> No.74666010

are helverins or warglaives better in a mono knight army?

>> No.74666016

Stormboyz have a place, I've tried running a couple of MSU squads to deepstrike turn 2/3 and just perform actions for VP

>> No.74666017


Get that AoS shit outta here ya git.

>> No.74666036


Stop playing mono-knights.

>> No.74666115

I want some space skaven, so I was thinking about using something like pic related
What would be a better faction for these IG or GSC?

>> No.74666118


>> No.74666132

GSC for the digging

>> No.74666134

Wish this tank was good. Mine isn't even fully painted because I can't fit it in any list.

>> No.74666137

Depends on the other knights. Once warglaives get the melta buff they will be good tank hunters.

>> No.74666142


>> No.74666154


Achilles, rock grinder, abhorrent, acolytes, neophytes etc

>> No.74666166

thanks frens

>> No.74666177

It is good. Points barely moved. Its borderline great now.

>> No.74666188

>> No.74666194

Nevermind, loyalty is its own reward traitor scum.

>> No.74666224

they deep strike by hiding/digging, use a lot of mining equipment, and attack in swarms

>> No.74666252

it really depends. both work but in completely different ways and who knows how either will look when the 9e knight codex comes out.

Helverins are going to be your backfield objective holders, they have powerful guns that can really fuck up primaris and TEQs and even threaten light vehicles.

Warglaives are much more versatile but they want to be up close shooting and chopping. These guys really want to sally forth right into melta range and then chop anything up that isn't worth the melta shots.

Look at your big knights and ask yourself "Where are my problems going to be?" If you already have something like a gallant and a warden controlling the frontlines then consider taking helverins to keep things manageable. if you've got a castellan and a crusader throwing lots of dakka downrage then consider warglaives to disrupt your enemy up close.

>> No.74666253

>> No.74666254

wheres the sister statue from

>> No.74666258

>tfw I'm finally able to keep my hands steady enough to paint the eyes of my necrons on my first try
I never thought this day would come.

>> No.74666269



>> No.74666284

lucky you... i paint sisters and i have a 50/50 chance of face looking decent or horrible

>> No.74666287


druchii violet, new detail brush and new layer brush

>> No.74666298

thank you

>> No.74666302


>watching how to paint your dudes video
>follow the steps
>my dude looks like shit

>> No.74666328

Probably some more colors
I don't own a green, a yellow, a dark blue, purple, a light brown

I also kinda want to grab some of that runefang steel for highlighting leadbelcher

In reality I'll probably end up buying another model, maybe kataphron servitors

>> No.74666345

stupid smfag, when the pendulum swings again I'll piss on your grave

>> No.74666351

To be fare, the brick wall's only trick is to stand back up again. Wipe all 20 out and the trick ends there

>> No.74666360


>> No.74666402

So... they instantly stand back up? There's no cap on reanimation protocols at the moment right? Is a 1 always a fail?

>> No.74666440

But that's the thing with WAACfags anon - as soon as marines are trash again they'll drop the army like a face eater squig in heat. They migrate along with where ever the meta goes, and along the way try to pretend they've always been a huge fan of <current broken OP army>

>> No.74666450

mirin the deadlifting cherub

>> No.74666459

>following guides instead of making up your own paint recipes and techniques and learning as you go

>> No.74666476

Yes. Almost game-quitting annoying when it’s on 3W destroyers. I hate that my friend hides behind “necrons being underpowered” when I’m obviously frustrated at his max squads of destroyers obliterating my not competitive list.

>> No.74666507

This goes for all melee carnifexes

>> No.74666510

Why don't you just kill the combo pieces rather than shooting the destroyers?

>> No.74666523

Warptalons are overcosted right now, but just maybe with astartes chainswords raptors could finally be fieldable. Maybe even morale gets some rework, like -1 to Ld also counts as -1 attrition.

>> No.74666594

I do. It’s either you shoot the destroyers and they get back up. Or go after the combo pieces (the ones that aren’t characters) and get your army shot up. They’re not impossible to get around, but my friend starts saying he doesn’t want to play anymore if I bring anything remotely resembling a competitive choice. “Necrons are underpowered dude why are you being WAAC rn.”

>> No.74666617

Carnifexes in general aren't worth taking

>> No.74666636

They stack unless otherwise stated, like the modifiers to hits and wounds, the ressurection orbs, or technomancer abilities.

Natural 1's always fail.


Let's say I'M the one rolling for 18 RPs.

We start at the command phase.

I declare which units get the buffs from my Reanimators and cryptek, and ghost ark, which last until the next command phase.

I choose the unit, generate a roll of 18 dice.

Discard all natural 1's, after any re-rolls, if I have any. Let's say I naturally fail half. So 9.

Begin applying modifiers. My three reanimators buff my 5+ RP by 3, meaning anything 2+ gets back up. The cryptek buffs by 1 more. Meaning everything not a natural 1 gets back up.

The movement phase begins, and ends.

The ghost ark's ability kicks in, giving me a second RP roll with the same buffs. Repeat previous roll for the remaining 9 I lost for the unit.

I likely recover the whole unit before the next shooting phase. Which is substantial with 20 warriors.

>> No.74666646

Dakkafexes are fine

>> No.74666656

Well that guy's a bitch. Compete. List tailoring isn't WAAC if its comparable to what your opponent is bringing.

I played Necrons in 8th, and now. For worse and for better. They're a cool army with FUN, unpredictable rules.

>> No.74666674

Maybe in casual games but in those games everything is. If you want shooty backline units, you take Hive Guard

>> No.74666687

Or you play 4-d chess and support random suppliers that took the time to perfect a method of production that actually competes with GW. I imagine it's only a matter of time before GW becomes another art studio selling .stls and paint.

>> No.74666690

dakkafexes are a disgrace to carnifexkind

>> No.74666698

Trying out some vinyl stickers rather than transfers, my first raven guard guy

>> No.74666710

I make him sound worse than he is. He isn’t always like that, only when he gets it in his head that he’s playing a bad army but somehow always has a net list straight from 1d4chan.

Just gets grating when my 3+ invulns are considered bs WAACfaggotry but his direct counters to my all comers lists aren’t.

Thanks for reading my blog I’m done bitching.

>> No.74666719

>spent ages looking for recasters that do OOP units
>found a couple through a review place
>have the names
>still impossible to find or contact them
Its all so tiresome, I just want to surprise my dad with some of his favorite guys he can't get

>> No.74666720

sticker looks a little low res but is probably fine at tabletop distance

>> No.74666721


How did you do this

I don't mind decals, but they're time intensive.

>> No.74666756

Next quest is going to be fantasy, the one after that we have no clue but 40k WILL have a new quest release replacing BSF in the future. This is what GW stated.

>> No.74666760

Is it really that bad even with that new rule for OOE being untargetable if there are fexes around?

>> No.74666808

any new info on when we're getting the updated FW indexes?

>> No.74666813

Carnifexes aren't great anyway so taking them to screen another one is just a waste of points

>> No.74666814

I see it in the photo, but yeah in hand/on table its looks nice

Got them off ebay, you warm them up then just apply like a sticker, the guy does all sizes for tanks an shit as well

>> No.74666824

>ranch bugles

>> No.74666832

Original article on warcom said upon 9e release but that was an obvious lie. That was also the latest info. So we don't know.

>> No.74666840

shit, seriously?

>> No.74666849

Cite your source! I'll check them out.

>> No.74666885

You say this as if Raptors and Warp Talons are the same thing, all Warp Talons are going to get when 2w drops is like 20+ pts increase that makes them even more over-costed and leave even less targets that they can kill/tie-up before death while increasing amount of units who can shrug them off. Like maybe if warp talons got a weapon upgrade, maybe, but I doubt they'll get anything nice.

>> No.74666906

They've been cancelled due to lack of interest.

>> No.74666908

biel tan green is magic and you can't convince me otherwise
it's so useful

>> No.74666931

Seller on ebay is warpa45, Facebook is warpath40000, I hate transfers so figured a sticker would be easier

>> No.74666932

new thread time?

>> No.74666941

Black Legion
Peanut Butter filled Pretzels

>> No.74666949

It's as good as Agrax for green tones.

I hate Drakenhoff Nightshade though.
Can't stand it in the least.

>> No.74666996

The reason I put it that way is because they're both jet pack units and raptors were unusable in 8th while warp talons could see some small use. That could flip now. I mean I'd rather both of them be usable, but that doesn't seem like it'll be the case.

>> No.74667014

Thank you!

>> No.74667111

This isn't the one I was referring to, there was a later article that has the reference**

**and the footnote was that they would be released with 9e. I cant recall the name of that article. It was near the 9e announcement.

Pic related was before even that. So who knows.

>> No.74667117

Honestly with their costs: you could use raptor (ranged) bombs back in 8th. Wasn't most efficient thing, but it did work. Which is better now since there's less focus on fighting and more on capping objectives, but hey.

>> No.74667128

migration station

>> No.74667142

but you're 33 posts early!

>> No.74668095

>Primaris DA successors
>Wonka Nerds or Skittles

>> No.74668123

Vanguard Librarian & some Hellblasters

>> No.74668166


>> No.74668175

What mental illness do you suffer from?

>> No.74668427

>aspect warriors, cheap, boost survivability
>Orks, limited by a dozen types of warboss
>Tyranids, dependent on strat shit
I'm fucking glad GW never listens to you fags.

>> No.74668457

No thanks, I'd rather not play niggerhammer.

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