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Druchii normally carry on their persons several drinking straws as they are often necessary to imbibe beverages from their impractical cups

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>the oldest drinking straw is sumerian and 5000 years old
Huh. They seem like a recent invention. How come you never see straws in fantasy?

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Because people think it's modern in spite of it's history.

See also: fast food.

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They're masters of pouring drinks into their mouths without spilling a drop. Straws are for plebs.

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I thought they just made slaves sip from the cups and then have them spit into their mouths.

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I find a special level of comfort in this. LIterally, the more things change the more they stay the same. I can't begin to understand how someone could be mortified by this fact.

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So in general poor people in Roman cities wouldn't have a hearth or a range in the way that a modern person would think of.
At most many would have a small fire on a bed of sand for heating, which was less important in the Med, when compared to say anywhere colder. They were also quite rightly terrified of fire ripping through their densly packed extrmely flammable Insula
If you ever get a chance to look around a roman building, the lack of fireplaces and chmneys is the biggest difference between anything that has been built since~the 17th century (until modern electrical heating made lack of fire practical again)

For everyday cooking you would go to the local eatery, buy your daily bread from the baker etc. These would often be on the block or in the ground floor of the same building.

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Dammit, forgot link to the other one. https://web.archive.org/web/20170610013737/http://www.pompeiana.org/Resources/Ancient/Graffiti%20from%20Pompeii.htm

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Reading about daily life in ancient Rome, it's surprising to see how many modern things had equivalents dating all the way back then, even if the technology was different.
Ancient Romans already had fast food, lowbrow comedy shows, multi-storey buildings with tenement housing, rude bathroom graffiti, and people posting useless bits of info on public messageboards.

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>using a straw
>not holding the chalice triumphantly over your head and guzzling the stream of pure vitae you've perfectly aimed into your tilted maw
get on my level

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>tfw you will never be bros with someone like Gaius and Aulus were
Maybe in the next life

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>guzzling the stream of pure vitae
uh, c-can you be more specific anon?

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straws should be as old as beer, but filtering beer made them unnecessary

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Cousin say cheers, lads.

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What would a druchii juice bar be like?
Hardmode no maiming

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Can i get mine with extra sauce, please?

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Ur no fun

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Well they'd have juice presses and blenders

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Image getting some hot food and noticing the owners picture of Bacchus and Mercury

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Forgot the pic

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Another pic

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