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Feeling Cute Today IDK Edition

>Pre-order Last Blackstone Fortress Expansion:

>Guardian Drones in 40K:

>WarhammerTV Tip of the Day:
https://youtu.be/SDa_13UmyEY [Embed] [Embed]

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>3rd Party Pastebin:
https://pastebin.com/XHFCunAZ (embed)

>/40kg/ Book Megas (Don't share these, fucking cunts):

>Previous Thread:

Just post them minis.

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Death Guard

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Why is this a thing? God, I really hate the way they designed this. I'd almost have forgiven it if it was a vehicle...

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I have not played since 2nd ed and picked up an indomitus box over the weekend. For Necrons, should I mount the weapons as all flayers, or all reapers, or a mix of the two?

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Orks Orks Orks Orks

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Because zoom zoom with the big first born boyz.

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>discord server for the LGS with a channel for people to set up games
>get messages from 5 different guys at the store asking to play
>they all play flavours of marines
>I play ___orks___
>tell them i'm taking a break from playing

just because i don't play space marines doesn't mean i get to be your punching bag. if marines are so much fun why don't they ever want to play each other?

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How close are WS to their successor chapters? Does the Khan speak for all of them?

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Honestly it sounds like you're just a cunt anon.
Nice model though.

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Yeah how dare he to hurt others feefees!

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There is literally nothing wrong with being a cunt

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>Things that never happened
Also, only certain marine units are broken, and those that are are stupidly so, but that doesn't mean all the whole roster is OP.
Do you actually expect all Marine armies to run eradicators?

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*flips him*

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reminder to paint your bases

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t. aussie cunt

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Shut it marinetard. Monopose mirror matches soon.

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>t. "come on man, it won't be THAT bad!"

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Name a better troop unit, in the entire game, than a unit of Intercessors. Marines are really strong, so it's not fun to play against them. Especially when it's just the normal list of cpts and lts. Which is what you'll be naturally wanting to run as an SM player anyway, it's your normal units.

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If GW doesnt fix nids this edition I am going to burn my army on youtube. Screencap this.

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Forgive the filename I'm on >mobile

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post minis

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it's not a marine problem, it's a primaris problem. find marinelet only players.

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assault intercessors

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>All marine armies run Primaris

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Looking to make a list of CSM with
>CSM Start collecting
>Dark Apostle and Dark Disciples
>Bloodletters and Daemonettes for summoning
>Maybe a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch as well ( can you summon Daemon Princes?)
What subfaction of CSM would a rough list like that fit into best? Not looking for anything super meta just a soup list of units I like with a slight emphasis on summoning daemons to flank enemies

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You just know that none of them play marinelets though.

Not really. Not that assaults are bad, they are fantastic, just that regular intercessors are all-around better all-rounders who are already fantastic at melee.

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>Name a better troop unit, in the entire game, than a unit of Intercessors
After the buffs probably a regular CSM Squad

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Word Bearers and Alpha Legion.

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How would you go about making fluff for clowns? I read the 1d4chan generator page for some inspiration but there doesn't seem to be much on them on the wiki pages or in the books

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Word Bearers seems to be your thing

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>Hasn't transferred paints into dropper bottles with mixing balls yet

Why not, Anon?

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I have yet to play the new edition. Washington anons? Is there anywhere in Pierce County I can play a game of 40k? I suppose very South King County would be okay. Enumclaw or Auburn, for example.

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today I am the proud new owner of a black man.

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Word Bearers I understand but why Alpha Legion?
Make your own group of wandering Harlequins doing whatever in the galaxy you want them to, maybe have them help out or be adversaries to your other /yourdudes/ plans
Sounds neat, aside from the Dark Apostle stuff they get why else would Word Bearers fit?

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I forgot to buy the ball bearings, what size is best, I'm assuming I can get them from any hardware store

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>pick a classic work (hamlet, count of monte cristo, even cats)
>replace with 40k aesthetic
>use a fancy italian word for your troupe name

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>Sisters icon where nipples are
The Coomers in the Power Armor development branch of the Imperium know what they are doung

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Anyone else feel like checking out for a while? 40k feels like it is going nowhere. Fans keep saying they will release xenos stuff, but our models are ridiculous old. I considered starting necrons, juat so I could get decent models. I just don't know how much longer I'm supposed to wait.

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>MFW I'm one of 3 marinefags at the lgs
>myself and one of the others never bring them to tournaments
>we still place with his admech+knights and my stromtroopers+knights
>first is always one of the eldar fans who brings cancerous lists
I always post the marines I'm working on before hand but never bring them.

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I use 3mm, but 3.5 - 5 also work depending on the bottle size. Just need to make sure they're stainless steel, probably test one before hand to make sure.

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>All CW Eldar get an extra attack
> All CW Eldar get a 6++ base
> Aspects get a 5++ base
> Shuriken Catapults get -1 ap base
> Avenger Shuriken Catalpults get an extra shot
> Dire Avenger shimmershiled increases invulns by 1.

Would this fix eldar infantry? Too much? Too little?

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Read up on Crazy Horse and heyoka

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Any good guide on youtube for a retard like me that would help visualize how to do it correctly?
What do you mean its going nowhere? Its the biggest it has been. Maybe if you want high res sculpts and a more affordable hobby take the 3DResin Pill

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>our models
What do you play?

>> No.74638993

>Sisters icon

>> No.74638995

but anon, harlequins ARE my dudes. That actually sounds kinda fun though, I've been wanting to start a small inquisition force after reading allguardsmanparty

That actually sounds great, I just started going through Dante's Inferno yesterday

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>Sounds neat, aside from the Dark Apostle stuff they get why else would Word Bearers fit?
Possessed and summoning are Word Bearers thing. Also some good stuff for Psykers

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i bought a bunch of manlets off of ebay to work on as a side project, never even bought marines before this.

>> No.74639006

Word Bearers. Unfortunately they suck, but maybe they'll get some love in the new codex.

You can summon Codex: Chaos Daemons daemon princes, but they're strictly worse than Codex: Chaos Space Marine daemon princes, which cannot be summoned.

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Kys Eldar Fag.

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One day.

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IMO aspect warriors need another wound and 6+ inches on all shuriken weapons. Giving everything invs is pretty dumb, if you want all those inv play Harlies or Daemons.

>> No.74639026

Thoughts on the Ork 40k game o made!


>> No.74639028

6++ are the most fair thing across the game, and it's really cool. 5++ is often ineffectual, so I think it'd be fair across the board for Aspects.

I don't know about the others. I don't get to play against eldar players.

>> No.74639030

New player here
So far I've gotten a DI half, a primaris SC, and someone gave me a box of infiltrators.
I'm thinking of dropping one of the lieutenants then getting 3 more aggressors and 2 repulsor executioner to haul them around in and to get me to 2000pt.
I'm not buying new models til I finish the ones i have so its been a slow I just want to know if I'm going down the right path.

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woah this is cool as hell, thanks anon

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>Any good guide on youtube for a retard like me that would help visualize how to do it correctly?

Really what you need is something to hold the dropper bottle down with, a funnel large enough to hold the paint pot and paint, and something to keep the funnel with the pot in it from falling off the dropper bottle. Bluetac works for all of these, tac down the dropper bottle and tac the funnel to the bottle, let your citadel paints just drip away since it does take a while to get the last bits out.

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they do not need an extra wound

>> No.74639078

>All melee Aspect Warriors get an extra attack
>All shooting Aspect Warriors get an extra shot
>Exarch weapons don't cost so much extra (firepike, I'm looking at you)
>Starcannon to 3 shots
>More Pulse Lasers on stuff.

The shimmershield is a flat 5++. An Exarch power that grants rerolls would be ace. We aren't that bad off right now. Everything is just too expensive. In essence, they just reset us to Index points. I slight drop and increase to damage would be fine.

>> No.74639079

why is he so shiny

>> No.74639080

if manlets get another wound, so should Aspects. They definitely do, they're eldars equivalent to a manlet

>> No.74639091

Fuck that. Just use clear bases & make cool terrain/tables

>> No.74639093

if everything gets another wound, its the same as everything having 1 wound again

>> No.74639101

Nothing is wrong with pushing people to be more than barely passable.

>> No.74639120

is it me or are the new space marine variants starting to look more like starcraft marines?

>> No.74639130

I don’t think they let you do that any more

>> No.74639135

Factions you should reject playing against
>Space Marines
>Blood Angels
>Space Wolves
>Grey Knights
>Chaos Space Marines
>Thousand Sons
>Death Guard
>Imperial Knights
>Chaos Knights
>Imperial Guard
>Unpainted collective
>Sucking your own cock
>Whatever faction >>74617094 is currently playing
>Dark Eldar
>Og Chaos marines
>successor chaos marines
>Ossiarch Bonerepears.
>Female Space Marines
>Eldar Corsairs
>alpha legion, memed into the ground
>Whatever faction I'm playing
>Chads who play in Admech vs Ork games
>Sisters of Battle.
>Tau without Kroot
>Tau with Kroot
>gellerpox infected
>German bolt action force with a Mediocre paint job counting as krieg
>Henry Cavill's faction (as insisted by >>74622906 even though Custodes are already on the list)
>Emperor's Spears (ADB's favourites)
>Servants of the Abyss
>Fags and niggers (GW introducing this faction was really inevitable)
>Orks whit old miniatures
>Whatever army >>74627019 is playing (Zerg apparently)
>People who fuck >>74627776 up the ass
>My favorite faction (even though alpha legoin is already on the list)
>models fielded by autists with a fucking lisp. >>74630290 wants to rip off his ears everytime he hear someone with a lisp.
>misters of battle
>Stormcast Eternals
>”muh special snowflake loyalist traitors”
>incel dickheads who live with their parents
>Orks whit new miniatures
>people who don't paint the rocks on their bases
>Any player that isn't Duncan
>People who play with clothes on
>any player that is duncan (Duncan alone wasn't sufficient apparently)

Anything else that should be added to the list? Get your finals slots.

>> No.74639136

>You can summon Codex: Chaos Daemons daemon princes, but they're strictly worse than Codex: Chaos Space Marine daemon princes, which cannot be summoned.
That seems needlessly confusing but thanks for the pointers, I thought of having this force use a subfactions rules but be their own color scheme and own warband led by a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch to tie in with my Thousand Sons secret subcult /yourdudes/ within the Cult of Manipulation (The Secret Cult of Demonology)

>> No.74639143

Give them a preferred method of warfare like turning allies against one-another and then a name like "Court of the Tragic Kin".

>> No.74639157

Screencap it yourself, coward.

>> No.74639158

Never play against Zoats

>> No.74639166

People with the letter A in their name

>> No.74639171

Never play against people who use 1d4chan

>> No.74639183

So.....just don't play the game?

>> No.74639184

>both first and last name start on A

>> No.74639189

What if my Blood Angels are all Flesh Tearers manlets? All Death Company, Dreanoughts, and Devastators?

>> No.74639196

Pretty cool, but after a while I started to wish it wasn't all written in Ork

>> No.74639203


>> No.74639204

Any list which includes Cory Baxter or his alternate dimension counterparts.

>> No.74639210

accidentally grabbed gloss black instead of primer black... Just rolled with it. >>74639130
it's called d i v er s it y sweaty, yikes, look it up

>> No.74639227


>> No.74639228

>implying there's a difference between monotone suits of power armor
based schizo

>> No.74639230

Any list without a Ciaphas Cain commissar kitbash

>> No.74639237

So what's the most OP Space Marine chapter now?
Is it still Iron Hands?

>> No.74639243

Tomb kings

>> No.74639244

they should focus eldar in a different direction than marines and they should not be as tough to kill as marines. Stop promoting the homogenization of the factions.

>> No.74639247

Salamanders if I recall

>> No.74639259

If you think regular space marines are bad enough with their infinite buffs to their already broken shit, and a stratagem which is perfect for literally any scenario imagineable, salamanders have more.

T7 -1 to wound Smash Captains with full rerolls are not fun to play against.

>> No.74639262


>> No.74639266

Your guys have more psykers than usual and their name is the Flipendo Crescendo, ez pz.

>> No.74639268

I'm being honest here. I look at my list and can't see how it is so bad. I'm not using the new rules until the Codex drops since everything I own will go up in points. I honestly looks like I'd get beat by any good shooting army. I'll post list, if necessary.

>> No.74639273

orks what have 3rd party miniatures

>> No.74639274

Forgot to mention that they also resurrect, my bad.

>> No.74639286

do wounds auto succeed on 6s?

>> No.74639291

>Death Company
>Not bad
Nice try marinefag but no

>> No.74639292

how did you get full rerolls?

>> No.74639299

This. Push the different Craftworld build through their Craftworlds traits (bikes, wraith, mech,and so on) instead of just buffing the army.

t. Eldar player for fifteen years

>> No.74639303

Anyone else hold onto trash in case it end up being useful for terrain
Pic related blueberry boxes figured in could make stacked concrete walls or something out of them

>> No.74639314

based hoarder

>> No.74639326

>Anyone else hold onto trash
It took me three years to part with my mini marines after primaris were announced.

>> No.74639330

Enlighten me, please.

Flesh Tearers 10 CP (118, 1,990)

Patrol Detachment 2 CP (Flesh Tearers) (58, 975)

Chaplain (6, 110) – Crozius Arcanum, Frag, Jump Pack, Krak, Plasma Pistol – Canticle of Hate

Tactical Squad x10 (10, 175) – Bolt Pistol x9, Boltgun x7, Chainsword, Frag x10, Hand Flamer, Heavy Flamer, Krak x10, Meltagun

Death Company x10 (14, 205) – Bolt Pistol x10, Chainsword x7, Frag x10, Krak x10, Power Axe, Power Sword x2 – Reinforcements

Death Company x5 (8, 135) – Chainsword x4, Frag x5, Hand Flamer x4, Krak x5, Plasma Pistol, Power Sword

Devastator Squad x5 (8, 140) – Armorium Cherub, Bolt Pistol x5, Boltgun, Frag x5, Krak x5, Lascannon x4

Devastator Squad x5 (8, 140) – Armorium Cherub, Bolt Pistol x5, Boltgun, Frag x5, Krak x5, Plasma Cannon x4

Drop Pod – Death Company (4, 70) – Deathwind Launcher – Reinforcements

Reinforcements - 275

Patrol Detachment 0 CP (Flesh Tearers) (60, 1,025)

Captain (6, 120) – Bolt Pistol, Chainsword, Frag, Jump Pack, Krak, Power Sword, Storm Shield – Adamantine Mantle, Cretacian Born

Tactical Squad x10 (10, 175) – Bolt Pistol x9, Boltgun x7, Chainsword, Frag x10, Hand Flamer, Heavy Flamer, Krak x10, Meltagun – Reinforcements

Death Company x10 (16, 245) – Bolt Pistol x7, Chainsword x7, Frag x10, Hand Flamer x2, Jump Packs x10, Krak x10, Power Sword x2, Thunder Hammer

Relic Contemptor Dreadnought (9, 165) – Dreadnought Combat Weapon, Heavy Flamer, Multi-melta

Devastator Squad x5 (8, 120) – Armorium Cherub, Bolt Pistol x5, Boltgun, Frag x5, Heavy Bolter x4, Krak x5

Mortis Dreadnought (7, 130) – Twin Autocannon x2, Smoke Launchers

Drop Pod – Tactical Squad (4, 70) – Deathwind Launcher – Reinforcements

Reinforcements - 245

>> No.74639331

This is what knights are for.

>> No.74639332

>he sold?
>bump the wounds!

>> No.74639334

I want to start an Ultramarines, Dark Angels, Crimson Fists and Black Legion.

>> No.74639346


>> No.74639353

getting rofl stomped by D4 thunderhammers?

>> No.74639362

Pick one, buy models you like, and have fun.

>> No.74639368

>black legion
...why choose the worst of both imperium and chaos?

>> No.74639372

Holy shit. I've been bamboozled!

>> No.74639375

>Listen honey you don't understand. I NEED this garbage.

>> No.74639376

kinda shit taste but you do you.

>> No.74639378

Oh so you're the other form of cancer.
Not impressed.

>> No.74639383

I cant give you a source, so feel free to believe I'm full of shit. But I heard through the grapevine there are rumblings at GW that they are aware xenos players and ESPECIALLY tyranid players are fucking pissed, and that they need to do drastic overhauls.

I think our resident screaming autist might have actually had an impact.

>> No.74639389

Admech Knights are the cool knights, though.

>> No.74639391

Give them all 2 wounds while you're at it you cancerous waacfag.

>> No.74639400

>waaah I can't use the same strategy against something that has a piddly 32% winrate and can't beat obsec for shit

>> No.74639410

Which would you pick?

>> No.74639413

No, we're doing that for Marines.

>> No.74639418

Out of those four? Crimson Fists.

>> No.74639430

What chapter do you like most?

>> No.74639431

I'm convinced they have all the Aspect Warriors on ice. They foreshadowed it by having melee-based Exarch powers for Aspect Warriors that don't have melee weapons now but used to (Fire Dragons and Dark Reapers). I think they might rethink the slow drip on Xenos models if the rumors are true.

>> No.74639434

You can't use meme magic to get new releases.

>> No.74639439

What army do you want
>Traitor Guard
>Eldar Exarchs

>> No.74639441

You sweet summer child. I meant you aren’t allowed to “own” black people. Educate yourself fascist

>> No.74639452

aspect warriors are way flimsier than marines

>> No.74639455

>GW on facebook today posted "h-hey guys arent Tyranids really cool? Post your Tyranid models we really love Tyranids haha..."
This checks out. Holy shit.

>> No.74639461

So heres my current knights/scions list for 2000 points
Need some opinions on it

Knight preceptor - warlord, dominus helm, ion bulkwark

2 x Armiger warglaives (accompany the preceptor)

Knight paladin

Knight Castellan

Tempestor Prime with command rod.

squad of five scions with two plasma guns

Squad of five scions with two hot shot volley guns

My main fear is that by sacrificing more armigers to include scions or that paladin. I may have made it pointless having the preceptor as warlord with the helm.

>> No.74639463

Flesh Tearers
Actually a tough one. Coin toss between Night Edgelords and Death Guard.

>> No.74639464

coat the metals again the coverage is wack

>> No.74639465

Not until we colonize Mars. New planet new rules.

>> No.74639481

I’d want Death Guard too, and TSons.

>> No.74639483

Meme magic put a fat orange reality TV star into the most powerful governmental position in the world, I think it can impact plastic sci-fi army men.

>> No.74639495

Lies, I did it for Howling Banshees. You just gotta know how to play the cards kiddo.

>> No.74639498

>Masque of Breathing memories
>Collect, maintain, and guard old eldar wargear from the war in heaven because they are worried that, in the desperation to defeat Slaanesh, they may use it recklessly
>rumored they also have a fully functioning STC in their possession
>only leave their designated section of the Black Library when their scouts have located more lost or excessively dangerous weapons

>> No.74639506

It's also the fact that nonstop marine bias going up to 11 has united all non-marine factions against GW for the time being and they are getting unprecedented levels of pushback.

>> No.74639508

Been ages since I played. Do you still need 2 Troop units deployed?

>> No.74639519

So it was your fault they chose Howling Banshees and not Fire Dragons?

>> No.74639523

Dont play 9th, it's just going to disappoint you. Get your local buddies to play what ever edition you used to enjoy.

>> No.74639532

But anon, they did release Fire Dragons.

For Primaris marines.

>> No.74639533

Most people I've talked to are using one Battalion (2 HQ and 3 Troops) or two Patrol (1 HQ and 1 Troop each). YMMV.

>> No.74639542

Hate me

>> No.74639544

Wait really? Proofs?

>> No.74639565

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only sitting on objectives.

>> No.74639567

Any tips for starting to paint models, when you don't like painting that much?

Is there a way to make it somehow okeyish mentaly?

>> No.74639568

have you ever watched pic related?

>> No.74639570

I'll live, I'm mostly just painting anyway.

>> No.74639574


>> No.74639581

In all fairness, I actually think they chose Banshees because Jain Zar was such a shit model and that they thought Banshees would appeal to female players. Financially speaking, they should have done Spears.

>> No.74639582


iirc they get to reroll one hit and one wound roll per unit per phase.

also ap -1 is treated as 0, and +1 to wound using melta and flame weapons

>> No.74639588

you do realize there's tons of other games out there right anon? You're not too lazy to go find or start your own community, right?

>> No.74639594

I forgot about this. Time to rewatch the entire show.

>> No.74639598

Not really, though if you play objectives (which is what most people do on default) then using troops is desirable for capturing. That said: to get CP refunds on your detachments, as detachments cost CP in 9th, you gotta run atleast one troop. Not that it matters much since you get plenty of CP to circumvent not running troops if you really don't want to run them.

>> No.74639602

I forgot that show existed. I could never make up my mind on it, is it a great show or one of the ever made? I should rewatch.

>> No.74639609

dont care, would rather play

>> No.74639614

there are markets for them in suddan and maracco.

>> No.74639621

>Eldar Exarchs
Do you mean Exodites? Also I would rather an all encompassing "Rogue Trader" codex with rules for
>Eldar Corsairs
>Imperium Traders
>Gellerpox and the Starstriders from Killteam expanded with units
>Ork Freebootaz
>Xeno Mercenaries
maybe have different subfactions that are allowed to use a mix of the above with rules for custom ones

>> No.74639622

Break it up so that you make some progress every day, whatever is fun or at least tolerable.

Prime something, basecoat a color or two on a couple of models, basecoat all the colors on one model, whatever keeps you working.

For your sanity, set a standard that you're happy with and try to do it well. If all you want is for your IG troops to have green armor, brown cloth, fleshy face and black guns then just do that, slap agrax on, and call it done.

Do drill your barrels though it takes no time and looks way better

>> No.74639629

But johnny rico didn't own anybody

>> No.74639634

I'm fairly new to the hobby and this is some of what I got so far. How'd I do?

>> No.74639643

>Flipendo Crescendo

>> No.74639645

Better than my first models. Don't forget to base them.

>> No.74639653

I like the squatting dude on the left, he cute.

>> No.74639656

Put on a video and just start

>> No.74639665

Way better than my first models, keep the good work.

>> No.74639666

Just fine, try covering the face with a lighter flesh tone and leaving that dark pink in the deepest recesses so you don't have a hotdogface plague marine champion

>> No.74639668

Really neat for some first models

>> No.74639671

anyone else paint naked?

>> No.74639673

>mfw friend who just got into the hobby wants me to stat his 30k Vulkan model for 40k for our friendly games
I don't read shit about Space Marines, help

>> No.74639674

great choice lads. Let lunacy open your mind

>> No.74639678

How much malice did Leman Russ actually had towards Magnus the Red?

>> No.74639681

>Special rule!
>Special rule!
>Special rule!
>Special rule!

Fuck Space Marines

>> No.74639687

I have too many ideas now for mydudes, thank you anons, I need to get wasted with my buddies and watch this again

>> No.74639688

tell him he's a faggot for wanting to run a primarch in the first place and to just use the guilliman rules with the salamanders keyword if he's that much of a capeshit soiboi

>> No.74639689

Johnny Rico is a fucking hero. Bueno Aires Never forget

>> No.74639697

Just base it of Girlyman or some bullshit. Also your friend is a fag.

>> No.74639702

After a glue related incident I don't do any hobbying naked

>> No.74639704

I think it is fine. A little touch up on the shoulders and another coat on the silver would be ace.

Find a Krylon Color Master that fits your primary color. Satin of matte. Never gloss. Find a Rustoleum texured paint that you like for your bases. Spray them separately before you glur your minis to them. Find a wash that works for your mini and your base. Paint some basic details like aquilas on your minis and then wash them with it. See also Army Painter shades. That is the most basic way to finish a model that isn't total ass.

>> No.74639705

SNAs 2.5 preview yesterday gave me hope that we might at least have a good community rule set someday. If only we can get good 3rd party modelers we wont even need GW anymore.

>> No.74639706


>> No.74639708

Probably not much, just doing what he thought was ordered by the Emprah.

>> No.74639713

Anon plz. That’s their culture & it’s racist to draw attention to hypocrisy

>> No.74639717

I hope Spears or Warp Spiders are next. Both are giant dated blobs of resin, and neither have Phoenix Lord models and Eldar NEED a named character on a jetbike, badly. Especially since jetbike Eldar has been one of the most popular builds since forever.

>> No.74639718

As a faggot, give me proper translation of Fulgrim's 30k stats+abilities for 9e.

>> No.74639720

>typhus corrosion

i need it, i can't get enough!

>> No.74639723

okey. Can I skip base coating or priming, if I can't use a can? I don't have a horde army, but painting almost 70 models black just to cover it up with another is one of the main things stoping me from starting. Well that and not having any paints and brushs yet.

how many colours does one generaly need to paint a legal space marine army?

how do you drill barrels in such small models, you use like the tip of the knife or something? Seems rather dangerous, specialy as I doubt anyone sees the difference from the other side of the table. Or is it done slow with a needle or pin?

>> No.74639736

Careful, you might summon some sort of devil if he follows your advice

>> No.74639742

I'd like the Shining Spears Phoenix Lord to be the jetbike itself that posses the rider rather than a suit of armour

>> No.74639745


>> No.74639746

I wouldn't skip priming, unless you want your paint to have thicc layers and to flake off.

>> No.74639752 [DELETED] 

Thanks, he's actually the very first one I did

>> No.74639755

Gimme conversion ideas to do with my Necrons, I'm in the mood to do some freaky shit with them.

>> No.74639758

I'd touch up the teeth on the squig and do some shading on the boots, but otherwise neato Choppa Nob.

>> No.74639764

statline of guilliman
only special rule is [if this model is destroyed, you must give your opponent the option to ravage your asshole after the game]

>> No.74639765

I forgot about Warp Spiders. They should have been first and with a brand new Phoenix Lord. A named Saim-Hann Autarch would be nice.

>> No.74639768

Yeah, that is kind of a out of the question. no way do I fit a laptop, models on paints on my kitchen table. Plus my house has a no TV/Laptop time after 23:00, and I would have to start painting after that, when everyone goes to sleep.

normaly with other stuff, I would just get drunk, but as good as that is for almost everything, delicate manual work is not one of the things that work with being drunk.

>> No.74639774

How would he do?

>> No.74639778

replace all the legs with either tails or spider legs

>> No.74639781

just use gmans rules, no change. Literally proxy vulkan for gman. Salamanders do not need a full salamander gman.

>> No.74639783

Can I call my opponent "Perturabo", or should I call him Manus so that he'll be gentle with me?

>> No.74639792

What do you mean their? My family lived in Libya till mid 80s.

Am just stating the fact. That it is very much possible to buy a black/brown or even white person. You just need to go to a place where they are sold..

>> No.74639793

Even if all you're gonna do is call me a faggot for playing knights please /tg/
Please provide some feedback

>> No.74639795

Play an album or a playlist on Spotify or whatever. The point is to have some white noise in the background to help you avoid distraction.

>> No.74639796


>> No.74639798

I think they look good for even not first models, they are just good in general

>> No.74639801

that's between you and your new master

>> No.74639804

Thanks, he's actually the very first one I did.

>> No.74639809

Could I skip the base coating then? I read a bit about it, but am not really getting the difference between either of the too. Seems like doing the same two things to me. But I also never painted a thing in my life.

>> No.74639812

Put on a podcast then, the point is you just need something to keep your mind entertained whilst you do the labour. Getting started is always the hardest part, once you start you question why you were even putting it off in the first place, like going to the gym.

>> No.74639813

You guys reckon it's okay give my 11 year old brother the Ciaphas Cain books?

He is pretty naive but I don't remember the Slanneshi being too overt.

>> No.74639817

Primarchs relationships with each other are like oscar and suga mamo.May not always like each other but always love each other?

>> No.74639829

Knights are shit
Also you're a faggot

>> No.74639830

Lmao, did anyone bother replying?

>> No.74639831

I'm not shilling, This stuff is fantastic.



>> No.74639833

Well... I mean the first 3 are the same models for the most part
2 armies doesn't seem bad

>> No.74639834

I've got a couple of spare wraith parts so the tail idea sounds fantastic.

>> No.74639836

you should burn down a GW store instead, bring a gopro

>> No.74639838

yeah that is the problem. I can't have noise when 7 people at home are trying to sleep. I get enough shit for having a small lamp, because not everyone is okey with the glow.

Wish I could paint outside or something.

>> No.74639845

hopefuly an ultramarines player with some tyranid hunters

>> No.74639848

what army fits this vibe? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFu2pGU4tNs

>> No.74639855

Here's the last one I did, just hadn't got around to putting the transfer sheets on yet.

>> No.74639859

You can, but it's better to experiment. Base coating mainly changes how the paint layered on top applies. Like for example: bone looks completely different if you decide to use black undercoat, brown, or white. Yellow looks completely different based on you using something like white, or something like brown, off-yellow, etc.

>> No.74639860

I'm trying to remember if there are any sex scenes in some of the book but for the most part they're really light entertainment.

>> No.74639861

Yeah, that and the Night Lords trilogy are pretty ok. Seriously, the Night Lords book is extremely tame.

>> No.74639869

it's not my place to question your living arrnagements but i'm curious now; how large/how many rooms is your house and what part of the world do you live in?

>> No.74639873

I'm confused. Do you live in the same room as everyone in your house or something?

Oh, wait.
Got it. In the military? Yeah, I don't know what to tell you then.

>> No.74639876

Theres an absolute fuckton of huge Tyranid armies on there actually, but a couple of posts saying "how about our buffs" and "show us new models".

The page posted a shill comment directing people to the store page saying START YOUR OWN ARMY and one guy was like "yeah guys Primaris need more punching bags"

GW is losing the optics war.

>> No.74639878

I don't go to the gym, because it costs money. But I think I get what you are saying. Maybe I will just count or pray. Both worked well when I was kid.

Won't know till I try. Just wish the paint stuff didn't cost as much. models cost a lot, but they are something I want to play. For the first time in my life I have to pay for something I don't want. A new expiriance to me.

>> No.74639880

He would be baited into a kornate world and never leave. Or he would join the greyknights to rip and tear daemon asshole.

>> No.74639882


If you do >>74639836 steal me some Ork buggys and mek guns first please.

>> No.74639884

I like it

>> No.74639888

You can make your work way quicker by buying a primer in your unit's color. You'll want to prime because otherwise the paint really won't stick to the models. For example grab an ultramarine blue primer and then you don't have to do a very good job putting blue on.

To drill barrels, there's a device called a pin vice that's a tiny hand drill. It's quite easy and worth a YouTube. It's up to you, but it looks way better and takes like 30 seconds per model.

>> No.74639908

Dark mechanicus

>> No.74639916

Well at least its something

>> No.74639926


Currently on the second omnibus. He differently says he fucks but no descriptions. I just wanted to check my memories with you fags before my parents get mad at me for introducing him to fetish material.

>> No.74639929

Ignore >>74639809
You can't skip primer and to do is fucking stupid. It's literally the bonding agent between the plastic and the paint.

>> No.74639934

What is the smallest change latest in the story you can use to make Magnus the Red remain loyal

>> No.74639942

>ignore yourself

>> No.74639952

>What army do you want
Deathwatch. I'm exited to see how all the new models are going to be incorporated into Fortis Squads. Are the Eradicators going to make the squad shoot twice? Are the Incursors going to let the squad Deep Strike? What the hell are the new bikes going to let them do? The mind boggles.

>> No.74639954


I would say Traitor guard but we have a lot of human factions already. So rules if you want to kit bash some IG might be cool though

>> No.74639966

That's not even me, faggot.

>> No.74639968

Yeah there is a heavy romance aspect to some of the books between him and an Inquisitor, and one of the books takes place in a Slaanesh brothel, but nothing overtly bad.

>> No.74639982

Look at the two post numbers you're replying to, chucklefuck.

>> No.74639983


very cool stuff. not my continent though. I will try to find something similar.

I don't really care about the looks to be honest. I prefered it when armies didn't have to be painted, because I could switch rules a lot easier .Now I just want to have a legal army. Doubt I would be able to paint it good anyway.

Nah I live with my family. My gran sleeps in the kitchen, so I can't have a strong light there, because she would wake up. My parents have a room opposit to the kitchen, so when it is rainy or hot or cold they have open door, and see the glow. My sisters room is a no go zone for me, and to paint where I sleep I would have to learn how to levitate myself, the paints and the models.

>> No.74639985


>> No.74639988


>> No.74639993

Hrud would be cool

>> No.74640009

If you take your time then you'll paint well, skill or no skill, and I think you should try it before prematurely giving up. Both Duncan's academy and GW tutorials are fantastic for absolute beginners.

>> No.74640010


>> No.74640015

Va[orwave Necronon, if you're out there, can you post some of your models? I've been thinking about adding pink to my slaanesh heavy alpha legion, and your models popped in my mind... I'd love to see them again.

>> No.74640016

Actually I'm wrong it's not a Slaanesh brothel it's a Genestealer brothel

>> No.74640021

What a cute boy

>> No.74640025


>> No.74640038

Is your sept color your secondary or tertiary color? Or does it not have to match anything in your paint scheme?

>> No.74640042

Shame. So long as you don't use the gloss paints, you have a lot of colors to choose from. See if they ship to your continent.
Fair enough. Talk to them and let them know how important this is to you. Unless your family hates you, they'll probably find some way to support you.

>> No.74640043

change prospero from a planet of psykers to a planet of bykers, radical 90s inspired extreme sports lovers.

>> No.74640053

Sept colors are just for sales of books and to make it easier to tell different septs apart, technically in-lore the armies just paint themselves based on the environment they are in.

>> No.74640054

I don't think I want to buy this pin drill, if it isn't required by rules. I will try to find some paint in a can, but rain seson started this week, and there is going to be no day good to paint anything till mid spring.

yeah, sorry for my bad english. I should have asked if any of the two can be skiped. I know nothing about painting, and it just looks wierd to me to paint the model twice with two different colours. People don't even do it for homes they live in, unless they are ultra rich, btu then someone else is probably painting, and they will just steal the paint and say it was painted twice.

>> No.74640069


Finished that part a while ago, wasn't too spicy. he is so fucking naive he probably won't have a firm grasp of what the place is

I like the fighting retreat that ensued, not sure how they out ran fucking genesealers but it was pretty cool.

>> No.74640070

Wish GW sold piping hot pink or like neon pink, thankfully vallejo does.

>> No.74640071

majorkill did a whole video on this iirc

>> No.74640085

Ok I’m fascinated, what the hell is your living situation and lifestyle that it’s like this
NEET? Crippled autist?

>> No.74640097

You guys are aware that the constant "post your models!" shit is GW shilling their product and trying to co-opt the thread from discussion of the rules and how terrible they are to turn this place into a marketing catalogue so new anons scrolling the thread are seeing more PRODUCT they could buy and going "oh that's cool!" Instead of people talking about what actually matters.

You're aware of this, right?

>> No.74640100

He would single-handedly bring Malal back into prominence and then kill it himself.

>> No.74640103


Major Kill is only good at edgy jokes and even then he isn't that good at it.

>> No.74640106


>> No.74640108

these new warrior sculpts are kinda charming
I don't like how damaged they look, but the more fucked up ones are kinda cute

>> No.74640115

painting your models isn't a GW conspiracy tau anon

>> No.74640127

>Talk to them and let them know how important this is to you. Unless your family hates you, they'll probably find some way to support you.

Any parents view on stuff where I live is that, if you earn money ,and I do work as a cook in a correction facility for teens. There are 3 things you can do with the money which is acceptable. Save it. Which is the wise option. Give it to your parents, Which is the good option, And spend it on a bike and vodka, which is what people usualy do. Spending 4 salaries on plastic toy soldiers is a good way to get kicked out of home.

>Shame. So long as you don't use the gloss paints, you have a lot of colors to choose from. See if they ship to your continent.

Would something like a chrome car paint work? It is already ment to look like metal, and the models are head to toe in armour. I could just remove all the non metalic stuff to get a solid base. I just wouldn't want to melt the models.

>> No.74640131

Why do list posts rarely get comments?

>> No.74640134

I like how there are scarabs on literally everything now. GW better release an all scarab box as basing materials, or I'll make my own.

>> No.74640138

I'm fine with community spirit.

>> No.74640139

The uniform is painted what ever but the sept colors are the most consistent factor. Like Vior'la can be in bright pink uniform but their sept markings would be red. Which i guess that answers my question then, The sept marking itself doesn't require it to be part of the scheme it just needs to be consistent

>> No.74640141


No, getting you to buy models you will never paint is the true conspiracy.

>> No.74640148

Almost forgot about this guy but that's all I got so far. Got another ultramarine in progress right now.

>> No.74640151

Yeah I hate the face damage.

>> No.74640152

Because 90% of us don't play competitively we just shit post here while painting models and think the competitive part of the community is cancer

>> No.74640153

The only time it's a proper response is when people cant shut the fuck up about worthless politics and e-celebs and "tranny this niggers that" etc. Those people should be told to post models.

But any time people try talking about the game and how bad of a place it's in right now and you get "post models" as a response, that's GW shills trying to slide and deflect the discussion. No one who doesnt own models would care about the games rules, but there are plenty of people who don't care about the game who do still own models.

>> No.74640168


psst, try this.


>> No.74640172

Because they're pointless at the moment. Wanna win just get first turn.

>> No.74640173

Still surely you lot can provide some basic info for beginners

>> No.74640175

I rather gatekeep and reduce amount of shitposters that are in the hobby, especially since people (including myself) can have hard time wanting to post models in relation to some arguments. Average GW shill doesn't paint anyway, and unpainted models may as well be trash.

>> No.74640176

It is normal. half the people here live with their parents till they are 30-35. And then half move to Germany or UK, the smart ones or those from rich families buy a flat by taking a 35 year loan, and the rest live with their parents till the parents die. It is a 50/25/25 split, at least according to our state statistic institute. I do have a job, so no neet. No idea how someone could afford the models without one.

As autism goes, I don't think you can get it here. We don't have autists here. Only cancer and drunks.

>> No.74640192

Do you like the models that you are about to put on the table? Do they look cool? Is it a legal list?
these are the only questions you should ask yourself anon. There are literally better places for advice on this kind of shit than this backwater

>> No.74640204

Because most people cant format for shit so the lists are awful and annoying to read and we dont bother, and also no one ever posts interesting themed lists with converted models to go with it they just post some shitty competitive tourneyfag shit.

>> No.74640205

Other paints don't stick to chrome paint.

>> No.74640211

I think that kind of paint might be abit too thicc for miniature painting, anon.

>> No.74640212

because chans are a terrible medium for longform posts and lists are ugly. Just say you want to play X and put Y in, should I use Z or not?

>> No.74640221

Anyone done anything interesting with these boys yet?

>> No.74640224

>Because 90% of us don't play

>> No.74640225

Its nice to have the opinion of idiots too just so you know if you're doing anything incredibly retarded

>> No.74640233

think there's enough undamaged heads on the warriors sprue for all of them

>> No.74640240


Let's see those models bud.

>> No.74640244

I'm not saying never post your stuff if you're proud of it but the constant insistent "post your Citadel Miniatures™ fellow consoomer!" shit needs to be stamped out. At least ask people to post conversions.

>> No.74640253

>a very large amount of lists are so badly formatted nobody cares to read them
>a very large amount of lists are so retarded nobody cares to comment about them
>a very large amount of lists are are posted with "i'm not really playing competitively lol" so there's no reason to comment on them
>the edition is new, so commenting on lists is difficult
>the edition is has a massive impending rules change that will massively alter the state of the game, making list building largely pointless

>> No.74640261

мoй дpyг

>> No.74640265

Haven't gotten around to picking them up yet but they're on my list.

>> No.74640267

ready for everyone to be taking heavy bolters again like way back in 4th?

>> No.74640274


You can do it with the tip of a hobby knife too, it's not dangerous or hard you just turn the handle of the knife in your fingers while applying just a very slight amount of pressure.

That said, pin drills are a useful tool to have besides just for drilling barrels. If you ever end up working with metal models, or if a model becomes damaged in a way that is difficult to simply glue back together, you can drill holes to set metal pins in for extra stability when gluing them.

Also useful for customizing miniatures, like if you need to repose a limb, you can use that same pinning method to pose a limb in a way that the model normally wouldn't fit together in, and then fill in the resulting gap with greenstuff.

>> No.74640277

Big Shootas better get a fucking buff.

>> No.74640278


Now before any of you report me for shitposting hear me out. First according to the height of a Minion (which is 3.5 feet on average) Gru is 4 minions tall, which means he is a godly size of 14 feet tall. Second if any of you remember the original Despicable Me, you Know there is a scene when Vector kidnaps the three girls and shoots a series of heat-seeking misses at Gru, he then dodge them all. According to the speed of an average ballistic missile (1900 mph) and the size of the missile according to his ankle size, Gru can perceive and move at such a speed that the missiles only move 9.5 miles per hour, 0.5% of their original speed. Plus after this Gru punches a shark and it is paralyzed meaning its spine is probably shattered, to remind you it would require a force greater than 3,000 newtons to fracture the spine. That’s equal to the impact created by a 500-pound car crashing into a wall at 30 miles per hour. However, even with his humongous height and speed, this pales in comparison to the amount of times this faggot keeps spamming this shit about who we are allowed to play over the 40kg threads.

>> No.74640288

I'd rather see big shootas get an extra shot and points reduction to differentiate them a little more

>> No.74640290

here you go.
Pink and blue go nicely together and you should definitely do it

>> No.74640293

wait massive rules change?
But I bought the rulebook

>> No.74640307

are sautekh destoyers fun?

>> No.74640318

>implying /40kg/ is anywhere close to being on GW's radar
Why waste the time shilling to like...80 retards. Maybe 100 on a busy day.

>> No.74640324


>> No.74640331

If I ever did a Slaanesh warband, I'd have to use a bunch of this guy's stuff to make it literally hurt to look at.

>> No.74640337

>80 retards
That's a generous amount. I bet you can count the amount of people posting on several feet and paws.

>> No.74640338

Just one? Fuck that shit big shootas should be assault 6.

>> No.74640346

which faction has this feel?

>> No.74640352


Aww shit it's bleeding into the ground.
look cool, I am a sucker for spooky green though

>> No.74640353

Sisters of battle

>> No.74640355

>Flares up your senses

>> No.74640357

I'm at least 8 people in this thread alone.

>> No.74640358

There are at least 5 lurkers for every poster, for one thing, and for another, threads only last a few hours at a time so that's not a bad amount of people. The number of posts made in these threads over the course of a day far exceeds the facebook comments GW gets and if they're investing money in their social media team for FB they would do it here too.

>> No.74640364

no xenos weapons are getting buffs until their codexes drop which will be after the marine codex drops. Expect several months of every xenos army being basically unplayable

>> No.74640370

Night Lords

>> No.74640378

trash terrain or nothing

>> No.74640379

All imperial armies getting their weapon stats buffed.

>> No.74640387

haha xenos on terrain wtacjh ist a suicide GW!!

>> No.74640393

And after that, a Guard or Admech codex, and then several more months of xenos unplayable, and then MAYBE the first xenos Codex will drop, and there will still be another 5 unplayable xenos factions for a few more months... etc.

9th edition is a log of shit from a dirty asshole straight onto our plates and Space marine faggots are eating it up and asking why we aren't hungry.

>> No.74640404

are you ok anon, want me to call someone?

>> No.74640407

at least necrons are first up...

>> No.74640410

This unironically looks better than most tables I've seen, at least theres proper terrain density.

>> No.74640415


>painted models
>cardboard box terrain

you're my kind of scum anon.

>> No.74640420

anon, the tyranid post they did earlier today has over 700 replies currently.

You're delusional

>> No.74640434

necron players are used to disapointment so even if the book is weak they won't complain too much, It's pennance for how filthy they used to be

>> No.74640441

That post is 6 hours old. This thread is not even two hours old and has over 320 replies. Do some basic fucking math.

>> No.74640446

>Half a year just for Necrons, who don't even have working rules and units right now due to 9e changes

>> No.74640449

Yes, the housing problems aren't unique to my part of the world brother.

I think I just use an exacto knife to drill a hole for the weapon. I don't think it has to be very deep anyway. It is not like people look down the barrel of a model durning playing.

>> No.74640455

I'm just getting into the hobby, mostly because I think painting space dudes is cool, but I might want to actually play down the line.

One question, what the fuck is a "primaris" marine? Is it just the codeword GW is using to get rid of all the stumpier, older models without upsetting customers?

>> No.74640464

Okay folks, I've made a few touch ups to the general colors. Black seemed to win out so ill go with it. (Though mydudes are a DA successor so maybe they can have a white colored company in its honor? )

So what exact modeling colors would I need to pull this off half way decent? I've always heard not to use actual black to paint large areas with

>> No.74640472

Essentially, yes, but they failed at the latter part.

>> No.74640474

They're super space marines.

>> No.74640475

Forgot pic sorry

>> No.74640486

They are not getting rid of manlets any time soon, if ever. Hell they still make manlet models for specialist games.

>> No.74640492

I hope that's not a serious post.

>> No.74640502

>half a year
They're in October dude. I'm not defending this abysmal editions balance but at least get the criticisms correct. Necrons will be the only playable xenos faction for months. Everyone else might as well quit the game and go play an earlier edition that doesn't blow smelly dicks.

>> No.74640520

they will make for great ork HQs I can really see putting a deff dread say on the middle ones nub.

>> No.74640524

Has it not been half a year since 9e launched though? Maybe 1/3rd at worst?

>> No.74640526

Considering how obvious it is to someone who hasn't touched the hobby before, that's not a surprise.

Why wouldn't they just outright say "Yeah these are the new models. We've changed designs before; we'll do it again"? Other than "because they're morons"

>> No.74640532

>pennance for how filthy they used to be
eldar still haven't paid for any of their bullshit

>> No.74640536

>They are not getting rid of manlets any time soon, if ever.
You guys are going to keep on saying this with 100% delusional confidence right up until the exact minute GW announces manlets are being squatted. And even then some of you retards are going to keep insisting they're still not really squatted because of whatever bullshit justification you come up with like "everyone allows Legends anyways it's real 40k!"

>> No.74640540

This looks waaaayy too complicated to consistently paint

>> No.74640543

So that they can continue selling existing kits until the stock clears and to bridge the gap until they have new versions of every unit type available.

>> No.74640545

As long as Phil Kelly is still involved they never will

>> No.74640550

M O N $ Y

Force people to buy a new army, people with full marines armies would have no reason to buy new models just because they're new.

>> No.74640554

...what? 9e came out this month. Or maybe it was late July. It's been literally a single month.

>> No.74640557

Want to paint some salamanders but make them a bit different because why not. Thinking of using a burnished bronze or polished copper for the aquila and trim that would otherwise be gold paired with a darker green (like a medium olive) than is normally used for salamanders, would give me a greater range of greens and yellow/orange for highlights and weapons to compliment (and I prefer a darker green over the lighter green that you always see) . Too OC donut steel?

>> No.74640565

Yeah, I love blue and pink but I wasn't convinced it could look 'scary' or intense until i saw your figs. And this would be perfect on noise marines, I think.

Funny story, I'm a cake decorator for my wage slavery, and my favorite combo to put on cakes is almost exactly this.

>> No.74640567

getting rid of author credits was one of the worst things GW did

>> No.74640570

do the right shoulderpad for a captain type nigga but do simpler ones for regular troops or else it'll take too long

>> No.74640576

Looks BOSS. First scheme I've seen in a long time I really liked for Marines.

Maybe if you're a weak bitch.

>> No.74640589

trying to paint a purple a tau mini and not be accused of copying eva is hard

>> No.74640594

>this thread
>76 posters at best
>that facebook post
>500+ individuals minimum plus facebook broad range viewership

>> No.74640598

It’s three colors..? It’s joints are a grey, it’s armor is black & it’s got a few blues

>> No.74640601

Says that official launch date is July 25th, though feels like it's been out longer.
i am losing track of time...

>> No.74640612

if anyone does just be like
>yeah, so what if I am? bitch.

>> No.74640613

Can you faggots stop trying to discourage an anon from doing a great looking scheme because you're too much of a hobbylet to put in the effort? Christ.

>> No.74640614

Yeah like that, only with better execution.

>> No.74640618

why would you care, since you're actually just copying eva?

>> No.74640621

Completely serious. I got into using the occasional GW models for DnD, Warhammer 40k/Fantasy doesn't appeal to me a whole lot as a game, but I like having goofy shit on my desk so I've been looking into the models more, of late.

But it's a hobby centered around collecting; wouldn't people want to buy the models just to buy the models, like with MtG?

>> No.74640626

Do you see the backlash books get? Credits on art being removed is dumb, but you're basically just painting a target on your employees backs when you release rules you know are going to upset the player base

>> No.74640631

They were probably sick of Cruddace getting all those death threats from angry nid players

>> No.74640633

Yeah how the fuck did you believe this was half a year, you feeling okay buddy?

>> No.74640634


Just do it well and people will still think it's cool.

>> No.74640643

Because the models are so fucking expensive.

>> No.74640649

non fatso death guard ia superior. and even better when they rock the gas mask look.

>> No.74640653

Then he shouldn't be a petty bitch because he dislikes an army.

>> No.74640654


>> No.74640662

This was literally the reason they did it. If I remember correctly the first book with the author credits removed was Tyranids 6th edition. Coincidentally, it was White Dwarf that gave away Crud wrote it again, and that was the last issue of White Dwarf for a couple years.

>> No.74640664

Not him but corona and the american engineered decent into idpol lunacy has fucked up my sense of time as well as my mental state, so I thought it had been a lot longer too.

>> No.74640678

Everyone is getting a heraldry shield which is gonna individual patterns & heraldry. It’s just a place saver that I put on the shoulder since the template doesn’t have the tilt shields. Idk what to actually put on that shoulder honestly

>> No.74640687

The time is nigh for the kroot mercs. the lore was already soft retconned to make it happen as well.

>> No.74640696

Maybe GW should realize if one of their writers is getting death threats from having his name in a rulebook THEY SHOULDNT HAVE PUBLISHED THAT FUCKING RULEBOOK and they should think about firing that guy too

>> No.74640715

I am not, I just like purple and i went to find out complimentary colors and it said that green is complimentary so i was thinking of using that as a Tertiary color.

Also stuck on sept color, was thinking i would use green for that but theres already a third sphere with dark green as their color and a second sphere with a bright green as theirs.

So maybe Blue would work as well, being original is hard

>> No.74640718

you could just put the squad marking on it i guess

>> No.74640719

See >>74640696
Writers should be absolutely held accountable. If some bitch like Crud knows a book is so bad he doesnt want to write his name in it he shouldnt be working for the company.

Designers should be PROUD to have their name on a codex.

>> No.74640721

I’ve been in the eternal October.
Between regular riots, road blocks and totally not terrorism guys! Now Wuhan virus on top of those other things, time passes in a strange way

>> No.74640726

wow, okay cancel culture faggot.

>> No.74640727

How much should shiting on a few thousand people fun for 2-3 years, times 2-3 editions be worth it then?

Or how does one account for the blatant eldar faggotry that happens every editions since 2ed?

Oddly enough orc, tyranid etc player seem to be the more chilled about 9th. yeah marines are good, but they are the only ones with a 9th book. The army that gets the first book is always great for a few months. Eldar players on the other hand are losing their mind, it started with the IH update. It is as if something cracked for them. They can't just deal with something a necron or tyranid or orc player had to deal for whole editions, that "sometimes" other factions are better. In an eldar players mind that is an un acceptable imbalance in the game.

And it only gets more laughable if one remembers any prior editions.

>> No.74640732

then at about 3/4 of the way through space marines will get a codex refresh and will be sitting pretty until 10th edition

>> No.74640735

Wasn't the original reasoning that no new expansions could have kroot because of some fuck up during the 3rd sphere?

>> No.74640749

Just means they get codex crept faster into mediocrity.

>> No.74640757

...i purge...
KILL KILL kill...

>> No.74640760

>Oddly enough orc, tyranid etc player seem to be the more chilled about 9th
As a Tyranid player I can tell you, no the fuck we are not.

>> No.74640764

they'd have to be something half way decent to get codex creep'd. They'll start off shit so it's not a big deal.

>> No.74640765

You are going to give up on the pauldron scheme within the first two squads, streamline it a bit for your own sanity.

>> No.74640777

Do a better job. Fucker could simply copy paste one of the many forum codex and it would have been better.
But no, they went out of their way to justify the nerfs and call the options the kits had as “decorations”
It would be like marine got their devastators weapons removed from the codex and been told those heavy weapons are decorations! But you can buy the new and bigger model!

>> No.74640778

Alpha Legion and/or Raven Guard

>> No.74640780

>wouldn't people want to buy the models just to buy the models
No, not really. Once upon a time GW ran their company as if that were the case and what it resulted in an annual financial report where the (former) CEO said "Games Workshop has had a really good year. If your measure of 'good' is the current financial year's numbers, you may not agree".

GW need to constantly stimulate player activity with new releases and game content. Trying to rely on "collection" as the driver for selling models results in each customer buying 1 box of each kit they like, it doesn't sell complete armies or multiple instances of the same kit to each person.

>> No.74640787

to be fair to the poor word terrorism, it's such a broad definition that most countries fall into the category, let alone rioting retards.
It's a bunch of brainwashed chimps lashing out because they know things are wrong but have been raised from birth being brainwashed to keep them from figuring out what it is, so mindless thrashing anger and destruction is what you get. Just as planned and all that. Can't wait for a fun new wave rights repression wearing the mask of token minority gestures to happen in a year or so.
Boring. Just expand the non gay mecha tau shit. Including bringing the FW kroot units back in plastic.

>> No.74640814

what's the difference?

>> No.74640817

that stick grip for the left hand sickens me. why not holding it like the old devastators, or a gatling/chainsaw grip style? even orks tote their guns with more grace.

>> No.74640833

IG are good guys.

>> No.74640840 [DELETED] 

At least in my country burning people alive and executing little girls, would count as terrorism.
At least for me, but then again no one cares about the law abiding citizens.

>> No.74640850


Whered it get you anon?

>> No.74640862


Individual knights are pretty cool. Big stompy robot can't go wrong. Knights as an army are just really unfun to fight against. either I tailor to take apart knights or get stomped (even if I can win on points easily its not fun to fight against an army that's pretty much immune to you.)

If you wanna play big stompy robots and ONLY big stompy robots then maybe play Adeptus Titanicus or Battletech instead.

>> No.74640871

Someone did this conversion that you might be interested in

>> No.74640880

This guy really has no reason to be a separate blister pack model

>> No.74640882

Dark Eldar.

No, Night Lords are the faggy fucking posers who have this line told to them.

>> No.74640905

inner thigh, very close to muh testicle. Lesson learned

>> No.74640907


yup, just an acolyte with a biggerer icon

>> No.74640909


Anon I think the point was that the picture is to represent a faggy poser.

So he is right.

>> No.74640923

Every complaint about knights boils down to
>but I have to modify my army reeeeeee
When you have to do the same for leman russ parking lots, termagaunt hordes, and bloodthirster buffing.

>> No.74640929

I wish Battlescribe didn't have such garbage formatting

>> No.74640932

Well it is a bigger flag
He should have come in a pack like the Patriarch, Primus, Magus and Familiars
But with nexos, clavamus and iconward

>> No.74640945

Oh I can imagine no one is happy with a bad codex. I had a bad codex for almost 3 editions. But now an eldar player, who had an awesome run of rules starting with being OP in RT times, is calling me an WAAC fag, and I don't even play a core marine army. Fuck that. Every faction in the game had more fun times in 8th ,7th and 6th then my dudes. Why can't I now have fun for a few months? Because eldar have to be OP again, they probably are going to be, as soon as their codex comes out. But I assume that waiting for a codex to be good is something too plebeian for eldar players.

>> No.74640955

I just don't like seeing tonka-truck sized minis in a game of this scale.

If you want Knights, go play Epic

>> No.74640963

No knights just arent interesting to play against. 40k is an infantry scale game. The rules dont handle something as large as Knights. GW forced them in to sell big models to soimouths.

>> No.74640977

and yet no one complains about bloodthirsters. Despite having same bullshit. Why is that?

>> No.74640982

>Why can't I now have fun for a few months?
If your idea of "fun" is a stupidly OP army that stomps your opponent with no effort you are a humongous fucking faggot and deserve all the mockery you get.

>> No.74640995

I’m gonna try to make a stencil for the bird. As for the second pauldron, I’ve already mentioned I’m not really gonna do it as pictured >>74640678
Idk, I think squad markings are ugly & kind of stupid. Maybe some kind of company sigil?

>> No.74640996

Harlequins are the good guys.

>> No.74641001

The Marine codex has more Primaris units in it than most codexes have *units in total*. So you can take that "it's a primaris problem!" attitude and stfu.

>> No.74641002

Bloodthirsters didnt used to be even fucking close to that big and even now with the bigger models they arent anywhere near Knight levels. Stop being retarded.

>> No.74641006

I do complain that bloodthirsters went from DP size to knight size

>> No.74641025

Fuck off, micropenis

>> No.74641040

bloodthirsters should have stayed their old size, all the greater daemons should have

>> No.74641041

I don't see him ever joining anybody. I could see the Grey Knights capturing him, holding him under lock and key/cryogenics, and occasionally just letting him loose on particularly infested areas

>> No.74641045

>my big models are allowed but yours aren't
Whatever faggot now watch as I throw your fucking tanks at your infantry

>> No.74641049



but also yes

>> No.74641050

Knights came in long after huge models were introduced.

>> No.74641053

>buy into Eldar as a kid because the tanks look cool
>continue to play them because fuck it I like the aesthetic
>Deliberately avoid playing OP lists. No flyers, no scatterbikes, take dumb shit like Phoenix Lords
>Still have smoothbrains whine about my OP eldar constantly

Welcome to the party mate

>> No.74641057

...anon, why'd you look?

>> No.74641066

Watch as I don't play you to begin with because Knights are boring.

>> No.74641070

You need to actually crunch some numbers, but I'll tell you this right now: adding generic, band-aid fixes - like widespread 5++ saves and -1 AP on bolter equivalent weaponry - isn't going to fix the army. That's what GW did to "fix" Marines and it made them into shit. Do the same thing with Eldar and you're just going to get a shitty version of Marines.

Other than that, your ideas for Dire Avengers seem okay. The extra shot, 4++ with shimmershield, etc all seem fine. But they are also very minor changes compared to what the codex actually needs to make it interesting.

>> No.74641082

The problem I have with Knights I also have with Riptides and other huge models

They're fine in Apocalypse style games, but otherwise they're completely out of scale for the game

>> No.74641087

Wraithknights are also for fags.

>> No.74641089

bloodthirsters are boring :^)

>> No.74641103

Guy, if you don’t pick word bearers I will come to your house and beat you up

>> No.74641106

Necrons are the good guys

>> No.74641107

Waaaahhhh, only *MY* elite infantry should have 2W! If anyone else gets 2W, I'm going to tell mummy and daddy!

>> No.74641110

Agreed, I don't play Chaos. But they're not as bad as Knights.

>> No.74641112

It started back in 3rd edition with necrons.

>> No.74641113

>like Eliminators, units of snipers is badass
>get called a faggot for playing them

>> No.74641115

Lmao, none of you play anyway. Not the guy I am replying to, nor the guy he's replying to, nor the guy who's been sperging out about Eldar for the past month, and not the people who argue if big models should be allowed to be played or not.

>> No.74641122

yes, just like knights.

>> No.74641131

Lolno. Monoliths were just Land Raiders basically.

>> No.74641136

Monoliths are bigger than knights.

>> No.74641137

Even though they got nerfed, they're still correct about you. Sniper scouts are the true way to play.

>> No.74641139

Monoliths were way worse than Land Raiders. Remember Phase Out? That shit made Monoliths literally unplayable

>> No.74641142

Show me a 3rd edition Necron army that was just giant knight-sized things with no infantry.

>> No.74641146

Which army do you fuckers actually enjoy playing against?

>> No.74641147

>liking snipers in the army known for melee combat and falling out of the sky in drop pods.
>not picking the scouts
Yes. Yes you are.

>> No.74641152

But they dont play like it, they have normal vehicle rules. There are no armies of nothing but monoliths.

>> No.74641159

Oh yeah, excellent models. So cool.
Said no one ever.

>> No.74641163

Oh you mean the way 6th and 7th felt for my army. When my "formation" required playing a 2800pts game, or when an eldar or tyranid or necron army could blow my army off the table in two turns.

Or how fun it was to have 1W dudes pointed as if they were primaris+, and get nerfs linked to abuse of units and rules my army didn't have access too? You think playing vs Ynari was fun, or vs 7 flyer eldar list, or the multi tyrant lists, or the smite spam list (when GW nerfed my armies ability to do that, only to allow FW units to do it better and cheaper). I waited 3 editions for a good set of rules. And if this means I have to player other marines to have fun, and run over a xeno army, then I am okey with it.

fucking orcs had better and more fun lists then my dudes had over 3 editions, and orcs should never be good.

>> No.74641169

They're also meant to be a big fuckoff centerpiece to an actual army and not an army unto themselves, and they function more like every other tank in the game.

>> No.74641176

All of them

>> No.74641178

CSM and variants
Non-cancerous Eldar
Dark Eldar
Non-cancerous Tau

>> No.74641179

>expecting any marine unit to wow people
you really are a faggot

>> No.74641182

If I ever get to have a game I'll let you know

>> No.74641186

>t. convertlet

>> No.74641187


Actually I don't think I'll even run it in my army. Thinking of taking the jackal alphus at lower points, and then I dunno what to add for another HQ, magus for psychic power?

>> No.74641190

So the problem isn't the size?

>> No.74641191


>> No.74641192

Buy eliminators and run them as scouts. Or just run them as eliminators and let people here seethe about it. People IRL aren’t going to bitch about it.

>> No.74641197

anything that isn't knights or primaris

>> No.74641212

It didn't as monoliths gave a lot of utility to warrior blobs.

>> No.74641238

What color are emperor children eyes?

>> No.74641239

>Why can't I now have fun for a few months?
No one should be OP. You don't get a free pass because someone else was being a dick. The universe doesn't "owe"you. It's not karmic balance to take OP shit. Eldar were OP and it sucked but not all players were dicks. Just don't be a dick.

>> No.74641242

There was no OP eldar lists. Casual eldar lists in 6th, 7th and 8th required a tournament lists from marines, and my dudes couldn't even beat them with a tournament list, unless I was rolling hot and the eldar was rolling crap.

And yeah the whole. I don't use OP rules, my army was always casual and I picked it for the looks bullshit. If that was true, then you wouldn't care about eldar being worse then marines right now. Heck you picked your dude for the looks of the models right, well you have them, no one has phased eldar out.

Over 24 years of playing I have not met an eldar player who wasn't an asshole. And lived and played in 3 different countries over that time, which IMO is a good enough test group on that part of the "fandom".

Fuck them, I hope they get their book at the end of 9th, and it is bad, and it is even worse for 10th. Or if God helps, GW is going to pull a primaris with them, and fail hard.

>> No.74641243

Stuff that isnt spamming giant retard models and flyers and other stupid shit that doesnt belong in 40k. Like this.

>> No.74641250


>> No.74641261


Quit whining bitch I'm still not playing against your Space Marines, take it up with GW.

>> No.74641264

nice dark eldar

>> No.74641268


>orcs should never be good.

That you unironically believe that means you should only be allowed to play with other marines, preferably in 30k, and stay out of 40k from now on.

>> No.74641272

>I want to play against the hutt barge

>> No.74641273

Or this. Except if Marines weren't OP as shit right now.

>> No.74641274


>> No.74641283

Orcs and Marines should both never be good because they're both retard meme armies.

>> No.74641292

Not mine but I agree they are nice.

>> No.74641308

So what army do you play? Post models

>> No.74641321


Assuming it's the same poster as >>74641163 it's pretty easy to infer he plays Grey Knights.

>> No.74641322

it is, monothiths are expected to be
they should be the only thing approaching that size outside of apocalypse

>> No.74641327

good job on the base

>> No.74641329

>Or C s

>> No.74641336


pure black, pupils dilated as fuck because of the warp storm dust they are on.

>> No.74641343

Bullshit. I remember the threads from 8th and previous editions. They were full of "I don't play OP stuff (yet somehow I have 4 serpents and 20 scatterbikes in my list)", L2P guys and the "Look this one specific list from non eldar faction (like lets say a riptide wing that also run a farseer as ally, or a beast star that run a farseer for invisibility), won too, so all it balanced".

GW is never going to balanced anything, it is not have they roll. And while it did take me 3 editions to understand that, now I know that they work like that. Eldar had no bad edition ever. The worse they had was when GK were the best at the very end of an edition. And at the very end of 8th they were worse then best marine armies. But this never ment they were orc or necron tier bad. Eldar players react to their army not being the best as if it was some affront to nature. As if Eldar should always have one of the best list, and somehow them having a good list is equal to an edition being balanced.

Fuck them, as I said before. I hope they don't get a new book for a year plus, and in the mean time marines and all the other factions that get one, can have fun. I don't even care if after marines, the next top factions is going to be necron or tyranids or what ever. Why shouldn't they have a few months of fun too. But eldar? no fuck them, and people that play them.

>> No.74641345

He can suck a dick and die in a riot fire for all I care.
Fuck marines

>> No.74641350

Unironically based

>> No.74641351



just kill me

>> No.74641354

So we should get rid of all the big tyranid bugs as well?

>> No.74641358


> Fuck them, I hope they get their book at the end of 9th, and it is bad, and it is even worse for 10th. Or if God helps, GW is going to pull a primaris with them, and fail hard.

You know we're going to get it soon, and you know it's going to be good.

>> No.74641360

nothing better than playing an ork army with my deathskulls.

>> No.74641373

>If that was true, then you wouldn't care about eldar being worse then marines right now
I don't, I think Marines being OP is bad for the game, but I feel the same way about Eldar being OP

>> No.74641391

yeah, I thought they were stupid when they came out. Nothing needs to be bigger than a tyrant, t b h.

>> No.74641392

You know I thought you were RPing at first, but it's been close to a month and I am becoming convinced that you're just a huge sperg with a weird eldar obsession. Take medication, dude.

>> No.74641396

Make them all mary sues with heterochromia.

>> No.74641424


Might be because it's 3am but this just gave me a image of Chris-Chan as an EC

>> No.74641426

lots of people hate eldar. and he's right to

>> No.74641434

Please show me a Tyranid bug that has Knight stats.

>> No.74641442

There's difference between disliking a faction, and going on constant sperg outs about it with a specifically recognizable posting style.

>> No.74641445

Ward said it about Fantasy orcs, and he was the best rules writers GW ever had, no reason for w40k orcs to be in the same bag as fantasy ones to be honest.

>> No.74641448

Talking about size, not stats.

>> No.74641465

Actual model size is irrelevant to what makes Knights unfun.

>> No.74641478

do you always dissect and catalog shitposts?

>> No.74641487

>Ward was the best rules writer GW ever had
Now I know you're trolling.

>> No.74641490

>just because other people were a dick doesnt give you the right to do so
>bulllshit! It does!
Wow lad. Grow up.

>> No.74641495

Not according to the anons I was talking to.

>> No.74641508

the size is only part of the issue, not the whole issue.

>> No.74641510

>he was the best rules writers GW ever had
he couldn't write or balance a fantasy army book to save his life.

>> No.74641519

solid gold mad lol

>> No.74641525

It is a good time to be in the Order of the Ebon Chalice, and probably a bad time to be in any other Order.

>> No.74641527

Not him but he's right, this one faggot has been just been analpained seetheposting about Eldar even when its completely fucking irrelevant to the discussion and it's getting on my nerves. Someone will be like "9th isn't fun because Marines are OP and crushing my Orks every game by turn 2" and this immense fucking faggot will come along like WELL AT LEAST ITS NOT ELDAR WHY CANT MARINES BE AS STRONG AS ELDARFAGS WERE HUH? WHY CANT YOU JUST LET ME CRUSH YOUR ORKS WITH MY MARINES LIKE ELDAR DID TO ME IN 7TH, I BET YOURE SECRETLY AN ELDAR PLAYER.

Fuck that guy.

>> No.74641540

Fuck eldar and fuck you too, buddy.

>> No.74641563

why you writing so much, you some kind of eldar player?

>> No.74641582

> mfw I am secretly an Eldar player and am watching this guy seethe

>> No.74641589

Ah man, poor Argent Shroud

>> No.74641591

Dark Eldar, the cool faction for cool people, not the bent craftworlders with their starcannons and other filth

>> No.74641605

'e looks 'ard n krumpin-ready

>> No.74641610

>secretly an Eldar player
you can come out of the closet my friend, we understand

>> No.74641639

Did you guys know that an Eldar player once kicked MY dog? Only true and honest scum like them would ever stoop so low, I hate Eldar SO MUCH.

>> No.74641658

I play eldar AND marines :-)

>> No.74641661

Hierodules have knight stats more or less. They just don't have knight weapons or knight faction rules.

>> No.74641665

Oh so this is why all the non marine players call marine the same I call eldar?

What did those casual and for fun eldar players say about IH at the start of 8th or at the start of 7th? nothing, they were shit, so they didn't care. But as soon as primaris(who generaly had shit rules most of 8th) got better and IH got a good set of rules, then every IH became a WAAC fag and you should not be playing against them. Specialy those cunts that claim they were casual and started by buying 3 Know No Fears.

I don't even play marines, but I hate the high horse/moral superiority eldar players claim. Every edition it is the same. It is a new start, Lets not be too OP (specialy with the new sm codex that most people are going to use), everything good is too unbalanced. But as soon as codex K-Worlds/CodexFalcon/CodexWKnight comes out, then everything too good becomes okey.

I still remember warseer and its starcanon nerf is too harsh/how are eldar going to cope now threads. Or how those biker nobz were breaking the game. Or how marine traits were too OP. All the balance talk stops though as soon as cheaper jetbikers with scaters become troops. WK are 250pts undercosted, Some fucker decides that harlis should be able to fly around in indestructible falcons .

Heck I even remember how eldar players raged about tau armies, when tau started to ally a farseer in to every army to buff riptides.

Or how their advice to DE players were to start building a DE army, by buying serpents, a jetbike farseer and cheap DA to ride in those serpents. In fact try to have as few actual DE models in a DA army. Just the bests the archon on the hover board and minimum troops.

>> No.74641681

If Cyrene Valantion could be brought back from the dead as a perpetual, why couldn’t the same be done for Sanguinius

>> No.74641693

Some of the Sisters whose worlds got eaten have since resurfaced. But yes, most of them are probably dead.

>> No.74641701

>more or less
no, definitely less
as it should be, fuck nids, that screaming shitposter has soured me on the faction so hard I'm actively rooting for them to get worse and worse

>> No.74641703

Because that would be gay

t. Blood Angels player

>> No.74641706

because holy fuck perpetuals are stupid fuck whoever came up with that nonsense fuck the Horus Heresy series in general fuck black library too fuck everything

>> No.74641708

Outta the way Eldarfags, Tauchads coming through.

>> No.74641714

This is why I love the Nids. They're equal-opportunity devourers.

Except trannies. They taste like nasty chemicals.

>> No.74641720

One eye on the netlist, one eye on the streets.

>> No.74641729

I'd let them devour my semen, if you know what I mean.

>> No.74641742

>that guy
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha holy fucking shit, and I thought that first guy with the fucked up teeth was bad, jesus christ lmao

>> No.74641751

GW GAMES ARE NEVER BALANCED. The only problem with both WFB and w40k under Ward was that he didn't write all the books. The books he wrote for w40k were fun to play, same with elfs, vampires and demons for WFB. the problem was that at the same time some books were writen by geniuses like crudface. So fun books like SW had to be played alongside an abomination like CSM codex helldrakes.

And yeah I stand with his view on orcs. Orcs should never have an efficient army. I remember what speed freeks did in 4th ed, and what nob bikers were doing to the game till SW curbed them in a bit. they are a joke faction and should have joke rules. Ward knew that, and that is why he wrote codex orc that way. He even said it in the WD article when the WFB orc and goblins book came out.

I do give you that that he was not a good lore writer. At least at that time. Comparing to what we get now it is much worse. Ward in 5th was not very good, because people had to compare him to legendary people like Chambers or Cavatore. Right now his stories don't look so bad, and at worse he didn't shit on the factions the book was about, unlike the writers nowadays. Who just love to make scyths of the emperor look bad and uncool in a SotE book(including a full retcon of their heroic deeds to just be a GSC implant memory).

>> No.74641754

I play Eldar, but they're bad now so I bought 3 units of Eliminators and a Primaris army

>> No.74641772

Eyes are up here bud.

>> No.74641784

Why doesn’t GW just release everyone’s new rules and codices at the same time?

>> No.74641800

you are retarded

>> No.74641815

'Heretic' vs Loyalist.

Alpha Legion also tend to be a bit more like... deep operation faker vs tactical operators operating operationally.

>> No.74641821

less money

>> No.74641829

I'm a Primaris army, so no.

>> No.74641841

Because it takes time to write rules and playtest, and usually is also tied in with some sort of model release?

>> No.74641850

>tfw you will never be farmed for biomaterial by a qt hormagaunt

>> No.74641856

Don't need to be smart to win games

>> No.74641864

There should be no 'joke factions,' unless those joke factions are fun to play.

Orks often were simply not fun to play because the joke was usually on you. Not as bad as Orcs and Goblins was, but still.

>> No.74641882

>tfw gonna build up a nid/gsc army of nidfuckers

>> No.74641886

I wanna pet them but not in a canadian way.

>> No.74641887

It takes time and yet look at what we end up with. Might as well do it all at once and just release a ton of models for all factions at once. There should be a season every year where everyone gets new stuff.

>> No.74641902

probably. they def are squatting all non tau races besides tau. but kroot may get their own thing out of it.

Yeah, that is what I imagine they will do. I wouldn't be surprised if the Tau try to create their own knock off space marines sometime soon.

>> No.74641968

Alright lads, how do we get rid of the imperial scum?

>> No.74641972

They need "seasons" of armies being in the spot light. They get to do a big dog and pony show about all of the cool new changes in hte codex for army A and B, oh look at the shiny new rules and models! This looks like a great time to start that side army you always thought about, right Anon? Its calculated, they get to do their advertising while people here, reddit, and every other message board discuss the rules and changes and provide free advertising. Even better if the rules makes one army stupid OP, they'll get tons of people buying it based on net lists and tournament standings.

>> No.74641987

>It takes time and yet look at what we end up with.
Yeah, grey knights aren't OP.

>> No.74642007

Look at those sausage fingers

>> No.74642021

>GW should do moba vidya shit
They'd fuck it up harder than what we have now

>> No.74642048

is this the result of superior tau caste breeding programs?

>> No.74642054

what the fuck anon

>> No.74642062

Slaanesh mortals on 40k when?

>> No.74642113

Apologies, I was referring to what they already do. Codices are all spaced out so they do a bunch of warhammer community teases and articles pimping the shit out of each new one.

>> No.74642134

GW would have to enter modern times with their release schedules. What won't do until most of their upper management is in the ground.

>> No.74642146

yeah what the fuck the pictures with the larger tyranids raping guardsmen are hotter

>> No.74642194


post em then

>> No.74642195

>fat hands
>that hairline
>hair texture that hasn't seen conditioner in decades
>shark teeth
>untrimmed goat beard
>cheap jacket
>ofc the lizard eyes, but I almost feel like they don't even need to be mentioned
all the words in the world and you chose chad

t-that isn't you, right? you didn't think that looked cool?

>> No.74642231

>nitpicking this hard
poat you holding your models

>> No.74642237

why do zoomer love the tau so much?

>> No.74642253

>grow up in a country where most of the media is owned in part or totally by china
>the faction that is space china appeals to them

>> No.74642254

no, why on Earth would I do that

>> No.74642273

Fighting vs these guys is a pain the ass. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like when they get 2W

>> No.74642287

Indoctrination to their ideals by the Chinese

>> No.74642309

I don't think zoomers actually do.

>> No.74642318

Probably the giant robots and sleek looking technology. If I hadn't fallen for the orks, I'd be playing Tau right now.

>> No.74642334


>> No.74642345

you couldn't handle da klaw

>> No.74642375

tau have ones of the best looking infantry and vehicle units in the game. i don't actually like the suits very much, but standard fw/breachers/pathfinders and devilfishers are very cool.

>> No.74642388 [SPOILER] 


>> No.74642415

Don't people usually just run crawlers, drones, and nurglings?

>> No.74642424


>> No.74642430

Dunno. I’ve only played vs death guard once.

>> No.74642495

Which one of you disgusting faggots is going to make a new thread.

>> No.74642545

the guy who doesn't put an OP in the OP

>> No.74642560


>> No.74642595

birth defect, my thumb has no knuckle so it just looks like skin following a long angled bone, literally looks like a genestealer finger

>> No.74645507

Seconding this

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