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Aggressors Edition

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>Thread Question
What's your favorite color combination?

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For me, it's Imperial Guard.

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Which one?

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hell yeah dude. What regiment you play?
Also, how would other Guard players modify or change the Order rules? I was thinking of not restricting how many orders they could issue, but rather make it a Leadership Test, maybe with Senior Commanders having an easier time of issuing their orders, along with a caveat that if they fail to order an issue(by rolling a 6 or a 1 or something?) they cant order anymore that turn?

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blue and gold, but I try to change the shades to avoid ultra marines syndrome

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the only good bug is a dead bug

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Boltstorm unless salamanders

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Krieg is gey.

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Why would you want Krieg instead of a cool or interesting regiment?

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Reading through the 4th edition rulebook and it looks so much better than 9th. You guys saying people only like it because of nostalgia are full of shit.

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can 2 2x1mm magnets really hold a mini on a metal toolbox, even if sideways?

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Red and Brass/Bronze. It just looks so good.

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complete fag. Pick a real regiment of men

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this will never happen

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Krieg are a little overhyped but they are cool and interesting.

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fuck that sounds hot, why dont people like 7th?

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I want to buy a bunch of guard and a bunch of tyranids and recreate Starship Troopers

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no, the number limit is good and makes sense too. A commander can't be screaming ten different orders in one turn.
Plus make it rely on a random chance to go off is gay

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Soup. And 800 free points of vehicles and wargear

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Armageddon Steel Legion > Vostroyan Firstborn > Cadian Shock Troopers > Valhallan Ice Warriors > Catachan Jungle Fighters > Elysian Drop Troops > Tallarn Desert Raiders > Attilan Rough Riders > Mordian Iron Guard > those Imperial Troopers with the pajama jumpsuits and the football gear from 1st edition > Krieg

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what's the best way to apply weathering pigments? just use a shitty old brush?

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I don't want to have to look up tables every time I hit something.

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okay, but let's say they bring back Platoons. You have a guy who can only organize and command one squad out of a potential six. Rather ineffecient.

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GW hasnt supported them in literal decades
literally squatted
>Steel legion
Quiet Yarrick, go find your amsec pudding, you dodgering coot.
>Maccabean Jannisaries
Kitbashable but otherwise just crusaders with gun
Enjoy GW getting canceled

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>he can't instantly memorize this
4+ if same S/T
3+ if one better
2+ if two better
5+ if one worse
6+ if one or two worse

Wow so hard

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The only good human is a baseline human.

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What's your favorite color combination?

Having 300 points of genestealers shot off the board in one shooting phase due to about 150pts? aggressors able to shoot twice color combinations

>> No.74591533

No. Fuck Wraithlords and their T8.

>> No.74591534

lick the powder then lick the model

>> No.74591548

Unbelievably microcephalic take.

>> No.74591549

Only contrarians hate krieg

>> No.74591550

Ironic, because the M.I. are closer to space marines than imperial guard

>> No.74591560

>t. conscript spamming guard cheeser
Because it's so hard to bring a few lascannons and meltaguns right

>> No.74591563

How about a better Catachan kit?

>> No.74591568

Why the fuck would you go that way
2+ if twice or more
3+if better
4+ if same
5+ if weaker
6+ if half or less

>> No.74591570

You have to be literally retarded. It's no more complicated than the 8th edition table, it's just a better spread.

>> No.74591571

how hard would it be to learn 7th having played 8th and 9th? armor facings and blast templets sound fun

>> No.74591587

>twice or more
>half or less
Fucking idiot, that's the retarded 8th table that makes S5 and S7 the same against marines.

>> No.74591598

There haven't been templates since 5th

>> No.74591606

7th was bloated with all kinds of unnecessary shit, just go back to 4th which was the best iteration of the 3rd-7th structure. All of those editions were basically the same but 4th cleaned up the early problems with 3rd and 5th-7th just kept making it worse and bolting on unnecessary stupid shit.

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Get a load of this newfag lmao

>> No.74591627

I dig that the new art on the repacked necron kits is encouraging a more varied color scheme for some of them

>> No.74591634

What's with that one weirdo fuck anon who has a vendetta against /yourdudes/?

>> No.74591642

7th was still using templates? Maybe I should play a game sometime

>> No.74591651

You joke, but there are retards who actually couldn't memorize this shit in a second.

>> No.74591664

It's a meme.
No one here actually cares about /yourdudues/ caacfags, or story shitters, they just like shitting up the thread.

>> No.74591665

Models didn't have 10000000 wounds back then, you just pointed one lascanon at the big boy until he eventually died.

>> No.74591682

what's your 40K fantasy?

mine is like 3 new xenos armies and that GW does to Imp Guard what they did to Slaves to Darkness in AoS, with fuckloads of "warbands" of different regiments

>> No.74591686

This, had a friend who could not memorize this at all,

>> No.74591691

All you have to do is write it out in the same manner as the current wound table.

2+ if strength is higher by 2 or more
3+ if strength is 1 higher
4+ if strength is equal to toughness
5+ if strength is 1 lower
6+ if strength is 2 or 3 lower
Cannot wound if strength is 4 or more lower

It's actually less complicated than 8th because you don't have to calculate break points with multiplication and division for double/half

I don't know what the fuck GW was thinking when they changed this, it's probably one of the worst changes of 8th ed.

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I just got a bunch of Cadians. I'm extremely new to the game so I have no idea what all that other shit you're talking about.

>> No.74591711

No Marine releases for 4 years, increase all other factions unit options and update models

>> No.74591734

are dark eldar fun? love their models

>> No.74591735

Wraithlord was immune to S4. I.e. everything that wasn't Tau or a heavy weapon.

>> No.74591747

granularity and options are good

>> No.74591749

Yes, and? So was literally every other dreadnought and vehicle in the game. That's why you brought heavy weapons. What list didn't have lascannons or equivalent? Even today that's still true.

>> No.74591757

Generic HQ kits for all factions with tons of choices of bits.
Ordos other than Malleus having access to terminator suits.
Full plastic range of Legion of The Damned.
Plastic Infantry Squad, HWT, Command Squad, Vehicle Upgrade Set for all the main guard regiments.
Plastic aspect warriors.
Good rules for Titans.

>> No.74591758

Tau client races

>> No.74591760

Why does the concept of needing anti-armour weapons to wound armoured units make people so mad?

>> No.74591761

Yes. You will always have fun if you love the models

>> No.74591763

S4 could glance vehicles.

>> No.74591765

7th didn't add granularity, newfriend. Trust me. And most of the "options" it added made the game much worse.

>> No.74591768

w/e. with your social skills and tact, I'm sure you'll have yourself a healthy 2nd/4th league up and going in no time

>> No.74591771

it doesn't.

>> No.74591775

so is 7th worth playing? are there templets?

>> No.74591777

im gonna have to finish my admech army first, got some serious 1st army regrets tho

>> No.74591779

It doesn't? I wish there was a keyword akin to SW Legion that weapons needed to have in order to apply their AP modifier to armoured units.

>> No.74591782

As long as you don’t mean CSM I agree.

Please give us new Zerkers and Noise Marines.

>> No.74591789

Reorganize Chaos along AoS lines, with four god specific codexes and one unaligned codex. And that unaligned codex includes GSC style rules for using IG units as traitor guard. Includes a Traitor Guard troop upgrade sptue and a Traitor Guard vehicle upgrade sprue that can also be used on Knights

Kroot release. Keep them in the Tau codex but have enough Kroot units and special Kroot rules that people can field all Kroot armies if they want.

No more generic Space Marines for awhile. Instead, release new Primaris units for individual chapters. Each one with enough bits that you can really go crazy making your Blood Angels/Dark Angels/Space Wolves/etc. look different from each other.

Squat all those oldass Eldar models, turn Craftworld Eldar into Ynnari, release new Ynnari units.

>> No.74591792

7th was the worst edition in the entire games history. Play 4th or 6th for templates.

>> No.74591794

Only the weak ones, and usually only on rear armour. And no one was using their S4 weapons for that 90% of the time, just shoot your fucking lascannons.

>> No.74591797

see >>74591735 >>74591533

>> No.74591808

>going back to 7th
at least go back to 6th if you want a better edition

one of the few factions in 40k actually having fun in the grim dark future. All the world will be your enemy, Prince with a Thousand Enemies, and whenever they catch you, they will kill you. But first they must catch you, digger, listener, runner, prince with the swift warning. Be cunning and full of tricks and your people shall never be destroyed.

>> No.74591809

Yeah but I use 6mmx1.5

>> No.74591810

I'd argue 6th was even worse than 7th actually.

But yeah just fucking use 4th for templates. There's no reason to play 5th-7th or 3rd.

>> No.74591812

This is an intercessor ex-deathwatch veteran of the Iron Rats chapter. I was going for a bit of blanchitsu shading.

Post painted models!

>> No.74591814

Why the fuck should CSM and SM get unique codexes meanwhile Orks with 5 distinct cultures are lumped into one? Or Imperial Guard into one? Or Hive Fleets lumped into one?

Fuck Space Marine wank.

>> No.74591823

I hope the squatting of the ETB version allows flamer aggressors to take the grenade launchers.

>> No.74591827

OK, where are my lascannons and melta as Orks?

>> No.74591829

>til I have to read several novels worth of information to grasp how much shit Marines can pull out of their ass
Love it takes 7cp for one unit to get half the free shit they get. I hope the new codex fixes gay ass Marines.

>> No.74591833

Not really no. Unkillable deathstars and super wonky army construction galore. I mean if you're got your own group of friends playing in your basement play whatever you like. But don't expect to get much traction at a store. However, if you've got your own group playing in a basement and want to play something 40k would STRONGLY recommend Inquisimunda as I think 2nd ed. played as skirmish level and with campaign rules is still the best system GW has made.

>> No.74591840

Reminder to refuse to play Space Marines

>> No.74591846

Damn, I don't know. I can't think of what the ork tank busting unit is. It's just escaping me. Which ork unit is used to bust tanks?

>> No.74591851

I like these ideas, apart from the ynnari one, though I agree eldar need an update

>> No.74591855

This desu, most other factions are much more appealing both in style and aesthetic.

>> No.74591869

A: CSM and SM are the most popular armies and the defining conflict of the setting
B: making the different Klans distinct armies with their own units and all would take some work and frankly since how Ork players reacted to Orktober, they don't deserve it.
C: Because Guard can have the same stats for different models. Catachan, Cadian, Krieg, they can all have the same stats, different models, and different regimental stragtegems or whatever.
D: Hive Fleets have never been that different from each other.

>> No.74591871

>what are weirdboy powers, zzap guns, tankbustas, power klaws, looted wagons.....
Are you actually retarded

>> No.74591872

Because they're blue so they shoot more

>> No.74591874

Marines sell and are very popular. Orks and Guard are not as popular.

Not to mention having a single codex for each god isn’t unreasonable - there is quite a bit of variety between the 4 so just calling it “marine wank” is unfair.

People like marines. They like the legions. They want more stuff for them. This shouldn’t be hard to understand. They are the face of the fucking hobby. Orks are not.

>> No.74591884

>Why the fuck should CSM and SM get unique codexes
Because there's more of a difference between the Death Guard and Thousand Sons than there is between the Evil Sunz and Bad Moonz

>> No.74591886

Nah you're misconstruding their points. T8 was ridiculously durable especially when backed up with invuln saves in older editions. Heavy weapons weren't like they were now and en masse, and it was still no guarantee you'd do enough damage to take them off the table in the entire game. Wraithknights absolutely dominated and with insane firepower for their low cost.

>> No.74591898

Is this guy asking where the anti-armour weapons are in an army where even the apothecary equivalent has a power fist?

>> No.74591901

DW returnees switch the shoulder pad to the right, afaik.

>> No.74591905

this gets less appealing when you go to your LGS and its literally just marines fighting marines. theres no variety in the hobby anymore

>> No.74591906

S7 is S9 now? Oh wow the more I learn. Stfu mate.

>> No.74591910

Been that way since 2nd ed.

>> No.74591912

>and the defining conflict of the setting
Fuck off secondary newfag.

>and frankly since how Ork players reacted to Orktober, they don't deserve it
You are such a humongous faggot it's painful.

>Catachan, Cadian, Krieg, they can all have the same stats, different models, and different regimental stragtegems or whatever
So can fucking Marines.

>Hive Fleets have never been that different from each other.
Lorewise, the different hive fleets were originally more different from each other than any other faction in the game by a fucking lightyear. They could rapidly evolve to be unrecognizable in record time.

>> No.74591913

Lol I’m currently working on a Black Templar army (already have a Sallie one) continue to seethe.

Although my first foray i to xenos with Necrons is pretty fun. Looking forward to playing a War of the Worlds list with doomstalkers and reanimators and tons of destroyers.

>> No.74591914

how much of our armies (tau, eldar, ig, orks, dg) will be playable in 4th ed? Deathguard and tau are newish right?

>> No.74591916

>testing out some necrons
>tell my friend as much
>they bring admech and spam the stupid fucking fliers and dunecrawlers
>kill 8 destroys and a c'tan deciever first turn
>go to my turn
>4 heavy destroyers left
>shoot with 30 immortals
>kill a total of 5 skitarii vanguard
>deal 3 wounds to an ironstrider with a blob of 20 warriors
>lost around 500 points, opponent lost 70 of theirs
Wow I sure love playing Warhammer 40,000, with the new and improved Necrons(tm)!

>> No.74591917

As an Ork player, I have to agree. Until GW actually make unique units that only a certain faction can take, they're all gonna be lumped together.
They almost had it with Death Korps but that's just FW stuff.

>> No.74591919

In the fluff the different Ork Klans are pretty different. Realistically, there should be Klan specific units.
But fuck Ork Players. They'll just complain that it's not a new plastic Ghazghul again

>> No.74591923

I hope you're rich and or have a lot of time on your hands.

What kind of mid based nid lists have you tried out in 9th? I'm just curious. Cool, effective, fluffy, waac or wtvr. What secondaries did you go for with it?

>> No.74591925

They're only the face of the hobby BECAUSE they get overwanked with all that extra support while other armies are left to rot.

>> No.74591926

Just explain the logic.
If it's the same it's 4+, then you apply the difference. If the defender has the advantage, you make it harder equal to his advantage. Same for the attacker.

>> No.74591932

Only because they got new shit to necessitate a new codex.

>> No.74591934

you have a lovely fantasy

as do you

knocking it out of the park anons


you had me until we hit squatting eldar stuff, just update the fucking kits man

for mine Im along the traitor guard but for dark mechanicus, fold chaos knights into it, along with all daemon engines and the negavolt cultists, add things that are built of most of the existing mechanicus kits, sell upgrade sprues

In general all of the upgrade spues, in big boxes, none of this nickle and dimed blister crap, Ork Sprues for looted vehichles, mechanicus sprues to include imperial vehichles in their armies, and beyond, why not include spues for unique regiments, forge worlds, dynasties even!

Imagine aztec or chinese styled upgrade bits to help different tomb worlds really stand out

>> No.74591935

Go take a walk and calm down anon. I'm sorry Marines are so popular, but getting mad isn't going to help

>> No.74591937

wait for the codex bro

>> No.74591941

>tfw harlequin player.
Looking forward to my next model range addition. Only 7 more years to go! Fingers crossed it will actually be a harlequin model I can use in a harlequin army, and not another Kyganil.

>> No.74591943


thread theme

>> No.74591944

Wraithknights didn't even exist back then, we're talking about Wraithlords. And no they weren't that scary lol.

>> No.74591948


>> No.74591950

Black Templar aren't SM, you're NPC

>> No.74591953

gravis sisters

>> No.74591956

Yikes, looks like he touched a nerve!

>> No.74591957

>frankly since how Ork players reacted to Orktober, they don't deserve it.
Im pretty sure /LGBT/ has less faggotry on their entire board than you do

>> No.74591960

>and frankly since how Ork players reacted to Orktober, they don't deserve it.
If this is the standard, might as well cancel Marines and Chaos Marines then because they act like this 24/7.
Like I do agree that it'd be silly to make a codex for each klan, the only one that differed most from other klans was Blood Axes before they got krumped into compliance by all the other klans and Freebootas (and they still followed the template). Some people like to imagine snakebiters to be much different, but they just revel in the aethetics of old technology and only really have stuff like biological experiments to their name.

>> No.74591962

this. Its why I switched to Tyranids.

>> No.74591966

That sounds like your friend is an ass

>> No.74591971

Almost every single army is playable. Tau came out in 3rd. Some of the units that didn't come out until later editions like 6th/7th you just need their rules from that edition but they are compatible with 4th.

>> No.74591982


>> No.74591983

>Black Templar aren't SM
Looks like a Space Marine to me?

>> No.74591986

>thinking anything is going to change
Oh boy I can't wait to have ap-1 on my carbines in exchange for going up to 20 points per immortal.

>> No.74591990

Many of the different units avilable to Orks originally were defined as of a particularly Clan since clans didn't even have rules. kommandos were blood axes, lootas were death skulls, boar boyz were snakebites, etc.

>> No.74591993

You don't play like SM, you're basically an NPC codex

>> No.74592002

What ork buggy should I convert out of a second hand genestealer buggy thing? It's a little small for the ork buggies but I can build onto it a lot.

>> No.74592009

>t. Lorelet

>> No.74592010


>> No.74592013

dont you mean staying at 1 wound when every faction goes up to 2?

>> No.74592014

What are you talking about?

>> No.74592018

Squigbuggy, 40k needs more squigs and it needs them now.

>> No.74592021

post dreads

>> No.74592022

First time they've dusted off their admech since 7th fwiw

>> No.74592027

Shokk Dragsta or Scrapjet if you're just going for power.

>> No.74592039

>they still haven't translated those tomboy fucking chapters
I could only get the raws bros.

>> No.74592042

That too. Maybe they'll move the reanimation to a 4+ and make them even more expensive so that it hurts even more when squads get wiped.

>> No.74592043

Nah, the books just gave each unit type an example of being favored in each klan. The only ones I remember specific to klan were Flash Gitz in 1e for freebooterz and Manz for Bad Moons 1+2e.

>> No.74592046

All of those existed in some form or other back in 4th. T'au didn't have riptides yet, and "death guard" would actually just be a Chaos Marines army that has a lot of plague marines. Idk about the others.

>> No.74592049

People like marines. I don’t know what else to tell you. There is something appealing to playing super humies in power armor.

Don’t get me wrong, I want more Xenos and Chaos stuff but we’re talking about the protag and antag of the setting. They are always going to get more love because people relate to them. Orks, Nids, everything else will always come second.

Hopefully GW will show some other imperial units some love but beyond those two you can’t expect a lot for the xenos - maybe something approaching the revamp Necrons just got. But that’s it.

>> No.74592050

That's just one unit. They'll need to make plenty more if they want to release separate klan books. Something for Badmoon especially since they're the most shooty orks, but lack memorable shooting unit. Especially after they lost Flash Gitz to Freebooters.

>> No.74592052

Seriously how are Tau a Federation of races but GW won't add new auxiliary races?

>> No.74592054

I would like to inquire what we are discussing here for research purposes

>> No.74592065

They never had them in the rules.
The codex states that many Flash Gitz come from Bad Moons, not that many are Bad Moons. They were always listed with freebooters and mercenaries.

>> No.74592071

Don’t know what to tell you bro. You chose the NPCs.

>> No.74592081

How do I let the arms stay with magnets?

>> No.74592084

Lol alright but I’m buying marine kits. Plus I have a Salamander army so...

>> No.74592086

I only play marines in small skirmish games with friends
Playing a full game as SM is for newcomers to the hobby. Then you move and pick your real army

>> No.74592091

Bringing back old school Chaos Undivided, Emperor's Children, World Eaters, Traitor Guard, four new xenos races each with a separate army with one xenos race being Chaos worshipers

>> No.74592100

World Eaters getting a new range update could be neat, looked at their 7e book and it was pretty dope. Gonna start a small force for The Harvest themed warband once I finish up my EC warband.

>> No.74592102

Jesus christ paint the model already

>> No.74592109

b/c no one buys vespids and barely buy kroot

>> No.74592110

Lore wise clans in Ork armies have long been depicted as mixed. Even 8th and 9th are already a bit of a departure.

>> No.74592112

I'm torn because on the one hand, Tyranids haven't had a new kit in years.

On the other hand, no one will ever not want to play with me because of my Powerful Confusing Army, and the old sculpts look fine to me, and a lot of the new stuff coming out looks like dumb bullshit.

>> No.74592115

I was planning to use the corpse grinder kit to kitbash berserkers for my renegade warband

>> No.74592125

the mega only has IG codex 3.5 and 5e would those be busted against other 4e codices

>> No.74592131

I kinda wish that the original t'au direction did end up being a federation instead of the awful "battlesuits but bigger" thing they have going on with the riptide and taunard

>> No.74592133


>> No.74592140

I greatly look forward to getting a bunch of dreads when I get my Deathwatch up and running. Will probably be the few non-primaris units I have, next to Terminators, Devastators and a plethora of vehicles primaris don't have equivalents of

>> No.74592144

I didn't actually play much in 4th, just hobbied, but did IG actually get a 4e codex? I remember them having a weird looking cover, and then getting a new one after 5th. You might be stuck with janky bullshit, but hey if you're already going through the work of playing an old edition, presumably you're down to work out house rules and points changes

>> No.74592145

GW needs to buff the fuck out of all Xenos
Like make some lore thing about psychic magic bullshit or whatever it takes
Everything gets a buff, SM players get stomped, people buy Xenos armies, God is no longer disappointed with us

>> No.74592151

one of these is not like the others. I think it's a neat inclusion

>> No.74592157

You gotta get strong magnets. Or you embed the magnet into the body far enough and have the magnet from the arm stick out so they sorta lock into place.

>> No.74592160

You just use 3.5e anon. That was their 4th ed codex effectively.

>> No.74592161

Power creep isn't needed, we just need balancing.

>> No.74592167

if new necron codex is good then maybe, if its bad as it'll most likely be then prepare for another edition of power armor domination

>> No.74592169

Pin it as well.

>> No.74592175 [SPOILER] 

What would Chaos Apothecary rules look like?

They definitely exist in the fluff, they get passing mentions pretty often and there's apparently a whole cadre of them working under Bile. They also seem a lot more rare and mercenary that their loyalist counterparts, dealing in gene-seed/bionics/new recruits rather than being combat medics. My thought was a small character or Chosen Champion replacement that gave an attached squad a big FNP at the expense of losing more models to Morale (as wounded squad members get their Progenoids extracted along with the dead)

>> No.74592185

At height of Ynnari power: they made up 8% of total played armies as far as GW could catalogue. At height of 7e Eldar: they made up under 10% of the playerbase.
Space Marines, even at their lowest points, make up over 50% of the hobby.

>> No.74592188


>> No.74592191

too many looted trucks not enough looted dreads, get one from every other faction!

including tyranids

>> No.74592192

Envy is considered unvirtuous in many religions for good reason, sir

>> No.74592195

There were never any rules, but it was fluffy to have a few aspiring flash gitz hang around with your Badmoons.

>> No.74592197


>> No.74592205

Balancing of what? Make all armies equal on the table? Then SM will still dominate because they dominate the lore and decades of marketing
If you don't buff the Xenos, everyone will wind up playing SM or some variation of it, Chaos SM, Guard SM, Sisters SM, Ork SM, Tyranid SM. It will all be SM

>> No.74592211

they would probably function identically to loyalist apothecaries desu but i like your thinking

>> No.74592215

Not that post but
>he doesn't know

>> No.74592216

Flash Gitz hanging out and being buds with Bad Moons is fluffy yeah, but there were rules for Manz specifically being Bad Moons or not allowed to be taken at all.

>> No.74592222

Virtue is for the weak

>> No.74592230

Well yeah, Bile is in charge of a bunch of Apothecaries that seem to exist somewhere. It's weird that GW hasn't jumped at the chance to produce a power armour model for a unit that exists and has a named character version.

>> No.74592236

Two or more magnets in each socket, dipshit

>> No.74592237

RIP Nazdreg

>> No.74592242

DG have one

>> No.74592249

Seriously, him and the Snakebite dude with super grots would be nice to see back. Then even have models and all.

>> No.74592268

Checked and based.

>> No.74592270

What would you even base a new xenos army on? What scifi trope hasn't been explored?

>> No.74592288

Controlling parasites

>> No.74592294

Giant wolf with gun mount count as Invader ATV for Space Wolves, yay or nay?

>> No.74592297

What are you guys' thoughts on the Librarian dreadnought?

>> No.74592299

which faction has the best "Damage over time"

>> No.74592302

What was that xeno race even called? They were pretty neat along with nuHrud.

>> No.74592305

>people will play what they like most
Oh no

>> No.74592307

with my knights done, beside maybe a knight rampager one day, I'll just wait for Fulgrim for new models.
Gonna wait forever probably

>> No.74592311

RIP Zogwort

>> No.74592316

I wouldn't add anything brand new, but Exodite Eldar, Croneworld Eldar, Kroot Mercenaries, non-human GSC Hybrids, Feral Orks and Squigs, could all be expanded into a fully viable range, among others.

>> No.74592319


>> No.74592325

I believe he means the same as https://desuarchive.org/tg/thread/74572272/#74575539

>> No.74592329


>> No.74592330

Quads of cringe

>> No.74592332

If you let people decide what they like, they'll just wind up jerking off in a cardboard box while high on meth

>> No.74592335

Fuck AoS getting all the cool Orc shit with big monsters and Squig support.

>> No.74592336

>what are tyranid cortex leeches, necron mindshackle scarabs, GSC...

You're probably thinking of Enslavers.

>> No.74592337

>he only has ruined city terrain

>> No.74592340

>Bringing up the age old retarded argument of 'marines are most popular so they deserve everything' but ignoring the biggest part of why they're so popular is due to how much extra shit they have compared to literally every other faction

>> No.74592354

Race of Iron Men sent out to colonize and awakened and angry or something but that's very Necron
How about Cat Girls, has GW done Cat Girl yet?

>> No.74592360

Eh, I really like an industrial look to my table

>> No.74592363


>> No.74592365

What army should I play for dreadnoughts/similar walkers + hq's only? Thinking about Custodes or Dark Angels.

>> No.74592366

Fucking excellent. Arguably better than Mephiston and viable all the way up to top tier competitive armies.

>> No.74592374

>implying I have terrain
>implying I have a board

>> No.74592376

Things not represented on the tabletop, and last I checked GSC put chemicals in the water to turn you gay; they don't have headcrabs

>> No.74592377


>> No.74592382


>> No.74592394


>> No.74592396

I'd like a ratling army with hundreds of little midget bastards

>> No.74592402

There's a bunch of stuff.

>> No.74592408

Man he got really gutted in 6th edition when it was required to have a BS skill to shoot psychic powers. But I did manage to turn someone into a squig before he got nerfed.

>> No.74592419

Name more than four or else I declare you a liar and a fool

>> No.74592420

iron hands if you want to build a super dread
space wolves if you want to play only dreads

>> No.74592421

That's icky

>> No.74592430

Based. But my actual favorite aesthetic is overgrown cities like pic related, so combining what you posted WITH the ruined city for best of both worlds.

>> No.74592435

My first army is Admech- should my second be Thousand Sons+Daemons or Drukhari? Love both their models

>> No.74592446

Far Cry New Dawn

>> No.74592455

Drukhari for variety's sake

>> No.74592458

guard player here as well, anyone else wish that platoon commanders would become a low cost hq option?

Would love a low cost leader for combat patrol games, a company commander at that level just feels off to me.

>> No.74592466

t7 psyker with 8 wounds.

I don't think there is any tougher psyker in the game outside of the chaos primarchs.

In classic blood angels fashion, the only reason you wouldn't play him is if you already planned to take other wonderful HQ options.

>> No.74592467

You do you man.

>> No.74592470

Are the Iron Hands opposed to bling? It feels kind of weird to paint my Bladeguard as them.

>> No.74592472

I vote Drukhari. Xenos always need the love.

>> No.74592476


>> No.74592479

yep, give guard the plastic choices that even GScults get and i'd guarantee an uptick.

>> No.74592481

there was the inquisitor turned Tau xv8 pilot who was host to a brain worm

>> No.74592498

I wish the other Space Marine armies would get them

>> No.74592509

same bruv

>> No.74592513

reminder that Hrud used to look like this

>> No.74592520

They're definitely austere and practical.

>> No.74592521


>> No.74592522

Forgot about Greater Daemons.

>> No.74592523

I wouldn't say they're opposed to it but they would likely use very different bling. I would convert the fuck out of Bladeguard to make them fit Iron Hands. Starting by replacing the tabards with metal skirts.

>> No.74592536


>> No.74592539

I don't Blood Angels so I can't say mechanically, but I do think sticking a half dead vampire wizard that can go mad at any moment in a walking tank is both really cool and a terrible idea

>> No.74592541

Did you just buy a bunch of moss from Hobby Lobby?

>> No.74592548

I've never glued a model before
I'm scared, it's so small, what if I fuck it up and have to pay GW more money

>> No.74592549

>> No.74592558

It's okay, those dark days are behind us now.

>> No.74592562

Dryfit before gluing.

>> No.74592564

One of my favorite BA units. Too bad they're gonna come out with some shitty Primaris version and make it obsolete.

>> No.74592566

Just humans. Not guard, not chaos infested dope fiends, just hivedwellers and maybe arbites. I wanna gank on xenos as a racist militia

>> No.74592568

>that last panel
made me cackle. he's definitely done with having sex with random aliens

>> No.74592569

>the look on his face
>like he's just been through this so many times at this point
I kekked

>> No.74592575

The Slaugth should get an army

>> No.74592578

Just make sure to squeeze the glue out before you put it on your model. Some people use toothpicks or q-tips to dab it into a big mess of glue and slather it on.

>> No.74592579

fuck you jadzia dax every arc except for klingons was about how you're awesome or always right or need to change one little thing and pretend it's growth fuck you

>> No.74592586

yeah, you're right. Magnus/morty, greater daemons and the librarian dread all share the same toughness.

>> No.74592598

Do any of the armies rape and pillage? Or do they all just kill?

>> No.74592611

Is the new Ghazghkull model worth it?

>> No.74592619

Controlling parasites would be cool because we could a bunch of different xenos races grouped together in one army through them being controlled slave soldiers.

>> No.74592623

someone post that one diorama of the guardsmen and the eldar. You know the one

>> No.74592626

Dark Eldar are just space elf pirates. Also most Chaos followers aren't just in it for the murder and magical farts.

>> No.74592632

Dark Eldar probably

>> No.74592633

>more chaos support. Traitor guard conversion bits and some TS vehicles

>GW needs to go ahead and restructure their craftworlds/drukhari lines. If ynarri is the future, they just need to come out and roll them all together.

>more ork and nid support. If you're playing an NPC faction, you should at least have some crisp models and decent rules.

>> No.74592642

I thought Chaos were corrupted and basically do just want to slaughter

>> No.74592643

What are Chaos, Genestealer Cults and Dark Eldar?

>> No.74592647

But what if?

>> No.74592654

So would it be worth it to have a dread exclusively modeled as one? Asking because I have a kit and don't know what to do with it, also too poor to afford magnets at the moment

>> No.74592667

His rules are great in 9th and the model's pretty good if you give him the alt pose.

>> No.74592672

He's good if you're going for a real big assault army. But he should make for a good distraction for a few turns before he eventually dies. Or have a Painboy give him a medi squig to make sure he keeps going.

>> No.74592681

wh-where can i find the rest of these particularly the one where he gets his cock sucked by a gay Drukhari

>> No.74592693

He has two poses? Thought someone just managed to rig him that way with a few cuts.

>> No.74592695

40k skirts that topic pretty well. Generally most factions either don't have functioning genitals or their racism makes the thought of sexual relations repulsive.

Even the slaaneshi followers generally approach the quest for pleasure as one that involves everything else but your genitalia.

>> No.74592707

i want to hug and kiss Brother Dimitrius

>> No.74592724

Yes. The Furioso and DC dread are cool and fluffy, but neither is particularly good rules wise at the moment. You can safely build just a Libby if that's what you'd like to do.

>> No.74592728

From the Gue'vesa story in the Damocles book. A an ex-inquisitor gets out of a crisis suit and shows off a brain worm that he insists is definitely his pal and is in NO WAY controlling him

>> No.74592731

>> No.74592749


>> No.74592758

Needs more osl

>> No.74592766

Slaughtering is just an aspect of worship. Chaos is really just about power and using it in whatever way you want.

>> No.74592769

Yes. The kit is built to allow him two pose options without any conversion at all.

>> No.74592771

>tfw no 3m tall thicc daemonette gf

>> No.74592774

What's the weirdest unrelated object you've incorporated in to the hobby?

>> No.74592780

Hive tyrants with wings aren't game legal and anyone using them is cheating.

>> No.74592788

yeah but those purple freckles got my nut

>> No.74592790

/tg/, with all this bitching about rules and balance why hasn't anyone made their own edition of 40k with a living ruleset that allows for community feedback? The Epic 40k guys did it why can't we?

>> No.74592797


>> No.74592810

Last we've heard Screaming Nid Anon is doing just that right now.

>> No.74592815

That's the kinda shit they need to put into more of their kits. At least then Guilliman or Abaddon won't seem so stiff.

>> No.74592816

Isn't he basing it off of early 40k which was basically a TTRPG?

>> No.74592817

the epic 40k thread literally just co-opted some other people's systems tho
there's literally like 3 or 4 of them

>> No.74592828

My wife, she plays Necrons now

>> No.74592832


>> No.74592833

Got the marines from a necron player who only wanted that half of the indomitus box, no other armies and hoping to expand from here. Black templar or blood angles for some up in your face melee fun times?

>> No.74592834

this bait is unfunny and anyone using it is gay

>> No.74592836

Do it then, stop expecting others to do the work.

>> No.74592838

oh god oh fuck

>> No.74592841

Huge amount of work for little to no payoff. You'd basically just be making houserules for your buds. Community rulesets work better for games that aren't getting official support because most of the community will actually get behind it if it's done well.

>> No.74592847

Probably blood angels, you play black templars for their non-primaris units.

>> No.74592850

You weren't here several years ago then were you back when this anon was doing an entire rewrite of the game. It was a shit as you probably imagine.

>> No.74592854

where's the rest?

>> No.74592857


>> No.74592859

Templars r cool

>> No.74592863


>> No.74592878

Scars or Bangles.

>> No.74592880

>modeler has been silent for a while on my commission
>considering just telling him to forget it because I haven't paid anyway
is there any sort of etiquette for these sort of things? He seemed good at first, but 2 week's worth of silence is a bit much. I have offered to pay, but he was insistent on not taking my money until I was happy with the custom chainswords.

>> No.74592883

You still can't prove it wrong.

>> No.74592884

Homerules that introduce strategy to the game

>> No.74592891

>not asking for anything in advance
He was definitely some amateur with no work ethic that got bored of working on models

>> No.74592897

At what point do you decide one army is done and that it's time to start another one?

>> No.74592905

You're thinking of Rogue Trader, he's basing it off 2nd ed but also said he's adding a bunch of modern mechanics like a psuedo-alternate activation.

This was the last thing I think he posted, if any anons have other stuff he's posted since that which I've missed please post them.

>> No.74592909

I'll never understand why people pay others to assemble and convert their models, practically they aren't even yours anymore

>> No.74592910

Care to share them?

>> No.74592923

I knew a dude who tried to make his own edition during 6th-7th. Most of it was just tweaking of the rules with some added new ones.
He got rid of templates before GW did, making them into flat numbers. He also made it so the only way to shoot from and at a unit is from the character model in it, such as a sergeant or exarch.

>> No.74592926

I've seen this and it looks promising, is there any place to find more or even help with development or is it very closed doors?

>> No.74592927

Two weeks isn't that long of time. Send out a feeler msg, see whats up without making it obvious you're "seeing whats up"

>> No.74592938

What would be some of the big ones outside of the named HQs? I saw a neat way to convert the indomitus judicar into an emperors champion. I may just be undervalueing some of the basic stuff like crusader squads too.

>> No.74592942

assemble some more difficult models, the exalted seeker chariot or malifaux are absolute nightmares

>> No.74592943

They just don't understand the hobby, they should be on /toy/ with the other collectible enthusiasts

>> No.74592947

What changes are there going to be in the nid codex for 9th?

>> No.74592949

This is how I Tau.

>> No.74592950

There is no reference for that actually, its all headcanon

>> No.74592951

Black and blue. Idk why, I've just always found the combination lovely ever since I was a lad playing with Lego bricks

>> No.74592957

Pretty much just email SNA, [email protected], he hasn't sent out the first drafts or anything yet though (or if he did I didn't get one and no one else has posted about it so I assume he's still working on it)

>> No.74592967

No clue, wait for the faction focuses, but my guesses are
>roll the PA book changes into the codex
>implement their own form of doctrines

>> No.74592970

I'd jump in to Tau in a heartbeat if they got this treatment. Full SC box, Codex book, all the minis straight from GW themselves......

>> No.74592980

your alternatives in that kit are a furioso dread/ Death company dread or a librarian dread right?

All three are excellent choices and a great example of why blood angels are probably one of the best SM chapters to play. Your furioso can do a lot on the board. it's very versatile. The DC dread is like everyone elses melee dread but better.

The librarian dread is really cool, it's just under the wound limit so it can't be targeted in the shooting phase unless it's the closest (and that will happen on occasion) but you can build him to be a total monster. You can smite + melta and charge with an s10 halberd in the same turn. Give him that blood of baal relic for the free psychic reroll every turn.

I think if you were going to build one single dread and not look back, he is a great choice. you'll have loads of fun with him. but keep in mind that the only thing that's going to keep his ass from getting dusted is the fact that he is a character.

>> No.74592982

Who's Codex do you expect to be the biggest disaster in 9th?

>> No.74592988

this is how i tau

>> No.74592993

Metal models were nightmares, plastic is braindead as long as you can have at least a modicum of finesse

Agreed, building and conversion is my #1 draw and favorite part of the hobby

>> No.74593002

when you feel the call to play another army. you can always return to your other army later.

>> No.74593006

At least one Xenos faction, I'm betting Tyranids. Also demons but that's a given

>> No.74593016


>> No.74593018

Just points increases and a picture of cruddace's smug cunt face watermarked on every page.

>> No.74593022

Needs some more fattening.

>> No.74593024

Get back in your fish bowl

>> No.74593039

Xenos, Tyranids worse, Orks middling

>> No.74593041

Because I can't sculpt this shit dog

>> No.74593050

Guard. I think GW have no idea how to balance armor based armies and I think they have shown time and time again they don't know how to write guard without making them bonkers or complete shit.

>> No.74593059

Who's worse? crud, ward or thorpe

>> No.74593069

probably tau.

The sad thing is that they will probably get something like a heavy buff to breachers and piranhas but tau players will still BAWWW because its not drone and mech spam.

>> No.74593073

Looks cool, definitely think the teeth should wrap the top

>> No.74593081

Painted up some Skorpekhs. I'm still fiddling around with them, but they're basically done.

>> No.74593084

Crud by far. Ward had fun rules, just kind of sue-ish fluff that wasn't to many people's tastes. Thorpe is great when he's writing anything that's not Black Library stories, and hell even some of those weren't bad if you go back far enough.

>> No.74593087

crud, ward is low key based when he has a minder

>> No.74593102

Just looks like a chain sword with its tip cut off and a spike point on the handle?

>> No.74593105

who do i play if i want to play warlocks

>> No.74593106

I'd buy kroot if they at least wore something that made them seem like they're from the empire. I don't like how they don't fit in thematically with other tau units. Vespid don't have this issue.

>> No.74593109

Or they just gut the markerlight system.

>> No.74593128

why not just toss some spare tau shoulderpads on them or something?

>> No.74593130

Nope. You're missing the cross iconography, the raised scrollwork, and the unique hilt. But what did I expect from someone who doesn't have models

>> No.74593137


>> No.74593141

They're technically not part of the Empire since most of them live in giant space ships and just float around space. The ones around their homeworld joined up, but there are plenty of war spheres that sell themselves as mercenaries to every any race willing.

>> No.74593176

my old keeper of secrets fell apart once a tournament. the model was a nightmare mess of greenstuff, pinning, and sculpting. i built her a bigger ass just because the hips did not wanna stay together


>> No.74593194

i cannot understand why, but there is something incredibly loathsome about playing 30k

>> No.74593195

But you don't have models? The guy didn't build them for you remember?

>> No.74593216


>> No.74593224

Evil golden dudes look cool and fresh

>> No.74593226

So I can't find any nuln oil in any shop in my whole city and its sold out in every online store in my country. Thinking of making my own using abaddon black, how much soap should I be adding to the mix?

>> No.74593228

this is as funny as the 30 other times you have made this post

>> No.74593239

Why do people still play gsc? No one at my lgs likes them, the manager only keeps a small number of boxs in case someone from out of area comes in.

>> No.74593242

Guard. how do you fix lasguns with the 2 wound boost?

>> No.74593245


>> No.74593248

Wasn't there info on this in the DW RPG books?

>> No.74593251

This really isn't the scathing insult that you seem to think that it is and it's definitely not worth posting every day

>> No.74593256

Just fucking experiment with different mixtur quantities on some sprue.

>> No.74593258


>> No.74593272

based models, unfortunately theyve been dicked over in the rules so its impossible to win as them

>> No.74593285

Painting terrain is fun!

>> No.74593297

>building a single weapon = building an entire model
fucken a you got me

>> No.74593300

No, Tau players wont baww, tourneyfags/fotm shitters will be upset. Actual Tau players have been waiting for a viable strategy besides castling for ages

>> No.74593303

I wish there were options for power chainswords.

>> No.74593305

Terrain is for shitters that need a crutch to win against better armies

>> No.74593310

People like Marines because they get the most models, the most support, because all the lore stories in the rulebooks are based on them, and because GW advertises them the most.

Take a look at which races are most popular in every other fantasy game - the "these guys are most relatable" factions are usually the *least* popular, not the most.

>> No.74593313

Why are you so angry friend? Do you want to pay me to do some basic kitbashing for you friend?

>> No.74593314

Marines are suddenly deleted from the game
How much better does it become?

>> No.74593315

Stop expecting infantry squads to kill loads of marines, use special weapons and heavy weapon teams. Wyverns and basilisks also work well.

>> No.74593323

You got a portfolio? Show me what you got son

>> No.74593328

Infinitely.... Until the T'au get buffed to hell

>> No.74593339

What 2 wound boost? No one was running manlets before, they were running Primaris who already have 2 wounds. Nothing has changed at all.

>> No.74593344

>Marines are suddenly deleted
Dead game

>> No.74593349

Nope, I've got a bits box though friend and a knife!

>> No.74593353

You overdid the rust on the statue.

>> No.74593355

Honestly it would be the opposite. Marine players would all pick up a new army that they like and more xenos players would come back.

>> No.74593357

GW should have updated the tyranid models instead, none of the nid players here like gsc.

>> No.74593359

I've never actually met someone that played Marines because they liked them the most. Literally everyone I know who has a SM army also has another army (Xenos, IG, etc) and only keeps Marines around because their primary army ends up being un-fun to play.

Most people don't *want* Marines, but they don't want to play an underpowered shitfest punching bag army either.

>> No.74593364

Show me one that's like the sword I wanted and we can talk prices. Def not going to send money to an unproven internet rando tho

>> No.74593372

Heavy Bolters and Autocannons

>> No.74593376

I think of all factions guard have the least need of an even lower cost HQ

>> No.74593377

Irrelevant, as without marines the game immediately dies.

>> No.74593381

>Has the new gay fliers
>Hasn't played since 7th
Your "friend" is a terrible liar

>> No.74593383

>nid players here
There are no grills on 4chan

>> No.74593386

Dead 40k, dead GW.

>> No.74593397

>Most people don't *want* Marines
Top minds of r*ddit, everybody.

>> No.74593398

Found the marine player

>> No.74593402

Wyverns are awful against marines.

>> No.74593415

Send money please

>> No.74593416

Looking for some flames to put on that top part of his head, also still need to make a long scroll for him to hold in his outstretched hand. He's gonna be a WB daemon prince

>> No.74593419

IG uses lasguns? I could have sworn their only weapons were battlecannons and earthshakers.

>> No.74593433

Thanks m8. I love my shiny little bastards.

>> No.74593438

You shoot them with a leman russ.

>> No.74593440

Look at Scions of the Flame kit from AoS

>> No.74593443

Why are you shooting s3 ap0 weapons at t4 3+ models? Are you retarded?

>> No.74593445

You joke but a 10 guardsman group did 6 wounds on my Chaos Knight once.

>> No.74593449

Probably by having guardsmen cost 5points... Oh that's handy

>> No.74593468

Post tits

>> No.74593472

Thematic as fuck though

>> No.74593477

I collect marines because I like their lore and the models look pretty cool. I don't play enough to go into netlisting or anything though, so it's only been growing pretty slowly

>> No.74593500

>ignore los
>reroll wounds
You're retarded, every game i've played against marines, wyverns have done a decent amount of damage to marines.

>> No.74593502

are saying rokkits haven't always been str8? anon... are you well?

>> No.74593503

>Most people don't *want* Marines

Is this how you cope with the fact most people don't want xenos?

>> No.74593505

anyone know what weapons this defiler is equipped with?

>> No.74593511

Its a struggle to get heavy weapons teams into lists, maybe they will get expanded to allow 5 to a heavy team, or 2 in a regular squad

>> No.74593519

wait what the fuck it just sold while I was typing this, shit

>> No.74593524

Reaper Autocannon, Heavy Flamer, Battle Cannon in the middle.

>> No.74593527

manlets and chaos marines

>> No.74593528

send me your bits, and I'll double the bits returned to you :^).
92-08 333rd St, Queens Village, NY 11428
yes, that's a fake address

>> No.74593542

If you mean thousand sons? Cool
If you mean just every space marine chapter? neck yourself

>> No.74593544

I'm starting marines because they seemed the best for me, but already looking at Guardsmen longingly along with DG and possibly Necron since they came with my kits. I'll still probably main my desired salamanders, but their lack of attention compared to other faction besides stumbling into a WAAC pick this edition that I'm sure won't last means I'll branch out before long.

I think I like Orks, DG, and Guardsmen the most but I keep falling into armies that have green palettes by default and think I'm finding out I have some autistic fascination with the color green

>> No.74593548

Which Ork Head should I get to make my own boss?

>> No.74593555

fuck gsc

nids have tons of kits and models don't we? Pretty sure a few editions ago we had an army with the largest amount of unique models/units yet at the same time the army with the fewest amount of different models you would ever see on the board. How about some warlord traits that aren't shittttt


>> No.74593557

Defilers are the new chaos hotness, enjoy never being able to buy one for the next few months

>> No.74593561

Pick me up something from Lin's town grocery

>> No.74593563

Currently my only army is marines, in the past I had collected nurgle chaos marines (5th ed), orks (4th ed), and necrons (3rd ed).
I love marines and think they are fun :)
I only use classic marines I buy off ebay to fix up, though

>> No.74593569

You are fucking retarded and the existence of chaos space marines completely crumbles your argument

>> No.74593570

Don't paint green? They're /your dudes/

>> No.74593575

And every game I've used them against marines they've done little if anything. Yes they reroll wounds and ignore los, they're also only S4 and AP0. You're better off bringing basilisks or manticores.

>> No.74593582

Reaper autocannon and twin heavy flamer
The only way to get the alternate right-arm weapons is to buy a loyalist rhino/razorback kit, btw

>> No.74593592

Lasguns doing nothing to marine armor is also thematic as fuck, so I don't get what is the problem.

>> No.74593605

I don't like how it looks. I'll never get one until they update it.

>> No.74593607

looks nice!

>> No.74593612

Bull fucking shit, you would have had to hit and wound that wraithlord with at least 5 fucking lascannons to kill it.

>> No.74593614

There's still plenty of tomboy fucking elsewhere.

>> No.74593618

>buying a whole kit for one weapon instead of buying the bits online or off a player at the LGS with that kit

>> No.74593625

Dropping a shade on this bitch.

>> No.74593626

do people actually buy those bits? or do they just say the autocannon is the lascannon, etc. and nobody gives a shit

>> No.74593629


>> No.74593643

good luck with that
people sell the turret for like 20 bucks
you might as well just get the whole kit and use the rhino too

>> No.74593654

kitbash your own

>> No.74593655

this is the most bugman setup i've ever seen and a small part of me wants it still

>> No.74593663

Wrong general 30k fag

>> No.74593674

why even bother building models at all if a simple kitbash is too much for you

>> No.74593675

fuck I love seeing models before and after getting shades for some reason, it's so satisfying how much better a model looks with just a wash
post once you do it and it dries

>> No.74593678

Ain't gonna argue with that

>> No.74593682

>Remains airborne through the means of continuous flatulence.

>> No.74593684

I wish Veteran squads got their carapace armor back...

>> No.74593691

I've been considering getting a spray bottle and filling it with Army Painter dip tones to shade my bigger models. I just mixed up a buncha black paint into a mixing bowl with some water and dunked my defiler into it because fuck shading all that by hand, but I imagine there has to be a less wasteful way to do it.

>> No.74593693

>spending $40 on a rhino ill never use is a simple and inexpensive kitbash

>> No.74593696

sup, bitch.

>> No.74593697

This is objectively correct.

>> No.74593700

Yes, it is

>> No.74593718

You clearly never actually played it. This chart alone made toughness nearly useless for big monsters.

>> No.74593730

Just run them as Scions

>> No.74593733

have you considered
using the rhino

>> No.74593745

what do you mean useless for big monsters? they were tough enough to be immune to small arms fire

>> No.74593763

To be fair the Chaos Rhino sprue has so many great conversion parts in it.

>> No.74593764

they are rare and don't actually risk showing up on the battle field. They stay behind the scenes and outside of Bile (who has clones upon clones upon clones) would sooner fuck off when trouble shows up then actually fight.

>> No.74593766

I want that ass.

>> No.74593773

fair point, ill keep it around to throw at faggots that get triggered over something like an autocannon being counted a lascannon

>> No.74593784

Units need a hard limit again.

>> No.74593794

I wish Scions got custom traits and one of them (that took both slots) is that they just gain the trait and keyword of whatever Guard regiment they’re in the same detachment as.

Bam, easy

>> No.74593797

okay waacfag

>> No.74593806 [SPOILER] 

Too late old man, he's mine now.

>> No.74593834

Fuck you

>> No.74593848

No fuck you leatherhead

>> No.74593849

How so?

>> No.74593876


>> No.74593894

sry meant evil magic user but like a lot of them

>> No.74593910

What's the best way to remove glue (super glue not plastic glue) from models? I'm rebuilding and repainting an army from scratch and just freezing it overnight doesn't get everything

I already got simple green for stripping the models and it's been doing a pretty good job

>> No.74593912

thousand sons

>> No.74593914

Thousand Sons

>> No.74593916

thousand sons
Eldar are xenos and therefore evil

>> No.74593921

Thousand Sons.

>> No.74593922


You know I ran into a fag IRL who tried to sell me steel legion as Kriegers?

>> No.74593923

thousand sons or chaos daemons, or mix both

>> No.74593934

File if its not dissolving in the simple green.

>> No.74593937

>Loyalists copying Perturabo
What did they mean by this?

>> No.74593938

Thousand Sons

>> No.74593940

I wish they brought back the rules for tank/vehicles crew to escape wrecked vehicles.

Sentinel Pilots should be hardened veterans with shotguns and Sniper rifles.

>> No.74593952

Joints and the underside of pauldrons are hard to reach with a file

>> No.74593954

Imagine playing this game for the "competitive" aspect of it and knowing nothing about the lore

>> No.74593963

Hey, anybody remember Imperial Guard had Suicide Bombers...but scrapped them after 9/11?

>> No.74593966

He said evil

>> No.74593972

it wouldn't be the first time

>> No.74593974

I don't fucking know then mate, use a knife to scrape it?

>> No.74593978

Fuck off, Magnus, I know what he said.

>> No.74593979

everyone in 40k is evil

>> No.74593980

yeah those are the people who actually play the game
lorefags don't play at all, they just watch youtube and post on forums

>> No.74593982

All crew escaping ever does is slow the game down. I've played games that use that mechanic and it's not fun

>> No.74593989

Would it be unreasonable for me to kitbash a Primaris Tigarius model (the named ultramarine librarian) by taking a normal primaris librarian and replacing his sword with a force staff

>> No.74593996

Ah so they're to blame for why the game sucks balls as well, got it.

>> No.74594001

Even if you're a Magnus Did Nothing Wrong fag the modern 40k TS are unarguably evil

>> No.74594004

They only had 3 wounds you retard, why are you fucking secondaries acting like 4e wraithlords were some kind of nightmare unit? They weren't anything special.

>> No.74594005

Shut up Fagnus.

>> No.74594010

I miss this too. It was easy and fun. Tank wrecked, roll d3 that many guys survive. If they aren't killed your opponent only gets half the tanks value.

>> No.74594011

Yes, it would still just be a primaris librarian

>> No.74594012

Completely unreasonable how fucking dare you suggest that as even a possibility

>> No.74594021

>implying you have played the game to know whether it sucks or not

>> No.74594027

Can I just say I love how secondaries has become an insult.

>> No.74594033

Dunno about that but destroyed vehicles should remain on the board as terrain for the rest of the game.

>> No.74594049

>implying I haven't

>> No.74594051

unless I got an explode result, that's how I've always done it. opponents didn't seem to mind because it's fun and thematic

>> No.74594052

Where would you get the models for the pilots and crew though? Sounds expensive and time-consuming to make sure you have a few for every vehicle.

>> No.74594064

do it if you want but just know that using named characters and not yourdudes is immeasurably gay

>> No.74594066

>Yes, it would still just be a primaris librarian

so exactly what he looks like

>> No.74594070

I know they slowed they game down and all that shit, but I miss the rules for blowing off weapons, immobilizing, and wrecking vehicles. Simply removing destroyed vehicles feels kind of lame. They should either leave a wreck or a crater behind.

>> No.74594071

I am trying to get ibto recasting. Bought milliput, green and bluestuff. How would you copy a skorpekh destroyer, or something like it? Model has a lot of sharp narrow edges and cavities. Tutorials only copy simple shapes.

>> No.74594072

Using Tigurius is cheating. He is fucking broken as fuck, eat a dick.

>> No.74594083

>wow you only need *three* lascannon hits that also wound to kill a wraithlord!

>> No.74594084

let's see those models then

>> No.74594095

Anything stronger than an autocanon was wounding them on 2+ and this was when 4 wounds was the max.

The new chart is way more dynamic and provides a lot more defense for bigger units.

>> No.74594096

I wouldn't use bluestuff to copy something big or complex, I'd use a proper silicone mold with liquid resin

>> No.74594118

GW used to make models for tank crews.

Basically if your leman russ sits on an objective and it gets popped, you basically get a free five man squad of Guardsmen...most of the time they run for their lives, but if they make their leadership check, you still have a squad of infantry contesting an objective. I've won games like that.

>> No.74594126

Either terrain or turns into a large crater.

>> No.74594132

Which one?
Your turn now

>> No.74594139

>everyone in 40k is evil
Imperium and Tau are the good guys, read a fucking book some time you retarded lorelet

>> No.74594146

carnifexes are t7 so on the chart t8 weapons don't damage them on 2+
wrathlords at t8 would only be wounded on 2+ by s10 weapons

>> No.74594158

Imperium has some good guys in it, but as a whole they're bad and the only reason Chaos continues to exist.

Tau are so literally removed from the main story that they may as well not exist at all.

>> No.74594160

Weak bait 3/10 made me post.

>> No.74594179

they were T6 most of the time, only got 7 in a few codex with an upgrade.

Wraithlords were on the opposite end of the spectrum where the chart made it bullshit as S4 and less couldn't even hurt them.

>> No.74594180

Digging that Squiggoth

>> No.74594183

>the imperium which has massive slave operations, forced augmentation to put people in specific job roles for life, nightmarish transhumanism twisting the human form into unrecognisable shapes for arbitrary reasons, endless beaurocracy and an actual inquisition

>the tau who overtly use mind control and steralization to soft-force entire species into serving them and their goals

>> No.74594188

I read a book, but only thing I learned is drugs are bad and ship is a loli.

>> No.74594190

Not Harlies

>> No.74594191

Why should lasguns be able to hurt tanks or wraithlords

>> No.74594200

they're xenos and thus inherently evil

>> No.74594202

Cheers boss, here's an older WIP pic of him

>> No.74594203

>played my first match of 40k
>constantly roll 6s
>won against my friendly and helpful opponent
The Omnissiah is truly with us, lads.

>> No.74594213

Bolters are a lot stronger than lasguns, regardless mathematically speaking the amount that they actually hurt tanks and wraithlords now is about right.

>> No.74594217

Don't forget Tau using their client races as bait for deldar and allowing the spiky torture elves to have their way with entire cities before moving in.
Oh look! The planet is now free to colonise! Praise tau'va for this gift!

>> No.74594223

perhaps, anon, the villain is (you)

>> No.74594227

Well the void dragon is returning brother!

>> No.74594229

Like hell, I'm a straight white man I'm the only good in the world

>> No.74594240

I am using it on not assebled parts. The bluestuff saves the details well i think, but the filler material needs to be exact i think. Trying to sculp it into the mold, but i dont know what to do with the cavities. The material sticks to my silicone brush more than the mold...

>> No.74594250

if you love straight white men so much why don't you marry one?

>> No.74594254

I did

>> No.74594258


>> No.74594270

Oh yeah, he's looking proper killy

>> No.74594271

no, he's straight

>> No.74594291

I've got Blood Angels and two new boxes of devastators.

What should I build them to have?

>> No.74594292

Hah, this fag gets off to women.

>> No.74594300


>> No.74594303

Grav is the current hotness

>> No.74594309


>> No.74594310

Why does the headline have 40 kilograms in it? Is it a meme here?

>> No.74594315

I can do quad grav and quad something else.

>> No.74594325

no it's how much warhammer weighs

>> No.74594330

Played a 2k game tonight, using my melee sisters list and trying out the Triumph of Saint Katherine. The triumph underperformed, dying turn 1 just like it has in every game I've tried to use it in.

Given that it's 195 points, I'm trying to decide whether to replace it with a Missile Exorcist or another rhino full of Flagellants. An exorcist would have a chance of killing the tanks my list usually struggles to kill and would draw fire off my rhinos, but Flagellants would help my list's overall theme of drowning the enemy in numbers and powerful melee attacks.


>> No.74594344

Bolters. Not Heavy ones, just regular ones.

>> No.74594356


>> No.74594365

Was the Triumph painted nicely at least

>> No.74594385

I miss when codices just said "here's your unit, they cost X pts, and you can outfit them with either Y or Z for an additional pts cost." Now every gear option for a Primaris lieutenant needs a separate profile splashed over half a page at the minimum.

>> No.74594394


>> No.74594405

I think so, but I'm not going to share it here bc people on 40kg are never nice about models

>> No.74594413

go exorcist because it's cool and gives your melee blobs some nice religious tunes to fight to

>> No.74594430

That sounds like good reasoning, plus I'm proud of how my exorcist is painted.

Eventually I want to model up a Dialogus who's a conductor with a baton rather than a storyteller with a scroll, and have her be conducting for a trio of exorcists.

>> No.74594432


>> No.74594437


>> No.74594451

Codickes anon, they are codickes.

>> No.74594458


>> No.74594460


7th was very Lore Accurate.

>> No.74594470

based antelope fucker

>> No.74594486


>> No.74594508

Vertex -> vertices

>> No.74594513

Ferrus as Guts makes too much sense. Metal hand strong af and a mind set in stone. The betrayal of Griffith/Fulgrim is strangely mirrored in a way.

>> No.74594537


>> No.74594548

Wouldn't be surprised if the author of Berserk was inspired by it. It's like some wacky alternate reality fan fiction.

>> No.74594551

>If you mean just every space marine chapter? neck yourself
Why are blood angels privy to the librarian dread? There's nothing thematically that shouts bloodangels get special libby dread.

>> No.74594552

But Ferrus is a jobber, a dead one at that too.

>> No.74594557

Because psychic vampires + coffin motif?

>> No.74594571

I don't think Primarch lore was that established back then, it's more likely the other way around.

>> No.74594579

Blood Angels have lots of psykers. TSons deserve them too though.

>> No.74594588


Well strange Alliance is nothing new in the books.

You Daunte willing to try striking a deal with a Necron Lord in the same edition and the Eldar are willing to allie with the Imperium.

The Tau are a lot less belligerent and or destructive than the Necrons or Imperium so.

>> No.74594619


>You Daunte

*You had

>> No.74594637


>> No.74594645


>> No.74594656

Do tomboys count?

>> No.74594666

>4A WS3+ S5
>probably with fusion blades given the model
why wouldn't that humie be paste

>> No.74594676


>> No.74594700



>> No.74594702

I baited my opponent to charge my Commander with his Commissar Gaunt model and our dice rolls were both so bad they were stuck in combat together for the rest of the game

>> No.74594726

Please no

>> No.74594815

>actually modeling fusion blades as swords
this is a new level of looking dumb

>> No.74594821

I can't decide on a necron color scheme bros. Every time I try to throw one together I can't get it any better than just silvercrons. Anyone have any good schemes they've found recently?

>> No.74594895

Quad lascannons in one group, quad heavy bolters in the other.

>> No.74595127


What was wrong with 5th relative to 4th, exactly?

I've got a few grogs at my LGS that absolutely hate anything after 5th. Trying to understand the appeal. I've been playing since 3rd, but that was a while ago.

>> No.74595132


Basically they wanted to get rid of the Armour/Vehicle hits system.

>> No.74595489

My Heavy Destroyer with Tesseract Glow applied

>sorry for sideposting

>> No.74595802

7th Edition rules were top tier. The only fuckup were the codices and formations.

>> No.74596334

The art looks much better than the actual miniature. Dog, GW are incompetent in aesthetic sculpting.

>> No.74596517

So is chaos baby oil made of babies

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