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Begone /v/ermin. Blood Ravens are fucking stupid.

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I asked this in a previous thread but didn't get an answer. I want to start an army this weekend by getting one of these two SC boxes. Which should I go for?

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Death Guard

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and blood ravens

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You have the worst taste of all time, but go Tau.

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Buy the Wolves SC and play Salamanders instead

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left if you are a furry, right if you are gay

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Which one if I am a gay furry?

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play a different game and don't come back here

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your favorite helbrute/dreadnought loadout?

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thousand sons

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God damn look at that hourglass figure. What a supermodel waistline

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Death Guard lads, what secondary objectives should we be taking?
With Poxmongers, While We Stand We Fight seems to be an obvious one.

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Posting here as well - anybody got a download link to a Psychic Awakening: Phoenix Rising download?

Not in the mega and I've been looking for ages.

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I'm starting a tyranid army with
20 gaunts
20 shootygaunts
a carnifex

What should I get next? I'm not a big fan of the genestealer look, but love the dinosaur-bugs of all the other nid broods

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you just posted the only interesting one

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Power Scourge and Missile Launcher. Gotta stay flexible, know what I'm saying?

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You are a bad person and should feel bad.

Kidding, just get the one you think looks the best. Both armies are pretty descent on the table and you are unlikely to feel like you made a mistake either way.

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A big blob of warriors

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Sir, those perfidious xeno harlots are taunting us once again, making the guardswoman feel inadequate and the guardsmen uncomfortable. What should be done? While we may (as repulsive as it is to say this) be cooperating under common cause, such thoughts must be nipped at the bud or lead to disciplinary problems and even heretical fantasies down the road.

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Well you're lacking a HQ so probably think about that

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Not sure if anyone cares but i posted this right before last thread died so i'll repost it here with factions chosen added

Around 1 year ago i introduced a few of my friends to the hobby, specifically 3 male friends and a female friend, that was a couple months after i started myself after being for a couple of years into ship and tank modeling and wanting to get into something more popular while retaining most of my mediocre skills
It's been an interesting experiment to see how different people get invested in the hobby

My main friend sorta remained at my level and does stuff as i do, using simple methods that look decent and mostly expanding slowly, i got into Orkz and he got into Custodes month by month
The other friend went total sperg after an initial complete rejection of the whole system (understandable cause of entry costs), got into necrons and now he's far better than me at painting so good for him
My other guy overbought at the start a gazillion models, never bothered to learn how to paint, painted awfully a bunch of them and got bored after a couple weeks, now in his home sits a pile of unopened forgotten boxes, the only ones built a bunch of Rubric Marines
The girl got into tyranids, sucks dick at the game itself but enjoys painting them (the fact that tyranids lend themselves to easy painting methods helps too), most models never went the base colors+ shade and drybrush steps and everything is absolutely covered in Reikland Flesshade but that's already better than a grey horde and looks passable

Just wanted to share my experience of beginners approaching the system with different results

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You got answers, but all of them were mocking your sexual orientation.

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I have been all over the 40K fandom. I noticed that people get pissed whenever ADB or any other author say that Abaddon is not a slave to the Chaos Gods and that he is his own man.

Why is that? What's triggering about it?

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HK missiles are s10 now

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Hive tyrant

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I really hate this sort of low effort posting.

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I was thinking of grabbing a Flyrant and a single Warrior to act as a Prime

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We knew that already

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Which Hive Fleet? If Kronos I would suggest Hive Guard or Exocrine but a if doing another one you might get more mileage out of other things.

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It reeks of Mary Sue and it goes against shown, don't tell. They say that but Abaddon actions show the opposite constantly.

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Abaddon triggers people generally. Imperium players are just in universe memeing. Chaos players don’t like that he could beat up their space dad and xenos players are just bandwagoning to feel included.

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"The Masters" brush cleaner is interesting. It was alright for cleaning brushes, not the best compared to stuff like vallejo cleaner, but does leave the brushes themselves nice and soft prepped for painting and takes only like a minute or less to do the cleaning if you need it (unless badly stained).
It can do very small bristle restorations, but it's minor and once your brush gets fucked hard; it gets fucked hard. Takes abit longer to clean if doing it this way. Maybe if I keep using it I might restore abit more, I hope.

Just wanted to share.
In case anyone considers using the brush cleaner since it gets shilled so much.

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Flyrants probably aren't worth the cost anymore because of the fall back changes but they're still decent.

Primes are terrible outside of buffing big warrior units

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Whichever one you outright like the look of more. Rules constantly change so no one can say "this is good" without it being outdated in a few months. Models are forever though. You could also pick whichever one based off of which you like more lorewise.

Also left doesn't have to outright be space wolves if you don't want it to, the only thing really SW about it is an extra upgrade sprue in it and the leader, which could be converted into some other HQ like a captain or chaplain. Also if you wanted to play right as Farsight Enclaves you can convert the Ethereal into a fireblade.

Tl;dr it's up to you

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Wait, does this mean rhinos/razorbacks are gonna be in the same kit? Thought they were in two separate ones

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yeah I don't get it. How are Tau or SW more gay than any other faction?

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ASHUALLY, they said they are going to expand the Abaddon character in the Siege series. They said that the Siege series is half final HH chapter and half the rise of Abaddon. In it we shall see how Abaddon became immune to Chaos.

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I like them both, but I don't like the default color schemes on either. So whichever I get, the next question is, what color do I paint it in?

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A razorback kit could always make a Rhino

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>goes against show don’t tell
>he’s chaos undivided

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I like the idea of big swarms so I was thinking of doing Hive Fleet Hydra, and blue and purple is easy to paint and look good on the table

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>Sisters players arguing they ignore shit like doctrines because Valourous Heart makes WEAPONS with an ap of -1 (-2 with imagifier) count as ap -0

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Agreed. Sexuality has no place in 40k. 40k is meant to be a brutal and horrifying setting. There is no beauty, no love, no lust, no levity, no goodness, and no humanity left, only war and carnage and pain as the universe violently annihilates itself.

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People meme about SW players being furries because the 5e release took the Wolf Wolfyness to 11.
Tau are the second least fun army to play against and some people feel like they don't fit the setting.

>> No.74569099

This chance nothing, you can explain all you want how he became not a slave to chaos but if he continues to act like a complete tool...

>> No.74569113

What army best fits Raubtier? This bands great and I wanna make an army that fits it. Steel Legion?
Some songs that I especially had in mind:

>> No.74569116

Wolves can actually play in more than a single phase anon.

>> No.74569117

Some spergs have no other social outlet for their sexual ideas so they force them on people who want to play army man games

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He's not interesting in the slightest

>> No.74569123

If you're going off playstyle
Tau is you like strictly shooting your opponent off the board. Like to the point where you look like a pussy.
Space wolves are a mix of melee and shooting, leaning towards melee.
But I highly recommend going for aesthetics over playstyle, doesn't matter how much you like the playstyle, if it looks trash to you, you'll hate it.

>> No.74569127

Shit man that's also up to you. I'm also the worst person to ask, I'll get analysis paralysis for years because I don't have a favorite color

>> No.74569128

>Tau are the second least fun army to play against
Really? Shit, I do have some vague idea of playing with these guys at some point in the future, should that ever become possible again. So maybe I shouldn't go Tau.

>> No.74569136

>People meme about SW players being furries because the 5e release took the Wolf Wolfyness to 11
It’s actually because people here are extremely online porn addict types.

>> No.74569138

"Why are we cooperating to begin with? Men, fire on my mark!"

>> No.74569142

Paint em any way you want, hell you can do a weeb scheme like this and it won't matter. They are your models and SW can have successors of any color now while T'au repaint their armor all the time based on environment and in-lore have no official colors (as colors they have in book are just for marketing purposes).

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It's a long story that you have to do the research for.
But search for space wolves butt drilled.
T'au is pretty much a non-40k faction that is equaly unfun to play against.
Also it's a terrible idea of getting T'au as first army, as you're going to skip both psychic and fight phase.
Basically you're gimping yourself in a game by only playing 1/3 of the combat.
Even the wolfies will be a better choise than the T' au in that regards. They are going to call you WAAC either way, so just chose the most fun of the 2.

>> No.74569152

You shouldn't. It's hard to make an army that only plays in the shooting phase fun to play as or against. They're either going to steamroll the game or get shit on. Neither is fun.

>> No.74569153

Fuck off back to r*ddit, shaskais.

>> No.74569157

For Tau, look at different septs and pick the one you like most

>> No.74569179

You're about 2 weeks late to that party

>> No.74569182

>poor man's rammstein


Iron Warriors

>> No.74569183

Sexualization has never improved anything. It always ends up demeaning and eroding it. Sex is just too much of a distraction. That's why many of the great authors, such as Tolkien or Dickens, just leave it in the background. Their characters are chaste and even asexual.

>> No.74569186

>extremely online

>> No.74569190

tau get the advantage that they>>74569079
use Camouflage and camo pattern so go wild with your paint scheme, the only thing that you have to stick to is your Sept color !

>> No.74569198

The whole concept of elves and nonhuman races have been ruined by sexualization, I agree.

>> No.74569215

Serious question. Would bringing Cawl to a 25~35PL crusade be too mean of me? I kinda feel as if it's bringing a baneblade or something, but I also REALLY hate playing without the +/-1 to canticles.

>> No.74569221

>the only thing that you have to stick to is your Sept color
Wrong, it's your models, you can paint however you want. If you're going to do cammo patterns, it already removes the possibility of people mistaking your sept for another.
Also don't pick T'au for first army as reasons told before. >>74569079

>> No.74569225

No. Sigmarixm is horrible atm. I like it here.

>> No.74569237

Anyone know a release date for the new NL termies?

>> No.74569244

I wouldn't bc that means he's almost half your army, so you wouldn't have many other units and you'd still wanna take another HQ

>> No.74569257

K guys, I played 5th-7th and enjoyed it, played 8th and wasn't keen. Does 9th fix enough of 8ths issues to give it a try do we think?

>> No.74569258

he comes off as a self insert, and leads the most boring posterboy legion. It's like ultramarines just chaos.

>> No.74569261

>it's your models, you can paint however you want.
The last dude who told me that painted his tau like ass, with a yellow wash on white and bright fluo pink, if you care enough for the faction and the lore i don't see what would be assblasting about stick to sept marking ? i mean ultramarine player don't make a fuss when they paint their minis blue

>> No.74569272

It goes against established lore. Once you go Chaos, you basically give up free will and become a mindless beast driven by the will of your Gods (which is usually telling you to let instinct and impulse control you). That's why Chaos is so terrible at strategy, tactics, and cooperation in general and only win because their Gods keep giving them cheats (such as infinite ammo, equipment that never breaks down, or not needing food/water).

>> No.74569277

9th is building on 8th and 6th built on 5th. Unless you love objective holding simulator: there's not likely much you'll like.

>> No.74569279

I also feel like everything in AdMech is undercosted PL wise. Everything is like 3PL or so. My raiders are 2PL for fuck sake.

>> No.74569298

There is a big difference between chosing to follow the Sept color or to " you have to stick to your" Sept color.
Very big difference.
Also use this so you don't risk your paintjob looking like ass:

>> No.74569306

>Horrible atm
Is it ever not awful?

>> No.74569309

>Sexualization has never improved anything
Never? There's an exception to every rule anon and I'm of the opinion that there are no bad ingredients, only bad cooks. The problem with bringing sex into anything is the problem with modern media in general; Bad creators use schlock as a crutch to prop up mediocre content.

>> No.74569311

When did the Black Legion ever posterchild? Only in 2nd edition Chaos did the Black Legion take the cover.

>> No.74569339

I have never been horny. I have never experienced a boner

>> No.74569341

I've always thought raiders being 2PL felt weird because of how good they are
In smaller matches I'd keep in mind that's a big investment point wise, and if you lose him that's really gonna hurt not just in the match but as the crusade goes on

>> No.74569350

what are some models for this feel?

>> No.74569352

it seems that we got in a misunderstanding
i was talking about Sept Marking ( the red elements on the suit for vior'la and the white marks on the Tau sept ) of course colors are whatever you want but for continuity using the "official" colors for the marks is as important as putting chapter decals on the pauldron of marines

>> No.74569354

Nobody is pissed off about ADB besides angsty incels on /tg/. He's a great writer and his books are the best/most popular

>> No.74569357 [DELETED] 

They made new rules that say you can't defend cops or say anything positive about them since cops are the enemies of the people and the hand of oppression. Left bad taste in my mouth

>> No.74569369

What's the type of target the Indomitus Overlord wants to hit with his single use Tachyon Arrow? I don't really see it being much of a character killer with how much of them have invulns. Is it really only good for taking chunks out of a vehicle?

>> No.74569372

Well are Warriors any good?

>> No.74569376

...okay? Like, I'm sure that abortion can be tastefully handled and discussed but it doesn't belong in a romantic comedy. Sexualization just doesn't belong in tabletop games. It's fucking weird.

>> No.74569381

>That's why many of the great authors, such as Tolkien or Dickens, just leave it in the background. Their characters are chaste and even asexual.

>> No.74569383

XV88 Crisis Suits and the Riptide for skells feels the combat in XCX is dogshit

>> No.74569390

Honestly he's decent as a writer, but he needs a professional filter and editor to keep him on track from weird character tangents.

>> No.74569399

that is factually incorrect
thanks for the model suggestion though, I'll try to convert up a Lailah.

>> No.74569400

ok ADB

>> No.74569405

Yeah, probably. It's kind of a "use it or lose it" weapon. You'll probably get more mileage out of it than a standard plasma pistol on imperial characters.

>> No.74569412

This is Khayon. The Breaker of Magnus.

Say something nice about him.

>> No.74569413

I miss 1d4chan.

>> No.74569428

it isn't. If you paint like a specific sept/chapter, you force yourself of using that. If you paint however you want, as long as there isn't the possibility of misinformation, you can choose the chapter/sept that you want to play that day.

>> No.74569429

Yeah, warriors are one of your best units.

>> No.74569437

Wrong. Khayon's armor is burnt black, not painted.

>> No.74569441

Can't have camouflage, you're suppose to be brightly colored and silly!

>> No.74569451

Sept colors are only on Sept markings. The armor and fatigue colors depend on the combat environment.

>> No.74569459

but that's WAAC and i'm sick of WAACfag in the Tau faction

oh come on even IG gets to have camo

>> No.74569469

I like that he's gone in on the Egyptian aesthetic. He doesn't look particularly tzeentchian though.

>> No.74569470

Fuck yeah raven chads report in

>> No.74569485

>anon doesn't want to get weird
Gimp suits and caviar with my Emperor's Children decked out in leather and leopard print trim. Not only is it lore loyal it's also classy as fuck.

>> No.74569495

I've always liked that bottom middle scheme

>> No.74569498

It's death was a good thing. That whole part of the fandom needs to disappear.

>> No.74569507

but reddit is still operating

>> No.74569510

>painting something however you want
did you forget that this game is an hobby?
If you can pain your minis, which you paid for, and if it bring advantages, seems dumb.
Now if you are a fun of a specific chapter and want to follow it entirely, that's up to you, but it's an option and not an obligation.

>> No.74569516

This is the correct stance

>> No.74569517

Where's his Axe?

>> No.74569522

Looks a bit more like a rose color than blood raven red.

>> No.74569535

>The whole fandom needs to disappear.

>> No.74569547

Lol. What a pussy. Trapped under Terra's Palace with his eyes gouged out.

>> No.74569550

sure i understand but i have seen people in my LGS just priming the minis, applying a shit yellow wash and doing fushia panels and calling it a day just to say " hey i've painted my models haha" that's the same type of guy who played 3 riptide in a casual match, my point is : if you got a good camo/ color scheme idea go for it, if you're doing it for pure Waac benefits then gtfo

>> No.74569563

Lost to Daravus or whoever stole his wolf between the first and second books

>> No.74569565

Changed it for a new weapon made from Sang's sword IIRC.

It's a ruse. Now he is close to Sargon.

>> No.74569577

>> No.74569582

Is it true that only homosexuals collect tau?

>> No.74569594

You know the term "thinking too much in to it"?
That's is not what was being discussed.
Is to avoid telling people " you need to do X" instead of allowing them to do what they want with the things they paid for.

>> No.74569596


>> No.74569598

no they only collect your favorite army

>> No.74569613


>> No.74569615

The main 40k subreddit takes the subject seriously. There is no "fun"posting or fetishposting; only people trading AAR and discussing lore. They're even more strict about it than here. Try posting some animu Eldar over there, for instance, because they'll rip you apart for Eldar not looking alien enough and it being completely against the setting's aesthetic. They understand that 40k is meant to be a grimdark, ugly world full of ugly things motivated by ugly ideals.

>> No.74569649

you have to go back

>> No.74569665

I think it's just the lighting its khorne red

>> No.74569668

Which one is the main one, warhammer40k is a shithole.

>> No.74569681

Found this in the $2 bin at my LGS, so today was pretty good

>> No.74569691

dark grey + orange works very well for mechanical stuff

>> No.74569699

I choose the squat

>> No.74569703

Holy shit why are the khaki fatigues on guardsman arms so hard to actually make look good? Is it the mold? I'v stripped some arms like 3 times already and no matter what I do I can't achieve the same smooth transitions as the body fatigues.

>> No.74569707


It's an obnoxious circlejerk filled with real creeps. Lots of drama like when they banned Arch and all his mention when he never posted there ever

>> No.74569715

He's super special, unkillable, undefeatable, better psyker than Magnus and corrects Abaddon on his super loyal daemon pet's pronouns! He's soooooo coooooooooool!

>> No.74569725

good conversion material

>> No.74569731

>smooth transition
anon wtf are you trying to do
Use a wash or contrast like a sane person

>> No.74569738

>Lots of drama like when they banned Arch and all his mention when he never posted there ever
Why? He was the best 40ktuber; the only guy who got the setting and the only one willing to provide a conservative analyses of 40k.

>> No.74569740

After getting an HQ (Flyrant is prolly spot on) some genestealers will probably be good.
They have taken a big hit in 9th, but still outclass most things in melee enough to make their points worth.

>> No.74569779

Sounds like a shithole full of nerds with sticks up their asses.

>> No.74569781

>conservative analyses of 40k
Prove you aren't an American RIGHT NOW

>> No.74569795 [DELETED] 

Whats your favorite weapon to deal with chaos cultist? Scatter gun, combat shotgun, perhaps autoguns?

That reminds me, do we have any lore on the ammo caliber of autoguns and stubbers in 40k?

>> No.74569802

>It's a ruse. Now he is close to Sargon.
Yeeaahh. All just as planned, right?

>> No.74569825

OH SHIT I just noticed the chaos tattoo! I guess he will be rolling with his left hand from now on.

>> No.74569836

>Breaker of Magnus

Or so he says.

>> No.74569850

>He was the best 40ktuber

>> No.74569871

It's ultimately better for discussion though.

>> No.74569872

is the Royal Warden really supposed to be based on 32mm? It's so small! I barely have enough room for a scarab or 4...

>> No.74569881

Sorry Anon, this is the best 40K lore guy

>> No.74569887

So after months. MONTHS of agonising over what paint scheme to go with for my knights I have decided on the one sensible scheme.

I shall paint each of them differently.

>> No.74569893

Has the Starstrider list been updated for 9th?

The new blast rules should massively upgrade their damage output.

>> No.74569900

Arch change his logo?

>> No.74569901

I don't see how, but if you think it's better then I encourage you to seek "greener" pastures out of here.

>> No.74569912

It's blatantly trying to take Archaon's gimmick from WHFB/AoS and give it a less cool character.

>> No.74569914


>> No.74569925

Exocrines and Hive guard are a must. Alongside gaunts Warriors, Neurothropes, Zoanthropes and Ripper Swarms are all staples.

>> No.74569932

This is how I Archaon.

>> No.74569935

No it's Baldermort, the Santa of 40K lore, he gives us great personal lore stories and really brings the settings to life. He's also one of the nicest guys and one of the few to be politically free. He embodies what I love about this hobby creativity.

>> No.74569936

What is the least bad way to play GSC right now? What units are the most worthwhile?

>> No.74569958

It's the reverse. Archaon started out in the Warham lore development as a true believer of Chaos but he his development influenced by Abaddon over the years until he became a god hating edge lord.

>> No.74569974

>Emperor's children gf
That train have no break and can only go faster

Somebody should make minor chapters gf.

>> No.74569980

That guy just reads 40K books. That's fucking piracy. I am surprised that he didn't get DCMA'ed yet.

>> No.74569999

>What's the least bad way to play GSC right now
There isn't one, they are a z tier faction
>What units are most worthwhile
There aren't any, but ridgerunners are good in the context of the army being fucking awful

>> No.74570018

Better spent on more warriors

>> No.74570038


>> No.74570051

Yeah I was looking at ridgerunners with mortars and ignores cover upgrade, seemed kinda fun if nothing else. Do you think they made everything retard levels of expensive because they thought they'd be OP at objectives or what?

>> No.74570069

Are jetpack chaos lords still good, or are they better used to sit with the rest of your shooters in a gunline?

>> No.74570077

third party tallarn infantry models?

>> No.74570087

What Legion are you running?

>> No.74570088

I mean the first half is just he custom stories, which I think he could just do a channel about that alone. Also thanks to him I picked up both Necrons, Thousand Sons, and might even get Raven Guard as well.

>> No.74570096

I use a termy one with my troops and a jump pack with my raptors.

>> No.74570115

9e Tau is mobile firepower. Same play style as DE. Piranha, suits, and devil fish with breachers vs Reavers, Raiders with Warriors, and Talos.

I suspect 9e will make armies thay were awful to play against better. Gone is the Tau castle.

>> No.74570119

Why the fuck aren't there any decent Ork players on YouTube.

>> No.74570145

Fuck Deldar.
Most obnoxious faction I've played against and the players will bitch that they have a w6 4+/5++ -1 to hit fast transports with 10 shots that wound non vehicles on 4's and auto wound on 6's to hit and get an army wide +1 to wound and damage in shooting phase and can ignore stratagems.

>> No.74570146

Hydra really isn't that great for swarms desu, The re-rolling hits isn't bad but it isn't as good as the always being in cover of Jormungandr or the 6+++ of Leviathan since both of those will mean more gaunts get where you need them. The stratagem can be used by any hive fleet if you are just going to use it on gaunts and it can't really be used in matched play so it is narrative only. Kraken is also a good one for it because you can get those gaunts across the board in next to no time.

You can still paint them Hydra style if you like and play them as another hive fleet. Just change one color and bam, they're a custom hive fleet.

>> No.74570156

Post WIPs. The transfer process continues

>> No.74570166

>I can't kill t5 transports, the poster

>> No.74570167

Try hitting them with 74 chains words over and over and use some thunder hammers too. Always words for me.

>> No.74570171


>> No.74570174

What about tabletitans?

>> No.74570175

heres your eisnhorn cast bro

>> No.74570185

>chains words
>words for me

The space wolf player cannot into english

>> No.74570187

>screencapping your own post

>> No.74570190

>they all arent genderswapped and race-changed
fake and gay

>> No.74570193

It makes almost no difference, t5. All my shooting is either s4 or s8.
Get off 4chan and actually play a game faggot.

>> No.74570195

>Gone is the Tau castle
No, not really. Tau castle is still going to alpha strike half your army off the table turn 1 and spend the rest of the game grabbing objectives and cleaning you up.

>> No.74570197

Really? I thought he was writing fanfic, in his dark angels story he uses the term "Captain" when their term for that "Master"

>> No.74570199

Clearly a falseflagging word bearer

>> No.74570202

If that's true then I approve, they've all done great work.

>> No.74570210

How would you recommend using warriors this edition? Kind of feel like they aren't going to be a good use of points just to stick on an objective and for any other use there is another option that does it better for less points. I am far from an expert though so definitely want to hear your opinion.

>> No.74570215

I have tried running 15 assault intercessors in a list and they just die before they get to melee. Though admittedly I roll 2's all the fucking time.

>> No.74570220

>mostly white men
Nice, I even like most of them

>> No.74570227

Consider an impulsor or another way to transport them

>> No.74570234

>word bearers
>trying to make SW look bad

An Alpha Legionnere did this.

>> No.74570237

Mate there is literally a WIP general

>> No.74570239


>> No.74570249


>> No.74570251

Not if you use obscuring terrain. If a Tau castle can shoot your whole army T1 the game was decided at table set up and is not a reflection of the game at large.

>> No.74570255

Because not only is it violating the explicit rules of the setting (Abaddon is so super special that he’s the only one who isn’t enslaved by Chaos because... because), it reeks of self insert wanking (see how furiously the authors of the Siege of Terra are sucking his dick as predestined Warmaster while Horus is still kicking). Also because his actions are literally the opposite, he’s doing just what Chaos wants him to do. If the warp consumes the galaxy then any supposed big brained plan to double cross the gods is hilariously impossible.

>> No.74570256

Maybe you missed the joke

>> No.74570266

Cool only 59 to go!

>> No.74570269

I share my WIPs here because 40kg is my home and I like you guys much better

>> No.74570271

I would but they are hideous

>> No.74570272

I usually run Black Legion, since everyone says they're the only one with a good legion trait. Not sure if I wanna go full grinding Iron Warriors or insane World Eaters.

>> No.74570273

And? 40k WIPs are in these threads a lot. Better than /pol/posting

>> No.74570276

So obvisouly the next Chaos Codex is probably Emperor's Children with all the hints in lore and also all the slaanesh stuff recently from GW, That means 10th edition they will either shut the game down for good or give us world eaters

>> No.74570280

Definitely an alpha legion psyop


>> No.74570284

>black lesbian transgenders are not 50% of the cast
Disgusting patriarchal trash, erasure and oppression of diversity!

>> No.74570286

>Army wide +1 wound and damage in shooting phase


>> No.74570297

GW are so desperate to have Horus Heresy 2.0

>> No.74570300

Okay. Then as soon as you move out from behind the terrain to contest anything. Master of War doesn't have to be turn 1. It doesn't make a difference, Tau castles didn't just magically disappear because objectives are slightly more important. Especially with the addition of secondaries. Plus, Tau castles grab objectives just fine with minimum strike teams and plenty of drone squads.

>> No.74570311

Don't try to use logic. PA was the perfect time to release an updated miniature line for Legion of The Damned, they even removed the old metal minis from the store. Yet we got jack fucking shit.

>> No.74570317

PA custom trait, dark technomancers.

>> No.74570318

I'm sorry I'm terrible. I just wanna run silly lists.

>> No.74570320

Fulgrim Daemon Primarch incoming?

>> No.74570328

You don't play a legion for the trait
You play one for the warlord traits, stratagems, and relics

>> No.74570331

He’s a gay nigger.

>> No.74570334

>bad rolling

there's really no helping it. you got square vs round sides, small vs large dice, and buying new dice. might wanna run some statistics

>> No.74570339


Miss me with that gay shit.

>> No.74570340

WE will get an update with the Armageddon campaign, since they spoiled the Red Angel returning.

>> No.74570342

almost got my whole custurd army painted. have to wait for a new drill bit to base the last two bikes.

>> No.74570343

I'm sure your content is just fine friend

>> No.74570344

Here you go

>> No.74570355

Listen, I'm not defending the shittiest subfaction in DE. I'm just telling the man what the +1/+1 is

>> No.74570357

>t. Has terrible taste

>> No.74570358

if the Tau castle can see all objectives from deployment its the same problem. The point is the bulk of the shooting can't be stationary and if it moves then it should create new blind spots. Minimum strike teams aren't soloing objectives out of LoS of the castle.

>> No.74570360

What's your channel

>> No.74570362

His stuff is 50% fan fic, 50% lore dump from a book. I like the fanfic personally.

>> No.74570370

Really depends on how much fast attack you have for BL, IW you're better off with a normal Lord, and WE can do alot of work with Jump Lord if you build them the right way.

>> No.74570377

I mean i think i read something about guilliman actively fighting a 4 armed daemon thing right
they did what when? and which Red Angel? the one made of literal Blood Angel Rage or Angron?

>> No.74570378

probably. What I really want is just noise marines that aren't an upgrade sprue. I get that khorne berserkers are small and need new models, but noise ones don't even have models.
Do the upgrade sprues even work with the new CSM models?

>> No.74570381

On average they should kill like 1.5 but it feels like the generally kill 3-4

>> No.74570384

Don't have a channel, but I did show up on another. I just brought something I thought was fun, but my opponent was changed up last minute and I was at a disadvantage with what they were running.
It had a lot of flamers.

>> No.74570387

Push fit models are harder to assemble than good ol' plastic 'n glue models...

>> No.74570388

Unless you're a Pirate, of course

>> No.74570394

Yeah I never even bothered looking in PA, that's pretty fucking good.

Why can't you combine it with experimental creations to get +2 to wound

>> No.74570415

They really don't need to. I've been playing games with pretty much the old castle lists very slightly tweaked (more breachers pretty much) and they are just as effective as they used to be. And yes I play with plenty of terrain, a quarter of the table covered with plenty of obscuring. Really castles are only "dead" if you play Cities of Death levels of terrain and at that point they have always been bad. Really everything you're saying is reasons that people have said Tau castles weren't oppressive in 8th which just wasn't true.

>> No.74570416

Didn't the release of Chaos supplement have extensive mentions of a serpent like being stirring about in the warp? Thats pretty much no one other than Fulgrim right?

>> No.74570421

That's really not that good

>> No.74570423

He's the only serpent we know of. Unless it's some tyranid fuckery

>> No.74570425

If you're Say Hi Paul then I love you. What was your list?

>> No.74570427

Cut off the male ends of the push fit pieces and they go together like normal

>> No.74570438

I mean, didn't Fulgrim just flat out appear and save Fabius or something in the recent books?
Angron (a red angel if i remember) was mentioned in the new codex.

>> No.74570439


There's the "Cosmic Serpent" from Harlequin lore.

>> No.74570441

If I want to learn how to stand on my feet in my local waacfag heavy meta, are tabletop titans the best I'm gonna find, soiboy aura aside?

>> No.74570445

One's for ranged, one is melee.

>> No.74570460

Tabletop titans are arrogant douches who think they're the best tournament players running about.

>> No.74570468

If Space Wolves players are furries and Tau players are gay, what fetishes do the players of other armies have?

>> No.74570471

Art of War because they actually are the best players in NA with numerous 1st place wins at a shitload of tournaments in one house. Drop by their hobby streams and they answer questions.

>> No.74570482

>Tau castles weren't oppressive in 8th which just wasn't true
no one said that, ever. 8e was basically open plains for most games becuase of how little the terrain mattered. It was sit back and shoot rivets through 3 buildings at full capacity. Hence why ITC implemented first floor blocks LoS and Nova did huge solid Ls. The point is if a single bundle of units can shoot every objective and part of deployment youre setting up the table wrong. Which means catsles by definition should have to move to get involved if they don't have LoS ignoring weapons.

>> No.74570493

Custode players are into ponytails

>> No.74570503

Oppressive =/= good. You can beat an oppressive list, still is unfun.

>> No.74570504

Anyone have the Hammer of the Empire omnibus? Here are the 3 remaining ones for that series


>> No.74570506

>which Red Angel
I can't remember when, I think it was in a Warhammer community spoiler. Can't find it with a search, it may have been in a video.
Considering that Sanguinius is very dead and Angron is very alive, though...

>> No.74570509

But it doesn't say melee it just says with poisoned weapons. It even says you compare the toughness of the model against the toughness of the unit its attacking.

Unless I'm reading this wrong. Its strange because it gets +1 str but only mentions toughness.

>> No.74570511

She hot.
Orks are into post-op trannies.

>> No.74570514

Sadly not that guy. It was just some goff list that ended up going terribly. I should have brought the shooty list.

>> No.74570525

alpha legion is oyakodon or twins
bonus if tomboys

>> No.74570528

I'm looking at the wiki, where it says poisoned melee weapon.

>> No.74570531

Kinda depressing state of a hobby that rules had to be even introduced to include X amount of terrain in the first place.

>> No.74570534

sure but then theres the literal ball of like Blood Angel rage that took over Apothecary Meros' body on Signus Prime. Which is actually an entire plot point in /mydudes/ backstory

>> No.74570536

I would argue that if your heavy firepower only has a single firing range on a single objective you've deployed wrong, nothing to do with terrain. Especially since heavy support lads can move and shoot without penalty now. Maximizing a units zone of control through proper placement is a skill like anything else in the game. Yeah you're not gonna have coverage on all 6 objectives with a single unit but you should be able to get 2 now problem, 3 or more with a bit of luck. And yes, people did try to argue that there was nothing wrong with Tau and everyone should just get gud. Same way people do in every game that has ever existed when something is clearly broken.

>> No.74570540

>IG Sergeants can take a full Bolter but not a Lasgun

Sure alright

>> No.74570542


>> No.74570550

WAAC fag tournament players have always been a cancer to the game

>> No.74570554

I'm looking at the book, and I didn't see a correction in the FAQ.

>> No.74570556

GSC are into ovapositors. I know it's obvious, but it still warrants being said.

>> No.74570560

Most of those make no sense

>> No.74570566

Ohhhh that one. I really hope it isn't that. It is a little confusing though, since Angron's epithet is "The Red Angel" but then some BL writer made the red angel as another weird plot thing and Sanguinius is an angel who wore red armor.

>> No.74570572

I wont talk about fetishes but every army has a sin.

Imperium = Sloth
Chaos = Lust
Eldar = Pride
Necrons = Envy
Tyranids = Gluttony
Tau = Greed
Orks = Wrath

>> No.74570577

Yeah most fetishes are pretty shit I agree

>> No.74570581

Yeah they're certainly coming off that way so far. Part of what I meant in my derisive comment
I'm finding an Art of War 40k channel, is that what you mean? Are they pretty easy to listen to?

>> No.74570587

Angron is so fucking tragic goddamn.

>> No.74570597

Page 63 – Haemonculus Coven Obsessions,
Experimental Creations
Change the second and third sentences to read:
‘When resolving an attack made with a poisoned melee weapon
by a model with this obsession against a unit that has a lower
Toughness characteristic than the attacking model, add 1 to the
wound roll. For the purposes of this obsession, a poisoned melee
weapon is any melee weapon with the Poisoned Weapon ability
(see Codex: Drukhari).’

>> No.74570604

>making 101 airborne marines.

Meh, pretty uncreative, i've seen it a dozen times before.

>> No.74570612

theres 3 of them and one of thems dead so i mean its a crap shoot, but its more than likely Angron. Which would be neat to see that as its literally just the Khorne Daemokin codex with Kharn and probably some cool looking Red Butchers

>> No.74570617

They haven't made a modern warfare table top game.

>> No.74570619

Git Gud the post

>> No.74570628

its half and half. His fanfics are great and very loreful though.

>> No.74570640

He is but I still think Kharn is even more tragic, the Legion were so desperate to be close to their "father" they subjected themself to the same torture and mutilation the he went through and still didn't get the recognition from Angron. Kharns story literally made my wife cry.

>> No.74570645

Such is the Tau player.

>> No.74570648

Several people have

>> No.74570654

>Are they pretty easy to listen to?
They are mainly on Twitch under “AOW40K”. YouTube has battle reports, while Twitch has the live games and painting streams where people ask them questions.

>> No.74570662

Sorry, I'm blind from a childhood illness.

>> No.74570664

I'd shit my pants if they rolled chaos into a single codex and allowed chaos forces to summon daemons appropriate to whatever mechanism summoned them, like 2e. Imagine all of the legions and warbands working out of the same book.

>> No.74570671

alright, thanks

>> No.74570674

What's the point in the strength boost when the units all have poisoned melees

>> No.74570678

Sanguinius wore golden armor you pleb.

>> No.74570686

I don't care about Mary Sue primarchs, thanks

>> No.74570698

You realize Melee armies are the ones want less terrain right? A straight line into melee combat is ideal for pretty much every assault army.

>> No.74570704

If want to die that fucking bad just cannonball into the nearest star, it ain’t hard.

>> No.74570709

Picking up an Ironstrider Ballistarii from my FLGS and I can get free shipping by taking the order up above $100.

Should I get another Ironstrider or Balistarius Cawl?

Other admech suggestions?

>> No.74570714

So you can get the +1 to wound.

>> No.74570715

Amasnet made a new friend.

>> No.74570721

He was too good for this world.

>> No.74570722

Is there any Primarch that's not a cringy manchild or an edgy Gary Stu?

>> No.74570724

You have no idea what you're on about

>> No.74570725

If all the IG lovers love Krieg why are they unwilling to wear masks during this pandemic?

>> No.74570728

But the +1 to wound compares toughness values, not strength

>> No.74570729

AdMech is into sex toys, sex bots, sex dolls, and deepthroating.

>> No.74570732

The +1 to wound is if you have a higher toughness.

>> No.74570742


>> No.74570743

Well it would help out talos and chronos at least?

>> No.74570746

It's for the models without poisoned weapons.

>> No.74570759

Amasnet is an anagram of t. Seaman

>> No.74570762

are you drunk?

>> No.74570766

I forgot to attach an image so I won't get replies

here's an image

>> No.74570772

Ferrus Manus, because he's the single most useless Primarch

>> No.74570774


>> No.74570780


>> No.74570790

I want a rat race in 40k

>> No.74570797

If you’re looking to play Mars, you’ll need Cawl eventually.

>> No.74570807

>Oh WOE IS ME I have such huge wings that let me fly and that makes ME SO IMPERFECT!
It kind of falls into the realm of "she was so pretty that everyone hated and was jealous of her" that you see in teenage girl OCs not going to lie.

>> No.74570809

I want a full 40k beastmen release

>> No.74570814

Who does assault best?
White scars - charge after advance or fall back, shoot at no penalty after advance
Blood angels - +1 to wound and advance/charge
Space wolves - +1 to hit and Heroic Intervention by units

>> No.74570827

Only sexy rats

>> No.74570836

No, they wrote this edition back when they thought the army was still s++ tier and they are still paying the price

>> No.74570845

We have the Imperium.

>> No.74570846

Black Templar. Reroll charges.

>> No.74570847

>Tomboy, vanilla, happy sex, muscles

>> No.74570854

Man I’d love to play BT if they ever get a primaris emperor’s champ

>> No.74570869

And Sanguinius and Roboute may be Stuish, but they aren't really edgy.

>> No.74570876

>>Oh WOE IS ME I have such huge wings that let me fly and that makes ME SO IMPERFECT!
Sanguinius is not like that at all. He is literally the most level-headed and perfect dude of all the Primarchs, so that his senseless and cruel death at the hands of Horus is all that much more depressing. Too good for this world, and all that.

>> No.74570890

Don't really see it happening with the armor being some sort of sacred relic of itself. But maybe a special Primaris Emperor's Champion or Grimaldus.

>> No.74570899

The emo-ness is pretty much entirely on the part of his chapter due to his death. Not he himself.

>> No.74570903

>Had the mean brother Fulgrim jealous of his kewl wings and Konrad who had future sight too but fell to the darkness
>Died doing a heroic act like the actual Mary Sue in the original star trek fanfic

>> No.74570906

AM will only be cool when it gets Thanatars.

>> No.74570908

>Don't really see it happening with the armor being some sort of sacred relic of itself

Bladeguard are just that, Marines given relics too sacred for the rest of the grunts to handle. Besides they could always just go back to 4th ed where an EC was equipped with Crusade's relics and not one of ten copies of Sigismund's black sword.

>> No.74570909

>tabletop titans

i just don't like their camera set up. i wanna see miniatures not 2 dudes talking. miniwargaming isn't the best, but at least i can see the board better and dice rolls.

>> No.74570942

Fuck off Mickey Mouse.

>> No.74570947

Sure it's gonna get awkward when a Primaris and a normal marine both get dreams you gotta be the one to tell the older brother to stand down and let the younger brother have a turn with the black sword.

>> No.74570971

Double power scourge for the memes alone.

If Contemptor, then a Butcher Cannon and Chainfist w/ Melta

>> No.74570993


>> No.74571001

>physical, obvious manifestation of mutation and red thirst, between the two he's terrified of being the next 2nd and 11th
>legion is a bunch of literally bloodthirsty psychos

I dunno man, he doesn't seem that bad in the sueness

>> No.74571004

>not a cringy manchild or an edgy Gary Stu?

Vulkan was unironically a very wise and moral-conscious person, and while he was strong and technically immortal, his immortality was also his downfall during the Heresy because Curze tortured him for so long he went batshit crazy.

>> No.74571005

Why is the Asian dude the most well adjusted Primarch? Did GW mean something by this?

>> No.74571016

Okay yeah in hindsight he's more of a mild touch of the mary sue than some other characters

>> No.74571019

I think they're pretty good. Probably my favorite. Though a lot of that is they explain things in a way that makes sense to me, and I'm pretty new.

>> No.74571023

>he doesn't seem that bad in the sueness

You can further add to this by saying that because he was so "perfect," compared to the rest of them, he was literally destined to die from a narrative standpoint. He is a Messianic figure, and therefore he must be killed As The Plot Demands.

>> No.74571024

i'd say he definitely has the potential, but aside from the time he solo's a warhound and scares off the rest of it's pack, he's pretty well written and balanced as a character

>> No.74571026

>tfw no Tyranid gf soley engineered to harvest my cum

>> No.74571041

Thicc boys built. Sadly a friend of mine made me realize taking the rapid 3 relic on basic banner boy is so much smarter than the stormshield and knife slap fights. Luckily he hooked me up with a warden left arm

>> No.74571053

Poor haarken

>> No.74571058

Remember when the objective of this war game was to kill your opponent instead of sitting on an objective?

>> No.74571065

If GW was dumb enough to try and trademark the word "Eldar", what would Tolkien's estate have done?

>> No.74571077

Me too, especially since the Plague Planet is canonically full of beastmen

>> No.74571078

Yeah, GW is really into that whole noble savage thing.

>> No.74571085

I'm conflicted. On the one hand, the armour itself looks really cool design wise, but I always dislike the sheer amount of gilt and decoration custodes models, so I've never really been interested in making an army of them

>> No.74571102

You kill your opponent sitting on the objective.
What's changed?

>> No.74571115

You can still win if you're tabled?

>> No.74571118

Bashed out Morty's base.

>> No.74571125

So you can't just run a brainless static gunline and win the game by leafblowing

>> No.74571140


>> No.74571141

Then it sounds you're a disgusting castlefag that couldnt rack up any points before, probably Tau player as well.

>> No.74571147

If the Frieza Force were in 40K, who would hire them the most?

>> No.74571156

The Tau, obviously.

>> No.74571179

Ork player actually.

>> No.74571190

And lucky me, all I need is to strip the paint, get a 40mm base, swap out the left arm, and repaint it and I'll have gotten a Jump Lord for .06% of the regular price

>> No.74571197

>biker captain
>2x5 sword and board Custodes
>1x5 vertus praetors
I'm thinking about adding 3 Vertus Praetors and splitting into 2x4 for a bit more flexibility on objectives. This leaves me with 500 points to play with. What else should I get? I've tried Telemon and other tanks/dreadnoughts and not been a fan. Honestly thinking about grabbing an Ares. Could also get some sagittarum guard and another biker captain.

>> No.74571220

Has anyone ever tried using baking powder for snow? Does that stuff really turn yellow after a year or two?

>> No.74571233

I use snow flock personally but I've heard baking SODA doesn't turn yellow but baking POWDER does.

>> No.74571273

Always gotta read the fine print there

>> No.74571277

Snow effects never look good mate.

>> No.74571286

Yeah, good deal for you

>> No.74571304

even with a shooty bug army we like terrain.

guard and biovores etc

infantry can run through ruins
wait.. infantry can still runt hrough ruins dense, obscuring etc right?

>> No.74571315

Any proof of this?

>> No.74571316

>wait.. infantry can still runt hrough ruins dense, obscuring etc right?

>> No.74571338

Your eyes

>> No.74571354

plus they can't overwatch if they are behind a ruin and we are charging them in it.

unless that was changed in 9th?

>> No.74571359

And? Do only obscure chapters that don't even have an official color pass your bar?

>> No.74571370

Looks good to me

>> No.74571388

Female marines would be cool if women had any place in the hobby outside of Deldar slave girl models and autistic sisters players

>> No.74571394



>> No.74571419

So like, if the Custodes are sworn to forever protect the palace, how did they retcon it so they could go offworld and fight shit?

>> No.74571430

female marines are as cool as male pregnancies.

>> No.74571431

What do people think of a Space Marine chapter being named after an Xenos animal? Would it be considered heretical?

>> No.74571440


>> No.74571441

>female marines are as cool as male pregnancies.
A perfect description since assbabies are only liked by degenerate yaoi fangirls

>> No.74571442

Post models. Also sword board pure blocks are terrible.

>> No.74571443

Breachable trait.

>> No.74571454

In the old lore it stated that as Custodes get older and/or rusty, they go out into the outside world and fight enemy armies to sharpen their own skills and instincts. In nulore they also added on the fact that Guilliman made them go out sometimes.

>> No.74571475

Nocturne has alien animals known as Salamanders. Grox are aliens that are used as livestock throughout the Imperium. And Iits been 40,000 who knows what animals are actually from earth and not something created in a lab by ancient humans?

>> No.74571481

What the fuck new faction could they even make for this game? Have they pigeon holed themselves finally? Sisters was the last """"new"""" army we got. Before that it was what? Custodes or knights? Like 2 years ago? I'm not asking for something crazy wacky every 6 months but feels like there's a lot of space that they could have setup a new faction instead of Cadia blew up boohoo for 2 whole editions

>> No.74571483

if I advance during my turn and then somehow get to shoot during my opponent's turn do I still have the penalties of advancing? can I heroic intervention even if my opponent doesn't charge anyone or if they charge a unit on the other side of the map?

>> No.74571492

Guilliman told them to get off their asses and do something.

>> No.74571499

I play tau and my ideal table would be full of non-breachable 3 story buildings

>> No.74571505

There was a doctrine or some stupid shit by the council of Terra to shackle them on Terra. They failed once, now they REALLY aren't allowed to fuck up. Fast forward and Girlyman undoes the order tnow they fuck off a bit at a time or on small fleets to fuck up people and stay sharp

>> No.74571517

You don't have the advance drawback, says specifically 'earlier this turn' unless you somehow advanced during your opponents turn.

>> No.74571518

There's a BL series about that.

>> No.74571526

>> No.74571529

>Dark Mechanicum
>Lost and the Damned redux
>could literally make a new snowflake marine chapter codex whenever they want
>Old Ones
>Adeptus Arbites
>Chaos Xenos like the Laeran
They really could go on forever if they wanted to.

>> No.74571530


>> No.74571532

Non ironically I think Squats are the next choice

>> No.74571539

dark mechanicum

>> No.74571543

So is there any other Chapter besides the Space Wolves that fight alongside animals?

>> No.74571549

Heroic intervention has no prerequisites. If it's your opponent's charge phase and your character is not in combat, but is within 3 inches of an enemy model - he always can heroically intervene. Doesn't matter what that character has done in your turn at all.

>> No.74571553

>There's a BL series about that.
Uh....t-that sounds h-heretical?

>> No.74571556


>> No.74571561

I had never seen the battle sanctum so I was wondering why people bitch about being so cheap in points, costing so much money and why people had trouble placing the thing.
Now I understand why. The fucking thing is massive

>> No.74571569


Long lost Men of Iron.

>> No.74571573

Why the fuck would the Custodes care what Guilliman has to say?

>> No.74571576

White scars have psyber eagles. Other than that - I don't remember any chapters with companion animals.

>> No.74571579

Snow flock isn't that expensive for how much you need and gives much better results.

>> No.74571582

I like him

>> No.74571584

Have you ever actually used that warhound in a game? What's it like?

>> No.74571591

ten thousand different alien factions
the other ones people have named

>> No.74571592

Black Templars have Neophyte and Primaris.
Does that count?

>> No.74571597

Mortarion is that big? What the fuck

>> No.74571604

Uhhh he's literally above them in the chain of command now. Also he wasn't the one confining them, he set them free. Pretty sure anyone would listen to having freedom

>> No.74571607

Why aren't you abusing engagement range with characters?

>> No.74571608

Guilliman is the Emperor's son. He is also a genius tactician and an unmatched statesman. Even without him being a 5 meter tall demigod personally made by Big E it would have been a good idea to listen to what he says.

>> No.74571616

It's usually a good idea to listen to your cousins if they happen to be supernaturally smart and powerful on a level surpassing your own.

>> No.74571617

Nop i haven’t. For starters is not mine, was simply looking reference images for the bloody thing and make my own.

>> No.74571622

Yeah seriously.

>> No.74571624

If you also count DA with their shortstack onaholes.

>> No.74571628

Primarchs start as big boys and daemonhood gives mad gains.

>> No.74571629

Iron Warriors fight alongside cultists all the time.

>> No.74571634

Well, yeah, he's a Daemon Prince

>> No.74571644

Primarchs were pretty big in the first place and he's a daemon now with a huge psyker dong, he can be any size he wants at any moment.

>> No.74571645

It fucking disgusts me that none of you mentioned a new xenos faction

>> No.74571658

New Xenos would be cool, but Rak'gol a shit.

>> No.74571663

I literally said the Laeran at the bottom of my post nigger, read. READ.

>> No.74571669

The first post you (you)'d lists a Xeno faction

>> No.74571673

A new Xenos faction would be so insignificant it would be like the Tau pre-rift

>> No.74571676

Never liked that recton
It was better when Primarch where just pretty bad ass marines

>> No.74571684

The established lore was that they answered only to the Emperor and mistrusted Primarchs following Horus's and the other Primarchs betrayal, I repeat why the fuck would they give a fuck about Guillimans opinion when he and his brothers caused the Emperor to be entombed?
Nulore is so inconsistent

>> No.74571719

As opposed to..?

>> No.74571720

>41% causalities. Then they reach the battlefield.

>> No.74571743

you're right I missed it my bad. My point remains though, overwhelming lack of it.
acceptable opinion, we just need more visual variety and flavor
who gives a shit? What do you think most of the chaos warbands are? Or eldar 90% of the time? Or death watch? Being insignificant doesn't mean they can't be interesting and fun.

>> No.74571745

Why are Genestealer Cults considered bad? Will they really be any harder for a new player to play then any other army?

>> No.74571774

ok arch

>> No.74571780

I don't know if they're "bad", but for a new player they are a pretty challenging army in a lot of ways. First, it's a horde army with expensive boxes so you're looking at a significant monetary commitment for a game you're not even sure you enjoy yet. Second, the sculpts are extremely detailed, so they're easy to fuck up. Third, the gameplay is a bit more involved than typical gunline stand and shoot and until you get a hang of it you're gonna lose, since the units are generally quite squishy.

>> No.74571789

>expensive kits
>even more expensive if you want to run wysiwyg
>rules depend on your opponent not knowing your gimmicks
>CP heavy, during 8th triple battalion was expected just for CP
>using 7+ CP before the game even starts was not a strange sight for GSC
>army skills are locked behind stratagems
>basic screening can fuck your army fast
>GW nerf anything that works instead of buffing things that don’t
You can go on and on

>> No.74571801

>Order of the Flagellant Eunuch

>> No.74571808


>> No.74571826

>Order of The Weeping Wound
>Brotherhood of The Gash
>The Undilated
>Sons of Ma'am
>The 41st Mutilated

>> No.74571842

I've been messing around tts and procrastinating on building my recast order because I can't play in person. I've tried running spears and their shooting doesn't do anything anyways, and most the time vs 6 doesn't matter. How would you split them?

>> No.74571843

The word is "contracted"

>> No.74571857

>>Order of The Weeping Wound
>>Brotherhood of The Gash

>> No.74571892

I always find it odd that this people want to be represented in literally memes of worst regimes in human history.
Like why would anyone want to be represented in the guys killing children in a gulag or bayoneting pregnant woman in a Japanese prisoner camp.

>> No.74571928

>waiting until I’m better at modelling to start my kroot army

Why are kroot so fucking based my dudes?

>> No.74571940

Why do nerds obsess over a single poorly sculpted kit

>> No.74571957

If you keep waiting you'll never start, take that advice from a guy whose suffered from depression for 30 years and has put off every major and minor decision that you can possibly imagine and regrets every second of it and yet still can't find the willpower to start.

>> No.74571978

its because they think that 1984 is a hope for the future and not a cautionary tale

>> No.74571982

What a stupid perspective.

>> No.74571998

oh hey me in five years
wish I had advice for you, but I sure haven't found something that works yet

>> No.74572002

mistrust doesn't mean "ignore this mighty and loyal scion of the emperor".

>> No.74572023

Should I read Eisenhorn or Night Lords first?

>> No.74572033

I get the troon joke but isn't that just 40k grimdark? Like 40% of your troops just get blown to bits before they fight on principle?

>> No.74572066

The 41% is before the even reach the battlefield

>> No.74572073

That 3D printed telemon looks retarded, like trying proxy something with a funko pop

>> No.74572075

yeah they had to make it through the artillery valleys

>> No.74572094

What's the name of that insectoid xenos supposed to live not too far from terra and are a potential major threat?

>> No.74572105

Q'orl swarmhood

>> No.74572119


>> No.74572121


>> No.74572142

Not sure if dense or just retarded

>> No.74572150

that's pretty fukkin cool

>> No.74572172


>> No.74572203

Is Eisenhorn actually good or just a big meme? Also, are the earlier 40k books from the early 2000s like Gaunts Ghosts dated at all?

>> No.74572204

did they ever say HOW you are supposed to deploy it? how far away is the statue etc.

>> No.74572229

It's a quality Hollywood spy action flick in the 40k universe. If you like that sort of thing - it's great.

>> No.74572246

How the Q'orl could work in 40k
>swarm army with high LD but very low toughness and armor
>mostly flying infantry
>highly mobile with strong short ranged guns and good BS, focused on positioning for close ranged volleys
>vehicles which can seperate into smaller parts like their ships are described as doing, come with 'nested' bases so the main body of it is on a large base but the seperating pieces are on smaller ones within it
>no psykers of their own but can use the q'orl mind grub they're described as having (can be a part in the HQ kits) to take other factions psykers as part of their lists with some kind of penalty, like having harder psychic tests for powers to represent the strain on the psyker

>> No.74572251

You guys think I could do a list of Guardian Drones for HQ, Spindles for troops, and then a few mini knights and shit and it not suck?

>> No.74572257

What do you mean by "dated"?

>> No.74572264

I wish to suffer so I built a Nid list. What do you guys think?

++ Battalion Detachment 0CP (Tyranids) ++

+ Configuration +

Battle Size: 3. Strike Force (101-200 Total PL / 1001-2000 Points)

Detachment CP

Hive Fleet: Kronos

+ HQ +

Neurothrope: Power: Catalyst, Resonance Barb

Neurothrope: Power: Symbiostorm, Warlord

+ Troops +

Ripper Swarms
4x Ripper Swarm: 4x Claws and Teeth

Ripper Swarms
3x Ripper Swarm: 3x Claws and Teeth

Ripper Swarms
3x Ripper Swarm: 3x Claws and Teeth

+ Elites +

Hive Guard
6x Hive Guard (Impaler): 6x Impaler Cannon

+ Heavy Support +




++ Patrol Detachment -2CP (Tyranids) ++

+ Configuration +

Detachment CP

Hive Fleet: Jormungandr

+ Stratagems +

Progeny of the Hive

+ HQ +

Tyranid Prime: Devourer, Scything Talons

+ Troops +

Ripper Swarms
4x Ripper Swarm: 4x Claws and Teeth

Tyranid Warriors
Adaptive Physiology: Enhanced Resistance
9xTyranid Warrior: Devourer, Scything Talons

Tyranid Warriors
Adaptive Physiology: Enhanced Resistance
9x Tyranid Warrior: Devourer, Scything Talons

+ Heavy Support +

3x Biovore: 3x Spore Mine Launcher

3x Biovore: 3x Spore Mine Launcher

>> No.74572267


>> No.74572274


>> No.74572280

For Loyalist Dreads? I have a lenient player group so I can run old shit. Twin Heavy Flamer for the right arm, Combat Arm with Heavy Flamer on the left. He's fun when he gets close.

>> No.74572283

Are Thousand Sons any good rn? It's like the only army no one plays in my area.

>> No.74572321

can a flying character use heroic intervention on someone more than 5" away vertically or does that requirement still apply?

>> No.74572335

I read most of the first one last year for the first time before getting distracted and forgetting to finish it, but I did enjoy it when I was reading it. Should really get back and finish it and check the rest of the series while I'm at it. as for GG, aside from certain terminology being different, there really isn't a difference from old and new

>> No.74572393

Blood Ravens are into cucking people and stealing their wives

>> No.74572415


>> No.74573531

Dark Necrons

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