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Talk smack, get the whack edition

Resources (Rules, Lore and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay)
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> Alternative Warhammer Miniatures and Manufacturers
I wrote this a long time ago and it's awful and outdated, just use the 9th age's website

> Warhammer Wikis

> Warhammer Video Games
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For no reason in particular I figured I'd run down the list of Von Carstein vampires ever who were at some point killed or pointedly fucked over by Mannfred. In more or less chronological order. An * next to their name means it was added in 8th edition or the End Times, for those who care.

>Vlad von Carstein
Mannfred orchestrated the theft of his ring.

>Fritz von Carstein
Mannfred's spy assassinated him.

>Pieter von Carstein & an unspecified number of vampiric lieutenants
Mannfred is thought to have orchestrated their assassination by witch hunter Helmut van Hal.

>Konrad von Carstein
Mannfred exacerbated his madness and undermined his reign and war effort.

Mannfred killed her first upon returning to Castle Drakenhof.

>Constantin von Carstein
Mannfred killed him second upon returning to Castle Drakenhof.

>an unspecified number of rival Von Carsteins*
Mannfred killed them upon returning to Sylvania and gathered their ashes to forge the Armour of Templehof.

>the three Carstein Devils*
Mannfred captured and tortured them until they became vargheists, upon which he enslaved them.

>Emmanuelle von Templehof*
Mannfred desecrated her casket in Templehof despite the protestations of her restless spirit.

>Tomas von Carstein*
Mannfred crushed his body and ordered him executed.

>Markos von Carstein*
Mannfred defeated him in a duel and executed him.

>Gunther von Grecht*
Mannfred left him to die on the battlefield, suspecting him of being a spy.

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post comfy stuff

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I feel like End Times did Mannfred a huge disservice, he was always painted as legitimate and credible and then he became a bald mannlet.

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Yeah, he was this scheming and tactically sound vampire who they turned him into Starscream.

>> No.74561742

I've not followed WHF lore all that strictly, when did this change start to happen? Was it just End Times?

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I think at this point only known Carstein he didn't screw over were Isabella and Ulricha.
He also killed Helman "literally who" Ghorst, who was his apprentice at this point
8th ed I think, Blood of Sigmar campaign broke him.
I think he was a pretty swell guy in G&F books, I somehow remember thinking of him as "the reasonable" Carstein, but that might have been just my headcanon

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He didnt really screw over noctillius either

>> No.74561933

He gets talked down to a lot and he's a lot more openly spiteful and impulsive than he was under Savile's pen. On the other hand the battle narratives underscore he's a very adaptable tactician and he always gets his pound of flesh out of the enemy, even if he still ends up shortchanged at the end.

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oh yeah, I always forget about him.
But I think he just fucked off with his castle before Mannfred announced his return.
Maybe he did it to avoid being starscreamed by mannlet

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She ended up in a weird place since her series's author really, really wanted her to be a Lahmian.

>> No.74561959

Afaik he did it because he wasnt actually a very good vampire, so he tried his hand at something where theres less competition

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Wait, you're not talking about Charnel Congress, are you? His inner narration is 120% seething in that one and it's the first thing to exemplify his massive inferiority complex towards Vlad. He even gets a scene where he childishly mulls about how unfair it was for the Congress to oppose him since they couldn't even prove he had had anything to do with Vlad's death.

>> No.74562164

Bullshit. 8th ED and End Times had Mannfred getting shit done. He got fucked a serveral times by Nagash unjustly which made him switch sides. Instead of seeing things from Mannfred's side, people are bitter memeing the character or like you making stuff up.

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Anyone have the audio or ebook of Drachenfels? Fucker was 99c back in May now they want me to pay $30 for it.

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>You try to play lore friendly army compositions in Total War Warhammer
>Get dicked on by Total War fags who don't give a damn about Warhammer and do spam armies
It hurts bros. I just want to do epic battles.

>> No.74563477

Look on audiobook bay.

>> No.74563973

>people who optimize armies do better than people who dont at a wargame
man, if only you had eight editions of a different game to get used to that feeling

>> No.74564087

Aztec themed savage orc army?

>> No.74564095


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I get this feeling exactly. My friend whenever he plays Brettonnia spams nothing but peasant bowmen and trebuchets and thinks its gay that the table top forced you to take cavalry because "cavalry is garbage(in total war), always has been. You never take cavalry unless its missile cavalry!" and when he plays high elves he spams nothing but sisters of avelorn. It infuriates me so, and he has the audacity to call me a casual when I play on normal mode with a mod that forces tabletop army compositions.

>> No.74564874

>cavalry is garbage(in total war), always has been
Thats not strictly true

>forces tabletop army compositions
So high elves now spam swordsmasters and bolt throwers? Certain people take whats good, not whats fluffy. The difference between TWW and the TT is only what exactly is good (and that you can actually fight top tier shit with suboptimal armies if you play your cards right)

>> No.74564905

>he has the audacity to call me a casual when I play on normal mode
Hes objectively right though.

>> No.74564951

I built a sort of Demi-lancer using State Trooper, Pistolier, Empire Knight and Greatsword parts.
The arms look a bit weird though, I might have to think of something for the next one.

>> No.74564964

>>cavalry is garbage(in total war), always has been
>Thats not strictly true
yeah but he hasent played an old total war game in ages. He refuses to do so because theyre old, which equals bad in his mind it seems like sometimes.

>>forces tabletop army compositions
>So high elves now spam swordsmasters and bolt throwers?
No, the mod has these little "troop type points", where you can only have something like 8 special points, four rare points, and unlimited troop points. It's rather balanced nicely since you see High Elves with spearmen and archers instead of nothing but shadow warriors and whatnot. Empire armies got spearmen and crossbowmen out the wazoo.

the game was designed with the intent of being palyed with normal mode. Hard mode is a meme put up with by artificial difficulty. Its not won by superior tactics or nation management, its won by save-scumming and corner camp like a WAACfag bitch.

>> No.74565179

>with spearmen and archers
It would just be the other elven stack then (pure archers)

>> No.74565244

Hard is the normal difficulty, its the medium difficulty between easy and legendary.

>save scumming
Not really? Legendary is won by the use of certain strategies sure, but savescumming isnt particularly relevant to the win (hell, its impossible on legendary proper afaik)

>> No.74565305

Should I start making sub armies dedicated to other gods or should I just stick with tzeentch forever?

>> No.74565321

>Its not won by superior tactics or nation management
It is, just not in the way you want. You do need to be more optimised with economy and public order on higher difficulties due to increased upkeep and public order penalty, and the increased difficulty in battles does require better tactics.

The issue is that those better tactics are largely just "abuse the system"

>> No.74565374

Under-arm chads in the house.

>> No.74565918


>> No.74565951

Don't forget to make atleast one Giant in the vein of Dm Gashbad's

>> No.74565964

>The issue is that those better tactics are largely just "abuse the system"

Its why much as I love Dwarves I find their campaign so dull.

>turn 123, its now your 200th game setting up in the corner of the field and shooting anything over 3 foot tall
>turn 124, its a rare siege battle, time to deploy your troops in the square and shoot anything that crosses the wall.

>> No.74566030

To be fair "deploy far away and shoot the fucker" is pretty TT and lore accurate to how dwarves fight.

Also theres the "put your thane in the gate so they cant open it and shoot through at them" strat, thats also good to do

>> No.74566100

Actually, outside of how many ironbreakers and organ guns they use, dwarven armies are fairly lore friendly.

Vampires are also pretty lore friendly in terms of composition, even if I cant remember a battle where the entire undead horde crammed itself into a small space to make a literal ball of skeletons.

Are there any other factions that are lore friendly in terms of your stack comp? Maybe bestigor spam khazrak? shadow walker alith anar?

>> No.74566770

Normal mode is the best one to play on. Not because of army spam or whatever, but because you don't get artificial penalties to public order and your enemies don't get all sorts of bonuses. You can actually play the game and make use of multiple strategies instead of having a Hero causing a revolt in an enemy province be too unfeasible, or having to constantly waste money on armies just sitting around in your own lands so public order doesn't go down.

>> No.74566830

Normal is a mode where you literally cant lose even if youre literally braindead, playing on anything less than hard is a waste of time, may as well save yourself the effort and just watch the campaign victory screen.

>armies for public order
You know that heroes, buildings and commandments all provide public order right? Who are you playing, wood elves?

>> No.74566974

Yea, by effectively removing supply lines and public order as mechanics.

>> No.74567117

And hard is a level of "difficulty" that sets out to waste my time and force me to spam and focus on the tactics that feasibly work just so I can finish a game within my lifetime. Yes most factions get various ways to have public order bonuses, but then there's plenty of ways to lose them - a recently conquered territory or one you lost and retook, corruption of various kinds, even events.

>> No.74567149

Total War is the most overrated strategy vidya series ever. I wish someone made like an ancients or medieval version of Combat Mission.

>> No.74567407

Here's a link to a blog that goes in detail on how to make a Bretonnia army without GW models. Found some interesting online stores through it. Sharing for posterity.

>> No.74567414

>but then there's plenty of ways to lose them - a recently conquered territory or one you lost and retook, corruption of various kinds, even events.
Wow, its almost like its a mechanic you actually have to somewhat think about instead of just expanding as fast as you can with no mind to consolidation or the building of defenses! Unless you are playing wood elves public order is not impossible to maintain, it just means you have to actually manage the territories you have and pay attention to corruption.

>force me to spam
You arent forced into anything, certainly not on hard anyways. You just wont instantly roll over everything with whatever you felt like throwing into an army.

>focus on the tactics that feasibly work
Yes, instead of just rolling over impotent foes that cant hope to threaten you, you now have to put some (not too much (or much at all if you use the right strategy) ) thought into what youre doing. I would dare say thats the whole point of a STRATEGY game.

>> No.74567416

The game is fairly simple to beat even on legendary with most factions though there are some outliers

>> No.74567494

>there are some outliers
>cries in WE, Beastmen and WoC
Still, theyll get updates eventually, and then theyll be at least Orc tier.

>> No.74567706

He beat him up pretty bad in ET, twice if I remember correct, but it's still stupid because Sigmar is a god and Archaon is just some guy who's not even at Aenarion levels of powerful, but all the godly gifts in the world can't outweigh a kiloton of plot armor.

In AoS they only "fight" once and Sigmar throws his hammer or something and Archaon dodges it and then the hammer's gone then Sigmar retreats. It's equally as dumb as ET but it shows up in an early White Dwarf article from when the setting was basically in beta, still with all those "have a moustache and get +1 to rolls" rules. Sigmar in current AoS lore is waaay stronger.

>> No.74567720

Aside from Paracox grandstrats I've never seen a strategy game where the difficulty varies so wildly though. On VH Dwarfs are put-you-to-sleep ez, but Imrik is unwinnable if you don't wipe out Eshin and Red Cloud by turn 10.

>> No.74567998

Play the medieval 2 warhammer mod
Beginning of the End Times

>> No.74568156

Aenarion is a cuck that died to four Greater Daemons. Stop being a lorelet.

Archaon and Sigmar fought twice in the End Times.

The first time was before we were told that Karl Franz's corpse was now housing Sigmar. Archaon used the Eye of Sheerin to rip the Wind of Heavens from Sigmar and beat him up. Before he could finish him, the Slayer King empowered with the Wind of Fire confronted Archaon and duelled him before ALLAH AKBARING the whole city to kill Archaon. It didn't work.

The second time was during the final battle. Prior to their fight, Grimgor headbutted Archaon which shattered the Eye of Sheerin. The lore says because he had lost his Eye, he couldn't rip the Winds of Heaven like he did this time. Archaon this time around was fighting Sigmar at his full strength. Sigmar was clearly the stronger warrior in the fight. He shattered the Slayer of Kings which robbed Archaon of a great measure of his power and then he YEETED into the chasm.

Aeons later in AoS, Archaon who is now a demigod of Chaos engaged Sigmar in the battle of Burning Skies. Sigmar realised that he cannot beat Archaon in a straight up fight so he threw his hammer. And you know how that ended up.

So in ETs it's 1-1.

In AoS. It's 1-0.

>> No.74568263

>Aenarion is a cuck that died to four Greater Daemons
And killed three of them in one swing apiece, preceded by hundreds if not thousands of other daemons, including a daemon prince he killed in one spearthrow.

Okay, yeah, he lost that fight because of Archaon's Eye, but he still wounded him. It wasn't a curbstomp compared to the second battle, which most assuredly was.

Sigmar "realizing he can't beat Archaon in a straight up fight" was from July(?) of 2015, so as the setting was just getting started. Later on the lore was elaborated that Sigmar at the helm of Order was "almost omnipotent" and Chaos was on its last legs until the Aelves fucked errythang up. The hammer throw's still there but with no further mention of Sigmar being "unable" to beat Archaon. It was a silly move back when the lore wasn't all there all so they could make a dumb throwback to the Legend of Sigmar where one of his men is like "bruh throwin ur hammer will lose u a battle 1 day lol" and nothing more, so I like to think that nowadays it would've been written differently, since unless you wanna say Archaon > Chaos Gods Sigmar would have no issue beating him man to man. For all his power Archaon is just a guy, and Sigmar is still a god.

>> No.74568283

>Stop being a lorelet
Are you the same fagboy who thinks "god and daemon trembled at Aenarion's wrath" meant the elven gods because the chaos gods eh super strong and doesn't afraid of anything?

>> No.74568411

I mean yeah, try reading the book you poser.

>> No.74568415

It was him and his dragon. And he would have died without his dragon. Incarnates and Archaon killed Greater daemons with each. Nagash with crusing bloodthisters with his bare hand and that was depowered Nagash. Aenarion is not on the same league as them.

>Sigmar "realizing he can't beat Archaon in a straight up fight" was from July(?) of 2015,
You really need to brush up in the lore. The retellings of that fuck up all agree that Sigmar did not want to risk it in fighting Archaon. The latest telling said that Sigmar didn't want to engage Archaon because on top of him being a deadly foe, Archaon had a sword that can kill gods.

The Battle of Burning Skies was the FINAL HURRAH of the forces of Order. Chaos was on the verge of victory after Nagash betrayed them by allowing Sigmar to use his gate to the Allpoint. Most of Order Gods including Gorkamorka were there. They were smashing face but then Archaon appeared. Sigmar NOPE'ed and threw his hammer at him. Turned out it was an illusion and his hammer which is the source of most of his power got YEETED into a rift. With most of his power lost Sigmar was forced to retreat. With the leader of their pantheon gone, the other gods retreated as well. Chaos massacred the Order armies and then conquered all realms save Azyr.

>> No.74568429

Take your ET /AoS discussion elsewhere pelase.

>> No.74568458


>Actual lore says that daemons were drawn to him by the countless hosts
>his sword couldn't perma-kill N'kari or any daemon.

>> No.74568466

>Incarnates and Archaon killed Greater daemons with each. Nagash with crusing bloodthisters with his bare hand
Had Aenarion also been given silly retcons to fit bad lore he probably could've suplexed them then. Not a fair comparison.
>he latest telling said that Sigmar didn't want to engage Archaon because on top of him being a deadly foe, Archaon had a sword that can kill gods
Yeah, and he'd rather kill him in one swift strike to demoralize Chaos than get in a full-on fight. It'd be like Melkor vs Fingolfin. Doesn't mean they're the same powur levul.
>The Battle of Burning Skies was the FINAL HURRAH of the forces of Order
You mean until the Age of Sigmar when Sigmar incinerated daemon legions by looking at them angrily.

>> No.74568474

*Nagash betrayed them by allowing Archaon to use his gate to the Allpoint.

>> No.74568476

>chaos throws everything it has to kill him
>this means he was weak
>no daemon ever came back and his fight with n'kari was before he got the sword
try again lil nig
unless 8e retcons that last part which for all i know it does but 8e is the big retard

>> No.74568495

>This is what chaosfags see when they read lore
So it's like dyslexia but it gives you bad taste in fiction.

>> No.74568522

>drive a tank through enemy lines
>enemies converge to try to kill you
>"ugh this sucks they must think we're pussies"

>> No.74568534

>Doesn't mean they're the same powur levul.
They aren't at the same level. Archaon is stronger.Plus he personally duelled and defeated Nagash multiple times. Nagash being often described as Sigmar's equal.

>when Sigmar incinerated daemon legions by looking at them angrily.
Sigmar never fought in Age of Sigmar. He plays a support role now. Exclusively.

>> No.74568560

Except when his vengeance literally burned away daemon hosts.
>Archaon is stronger
>Nagash being often described as Sigmar's equal
Equal in influence, but Nagash is a necromancer lore whose main selling point is being able to harness souls and infinite legions of the undead that are immune to Chaos corruption and can't be negotiated with or intimidated by Order, not that he can beat people up. Sigmar on the other hand is a warrior-god. I suggest you go to /aosg/ and get educated instead of spouting off memes/bait/ignorance.

>> No.74568585

What? No. The lore says that most of the forces were up north for the daemon prince wars or were besieging Lustria.

>unless 8e retcons that last part which for all i know it does but 8e is the big retard

So you admit that N'kari wasn't perma-killed by the Widowmaker because 8th ED gives a timeline of the events. Aenarion picked up the sword AFTER N'kari killed his waifu Everqueen. He took out his revenge on N'kari. N'kari was not perma-killed. So....

>> No.74568626

>because 8th ED gives a timeline of the events
Because 8th ed retcons most old lore in retarded ways. Yes, you're right according to 8th ed. Prior to that, you're wrong. That's just how it is. The only single source that says otherwise is an audiobook most people have never heard of that retells the events, but what it describes isn't matched by any other source and definitely none of the armybooks.

>> No.74568648

I hope you realize most people don't like 8(proto)e(t)'s fluff, also.

>> No.74568672

>Except when his vengeance literally burned away daemon hosts.
When did that happen?

>Equal in influence, but Nagash is a necromancer lore whose main selling point is being able to harness souls and infinite legions of the undead that are immune to Chaos corruption and can't be negotiated with or intimidated by Order, not that he can beat people up. Sigmar on the other hand is a warrior-god. I suggest you go to /aosg/ and get educated instead of spouting off memes/bait/ignorance.
Nah. Nagash is often goes to war. He doesn't shy away from from combat. He has a history of slaughtering dozens of Greater Daemons like they are chaff. He is a warrior god as much as Sigmar.

It just happens that both of them suck compared to Archaon Everchosen.

>> No.74568709

Nah. 8th ED and the audiobook by Gav Thorpe aka the elf guy gave us a clear timeline of events that led to the Aenarion grabbing the sword. Prior it was disjointed.

So it's not a retcon. It's restructuring of the story.

>> No.74568755

Y'all AoS faggots just fuck off.

>> No.74568772

Cool. Doesn't say Sigmar < Archaon though.
>8th ed
Yeah, the one no one likes because the fluff's bad.
>the audiobook
That doesn't line up with anything else.
>by Gav Thorpe
Who Warhammer fans definitely adore.
>Prior it was disjointed
Yes, as it should be.
>It's restructuring of the story
In a stupid way to negate the fact Aenarion had a sword capable of killing gods but couldn't apparently kill daemons. I'll stick with my 7e version, ty.

>> No.74568784

>He has a history of slaughtering dozens of Greater Daemons like they are chaff
You mean daemons that would disintegrate in the mere presence of Sigmar. Really, if you're not baiting and actually just don't know the lore, go check /aosg/ and get educated. It's changed alot since 2015. And if you're baiting, suck my balls fagnac.

>> No.74568786

>8th edition and Gav Thorpe's audiobook as a source
You're either oblivious how retarded you are or truly shitposting.

>> No.74568800

>gav thorpe tries to push dumb changes to the setting that only he wants that don't match up with anything else

>> No.74568819

Wrap up your autistic shitfit or take it somewhere where people might care about it, I suggest /aosg/.

No-one cares which one of your ebin donut steel sues coul totes beat the other one or whatever else.

>> No.74568859

>Cool. Doesn't say Sigmar < Archaon though.

Other sources already said that.

>Yeah, the one no one likes because the fluff's bad.
>That doesn't line up with anything else.
Lines up with what we know from the elf 8th ED army books.
>Yes, as it should be.
Then you don't know for sure if he killed N'kari with or without the sword.
>Aenarion had a sword capable of killing gods
Psst....Elf Gods and beings of Chaos are in two different ballparks.

Elf Gods were turned into physical semi-mortal beings when the Chaos Gods banished them to the WHFB world. That's something a daemon or Chaos God cannot be.

>> No.74568874

It hasn't changed in almost 8 years.

>You have autistically been arguing about the fluff for years and years now. Literally years of these threads full of the same, exact, repeated, arguments all as autistic, petty and pointless as the next. Why can't you talk about the actual game, and how you use this encyclopedic knowledge of fluff not to screech at each other incessantly, not to try and act superior because you prefer X faction over Y, but to actually augment and improve your tabletop experiences and inspire your creative skills in modelling and storytelling.

>> No.74568894

>You mean daemons that would disintegrate in the mere presence of Sigmar

Never happened. Sigmar had to manually hammer or lightning them. If it's changed then prove it.

>> No.74568921

Though in fairness most of it is because of dedicated shitposting coupled with people who trip over their feet rushing to respond. The problem is boredom, having nothing else to talk about, even if it's bait-and-switch autism for hours on end it gives us all something to do, shitposters and fishanons alike.

>> No.74568922

Dude. Fluff jousting is fun as fuck. You should try it sometime.

>> No.74568946

7e and 8e WFB are in two different ballparks. Hell, 6e and 7e are in two different ballparks. From 4e onward the fluff has varied pretty hard from edition to edition, either the stories themselves or the way they're presented.

>> No.74568962

It's two or more sweaty bored nerds slamming their keyboards while chugging soda and popping acne absentmindedly

>> No.74568981

Its not even a fun topic, its just "well I can suck !jesus conans dick much harder than you can felate that dude from dragonfable!"

Ill take a slow thread honestly, theres something rather comfy about them, much better than a constant stream of asinine crap caused by two retards crying about how their dudes need to be the strongest.

You know what ISNT fun?
>X isnt cannon Y is canon
>nuh huh! Y isnt canon X is canon
repeated to infinity

>> No.74569052

A little different but during the Age of Chaos they couldn't break into Azyr so they sent in throngs of refugees who were actually sorcerers and cultists, and Sigmar found out and quite literally descended onto the cities and incinerated every single Chaos cultist in the realm in one night with lightning.

>> No.74569274

Gav wrote the fluff where Aenarion fights N'Kari in the first place.

>> No.74569321

>when he plays high elves he spams nothing but sisters of avelorn
Well of course he is, Sisters of Avelorn are some of, if not the best, archers in TWW

>> No.74569349

No he didn't. Or post source.

>> No.74569371

How the fuck is that relevant to WFB?

>> No.74569379

High Elves 7th edition

>> No.74569435

Neither 6th or 7th ed HE were written by Gav, you dumbass.

>> No.74569453

Not him. Gav is said by Phil Kelly to have been the overlord of WHFB during 6th ED while Andy Chamber was the overlord of 40K 3rd edition.

>> No.74569579

Its waywatchers that are the best

Sisters and shades with the general trait are in contention for second and third.

>> No.74569584

No further questions retard. I bet you're the same guy who thinks that thorpe wrote entire 6th fluff because some other retard claims that "loremaster" actually meant shit, and you (being a dumb cunt) just picked it up and mindlessly repeat it.

>> No.74569809

He was really bad about it too. Defending him for being le loremastur is like defending Jar Jar because le auteur.

>> No.74570031

Everything written in 6th ED was under his overwatch. And if you watch or read interviews from past and recent GW and BL writers they constantly call him the loremaster of warhammer.

It has been reported that GW had consulted with him on many lore issues after he left GW. Like retconning of the Morathi being Slaaneshi.

>> No.74570072

Nah, not retarded enough to shit where I eat.

>> No.74570080

>And if you watch or read interviews from past and recent GW and BL writers
You mean the 3-4 dudes who were his friends, right? Are you gonna ignore all the people who said working at GW was a nightmare because of distant management, vague corporate deadlines, and ass-kissing nepotism? Or how pretty much every writer did their own thing with minimal involvement with dudes outside their friend circles?
>It has been reported that GW had consulted with him on many lore issues after he left GW
Mostly 8e, which is how we got Fantasy turning into 40k, Aelvedar, Archaon wank, and so on.

Great fuckin' loremaster.

>> No.74570107

Literally, I know he's shitposting but I've seen unironic Gav defenders do the same thing as unironic Lucas defenders.
>jarjar is such a stupid character, what a shitty decision by george
>nuh uh george made star wars

To use a food analogy it's the chef telling the customer to go fuck himself because his food can't be bad because he made it and he's the chef so therefore it's not bad. And the (bait) posts match up with it
>gav's writing was stupid and shitty, what a bad author
>nuh uh no he wasn't he was the loremaster

>> No.74570177

>Are you gonna ignore all the people who said working at GW was a nightmare because of distant management, vague corporate deadlines, and ass-kissing nepotism? Or how pretty much every writer did their own thing with minimal involvement with dudes outside their friend circles?
Citation needed. I have read a ton of interviews and see postings on social media. They are all friends.
>Mostly 8e,
Late 7th ed.
8th ed is Matt's edition.

>>nuh uh no he wasn't he was the loremaster
The edition he presided over is considered the golden age of WHFB.

>> No.74570211

>The edition he presided over is considered the golden age of WHFB
Ruleswise yes. Not lorewise. The usual opinion I see is that it's too grimdark and tryhard about being edgy. As for Gav he was the laughing stock of storyshitters because of his awful and nonsensical decisions. 6e was well-liked in spite of Gav, not because of.

>> No.74571044

Maybe I should mod Ghost Archipelago to work as a Mordheim alt.
Seems a better use of time.

>> No.74572206

My black arks were loaded to the teeth with corsairs darkshards and riders. I sacked so many ports with such a cheap and simple stack

>> No.74573722


What do you think GW though the general fan reaction of everyone to tripping on a banana peel simultaneously while a giant anus opened up in the sky and begins to disgorge taco's while Sigmar and Ulric got pegged by the lady of the lake who was Morathi cosplaying the whole time was going to be? I enjoyed the part where Khazrak the One-Eye whipped out her huge tits and had sex with the whole Middenheim guard at once. I thought that was a very interesting arc.

>> No.74573869

I think the best thing that AoS did when they remade the new lore was making Franz a trans person. The old setting was very lacking in any decent representation because of how limiting it was to real world parralells and geography, fuck that noise.

I know poltards will seeth at AoS eternally for destroying their eurowank game.

>> No.74573877

God Warhammer fantasy models are fucking shit, even basic stuff from AoS is better.

>> No.74573924

it really is a shame that it took so long for transpeople to be represented in Warhammer. It makes sense though given that Orcs are asexual and reproduce without assigned genders.

>> No.74573925

Post this one more time and will fucking murder you you price of literal human garbage. Can you fuck off you literal human scumbag /pol/tard incel virgin white trash fucker?

>> No.74573953

Orcs are a great point of representation for asexual people. I love what AoS did for for representation by actually giving us an interesting setting that GW can work with to add more sexualities and characters. Fantasy is poopy in that regard.

>> No.74573956

have sex

>> No.74573977

How can people look at posts like this and act like SJWs aren't an infestation on every hobby they touch.

>> No.74573988

Fuck off tranny

>> No.74574015


>> No.74574064


>> No.74574069

One of the best non binary factions are the bony Bois in AoS

Fuck gender binaries

>> No.74574078


>> No.74574084

Was Sigmar and Ulric getting pegged by Morathi cosplaying as the lady of the lake supposed to be a metaphor for something? Like something about the creep of corruption or was is just a subtle nod to the sexual deviance of chaos?

>> No.74574089

Warhammer isn't real life.

>> No.74574099

Are you that upset for being called out in the 40k thread for ruining /tg/?

>> No.74574112

Are you that upset for not being based?

>> No.74574123

that's too specific bro

>> No.74574126

Just let the /pol/tards have their dumb little hissy fit until the mods ban then. I get a laugh out of chuds when they get upset here.

>> No.74574139

Are you people real, what are you even talking about?

>> No.74574149

what are some good books to read to get into the lore
especially if i really like Tomb Kings

>> No.74574151

All urks must fucking hang

>> No.74574159

Sigmar forbids this

>> No.74574200

there's a great one about how the tomb kings enrich altdorf

>> No.74574231

Okay, where is she wrong exactly? Warhammer fantasy is a shit setting compared to sigmar

>> No.74574235

Ill get the rope

>> No.74574239

It's THEY you fucking shitlord.

>> No.74574246

But you're the one posting it.

>> No.74574252

if it's so shit why you keep visiting this thread

>> No.74574275

because I like castles and high fantasy is gay

>> No.74574291

Hey buddy, I think you got the wrong door. The space marines in rainbowland is two block down >>74558834

>> No.74574306

I think this actually highlights see me real glaring faults with Warhammer fantasy as a setting and why the change to AoS was neccesary, even if she's not conveying it well she's making some solid points here.

Warhammer fantasy is a game stuck in the past, and it's not a good past. The overall to Evans them is a nationalist edgefest mixed with hard Tolkien archtypes. It's not only uninteresting, but because it's based on these old themes fr a time where progressiveism hadn't taken off yet, you get things like all white countries and racist elves. It's just old and gross. How are you supposed to have represntation in an outdated work of geographicly interwined people instead of a more modern and good cosmopolitan setting? Chuds like to rail about the lore and sticking to it, and with WHF they really did not have any lore room. So they started over and made a setting where they could represent people. And chuds lost it.

Warhammer Fantasy is a setting that needs to be left behind, in the games too. It's not the 80s anymore, we expect black and trans characters.

>> No.74574319

The chuds are out in full force I see

>> No.74574322

Kill yourself transphobe, they're are a THEY.

>> No.74574325


>> No.74574337

what the fuck is chud?
chad I guess?

>> No.74574343

I would say terrible bait but somehow you got 4 so well played

>> No.74574350

It’s really about how humanity’s always getting fucked over by elves. The cosplay is supposed to represent how elves will use their perfidious ways to attempt to infiltrate and subvert human realms by assuming positions of power, and fuck them over in a friendly guise. Bretonnia is the most prominent example, so LotL is a good choice. Morathi is what every elf really is at their core underneath the finery: a degenerate schemer always planning to make things harder for humans.

>> No.74574358

it's a chad who likes fantasy over shitmar

>> No.74574370

so my next question is what did Raimi mean by this?

>> No.74574432

>even if she's not conveying it well she's making some solid points here.

>racial superiority is funny when skaven do it but when elves do it it's problematic because they're actually superior
god go away

>> No.74574439

There’s a lot of guesswork when it comes to the shit GW got out of his stint as creative director. I for one was shocked by the lore entry he wrote about the Skaven attempting to assume control of the empire by partially shaving some of their clan rats and using warpstone-based rituals to make them look somewhat human to use as political agents. I really don’t understand how we as the reader were supposed to believe imperial citizens would be fooled by the disguise, it just seems a little unrealistic.

>> No.74574448

One is drawing from and even perpetuating real world supremacists movements, one is silly rat people being haughty and fun. You fucking chuds never cease to amaze me.

>> No.74574489

your mom never ceases to amaze me in bed
and the kitchen
lovely woman

>> No.74574505

This has to be a troll

>> No.74574562

The more you read into it the funnier it gets when you start thinking about it.

>> No.74574574

Chuds are cool. A bunch of cannabalistic mutants lurking in the sewers and cellars to eat you that were caused by big government fuckups and socialist corruption in the ruined hellhole of New York.

>> No.74574575

Typical poltard non argument

Are ideas you don't like bothering you?

>> No.74574582

You must be divorced from reality if you think New York is in any way "Ruined"

>> No.74574583

Orcs and goblins warband.
Lead by either an orc or goblin big boss
M4 F +3/+2 S-1/+0 A11/10 W+2/+3 H20/15
Orc big boss allows use of +1 orc specialist
Goblin big boss increases warband size by +2
Cannot get Heritor abilities..

Orc or goblin shaman
M4 F+2/+1 S-1/+0 A11/10 W+2 H16/14
Normal warden paths, up to two spells at +4 to cast.
Also orcs have foot of Gork on 5+(drop a template that rolls a fight on all hit with +1 and adds +2 damage). If you roll a 1 or a 20 then they place the template.
Goblin shamans get eyes of mork on a 7+, which lowers the will of target within 16" by -1 until end of game.

Runtz are the crew stand in, just goblins that can be given standard crew loadouts.
M4 F+1 S+0 A9 W-1 H10

Orc boy with standard crew loadout
M4 F+2 S-1 A11 W+0 H12
50 gold
Orc arrer boy
M4 F+2 S+0 A12 W+1 H11
65 gold
Goblin archers
M4 F+0 S+1 A10 W-1 H10
15 gold
Savage orc with normal crew loadout
M4 F+3 S+0 A11 W-1 H13
65 gold
Savage orc arrer boy
M4 F+2 S+1 A11 W-1 H13
75 gold
Black orc with heavy armor and standard crew loadout
M3 F+3 S+0 A13 W+2 H12
85 gold

>> No.74574608

have her send over my shirt please
and some of her lasagna

>> No.74574613

>No /40kg/ up
>Quality of posts drops dramatically.

>> No.74574621

ruined like your mom's ass lmao

>> No.74574624

It was literally better back in the 70s and 80s. At least it was a cheap shithole where you didn't have to pay 25,000 a month and the same in taxes to lease a shitty store front.

>> No.74574626

What bothers me is that you are spamming a thread about a particular hobby with stuff that, while acceptable to discuss, has no place being here.
Its like going to a mass and start arguing with the congregation about socio economic politics of the middle east.
So, to put it kindly, please stop or find another place to discuss these ideas. If not, post models or hobby realted stuff such as ongoing painting proyects, terrain, etc

>> No.74574631

it's Erebus again dude

>> No.74574644

Stupid ideas that are not based in reality, actively make the situation they proclaim to alleviate worse, encourage racism and have nothing to do with playing a tabletop wargame being spammed in a thread that is not intended for political discussion do, yes. It's like if I came into your house and started showing you 80s ero anime. A lot more enjoyable, and less harmful, sure but you wouldn't appreciate it.

>> No.74574659

White fragility is so laughable to see.

>> No.74574662

>it's Erebus again dude
Please explain

>> No.74574670

your moms attempt at head was pretty laughable, but she had the spirit I guess

>> No.74574675

Again, its a hobby thread. Dont like it? The doors there. Try and be funny somewhere else

>> No.74574684

some shit heel who ruins every thread for fun

>> No.74574713

I see. Thanks for clarifying

>> No.74574735

what, you want some deep lore or something?

>> No.74574760

Here, looks like he's branching out

>> No.74574761

No, but I didnt know what you were talking about and I was thanking you for telling me

>> No.74574776

When are fucks going to stop pretending that everything exist in a vacume and is politically neutral.

Or pretending wanting a game to be more have women and people of color in it is some grand political statement.

>> No.74574785

when I get a full budget warhammer porn game

>> No.74574805

You want more women or non-whites in your game? Model them up, paint them uo and put them on the table. Then take photos and post them here.

>> No.74574841

can we get this guy on /twg/? thanks.

>> No.74575243

im new to the franchise and hobby so i dont know if youre being sarcastic or funny

>> No.74575329

I think I've had enough of you retards, every thread I've read lately has at least one major derail, most threads two. Mostly because some friendless gameless retard gets their kicks marking up the thread with projectile diarrhoea sperging out about the fluff for a hundred or so posts at a time. This fuckwit you hollowheaded cunts can't help feeding might as well have a 20ft high neon sign saying "false flag" but you profoundly stupid retards can't help but bite. And by retards I don't mean you're just fucking dimwits, I'm more and more convinced several of you would actually be mentally disabled.

If I was a troll I really think I'd enjoy trolling this general in particular; seeing how obvious I could make the bait and still net (You)s. I have no doubt that's what's happened upthread.

Stop feeding the trolls.

>> No.74575384

>He also killed Helman "literally who" Ghorst
Wasn't it a witch hunter who did that? Alberich von Korden, I think.

>> No.74575557

TL;DR bait

>> No.74575837

Is this a joke they made Karl Franz trans?

>> No.74576400

So does anyone still play 4e? It looked like a solid "meh" to me, hated how they handled careers, but that was back before they had a chance to release much supplemental material.

>> No.74577047

Grimdark and edgy is good though. Maybe My Little Pony is more your speed, or some Bible cartoon.

>> No.74577192

>The usual opinion I see is that it's too grimdark and tryhard about being edgy

>> No.74577253

Last of the pikemen done and dusted

>> No.74577265

The whole unit ready to be employed in Tilea

>> No.74577343

>usual opinion about 6th
>not a few months fresh meme from this board only

>> No.74577366

that was the implication anon, yes

>> No.74577739

This guy is trolling you.

KF may be the Celestant prime. There is nothing to indicate he or the Celestant Prime is trans.

He is triggering you with SJW scare mongering or you are in fact the same poster trying to shitpost and generate a controversy.

Either way low tier bait AOS shill

>> No.74578131

Decided to treat myself a few weeks back and picked up a box of Chaos Warriors, always loved the look of these guys. I'm thinking that they're strongly infused with chamon, thus the heavy gold/brass aesthetic, but I'm not sure what to do with their shields and the cloaks/furs. Also, should I do their eyes gold? I've not painted for 15 or so years, so this is doubly enjoyable but I want to do it all right.

>> No.74578466

There was an anon here last thread who was asking about headswapping his harry the hammer. Anon, if your still here, do you still have the spare harry head? I just ordered one and he arrived headless,so looking for a replacement

>> No.74578566

In the end I didnt go with a headswap, the head I planned to use looked weird due to how harry's neck is compared to other chaos torsos

>> No.74578658

Leave the shields black and alternate the fur colors brown black, white to break up the uniformity.

For their eyes, paint them white and then glaze the white with the color of your choice to get a lazy mans glow effect. It will work well with helmets and skull heads

Most importantly buy more models and start a WOC army you know in your heart it is a must.

>> No.74578738

ah snap, thanks for the quick reply at least anon. Got a sealed version to make sure it had all the components, and then get slapped with it lacking a head, so feeling like a fuckwit rn

>> No.74578766

I was thinking about drybrushing the furs or cloaks with a metallic colour just to keep with the chamon-metallic theme. Might do the shields in a light bronze highlight on the stars too, white on the eyes is a nice idea also, hope my shaky hands can pull that one off.
Don't tempt me, I just like the look of the Chaos Warriors, I have no interest at all in marauders or any of that rubbish Though I may get some Knights, they're so fucking chunky and cool

>> No.74578807

>I have no interest at all in marauders or any of that rubbish
Warrios and knights are all you need, also a nice beefy chaos lord.

>> No.74579555

Repurposing bloodreavers into forsaken/marauders/something

Only issue is I dont really have any demon/beastmen bits, so I might have to either overuse greenstuff or have to think of something else

>> No.74579753


This is what I mean by glow effect. It is easy to manage because you dont have to be super precise, just get some white in there and hit it with the glaze.

>> No.74579874

what about flayerkin?

>> No.74579895

>KF may be the Celestant prime
no, he's not. we know he doesn't come from the old world.

>> No.74579901

fill me in on them anon.

>> No.74580036

Oh I see, I've never used any glazes before, I'll see if I can pick some up sometime. Thanks anon.

>> No.74580389

are you a chaos lord always in search of cheap and fast to produce siege equipment? do you have a fancy for wanton cruelty and plenty of disposable bodies? piles of unused chains, spikes and hooks gathering dust after your last ritual to the dark gods? (of course you do)
then you are in luck! by summoning your closest flesh crafter (demonic or verminous it matters not) you too may start creating FLAYERKINS!
FLAYERKINS! the last fashion in siege equipment of any self respecting warlord joining archaon in his siege of middenheim (or a vintage tradition depending on what side of the chaos wastes you come from)
a mixture of man, slave, something less than man and with wicked blades replacing their severed arms capable of hacking at ranks of weakling southerners in a shower of gore and flailing limbs just as efficiently as they can scale steep fortress walls and watchtowers without need of further equipment or instructions
but their best feature is their senseless resilience: 9 out of 9 tzeentchians, in fact, will recommend you to attach dangling chains and ropes to the bodies of the flayerkin, as even should they die on their way to scale a castle's defences, they will keep on gripping to the rock, allowing more of your troops to use the aforementioned attachments to climb quickly and not lose ground, or time!
find out more by contacting the local skaven of clan moulder or ask for any veteran of the storm of chaos for further reviews on the quality of FLAYERKINS!

>> No.74580505

note: soul-captures are for commeecial purposes only, results may vary

>> No.74580531

the product is in no way shape or form associated to the siege giants of the dawi zharr

>> No.74580944

I love it, still need to paint mine

>> No.74581189

Not when it's annoyingly gratuitous.

>> No.74581209

What the fuck happened to this general

>> No.74581249

Alright lads, I'm about to start a campaign in Altdorf dealing with investigating and exposing a cult after a local in the neighbourhood the characters live in got murdered under strange circumstances. What are some things I should include and think of? The characters are a dwarf lawyer, halfling artist and human rat-catcher if it matters.

>> No.74581353

The battle-beasts are done (well, outside of being rebased to sqaure bases and being painted, and maybe having more bits stuck on when I get more gubbinz)

>> No.74581410


>> No.74581485

The street of 100 taverns is mandatory.

>> No.74581505

If wood elves have Welsh accents, and dark elves are Canadian, what does that make High and Sea elves?

>> No.74581623

High elves speak like American Newscasters, sea elves speak like Quebecians

>> No.74581969

Are you the anon with the hundred or so pikemen? Love to see them painted

>> No.74582067

Just started working on Hein-, I mean a regular necromancer.

>> No.74582096

The skin is coming along nicely

>> No.74582624

Does anyone know where I can find empire soldiers from a 3rd party that look better than GW's and have the right scale/proportions? Most of the empire style soldiers I can find are either derpy 1970s ass looking sculpts, or their proportions are designed to mimic real life so they look goofy next to heroic proportion models.

>> No.74582668

Autism, dear Anon, autism

>> No.74582715

Avatars of War look great, but theyre mostly heroes and shit

Norba miniatures are pretty good and do some empire afaik, also MoM might have some stuff

>> No.74582957

How are people prepping for The Old World? New to WHFB and want to get an army started before the game drops.

>> No.74582989

Prepping 2+ years in advance seems a bit early. People are mostly just throwing preemptive shitfits about women and bear cavalry

>> No.74582999

Does anyone know if there is there any complete archive/gallery for all the Warhmmer Online concept art?

>> No.74583018

I heard this in the voice of a tzeentchian telemarketer. Kudos

>> No.74583054

I bought a bunch of old warhammer stuff to make a 7th ed armies out of. Empire, Vampire Counts, and Dwarfs, with plans for Warriors of Chaos. Is gunna be dope once I figure out recasting hell yea dude.

>> No.74583087

Don’t bother yet, the game is going to be 15mm.

>> No.74583088

I mean, I see no problem with those two things being a feature of kislev since;
A) They have bears. Why not show how manly you are like Zar Boris?
B) Chaos raiders are your next door neighbours. Any and all hands that can hold a weapon are needed

>> No.74583110

Wait what? Really?

>> No.74583138

something something pozzed sjw aos wowshit

dont take it too seriously, its just the permanently assblasted grogs being permanently assblasted

>> No.74583252

There’s a rumor they’re making it 15mm. Makes sense if you think about it. They want to sell new armies to people. It caters to the Total War market which honestly will buy this shit up versus old grogs still using models from 20+ years ago. Also only delusional people would think GW would drag discontinued 28mm models back into production. New players want new shit not old ugly ass models.

>> No.74583273

I wanna cum inside Alarielle and her daughter and her handmaiden. At the same time.

>> No.74583286

>There’s a rumor they’re making it 15mm
Yea, among some retards in this thread.

>> No.74583305

Give me a good reason businesswise they shouldn’t go to 15mm?

>> No.74583317

It's complete bullshit, not even conjecture. Someone made it up because it pissed them off, and then other cynics latched onto it and insist it will happen because everything bad.

>> No.74583347

theyre more well known for 15mm, and they tend to like to have mainline games(HH, 40K, AoS, previously Fantasy) to be 28mm so they can mix and match.

>> No.74583369

>hey, should we keep our nostalgia pandering relaunch of an old property in the same scale (the one that allows our customers from our other systems to buy those models for their own use and also means we can repurpose lots of our existing kits) or move to a scale that isnt relevant and hasnt been relevant in forever and will require 100% new lines for everything and also lose the built in investment of 28mm

>> No.74583450

he looks really happy for a mutated and brainless slave

>> No.74583471

Why people think repurposing kits is a good business move for GW always makes me laugh. They want to sell more models dumb dumb. Not let people multi-use product. You’re confusing 15mm being ‘irrelevant’ with not being flooded with competitors. GW going 15mm with their plastic quality will put them ahead of the competition for years. They will have nearly zero competition while the likes of Mantic won’t have the capital to pivot and do both 28mm and 15mm.

>> No.74583508

>making an entire new product line for a new consumer base is more efficient than having the new and old consumer base buy your preexisting product
I wasnt aware I was speaking to a man of jack kirbys caliber!

>> No.74583519

Not that anon but I’m excited if it is 15mm. Mass battle games in 28mm are trash compared to smaller scales. I want my battles to actually look like the artwork.

>> No.74583549

They’re making a range already. Even if the game was 28mm. Tell me how many existing kits right now they could use for TOW?

>> No.74583597

The vast majority of 7th and 8th edition plastics for WFB is still available and selling on their website.

>> No.74583627

you’re kidding me right?

>> No.74583631

>their plastic quality
So really shitty?

>> No.74583645

Name a company that does better plastics?

>> No.74583651

Creating a new range from scratch is a massive financial risk. It alienates some veteran players they are looking to bring back in. 15mm scale is not popular and while it could be successful many people will dislike having to remake terrain to fit the game (see Conquest: LAOK).

All of those old kits and store stock will go to waste. Releasing a TOW rulebook right now, would generate sales with little to no effort on GW part due to many of those sculpts still being available and on store shelves.

>> No.74583664

>everything from their existing chaos range
>all the legacy dwarves
>half their legacy humans
>all the legacy orcs
>all the legacy undead
>all the ogres
>everything in their lizardman range
>everything in their beastman range (although I guess that counts as chaos anyways)
>everything in their gloomspite gitz range

>> No.74583668

Not at all look on their website. A lot of the start collecting boxes are just old WFB kits with rounds.

>> No.74583734

>They want to sell more models dumb dumb
And you do that by not locking out parts of your consumer base from buying your shit einstein

>> No.74583760

Guess what? To mitigate the risk they’re only doing Empire and Kislev upfront. They’re not releasing all the factions day 1. If the game doesn’t sell it’ll die like anything else. 15mm scale not being popular in your opinion is irrelevant, it’s a market that has potential due to no major competition of GW’s scale. How will old stock go to waste? There’s AoS. They’re not releasing a rulebook right now though are they. They’re releasing it 2+ years from now. If they were keeping it 28mm and reusing models the game would’ve been out by now. Why say up front it’s going to be so far out?

>> No.74583782

lol I hope TOW does go to a different scale just to see how butt mad everyone is going to be.

>> No.74583823

>If they were keeping it 28mm and reusing models the game would’ve been out by now.
you're just throwing that logic out of your ass.

>> No.74583830

How is that locking out people? Because they’re poor? Guess what theyre not GW demographic.

>> No.74583842

This doesn't look like a base for 15mm

>> No.74583859

15mm models can fit on a 20mm base. Not sure what your argument is?

>> No.74583867

>Because they’re poor?
Because they cant use the models.

An AoS or 40k player has no reason to get ToW mini's if theyre 15mm, but does if theyre 28mm.

>> No.74583876

>Why say up front it’s going to be so far out?
because as interest in aos was picking up so was interest in whfb and to calm down the public opinion they announced it

seems to have worked: comments of "bring back the old world" "bretonnia when" or "I wanted aos tomb kings" have practically stopped from the part of the fanbase they were targeting
and no, they were not targeting you

>> No.74583881

Just like >>74583651 logic.

>> No.74583909

>15mm models can fit on a 20mm base
hardly the ideal or preferred format

just admit you have literally nothing telling you it's going to be 15mm

>> No.74583924

nah; only his last part is dumb

>> No.74583927

Where did they say that base is what’s being used in the game?

>> No.74583948

>you can have several bases buying one model line
>or you can have one base buy one model line
>which way nottingham man

>> No.74583951

Thanks for telling me your personal preference and not really presenting a rebuttal.

>> No.74583965

15mm is not being popular is not my opinion, it is market fact. None of the big companies or games or 15mm. Right now there is no market desire for it. That doesn't mean it COULDN'T be popular. But there is literally next to no benefit for it from a cost/gain approach. Unless there was some marketing research drive that uncovered a massive desire for it from their surveys it is highly doubtful they will shift scales.

Assuming Empire and Kislev is risk mitigation or the two year time delay isn't for new designs is you misunderstanding how production and design works. By the time TOW launches, everything in the few waves will be ready to ship or in active production. Nothing about launching new ranges is a true cost saving measure. And it takes time to figure out and design rules, make new models to go with them. These two years will be centered around making a 2 players starter and some start collecting boxes for maybe like a 2-5 factions, with others being just use old models in a index like 40k.

Then new factions will come in waves further down the line. The content of waves will already be decided upon around time TOW launches because two years is not a lot when trying to get so much off the ground. This speculation is based on the tried and true formula that GW has stuck with before and seen lots of success with it.

>> No.74583994

It wouldnt surprise me if GW eliminated the 20mm base size and introduced something in between 25 and 40mm

>> No.74584074

>your personal preference
tell me of any 15mm wargame that uses 20mm bases or similar

>> No.74584090

what makes you think they're showing you that base to use another, faggot?

>> No.74584146

Nostalgia. Was that so hard to figure out?

>> No.74584176

Any Napoleonics game that allows you to base models however you want? Shouldn’t you be back in virtual school? I thought summer was over.

>> No.74584250

You mean that thing that moving the game to 15mm wont capitalize on?

>> No.74584257

How would 6th ed armies fare against 8th ed armies?
Would it be (fairly) balanced to use an army from 6th ed against an army from 8th ed on rules from 8th? Assuming that none of the players is WAACfag,

I'm thinking of running a couple of armies like Cult of Slannesh or Kemmler's army

>> No.74584271

>that allows you to base models however you want?
that's personal preference, not really presenting a rebuttal

also none bases 15mm models on 20mm bases

>> No.74584273

Are you more connected to the models or the lore? Judging by the inane discussions in these Generals, I'm going to say the latter.

>> No.74584287

The main changes are to the rulebook, not to the armybooks

Some stuff got stronger (WoC are less dogshit) some stuff got weaker (empire), but the specific balance of units in terms of points isnt too different

Characters in 6th are generally weaker though (with some notable exceptions)

>> No.74584290

holy shit I don't even know what you're trying to convey, please stay in school.

>> No.74584293

and of all things they could have to hype people with nostalgia they use the one that will visibly proven wrong day1, man you're dumb.

>> No.74584299

6th edition stuff tends to be more expensive per model with less rules attached.

Like the Bret book is pretty solid, but those Knights are less effective and more expensive than their empire counter parts.

The themed armies are a bit more lacking in options and balance so you may have a hard time, but it could still be fun.

>> No.74584301

Does a square base connect to the models or the lore?

>> No.74584318

maybe you should learn to read before going on the internet.

>> No.74584408

Wyrd, Northstar, Agema, Perry, kingdom Death, and Victrix.

>> No.74584435

You’re assuming them showing a 20mm square base somehow proves it’ll be used in the game? How do you not realize the base was shorthand used to symbolize a return to WHFB? They’re just capitalizing on the community’s anger over switching from square to circle when AoS happened.

>> No.74584456

>a return to WHFB?
Which was not a 15mm game.

>> No.74584457

lol no

>> No.74584482

It will be when TOW comes out ;)

>> No.74584492

shut up, we're running on fumes in terms of actual info about TOW. New topic: Who are the best dogs of war?

>> No.74584493

>They’re just capitalizing on the community’s anger over switching from square to circle when AoS happened.
or more probably they're just capitalising on the fact they're actually returning to square based 28mm

>> No.74584507

>theyre making a nostalgia pandering game but theyre also going to change it in a fundamental way which will alienate both their existing playerbase and the people they market it towards to have a range in an irrelevant scale
I see....

>> No.74584516

anything coming from tilea, of course, the land of the rich, dei belli and degli inteliggent!

>> No.74584537


>> No.74584549

The manflayers, only non gay dog of war.

>> No.74584595

best dragon,best dog

>> No.74584623

>He still hasn't accepted that TOW is going to be AoS lite
Accept it, B. Fantasy is dead and so is the GW that created it. The nu-GW killed your hobby, pissed on its grave, told you to go fuck yourself, and you're still lining up to hand them your autism-bux. Consoomers are unreal.

>> No.74584684

You posted them anon.

>> No.74584694

Every time.

>> No.74584722

>dark Elf
>non gay

>> No.74584724

>and you're still lining up to hand them your autism-bux.
you're projecting, not everyone is enough of an idiot like you that thinks following something means becoming some kind of cultist giving away his soul for it

I'm here to cannibalize anything for my own purposes if they fit them, be it old, new, mainline, specialist or third party

>> No.74584746

The Cursed Company, of course.

>> No.74584784

No, you just say that. You'll instead buy loads of their products and their game and play it to exclusion of other games.
Because every time I've seen someone say what said they inevitably always come back to GW. Seen it for 20 years now, not likely to end soon seeing all the former Fantasy players that ranted about AoS but happily consume it now.
Spare me your vacuous moralizing.

>> No.74584817

Try harder anon, im sure you can throw some more buzzwords in there.

>> No.74585196

Though my first pic is Long Drongs Slayers, pic related are cheao to mantain (lorewise) and pack a helluva punch. Whats not to like of these big boys? Apart from their questionable bedside manners

>> No.74585435

who is the biggest chad in WHF?
for me, it's Kroak

>> No.74585493

I am.

>> No.74585688

It quite obviously Karl.

>> No.74585709

holy mother of delusional projecting, anon, shut up.
the only reason you could have only ever seen people return to GW can only be because you are the one always hanging around GW.
>seeing all the former Fantasy players that ranted about AoS but happily consume it now.
see this? this retarded consumerist tribalism is the result of seeing reality in terms of absolutes, get off the internet and get a fucking life.

>> No.74585961

Boris. His province's devotion to a different god than everyone else, his big stupid helmet, and his suicidal autism quest to avenge his eye while still being able to accept political reality and be a competent general radiate unbeatable chad energy

>> No.74586025

Nope, no GW in sight. Just many local shops.
And what do I see? People playing GE, telling me that shit like Adeptus Titanicus was an amazing deal, that they're starting other armies, same dudes that were upset about the Tau codex started tau armies anyways. You expect me to not be cynic?
You're self deluded into believing your own free will.

>> No.74586620

His face is so thin.

>> No.74587325

While I definitely cut some corners with this last painting session I can atleast tell myself that I finally finished my Regiment of Nurgle Ogres. Or you know, as soon as I finish the bases tomorrow...
For my next project; should I start working on my second Nurgle Giant or paint some of the Warriors I've been rolling up?

>> No.74587347

Alternatively, should I roll up, build and paint the last 6 forsaken I need to get a block of 21?

>> No.74589587


>> No.74589631

>as soon as I finish the bases tomorrow...
Famous last words
I recommend the Warriors, alternate the cool models with the essentials to prevent burnout

>> No.74589747

C'mon mate, stow it. You'll net a few (You)s but what's the point if you're pretending to be such an obnoxious piece of shit that people are going to derive enjoyment from telling you how much of a grub you are and to fuck off?

If things are as bad as you're pretending to think they are you'd have to be an absolute cuck to still participate in the hobby.

>> No.74590236

Louen obv

>> No.74590299

Is it just me, or is 25 canadian dollars for a metal Tomb King too good to be true?

>> No.74590614

Someone picked up the "TOW is going to be Warmaster" idea. There's fuckall that supports that theory, but there's also fuckall to shoot it down, as we know next to nothing about what's going to happen. 100% of the time, it sparks a half-hour spergout, as two retards argue about who knows more about nothing

>> No.74592634

I don't participate in the "hobby" of lining GW's wallet, and yes things are that bad which is why I play better systems and use nonGW miniatures.
All of that is threatened because the people I play with are drones that eagerly slurp everything GW does and are all excited about the TOW and "going home".
These are the same kind of people that won't play a game that already have rules, models, and opponents for just because the big corporation said it wouldn't support it anymore.
So when that game that I'll wager my Dennis Mize slave market set on it being shit but people lapping it all up and dying up the scene for other games. Yes I am bitter.

>> No.74592734

They turn him into a baldy much before That End Times.

>> No.74592848

>Sukiyaki the inscrutable

>> No.74592977


>> No.74593847

Buncha Mannlet apologists up top.

>> No.74594218

>dark elves are Canadian
Oh yeah eh, yer fucked now bud.
I both hate and love this.

>> No.74594337

>Elves that speak pre-ampification style ohio valley American English

>> No.74594366

My boy is out here just trying to do his best

>> No.74595052

>Soo me and the boys wer out fer a rip and we hang a larry down the ol rocky mountain pass and what in the fuck do we come across? None otter than head chief top hoser Malaketh himself!

>> No.74595069


>> No.74595097

I said the hobby, not The Hobby™, as did you. GW didn't kill the wargaming hobby any more than Wizards selling out killed RPGs. You might have a collection of non-GW stuff but I doubt you can actually play it unless it's shit that you can get pick-up games for like Infinity, because obnoxious autists like yourself gatekeep yourself from alt wargaming communities by virtue of being repulsive cunts; hence why you're coping with this bitter, feminine, attention whoring faggotry here. While you're an obnoxious cunt you won't get invited to play with the alt wargamers and you'll be stuck with all the other genuinely repulsive store haunting pariahs, and while you don't get invited to clubs and groups you'll be a bitter cunt, it's a feedback loop.

Nerds have a lot of tolerance for other weird nerds, instead of leaning into your bad attitude, fix it. Break the loop there and you'll stop being a bitter autistic cunt that nobody wants to invite to their club.

>> No.74595506

Though im building an 1500 pts army of DoW, seeing yours fills me with both envy and wonder

>> No.74595591

The hobby hasn't been wargaming for a while. GW turned it into only playing their game, their rules, their models.
That's the "Warhammer Hobby", a toxic animal with a sceptic fanbase as you demonstrate. And it sucks everything into it like a damn sink with a garbage disposal blender on it.
I am sick of this mentality and am glad to be free of its liberal application to wargaming as a hobby, which it will inevitably do thanks to people like you.

>> No.74595628


>> No.74595811

>You're self deluded into believing your own free will
>All of that is threatened

you're a cuck, m8, plain and simple, you've deluded yourself into thinking everyone is stupid and a slave except you while that couldn't be farther from the truth.
truly pathetic

>> No.74595904

Why are you saying this to the fanbase of a setting almost completely unsupported by GW, who play within the setting with a variety old old, second hand, and third party and community made miniatures; who play with old or community maintained editions of out of print games and third party and community rules? It's as retarded as shitting up the Epic thread and almost as retarded as bitching in /awg/.

Rhetorical question of course, it's because you're a whiny autistic ESL faggot who's got no conviction and who's too cowardly to fling shit in the generals for active GW games, we're a quiet general and so soft target for a moaning milk-bag of vaginal discharge like yourself. Next to nobody here has any high hopes for The Old World, we'll keep playing whatever we so choose.

Stop being such a revolting cunt and you won't have to pick for scraps at the stores. If you have multiple options for stores to play at with the other friendless store haunting losers you've got a whole alt wargames community that is desperately hoping whining friendless cunts like you don't find out about. Stop being a cunt, like I said, and a whole world will open up for you, and you won't feel compelled to be such an enormous faggot online as a way to deal with your miserable existence. You can be a social retard and find acceptance within the alt wargaming community nerd communities, you just need to stop being such an edgy self-pitying piece of shit that nobody wants to hang around you except the other store haunting losers.

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