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>the BBEG rapes one of the PC's

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>few sessions later said PC rapes the BBEG back

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>the gm describes the rape in great detail

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>The player handed the GM a secret note at the start of the game

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In the age of political correctness, i applaude him for having the balls to do it

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Pure cringe.

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only if they were going to do the same

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>gotta own the lefties by any means
Did you know that there are a subset od furries that are right-wingers, and they anger the left to no end?

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Dude rape happens all the time in games but only if it's male on male and for the lols.

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>to properly convey the trauma and versimilitude, the DM rapes the player too

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Your point being? I’d consider ring-wing furries trolling lefties far more based than the hundreds of anime avatar trannies who make it a sport to be offended by as much shit as possible on twitter.

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>Haha bro wouldn't it be funny if he sucked your dick no homo?

>Haha only if you pound his boypussy into fucking dust bro haha

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>B-bro y-you didn't say no-homo.

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My point is you're a faggot who should go back to /pol/ and stay there.

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>BBEG gets raped by an NPC, but rapes the PC with the BBC, while PC was attempting to rape said NPC

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>The BBEG is raped by a npc seeking vengeance while your party watches in uncomfortable confusion

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A literary classic.

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>seething lefty

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Righty, lefty, can't we go back to the good old days when we only had tripfags and the odd sergal posters to worry about. Now a days it's all "blue hair" this and "seethe" that and "cope" the other. I miss Sergalfag... there I said it.

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>hurr durr Lefties can't even handle me and my buddies doing some rape role play

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Not until elections are over and shills are gone. Remember 2015-2016 shitshow.

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Go on, paint us a picture. Did the PC have big ripe tits?

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>tfw it advances the plot

BBEG was a kitsune and she gained another tail by raping him because it was discovered the PC was secretly of royal blood.

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Maybe after the election anon.
If there's a civil war, they'll be too busy killing each other or dying from starvation to bother us.

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>You turn the tables and do the same to the BBEG

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>BBEG rapes a PC
>GM describes it in great detail
>all the players have to jerk off around the table, and cum onto a piece of bread
>whoever cums last has to eat it
This is what trpg is really all about

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>it only makes the PC stronger because the setting is Westeros

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Actually happened in a campaign I've played with. The player and the DM were in a relationship, and I know for a fact she has a rape fetish.
So do I, and it still felt uncomfortable. Like they're having a very private intercourse right on the table.

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>not all of the PCs
>at the same time

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>tfw BBEG found the cumbread

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>the GM has a critical hits table for rape

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We use it. We say it. Get over it grandma.

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Good. For all the talk there is about rape, there's not enough of it going around. I'm glad to see GMs push boundaries and challenge norms.

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>we only had tripfags and the odd sergal posters
and even sergal tripfag

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You either ruin the game for your players or are doing ERP.

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You can count on one hand the number of people on this board who remember sergalfag.
Fact of the matter is that everything you loved is dead and gone and you're sitting in a pool made of it's rotten remains. /tg/ is dead, long live /tg/.

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>The PC attempts to rape them back mid-rape

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Where did the tg anons of yesteryear go? Is there some ascended realm where oldfags live?

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>One god tried to rape a goddess
>Outraged, she began to rape him back
>Thus marriage was invented

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>GM rapes one of the players

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I'm still here. But I don't post a lot anymore.

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>the BBEG is the concept of rape

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>the GM has a greatest hits archive of in-game rapes

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Ran a Song of Ice and Fire game once that included one of my ex-girlfriends. She specifically requested that part of her back story be that she was raped by an evil knight, that he was her nemesis and she'd get a chance to take revenge on him. Gotta say, I went through with it but it was pretty weird.

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Thank you for still being here

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>BBEG uses his mastery of magic to conjure sand into the parties clothing and creases to discomfort them
>BBEG does more shit like this like conjure intrusive thoughs into the minds of the player
>when the party deals the deathblow, he uses the last of his arcane might to inflict the party with a benign but very annoying sinus infection

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>A quest to extort the BBEG for child support money

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>rape is the worst thing ever
>like, the absolute taboo
>if you ever even consider the idea of rape I will kick/boot you
>LOOOOOL btw isn't it funny how we're lopping the heads off these bandits?
>omg I burned that guy alive with scoring ray was't that epic!?
>they're just bandits who cares forget the fact that they're probably starving peasants who had no choice but to resort to stealing to survive
>nat 20!? broooo I leap in to the air, spin like a ninja master, and cleave this fucker in half
>btw let's leave one alive so we can torture him, heal him up, and then torture him again until he reveals the location of their hideout

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Entire party is minmaxed for the concept of rape
>wizard has a comprehensive collection of mind co tool spells
>max strength barbarian specialized in grappling
>rogue is covered in a perpetual layer of lube and can slide in ANYWHERE
>cleric is catholic

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Not cool. I would immediately leave the group.

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paladin is a nice guy/male feminist

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The human taboo around rape is so weird. People worship characters like Dexter (I know it's an old reference) despite the fact he kills people but rape is seen as irredeemable.

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>the PC rapes the BBEG

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>a minor villain, not even associated with the BBEG, castrates one of the PCs

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Went to 8ch, then when 8ch got shoa'd they moved to altchans or simply moved on with their lives.

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This is what happens when you give women the vote.

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I think it's because you can usually justify killing with some mental gymnastics, but it's pretty impossible to come up with a scenario where rape is justified

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>At no point other then pic is a woman mentioned


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The only way to stop rape is to start consenting

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yeah, rape is kinda like torture
you can do this, but there is absolutely no moral reason to do this, it's always an evil action

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>No good reason for torture

Your next line is "Torture never works", and you're about to give me ten thousand links to all kinds of research, all coincidentally made by civil rights organizations and other organizations with an agenda.

If torture didn't work, it wouldn't used.

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hot shit yeah I am game, let's put some dick in that tiefling tranny

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from an evolutionary perspective, I suppose it is the worst thing that can happen. Being forced to carry on unkown and probably inferior genes. Investing resources in a child that isn't your own.

Although, there wasn't as vitriolic a reaction to it say 50 years ago, so maybe thats bullshit.

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That argument is misused everywhere. What do you mean by 'torture doesn't work?' If you mean that it always results in false testimony every time, then of course you'd be wrong. But if you mean that it's unreliable in comparison to other more time- and resource-efficient methods, then you'd be right. Torture is used when you want something and you don't mind all that much what it is.

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Torture is best used as part of brainwashing someone, never realized how effective it was until I randomly read the books on North Korean / Chinese torture in the Library of Congress.

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>have to rape the BBEG in order to deactivate a bomb they implanted inside themselves

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As long as a player doesn't rape a female or torture kittens they will never drop the chaotic neutral alignment in nu D&D.

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I'm not sure we can talk about "human taboo". Some decades ago it wasn't considered such a big deal. When you read Casanova, he clearly forces himself on some women. I also remember in Polanski's Pirates the captain proposing to rape the damsel in distress as some kind of joke you wouldn't see in a family movie now.

And I'm under the impression that before that it was a crime because a rapist "robed" a woman and/or her familly in some weird way.
But it certainly became an absolute taboo in civilized area surprisingly fast, and we can be glad about it.

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yeah i love raping a member of my party that was loyal and truthfull to me for the whole campaign

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Usually not necessary to go that far to humiliate a player character, although it would be one hell of a game hook.

Similarly, what about a duel where the bbeg wins, but instead of killing the pc, he leaves him a nasty scar on his face...?

Compare and contrast. Quiz on Friday.

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>Player took selective conception as a merit in character creation

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>If torture didn't work, it wouldn't used.
If Islam wasn't the true religion, it wouldn't be believed in.

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>Player rapes the DM

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>the DM rapes one of the players

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...so we're back to the point that there's no good, and especially no Good, reason to use torture.

>> No.74545410

>If torture didn't work, it wouldn't used.
The strength of your belief in the rational and efficient behavior of humans terrifies me.

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Rape fetishes are exclusively the purview of subhuman shitbags anyway.

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I don’t know why this response made made laugh, but it did. Thank you anon. I needed that.

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It's why I raped your mother and had you.

>> No.74547657

Oh, no wait, I've got one

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Druid is a dolphin

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>If magic didn't work, it wouldn't used.

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Could be worse.

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you went too far, anon.

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>The BBEG rapes a PC live on the BBC
>Later rebroadcast on the CBC

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You dont know SHIT about dolphins.
Sharks are God's very mercy on anyone that dares venture the seas. Sharks will just kill you.
Dolphins on the other hand are not just animals, as common sense would lead you to think. Dolphins are evil beings with human-tier intellect bent on raping all and every creature they recognize as being able to deny concent.
They have humongus sexual organs that are mobile enough to grab you. Oh, you think you would drown first? Dolphins fucking know you need oxigen. They get a little cave ready to keep you. Sure, it takes their time and effort to get the place just right for his victims to survive, but this is something they do with glee. They will take you to their rape caves and keep you there. Dolphins will make you wish they were sharks.

>> No.74548735

based and dolphinpilled

>> No.74548767

If I didn't know better, I would almost assumed this post was written by shark. But I guess that's nonsense, computers don't work underwater.

>> No.74548784

>If torture didn't work, it wouldn't used.
Just because many people do one thing doesn't mean it's optimal, or even useful.

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Welcome to 4channel, newfag.

>> No.74548891

Puts a whole new spin on Ecco.

>> No.74548917

Poor Vortex Queen

>> No.74548947

I mean yeah, but it's a lewd campaign. Also the main antagonist is an evil empress. Though two of my players would likely prefer being tentacle raped by her deity/patron.

>> No.74549821

The difference is that most people will never see someone set on fire and systematically disemboweled irl. A surprising number of people have either been molested or know someone who has, so it makes sense to avoid that kind of thing for the sake of your players.

>> No.74549959

dont mind him, that anon is so ugly that no girl would ever think about molesting him.

>> No.74550092

Is that the same reason why media shows violence no problem but the moment you have a boobie on the screen it gets slapped with a R18+ rating?

>> No.74550238

I had a weird incident where a villain captured a female character and the party had to rescue her, and she just acted as though it was a given that the villain had raped her.

I was sort of surprised by this because the villain wasn’t really that kind of villain, more of like a LG guy who came to the wrong conclusion but thinks and acts as though he’s 100% in the right because he lacked information.

But she said like yeah, because she felt there was chemistry there and we just sort of bargained it at the moment and decided that it was more of a seduction thing. It led to some fun scenes later where the villain, who is actually in love with her, is screaming at her that he’ll forgive her betrayal and everything if she just comes back to him. And then she does, and the rest of the party had to kill them both.

>> No.74550242

Yes. I've seen a boobie once. It was horrible.

>> No.74550244

I presume BBEG stands for Big Based Epic Gamer in this situation

>> No.74550448

Yea don't bring your kink to the table guys. It's not good regardless of circumstances Unless you're there specifically to jerk off

>> No.74553668

In general, I try not to even game with people who bring their kinks to the table, and I have a zero tolerance policy toward /d/ms. People will overlook it because they don't want to cause trouble, and that just encourages them. Tell them to cut that shit out.
Unless everyone agreed to ERP before the game starts. That can be pretty rad

>> No.74553725

Sounds like it was fun for everyone though.

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>Players have to put up with this shit with a smile or else be labelled as an SWJ trannies for not liking That DM plots.

>> No.74554507

>not colonoscopy.surprise.gif
>not Hide In Tiny Spaces feat.3.5.gif

>> No.74554571

God, imagine the DM making that shit affect the players.
>The evil lich casts a curse of bells!
>>Begin playing a video of bells ringing at low volume on loop
>The lich casts a hex of tears!
>>Bring in your grandma's fluffiest cat and pet it nonstop around the table

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The implication is that only women consider rape worse than murder.

>> No.74557500

>The bomb has been turned off!
>It's... back on again?
>Oh no!
>It's off again!
>On again...
>Oh no!
>Oh no!
>Oh no!
>Oh no!

>> No.74557524

We're growing up, man.
I don't have time to sperg on the internet like I used to. Even the young guns are now nearing 30.

>> No.74558150

>Character creation
>roll for dick size

>> No.74558497

I think it's just the finality of it, you know? I agree that it's weird we're holding rape over murder, but if you kill someone, they don't have to suffer anymore, but you can rape someone and they just have to live with it until they die

>> No.74558626

That's assuming nothing good will ever come after. You can still live and do things and have good things happen to you, but once you die, all is over. You will never realise your dreams, see your family and loved ones.

>> No.74559113

rape him back

>> No.74559239

Rape isn't nearly as common in tabletop as SJWs would have us all believe

>> No.74559435

That doesn’t really make it okay to remind someone of that time they were raped while playing a friendly game of make-believe.

>> No.74559472

That's very true, I'm not arguing against that - in fact I agree with you.
I'm just pointing out that murder is more terrible crime.

>> No.74559493

>the DM is an edgelord and has the BBEG rape one of the PCs
>Said PC is unironically totally into it and keeps asking for more detail to the point the DM is uncomfortable
>rest of the players are kinda just watching in uncomfortable silence

it was the most akward moment I've ever seen at a game table

>> No.74559525

That player made the best move by far. I'm jelly.

>> No.74560478

Dude, dont use BBEG, its BBWG. Only White guys can be bad guys, since only Whtte guys have Privilege. Its literally racist to generalize into a Catagory that includes POC.

>> No.74560512

>Setting has a Law of the Jungle rule where if you defeat someone in combat & spare their life, you can keep them as a sex slave. can


>> No.74560707

Based Quills grog.

>> No.74560854

classic fear-mongering propaganda by dolphinphobic sharks baka

>> No.74560937

Pretty fucking based, gotta say
>D&D 7e rulebook, mark my fucking words

>> No.74562889

Do you know what got me out of RP for a while? It was a Roll20 game, and our characters were captured. The female Paladin was raped by the evil Queen's mutated henchmen, in a classic monster gangbang. The Queen watched the whole time, with her giant hellhounds at her side. Fine, the Paladin was okay with that, but she seemed kind of withdrawn later that session.

So like an idiot, I asked if she was okay. You know what she told me?
> "I wanted the dogs to knot me instead. I was hoping the Queen would get her hellhounds would fuck me."

What the fuck do you say to that? I don't think I can accurately communicate my visceral disgust.

>> No.74563188

Killing in RPGs is rarely justified by modern western moral standards either. In practice most players will consider it justified to kill anyone who's a threat to anyone or could be. They'll kill a guy who's immobilized, a guy who hasn't attacked them but maybe will, they'll never try to escape if they know they can win, etc. All of that would qualify as murder today. Not to speak of the fact that even torture is seen as more ok than rape.
Rape serves a purpose, it's humiliating to your enemy and pleasurable to you. For some societies it was moral. Even barring moral relativism and admitting it's objectively wrong, I don't see why your average Barbarian character wouldn't rape the princess.
Though personally sexual stuff in an RPG makes me uncomfortable so I forbid it as a GM.

>> No.74563213

I always knew a large proportion of women, but as a smaller proportion of men, were subhuman shitbags.

>> No.74564138

my group does this for all characters. we even have racial modifiers

>> No.74566531

Jokes being overused and getting unfunny as time passes, nothing changed really.

>> No.74566750

And then, remove them.

>> No.74568096

>Killing in RPGs is rarely justified by modern western moral standards either.
Incorrect. Banditry in the real world almost always coincides with looting, robbery, murder, and other foul crimes. These aren't simple thieves, but armed marauders.
>In practice most players will consider it justified to kill anyone who's a threat to anyone or could be.
It is justified. See above.
>All of that would qualify as murder today.
Only because today you can call up a police department and have them do the killing and bookkeeping for you.
>I don't see why your average Barbarian character wouldn't rape the princess.
Because it's categorically Chaotic Evil as you're describing it, and most characters are not trying to play evil characters.

>> No.74568228

On one hand the DM and the paladin girl sound like a blast in a ERP game. On the other I like to take my games seriously and they sound like idiots.

>> No.74568277

Your last point is completely wrong. People enjoy playing evil characters. The only reason why the barbarian didn't rape the princess is for fear that the DM might kick them. Everything else is fair game. Fuck I hate playing with noobies.

>> No.74568682

>People enjoy playing evil characters.
SOME people enjoy playing evil characters, but the vast majority either play idealized heroes or at worst self-centered mercenaries at least most of the time.
Unless you get into the extremely new/immature players who categorically want to play CN like CE - but that's less wanting to play evil, and more testing their limits of what they can actually do for their first games, but that generally doesn't last long if they keep playing.

>> No.74568758


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File: 2.72 MB, 400x225, 1583724354666.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I might just be jaded then. Every game I played has the players never doing anything heroic other then what the plot hook calls for with that one guy in the group going full CE only to be tard wrangled by one person in the group. The only reason why I am going to mention that this is all with D&D players is because I am running a game different group that has played more then just D&D. They insist upon themselves they are being murder hobos and how mental they are in the post apocalypse but they are more anti-hero's and actually have well thought out characters that care about other PC's and even some NPC's.

>> No.74569160

I was actually going to link espionage agencies’ research about it, but you actually think that people listen to human trafficking and sex slavery NGOs like Amnesty and MSF, so you’re just a retard.

>> No.74569201

That makes it love and not rape then, anon.

>> No.74569542

I might just be lucky. I've only ever run games with either close friends or their close friends that I have a good idea on how they'll act beforehand. Right now I've got two LG Barbarians and a TN Wizard. Any time in the past I've had inexperienced players ask for Chaotic Neutral, I've abandoned all expectations of anything above a meme one-shot game so it isn't as much of a let down.

>> No.74569870

>D&D 7e rulebook, mark my fucking words
Supposedly, supposedly Disney is getting off the woke train. Hopefully this will lead to a cascade effect where all the other companies will get off as well before they reach the end of the line and shut down. There may be light at the end of the tunnel.

>> No.74570302

No, I think it just might be the local people here. I said something like this in five other threads and every one else replied that they are just lucky to have good players.

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Perfectly acceptable if this fairy is the GM.

>> No.74570470

>not "I will proceed to pleasure myself with this fish"

>> No.74570568

Rolled 4 (1d20)

I think I am going to be sick. Will save.

>> No.74570677

>Rolled 4 (1d20)
You failed your save. You must devise and commit to 1d4 make-believe pronouns.

>> No.74571397

So what? Move the fuck on.

I'd rather get raped in the asshole by some smelly fat asshole than die or get mutilated through torture.

>> No.74571815

Rape and torture will always be worse than murder. Your greentexts are just cringe

>> No.74572651

Even the females?

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>> No.74572753


>> No.74572825

What about that time when I was murdered???

>> No.74574010

Okay retard.

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