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>Thread Question: What are next?

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Here's your mutilators bro...

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I was 10 seconds away from hitting post on the new thread.

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I made a very poor choice of words, I meant to say "make sure you add some LoS blocking terrain or don't play." I didn't mean to sound like I agreed with assholes who want to play on planet Q-ball.

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plz yes

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>Thread Question: What are next?
You. You are next. I dont know what you are next for though

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That's it. That's the correct political compass.

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That looks cool though. I bet Mutilators will get Legends’d tho

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When they put out Obliterators as their own kit, will they bother to make a sprue that doubles for Mutilators, or will they just delete the unit

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How's my little dude? Does he deserve his 10VP ?

Also post your models ya bunch of heretek

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I do not know? Who am I? Can I condemn this man to slavery?

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Is it reasonable to ask that sagittarum can be mixed in with custode guard squads or would that be too OP for some reason? If so why?

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Are there any large spherical Terrain pieces or models that could potentially be used/converted into a balloon/Blimp?

Im pretty sure the observatory tops are no longer in production

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why are the new Necron faces so shit

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I fail to see a problem? That's a cool fucking conversion.

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Isn't it true that all the imperfections in a billiard ball mean that if it was scaled up to planet-sized it would be covered in titanic super-mountains? I'd play the fuck out of a Plastic Glass Alien Super-Alps board.

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They are supposed to be damaged and corroded

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I guess the Alchomite Stacks? Unless you're playing in GW you're probably best off making it out of plastic trash.

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post models
buddy wanted me to put together a 1500pt death guard list, and I opted to go with a chaos lord rather than a daemon prince to babysit my daemon engines, so I put together this guy overnight

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AoS steamdwarfs

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Thats my backup plan, I might just have to do it

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rockets for reloading the blight haulers, since they don't have hands

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Hijacking this post to post dudes.
But also to ask about death watch. Are they back on the menu in 9th edition with the recent marine changes and buffs or are they still regulated to overcosted infantry hunters.

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>here's a quick and easy paintjob
>the video is 20 minutes long, in a 3 part series, with nearly all of it being of painting with fastforward and timeskip

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>Haha look I spelled the words wrong hah hahaha like I’m dumb but I’m actually not ahhahahahaha it’s an internet thing
Fucking guh

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ur so rite anon ;)

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they're still overcosted infantry hunters, though with any luck they won't be too overpriced with the wounds buff. If they're bumped up by the same margin as regular marines they'll be worthless, probably. Though at 2Ws they might be able to actually survive to use their elite equipment. They had the same problem grey knights have and hopefully this will be remedied somewhat by the new changes

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aside from the spacie mecha and the sixarmed necron these are based models desu

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They’ll need to seriously change the stats up. 4 inch movement isn’t fast enough especially if they can advance and charge and lack any kind of rerolls. They hit hard, but they can’t hit at all if they can’t make it.

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Post warlord

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Where's the volkite pistol primaris lieutenant?

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>tutorial for beginners

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he's got a shield he doesn't count

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>all right you guys have been requesting a good starter video for guys just getting into mini painting, let’s get into it
>ok guys so we’re gonna start out real simple here with just the basic techniques to build your confidence and
>*airbrush enters the frame*
every time

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primaris when?

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>here's a quick and dirty paintjob
>uses like 20 different paints

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>paints blue all over
>shades all over
>paints a ligher shade of blue all over
>shades all over again

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I hope we never see another new primaris again

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>I hope the sun won’t rise in the morning

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Do you think we'll see new manlet releases now that they've been given some rules love? The terminator kit for example is pretty ancient, i'd like to see a new one.

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Sometimes you have to push colors back and forth to get the right look

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We are getting terminators in a boardgame with nothing but the terminator models

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>Do you think we'll see new manlet releases now
Not outside of Chaos or HH.

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damn those blades look nice

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Make them PRIMARIS TERMINATORS while you're at it.

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They’re called aggressors anon

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Just get an airbrush then. Spend $100 on a cheap compressor and brush and learn. Complaining about not having an airbrush for painting is like complaining you don't have Anti-tank shooting in your list. Stop complaining and get the tools you need.

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Getting this guy done.

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Nigga please.

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mayaswell be primaris since we have 2 wounds now. FEELS FUCKING GOOD MAN

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Would people be happy if the Space Marine Heroes terminators became a regular release?

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>just use a zoomerspray flossypaint twitchpainter XTREEM airsystem MAXX
you could commit suicide instead

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Thanks, wanted to lean into the alien psychic crystal thing for my centerpiece.

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The glowing lens effect is so shitty. I hate it. It looks even worse when people do it on Marines.

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why the fuck is there a kroot in this picture?

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Why do GW miniature designers hate classic Warhammer units? They keep making these trashy "dynamic" OC miniatures for shitty specialist games that quickly die.

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If at all, when the codex supplement comes out, potentially as an upgrade kit to multipart Bladeguard?

I actually am more interested in a Primaris Sanguinary Priest and jump pack Asssault Primaris.

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nah the worst offenders are the people that say its an EASY guide or a tutorial guide, then 5/6 of the paints used are done with an airbrush. Fuck off with that shit

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Eh, not much can ruin marines, they already look like shit

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Heres a fat smelly rocket boy

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A whole airbrushed army with “””glow””” effects looks like such washed out diarrhea on the table too, I actually feel bad for the kids who fell for the spray meme

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yeah, i hate that shit too.

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Because that's what they like to make and 40k/Marines are just the piggy bank to support the things GW actually enjoys working on. (which is everything else they do)

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People just don't understand light

Even a relatively cheap airbrush can get great results, particularly for basecoats

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>as an upgrade kit to multipart Bladeguard
Might as well be as an upgrade kit for a rhino because that's how much those two units have in common

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I'm not sure exactly what you mean. Like them releasing 'Enforcers' for necromunda instead of Arbites? I think it comes down to two things. If they make something entirely new people will have more impetus to buy. Also artists want to leave their own mark on something and usually aren't happy just to rehash something.

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he's the redskinned indian guide of this western movie

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>plague marine with rocket launcher

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100% yes... they are literally just deciding to not take peoples money at thispojt. If people are willing to across the board pay extreme prices to get them from international resellers, thats money being lost from gw's pockets. i seriously dont understand how a company that in every other aspect goes above and beyond to rake in the money and make us pay for dumb shit doesnt just sell these models people want and take the money

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Guilliman looks like an old woman

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What I find so stupid is that it's always all or nothing. Airbrushing is fine when you use it as part of the job, but faggots keep trying to use the airbrush for effects that it can't pull off..

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That baneblade commander doesn't look very Vostroyan.

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No, primaris that shit up pham

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Why do certain armies have ancient sculpts? Force the designers to do their fucking jobs first, then they can release their garbage OC.

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Silly anon, it's a shoulder fired blight launcher.

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Terrain heavy games are fun with some homebrew rules

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Rolled 2 (1d6)

Rollin to see what i should paint next
1-2 kitbashed captain
3-4 another squad of intercessors
5-6 baal predator

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What kind?

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Post the captain

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no such thing as too much terrain

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No see if they had the figure in your pic they'd look ok.

These look like they get out of breath from eating. So fucking sick of fatfucks calling themselves curvey on pornsites. There's a fucking difference between curves and a beanbag made out of flesh that smells like old poo and sweat.

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I will once i kit bash him together. I still gotta figure out how to attach the wings

>> No.74502190

Crumbling buildings, breaching doors, boobytrap, but if you don't want to homebrew i heard that Urban Conquest is nice for terrain heavy

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are you sad he made you feel not-particularly-cool for being a fascist

>> No.74502192

*forgets about entire squads that could've won you the game*

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Why the FUCK are servitors so expensive?

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You're in the wrong hobby

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>Holy shit, Bill, I found my lost scaven, remember? the one I lost 2 years ago? it was behind the bridge!

>> No.74502236 [DELETED] 

What’s wrong with being a fascist?

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You have to go back

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I'm confused. I thought people hated guard for not using enough terrain? Do we hate them for using too much now, instead? Or in addition to?

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what's with the facepic bro?

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Back to plebbit with you

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You got to write each of your units on a notepad and mark it each time it’s activated (or mark an X when it’s destroyed)

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When someone claims they're fascist, what they actually mean is that they're slightly racist that like strongmen with little knowledge of actual fascism. Just like most "communists" being retards that just want their college education paid for through taxes.

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I have a couple thousand worth of models but I refuse to pay £15 for one servitor from ebay

>> No.74502291

People hate them because seeing something that isn't wearing power armour makes them scared and confused. They blame it on too much or too little terrain, or on the colours or the style or what ever.... but really it's just good old fashioned fear of seeing something unfamiliar.

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city and fight-pilled

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>first born marines getting 2W is only temporary to sell out the current gw stockpiles
>chapter approved 2021 will be released early and take them back down to 1W but maintain their price hike so no one plays them
>all in prep for the next marine codex to just flat out not include them

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We just hate guard players, that's all.

>> No.74502299

That the mobile infantry will never be a reality in your lifetime

>> No.74502307

>mfw none of this will happen

>> No.74502312

pic related

>> No.74502315

We got close to that once, but it was for Kill Team.

>> No.74502316

has there ever been a model in recent eras, say 5th edition or so, that got straight up removed?

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>that moldline
oh no no no

>> No.74502321

hahahaha that is actually amazing. dunno how i have not realised that.

>> No.74502329

>yfw GW releases resized manlet marines making primaris marines pointless from the beginning except to rip retards off

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Hey /tg/
Big 40k fan in the past. Haven't had time for it since med school.

Got bought a switch for my birthday recently. I see there's a couple of 40k games available.
Anyone know if they're any good?
They look a bit like mobile games desu

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Squatted just like Slaanesh right?

>> No.74502353

Don't think deeply about it. Guard can use artillery to shoot things without LoS, but that particular guardsman is from cityfight and probably just likes lots of cover.

>> No.74502360

Posting here made me realize that it's only an autistic minority who complains about moldlines. These are also the same people who'll look at a golden daemon-winning model and say stupid shit like it could use some more highlighting in this area or that there's a a little smudge/flaw in that like their critique means anything.

>> No.74502367 [DELETED] 

I'm actually surprised that people don't understand that bumping manlets to 2w is actually a proof of them getting squatted.
>manlets are 2w now, so the same thing as chadmarines
>but why would you buy a goofy looking manlet if you can buy a chadmarine then?
To be replaced when primaris get their unique hardware.

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By that logic, the compliments also mean nothing. So in your ideal world, nothing is ever said.

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>Based GW

The current firehose spray of marine releases coupled with insane rules buffs is GW punishing marinefags for being entitled twats all these years. It's like force-feeding an obese person until they die. In two years manlets will be Legends'd and primaris will be debuffed, invalidating countless WAACy marinefags. It's going to be great. Patient xenos players are the true fans.

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Pariahs got renamed Lychguard and have more options. You can still use the models.

>> No.74502411

That's probably the trashiest strawman I've ever seen.
Going "yeah the 2020 winner missed a couple of spots with his edge detailing, uhh can't believe judges let that slip =/= hey bro I like your models

>> No.74502449

it's more likely they keep both around and double-dip on marinebucks

>> No.74502453

Mmmm, sweet silence.

>> No.74502473


Hey guys, here is a 'simple' tutorial

*half the video is him licking his brush or doing something incomprehensible*

That tranny youtuber, cannot remember the name, is actually good though.

>> No.74502485

Anon they are eventually going to discontinue space marines, its an inevitability. They havent gotten a new model in a long time. Just primaris. Vanilla space marines are going to slowly be buffed until they merge with primaris space marines

>> No.74502486

>you don't want those goofy looking models, you want THESE goofy looking models!

>> No.74502495


>> No.74502499

>but why would you buy a goofy looking manlet if you can buy a chadmarine then?
Options. You don't need to wait several years for a £40 3-man squad of monopose clone troopers to put the best gun on your models.

>> No.74502511

It causes me neverending grief that death guard didnt get havocs.

>> No.74502515

Seriously, fuck Jes Godwin for designing this shit. Imagine having such a good career and then ending it with absolute trash.

>> No.74502526 [DELETED] 

>Posting here made me realize that it's only an autistic minority who complains about moldlines
Gazing at all those macro shots and close up video over the years really fucked with peoples perception. Paintards even start complaining when you don't remove the moldline from the recesses of the ribbed handle under the bolt rifle.

It's like coomers watching studio port think all women always look like that.

>> No.74502533

Legion of the Damned
The whole Elysian Drop Troops range
Every model the got a primaris rework had their old one removed
Tyrannic War Vets
Noise Marines

>> No.74502536

Because some old kits are honestly fine, each update needs some new units to drive demand and GW only has the resources to produce so many new kits in a year

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>> No.74502546

Sexy time.

>> No.74502559 [DELETED] 

What options, dumbass? Once primaris get the manlet gear the only difference between them that would make you pick them is you being a nostalgiafaggot hipster.

>> No.74502562 [DELETED] 

Yep I’m gonna have to go with based

>> No.74502563

>space marines sprayed in 1 color with 1 lighter color from a high angle
>no other highlights or recess shading
Guaranteed to look like absolute shit, makes them look like a 199x 3d animation

>> No.74502564

>40k group where people just play games instead of getting in these stupid nerd games of "yeah you're models are good but you could improve on..." or "wow anon let me give you tactical advice even though you're clearly playing a fun list and I'm running the latest gt tournament winner" or "I would have won was it no for x/y/z and I'm going to imply it's your fault"
sign me up

>> No.74502567

>Every model the got a primaris rework had their old one removed
you can't just go on the internet and lie like that

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>> No.74502587

If he means characters, he's right

>> No.74502591

>Warscythes with I build Gauss blaster
>Aoe leadership debuff
>psychic immunity and debuffs
>Lore wise amalgamations of necron living metal on living tissue
>Guard Lords/overlords
>normal necrons
>No ranged options
They are not the same thing , not even close

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>> No.74502614

But why would you buy chadmarines when you already have tacts/tacts are way cheaper on ebay?

>> No.74502618 [DELETED] 

>Noise Marines
That's just removing excessive 80s cringe, nothing to do with primaris :^)

>> No.74502637

Captain, librarian, chaplain, apothecary, and standard bearer are all still around. I think they still have the techmarine for sale, despite that guy being from the 90's.

>> No.74502639 [DELETED] 

Because manlets look dumb duh.

>> No.74502644

Because even at 2 wounds tactical suck cock

>> No.74502645


>> No.74502668

Imagine wanting to sculpt interesting things and they keep wanting you to make more space marines

>> No.74502671

Slowly painting. All I fuck up the painting. Maybe after I finish I’ll re paint the fuck ups

>> No.74502677

The German one or the one with the fetish porn?

>> No.74502690 [DELETED] 

>interesting things
Like space elves, space orks or xenomorphs? Yeah, interesting.

>> No.74502691

Is the anon who posted this still here? Wanted to ask how he made it

>> No.74502697

dont be pedantic
They're elite infantry with war scythes. Same role.

>> No.74502705

Anyone who uses political compass at all is retarded, anyone who uses it to assign positions to fictional people is even more retarded.

>> No.74502718

I think they mean like mephiston but i mean all he did was get a new model

>> No.74502728

about right for the community

>> No.74502732

Looks good! Nice and grimy, how they should be.

>> No.74502733

Not the same role at all

>> No.74502737

>Those breasts

>> No.74502753

Do you think of those little nobbles as teeth? Or do you picture necrons with closed mouths?

>> No.74502760

>Like space elves, space orks or xenomorphs? Yeah, interesting.

>> No.74502766

I prefer praetorians

>> No.74502788

I meant named characters, not generic HQ models. Characters that have crossed the rubicon primaris have had their old data sheets removed.

>> No.74502805

Well yes

>> No.74502815

Yes they are
Tough dude with big scythe

>> No.74502817 [DELETED] 

>crossed the rubicon primaris
Stop being a nerd and making up new terms for “got squatted”

>> No.74502820

>> No.74502837

What fucking ever thats what GW calls it you utter pedant thats not the fucking point in any case

>> No.74502839

Still looks fine though

>> No.74502844 [DELETED] 

>no new models for decades
xenoshitter cope

>> No.74502849

>When our club made that epic Mordheim castle ruins that covered the whole 2m x 2,5m table 19 years ago

Still sad we didn't take proper pics of it because it was pre-phone cam era.

>> No.74502868 [DELETED] 

looks like a five year old in a haloween suit

>> No.74502871


>> No.74502884


>> No.74502885

>I mean named characters
ok, but that's a big fuckin departure from "every model that got a primaris rework"

>> No.74502899

Pariahs weren't tough, they had a 4+ save and no wbb, compared to the rest of the army they were squishy as fuck.

>> No.74502901

>Too much terrain is rarely a problem and can be circumvented by clever tactics
>Too little terrain is horrible and games just become a question of who shoots first/has more guns

>> No.74502907

I play IG and my opponants are always suspicious when I say that we should have lots of terrain, especially when they're using an assault orientated army. I shit on them with basilisks and block where they can move with infantry squads.

>> No.74502944


>> No.74502946

Necrons are Space Tomb Kings.
We have female Tomb Kings.
Female Necrons are fine.

>> No.74502948

What if the terrian is all badly placed

>> No.74502976


>> No.74502979

Jesus Christ learn anatomy

>> No.74502984

>my havocs are taller than my terminators

Are havocs to big or are termies too small

>> No.74502994

>bOtH aRE SkElLiES tHeY'Re tHe SaME

>> No.74503006 [DELETED] 

Termies too small, we need



>> No.74503011


>> No.74503018

I have no problem with female nucrons. It fits with the nucron lore.

>> No.74503025

They were right about you

>> No.74503032

Also bad.
>Terrain all in the center of the board
>Terrain all around the perimeter
>"But anon, if my marines are playing against Tyranids, it only makes sense that all the defensive terrain would be in my deployment zone!"

>> No.74503035

>What options?
>As soon as Primaris have options...
It's a good idea to read a post back to yourself before posting, just to check you're not a retard.

>> No.74503039

Smol Termies

>> No.74503045

underrated post

>> No.74503055

Aren't the new termies taller than the old ones?

>> No.74503056

Since 1d4chan is RIP now, are there any good alternatives for faction tactics and the like?

>> No.74503061

I see fish tank filters, but can't tell what are some of the catwalks near the yellow thing

>> No.74503062

this is the non brainlet take, they're gonna slowly merge the two lines and just stop selling the old models at some point

>> No.74503063

are you using the new plastic chaos terminators?

>> No.74503083

Comparing elite melee infantry to elite melee infantry seems fairly reasonable.

We have no idea how the multipart Bladeguard will be, or their weapon options. I could just see it being way easier to give them jump packs than design a new unit entirely.

>> No.74503089

Yes they are taller. For some odd reason.

>> No.74503090 [DELETED] 

It's a good idea to take your own advice and read my original post >>74502367 where I stated it as a prerequisite for manlets to be squatted, moron

>> No.74503096

>Since 1d4chan is RIP now, are there any good alternatives for faction tactics and the like?
A ton, since 1d4chan Tactics were outdated at best, and poorly thought out at worse.

>> No.74503106

Warp spiders are pretty cool. GW should update them or shining spears first.

>> No.74503109

We truescale now nigga

>> No.74503128

>A ton
wow you sure did answer his question didn't you anon

>> No.74503144

tactical genius

>> No.74503161

Is 1d4chan gone forever?

>> No.74503163 [DELETED] 

They are standing on the scenic bases

>> No.74503170

It is so odd.

>> No.74503182

probably, there are some people trying to revive a copy from march, but I don't know if that's going to get off the ground. If you need something other than keeping up with the meta you can check the wayback machine.

>> No.74503186

Art of War streams for one. You can ask them practically anything about tactics/strategies to play armies considering they are the best players in the world.
Also r/warhammercompetitive

>> No.74503188

artillery doesn't belong in 40k, change my mind

>> No.74503203

I don't think you guys understand why chaos always wins. 40k is about:

>pleasure of painting aesthetic as fuck models and the pain of suffering through painting an entire army
>the appeal of gloriously bloody face-to-face combat and the rage you feel when some pussy has the gal to "fall back"
>the lore of a galaxy that only knows death and suffering
>the scheming of trying to come up with the most broken list possible to give you an edge on your opponent. Also cheating GW out of money with recasts.


>> No.74503219

>women tall
jesus GW

>> No.74503221

It belongs, just not that close to the front line battle.

>> No.74503232

Neither of those are replacements for what he wanted; a repository of tactics

>> No.74503240

just painted a 2e spore mine. Decided to paint the bumps like eyes for a bizarre sensory spore.

>> No.74503250


>> No.74503253

Haven't played since 4th Edition, but I want to bring my crons up to speed. I don't like the tripod legs of the new guys, but they look like you might be able to put them on lychguard. Can anyone improve or deny that.

>> No.74503254

Well in that case he’s fucked

>> No.74503259

Chaos fans are obnoxious faggots who won't stop jerking off about how invincible their faction is. I don't want to be associated with them.

>> No.74503262

>how many points of what armies have you painted since cuckvid shut down everything
>what kind of car do you drive
About 2k points of IW and DG
Toyota 4runner

>> No.74503269 [DELETED] 

>the cheese ball faggot is back

>> No.74503277


my man

>> No.74503279


probably ~1.5k of nids and a couple khorne demons

nissan frontier

>> No.74503281

goonhammer is the answer

>> No.74503287


>> No.74503293

On that topic, anyone know which female GW minis are largest? I'm looking for something to convert into a slaanesh daemon prince.

>> No.74503294

Actually yes, that’s correct. Completely blanked on them.

>> No.74503297

Jesus Christ how dare they have fit, healthy, well-fed and looked-after women be taller than an underfed Hive-dweller with rickett’s?!

>> No.74503310

sorry, sorry. ill return to the hole from whence i came

>> No.74503316

>according to color theory, I should paint my guys green if I want their red equipment to pop out
>but I can't get over the fact that's christmas colors and can't unsee it no matter how hard I try

>> No.74503325

DakkaDakka, the Bolter and Chainsword, or Goonhammer

>> No.74503340

>He doesn't have seasonal armies

>> No.74503343

I like your stuff, Anon.

What army?

>> No.74503346

eh it doesn't bother me, i don't play competitively anyway. just narrative with locals. also i think im the only person at my lgs to only field painted models.

>> No.74503362

Every forgeworld kroot unit
Every forgeworld hammerhead

>> No.74503364

The SoB statue or the lady on top of a bug from AoS

>> No.74503369

I'm color blind and I've always found color theory to be bullshit. Green and red don't match at all. Not even during Chrismas season

>> No.74503379

SoB statue. It has bare feet, too.

>> No.74503380

Have you tried playing the game?

>> No.74503388

I've finished painting absolutely nothing, I keep switching projects halfway through.
Chevy Cobalt.

>> No.74503395

They are too big. It will look like a very bad case of skipped leg day.

>> No.74503397

Why stick withGW models?

>> No.74503401

Red and yellow ftw.

>> No.74503407

salamander successors

>> No.74503414

>got into 40k at beginning of kung-flu
>never played a match
>40kg taught me that painting your models is just proper manners
>mfw I walk into LGS after this is all over and its all unpainted

>> No.74503417

>also i think im the only person at my lgs to only field painted models.
jesus christ

>> No.74503426

I’ve painted maybe 70 points of Guard.
A 1991 Nissan D22.

>> No.74503432

>these same models are taller than primaris
Shut the fuck up, kid.

>> No.74503436

>move to a national park in the middle of nowhere for a summer job
>decided to bring historicals to paint instead of 40k stuff
>as soon as I get out here I get an urge to paint 40k stuff
A csm sorcerer snuck along with me in the paint box so he is about it

>> No.74503442

Just make the colors a little muted anon.

>> No.74503443

>Have you tried playing the game?

Of course, but i would like to plan what kind of army i'm going to build.

>> No.74503453

>he doesn't want his girls taller than them
You don't understand the manlet curse I want a girl with long, long legs but I am forever cursed to only be attractive to shortstacks

>> No.74503454

Yellow goes with both green and red.


I was joking, Anon. Lighten up.

Primaris are too short now reeeee

>> No.74503455

I still love that they actually tone down the number of medals he had on cus they thought folks would find it too unrealistic to show the amount he really had.

>> No.74503473

so look at the rules. The 1d4chan tactics was just some moron looking at the rules and saying "this is something that might work" which is pretty easy to do yourself.

>> No.74503476

Picture is a bit dark but it looks good otherwise. Blue looks a bit flat, maybe add a bit more highlights?
Here's a pack of fenrisian wolves I finish basing yesterday night. I'm stating to nail down the "muddy snow" look I'm trying to give the base. Idk, any c&c welcome.

>> No.74503479

What makes salamanders so strong now? It ain’t fair, it was the blood angels edition p, not the flamers and furries edition.
I’m tempted to start a harlequin army if they continue to be strong.

>> No.74503483

I like armsmen.

>> No.74503494

I do too. Buy a Titan crew and get converting.

>> No.74503506

>He doesnt make his lists in excel
Why even play?

>> No.74503510

Adjust the hue/saturation off of bright red and bright green. Think of the soviet red and olive green for example. Alternatively use a more complicated scheme involving three or even four colors rather than just two. See Pic. Or you can ignore the color wheel part and just try to general contrast by picking a warm color/hue and a cool color/hue. Even if they aren't complements they'll still contrast. Or you can follow an entirely different color theory like that of Heraldry with metals, colours, and furs. There are lots of options in color theory beyond the basic complementary pair.

>> No.74503511

honestly it feels bad. the only other person i remember that played fully painted armies was at my previous lgs, he was a airbrush commission painter who played tau and grey knights.

this guy " taught" me how to play a casual 1k game at the beginning of 8th by bringing his grey knights to a game against my pure demon list.

>> No.74503512

Look at Anvil Industries, they have some torso that are akin to this.

>> No.74503515

Kitbashed with spare parts.

>> No.74503517

I'll look into 3D printing then. Can't be that hard to track down a warrior stl to scale up.

>> No.74503542

Considering the oddest thing about GSC is not the strange skin color or ridges, but how healthy they are.
GSC should be giants by your logic

>> No.74503545

Am I supposed to use 8th edition datasheets or are they on the app?

>> No.74503553

Neophytes with Vanguard heads.

>> No.74503557

Fuck it
40k is played with 1/35 models now

>> No.74503570

Fuck yeah, they look incredible. If I didn't have so many ancient termis and Grey Knight termis to use as count as, I'd buy a few of them.

>> No.74503573

Just do x-mas marine anon YOLO.
Here is the shitty cape I did for my gravis captain.
Alternative you could do a blue shifted green like stegadon scale green

>> No.74503578

Use 8th ed. sheets until they are replaced. 8th>9th is an edition change that doesn't break the compatibility of the old books.

>> No.74503580

It's fucked, ain't it? Whole world gets locked down and these bastards still can't paint their shit.

>> No.74503582

Buy an airbrush. You'll save money in the long run if your gonna be in this hobby for a few years

>> No.74503584

two in power armour and 1 in heels?

>> No.74503588

Post games.
The buffed entropy cannons actually did a fair amount of work, and the Nurglings kept the Talos locked in combat for 2 turns.
Actually I think there should have been more Obscuring terrain in the middle rather than just the Dense forests. Next time, I guess.
I won btw becuase none of his disintegrators or blasters could punch through the PBCs 4++ invuln and 5+++ FNP.

>> No.74503597

*+ Scion torso

>> No.74503598

Why would I

>> No.74503602

Vostroyans. Mordians. Vahallans. Basically most of the Guard range outside of Catachans, Cadians and one Steel Legion squad.

>> No.74503612

Hell yeah!

>> No.74503619

paintign tutorial? I really like the colours, I'm a little tempted to copy it if I was ever to do nids.

>> No.74503620

The units are still there, not really what he means, I think.

>> No.74503621

I don't know nearly enough to see just by looking at the rules that "this unit is good" or "this unit is bad"

>> No.74503624

Any games this weekend? How’d it go?

Here’s the set up of a 1.5k match vs Newcrons that would ultimately turn into a kill box for all my marines.

>> No.74503629

You get to make them pretty colors

>> No.74503644


>copious amounts of terrian
>it all hugs the table edge giving redline camping spots and a giant no mans land in the center of the board

>> No.74503651

GSC chads gettin girls
>Massive smile
>Cool friends
>Isn't a bitch
>Has a second mouth for a tongue
>Deposits eggs into you

Genestealers be what girls want in 2020

>> No.74503652

my friend does this and I find it annoying.

>> No.74503655

Well that's probably the best example of how not to set up terrain in this edition

>> No.74503665

Looks Nice

>> No.74503669

Dana Howl. Or Icy Winters

>> No.74503671

then buy whatever looks cool and figure the rest out as you play the game. You can think about things as much as you want but until you put stuff on the table you're not going to figure out how you like to play or what works well.

>> No.74503691

>dumb terrain placement

>> No.74503706

Real battles have been lost this way.

>> No.74503713

thanks, it's really easy honestly.

for the color, this works with more than just yellow. the trick is priming black. you then have to put thin coats of a duller/ darker version of the color you want over the skin. almost brush it over. you don't want to get in every crack and crevice, as the black undercoat will do the job for you. let the coat dry before putting another layer on (use a desk fan!). keep adding layers of the duller coat until it looks more solid. then drybrush with the actual color you want, then add details/ highlight. let dry. after, add a wash. i used nuln oil.

for the shell, use a bone color over black. let dry, add another layer. then i drybrushed folkart white pearl over it. i then washed it with nuln oil. want me to explain how i did the bases?

hope this helps!

>> No.74503715

Dear paintlets
What's stopping you from just kryloning your entire army one color, then painting the shoulder pads a different color, then just slapping gunmetal silver on the guns, and just coating the whole fucking thing in agrax earthshade?
There is your 3 color all you gotta do is put texture paints on and you get your +10VP
What is that like 5 minutes a model if you assembly line them?

>> No.74503721

Eh, we play every week so we try to set up unique scenarios. It ended really bad for my army but I knew that going in. Not every fight needs to be an ideal situation for both armies involved.

What really hurt was his Skorpekh Overlord tanking 3 half range melta shots due to its invuln save turn 2. That one roll basically decided the game.

>> No.74503722

>lady on top of a bug from AoS
I'd not seen this model before, but it looks great for what I'm going for, thanks anon!

Any ideas what I could use the bug for?

To not limit where I can play.

>> No.74503723

Damn, that's a nice ass.

My local everyone is either fully or partially painted, though the rona killed the scene completely. Only Magic and Pathfinder left.

>> No.74503724

>guy brings out the direct counters to a newbie's army his second game ever
Jesus how unsatisfied with your life to you have to be to pull that on a guy who barely knows what phase order is?

>> No.74503728

>I actually sold all my AdMech, Nids, DG and CSM recently to buy a better plate carrier (for work) and to start an Eldar super army and a Blood Pact killteam
>Honda Pilot

>> No.74503732

Part of the demon? Or another Demon

>> No.74503739

Good for skrimish
Bad for anything else

>> No.74503750


I didn’t set the terrain up friend. I also lost hard.

>> No.74503753

anti-waacfags, how do you play for fun? How are you okay in scenarios where one aide has a diatinct advantage?

>> No.74503762

>Here's how to paint ______ without an airbrush!
>uses an airbrush right in the beginning
Cant remember which video it was but fucking christ i hate almost every painting channel

>> No.74503763

Post blood pact

>> No.74503765

Pure Knights in 9th? Yay or nay?

>> No.74503771

>£105 worth of kits to build 10 Guardsmen.
Just think if you find a friend to give you the Vanguard head, that will bring the cost down to a lean £77.50!

>> No.74503772

Good. Stay in the trash where you belong

>> No.74503774

You running poxmongers?

>> No.74503777

You just balance the rules around it.
CA+Core has plenty of missions for different power disparities.

>> No.74503784

Greater Spawn?

>> No.74503791

You need contrast in lightness and saturation too aside from hue. A saturated, bright red with a, unsaturated, dark green looks good. Think dark angels. Bright red and saturated green look like christmass

>> No.74503792

I bet if you were creative you could use it as base for a pretty cool nurgle daemon prince

>> No.74503797

I just don’t like to play (or play against) the latest broken triptide-equivalent list.

Easier if you
a) buy from bitz resellers
b) forgo the torso
c) sell on any parts you don’t use

>> No.74503807

Imagine the smell

>> No.74503810

I used it as a base for a Warshrine before they nerfed the hell out of it.

>> No.74503819

1 of every unit
Play a game and find out what units you like

>> No.74503820


>> No.74503822

either post models or fuck off, faggot

>> No.74503826

I already answered that.

>> No.74503828


>> No.74503839

I’m still waiting for my order of heads and trench fighting bits to get here, but once they’re done I’m definitely going to post them.

>> No.74503851

The local Blood Angels tranny kept.doing this in 8th edition.

>> No.74503854 [DELETED] 

shut the fuck up fag enabler

>> No.74503856

>yellow, black and red on the model
>built up base with 2+ colors on it
hes fine, post yours

>> No.74503857

Yeah, its objectively the best. You just can't beat a 4++ invuln on PBCs, making an obnoxiously tough tank even tougher.
Ferryman is also good if you're running a 10 man combi plasma termi blob.
Tried Mortarion's Anvil. It was kinda shit.
Mortarion’s Chosen Sons could be good down the line due to the RR1&2 Plague Marine DR of their Plague Surgeon.
The rest pretty much pale in comparison to the 4++ invuln artifact you get from Poxmongers.

>> No.74503863

As I recall female necrons exist in fluff. But outside of the higher ranking individuals like a phaerakh who have their personalities and visual identities intact, we probably wouldn't be able to tell because they're just metal skeletons. Well, we wouldnt be able to tell at 28mm anyway.

>> No.74503869

Its not that its ideal or not, its just fucking boring. Two sides of heavy/obscuring terrain with a big midfield of fuck all means you might as well have no terrain on the board at all

>> No.74503871

this is genuinely deeply hilarious

>> No.74503875 [DELETED] 

are you cheese fucks personal bitch boy or something? simmer down

>> No.74503884

Just give it a minute. We'll get them

>> No.74503886

What does /tg/ think of the new necron guy with loads of arms and the faggy reveal trailer?

>> No.74503888

Honestly the most fun I’ve had across sigmar and 40K were missions I made up. Games Workshop “balanced” missions blow and their narrative missions are just sad. Find a friend who is down and start writing your own missions.

So far I’ve done
>a Stormcast exorcist exorcising a nighthaunt force by reaching places of power
>a death guard army being besieged by the forces of slaanesh needing to keep their plagueburst crawlers alive in order to bombard the enemy camps
>imperial fists holding a strong point against a never ending horde of slaanesh

I wish competitive fags would fuck off. The game doesn’t need to be perfectly balanced but definitely needs to be more fun.

>> No.74503899

You could try to find someone converting scions to kasrkin to get the torsos from.

>> No.74503900

>> No.74503904

And who pissed in your pie?

>> No.74503907

It is a model based in black, with a poor application of yellow over the top and some dots of red.

It doesn't meet battle standard by the very examples given by GW and looks shit to boot

>> No.74503911

What does a SM captain need to have on him to make him a captain

>> No.74503913 [DELETED] 

the fag enabling bitch boy obviously

>> No.74503914

>still hasn’t posted models

>> No.74503918

About 2k of marines, 500 of GSC, a 1500 point AT battle group, and 1500 of necrons.
Buick century

>> No.74503921

nay because if you play pure knights you are a massive homosexual

>> No.74503928

>no models
then fuck off, yellow nid anon has contributed more to this thread than you ever will

>> No.74503933

I once had a dumb mission where armies fight to grab como psykers that did psyker scream to the unit that capture it.
You had to ferry psykers to your deployment zone.
Orks had bad Ld so they die esier, while SoB had smaller number so every death hurt a lot.

>> No.74503952


Modelwise? Just bling him up a bit. Cool helmet+pauldrons. Maybe some Mk.3 or 4 legs?
TL;DR take all the cool bitz from the Command squad and mash them together.

>> No.74503954

>40kg taught me that painting your models is just proper manners
Most people on /40kg/ have never played the game, have never painted any models, do not own any models and have never read any of the source books or tie-in novels.

These people will also eagerly pine in on every aspect of the game like they have been playing all their lives.

>> No.74503956

Post your battle ready

>> No.74503965


: )

>> No.74503970

Where’s SNA got to?

>> No.74503979

>> No.74503982

I’m not polypanon, homo. Post models.

>> No.74503985


>> No.74503992

>doesnt meet GWs standard for battle ready
their standard is literally "base coats and a base with something on it"
it says nothing about the number of colors, retard

>> No.74504002

go back

>> No.74504005

He briefly popped by yesterday.

>> No.74504008

>somebody posts a model I do not like
>do I move on and live my life?
>I’ll insult anyone who disagrees with me on this one trivial issue

Terrible bait, fuck off.

>> No.74504014

Probably FeelsBadMan

>> No.74504015

hello, I'm not the one arguing with you, i don't go out of the way to defend my own painting. i don't mind If my guys are battle ready or not, and i don't mind if mine aren't tts.

heres a few of my models with 3 colors

>> No.74504016

>Paints and converts
Sounds like a cool guy.

>> No.74504019

The example on the right is exactly what those shitty models are, plus a few scant dots of another color. -10vp

>> No.74504021

the price we pay for fashion

>> No.74504022

>he deletes his posts and slinks off like the utter faggot he is
Kek good riddance.

>> No.74504023 [DELETED] 

Are you colorblind or something? Looks like stale vomit.

>> No.74504025

>Follow the rule of cool
>Dont play against broken as shit armies

>> No.74504030

Oh good.
Not him, but does the 3-colour minimum not apply?

>> No.74504031

Just use very little green.

>> No.74504043


>> No.74504050


>> No.74504054

pretty sure it was a mod

>> No.74504057

i like garrish colors, wanted them to look alien compared to the table they're on

>> No.74504058 [DELETED] 

>somebody says something i don't like
>zomg better cry to pocket janny tranny
Reporting is useless as you see.

>> No.74504063


Those few scant dots move it to position #2. You’re not very good at trolling, tbqh.

>> No.74504071

Slowly blocking in colors on this dude.

>> No.74504077

post dolls paintlet

>> No.74504078

>we probably wouldn't be able to tell because they're just metal skeleton
What if we get necrons with a wider pelvis

>> No.74504090

A 40mm base

>> No.74504091

>Those few scant dots move it to position #2. You’re not very good at trolling, tbqh.
No they don't.

>> No.74504092

Based jannies wrangling tards.

>> No.74504094

Oh hey.
How goes it?
Still no room for a mediocre drawfag, I presume

I haven’t reported you, Anon. Did you respond to the right post?

>> No.74504101

>be so much of a faggot a janny takes pity on the thread and cleans you up for everyone else’s sake
How embarrassing

>> No.74504102

>You’re not very good at trolling, tbqh.
Yeah he's the one trolling, not the guy that has dipped his model in yellow and mostly called it a day.

>> No.74504105

How long does vomit take to go stale?

>> No.74504106


>> No.74504111

Fair enough this is where the primaris kits suck i guess because i wanted to kitbash but the legs and torso's being combined sucks. I wish i could just get one assault intercessor as i feel like his action pose would fit my idea better

>> No.74504114

Post your art. Maybe it'll give some soul to SNA's books.

>> No.74504118

it literally does though wtf are you on about. and would you rather this anon plays these nids or fucking unpainted grey tide nids like most cunts do.

>> No.74504119

show me in the GT pack where it says 3 color minimum
3 color minimum was always a meme for tourneyfags, battle ready just means the model looks complete
>plus a few scant dots of another color
battle ready standard +10 vp

>> No.74504134

Model looks good, nice contrast

>> No.74504138

>would you rather this anon plays these nids or fucking unpainted grey tide nids like most cunts do.

>> No.74504143

>not I
Sure m8

They’re not too hard to convert, Anon. If you’re doing Primaris then a new helmet/ backpack/ pauldrons and a few bitz will suffice.

I have. It’s not great desu. I’ll post some in a minute.

It may well not apply, idk. I like yellownid’s minis, I was just wondering.

>> No.74504148

Whoa! samefag over here hasn't posted models

>> No.74504172

Me see first picture first, so me copy.

>> No.74504174

Just make him a bit fancier than your usual grunt and you should be fine.

>> No.74504178


>> No.74504186

I recently got pumped rotten by orks, he had 3x30 boys and I just couldn't get through them fast enough to shift them off obejctives, he won on points by a fucking landslide, our numbers and no obsec for knights is shite in 9th

>> No.74504189

>sorry anon, your scarabs arent up to battle ready standards
>-10 vp

>> No.74504195

Eh, couple of colors, a wash, and a textured base. nothing wrong with simple paint schemes. I'd take this over greytide anyday.
Pretty much exactly what I did with my deathguard and I've never heard any complaints
>pic related
One model before I put sand on the base

>> No.74504200

>black stands
>leadbelcher body
>green on the eye
They clearly are

>> No.74504222

Pls go

>> No.74504226

>being this assmad about some random dude’s toy soldiers on a Tibetan scuba diving forum

>> No.74504229

>It is a model based in black, with a poor application of leadbelcher over the top and some dots of green
its clearly not

>> No.74504247

Why should he?
Are you too busy licking Daddy GW’s cock to consider fanmade rules?

>> No.74504251

>actually tone down the number of medals he had
oh shit, is that legit?

>> No.74504262

>poor application
Thinned paint is never poor applicated. It can has awfull taste, thought.

>> No.74504264

hey guys, polyp guy here.
my intention wasn't to start an arguement or defend what is or isn't battleready.

i don't defend my paintjobs or argue with anons regarding the "quality" (or lack thereof) of my scheme. i really just like seeing others opinions of my spores.

sorry about the clusterfuck my spore caused in this thread, that wasn't my intention.

>> No.74504271

battle ready does not check for the quality of the paint job

>> No.74504282

please just stop

>> No.74504284

dont apologize for somebody else's Aspergers acting up

>> No.74504289

Actually, looking again it could be feasible.

>> No.74504295

ironclads are BUFFED

>> No.74504296

the anons in this thread could have fooled me

>> No.74504300

>Post image of model
>get feedback for that model

>> No.74504319

>Still no room for a mediocre drawfag, I presume



>> No.74504321

>It can has awfull taste, thought.

>> No.74504330

it's nice to see dreads be good again outside of character jank

>> No.74504333

Is shrike, chaplain, phobos lieutenant, 10 infiltrators and 10 intercessors a decent start for a raven guard army? I will probably add in some agressors and eradicators as they are no brainers but should I add in any of the dreads or the invictor?

>> No.74504343

>start new army
>Assemble SC box
>excited to start painting
>need to spray it
>every day it's 90 degrees by 9 am

this is not canadian weather

>> No.74504344

>autistic screeching and deleting your own posts is feedback

>> No.74504345

>calling shitty paintjob shit is enough to turn the entire thread into damage control factory
Yeah, I'm sure it's not some discord posse getting it's fursuits in a twist.

>> No.74504349

Could someone post 40k painting general template?

>> No.74504350

Anon, you're on 4chan, just posting at all has a chance to trigger a spergout. Don't get emotionally tied to random shitposts, just learn to ignore.
You have a good army theme and painting style, just do what you do as it keeps the thread quality up.

>> No.74504353

Catachans and Krieg honestly should be the other two

>> No.74504362

Raven guard? More like GAYven guard LMAO

>> No.74504363

dreads will probably still be shit unless they have an invuln or are iron hands
they get minced by a single thunderhammer marine

>> No.74504364

Is 3 not supposed to be a storm bolter? But its statted as a normal bolter? Are these ALL riddled with errors?

>> No.74504365

>This is the average 40k players

>> No.74504366

>chainfist changed from 4 flat to 2d3

>> No.74504367

How? The only change I see beyond The heavy flamer going to 12" is the Chainfist going from D4 to D2d3, which is a sidegrade at best. Did I miss something?

>> No.74504380

Oh hey, isn’t that the blob demon price?

>> No.74504382


>> No.74504390

>brown khorne demons
im going to fucking shit myself and throw it at you

>> No.74504391

Saying you don't consider something to be good is feedback and its clearly multiple people that thought that, sweetie

>You have a good army theme and painting style
Now this is trolling

>> No.74504397

10 infiltrators is too much, you only need 5
Aggressors and eradicators are no brainers, you're right about that.
The only dread you should take is the relic contemptor. The Invictor is just okay.

>> No.74504404

I can't wait until we shame triple Poxmonger PBC like people shamed Triptide in 8th.

>> No.74504407

Shut the fuck up furfag.

>> No.74504408

He contributes something interesting for once in these threads

>> No.74504411


>> No.74504424

If it's not 30 degrees in the summer down to -30 in the winter, it's not Canadian weather.

>> No.74504428

>he thinks were talking about the 1 person who didnt sperg out about the paintjob
like before, post models or fuck off, you have contributed nothing to this thread

>> No.74504436

That's a nice land-raider stompa kitbash.

>> No.74504444

>filtering is hard

>> No.74504453


>> No.74504454

Vostroyans and Steel Legion.
(I like Catachans too)

Your sperging goes a little beyond “feedback”, Anon.

Nice samefagging, Anon. Reusing the same insults is a dead giveaway ;)

>and it’s clearly multiple people that thought that, sweetie
>clearly multiple people


Once again, same insults. Congratulations, you have even more mental problems than everyone else here.

>> No.74504455

Their BS is 4+ and degrades to a 5+ as soon as it drops to half, its fine.

>> No.74504463

Mate don't bother, it's literally a bunch of discordfags with a pocket janny on the leash whiteknighting their namefag friendos

>> No.74504465

What army

>> No.74504467

Going to have to add "post models" to the filter aren't I
>"this movie is shit"
>post your own movie then!

>> No.74504468


>> No.74504484

Heh gottem

>> No.74504488

I am genuinely kekking at this level of samefagging.

>> No.74504489

So... just like Riptides?

>> No.74504493

The real secret nobody has figured out yet is that the flamers are better.

>> No.74504494

Amazing, thanks mate.
The Lychguard is already pretty topheavy. Maybe it'd work out, I'll just have to try and see.

>> No.74504495

I wish. WHy are you all so ugly ...

>> No.74504496

Kill yourself spamming tripshit

>> No.74504538

cmon bruh no you wouldnt lmao. even though i personally dont like the paintjob, it at least represents an alien type aspect of colouring that you might expect from the nids. and yes anything painted to at least this standard is better than grey tide, fuck you if you think otherwise

>> No.74504546

So will you be doing every single faction’s rules, or are you crowdsourcing others for codexes? Also, playing test games irl may be a bit hard due to not many people outside of here even knowing or being onboard with the project, maybe TTS could be a viable alternative?

>> No.74504553

>cmon bruh no you wouldnt lmao.
Yes "bruh" I would

Grey tide is you not trying.
Bad paintjob is you attempting it and making the model worse

>> No.74504571

Wow, you learnt what “tripfag” means. An improvement from your first days, when you got confused between tripfag and namefag.

>> No.74504572

the paintjob of these scarabs goes beyond battle ready so at this point im gonna assume you are a shit poster so take your (you) and fuck off.

>> No.74504580

PBCs don't have 10+ ablative wounds that reduce all each instance of damage dealt to 1W.

I've been running flamers all the time, decided to give the CP buffed entropy cannons a whirl. Was pleasantly surprised.

>> No.74504581

I’d play against that army in a heartbeat rather than a greytide. It hardly passes off as “badly painted” considering the truest bad stuff I’ve seen at my GW.

>> No.74504586

>muh critic fallacy
you are in the hobby of painting miniatures, if you cant provide evidence you actually paint them then your opinion means fuck all

>> No.74504591

Remember you d9nt stand straight in termie armor. More of a hunch.

>> No.74504600


>> No.74504614

How is it a fallacy, anon?

Why does it apply to just about everything from cars to movies to architecture but for some reason you have to show your models to have a valid opinion on models?

>> No.74504620



>> No.74504630

Anyone has pdf/epub of Dark Imperium: Plague War? It is not in mega and it is missing from my collection.

>> No.74504637

But cheesefaggot can't provide that either lmao

>> No.74504640

opinion discarded then since you are obviously a grade A+ autist neckbeard.

>> No.74504641

Because it's a model painting hobby? Be a hobbyist or fuck off. The level of entry is low enough for a kid to enter, yet why can't you?

>> No.74504645

They also cost far less than a Riptide, so you just take more PBCs instead.

>> No.74504658

Funny that you could have just posted something. Anything. You do participate in the model painting hobby, right? What’s so difficult about posting (one) model?

>> No.74504676

>Because it's a model painting hobby?
So is liking/driving cars, watching movies etc
>Be a hobbyist or fuck off.
I am! I'm giving feedback on a model on a thread about a game that uses models

and that feedback is that they're shitty

>> No.74504694

theres a massive difference between someone outside criticizing something and someone on the inside criticizing something
the input of a shit chef who hasnt cooked means fuck all when criticizing a dishes presentation
this entire argument disappears the second you post a model you have painted, but you dont actually play the game now do you?

>> No.74504698

I wouldn't mind them just deleting mutilators honestly. They don't really add anything to CSM as an army.

>> No.74504704

The chain books gave me a weakness for the Valhallans, but I was planning to convert a regiment from a smattering of necromunda gangs framing them as all rival groups who were killing eachother planetside with a beluguered commissar trying to keep them fighting the enemy instead of eachother now.

Was still working out who to use as what in the army though.

>> No.74504709

Kinda pathetic ngl

>> No.74504733

>still more mental gymnastics
When the fuck will summer end? Tired of all of these secondaries.

>> No.74504738

Wicked A+ choice anon

>> No.74504743

>still seething about toy soldiers and imaginary furries

>> No.74504759

>so is liking and driving cars
yes, and they argue over what cars they like, but their arguments dont mean shit to the people that design them
your argument is like someone going up to an oil painting and bitching about the texture despite having no idea what is going on

>> No.74504765


here you go!

>> No.74504775

>paintlet secondary compares objective fact to subjective opinion
post models

>> No.74504783

What the Sororitas need is a new melee unit in their elites slot. That would really fill a gap in their army.

>> No.74504789

>still gettig his panties in a twist trying to protect the honour of some eandom who said he doesn't care
Why are you like this? Maybe cheesefuck is a girl and you're hopibg for a whiff of real pussy? What's your investment here?

>> No.74504790

Hey, nid anon is a good girl aand actually contributing to the thread with potential content.

Chasing off content creators is the last thing we need more of.

>> No.74504796

The Death of Stalin is such a fucking good movie.

>> No.74504821

based as fuck

>> No.74504824

Right, so we're all the way back to not being able to criticise anything you can't personally produce, good talk retard

>> No.74504831

>Maybe cheesefuck is a girl and you're hopibg for a whiff of real pussy?
And he’s an incel as well. Secondaries really are the worst people here. You still have yet to do the minimum and post a single model.

>> No.74504838

For a chaos lord in a 500 point list, should I go with the Black Axe daemon relic or the Axe of Blind Fury? The black axe can shit out MWs with its ability and Flames of Spite, but runs the risk of rolling a 1 and being unable to use it or just rolling low to wound, being S user. The Blind Fury axe has better strength, AP and damage, but misses hit allies instead, which I can mitigate by smart positioning.

>> No.74504842

>thinking fall will change anything
the coof has ensured us 6 more months of this shit at least

>> No.74504843

>y-you don’t g-g-get real p-pussy!
Embarrassing. Does your stepdad know you’re using his computer to badly shitpost on 4chan?

>> No.74504847

>shitton of people post better models unnoticed daily
>somehow chesefag is the only special snowflake providing "content" posting pus blobs

>> No.74504850

Its funny since I never encounter this, I instead get the opposite of searching "how to do x technique with airbrush" and instead get "How to do technique WITHOUT airbrush!"

>> No.74504852

Goofy dollar store Halloween skull.

>> No.74504855


>> No.74504875

You can, but if you aren't an expert of the field (which doesn't obligatorily means being able to produce that, just having experience about it) people can tell you to fuck off and they'll be right.

>> No.74504885

Dipping models in paint can is not painting faggola

>> No.74504887

>all my friends want to play orks or guard
>they see the effort and money it would cost to make their lists
>lose motivation and never get into the game because of it
Life is suffering

>> No.74504892

>You can, but if you aren't an expert of the field (which doesn't obligatorily means being able to produce that, just having experience about it) people can tell you to fuck off and they'll be right.
So do that nigger rather than having a giant repeated slinging match trying to tell me I can't have an opinion on something

Told me to fuck off now you can stop posting about it

>> No.74504897

The second one sounds alot like Kharn's ability, that's probably what I'd use and it'd be fluffy as fuck to be lost in a bloodlust.

>> No.74504910

What legion? If black legion do the chain sword.
Otherwise blind fury rolling the 1 on the black axe fucking sucks

>> No.74504914


whats the bottom army?

>> No.74504919

renegades and heretics were squatted this edition anon.

>> No.74504921

>reaching this far

>> No.74504923

You don't need to be a pro cook to call raw meat raw.

>> No.74504926

Red Corsairs.

>> No.74504928

Really is.
Jannies please ban everyone replying to the obvious bait and the obvious bait or just ban me so i never come back to this hellhole of a general.

>> No.74504937



>> No.74504945

Looks like Orks

>> No.74504954

I'd imagine when they keep making you design more and more Primaris you start to run dry. Especially if it isn't what you actually want to design.

>> No.74504956

So relic contemptors still an auto include? I usually play chaos where they are also ace, I wasn't sure if the "sneaky" marines would use them or if the raven guard stuff is complimentary

>> No.74504966

Do the Knight can't play with space marines in 9th?

>> No.74504968

What's the most updated points value for all SM stuff including FW? 2020 Chapter Approved?

>> No.74504969

>still equating objective fact to subjective opinion

>> No.74504977

>lol i dip this army in yellow and that one in red and then wash xd!
Keep coping.

>> No.74504985

So, 11th in two years and we can get an extra attack on space marines to close the circle?

>> No.74504987

Forgeworlds across the Imperium having to deal with thousands of letters and astropath calls from Sororitas convents, demanding more flamers and meltas after the buffs. Dominions even attempting to use their speed to run into weapons manufacotorums and run out with them.

>> No.74504989

What happened to it? I just noticed it was gone last night.

>> No.74504994

They can, for specifics, read the rules.

>> No.74504995

Fuck off

>> No.74505004

Why are you so butthurt about my subjective opinion on cheesefag garbage then?

>> No.74505006

About 2k of sisters of battle, 1k of necrons, and 1.5k of space marines. I took a few breaks here and there to do some AoS and stuff from other games, and am now back to do about 2k of grey knights.

>> No.74505009

>still no models
Okay, secondary

>> No.74505015

I dont think the argument is that you cant have an opinion on a subject you're not trained in it just means more if you are.

>> No.74505018


>> No.74505024

You don't reaaaally need them in a casual environment but if you wanna WAAC they're the go-to since their BS is 2, they have a 5++ invuln, decently pointed, great weapon loadout selection.
It's the perfect package.

>> No.74505029

I have heard lot of people with zero experience calling raw anything below well done.

>> No.74505030

>A boon to the community
>Incredibly enthusiastic
>passionate about their hobby
>Cool conversions
>Fully painted armies
>bring in new hobbyists
>Make pretty good content
all the while you're an autistic neet who hasn't played 40k maybe ever

>> No.74505032

>implying the extra wound isnt so marinefags buy out the old kits before they squat firstborn in 10th

>> No.74505050

we see thru ur ruse faggot, post models

>> No.74505053


>> No.74505065

>still cope posting

>> No.74505068

So it's not subjective when it allighns to your opinion, convenient.

Cheesefag is not trained in painting models either which is painfully obvious

>> No.74505070

That just sounds like the Guilliman model painted gold

>> No.74505073

Why are you people replying to bait, i hate this general.

>> No.74505087

Why haven’t you posted a model?

>> No.74505100

>literally same three colors again
Do you have some sort of mentall illness or visual impairment?

>> No.74505105

If you dont already own a Relic Contemptor dont even bother, they are in the top spot for nerfing and batter's up soon

>> No.74505110

cuz you're gay lol

>> No.74505111

nay, you simply can't score enough on secondaries to make up for what you lose on primaries.

>> No.74505115


so do you have a GSC detachment, or were those just for fun? I just started GSC and will probably buy a second SC box and want to convert the iconward to a primus

>> No.74505124 [DELETED] 


>> No.74505134

> consistant theme
> bad?

>> No.74505142

Right and I'm not a trained chef but if Gorden Ramsey liked my food and my bitch aunt didnt guess whose opinion would hold more value.
I'm getting into this kind of late but I dont see at any point he said his models were golden daemon quality?
I'm with with these other guys
Post models

>> No.74505148

Lmao like a broken record. I'm not obliged to cook you a meal everytime I see someones doritos in mayo on the internet. You need to prove yourself first before you ask that.

>> No.74505153

About 1k of IG
2000 Cadillac Seville

>> No.74505167

I work in a restaurant and I can assure you it's happened more than once that a client get served a medium rare steak and he sent it back because he says it's raw. Thankfully not often, but it happened.

>> No.74505171

Love your work but I loathe the retail shelves you have. Get something aesthetic, man!

>> No.74505173

>undying autistic seethe
Jesus Christ lmao

>> No.74505178

>consistently shit

>> No.74505179

not really, though the day you roll a 6 for the damage from the chain fist will be a smug day

>> No.74505183

>dont play space marine
>laughing at people buying the same army 3 times

>> No.74505193

And I just bought one to complete my relic dread collection.
I barely play my Levi and Dorito anyway so it's alright.

>> No.74505207

Perfect example of defeating your own argument. Go see a sadwitch that senile fuck done recenly lmao

>> No.74505216

just a small detachment to fight alongside my nids

>> No.74505220


>My conspiracy theory doesn’t work anymore what hoops can I jump through to awkwardly force it

>> No.74505255

6000 points of Ultramarines
1996 Mercury Grand Marquis

This army is worth twice what my car is

>> No.74505309

Eh it was the first name that came to mind, you're the one who used food as an example

>> No.74505325

Dire Avengers or Guardians?
inb4 >Eldar

>> No.74505354

Storm guardians, obviously

>> No.74505377

>food analogy elitism
it really sizzles the old grey matter

>> No.74505382

dire avengers marching up the field or in wave serpents and 20 guardians with 2 platforms deep striking. don't expect either to survive long unless buffed

>> No.74505435

>play into food analogy yourself but get upset when said analogy plays you
Hypocrite pooftas

>> No.74505445

how much is your car

>> No.74505479

One last (you) how did it play me exactly?
>ho ho ho sandwich bad I'm playing 4d chess

>> No.74505553

The final chapter of the Blackstone Fortress saga but in limited edition!

Will you buy it?

>> No.74505565

Holy shit are you playing dumb now? How pathetic.
>hurr i'd rather trust ramsey cuz he's a pro!!
>he's actually fucking retarded

>> No.74505638

Uh, 2 skinks. No idea how many points that is, but probably like 6 or 7
2016 Toyota rav4

>> No.74505654

Neither, go glaive.

>> No.74505682

No, why would I?

>> No.74505977

>paintlet cope

>> No.74506066

They deleted the other thread??

>> No.74506068


>> No.74506085

Can we get new boss models for each Ork tribes?

>> No.74506087

Hesus christo, what the fuck is wrong with butthurt jannies today?

>> No.74506097

I'm not entirely sure why folks thinks Eradicators will be a dual kit with Heavy Intercessors. This hasn't been the case for any other Primaris release, or for that matter really ANY release.

Both will likely be their own kits, with their own secondary weapons.

Intercessors and Hellblasters are different kits, why would Heavy Intercessors and Eradicators not be?

>> No.74506106

Bros, what the fuck happened?

>> No.74506112

lol, nice. I own 8k of iron Warriors and a Dodge Stealth worst purchase I ever made

>> No.74506122

Because we have the glimmer of hope that GW won't be retarded.
>This hasn't been the case for any other Primaris release, or for that matter really ANY release.
Infiltrators and Incursors say hello.

>> No.74506125


Yes but only if each one has their own unique theme

>> No.74506157

>no 40k models
>on 40k thread

>> No.74506162


>> No.74506164

Most kits have weapon options, and this seems the cheapest way (from gw perspective) to do it: add a bolt gun to the eradicator mpk and save making 2 different moulds, which are very expensive

>> No.74506186

>watching battle reports
>top down view
>can't see much

why is this so popular lately? camera in hand gives a better perspective

>> No.74506245

Nah, and get ready for the normal warboss to disappear from the codex like the biker boss. Not even legends is going to have them at this point

>> No.74506247

Cause most people dont want to get motion sickness because someone decided Michael J Fox was the correct choice to hold the camera

>> No.74506292

>or for that matter really ANY release
They do the dual kit a lot.For primaris you have infiltrators and incursors. Other units simply have different guns but you are not going to put a unit of 3 gravis with something similar to an old HB as the gun in an elite or heavy support possition. They fit troops better

>> No.74506362

Both are Troops options that are basically weapon-swaps on a single unit.

They are not a troop choice and a heavy support choice.

>> No.74506489

Immortals and Deathmarks or Lych Guard and Pretorians too. Those units are a lot more different. Assault and devastator centurions are the same kit too and have different battlefield roles

Also the difference between heavy intercessors and erradicators would presumably be the gun. There's nothing else that looks that different.

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