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Greenskins edition

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Thread Question: do you model wargear from a kit for aesthetics or efficiency?

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This, always this.

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Gameplay is temporary

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Reminder, T8 is NOT common and you don't have to prepare for it in your games

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Where can I learn to paint like this?

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>Thread Question
For both

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Reminder, if you bring a model that is worth more than 150 points, and you aren't playing apocalypse, you're a piece of shit.

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It's common enough that you'll come across it occasionally, and you'll struggle if you don't have an answer

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Play more narrative games.

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How do they even manipulate those small pockets with their huge hands?

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They don't. It's just there for aesthetics

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>hurr durr
Could you stop drooling and speaking retard while you're here.

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The small pouches aren't deeper than his fingers
The large pouches are wide enough to accommodate his hand.

I assume he won't try accessing pouches with his power fist, but you never know.

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Unironically the most fun form of 40k

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Blood Angels vs Ultramarines, who does primaris better?
If I go Ultras I’m concerned that BA are better, but Ultras have some good tools in their toolbox for screwing over assault.
Psychic shackles is damn good
That defensive focus strat is nuts for super overwatch.
Nobility made manifest for heroic intervention by units.
Not to mention RG can fuck up entire squads on his own.

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Do you want Guilliman or do you want Flying Librarian Dreadnoughts?
>buying into space marines right before a new codex drops
Don't do this.

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Make up your own paint scheme and play both

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Ultras aggressors are insanely broken, and Blood Angels is one of the best chapters to run manlets only for, so you tell me.

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Go Ultramarines.

All Primaris outside a handful of characters are chapter agnostic, AKA, Ultramarines fodder. The special BA units like Death Company, Sanquinary Guard and so on are manlets destined for the chop.

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>Ultras aggressors are insanely broken
What changed?

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>Anonymous 08/23/20(Sun)04:30:35 No.74499029▶>>74499040 >>74499057
>Reminder, if you bring a model that is worth more than 150 points, and you aren't playing apocalypse,
>,you're a piece of shit.

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Aren't leman russ's like 160 base.

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Yeah it seems like primaris tends towards ultras and manlets are better for Blood Angels

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Nothing. Just advancing and shooting at no penalty with 12+2d6 s4 ap-1 shots on a durable model for 45 points continues to be stupid.

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Got my comp list all submitted

It has 7 armigers in it and I dont give a fuck

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Sounds fine to me what's the problem?

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Turn 2-3 they count as stationary even after moving so 2x shots, they also get to shoot after falling back at -1 BS

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>t. guardfag packing 9 russes

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>There's no such thing as quality
My little brother got a funko pop recently and I was shocked at the lack of quality.
Anything that could be bent was, the paint was awful and inaccurately applied. The whole thing just felt very cheap.

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Yeah but you have to use Aggressors.

>> No.74499126

IIRC it's pretty easy to make them count as in tactical during t1 anyways.
Strategic reserves help them quite a bit.

>> No.74499129

neither do the other 70% of participants in an average event because they are just there to have fun

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BA intercessor sgts with thunder hammers are pretty good, they wound almost everything on a 2 or 3+ and there's lots of ways to give them extra attacks. They'll be even better in 9th when they go up to d4.

>> No.74499139

A bunch of S4 AP0/1 shots for 445pm isn't that scary, and being able to advance or retreat while doing it isn't that much better

Aggressors are only okay

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>Salamanders have a 73% winrate post 9th edition changes
God... those children... those poor Eldar children...

>> No.74499145

All LR types are under 150 lmao.

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please make me a 500pt bad moonz list that can kill space marines

>> No.74499157

Since I'm a git and posted the answers too late

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Assault is better now in 9th but only because they made ranged slightly worse.
Assault looks fun and may be more exciting than shooting but it’s predictable, easy to counter, and most crucial: a good shooting unit can sit mid table and tag targets all game long while a good assault unit, even with high mobility can maybe assault 1-2 times in a game unless the opponent is a fucking moron and clumps his units close together.

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>advancing and shooting at no penalty with 12+2d6 s4 ap-1 shots on a durable model for 45 points
>laughs in advancing and shooting at no penalty with15 S5 Ap -3 D1 (Dd3 against Sv3+) shots on a durable model for 43 points

Friendly reminder to Laugh at ogryn and their 12" Assault 3 S5 AP 0 D1 guns. You pay 30 points for this and only Sv5+

>> No.74499171

Oh a 500 pt army, thought you meant 500 pts left over. Hmmm, thats kind of a tough one. Not a lot of dakka you can fit in that point range. Maybe kustom shoota nobz are your best bet. Along with some cheap gretchin big gunz

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500 points of ork boyz.

>> No.74499174

>People trying to sell anon 500 pt ork lists that can kill muhreens, colorized.

>> No.74499180

I had a look in Battlescribe, and man Orks got fucked. Why are Boyz 8ppm?

500pts gets you fuck all Boyz

>> No.74499183

>average 19 bolter shots
>only okay
Anon I hate to be mean but I don't think you're very bright.
A squad of 6 next to a CM will on average kill a contemptor dread. Shooting bolter shots.

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Boyz are now for holding objectives. You need to spam buggies and elites with Orks in 9th

>> No.74499213

We have really got to start finkin' with our lists now. On the plus side it's given me an opportunity to run a runtherd. Even bought the old Zodgrod model and painted up today for the occassion.

>> No.74499215

On a serious note, don't use boyz. I play marines and shit on them in every game. The mek with force field can make them a lot more survivable so bring one if you don't want to die instantly.

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>> No.74499219

Opinions on Custodes?
Picked them as my first army and my friend keeps getting salty about them.

>> No.74499222

Kommandos are excellent for stealing your opponents ogjectives right from under his nose. After a bit of shanking of course.

>> No.74499227

I too don't play the game.

>> No.74499230

boring to paint

>> No.74499240

>boring to paint
No, you're just a boring person.

>> No.74499243

Kommandos and Stormboyz are great for knocking the enemy off objectives or going for a cheeky assassination. Units of MANZ do work now

>> No.74499247

Sure, but for 270pts you'd hope so.

They're not bad, but I don't think they're busted, either.

>> No.74499253

I mean sure, i f you paint them as clowns instead of custodes

>> No.74499262

awful to play against because the entire army is 2+ save and you're probably a faggot abusing that -1 to hit banner plus all the new bullshit stratagems

>> No.74499263

You guys are missing the point.

Ultramarine Aggressors are dangerous because they can abuse fall back and shoot rules, in an edition that emphasizes melee.
Remember that because objectives are scored at start of turn, the best way to take and hold is melee.
Except you're not going to push Ultramarine Aggressors off a point using melee.

>> No.74499264

I'd agree with you if they weren't also a respectable countercharge unit.

>> No.74499268

Lads I'm REALLY getting sick if CAACs. They seem obsessed with not just WAACs but tournie players in general. it's interesting that they day waacs have to win at all costs but holy fuck do CAACs get super salty if they lose. Wtf is wrong with them

>> No.74499272

Each custode is a marvel of the imperium in his own right, a guardian of the emperor, and worth a whole army (in lore). Why don't you paint them as such?

>> No.74499274

Custodes can be made to look good if you want a clean look too.

>> No.74499275

I haven't been using that banner much.
I do use stratagems when they're effective, I don't know what to say there.

>> No.74499281

post models

>> No.74499282

They got a lot better when their PA book came out, 9th ed is also an improvement for them. You can use custodes with shield to sit on objectives, bikes and allarus are also good offensive and can be given buffs depending on which shield host you're using. Dread host is pretty good for allarus for the stratagem they have.

>> No.74499286

How many MANZ do you usually run in a squad? I got 10 normal nobz with big choppas running up the field with my boss; but I'm not sure if upgrading them to MANZ would be cost effective.

>> No.74499293

Just charge them with can-opener units instead of gribblies and make sure there's nothing left to fall back. Not hard.

>> No.74499294

CAACs are the people who got picked last (if at all) when teams were being formed for recess.
They're uniformly miserable people and have never gotten over early childhood shame, and are now grown adults who fear competition.

Don't waste any time on them.

>> No.74499297

I've been running Solar Watch. I think running Terminators up the board 7~8+d6 and shooting is too fun to pass up.

>> No.74499299

Good god it's like gettng hit by a semi truck covered in parking lot oil.

>> No.74499300

>100pts for 20 S4 ap0 D1
anon, I...

>> No.74499304

I ran a couple of squads of 4-5. Kit them out with pk and skorchas or duel kill saws.

>> No.74499307

They are a 3-6 man unit with no objective secured. Why would you have trouble taking an objective from them?

>> No.74499312

Vehicle heavy Orks have actually done fine at tournaments.

>> No.74499313

Because they pretty easily punch things off of it?

>> No.74499316

>use can-openers instead of gribblies
>throw fodder troops at them

The duality of man.
Whoever is right, the other guy is going to get preyed on by Aggressors.

>> No.74499318

>grown adults who fear competition.
I can understnad this given the coddling complex that the world has now, but I don't understand why thhey DONT want people playing competitive (not even competitive! just not uselessly casual) games at all

>> No.74499319

and yes I run 10 man squad of boyz and upgrade the nob with a big choppa. a ten man squad of shoota boyz in a trukk is pretty effective as well

>> No.74499324 [DELETED] 

Not sure whether to focus on Death Guard or Night Lords desu

>> No.74499327

They have 15A when charged, hitting with 7.5. They'd have a hard time killing anything with more than 8 models in it

Both result in him not getting the obj. That's the important part. making the other lose

>> No.74499347

Not sure whether to focus on Night Lords or Death Guard desu

>> No.74499348

I've never met someone who didn't want other people to compete.

It's a bit tiresome to rock up to the flgs and everyone just wants to play 'practice games' with their optimized tournament lists, though.

>> No.74499351

I mean they fire in overwatch twice as well so it's not like they're slouches there either.

>> No.74499355

>complaining about practice games right when a new edition is dropping


>> No.74499364

I have seen ascension with my own eyes, I know of the glorious design that generations of my ancestors work towards, an entire world ripped of its oppressive thorns and given unto the Gods to fuel the journey across infinity. We unworthy pilgrims were spared holy salvation and were charged to ensure life on distant worlds do not go to waste in ignorant resistance, and prepare an ungrateful galaxy to join the divine journey of the Star Children.

>> No.74499367

The types of units that have 8 or models in it typically are the kind that would get shit on by 12d6 blast + 72 normal shots.

>> No.74499369

Played my first crusade game last night, had more fun than expected. Was really nice making s narrative with my friend.

>> No.74499371

Lol I've not been to a flgs since like Feb thanks to lockdown. This is a just a general comment anyway

>> No.74499376

both are gorgeous. follow your heart.

>> No.74499379

I'd keep going with the Night Lords. That termi is really sharp! The plague guy could really use a spot color. Maybe make his helmet slits glow?

>> No.74499382

Last time I played against aggressors they killed me so hard I died

Oh wait I just shot them t1 with some multiwound guns

>> No.74499386

They're good, undercosted and very boring to play and play against.

>> No.74499388

Blue death guard always looks great.

>> No.74499394

In your house.

>> No.74499401

>unit is killable
>somehow this is a negation of them putting out an obscene firepower for their cost
>opponent plays unit like a retard
>unit isn't effective
>somehow this reflects on the unit, not the player

>> No.74499404

What's a fluffy reason to use infiltrators and eliminators in a BA army?

>> No.74499408


>> No.74499409

I don't even get why 45 points for a unit with 24 S4 shots, powerfists and T5 W3 is a big deal. As anon said upthread an Ork Boy is 8 points, you can can 5 1/2 Ork Boys for every Aggressor.

>> No.74499413

Idk Cawl popped by on the way to the supermarket and dropped off some new primaris

>> No.74499419

Ok I did that, now what?

>> No.74499427


It's not that they're bad, they're just not like, unbeatably OP

They're just fine. A good unit, but not overpowered

>> No.74499428

What's a fluffy reason for infiltrators and eliminators in a SW army?

>> No.74499430

I hadn't realized that the grenade launcher is now an assault weapon and not grenade type.
Does this mean they will change doctrines to buff grenades in the melee doctrine? Cuz the only reason you'd buff grenades on T1 is that the grenade launcher was the only 'special weapon' intercessor could take

>> No.74499432

Haha well meme
d good sir

>> No.74499433

They're looking for more wolves to abuse.

>> No.74499435

>tourney lists need to be in by 12:00 today
>so far no Salamanders and only 1 White Scars

Haha yes

>> No.74499436

OK no I was trolling one Aggressor will absolutely mulch its equivalent points in almost any other unit.

>> No.74499440

I doubt it

>> No.74499448

The issue is they'd be one of your best units for damage output in any other army, but space marines have enough options to just spam more units that are also very good.
I'd say there isn't a single game breaking unit in codex marines, the problem is that there's way too many good-very good ones.

>> No.74499452

Flayed ones are cool but finecast can go fuck itself.
How likely is it they'll get a new plastic kit come October?

>> No.74499455

I couldn't decide either and just painted my death guard in the same scheme as my csm. fuck it, they are in the same warband now.

>> No.74499457

Oh boy

>> No.74499459

And what is a boy going to do? Die in hordes before they reach anything?

>> No.74499462

Why though, shouldn't there be more of them using eradicators and primaris bikes? Or are the new indomitus models not being used in the tournment?

>> No.74499463

No idea. GW is schizophrenic as fuck, there's literally no telling what they do and don't update to plastic.

>> No.74499466

Likeness of 0 or they would have teased it already.
Make some out of warriers. Flayed skin is not difficult to do with greenstuff. Neither are claws with plasticard

>> No.74499467

>45pts for a unit with 24 S4 shots (at bs3+)

>> No.74499470

No idea, everything is legal

And its wierd too as I can count at least 3 Salamander Players I know of
Maybe they just all play Casually?

>> No.74499474

If deyz stoopid, maybe.

>> No.74499476

lets just face it, funco pops are beanie babies

>> No.74499479


>> No.74499482

Eradicators weren't included in the early 9th edition tournament lists.
If it's not the absolute top tier cheese, marinefags don't even bother.

>> No.74499484

Maybe the reason I hate orkz so much is because they're meant to sound like they have a Cockney accent, which inevitably gets filtered through the mind of unfunny dopey autists.

>> No.74499490

is that a hammer and sickle imagery

>> No.74499491

Eradicators are pretty cheese in Salamanders but not really anywhere else.

>> No.74499496

no shit they're serfs in a cult

>> No.74499497

5 1/2 ork boys are far less resillien, shoot less and hit less than an aggressor tho

>> No.74499498

There are CAAC players who basically throw the game each turn

>> No.74499500

Soundz loike a youz problem ta me boss.

>> No.74499502

I prefer if Orks generally sound like the lads in Football Factory. instead we get autists that sound like Russel Brand

>> No.74499506

This also mean you can shoot the grenade launcher and the rifle at the same time. So like a combiweapon with no hit penalty

>> No.74499508

GW knows orks are shit and want to disincentivize people from playing them that's why

>> No.74499515

sigmarxism fuck off

>> No.74499520

You do realize that 24 shits kills 6 boyz, right?

>> No.74499522

Is the Emperor waking up?

>> No.74499525 [DELETED] 

>noooo you can't paint WARHAMMER 40,000 miniatures in soft feminine colors no one would do this except commie trans interns !

>> No.74499527

This, it's fucking racist when Orks are clearly black in their behavior

>> No.74499530

He was never asleep. He talked to Guilliman on Terra when he was travelling with Yvrainne.

>> No.74499533

Marines v Marines is the worst aspect of 40k

>> No.74499535

I love these meatheads.

>> No.74499544

>Marines v Marines is the worst aspect of 40k
Which explains why there's an entire branch of the company dedicated to it while the rest of the studio has to change between specialist game, age of shitmar and 40gay. Retard

>> No.74499549

Marines vs marines is better than a singular ork player

>> No.74499553

Lmao my dedicated transports are more than 150 points if I put guns on them

>> No.74499554 [DELETED] 


>> No.74499555

>it sells so it's good

>> No.74499559 [DELETED] 

anon i have questions

>> No.74499564

HH is a containment game for grogs historical fags and contrarians

>> No.74499568

>> No.74499569

So I'm using my Squiggoth as a transport for my nobz next game. Would it be prudent to keep him out of melee until I can unload the cargo; or should I be looking for a fight then drop them off?

>> No.74499572

I like the warcry/AoS stuff and the necron

>> No.74499576

And, faggot?

>> No.74499581

Troops can get off even if you are in melee and charging something is a good way to get to melee faster with it

>> No.74499582

Fight and drop, the more units in melee at the same time, the morenyou can dictate the pace of the game.

>> No.74499584

Any top tier army vs top tier is nice because salty faggots aren't going to complain about your army

>> No.74499585

>dude what if robot with six guns and six eyes and also six arms
It feels like a bad visual gag.

I think the Gunslinger GSC got too much hype and GW decided to cater to the American audience.
>if I hold a lot of guns I'm cool
No you're not.

>> No.74499597

I like it, im gonna buy 3 and do a destroyer cult army

>> No.74499602

Is there a way to make Imperial Guard lists fun?

Back in the day I had a blast with Veteran Chimeras but I haven’t played in about 8 years

Any fun lists that’s aren’t an armoured brrrrrrrrr list?

>> No.74499607

>buying three instead of buying six

At least give them a dumb hex- name too and continue the theme.

>> No.74499609

>Best way to make guard fun
Don't play guard

>> No.74499615

Rule of 3, secondary

>> No.74499626

Nope. Guard is critically reliant on the Leman Russ right now and I hate it.
>auxilla are categorically shit
>lord commissars aren't good
>platoon system is gone
>no more fire ports on the chimera
>everyone else has access to reroll to hit and wound, we don't.
>Marines are W2 now and Hellhounds only do 1 damage
>also it takes ~36 lasgun shots to kill one (1) marine

We solve most of our problems by pointing battle cannons at it and hoping it dies.
I guess the Demolisher cannon is the best it has ever been. That's nice.

>> No.74499628

I feared this would be the case

They’re my favourite race though damn it

>> No.74499631

I'm talking about models, paintlet.

>> No.74499637

Join the mobile infantry and take the fight to the bugs. Lots of infantry and valkyries to take on the nids.

>> No.74499645

Tempestor prime Khrushchev is tasked with operating the Master-Vox and facilitating the coordination of orders between inquisitorial command and the rest of the squadron, normally from the relative safety of his Valkyrie transport during operations. Khrushchev is also authorized to carry the laurels of command, which enable him to relay even the most nuanced orders, from inquisition command, to his faithful troopers.

>> No.74499646


>> No.74499649

I play the game so having six wouldn't really be of much use

>> No.74499650


That’s depressing I’m still going to start collecting them again, I can’t forsake my boys!

What sort of lists do you run then just Leman Russ I guess?

It’s a shame because I used to love giving my guardsmen character with bits and bobs now it’s just russ go vrooooom

>> No.74499655

We get you, sir!

>> No.74499660


>> No.74499683

How did the various chaos legions and xeno factions react when they first encountered primaris?

>> No.74499685

We're in new edition limbo so lists are still being figured out. Tallarn used to be pretty good at abusing the Russ, but their old regiment trait was moving and shooting heavy weapons w/out penalty.
Now everyone gets to move and shoot heavy weapons (on vehicles) at no penalty. New codex when? We don't know.
For tanks:
Pask is a good bet for plasma. Heavy bolters are going to damage 2, that might make taking x3 worth considering. And flamers are going to 12" range, which helps the already-common Demolisher cannon + 3 heavy flamer build.

Also a few good Tank Commanders are generally better than trying to bring more Leman russ because they're BS 3+ instead of BS 4+.

After that it's a crapshoot. x3 Company commanders will be able to issue orders to x6 infantry squads, which fills out most of a Brigade detachment. Add x2 Commissars and that's the core of your list.

>> No.74499695

xenos didn't care
Chaos got mad that someone had tried to improve the Emperor's work basically they were mad because they thought they were perfection, and now had to confront proof they were not and seethed a bit.
All the Chaos lords started collecting Primaris helmets as trophies, and Bile started kidnapping Primaris to experiment on.

Xenos/Chaos were more shocked by the Custodes being released from Terra. Deldar got some into their fight pits and had a blast.

>> No.74499700

I've been using basilisks, mortar teams and wyverns, then fill the rest with infantry squads. It works well against most opponants.

>> No.74499703

Play Teamkill for named rank and file dudes

>> No.74499704

Thanks man I appreciate it

Am I in danger of buying the Codex and a new one coming out any time soon?

>> No.74499717

Some xenos did, Mad Dok Grotsnik (ork medik) is trying to do Primaris ork by stitching primaris organs to them

>> No.74499723

Hmm, I want to know more.

>> No.74499725

The books are free, why buy them?

>> No.74499727

I'm curious as to what world you've been playing guard in where commissars are a core part of lists.

>> No.74499731

New codex rounds starts in october, sonyou better use Battlescribe and Wahapedia in the meantime.

Especially since Guards got one of the first codex of V8, so chances of them being updated sooner rather than later is high

>> No.74499738

How do Tyranids do in 9th?

>> No.74499741

killteam is ded.
The new entry point is the crusade mode.

>> No.74499743

Imagine actually playing this game

>> No.74499745


>> No.74499754

I think chaos marines had the day of their lives, when they saw living proof that they as marinelets were about to be replaced by the next generation, just like they replaced the thunder warriors. In the end they had been right all along

>> No.74499755

They're getting squatted

>> No.74499758

my company commander

>> No.74499760

No one knows we just got here
and we might MIGHT have carnifex buffs in the pipeline

>> No.74499762

Patrol combat sized crusade then

>> No.74499776

The Necrons are doing a Halo to stop both Tyranids and Chaos, also GSC is the most powerful faction in canon

>> No.74499784

>doing a Halo
What does this mean? Use your words instead of video games references.

>> No.74499785

find it amusing you dislike having to take a signature/iconic/legendary IG unit. You bring up fair points though.

>> No.74499791

I dislike being reliant on it.

>> No.74499798

>also GSC is the most powerful faction in canon
what did he mean by this?

>> No.74499803

Stop relying on it then, find other ways to play guard.

>> No.74499805

No mattter what i do, i'm a fucking tool at the game, and i don't know if i have the strenght to accept it

>> No.74499806

We're on the Right Side of History, bigot.

>> No.74499815

GSC are the faction for cucks.

>> No.74499817

I'm trying. I hope when melta buffs come down the Devil Dog will become an efficient marine-killer.

>> No.74499821

>instead of video game references
So you already know what he meant but still wanted to act like an ass.

>> No.74499824

The titular device kills life in the galaxy to stop an extragalactic threat.

>> No.74499825

Are you fucking with me here bro?

>> No.74499830

Leman Russes with multi-meltas will be even better

>> No.74499840

GW will probably give 40k Orks the Age of Sigmar treatment and give them all 2 wounds. Even cheap horde "Orruks" have 2 wounds in AoS.

>> No.74499841

Not him, but I recognise "Halo" as a video game because I haven't been living under a rock for 20 years, but don't know the fucking plot because I haven't played it.

>> No.74499843

Yea I'll be converting some, just didn't want to start it only to have gw release some plastic ones shortly after I'm done with them though

>> No.74499848

>also it takes ~36 lasgun shots to kill one (1) marine
What the fuck is this game at this point, honestly.

>> No.74499851

Can we have some fun? post an ***XTREME*** close up of one of your models faces

>> No.74499856

GSC do the actual work and have spread to a thousand planets by the time the bugs show up to clean up their starting point. Oh no, they get eaten? So does literally every other bioform of the Tyranid race.

>> No.74499862

Titular? It's covered in tits?

>> No.74499867

>Wow, why do bottom of the barrel guardsman you take in large groups take a large number of shots from their peashooters to kill an armored super soldier?

>> No.74499871

I dunno dude
>devil dog w/ multimelta currently 130 pts
>leman russ w/ battle cannon, HB, multimelta sponsons currently 215 pts

Two devil dogs vs. one leman russ. Dispersing weapons across more models helps keep them alive. It entirely depends on what they do to the melta cannon. 1d3 shots at BS 4+ is ass. It got Blast but that doesn't help against Marines. if we double shots same as the multimelta, getting 2d3 shots is actually excellent

Otherwise I guess I'll keep using Lascannon sentinels even though heavy bolter changes are going to destroy them.

>> No.74499872

Mine has no face, checkmate

>> No.74499875

Learn English.

>> No.74499877

i really hope that blending looks better at a distance anon

>> No.74499879

>also it takes ~36 lasgun shots to kill one (1) marine
3 dead marines you mong.

>> No.74499881

Sorry kiddo some of us are fans of 40k because we play a fucking game, one before your boombang computer rts shit, I don’t need some wikishitter who’s never read a codex in his life giving their opinion on how my fucking models I paid for should be shit so they can jerk off the cgi space marine animations fuck off

>> No.74499882

>putting the burden of understanding on a stranger's knowledge of a console-exclusive video game
>instead of taking the time and effort to explain in plain english and be understood

Are you always an elitist prick?

>> No.74499883


>> No.74499888

Halo is both part of the title of the video and the proper noun of the Ringworld where the events of the narrative take place.

>> No.74499889

Imagine the smell

>> No.74499894

Maybe they'll make the grenade launcher worth taking. Right?
Let's be real: needing 18 lasgun shots to kill W1 marines wasn't any better. Infantry squads aren't meant to do damage, they're meant to be cheap wounds. We don't take the grenade launcher because it's points spent trying to do damage when that's not the point of Infantry.

>> No.74499895

Take your meds

>> No.74499899

Pray for him

>> No.74499901

>36/18 = 3
Are you being retarded on purpose?

>> No.74499909

Knight-crusader has been thrust into being warlord as it now saves me 3cp

>> No.74499915

They're submissive to foreign dna/lifeform, therefor they're cucks.

>> No.74499920

I get a dead marine for every 10 shots you spastic.

>> No.74499923

Can I buy dice from your chinaman?
I get a dead marine for every 80 shots. It's horrible.

>> No.74499935

>Aggressors are only ok

I don't agree with this; aggressors are GREAT. At 135pts I think they're costed perfectly though as even though they're T5 W3 they're only 3 dudes. Their big appeal are the powerfists but they're fairly slow to get into melee at 5"

They're definitely better than just ok though once you get into the tactical doctrine.

>> No.74499940

Tell me your that guy stories.

>> No.74499944


>> No.74499947

Probably one that expects Astra Militarum players to have the scant few braincells required to bring autocannons / heavy bolters / lascannons that their army can cheaply field billions of to bear against targets lasguns don't cut it against

but hey, way easier to complain your 4ppm guardsman are underpowered right

>> No.74499949

>They're submissive to foreign dna/lifeform
??? They’re their children, they all carry the lineage of the patriarch from brothers to sires to brood brothers. how would you react when your divine ancestors came down from the heavens to embrace you? To conclude the story of your world’s generations of suffer and be joined with the Gods on their journey across the cosmos is a gift greater than most infidel prophets offer.

>> No.74499955


>> No.74499963

Fly units can no longer fall back an shoot so the units that can are better in comparison this edition

>> No.74499964

Is this how you deal with being a cuck? Telling yourself bullshit stories.

>> No.74499967

A guy in TTS threw a fit because I didn't know the specific name of the Ryza strategem. He was trying to google it mid-game. Because I didn't know the name and he'd been a prick, I told him my codex was in spanish so it wouldn't help him anyway.

He responded to my race bait so I definitely won.

>> No.74499971

Wouldn’t play with anyone who didn’t have a “canon” paint scheme, at least his tism could read the room since he never came back.

>> No.74499974


>> No.74499981

>t. Fatherless nog
enjoy prison live you maladaptive punk. family is everything

>> No.74499992

You're a massive retard, is my point

>> No.74499998

Post your dudes as a Haiku and we have to guess who they are.

>been around a lot
>will they/won't they be good guys?
>closeted homos

>> No.74500004

Assembling tyranid warriors and the 40m bases seem kind of small for them, especially the venom canon. Should I swap them for 50mms or is that too big?

>> No.74500011

Lol, it's not your family if you're a cuck. Stay mad faggot.

>> No.74500015

>googling it
Are there really people who don't know what wahapedia is?

>> No.74500022

Fuck off size queen

>> No.74500030

Not everyone is a thief who doesn’t support the creators

>> No.74500032

By shitting bricks.

>> No.74500035

That is fucking cool, i dont care how dumb it is

>> No.74500039

Changing base sizes can cause some issues on tabletop

>> No.74500046

Dangels and they are broken on the virtue of being space marines.

>> No.74500047

Fucking DA

>> No.74500059

It's meant to be an actual eye, not a facemask. I tried to imply that with some red around the rim but I guess I didn't put enough lol

>> No.74500069

so his head just one big eye
that's horrifying

>> No.74500071

unpainted armour
kill civilians for fun
baby carrier

>> No.74500075

The webstore shows them both on 40mms and 50mms

>> No.74500076

When I think Death Guard I too usually think perfect gleaming crystal eye visors and immaculate armor, what the fuck are you doing?

>> No.74500085

It's good for finding something specific in a codex you don't own.
Hardly unfair in situations like the dude playing admech was in

>> No.74500094

That's generally how blending works.

>> No.74500100

Didn't say you can't, just that it can cause problems

>> No.74500126

Reminder that Sanguinius was the greatest of the primarchs.

>> No.74500134

Reminder that GW are hacks and he will come back just to sell a shitty looking action figure style model to the soi creatures.

>> No.74500137

I prefer xi legion primarch

>> No.74500164

I unironically like primarchs being in the game, and am excited to see Lion'el / Vulkan / Perty come out. Fuck Leman Russ.

>> No.74500170

Holy fuck I am just now noticing that massive overspill on the left side of him, need to fix that ASAP

>> No.74500177

>check 'em

>> No.74500182

It looks like it's supposed to be 40 for normal / 50mm for heavy.

>> No.74500194

Lorgar was the best.

>> No.74500200


Engine running hot
Boss says it is time to krump
Waaagh dakka dakka

>> No.74500207

Got some old unpainted cron Warriors with really small bases, do I have to chisel them off and get spare 32mm bases? If it’s good to have spare bases regardless, which sizes?

>> No.74500208

Warriors are actually on 50mm bases in the new boxes.

>> No.74500219


>> No.74500225

You are not forced to do it but they look a lot better on 32mm

>> No.74500228

in new york i milly rock
hide it in my sock
running from an opp

>> No.74500229

Elite manual says 32mm bases

>> No.74500234


>> No.74500236

No, it's because when the new warrior kit got released they were on 40mm but then they got changed to 50mm after a few years, so the webstore has still some old photo. New boxes have 50mm bases in them. See? Old Box

>> No.74500238

pandamango is that you?

>> No.74500243

New box

>> No.74500248

okay I came up with my first 750, if you could please rate/advise
>bad moonz
>extra gubbins
>dread waaagh
>big mek with souped up shokka, best armour teef can buy
>nob with shoota + 29x shoota boyz
>painboy with da killa klaw
>boomdakka snazzwagon
>10x lootas
>smasha gun

>> No.74500251

Has science gone too far?

>> No.74500253

Yeah, you got it in one. The memes really have taken over haven't they?

>> No.74500254

ornate to a fault
resting as china
in a dead man's cabinet

>> No.74500261

Grey Knights.

>> No.74500264


>> No.74500275

Bit stubby but good idea

>> No.74500280

Grav bikes look awful without a longer, phallic front piece

>> No.74500282

terran melodies
chalk swears on the ceramite
we were born to purge

>> No.74500290

I wish we got jetbikes.

>> No.74500315

I have just read about the Ephrael Stern novel and I am angry. Apparently she loses her down to earth personality and also some Sisters are hostile towards her. Also apparently it lacks a proper ending and instead simply leads into a Psychic Awakening book. I now dislike David Annadale and no longer trust him to write Sisters.

>> No.74500319

I too wish we get all the interesting stuff from other factions and giving them nothing in return. 11th edition, marines only edition. Best timeline.

>> No.74500327

Seems fun and original Anon, maybe just take 9 lootas with spanner, and take the Klever Spanner strat.

>> No.74500336

You can use HH jetbikes as inceptors with their statline and guns

>> No.74500338

>Thread Question: do you model wargear from a kit for aesthetics or efficiency?
Bit of both, normally aesthetics unless its really suboptimal, especially when its stuff I think is cool looking either way

>> No.74500350

thanks man, I will swap that out too

>> No.74500354

A divine legion
Ash grey and then holy red
The galaxy burns.

>> No.74500361

>Can't even take a wingless daemon prince for my daemon army
no thanks

>> No.74500363

Nope Dawneagles are way better

>> No.74500389

Here's the deathskull list I run at 500, but it should do alright as Bad moons
>Warboss with PK and Kombi Rokkit (Brutal But Kunnin, Killa Klaw, Biggest Boss)
Boyz x 10 (Kombi Rokkit on the Nob)
Megatrakk Scrapjet x 2 (Korkscrew)
It does blow 2 CP pre game but has three decent threats at Combat Patrol, and threat saturation matters there

>> No.74500390

is this why carnifexes are permanently out of stock online?

>> No.74500391

Also, take the grot oiler for your Big Mek. He is way more likely to take lascannon to the face, and the little guy can tank 1d6 damages if need be.

>> No.74500404

Nah, it's because GW's production capacity is crippled and nobody buys those.

>> No.74500409

didn't think of that! thank you
that looks like great fun. I don't have the scrapjets yet but I have the rest

>> No.74500411

Deathleaper was back in stock for 1 day before being sold out again

>> No.74500419

Boyz in trukk are the king of combat patrol

My 500 undefeated evil sunz list
Warboss (similar to yours)
10 choppaboyz (nob with big choppa)
1 deff dread
7 kommandos

>> No.74500422

Yeah, because they probably made 3.

>> No.74500424

we made some bad choices
but our relics are wicked sick
heresy is fine

>> No.74500461

Ironclad leaks.
Why doesn't GW just release the codex next month and be down with it? Soon there'll be enough leaked info that people won't need to buy anything.

>RF 1 Stormbolter
I can't tell if GW hired the worst interns or if it's intentional

>> No.74500473

Probably because they need to give people enough time to buy new models and get enough money to buy a codex

>> No.74500475

>>RF 1 Stormbolter
They just don't have proofreaders

>> No.74500481


>> No.74500484


>> No.74500539

Finished painting my lictor. Are they good in game yet?

>> No.74500541

Looks like he's riding a hotdog cart

>> No.74500580

Only for Pheromone Trail memes

>> No.74500581

They are good at tying up an enemy unit for a turn before being blasted away.
Other than that, no.

>> No.74500582

Don't know if anyone is autistic enough to care, but I've been doing in character write ups of my crusade campaign as it happens. This is the first battle, a skirmish against the local PDF.

>> No.74500628

I love this shit, great stuff

>> No.74500637

Though I always imagined Stygies being a bit more concerned with their armies, their type of forgeworld culture in lore doesn't seem to set them as being dismissive.

>> No.74500654


cut off the fucking sprue bits. On top of the banner wings, the gun barrel, fuck there's got to be more

>> No.74500658


>> No.74500664

>> No.74500665

My Stygies guys are part of an exploratory fleet and their Magos is a known asshole who cares little for them. The xenobiologist (green text) cares a lot more about them and even permits the Skitarii to have individual squad names and honours rather than just the designations. For instance, squad Omega-12 is known as the Blood Cog because they're a bunch of close range madmen.

>> No.74500670

it looks better with just replacing the wheels with a grav plate, this looks odd.

>> No.74500675

I can understand missing some mold lines on guardsmen, but fucking not trimming the sprue off of a custodes character?

>> No.74500682

Christ he's not kidding there's no many, did you not notice them?

>> No.74500713

friendly psa: don't touch white ink before you varnish, It'll come right off

>> No.74500717

>People unironically play FSE without using The Eight

>> No.74500720

Haven't played since 5th. Can blood claws charge from rhinos now? If so why would anyone do anything but rhino rush?

>> No.74500737

Do guardsmen have a purpose this edition? I literally just finished 40 vostroyans, and they cost me a fuckton too. I'm pretty mad.

>> No.74500743

>comparing a cheap plastic toy watch to a rolex
this nigga plays collectible card games lmfao

>> No.74500745

always wanted to do an eight vs army game

>> No.74500751

You disembark before moving the transport so yea, you can charge.. Transports are mainly uselss tho

>> No.74500758

ObSec, Screening, having a few heavy weapons

>> No.74500762

>Find another FSE player
>he runs double riptides, MSU Fire Warrior teams, and a sea of drones
>doesn't even use FSE sept rules
Even if you're scared of melee, just run tons of Crisis Suits then you fucking coward

>> No.74500771

>Transports are mainly uselss tho

>> No.74500775

Go back to wherever you came from baitposting tourist

>> No.74500777

Melee is much better now with top of turn scoring, also charging makes your units significantly more mobile and can get your troops onto midfield objectives to context

>> No.74500779

They're all so cool and distinct!!

>> No.74500786

I don't see how a metal bawx with 10 blood claws with 2 wounds each could ever be useless

>> No.74500800

I'd like to use a primarch. Should I build ultras, tsons, or dg if I don't want to kick myself for bringing one?

>> No.74500807

>why would anybody do anything but rhino rush
There are plenty of more effective things to do

>> No.74500815

blast is overhyped, clogging the field with bodies still has a place

>> No.74500818

run them as krieg grenadiers

only 10 points more per squad for better save, BS and -2ap guns

>> No.74500821

wait till we have confirmation that rhinos are not droping to 5 man capacity or going up to 150p
They are not that hard to pop and will kill probably kill two of those guys while doing so.
You can outflank melee units now. That's probably better in most cases.

>> No.74500824

Death guard

>> No.74500829

Wonder if IG HWT still come with 25mm and 60mm bases

>> No.74500838

You disembark within 3", THEN get to move, so you're still getting a move boost from the transport.

The biggest boon of the transport though is keeping the guys inside safe as long as the transport lives. Obviously.

>> No.74500848

lol they're not going to half their capacity. Are you thinking this just because they're all getting two wounds?

>> No.74500850

guilliman or mortarion, magnus isn't as good now he can't multismite.

>> No.74500855

25mm master race. This are token for a wargame. Not anime figure in their big bases

>> No.74500858

>I'd say there isn't a single game breaking unit in codex marines
Eradicators laugh in melta machinegun

>> No.74500862

flying high in the sky
the inquisitions lapdogs
rain zealous fury

>> No.74500873

I'm still pissed about that.
Magnus's whole gimmick is having a baseline super smite, and a super super smite.
And he only gets to do it once per turn.
Hopefully they give him the ability to do multiple smites in one turn at least in the new codex.

>> No.74500876

Rhinos were a good shield when they were 30p in 7th. Not when they are 3 times that price. Might as well take another 5 guys instead and they are probably going to be more difficult to kill than a rhino cuz high dmg weapons don't take away half their wounds

>> No.74500879

Do you guys have any tips for painting gold trim?

I never have any success with it, always comes out pretty bad.

I kinda wanna try Iron Warriors and I'm more scared of the trim than the chevrons.

>> No.74500880

They get to die to space marines to make their players feel cool and powerful.

>> No.74500886

I still don't think those are game breaking. They're good in Salamanders, but not insane.

>> No.74500889

I will be fucking up every space marine I see with artillery from the other side of the board hopefully.

>> No.74500898

paint the trim first then fill in the armor's color after.

>> No.74500902

>fucking up space marines
Do you have a flat 2/3 damage artillery piece? If not good luck

>> No.74500905

>They're good in Salamanders, but not insane.
Eradicator-heavy Salamander lists have won multiple GTs at this point

>> No.74500916

Keep the brush parallel to the surface. That way you only hit the raised part (the trim) and not the recessed part.

>> No.74500925

That's lists total, not that have won.
Looking at 40kstats I only remember seeing one.

>> No.74500943

Look at the W/R column you fuckign troglagrog

>> No.74500949

Literally just practice. There's not really any magic tricks too it.

Except for iron warriors actually. You can basecoat them silver, and then just use one of the yellow or bronze contrast paints over the trim to make it gold.

>> No.74500959


>> No.74500961

Do you have an example? What's turning out bad about it?

>> No.74500962

>game wins
Still not anything to do with how many have won at GT's.

>> No.74500974

Yeah they were 30 points when they could be popped/immobilised by one lascannon shot and didn't get armour saves. All vehicles had to go up with just how more naturally resilient they became.

>> No.74500980

Prime gold and paint armour later. It's easier to paint recesses with thin paint

>> No.74500984

how do you think you win tournaments?

>> No.74500989

Poor execution but right idea, why would Cawl go to all the effort of making a fucking Rhino float but not manage it on a bike? Or on a quadbike?

>> No.74500993

yeah now rhinos get shot at by a couple of antitank weapons and still don't get a save due to high AP on antitank guns and die turn one anyway

>> No.74500997

Do you think that all the data collected from win rate is from people who won tournaments?

>> No.74501002


>> No.74501009

Absolute kino anon, keep it up

>> No.74501012

Not streamlined enough. Thing looks like a floating fridge.

>> No.74501013

What's Stygies current faction specific stratagem? I thought it was allowing them to infiltrate anything?

>> No.74501014

>> No.74501017

The point is saturation.
Bringing a single rhino isn't worth it, but if you have 3-5 rhinos they'll be more useful.

>> No.74501044

You could have 3-5 marine squads instead.

>> No.74501047

Even against AP-3, a 3+ still gets a save. AP-4 is way rarer, kraks and battle-cannons are AP-2 and so still let you have a decent 5+. And even after that, they still have to cross their fingers that they even chop off a third of the Rhino's wounds with the damage roll. 8th made it harder than ever to quickly destroy vehicles.

>> No.74501055

does this scions list seem decent?
could it take on marines in 9e?

>> No.74501058

I want GW to burn

>> No.74501060

Eh, there might be jetbikes in the future, Legion Marines had wheel bikes too, and they were also called Outriders, so it might be a throwback to that.

>> No.74501062

The new bases fit them better, but trying to move and cram 9 warriors up the field in coherency and still get them all in range for combat with fucking huge 50mm bases is a pain.

>> No.74501064

Finally decided I need some Trukks and a looted Wazbom Blastajet

>> No.74501068

I'm sure your opponent would love for you to spend 20-25% of your army budget on metal boxes

>> No.74501071

>using the incorrect Inquisitor
Stop reading immediately

>> No.74501084

They were updated to 50mm standard with the Shield of Baal: Deathstorm box set

>> No.74501086

>75 point rhinos
>20% of my army
are you right in the head? Even with 5 rhinos that's just under 20%

>> No.74501101

3-5 rhinos is going to 300-500p when you can just outflank melee units. Saturating your enemy with 5 useless units that take 1/4 of your army does not work

>> No.74501112

You use them for cheap deepstriking of any unit. Hold them in strategic reserves, drop the lictor in, use pheremone trail, and place your reserved unit nearby. Cheaper than a T-cyte and you can deepstrike any unit at any size, but costs CP.

>> No.74501118

They are 75p when they transport 10W. I hope you don't expect them to remain that when they go up to 20.
If they do then maybe they'd be useful.

>> No.74501125

who is the correct inquisitor and when is forgeworld going to FAQ Hector Rex to have the agents of the imperium keyword?

>> No.74501126

for something painted so nice to still have sprue nubs on them just blows my mind. i wonder if this was done on purpose as a troll lmao

>> No.74501133

Really like this, nice work anon

>> No.74501148

Rhino capacity isn't measured in wounds, and that's not going to change.

>> No.74501150

>20W Rhinos

>> No.74501163

He thinks they're going to get their costs dramatically increased when Manlets get their extra wound

>> No.74501179

Just read twice before you reply

I'm sure rhinos are going to remain 75p when effectively transporting infantry twice as resilient. That's why transports don't have any restrictions in the number of models when transporting things with more wounds like terminators or gravis.
Oh wait, they fucking do

>> No.74501183

how the fuck do i highlight details and/or make my minis not look like crap

>> No.74501184

Ah I see now, I am, in fact, the retard

>> No.74501195

If any other codex had eradicators they would be maxed out in every list

>> No.74501197

Also, a wet palette or drying retarder.

>> No.74501199

How do ewe fix Necron/C'tan lore?

>> No.74501206

Time to mcfucking kill yourself

>> No.74501210

Thoughts on using multiple colour schemes within the same army? I feel like it might help marines look a little less same-y.

>> No.74501211

To be fair, it's not based on wounds though. Jetpack units also take up twice the space of a regular manlets but don't take any more wounds.

Anyway, all these models are going to have their own point costs raised, so might not be any need to raise the Rhino with them.

>> No.74501217

You’re an idiot. Land Raiders never hurt a soul.
If you’re bringing lords of war or flyers outside of Apoc then you’re not welcome at my table. Always been the rule since escalation became core.

>> No.74501222

I'd retcon them to be more like Nagash, in that he still drew his power from Chaos since all magic comes from there. Just make them ideologically opposed to the Chaos Gods.

>> No.74501238

Dhar is Chaos?

>> No.74501248

Who still has a problem with flyers

>> No.74501249

Imagine being this scared of flyers

>> No.74501254

multiple complete different colourschemes like Ultra marines and Aurora chapter together ? That would look very strange. Different companies ? that would look pretty cool.

>> No.74501258

>so might not be any need to raise the Rhino with them.
Transports are valued by what they can move across the table, if those things go up in capability essentially so has the transport, so you should expect a points bump. Jetpacks can't fit in because then their mobility would be retarded, higher wound units can't fit in because they're too durable to be that mobile.

>> No.74501273

Played 3 turns of a 3000pt game against Blood Angels, here are my observations on Tyranids so far:
>Tyranids are vulnerable to just about everything, a brood of gaunts can't weather much if any fire anymore
>Baseline tac marines can knock off 5-15 gaunts easily
>Genestealers aren't much better, but can delete just about anything they assault
>Tyrants barely put up much damage in melee against larger targets, but can hold their own (occasionally) against shit up to and including knights
>Aggressors are a frustrating assault deterrent that you'll just have to pile into during combat to lock them down and hope something bigger can get there and destroy them.
>Carnifexes are awful at tank hunting. They are however, fantastic at killing 2-3W marines of all shapes and sizes.
>Getting cover bonuses is tricky, mostly due to our large footprint for swarms and monsters
>We remain almost unmatched in the Psychic phase, Smite/Psychic Scream Neuros are the order of the day for some cheap kills
>If you can slow down your opponent's momentum, large units are damn near unshakeable from objectives.
>Given how fast some of our units are, it's sometimes best to deep strike your stuff a foot and a half away behind cover and then charge the next turn, rather than put your faith in a 9+ inch charge which is still about a ~28% chance of working.

Bottom line, we're not in the worst place ever, but winning games is a slog and sometimes you'll just have to lose a shitload of your rank and file troops to score points.
Your opponent will almost always take the secondary that get's them points for killing your chaff, so pick and choose carefully and plan your attacks to avoid the right firepower. If your opponent wants to fight you on a table with little to no LoS terrain, fight them on it or don't play.

>> No.74501277

My Marines have some general colour variation in that the Phobos guys have darker armour and more muted accents.
My Necrons have different colours for Triarch units.
My Orks are quite a lot different since they're deathskulls and just paint some blue bits on shit they steal from everyone else.

>> No.74501286


>> No.74501304

>This also mean you can shoot the grenade launcher and the rifle at the same time. So like a combiweapon with no hit penalty
sasuga primaris

>> No.74501308

Skimmers and jet packs were the furthest the game was ever supposed to go with flying units.

>> No.74501317

>tfw i dont really like the army im painting
>tfw i want to start a 2nd army
>tfw i put everything for a 2000 point list in the shopping cart and its $900

>> No.74501326

seethe and dilate

>> No.74501336

Get a job, don't buy it all away once dumbass, what's your firat army?

>> No.74501340

>Bringing 95pt+ Carnifexes just to kill Marines

>> No.74501343

Says who?

Anyway, they might have been problematic back in 6th and 7th when they could only be snapshot, but now it's just a -1 hit penalty (In an edition where hit penalties are capped) they're not hard to shoot down with how impossible their height makes them to hide.

>> No.74501348

If you arent fielding Carnifexes in your Nid list you aren't welcome at my CAAC table

>> No.74501353

>what the fuck are you doing
painting his models the way he wants to
hope that helps

>> No.74501357

What's the best primer color, anon?

>> No.74501375

The one that best suits your armies primary colors

>> No.74501385

they just lack proofreaders, or the ability to read themselves
there have been other similar errors on other datasheets like chainfists haveing AP 4, and power fists having AP -3

>> No.74501400

Black, but i play black templars.

>> No.74501407

the only thing tickling my autism is the grey background on the cyclops logo

>> No.74501415

Getting +10vp.
Post your models, faggot

>> No.74501418

admech. i feel like id enjoy 1ksons+daemons more

plus those fucking skitarii cloaks are hell to paint

>> No.74501421

How does retarder make highlighting details easier? Making the paint dry slower doesn't really help in any way with that (unless you're wet blending your highlights), instead it's better to use some flow improver to make it easier to draw thin lines

>> No.74501425

really? because pretty much every lore account of them says otherwise
the stygies magos in Mechanicus gives 0 fucks about skitarii lives if it means more glittery necron bits

>> No.74501433

off white

>> No.74501436

You can always use a primer and then another rattlecan to get paint layering.

Red on black looks different from red on white

>> No.74501443

>if you don't like the design of Primaris units you are a transsexual
I don't quite follow this line of logic

>> No.74501452

You could probably sell them if you're no longer interested

>> No.74501456

my original post didn't even have anything to do with the design of the units what the fuck
I was just commenting on the constant buffs that primaris get day after day without end

>> No.74501471


>> No.74501473

Yeah I meant gameplay design, not aesthetics

>> No.74501478

>How does retarder make highlighting details easier?
It makes the paint flow better.
Also keeps it from drying out on a palette, which it will do a lot, as if you're working with highlights you're likely not using as much paint. Which causes frustration, which causes mistakes.

>> No.74501480


>> No.74501482


>> No.74501487

>It makes the paint flow better.
But that's what you have flow improver for

>> No.74501493

Never buy a whole army at once, that's retarded

>> No.74501498

>painted like shit

>> No.74501499

You'd have to be that mentally fragile. There's no other explnation.

>I was just commenting on the constant buffs that primaris get day after day without end
It's not much of a buff when little marines got +1W.

>> No.74501507

I know, I couldn't find a transparent version of it online and couldn't be fucked tracing around it. Thanks though

>> No.74501509

It's diferent. It flow better from the brush in the sense that it doesn't dry as fast in it so you don't need to be constantly loading the brush

>> No.74501513

Checks out

>> No.74501515

Drying retarder works better in my experience.

>> No.74501522

Why do people inject their entirety of their beliefs and politics into everything they do

>> No.74501525

Ah, like that, I see what you mean now
Interesting, I have only recently gotten some retarded and hadn't noticed any effects like that

>> No.74501537

>primaris marines getting several free str 6 ap-1 d3 damage or several free d6 str 3 shots on top of being able to shit out 40 ap-1 shots is not a buff
okay sure whatever

>> No.74501538

Hows this for a 25pl combat patrol?

+ HQ +

Lord Commissar: Plasma pistol, Power Sword, Warlord

Tempestor Prime: Relic: Kurov's Aquila, Tempestus Command Rod

+ Troops +

Militarum Tempestus Scions
2x Scion: 2x Frag & Krak grenades, 2x Hot-shot Lasgun
Scion w/ Special Weapon: Meltagun
Scion w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun
Tempestor: Chainsword, Hot-shot Laspistol

+ Elites +

Militarum Tempestus Command Squad
Tempestus Scion: Meltagun
Tempestus Scion: Plasma gun
Tempestus Scion: Grenade Launcher
Tempestus Scion w/ Medi-pack: Medi-pack

Wyrdvane Psykers
3x Wyrdvane Psyker: 3x Laspistol, 3x Wyrdvane Stave

+ Flyer +

Avenger Strike Fighter: 2 Autocannon, 2x Lascannon

>> No.74501543


>> No.74501545

I dont know, how do you think it is?

>> No.74501553

Overly silly.

>> No.74501563

It's a buff but not exactly a major one.

>> No.74501564

im not saying this in a purposefully attacking way, but i just want to seriously know why you find it necessary to paint this on your model and so importantly attention seek that you are a certain sexuality?

>> No.74501573


>> No.74501578

>If your opponent wants to fight you on a table with little to no LoS terrain, fight them on it or don't play.

>> No.74501580


>> No.74501584

Hammer and cog

>> No.74501589

Needs a version with imperial eagle

>> No.74501592

Honestly wondering what the 'Take your own terrain' rules will be and how it will impact tournaments

>> No.74501603

Politics now fill the same niche that religion used to fill.

>> No.74501604

>Guardsman attempts to clench his colon back into one piece mid-warpstorm, colourised M40.

>> No.74501619

and? the it's okay for an alteady top tier army to get piled on with even more buffs? It doesn't matter if they're minor or not it's bullshit

>> No.74501665

>Thread Question: do you model wargear from a kit for aesthetics or efficiency?
pistol aesthetic

>> No.74501698

>bioenergy is a dumb concept, lets remove it from c'tan lore
>introduce bioenergy as a concept for electro-priests

>> No.74501721

Unless youre from the twisted helix cult :^)

>> No.74501745

Yes, cry more bitch.

>> No.74501754

They are uncreative people who simultaneously believe they are extremely intelligent, unique, and special, because they actually believed the compliments they received from their teachers from kindergarten onward and took these on board as their actual measure of worth and quality

>> No.74501769

Threw our last game cause thry were on their period and had hot flashes in a room already 90 degrees. It was my gf

>> No.74501804

With the ghaz changes, dose that technically mean he lets squiggoths advance and charge now?

>> No.74501814

Yo lads my friend constantly whines about the state of SM are they really that broken? Says it's to the point were he doesnt wanna vs them

>> No.74501841

Bio-electricity is a real thing

>> No.74501860

Slap him and tell him to stop being a bitch ass nigga

>> No.74501889

Its all true. Space niggerines are obnoxiously overpowered right now.

>> No.74501908

What makes it so broken though like what is the most fucked thing

>> No.74501987

It's not just that they have a SINGLE cheese spam thing, it's that they play every single phase of the game, at just about as good as it gets. The only thing they're outdone by a few factions, is psyching and even then, you're really not that bad. They have both the most options with none of the drawbacks. Instead of Jack of all trades master of none, it's Jack of all Trades Master of almost everything. And even niche hyper specialized armies get fucking choked out by them.

>> No.74502071

Most fucked up thing is playing a xenoshitter faction that didn't get new models for the past 20 years expecting things to change.

>> No.74502181

I guarantee if there aren't hard rules in place already there will be within a month of the rule going into effect. Something like that is begging to be abused.

>> No.74502182

Nice fridge bro, dont play ghaz hes garb

>> No.74502237

>boring to play
Most fun Ive had in the game
>boring to play against
Never had a problem finding a game, unlike you primaris faggot

>> No.74502239

Eh, Sisters got their day. Necrons are finally getting stuff too. I don't think it's as doom and gloom as people here like to say it is.

>> No.74502326

I think there is a decent list for ghaz out there someware. Durability is the new big deal and hes got that. And his points hardly went up at all. And he hits like a man. I dont think squiggoths are also in that list, but it seemed like a fun idea.

>> No.74502855

Painting eyeballs is for nerds

>> No.74502941

nah thats bs, its because they can outright stop you from targeting their 3 units of eradicators until you chew through like 40 wounds of aggressors with transhuman physiology active

>> No.74502992

Thankyou for clearing things very good reply


Why cant you just target the eradicators what makes you have to target the aggresors

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