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No copypaste edition, stop waiting for threads to hit over 600 replies

Previous thread: >>74475670

Thread question: post your models

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Post models

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First for Cum Crozius

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No not true at all

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Why do you lie on the internet?

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Original Necron colour schemes? Starting them and don't want muh shiny metal robots, something different would be nice.

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Bonus points if it's growing out of skulls.

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OP is shit edition

Professional Medical Expert Edition

>Warhammer Preview Date & Time:

>New Boxes, Rules & Codexes:

>WarhammerTV Tip of the Day:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exPT5M8_5O8 [Embed]

>Point Changes in 9th:

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>3rd Party Pastebin:

>/40kg/ Book Megas (Don't share these, cunts):

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Paint them as ultramarines.

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You know that unlike the literal manlets, there's no rule distinction between old and new CSM, right? You can just play them as normal.

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at this point people NOT painting them like shiny metal robots is more cliche then just painting them like shiny metal robots.

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It would be very nice to see that.

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Paint them using exclusively flesh tones and skin colour paintign techniques on any metal bits, and paint the inner mechanics and cables as organs

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The old IW helmets are so cash man
You gotta find a recast of them if you can

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You should've made a thread sooner faggot.

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Nice Lamenters

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The 3e codex had a bunch of ceramic crons in pastel colours which looked good. Try that maybe.

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>it's better to make it wrong then not make it at all
yeah, nah

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>I'll show these idiots!
What are you a high schooler

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New servant of the Omnissiah here, need help expanding my collection. Currently I have:

1 Dominus
1 Enginseer
20 Skitarii (divided evenly between Vanguard and Rangers)
5 Sicarian Infiltrators (taser goads)
1 Skorpius Disintegrator

What should I pick up next? Was kinda feeling like another tank would be a good call, or maybe some robots. Also been thinking about getting more backline harassing units, like the Pteraxii.

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Tufts are gay and look like shit, gluing grass on is much cooler

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You're supposed to make a new thread at page 9 or 10 you fucking idiot; why are you bitching about standard procedure?

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Can't wait to scoop up 30$ ebay monoliths when numonoliths come out.

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hey anon, what grass and glue do you use?

t. baselet

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Sorry but those will be pro painted, cheapest you'll see is 60 for those masterpieces

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It's pva glue.

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Which loadout would likely to be the most common one in lore?

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Go back to the old thread then faggots.

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Random PVA (wood) glue from a store. I have some grass that GW used to sell (Citadel Glade Grass) and some other grass that I got from a hobby modelling store that was selling stuff for train dioramas.

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pro painted posting time

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Thin your paints

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can you post some examples of bases you've done? i have this strange urge to want my custards standing in really tall grass

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Nah I don't have any photos ready and I can't be bothered to make some, sorry bro

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this your highlights dude

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Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod and a support system.

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Literally they are pro painted. A professional is someone who is paid for their work. If you pay for this model because it's painted, then that person is now a professional painter.

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100 USD FOR 4

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I bet you don't use a grass applicator, faggot. Your based probably look like arse.

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stop begin a pedant, everyone know what -'pro-painted' actually means

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literally suck my dick

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>warhammer community post
>new plastic army announced
>death korps of krieg

What do you do?

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>I bet you don't use a grass applicator, faggot. Your based probably look like arse.
Yeah, and they do

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>grass applicator
I use the same tweezers I use to jack off with

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based and US marine-pilled

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Kek those plasma guns look absurdly big on a guardsmen

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fall asleep

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continue buying second hand models that aren't guardsmen

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Make a post about how GW is appealing to nazis

>> No.74479030

Die for Israel

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are the "space marines plasma guns" actually only for space marines or could i just cut off the stocks and use them for anyone?

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Does anyone have a mega for War of the Spider? I need DG strats for a game later.

>> No.74479037

Well, it's going to look kinda goofy on the tabletop, not to mention the base size issues.

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Yes, master

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say "cool, they deserve it it" and move on. Krieg are cool but Ill stick with my Vostroyans and Steel Legion. If I had an army for every regiment I thought was cool, I'd have like 10,000 points of Vostroyan, Tallarn, Valhallan, Cadian, Catachan, Steel Legion, Krieg, and Mordian Iron Guard. No man has that much time, money, or storage space.

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Don't buy them, they're resin.

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Ultramarines are largest legion.
Ultramarines maintain the most thriving sector of planets
Ultramarine movie clearly says the Ultramarines are the greatest legion.
Ultramarines are the only ones with a living Primarch.

It's literally over, how can the other legions even cope?

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is that bad? isnt everything resin?

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Link to post.

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I had a dream that I bought a "lore friendly" Immolator kit. I am not sure what made it more lore friendly than the normal kit, but I do know that it was a sign. I shall buy an Immolator IRL!

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mega link still broken

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Probably wont come back since one among us betrayed everyone here... Let his or her name, what ever it be, be shamed forever. All it takes is one asshole with a chip in on his shoulder to ruin everything.

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pdf anon will fix it on tuesday he said

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Based memes

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No most things are plastic

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The Lion is alive

>> No.74479128

You could use them for anyone.

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wtf happened to 4chan? in the old days it would be back up in 30 minutes, the audiobook mega is STILL gone.

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Post screenshots of people being outraged™

>> No.74479140

I mostly want it for the old information too. New books going through the app is going to make reading around your army harder

>> No.74479143

Ask them about the new SM units released alongside them.

>> No.74479151

You seem pretty mad.

>> No.74479160

I might be mad but im not outraged™

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Hey guys I've been afk and only just found out The Library is down. It's on it's way back up now gimme an hour or so I'll post the link once it's done

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Thank you

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>That feel when Dark Angels will never have a movie that claims Dark Angels are the greatest legion

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Based Banana.

>> No.74479209

Are there metal miniatures still for sale on GW webstore? Text for IW warsmith says he's metal, is it just leftover from the old times?

>> No.74479210

Are you a Custodes?

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i want to paint chaos marines.
who has the
BEST color scheme
BEST lore
BEST playstyle
BEST models

>> No.74479214

Thank you for putting the effort in Custodian, please let me know if there's anything I can do to assist.
I doubt you need my help for anything though, you're very good at the curation of 40k digital assets.

>> No.74479223

Have you been getting strong to prepare for 9e?

>> No.74479226

Nah different type of custodian

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are eradicators that good?

>> No.74479237

word bearers. word bearers. death guard. 1000sons

>> No.74479244

Some are. I got some Repentia and Penitent Engines when they went on last chance to buy and they were all metal. They do seem to have some old pewters left that never got transitioned to shitcast.

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The hero we need

>> No.74479250

Iron Warriors.

>> No.74479262

They're perfectly balanced

>> No.74479267

Is 40k just gay chess?

Also are the shadowspear chaos space marines actually playable to a moderate standard, I don't care about top 3'ing a tourney but I would like to go the distance.

>> No.74479277

What armies do you play / collect?

>> No.74479278

desu I don't know Alpha Legion seems good too.

>> No.74479283

They're good in most chapters and absolutely busted in salamanders.

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>> No.74479286

Nah, don't sweat it.

>> No.74479292

can i run Thousand Sons with whatever Tzeentch demons i like, or just the ones in the codex?

>> No.74479293

Is this the biggest pleb filter model

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>> No.74479296


It's a T5 3W model carrying a 2-shot, 24" Melta. They typically get 50-100% of their points back every time they shoot.
Yes they are good.

>> No.74479299

Awoo with me sisters!

>> No.74479305

Neither. The ones in the codex are the ones you can summon.
To run them in a the normal sense of the word, you have to have a chaos daemon detachment.

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>> No.74479322

What is the coolest space marine legion name and why is it Thousand Sons?

>> No.74479324

Based. We don't deserve you.

>> No.74479326

not sure what that means, sorry, new to 40k

does summon them mean like theyre in deepstrike basically? is "daemons" a detachment in the same way as elites or troops?

>> No.74479331

Except not only it's wrong because as you're fully aware you little shit, in the hobby pro painted means painted at a professional level = high standard. But also even by your definition this isn't a pro painted model because no one paid him to paint it. He first painted it on his own and then tried to sell it afterwards. So fuck off you retarded sack of shit.

>> No.74479333

I will send you feet pics

>> No.74479334

we love you anon, you do good work around here

>> No.74479338

summoning is kinda a pool of unspent points set aside in your list and when you summon you can choose demons from the available pool to summon using those points

>> No.74479344

Emperor's Children is the only correct answer.

>> No.74479345

She is too violent. Lorgar is the best girl.

>> No.74479347

I'll be doing up mine in red and white. I saw a theme online once and it looked pretty dope.

>> No.74479350

No, that would be Iron Warriors who are best. Perturabo went full Phantom Pain

>> No.74479358

Seconding this. Those ceramic Necrons look great. Truly alien looking.

>> No.74479359

>Iron Warriors
No, not nearly LOUD enough

>> No.74479363

I've never painted minis before, so I'd love some feedback on the 'cron color scheme I'm trying out. Going for a regal brass and polished bone white.

>> No.74479365

If that is their main way of making money, then yes, they are a "Professional." But "Pro painted" or professional in the in this hobby is something done in display level quality. Which none of this shit is.

>> No.74479368

Who needs LOUD when you have HAZARD STRIPES?

>> No.74479369

Would be good, if you





>> No.74479375

Remove moldlines, add washes.

>> No.74479376

Your paint's a bit too thick anon. I do like the color scheme though.

>> No.74479377

>Those mold lines

what the fuck dude how hard is it to get rid of them, thin your paint too

>> No.74479379

Yes. Greater possessed and possessed are still passable units even if pricey, master of possessions synergizes with them well.

Obliterators still put out plenty of firepower.

3 venomcralwers backed up by 2-3 lord discordants is a great lightning assault force.

Regular CSMs are getting buffed to be worth fielding.

>> No.74479381

In the general case I would not recommend that you look much into summoning, it's far easier and significantly more beneficial to just take a Daemon detachment along with your Thousand Sons detachment.
Summoning is heavily random, and the bonus it gives you (deep striking daemons) is offset by a significant detractor (the summoning character cannot for any reason at all have moved the turn they try to summon).

>> No.74479396

>the summoning character cannot for any reason at all have moved the turn they try to summon
But can he disembark?

>> No.74479400


Are the mold lines the bits that stick out slightly from where you cut them from the sprues? I tried shaving them down but clearly not well enough.

>> No.74479408

scrapcode begs to differ

>> No.74479409

Any suggestions for a wash that looks good on white? Still building a paint collection and I just have a friend's leftover nuln oil.

>> No.74479410

Cute daemon. How did you paint the exposed muscle?

>> No.74479413

no. They're the lines that run along certain parts of the model. You can see one on the inside of the left arm of your necron warrior.

>> No.74479414

You're a liar if you never painted minis before. Because that's the work of someone with -some- hours under his belt,
But if you ain't...
Paints can be thinned down in most areas but it's not the worst I have seen. The white was applied pretty clean but not perfect, still, pretty good. Mould lines, either use the edge of your hobby knife to lightly scrape away or a file, OR fine-grit sandpaper.

You applied the wash on the metallics pretty well. It's also a neat colour scheme. Do something more with that gun, I suggest making the coils either orange or purple. Yellow or red may work too. Practice makes perfect and you'll get better over time.

>> No.74479419

White. Paint them white with very light grey in their joints. Do it.

>> No.74479420

>We here at Games Workshop are proud to announce the newest Nurgle unit, Slomboppidemius Blubbabelcher!
why are they like this

>> No.74479422

Yes, just scrape the sharp edge of your blade along them, don't try and shave them. Watch some how to painting videos before you try again, simply thinning your paints out and drybrushing highlights will make it look 1000x better and needs pretty much no skill to do.

>> No.74479431

Moldline is the line on his hand, needs to be scraped off with the model knife.
Brown wash is better, agrax earthshade for example. And please try to thin your paints.

>> No.74479433

My memory isn't great, but I'm reasonably certain that's been FAQ'd specifically to "no".
If you summon, you cannot move, be moved, deep strike onto the field or anything of that nature.
It basically means the only reasonable summoning characters are those who shoot well, and that's basically nobody except Chaos Knights.

>> No.74479441

he's not the hero we deserve, but he's the one we need

>> No.74479444

Still better then Adjective Nounverbers.

>> No.74479445

Having gotten into DG this year I've found myself at times having to double check I got the names right. In the end I adjust the names anyway.

>> No.74479447

No, I've never painted before I just had a friend who has walk me through the basics of making a wet palette and watering down paints for two thinner coats (though clearly I didn't do that bit very well lol)

Appreciate the feedback, I was thinking either cyanish blue or fluorescent purple for the weapon energy. Maybe use the same brass color for some of the metallic doodads on them too.

>> No.74479449

ummm hello? based department?

>> No.74479455


>> No.74479457

Ok im planning to run a 1ksons army with a Mindstealer and an Ogroid Thaumaturge as counts-as daemon princes cus i like the models a hell of a lot better than the normal daemon prince models. Will this ever fuck me up if i take them to a competition?

>> No.74479461

It was a commission so I dunno I don't play Nurgle.
Literally painted the same way I did the flesh though I added a thinned down layer of Blood for the blood god. Skin was done with Kislev Flesh, washed with Carroburg Crimso, then some thinned down Druchii Violet. Then built the mid-town back up and highlighted with Ulthuan mixed in till I was left with Ulthuan. Done mostly drybrushing as well.

>> No.74479465



TY, appreciate the advice. I tried thinning with water but I think I got a bit much on the brush still. I'll try picking up a thinner next time and post the results.

>> No.74479466

Wet palette is awesome. Try to use white/bone/grey primer instead of black (I really fucking like Wraithbone spray).

>> No.74479471

Something similar to pic related I'm thinking, yeah or nah?

>> No.74479478

The Purge. Just kill fucking EVERYONE!!

>> No.74479482

You don't need a thinner, GW paints are water based, use tap water and save your money. It's just a matter of practice, buy some 2$ robots/dinosaurs from the toy shop to practice techniques on and watch a bunch of videos.

>> No.74479483

>gluing grass on Goblin Green is much cooler

>> No.74479484

Love that purple...

>> No.74479485

Add something to break the monotone, or use brighter highlights.

>> No.74479488

That's a big yay.

>> No.74479491

I don't goblin green my bases, also they're glued on a layer of sand/rock

>> No.74479492

Well if that is truly your first model then you did pretty well, better than most. Still have a lot of learning. For now keep a better eye out on mould lines. If you spot them after priming, it's safe to scrape away at it still even if it removes some of the priming and exposes the plastic, it doesn't hurt much. Thin down your paints a bit more, this is something you figure out over time. I feel like purple would work best on the coils as it would contrast well. Green would be a better choice than blue.

>> No.74479498

Ask them where the fuck my new Space Marine models are?

>> No.74479500

Me too

I'm thinking a brighter silver for the body or maybe a brass colour

>> No.74479506

>posting broken megalinks

>> No.74479515

TY, really appreciate it. I have a bit of purple paint too so that's what I'll try first. Any advice for energy effects? I saw a few videos on doing a glow bit they mostly used airbrush and I don't have deep enough pockets for that sorta shit.

>> No.74479527

Drybrushing energy effects is very simple and can often look better than airbrush, this video gives you a good idea on how to do it.


>> No.74479534

I was thinking of using the three legged blade guys as Immortals with their big gun. Would that work?

>> No.74479535

Thanks. Couldn't figure out how to paint mine for the life of me.

>> No.74479543

>I don't goblin green my bases

>I don't goblin green my bases
Jesus man, just rip my heart from my fucking chest why dontcha?

>> No.74479559

Not him but honestly? Never likes goblin green bases. Brown bases, on the other hand...

>> No.74479571

>Never liked goblin green bases.
This is why Trump won!!!!!

>> No.74479581

Truly this is... Obama's America.

>> No.74479606

Here we go guys

I couldn't do it without you mate

I main AdMech and have a Marine force in various stages of disarray, it's mainly DA Ravenwing though

Dude, no thanks

>> No.74479625

thanks dude

>> No.74479627

I actually need some help identifying the middle figure, I found him in a random retro imperial guard lot as "super old commissar". He's got a GW1988 logo on his slot but it's on the back.

I think he looks really neat and his armor reminds me of today's genestealer cultists

>> No.74479631

Cheers, Anon

>> No.74479632

Trying out lightning effects.


>> No.74479639


>> No.74479641

>Main admech
You da real mvp custodian

>> No.74479644


>> No.74479648

if you want a really good white paint you should get the vallejo off-white. mix it with airbrush flow improver it makes really nice fine lines

>> No.74479653

You a best.

>> No.74479656

I think the pattern could use some more work, like randomness in the angles and all that, but that looks really good.

>> No.74479659

You can put them on anyone but have in mind there's no hands on them. Some armies have the fuse to the gun so they wouldn't work

>> No.74479661

Not bad but from what I learned you want to have a "source" with all the branches steaming from that source. You got the right idea highlighting the areas where the lightning splits tho.

>> No.74479664

Air brushing is cheating

>> No.74479670

>No sign of Indomitus made to order

I knew it was going to take a while, but I really wish GW would post an update on a likely postage date.

>> No.74479678

Why do you collect the gayest chapter?

>> No.74479679


>> No.74479698

This gif will never ever get old, feel good

>> No.74479700

Cheating what?

>> No.74479701

STUPID nerd is a DUMMY.

>> No.74479704

They dont want to disappoint, better to be on time even if it takes till January

>> No.74479707

Are you me anon, these look exactly like my night lords lightning effects

>> No.74479719

The effect will look better if you make the blue more translucent and give the lines some difference in thickness. Like the like is just white but the part where it's whit atm are slightly thicker

>> No.74479725

I know I posted this last thread but bird or no bird? I'm not sure if adding the dove and scroll makes it too busy on that side of the model or not.

>> No.74479729

What if i model female marines and have the tufts as pubic hair?

>> No.74479736

pls respond

>> No.74479737


>> No.74479745

>a fellow bush anon
Ah yes the most based

>> No.74479747

You guys leave positive reviews for your FLGS right?

>> No.74479749

post your night lords

I wanna see

>> No.74479750

But would it actually count as a based model rules-wise?

>> No.74479755


>> No.74479760

I'm at work atm but I'll post them when I get home

>> No.74479762

If it has some texture paint on the base and a clean rim yeah, the grass bits dont make a model battle ready

>> No.74479766

Fuck yeah man. I'm currently building DA.

>> No.74479772

No but I should
>They're almost at 2k reviews with a 4.7/5 star average
Holy shit

>> No.74479774

Properly made thread here if you want:


>> No.74479777

is 1d4chan actually dead? its been 3 days

>> No.74479780

>confused vampire
That's from Dagashi Kashi, and she most certainly is not a vampire. Fuck you.

>> No.74479788

Don't care lol

>> No.74479798

Don't have any that show the lightning off very well but have some of my havoc and terminators that I had on my phone

>> No.74479801

Maybe no bird. It does get lost a little in the background being dull coloured and behind the bolter

>> No.74479810

Fuck I hate you. Nothing about her look is quizzical. Shit sol bullshit taste as well.

>> No.74479817

It does look similar yeah. I guess you followed the Duncan tutorial too huh?

>> No.74479821

Who is looking forward to being disappointed later when they reveal a bunch of shit characters and nothing of inherent value?

>> No.74479824

Correct, after painting up the battleforce I dropped them for a while to focus on Nurgle daemons but might pick them up again soon

>> No.74479827

I don't believe you understand how anime girls with interrogation marks operate anon.

>> No.74479839

>made before bump limit

>> No.74479848

fuck off nigger

>> No.74479849

Rework to bombardment-type stratagems to make them stronger and more consistent when?
>rework happens
>unaware tau player enters the store
>deploys castle
>gets second turn
>command phase
>tau player is cast into an endless abyss of shattered ass

>> No.74479851


>> No.74479858

Nice, you managed to make the face not look like a man

>> No.74479872

Shit, but I wanted it to look like a man! Now where the fuck do I go to jerk off to all my lady-boys?
Oh thanks!

>> No.74479878

Robin "the cuck" Cruddace sunset my fucking baneblade!

>> No.74479882

The interrogation mark is the only quizzical thing about the image and it doesn't work because of that.

>> No.74479883

Most of the SoB faces are actually fine and don't look like men. 'EavyMetal just don't know how to highlight them right which makes them look more masculine than they actually are. There are only a few truly horrid heads in their kits.

>> No.74479900


>> No.74479904

what a legend

>> No.74479905

>> No.74479908

Really digging the colour scheme, nice work!

>> No.74479909

What are they standing on? Shaving cream?>>74479883
Oh yeah I was just talking about the paintjob

>> No.74479912

Word Bearers

>> No.74479916

i-its just maintance Im sure

>> No.74479939

No Birb or if I was going to place one i'd have it on the opposite shoulder to balance out the bolter, not sure if that would fit though?

>> No.74479971

>didn't even include the fixed mega
not gonna make it

>> No.74480023

Of course I didn't. The fixed Mega hasn't been posted in the last few threads, so why would I, eh?

>> No.74480025

2nd Company, 13th Squad

>> No.74480033

I'm sad, post Drukhari wenches

>> No.74480034

not to mention that once space marines get their new codex they're going to have +2 damage within melta range
12" 6xd6+2
from three T5 models that cost 120 points
fucking insane

>> No.74480039

also bring back mutation sprues

>> No.74480045

>Gets the Company and Squad Markings right
>Still deviates from the Chapters colours

>> No.74480064

>inherent value?
Fuck off sperg.

>> No.74480081

Fuck stratagems.
Fuck command points.
9th missed a huge opportunity to get rid of this bullshit. If I wanted to play a CCG I’d go back to MTG.

>> No.74480089

You sound really low IQ

>> No.74480093

I like them they're like leader powers in an rts

>> No.74480129

You may have autism if you're unable to read the highly telegraphed evocatively stylized japanese animation being presented to you. Both hands clasped around the cone to raise the ice cream treat only to be interrupted by your baffling statement. A slight flush in being interrupted from her pursuit of oral satisfaction and pursed lips to convey a sense of indignation at how you could possibly need clarification. Staring eyes are turned to you for a further plea in explaining your transgression topped off by a pair of steepled eyebrows as though the rest of her posturing didn't convey her need to be clarified on your stance. Japanese animation is popular among autistic groups of people in part by how easy to read the stylized faces are.

>> No.74480141


>> No.74480150

Maaaan, I just wish I could play my salamanders, but it's freaking hard to field marines and not feel bad. Custodes too right now...

At least i'm a good point with my deldar force, just need a couple more raiders and kitbash some variants.

How are the ynnary characters, concerning modeling, painting and transport, I plan to expand into them in the future

>> No.74480169

It might be a multimelta exclusive thing, but yeah, they'd be good even if they were 50% more expensive

>> No.74480176

fuck off OP

>> No.74480182

? ? ?

>> No.74480195

Pretty sure they said that that is the new melta rule, replacing the 2d6 pick highest

>> No.74480215


>> No.74480216

What horrific crime did that one marine commit to be denied a tuft of his own

>> No.74480242

They don't deviate at all anon, my marines are clearly from the Blooded Angels chapter as shown by their distinct scheme, though I can understand the confusion

>> No.74480244

They would be awful at 60ppm.
You're braindead.

>> No.74480268


>> No.74480280

If they didnt get all the rerolls, buffs and stuff from the various chapters i'd agree. But then they wouldn't be broken as they are now, wouls they?

>> No.74480282


>> No.74480317

Have a clown too, since i am out of the others.

>> No.74480319

I think you're overestimating their effectiveness.
Unbuffed it'd take two squads to average a dead LR. With a CM, Lieutenant, and in reroll damage range, they just under average a dead LR, which likely means pointing another squad at it which won't be double firing unless they waste their extra shots at it.
It's not until you go to salamanders that they become broken.

>> No.74480330


>> No.74480343

1 hour until disappointment

>> No.74480350

Unbuffed, exactly. When would they be unbuffed though, that's the problem.

>> No.74480356


If they aren't broken, why does every Marine list include 3 units of them regardless of Chapter?

>> No.74480382

It's only in one specific chapter that they are broken, with heavy support. That means that the chapter needs to get nerfed, not the unit.
Because if you nerf the unit to be fair if that chapter stacks buffs on it, it'll be garbage in other scenarios.
If you nerf the chapter, the unit is still okay in other scenarios, just not OP in this one specific one.
It's like the centurion nerfs. IF / RG made stupid good use out of them, so they got an over 50% price hike and now they're shit in every scenario.

>> No.74480383

>On on GW stream today
>Spam #NoMoreMarines in the chat every time they show Marines

It's been a long time since we have done something funny out of here

>> No.74480391

>Unbuffed it'd take two squads to average a dead LR
Unbuffed 3 Eradicators will do 11 wounds vs a Russ in melta range with the new melta rule on average. Which is where they're designed to be shooting from

>> No.74480398

>subbing to warhammer twitch

>> No.74480409

there's no point, the twitch jannies delete any negative comments on the stream.

>> No.74480426

just copypaste when making the new thread you absolute retard

>> No.74480436

>why does every marine list
Looking at the 3 marine lists on 40kstats, there was an Ultramarines list, a Salamanders list, and a Space Wolves list.
The Space Wolves list brought nothing in the heavy support slot, much less Eradicators.
The Ultramarines list brought a contemptor mortis dreadnought and a leviathan dreadnought, but no Eradicators.
The Salamanders army brought 3 squads.
So in short, fuck off, you lying sack of shit.

>> No.74480448

Nothing to lose either
It only needs a few of us to make a chain reaction.

>Not giving Bezos even more money by doing an Amazon Prime and get a free subscription out of it.

>> No.74480458

6 shots
4 hits
2 wounds
Outside melta range that's 7 damage average.
IIRC rolling a d6 with advantage is average 4.2, so 8.4 damage average in melta range.
Your math is right if they get the new melta damage rule, which they don't currently have.

>> No.74480501

So are they going to rework the modifier cap any time soon or are they going to unfuck it only in 10e?

The concept is fine but shit like putting a -1 on your units letting your opponent move and fire without penalty because the -1 doesn't stack is absolutely retarded

At the very least, self-buffs shouldn't stack but modifiers caused by your own actions should stack with the actions of your opponents.

>> No.74480536

Its pretty telling that every single person I've talked to about this have all proposed the same thing. GW's rules team is truly shit these days.

>> No.74480563

Anyone played a crusade game yet? Anything to bear in mind? I'm worried I'm gonna forget something

>> No.74480609

Lion El'Johnson is alive
Cypher was sent by the Lion to expose traitor legions and his sword will be presented to the Emperor to ask for forgiveness and vengeance after the traitors battle destroyed Caliban and it believed to be a defunct gene seed harnessing jealousy.
Emperor will task the Lion and his Dark Angel's with the sole focus of destruction of traitor legions as penance.
The Lion's wrath will be a roar across the galaxies.

>> No.74480621

They need to FAQ that self-inflicted modifiers such as moving with heavy weapons, advancing with assault weapons, and using weapons that modify to-hit rolls do stack.
Or made it so a modifier of +2/-2 was still permitted.

>> No.74480626

Space wolves can be meta for fast moving, their claws, hammers, frost weapons can deal with heavies, move them fast, get in the enemies face

>> No.74480666

I think +2/-2 is the most fair considering there are models that can get -2 to hit (both incoming and outgoing) by themselves.

>> No.74480736

Everyone else is lying to you.
Alpha Legion is the best. Take any army you want and just say they are Alpharius, You now can field anything you want and be lore compliant.

For the Corpse Emperor, Brother.

>> No.74480754

how long before diversity replaces caricatured mongoloids with qtasians to appeal to the sjw crowd

>> No.74480768

Never, you'll be getting hamplanets instead.

>> No.74480770

Your dudes

>> No.74480773

Grow up

>> No.74480774

Do you seriously have nothing else in your life, anon?

>> No.74480784

I play 40k. What do you think?

>> No.74480786

Emperor's Children
Or Horus Heresy World Eaters

>> No.74480799

You don't need a unit being broken to be spammed, you just need it to be a little more point efficient than the other options. That's how spamming works.

>> No.74480809

ANyone have a fresh bingo card?

>> No.74480814

Pic related. Not feeling like painting 30 bases at the moment so for now they are just possessed shaving cream i guess

>> No.74480825

That's fucking radical

>> No.74480865

I can't do it anymore... I don't want to paint anymore...

>> No.74480897

Preview starting

>> No.74480914


>> No.74480916

Just paint a little bit each day. You won't find the motivation, that's not how it works. Sit at your painting station with brush in hand and base coat one model with one colour. Done. Put it down, walk away. You've painted. Do this once a day until it becomes routine.

>> No.74480932

twitch / warhammer

>> No.74480946


>> No.74480962

Raiders are great at harrasment. Admech generally has fairly mediocre mobility, so a cheap squad of M12" W3 cavalry running around really helps out with that. Plus, an extra bit of character sniping is always welcome.

Kastellans can output an absolutely absurd amount of firepower. 2 robots with triple guns output 18 S6 shots under normal circumstances, which doubles to thirthy-six goddamn shots when put in shooting mode. Depending on the scale of the game, you might want to drop the datasmith, though. He's 55 points and you can change robot modes with a 1CP stratagem anyway. Instead, modify the model and use him as a proxy for Daedalosous, another 55 point model that does something much more interesting.

Here's the thing, though: We're likely getting a new codex before the year ends. And for all we know, everything will change. So really, get whatever you think is cool.

>> No.74481009


>> No.74481082

can confirm: too me like 10 days to paint me bladegaurd, but it works

>> No.74481525

Better start bringing your own terrain, shitords

>> No.74481721

So did the Preview only have the one Necron unit and nothing else?

>> No.74481894

It rubbed in the admech rough riders, you know, since guard rough riders got squatted. Salty as fuck about that.

>> No.74481988

Actually not a bad solution for tournaments.
Inb4 terrain pieces are part of the meta

>> No.74482230

LMAO at causals not running 3x Ruined Manufactorum with a batallion of aqualia landing pads.

>> No.74482958

I mean pretty much everyone already has their own terrain so cool

>> No.74483670


Night lords,
Become the edge

>> No.74483757

Night lords and sons of malice.

>> No.74484181

Can you fuckers stop brigading the AoS general and discuss 40k here?

>> No.74484620


>> No.74484653

Sounds like you had fun while they were showing already revealed HH shit, and then sat around doing nothing.

>> No.74484702

just woke up lads, did i get my jump pack primaris assault guys on the release today?

>> No.74484748

I am going to actually paint today.
I really will.

>> No.74485026

...go back to sleep anon

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