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How would /tg/ make Firbolg's great again?

>inb4 they never were

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Kill everyone involved with Critical Role, then publish a new Planescape Campaign Setting with original firbolgs in it.

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Why are firbolgs suddenly so popular?

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You don't like Celtic cows?

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They were okay as generic knockoff slightly more fae Ogier from Wheel of Time. Cow people from Crit Roll are gross though

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Not even slightly. They're basically the new kinder in my eyes.

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What the fuck is that? A half-minotaur without horns?
What the fuck happened?

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Why did you post a human-sized dwarf

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Remove furshit reinstate the giant hermits

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>Humans are 10-1/2 ft tall

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>What the fuck happened?
tumblr happened, WotC noticed and in their pursuit to pander to the rainbow team made that re-design canon

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Why exactly are they cows?

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That is a Minotaur.

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Call them minotaurs and stop fucking around.

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Why? They are fine. They are not great but they're fine.

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I would say have them be born from the feywild.

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Realize they're giantkin who spent too much time with the fae and not discount bovines, have their Wild Hunt start another season, and make minotaurs playable so cows can be cool.

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I dint really see the difference, firbolg's just seem like Minotaur without horns

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critical role fans.

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But why did they make them cows in the first place?
Did the CR guy just go "btw they're cows now" on a whim and then WOTC just ran with it?

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Maybe because minotaurs have a more "sorted" past and CR wanted to avoid it?

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Matt Mercer described a Firbolg NPC called Pumat Sol as having a flat nose.

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Why would anyone want to ply a Firbolg? Minotaurs are so much cooler. The Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica even made playable Minotaurs official. Why would anyone ever want to play a Firbolg instead? Were Firbolgs a big deal in a recent book or something?

The cool freakshit races are Tritons, Tabaxi, Minotaurs, Centaurs, and Lizard Men. The rest of them are either deeply flawed or kind of lame.

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>as having a flat nose.
That was it? No mention of anything else like horns, large black spots on white fur or something else stereotypically cow-ish? How does that lead to cow people? Pigs have flatter noses. I don't get it.

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>your firbolg is Zhu Bajie

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If my memory serves, he may have also mentioned something about large, droopy ears too, but I think it basically developed from there like a game of telephone. Everyone based their art/description on the last one before without bothering to check the source material.
Meme-drift is a nefarious thing. I know I'm guilty of it too without realizing it. It's happened all over tabletop, it's just that with firbolgs it was a particularly sudden shift.

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Bring back based angry giant redheads instead.

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Angry Redhead Hermit Gang

They were published in the Realms before Planescape though. Book of Humanoids and Giantcraft.

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Amazon thread is over there >>74326526 coincidentally also talking about cowgirls

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I imagine something more like this. Big flat nose and wide bridge.

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That's more so the Innsmouth look

>> No.74399859

more of a soviet look

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>How would /tg/ make Firbolg's great again?
By not making them cow people. They weren't even meant to be cow people to begin with, just big forest people. We already have minotaurs anyway.

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Minotaurs = bulls.
Firbolg = cows.

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make them ginger giants again.
ban CR firbolgs in your campaigns.

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What the absolute fuck happened in 5e??

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I want my 10ft tall Irishmen back.

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By accepting that the "cow" firbolgs are simply better than the 5e take on large furry gentle giant of the forest. Or the incredibly boring very large gingers from older editions.

Instead, really reinforce their nature as fey giants, by taking the "cow" and making it deer. They are simply now deer nosed, with deer ears, which is visually similar to cows. Now you can add stag horns for powerful individuals, much like Cernunnos from Celtic myth. Add in inhuman colors often found in fey creatures, much like the gnomes of Pathfinder. Now they aren't pigeonholed into a single boring visual nature, have strong thematic ties to their origin plane, and express at a quick glance their nature as inhuman beings.

Including their Wild Hunt aspect is as simple as just making a magical hunting party of them. It's remarkably easy to make them both interesting visually and culturally while calling on older lore.

If you want big Irishman you can use literally any giant for this, but old firbolg are basically just smart hill giants with druid magic. But small red-headed giants aren't special enough to be their own race.

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The phrase he used was something like "he has a broad flat nose almost like a cow's". He was also interrupted half a dozen times while trying to describe him so he said it multiple times.

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At this point a shaggy red-headed Irish giant would be more unique than a green minotaur with antlers.

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Isn't it terrible how the exact same fucking thing that happened to elves, orcs, kobolds, and lamia happened to firbolgs?

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Why are all commies so ugly? Do they put uranium in their food or something?

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It comes from Volo's Guide to Monsters. Critical Role only had a firbolg in the second season. Volo's Guide was released during the first season of Critical Role. This is the image of a firbolg from Volo's Guide to Monsters.

The only thing that Mercer did was describe the firbolg Pumat Sol as being cowl-like, because the firbolg were illustrated as having long droopy ears and broad, flat noses. He also gave the character a slow, deep, cow-like voice. Any other cow-like characteristics in fan art you see are added by the artists.

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>elves, orcs, kobolds, and lamia
None of these suddenly turned into cows

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Nothing wrong with that art. Looks like a fairy/giant hybrid

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I don't dislike the naturalistic cow-person look per se, but it seems like the only art for them is tumblr mode. I'm sure they could easily look cool if they were given a more significantly nomadic, deepwoods kind of flair.

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>green minotaur with antlers.
They look nothing like a minotaur. They look like big humans with very short fur, kemonomimi style deer/cow ears, and satyr/faun noses. Vs a literal bull's head. And big Irishman are literally the most boring thing possible. Its fucking fantasy, go wild with the appearance and look, branch out beyond the tired simplistic imaginations of remarkably dull people from the past.

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Absolutely based. D&D doesn't need another race of generic "almost humans but slightly different" since it already has Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, AND Gnomes not to mention even more autistic shit like Muls or whatever. Fuck that, cow Firblogs are superior.

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They never were.
Learn to inb4 properly, it's not thread vaccine for the OP.

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Go back to their 4e version and play Wild Hunt up even more

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So they're tall tieflings then?
You can go as gonzo as you want with the PC races, just like everyone else. Right now an Irishman is more unique than the current trend of "rainbow humanoid, with pointy ears and horns, maybe".

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>Its fucking fantasy, go wild with the appearance and look, branch out beyond the tired simplistic imaginations of remarkably dull people from the past.

Pfft, minotaurs are boring. It's FANTASY. They should have one leg that is a fish and another leg that is a snake and the wings of a duck sprouting from their back and their head should be a potato plant that connects to their heart with is a potato.

>> No.74401541

I said go wild, not utterly nonsensical and lolrandumb.
Why do so many people who are dull-witted morons keep using this tired bit of silly hyperbole?

>tall tieflings then?
Well, they don't have tails, they don't have horns normally, their skin and fur color is likely not any of the more infernal colors, and they lack much of the weird fiendishness of tieflings. But other than that yes, I guess.

Firbolg stag horns would likely be a side effect of a feat that gives them nature powers. Like a kitsune getting another tail. Or a dragon disciple gaining a more draconic appearance.

Here, have a normal firbolg.

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It's more about DDT the miraculous and totally no side effects pesticide.

>> No.74401924

Thats what massive famines, government experiments, and generational cannibalism will do to people.
The Holodomor really fucked up a lot of people

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all honesty and I'm not meming or anyting they should be more than just big giant people and they should definitely be something other than cow people because we literally have both of those in the Goliath and the Minotaur. in all honesty they should probably just go to Warcraft route and give us f****** bear people

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>censoring yourself
>on 4chan
You fucking retarded niggerfaggot

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If the Goliath and Minotaur create the overlap, why have Firbolg at all at this point?

>> No.74402133

don't make them goat/cow people whatever the fuck they are.

>> No.74402313

cause question was make them great not get rid of

>> No.74402496

why isnt she wearing shoes

>> No.74402516

Its a special character trait. If she wore shoes, she'd just be another human with horns and a tail.

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I never understood firbolgs. What niche do they fill?

>> No.74402566

But that's not a normal firbolg.

That's a perversion of the race because CR players and fans took Mercer describing her as having a flat bovine nose literally.

>> No.74402585

The guys that introduced Goliaths to the game forgot that Firbolgs existed first as the giant-ish PC race.

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Its a normal firbolg, since it seems to be a fairly popular interpretation of firbolg beyond the dumpy 5e art and the boring large Irishman art of old.
It's also "normal" in that it doesn't have the bright pink coloration of another popular firbolg character often lamented about here because he is bright pink and certain simpletons are afraid of appearing effeminate or left-wing for wearing or coloring their hair pink.

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The thing is that I never really got what the appeal of Oldbogs is. Goliaths as a race at least have there strange black and white skin and a unique culture in there extreme survival of the fittest. Old school firbolgs just look like larger than average humans, and I have never got a good descriptor of what their culture was like to make them interesting other than "friendly wood hermits".

Also the fact that nobody talked about or cared about firbolgs until cowbolgs were introduced. Like where were all these firbolg fanboys back in previous editions?

>> No.74402724

Normalcy is the medieval myth inspiring over 30 years of DnD. Not the tumblrites drawing cow-people for 5.
That is not a normal firbolg.

>> No.74402755

Not the other guy, but calling someone a dull witted moron for bringing up a valid flaw in your statement “fantasy should have x thing because it’s fantasy” is a sign you are thatguy

>> No.74402768

they never were

>> No.74402830

>even the official art has tumblr nose
damn. it was doomed from the start.

>> No.74402874

I don't think anybody really gives that much of a shit about firbolgs in particular it's just that it's kind of strange to suddenly decide they're cows just because the one in the picture had a big nose and his elf ears didn't go straight up.
It's kind of like if we just decided gnomes were bug people now because they've got big eyes and they're kind of titchy aren't they?
If you want cow people you can have cow people, but there's no reason to slap the name of an irish myth on them and confuse people who already know them from that.

>> No.74402879

you're acting like hotpink sidecut isn't the universal hallmark of insufferable LibArts/Gender Studies major.

>> No.74403003

You mean sordid?

>> No.74403146

here's the secret sauce. CritRolefags have no experience in the hobby or lore outside of CritRole.

they heard a thing, misunderstood it cause they're dim and dim people are bad listeners that's why they're dim, even now remain too ignorant to ever learn better, and wouldn't care if they did cause "it doesn't matter I'm doing it my way i like it better"

Anything popular enough to already have preconcieved notions to a normie is fairly safe. Elves might vary from santas helpers to tolkien but they'll still be pale, pointy eared, a little uppity when it comes to other races especially humans, and pretty good magical craftsmen.

But something more obscure like the Gith or Bugbears, maybe your favorite monster like a Quadrone, or Slaad, or Aboleth? It might just be next.

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I mean, I guess. But gnomes are a core race and well known and do have there fans. I honestly never even heard about firbolgs until 5e. And in irish myth we actually don't get any real description of the Fir Bolg. They aren't giants like they were in previous editions, we aren't even really sure if they were meant to not be human. Given the the name translate to just simply "men of the sacks". As far as we know the fir bolg were just guys who liked to wear baggy pants. And mythic origins for things in D&D kind of mean diddly squat. Hobgoblins are meant to be tiny friendly fairies that clean your house for you but nobody complains about the term being used to describe a race of militaristic orange skinned humanoids.

What I am saying is, if previous versions of the firbolg didn't really catch people's imagination, and the term itself doesn't really have any preconceived cultural basis for what a "firbolg" is, why then is it a bad thing when a new idea of what a firbolg is is presented.

>> No.74403246

>Normalcy is the medieval myth
Lol, the medieval myth has very little to do with D&D beyond aesthetics for a small section of the human lands of most settings. The true inspirations are fantasy books and movies that often departed strongly or subtly from medieval myth. Times change, things change, this is the way of the world.

>calling someone a dull witted moron for bringing up a valid flaw in your statement
What flaw did he show? Because all I got from it was that he didn't like the obvious take that fantasy should be fantastic and not a retread of tired old myth tropes where everything intelligent is a literal human, either short or tall, and decided to blow this out of proportion into a lol randumb example that literally no one has advocated for besides dull-witted morons in a thousand other threads and places.

Live a little and expand your imaginations, not everything has to be so goddamn simplistic and boring, like a literal human, but this time its giant and has red hair! How crazy and imaginative! You dont have to stay to an autistically narrow idea of old myths.

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I don't care for them much either way but I lean toward the nu-bolgs over the old ones.

Only for the 1/100 examples like the OP. I know Bolgs have become the "that" race of the season for the unmentionable types. Luckily I don't DM players and/or characters that I don't like so I don't have a problem with the bad examples.

>> No.74403578

>every fan art looks like they're drawing a different race
at this point, firbolg ain't even a D&D race, they're just an identifier or a "dog whistle" as the kids say these days for faggots

>> No.74403587

That's all fair, and it's definitely not some horrible tragedy that people want to do firbolgs differently. The only actual issue for me is that I already have an impression of them as those ancient irish dudes I don't actually remember very well so when somebody starts talking about firbolgs I'm not imagining cow people, and when somebody says something about cow ears, I'm not thinking firbolgs.

I know it doesn't seem like much but it came up in a game recently and was genuinely confusing for me. My first thought is always to the ancient irish dudes and then I have to mentally correct myself to the floppy eared cow that everybody else is talking about and it just kind of fucks with me.

Also, gnomes definitely weren't the best example I could have gone for, they were just the first race I could think of that might plausibly be confused for some kind of animal person if you weren't given a very good description of them.

Also also, my impression of firbolgs didn't come from d&d and the giants are kind of weird for me too. I know It doesn't really matter but I wanted to clarify.

>> No.74403591

>Why would anyone want to ply a Firbolg
"I saw a firbolg in critical role once!"
"I'm a furry"

>> No.74403687

I don't watch Critical Role, supposedly it is funny but I'm not really interested in watching other people play DnD. Sounds dull.

If I were a furry I'd want my fursona to be a re-skinned Tabaxi though. Firbolgs clearly don't have enough fur.

>> No.74403809

give this man a purse of gold and an unbroken catamite

>> No.74403899

>publish GM's Pet God NPC: The Setting
Ha ha, nope. I'm glad that shithole setting died with 2E.

>> No.74403927

What's the point of this post? I know you're not being sincere. You know people know you're being insincere.
Is a (you) that precious to (you)?

>> No.74403955

No, I am 100% sincere. Planescape was shit. If your setting needs an all powerful untouchable Mary Sue Godthing to keep it from falling apart at the seams, it's trash. Get fucked, Planescape is shit and I'm glad it's gone so it doesn't poison another generation of GM's with it's front and center retardation that is "muh Lady of Pain".

>> No.74403990

>No, I am 100% sincere
Right, sure you are. Have 3 (you) on the house, may them feed (you)r addiction.

>> No.74404010

It's cute-ification, which is a byproduct of monstrous races being playable, the dumbing down of the player base, or both. Now that monster races are more accepted as playable, they have to be watered down and made more consumer friendly. Even orcs and drow are being watered down.
Christ, look what they did to bugbears. they use to be simply big, hairy scary goblins. Now they look like some big fuzzy lumpkin teddy bears.

>> No.74404031

What? Lady of Pain doesn't even do anything, she's just a weird thing over there, just like the rest of Planescape.

>> No.74404047

Who are these "they"? Did you fail to notice your picture is by Erol Otus?

>> No.74404070

Sorry not everyone loves your forgotten, long dumpstered setting with it's Mary Sue. You might want to get used to it, however. If they want to bring back a good setting, how about Dark Sun? Fuck Planescape.

>> No.74404087

>elves didn't suddenly turn into cows

I dunno, I've seen some Japanese anime...

>> No.74404091

the fake contrarian shtick is getting old anon

>> No.74404102

>big fuzzy lumpkin teddy bears

Why are you lying.

Bugbears are one of 5e's lesser evils. They're still vague acultural cautionary tale boogeymen who could be strong and stealthy apex predators if they weren't so lazy.

I like this art much better than that ugly mad magazine bullshit you posted.

>> No.74404109

That's just because you have shitty pleb taste

>> No.74404121

Nah I just don't wanna have Where The Wild Things Are in my game.

>> No.74404132

Bugbears. they look like this now.That's a picture from Hackmaster, which is how old school bugbears looked, just big hairy goblins.
Now they, like firbolgs, are more like anthro animals.

>> No.74404223

Yeah, shitty pleb taste like I said

>> No.74404242

You said they were supposed to be scary? How did those old hobs you posted look scary or not like teddy bears?

>> No.74404246

>he isn't 10ft tall

>> No.74404254

Wrong quote >>74398663

>> No.74404265

Yep, definitely THATGUY.

>> No.74404710

Out of genuine interest. Can anyone find any fanart of Oldbolgs?

I don't mean official artwork like >>74400231 or >>74400340 I mean actual player artwork. You know, people drawing out there 2e and 3.5e firbolg PCs. Because while Nubolg is based almost entirely on art and such, I only ever see that same official artwork for Oldbolgs, nothing else.

>> No.74404762

Doesn't seem like much of a PC race

>> No.74404880

Then I guess just any oldbolg fanart, will do. It is never anything but the book images. Just any unofficial art of old firbolgs, heck even official artwork which isn't those images I am tired of seeing them at this point.

>> No.74405132

Slow campaign that stokes cultural tensions by highlighting what a travesty it is that celtic myth gets this absurd treatment, by the same people who cry about cultural appropriation no less.

>> No.74405159

Yes, that was it.
This incident alone should give you a good idea of:
1)How idiotic CR fans are.
2)The destructive effect they have on the hobby.

>> No.74405231

>fanart of random monster
I'm sure there are some, but you'd be surprised how little of that there is in general.
People made a lot less fanart in general, and published it a lot less too. I have a small folder of fanart from my players, and I'm never going to post it online. I also have a physical folder holding the physical fanart from before digital drawing became widespread.

>> No.74405232

They're a race from an obscure splat, they couldn't possibly have attracted any attention unless something normie enough would've pushed them (see Kender and DL books). Even new (official) Firbolgs would have exact same fate if Mercer didn't make a memorable NPC in his wildly popular game. Them being misinterpreted is a separate question.

>> No.74405316

They weren't that obscure in 4e, but that was still during the era where:
1)people played more than they posted fanart of characters they'd never play on twitter
2)they were not a playable race

>> No.74405340

That might be a good idea.

>> No.74405411

This title makes me irrationally angry. I wonder why.

>> No.74405472

It might be the stupid attempt at wordplay, or it might be sheer ignorance or lack of care for original mythology on display.
Or maybe you just hate new thing.

>> No.74405593

White people don't have culture, so there nothing to appropriate.

>> No.74405618

You may jest, but that is exactly what they'll say.

>> No.74405622

>start treating Irishmen as white, suddenly they have no culture
By that measure, something-americans have no culture either.

>> No.74405854

Why are they posting articles about Warcraft 3?
Oh wait

>> No.74405939

It's probably the former two and the general "ain't I smart" that the title exudes

>> No.74405986

At the very least, it looks fae.

>> No.74407165

The Fir Bolg were driven out of their lands by the Tuatha Dé Danann. Their king was killed and their people murdered by the fey. If anything, angry Irish giants that hate fey, would be a better representation.

>> No.74407223

But in D&D the Tuatha are closer to elves, who arent fey. So it's more like those dickass elves started killing the firbolg and now they hate elves and bar them from the fey wilds they protect.

>> No.74407279

Personally I don't care to play firbolgs of cow or mini giant variety, but we've already got giant humans in goliaths. I don't think celtic woodsmen is enough to be a race on its own. They just never had anything interesting and before Poo Matt I had never seen any player roll a firbolg. Maybe the hype on them will die down once CR isn't playing one weekly and they will go on to kenkus or something. Insufferable reddit players will always be insufferable reddit players at my table.

>> No.74407305

>take Irish myth that likens one of the founding tribes of Ireland to the Israelites escaping oppression and returning to their promised homeland
>turn them into fairy-cow weirdos with rainbow skin and hair
What did WotC mean by this?

>> No.74407365

>You may jest

>> No.74408271

>all those memes about 4e being WoW
>only for 5e to have actual WoW-tier art and WoW races

>> No.74408712

I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't fuck this

>> No.74408762

Na'vi are pretty cute.

>> No.74411441

It's too late for that. People are too in-love with the new look.
Everyone will expect weird hippie cow people now.

>> No.74411565

The giants are never going to come back.
But we can substitute pretty cow-people for unapologetic strangeness.
Make them large, nomadic warriors with great reverence for the wilds of the world.
Pic Related

>> No.74411571

normgroids and their streams

>> No.74411590

No, they have to be another flavor of human culture but X.

>> No.74411813

But they literally never were.

>> No.74412253

All we need to do is exterminate them all to the very last and never let monster and furfag races be playable ever again.

>> No.74412872

1. Go to WOTC headquarters.
2. Board up all the windows and doors.
3. Burn the building down.

Then, do the same with Hasbro. Repeat as needed.

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