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How tall should Amazons be? How strong should Amazons be? How widespread should Amazons be? How literate should Amazons be? How well should Amazons drive war chariots? How armored should Amazons be? How misandrist if at all should Amazons be? How wealthy should Amazons be? How warlike should Amazons be? How cosmopolatin should Amazons be?

Discuss girl abs.

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>How tall should Amazons be?
Either a head and shoulders above your average man or twice a man's height

>How strong should Amazons be?
At least +4 str, possibly higher

>How widespread should Amazons be?
Rare, but not unheard of, they tend to originate from just beyond civilized places, in the lands where humanoids aren't at the top of the food chain

>How literate should Amazons be?
Varies, those from larger tribes/psudokingdoms or near enough to civilized lands for trading missions tend to be more literate, those from deeper out in the wildlands or from tiny tribes aren't

>How well should Amazons drive war chariots?
I rarely have my amazons use them, actually I can't think of a single instance, so poorly?

>How armored should Amazons be?
They favor magical protections, charms, and enchanted body paint/jewellery as the places they tend to hail from tend to be poor in metal, as such they tend to be very well protected but wear very little, if any "armor"

>How misandrist if at all should Amazons be?
Varies, good ones tend to be more patronizing than outright misandrist, evil ones can range from that to outright scorn
All of them have the inexplicable urge to sexually bully cute twinks and shotas though

>How wealthy should Amazons be?
Varies, small tribes tend to be poor, psudokingoms/ones along trade routes/the rare outright amazon 'empire' tend to be fairly wealthy for the area though

>How warlike should Amazons be?
Less warlike and more slow to trust and highly protective of their lands, even those prone to raiding their neighbors do tend to end up in some form of ritualized warfare after a while, particularly if those raids originated as a form of husband kidnapping

>How cosmopolatin should Amazons be?
See the above, some along trading routes are more so, but it's rare

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Fuck off.

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The ending to that was disappointing

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Whoops, just though to check didn't realize it was still ongoing

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Regular humans who are female pirates that kidnapp girls in orphanage.

Monster girls are seriously disgusting.

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>How tall should Amazons be?
Average height although the augmentation process can add a few inches
>How strong should Amazons be?
With consistant training they are capable of sustained levels of strength comparible to male strongmen
How widespread should Amazons be?
They tend to be isolated to their own region where they have control of a moon and several orbital habitats under their control.
>How literate should Amazons be?
Standard levels of education with further education/training based on vocation.
How well should Amazons drive war chariots?
All have basic licenses for most basic vehicle operations and specialist licenses for other vehicles per their vocation
How armored should Amazons be?
Depends on mission parameters and preferred loadout for veterans.
How misandrist if at all should Amazons be?
Hardly, all lower officals answer to them as they would be overall in charge of the regional government and in high office positions regardless
How wealthy should Amazons be?
Very. They are a government/PMC organization that sells its services to other regional powers and organizations.
How warlike should Amazons be?
Can't have a war based economy without war.
How cosmopolatin should Amazons be?
While their training and culture tends towards spartan like sensibilities they are not discouraged against things like fashion or such and even battle hardened veterans have need for a good dress when attending formal functions.

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>how tall
Depends on the average height, at minimum the same height as the tallest regular folk at most probably 1-1.6 feet taller.
Stronger than the average human male, weaker than the average orc female provided orcs exist and have females.
Not very, they should be reclusive and secretive. Myth to most, but reality to the few who know.
Depends mostly on what races they have kids with the most I think. Literate races = very literate. Illiterate races = basically illiterate.
>Drive war chariots
Not very well since they live in jungles (hence the name)
full armor, pic related.
not maliciously, they see males as valuable and cherished and are very loving wives to their non-amazon husbands but also treat them like they're defenseless and thus do look down on them in a protective way.
Not very by outside standards, they are recluses.
Not very unless someone brings war to them. Then they will wreck your shit.
Again, depends on their partners.

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>mfw i'm a manlet and could motorboat her tiddies while standing.

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I've been brewing a setting in my head where one of the races is a race of amazon esc humanoids that evolved from intelligent big cats. With the females being much taller and muscular by nature, with remnant claws , more pronounced fangs and patches of fur being common, especially along the extremities. Thus these qualities are seen as feminine in nature to the race. The males are smaller, generally more lithe, and its considered rare or poor breeding for them to have even the slightest bit of fur visible on their bodies (different from hair) or makes them womanish. their fangs less fangs and more teeth, and its practically unheard of for their nails to sprouts as claws.

The society is a matriarchy, ruled by one family/ pride above several noble ones, though the position of which one is "royal" is easily swapped and is decided by which has the most power in arms or wealth than any bloodline.

Also generally the women eat more meat than the men, which leads to some fathers telling their infant sons that women of other prides will eat him if he goes wandering alone before he's grown. They don't, of course. its just their way of keeping their weaker children from wandering where they shouldn't

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Look up [Uru] master and maid [English] on sad panda

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>How tall should Amazons be?
190-300 cm.

>How strong should Amazons be?
Fit/moderately muscular, but not beefy. And they have a specific muscle distribution that makes them exceptionally good at throwing things and running/jumping.

>How widespread should Amazons be?
They are encountered occasionally, as individuals or small bands.

>How literate should Amazons be?
They have a written language that communicates most common ideas and sentences in a single symbol, it's hard for an outsider to learn it, and it is equally hard for an amazon to learn human writing systems. That's why many amazon bands have at least one interpreter who uses special devices to read foreign texts.

>How well should Amazons drive war chariots?
If you mean open pods piloted by one or two people, they pilot them relatively well, but they mostly rely on individual mobility enhancements made out of bones and blood of animals from the amazon homeworld.

>How armored should Amazons be?
They don't wear much armor, but they have special small shields/plates with several charges of automatic defense reflex retained from the animal the shield is made of. The part of the animal's nervous system responsible for the reflex is preserved and kept active with electricity. Sometimes amazons modify their own brains by integrating circuits from beasts in a similar fashion. Special cyber mods can be used to better contorl them, though amazons can only produce very crude cybernetics themselves, they have to rely on foreign tech.

>How misandrist if at all should Amazons be?
They have some disdain for men, but then, their species haven't had males, or any need for males, for millenia, so it's more of a racism thing than misandry.

>How wealthy should Amazons be?
Depends on how good the particular amazon is at either mercenary work, trade, piracy, or any combination thereof.

>How warlike should Amazons be?

>How cosmopolatin should Amazons be?
Quite a bit.

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Actually, I changed my mind on the height, let it be 170-250.

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>(hence the name)
Their name means "boobless" you illiterate faggot.

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Sounds pretty nice desu

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Sounds like a retarded cringey fetish bait, not even a good one at that.
>evolved from intelligent big cats. With the females being much taller and muscular
Why would they be like that if no cats have anyhing similar?

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>How tall?
Large, like twice the height of a normal man, and considerably more bulky. Still overtly feminine, but swole like >>74326581.
>How strong?
Very. Moreso then they look. Lifting boulders twice their size kind of strong.
>How widespread?
Very rare, outside of holy war, to which they are created for. Even rarer still, to be seen wearing their true equipment, and not simple hides or robes or leathers or casual, low grade items. If they're in their full combat regalia, shit's already gone down and you need to run.
>How literate.
Can write in amazonian battlesign, and whatever they could write in before they were claimed. Some have learnt or relearned to write in common or other languages. Mostly officers.
>How well should they drive war chariots?
Considering their size and weight, vehicles are rare enough most are not experienced and familiar with how to drive one.
>How armoured should amazons be.
As much armour as they can physically carry, with their size and strength. Protracted fights against overwhelming numbers requires immense endurance and protection.
>How misandrist should they be.
Varies from one to another. Mostly based around how none of the males they see can out fight or out wrestle them, bar the exceptional. As such, little respect past token etiquette.
>How wealthy.
Aside from arms and armour, practically nothing. As individuals crafted for battle, anything they need is given freely or supplied by their God/Goddess, or by those whom they've been seconded to for the time.
>How warlike should they be.
Very. Not aggressive, but simply designed by literal gods to combat highly dangerous undesirables. They're taken for the sake of war, altered for the sake of war, and live for the sake of war. It's not a heated passion per se, but a simple inevitability of their life and purpouse.
>How cosmopolitan should they be.
Exceptionally, as a good deal of recruitment is done by taking girls from all around the material plane and altering them.

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-4 Str, no matter how tall they are. Oh, and also -4 Int for being jungle savages.

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Tall enough to boot me to the ground with her boots and thick enough to smother me to death under her ass

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Amazons can survive without the need of men, though cultural evolution makes them desire to take men as their husbands regardless.

By the way, this means that yes, amazons do have fat cocks.

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>look at how stupid and underage I am!

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My IQ is higher than your age, zoomie. I was hating women before your parents met playing Fortnite.

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Fortnite came out in 2017, retard. Go be underage somewhere you stupid faggot

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That's not armor, though. The Driver just releases an energy pulse that alters how the Amazon cells work so that the user changes into a Rider instead of a normal Amazon.

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>Written Chinese but on steroids
For what reason? Even they think using a symbol for every word is stupid, it's just the system they are stuck with.

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I believe only lion males are all that much stronger than the female. But that's because Lions are the only social cats, and thus the male has to fight off other males, while the females need to be more lithe for hunting.

So for other cats, the female needs to be stronger due to needing to protect both itself, and it's young, while male cats are functionally just semen repositories for the species.

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>augmentation process
Go on

Also curious about their origin in your setting

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>Discuss girl abs.
Post some then

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>Discuss girl abs.
Distinct, but the bottom two are buried under some flab and cute love handles.

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Shit tastes

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I hate women.

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We know anon

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>My IQ is higher than your age
This is true for most people. Unless you're 100+, most people's IQ will be higher than your age.

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>my IQ is higher than your age
the oldest zoomer is 18.
not a high bar to clear, but I have a feeling you just barely make it.

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>the controller laughed.png

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I still say shit tastes
....Feel free to post more evidence for your argument though

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How much rape exist in your setting ?

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>How tall should Amazons be?
The average Amazon of younger/lesser houses is about 200cm tall. The tallest Amazon from the most storied and renowned of houses is about 450cm tall.
>How strong should Amazons be?
Strong, but weaker then is rumored; more in acts of burdensome movement, like carrying or moving heavy objects throughout the day, rather than strikingly rapid exertions. They rarely display their strength except when asked to do by honored persons for curiosities sake, or in games with other amazons.
>How widespread should Amazons be?
The wealthiest city states grow them as signs of wealth. They are nonexistent outside of such places, as even stolen amazons don’t inherently birth further amazons without painstaking and fastidious care, and the expansive and perfected science of such upbringing is manageable only in highly controlled and connected places.

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>How literate should Amazons be?
Passably at best. Learned arts aren’t generally a part of their lives. Amazons frequently know only what has been included in their houses instruction, generally conducted orally, doing little further study.
>How well should Amazons drive war chariots?
Well enough, if there house has such chariots and wishes them to learn how to ride.
>How armored should Amazons be?
Not at all, they travel in well armored and well guarded convoys.
they only wear heavy garments when braving the harsh environs outside their holdings or cities.
>How misandrist if at all should Amazons be?
Dimly. They’re stronger than most, but not as violent or quick to take initiative on things. They live charmed if simple lives, wanting for little, encircled by true and very plain boundaries.
>How wealthy should Amazons be?
They are wealth. They are raised and bred for raising and being bred.
>How warlike should Amazons be?
Fairly. More belligerent troublemakers than warlike, but they will never generally wish for events to deescalate, unless they are overtly threatened and or harmed. Boredom and pettiness is the extent of much of their squabbles.
>How cosmopolatin should Amazons be?
Completely, they shouldn’t be able to exist let alone be sustainable outside of places with high living standards and equal amounts of excess.

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Amazon = Wealth

No Amazon = Worthlessness

Only the wealthiest and most powerful may own amazons.

All without amazons are trash!

This is the way of the world!

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God I wish this was me...

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None. You can't rape the willing.

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That just means she's not trying hard enough

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It sounds like he just described Femcast paladins.
Probably a decimator or protector.

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Yeah, Lions are gay

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>I believe
Why? It's better to be informed. While it is true that most other cats don't have the same level of sexual dimorphism as lions, they still have it, and males are significanlty larger than females in all cat species. In many cat species a male's territory overlaps with territories of several females, and female territories may overlap with each other.

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>Even they think using a symbol for every word is stupid
Source on this? I mean yeah it is, but do they really think so?

And you answered your own question, it's the system they'restuck with, it's their culture. Plus, it's just how their alien brains work.

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Dont fall for it
Its ntr...

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Actually went and read through it.
Not really ntr.

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If you don't want to get snu snu'd by an amazon sex goddess until you shrivel up and die, you're not only gay, you are also a fag.

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She looks like a goddam shakeweight had a baby with a bowling pin, WTF

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What are you gay?

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>My IQ is higher than your age, zoomie

something tells me you're just a hint retarded

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For the love of god, SAUCE

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Looks like Donaught to me mate.

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Reminder that Cathyl is a dumb violent cunt, Cara is the real best cow.

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Thanks anon

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I don't have hard data, just some stuff I've heard- I had one chinese proffessor a few years ago who went on about how Chinese not only has the issue of having to memorize thousands of characters, but it also means that the language is crap for coming up with new words or phrases, so they are stuck using the words they already have- so democracy is translated as 'peoples rule' rather than just coming up with their own word for example.

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Taller in heels.

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what a genuinely disgusting drawing

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>Reminder that Cathyl is a dumb violent cunt,
That's part of the appeal

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>No flirting

Someone's getting hamburger'd tonight.

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>you will never be an adventuring scholar trying to peacefully explore the cultures of different races
I suddenly don't want to fight the minotaurs.

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It was such good bait, why delete it? I didn’t get to copy pasta it.

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Why do they need to be milked by hand? Why do they need to be milked if they aren't pregnant?

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>Why do they need to be milked by hand?
They don't need to, they just like the personal touch.

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We all know this thread is obvious coomer bait, and we already have /mgw/ for that. Please stop or move to /trash/. This board already has enough problems without you.

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They don't have to be actively pregnant to produce milk. Lactation can be artificially induced outside of pregnancy, but having an actual pregnancy to start the process the first time is the best route to go. Once the lactation begins it can continue to be active past breastfeeding as long as the milking is still occuring at a strong rate.

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No, we know you are a obvious cockeater.

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Yes, I am gay. But you don't see us making entire threads dedicated to jerking off hunky orc daddies, do you?

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You could make one of those threads so you can be a dumb faggot over there

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>Why do they need to be milked if they aren't pregnant?
>They don't have to be actively pregnant to produce milk. Lactation can be artificially induced outside of pregnancy, but having an actual pregnancy to start the process the first time is the best route to go. Once the lactation begins it can continue to be active past breastfeeding as long as the milking is still occuring at a strong rate.
Yeah, this is actually one of the reasons Human/Dairy Cow Hybrids would be an outright improvement; Humans can basically lactate on demand given enough stimulus, removing the need for breeding.
Humans also have far more nutritious Milk, but sadly, as Mad/Drunk Geneticist can attest, it'd be far cheaper/easier for a Biotech company to spice the necessary human DNA into a Cow than the other way around...

>They don't need to, they just like the personal touch.
This actually showcases something else I see as a benefit; Holustaur girls wouldn't be terribly inconvenienced by Milking, just needing to sit relatively still for a bit.
Thus they'd be free to sit at a desk and do office clerical work!

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This can only end badly

>> No.74360311

no anon, this can end either badly, or so much worse

>> No.74360343

Just you wait.

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>This actually showcases something else I see as a benefit; Holustaur girls wouldn't be terribly inconvenienced by Milking, just needing to sit relatively still for a bit.
>Thus they'd be free to sit at a desk and do office clerical work!
shiiiiit, that would be friggin ingenius. Suddenly the diary company goes from just agriculture to potentially being able to handle a more diverse portfolio. or they just simply streamline their business by having the production department also handle accounting. either way massive potential worldbuilding.

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That's crazy. He's bound to have a happy ending at some point. It's the law of averages.

>> No.74361718

He's done lots of happy endings.
For his giantesses, not the people they eat.

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And that's because you are a coward, unlike me.
For some reason I imagine app games would be super popular among cowgirls being milked as such- you need to sit around for a few hours, may as well play on your phone.

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>shiiiiit, that would be friggin ingenius. Suddenly the diary company goes from just agriculture to potentially being able to handle a more diverse portfolio. or they just simply streamline their business by having the production department also handle accounting. either way massive potential worldbuilding.
>For some reason I imagine app games would be super popular among cowgirls being milked as such- you need to sit around for a few hours, may as well play on your phone.
Even better, since the Milking Station is built to double as a work desk, there is a natural incentive to stay at it that entire period.
Linking the pumps to some sort of work-output monitoring algorithm would then require the Office Holstaur to actually do something productive while sitting there to get milked, but given the nature of human breastfeeding this might create a positive feedback loop...

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>discord-meme spamming retard is also a faggot
Boo hoo, most people are straight. How will you ever learn to cope?

>> No.74363967

If you want to be dominated, are you really a man?

>> No.74363989

I'm fine with you being straight, I'm just sick of seeing softcore porn on this board, when there are so many real porn boards.

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I'll go into more detail later, but one concept a while ago I started tinkering with was a concept explaining why and how a culture could adopt a more or less universally polygamist nature without causing a bunch of strife in the long run, the answer is pretty simple, said land was cursed into only having 1 male child out of every 10 births, later attempts at fixing this with powerful fertility magic turned the ratio to something closer to 1 male child out of every 100 births, due to men being a precious commodity this not only results in them all having very large harems(all men born in the kingdom are automatically considered part of the royal family), but since men are basically nonexistent in either labor or the military(outside of the occasional supervisory or officer role), both are filled with women who take an alchemical cocktail designed to massively boost their physical capabilities above and beyond most normal men, by the present day these "Amazons" average about 30% of the total population and have basically started to become a third gender in many respects culturally(especially as any daughters an Amazon has are likely to inherit their mother's enhanced physiology)

as for the physical aspects, well the average height for normal women in this kingdom is about 6'2"(average adult male height is 5'10" for comparison), for Amazons, well the average is probably somewhere around 7 feet even and they sometimes reach 8 feet or taller(that's just their "natural" height, some Amazons have learned how to make themselves grow even bigger temporarily), and regarding appearances, well possibly as a side effect of the fertility magic that was used to try and break the curse there's basically no such thing as a naturally ugly person in this land, the only disfigurements known being the result of disease, injury, or curse(indeed while capital punishment is rare in this land, disfigurement is a common punishment for more severe crimes)

>> No.74366074

Amazons, the daughters of the gods. Known for their very aggressive sexuality, they're the only match for the monstergirls that stalk mankind. Some would argue(out of earshot if they value their health) that they are monstergirls themselves.
Maybe they'll eventually free mankind from their thralldom to the elven queens, but as it stands they'll raid towns and free the men(into their beds, but that's an improvement).

>> No.74366129

And I'm tired of the /pol/ bait and general faggotry, but the only threads that don't have that shit are the ones with smut in them. So guess where that leaves us?

>> No.74366295

I understand what you're trying to say but it's literally always been like this

>> No.74366359

>that image
>implying the cowgirl is that tall

The MC is a generically average moonman which makes him like 5"2-5"4 so the super tall cowgirl is only like 6"5 max

>> No.74366406

Reminder that drow are the size of dwarfs.

>> No.74366686

I thought he was a chad 5ft 9-11” moonperson.

>> No.74366690

in all my years on /tg/ I seen MORE productive brainstorming, campaign ideas, worldbuilding and so on FROM the thinly veiled smut threads then from legit threads.

Personally I am tired of the Generals more then anything.

>> No.74366857

The generals are a nuisance too, don't get me wrong.

>> No.74367605

I have an idea for a sect of female warrior monks in my setting. They're like Amazons in the sense of being an isolated all female warrior society but other than that I'm not really drawing much from the Amazon mythos.

>How tall should Amazons be?
About as tall as an average man from other cultures. They aren't physically distinct from other humans, they're just from an ethnic group that tends to be a couple inches taller on average.

>How strong should Amazons be?
They're known for being skilled warriors since they're ascetics who start training at an early age but they aren't physically stronger than similarly trained men from other cultures.

>How widespread should Amazons be?
They usually stay in their homeland but it's a rite of passage for them to make solo pilgrimages to other lands in order to gain greater understanding of the world.

>How literate should Amazons be?
Literacy is the norm. They're monks so they spend a decent amount of time studying religious texts.

>How well should Amazons drive war chariots?
They live in mountainous terrain where chariots wouldn't be usable.

>How armored should Amazons be?
Armor isn't common in my setting.

>How misandrist if at all should Amazons be?
Younger ones who haven't made a pilgrimage yet are often weary of men but they aren't misandrist.

>How wealthy should Amazons be?
They're ascetics so they don't pursue wealth for the sake of wealth but they do services in exchange for money which they use to purchase necessary supplies.

>How warlike should Amazons be?
Not particularly. They'll fight in in their territory but other than that they usually spend more time fighting monsters than other people.

>How cosmopolatin should Amazons be?
The ones who've made pilgrimages are fairly knowledgeable of other cultures but they still prefer to stay in their homeland.

>Discuss girl abs.
They have the muscular development you'd expect from a trained warrior but no more than warriors from other cultures.

>> No.74367651

>Not particularly. They'll fight in in their territory but other than that they usually spend more time fighting monsters than other people.

Forgot a word, meant:
>They'll fight troublemakers in their territory but other than that they usually spend more time fighting monsters than other people.

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A mass-replicable gene therapy was introduced into some frontier mining stations, research outposts and floating gardens along non-Central space without proper artificial gravity, to combat the rising problem of muscle atrophy in infants causing increased mortality rates. Typically administered to coincide with conception, and re-upped with every trimester, it'd increase basic muscle growth to allow for proper body function in the affected children with minimal additional exercises needed.

Double-dosing or more, however, would dramatically increase overall body size and muscle density, as well as guaranteeing a female child as a side effect. Such practices were used by the criminal gangs to effectively grow new generations of super-soldier thugs, and ultimately with the balkanisation of human frontier space, the patents for the gene therapy were solely held by the criminal organisation's influential enough to keep their bio-printers intact.

Now, the Amazonian children of these therapies sail space as industrialised tribes of mercenaries, raiders, and most notoriously as slavers. Fertile specimens for forced breeding are held to swell their ranks, slave labour is hired out at a premium to the splintered factions left standing, and any travellers caught alone in space by a tribe-ship of Amazons rarely escapes their slave-pens.

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That's it.
That's the ideal height.

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dumping these in case anybody wants them/ hasnt seen them before. picked them up in an amazon thread ages ago, might not be in order

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>How misandrist if at all should Amazons be?
Everything else ~*Depends On the Setting*~, but by default women are misandrist. Also remember that whenever females are bigger and stronger than males in the animal kingdom, it ends horribly for the males.

>> No.74369816

anon you are NOT allowed to make generalities about the sexuality and lifespan of creatures in the wild like that.
Better men than you have tried to make sense of the ungodly, disgusting mess of fucking going on in nature. Races of designated traps. Prostitution across swathes of species. 13 step long chains of species that can fuck only one of the other 13. Classifying life is hell.

>> No.74369831

Name 13 species where the females are significantly larger and stronger than the males yet things turn out fine for the males.

>> No.74369897

>13 step long chains of species that can fuck only one of the other 13.
Elaborate on this one please

>> No.74370028

Termites come to mind. Males are smaller than queens, and they actually get to live and feed after mating with her unlike ants.

>> No.74370066

Birds of prey.

>> No.74370082

You're stupid, and also dumb.

>> No.74370395

One of the best CYOAs

>> No.74372668

>rite of passage for them to make solo pilgrimages to other lands in order to gain greater understanding of the world
>finding themselves
asanagi plz.

>> No.74375784

checked for harpy’s and averiels being snu snu aficionados.

>> No.74377301


You have a very limited view of the animal kingdom don't you? First let's point one simple fact out, in most animals, males are typically smaller then females, mammals are the glaring exception to this tendency. So right off the bat we have a huge swath of the animal kingdom to get examples from, so yes you are TECHNICALLY correct that most males have it end badly for them with bigger females considering the fact that the MAJORITY of animals are invertebrates.

HOWEVER, those are invertebrates and the vast majority of cases of bad ends for males are from invertebrates, and since there is a massive amount of difference in psychology between invertebrates and vertebrates, we can rule them out when doing comparisons for a potential Amazonian culture. Unless of course we are using insectoid monster girls for the amazons, but I am going to assume not.

first we got fish, this is the one area for vertebrates where it could go either way for the smaller males, fish have mastered sex being absolutely bonkers abstract. on one hand the male could be eaten or turned into genitals fused to the female, on the other hand he could be relied on to be the one in charge of the young.

Then we get to amphibians and reptiles with plenty of cases of the male being smaller and to my knowledge next to no examples for bad ends for males. Heck in frogs the most a male has to worry about while having sex with his MASSIVE mate is loser frogs who couldn't find a girl to hug so they try ripping him off and taking his place. so he has to balance between having a iron grip on his mate while batting away the desperate stragglers.

Birds well, we already know that typically both parents raise the young even in cases of larger females so no bad end there.

No I did not name 13 individual species, because there are too many examples. you can easily find more then 13 specific species from each category I listed let alone combined.

>> No.74377345

I had no idea that a thread like this existed here
This is amazing

>> No.74377409


>> No.74377454

Every once in a while, the old /tg/ shrines through

>> No.74377502 [DELETED] 

>I had no idea that a thread like this existed here
>This is amazing
>Every once in a while, the old /tg/ shrines through
Won't be for long, anti-smut Jani is on and purging...
See >>74360261 and >>74363117

>> No.74377548 [DELETED] 

This. Women all hate us. It's why they deserve to be raped and killed. They'd do the same to us if they could.

I hate women.

>> No.74378655

>tfw when no Jotun Storm Chamber gee eff

>> No.74378712

Why the fuck would GW do anything good anon?
The best thing they can usually do to a game is not touch it and let the community have at it.

>> No.74378725

Nobody comes out of the womb hating anyone. Babies are too stupid to hate. You have to learn to hate people.
Haven't heard the prostitution one before. Redpill me.
Even then there are plenty of mammal species where the female is larger. Pregnancy isn't debilitating for most mammals, so evolutionarily it makes sense for the women to still be stronger so they can lug around and protect their young. Most species where the male is stronger is for when the women needs to be protected while pregnant, or where males compete with one another for bedding rights.

>> No.74378800

So correct me if I'm wrong, but the setting being discussed is warhammer right? Which I believe is mostly a wargame. I think wargames have less room for fun sexy shenanigans, because the focus is on brass-tacks war, rather than interpersonal relationships (where you'd expect sex and relationships to come much more into play).

However- Now i'm wondering how much money there is to be made in making a anime-girl styled 'azur-lane' or 'girls frontline' thing but it's a tabletop wargame.

>> No.74378860

So here's a question-

What should amazonian tastes in men be?

I posit that thematically, amazons are basically about a society of women that 'don't need no man', so therefore, I find it rather defeats the point if amazons are trying to go after big beefy strong men. To their sensibilities, that'd be like trying to go after a crossdresser, or something.

>> No.74378882

Warhammer had a literal Amazon faction that was open to interpretation as to how they reproduced with "kidnapping men" being one of the presented hypotheses instead of the oldhammer "parthenogenesis" explanation. Granted the models looked like your standard GW female sculpts.

>> No.74378953

How much more money would it take to make models that are all cute and/or sexy? Better question- is whatever cost associated making them more aesthetically pleasing going to be more than the money people would be willing to pay for them?

>> No.74378976 [DELETED] 

Or like feminists and your fetishes, they're all pedophiles.

>> No.74379041

There's some, the female fauns from RGD gaming are pretty cute. The Amazons and Basti from Crocodile games also look fine.
RGD are also making Hellenic style Amazons, and Titanforge's Amazons made bank in their KS. Same with TTC's brown elf women. So there is a market for that.

>> No.74379101

Gotcha. This must be one of the things where the tabletop market is slow on the uptake- waifu games have an audience, and they make a killing- and when you think about it, it really wouldn't be hard to mimic a gacha economy with a wargame (sell mystery waifu-boxes for you to paint and build). You could make a killing on this- you could probably easily branch out from the tabletop market too- selling to anime fans who just want the cute models.

>> No.74379123 [DELETED] 

Right now they have DoK, which are all pretty cute elf girl amazons.
The passion is still there in GW, I can feel it.
Now it just needs to be passed on, or UP.

>> No.74379129

>What should amazonian tastes in men be?
Small, cute, and easy to bully

>> No.74379139

Right now they have DoK, which are all pretty cute elf girl amazons.
The passion is still there in GW, I can feel it.
Now it just needs to be passed on, or UP, to other ranges.

>> No.74379154

>Goddess of War/The Hunt/Combat wanted the ultimate warrior to fight against the hordes of petty gods, demons and devils as the army of the gods, that could actually stand against most foes,unlike the primitive humans.
>It was basically the first thing they ever did upon conception as an 'oh shit' reaction.
>Take human. Make big muscles, make human skeleton considerably larger and reinforced for massive leverage and durability. Improve senses and sensory function for combat to realistic savant level peak. Give most of them a fair layer of body fat to tank blows (leave the others trim for fast movement and high speed) and endure more.
>Make them female, so they as a group are capable of reproduction so they don't die off. It also makes them more favorable to look at by regular humans (basically cavemen at this stage), for image reasons.
>Send them out to fight.
Originally, they're basically nude fighters, using whatever they can pick up in the fight, to fight with, doing great feats of heroism often depicted in murals or fresco's, and dying, in great amounts. Only later, when the gods have some breathing room, do they get armed and armoured better and better until they're eventually using their modern kit, the best semi-mass produced stuff out there arguably, half made by the amazon, half by a servant of the god of the forge, and imbued with power from many of the pantheon.
>Recruitment slowed down, but still ticked over, as now both sides have reached a kind of stalemate, and don't clash so forcefully, and humanity progressed.
>But if you travel to the end of the world, it is said, the ground will eventually turn to that of a great battlefield, and if you keep walking, you will come across an Amazon.
>The few who have met one and survived the return, describe them as very intense, but fascinating people.
I'm not actually too familiar with AoS. All I know is that it's something like a variant of Valhalla.

>> No.74379255

>Dainty and feminine Drow 5,2 noblewoman tries to intimidate her new 7,4 thicc big tiddy musclebound amazon woman into serving her.
>Serves publicly. Drow noblewoman gets huge credit for her authority. Privately she casually dom-s Drow, who's practically powerless to stop her.

>> No.74379292

The prostitution one I think is penguins. Something about giving pebbels in response to sexual interest. Some birds fake sexual interest to receive pebbels, then leave.

>> No.74379331

DoK is just someone's monstergirl and femdom fetish shining through and I love it. If the rules for AoS were tolerable I'd actually play them, but as is I'll just collect them for other games.

>> No.74379361

I thought that was more a mating ritual. See if a prospective mate has any skills- pebble gathering being the measuring stick, and find the guy with the most pebbles. Makes more sense than most when you remember whoever you pick as mate is going to make a months long journey across the Anatarctic two ways to bring you the only food that you and your chick are gonna have access to, so if you pick wrong it means starvation.

Also penguins mate for life.

>> No.74379373

>doesn’t roll freakshit albino drow amazon to mog all the other drowlets and confuse surface dwellers.

>> No.74379437

The giant drow, a whopping 5'11".

>> No.74379478

superior to everything posted so far

>> No.74379547

Mine prefer the opposite, and like men who are willing to hold themselves to the same standard as they are, and men who are capable of pushing themselves that far. Sure most bar the truly special won't be able to reach it, but the sheer fact that they're willing to be unlike other men who aren't willing to meet that standard and just accept their inferiority, they're willing to step in that ring and match themselves against them on equal terms, at risk of life and limb.
It looks more impressive, more mature, more willing to hold themselves at fault for flaws, shows that they're willing to be treated as a peer, and actively interested in getting involved with amazon activities.
It looks generally more impressive, respectable and dedicated, so it's more attractive to most.
If they're interested enough in you that they're willing to put their life in your hands, most likely, in a full intensity Amazonian pitfight, to which major injuries, often life threatening to even the hardiest of amazons are not unknown, then that's a lot more appealing in a partner then someone who's only interested in having sex with you as a curiosity or a petty achievement.
Granted, most Amazons don't really get the opportunity for a lot of sex in my setting.

>> No.74379573

I actually made a 6,2 drow woman for my very first character.
Granted, they were already all kinds of freakish, and covered in scars, so I decided to keep it that way.

>> No.74379722


"Do not go for a fighting male.

Yes, we've all had that dream. Wouldn't it be cool to have a male who shares all my interests, will battle in the Pit of Honour, we could fight side by side, yadda yaddda.

Do you even know how hard a male has to train to reach our initiate level? To be able to fight a 15-year-old girl on equal terms? It requires constant and total physical and mental concentration for them.

Yes it's attractive, and yes it's impressive, but remember that they're not dedicated to *you*. You won't be coming home to warm meals and concern and having your wounds tended and a foot massage. You'll be coming home to a neglected pit of a hut and a man who is desperately pushing himself day by day to achieve the lowest standard of the least of our warriors.

Male fighters aren't like the heroes of legend, my girl. Think of what a man with that kind of discipline could do if he focused on what he was really talented at, like footrubs or finance. Find someone who complements you, not just a poor copy. Don't go chasing silly dreams."

>> No.74379850

They like strong and capable men, of course. If you like the opposite, it's probably because you yourself are a wimpy manchild who fantasizes about a magical strong girl who can handle everything for you.

>> No.74379931

>If you like the opposite, it's probably because you yourself are a wimpy manchild who fantasizes about a magical strong girl who can handle everything for you.
I like them because I'm a whimpy manchild who fantasizes about a magical strong girl I can dote on and make feel good

>> No.74379942

You say this but didn't the last raid on that village cost us like half of the raiding party?

>> No.74379982

Remember, from the perspective of a woman that large, you have a micropenis.

>> No.74379988

Really tough capable and strong girls that fall apart when it comes to basic romance are top tier kino, and it's a shame we don't have more of them.

>> No.74380011

>she's still with me
That's real love right there.

>> No.74380057

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe genitals scale all that much up from height- similar to skulls.

>> No.74380818

plenty of cases where the female is larger in males, but it most CERTAINLY is not the norm in mammals for whatever reason. It might have to do with the male needing to protect a mother nursing her young? I mean the big difference is definitely that mammal young needs time to be nurtured, so that might be a factor for the size ratio being flipped. Look at Lions, what happens if another male mates with that female? he kills the existing cubs from the previous male so you need to be bigger and stronger to not have your legacy die.

but of course that is a hypothesis. All I know is the numbers are DEFINITELY swapped for mammals.

>> No.74380839


"Just imagine how many we would have lost if we had males fighting with us!

Not only would they not be able to keep up, but our womens' protective instincts would stop them doing their job properly.

Also we don't need any of them having strange thoughts about "betraying" their fellow men to a "life of servitude". You know how some males get. They're best kept far, far from the frontlines."

>> No.74380874

Mine don't.
Any organ that doesn't need to scale up, won't scale up.
Makes more place for stuff that could use being bigger, or any additional organs that they could use to make them fight better.
Do you want your body to have two extra cardiovascular systems to keep you alive after having your heart torn out of your chest? I do.

>> No.74381318

A lot of animals, nurturing time isn't that long- horses and such are walking within hours of birth.

>> No.74381398

>How tall
At least 6'6. At most 8'

>How strong
enough to either subdue a lion, pry open crocodile jaws, or be able to punch a tree without self-harm.

>How widespread
Rare, but not unknown. They're especially known around more tropical civilizations.

>How literate
very illiterate

>How well should they ride chariots
They can't. They're better off mounting beasts.

>How armored
They favor using either their sheer bulk or shields.

>How misandrist
Depends on the individual. Usually their treatment towards men spans from servant to sexual torture victim.

>How wealthy
Fairly poor. They mostly live off the land.

>How warlike
They're more territorial if anything and are too occupied fighting monsters in their own lands.

>How cosmopolitan
depends on how many nearby settlements have favorable trades and cute guys

>discuss girl abs
quite defined, but still a bit tender to the touch

>> No.74381539

So far it hasn't. He realy lost the edge after his mental problems

>> No.74381540

I'd rather have a three foot cock desu

>> No.74381558

>after his mental problems
is there a story behind this?

>> No.74381628


>> No.74381669

It's more about pregnat mom needing protection, since it's a multikill if something gets her.

>> No.74381703

>it's a multikill if something gets her
only if she was carrying twins

>> No.74381705

>Those leg to body proportions.
Your amazons are giant dwarves?

>> No.74381739

Not gonna lie, I had a good chuckle when Peter Dinklage showed up as a giant dwarf in Infinity War.

>> No.74381759

They should be handsome and handy. War and wealth is the purview of the Amazonian, while duty and the home is the purview of the male. Farming, construction, cooking and housework, most of the trades are male dominated. Amazon's own and run all the businesses, but it's cheaper and more effective to let the men look pretty while peddling wares or working the fields, or use their hands to keep their minds busy. Caring for the Amazon's health and comfort is also paramount, both at home and in public.

>> No.74381788

"I want to be able to come home to a person I can respect and see as an equal, mom, not a housepet who's life revolves around giving me petty physical service and who's shoulder I can't cry on when I need to.
They're not going to beat me, but I'd rather someone willing to try, then too afraid to."

>> No.74381829


>> No.74381864

>be the drawfag who made >>74381398
>just now realize the proportions are off
>f u c k

>> No.74381938

>there's an uncensored version

>> No.74382164

Not op or requester but I really like it.
Neat take.

>> No.74382243

Reminded by an idea I call XX male(even though I know biology doesn't work that way it just stuck with me)
Basically males have XX genes which makes fathering sons rare resulting in an extremely skewed gender ratio.

Another idea I have involves a split between two near-human species inspired by whiptail lizards. One group needs human men to trick their bodies into parthenogenesis while the other can do it by themselves and like some species of whiptail, accelerate the process from being sexually active. Resulting in a split between near-humans who live as second class citizens due to their inability to have sons and actual amazons who are majority lesbian. For worldbuilding I have yet to think of anything other then the amazons having kingdoms while their cousins are either indistinguishable from non-amazonian women or maybe there's a population that's still female dominant it just depends on things in regards to power dynamics and evolution...
Actually maybe it's the women able to have sons who are turned into baby but then you'll end up with males growing increasingly more numerous while at the same time the near-humans will be growing as well and really it's just a race of numbers and now everything is over complicated.

>> No.74382315

That's not at all how genetics work. Males exist solely due to the Y chromosome. There are though a number of people with the wrong number of Chromosomes- X, XXY XXX. There are also people who are genetically male (XY) but for whatever reason the Y chromosome never activated, so they are entirely female.

>> No.74382316

is this a twitter comic? If it was some romance manga i would be pretty happy. I have an addiction to reading gimmicky romance manga.

>> No.74382435

Whoever they’re taught to at the imperial breeding palaces.

>> No.74382472

>There are also people who are genetically male (XY) but for whatever reason the Y chromosome never activated, so they are entirely female
The fug.

>> No.74382487


Um, sweety, its 2020. That's discredited transphobic thinking.

>> No.74382527

Yeah. From what I recall in class, they're entirely normal people, though a bit sickly- I forget if they're fertile or not, but it's usually a complete shock to these people when they find out about it.
Low effort/10 try again. Use more buzzwords.

>> No.74382630

>Tfw there's no option IRL to just surrender yourself to an Amazonian village and be a slave to cute tall girls for the rest of your life.

>> No.74382923

I said before I don't know how genetics work I just assumed the possibility of an alternate humanity where for some reason biological males who are genetically XX somehow results in an extremely skewed gender ratio.
Genetic errors have nothing to do with transgenderism. Spending your entire life with bob and vagin only to learn that you have XY genes does not mean you've been lied to by society and same for dudes who discover their reason for their inability to have sons is because they have XX genes. Although again I know nothing about genetics I'm just assuming so as a plausible explanation for extremely skewed gender ratios and its affect on human evolution.

Now back to my other amazon ideas based on whiptail lizards.

>> No.74382955

Thank you for alerting me to that fact anon

>> No.74382958

Here's something that skews a bit closer to realism- the Y chromosome is shrking, it's already half as small as the X chromosome. Say that Y chromosome has shrunk to the extent that sperm with Y chromosomes are at some disadvantage when pairing with eggs- meaning that eggs are more likely to be inseminated by sperm with X chromsomes instead, resulting in a higher birth rate of women.

>> No.74382983

>they don't need men to have children
>but they still prefer it since not only does sex feel good, but having a partner to help raise their daughters lifts many burdens and helps in their mental health along with the mental development of the daughters

>> No.74383001

>lacking natural predators, humans are evolving into a primarily female species with the bulk of the population not reproducing

>> No.74383014

Based heads up poster.

>> No.74383112

>Be fellow drawfag who pointed it out.
It's likely an issue with drawing with only parts on the screen at a time.
I'm actually a big fan of your work, assuming I've recognized it properly.
Good rule of thumb is the legs to hips are always longer then from hips to head.
Specifically, soles to gooch is equal to gooch to top of skull.

>> No.74383209

Moms are people too anon.

>> No.74383504

A human subspecies. Basically, you know about self-fertilizing lizards?
Imagine a human version of that, an ever-increasing population of genetically identical clone-sisters.

>> No.74383557

Ive also been very supportive of this, specifically citing the lizard. Though i excuse different hair color and stuff with mutations

>> No.74383583

I was a fan of having them as identical because it makes them vulnerable to biological monoculture plagues and there are all kinds of interesting plotlines that opens up.

>> No.74383590

God, that was the absolute worst arc of that manga.
Far too indulgent, and the whole thing was completely pointless.
The chapters surrounding the vampire girl were easily the best in the series, and were a good showcase of how Lala is and will always be best girl.

>> No.74383603

Personally I just wish Crabman had bitten the bullet and just made it a spinoff. I for one would have loved a harem manga about living on a farm full of horny minotaurs.

>> No.74383659

The existence of that spinoff is too pure for this timeline.
Let it stay in another, better place.

>> No.74383745

Yeah, but it was a farm full of horny lesbians by the end.
I'd rather have that be a romance manga where you have a big, but girly minotaur slowly fall in love with an hot headed but small satyr girl.

>> No.74384000

>Now back to my other amazon ideas based on whiptail lizards.
IIRC Whiptail Lizards once in a blue moon has sex with a male of a very similar species to them. this results in female whiptails with more genetic diversity for the species.

Amazon whiptails would be able to creat essentially twin sister daughters, but they capture men who were especially fearsome to progress their race to greater levels.

>> No.74384435

Have 'families' who are all genetically identical sister-clones competing for resources and occasionally using foreign males to found new families? Basically make sexy Primes?

>> No.74384882

source dere mate?

>> No.74385644

Think it’s also Donaught.

>> No.74385954

There is a species of large humanoids in my setting, called K'thalans
>Women commonly 7-8ft, Men 8-9ft
>Tend to be strongfat
>Light orange skin is most common, but red, brown, blood-orange, and jet black are also present
>Have a small vestigial tale
>Largest nation is a pacifistic theocracy, people are largely kind and soft-spoken
>Ancient Greek/Mediterranean clothing-style
>Can reproduce with humans. Children are invariably either human if male or K'thalan if female

>> No.74386566

Explain further

>> No.74386829

Amazons discover that those who have a male parent are immune to the plague so there's a tradition of taking a husband every other generation.
Some groups however are against this, resulting in hostile and isolated tribes of homogeneous amazons living away from civilization where they're less likely to get the plague should one occur.
On the opposite end, families of amazons may disappear into the greater human population due to over-hybridization resulting in weak(in comparison) daughters, the birth of sons and the inability to impregnate oneself. So basically their granddaughters become above-average-strength human women.

>> No.74386985

They certainly don't go for twinks and small boys. They live on their own exactly because they're too damn strong for normal men, so they want someone equal.

>> No.74387000

>What should amazonian tastes in men be?
You know those threads where people want to fuck the dragon or the werewolf or something? Well, Amazons are literally built to take it. Maybe a minotaur rips a normal girl in half, but for an Amazon it's just a casual wrestling match.

>> No.74387013

Cool stuff.

>> No.74387692


>> No.74387755

>> No.74387866

Unfathomably based.

>> No.74387915

I was thinking of making my own homebrew where every race is human and there is no "standard" race.

I wanted to put Amazons in and make them the highest str and con so anyone min maxing for str and con has to play a woman. I'd piss off a specific kind of person and I'd love that.

>> No.74388177

Beats the vampiresses' Society United Cherishing Coagulation.

>> No.74390428

Could be amusing

>> No.74392134

Link or didnt happen.

>> No.74392177


>> No.74392873


>> No.74393333


>> No.74393524

>all this time with no mention of futa
Part of me us proud, but another part of me is dissapointed.

>> No.74393532

Anon, the pseudopenis is still a vagina.

>> No.74394004

It's in this image

>> No.74394798

Where's her penis tho?

>> No.74394840

She loaned it out to a friend.

>> No.74394902

Between the boy's thighs

>> No.74395045

Thatd be cool, basically have them as maximum human phsyque +1. Would they have any downsides? Any other race ideas?

>> No.74395061

Don't invite these fags.

>> No.74396179

How does "slave marriage" even work? Wouldn't just it make sense to sell a man to a willing woman?
How does courtship even work when you're trying to woo another woman's property?
These seem like concepts that can't work in tandem.

>> No.74397070

I personally don't like the idea of downsides, they'd just have different upsides from the rest. I guess the closest thing to a downside would be is that they're rare and thus more likely to be discriminated against, but that'd be up to the GM to include.
I also wanted to try using different stats from the 6 typical DND stats though I'm unsure about that. I was thinking: physique (str and con), coordination (dex/agi), perception (wis?), int (int!!!), and cha (cha). Amazons would have the highest racial phy and the lowest int.
Mind you the ideas for this homebrew are on their infancy.

>> No.74397186

Amazons happen to be hermaphroditic and absolutely do not require humans or men to live, but being impossibly competitive, they just happen to be unable to stand each other for long periods of time.
Meeting men was a blessing (something happened in the past that has made amazons dislike human women as a whole for some reason they don't want to talk about) for them, since they finally found a partner they could enjoy the company of since he would likely not attempt to one-up her. Amazons with a human parent in turn are more often than not much healthier mentally than the others and as such amazons searching for human husbands has become the norm and purebreds are seen as troublemakers.

Incidentally yes, this means that amazon husbands do get fucked in the ass almost exclusively unless it is for procreation. Amazons' collective dream is to discover a potion of mpreg to do away with this entirely. [/magicalrealm]

>> No.74397232

I honestly have more trouble with the other race ideas. I was thinking like a group of people living in a hilly area who have high int, making them the wizards and castle building technology people. And the plains horse archers people with high coo and per who mainly live in farming villages but also have some lower tech walled cities.

But I'm not entirely sure about this system though. Might just use D&D instead, though that might have lots of problems coming with it as well.

>> No.74398126

There's no right take on Amazons, all you gotta do is have them make sense in the setting.
In my setting Amazons are a human subspecies, just like Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Gnomes and Giants.
They evolved on a separate region on top of a hard to reach/leave plateou. They're the largest human subspecies other than the Giants, and are stronger than other humans mostly due to their size. They can interbreed with the other close related human subspecies but prefer not to, because the offspring is normally seen as weak, ugly or both by their society, which is pretty racist.
The weird twist is, just like all giants look like huge bearded though dudes, including the females, all Amazons look like huge woman, including the males.
Since none of the players are Amazon or know much about them, I handwave the sexual dismorphism by saying that other races have a hard time noticing them, and having the Amazon never even telling them the difference because they are assholes and don't want to explain something so simple to those beneath them.

>> No.74398146

"marriage" and "slavery" are antithetical, yes. Slaves by definition can not consent.

>> No.74399270

>How does "slave marriage" even work?
>These seem like concepts that can't work in tandem.
Actually wasn't uncommon historically, though the specifics would depend on what, if any rights slaves have and how kind the slave's master is.
For example a slave/slave marriage might be stable if there's some degree of officialness, there's some limit to when/if a master can sell a slave, and/or the slaves still have some legal rights under the system
Or it could be a wholly unofficial thing, with spouses often torn apart when one is sold
Slave/free person gets a bit more complicated, but it could work, might elevate (at least on paper) the slave to a higher position or it might simply result in a very imbalanced power dynamic, heck the slave might simply be told "You're getting married" and have no say in it

>Wouldn't just it make sense to sell a man to a willing woman?
See above, depends on the legal rights the slaves have, though it is noted in the text "marriage" might involve a change of ownership

>How does courtship even work when you're trying to woo another woman's property?
You likely have to convince her to go along with it, likely involving the exchange of a groomprice worth his cost

>> No.74399338

Indeed. A powerful girl who can protect and take care of me, yet becomes flustered and needs me to lead her through romance and daily life (furious on the battlefield, shy everywhere else) is one of my top-tier fantasies.

>> No.74400487

I prefer her to be competent, but someone I can still help

>> No.74403114

>Be cuteboy adventurer
>YFW you develop a crush on the tall, big tiddy amazon in the party
>YFW she says her friend, another amazon, wants your cock
>YFW she casts some sort of spell on you when you agree
>YFW you realize too late what she means
>YFW she tugs on your cock and it comes right off, leaving you with no dick and her with a fully functional, disembodied dildo
>YFW when she says her friend will love it and heads off to give it to her before you can gather your senses to say anything
>YFW you can still feel everything they do with it

>> No.74403439

go away

>> No.74403932


>> No.74403981

That doujin had infinite potential. Weird that they took it in the direction that they did.

>> No.74404042

I know, amazing idea, odd direction
Wish there was more like it

>> No.74404290

So like
>be Amazonian slave
>was a Potter when taken, now I'm dying out here farming rubber
>all they feed me is dirty water and hardtack, my teeth are chipped and my guts kneel me over in constant pain
>it's been a month of doing this from sunup to sundown
>I've seen other men collapse and not come back, they just bring in new men
>return to hit as it gets dark
>there's cold but cooked meat in front of my door, and a jug of clear water
>only makes me hungry for more
>"bed" is a thin woven straw mat on the dirt of the tiny shack I live in
>wake up to a young Amazon with more meat on my door
>talk with her more and more as I go out to slowly die
>shows me her muscles and makes me rest on her pufffy hair
>one day she asks if I'd like to marry her and leave the rubber farm
>I say yes
>got married
>still a slave, but I work indoors now and it's light work

>> No.74404391

>normal women want huge, rugged dominant men
>what would amazonian tastes be
>duhhh bigger, huger, just fucking monstrous dominant men
how boring

>> No.74404416

They're bigger women so their tastes should be bigger. That's logic hombre.

>> No.74404529

More or less I suppose

>> No.74404728

Women are, as a rule, boring and useless. It makes sense for Amazons to be the same but bigger.

The financial equivalent of this is the career woman. This is the most "lonely" female demographic because they reject all men that are available to them and opt for the tiny group of men who are richer than they are. The problem is that these men have their pick of the litter and aren't money grubbing whores, so they'd rather go for a woman who's less accomplished but more beautiful and probably half her age too. And then they end up sipping wine, hating men even more than is already in her nature and wondering where the "good men" have gone. She never considers that some good men may be working minimum wage, because that's not her definition of "good".

An Amazon could be the same if we write her "realistically": childless by 55 because there are no men strong enough to dominate her.

Luckily fantasy isn't realistic, so feel free to make them men in very muscular female bodies.

>> No.74404758

Ok, that's nice sweetie.

>> No.74404773


>> No.74404906

So all Amazons die virgins? No mere man is stronger than an Amazon, and those who are are famous for killing them by the score.

>> No.74404916

I honestly haven't seen a single married career woman who's in a high up position. Maybe if she got hitched while still low but that's a very slight minority.

>> No.74404942

Probably involves getting to know her a bit more, but yeah

>> No.74404966

This is why we need feminism.
No, really. The idea that women need to marry up which is entrenched in many cultures is an intrinsically patriarchal ideal borne out of the practice of selling your daughter away for dowry. And as a system of control this keeps lower classed men competing among themselves to feed into this toxic ideology rather than work to improve on it with the women.
Couple that with how it's seen as unmanly if the wife is stronger, is more financially capable, or has more overall power than her husband and that men should avoid such things and you have a system designed to make people keep themselves really damn sad.

>> No.74404993

The men who don't make it are sold for cheap for the poorest Amazons to marry.

>> No.74405042

It’s nature you dumb faggot.
No one wants to settle, and the more you understand the consequences of settling the less willing you are to do it.

>> No.74405050

Why would she wife a field slave.
That’s the whole point of house slaves.

>> No.74405157

Nice fantasy, but that relies on two presuppositions:
1. Women's hypergamy is 100% socialized
2. Women care about what's good for men

If anything I'd argue feminists created this problem by telling women they can have it all and they deserve it.

>> No.74405346

Females care about their own well being and so care about what ever group or person is immediately and obviously between them and hardship.
The feminist lie isn’t too hold out for better men or to keep women monogamous.
The feminist lie is that women would be better off if all societal norms where removed from them, and that they could do everything by themselves.
modern feminists completely abandoned the later currently, and the former selectively, don’t even pretend to be self sufficient or self directing anymore and have made their entire movement to be based solely on complaining to corporations.
The Karen model so to speak.

>> No.74405378

Women are a mistake.

>> No.74405399

Tall enough to suck my dick, strong enough to take my cock, widespread enough so that I always could grab one by the pussy. The rest doesn't matter.

>> No.74405462

>feminism bad because it makes women only want the cream of the crop
>no wait, it's bad because it tells women they can like not the cream of the crop(which is arbitrary)
>actually women are just bad period

>> No.74405499

>feminism bad because it makes women only want the cream of the crop
Yes, though I'd argue that it's more enabling than making.

>no wait, it's bad because it tells women they can like not the cream of the crop(which is arbitrary)
It doesn't tell women that. Even if it did that would still be an improvement, but it would have no effect.

>actually women are just bad period
Yes, which is why the above would fail.

Disagree all you want, but I'm being perfectly consistent.

>> No.74405511

It's all empty truisms that work on circular logic. The only concistency is forced.

>> No.74405562

I'm glad we've gotten to the
>I'm utterly terrified of women and yet here's my objective facts about how I'm superior to all women everywhere and they're all whores who don't have sex and just want a husband
part of the Amazon thread

>> No.74405572

Inevitable really.

House slave is the position reserved for a husband anon.

>> No.74405713

I mean, to humor your shitpost, it’s a race of only women.
Gotta examine da womyns for it, positively or negatively.
Race of only men leads into Broo or goblin talk pretty fast.

>> No.74405738

This. You can't make a thread about women and then complain when we talk about women.

>> No.74405755

You aren't talking about women. You're just projecting all your insecurities and retarded american sexual politics onto an unrelated thread, with no other value or insight apart from parroting the same tired opinions of some talking head. The wymynz bogeyman is literally living rent free in your head for all eternity.

>> No.74405769

she cute.
w-whos she being attacked by though?

>> No.74405801

Elf-azons. They want her snu-snu slave.

>> No.74406502

t. boring and useless retard

>> No.74406513

You are a mistake.

>> No.74407166

big if true

>> No.74408062 [SPOILER] 

What do you think amazons eat?

>> No.74408429

I tend to assume roughly the same as non-amazon humans, albeit of a greater quantity with a much higher proportion of meat in their diet

>> No.74408585

horse spunk

>> No.74408864

He did not ask what you eat.

>> No.74409250

>feminism bad because it makes women only want the cream of the crop
This is not feminism, it's natural selection.
It weeds out the weak men and the women too dumb to grab the ones she can instead of chasing mr.perfect, both groups are prevented from procreating.
It's not going to improve things, though. Natural selection is a bit wonky with humans because our culture interferes way too much.

>> No.74409318

Shotas, but mostly what >>74408429 said, more food, a higher quantity of meat, etc

>> No.74409554


>> No.74410249

A head or two at max, anything more is just manlet fantasy. Like I was reading some gentle femdom fapfic the other day and the mommy was a feet taller than the mc and I was like wtf? I'm 6'4, how is that possible? Shattered my immersion.

>> No.74410552

The only reason why you don't like this kind of manlet fantasy is because you were never molested by a woman as a small kid and ended up so screwed up in the head that now the only way you can have any kind of sexual satisfaction is by fantasizing about giant women, which will never be possible in real life, it's your problem, dude.

>> No.74411152

Based schizo poster.

>> No.74411185

>I'm 6'4,
I'm not saying I doubt you're as tall as you claim to be anon, I'm just saying in all other amazon/size threads across pretty much every board on 4chan I've seen, anytime someone's height over 6' have come up, it's tall guys lamenting they can never find a taller GF

>> No.74411234

One of the only decent superhero movies. Think I'll watch it again.

>> No.74411626

The blood of virgins.

>> No.74411693

Whatever they killed that day

>> No.74412931

>It makes sense for Amazons to be the same but bigger.
>it makes sense for physically powerful females who go against all conventional social norms to just act like regular real life tinder whores
not only immensely boring, but completely retarded

>> No.74413065

Ignore him, he's just bait anon

>> No.74413228

Beef Bowls

>> No.74413426

You can't escape biochemistry. Facts don't care about your feelings.

>> No.74413621

>You can't escape biochemistry.
>Implying life isn't one or more of the four base elements mixed together and animated by the aether
I bet you think the sun isn't pulled by a chariot either

>> No.74413780

pedos get the rope

>> No.74413835

Classic Athenian amazons are one of my faves.
Up there with Banzai! Amazons and space alien species wide super organism Amazons.

>> No.74413905

Magical realm chemicals devised by the supreme architects.

>> No.74413919

>Classic Athenian amazons are one of my faves.
Proper amazons gotta be rocking that vaguely greek aesthetic
Other versions are good too though

>Up there with Banzai! Amazons
Not familiar with these ones, or at least not the term you've used

>space alien species wide super organism Amazons.
Get the gist of this, but I'd also like to hear more about these ones as well

>> No.74413988

You did not post any facts

>> No.74415359

>hurr durr implying Amazons aren't physically superior
Look at this softboy over here.

>> No.74415566

I'm six foot two.
Stephen Adams is a pretty normal power build, and literally a foot taller then me.
It's possible.

>> No.74415662

>Talking about Biochemistry and physiology.
>In an Amazons thread, where we discuss genetically abberant/abhuman/artificial creations of giant women that all fall under one convergent category.
Nigga get out of here before you unpack the far more complicated matter of what they actually would be like in terms of biochemistry and physiology.
You've made a major leap of logic assuming that biochemically, socially and socioeconomically amazons are just large 20th century women.
Facts don't care about feelings, but that doesn't mean you're right. Only that you think you're right.

>> No.74418711


>> No.74418724

Hell ya, love a throb thread on a blue board

>> No.74419508

>american sexual politics
Found the retarded Eurofag. The only thing /pol/ got right is using flags, which makes it relatively easy to filter out the Eurotrash and Leafs.

>> No.74419546

>retarded opinion
>frogshit image
checks out, dumb frogposter

>> No.74419634

>gets mad at frog poster
>posts a frog himself.
Great argument you've got there. Maybe try to actually make a point next time instead of being a retard champ.

>> No.74419659

no frog, only muscular women

>> No.74419776

You mean like this anon?

>> No.74419816

Yes, exactly

>> No.74419935 [DELETED] 


>> No.74420073

>> No.74422422

Good tastes

>> No.74422757

My pelvis feels fear when I look at this image

>> No.74424814

Embrace snu-snu.

>> No.74426998

And arousal I presume?

>> No.74429350


>> No.74430894

Could a man survive such snu snu?

>> No.74431025

>You can't escape biochemistry.
This is why we're still single cell organisms.

>> No.74431062

The problem with Amazons is twofold;
>Pregnancy and its relationship with expendability
All warriors must be expendable, else there is no war to be had. Amazons only work if they lay clutches of eggs and the male takes care of them.

>> No.74431082

This would presumably mean that males would also feed the young, so they would likely lactate. Selectively breeding this way for a time will result in masculine females and feminine males. The same outcome that happened here, but with opposite genitals.

>> No.74431205

Does it matter?

>> No.74431246

Fertility goddess gives huge stat boosts to her amazons while they're pregnant?
Alternatively have amazons basically be humans with the equivalent of 3e's paragon template, and therefor horrifically OP so they can be warlike but still have death rare are fuck
Alternatively alternatively, they're really good at healing magic and have much lower rates of death and/or miscarriage than you'd expect

>> No.74431504

Still doesn't make them expendable. If they have resurrection magic that would change, but they need to birth children and they need to stay alive to restore the population after each war. Futa/monogender amazons work as well.

>> No.74431599

The issue is much less pregnancy as has been pointed out in these threads before, than it is child mortality. Back in the day, children would rarely live to see age 5, forcing women to be constantly pregnant, which in turn meant they'd often die in childbirth, compounding the issue. The solution is better medicine reducing child mortality and wide breeding hips.

>> No.74431684

I typically assume resurrections count under healing

Also what >>74431599 said, just make pregnancy/childbirth/rearing less lethal and you deal with a LOT of the issues

>> No.74432161

Here's a possible solution from a past Amazon thread.
>Amazons are larger than normal humans but their babies are the same size as baseline humans, so gestation is easier on them and babies are born more developed
>Pregnant Amazon are relegated to commanding, trading or political roles, away from the thick of battle, due to their matriarchal society
>Despite the horny memes, Amazons live long lives and don't get pregnant as often as other races
That is, if you don't want to go for the magical solutions such as healing magic solving the issues of childbirth

>> No.74432348

It can reach a nice balance, with huge strong women that still keep feminine features and femine men with boobs.
A society of Females and Shemales only. As God intended.

>> No.74432748

>A society of Females and Twinks only. As God intended.

>> No.74433301

I dont see why the two would be mutually exclusive.

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