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redditors and twittter faggots got mad that he made something that it's not a Marvel movie and was too crude, attacked him, he responded and the droves just kept attacking him. Of course he was already working on his projects and felt pressure for modifying the product, which he didn't want to do, it became too much for one man to bear and the retards on reddit are just too loud, so he cancelled the last part of the Calth videos and it's going to do 3 small ones for a few characters.
Thanks trannies and redditors!

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Awoo for 2 wound marines with me sisters

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I can't believe scout marines are fucking dead

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Do we get +1W too?

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>2W 6T 5+FNP Noise marines

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Can I build these in plastic or will I be laughed out of the store?

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So everyone, how do all the not!marines plan on dealing with space marines?

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>SM lists will finally have tac marines as troops
>CSM lists will finally have CSMS as troops
Bros....... we're home....

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You should, but you probably won't.

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So what does the Firstborn Revolution mean for the Golden Janitors? They are as firstborn as firstborn gets.

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They're gonna stay cheap cannon fodder objective campers, I don't see the problem. Would have to soup in IG otherwise.

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Xenos aren’t getting any meaningful defensive buffs, our guns will become slightly better to make up for the egregious shit marines are getting, but we won’t get anything to compensate for all the damage we will be receiving. 9th edition will be the one turn edition

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Blood angels vanguard vets with two chainswords

>2 attacks each
>+2 attacks for the chainswords
>+1 for shock assault
>-2ap in the assault doctrine(i don't think savage echos stacks)
>+1 to wound

26 -2 attacks on the charge for a five man unit

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The manlet fool don't recognise that now is the age of PHOBOS

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Bit worried that this big rebalance will just mean that 9th becomes even more rocket tag edition than it already is, given even something as relatively low-caliber as a heavy bolter is damage 2.

Still, no use whining. Maybe power swords going up to S+1 will make my Crusaders actually decent, I'd like a shield wall.

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>Give literally every unit +1 damage, strength, and wound
>Make even shitty old units godtier stats
>Even give non-codex Marines buffs as well

>Uh, your troops are t5 now
>Your shitty snipers are just non-shit snipers
>That one unit nobody uses? Uh, yeah, they're +1 damage to shoot with, I guess.

T-thanks GW

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So what’s the purpose of Primaris now?

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Kataphrons are just that good.

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To get squatted

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Special Chaos Terminators are gonna be good as shit. Blightlords are gonna take an army to shift and Red Butchers fighting twice are just gonna bulldoze anything off objectives while being non-trivial to kill. Excited for this, just hoping Xenos get something to compete down the line.

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So, out of the four Cult Troops, which ones come out on top from the extra wound? I'm going with Berserkers.

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As a necron player I have almost no 2 damage weapons so maybe kill 5 tactical marines and then get my whole army shot off the table

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3W next edition

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phobos helmets suck

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>endless cacophony
>excruciating frequencies
>killed one? music of the apocalypse, bitch

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Faction Poll
Let's see if brap marines' numbers will increase after the announcement

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You forgot
> +1A because savage echoes

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They have better models (except for the vehicles)

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Nothings really changed.
Killing buffed little marines won't be much different to killing Primaris, and I spent a whole edition doing that.

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I mean, Immortals and Deathmarks are getting T5 for starters.

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>that much Admech
I just know who you GUYS are.

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Wraiths got nerfed too

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Damn king, what parts dud you use for these?

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2w!? Its company vets time

>> No.74316211

>Assuming those are the only things that will get buffed
Imagine being this much of an assmad cuck, lmao


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>ph*bos shins

>> No.74316214

Your ankles are thinner than your thighs, you are automatically incorrect.

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Better AP on the guns, better in melee

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let them laugh, while you cum on their minis

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I don't take troops, I only take jump pack vets.

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How long until we start asking "What marines do you play?" instead of "what armies do you play?"

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>So what does the Firstborn Revolution mean for the Golden Janitors?
They get to suck a dick.

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>Manlet get +1PV
>Thunderwolves cavalry are now E5 4PV
>2+/4++ from the new Storm shield
>Thunder Hammer 4D

>Feels good man

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I will ask the same question here as in >>74316033

>is the Emperor (30k or 40k) powerful enough to retrieve a Primarch's soul from A Chaos God?
If not by Himself, then maybe through a gestalt of Him and "Thousand" psykers.

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Well fuck. Now what am I going to shitpost about? Fuck you GW.

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that's turn 3

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I said I don't think savage echos stack with shock assault, it only says it stacks with black rage.

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Shit in the new marine meta

>> No.74316238

Still waiting

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I don't have any real opinion on clickbait. Post models.

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>Just bring 18 destroyers bro.

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i like the wound inflation if it goes to other guys too, really highlights the difference between humans and big scary bits
ork boyz at 2w would be great
same with immortals

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>Primaris marines got a points cost increase because 2W space niggerines were obnoxious
>Lol here's 2 wound manlet marines that are cheaper than primaris marines
>Necron weapons stats show so far that they don't get the damage boost to deal with marines except maybe in melee
>except space niggerines are better in melee, and will shoot you down if you try to get into melee

Fuck playing anything but space niggers this edition I guess.

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I think the focus on objectives, terrain and smaller boards means that 9th ed is simultaneously even more lethal than 8th while not being about shooting galleries alpha striking and tabling each other. Sure, shit will die, but you can't just ignore objectives and sit back in your castle while winning off kills anymore, you have to fight for the board. Which also increases the value of tough infantry, meaning the propensity for rocket tag balances itself out.

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Who the fuck are the “community members” reddit?

>> No.74316256

Not so fast Xenos, you have to wait for your buffs.

>> No.74316258

>In recent years

>> No.74316259

It does.

>> No.74316263

Immortals already confirmed 1W but T5, so maybe that'll become the standard for tough Xenos.

>> No.74316264

It's just a click bait article anon. Don't read too much into it, modern media only gets attention when they make gaslight sensation pieces these days.

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Buy the new Skorpekh goy


>> No.74316268

not mine, but I can id the parts:
>lower torso, backpack, shoulderpads & legs
>claw arm
old Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub model
>right arm
regular nob kit
shootas and burnas from the boyz kit

>> No.74316269

exploding tesla, while not d2, will give enough hits to punch through most infantry

>> No.74316273

Good bait. Lots of bites already.

>> No.74316276

> vice

i'm not advocating killing journalists, but this is the HQ building i would start with ( in minecraft)

>> No.74316277

>ork boyz at 2w would be great
>same with immortals
Immortals we know are still 1W and I doubt we'll see 2W boyz any time soon
That would also have the flow on effect where if all factions were appropriately costed you'd end up with situations where eldar would be cheaper to field en masse than ork boyz which makes no sense

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>>Lol here's 2 wound manlet marines that are cheaper than primaris marines
Not by much, and they have worse guns and melee.
So while they're tough they still hit like wet noodles.

>> No.74316284

so cultists are basically fucking dead, no?

>> No.74316286

>so what if your army instantly dies true moment you leave cover, you can do epic actions like planting imaginary flags for points!
Wow! 9th sure is fun!

>> No.74316291

well, i guess that's something
they're buffing reanimation protocols so i guess 2w might have been overkill

>> No.74316297

>weeding out the whole player base

>> No.74316302

This feels like a means to really help GW sell Chaos Havocs, and SoB Retributor squads.

>> No.74316304

It's only AP that doesn't stack in Doctrines unless specified. Bonus attacks from Savage Echoes do. It would do literally nothing otherwise.

Depends on the weapon, really. There's quite a few profiles against which going from T4 1W to T5 1W is better than T4 W2. One of the advantages of 8th/9th ed's mechanics (as opposed to, say, AoS).

>> No.74316305

The buffs ain't free though. Marines and their weapons are already confirmed getting a point increase with their new profiles.
>Kinda like how GW is downscaling the game recently.

>> No.74316306

What does the new reanimation do?

>> No.74316307

in the faction focus for blood angels, the rules for savage echos says it stacks with black rage but doesn't mention stacking with shock assault.

>> No.74316310

I really like how this is playing out. Make marines beefsters and eldar glass cannons.

>> No.74316315

>they're buffing reanimation protocols
do we know what they're doing for that yet?

>> No.74316317


I'm really liking the potential for mechanised infantry lists doing what they're meant to do this edition, since all my army infantry are glass-cannon to the extreme.

Scions sweeping objectives clear while transports provide speed, anti-horde potential and small arms protection is pretty much textbook.

On the other hand I would actually like to be able to compete with a huge pile of marines stacking eighty faction buffs on top of each other in some way that doesn't involve running six Cyclops Demo Vehicles and praying for a good detonation on the characters.

>> No.74316318

People talk about Sentinels as a tax for a brigade but I don't see it. My armored sentinels always do a bunch of useful work

>> No.74316321

they could buff eldar in other ways, bake in more cover saves/invulns

>> No.74316325

But anon, I rape all sides evenly.

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>> No.74316327

Marines do more damage than eldar though

>> No.74316328

PV? E?

>> No.74316332

You dont take rules advice from WH community page. You read the codex. Savage Echoes stack with everything.

>> No.74316333

Does any one view their army as close friends and family? like i hate replacing guys in my list because I feel like they wont forgive me for sidling them and i feel bad when they get damaged or killed in game because it sucks.

>> No.74316336

we don't know yet but we know there's something called rites of reanimation

>> No.74316340

We just saw rods of coventant going to D2 in both melee and shooting, and Deathmarks got significantly better at killing Marines (with or without moving, at any range -- and a hell of a lot better under optimal conditions)

>> No.74316341

>idiot who thinks 8scope bolter vanguards are the height of 40k

>> No.74316343

didn't someone leak that it works on dead units now?

>> No.74316346

>Maybe in melee

4 S8 AP-4 D3 attacks in melee ignoring rerolling failed hit and wound rolls of 1.

we can absolutely kill marines in melee, shame we'll never reach it though : ^)

>> No.74316347

>they are worse than a primaris player
>dare I say, a pop culture j**rn*l*st

>> No.74316351

Anyone got the link to Saturnine of Sons of the Selenar new books? the Mega hasn't been updated.

>> No.74316353

You have to be 18 to post on this imageboard. Can all the underage please fuck off to /pol/

>> No.74316354

So now that Deathmarks have Heavy weapons can they still use Hunters from Hyperspace and fire at full BS?

>> No.74316357

>1 shot heavy weapon with 1 damage
>good at killing marines

>> No.74316359

Whoop de doo, instead of taking 3 minimum size primaris squads for objective sitting, you take nothing but manlets.

What you're forgetting is that with this wounds change, space marines are partially circumventing whatever points increase the primaris reliant lists had.

>> No.74316362

What are the chances of a December or Jan codex for WE, or EC?

>> No.74316367

>Leakycheese suggests that a positive step would be a sign posted in every Games Workshop franchise, making clear to all customers that prejudice has no place in the community. Some changes to the lore of 40k would not go amiss, either; there should be greater ethnic diversity in models, he says, and it should be abundantly clear that the Imperium of Man aren’t the “good guys”.
shit like this man, shit like fucking this

>> No.74316369

I know lots of people were hoping for that, but I never saw anything about it actually being true.

>> No.74316370

Did you read the post I’m replying to? Eldar will probably get a damage buff to deal with the 2w muhreens.

>> No.74316372

remember it's an abstraction, when guys lose their last wound, they're not necessarily dead, just no longer part of the fight

>> No.74316373

I get the feeling you're not really interested in discussing the merits and drawbacks of the new rules so much as bitching for its own sake, anon.

>> No.74316374

French, sorry, Toughness 5 and 4 Wounds

>> No.74316379

5E Instant Death when.

>> No.74316381

Can GW please buff the fuck out of Admech melee? Obviously they dont come off as a melee-orientated army, but I'm sick of my Ruststalkers getting blasted off the board turn 1 because of their fucking T3 4+ 6++ garbage stats. I just want my spindly ninjas to be good, oh and buff Fisto Kastellans, I love using those but every other AdMech player I know uses the shooty version with triple phosphor blasters.

On the topic, how do you guys feel should adapt AdMech to these changes?

>> No.74316382

oh well 31 attacks it is.

>> No.74316383

Rolling for slag oven recording

>> No.74316385

It’s like they deliberately wanted to rub it in your faces

>> No.74316387

>tacs not only going to be viable, but ideal
>and not just as a tax like in their decurion

>> No.74316390

If they keep the rule as is, no, if they change it, probably

>> No.74316393

Where are the Alt righters because I have never seen them anywhere. The closest i've ever gotten where the weirdos flipping out over the You Will Not Be Missed statement and the Black Ultramarine.

>> No.74316394


>> No.74316395

Fucking this lmao, get fucked siggies

>> No.74316397

>Marines buffed to 2 Wounds
>Theyre more tactically flexible and have access to Rhinos, Drop Pods and Special/Heavy Weapons
>Oh so you're taking stalkers to 1 shot a model you would have 1 shot anyway with said stalkers? Additionally the marines will be in a rhino, what will the stalkers do then with only 10 shots a unit and S4?

Primarisfags can eat a dick, WE OLDMARINES NOW BAYBEE

>> No.74316398

JK here's your new Tactical Squad datasheet

>> No.74316399

They only said “looked at”, too. Nothing stopping them from looking at xenos and saying “ yeah, they’re fine”.

>> No.74316401

Please explain to me how they got away with this.

>> No.74316404

Do we know if the new tactical box contains better proportioned manlets to make them more in line with CSM and Space Marine Heroes?

>> No.74316406

imagine having an armor with an integrated ball gag

>> No.74316407

>Sell Nu-Space Marines back to idiots
>Seal the deal with buffed stats
>Once fatigue sets in, give the buffs back to old Marines to reset the meta
>Come up with Heavy-Nuer-Space Marines, with even more buffs, enticing the idiots back in
>Repeat until the end of time

>> No.74316408

well shit, that's what i get for being excited

probably not, same problem of termies deep striking with heavy weapons

>> No.74316413

>finally got into 40k
>finally got around to buying and painting me first army:
>9th drops literally less than a week later

Please tell me i'm not alone. Why do our overlords at GW hate us so much?

>> No.74316414

>Fuck playing anything but space niggers this edition I guess.
Its the "play everything but and tell space marines to just fuck off" edition

>> No.74316415

>fucks up the image on >>74316397

Curse you anon

>> No.74316416

Like the new heavy bolters for example.

they'll 1 shot both targets but immortals are wounded on a 4+ instead of a 5+

25% more durable than marines against what is going to very quickly become a very common anti infantry weapon.

T5 is also better against plasma weapons.

>> No.74316418

reminder that gatekeeping is the sign of a healthy hobby

>> No.74316421

>Rods of covenant buff
>Necron weapons stats show so far that they don't get the damage boost to deal with marines except maybe in melee
>except space niggerines are better in melee, and will shoot you down if you try to get into melee

Who gives a rats fucking ass about their melee weapons getting a buff when space marines will still either outlast them, outdamage them or simply gun them down long before they MAKE it to melee?!


Wow wee, a single deathmark can wound a manlet marine. Then the manlet marines will likely be able to return fire and instagib the 1 wound necrons.

>> No.74316428


>> No.74316429

>Whoop de doo, instead of taking 3 minimum size primaris squads for objective sitting, you take nothing but manlets.
Nobody took Primaris just for objective sitting, you could use Scouts for that, they were always useful for something else. Intercessors can famously kick quite a lot of ass.

>> No.74316430

Ok here are the merits
>good if you like not engaging the enemy
That’s it, the rules continue to discourage players from engaging and give high rewards for hiding and sitting on objectives

>> No.74316432

>2W Tacticals for 18 points
>Offensive output: 18 points for a Bolter (S4 ap0 d1)
>Defensive output: 9 points per wound (T4 Sv3+)

>Battle Sisters for 11 points
>Offensive output: 11 points for a Bolter (S4 ap0 d1)
>Defensive output: 11 points per wound (T3 Sv3+)

Seems like sisters are better or at least comparable to marines without stacking all the buffs and shit. I'm not understanding the fuss.

>> No.74316433

I hope they do supplement because i don't wanna loose access to my EC disco lord.

>> No.74316434

0%, all CSM will be in one codex.

>> No.74316435

The biggest issue in 9th right now seems to be the faction balance with Marines versus everything, but then again top 4s for the few events so far have been pretty diverse while the meta settles.

Anon, there is no reason they would not stack. They don't need a specific exception or clarification, it's how the rules work.

As long as that comes to pass, that's fine. Right now Marines are both beef and cannon while non-mechanized Eldar are glass paperweights, though.

>> No.74316437

>flamers now 12"
>deep strikers can now flame on a deep strike
jesus fucking christ assault squads have an actual niche now

>> No.74316439

saturnine in epup, senpai

>> No.74316440


>> No.74316444

>He hasn't heard of the Little Wars podcast

>> No.74316446

It’s not though.

>> No.74316449

The comments about changing the lore so 'kids don't grow up to be alt-right' is worrying. First, because things like Starship Troopers prove even if you outright call something satire, people will take it at face value to fit their narrative.

Second, that there are people coming and already part of 40k that want to change it from what it is. So you play into the narrative of Arch and others like him.

>> No.74316451

>Oh so you're taking stalkers to 1 shot a model you would have 1 shot anyway with said stalkers?

>> No.74316452

Never. You'll get your wound bloat and randomized damage and you're gonna like it. I wish the old wound chart would come back.

>> No.74316453

sorry bro your first army should have been space marines

you were probably told but didn't listen

>> No.74316456

>Do we know if the new tactical box contains better proportioned manlets to make them more in line with CSM and Space Marine Heroes?
It's the same kit as now, just reboxed.

>> No.74316457

GW had hyped up 9th for months. If you didn't know it was coming until a week before, you have yourself to blame

>> No.74316461

No but the good thing is that being BS 2+ now even with the heavy penality they hit like they hit before.

>> No.74316462

i'm excited because it means other stuff might get tweaked in the wound profiles and that they're actually buffing manlets

>> No.74316464


>> No.74316465

Just like Necro- oh wait they didn't

>> No.74316469

rub what into whos faces?

>> No.74316473

How should I be building my vanguard veteran squad?

>> No.74316475

could be worse
could be nids
I at least feel like I have a fighting chance with my orks still

>> No.74316477

I sure haven't!


>> No.74316479

lots of hammers

>> No.74316480

Orks are good right now.
THey won a couple of major tournaments.

>> No.74316482

Plague marines should have 3 wounds. Terminators 5 wounds.

>> No.74316490

The necrons got minor buffs that would have made all the difference, were it not for what they also gave to marines at the same time, the team acted like the armies were already on even footing!

>> No.74316492

whatever forges your narrative best

>> No.74316496

Reminder that 90% of journalism is either propoganda or straight-up awful.

>> No.74316497

but I thought, they get squatted?

>> No.74316498

It is, makes sure that standards are maintained, retarded normies who instead of assimilating agitate for dissolution due to pandering are never admitted, and makes banter and edgy jokes the norm

>> No.74316501

>Why do our overlords at GW hate us so much?
If any xenos army is going to have a basically unchanged matchup against the new marine meta it's Green Tide + Ghaz. Doesn't matter at all if marinelets are W2 now, they still die to 30 boyz slamming down on them with +1 to-hit, +1 attack and reroll 1's to-hit. Ghaz still rapes whatever he attacks, and unless they're changing bolters to get more shots they're not going to have an easier time clearing off objectives. The shooty lists will suffer, but the Green Tide is ready to roll.

>> No.74316502

Primarisfags think Stalkers are the best shit ever because "LE TOO DAMAGE!!!!"
Oh no I lose 1 marine still im gonna give up and go home

Oh wait im just gonna shoot a krak missile into this vehicle because I can actually take them and my boltguns actually have a number of shots more than 10 and dont get a negative for moving

>> No.74316504

sons of selenar is really, really badly written. like shockingly bad. but you can find it on the same site as this >>74316439

>> No.74316505

Thunder Hammers.

>> No.74316507


>> No.74316508


>> No.74316510

today I will remind them

>> No.74316512

There are a million SM player for every single necron player.

>> No.74316514

*100%, journalists are worse than prostitutes since at least you know what you're getting with a prostitute

>> No.74316515

twin chanswords, hammers or if you need some versatility two hammers, two chainswords, relic blade on the sergeant with storm shields

>> No.74316516

I'd rather have T5 and a 30" S5 Ap-2 gun than 2W manlets.

>> No.74316518

+2 points to get better guns, more attacks

>> No.74316525

Cool zerkerz but paint your fucking rims

>> No.74316526

>redditors and twittter faggots got mad that he made something that it's not a Marvel movie and was too crude, attacked him, he responded and the droves just kept attacking him
Oh come on, it was like 1% of people who "Attacked him" The Like dislike ratio is like 98% likes. He is a manchild who got angry that not every single person on the planet thought it was perfect and now is taking his toys and going home.

>> No.74316527

a full squad will kill any marine character without an invuln in one round of shooting.

thats a dead lieutenant, a dead apothecary, a dead ancient or a dead librarian in a single shooting phase.

They'll also strip 4 wounds off of a marine captain in a single shooting phase, typically you bring snipers to kill characters and even without special rules deathmarks seem like they'll be good at it.

>> No.74316529

Wait wait wait, did they fucking buff the old marines? Fucking tell me they did.

>> No.74316531

Much obliged!

>> No.74316535

actually 100% of journalism is proaganda repurposed as advertisement

>> No.74316536

to sell more models

>> No.74316538

In AoS they’re two wounds

>> No.74316539

>Primarisfags think Stalkers are the best shit ever because "LE TOO DAMAGE!!!!"
We Primris players know that stalkers lost their potency with the doctrine changes and that Autos are the weapon of the Emperor.

>> No.74316542

Why are SM players so delusional

>> No.74316545

Imagine the time it took to make this image that could've been spent on bettering the world.

>> No.74316546

I don't even care about W2 boyz, I don't need it. Give me old choppas autofail armor save on unmodified 1, 2 or 3 and I'll never ask for anything ever again.

>> No.74316547

I dont care what other people say Phobos are based, the only ones I am not a fan of are the suppressors.

>> No.74316549

These will be your new Grey Knights.

>> No.74316552


These guys are right, GW needs to get these worthless dregs out of 40k and make the setting more inclusive. I know chuds here are going to bitch and moan but you can fuck off.

>> No.74316553

what were people upset about with the animation?

>> No.74316555

nice argument. go back to r*ddit, you are not welcome.

>> No.74316556

Well you must be different from all the primarisfags ive seen

>> No.74316558

using named characters is gay
using eight of them is eight gay
the enclaves not being jingoistic space mercenaries anymore is one of the worst things they've done to tau lore

>> No.74316559

xenos players should get their own general at this point

>> No.74316562

I can't wait until my cute little blight haulers have their improved multi-meltas.

>> No.74316563

>imagine the time it took to better the world that could've been spent on bettering the world

>> No.74316564

What if they transhuman?

>> No.74316566

>play into the narrative

>> No.74316570

With marines going up in wounds that ups the value of the apothecary and makes sniping them even more important.

>> No.74316572

Yeah, i'm thinking based. Nazi scum can fuck off from our Allies made game

>> No.74316576

No, but they're BS2+ now so they're equally good at hitting on the drop and better afterwards.

H1 S5 AP-2 D1 is significantly better at killing MEQ than RF2 S4 AP0 D1. More to the point, they can actually do their job of killing light-to-medium characters now -- they're far from ideal for shooting at entrenched Marine squads, but they're not completely worthless at it like they used to.

Rods of Covenant are getting buffed to D2 in shooting as well as melee.

That's nonsense. You have to engage in order to take objectives, the missions usually have only one (sometimes none) in each player's deployment zone. If you try to sit in your home objective and blast away you'll get outscored on the primary and likely secondaries, even assuming you have LOS to the enemy from your castle. The missions and maps are specifically designed to make you engage. And with turn-start scoring if you want to take an objective melee is by far the best route since you need to kill the enemy (or enough of them to outnumber for obsec) and occupy the objective at the same time.

>> No.74316577

Can you go ahead and never post E-celeb shit on here ever again, cunt.

>> No.74316578

>11 marine players for 1 necron

>> No.74316582

2 wounds baby

>> No.74316583

>I dont care what other people say Phobos are based, the only ones I am not a fan of are the suppressors.
That's good, because Suppressors are not Phobos. be at peace with the glory of Phobos.

>> No.74316584


Yes. And a bunch of weapons.

>> No.74316587

Jannies can we...?

>> No.74316590

I don't like the name leakycheese please stop posting it

>> No.74316592

As far as I understand: he was being aggressive and assertive about his work being aimed at grogs and the good ol days, but then couldn't handle people being just as aggressiveness in their energy when responding.
I think it's stupid to cancel the work over such a nothing-burger, who cares what some internet commenters think or if they say some mean things about you, but people tend to be overly-sensitive online even when they critic others for being overly sensitive. Reminds me of the Warmahordes situation.

>> No.74316593

That articles already been posted you fucking idiot

>> No.74316595

He had a cringy "This is for le ebic real fans" message at the start, probably not meant maliciously but was just worded cringy. The first video also did not really set up a clear narrative like most pilot episodes for something should.

>> No.74316599

Okay, I've decided I like painting various sorts of plasma glows. In which faction is plasmaspam most viable?

>> No.74316600

Storm shields on everyone, handful of thunder hammers and chainswords on the rest (taking casualties on the chainsword dudes).

>> No.74316601

if they're transhumaning a smaller character (apothecary, banner, etc.) to protect from a 160 point sniper squad instead of transhumaning a critical objective holder then they've already fucked up.

>> No.74316602

for some reason my well thought out post explaining why you get no replies and you're a faggot got flagged as spam

so, sharpie in pooper

>> No.74316604

This is entry level bait, and the sad part is people are taking it

>> No.74316606

even the naked savage orcs? or just the 'ard boyz and brutes?

>> No.74316607

+1S on your power swords? Be a good little Banshee and maybe some day.

>> No.74316611

>arch and his band of 20 good incels proves 40k has a fascism problem

>> No.74316614

>Then the manlet marines will likely be able to return fire and instagib the 1 wound necrons.
>7 bolter marines + combi bolter marine shooting at max range at a deathmark sniper nest.
>18 shots
>12 hits
>4 wounds
>1 dead deathmark.
>9 deathmarks shoot back.
>9 shots, 8 hits
>5 wounds
>1.5 dead marines.

nothin personnel manlet.

>> No.74316618

i like it, and I don't like tau

>> No.74316620

i miss seeing normal marines primaris are boring as fuck, that box art is an improvement apart from the logo.

>> No.74316621

>CSM are going to be 17-18ppm
make it stop
make it stop

>> No.74316622

Holy shit, those look uninspired as fuck
>We need halo spartans in our game, because the kids like that
>Lets just slap on a somewhat medieval helmet and call it a day

>> No.74316626

Not a fan of the Synaptic Disintegrator change, having Rapid Fire "snipers" teleporting in next to something very tough and then lighting it up like a off-brand hotshot las-gun squad was fun. Fondly remember dropping them next to Daemon Princes and shredding the thing.

>> No.74316627

>GDubs buff oldmarines to 2 wounds to bait people into buying them
>SM Codex makes Primaris 3 wounds
How are you going to react when this happens?

>> No.74316630

tempestus scions

if you're in a points crush you can probably leave off a couple storm shields since you're gonna get shot by ap0 stuff too

>> No.74316631

Same, I don't care for the 2w either since they are meant to be fragile anyway. But some form of exploding damage or something to give them an edge would be nice.

>> No.74316632

Hell yeah

>> No.74316635

Apparently Ghaz lists are already winning events. Between his buffs, shorter missions (less opportunities to kill him), smite spam nerfs and the focus on midboard brawls, he's well set to wreck shit.

>> No.74316639

The Sisters Codex dropped just a few months ago, what did you expect? GW only ever releases SoB dexes at the end of an edition.

>> No.74316643

>posting vice
>on 4chan

do you know what vice is or where you are?

>> No.74316649

>your face when primaris can take manlets transports and vice-versa.

>> No.74316650

Looks like sisters are better points value offensively but inferior defensively, thats pretty based actually they're supposed to be an aggressive army.

>> No.74316652

Remember when necrons were supposed to be the durable ones?

>> No.74316658

Love how you did the yellow eyes and purple skin. How did you do it?

>> No.74316659

>My noise marines with sonic blasters will be close to 30 pts with 2W each but no change to damage output

>> No.74316662

I want a Pepe mini as a chaos exalted champion, and a Trump mini as a Magos

>> No.74316664

Fuckin based. Nice advice on the red, I was wondering how to get it.

>> No.74316665

Aren't Necrons supposed to be Durable through reanimation more than raw wound count?

>> No.74316671

CHAZ was based for banning journos. Should have shoot them, but It is a first step

>> No.74316673

>he doesn’t know

>> No.74316674

Me weapons is fine already

>> No.74316675

there's no fucking way. I refuse to believe they are getting this broken

>> No.74316676

I'd be okay with it because they'd only be 50% tougher rather than 100%.
I actually think Primaris need a buff to show they have their extra gene-seed.
A 6++ or something.

>> No.74316679

Hey. Anon. You’re not alone. I got back into 40k after five years of other games to reconnect with my college buddies. And after a week my army was folded as a faction into space marines after being a separate one for two editions.

Deathwatch might get an separate book “at a later date” but faaaaaack buying two books.

>> No.74316683

I should really get some Orks and turn them into nazis

>> No.74316684

This thread is about 40k, and 40k = Space Marines.

>> No.74316686

>without an invulv
So none of the important ones?

>> No.74316687

>viable tacs
>viable assaults
>viable csm
>viable heavy bolters
>viable various manlet characters
>cult cam are going to be fucking stronk


>> No.74316688

Is the SC box a good way to get started with scions? Taurox good?

>> No.74316690

It's funny how the fact that they were right-leaning is the issue that the NPC's are upset about - and not that there were some actual pedo's.in there.
Goes to show how much the left has actually allied with pedophiles, because of "muh inclusion"

>> No.74316693

>so, sharpie in pooper
Truly a forgotten trend of more civilized times

>> No.74316696

Do we know if the flamers range thing will affect shit like plague spitters and the like?

>> No.74316699

>he doesn’t know

>> No.74316700

Having more models alive is a defacto increase in damage output!

>> No.74316701

>I think Primaris need a buff

>> No.74316703

Seeing the new changes, I actually think primaris will be soft squatted rather soon. GW can keep Cawl having a legion worth of marines in reserve, they can keep them being from the days of the great crusade, they can keep the new armour, guns, vehicles and weapons, the indomitus crusade and all the stories they've made for them until now and they can keep the dynamic between primaris and firstborn while making primaris be normal marines without any extra organs bullshit. Their dynamic would be much closer to the one terran marines had with the new recruits drafted from the primarch homeworlds once they were discovered, which is actually a lot more interesting because it's only a cultural and ideological divide, not an unsurmountable phisiological divide that can't coexist because one is just better than the other. They just need to fix that and make their new wargear be rare and not able to be mass produced, like the deathwatch special gear, or else it will just replace the classic stuff instead of coexisting.

>> No.74316705

Holy shit they really gave tacticals 2 wounds. Lolol. What horseshit.

>> No.74316709

Librarians are pretty important.

>> No.74316711

I want Primaris in Land Raiders

>> No.74316712

>nurgle fags were just bragging about how unkillable nurglings are
>heavy bolters now shred them
peddlers of lies and opinions are not real journalism and those who willfully lie all deserve to perish

>> No.74316714

Creations of Bile Marines should get 3 wounds, change my mind.

>> No.74316718

are custards gonna get the weapon changes too. and hows the wound situation gonna be handled

>> No.74316719

That's not at all what I was getting at lmao, I don't watch Arch but people have been complaining about 40k being taken over by siggies and what not and I was rebutting the previous poster on the "if something is happening it plays into the narrative" logic

>> No.74316723

i don't mind because the more differences between units the better
custodes go up to 4, orks/necrons up to 2, adjust points as necessary

>> No.74316724

RP has been gimped to hell, Characters cant use it even.

>> No.74316728

Just a warning to you manlet players out there breathing a sigh of relief, GW updated the box for Dispossessed Warriors in Age of Sigmar when the new edition came out. A year later the faction and models were squatted from the game. All I'm saying is don't get too comfy. Around GW, never relax.

>> No.74316729

They should have 1 wound to show that they're unstable.

>> No.74316732

I watched the pilot episode and thought that its issues were stilted animations and incoherent plot.

>> No.74316734

>I actually think primaris will be soft squatted rather soon
I don't want to call you stupid, but you are being dumb.
They said it has big changes coming with the Codex though
Custdoe 4w

>> No.74316739

>One of the advantages of 8th/9th ed's mechanics (as opposed to, say, AoS).
I really wish they straight up copy those rules for 3rd edition AoS. Right now, there's no tactics involved in target priority and list building in that aspect because some units will always be better than others, no matter what they are against.

>> No.74316741

Yeah, I read up on that tournament. Ghaz is not only king of the midboard but lots of armies are building around killing psykers for the secondary points so that makes him even harder to kill. Add on to that the shorter game length and skipping turn one by teleporting, he's basically guaranteed to score you While We Stand We Fight. Just keep a couple other characters out of line of sight.

>> No.74316742

imagine not being a space marine player right now lmao

this is why everyone should play either loyalist or chaos marines and at least one other faction

>> No.74316744

>Implying GW will allow Custodes to be better than Marines

>> No.74316746

Purple skin: Rakarth base, druuchi shade, fenrisian grey
Eyes: Jokanero base, carroburg shade, yriel yellow, then black and white for the pupil and the shine

>> No.74316748

>marines have 2 wounds now but genestealers only have 1
How does this make any sense.

>> No.74316752

>are custards gonna get the weapon changes too
I don't think they use any of the Marine weapons, so probably not.
>and hows the wound situation gonna be handled
Fine as they are.

>> No.74316755

They specifically go over the weapon situation dude

>> No.74316756

What do you want Guilliman to do next that would be cool?
Dying is not an appropriate answer.

>> No.74316758

These guys seem pretty insane for 100 points each.

>> No.74316760

>he doesn’t know

>> No.74316761

> Ends on Fabius being tasked by Abaddon to create Primaris CSM

Are you ready, chaosbros?

>> No.74316763

AoS also has wound spill

They might last more than the turn they drop in now, though. And the guns got better.

True, though it seems like storm shields will go to 2+/4++ so they'll be better vs AP0 anyway.

Between the EC strat for noise Marines and Endless Cacophony, it's not like they were especially hurting for damage (other than vs Sv2+ I guess).

>> No.74316764

epic post nigga

>> No.74316766

It will kill manlet characters even through transhuman, primarishits edge by on 1 wound remaining.

I imagine that deathmarks are going to be a priority target for anti infantry firepower in any marine vs necron matchup going forward because of how much marines like to aura stack.

>> No.74316770

>Custdoe 4w
That too, he got real sensitive whenever anyone critiqued his animations. Instead of using it as motivation to improve he used it as an excuse to quit
Yeah all races are getting more killy with their weapons, its why they are increasing wounds as well

>> No.74316773

genestealers are like puny bugmen virgins compared to space marine chads

>> No.74316775

>Tacs are good now
>Thousand Sons probably going to be much better as a mono army
I can't wait.

>> No.74316778

GW basically just said "quit this game if you don't play marines"

>> No.74316783

>buffed heavy bolters
>buffed heavy flamers

>> No.74316785

Marines are pure beef man tanks.
Genestealers are gay purple aliens.

>> No.74316791

I will play them when they get primaris units that fit my chapter's speciality.

>> No.74316793

>2w devastators.

Well then.

The wargear in the box is weird. If you're trying to go budget then TH and a bolt pistol will be nice. THSS will always be a tanky ball of fuck you and lightning claws with their rerolls to wound will be nasty.

personally I went two two boxes, one with full LC and one with full THSS. If i had a third box I would probably mix in some TH/pistol boys to help points costs down.

>> No.74316794

Creations of Bile is going to be broken at one point in 9th and be hard nerfed, I am a clairvoyant
>Thousand Sons probably going to be much better as a mono army
They removed

>> No.74316795

it's one of the less good start collecting boxes because the commissar is kind of pointless, but if you like the taurox it's a good deal
the taurox is ok, it's main problem is it looks goofy as fuck rather than any sort of tabletop performanec

>> No.74316798

>images that aged bad

>> No.74316799

I grew up on heinlein. Rogue trader. Forever war( and the follow up books In that franchise) as well as pratchett and asimov.

I don’t think I’ve ever colonized a nation. Murdered indigenous populations nor rejected a game to anyone of color or insane neo-communists (ie people who misunderstand the historical applications or realities of societal development) and I used to play a lot of pickup games through 5’th through 7’th Ed.

>> No.74316800

genestealers are literally glass cannons in the canon

they die kinda easy but that's made up for by the fact its a zergrush of millions of the things

>> No.74316801

Plague marines big time
DR is gonna absolutely fuck all the 2W weapons people bring to deal with the wound increase

>> No.74316802

You could, like, read the rest of the post, you know?
>are custards gonna get the weapon changes too
Their spear boltguns will probably be buffed and their land raiders will see the new heavy bolter profiles, at least. SoS will see a lot more changes because they also use boltguns, flamers and power swords.
>and hows the wound situation gonna be handled
Custodes already have +1 wound compared to marines, no need to change them. It was normal marines that made no sense, not the rest.

>> No.74316803

This, bash the fucking fash and get them out of the hobby.

>> No.74316804

>article is about 40k
>image has stormcast eternals

>> No.74316805

In regards to that winrate chart for a competition that was posted the other day;

anyone have a link to the competition, preferably their lists? I'm very curious what people were running. Obviously that was before these changes, but still

>> No.74316806

>GW thinking I'm going to rebuy my 10 squads of chaos marines
Not today.

>> No.74316815

But I thought Gael was hungry.

>> No.74316819

>"quit this game if you don't play marines"
waaagh, motherfucker

>> No.74316820

How? Primaris vehicles are better

>> No.74316821

Fuck yeah dudes!

>> No.74316824

>They removed
They removed their and GK Smite spamming ability though, how would another wound to Rubrics make them that much better?
I did, and I am not taking time to replying to all of it when the premise is so obviously wrong

>> No.74316825

In AoS they have 1 wound and are squatted, so not much of a comparison.

>> No.74316828

>rerolling 1's to wound isn't important.
>Chapter banners letting you shoot after dying isn't important.
>rezzing dead marine models isn't important.
>Fucking psykers aren't important.

the only things that are important according to you are chaplins and captains.

Deathmarks will be able to kill those too of course but it will take an extra turn. marines are going to be gunning for my robot cyborgs this edition.

>> No.74316830

>implying journalists have to know anything they write about

>> No.74316831

They're alright at the moment.

>> No.74316832

They're literally harder to kill in the lore by a significant margin. Space marines have 2 hearts, genestealers have 3. Space Marines are resistant to toxins, Genestealers are almost completely immune. Space Marines have an extra long, Genestealers have an entire distributed respiratory system with back up gills. Etc. etc.

In old rules they were both Toughness 4 and 1 Wound. If marines are 2 wounds genestealers should at least be 2.

>> No.74316835

He did better the world by telling the truth

>> No.74316837

pretty funny for how much shit hes done in the lore he's been irrelevant for like 15 years in tabletop

>> No.74316838

yall gon learn today

>> No.74316844

>kicking them out when you can keep them and rape them
You anti-American degenerates need an education.

>> No.74316846

Cool... thrilled for all the marines.

So basically if you're a xenos, just stay out until your codex comes out. Just don't bother.

>> No.74316847

>Primaris vehicles are better
with the vehicle buffs and new points I'd take a razorback over impulsor any day.

>> No.74316848

They buffed manlets so you all buy up their stock before they're finally squatted in 10th lmaooo

>> No.74316849

Just as wrong as firstborn not getting squatted and never being updated, right? Oh, wait.

>> No.74316854

>genestealers are literally glass cannons in the canon

>> No.74316855

>heavy bolters only one shot now

>> No.74316863

I never thought firstborns would get squatted though, they kept them prevalent in the narrative so obviously they are not going to squat them.

>> No.74316865

>2 wound Plague marines and 3 wound blightlords

>> No.74316867

Space Marines often kill entire planets of gene-stealers so they can't be that tough.

>> No.74316868

>Genestealers are almost completely immune.

>> No.74316869

What's the point of playing Custodes anymore? Feels like a liability.

>> No.74316870

just let them believe it doesn't matter. it makes do it that much easier

>> No.74316871

why do I keep seeing this shit? post your source you dumb motherfucker

>> No.74316875

Lol no they aren't. They are both overcosted and a lot uglier.
You keep saying this, but even GW says it's not true.

>> No.74316876

Imagine trying to chew through a 21T5 3+ 5+++ wounds just to clear an objective.

>> No.74316878


>> No.74316880

>Cool... thrilled for all the marines.

Next time end your post there and save the wretched bitterness for someone who cares (hint, it isn't anyone here).

>> No.74316883

It's never felt so good to be Argent Shroud

>> No.74316886

more importantly when are we getting sister of silence to be troops. absolute bullshit that they are elites.

>> No.74316889

>use this weapon you already had that couldn't kill marines before to kill marines now that they are tougher

>> No.74316893


>> No.74316894

the ideal it's always a loyalist chapter, a traitor chapter and a xeno faction. But that's just flat out consooming.

>> No.74316895

Does this mean Deathshroud Terminators get 3W too?

>> No.74316896

>they run fast as balls and can tear apart terminator armour
>they should be 11 points, t8 and have a 2+ 3++ and FNP


>> No.74316897

>they kept them prevalent in the narrative
Except they didn't. Everything in the narrative was about how primaris were here to replace them and still is. 99% of the models showcased are primaris and there's not been a single firstborn in promotional artwork since Vigilus Defiant.

>> No.74316898

I didn't join this game for the imperium

>> No.74316899

Tic Toc marines...

>> No.74316902

Plenty of people have said the same thing in this very thread, retard. He's right.

>> No.74316903

Finally I can be super tanky as in the lore

>> No.74316908

>So basically if you're a xenos, just stay out until your codex comes out. Just don't bother.
I wouldn't say that.
Bear in mind the buffed manlets are no harder to kill than Primaris, and we've seen xenos can beat Primaris heavy lists.

>> No.74316911

We are a couple of weeks into 9th. Just relax. Marines are always going to be the easiest faction to figure out so newbies and casual players don't feel overwhelmed by how much data you need to consider in order to come up with a list. SMs need to be this evident. Eventually, we will see who got nerfed for real and who is just going to take a bit more effort.

>> No.74316912

>Primarisfags already backtracking their incessant and inane, 'manlets getting squatted' narrative

>> No.74316915

>space marines are more durable than Necrons
>more shooty than tau
>better assault than orks
>more tricks than eldar
At least they can’t easily swarm, yet

>> No.74316918

yeah this is a swans song, soon 2w manlets will be gone and 2w chaos will be all that remains.

>> No.74316922

Uhh, what were you expecting? All codexes releasing at the same time or something? Like I can get some complaints but this is just plain stupid.

>> No.74316927


>> No.74316930

>What's the point of playing Custodes anymore?
Calm down, Custard, you're still more elite and special than the big bad manlet marines.

>> No.74316936

>Yfw the clamour against primaris got so bad in the last month they are farting out an update for first borns
This is Sigmarines and Cities all over again.

>> No.74316939

>You can expect to have your army be even more out of whack until we get around to releasing a codex for it 9-12 months from now
No bueno

>> No.74316940


>> No.74316941

Tough xeno = 1 wound
Normal marine = 2 wound

>> No.74316942

>21T5 3+ 5+++
>30 buffed boyz does ~9 wounds

>> No.74316944

Awaken, my rubrics!

>> No.74316946

GW just straight up admitting they're power creeping the fuck out of this whole edition. Wow. I'm selling my shit, I'm done with this man.

>> No.74316951

40kg is pro SM, pro Primaris and pro Imperium. If you believe otherwise you are an outsider and interloper and I invite you to 'go back'

>> No.74316955

>Except they didn't. Everything in the narrative was about how primaris were here to replace them and still is.
Retard, that still means they are a part of the narrative. Most new Marines are Primaris but there is still a galaxy full of Firstborns, they were never going to just get up and disappear. Add onto that all the Spesh Mareen players who have armies of firstborns and they would never squat them until at least a few decades of primaris releases

>> No.74316956

>Being this retarded

>> No.74316958

Honestly, back when I was new, I already though marines were 2w and thus built my orks up around that. It's mixed feelings about these buffs, overall I don't mind marines being 2w too much (and think they should've been in the first place), but when compounded with all the other buffs it feels uncomfortable.

>> No.74316960

Manlets will be squatted, I will maintain this stance until a new loyalist manlet unit is released.

>> No.74316961

>Space Marines have an extra long
how big are their dicks again senpai? you seem to be an expert...

>> No.74316967

Yeah the fact that manlet players don't realize that their stats getting moved closer to Primaris stats is because they're being merged/squatted is pretty hilarious actually.

>> No.74316972

They don't include any of the weapons' special rules on those box inserts. If I had to guess, and this is definitely just a guess, I'd say Heavy Bolters will be one shot with a rule that allows them to get more if they're stationary or some shit.

>> No.74316973


>> No.74316974

If you are going to massively boost stats and lethality of armies, having it only happen with codex releases is beyond retarded, yes. Even if by a miracle they only take 6 months to release codices for every army that needs updating, you're still going to be wallowing in shit for 6 months. and it won't actually be anywhere close to that quick in reality. Dogshit.

>> No.74316975

oh that sucks then. I see admech have quite a lot of plasma glowy effects too, are they good?

>> No.74316976

I'm taking this with a minuscule grain of salt since that's the invictor warsuit's pistol heavy bolter, which could easily become its own weapon

>> No.74316977


>> No.74316980

Orks have already had 2 separate lists claim top spot in GT's.

shits gonna be rough if you play an eldar flavour or tau but the other xenos either already have ways to deal or are about to.

>> No.74316981


I really want to convert either a Gael marine or an inquisitor Gael with that sword and the crossbow Boltgun you get in a few kits now.

Any idea where I could get a good head?

>> No.74316983

>primarisfag cope

>> No.74316984

No. The proper way to do this is to redo the indexes to get everyone roughly on the same level. Otherwise the power creep is way worse than it has to be.

>> No.74316987

>Posting Nick Fuentes

Good job outing you as a far right loon retard. You're the reason people make articles about the hobby and make us look bad. Fuck off you idiotic cancerous price of human garbage. You aren't "based" for being a racist dog. Get the fuck off this board and out of this hobby. I actually agree with vice for once.

>> No.74316988

>> No.74316989

Pretty much this yeah, take a break until your codex comes out

>> No.74316990

Are there any "Aztec Marines" ? That might be a fun kitbash project.

>> No.74316991

Why doe she say his name?

>> No.74316993

I also started my ork army 2 weeks ago. Right now I'm painting my boyz and wait for the new codex to come out.

>> No.74316997

It's not a big deal, Commissar is a nice looking model that's ripe for converting and can be made as a cheap HQ until you find a different one to replace him. And it's not like you can't make use of him, just unlikely to.

>> No.74316998

Haulers a CUTE!!!

>> No.74317000

Here’s the hoping Custodes get more tanky and more killy.

>> No.74317006

One of the hooded Dark Angels helms seems like a good start. Greenstuff a beard.

>> No.74317010

considering they're just getting around to black people I'm guessing it'll be a while

>> No.74317013

why multiwound space marines hurt the game.

hordes can't compete without either A) the space marines getting significant price hikes or B) the hordes getting significant price drops.

B would not be possible and allow GW to continue with the trend of making games quicker and smaller.

If an squad of barebones guardsmen hit on 4s with 1 wound apiece then that means you're paying 50-75ish points for 10 wounds. Space marines are paying 75 points for the same 10 wounds on top of all the benefits of being a space marine.

>> No.74317017

This, the lore as is is just a honeytrap from the alt-right

>> No.74317018

I suppose rhino rush is back on the menu now isn't it?

>> No.74317021

But they can deal more damage!

>> No.74317023

Its not power creep retard, they are increasing the wounds of units across the board AND increasing the damage across the board. It is still the same relative power level but with higher numbers

>> No.74317026


>> No.74317031

>Orks have already had 2 separate lists claim top spot in GT's.
Which? and obviously prior to these buffs

>> No.74317032

>tough xeno
They are glasscannons that can kill terminators with their claws, not tanks.

>> No.74317034

The way they play is just changed. Especially since 9th is an objectives game, there's much less emphasis on smiting big units out of existence and even more on psykers protected by very durable infantry hugging the middle of the board, preferably also where VPs can be scored via psychic actions. Goodbye Tzaangor blobs, 3W cult SOTs will be the new mainstay of the Thousand Sons.

>> No.74317037

The alt-righters were the weridos flipping out. GW called out their racist bullshit do they started floundering

>> No.74317038

>increasing wounds across the board
*for marines only

>> No.74317039

>generals are filled with obvious bait
>reddit screencap rage bait threads hit the bump limit
>pol threadshitting off the charts
>"le sjw invasion" memeing nonstop
I don't like the permanent summer in Burgerstan the Great Sickness has created

>> No.74317041

>hordes can't compete without either A) the space marines getting significant price hikes or B) the hordes getting significant price drops.

>He says while we've had multiwound marines for actual years and people have still been claiming top table.

>> No.74317042

>Any idea where I could get a good head?
The tomboyish girl you know who's openly a prude but secretly extremely lewd.

>> No.74317044

>until a new loyalist manlet unit is released
This is the true test. There hasn't been one since primaris. So eventually manlets kits are just going to age out.

>> No.74317046

I'd love them in armour like the Havocs. ie solid as fuck, but tall.

>> No.74317052

>hey are increasing the wounds of units across the board AND increasing the damage across the board
for some factions at a time, with months inbetween.

Not that they've even managed to increase it consistently in SM/Necrons, because the power level HAS changed.

>> No.74317053

they were lists spamming the new vehicles.

they wouldnt work with the new rules regarding characters.

>> No.74317056

It means until your Codex comes out everyone else is ridiculously power creeped. It's literally a predatory business strategy to get people to buy whatever the latest army is if they dont want to sit and wait a year for their current army to get decent rules. Also you're a retard if you think each new book wont be pushed even harder than the last.

>> No.74317058

Saving this to laugh at you in half a year

>> No.74317059

>his store doesn't already have a nazi catboy twink
That's almost as bad as playing in a GW desu

>> No.74317062

>30 goff boyz rocking A4 and rerolls form ghaz, +1 to-hit from banner against T4 3+ marines
on average 25 wounds
>30 goff boyz rocking A4 and rerolls form ghaz, +1 to-hit from banner against T5 3+ 5+++ marines
on average 11.11 wounds
>same but skarboyz
16.67 wounds

we still crump regular marines. the bad match up is against DG. they're so fucking tanky

>> No.74317063

I've seen some of them. Basically they're the SJWs of the political right.

>> No.74317064

the tanks aren't elites and Saggitarum are better troops anyway

>> No.74317065

>incoming mandate that 50% of your army must be painted dark skinned, 30% must be female and 10% must be mentally ill men who think they're women

Once shit like this starts they're no stopping it

>> No.74317069

>Retard, that still means they are a part of the narrative.
>narrative about you being replaced means you are relevant to the narrative
That's not how it works.
>Most new Marines are Primaris but there is still a galaxy full of Firstborns
They made the Noctis Aeterna specifically to kill as many marines as possible to replace them with parimaris. See Blood Angels.
>they were never going to just get up and disappear.
That's exactly what primaris existing implies. If they aren't here to replace firstborn, then they wouldn't be made specifically for that purpose.

>> No.74317073

fuck that book was raunchy

>> No.74317078

>t3, 1w, 3+ save
not even worth the (You)

>> No.74317079

Only one of them. The other was Ghaz and 90 boyz

>> No.74317082

Well Necrons have shown no wounds increases yet, and they’re supposed to be the super durable army. I’m sure eldar and tau will get extra wounds

>> No.74317083

Seems like you don't know that that's an ork

>> No.74317084

the character targeting faq was reversed, keep up sempai. also, one was vehicle spam and the other was pure green tide with ghaz

>> No.74317086

There was a Ghaz+goffs greentide that won recently and I biker boss/buggy list from the evil sunz I believe.

>> No.74317087


>> No.74317091

>3 exact copies
Even for convertlets, please at least paint them differently.

>> No.74317095

Lol that only means primaris are getting squatted as a concept. Soon there will just be normal marines again and that's a good thing.

>> No.74317096

This x100000000

Racist can fuck off

>> No.74317101

Are you gentlemen ready for the RISE OF DA ORKS

>> No.74317104

One was buggy spam, which was right before their best HQ got deleted.
The second was a standard boyz list with Ghaz+Burna pulling the weight.

Most of the old options are basically dead. Manz are better now, and they already had some placing before, but stuff like lootas+gretchin+SAG is dead alongside many other unit nerfs. Deathskullz do come out winners with all their abilities in 9th, especially with tankbustas buffed, and I'd imagine freebootas are still decent options; but man my poor bad moons are hurting.

>> No.74317105

admech are good, yes
they don't have much plasma though, just kataphrons and skitarii

>> No.74317109

>That's exactly what primaris existing implies. If they aren't here to replace firstborn,
Bile is gonna create Primaris CSM, do you also think normal CSM (Who just got new models with that Phobos/vanguard box might I add) will get squatted? Obviously not

>> No.74317114


>> No.74317116

But is the new marines box new sculpts?

>> No.74317117

based ESL

>> No.74317119

They're all in one unit, anon.

>> No.74317120

That’s because just calling things satire has no real weight.

>> No.74317121

>t. nigger

>> No.74317123

>actually believing this when there have been no manlet models for years and they just announced new Primaris replacements for bikers, the predator tank, etc
You're delusional lmao

>> No.74317124

>Oh we're just a couple weeks in
>oh they'll get their codexes
>oh we're just a few months in
>Oh they'll just get their codexes
>oh we're just a few years in
>oh they're getting their codex soon
>hey, did you hear about the new edition?

>> No.74317125

>permanent summer in Burgerstan the Great Sickness has created
Its not, everyone is going back to school and spreading it more. Once it gets even worse they'll close the schools again.

>> No.74317126

it literally says other factions will receive similar boosts

>> No.74317133

I said it a bit above but I think Necron will get their durability increases in reanimation protocol buffs instead of raw wound increases. Space Zombies should be knocked over easier than others but also get up again.

>> No.74317136

Should I get a boxnought?

>> No.74317137

That would be some good head, not a good head. Please do not decapitate tomboys, they have enough natural predators already.

>> No.74317140

Not a chance.

>> No.74317145

That would be an actual sensible way of introducing them. They exist, they are marines +1 but they are fucking rare because only Bile can make them and he won't be making legions of them at the same time.

>> No.74317147

>stormcast vs

is this what passes for "journalism"?

>> No.74317148

GW lies about shit like that all the time.

>> No.74317156

that doesnt mean anything. gw lies.

>> No.74317157


>> No.74317158

You have shit taste and probably a nigger

>> No.74317160

They all would get their shit smashed in by Sigmars Chosen.

Yee neva lose

>> No.74317161

yfw boxnauts go up to 10 wounds

>> No.74317164

In the 2nd book he gets given ( by Trazyn) 17k pure untainted Emperors Children geneseed, which he's just sitting on.

>> No.74317165

>rise of the orks
>no ork models
quelle surprise

>> No.74317166

Bile making primaris csm works a lot different than what we got. Only him will be able to make them, so they'll be rare and won't be able to replace CSM. Meanwhile, every chapter can make and upgrade their own primaris so there's literally zero reason for firstborn to keep existing.

>> No.74317172

Guys, I feel a conflicted. CSM getting buffs to feel like proper space marines is good, but I also want my fellow xeno player to get their buffs as well. I want to be able to have fair games with them.
I fearwe might get dragged along to sub SM power levels and be to OP for xeons and too weak for SM.

>> No.74317176

The first and only xeno army they have done so far hasn't had as good of a boost, so thats just blind fucking hope

>> No.74317177

>tankred getting into cc with a broadside
i almost feel sorry for the xenos

>> No.74317188

They did the same with the Necron set for Space Marine Adventures, it's to save the costs for both printing and people buying the 40USD set. This one looks kinda nice, think I'll get it and re-do the board to fit 32mm boyz on it, as it's made for 25mm bases (and uses manlets on them).

>> No.74317190

What about IG? Thinking of maybe a tallarn army that can advance and shoot plasma

>> No.74317197

i'll wait to see rules before i start screaming the sky is falling

>> No.74317198

Forgotten? Since when?

>> No.74317201

I'm not saying do them in entirely different schemes, just enough to make them look like individual creatures rather than a row of star wars figures in a toy store. Primaris are press molded into the same pattern of armour, but daemon engines should have a little bit of variation to them.

>> No.74317203

Are you gonna cry about it? Shit your pants maybe?

>> No.74317204

No, surely you can tell just by looking, right?

>> No.74317205

So wait, Trazyn is confirmed to be what happened to the original EC Geneseed during the unification? That caused them to dwindle in numbers before they found Fulgrim?

>> No.74317208

AHAHAHAHAHA, Get fucked Orkucks!

>> No.74317210

Point costs are being adjusted for the changes, you know. You're not just being given an extra wound on all your models for free.

>> No.74317215

>Necrons should be flimsy

>> No.74317217

Necrons have gotten wounds increases on every previewed vehicle, plus the canoptek spyder got 2 more wounds and the scarab swarms got an extra swarm a base.

the heavy destroyers also got an extra wound but they're still overcosted.

>> No.74317219

Aww fuck, for real? Fucking GW.

>> No.74317223

>orks are cardboard tokens

>> No.74317225

Fuck off /pol/tard

>> No.74317227

I don't trust GW balancing. Eradicators exist

>> No.74317233

Working on making mine all different.

>> No.74317234

i mean, i guess you could but at most you're getting one gun per squad of ten or three per squad of 10 veterans
the amount of dudes you're going to be painting without plasma are going to heavily outnumber the guys with it
that and tallarn are metal minis and are oop

>> No.74317236

>Only him will be able to make them, so they'll be rare and won't be able to replace CSM.
I disagree, but both of us are speculating on this so we will just have to wait and see how GW handle it(I do hope you are right though I like the CSM thematic of using outdated Imperium shit from the HH but also being buffed by Chaotic energies to stand against the Imperiums superior technology)
>Meanwhile, every chapter can make and upgrade their own primaris so there's literally zero reason for firstborn to keep existing.
There are narrative reasons to turn down a full primaris conversion though, also game wise they are cheaper and even now have 2 wounds, its not like Oldmarines are useless compared to Primaris especially after these buffs

>> No.74317239

As a lorefag, I’m happy the difference between regular and primaris marines is more lore accurate now.

As someone who’s played long enough to have picked up a few small marine strike forces both loyal and heretical, I’m glad marines in general aren’t underpowered compared to herp derp tall marines with silly equipment.

But as first and foremost a necron player, Immortals not getting the appropriate extra wound is kinda lame. I guess I’ll have to see new reanimation to judge fully, but yeah, immortals are absolutely meant to be a bit tougher than a marine and 1 wound doesn’t represent that in the least.

>> No.74317242

K but when are they making new kits for tactical squads and terminators?

>> No.74317245

>worrying about fags who think their armies are the primary antagonists or more central to 40k than Chaos

>> No.74317247


>> No.74317250

I don't even play loyalists, it just feels good that my Chosen Death Squads will be actually good

>> No.74317256

No, they just BTFO them without effort, incant even imagine playing them being fun without little challenge there is.

>> No.74317257

Very nice, wish I could gs like that.

>> No.74317258

Remember when Necrons were so powerful that they had the phase out rule? Now they’re less durable than fucking tactical marines, what happened

>> No.74317262

I just want to have fun and balanced games

>> No.74317263

Retard, i did not say flimsy I said their durability should be in their repairing instead of raw tankyness. Also I could give a fuck less about muh lore I am talking game balance.

>> No.74317264

Would be nice if the scions kit came with more than 1 plasma gun

>> No.74317268

We've had 28+ years of the age of manlet

>> No.74317272

Suppressors are gravis without the armor plates anon. Get your lore correct my dude.

>> No.74317275

Will death company's marines get 2 wounds?

>> No.74317284

>Remember when Necrons were so powerful that they had the phase out rule?
Except they weren't that powerful because that rule made them dogshit and unplayable.

>> No.74317285

>hey marines, why dont we give you all double chapter tactics that are also more powerful than before, army wide +1 attack, -1 AP, double shooting with bolters, huge points cuts, new Primaris units with bullshit special abilities and gear, and chapter supplements with superdoctrines and a bunch of extremely powerful stratagems and relics
>oh you're completely dominating the whole game now? We'll nerf like one Iron Hands relic
>then give you a psychic awakening book full of even more powerful stratagems and bullshit
>then redesign the 9th core rules to favor elite armies and nerf hordes, and also you get more CP
>then we'll hike everyone's points costs up, but yours will only go up half as much as everyone else's
>also you get yet another huge wave of Primaris toys with broken statlines
>is that enough? O-oh... no?
>okay here's an extra wound on your whole army too and also more range and damage on most of your weapons, and more strength and damage and AP on your melee weapons, and you get the first Codex of the new edition even though the just got the last Codex of 8th too except for Sisters who no one cares about
Fuck you Games Workshop.

>> No.74317287


>> No.74317288

>There are narrative reasons to turn down a full primaris conversion though
Not really since Calgar got upgraded and the chances of a marine crossing the rubicon are high enough even a mortally wounded marine that can't be saved even by a dread, can survive, so...
>, also game wise they are cheaper and even now have 2 wounds, its not like Oldmarines are useless compared to Primaris especially after these buffs
Oh, no, these buffs are fenomenal. I don't have much complain on the game side of things other than primaris squads being retardedly organized. They should really merge them.

>> No.74317291

phase out rule was pretty dumb though

welcome to most, if not all, kits that have special weapons

>> No.74317295

I'm not sure why everyones so obsessed with 2 wounds.

GW literally just told us that fucking heavy bolters of all things are going to be D2, if that scales up then you're gonna be fucking tripping up over D2 weapons before long.

>> No.74317300

They used to revive and be tanky, better days

>> No.74317301

They're one of the strongest factions on 9th actually

>> No.74317308

>Suppressors are gravis without the armor plates anon
They're a fusion of Gravis and Phobos, the Omnis pattern.


>> No.74317309


Ah, the Ork players Lament. Nice to see some things stay the same.

>> No.74317310

>bringing a hammer to a gunfight

>> No.74317311

How lewd must they be?
They have natural predators?

>> No.74317317

They're literally tougher than a marine anon, their toughness score is higher than a space marines.

>> No.74317318

Chosen? There's no kit for them, sorry Anon. Only units with kits get rules in New40k 9e

>> No.74317320

If i'm gonna be chewing on SM shit, i'd much rather it be models I think are neat than models I think look garbage. Plus, my flatmate opponent plays oldmarines so it'll be nice to have some narrative SM/CSM games where basic troops aren't beyond garbage.

>> No.74317321

For real, space marines are getting two codexes a year. Who the fuck buys these things anymore? Just pirate

>> No.74317323

>Blood Claws and Boyz smashing together in midboard is competitive play
is this feeling what it's like to be happy?

>> No.74317336

you're right, and that was due to a problem with how undercosted hordes were. you were paying -40% the cost for a unit that only performed 15% worse than MEQs.

So how do you fix it? even if you somehow made them equal. GEQ is still at a disadvantage because of the new rules of blast templates and morale checks.

>> No.74317337

Because not everyone is a minmaxing waacfag. We are just excited that, for once, marines actually feel like they have accurate stats and primaris aren't twice as tough for no reason.

>> No.74317340

I want to rape

>> No.74317342

would these guys work for scions?

>> No.74317346

>meant to be a bit tougher than a marine
>now has one extra point of toughness
I don't see the problem here.
Everyone really need to stop using variations of the word 'tough' in these discussions when a separate stat from wounds is the TOUGHNESS stat.

>> No.74317349

6++ won't happen. Ironhands already exist.

>> No.74317352

>2W D4 hammer chosen
shit's gonna be good.

>> No.74317354

You people seem to think manlets are getting 2W for free or something when they are essentially becoming the same price as primaris.If you can't kill 18ppm tacticals with 2W you couldn't kill19ppm primaris before so you have either not been playing 8th ed at all or you are just complaining for the sake of it

>> No.74317355

>I’m sure you’ll be propped up to be equal to marines any time soon!
It’s been a year of this shit now and it doesn’t seem to end any time soon as marines continually get buffs despite having 70% win rates

>> No.74317357

But my answer to the author is "post models"

>> No.74317358

The entire point is that everyone is going to have to wait months and months for their new codex statlines, though.

>> No.74317359

Their kit is the CSM kit. They look the same ever since Dark Vengeance.

>> No.74317363

Ok I will concede the lore argument if we agree gameplay wise then, I do think there is some precedent for marines to turn down the rubricon (such as Seths autism or just overall wariness like the Grey Knights. A big theme of the Imperium is Regression I could see a lot of Chapters being wary like the Grey Knights of this offer with seemingly 0 downsides) because I do think most marines would gladly cross the Rubricon. I am just not sure on a galactic scale wise if they would have enough time to convert all marines in the galaxy or even most of them at this point.

>> No.74317365

you're gonna have to ask the people you play against
i don't mind, but i also have an exceptionally low bar for people proxying things

>> No.74317374

They got a points update (unlike all the actually squatted units, RIP Renegadebros), so i'm confident. There's a difference between squatting a biker HQ and squatting an 8-edition-old core infantry unit.

>> No.74317379

The recent movements to have people with atypical interests be labeled as transgender. While it is a small influence, the tomboys are small in number, and as such can little afford such a blow.

>> No.74317383

I worry for how long it will last. Tournament fags always are upset when gun castles sitting in the corner shooting and never moving isn't the meta

>> No.74317389

Yo bro don’t give the site clicks


>> No.74317393

i wish they fleshed out melee better
it's bizarre that the side that lands the assault will more or less wipe out everything they came into contact to without anyone swinging back

>> No.74317394

This is just selling new terminator models with extra steps

>> No.74317398

>awesome bulky armour that's distinctly CSM and not based on anything that loyalists have
>ruin it with the cables-with-cookie-cutter-holes meme
I am livid
And before you say "just patch it with GS", entirely smooth cables look just as bad.

>> No.74317399

Not at all. You just have to wait until the box with the new rules for the unit comes out.

>> No.74317400

How many of those berzerkers do you have? At £142.50 rrp for the boxes required to make 10 they're pretty pricey - if you don't recast parts, ofc.

>> No.74317402

I know it's silly and stupid, but I love the edge haircut so much. He feels like he has more chacter. Helmet only looks like he's just any old veteran, but with the edge hair you can imagine the brooding he does from the chapter brooding perch and the poems he writes in his past time.

>> No.74317406

alright, thanks for the information. Maybe I'll go skitariispam after all. More of a fluff player than waac.

>> No.74317407

>Warhammer is for everyone....
>Except the following groups, idealogues and religions.
What did GW mean by this?

>> No.74317408

I feel bad for the tyranid fags, this entire edition seems designed to sap their will to live

>> No.74317412

Go ahead man, by all means be happy with your 2 wound marines bouncing bolter shells off each other while huddling in cover.

just don't be surprised when you get hit with a HB fired by some literal who of a guardsman and explode.

the only marines who're gonna grow strong off of this is the deathguard, plague marines with 2 wounds are gonna be nuts.

>> No.74317418

Can you assault out of a rhino in this edition?

How useful are transports

>> No.74317420

welp its time to give Primaris 3 wounds ?

>> No.74317425

>heavy bolters going to 2d
I can only get so erect

>> No.74317431

But anon, are those natural predators?

>> No.74317432

A PURPLE base to layer red???

Oh man. I'm gonna have to try that. Dark purple or bright?

>> No.74317433

>I actually think Primaris need a buff

>> No.74317434

Guess now we know what happened to screaming nid anon.

>> No.74317436

Fine by me. So long as they're painted. I came to play against a painted army. So long as they look the part and are the same silhouette or a knockout conversion in good.

>> No.74317438

you're welcome anon
good luck to you

>> No.74317439

The entire playerbase isn't far right, what?

>> No.74317444

Good. Tyranids are the NPC faction made to get obliterated by literally anyone.

>> No.74317445

So months and months

>> No.74317450

Do you think melee guard can work?
Also do you think GW is buffing classic marines in order to clear stock?

>> No.74317453

>just don't be surprised when you get hit with a HB fired by some literal who of a guardsman and explode.
I mean, that's how it's always been, so I see no problem here.
>the only marines who're gonna grow strong off of this is the deathguard, plague marines with 2 wounds are gonna be nuts.
I'm happy for DG players, plague marines and their termies being so tough seems like it's gonna be tons of fun and feel great to play.

>> No.74317454

If we get a shit Codex after all this I will actually do something violent.

>> No.74317456

No. I’m not familiar with 40k very well, but am interested in getting in.

>> No.74317459

that's mostly because the only units that ever assault are assault specialists.

>> No.74317460

If they are going to buff Firstborn to 2w then it only is logical that the genetically gigaenhanced marines would also get buffed to show that.

>> No.74317463

I want to believe that my bugs will get a fair shake this edition, but I just can't anymore.

>> No.74317464

>NPC faction
Is this a flufftard thing? We’re talking about a game here retard

>> No.74317466

No, that's what the new heavy intercessors in gravis armour ar for

>> No.74317467

the shinguards with flared kneepads and gorgets make me wonder if the havoc sculpts started as an early attempt at doing primaris chaos marines that they scrapped after watching people's reaction to the primaris reveal.

>> No.74317468


W2 T4 is tougher than W1 T5 because the toughness is applied to both wounds.

I’m surprised this has to be explained to you.

>> No.74317471

Silly anon, those that are different from us aren't people!

>> No.74317472

Kill yourself.

>> No.74317475

Its called "bait"

>> No.74317487

>primarisfag on suicide watch

>> No.74317490

I don't think you understand what a game is, anon.

>> No.74317491

How can we expect the GK weapons to change?
My guesses/hopes:
Sword: +1S -3AP D2
Halberd: +1S -2AP D3
Falchions: Same
Staff: Same unless force staves are changed.
Hammer: D4

>> No.74317496

>such as Seths autism
Seth hasn't really had the offer yet.
I do remember at the start of 8e Andy Similie, the guy who writes the Flesh Tearers books, said he was going to write about Seth becoming a Primaris.
>Grey Knights
They can't do it because Cawl didn't have their gene-seed, but they don't use much in the way of standard manlet models besides vehicles.

>> No.74317498

They are just repackaging with new datasheets inside, they are still the same sculpts

>> No.74317501

they should have 4 wounds then. Primaris are supposed to be more durable than manlets so it does not make sense that primaris and manlets have same wounds

>> No.74317502

Why complain and not paint?

>> No.74317511

Fags like you who just hate on other factions and try to make their players feel bad about liking something are the literal scum of this hobby.

>> No.74317512

Seething Tyraniggers

>> No.74317513

And because the power levels are fucked. A unit crashing in and swinging first does so much damage that they routinely wipe (or just about wipe) the entire enemy unit they crash into. That's insane to me. I came into this hobby playing WHFB where our regiments would crash into each other, hurt each other, and the real damage came when the leadership checks were made.

>> No.74317516

Come on anon, it is just consistent. I down even own any models so how could I be a primarisfag? If anything my first army is going to be Tau simply because they look fun to paint

>> No.74317521

yeah, but it's weird when you have a group of assault specialists assaulting another group of assault specialists and the guys receiving the charge will inevitably be wiped out no matter who they are without any casualties
like the veritable human super soldiers with fancy pants shiny equipment being drowned under a wave of screaming retards with sticks with no casualties

>> No.74317524

While everything else i'm not a fan of, I do agree the dumb hair is entertaining - it looks exactly like the haircut one of our regular players has, and is a bit of a running joke. I wouldn't buy and use the model, but i'm glad it exists just for that.

>> No.74317527

a-are their helmets and skulls melting?

>> No.74317528

Nurgle-looking GS work is easy. Look into grabbing some cheap clay sculpting took and play around with it.

>> No.74317529

He couldn't do it for Horus before that battle crippled him, so no.

>> No.74317534

>The closest i've ever gotten where the weirdos flipping out over the You Will Not Be Missed
Congrats, you saw them.

>> No.74317537


Primaris are more durable than manlets... on a scale that at most would be represented by a 6++ and at worst wouldn’t even show up on the granularity level 40k works at.

>> No.74317541

Post models.

>> No.74317546

>any non-40k sci-fi armor

>> No.74317549

it's the same asshat baiting people with the
>lol factions that aren't marines
>lol marines that aren't primaris
he just keep shitting up the thread because people keep giving him (you)s

>> No.74317550


>> No.74317555

We were just making fun of you choosing to use the word 'tougher', shitheel. There are so many synonyms you could have chosen but now you're just doubling down on what was initially a seemingly wholly innocent and fair mistake.

>> No.74317556

>im an OG paintball master and i just think its weird that guns are so effective in actual war, idk seems unbalanced

>> No.74317560

>Primaris are supposed to be more durable than manlets
They aren't tho. At most a 6+++ the way they are described and that's stretching it on a d6 system

>> No.74317565

>go into local to pick up paint
>consider getting a stormraven but decide against it until I've built up the rest of my grey knights
>check out the online store on a whim
>stormraven listed as no longer available online

>> No.74317568

>And because the power levels are fucked. A unit crashing in and swinging first does so much damage that they routinely wipe (or just about wipe) the entire enemy unit they crash into.
show me a non-assault specialized unit that wipes itself when charging and attacking with the basic CCW

>> No.74317569

You are right. Hell, it was already a big flag he were bothering with Twitter for starter.
Social Media is cancer. Even Reddit is preferable over that shit.

>> No.74317570

Loyalty is it's own reward

>> No.74317573


>> No.74317574


Triarchs went up to D2 and are getting an extra attack. should be good for shooing Marines off points.

>> No.74317576

At least I'll never be a fat loser who spends all day shitposting on 4chan, Carnac.

>> No.74317577

>all human-proportioned power armor is halo
What did he mean by this?

>> No.74317580

when i played whfb there's an awful lot of cases of units smashing into each other but the receiving unit takes so many casualties there's nobody left in range to counterattack, which really turned me off from whfb
like you only get good results when both sides are super heavily armored or have ward saves

>> No.74317587

The best thing about playing primaris is that despite everything they’ve shown us, we are still going to get new minis thought all of the 9th.
Yeah we might not get new troops like the chargers but we won’t stop getting hqs, feelsamazingman

>> No.74317594

>Why complain and not paint?
Complaining is easier

>> No.74317597

>I enjoy melee combat being more than just 'the charger beats the charged' every time
God I must be a retard or something.
Even in older editions of 40k the melees were brutal but the morale did the big damage, if you didn't fall to morale the combat could last a few turns.

>> No.74317599


>> No.74317602

Nazis aren't people.

>> No.74317604

I can already tell you swords aren't going to 2 damage. Knights have enough 2+D options in melee for that to ever be necessary, and they're going to keep it in line with regular marine swords.

Anyways things that have obviously bumped up in price are the obvious things that will receive changes. Remember how heavy bolters tripled in cost, and how baffled people were? Stuff like that.

>> No.74317612

I don't know, they're supposed to be pretty tough, they come back from the dead with their Belisarian Furnace and have stronger bones and muscles to begin with.

>> No.74317622

but anon, all primaris are capable of sucking penis

>> No.74317627

This. give them their own codex so they can finally be troops and we can have some Oblivions Knights for proper elites.

>> No.74317634

it's a melee unit

>> No.74317640

This titanic seethe is wonderful. Years of Primarisfags being petty tards about their taller toy soldiers is collapsing around them. It's a really karmic sort of feel.

>> No.74317642

The difference is that WHFB sucked dick and AoS had a rocky start, manlets on the other hand have been selling out even before the buffs and are still a huge part of the setting

>> No.74317650

>-10VP if you have not showered with Soap today
There, I fixed Tournament odors.

>> No.74317653

Double devour get removed

>> No.74317658

Back in older WHFB it was entirely possible to lose most of if not an entire rank and not be able to swing back but still win the combat due to rank bonuses, standards, and other modifiers.

>> No.74317659

I unironically wish for an ultra powerful father figure like the emperor of humanity to create superhuman warriors and crush all leftism and weakness from our race that we may inherit our galactic birthright and also look super based while doing it.

>> No.74317670

>They have natural predators?

>> No.74317672

Pre-8th it wasn’t like this either, there were extended combat and durabale units didn’t die in one turn

>> No.74317679

>dont worry we'll 'take a look'

>> No.74317680

>I want sisters of silence with my custodes
>ok here you can take them
A non-named SoS HQ choice would be peachy, to be honest. I like their armour and want to see more.

>> No.74317681

Are you 15

>> No.74317683

The point is that you have to spend fuck tons of points on troops and you only want SoS to be troops so you have more points to spend on tanks

>> No.74317685

>He doesn’t think he’s part of the weakness

>> No.74317690

>unironically posting "Doom ripped off Halo"

>> No.74317694

They've sold out their stock several times over, if they were going to squat them they wouldn't pay out the ass to rebox them and make more constantly

>> No.74317697

>"Fuck uhh we gotta say something so we can cash in on good boy points for supporting a popular social justice movement"
>Posts very safe "Stop being racist in hobby spaces, it drives away potential customers, if you don't like it leave"
>retards still mad about it
The absolute state

>> No.74317705

Mate you are forgetting that regular space marines are already toough as fuck monsters that survive wounds that would apparently kill them all the fucking time. Primaris aren't really much tougher, the furnace only means that, after getting equally fucked as a normal marine, they have a change of healing, but it still takes a fuck ton of time, so an extra wound doesn't really represent that. The dude that crossed the rubicon in Spears of the Emperor was in coma for days while the furnace healed him, for example.

>> No.74317706

But Anon, I'm more worried that now Space Marines with Thunder hammers will kill Jetbikes and Terminators in a single swing.
Imagine a single Intercessor segeant killing a unit of 3 jetbikes/terminators just because you rolled 3 dices below 4. Imagine a single intercessor sergeant costing 35(+) points killing almost 300 points, in 3 swings.

>> No.74317707

Yep. The game would be much better if GW added the casualty phase from apocalypse

>> No.74317709

More plasma for my guard

>> No.74317722

you have to go back

>> No.74317724

it's been a long as time since i've played but i only remember rank bonuses going up to +3, so another +1 for the standard, tiebreaker with musician
i mean, it's possible to win, just seems terribly unlikely to

>> No.74317729

>The Emperor is actually Horus
Can someone explain this theory to me? Where is the Emperor then? How would Horus have the psychic ability to man the Golden Throne for a day, much less for 12 thousand years so far?

>> No.74317733

This is funny because I've seen people saying that Halo Infinite ripped off Doom because of the grapple hook.

>> No.74317737


>> No.74317742

>its impossible to not live up to your own high standards
eat shit nerd, the galaxy is worth more than my shitty self

>> No.74317747

>everyone right of Bernie is alt-right
>this is what reddit/journos believe

I wish we could hunt journalists for sport.

>> No.74317748

>/40kg/ only has one shitposter

>> No.74317749

Good luck getting there without getting withered down or completely shot off.

>> No.74317754

>You cannot, because muh profits.
Ok, White Supremecist, institualionally racist, Capitalist.

>> No.74317758

They were reboxed for the 2nd Edition of Age of Sigmar. They had been in AoS since the beginning.

>> No.74317761

however many there are they parrot the same shit

>> No.74317766

>terminators keep getting buffed
>pr*maris players treated like wargaming lepers
9th edition is starting off swell

>> No.74317767

>Oldmarines are going up to two wounds.
Pretty neat.
Still sticking with my primaris but its nice to see that base marines are getting bumped up

>> No.74317769

False you lorelets. When Chaos Marines first encountered Primaris they were suprised how they shrugged off wounds that would kill normal SM

>> No.74317772

>looks like these gaunts and gants are undercosted, 10 ppm.
>no one could possibly remember all these options, zero biomorphs.
>these kits sure have a lot of bits and customization options. New monopose using every part in the box.
>Also Lictors go back to 80 ppm, but that's all we're touching. A plastic kit? Don't be ridiculous, we gave you a monopose Carnifex and some troops.

>> No.74317783

There is no good justification for it, it just sounds spicy enough on the surface to have vaguely persisted for a little while from that branding alone.

>> No.74317784

Manlets dont need any new units, for every possible threat they have 5+ answers per slot and the majority of their kits are still new as far as GW goes

>> No.74317801

>Mate you are forgetting that regular space marines are already toough as fuck monsters that survive wounds that would apparently kill them all the fucking time.
Yeah, and Primaris are even tougher than that.
>Primaris aren't really much tougher
They are, their magnificant boosts the power of the other other organs, which means they have stronger bones and muscles.
>the furnace only means that, after getting equally fucked as a normal marine, they have a change of healing, but it still takes a fuck ton of time, so an extra wound doesn't really represent that.
No, the furnace means they can get up and keep fighting immediately. The most famous example of this was Calgar getting up after being mangled by Abaddon and being able to fight through a bunch of enemies to get back to safety.

>> No.74317802

They’re gonna be blue. Haven’t got there yet.

>> No.74317813

>retarded primaris wank that makes no sense given the official explanations of what the primaris organs do
Hmmmmmm. Makes as much sense as that dark angel that was too fucked up by chaos magic to survive even by becoming a dread but for some reason could survive becoming a primaris.

>> No.74317816

Well yeah Sw:Trosw is a good movie, I always dream of tickling Rey while she keeps making that wide smile and snorting accidentally, she’s so cute.

>> No.74317823

Why does the Black Legion one look so good compared to the rest?

>> No.74317836

Sounds like a "theory" from faggots that want a twist for the sake of a twist without having actually thought about it.

>> No.74317841

You could have +4 for ranks, standard +1 and magic standards could potentially add +1 on top, terrain or other modifiers could give you +1 or your opponent -1. While unlikely you still could rack up like 6 points without even scoring a wound.
Also if you rocked spearmen you could thankfully get 2 ranks of attacking if something big and scary like ogres was charging against you.
Duels/challenges would also net a bunch of points towards combat total if you were the victor.
Sword n Board made even your basic infantry super tanky though. 4+ save on your core soldiers, and most units only had 1A back in the day. 2A was RARE.

>> No.74317846

I'm sorry primarisfags. Primaris marines are a failed experiment. Expect them to never mention the word primaris again in the near future.

>> No.74317854

Sonic dreadnaught is the only decent one.

>> No.74317857

the idea is Horus actually won but all the emperor's psychic ability purged out the chaos and gave him the emperor's power. it doesn't make any sense

roll better

>> No.74317858

Primaris extra organs what makes them tougher according to fluff

>> No.74317864

bc it's way better painted?
WE is the superior sculpt

>> No.74317877

But again, their main appeal was to grogs who actively avoid giving GW money so of course they were squatted. Manlets have no such problem

>> No.74317878

>still another Primaris infantry kit and vehicle coming for them to shill
>still another whole wave of gravis dudes coming later

>> No.74317883

They’re going to buff gaunt damage but keep them 6+ one wound to justify doubling their points

>> No.74317895

>W2 T4 is tougher than W1 T5 because the toughness is applied to both wounds.

Not when you're shot with a stalker bolt rifle or an overcharged plasma gun or a fucking heavy bolter apparently.

if everyone loads up on D2 weapons to kill 2 wound models then having a higher toughness instead may turn out to be better anyway.

>> No.74317896

Just you wait until the heavy Intercessor release.

>> No.74317900

They all look trashy

>> No.74317901

>30 inch bolters
E X C U S E M E?

>> No.74317904

Rainbow Warriors

>> No.74317906

>till another whole wave of gravis dudes coming later
No such thing. Heavy intercessors and eradicators are all the gravis they are getting.

>> No.74317909


>> No.74317911

So all these buffs mean all tau battlesuits will be getting BS3 right?

>> No.74317926

>can only find the world eaters one from recasters

I want sonic thread so bad

>> No.74317928

1 damage weapons are more common than 2 damage weapons so 2 wounds is better than 1 wound

>> No.74317930

No tau are legally blind and rely on tech.

>> No.74317932

For the last time, Tau eyesight sucks dick.

>> No.74317936

>> No.74317937

IW one is better

>> No.74317942

Honestly it wouldn't be too far off.

>> No.74317943

I'm down for it if shield drones get squatted. Also give Tau more movement, and encourage them to move with strategems they can only use ifthey moved.

>> No.74317948

Nope, then tau might be better at shooting than marines. Can’t be having that

>> No.74317949

>flamers are 12"

>> No.74317950

>2 months later

>> No.74317951

just because loyalists are getting free good free buffs doesn't mean everyone will.

>> No.74317962


CnF & MM/FML have the sonic dreadnought plus MM/FML have the rest excluding BL/AL

>> No.74317964

Explain how a Cadre Fireblade is more accurate than a Primaris Marine.

>> No.74317969

necrons would really benefit from a head swap
slap a robot style head in there and this guy would look neato
or even a canoptek faceplate

>> No.74317970

You are the weirdest guy in these threads.

>> No.74317974

I think that might be my worst case scenario for gaunts. Honestly, keep the guns as they are, drop the save entirely, and drop the points back to 4. In this AP age the save is worthless anyways.

>> No.74317975

For marines, it’ll be an optional chapter tactic

>> No.74317976

Dont worry Primaris chads. They are just temporary buffing manlets so that GW can sell their last Manlet marines supplies. They are going to nerf them again in 10th edition to make them irrelevant like they should be.

>> No.74317978

This is how I Jedi Academy.

>> No.74317980

Thats from a long outdated and retconned xenology book, there is actually no reason for tau to be BS4 both mechanically and canonically

>> No.74317989

But they just said those buffs apply to chaos aswell and that Xenos are getting similar buffs too?

>> No.74317993

Yeah it’s pretty faggy.

>> No.74317996

seems reasonable

>> No.74318003

>Xenos are getting similar buffs
From what we’ve seen so far, they’re getting SOME buffs, but nowhere near as many or as powerful as marines

>> No.74318005

cope harder primarichad. Primaris units are getting legacied by the end of this edition.

>> No.74318008

Honestly, manlets jumping up a wound is a lot more relevant to Chaos than Imperials

>> No.74318010

Genetic fluke.

>> No.74318012


>> No.74318024

>> No.74318028

I am a patriot.

>> No.74318031

Ive got some friends getting into kill team. Im considering Adeptus Mechanicus, Tyranids, or Chaos Marines (flavored as deserters/early stage chaos from various chapters). Please recommend me good fiction to read that will sway me one way or the other

>> No.74318032

Primaris marines are worthless and should all die in a fire.

>> No.74318036

Will the Custodes grow to get +1 Wounds?
I mean, their purpose when compared to Marines is that, they have a lot higher defense but less damage output.
The idea that Thunder Hammers kill jetbikes and Terminators in a single swing, causes a big problem if their base Wounds don't increase.

>> No.74318040

That's true for glass cannons like Berzerkers, not so much real tough shit like DG Terminators or buffed up Wraithblades

Do you not know what the Damage stat does? A Stalker bolt rifle (to give a random example) is deadlier against an Intercessor than an Immortal. This isn't AoS.

>> No.74318042

So with multi meltas getting mondo buffed, does this make land speeders into a genuinely awesome vehicle?

>> No.74318048

Yes, fellow Primaris god, the low IQ's have yet to discern that the optimum Space Marine list for 9e will comprise of Sixty White Scar Assault Intercessors

>> No.74318049

Is Vaush a 40kfag?

>> No.74318051

>pr*maris players treated like wargaming lepers
this is the best feeling

>> No.74318059

>why would they buff units they want to sell their remaining stocks of? Clearly this means manlets are here to stay!
Is this the power of delusion?

>> No.74318061

This is how I Patriot.

>> No.74318065


I know, but the difference between regular marines and humans is pretty big, and the difference between Custodes and marines is pretty big.

Primaris and regular marines... small potatoes changes by comparison. If anything, the furnace giving them their kick of combat drugs as they burn out is the biggest difference.

>> No.74318066

You can't really wither down necrons, its all or nothing either they're blown off the board or enough reach combat to kill shit.

>> No.74318071

I quite enjoyed Forges of Mars, for admech. Not a chaos guy, myself. And there's very little for Nids, so you could probably read it all in a week.

>> No.74318073

>Will the Custodes grow to get +1 Wounds?

>> No.74318074

>People actually paint Space Wolves with the Piss Yellow instead of the superior HH Space Wolves color scheme

>> No.74318076

There's far more units for which this is false than it applies to

>> No.74318080

>I mean, their purpose when compared to Marines is that, they have a lot higher defense but less damage output.
They still are. They don't need an extra wound.
>The idea that Thunder Hammers kill jetbikes and Terminators in a single swing, causes a big problem if their base Wounds don't increase.
Thunder hammers are anti tank weaponry, why does it surprise you that they can kill infantry and light vehicles?

>> No.74318082

>we increased the wounds and attacks on carnifexes!
>of course now their stats degrade so they lose weapon skill, move speed and attacks as they take damage
>but when they die they can do mortal wounds on 6s!
>even though most of them will get shot to pieces while still standing next to your own guys
>also we increased the base points cost slightly to 160 to balance out all these huge buffs
>scything talons now have -1 to hit btw so that monstrous crushing claws are a more viable weapon

>> No.74318098

Ork player here, started 10 months ago.
We're not in a bad spot, you just need to and I say this in a not-trolling way
>git gud

>> No.74318099

>Start GSC 2 weeks before 9th was announced
>Slowly watch as we get utterly decimated
>Go from good army over night to totally garbo the next

Sweet stargods why

>> No.74318101

probably still inferior to the new atv, but it's not nothing

>> No.74318103

I have no idea who any of the people on the bottom panel are apart from Alphabusa, and he hasn't been political in his videos from what I've seen. But he is Swedish, isn't he? Makes sense that he would hate a Norwegian, right?

>> No.74318104

well yeah, but it's true for the units that are actually wanting to get into melee
the system works when when it's stuff that shouldn't be getting into close combat charges another unit that shouldn't be getting into close combat, like firewarriors charging guardsmen

>> No.74318109


Isn’t the furnace meant to drastically reduce the primaris’s chances of survival by flooding their system with combat drugs when they would normally be disabled and waiting for a medic?

One last push that makes them far less likely to survive, but able to keep fighting a few more seconds?

>> No.74318112

Who’s the Karl Marx guy

>> No.74318115

I wish I could find the BL one from a recaster since GW discontinued it. I can sometimes find the TS or WE ones though

>> No.74318123

More people should offer different style necron heads.

I loved the cryptothrall heads too

>> No.74318134

It can take a multi melta and a cyclone launcher and deep strike which is nice. I'm unaware of their new points costs however.
>Plus they can make your WHIRLWIND SCORE AUTOMATIC HITS!

>> No.74318136

>stock cope
Mate they keep printing them, do you seriously believe they have some underground bunker with an endless amount of marines?

>> No.74318137

>> No.74318140

Everyones a patriot dummy

>> No.74318141

Honestly the most valid reason to like the sequels, Daisy Ridley is attractive as hell.

>> No.74318147

I mean, on one hand I'm super happy that Sisters are getting upgrades with Multi-melta and heavy flamers becoming great, but with the possibility of stratagems and shenanigans allowed by the faction buffs and whatnots, some of this stuff is just broken as fuck, such as

>Outflanking 36 Heavy flamer shots
>Outflanking 12 Multi-melta shots

I feel like a dirty waacfaggot for even having these as options in my armylist and genuinely feel bad for those who play xenos. Well, atleast Heavy Bolters are now Marine-killers, my Mortifiers are gonna fucking -wipe- Marine squads with heavy bolter fire.

>> No.74318150

Paying points for Cult Ambush instead of CP for strategic reserves.

>> No.74318151

>libbys, ancients, lts and apothecaries aren't important
What reality are you living in?

>> No.74318152

>Primaris and regular marines... small potatoes changes by comparison.
Not really though.
For example in Shroud of Night a Primaris Marine is able to overpower a Chaos Marines who's noted as being an incredibly strong mutant.
Several times they display the ability to survive things that would kill a nomral marine too.
Being 100% tougher was too much, but they are definitely tougher and stronger.

>> No.74318153

i actually use fire warrior heads on my immortals

>> No.74318154


>> No.74318157

The IW one is a loyalist larping as a traitor.

>> No.74318159

This is peak /yourdudes/, saying fuck the lore to GW and making your own shit you like.

>> No.74318162

i think the one on the top is majorkill, he's an aussie who seems to have made a career out of doing some lore videos and throwing bantz at other "content creators"

>> No.74318165


They get an extra attack and arguably better wargear.

>> No.74318168

Fuck me I guess
>t. Taufag

No, enjoy our suits shooting like new recruits and Crisis and Commanders being useless the moment someone touches them.

>> No.74318174

can we please fucking remove d3 damage in general. shit alwasy fucking sucks rolling 1

>> No.74318175

I think it comes down to how much you value fly now that you can't use it to automatically fall back and shoot. They're definitely not bad units anymore.
>Plus they can make your WHIRLWIND SCORE AUTOMATIC HITS!
didn't that strat get removed in the new marine codex?

>> No.74318176

>imagine being this thirsty
just go outside bro

>> No.74318180

>marines unironically would rather battle between vanilla and primaris than against chaos and xenos

>> No.74318181

So just like the rest of IW?

>> No.74318184

>> No.74318196

It's the opposite. If it were like you say, then no one would survive crossing the rubicon since it quite literally needs the furnace to keep the marine alive while it heals.

>> No.74318200

>has trim, a chaos star, and arrows
I have no idea what you're talking about. That's almost the same as the BL one minus the Eye of Horus.

>> No.74318203

It's very tempting to do for an ordo chronos themed inquisitorial army

>> No.74318204

Tau eyesight is a sidegrade from a human's, not worse. There's really no lore reason that a high-tech battlesuit packed to the gills with targeting tech and piloted by a veteran should be less accurate than a Guard vet. But then the Tau codex was written by someone who didn't even own any Tau beforehand.

>> No.74318206

Stop rolling ones then you cuck

>> No.74318211

i think manlet uprising versus primaris is more interesting than versus chaos

>> No.74318212

>Slowly watch as we get utterly decimated
You literally saw one book and decided your army is now ruined. You're a faggot.

>> No.74318215


>> No.74318219

They didn't remove 1/10th of your army.

>> No.74318223

The most acceptable delivery of a fem marine I've ever seen

>> No.74318229

you're sisters, your army is pretty much standard meq so y'all get buffed almost by accident; take advantage of this and purge the marines

>> No.74318238

That's just a case of them forgetting what marines have been doing in the books and lore for 30 fucking years only to make primaris look better by comparison.

>> No.74318239


Granularity dude.

Honestly I don’t really think +1 attack is accurate either, a more appropriate effect would be giving them -1 ap on unarmed attacks to represent a bit of added swole and the sinew coils they can snap tight to crush a skull barehanded.

>> No.74318240

>less than 50 years of experience

>> No.74318242

Fucking irks me, the dreads don't pay the -1 tax on their combat weapons, why does a fex pay it for the same shit? I mean, I know WHY, it's "fuck xenos", but still. Why?

>> No.74318249

Marines have been dominating with their current book, coupled with very conservative points increases followed by ANOTHER power creep book in less than a year it seems marines will reach 80% win rate this edition

>> No.74318251

loyalists have always been like that, its weird.

>> No.74318252

sucks less then firing a lascannon and rolling a 1 on the damage.
Anyone else get this feeling lascannons are basically squatted lol? Not as in won't be produced anymore, but they are probably the worst any tank option now. Fucking thunder hammers being D4...

>> No.74318253

>packed to the gills with targeting tech and piloted by a veteran
yeah we call those tau commanders anon, and they do have higher BS

>> No.74318260

Its GSC, they have been shat on a long time now.

>> No.74318263

it's a good thing that GW is doing, but it shouldn't really be discussed here.

>> No.74318266

Because of the points they can achieve per wound. Before 3 swings would either kill 3 Guards (150 points) or 1 jetbike and wound another (95+47.5 = around 150). Now they can kill almost 300 points in 3 swings. That's double the effectiveness of the weapon

>> No.74318269

A guard vet I think has a month of experience

>> No.74318271


To be fair, nothing about the rubicon’s miracle healing makes any sense.

“Too injured to become a dread” fuck off, dread pilots have all their limbs removed and are full time life support.

>> No.74318272

With powerfists going to D2 it wouldn't surprise me if spears did the same.

>> No.74318276

What happened to Metamorphic Regrowth? Did that get removed?

and what about "other" type Hive Fleets, are they still a thing?

>> No.74318278

getting where? to the enemy’s objective holders? Thats usually like 12” Maybe try playing 9th before you sound like an idiot again?

>> No.74318283

Xenoblade inspired non imperium human faction WHEN?

>> No.74318289

It depends. It's true that melee is way deadly and units tend to be killier than they are tough, but there are tons of heavyweight melee units that would last multiple rounds against themselves -- most non-WE Terminators, anything from Covens, Custodes, Ogryns...

>> No.74318301

It's less about logic and more about the story telling motif of dying and rising back stronger.

>> No.74318315

>That's just a case of them forgetting what marines have been doing in the books and lore for 30 fucking years only to make primaris look better by comparison.
The comparison part is what is important, Primaris are stronger and tougher in comparison to regular Marines.
>Honestly I don’t really think +1 attack is accurate either
Maybe not accurate exactly, but it's a fair upgrade to represent their superior combat prowess, they don't just have the sinew coils, but all their implants working better

>> No.74318317

>Playing Sisters in 9th is like playing Marines in 4th
I'm home again.

Yes? Marines being good doesn't mean GSC is bad, it just means Marines are retardedly broken, as usual.

>> No.74318328

just means you hit something not terribly important

>> No.74318330

Sure, but there's room between "raw recruit shooting with no aid" and "expert commander", even in the low-granularity world of 40k. It's called BS3+.

>> No.74318333

Nop. Unless you have a codex or rulebook source. That is just some 1d4 level meme.

>> No.74318339

>all marines get +1 W
>including plague marines

Dare I say...based GW?

>> No.74318341

it's not exactly weird, but it is boring. a lot of people don't even face non marine armies

>same stats and models
>you don't really need to read the other meq books
>easier to predict what the other has
>can borrow or swap models
>most of the armies in the game are meqs
>"we're just doing a training mission &not battling for control of this planet"

>> No.74318358

GSC are rather bad. For some reason GW has a nerf boner against them.
The army only works if your opponent is dumb.

>> No.74318359

I wish they redesigned plasmas along with mektas. Meltas now have +2 damage when in half range, plasmas should get minimum 3 like the admech neutron laser.

>> No.74318360

>Of course, all these updates will also come with a suitable points adjustment. The aforementioned Tactical Marine will clock in at 18pts for his extra Wound (20% more than he is today).

What are orks getting to make up for their points increase?

>> No.74318363

Why is GW online store for canada sold out of everything for the last month? Where can I find updates when it will be stocked again?

>> No.74318373

>marines are the soigoi army

>> No.74318374

I for one haaaaaate scouts. Cant wait to drop those metal boys from my list.

>> No.74318381

>friend is currently building a GSC army
oh no

>> No.74318385

because canada fucking sucks

>> No.74318387

Necrons are kinda similar to Mechon as you know them early in the game, where they're mostly mindless but a few have personalities.
You could make a Bionis-themed Imperium force combining IG bits with probably third party armor, Seraphim for High Entia....and I have no idea for Nopon

>> No.74318389


Consistency is fully integral to good writing,

>> No.74318391

>as usual

Aside from 8th edition what edition were marines stupid unbearably broken?
Genuinely asking because it 5th and 6th Marines were just okay.
Not sure about 7th

>> No.74318394

>Can get 3 boyz for the price of one Tac marine
Why y'all bitching

>> No.74318404

if you weren't under a rock, you'd know they are repackaging everything. Everything is sold out until the repackaged things get released.

>> No.74318407

because canada sucks

>> No.74318414

Everyone suddenly eyeing their sprues of death guard buried in their closets.

>> No.74318416

and tau used to have that with shas'el suits, but we all make sacrifices

>> No.74318418

>and I have no idea for Nopon
Maybe Ratlings?

>> No.74318421

I mean you can have fun with them, but if you have an IQ higher than room temperature your friend is going to have trouble to win.

>> No.74318432

i'm pretty sure plasma doesn't need any buffs, they're already king

>> No.74318433

Hopefully they remain as is.

>> No.74318437

I just realized that the picture's sentinel sword doesn't have it's guns drilled.

>> No.74318439

the point is that i am dumb

>> No.74318443

Boyz are 8 points a model, you can get 2 and a quarter boyz per 1 tac marine

two boyz are not a match for a 2w tactical im sorry

>> No.74318454


>> No.74318459

Marines usually have a broken thing. Either in the vanilla or flavor chapter.
3rd had Blood Angels Rhino rush while 7th had the free transport and grav bullshit. It didn't get much flak because bullshit of 7th was spread on a wider range of armies, not just marines

>> No.74318467

Oh. I thought boyz were 6 points for some reason.

So yeah that's why you're bitching, and that makes total sense.

>> No.74318471

>I would like to fuck the xenos off-brand plasma even more
Exceedingly based

>> No.74318482

we get nothing.

40k is space marines and space marines only. anyone else can suck it.

>> No.74318486

Can I make the sacrifice back? I'll gladly give up shield drones if I can have an army that shoots worth a damn outside of commanders and buffed-up riptides.

>> No.74318495



>> No.74318500

2w boyz
increase everything the stompas has by 2

>> No.74318503

GSC Acolytes are 8 points too.
At least ork boy you get 11 models for $36 while Acolytes get 5 models for $40
Marine bullshit is on another level

>> No.74318506

>two boyz are not a match for a 2w tactical im sorry
I think they are, they come with a ton of attacks.
The marine is tough but very limp wristed.

>> No.74318541

Failed thread. Do not use.

>> No.74318542

>my tacs become usable just in time for their stormravens to get squatted

>> No.74318546

no takebacks sorry, also tau crisis/broadside shooting is fine

>> No.74318547

Basic bitch marine has like 3 attacks.

>> No.74318553


>> No.74318568

I play GSC, I'm reserving judgement. Native deepstrike on most units and the ability to reshuffle the entire army in response to your opponent is real strong in 9e. Points went up, sure, but when you can ignore strategic reserves and not spend CP you can spend them on stratagems. I include a nexus and clav so +2CP a turn when a lot is deepstrikinging for no cp seems like a balancing act.

>> No.74318574

Why would stormravens get squatted? We know they are in the codex.

>> No.74318575

Not a tactical, they have one attack.
Two attacks in the first round of combat.

>> No.74318584

>Firstborn marines get extra wounds.
"B-b-but muh manlets..."

>> No.74318588

Manlet 1A base, 2A on charge.
Ork boy has 2A base, 3A with a choppa, 4A if they are 30+.

>> No.74318589

Sisters of Battle got stuff too, to the point I feel annoyed that only Imperium (and maybe Chaos at some point) is getting this stuff.

>> No.74318591

>Karl Marx

>> No.74318600

>tau crisis/broadside shooting is fine
(one unit of) Crisis Suits already are BS 3+ in FSE, and they're fine. No reason everything else can't be brought up to par.

>> No.74318601

They have one attack, two if they charge or get charged. With 2 boyz per marine, you get the same amount of wounds and more attacks. I don't see the problem.

>> No.74318604


>> No.74318605

The issue with GSC is how to keep all your CP without losing punching power.

>> No.74318619

Anon the article literally says Chaos is getting all that and that Xenos are getting buffs too.

>> No.74318630

For some reason I was recalling basic marines having a knife/chainsword. Still two attack with two wounds on top of all the extra marines rules for so little cost is absurd.

>> No.74318633

bruh don't go full tau player, it's annoying

>> No.74318639

Always, friend.

>> No.74318647

You're still and manlet and you're still going to get squatted.

>> No.74318654

You ever been talking to a friend about a unit that's really good and he says it's shit and you realize that's why he always loses?

>> No.74318658

That requires them to be literate, and as we all know literacy somehow isn't an expectation here...

>> No.74318659

I'm just impressed humanity and the eldar managed to survive another 20,000 years.

>> No.74318662

>Chaos is getting all that
Yeah CSM get stuff but Daemons are still fucked
>Xenos are getting buffs too
I'll believe it when I see it, though honestly I'm afraid this is only going to make the game even more like rocket tag than it already is.

>> No.74318665

Greentide can beat 'em all.

>> No.74318672

They do have small knifes, but they don't have any rules. Scouts and reivers do have big ass knifes that had the same rules as a chainsword. Basic marines don't really have any special rules other than their morale stuff (which is irrelevant in this case because you are gonna kill 5 marines anyways), their combat squad ability and the shock assault rule that we are already taking into consideration.

>> No.74318679


>> No.74318686


Yeah but to be fair "with their codex" meaning all imperium factions get faq'd some buffs while they wait and xenos eat shit.

>> No.74318692

I'll only accept BS 3+ Tau units if markerlights get revamped. I don't feel like having people bitch about BS 2+ Tau with ML stacking all edition.

>> No.74318699

>coping this hard
I'm sorry but you are a failed experiment.

>> No.74318702

You ever have a friend that thinks a unit is good because of what they hear online and wants you to run it despite the fact it wouldn't change much for your army?

>> No.74318728

Either make Tau BS3+ and rework/get rid of Markerlights or keep Tau at BS4+ and buff Markerlights dramatically

>> No.74318735

Yes, but that's not what happened here.
We both play the same army, and I was explaining to him that a specific unit is really good in our meta and he kept insisting it was shit.

>> No.74318738

So what exactly is the point of primaris characters now? They get an extra attack, sure, but other than that they are the exact same but without any loadout options. See the techmarine, for example, what good is an extra attack when you don't gett plasma cutters, a meltagin and a combi weapon? He's not gonna be in melee.

>> No.74318739

>it should be abundantly clear that the Imperium of Man aren’t the “good guys”.

It already is.
People will always be dumb enough for it go over their heads but that's not really GW's problem.

>> No.74318748

Doctrines and chapter bullshit still apply.

>> No.74318752

well, one has a gun and a 3+ save
the other has a shittier gun, worse bs+ and a 6+ save

>> No.74318757

Sure, but orks also have their own army wide special rules too.

>> No.74318758

Come back to me when your little faggots get a new unit.

>> No.74318763

My crackpot theory? Their plan is to eventually say that you can use either the oldmarines or Primaris for the same statblock.

>> No.74318767

>comparing ork special rules that

>> No.74318770

Then say that instead of saying
>I was telling my friend how to play his army and he called me a faggot

>> No.74318774

the point is to have a different miniature

>> No.74318781

Bolt pistols mean nothing when orks are charging and shooting twice as many of their own pistols.

>> No.74318786

Pretty much what should've happened in the first place.
In the current state it seems that regular TAC are better? I'm not sure

>> No.74318788


That’s very fair, but also to be fair markerlights are kinda shit for the huge point investment required to get them working.

Tau are horrible optimised castle lists for a reason: It’s that or garbage, they have nearly no ability to build a moderate list, which is why I’ve not opened my tau army case since 8th dropped. I’ve got nil interest in playing either a completely trash list nor a turbo optimised mess, and the fact that it doesn’t even feel fluffy anymore is the final nail in the coffin.

>> No.74318789

I would not call ork rules to be even close to the bullshit marines can pull

>> No.74318791

Terminators are on 40mm bases tho

>> No.74318800

I still disagree with this. Sure the Imperium is a shit place to live but we're looking at a world where the alternative is literally going to hell or getting eaten, so I can understand the more draconian measures in place.

>> No.74318804

>They get an extra attack, sure
And an extra wound, and different wargear load outs.

>> No.74318805

I hope so.
Then they don't need separate datasheets.

>> No.74318823

I am hoping to see transport restrictions lifted for Primaris. Not being able to use drop pods is fake and gay.

>> No.74318832

Lets put it like this. Bog standard intercessors weren't what made SM good at any point during 8th. IH, RG, and to some extent IF abuse of relics, strats, and superdoctrines made them great.
If you actually check win rates of the tournaments just before Covid fucked us all, you'll see that outside those three, C:Sm performed average to low average. Orks did pretty much the same as UM and WS for instance.

>> No.74318835


How many riptides do you own?

>> No.74318837

Right. I hear it used to be a case of one ML= +1 to hit, but you lost it after making the buffed shot. That system sounds just fine. Change it to that and maybe keep the stacking table so you spend two MLs for seekers and such.

I think they've realized that, given all the 'fuck it, free markerlights' stratagems they added in GG. I wouldn't be surprised to see major changes come the 9e dex.

>> No.74318839

Being slightly better than eternal suffering as an option doesn't really make you 'good'

>> No.74318841

>And an extra wound
Not anymore.
>and different wargear load outs.
Other than the captain and lieutenants, they don't get any special gear, the regular marine version can't also take.
That'd be awesome. I'd actually by a repulsor.

>> No.74318843

they also have a bolter to shoot with and orks are bs5+

>> No.74318846

>get a new unit.
>He needs to have new units to feel validated
Bitch please, the reason new marines aren't released is because we don't NEED more Marine releases. We had all we could possibly need and more, but faggots like you kept insisting on needing more more more.

>> No.74318847

Wonder how Primaris Lt on Twitter would react to a Firstborn Lieutenant model.

>> No.74318858


One if you mean the unit riptide, three if you mean the riptide frame suits since I have one of each.

>> No.74318860

The imperium can't protect your soul, you go to hell regardless.

>> No.74318862

Except now in 9th every mission is decided by who can stand on objectives the best and 2W troops are a hell of a force multiplier.

>> No.74318865

But we are talking about melee.

>> No.74318869

At this point it's almost certain it will just be the same amount of space taken than a regular marine seeing as they're the same amount of wounds now.
Maybe my corvus blackstar won't be garbage

>> No.74318874

These are the kinds of people GW caters to.
If they aren't getting a new toy every few months or so they panic.

>> No.74318875

How does /tg/ feel about Gladiators? Are they cool, or do OG preds just look/feel better?

>> No.74318879

One, and it's O'Vesa from the Eight.

>> No.74318887

Isn't the multipart space marine commander kit supposed to be the lieutenant model?

>> No.74318901

>Not anymore.
Yes, actually.
>Other than the captain and lieutenants, they don't get any special gear, the regular marine version can't also take.
Yeah they do, Chaplains and Apothecarys have their special pistols. P.Chappy will be the only way to take a bike Chaplain soon.

>> No.74318904

I'd like to see a Predator movie set in the Roman era. I think they'd fuck up your average gladiator though.

>> No.74318907

Not wrong

>> No.74318908

well yeah i guess boyz are better than tactical marines in melee, but since when were tactical marines actually good at melee

>> No.74318909

>I think they've realized that, given all the 'fuck it, free markerlights' stratagems they added in GG.
I think this is an important takeaway. I would have expected buffed profiles or optional table changes (like what they did with canticles), so it would seem that they realized that Markerlight rework would have been too much work for PA. Hopefully this means that they tackle the issue in 9th.

>> No.74318914

Apple with apples.
You can't say <COLOR> are average and then say <FACTION> did well.
Marines are simply overpower bullshit

>> No.74318915

They are basically predators, which makes them cool, but they don't have treads, which makes them not as cool as predators. Then you realize they are primaris tanks and as such, their retarded lore makes them complete replacements to actual predators and they stop being cool.

>> No.74318917

Uh huh, come back when you get a new unit.
This is the all natural squat.
Nothing new means you die.

>> No.74318918

I knew Leaky Cheese was kinda of retarded, but but God damn
> sign posted in every Games Workshop franchise
Could you imagine if a Mc Donald's did that, also WotC did the same thing and nothing fucking changed
>changes to the lore of 40k would not go amiss
Strong fucking disagree there, also what would you change, every faction is terrible
>ethnic diversity in models
Cool you can paint your models however you want, I have black Catachan I just used a different paint it was super easy.
>Imperium of Man aren’t the “good guys”
Ok, so are the muder rape elves the "good guys" or the orks that rip each other apart on an hourly bases the "good guys"

>> No.74318924


>> No.74318933

>Yeah they do, Chaplains and Apothecarys have their special pistols.
Forgot about those.
>Yes, actually.
Do they? That'd make no sense if they are making primaris and firstborn have the same amount of wounds.

>> No.74318934

Ah yes if we compared the worst marines list with the best ork list then orks aren't so bad!

>> No.74318936

>Ok, so are the muder rape elves the "good guys" or the orks that rip each other apart on an hourly bases the "good guys"
Are you actually trying to say the Imperium are the "Good guys"? None of them are the good guys and the only faction that comes close to being the "Good guys" are the Farsight Enclaves

>> No.74318942

>Cool you can paint your models however you want, I have black Catachan I just used a different paint it was super easy.
I wouldn't mind having heads sculpted with facial features of other ethnicities for my Guard, honestly.

>> No.74318949

>Ok, so are the muder rape elves the "good guys" or the orks that rip each other apart on an hourly bases the "good guys"
Isn't it the point that there's no good guys and everyone is just doing the best for themselves?

>> No.74318951

Cool, let's castrate the commies while we are at it too. Ironically most of them do the job themselves

>> No.74318952

Too bad The Eight is probably one of the worst units in the game haha

>> No.74318954


Ok and since one of you decided to be an unhelpful twat, which one of you was the one I was replying to?

>> No.74318955

Sure, Tankies OUT as well.

>> No.74318961

>Do they?
Marine characters retain their same wounds.
So Primaris characters still have +1W.

>> No.74318966

Do you have your source?

>> No.74318974

The leaked Command squad datasheet.

>> No.74318976

who was unhelpful?

>> No.74318978


Me, the one of each guy.

I also have a taunar, but would never consider buying a storm surge because I find it completely against faction fluff.

Mostly I used to run a stealth ambush list made up mostly of stealth suits with a few ghostkeels and a little artillery support from a broadside unit and my yvarha, with my commander running markerlight duty.

>> No.74318988

Man, I just wanna have comfy 40k games with my nazi and commie frens. This export of western political polarization is just atrocious.

>> No.74318991

Well that doesn't make any sense.

>> No.74318999

Old Bad. New Good:


>> No.74319008

>you have nazi friends

>> No.74319019

Based and true

>> No.74319022

It makes you better, and therefore good by comparison.

Yeah, that's exactly why Blood Bowl was popular even though GW stopped releasing stuff for it.

Don't be such a stereotype of a consumer faggot, faggot.

>> No.74319029

You guys understand, too bad Leaky Cheese is to stupid to get this.

>> No.74319037

Because here no one cares about your edgy political opinions enough to get angry over them. Or enough to not be able to talk about anything else other then politics.

>> No.74319046

Even in-universe they point out that the theocratic totalitarian rule by a noble class is part of the reason chaos is so powerful.

>> No.74319049

But I'm a human, so I think the humans are the good guys.

>> No.74319054

>being a nazi is just political opinions
Sure, bro.

>> No.74319083

Hell yeah. That's some good news

>> No.74319088

very dark and bluish obviously

>> No.74319094

Unless they are actually beating up jews no one cares.
Literally every single elementary and high school kid here goes through the "i'm a nazi phase".

>> No.74319129

>Literally every single elementary and high school kid here goes through the "i'm a nazi phase".

>> No.74319166

well well well if the guard fanboy isn't begging for more shit like the nazi jew he is again

>> No.74319196

Just rape them

>> No.74319252


>> No.74319258

Custodes having just +1 wound over Marines is fine. What they need is more attacks/model and melee weapons with flat Damage.

>> No.74319381

>Literally every single elementary and high school kid here goes through the "i'm not gay, I just like jacking off to gay porn phase".

>> No.74319409


>> No.74319416

never heard if that one. Must be an American thing.

>> No.74319498

Why are neuron players such whiny faggots?

>> No.74319730

There is no way justifiable that a tiny dude with an hammer have the possibility of getting almost 100 points per wound. 50-60 points is understandable, but when each unsaved swing with a thunder hammer can net you 80-95 points worth of damage, that's a bit too much, unless the weapon also costs a lot more.
even damaging a Knigth doesn't net that many points.

>> No.74320576

you'll probably be as good as guardsmen one day if that means anything

>> No.74321258

Literally only one I know is arch so I guess he’s winning.

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