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White Scars

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Previous thread because the OP is retarded

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where are my non primaris but true scale new grey knight terminators?

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Any good ideas for a Blood Axes combat patrol?

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>What are you doing tomorrow?
Going to the dentist, going to the gym, and sometime before or after assembling some Meganobz with Klaws and Kombi Rokkits

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Tacticals will get updated.
Primaris shitposters will need to take a new angle.

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Email me when we get traitor guard or I can run guard with daemons.
[email protected]

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What scheme should I use for my sisters army?

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Make your own thread next time faggot

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nice feet!

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Post tanks

I will strip and fix these, forgive young me.

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Am i a faggot for getting a second Disco lord?

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>new box is an update
manlets really reaching, or did you not notice everything is getting new package for the shitty new 9th looking logo

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Paint theme red, it looks nice

>> No.74276553

Going to go over to my parents to make dinner. I think the plan is making pasta al forno.
Probably going to work on my Bladeguard Lieutenant then maybe captain tomorrow.

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you don't neglect your interiors, right?

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Who is the boss of the prospero gym?

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>or did you not notice everything is getting new package for the shitty new 9th looking logo
Only Space Marines and Necrons are being repacked.

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>Getting into Orks a few months ago
>Painting slowly but got nearly 500pts now
>Just finished my Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun
>9th edition comes in and is telling to fuck off.

I just wanted to have fun...

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Reminder that playing Blood Angels is more unoriginal than playing Ultramarines

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Only if they're not visible.

>> No.74276592

nah most people that arent playing super casually take a pair. A guy at my store was running 3 lmao.

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How is this even remotely true.

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reminder that playing raven guard does not make you emo, it makes you bad ass

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Will Predators still be worthwhile after the Gladiators drop?

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>Really like a lot of chaplains
>Got the Indomitus one
>Interrogator Chaplain on the way
>Thinking about getting the plain sculpt
>Someday also want to get the blood angels chaplain
>Might make a chaplain dreadnought with my next recast order
>Don't really have for use for any of them in game
Please help.

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lol no

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>or did you not notice everything is getting new package for the shitty new 9th looking logo
Except they aren't yet. You can see in that pic that IG, nids, orks and DG all still have the old logo and box art style, only crons and SM have new boxes

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rules are temporary, models are forever anon
good job

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>transcending the need for gaming and becoming a painterchad

>> No.74276653

something right off the top of my head
>Blood Axes Patrol
Warboss (Kombi Rokkit, Killa Klaw, Brutal but Kunnin)
10 Choppa Boyz (PK on the Nob)
3 Meganobz with double killsaws
10 Kommandos
Smasha Gun

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manlets are always reaching lol
There's only one good army of clones and it's not in fucking 40k

>> No.74276666

so many things are out of stock on the GW site
whats up with that
are they all getting crammed into lootboxes

>> No.74276670

Civil war? Can we start beheading Intercessors, brothers?

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This is wrong and I hate the Sons of Sangayinass even more than the Ultramarysues.

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>transcending the need for gaming and becoming a painterchad

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>gw does everything at once
??? i guess every single codex is coming out in october also huh?

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>good factions still have the good logo

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Everything is getting new boxes >>74276515

>> No.74276683

Just like the simulations...

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Theyre not even worthwhile now. The Gladiators will have so much internal competition. I suspect due to eradicators and executioners existing only the reaper will see play.

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Chaplians are pretty good, and the sheer number of different buffs they offer through the litanies means there really isn't an army build they can't mesh with. What chapter do you play?

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What is Predator firing at

>> No.74276706

I will, I used to make them about 90% of the time in EU hours, I guess I need to go back to doing that

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An intercessor, of course.

>> No.74276716

extreme doubts on that, laddie

>> No.74276718

>fully upgrading intercessors: 122 pts
>fully upgraded tac squad: 125 pts
>both 5 power


>> No.74276721

Thx anon, you're right. Plus, they're fun on their own, to paint and to watch.

>> No.74276722

>All Primaris are loyal!
>If theyre Cawlbies theyre a HERETIIIIIC

>> No.74276731

the irony of a 40kid posting this
When was the last time you went to an flgs and interacted with your local community? Welcome to everything post 7th.

>> No.74276733

>There's only one good army of clones and it's not in fucking 40k

>> No.74276734

>manlets get 2 wounds and lots of upgrades
>people buy the shit out of them
>chapter approved in december nerfs the fuck out of them and buffs primaris
it just keeps repeating itself and you guys keep falling for it

>> No.74276740

Depending on the points, I can see the las-talon thing seeing play, and I can see a gladiator competing if it's 150 or less. 4 multi melta shots and 4 las talon shots vs 8 melta rifle shots at 150 vs 160. It's definitively worth consideration.

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>What are differences in damage output (Primaris Bolt Rifles vs Boltguns), extra attack, and access to more stratagems.
I know you're having a laugh shitposting about Primaris, but this is really low effort.

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>will the predator be better than the tank that can fly over any terrain and put out far more firepower with more weapon options and more special rules
the only reason to use manlet stuff is because you want to use manlet stuff

>> No.74276751

>>gw does everything at once
I didn't say they did. I just pointed out that blind retard was wrong about saying they've reboxed everything

>> No.74276752

thats a tall intercessor..

>> No.74276753

How should i try to play genestealer cults at 500 points? My speed will let me take objectives early, but i've no clue how to hold them and i don't feel like my troops will live long enough to complete "action" based secondary objectives. I have considered using a Magus and a Sanctus to do the psychic objective though, as my sanctus could kill the enemy psyker (they usually wouldnt have more than one) then i could do the psychic action over and over, whilst being difficult to snipe thanks to unquestioning loyalty.

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possibly anon but i dont think we should get our hopes up yet

>> No.74276779

>consooming product TOGETHER is the essence of adulthood
fucking oof
i play 40k with childhood friends in houses that we own

>> No.74276791

>everything is getting
>everything got
esl shouldnt try to argue if they cant even understand basic english

>> No.74276799

Dark Angels. I like running terminators, and dropping a chaplain out deep strike is essentially useless. I suppose I'll probably make good use out of the chaplain on bike if it gets the ravenwing keyword. Because, advance 20", combined assault the termies, give +2" charges, and then decrease invuln save of enemy units by one if he gets within 6" seems very solid.
But unless I wanted to spam Aggressors I don't really have a great use for them.

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wait so stormtroopers ARE clones?
how can they be black then?

>> No.74276812

I don't think you guys understand that manlets are getting squatted. Its obvious now, the new tacticals will be primaris who have trained into tactical roles, as more manlets have been executed by the Jewdicker.

You're right but it spans over a longer time period. Space marines get the first update and then all other armies power creep on them, and at the end of an edition space marines get the final buff with new units and models.

>> No.74276817

>what are points costs
But yeah I doubt it

>> No.74276827

I mean I already have the Aeldari start collecting because I fucking love wraiths, and a few custodes because they're also neat. I'm no stranger to buying things to paint but the more I look at chaplains the more I like them.

>> No.74276840

gotta clear out that stock before going out of print lmao
Man this'll be some fucking weird wound bloat. D1 weapons will straight up be garbage if this happens.
>maturity joke
>followed by implied claim of maturity
oof. 40kids is just a memeterm anon, it's all toys.

>> No.74276847

Reminder that telling someone what they play is bad makes you a colossal faggot

>> No.74276861

After the fall of the Galactic Republic the Galactic Empire absorbed the loyalist (or traitor if you're a dirty fucking jedi sympathizer) clone troopers into the ranks of the storm troopers, and continued to use clones while also recruiting Imperial citizens. After the Rebellion of Kamino new clones were no longer an option and recruitment became drafting.

>> No.74276866

because they aren't all clones. That got retconned pretty early on into only some being clones as the last clones from the clone war slowly died out and were replaced by normal humans
chaplains have always had a great look. The metal terminator chaplain is an all time high point for 40k models.

>> No.74276874

So would buying this start collecting box be the same as buying those manlet tacticals, terminator captain and venerable dreadnough seperated?
I have this feeling that pack like this is just too good and there is actually something missing from it like some weapon options to make it cheaper like that

>> No.74276877

Why are 3 of them randomly on stands? Are they just jumping/falling?

>> No.74276878

More like, based.

>> No.74276889

>he doesn't know

>> No.74276895

>just too good
anon, the profit margin on the kits is insane, they're still making bank on start collecting. All it is is a tolerable entry point
Nah, jet packs. They're Arc Troopers

>> No.74276897

>After the fall of the Galactic Republic the Galactic Empire absorbed the loyalist (or traitor if you're a dirty fucking jedi sympathizer) clone troopers into the ranks of the storm troopers, and continued to use clones while also recruiting Imperial citizens.
that's what I always assumed, but I also thought they stopped producing clones after the Clone Wars

>After the Rebellion of Kamino new clones were no longer an option and recruitment became drafting.
how long was that?

also, that article makes no mention of non-clone troopers at all

>> No.74276899

>only some being clones
Wait really? Last I saw they started phasing out clones after the fall of the Jedi order but kept it clone only until then. How the fuck did they plan on dealing with non clones while executing order 66? Not something that it seems like you should risk on normal humans.

>> No.74276901

Start collecting usually comes with all the sprues the individual kits come with, I know it's at least true for the Blood Angels and Admech SC kits.

>> No.74276908


>> No.74276915

Have you guys never played the original SW:Battlefront 2? The campaign explicitly goes over it.

>> No.74276921

Droids > Meatbags

>> No.74276924

Aaah. Angle the models on makes it hard to tell. Doesn't really look like it, but i guess the packs are just real fuckin tiny.

>> No.74276940

SC! boxes contain the full kits.
You have to understand that printing sprues costs almost nothing. All the expenses go into development costs: designing the models, cutting them into pieces, and tooling the molds. All that work has been done already, since SC! contents are inevitably kits that have been around for a while.

>> No.74276945

Anon, that's pretty much exactly what I said/meant. They only started phasing them out post 66 and even then kept them around for a while. Basically this >>74276861
That's because the article is ancient. Like, I think it came out around the first or second movie ancient.

>> No.74276956

I did when I was a kid and I do not remember the campaign very well at all, only that I couldn't beat the mission on Yavin IV.

>> No.74276965

Observation: Based

>> No.74276976

>That's because the article is ancient.
Yeah, I think it's from the first movie.
So stormtroopers were all clones in the original trilogy?

>> No.74276978

So how does the stratagem Chaos Boon work in Crusade?

Lets say I use it to turn my Chaos lord into a Daemon Prince or Chaos spawn, is the change permanent?
Do I have to use the Specialist Reinforcements Requisition to use Chaos Boon?
Do I have to increase my supply limit if the Daemon Prince would take me over my limit?

>> No.74276983

Warred hammers

>> No.74276985

Why do people here hate chad primaris? Is it because they can't afford new models?

>> No.74276996

Where is this rumor from?

>> No.74277002

>So stormtroopers were all clones in the original trilogy?

>> No.74277003

Having one or two isnt SO bad. I will try to have one due to the fact that they can 1 shot tanks.

>> No.74277004

Yeah, jetpacks in star wars are smaller. You remember boba and jango's jetpacks basically just being the size of a school backpack? It's that.
Maybe if you stop powersquatting
What's your reasoning?

>> No.74277014

The very definition of pic related.

>> No.74277016

Their proportions are dumb.They dont look like bulky steroid giants in an exoskeleton, but rather like tall normies in thin, reasonable armor.

>> No.74277019

Because of shit like the pic you posted

>> No.74277021

At the time of writing yes, but this got retconned so in universe no.

>> No.74277022

For the first movie but George changed his mind on it pretty early I think
Here it's because of the SOUL meme. In general it's because their lore is clashing but people still love buying them.

>> No.74277024

False flag imperium players, poorfags, xenos and chaos eternally butthurt cause they chose a dumb le quirky army and they are being treated as a NPC faction

>> No.74277025

>c-chad p-p-primaris
>c-can't a-afford it

>> No.74277026

Same general murmurings which originally said Terminators were getting a wound buff.

>> No.74277030

dios mio

>> No.74277034

I don't think it was actually mentioned in the movie, was it?

>> No.74277035

>Primaris proportions are the stupid ones


>> No.74277040

la lootboxo....

>> No.74277047

Please let CSM get good fluffy rules and Undivided mark this edition holy fuck.

>> No.74277051

if you only want to play vs marines, start HH. If you like having NPCs to beat up, treat them better so they stick around. Simple stuff.
I mean it's straight up on their datasheet in their repackaged new box.

>> No.74277053

Because they're an example of the plot in 40k - which people complained never moved forward - suddenly moving forward and everyone getting motion sickness from it.

>> No.74277055

Guys has anyone bought from darkminiatures? Is it worth the wait or it's a scam? I collect only for painting purpose

>> No.74277056

>Undivided mark
ADB's tears will be delicious

>> No.74277066

Nowhere in the original StarWars lore were Stormtroopers explicitly stated to have been clones or not.
All George wanted to do with them is some extreme case of totalitarian uniformity, whether as parody or not.

>> No.74277070

It was not, which is why it's one of the least egregious retcons ever.
Small chance, but still a better chance than xenos getting new stuff.

>> No.74277078

>I mean it's straight up on their datasheet in their repackaged new box.
wait is that right? all the new manlet datasheets have 2W?
that sounds less like a rumor and more like a rule change

>> No.74277082

Is gunwagon a good pick for Evil Sunz? How to play Orkz without sucking too much?

>> No.74277084

i mean, i treat them well of course, don't blame the player blame the jew company that's been printing primaris for 3 straight years.

I'm ok with chaos getting ignored tho, fuck donut steels.

>> No.74277086

Lack of options, lack of customisation, blatant power creep, clunky lore, generally shitting up the release schedule while veteran armies languish in finecast.

>> No.74277094

No, Terminators are confirmed, people are just extrapolating that it means non-primaris marines will be buffed to 2w.

>> No.74277099

>Nowhere in the original StarWars lore
Clearly it was the case behind-the-scenes or that article wouldn't exist.

>> No.74277115

ohhhhhh, okay
to be honest it always seemed a little odd to me that terminators didn't have 2W

>> No.74277118

>How to play Orkz without sucking too much?
buggy and/or dread spam seems like its doing well, and evil suns can do that just fine. I've been trying out kult of speed lists of death skulls and its worked pretty decently most games

>> No.74277127

lads what would be the closes brush to the Starter? i thought i could buy a new one as standalone but it seems it only comes in those kits

>> No.74277136

It's retarded to see that Terminators were buffed and assume that other original SM units are going to be untouched, especially given the odd points / PL changes.
Like, what level of idiocy do you have to be on to think that?

>> No.74277140

>all the helmets are the same
>all the backpacks are the same
>all the chest pieces are the same
>all the guns are the same
>only 5 sculpts in a kit with arms the only thing you can customize which means each kit is 5 models twice instead of 10 individual models
>Phobos is ugly as shit
>Gravis is dumb
>instead of options for the infantry you need to buy a whole different unit
>took three years to have a decent melee unit but it only comes in squads of 3
>grav tanks look stupid
>units have stupid special rules to make them more attractive to power players so people buy them more
>no cheap transport for a full squad you have to buy a full repulsor for that
>no rules intermixing just to push grav tank sales
>shitty HQ choices with no options and boring models

>> No.74277143

dont buy citadel brushes

>> No.74277152

>heh get fukt npcs
>I treat them well
unless you're not him that's some severe dissonance
there's a lot of changes in these datasheets and I'd hesitate to call it confirmed due to how damn much GW loves their sacred cows and how terrified they are of changing set statlines.

>> No.74277157

I just want chaos rules to actually reflect chaos. There is no flexibility for them and pretty much no fun allowed. I want to run some evil artillery masters Iron Warriors with Undivided mark and use Baselisks but nope, god forbid my dudes match the actual lore with their rules.

>> No.74277158

>people bullying chaos for not having tacticool extra large marines with fries when Fabulous Balls is working on them
>I just want to get rid of marines entirely and have an army of cultists, tanks, demons, and a knight

>> No.74277159

>instead of options for the infantry you need to buy a whole different unit
Biggest fucking offender right here

>> No.74277177

Just get sable Humbrol brushes or whatever local flavour you have.

The only GW tool I found to be particularly good was their thing for applying texture stuff (which I use for liquid green stuff), and I'm sure a better option is out there for that.

>> No.74277179

I need to rewatch joshiraku

>> No.74277184

they do, and it's garbage. The buff is moving up to 3 which will make them actually feel a bit tanky.
>go to amazon
>search for brushes
>buy a 15$ pack of hobby brushes or something
>learn how to treat brushes well using ones you can ruin

>> No.74277190

pretty based, but I think you could make it more based by throwing in a squad of your preferred flavor of cult marines

>> No.74277198

so you want renegades and heretics to get revived

>> No.74277200

>not buying a $200 brush made with hand selected elf pubes
Never gonna make it.

>> No.74277229

Thinking of making an Ork themed set of Terrain for playing the game on that is meant to Symbolize "DakkaTown", the base of Operations for /mydudes/ (The Skullcrag Killaz) Gang of Orks. Thinking of making the outline of the town based centered on a somewhat unstable Electric Generator called the "Zap Makah' " that while it gives electricity to the Ruins surrounding it that make up Dakkatown also Zaps unlucky boyz who get too close at the wrong time. Are there official rules for terrain like this by GW?

>> No.74277233

Looking back, stalker bolters were really fucking goofy looking huh? A giant scope on a relatively compact gun.

>> No.74277235

I love the moldline scraper. I know it's just a shaped piece of flat steel but the fact is that the shape makes it perfect for scraping moldlines off most surfaces.
I'm newish to the hobby so I don't have the confidence that lets people scrape the bladed edge of an xacto directly towards their own thumb.

>> No.74277245

Renegades and heretics codex soon

>> No.74277256

What a shit ending.

>> No.74277260

To be honest, the bolter itself is pretty goofy-looking.
Also is that ejection port on the left side of the gun?

>> No.74277261

I love them.

>> No.74277270

Oh yeah i remember the size of mando jetpacks, but they usually had the little articulated swizzle thrusters that came down to the waist at least.

>> No.74277272

>Clearly it was the case behind-the-scenes or that article wouldn't exist
So you actually believe the Matrix is an allegory for transgenderism?

>> No.74277284


>> No.74277289

I won't lie, I have it too and use it pretty much all the time now.

I also bought their hand drill because I just wanted to get one on the day and couldn't be faffed to wait for one to arrive.

>> No.74277301

Popular among American boomers.

>> No.74277303

...well anon, why is it a shit ending? What happens?
Nah, it's more like lower back, but I get you.
unlike the attention grabbing you're referencing, that star wars article was put out at the time of, not years and years and years after the fact

>> No.74277306

Are you arguing that an article from the time of the first movie's release does not reflect the original artistic intention of the first movie?

>> No.74277308

Whats the point of getting a knight if your just going to ruin it like that? Either paint it as a household from the lore or make up your own household.

>> No.74277310

who is ready to get their ass clapped by this bad boy.

Superheavy Detachment(-3CP)
2000/2000 points (13CP)


Dominus Knight Castellan (635)
*Volcano Lance
*Plasma Decimator
*Twin Siegebreaker (35)
*Twin Siegebreaker (35)
*Shieldbreaker Missile x2 (20)
*Twin Melta
*Twin Melta

Questoris Knight Crusader (475)
*Avenger Gatling
*Thermal Cannon (75)
*Heavy Stubber (5)
*Heavy Flamer

Questoris Knight Crusader (475)
*Avenger Gatling
*Thermal Cannon (75)
*Heavy Stubber (5)
*Heavy Flamer


Tech Priest Engineseer (35)

Tech Priest Engineseer (35)

Troops of some sort (45)
Troops of some sort (45)

Onager Dunecrawler (135)
*Neutron Laser (10)
*Cognis Heavy Stubber (5)
*Cognis Heavy Stubber (5)

Onager Dunecrawler (120)
*Icarus Array (10)
*Cognis Heavy Stubber (5)

>> No.74277322

delete this

>> No.74277328

Both of the Matrix brothers lopped their cocks off, so it seems legit.

>> No.74277330

>why buy a (bloody expensive) Knight if you’re just going to paint it how you want and to a good standard
Idk bruh, real headscratcher

>> No.74277340

>going competition pistol shooting with a clock
>rapes you in obsec

>> No.74277359

As much as I love Star Wars Battlefront 2 2005, the rebellion of Kamino is non canon.

>> No.74277362

Art can be interpreted any way by anyone so saying x IS an allegory for Y does not make sense

>> No.74277367

>a good standard
could be the lighting not doing it any favors but most of that model appears to be one flat color, which I don't really consider to be a "good standard"

>> No.74277395

O don’t mean great, but the paint is on smoothly, it’s highlighted, the colours are neat, the transfers are on well etc.
It’s not golden demon, but it’s not bad.

>> No.74277421

>official canon post-Disney
Nah. Intellectual Property is a spook.

>> No.74277424

because terminators still offer things that primaris don't and they are in a different class of armour so don't clay with primaris. Thematically they can say that all the old marines are so whittled down they can all deploy in termie relic armour and the rest of the chapter is primaris.

>> No.74277432

This one looks promising.

>> No.74277452

>Muh Household
Paint your models however you enjoy it as with every other model in the game, because auts like you on /tg/ I actually wrote in lore for why my Knight will be the colors of my Successor Chapter.
>The people of (Unnamed System) revere the (Unnamed Successor Chapter) due to their feats in defending the system and saving countless lives, as well as the influence having their Fortress Monastery on the most populated planet in the system brings. The Commoners and Nobles alike view the Chapter as the Emperors will and revere them, so much so that it is tradition for the most awarded combatants among the nobles who have proven themselves in battle alongside the (Unnamed Successor Chapter) to repaint their rigs in the Chapters colors and become a "Honorary Captain" of the Chapter, from them on joining them in fights outside the system.

>> No.74277453

Wait, I thought it got confirmed by the Rebels tv show? Which yes, mostly sucked outside of maul's end, but that's not my point.
well anon? You actually have anything to say or are you just baiting for yous

>> No.74277454

Star Wars lore nerd here, as far as im aware, George never intended for the Stormtroopers in the OT to be clones

Ask me any questions related to it and I should be able to answer

>> No.74277460

Dont use actual PL, because if they change to 2W, would be in the codex, which can have updated PL

>> No.74277466

>using any nid unit released after second edition

>> No.74277467

What music would Space Marines and common guards listen to while going to war?

>> No.74277484


>> No.74277486

Nothing like anything we listen to now since music 39 thousand years from now will be unimaginable to our sense of hearing.

>> No.74277488

I don't have any problem with Girlyman putting his hot seed into a jungle bunny but why does the porch monkey still have the facial structure of a pavement ape? They're supposed to look like their primarch and accept their load of modifications young enough to do so.

>> No.74277490


>> No.74277494

Leave this one to me.

>> No.74277497

It's not inconceivable that a knight household would swear allegiance to a space marine chapter that has played a major role in defending their planet or system.

>> No.74277503 [DELETED] 

> the final book ends in like m37
> the epilogue goes on to briefly mention Fabius changes from this idealistic, driven genius, into a genocidal monster and that chaos has finally won him over
> awkwardly talks about what he does in the next 4 millenia which has nothing to do with this trilogy

only cool bit is we absolutely now know for certain Fabius does have around 12 clones around the universe at any point in time. and that he is working on Primaris CSM.
> he gives up his nu-man project and just hides them throughout the galaxy

>> No.74277506

choral hymns

>> No.74277513

>using nid units before the new(er) models

>> No.74277517

Doesn't Ultramarine geneseed only make small changes?

>> No.74277519

I recall the smurfs do actually have a few freeblades who essentially joined the chapter

>> No.74277525

>Fabius gives up on his New Man project
I knew they would do my boy dirty but damn.

>> No.74277528

How do you sleep at night knowing Disney is raping something you care about?
Also do you know any Star Wars games with actual rules besides Pazaak?

>> No.74277531

Do primarchs have dicks?

>> No.74277537

Imagine the crazy shit Cawl and Bile could come up with if they worked together.

>> No.74277541

Just couldn't decide which one to go with so you splurged them all out in one post, eh?

>> No.74277546

>implying that they’re hot already working together

>> No.74277552


>> No.74277553

You now realise there is a non-zero percent chance that one of the brains Cawl has absorbed is one of Biles.

>> No.74277566

>Cawl, Bile, Rakarth, Szeras, and Orkimedes unite to create the ultimate mad science project

>> No.74277574

Honestly I forgot about freeblades entirely. That makes it absolutely trivial to justify painting a knight in SM colors, if you really need to.

>> No.74277579


>> No.74277580

What is it, lads?

>> No.74277581

>The Violators are known to use electrical pulses to stimulate certain parts of the brain to increase pleasure.

where is this from? I just read Daemon World and it doesn't say anything like this anywhere. Maybe I missed it

>> No.74277589

>hymns sure
>stuff from their homeworld
>stuff they picked up from chumming around with other regiments on transport ships
people that stratify the imperium into 'ONLY GOTHIC THEMED STUFF EVUR GRIMDARK ALL HUUURRR' is super boring. They probably have all sorts of genres of music that's imperium approved. They might even listen to more quasi-overlooked stuff bemoaning war like vietnam and ruskies in afghanistan that some regiments commissars don't care about
oh, that's fucking retarded. Imagine being so incapable of writing character progression that you need to just say it happened in an afterwards

>> No.74277593

Wrong, It makes you based. Go choke on some more xenos cock, fag.

>> No.74277594

It's pretty commonly accepted and Black Library canon that space marines have penises. Primarchs might be a different story, but why? Whether any of them besides Fulgrim can get aroused is another story.

>> No.74277595

That one might be Sigmar.

>> No.74277596

> the final book ends in like m37
> the epilogue goes on to briefly mention Fabius changes from this idealistic, driven genius, into a genocidal monster and that chaos has finally won him over
> awkwardly talks about what he does in the next 4 millenia which has nothing to do with this trilogy
> only cool bit is we absolutely now know for certain Fabius does have around 12 clones around the universe at any point in time. and that he is working on Primaris CSM.
> he gives up his nu-man project and just hides them throughout the galaxy

>> No.74277600


>> No.74277601

Pretty sure it's an orruk or seraphon mini for Sigmar. Looks like a dinosaur jaw to me.

>> No.74277607


>> No.74277608


>> No.74277609

I know you're just memeing for (you)s, but you know it doesn't effect them anywhere near as much as you're claiming.
And doesn't start until during puberty

>> No.74277610


>> No.74277619

Some kind of monster skull.
Definitely AOSy

>> No.74277626

oh, that's fucking retarded. Imagine being so incapable of writing character progression that you need to just say it happened in an afterwards.
God, BL sucks so much ass it's amazing.

>> No.74277643

I hate it but it's definitely not outside the possibilities

>> No.74277652

Gargant kings helmet.

>> No.74277654

Las talon is the worst one by a lot; 24" range on an impulsor is just begging to die T1. Plus now that fly doesn't allow shooting after falling back the talon one is a straight liability.

>> No.74277669

CSM and Eye of Terror codices from 3E are their only other mention.
Daemon World was so terribly written. I forced myself to try to find any juicy ideas for my slaaneshi warband but it was just hot garbage.

>> No.74277672

I quite liked the 40k idol songs.
Some were pretty shit.
But the first two were great and the cadian one was great also sung by what is probably a 14 year old girl.

>> No.74277674

My heart wants it to be nids but my brain says some AoS dragon shit. Probrably a skull or something.

>> No.74277688

I get 30" range t1 fwiw, that's something like a 40" threat range t1.

>> No.74277713

The earlier ones were good and the later ones pretty terrible apart from two.
The people they get to do the songs seem to be euros who dont speak english very well and so cant sing in it very well despite their nice voices.
There's a lot of odd cadences and pitch to the words that makes me dislike them.

>> No.74277714

Pauldron of a primaris lieutenant.

>> No.74277716

you specifying that just told me far too much about you as a person and I don't like it
learn to screen, dummy. Remember, you can't charge things you don't declare anymore so there's spilling over onto the tank if you roll well enough by chance

>> No.74277722



>> No.74277726

I think the idea was that because theres so many clones of Fabius, some are your evil cartoon villain Fabius, some are the ones that almost permanently live in Commoraph, one Fabius is the one creating monsters ( the Igor to Dr Frankenstein) and the final one that awakens to work on Primaris CSM is the actual real Fabius.

>> No.74277727

only one thing to listen to when flying in on your valk

>> No.74277733

Lads, should I read the entire Horus Heresy or just the good ones?

>> No.74277736

no way is that nids, it looks most like a squig of some sort, maybe armageddon related at best. There isn't much rumoured in AoS that it could be though, maybe some kind of dark elf creature or squig.

>> No.74277744

Aye, fair enough anon. I've been having a shit day and I lashed out at something that annoyed me only slightly. OP can paint his knight any way he pleases (Because Freeblades exist as well - Also in the Freeblade game you do swear allegance to the Dark Angles for saving you)

>> No.74277747

>Hey anon, these are my Succubus, alright?

>> No.74277754

Lmaoing at the Warhammer Community dudes constantly feeling the need to mention that ACTUALLY the Imperium aren't really the good guys. It's like some compulsive disorder.

>> No.74277755

AoS models are unironically better than 40k's now. It's sad.

>> No.74277759

AoS for sure. Theres Orcs, Seraphon, and Giants coming soon, so its one of them.

>> No.74277761


>> No.74277766 [DELETED] 

I like griffiths arc so far
He's not quite as easy to hate if you stop and think about what he's doing, very far from 1 dimensional god damn he's an evil bastard

>> No.74277786

>just the good ones
Do this and you don't have to read any of them
sounds good senpai, easy to tell
the new crons are pretty cool, well at least some of them

>> No.74277798

Griffith must live. Pic related's love keeps him alive.

>> No.74277808

Its the alive version of whatever this skull is

>> No.74277825

not exactly a new trend, fantasy models shit on 40k since 7th ed. AoS was kind of a playground for CAD models and now has gotten way ahead in terms of design.

>> No.74277830


>> No.74277838

>good ones

>> No.74277839

Not the anon you are replying to, but as someone who started out with SW and transitioned into Warhammer, it really hurts. Watching as it turns from a flawed, but interesting story, into a woke propaganda fest where the directors try to retcon each others story lines between movies like two toddlers fighting in the sandbox over the actions figures. Say all you like about George Lucas, at least he tried to create a conhesive universe, unlike Disney who essentialy have gutted the franchise and didn't have any sort of story outline written, filling the void with gotcha's and plot lines that went nowhere.

>> No.74277846

>learn to screen
whats screening a 14" moving tank with 24" range? You have to get within 24" of the target, which means you are even closer to their screen. So their screen just charges it. Or even better it just gets shot down becuase its an impulsor with no invul becuase you're within 24" of the enemies biggest guns. 12" if you want the melta rule.

Its a bad tank.

>> No.74277854

they all get set free, in the furthest reaches of the galaxy. but Fabius knows alot of them will fail and get enslaved by Slaanesh.

>> No.74277860


>> No.74277863

Marines have their own knight chapters now?

>> No.74277877

Ironically, boomers will give you shit for putting a scope on a rifle.

>> No.74277887

You dont' have to move at max speed anon, just keep it with your intercessors or whatever or play it as ultramarines, as intended

>> No.74277899

Anon, your new Imperial Knight has arrived.

>> No.74277900

weird, in my experience boomers are the ones hacking and chopping and fucking up historical rifles to put on modern sights

>> No.74277914

Could be a freeblade or a household swearing loyalty to a marine chapter for saving them from destruction.

>> No.74277933

But I already have the 1/100 scale REX.

>> No.74277934


>> No.74277938

Fags who call this a "Converted world eater" will be first to die on the day of the rope.

>> No.74277939

They hated him because he told the truth. I've seen far more red marines in person than blue.

>> No.74277946

The new Look Out Sir change has me second guessing my initial list design. This is the core of what I’m wanting to field:

2x5 Infiltrators
1x5 Intercessors
2x5 Aggressors with Boltstorms
1x5 Deathwing Knights with WitD
1x5 Inceptors with Plasma

To fill out the list I have a couple options:

Option 1-
Talonmaster with Corvus Occulus and Tactically Flexible

Option 2-
Interrogator Chaplain with Power Fist
2x3 Bladeguard Veterans
Either a Judiciar or a Bladeguard Ancient

Option 3-
Sammael on Corvex
1x5 Inceptors with Plasma

Any thoughts?

>> No.74277966

It's a female primaris LT.

>> No.74277975

GW give AoS the actual attractive art, while we get tranny Dark Eldar/SoB

>> No.74277978

He's got a chainsword and a backpack, what else do you want

>> No.74277980

primaris are getting tyrannic war veterans

>> No.74277992

Careful anon, we can't complement AoS' art in any way. We must call it soulless or else WHFB players get angry.

>> No.74277996

First turn deepstrikes are allowed in 9th right? All the rules for reserves in the rulebook say they don't apply to unit special rules and I wouldn't know where else to look for that.

>> No.74277999

It's usually bubba where I am (rural SC).

>> No.74278001

Yeah we totally need more eldar shit, that's what we've been missing aaaaaaaall along.

>> No.74278004

Fans of both are obnoxious in their own ways.

>> No.74278012

Check Matched Play section.

>> No.74278013


>> No.74278019

I hope these guys get a wound increase. They are essentially the eldar terminators

>> No.74278020

Bring back the soul anon!

>> No.74278033

>cool anon, these are mine
>we good?

>> No.74278034

well then what is he?

that would be nice
plus a wraith troops option so I don't have to have any meat eldar in my army

>> No.74278048


>> No.74278051

>all but one of them with bare faces look like trannies
>i-it's good art!
ok trooner

>> No.74278055


>> No.74278057

Ahh thank you m8

>> No.74278060

>download codex from mega to see if i like a faction
>this unit may replace their weapon with a weapon from the weapon list on page 1

>> No.74278062

>space marines with leather boots and unpowered armor
kek the absolute definition of un-kino kitbashing

>> No.74278073

that's a man, baby


>> No.74278074


>> No.74278078

bubba and boomer or nearly synonymous in northern illinois. They just lean more towards the boomer connotations because far more suburban
they realized they could generate just as much talk with low effort. It's a pretty obvious business choice
I'd smirk at the coom for both but yeah it's fine

>> No.74278093

>they realized they could generate just as much talk with low effort. It's a pretty obvious business choice
I'm aware
I really hate this kind of """""""""""marketing""""""""""""""
and I also hate that people fall for it

>> No.74278096

when was the last time you went out and interacted with women?
Use battlescribe if flipping pages bothers you.

>> No.74278097



>> No.74278098

What do you guys suggest modeling-wise to help with the exorcist theme? I'm aware of people using GK helmets but I prefer being more subtle and i'll be okay using GK backpacks instead. I was thinking of buying some forbidden tomes for the sergeants to carry with them. candles and other things on the bases to make it look like they're defending a shrine/monastary. Maybe even just meme a bit and have a SOB patrol detachment allied with an exorcist in it.

what do you think?

also a theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G02wKufX3nw

>> No.74278108

>+20 year old models
Yes we do.

>> No.74278121

>when was the last time you went out and interacted with women?
seething tranny detected

>> No.74278131

All my assault intercessors look like they are skipping or tripping

>> No.74278134

welcome to modern corporatism anon. The US has spent nearly 7 decades being molded to slurp this stuff up like good little consoomers so it's really not surprising it's so successful. It's not changing until the system collapses so it's best to just accept it and enjoy your space mans when you can.

>> No.74278136

Just play Blood Angels.

>> No.74278139

purest love

>> No.74278140

He's trash, anon. Those conversions are the lethargic autists answer to creativity. He's got no under armor, no astartes greaves or gauntlets. His helmet has no sealing. Nurgle gets a free pass, but not this sped.

Pic related. Acceptable and fast WE conversions.

>> No.74278150

3rd. First one has 4 hq's and it's not worth splitting into multiple detachments for them. Plus you don't get to take advantage of their mobility, thanks to not having anything as fast as them to screen.
The second is the worst of the three because you don't need another chaplain, and you don't have a good delivery method for the bladeguard.
3rd one sammael is fine but nothing exciting. More plasma inceptors are fine but lose their appeal past the first squad.
My personal recc is to take the company ancient (or bladeguard), and 2 squads of eradicators if you can. The bladeguard helps you get more value when you have things die, and the eradicators are an outflanking threat which is nice. You might have enough points for a ravenwing apothecary if you switch to that. Put it if you can because it's a fairly cheap way to combined assault to help the knights get into combat, it can advance and charge, and can get a -1 to invuln within 3".

>> No.74278159


>> No.74278168

don't do this low effort tripe. Candles, tomes, scrolls, stuff like that. Use spears and staves - but not grey knight ones - instead of standard weapons. Cloaks for some if you have access to it. Don't do the low effort boring af grey knight bitswap

>> No.74278170

Honestly your best bet is ixing in esoteric symbols, the betrayal at calth word bearers transfers are good. The FW ones are also very good.

>> No.74278183

but blood angels are gay, sparkly vampires and don't into daemonic possession

>> No.74278205

He’s throwing open his coat to draw a pistol.

>> No.74278208

also this >>74278170

>> No.74278209

Shut the fuck up. They're the most based space marine chapter by far.

>> No.74278217

Dark Angels are the gay ones, anon.

>> No.74278220

>zerks with pistols
ahh nothing like making the charge even harder

>> No.74278225

I'm not saying that's all im gonna do with them. I just like the GK back packs. they're gonna be regular primaris marines so I'll have to think what kind of combat weapons reivers and assault intercessors could have.

thanks mate I didn't realise that there were word bearers transfer sheets kicking around.

>> No.74278236

i wanna play gk terminator, paladin, and land raider spam!

>> No.74278243

The one on the far left looks shit. The rest are good sculpts.

>> No.74278251


>> No.74278253

Highly recommend having a google for word bearers sheets and choosing the lkess 'chaotic' and more just esoteric enochian/gnostic looking ones (white lines and symbols etc)

>> No.74278265

Don’t care

>> No.74278273

Can confirm.

>> No.74278277

okay robert pattinson sorry I struck a nerve. go play with your blood talons or something

>> No.74278280

>tranny cope posts
>complains about low effort tripe
How much irony can a man take before he suffers permanent damage?

>> No.74278281


>> No.74278289

checked. However, I am the boss of the Prospero gym.

>> No.74278290

Don't remember anyone asking if you did, pleb.

>> No.74278293

my only wish is that it keeps going forward

>> No.74278294

The first option was the initial list. Was taking them more for the 36 BS2 shots at -2 AP and with Azrael as the Warlord it would cover a bit of the CP loss from a second detachment.

The second option the second chaplain is needed for the Stoic Prosecution in the Azrael/Aggressor blob with Asmodai doing the +2 to Advance rolls for the Bladeguard as they’ll be sprinting up a flank or covering an off-center objective.

The third choice just seems like a math choice as it’d have Sammael jetting around with both squads of Inceptors shooting things.

>> No.74278295

What you lads working on? Trying to get this last Word Bearer squad finished for a game on Thursday

>> No.74278296


Imagine giving a shit about Star Wars post 1980

>> No.74278300

>calls others plebs
>plays grey knights

>> No.74278301

They use every supplement, whenever the player feels like as per their fluff

"The Chapter shows a high-degree of adaptability and unpredictability in battle, both in terms of tactics and the weapons its Astartes employ. When an enemy counters one tactic used by the Exorcists, the Chapter plans accordingly, adapts, and changes strategy, enabling it to outmaneuver its enemies and catch them completely off-guard."

be jealous

>> No.74278303

I'm going to rock the regular space marine codex anyways with custom chapter tactics: Warded and Stalwart.

>> No.74278315

I also completely forgot to put the RW Apothecary into the core of the list, so I’ll have one regardless of option choice.

>> No.74278316

>low effort meme response to a retard's low effort meme
>thought out answer to a legitimate question
maybe different replies call for different levels of interaction, faggot

>> No.74278321

>he begs for mercy
Homosexuals, I swear.

>> No.74278322

>most based space marine
>blood angels
You're worse than the yiffs, at least they own up to their furriness.

>> No.74278328 [SPOILER] 


>> No.74278333

>saying this in a 40k thread in 2020
40keks from me, friendo

>> No.74278341

>Implying I'm that anon, and not just making fun of a little retard on the internet.

I would never play imperial trash.

>> No.74278350


>> No.74278352

a necron warrior squad, a dark angels infiltrator squad, a tanith guard squad and a couple ork trukks. because I can't help myself

>> No.74278358

well yeah, he was dead, he was given the choice to keep working without his sickness or to perish. He still is a driven pragmatic genious, he just doesn't care about the "human" part of his clones.

>> No.74278368


holy fuck £20 for a transfer sheet topjej.

>> No.74278373

>I would never play Imperial trash
Lol, enjoy 30 years of no models faggot.

>> No.74278375

grab the betrayal at calth one on ebay. Much cheaper

>> No.74278378

Make way. Move aside for the best legion.

>> No.74278396

I have a 3d printer. My sculpts are endless. Enjoy your copy pasted overpriced shit, anon.

>> No.74278400

Kek. Post minis.

>> No.74278401


>> No.74278414

Sorry guys! My bumfriend there was blocking the view

>> No.74278425

For me, it’s Kyrae.

>> No.74278429

Many thanks for clearing the way for us brother

>> No.74278431

IDK the man who didnt want to hurt his brother or the gypsy retard who had a pack of 40k shitbulls, a cadre of witches bred purposefully to hurt the man who didnt want to hurt his brother, and a gang of retards with axes?

Hmm hard choice

>> No.74278433

Whoops, hit post too early. I don’t pay for overpriced shit, Anon, I buy stuff off eBay and convert.

>> No.74278439

Sorry, read the supplement rules

You can only use a supplement if
A. You are the chapter of the supplement
B. You are a successor of said chapter
C. You are unknown origin

Exorcists are successors of the Grey Knights, meaning they do not fit any of those criteria and thus cannot use a supplement

>> No.74278440

how hard is it for the average pleb to chop the legs at the nee and put them on power armored legs and do the same for the gauntlets, takes these conversions from "i swapped a weapon and glued a backpack on them to actually good shit. Seeing fucking khorne berzerkers in LEATHER boots makes me laugh every single time. like JUST how lazy does someone have to be to convince themselves thats ok? lol

>> No.74278448

Seethe, fuckboy. Are you excited to give GW more of your money for those mystery boxes?

>> No.74278453

>That window before the CSM kit got updated and every hobbylet fag touted this as an amazing kitbash and answer to the zerker problem
The real kicker is this always looked worse than just using the crappy manlet zerkers plastics

>> No.74278456

I agree with you on the boots, but SM in gloves is top kino

>> No.74278458

how would one go about achieveing that shine effect when painting it i wonder

>> No.74278460

morgwaeth honestly is giving me COOM tier vibes... im uncomfortable bros have GW finally made attractive femals a thing

>> No.74278466


>> No.74278470

Thats because they get to redesign everything because they got a hard reset. AoS is in a good place now that Stormcast haven't had releases in 2 years. Also with the rumours of humans vs orcs for AoS 3.0, its slowly building.

GW need to get there shit together and do major overhauls of Imperial Guard, Craftworlds/DE, and Orks ASAP. Plus throw in World Eaters, and Lost and the Damned, as well.

>> No.74278474

>Imagine sticking your dig into the mouth hole of that mask and facefucking him while he tries to gargle out "L-loyalty is it's o-own reward!"

>> No.74278475

See >>74278433
But also post models, I’m interested in 3D printing.

>> No.74278476

>blood angels best loyalist legion
>death guard best traitor legion
simple as

>> No.74278481

>using NC images

>> No.74278489

Hey anon, not the same one but I've been painting these and it gives you a rough idea of what's on them

>> No.74278490

>not the chad WE

>> No.74278492

You're right, Im sick of uncreative and uninspired fucks thinking their work is good, they are no better than the diversity hire sculpters at gw

>> No.74278493

This is how real alphas do miniatures.

>> No.74278499

you know you're supposed to post your own when you pull this anon, right? If you don't it just reveals you as a secondary.

>> No.74278500


>Finally bought my first set of 40k
>It's a start collecting admech.
>First time assembleing and painting a model.
>too scared to move forward now because I fear fucking it up due to newbness.

So this is how it feels anons... I understand now: I am enlightned.

+Bonus "littlest shit I'm proud of": giving a sword i didn't use on a alpha skitarii dude to the skorpius guy.

>> No.74278501

how fucking low are your standards jesus christ

>> No.74278502

lmao what are these models?

>> No.74278513

This. Russ was a retard and wolves players are the what gives the hobby the bad image of smelly fucking neckbeards

>> No.74278521

To be fair, lots of old CSM models had leather gloves. I guess they could... be... wearing the boots on top of the armour...? I don't know how to defend it.

>> No.74278522

>Not the based big dick chad EC


>> No.74278525

Why aren't there more leaked data sheets out in the wild?

>> No.74278526


>> No.74278527

it looks fine if they were willing to cut off the lower legs and replace it, but few did.

>> No.74278529

Brush up on your Batman lore dude It's clearly Melvin, brother of the Joker

>> No.74278537

Maybe grab a box of 5 Cadians or whatever to practice on first anon?

The difference between your first and second models is normally very big, and by the time you've got to 5 you've at least got an idea of how the paint you're using works and what you need to work towards

>> No.74278540

>I guess they could... be... wearing the boots on top of the armour...?

>> No.74278541

They're hot. Get over it.

>> No.74278542

>decide between 2nd ed Dark Eldar, Vostroyans and Tyranids, pick Tyranids

Did I make the right choice?

>> No.74278548


>> No.74278551


>> No.74278560

Get me closer, I want to hit them with my sword!

>> No.74278567

This is what years of no pussy does to a nigga

>> No.74278568

DG are cool but they're also a bunch of pathetic sorry bastards, anon. I hope you're willing to admit that and not one of the m-m-m-muh papa nurlge love!
You'll never get better if you don't keep moving forwards, and that's a decent enough start.
Congrats on your first kitbash

>> No.74278577

I think they're comparing it to the trash tier 8th edition Dark Eldar art.

>> No.74278580

Here you go, one of my few unconverted minis. Love this guy.

>> No.74278591

Since my army painter matt black got here a day ago ... FINALLY my black legion. I bought a shit ton of chaincannon barrels, gonna put them in my csm squads ive got and when they get here gonna make 2 havoc squads. FeelsGoodMan

>> No.74278602

I remember some people who worked on the effects mentioning how the media would hype the CGI and use clips that are mostly practical effects with some CGI added to them.

>> No.74278605

Imagine that

>> No.74278606

That's just nu GW lore, anon. Early 2000s DG, especially the sculpts from FW where maximum kino. They appeared more like slaves than willing hosts. And anyone who thinks DG should be happy deserves a screwdriver in their dickhole.

>> No.74278608

Sounds aboslutely fucking retarded. Holy shit is the HH goddamn awful

>> No.74278611

Warhammer fantasy pygmies

>> No.74278620

I think there are still horned skull pauldrons floating around.

>> No.74278624

Just got this dude andam planning to glue a power sword on his hip so that he has a legal loadout. How does a Crusade army with him as the warlord commanding a few squads of space marines sound? Also post about Crusade, I guess, I love the system.

>> No.74278625

i know its 'chaotic' but its got lots of small script try this https://www.themightybrush.com/product/chaotic-script-waterslide-transfers-decals/

>> No.74278626

He's got a backpack. His armor is powered.

>> No.74278627

waiting on a wet pallete to come so i can keep practicing

>> No.74278630

You posted this earlier, and I remember you saying you didnt intend for him to look black, but unless the lightening is really faded, or the washes were over strong, he really does seem to have dark skin.
Also, did you varnish with semi-gloss?

>> No.74278631

What’s your point?

>> No.74278636

Commissar Mordecai!

>> No.74278637

Very steadily painting my Guard, I need to get to grips with my airbrush but I don't know if it is advisable to work in this weather. So I'll just paint my already primed lads and see how it goes.

>> No.74278640

What are some of the rarest and most useful metals for making weapons in the 40k Galaxy? Thinking of making my Samurai Marines Chapter Master have a Power Sword made out of (Super Rare Metal) found from a meteorite billions of years old hidden under a Shrine near the Chapters Fortress Monastery. Thinking a Amethyst Color with some Light Blue Highlights to Contrast the Red and Rose Gold Armor

>> No.74278641

So does this guy though >>74277938

>> No.74278644


>> No.74278645

Seen that before but for you're sake I"ll assume you're earnest
Decent enough paintwork, albeit somewhat flat.
Current are definitely still slaves, but the delusional kind. And I was agreeing with your statement on them not being happy

>> No.74278649

What kits replace them?

> Assault Intercessors
> Necron Warriors
> Skorpechs
> Bikes
> Necron war-of-the-worlds walker?

>> No.74278654

yeah i guess at least the gloves have the armored playing at the wrists so dont look completely silly, but the boots just look rediculous lol

>> No.74278657

The slightly glossy is there, but it’s worsened by the lighting. I mixed up my null oil and my noun oil gloss- hence the grey skin on top, and the very dark 5 o’ clock shadow underneath. Came out much darker than I’d hoped.

Good memory.

>> No.74278661

>Oops All Scarabs!

>> No.74278667

Yes but he has leather boots and no under armor. The suit isn't connected to anything. It's basically just plate armor with a backpack on it. Don't try to make excuses for stupid, anon. They're just lazy and uninspired.

>> No.74278670

The same kits in new boxes, check the top of the thread

>> No.74278674

nu-DG accept they were tricked and embrace their lot. not like they have much of a choice in the matter anyway

>> No.74278688

hey lmao it was me who said "why is he black"

>> No.74278690

I wouldn't mind, I've got more than enough warriors but I'd like more scarabs.

>> No.74278692

Yeah, it’s mine. I’ve posted it before though.

>> No.74278693

This salty 40kuk angry that people use Blood Warriors as Berzerkers, or that people like the AoS daughters of khaine art.

>> No.74278697

>Early 2000s DG, especially the sculpts from FW where maximum kino.
post em

>> No.74278700

he has an un armored arm holding a primarchs former weapon, its based and does not prove your point mate

>> No.74278704

Imagine the citadel skulls box but scarabs of various size instead.

>> No.74278712


>> No.74278722

>tfw never bought the ETB aggressors or Redemptior
>tfw ETB assault Intercessors and bikers will come out
This is ok

>> No.74278727

>stay back with your optimal range 12" guns
Defeating the entire purpose. Just get the lancer and shoot things from a distance. Why are you trying to make a bad tank worse?

>> No.74278733

Not him, but Blood Warriors aren’t space marines, they’re just wearing armour with trim. It’s a different design, and proper kitbashing can produce great results, like >>74278140 said.

>> No.74278734

hahah really these were actual GW models? thats hilarious

>> No.74278739

I for one would love to see some thunder warriors unleashed.
They'd be custodes tier but more killy

>> No.74278740

yeah but we got 2 new kits ( Blighthauler, and Felthius) that werent in any box. Plus AoS 2, got 4 new ETB kits that weren't in any starter box, or other box.

>> No.74278742

Just Print them

>> No.74278743

These will be your new pygmys.

>> No.74278751

Kharn has a bare arm. The first pic is acceptable

>> No.74278753

They like that art? I thought their bodies looked vague and a little lumpy.

>> No.74278756

Based DG upgrade kit. Their tac marine one was amazing. They also had a nurgle sorc which was and still is, imo, better than any plauguecaster model that has come out since.

>> No.74278758

> didn't buy Gravis armour marines

Sounds actually like you made the right decision, fren

>> No.74278766

Speaking of powerpacks
>Reading the newest Fabius Bile book
>Apparently his Chirurgeon/powepack is having sex with the wildlife on board the ship

>> No.74278769

cheers senpai
go beg forgeworld and HH players

>> No.74278772

That would be nice. But they're all dead. They where too unstable.

>> No.74278774

Are those prices cheaper?
Seriously? I didn't think that was possible

>> No.74278780

primaris should have been stabilised thunder warriors
still not perfect, but powerful to be worth the risk

those ARE very nice
nuDG are kind of a joke in comparison, huh

>> No.74278782

the problem with those bodies is they don't fit in at all with the rest of the plastic parts with some moderate work in beating and corroding it.

>> No.74278785

because hes KHARN, how the fuck is an average pleb on the level of him?

>> No.74278787

Yes. They will be part of the next armies on parade. I'm trying to get gw ti bring them back.

>> No.74278789

thanks chief they're looking good. I think im gonna buy some just to test them out but might end up just free handing them so they look more like the badab war art.

>> No.74278794

>W4 grey knight paladins
>halberds get S+2
the age of marines is over
the time of the grey knight has come

>> No.74278795

That's why I never bought them.
I wanted true scale marines so Primaris look good (I like the Mk7 helmet but I'm not against the MkX helmet )
Gravis just looks goofy. Gives me centurion vibes. They don't have a place in my aesthetic Blood Angels army.

>> No.74278801

They are clearly fanboys that are trying to emulate him

>> No.74278804

I'm sure the right tool and right mind could make the new termie bodies mesh well with these. Especially since the bodies come halved on the sprue if I remember correctly. Easy cutting.

>> No.74278809

>>Apparently his Chirurgeon/powepack is having sex with the wildlife on board the ship

we know that stabilising them is possible, arik taranis managed it in The Outcast Dead
he might even be still alive

>> No.74278814

same thing

>> No.74278822

nah vostroyans held their value better. I too wish I hadn't chosen nids after the 15+ years of buttfucking cruddace has given them.

>> No.74278824

>I wanted true scale marines so Primaris look good
Except rhey change the design, the proportions, the units, the lore nd anything they can get away with. They should have done the same as CSM and SoB.

>> No.74278825


Ideally, I have already accepted that this first skitariis will be the sacrificial bunch my newbie hands will ruin. Practically, I'm waiting a little bit.

Eventually I'll just grab another box of skiitaris maybe the start collecting box with the dunecrawler and the cycle will continue.

I've got also a couple of space marines the dudes in the local gameshop kinda gifted me.
Wanted to practice on them aswell. But I found hard to come up with a decent enough armor color scheme that had the same red/kaki/metal combo of paints I had.

But thanks for the words of encouragement anons. I can only promise that I'll try my best.

>> No.74278829

I dunno. A few survived the final battle.
The more likely scenario though is someone using the emprahs methods to make more.

See this would have been interesting and given the primaris a more clear role in the existing chapter structure.
Since they're a lot less stable than astartes but shits so bad they have to be used. And the reason cawl didn't whip them out at any prior point is purely because they're the emergency shits fucked everywhere button of the Imperium.

>> No.74278835

Blood angels are based. Fuck out of here with that image.

>> No.74278840

I like this idea, and there's a few swarms that could make use of a box like this.

>> No.74278853

That book is coomer kino.

Give me 5 minutes, I'll blow all you guys minds with some screencaps.

>> No.74278858

thanks I'm just getting some of those 3D printed emblems from pop goes the monkey

>> No.74278861

>For me, it’s Kyrae.

>> No.74278865

>he liked the potty squatty doublewide proportions

>> No.74278867

if it makes you feel any better, I'm doing the exact same thing with Librarians. By the time I'm finished with my plans, I'll be able to run like 2 of the old Supreme Command detachments of just librarians with models left over

>> No.74278880

Custodes were still better. Theres a sad short story in the HH, where a Custode is sent to kill one of the last remaining Thunder Warriors.

>> No.74278883

Barring the helmet I don’t mind the design of Primaris. It’s a clear progression from the Mk.VIII armour.
Plus the guy said that he wanted truescale marines- I doubt that proportions changing will have bothered him.

Do it.

>> No.74278889

Seethe. Sorry your blood warriors look like shit.

>> No.74278900

sure but you gotta remember those thunder warriors were severely degraded from their prime and could still shatter a marine's skull with a headbutt

>> No.74278904

The change in proportions is fine but the lore is trash.
CSM should've been buffed.
SoB as 1W Sv3+ stands out appropriately as just regular humans.

>> No.74278906

I feel the custodes equipment is likely what tipped the scales in his favour.

Personally I like the helmet

>> No.74278927

>Barring the helmet I don’t mind the design of Primaris
but the helmet is the most important part
at least it's easy to swap on model, shame about all the art it ruins by showing up in though

>Personally I like the helmet
pic related

>> No.74278943

One thing I loved about the brief mentions they got in HH is that they were a lot smarter than the emperor gave them credit for and saw right through his little scheme to have them all killed.
But they didn't care and held no grudge.

Maximus armour helmet best helmet

>> No.74278976

It’s a shame that a MkX helmet =/= a MkIV helmet, then.

Also MkV is superior you pleb

>> No.74279018

I'm going to use Mark 2 Iron Helmets on my Templars because they look cool and you can't stop me

>> No.74279043

>this time i will totally start a new army
>month later
>just multiple packs of chaos stuff again

Why does this keep happening

>> No.74279053

the Tanith First and Only had a dude that would play bagpipes when they were gearing up for a fight because they were pretty much a bunch of space Welsh

>> No.74279057

It's called love, anon.

>> No.74279068

Would you like some help by moving to chaos adjacent things?
Could always start a guard army and theme them as traitorguard

>> No.74279074

>But they didn't care and held no grudge.
yeah, taranis was great
I hope he gets another story in the future

>> No.74279081

Based as fuck. MkIII might be easier to find cheap though.

>> No.74279085

You just like Chaos.
Why not kitbash some Dark Mechanicus or Traitor Guard with all your extra chaos bits? Mite b cool.

>> No.74279100

If I wasn't a PrintChad that might be a problem, weirdly enough Mark 2 STL's are a lot easier to find in my experience

>> No.74279106

So am I not supposed to drill the CSM Terminator bolter barrels? The little holes on the sides are already open, so when I tried it just destroyed the front of the barrel.

Also how do you make painting terminators fun? I want to like them, I really do, but it sucks and looks awful no matter what and I get discouraged 1/3 of the way through.

>> No.74279112

Agreed. Let's hope W2 tacticals are true after all. Would be nice if all boltguns were AP-1 too.

>> No.74279114

Be fun if he contributes in some way in the Siege. Nothing silly like he was Ollanius Pius or anything, but he rallies some militia or something.

>> No.74279116

I play traitor guard too already, i actually have some new ogryns coming soon.
Just dont really know what to run them as now tho, with Renegades and Heretics not getting updated for 9th

>> No.74279122

some fag made a new one

>> No.74279144

What do you mean "make painting terminators fun"? You either enjoy painting or you don't, you're either good at painting, or progressing or you're not. There's no solution to this issue other than pushing through and using the experience to get better.

>> No.74279150

Don’t use this shitty one, fuck off. This one’s perfectly good.

Mind posting them? You could always run them as Guard.

>> No.74279170

Use IG rules and don't ally in CSM/Daemons
It sucks but it is what it is.
Alternatively, if you play with friends, try to homebrew? Maybe take a penalty by not using doctrines?

>> No.74279176

too late


>> No.74279234

They come with the full sprues anon, considering Jews Workshop prices now for individual kits, Start Collecting! boxes are a good deal, at least most of the time (Eldar and Slaneesh are awful for their own reasons).
In the case of normal manlets, since they are getting buffed it's a god deal.

>> No.74279374

are you using a drill bit small enough? i drill all the barrels on my csm bolters and you just have to do the front main barrel first, having used a scalpel type blade to put a guide hole in the centre, then to it part way from either side into the centre.

>> No.74279447

I only picked them because they have Sanguinary Guards, otherwise might have had picked someone else

>> No.74279573

With alternating deployment, do you declare if a unit is going as deep strike as a drop, or is declared before deployment?

>> No.74279653

chaos primaris would be so shit, chaos just need chaosy cool stuff. I would prefer they find a way to make some sort of demoncubula work over just "lol, we got loyalists new toys too"

>> No.74280027 [DELETED] 


>> No.74280116

nice portrait

>> No.74280936

A lot of it is "new thing bad" but for me its because they're unnecessary, lore-wise. They could have just called them new marines sculpts/units and been done with it, but instead they had to be the super cool chad marines as a half-assed ploy to make people buy them. Thankfully I give less than a shit about marines so they're easy enough to just not think about

>> No.74281383

Retard question
In older editions you shot at half range if you moved.
Does that still apply or can you fire at max range if you move?

>> No.74281560


>> No.74281689

source on the left helmet?

>> No.74281824 [DELETED] 

>debating buying a fuckhuge knife just to have a proper Catachan Fang
>nobody makes a 20 inch Mark 2 out of something akin to 1050 steel
Sad. Best I can get is a 14.4" KA-BAR Big Brother made in the milspec stick tang style from 1095 Cro-Van.

>> No.74282306

fuck that GW anthology shit, wheres the ADB nightlords adaptation?
out of everything, that series is the most adaption friendly
and cant ADB manage to write anything else that isnt shit?

>> No.74282759

Just got mk5 helmets in from shapeways, a little bigger than other helmet marks though.

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