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>plastic dice will outlast the games people play with them
>10,000 years in the future people will wonder what we did with these dice
>they will be very far from the truth

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It's already happened anon.

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We've been using dice for about as long as we've lived settled lives.

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we have a pretty firm idea of how The Royal Game of Ur was played, and that existed around 4,000 years ago

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Gonna link this because it teaches you the game and is also a fun video. Plus the guy who fuckin translated the rules is the one doing the teaching.

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I'm just going to imagine that's ancient Roman Lucite and not look it up.

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I wonder what games the ancient Romans played with d20s and d6s.
It was probably a Roman equivalent of craps or something, but I find it more amusing to belive already the ancient Romans played tabletop RPGs (it's not like they didn't invest about half the stuff we still do already).

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"Non est qui conatus ludere DnD?"

*I just quickly used google translate, so I don't expect the latin grammar to be correct.

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If historians base what they know about how we played games like D&D on things like the rules, they will have maybe 3% of the picture.

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I love how precise the Roman die is. It's not mathematically perfect, but it's pretty close to the mark.

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>Ceremonial purposes

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I've read thd D20s we tr e probably used for divinations, but there's no hard evidence of that.

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it's like the guy above you posted, whenever archaeologists find something they don't know the use of they just say "ceremonial/religious purposes" and move on

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