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Please post general tips which universally apply to all versions and systems.

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I've GM'd some small stuff before, sessions ranging from one other person to six other people.
Generally speaking, they went just okay.

However, I'm about to have my first big group of 8 to 10 people and I'm feeling a bit nervous.

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1. Relax
2. Stop second guessing yourself
3. Study the material
4. Be a good listener
5. Always say please and thank you and be polite

Huh actually this applies to almost everything but wrestling and rockshows

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Learn when to say no. I don't know how many times a game was ruined or wanted to strangle a mother fucker because the GM refused to say no or intervene in some game or rule breaking bullshit. Remember, you are GOD, don't let the players walk all over you.

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Powerful, thank you.

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I got more if you'd like

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play what you want, don't suffer running a campaign or system you dont like for some goobers

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I thought campaigns i played were total utter dogshit. Holy fuck lmao

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This isn't remotely RPG-related but it's an inspiring tabletop villain story. Based on the length and depth it's probably fake but fuck you I like it. This is the sort of dungeon master I wish I could be.

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Oh you want total and utter dogshit? I got you famalam. My personal favorite is #21.

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These are unironicaly fun, because of the absurdity.

>Attacked by urban enviroment

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God I wish I could see the absolute asshurt that Spikes player went through. Seeing that guy get his just desserts is a little cathartic as I have never seen a 'that guy' get punished in such a humiliating way in my many years of playing.

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Vet your players by making them do 25 push ups. It's like magic in weeding out spergs and that guys.

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dont go overboard with preperation. You will add more details than you can deal with and everything will fall apart. Trust me, it always happens to me whenever i have more than 2 weeks preptime

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1.) Jot down notes about what happens. You don't know when a previous event/object becomes more relevant later.
2.) You'll make mistakes. The trick is to roll with the punches and improvise so that the players don't realize it was a mistake.

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*Pop* coo denada Kimosabe!

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My favorite trick is to have a murder mystery and let whoever the party ends up accusing be the murderer. If they can't decide have it be a team up between their most likely suspects. The story moves forward, the players feel smart, and the overall story arc reveals itself organically. If they get too big a head and think they are Sherlock Holmes + Batman feel free to have one get away so the illusion of stakes stays in place.

In combat, ignore enemy HP. Enemies go down when tension demands it. Mooks go down in 1-2 hits. Named henchmen in 2-5. Villains go down when the party's resources are low.

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>It's okay if it's not perfect
>Don't fear improvisation!
>The players are the stars of the show. NPCs should be there to help, but not overshadow.
>Print out a "cheat sheet" with any odd rules that might come up: falling, being on fire, etc
>For new players, a combat cheat sheet is good too.
>It's okay to say "we'll resolve it this way today and look up the rules later" when you come upon an unusual situation the rules don't seem to cover
> "Yes, and" and "Yes, but" are better than "No", most of the time.
>Try to make sure everyone gets a little "spotlight" per session.
>A quick list of names for random characters is good
>If it's getting late and everyone's running out of steam before a big fight, put that off until next session. A dramatic cliffhanger is better than a slog.

I'm sure you're gonna be great!

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Keep track of the passage of time and distance! Nothing can kill the narrative weight faster than the feeling that the party is just being shuffled from set piece to set piece and the world outside their direct surroundings doesn't exist.

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Don't play with people who you would otherwise not be friends with.

Cultivate your group in such a way that you may have players want to try game mastering. You will grow sick of being the Forever GM.

Run a variety of games and systems and encourage other GMs to not shy away from new things.

There is nothing wrong with one shots between campaigns. Just make sure that the scenario is self-contained.

There is nothing wrong with a campaign that only lasts two to three months. Most PCs are not compelling enough to follow for years on end.

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There's a pleasantly large amount of good information here, and while I have none to contribute myself I hope that by bumping, more people will see this thread and add to or learn from this thread.

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>Thinking Quantum ogres is a good idea

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I have a GMing question: How far is too far with planning ahead? I have a lot of time and I feel like I could use that time to make maps and monsters, though I hate wasted effort, so I don't really wanna commit to anything till I know my players are headed that way.

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Worldbuild out, not in. No one cares about cultural demographics of a city on the other side of the continent.

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If its stuff that's modular, and can be dropped in anywhere, you can't have too much. Its only bad when you start trying to forecast your pcs actions too much.

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True though this is also the end of the game, so I guess I kinda gotta funnel them there anyway?

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macro scale? go wild (within reason). make maps of big towns you want PCs to visit, the world, cool monsters you want them to fight

on the micro scale, the campaign itself? have a solid start planned and then, honestly, if you can manage it, only have material written and ready for the next one to three sessions (desu I only have the next session written at any given time, with a nice cliffhanger at the end of each session). let the PCs go through what you planned. see what they do, who they talk to, how they surprise you. then write the next session. build on what they did, flesh out characters or places they were interested in. then write the next one based on that.

eventually, a story arc will present itself, the big bad will emerge, and you can start steering a little more. but it all unfolds organically, and your players think you planned it from the start.

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Good advice, but fuck avatarfags.

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STORYTIEM was based but yeah fuck the avatarfagging. I can tolerate namefaggotry but avatars are pointless and dumb on this swiss marble-carving board.

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>8-10 people

Dude, you're gonna die. RIP.

8-10 is waaayy too many. I mean ... it might be fun. But I think I'd be overwhelmed.

This. These five rules have gotten me through, like ... almost everything. They're better than a gun. They're better than ten guns.

Most of this advice is good. If you know what is what, pick and choose. If you dont know which is which, you gotta jump into it, get some experience. Try things out. Nothing bad will happen.

These are A+.

These are A+.

This made me laugh. I dont think any of my players can do 25 pushups in a row.

Cool story bro.

I only plan for the next session. Can't predict more than that. Can rarely predict less than that, either.

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Fuckin' THIS.

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Only plan one or two hooks ahead. Players will either miss something or over focus on shit, and you'll have to plan for the aftermath once the session's over.

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Just have fun. The point of the game is to have fun, but you do need to know when to say no to your players and their plans. My current GM kind've fails at saying no since its his first time GMing.

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>don't take shit personally
>don't make shit personal
>you are the processor of a computer, fairly and uniformly arbitrarily the rules.
Too many problems arise when you put your personal shit into a game, and when you take actions that go against your plans/desires for the game personally. Shed your ego, let only the dice punish or reward.
That being said, if a character does something fucking stupid, the in game world will have consequences and should be delivered.

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That is beautiful

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Really try to DM with actual friends

If you just dm for strangers online neither of you is gonna have a good time. I've had DMs be relatively nice to me but i dont know these people and i dont care. So i dropout. I've also dropped out of my own games because again, where's my motivation?

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I'm ok with this. It is a it of targeting, but no cheap route of no powers. Kord promised you those powers and you kept them. But Kord's not gonna sit there and let you blasphemy
Especially the fact the cowardice was more of a sin then the rape and even murder of fellow worshipers

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I find that the most important thing you can do as a GM is to make sure everybody has something to do. It is hard to give advice on that in a way that is actually actionable, I admit. In order to facilitate it, I recommend being an active part of your player's character creation, hold a session zero and make sure nobody is stepping on each others toes too much, so that when the rogue finally gets his opportunity to do a stealth mission alongside the players normal objective, he isn't just invalidated by the wizard who can just turn everybody invisible and shit.
If you are doing combat, design encounters around the idea that every character has something to add to that encounter that only they can do.
This is because being the guy who gets kind of left out fucking sucks, and when they get left out, they are probably gonna take out their phones or some shit and stop paying attention, and then, the dreaded incantation: "Oh, is it my turn?"

Improv skills are just as important as planning things in advance. Be flexible, be permissive. When you do plan things in advance, plan vaguely. Plan events, but not necessarily when they happen, or where.

If you have any house rules, make them known before anybody builds their characters. Do the same if you choose to not implement any commonly used house rules. Additionally, I would recommend against restrictive house rules. House rules should open up options, not remove them.

Know the rules to the fucking game you are running.

If you really want to dive deep into the collaborative storytelling aspect, ask your players where they want their characters to end up, and help them get there, and give them the chance to be the character they want to be.

If there is a problem first evaluate if the problem is you. If it is, only you can solve it. Afterwards you can talk to your players. I know we are all non-confrontational nerds here, but you gotta do it. You owe it to yourself and your players.

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>5. Always say please and thank you and be polite
Never say please and thank you in your capacity as GAME MASTER. You are the referee, cultivate an air of impartial authority.

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how important is preparing a big bad before the game has started?

My friend and normal GM wants to play and I've always wanted a shot at GMing, so it's my first time but I know everyone will be cool.

Problem is, I have an idea for what type of adventure we're going to have, but I don't really have an idea for an antagonist, is it smarter to try to build the conflict around a big bad or to let the conflict of the adventure reveal a big bad as we go?

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ya no. Not gaming with you cock-sheathe

You can be authorstive and polite simultaneously. Strange huh? Fuckin lemmings..i swear

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>I have an idea for what type of adventure we're going to have, but I don't really have an idea for an antagonist
Pitch your adventure idea.
As an aside: don't have a "big bad" have two or three factions with mutually exclusive opinions on a matter. Let the PCs decide who is the biggest problem.

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4 + one game master is perfect. Possibly 5+GM. Any more and you're ignoring someone.

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How to let your players know that you are a giant fucking faggot who feels the need to hold their "authority" above them in a fucking casual game with friends.
Do not be this faggot. You are not some impartial avatar of the system's rules, you are their friend.

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There was a decent, albeit short, thread on how to do sandbox games recently. Here's the link, it's probably gone by now, so you might need to check the archive >>74167512

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