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However, the Evil Overlord have sent snipers against your party.

The snipers can attack from a distance of a kilometer or so, and accurate shots will easily kill in one hit. There are 5 snipers sent per party member.

They will not jump at the first chance to shoot, but wait for an opportune moment, preferably when they can get rid of all or almost all of you at once. If they fail, they will continuously harass your party so that you can get no rest.
Not all snipers will be targeting the party at once, some will be in reserve.

Does your party survive? How?

Can your party survive if they had no warning beforehand?

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Considering I'm a bard in a golden suit, singing a marching ditty, I'm not overwhelmingly enthusiastic about my odds in particular.

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but we work for him?

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guess you've fallen out of favor. tough luck! now what?

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>variable defense immunity piercing
>variable defense immortality 30
>speed 10

I dont see the issue

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I guess if we had warning, we'd have a shot. I can buff the barbarian with some good shit, she can use her totem to turn into a bear or something, then we...win, I guess.

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And that's why I play with a suspension of disbelief. If the GM does it, then I'm going to start cheesedicking my character (whether Pun-Pun in D&D 3.5, or the marriage AC bonus in 5e, or the 40+ pornomancer in SR 4E, or the DMSO/Neurostun gunner in SR 3E, or the archer in Earthdawn, or the Spirit/Mind mage in nWoD, etc) Because yes, the best option is to just slit the PCs' throats when they sleep. It's also not fun.

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hire a lawyer and sue him into the dirt, this was never in the contract he gave specifically to us

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The question is, is he lawful?

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Cause if he is youve just won.

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How will they hit us, if we cover ourselves in tower shields?

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Bitch about it being unrealistic, because 1km shots on moving targets are nearly impossible.

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OP said they can attack from that far, not that those attacks will be accurate, but a shot that is accurate (hits) will be fatal.

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Why would we approach it without a huge ass army?

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>Does your party survive? How?
We send our own sniper against them, and he sniped them all week in advance

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Greater Teleport has infinite range.

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>because 1km shots on moving targets are nearly impossible
I think we finally found a use for True Strike

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>points finger
>"oi, see that faggot?"
>"I'mma shoot'em"
>360 noscope bowshot from a kilometer away

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I tell the DM to get his shit together or he's getting kicked out of my house and not allowed in the group anymore if he's going to keep trying to pull these asinine powerplays and then fall back to "I T'S R E A L I S T I C" like a whining simpleton when properly called out on his behavior.

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chill dood, it's just a hypothetical

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>Does your party survive? How?
My rogue is a master of disguise, stealth and can go invisible. Our bard and wizard likewise both have plenty of mobility and stealth spells which would be of invaluable assistance. Our barbarian is probably going to die unless the wizard protects them.

Assuming the bard and my rogue manage to hear about the snipers on the grapevine with all of our social connections, we've got a good chance. Given that I've maxed out most of my skills and the wizard specced in divination, either of us is very likely to spot the snipers.

After that it won't be a very interesting campaign. We'd withdraw to a secure location where we can use illusions and body doubles to ambush the snipers, and even if we get the snipers the reserve ones would still be out there, resulting in a fairly boring stalemate until we can scry and kill them one by one.

It's that, or they snipe me while I'm having a bath, then it's up to the wizard and bard

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We hired the assassins guild to take out the snipers guild, assassins guild doesn't mind, the snipers guild was taking their jobs anyway.

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>Does your party survive? How?
The location of the snipers has already been noted in advanced by my experienced trackers. I send a fraction of my thousand of men at arms in bulletproof full plate (the term "bulletproof" comes from the Napoleonic era so it's more likely than you think) forward to draw fire from the snipers. After having exposed themselves by opening fire, they are struck down by the lucky peasants with crossbows who are just behind the men at arms. The few survivors who didn't open fire and choose to stay put and/or retreat are finished off by my big tiddy thicc thighs tight abs toned arms ninja housemaid who is also my assassin who is also my loyal and overprotective wife with slight yandere tendencies who is also my spymaster. She collects their heads and delivers them to their master as a warning.

How foolish, to assume that I am ever unprepared for a band of murderhobo "adventurers" trying to take my head as a prize. Such arrogance, to think that my elite band of warriors can be outmatched with such a numerical advantage. But to their credit, how could they have known that 40% of them would meet their end at the hands of a mere housemaid shanking them with a sharp, rusty handshovel?

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It's also not realistic at all. Is the capital surrounded on all sides by open, featureless plains, across which no one ever ventures? Are the party advancing in a straight line across said open fields, by themselves, proudly waving the flag of the adversary?

How is the city supplied, then? Where are the supply trucks or wagons? If the capital is on the coast, where are the ships? Why aren't we hiding in one of these, or disguising ourselves? If the city supplies itself via long-range teleportation, why can't we piggyback on that? If we're at war, and there are snipers, then we've presumably got artillery. Where is that?

>can your party survive if they had no warning
Why would we need a warning to take precautions? We know that snipers exist in this world, and that we're in hostile territory. That's all the information we need.

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Did you really assume killing us would make us die?

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It's going to be hard to snipe us when we're in the BADGER 2.0, drawn by undead creatures with burrow speeds. But getting ambushed in the open? Our Wizard acts first, and the Gunslinger possess the extraordinary ability to hide before even initiative starts. The moment those snipers line up their shots and attempts to pull the trigger both of them will just disappear. The rest of us are fucked unless I get the opportunity to bang my drum.

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Any sniper that can make a shot between two ships on the high seas deserves to kill me.

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