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Anyone got a site for older 40k novels?

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adeptus mechanicus

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based and wizardpilled
post sunglasses magnus

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da ladz

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..deathwatch? My new modelparts still haven't arrived

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Remember when Ultramarines had cool lore? Remember the time before Ward?
I know you all hate TTS but he did have a pretty good point regarding marines.

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could be good when they get rolled into the SM codex in october

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Xiphon Interceptors

220 points
Has 4x Lascannons and a 3 shot S6 - 2 D3 missile launcher
Has -1 to hit and +1 to hit rolls vs FLY

Should I take 2 for comp?
Im running Crimson Fists so it'll get the +1 damage bonus vs Vehicles turn 1

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If I am going for a summon heavy strat with CSM using a Master of Possession is a Venomcrawler worth it for the buff to summoning? What kind of Daemons sould I look to summon?

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You were purging as a Sister in the Badab War
When I met you.

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that's a big fuckin chadnus

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when do you think the other models from the teaser vid will be revealed anons?

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sassy nurglings

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any ideas on how to make my 3rd - 6th obliterators look different from the first 2?

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How are Drukhari looking in 9th?

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So am I reading the rules right? Cover literally only benefits Infantry/Beasts/Swarms? So if I've got a carnifex or crisis suit whose lower half is entirely obscured by a wall it still doesn't get cover?

What jackass thought this was a good idea?

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Who the fuck came up with space wolves? Media depictions of vikings are cringe. Space vikings are even cringier. Space wolves are the cringiest possible incarnation of space vikings. Is the army a joke that went too far?

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Hi anons, sorry if I sound dumb, I'm a noob willing to start 9th edition with Astra Militarum and I got two questions:
1- Are Valkiryes AIRCRAFT?
2- Can a unit disembark from a Valkirye arriving from reserves using Grav-Chute Insertion?
Thank you all in advance :)

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We'll never get coomcrons will we bros

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Skorpekh converter, sharing further autismus, looking into ancouplenchanges to the lord, one is giving it a 4th arm (I'll just put a shield in it) second change should help be the source of said arm, I plan to turn it bipedal, in place of the third leg I'm giving it a tail chopped up frkm.my wraith conversion, but how best to turn the spiky bug legs into something fit for a beastly destroyer? my mind turns to something very general Grievous looking

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You deserve it

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>honestly before gw even thinks of changing up unitsa like ork boyz/ imperial guard, they need to phase out the old resin/metal models
Nah, the core needs to be strong for people to give the army the time of day.
What percentage of Ork players will want boys at some point? 99%
What percentage of Guard players will want Guardsmen at somepoint?
What percentage of Eldar players will want will want once specific aspect aspect or phoenix lord?
10% maybe?

Then how many boxes of those aspect warriors will people need compared to the core? Not many.

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Front guy has the same tabard/loin cloth set up as the new bladeguard.

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Before Ward they were just mostly bland after 2e.

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Do it for the 'nid, anon.

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The Ork boy kit is great and doesn't need replacing.

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People over the web are mad that GW revealed that the Silent King is a straight up villain rather than a Anti-hero.

Is this warranted?

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Coolest Autarch, coming through.

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Space vikings would be fucking awesome if GW did them right. But they went for wolfy space wolflords of the wolfworld of fenris (which is the name of a fucking mythological wolf)

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I picked you out, I shook you up and turned you around
Turned you into someone new

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Why doesn't GW sell specific aspect lords alongside a popular troop for a price that's slightly less than both combined? Wouldn't that save some money and sell more?
I don't play Eldar, so maybe off the mark here, but maybe this can help move various lords while getting the sales for their requested troops.

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What's wrong with the ork boyz kit?

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but then every WAACfag will start spamming them again and people will hate me for playing them

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I find Flesh Hounds to be very underrated. Such good bois.

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Now five years later on, you've got the world at your feet
Success has been so easy for you

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>I know you all hate TTS
only the faggots who think contrarianism makes them interesting human beings

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What exactly should I be using to properly light
up my mini's while painting? I was using one of those bendable reading lights until it broke on me.

What do you use? I'm specifically hoping for something that I won't be replacing every so amount of time.

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does he still want to enslave/destroy all life in the galaxy, curbstomping the nids along the way? If so, he's pretty based.

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>Space vikings
Yeah I doubt that. Can you give me any examples?

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It has created a lot of OC, atleast.

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as long as the basic troops are kept as multipart kits. horde armies suffer the most from monopose garbage

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It’ll take GW >20 years to finish with the Primaris, so then I guess.

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> time before Ward
> 5th edition newfags thought Ward was making up all the this shot about Ultramarines
> when Ward literally just copied lore from the original Codex Ultramarines
Good the fan base in 5th/6th was the worst.
I guess its even worse now but they really started the trend

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He's only the villain if your not Necron, hes a dark savior seeking to redeem his failures to his people, thebredt of the galaxy, that's his property, and will be treated as such.

Same as any other "hero" in this setting

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I want to fuck that lego

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A work desk lamp. Basically anything that gives you a strong light on the table you're working on, or atleast on the specific area where you're holding your mini while you work.

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It's not as if deathwatch are any less waac than normal marines anyway at the moment

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>what percentage will want Aspects other than Banshees
Fucking 70-90% you mong. This is the same fallacy that GW uses. Dragons, Scorps, Reapers, & Hawks are all excellent and Spiders are fun as hell. Leaving them in resin is like leaving Chaos cult troops in Resin.

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Without supplement DW wont be very powerful
No sia or mixed vet squads are gonna hurt

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1- Are Valkiryes AIRCRAFT?
2- Can a unit disembark from a Valkirye arriving from reserves using Grav-Chute Insertion?
Read as written, it's a grey area not covered in the rules. Read as intended, I'd say it's allowed.

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>r/Sigmarxism is mad that the leader of genocidal metal men who purged their own souls is a villain.

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>anons first day at school
>desperately trying to fit in

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Everyone in 40ks a villain, even the most well intentioned beings alive don't give a fuck about anyone outside of their monkey circle.

That being said making Szarekh a bad guy is fine because it lets you make Imotekh a plucky underdog for the inevitable dynasty war.

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It’s old and shit.

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>Is the army a joke that went too far?
In a way most of early 40k is, but surprisingly it turned out pretty dope in many cases.

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where did GW say he was a villain?
Is it just because of the Pariah Nexus?
To be fair, he is just doing right by his people.
Eldar do horrible shit to other races (especially humans) for the sake of Eldar lives. Hell the Imperium does horrible things to humans for the sake of... sometimes literally no reason.
Everyone is a bad guy there are no good guys isn't that the fucking point of 40k?

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Has there been any rumours of these olf fc characters getting new models?

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I'd only start an eldar army if they had aspect warriors that weren't obscenely expensive

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I disagree.

It's old, and the details are poor.

>Fucking 70-90% you mong.
Even if you were correct, and I don't think you are, it's less than the core troops.

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I think these would look pretty sweet with helmets, maybe even inspired by real Viking helmets, except covering the lower half of the head too.

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All we know is failcast is getting phased out in the next one or two years
So either it gets updated or squatted/legended

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>Everyone is a bad guy
Okay so he’s a villain.

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The left is winning, because to them, everything is political.

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>you now realize the old eldar sculpts don't get redone because everyone is too afraid to imply Goodwin's legendary work is out of date

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Something like 70 percent of their models are sculpted with a permanent soi face on. I don't think this general even understands how cringe the entire army is. It is like a cringe nexus.

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I mean, even if we take this at face value, we're looking at a price of 451$ compared to 98$, after which every copy costs about 2.5$, so you're breaking even after four copies.

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Have Heavy Bolt Pistol profiles gone up to 15" range or are some sources of profiles just wonky?

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Post your models, anon!

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>no mixed vet squads
are you telling me DW is loosing the one thing that made them unique?

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There are 30k dark angel helmets and third party spellcrow+kromlech helps that would look good with these 30k sw models.

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Its because people expected him to be some eccentric silly old skeleton man to play second fiddle to the humans during the tyranid wars instead of the immortal alien tyrant who started a war so terrible it created the chaos gods as a byproduct just to consolidate his powerbase.

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>40k has only villains
But that's not true. There are heroes and villains both, it's just that while their people consider them heroes, the other consider them villains.

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Lmao just buy recasts

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Do you play Craftworlds or associate with people that do? I doubt it. We’ve been bitching about our shitty finecast aspect warriors for eons now.
As for troops, of course they’re necessary - Avengers are great and Guardians are mediocre - but your argument doesn’t track. A mandatory unit will sell more because it’s mandatory - that’s not an excuse to ignore glaringly out of date models that are in high demand. Even less so selling those finecast sculpts at the same rate of inflation as if they were plastic.

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I don't want to repost my old stuff anymore, and my new stuff hasnt arrived yet

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There's no confirmation of anything other than the fact that all subfactions of marines will be in the October codex and that most subfactions will get more detsiled supplements later

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Starting the Bladeguard today.
Half glad I can't play any games due to corona because I'm just so slow at this and it gives me plenty of time to paint.

>> No.74055171

It’ll be in the supplement
Which wont drop with the codex
So for a while all we will have is codex units

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im actually considering buying recasts because fw squatted like a fuckton of krieg kits
i want my damn grenadiers damn it

>> No.74055185

Not yet, but with GW seeming to focus on moving the narrative with event books trickling out new model releases between multiple range expansions for Primarines you'll probably get one or two of them updated.

>> No.74055189

You dont know that, stop spreading misinformation, this general is shit enough with it

>> No.74055193

They’re retarded if so.
If they quite literally translated the resin sclupts to multiple part plastic with minor refinements no one would bitch at all (except for contrarians).
They’re some of the best designs in the game (hence why people will put up with Failcast to paint/run them), but that’s no excuse to squander those great designs for literal decades in some cases rather than updating them to plastic.

>> No.74055196

You could fix these models, but at that point you'd redo a huge chunk of them. Hoenstly in their current incarnation just looking at them plasters the phrase: "Me and the boys going to get some soilent after we had our vasectomies." all over my mind.

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it's not even hard to realise the necrons are in the wrong all along
people are delusional

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shit, please respond

>> No.74055211

>Half glad I can't play any games due to corona because I'm just so slow at this and it gives me plenty of time to paint.
Have you... Considered playing the game with unfinished models?

>> No.74055219

ok, but why does this guy carry along a hand?

>> No.74055227

>Do you play Craftworlds or associate with people that do?
Yes. Mostly they spam bikes or Wraith units and do not care for aspects.
>We’ve been bitching about our shitty finecast aspect warriors for eons now.
Doesn't matter, I know Space Marine players who bitch about stuff too, but that doesn't supersede the better troops.
> A mandatory unit will sell more because it’s mandatory - that’s not an excuse to ignore glaringly out of date models
It's the perfect excuse.

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Plus the guardian defenders kit is what, 19 years old by this point?

I remember putting my first kit of guardians together as a 13 year old, I'm 24 right now and its the same fucking kit.

The eldar core is the opposite of strong.

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Looks really good anon what chapter?
Also don't listen to this fag
Always play fully painted and based.

>> No.74055241

I really like it, the default DG green makes me want to puke (not in the good DG way, it just looks bad)
Looking good overall, but the nuln oil wasn't too kind on that rhino
Nice color scheme.
Well, my point IS that space vikings could be cool but GW fucked them up completely

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>The necrons are in the wrong.

none of this would have happened if the old ones had just cured their supercancers.

>> No.74055245

I've been doing this myself recently
I think only grenadiers are squatted from the model range though, a multitude of others are listed as no stock but they're gone
My main recaster doesn't do the tank commanders so I'll want a few of them at some point tho

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Agreed. People need to realize that you can empathize or even outright sympathize with a faction while admitting they’re past the ethical event horizon. Even the setting’s high elves birthed an evil god by being decadent cunts and would feed 10,000 human babies to tyranids to save a single one of their own. If people needed their faction to be ‘good guys’ there’d quite literally be no factions to play.

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I mean if everyone is bad then no one is really the villain are they?
If everyone is bad, and there is no good, what makes anyone bad?

>> No.74055267

My dudes white scars successors. Not sure on a name yet.
And I'm painting these in sub assemblies, so it's a little difficult to play them unpainted. Though I do have a half finished Death Guard army I could play.

>> No.74055271

> webbed fingers typed this post

>> No.74055275

Eldar guardians could use slightly sculpt update to place emphasis on their elegant lean form, while keeping general aesthetic they have. Also goddamn these old head sculpts are just awful.

>> No.74055276

I kinda like it. Made it with the Chaos Rhino kit because it was a lot cheaper and to display the "Dark Imperium" tone of the Ecclesiarchy.

>> No.74055288

>Everyone is bad so nobody is.
This is your brain on ADB

>> No.74055296

>actually thinks chapter specific units will be in the codex
>hasnt seen codex contents leaks
Are you being retarded on purpose?

>> No.74055297

Amuro is gay and so is you.
Sieg Zeon all the way!

nicely painted otherwise

>> No.74055305

Curious permutation. Fair enough. Across multiple states that’s been more of a 30/30/30 split between bike lists, wraith lists, and aspect lists.
As for Space Marines, they have effectively two separate fully-fledged suites of units in plastic (manlets and primaris, not even getting into the subfactions). I fail to see the relevance.
Indeed. If it wasn’t for Dire Avengers every eldar army would have the same five poses repeating ad infinitum as far as troops go. Not even proper helmet variations besides storm guardian topknots.
There are anons on this board who literally weren’t born when that guardian box was made. Warp Spiders could have a college fucking degree by now and then some.

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>> No.74055323

People are close minded retards who don't actually have empathy while also trying to be ultimate moralists
I really fucking hate Islam, not just Islamic extremists, I mean the entire branch of abrahamic religion
I still understand that from an ISIS fighters perspective (not all by a long shot) that he is being ultimately moral and doing right by what he believes to be the truth, he is not the bad guy in his head, I don't agree but I understand
Most people now can't handle you not liking the same TV show or music they like and take it personally, let alone when you bring philosophy and politics into it

>> No.74055328

>You dont know that
All the other chapters have their unique stuff in a supplement, why would DW have theirs in the core marine codex and then receive a supplement after?

>> No.74055344

>As for Space Marines, they have effectively two separate fully-fledged suites of units in plastic (manlets and primaris, not even getting into the subfactions). I fail to see the relevance.
The relevance is people will always bitch about something, and that just because they bitch, it doesn't mean they are right.

>> No.74055346

ever needed an extra hand? now u dont

>> No.74055351

Thoughts on my homebrew chapters fluff?

They're Golden Warriors who hail from an unknown Primarch. They live on a space station which surrounds a comet. They are known for their lightning drop pod assaults and are also known for never truly dying.

>> No.74055352

Wow to even suggest that is abhorrent.

Get help.

>> No.74055354

I'm so far 4-0 with the Death Guard list I made for 9th, and all games have been pretty one sided. Feels really good having Death Guard actually being good.

>> No.74055360

Oh look, a dark eldar is also here.

>> No.74055362

>opening your mouth is a soi face
You need to spend less time online.

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>> No.74055378

how build admech

>> No.74055379

This artwork alone made me love UM. It's so fucking cool.

>> No.74055387

That's part of their motivation

They didn't want just a cure, they wanted immortality. They probably would've given them a cure.

The cancer wasn't the problem. The cause for the cancer had irreparably damaged their DNA, and despite their many other gifts, genecraft wasn't one of them.

>> No.74055388

I like that it resembles a mobile mausoleum.

>> No.74055389

Assemble them as per the instructions

>> No.74055391

Well said. The commentary about the POV gun in Hitchhiker’s grows more relevant every day.
Good people do bad things.
Bad people do good things.
That’s not an excuse for relativism or post-truth nonsense but an understanding that every person other than you is the main character of their own life story.
People unironically act as if the rest of the world are NPCs (even that phrase is ruined now) despite the fact that’s what most other people think they are. The fact people can’t even see the dissonance there and realize the notion is shit is infuriating.

>> No.74055393

so.. Stormcasts? I don't know if I want to be stealing this one, even tho I have a bunch of SC heads for kitbashing purposes

>> No.74055399

don't straight up nick reforging, just say that there's a set amount of personalities/characters that the chapter can chose from and when a new marine is inducted they're brainwashed and imagine that they're that guy.

>> No.74055407

brb starting up tiger themed marine chapter

>> No.74055416

Do you think that having all but two infantry units in an entire faction being resigned to finecast is acceptable? Would you be satisfied if your faction was subjected to that?

>> No.74055440

Three, counting the least in-demand and least useful (at least in 8th) aspect. Forgive my freudian slip.

>> No.74055443

manlets only

>> No.74055467

The table of contents leak only lists "space marines" so the other subfactions could be on another page just like how the 8th edition index

>> No.74055477

>Do you think that having all but two infantry units in an entire faction being resigned to finecast is acceptable?
>Would you be satisfied if your faction was subjected to that?
Core >> Weird specialist units.
I'd sooner see new Guardians than some aspect warriors.

>> No.74055482

Why think with your head when you can KNOW with your heart?

>> No.74055488

Where did GW say that all the exclusive units were limited to the supplements? They could be listed on a separate page of the codex, GW has only said that the other subfactions will get more comprehensive rules and lore from the supplements

>> No.74055499

when are we getting some AT units jesus

>> No.74055516

>Where did GW say that all the exclusive units were limited to the supplements?
The already released supplements.

>> No.74055517

>2x3 Las Centurions with Missiles
>2x Xiphon Interceptors which have Quad Lascannons

Time to spend the rest of my points on HQs and Troops

>> No.74055524

>2 bolters = storm bolter
>4 bolters = tempest bolter
>6 bolters = hurricane bolter

>8 bolters = ???

>> No.74055549

>muh sigmarxism boogeyman

>> No.74055576

If you genuinely believe that, then you have every right to your opinion.
Out of curiosity what faction do you play?
Nevertheless I remain unsatisfied with the fact that I’ve spent most of my life with my favorite units being neglected and I find it distasteful. Many other Eldar players agree and we are valid in taking offense to it.
Personally, I think ‘update the core first’ goes out the window once you’ve procrastinated so long on updating the rest that you’re selling people sculpts from 1997. At full price, no less.

>> No.74055581

Vindaloo bolter.

>> No.74055584

That fight between BA and IW on the bridge In that recent book,
>when they ran out of ammo they used melee, when melee weapons broke they used their empty guns to bludgeon, when those broke they used their armored fists, and when their gauntlets broke they beat each other with bare fists
>so brutal and close that even sanguninus is getting bogged down
>many thousands of dead and wounded iron warriors bulldozed off the bridge without a second thought

>> No.74055597


>> No.74055607

This Plague Marine brought down Ghazghkull yesterday.

Say something nice about him

>> No.74055610


>> No.74055615


Heathen begone

>> No.74055627

That backpack has room for an Ork skull.

>> No.74055632

Today, I learned something on /tg/.
Thank you mate.

>> No.74055633

No it wouldn't, a vehicle counts as 5 models for the chapter tactic so a vehicle would only outnumber you by 4. It's literally impossible to get this bonus on a vehicle

>> No.74055636

Looks great Anon!

>> No.74055646

it's okay I was just searching for funny names to meme with too like the ones already on that strawpoll

>> No.74055650


>> No.74055658

He smells bad and his belly smile is handsome.
Nice yellow my dude.

>> No.74055662

It needs a storm bolter and it would be perfect!
Great job with the weathering.

>> No.74055667

You're confusing the CT with the Doctrine Bonus

The Doctrine bonus is +1 damage with heavy weapons (which they all are) vs Buildings and Vehicles turn 1
Meaning if it shoots at say, a Repulsor Executioner its hitting on 2+ (as the repulsor has FLY) with 4 lascannons doing +1 damage and damage 4 missiles

>> No.74055669

>Core >> Weird specialist units.
>aspect warriors
>not core to eldar
ok kiddo

>> No.74055680

If the official models are derpy, might as well go for a proxy anyway. Artel W makes some amazing resin sculpts for decent prices considering the limited runs he makes, though again you're stuck with fragile resin (not as bad as Finceast, but still). Then there's the "cheap as free" option if your opponent isn't going to 'sperg out at papercraft minis.

>> No.74055681

Coomvert more

>> No.74055682

t. Fake Marxist.

>> No.74055689

>> No.74055692

t. rent free incel

>> No.74055694

Underated post thanks anon

>> No.74055706

>Out of curiosity what faction do you play?
Necrons, Marines, Tyranids, Thousand Sons.
Core is what attracts people to the army.
>Personally, I think ‘update the core first’ goes out the window once you’ve procrastinated so long on updating the rest that you’re selling people sculpts from 1997.
They're old, but so is the core in many armies.
They could come out with a totally cool new Guard unit tomorrow and I still wouldn't collect Guard because Guardsmen themselves look bad.

>> No.74055707

he earned the right to be named?

>> No.74055715

Hey dude! I'm just starting a small sisters army for combat patrol! I'm at like 500 working to 750 and I really dig your models! Nice work!

>> No.74055719

40k is supposedly a dystopian setting, try to avoid fairy godmother disney-type bullshit, even if BL authors keep injecting it. Respawning golden heroes that live in a super-special palace they descend from only to beat up evildoers is pretty heavily in cringe territory, this is the sort of shit you'd expect in unreadable Marvel mainstream comics. Aim for ages 12 and up, not 4 and up.

>> No.74055728

>not naming the file catmech.png

>> No.74055731

maybe the better answer is only Chaos is truly bad because it would destroy our physical reality.
If you don't want to drag our dimension into the Warp, you are not truly 'bad.'
In that case, only Chaos are bad guys everyone else is 'good'

>> No.74055751

Got my first game on Saturday vs Bangels as Deldar at 1k points.
My plan is to bring heavy kabals and kite around or a mix of kabal and coven to play objectives with kabalites on venoms and wracks then talos and ravagers for heavy hitting. Thoughts?

>> No.74055756


>> No.74055759

>Why is the xenos known for waging a war against everyone around him and then destroying his entire civilisation for the pursuit of power a bad guy

Not surprised to be honest

>> No.74055761

thanks i was just gluing bits to bases and calling it a day

>> No.74055763

Are you the deathwatch Anon?

>> No.74055767

> kit around
> on a smaller board
> against the army with 12" move assault troops
Yeah good luck bro

>> No.74055772

I’m very nearly to that point. I’ve intentionally avoided third party since I started this hobby, but I’m running low on patience. His work is incredible and anything is better than bloody finecast.
It’s just a sorry state of affairs. I feel for Eldar players who only have a GW store nearby because they’re positively fucked.
It strikes me as especially odd given that our entire schtick is having hyper-specialized units. Dire Avengers, Guardians, and Wave Serpents are arguably the only units that are ‘core/generalist’.

>> No.74055779

>rightoid complaining about the free market making a cheaper solution

>> No.74055785

do you mean the one thats stealing all /yourdudes/ for my DW? If so, yes

>> No.74055789

>unknown Primarch
>never truly dying

Is this bait

>> No.74055791

I bought that one, he has held up surprisingly well for being chinkcast

>> No.74055810

Never, that's the weakness of our faction. We've got mortal wound machine guns

>> No.74055815

Kabal+Coven Sounds more fun than pure Kabal.

>> No.74055817

Artel is a great designer and his models are full of detail, but the aethetic feels way too different from 40k honestly despite being so close to original. That said I am tempted to pick up some of his Chaos stuff, as it blends abit better with GW's styles.

>> No.74055819

Name him and add an ork trophy.

>> No.74055823

If you have the instructions then what info do you want?

>> No.74055827

our flgs gives everyone 4x4 mats regardless of points so we got space to move...i think
my only worry is being bullied out of objectives while going for the kills secondaries

>> No.74055831

Official 40k "In the Wrong, Galactically Speaking" Tier List:


>> No.74055836

This, I like marvel, I like 40k, but the fusion of the 2 doesn't make a peanut butter cup, they don't and shouldn't mix.

>> No.74055838

There's no site that breaks down the major Space Marine chapters in to brief lore summaries and play style, is there?
I want to get in to Space Marines but have no idea what I'd like to play except Grey Knights have cool figures

>> No.74055849

>>aspect warriors
>>not core to eldar
Correct, they're not troops, save Dire Avengers which are plastic and have been for ages.

>> No.74055850

Oh cool

Post stolen DW

>> No.74055852

I have a question: which of the marine legions was the most religous after the word bearers

>> No.74055854

Sounds to me like he's earned a name and some special decoration.

>> No.74055855

Codex: Space Marines from the megas

>> No.74055863

Blood angels WILL be better at holding objectives than your dudes, prepare yourself for a difficult game.

>> No.74055864

heres the list

patrol custom coven dark technomancers dark harvest:
haemonculus with hexrifle
5 naked wracks

patrol PoF:
10 naked wracks with a hexrifle
3 grotesques

patrol black heart
Warlord archon for alliance of agony
5 kabalites with shredder
ravager with dissies

bang on 1k points. dark technomancer haemy and reaper overcharge their weapons, urien and grotesques charge in while the wracks use black cornucopians to teleport to an objective and chill there, archon sticks with the ravager for rerolls and the venom with the kabs runs around harassing or capping objectives.

>> No.74055865

Legions? None of them.

>> No.74055866

You ever want to slap someone that's /just/ out of arm's reach without wanting to take another step forward?

>> No.74055875

You just admitted incels live in your head rent free.

>> No.74055879

My nid!

>> No.74055888

Imperial Fists, hence why they spawned the Black Templars and Sons of the Phoenix.

>> No.74055890

Would you rather play against a partially assembled and unpainted army or a few colored blocks of paper that look bizarre but clearly show what they are intended to be?

>> No.74055893

>no argument
>ad hominem
Yeah, it’s a neoliberal.

>> No.74055895

what do you think then anon? Full PoF covens for that staying power and just spam grots and pain engines? I plan to black cornucopian the wracks to a distant objective but thats all my tactical genius spent

>> No.74055897

I can't, the missing bits still haven't arrived yet

>> No.74055900

The latter.

>> No.74055901

What about Rangers? they're troops and they're also 5th edition era finecast sculpts.

They're thematically core on Alaitoc lists.

>> No.74055906

B scenario sounds like a fun and memorable experience.

>> No.74055909

Even now, most chapters still aren't very religious are they? Most don't believe in the divinity of the Emperor?

>> No.74055910

That +10 won't matter if neither army is fully painted.

>> No.74055919

F. Rundown of the stolen chapters?


>> No.74055933

>troops is the same thing as core units
you're a fucking retard
a core unit is a unit that provides a simple but vital function (such as AT, or transportation) to its army for a reasonable price
thinks like devastators, crisis suits, russes, wave serpents etc are all still core units that aren't troops

AND EVEN IF NONE OF THAT WAS TRUE rangers are troops and they're resin

>> No.74055943

That’s just it, anon, I’d strongly argue as an Eldar only player (except for a dabbling of CSM over the last couple of years) that the core does not always attract people to the army. This line of thinking is what made your 1k into Tzaangors: the faction.

Eldar Guardians are quite literally a militia unit that serves only to bulk up a force and hold shit down while the champions/professionals (Vehicles, Psykers, & Aspect Warriors) go and do all the cool shit. I would bet money that if you asked players what made them start Eldar perhaps one in every hundred would answer with ‘guardians’.
Eldar also aren’t a horde, so it’s less of an issue for us to have older guardians because again:
>guardians are not the core ‘flavor’ unit of eldar
>Avengers are a great alternative
>those mediocre sculpts will make up far less of the force than a horde faction
I’d much rather Guardsmen & Boyz get updated than guardians because those units are the bread and butter of those factions - not to mention you need vast numbers of them.
But Guardians getting updated again while the Aspects are even more ancient and stuck in resin makes less than no sense.

>> No.74055948

That's due to him needing to make it just different enough to not be sued. He can get away with minis of characters from books that have never had a model but for existing models he has to create a new aesthetic to differentiate his stuff from the OC

>> No.74055951

Whoa, my eyes have been opened, I always just glazed over the text in the post

>> No.74055955

>What about Rangers?
Yeah, as I have said it is more important that the core be updated.

>> No.74055958

Thanks Anon <3, what's your list?

>> No.74055959

dunno about "most" but some don't

>> No.74055965

Definitely the latter. Autists are allergic to such things though.

>> No.74055967

I would give a snappy retort but honestly it's sad how common that situation is nowadays.

>> No.74055974

Thank you for the answers anon
>Are Valkiryes AIRCRAFT?
Sorry, is there a file I could read somewhere? Is there a source?
>Read as written, it's a grey area not covered in the rules. Read as intended, I'd say it's allowed.
So basically I could disembark a unit, roll to see if someone died and if the unit survives I get to shoot and charge with it?

>> No.74055976

If an opponent is getting particularly upset at a dice roll I can let them crush one of the dead models if it makes them feel better.

>> No.74055978

I'd totally disagree with that
his ork stuff is great and so's his eldar

>> No.74055980

Well Anon, what are the reasons?

>> No.74055991 [DELETED] 

Is pic related based or cringe?

>> No.74055993

definitely the second one
the second one at least shows they give a shit

>> No.74055998


4 billion years of evolution led to an organism that continuously posts this.

>> No.74056007

I've been playing since 4th edition and the first time I've played with my models fully painted was in 8th edition, and I've played like, two games where my opponent had an army fully painted and based.

The trick is to care about having fun with your friends and the narrative, not wanking about how good of a painter you are.

>> No.74056011

yes anon nothing is based
everything is cringe

>> No.74056012

it's probably worth it if you literally were only targeting repulsors or any other T8 vehicles

>> No.74056029

The root issue is - again - that some of the best/most-loved units are stuck in Finecast. GW needs to make removing that a priority.

>> No.74056030

so far I got charnel consuls, devoured suns, blood jaguars if they count as /yourdudes, dont know if they're official and 4 of which I haven't gotten a name.
Got a list with their name and any specific features, in terms of looks and possible equipment preferences, which I expand everytime I see a partly interesting chapter on here.
Waiting to be assembled are Alpha legion, ultramarine, charnel consuls, space wolves, imperial fists and a blackshield, after that I need to decide on loadouts for the next few ones including some more of the official ones, I need one of each of them aswell and order new manlets.
Surprisingly few people on here give out Information on homebrew chapters, its just as if the majority doesn't build/paint/convert, or if they do use official chapters.
If anyone want to tell me about /yourdudes/ im always lurking.

>> No.74056033

how the fuck does this type of graph even work
no comprende senorita

>> No.74056035

His ork stuff, just like Kromlech heads, just klashes too much for me with 40k aethetic. Both good, but it's just different good.
Granted I still use kromlech grots, god I love the personality they exhume.

>> No.74056037

Based or cringe?

>> No.74056045

>you're a fucking retard
>a core unit is a unit that provides a simple but vital function
I'd consider them troops.

>This line of thinking is what made your 1k into Tzaangors: the faction.
No, that's just laziness and recycling Sigmar units. Everyone I know who has Thousand Sons bought into it because the Rubrics are gorgeous
>Eldar Guardians are quite literally a militia unit that serves only to bulk up a force and hold shit down while the champions/professionals (Vehicles, Psykers, & Aspect Warriors) go and do all the cool shit.
I played Ulthwe back during 3e. Guardians are cool. Most current Eldar players I know just follow the meta as best they can. I don't know anyone who bothered with Banshees.

>> No.74056053

Cringe, definitely.

>> No.74056062

I’d argue that there’s a huge distinction between:
>I haven’t painted some of my units yet
>fuck you grey tide lol

>> No.74056064

it's the likelihood of causing X amount of wounds per 100 points, you're basically looking at kill efficiency
better image without the lower portions cut off

>> No.74056073

They're cool, I guess.

>> No.74056088

Sigmarines look ugly as fuck.
Not sure why though.
I think it's that retarded lip that flares out under the pectorals.

>> No.74056091

I stopped painting my models and fielded greytide after the people at my local club kept shitting on my paintjobs.

So then they shat on my greytide army, but I saved myself several hours of doing something I don't like.

>> No.74056094

Too stormcasty for the body

>> No.74056095

if well painted its fine
If badly painted cringe

>> No.74056098

of course it is, they've even used a piece of AoS artwork to remove any doubt.
You are a moron

>> No.74056105

Leg poses feel abit off, but it's just (in general) tough to do air poses properly.

>> No.74056106

where theirs any better?
If not, they are fags.
If they were, ask them for tips and improve

>> No.74056109

Indeed. As I said it’s baffling they were the first Aspect to be updated within the past several editions. Banshees have never been widely used.
As for 1k, what I’m trying to get across is that those who collect because they genuinely love Aspect Warriors make up a sizeable part of the playerbase. Having them stuck in resin is similar to if your Rubrics were two-decade old finecast.

>> No.74056110

>Granted I still use kromlech grots
the soviet ones?

definitely cringe

>> No.74056114

I'll figure out a name later, but I will be digging out an Ork skull to mount on the bone spike of his pauldron

>> No.74056119

Here’s the I-compiled-a-list of religious-chapters-from-a-wiki-of-all-known-chapters picture.
Crusaders are conjecture based on using the Ecclesiarchy symbol. The sons of Ferrus Manus May venerate the Omnissiah and/or special trinity in the case of the Steel Confessors. Some chapters follow the Imperial Cult while some do not.

>> No.74056125

Fuck those guys anon. Sorry that your rival players were faggots.

>> No.74056134

Is that a Christmas tree in the background?

>> No.74056137

>If they were, ask them for tips and improve
Why would I want to ask someone who shits on the work of someone they consider inferior advice? Why would I want to associate with them above the bare minimum at all?

>> No.74056147

sure, but games are a lot more fun when armies are painted. It's not a matter of how good a painter you are, just that you have put forward the effort to get paint on the model. Also you can't talk up "the narrative" and act like two grey armies is better than painted models for narrative play.

>> No.74056153

that sounds fucking horrible.
Its only 1k games ever?
Fucking lame

>> No.74056155

Post # above me is first name
This post # is last

>> No.74056160


Nah, it’s not my picture. I was considering copying it.

>> No.74056163

Put it on the backpack so it doesn't restrict shoulder movement.

>> No.74056172


>> No.74056178

Hold the points with racks and use kabalites in boats as sacrificial pawns, fire and fade my friend

>> No.74056180

why do you spam this?
Kill yourself

>> No.74056190

Yeah, fucking love those things. Though do want to get some plain ones too, they are fairly close to regular grots. That and plan to get the soviet krew ones alongside a KV2 MENG model kit for some fun conversions.

>> No.74056192

Anybody know where to go for good, thematic terrain STLs?

>> No.74056207

This makes me violently angry.

>> No.74056220

Is anyone else reading/has read Indomitus? It’s such a poor slog

>> No.74056226

oh shit you'll never get mine

>> No.74056227

I made a conversion to fix the Eradicator's stupid gun

>> No.74056230

I adore his take on Striking Scorpions.

>> No.74056231

>Having them stuck in resin is similar to if your Rubrics were two-decade old finecast.
Yeah, I didn't collect them when they were like that.
That goes to my point that if the core is good then people will pick up an army. Thousand Sons are an army of about 4 units, but even at that people will still play them since they look so nice, and they don't have to use any old crap.

>> No.74056233

My Dudes are the Storm Riders. I've talked about them from time to time, but the cliffnotes are:
>fleet based, excel at navigating through warp storms in order to relieve stranded imperials or outflank chaos forces
>their power armour is covered in hexagrammic wards to protect against the warp/sorcery attacks
>use their librarians to shield their battle brothers and to help their Navigators with their job
>really good at boarding actions and salvaging equipment from battlefields, not so great at ground combat due to numbers and lack of amount of vehicles better equipped chapters would have
>individual battle brothers are supposed to be able to forge their own equipment and take on duties that would typically be done by a normal chapter's techmarines or apothecaries
>hates the admech

>> No.74056234

Boner why

>> No.74056247

I enjoyed it

Pls no kil

>> No.74056248

I like the handle though

>> No.74056254

>Gets rid of he gravis armour on the arms

>> No.74056255

What's a couple of books to start getting in to the wider lore? I've never read a single novel

>> No.74056256

> OK you asshole, please, shower me with your wisdom. Or do you just pay someone to paint for you?
If they are just commission fags, you can always say at least I paint my own shit and don't commission like a paint let bitch.
If they give advice, they aren't total fags.
If they don't give advice, call them fags and say they pay to win and have to pay to paint as well- why not just play fortnite?
You have multiple avenues to hit back

>> No.74056262

I dunno I think the carrying handle is not the worst
the model is ugly gravis shit anyway so who cares

>> No.74056267

No way fag

>> No.74056275

For (You)'s and because some Anons actually have good responses.

Why aren't you posting anything of value?

>> No.74056277

That's fine anon, I'm not gonna come kill you or anything
I barely noticed the missing plate, honestly

>> No.74056280

only KT boards are correct sized. There are a lot of people playing [about 16 at the same time in the shop pre pandemic] so the space was limited. I have gotten used to it, our lists are kinda tailored for our local ecosystem. Most people play 1k or 2k with a good handful doing KT and 500 pts matches but they are a minority

>> No.74056288

>> No.74056291

damn those look good.
Hey Jes, why not have the CAD monkeys make THIS instead of your horrible Da Vinci Admech?

>> No.74056292

The latter, because papercraft is fiddly as fuck. So if they had to the time to do 20 to 30 papercraft dudes, then I would play them.

>> No.74056295

Maybe it gets better later but a few chapters in and it’s just bleh. Plus a cursory look a goodreads show a kicking

>> No.74056297

You lose the bulk of the arm armor and the rifle so it looks not so good.

>> No.74056308

tell me about /yourdudes anon!
I need a chapter symbol/pauldron anon, also any special bits they carry around with them?

>> No.74056316

> I think my spam coomer shit is valuable

>> No.74056319

Is it bad that I wish we had boards that were roughly twice as big as we have currently? Games feel super cramped now with how many models we need to run and how big the vehicles have gotten

>> No.74056328

Thanks anon, this will help break up the monopose

>> No.74056344

Eldar must pay for their OPness of the past

>> No.74056345

You can't use them in tournaments. I emailed them about this exact issue and they said no

>> No.74056353

Fuck everyone who's actually good at painting.

>> No.74056360

kek. Nice

>> No.74056362

It's atleast more valuable than your posts, Anon.

>> No.74056364

I’m probably just retarded.

Hey DWAnon, it’s red lightning marine guy here
If you’ve got my chapter down then lightning claws/power fists are cool
Also skulls
And probably some weird helmet too.

>> No.74056369


>> No.74056377

you're the deep red with yellow lightning bolt insignia one?

>> No.74056381

>lazy eye nipples
>perfect irisis

>> No.74056390


>> No.74056404

I wish jannies could do their fucking job

>> No.74056414

Oh, didn't expect it to be straight of the store page.

>> No.74056415

cool, I got it

>> No.74056419

Don't forget that models run a lot faster now, while having lost most differences in movement. Advance-charging with my Repentia is a theoretical 24" move in one turn, while BACK IN THE DAY you were lucky if your total movement for one turn was more than 8".

>> No.74056442

Cool, but given unlimited bits and cash I would cut them just above the knee and use marine legs, maybe the new assault intercessors, for the greaves and sabatons

>> No.74056443

No nipples, no reason to do so.

>> No.74056444

Broke college kids and divorced dads can't usually afford the tournament scene anyway. Playing games of space mans with some bros in the garage, basement or rec area of the dormitory is still fun though.

>> No.74056454

Well yeah, its written by Gav Thorpe. He's a fucking terrible writer.

>> No.74056459

You should have just asked if you wanted pictures of xeno butt, anon. Here you go.

>> No.74056463

I think you're on to something. People seem to like the robe stormcast much more than the other kinds, and the robes conceal the retarded lip.

>> No.74056467

So for the main craftworlds you have distinct ‘core’ units:
>Saim Hann
Jet Bikes
>Biel Tan
Wraith Constructs

By leaving any of these in ancient resin, you deny that chunk of Eldar players the units that give their subfaction its essence. This is like leaving Sanguinary Guard or Deathwing untouched for two decades or more. GW remains guilty of this with Emperor’s Children being resigned to a resin upgrade kit and nothing else.

This, to me, is negligent and shitty behavior that also reduces the profitability of Eldar. If I had a nickel for how many times Eldar players I knew considered buying yet another box of fucking finecast but then went with bikes, wraiths, or a vehicle rather than deal with the bullshit I’d be a very wealthy man.

>> No.74056469

Silver lightning bolt on a shield of blue. As for bits or gubbins, they are White Scars successors, so while they don't exactly follow Scars tactical doctrine to the letter (I used the 2.0 build a chapter rules for them), they still keep the odd totem or relic. Veterans who regularly lead boarding actions, if they aren't wearing terminator plate, usually wear ancient sets of Iron mark because of their front armor heavy design, and they usually use flamers, meltas, and swords in conjunction with shields

>> No.74056474

Thanks Anon.

>> No.74056478

>caring about tournaments in the first place

>> No.74056486

You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

>> No.74056493

Did you make this?

>> No.74056500

Has anyone got any Artel models, and can you post them next to GW models?

I live in NZ, and I'm hesitant to buy anything from Russia, as it'll take like 5 weeks to arrive.

>> No.74056508

Have they revealed the bonuses for different Necron dynasties yet? Trying to figure out which weapons to give my Indomitus warriors

>> No.74056511

We’re all retarded here anon.

>> No.74056515

I haven’t yet, but Artel is among the most well regarded BasedRussians and is prettying much the only one making proxy Eldar.

>> No.74056516

I already stole your dudes anon but I add the extra info, thanks
no problem, I'm always looking for more unique chapters to add

>> No.74056521

You can also use Flamer tanks, Meltagun barrels and Bolt-Rifle bits on the EtB Aggressors to make Eradicators. Very cheap if you have a healthy bits box

>> No.74056523

remember when GW only put nicely painted models on warcom?
me neither

>> No.74056528

any good basing stuff for beaches? i'm making fake sand dolllars out of green stuff but i'd love to vary things a bit more

>> No.74056537

Does anyone actually use these to transport dreads? I have one I'm building, and I'm seriously contemplating drilling it so that I can put magnets in the tail and carry a boxnaught

>> No.74056541

can confirm that I indeed am pretty retarded

>> No.74056545

Does anyone still make the cargo extension kit? It looked so damn good with it

>> No.74056546

*laughs in swarmlord genestealer slingshot*

>> No.74056547


>> No.74056556

I read Imperator, which was alright minus the pronoun nonsense (just use “it” you pleb) plus his Last Chancers stuff is enjoyable if slightly long in the tooth now.

>> No.74056564

>none of this would have happened if the old ones had just cured their supercancers.
wrong again

>> No.74056567

That's good. It lets those of us who aren't autists to see nice-looking but not perfect models and feel inspired to paint instead of depressed we'll never reach that level.

>> No.74056569

>muh jannies
>post with 0 effort
You could have just scrolled over it and engaged in conversation with any other post or subject matter that interests you more, but instead you opted to complain and whine like a bitch. Are these images too tempting for you? Just do what 95% of the board does and just jerk you dick while browsing threads, funposting and painting their models!

>> No.74056573

Fuck I want a craftworld eldar wife that would be an unbearable arrogant cunt to everybody and everything besides me

>> No.74056582

>not also wanting her to be also arrogant towards you most of the time

>> No.74056583

>If people needed their faction to be ‘good guys’ there’d quite literally be no factions to play.

Harlies are good guys.

>> No.74056594

>those of us who aren't autists
>feel depressed by looking at miniatures

>> No.74056599

Not him but seeing the same image and question in every thread over and over and over and over again like some fucking broken record get's irritating after a while.

>> No.74056609

They may indeed be the closest.
Laughing God is an absolute Chad.

>> No.74056610

>barrels undrilled
>highlights done with a wash brush
>washes applied with a hose
>that front light
hey maybe I can get my models onto the community page too

>> No.74056613

harlies are elves
as such they're not good

still better than the other elves

>> No.74056614

This was a post by an anon who gets it. Have the "you can make everything 40k with a fleur de lys tattoo" picture.

>> No.74056618

>Effortlessly kill some Custodes just for shits and giggles
>"the good guys"

>> No.74056629

Not into femdom, and being uppity pieces of shit together would be fun

>> No.74056632

I could explain to you the more deeper reasoning to your superificial statement, but that would be falling for your bait.

>> No.74056635

I've heard that they are complicated to play. Is this true? What's so complicated?

>> No.74056658

you could just have your dread come from strategic reserves for 1 command point, you need to transport more things to get the benefit of this fat bird.

There are some 3D files out there, dont know if anyone is still doing the kit

>> No.74056675

remembering to cast gaze of fate first

>> No.74056680

Was meant for

>> No.74056718

You could just, like, ignore it? It's not like it'll stop because you say you're mad about it. And it's not the first, nor the last, time something is posted in every second thread or so. Doesn't aosg still have Settraposter? What about Squatposters? TICK TOCK MANLETS? -10VP? You will not be missed?

>> No.74056747

I guess, but it looks cool

>> No.74056752


>> No.74056762

Eh, i just report it and move on. Not that it ever does anything but one can hope.

>> No.74056769

>Effortlessly kill some Primaris just for shits and giggles
>when they're your allies
>not deserving the same fate from the hands of some random elf memelords

>> No.74056778

this gold stars for everyone attitude is what's going to lower the painting standard, not the +10VP rules ppl like you bitch about
realistic expectations of your own skill and seeing what you could achieve with enough exercise is what should be inspiring to you not that you too can put out some mediocre paintjob like everyone else and feel complacent without ever planning to improve

>> No.74056781 [SPOILER] 

How many sisters of Silence would it take to overpower and gangrape Magnus?

>> No.74056788

Custard creams deserve to die

>> No.74056795

fuck that looks good

>> No.74056797

>reporting posts relevant to the thread instead of pol-posting or posts that add no value to the thread
Oh wait, those are your posts.

>> No.74056803

>You could just, like, ignore it It's not like it'll stop because you say you're mad about it.
Frustration still builds, of course someone will get fed up with some coomer autist posting the same thing repeatedly eventually.

>> No.74056804

Can't believe marinefags are still upset about that
Top kek

>> No.74056809

>marinenigger still mad
please cooperate

>> No.74056813

enjoy your cease and desist

>> No.74056825

that is patently false

>> No.74056828

Those look like they're sculpted with a wood axe

>> No.74056830

Now this is the gatekeeping attitude people keep talking about. I hope you spill your paints.

>> No.74056833

I disagree, but you're free to enjoy something I don't like

>> No.74056835

Someone posted the pdf here a few days ago and I've been going through it a few chapters at a time. I would describe it as thoroughly mediocre at best. The only good parts are the scheming of that necron lady. I don't play necrons or marines so I had to stop and look up what each unit is too, because I have unironically never seen anyone use Incursors or Inceptors

>> No.74056842

Extremely nice minis. This is 100% uncleaned Resin. Haven't touched it at all.
That said, due to COVID russia post is fucked. I ordered back in March and got my delivery in June.

>> No.74056845

If by good you mean retarded. It's like someone shrunk down imperial titans, the dumbest fucking models ever created, into infantry form.

>> No.74056848

better than the other one

>> No.74056875

That’s a throwback mini anon.
That’s what termies used to look like.

>> No.74056876

>imperial titans, the dumbest fucking models ever created
But titans are peak 40k precisely because of how dumb they are.

>> No.74056878

I don't know where I'd put it. The spike at the top is on his helmet

>> No.74056879

I don't play marines, just stating the facts, corpse emperor's gay lovers had it coming

>> No.74056880

>Someone posted the pdf here a few days ago
Which thread? Haven't been able to find it yet

>> No.74056888

>t's like someone shrunk down imperial titans, the dumbest fucking models ever created, into infantry form.
absolute tastelet
also, they're an attempt at what we now call saturnine terminator armour
this stuff >>74056875

>> No.74056893

>Coombait image asking what are the reasons
>Relevant to anything
Neck yourself my man. This is your final (you)

>> No.74056905

The reasons are her breasts. They aren't impressive. Why is 40K porn so mediocre? It's not like there isn't a shit ton of coomer bullshit cheesecake art with clothes on, but as soon as someone draws a nipple they turn into a fucking CalArts reject drawing with their teeth while masturbating with both hands.

>> No.74056909

gatekeeping from what? no one said people can't start somewhere, but it's about showing them how to become better instead of having this faggot attitude of "oh well I'm just shit lul"

>> No.74056913

Don't know much custardy lore, what happened?

>> No.74056930


>> No.74056938

Because people that care enough about 40k spend their money on models, not commissioning good artists to actually make porn

>> No.74056941

It could be the old poses, but I'd always assumed that those massive pauldrons didn't move like the current pauldrons do. They always struck me as being one solid pieces stretching across the back. It looks weird to see them rotate with the shoulder joint.

>> No.74056947

Lewdposting is core /tg/ and 4chan culture.
Spelling words you dislike with "oo" isn't witty or funny.
Ignore posts you don't want to reoccur, you dumb dumbass.

>> No.74056951


>> No.74056957


>> No.74056961

I mean, you already provided plenty of (You)s. I'd be better to get something worth a chuckle or nothing at all, but bitterness powers this thread, I guess.

I guess it's because they can get people to pay money for them while putting in less effort?

>> No.74056964

I know damn well it's a throwback to the original terminator designs. Those were vomit-inducing. It's like someone took WoW insane pauldros and cranked them up to 11.

And imperial titans look like a bunch of gas stations stacked on top of each other and given stupid pillar legs. I don't think it's possible to come up with a less plausible design.

I understand style over realism, but holy shit just looking at titans make me feel ill. It reminds me of when I was a kid and I played "transformers" but taking toy cars and literally lifting them up vertically and pretending it was a dude.

>> No.74056966

I'm just happy to see a modernized take on them, could use refinement but I respect that these are probably prototypes

>> No.74056967

>Lewdposting is core /tg/
Always has been.

>> No.74056974

The skull doesn't need a spike. Stick it on that flat part in the middle of his backpack.

>> No.74056975

Those look awful even by third party cottage industry standards

>> No.74056981

I cannot possibly imagine having taste this bad

>> No.74056983

>goldfags escort primarisgays to their new chapter
>turns out that chapter turned traitor
>goldfags sperg out at the primarisgays, call them traitors and demand that they surrender
>they've never even seen the chapter in their entire lives
>one of the marines protests
>goldfags start shooting

>> No.74056988

Because a lot of people don't really care about improving to the level of people who literally get paid to paint their models. They just want to have an army and play the game. Shitting on them for not having amazing paintjobs is gatekeeping, and outs you for a shitty person.

>> No.74056989

Much appreciate.

>> No.74057001

It was a boring book.
I don't know why they chose gave to launch the new edition.

>> No.74057003

Hobbies should be gatekept more

>> No.74057014

depends on what kinda 40k porn you're looking for

>> No.74057017

Once again, these anons get it while newfags seethe. God I miss Cultist-chan stuff.

>> No.74057018

someone post the warp lightning, hexwraith flame and tesseract glow comparison please

>> No.74057034

Being a dick isn't the right way of going out about it.

>> No.74057038

> 3D printing supposedly taking off in the tabletop community
> "Anybody got good STL's>"
>" lol fuk off GW will shut em down"

Printing is just gonna become the new recaster community, isn't it?

>> No.74057042

so custards are morons then?

>> No.74057046

I unironically enjoy this image and I'm pretty vanilla by most standards

>> No.74057054


>> No.74057057

For the next few years.

>> No.74057058


>> No.74057063

>holding higher than ground level standards is being a dick

>> No.74057074

I’m a macrofag so if the big gorl was anything but a tyranid it would click. It’s pretty well done.

>> No.74057079

>I'm happy with spending hundreds of hours in a hobby, but never improving
at this point, why aren't you paying someone to paint your army for you if you care that little about the hobby?

>> No.74057097

gatekeeping hobbylets is good though

>> No.74057099

40k ain’t your game, buddy.

>> No.74057106

Printedwarhammer discord

>> No.74057107

Based macrofag

If you think >>74056523 is "ground level" when it comes to low standards then wew.

>> No.74057109

thanks bro

>> No.74057111

Jesus the pauldrons kill my boner. They looks fucking stupid.

>> No.74057116

damn that actually looks good.

I'ma thin the fuck out of it and use it as a glaze for my Salamanders.

>> No.74057128

Meant to say r/printedwarhammer

>> No.74057134

wow, tesseract glow really does manage to capture the essence of mountain dew piss.
my local store is all sold out of it at the moment and I am sad.

>> No.74057137

That's literally what I expect from an entry level painter that actually tried to learn techniques though, so yes that's ground level

>> No.74057140

Tried a new way of painting black.
Should I keep the highlighting through purple into red base black tone is dark greenblue or highlight into a different color? I feel if I keep this one it might look a bit too much like spilled oil or smth
Also the highlights are much more subtle in real life, I took the pic with flash in order to better see the result on here

>> No.74057142

Because I do it
>Because I want to play and painting comes with it
>To pass the time
>For shits and giggles
>Literally any reason ever
Not everyone does everything they do to "improve".

>> No.74057154

>Ignore posts you don't want to reoccur, you dumb dumbass.
This is too much for a modern 4chan poster, we don't self-police each other anymore.
Wonder what happen to cultist-chan and that one -tan that were spammed on every board anyway.

>> No.74057163

Cool. I hope you only get to play against grey tiders in 2021. Though you probably don't even play.

>> No.74057179

>is "ground level" when it comes to low standards then wew.
not him anon but that model is completely ground level
messy highlights, no weathering and it's not crisp either, undrilled barrels, no decals etc
it's a good attempt from a new painter but not any better than that

>> No.74057192

oh it is. Guard look fuckin sweet. Admech is awesome aesthetics throughout. Harlequins look badass.

>> No.74057204

I like it a lot
pull back a bit, because it looks more purple than black in that picture

>> No.74057208


I only use wraith units because I refuse to buy resin. I'd start up an entire corsair themed army if we had more plastic aspect warriors.

>> No.74057210

can you take that picture from slightly further away? it's really shaky and blurry so it's hard to make much out

>> No.74057221

>Admech is awesome aesthetics throughout

>> No.74057227

I'm not even going to bother. Paintfags are insufferable.

>> No.74057234

If you don't think that's the tightest shit then ge the fuck out

>> No.74057237

Nah, my lgs is populated by 40 year old dads that actually take pride in their hobby

>> No.74057238

>currently living with parents for the summer 'cause corona fucked shit up
>only local place to learn tabletop 40k is a GW
>they don't allow people in the store past the checkout
>no friends in this part of the country interested in 40k
>no friends in my college town interested in 40k either
How can I learn to play 9th on my own, /tg/? I currently have ~1,750 points of Imperial Fists I've painted in the past year, along with dice and PDFs of current rules.

>> No.74057241

Better a paintfag than a greyfag

>> No.74057243

>He never played Necromunda.

Why not metal?

>> No.74057245

>fuck that looks good
no, no it doesn't
the pauldrons bending that way completely defeat the purpose of the pauldron shape to start with

goddamn, you HH fags are dumb

>> No.74057260





>> No.74057264

Tabletop simulator.

Also post fists.

>> No.74057265

>shit on titans
>loves mecowboys
y i k e s

>> No.74057275

>corsair themed army
>aspect warriors

>> No.74057276

this blue i like, the standar blue/purple of ultramarine are fucking gross

>> No.74057278

I'm basically in the same boat.
Just play with yourself to learn the rules.

>> No.74057279

Find the local Facebook group

>> No.74057282

Gentlemen, how strong do you think Miriael is?

I am thinking that she would lose to Celestine or Stern, but that she could likely defeat a Canoness.

>> No.74057290

Kind of. There are people who have done it openly for years like the shops on shapeways but there's a legal difference between a shoulder pad and a primaris aggressor. The latter will always be taken down. How many of Artel W's sculpts were taken down because they were based of characters from Dawn of War?

This is definitely going to be like the recast community. You keep it a secret and once in a while the url has to be changed and if a GW employee asks if you about your model you deny, deny, deny.

>> No.74057310

that was my first post responding to you.
Please show where I said I don't like titans in it

>> No.74057320

Never occurred to me, but gay macros must have a fucking field day with this setting. Lucky bastards.

>> No.74057323

Nah, greyfags aren't autistic or insulting about your paintjobs. They're there to play a game and have fun, not criticize you for your highlights or put themselves on a pedestal because they put OSL on their flamers or whatever.

>> No.74057337

if you're so happy with where you stand with your skills, why does it mean so much to you if there's professional things shown on the community page?

>> No.74057348

Strong enough to crush my head between her thighs

>> No.74057351

Hey anon, I had the Lamenters in another thread. Thank you for including one. Some other anon said "Ew" when you said you were making marinelets but don't listen to them.

>> No.74057364


>> No.74057392

Sure, Anon. Sure.


>> No.74057399

>reply to a comment thread about someone else's opinions
>don't make it clear you're not that person
nobody to blame but yourself for the confusion my dude
also, cowboy admech look like fucking shit
they're goofy robot horses, it's something I'd expect from a D-tier star wars graphic novel
they know how admech should look, take one look at the magos dominus and you can see that. the mecowboys are a result of poor jes goodwin not being allowed to work on eldar

>> No.74057412

Don't forget to leave your mouldlines alone and don't drill your barrels.

>> No.74057492

Because I feel empathy, unlike paintfags.

>> No.74057625

Based. Coomers seething

>> No.74057658


I just started eldar and can basically just confirm this. Between my two fluff ideas for how I wanted to run my army:

>Aspect Heavy Corsair force (lots of aspects+transports & bikes)
>Wraith Army

I went with wraiths, simply because I didn't want to deal with the resin and didn't want to hunt down enough pewter for the corsair force to work.

(and Guardians are lame)

>> No.74057686


I ordered the Seeress, Bonesinger & Not-Fuegan, about a month ago.

Waiting for them to come in now.

>> No.74057758


>"I've spent 10 years on this army"
>"Wow must be quite the collection"
>"Yeah, its getting pretty close to 1000 points now"

I know a few people who do this.

I mean, taking pride and doing an amazing job painting is cool and all but... why not just go for nice display pieces at that point? Why do you care if every little infantryman is a golden demon winner?

>> No.74057764

Oversimplified to keep the initial post short, but they're Imperial Fists successors. Here's all the painted models of my custom Wraiths of Dorn chapter. Will post a few more pics

>> No.74057826


>> No.74057876

Fem macros too

>> No.74057972

The Chapter Master, named Maxilos Nox. Yes, that's Grey Knights Aegis. Part of his lore is that the Wraiths once went on a campaign with the Grey Knights. As per usual, the GKs tried to kill every Imperial involved afterwards, but Maxilos managed to escape along with this suit of Aegis armor. The two chapters hate each other.

>> No.74058084

that background sounds like it was made up by a 9 year old

>> No.74058127

GK dont kill Marines

>> No.74058152

Some regular Tactical Marines alongside a Venerable Dreadnought. The specialty of the Wraiths of Dorn is siege warfare and wars of attrition, and they are more comparable to the Iron Warriors than the Imperial Fists in all but name. Their version of "Companies" are 200-strong, and they usually fight as entire companies, like a wave of bulked-up Guardsmen, or like crusade-era Iron Warriors.

>> No.74058259

Fuck, thought they killed everyone. It seemed more interesting of a backstory than just saying it's relic armor, but admittedly it has always felt like a weak backstory. What would you recommend the backstory for it be instead? Or should I just make a new model for the CM?

>Obligatory pic of more models

>> No.74058279

space wolves would like a word

>> No.74058440

>tfw when cucked by your own sword

>> No.74058695

Hard agree

>> No.74058712

I don't hate TTS it's just not as good as it could be, interface-wise. also it has tons of weird fuckers on it.

>> No.74058733

delete this kitten is a bottom

>> No.74058822

Did the test scheme for my blade guard this week. Aside from the shitty heraldry (first time trying free hand) I'm pretty happy with the end result.

>> No.74059029

paperhammer is always better than greytide

>> No.74059031

While SM just get mind wiped it can happen
Your find Anon, if you wanted to make a chapter that got fucked over by GK you can. I think your lore is cool!

>> No.74059185

Same, leboncoin's metal mini and plastic.
The only resin I have is hesperax because I misread.

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