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Thousand Sons

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So uh

Primaris look much better if you give them Mk.7 helmets.

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2nd for based rapists

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Why are dead Eldar so satisfying?

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Imagine getting access to the Emperor's armor and then melting it down for tens of thousands of years to make vanity badges for you and your friends.
Dark Angels are a hoot.

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The new table sizes are really fucking dumb and I'm just going to start refusing games from the kind of WAAC "b-but all the tournaments do it!" cunts who try to get me to play on them.

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Looks like the marine is about to be the dead one in that pic.

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Also, shouldn't the bolter have pulped its head, and what's with the high heels?

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Does anyone have a pdf of the necron Story “Severed” at hand?

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power sword and lightning claw
why did the emperor choose such a stupid combination, didn't he know he doesn't get extra attacks from that combo?

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Around what would the entry cost be for me to get into Necromunda from nothing? Should I expect to spend more than $400? I'd like to play as the blue lives matter faction.

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>retard misses his shot
>slowly swinging his axe is a full extended arc
>banshee is microseconds from spearing him through his dumb fucking head and being inside the axes reach

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>the taufag seething that people can actually reach him on the board now

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>sir, the Emperor is dead.
>is the most holy of holy relics safe?
>yes, sir.

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Do you think it will be bad to use a pure blood basing with barbed bracken growing in it (pic related) with some skulls laying around for my mono-slaanesh army? I have like zero other ideas other than granite basing and I dont want to buy an airbrush so that idea wont be happening

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thats the kind of lore that can bend and change at will though.

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I play melee tyranids you retard.

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Guys can you post all your Cultist-chan pics for me?
Need more references to draw porn for myself

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There. It's pretty great.

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Get some milliput
Mix it
Stick it on the base
Sculpt a couple of shitty eyes or tentacles
Paint pink


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I'm not mad I just think it's unfair for the already weak gunline armies.

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Help me, /tg/. Does anyone have the funny picture of space marines painted in bright colors that make them look like Mattel toys? Searching for "warhammer space marines painted funny bright colors" does nothing. Thank you.

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Can I play these push-fit Tactical Marines on 25mm bases? Alternatively, can I have 8 of these on 25mm bases with a sergeant on a 32mm and a heavy weapon marines on a 32mm base? I've got a shit ton of these sprues for dirt cheap and I wonder if they're playable (I know they're most likely not viable, but that's besides the point)

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How so? The crux terminatus having a little of the Emperor’s armour melted into it has been a think for ages. Why would you change it?

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Banshee dies >>74000168

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>Space Wolves
>Space Sharks
>Iron Hands
>Alpha Legion
Which names in 40k have you gotten used to, but which in reality sound goofy as shit?

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Which do you prefer, /tg/?

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How the fuck do you guys deal with Suppressive Fire and Overwatch in OW?

Are we ever going to get a good system for a 40k rpg with decent amount of choice?

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>smaller boards that are easier to screen the flanks and castle up
>bad for gunlines
Do you not actually play the game or something.

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show the porn you've drawn so far, then we shall judge if your work's worth supporting

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Recruit edition. Not joking.

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They were *made* for 25mm you ‘tard.


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>face complete untouched, just a hole in the mask
This artist is retarded

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Space Wolves and Sharks sounds really stupid now that I think about it.
Ultramarines is a great name even though I hate their chapter.

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>weak gunline armies

Barely enough.Get MDF terrain from elsewhere instead.

>normal humans can't use power klaws either
Pic related.

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>from nothing
you need dice, brushes, colors, primer, clippers, hobbyknife, file, glue, the rules and models
dice are not worth mentioning, rules can be downloaded for free I bet, and theres some "hobby-essentials" packs containing knifes, clippers and glue for a like 20€ or something. add in another 30€ for paints, brushes and primer and the rest of the stuff, and you're 50€ without models. As far as I know you only need 1 Gang-box to be fully able to play, so ~30€ from GW official side for price comparision, don't ever buy from their webstore
so I'd say with around 70-80€ you should be able to play with a fully painted necromunda gang.
emperor confirmed CAAC? is that why he lost to horus?

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Dredge would be better than Dredger.

Alternatively call it a Dreadnautical

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>Iron Hands of the Iron Hands with two iron hands
>literally the name of the shade of blue they're painted in

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servitors are not exactly normal humans anon

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Necron Severed pdf for the next time someone search of it in the archive.

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Space Sharks is the only one that sounds goofy. If you don't call them Carcharadons you're a faggot.

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It's supposedly for an upcoming 40k teaser.

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>Iron Hands of the Iron Hands with two iron hands
>guy gets iron hands
>is named after them
>chapter is then named after him
Wow it's almost like cause and effect exist.

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Space Wolves is equally as goofy. With space sharks you can picture a shark swimming in space. Without any context, what does a space wolf bring to mind?

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What type of glue do you use on the chains?

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>Without any context, what does a space wolf bring to mind?
Barbarian dudes on alien planets, or the name of some band of space pirates at least. It's sword and sorcery as fuck.

Space Sharks just sounds retarded.

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wasnt the chapter named before he was discovered and united with it?

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thats fucking awesome.

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get yourself a shitton of these bad boys and glue em of with PVA then give em a shiny varnish

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what'd be a good army to start with for a total beginner?

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>100€ MDF terrain
>20-40€ for models. Mantic Pathfinders, Mantic Enforcers, Raumjäger would all work for Adeptus Arbites dudes.
>About 2k€ in plastic terrain and official models probably.

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primaris marines
easy to build, easy to paint, easy to play, readily available

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Pure autism whoever did this. The normal stormhawk is fine.

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Eldar have really high body temperatures, so it feels better if you let them cool down a bit before going in.

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Seconding the request.


Or more seriously, marines, they play easily and will always win. But people hate marines.

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Because they deserve extinction. Every single problem in 40k can be traced back to them. They were the ones who incited the Iron Man revolts. They were the ones who allowed Chaos a door into the materium. They were the ones who fucked up the Imperium. If it was up to me, they'd all have their souls given to Slaanesh. Empowering that disgusting god is worth the eternal torment of the Aeldari species.

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No? All the Chapters were renamed when they reunited with their Primarchs. If Black Librarys shitty HH fanfiction changed that, just ignore it.

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Thank you, kind anon!

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Source of pic? I’ve never been able to find the full one.

>Incited the iron men revolts

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please help a retard
if I want to run an assassin, do I have to take an extra detachment for it? or just pay the usual 100 points?
The rules changed and I dont understand them

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BA army progress. Should the sword be red or gold?

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They're baseline humans with enhancements. Stop grasping already.

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>Posts a pic where she banshee exarch is about to make a new hole in his head
Dumb humie

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>Seconding the request.
do you prefer fluffy ladies or lolis

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Back when the emperor was walking around, that combo made sense.

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To be fair, it was considered like getting a piece of the Emperor's holy protection or something. A lot better than someone just wearing an otherwise useless lone guantlet made for a huge motherfucker. And it explains how the DA accumulated so many terminator suits.

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Neither, normal stormhawk has too many things crammed on it, while that is way too flat looking and the shortened wings make it look like even more of a toy.

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A wolf in space. Duh.

The one you like the most.

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saying enhanced humans aren't baseline is not grasping by any definition of the word

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I think it's still the usual 100 pts.

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What the fuck you wierdo

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>source of pic

>> No.74000499

If I wasn't at work...I could try and find an archived thread where a lot of cultist chan art was dumped if you like.

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>With enhancements
Then they aren't normal humans retard.

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Not him but most combat servitors are vat-grown roided muscle-hulks which are then fitted with a fuckton of cybernetics, you can't compare them to baseline humans at all. The kinds of servitors made from random starving shitty peasants who pissed off the AdMech and got lobotomized aren't typically used for shit like fighting on battlefields, they're menial dredge-workers.

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Just want to say that Goto is the most based author when it comes to his treatment of the Eldar:

>The witchling's eyes opened wider and she began to scream when the profane artifact touched her skin. It was the scream of a newborn being tortured to death. It was the scream of a child over dead parents. It was a scream of such horror and revulsion as to deny sanity. For one instant, the inquisitor allowed a smile to grace his scared face. He knew to the Exodite witchling that there was no greater pain than this. He crushed the feeling of ecstasy with the cold fury and disgust that had sustained him from his first agonizing memories of childhood all the way through thousands of campaigns and thankless conflict. Servants of the Emperor should have no love save to the Emperor, no happiness save to the Emperor, and no loyalty save to the Emperor. All else was either meaningless or to be scorned.

>The xeno youngling didn’t stop to breathe as she screamed, blood pouring from her eyes and nose, and she did not stop screaming for a very long time. Her head finally exploded like a seismic grenade. Partially crystallized brain matter and neural fluid erupting in a fountain of gore. A blastwave of released psychic energy fading to nothing as it struck against the inquisitor's null aura, covering the inquisitor’s face with the remains of her. The witch's body sagged in the restraints. The inquisitor breathed out a shuddering sigh as he plucked an eyeball from his cheek, and gently brushed the xeno's lower jaw, only held on by strands of flesh and muscle, with his non-mechanical hand. So sweet, yet so short. He wondered if the other prisoners' screams would be as succulent when exposed to the Slaaneshi artifact.

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You can't rape an elf retard

>> No.74000518

What you will enjoy painting and playing, just check some battle reports on youtube to see how the army plays and find one you like the playstyle of and how they look

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Not loli, I’m in the UK and that’s cp here.

lolis are kinda cringe anyway tho

I know the writefagging, just not where the pic comes from. Thanks anyway, Anon.

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In the edition the Emperor saw play, that combo was busted. He got nerfed hard before the Horus fight though

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Shut the fuck up 30kfag.

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holy fucking based

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They're not Space Marines. They're basic humans with commonly available augmentations.. Just like, say, Commissar Yarrick.

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Post loli nao

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10x Necron warriors
3x Scarabs
1x Royal Warden

5x assault intercessors
1x primaris lieutenant
1x probably paper mat

10x Necron warriors
3x Scarabs
1x Overlord
3x Skorpekh Destroyers
1x Canoptek Plasmacyte

5x assault intercessors
1x Primaris Captain
3x Outriders

1x probably paper mat

All the minis of elite.
Double sided folded gaming board (might be cardboard, not confirmed).
Reduced size rule book, has half the content (reduced size is 184 pages, full core rule book is 368 pages).

Honestly, it comes down to price.

The recruit starter, usability wise is better than first strike, because it provides full units, where in first strike you only got under strength units not usable like that. Also the recruit starter set comes with a HQ unit to both sides, so it's really nice. The thing that will make or brake the set is price. I doubt it will be $40, with luck it will be $50. If it's $60 that would be too much, but still will hold value. The necron warriors that come with the kit in my opinion are the ones of the future full set, and the full set of necron warriors+scarabs was $40 after the latest price hike. So, that makes me believe that the recruit starter set will be around $60.

The Elite set is the replacement of know no fear, which was $80. So GW will price it around 90$-$100. $100 is too much. $80 would be a reasonable price, but GW has been slowly hiking prices, so they will probably have it around $90. Imo know no fear was better value.

The command set has a smaller core rule book, terrain, and maybe a cardboard mat. Honestly i get the feeling GW will price it like $150-160, which will be uter greed pricing. Around $130-140 would be a more reasonable price. But as long as retards continue buying all the shit that GW makes, prices will continue going up.

Still, the good thing is that necron players will get a lot of the necron sprues that moneypig marine players will try to sell.

>> No.74000557

More proof, although ‘twere barely needed, that C.S. Goto art a fucking a weirdo

>> No.74000567

No. They're closer to marines than to humans. Literally grown in vats to be giant beefcake slabs of muscular man-meat.

>> No.74000569

anon I know you want to win the imaginary argument but this is pathetic

>> No.74000571

The recruit set looks the most interesting to me. Also the sets should be reasonable priced apart or they will overlap in prices. And the fact that you can buy the recruit and the elite and still have usable and different HQ units is also nice, GW made more usable starter sets this time (excluding the command set, which value wise, dark imperium will continue to be better in the end).

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no, all the chapters has different names before they met their primarachs. IH were called the Stormwalkers

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I’m not the servitor guy, BUT YOUR ONLY GIVEN REASON FOR YARRICK DOUNG CRAZY SHIT IS LITERALLY “waagh energy”. Fuck off.

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Go the fuck back you redditfag fedoratipping cringelord. No one talks like that here.

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That's such a cooler name.

>> No.74000609

No one talks like that on reddit, either. I’m by no means new to /tg/. I saw fit to talk like that. Fuck off Zoomer.

>> No.74000611

So if a guardsman loses his arm and gets a bionic replacement,they're not a normal human?

Information should be free.

>> No.74000616

>The necron warriors that come with the kit in my opinion are the ones of the future full set,

Necron Warriors won't have a multipart kit, it makes no sense for the push fit one to have both weapons and tltwenty heads options otherwise. What we have is all that they'll get

>> No.74000620

Will you give here your genes anon

>> No.74000623

Star Wars ruined "youngling" forever.

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>> No.74000631

Did he really need to highlight him physically getting off to it?

>> No.74000635

Does workers arisen work with heavy mining lasers?

>> No.74000636

no I'm going over there instead you smell like a loser

>> No.74000647

>No one talks like that on reddit
Apparently you would know since you spend so much time there.

>I’m by no means new to /tg/. I saw fit to talk like that.
Holy shit you just can't stop can you? How many fucking chins and fedoras do you have?

>> No.74000648

Mate fuck off

>> No.74000649

>Not loli, I’m in the UK and that’s cp here.

>post loli nao

>> No.74000652

Cool, source?

You sound gay.

>> No.74000657

My genes are terrible so I'll take the hit and procreate to make sure the hybrids are weak.

>> No.74000660

>still thinking the prequels were bad

>> No.74000676

>FPBP, Space Yiffs burn in the Warp

>> No.74000677

>He crushed the feeling of ecstasy with the cold fury and disgust that had sustained him from his first agonizing memories of childhood all the way through thousands of campaigns and thankless conflict. Servants of the Emperor should have no love save to the Emperor, no happiness save to the Emperor, and no loyalty save to the Emperor. All else was either meaningless or to be scorned.

This is why I can never get into Imperial characters. They're all written like this. They're more inhuman than many tau, eldar, and even ork characters.

It's all implication though. He could be sexually turned on, or he could just be overcome by religious zeal.

>> No.74000687 [SPOILER] 


>> No.74000692

>Which names in 40k have you gotten used to, but which in reality sound goofy as shit?
Space and Luna Wolves since it seems weird that people living far from modern Earth would even know what a wolf is
Ferrus Manus, Sanguinius
90% of the madeup latin names, Mechanicus troops are especially guilty here
Guard regiments like Valhallans and Krieg
Anything Nurgle related (Pandemic Poxbringer or Unclean Diseasetransmitter or some shit)

>> No.74000695

>since you spend so much time there
Not any more. I used to split time between the two. U mad bro?

>you just can’t stop
Lmao. I was literally speaking normally there, what part of that sentence is not in modern English?

>> No.74000699

The second founding is not a 30k invention

>> No.74000706

Friendly Reminder: Know No Fear in 9e points works out to 500pts of Space Marines and 440pts of Death Guard. What does the point value of Elite work out to?

>> No.74000710

There are BL books without a Marine/zealot PoV. Usually IG.

>> No.74000712

That's the point, hell. Some theories are posited that true baseline humanity went extinct and what's left are decended from an engineered labor cast of hardy, mutable folk with comparatively weaker will, them being the men of stone.

>> No.74000714

tough luck: magi are 4th generation hybrids, mating with them only results in pureblooded genestealers

>> No.74000722 [DELETED] 


Please do loli cultist-chan having sex with loli daemonettes. Also do you have an art account somewhere?

>> No.74000723


>> No.74000727

You're somehow managing to sound like more of a faggot than he is. Just call him a fag instead of trying this weak shit.

>> No.74000730

>This is why I can never get into Imperial characters. They're all written like this. They're more inhuman than many tau, eldar, and even ork characters
This is done so that they don't offend Imperial players who expect their army men to have the same uncontrollable erections for war, death, and sadism that they do.

>> No.74000733

>Unironically posting links to loli cunny in 40kg
Damn. You're getting banned for sure but you can find most of the readily available Cultist art from MrCulexus' Patreon/Deviantart, and the fanart and stuff is pretty easily googleable or found on the weirder porn sites like r34 or e621 or whatever. Probably 40kbooru too.

>> No.74000739

>Ghaz’s aura now lets infantry *and monsters* Advance and charge
>Da Boomer now work with the Gunwagon’s Periscope ability

>> No.74000740

I must be too deep, how does Sanguinus sound goofy?

>> No.74000746

desu I haven't done loli in a while now, like... 5 years.

>> No.74000750

>They're all written like this.
yarrick isn't. cain isn't.

>> No.74000757

So what you are saying is, only 4th generation cuties would even bother mating with trash like me because it literally doesn't matter how strong the genes are?

>> No.74000767

you ever buy some models that you love the look off, then get to painting them and hate every second of it? in that case which models

>> No.74000769

Not him but it's literally "Bloodius". It's like the most stereotypical Vampire the Masquerade Devil May Cry donut steel name imaginable for a pretty vampire dude.

>> No.74000770

links are not breaking any rules, you just can't post pictures in the thread.

>> No.74000779

Yvraine more like Yvraine on my DICK

>> No.74000782

Why is there such a market for 40k foot hentai


Sanguine. Blood-red.

>> No.74000788

Put an access panel or two on the top, extend the wings, and put include hardpoints for additional mission specific gear (fuel tanks, missile pods, miniguns, etc.)
Then the one on the left would be perfect

>> No.74000796

You’re dumb. Playing a 500pt game on a 6x4 table is retarded. Even at 1000pts, that’s to big. The smaller tables will lead to tighter, more intense battles. And it should shorten the time it takes to play a match. I, for one, welcome our new smaller tables.

>> No.74000803

All of them. I hate painting.

>> No.74000804

>Why is there such a market for [setting] {fetish} hentai
You new on the internet or something?

>> No.74000807

>western art
fuck off

>> No.74000810

I just want Waaagh energy to get retconned away at this point, I'm so sick and tired of having to listen to retards who've never played orks in their life talk about it. All the knuckle dragging "lore" fans have ruined it because they're to autistic to tell a joke from actual fluff.
>"If an Ork thought he could breath in space he'd breath in space"
>"Ork technology only works because they think it does, a tech-priest once opened up an Ork shoota and found that it was hollow and empty besides a bunch of loose bolts and a dead ptera-squirrel."
>"If an Ork painted himself purple he'd become invisible"
>"Yarrick is as badass as he is because Orks think he's badass"
>The War of the Beast novels.

>> No.74000818


the increase of incels in a society can be seen as one of the latter stages of genestealer cult's infiltration: weakening of the host population and a preparation for the gene reaping of the incels to produce a large horde of genestealers right for the great finale

>> No.74000823

I mean, they're reprogrammed lobotomites.

>> No.74000829

>Foot hentai
Do you even fetish, bro?

>> No.74000830

I've jumped on board the necron hype train, got the necron half of forgebane and indomitus. How bad are necrons in 9e so far? I know "new codex and everything will change" in october, i'm still curious about the current state

>> No.74000833

Pic related. It’s all drawn porn.

No, I just don’t expose myself to such degeneracy too often.

>> No.74000835

Do people play at 1250 points? Seems comfy

>> No.74000848

Really, that's what you took issue with?

>> No.74000857

finally settled on the scheme for the indomitus crons. Heat damaged steel, looks brighter in daylight. Figure the lore for them can be a dynasty whose tomb worlds are really close to stars and extremely hot as a deterrence to invaders.

>> No.74000858

1000 is best

>> No.74000862

But that picture isn't porn, regardless of fetishistic intent

>> No.74000865

Given the focus on the giantess’ FEET...

>> No.74000873

>This is why I can never get into Imperial characters. They're all written like this.
The entire setting is written like this, it's a heavy metal larger-than-life dirty filthy grimy fucknuts insanity world. It's literally this music video in spaaace.


If you're taking the setting any more seriously than that you're a faggot secondary.

>> No.74000882

The tacticool Marines all look better with beaky helms. Especially the ones with the visors.

>> No.74000885

No footfags are jerking off to boots, retard

>> No.74000892

1000 feels cramped tho

>> No.74000896

>Alpha Legion

>> No.74000898

Genestealer cults, need to do subassemblies for half the models, and those fucking knee/elbowpads kill me

>> No.74000902

Best of all
>New KFF mek got back the vehicle rule of the old one and isn't clan limited anymore, while keeping the new Melee invuln.

>> No.74000906

I enjoy that turquoise colour you've chosen for the energy effect and will probably steal it

>> No.74000907

I feel like giantess combines a lot of different fetishes, since the pictures are usually a combo of bigger woman, feet, and then some other fetish, be it crushing, mass destruction, snuff, guro, and/or vore.

>> No.74000909

the concepts for the orks there were cool
the whole event was sabbat-pattern-helm on head retarded

>> No.74000921

Dude but imagine the smell.

>> No.74000922

I mean Sisters of Battle deflect bullets because they believe hard enough, so it's not unreasonable for Orks to have similar abilities, y'know.Especially since they are mentioned in lore. Yeah, they'd still not be able to, say, breathe in space by believing hard enough and some stuff like purple stealth orks can be explained by placebo effect or coincidence, but I like to think that the Orks belief-magic-system has some effect, such as making their weapons function better and red ones going faster.

And before you tell me it's stupid that believing in shit makes it work better, might I remind you of Machine Spirits.

>> No.74000929

effective so far

>> No.74000931

yep, I agree. That's why i'm interested in the price of the recruit set, it will be more than $40 without a doubt.

Yeah i have know no fear, value is way better. With the leaked points the SM half of the elite set is a meager 340 points. Like everything with GW as of late, less and you pay more.

>> No.74000937

>the fluff for kommandos and blood axes completely misunderstanding camouflage theory but making it work anyways is some of my favourite ork stuff
whenever I see it I die a little more inside

>> No.74000938


>> No.74000939

Damnit, pic didn’t upload. Here.

Look, you yourself know that there is, as you put it, “fetishistic intent”. I’ll rephrase- “drawn art for the purpose of sexual arousal due to niche characteristics”. Or some shit, idk.

I wouldn’t know, I’m not a filthy degenerate.

Exactly my intent. Thank you Anon.

Machine Spirit lore is pretty sketchy, to say the least.

>> No.74000943

Guess how I know how fucking new you are.

>> No.74000946

>Sisters of Battle deflect bullets because they believe hard enough

>> No.74000948

Seeing the new Bladeguard Ancient reminded me, I prefer it when standard bearers have a big icon instead of a banner. They're easier to paint and transport as well.

Any ideas what icon I could use for a 1st-5th edition Marinelet chapter with a Templar chapter icon? Maybe something from the Sisters of Battle?

>> No.74000953 [SPOILER] 

Yes, just like every drawn comic is a manga, and this is a korean website.

For (You), then.

>> No.74000954

Rubber infused with foot sweat.

>> No.74000960

machine spirits are heavily implied to be just actual ai + daemonic possession

>> No.74000967

>>the fluff for kommandos and blood axes completely misunderstanding camouflage theory but making it work anyways is some of my favourite ork stuff
Can you share it?

>> No.74000973

Yeah. I remember some to scale Space Marine cuttouts GW did a while ago. They weren't that much taller than regular humans, whereas in 40k, they're supposedly gigantic. This lines up with the whole "men of stone" being made to be much smaller than "men of gold (original humans)." There's additional implications of the Emperor being only a little taller than the norm for MoG, but not huge as he is to 40k humans.

>> No.74000975


>>74000807 here.

>> No.74000976

is she playing epic?

>> No.74000983

They are not at all implied to be either of these things. Machine spirits are either complete superstition or they're chopped up human brains in a jar all wired up as a computer.

>> No.74000984

newfags calling newfags newfags. Christ, I actually miss the old guard.

>> No.74000988

giantess is the most autistic normalfag fetish, or the least autistic /d/tier fetish.

>> No.74001000

>implying that I’m a newfag

(((Newfag))) out.

>> No.74001003

I mean that was kinda how it worked back when orks were pure jokes

>> No.74001005

And so is the lore on Ork "Waaagh-energy".

>Acts of Faith being an in-game mechanic
>6+ Invulnerable save explained with "Conviction is the greatest armour."
>BL novels making a point of their faith affecting reality
>Whatever the fuck happened in Pariah

>> No.74001007

Trying to build a 1k list right now and I might just bite the bullet and go for 1250. 1000 doesn't feel like enough room for what I wanna do with my army.

>> No.74001029

I was in the same boat

>> No.74001039

dude in the greater good PA book there were imperial preachers literally flying like something outta harry potter

>> No.74001053

>can't even post an image after multiple tries
>replies to 5 posts at once
just stop posting

>> No.74001058

Personally my headcanon is that Machine spirits don't exist, it's just superstition and ritual. A guardsman might, for example, perform the rite of lasgun maintenance by

>Apologize to the gun for intruding upon it
>Light a scented candle
>Apply three drops of sanctified oil
>Field-strip the weapon
>Clean the weapon with sanctified oil and a blessed rag
>Put the weapon back together
>Thank the weapon for functioning properly

The only thing that actually works is the "strip and clean" part, but the guardsman is too superstitious/dumb/under orders to even consider skipping the other parts of the ritual of weapon maintenance, so he always does the whole shebang and believes his gun works because he said "Please" to it.

>> No.74001071

No. And the pic problems due to my broadband, as far as I can tell.

>> No.74001074

>They are not at all implied to be either of these things.

Have you somehow missed every kind of fluff about Titans and Land Raiders?

>> No.74001076

>weakening of the host population and a preparation for the gene reaping of the incels to produce a large horde of genestealers right for the great finale
That's it, I'm starting a Genestealer army

>> No.74001078

Was it my peepee in your mom’s bumbum?

>> No.74001080

Battlefleet Goth Chick.

>> No.74001081

>loli daemonettes
now that's a piece of history worth revisiting

>> No.74001083

I'm not doubting it happend i'm just disgusted by it

>> No.74001089

>my headcanon is that Machine spirits don't exist
*angry binary noises*

>> No.74001092

Isn't there a transfer that's a skull with a cross on it?

>> No.74001094

Toy turned into a termite work in progress what do anons think?

>> No.74001095

Land Raiders very clearly have AI, otherwise they wouldn't be able to operate by themselves

>> No.74001101

Well, I could only figure out a 25 PL patrol using Custodes that worked for me as a Shield-Cap on foot (7), a trio of Custodians (8) and a trio of Wardens (w/axes for anti-tank)/or a Contemptor Dreadnought (10).
Shorter tables sort of help, as do the mass of command points finally making Custodes worth the eliteness.

>> No.74001105

filthy Xenos

>> No.74001107

>let's delete all mystery from the setting because some people are 1d4chan quoting dipshits

>> No.74001117

>>Da Boomer now work with the Gunwagon’s Periscope ability
yeah now we can spend 175 points and a cp to kill a whole 3 primaris marines a turn

>> No.74001123

>Personally my headcanon is that Machine spirits don't exist
Somebody tell the Admech

>> No.74001124

The pic problems are probably due to you being a faggot.

Admittedly Land Raiders and other sophisticated equipment have some kind of cogitator-system in them, but it's not a spirit or sentient, just an advanced computer program.

>> No.74001126


Looks very cool mate

>> No.74001127


>> No.74001129

Looks like you took a kid's toy and spray painted it brown.

>> No.74001130

does it spin

>> No.74001132

Looks kind of small, put it next to a model so I can understand the scale better

>> No.74001136

That's correct for basic pieces of equipment. It also makes lot of sense because most religious rituals and rules in the real world were born of necessity but clad in mysticism to make them easier to follow. But more complex machines have undoubtedly machines spirits that exist. See that Land Raider that decided to fuck the Orks even when everyone inside was dead.

>> No.74001142

Machine spirits are daemons. Applying sacred oil and doing some chant doesn't appease it, it suppresses it and allows for the machine to operate normally.

>> No.74001148

Me on the right.

>> No.74001157

Good job, anon.

>Saying what your headcanon on a certain subject is is the same as wanting GW to make it canon and remove the mystery surrounding it
Commit sudoku.

>> No.74001166

That's not true. I have horrible internet yet I have never had an attached image not send because of it.
Because it had AI

>> No.74001182

Highly advanced computer algorhithm done by a cogitator, not an AI or a spirit, is my personal headcanon.

>> No.74001184

What mystery does "orks have an epic meme field that lets them do whatever they want" add to the setting

>> No.74001191

>Because it had AI
Which is your name for the same thing that Admech calls a machine spirit

>> No.74001204

Crusade is new and lots of people will play smaller games. Drop big blobs of Warriors before they have the firepower to actually wipe units, anon. You'll get the most out of your RP tax now so it won't be as painful at the 2k point level later

>> No.74001219

Right, but the stormtalon is the superior flying escort potato

>> No.74001226

>Highly advanced computer algorhithm done by a cogitator
No it was done by the Machine Spirit which is a literal actual piece of technology made with a wired up human brain. Keep up, lorelet.

>> No.74001227

I'm not saying the Waaagh doesn't have any of those affects, I'm saying it's been exaggerated by idiots to a dumb degree. Like to use War of the Beast as an example, in there a Space Marine killteam discovers that on some of the worlds captured by orks the captured humans there are devolving into subhuman cattle because the orks see them as livestock. Which also shits all over the idea that the Beast WAAAGH orks are smarter than normal as well, because the typical ork system of raising squigs for animal goods and sentient beings for skilled slave labor like making ammo for them is a far better system than spending a decade raising a human just to butcher him for his low yield of poor quality meat and hide.

>> No.74001228

The world may never know.

>> No.74001236

machine spirit isn't AI
it's an amalgamation of living brains

>> No.74001241

battlescribe got 9th points yet?

>> No.74001247

>people arguing over whether machine spirits exist not realizing that term means multiple things, and for one of those things there are literally fucking models and art of them
They're a physical fucking piece of tech you retards.

>> No.74001256

what's the chance we'll be seeing new ork boyz models soon?

>> No.74001257

There are no brains in a fucking bolter you troglodytes

>> No.74001258


>I have never experienced problem
>Therefore problem cannot happen to anyone
>I am very smart

>> No.74001263

It does spin, and shoots the tip of the drill!
Its as big if not bigger than the normal one

>> No.74001272

Your entire existence in this thread has been being wrong and then justifying being wrong via posting memes
fuck off already

>> No.74001276

I personally would use 32 mm, but 25 mm should work too

>> No.74001286

Because there's a subtle difference between
>Orks believe in stuff hard enough to affect reality
>Orks can do LITERALLY ANYTHING if they believe.
Sadly, lorelets like you don't understand nuances that aren't written on the rules of the model.

There has never been any proof of a machine spirit being a brain in a jar.

>exaggerated by idiots
Yeah, we can agree on that.

>> No.74001291

>he still believes there's a machine spirit in a fucking bolter

>> No.74001292

There's no machine spirit in a bolter you fucking newfag, it's a black box inside of a Land Raider.

>> No.74001294

Do the Gellerpox Infected need their own detachment in 9e or can I soup them up with other Nurgle/DG units without losing all the CP? Just trying to get SOMETHING on the field

>> No.74001295

Use excel or pen and paper, zoomer.

Post art and model of a machine spirit.

>> No.74001303

There is an official comic from the point of view of a bolt pistol's machine spirit

>> No.74001306

very cool anon, give it some gigantic flamers

>> No.74001307

You think anyone is gonna make brand new tables and gives a shit?

>> No.74001312

Power armour has a machine spirit. Where's the brain in those?

>> No.74001319

>and shoots the tip of the drill!
You realize that you have to have a special rule where the drill fires at some point during the match and any models that are knocked over by it count as slain.

>> No.74001325

comic books are for firstborns

>> No.74001328

Do they share a keyword or not?

>> No.74001330

SoB do a much better at providing 'nuance' than Orkz do.

>> No.74001339

The black orb on the Lord Discordant model

>> No.74001347


>> No.74001355


>> No.74001358

The Land Raider diagram has an example of a Machine Spirit, its literally a black sphere which houses an artificial brain, it even has production codes and everything so its not as esoteric as the AdMech leads you to believe.

>> No.74001364

That's called a servitor you retard. The Admech makes extensive use of brains in a jar, it wouldn't make sense to have a word for them that they use for things that obviously don't have a hardwired servitor inside

>> No.74001374

to be fair, admech would claim a toaster is some piece of esoteric hardware.

>> No.74001378

No that's the shit that they used for automata in 30k

>> No.74001388

Link? Name? Proofs?


>> No.74001391

No, servitors are able to walk around and shit. Just the brain shoved in a sealed case plugged into machines as a processor is a machine spirit.

>> No.74001399

>Trading in the already fine looking boyz for a new box that'll be mono-pose, have a third of the bitz, and cost $10 more for marginally improved sculpts.
Hopefully never.

>> No.74001404

>Post art and model of a machine spirit.

>> No.74001408


>> No.74001410

...While that's not directly a brain in a jar, it's close enough to make me think that it might indeed be the case. Thanks for showing this.

>> No.74001414

>Just the brain shoved in a sealed case plugged into machines as a processor is a machine spirit.

And where is that in a fucking lasgun?

>> No.74001422

>he thinks they went from 30k grisly braintech to clean artifical intelligence programs in 40k and didn't just keep doing the same barbaric thing

>> No.74001425

They are not shoving a brain into every piece of power armour, no

>> No.74001426

that's not a machine spirit, that's the omnissiah

>> No.74001427

It doesn't have to be a big brain

>> No.74001437

>Can you share it?
Absolutely. They're more or less larpers from /k/, knowing that the patterns are important but not really understanding the application of it.

but because they're fucking orks the fact that they consider their options and (loosely) plan things out makes them extremely dangerous (and why the imperium puts so much effort into CIA'ing their warbands)

>> No.74001438

>Sisters don't get shot because they believe hard enough
>Sisters kill daemons with coarse language
>Sister misses shot, says "not on my gods watch", and the bullet loops round and bores between the eyes of some Chaos chuckle-fuck.

>> No.74001439

ok so
in a game with rules based on common sense this situation would heavily favor the guys in the building. they have cover, elevation, and the guys on the ground have no easy way to get to them. in 40k it's the complete opposite since the guys on the ground can just phase through the wall and then attack through the ceiling with their axes. what moron came up with these rules?

>> No.74001443

Lasguns don't have machine spirits you fucking retard, pay attention to the discussion. They only exist in highly advanced vehicles like Land Raiders. Guardsmen talking about their lasguns machine spirit are fucking superstitious peasants who don't understand the difference.

>> No.74001452

There's no other explanation as to why they would stop using the good automata and switch to the ones that will walk into a ditch if not tard-wrangled

>> No.74001454

The drillhead looks like shit compared to the read deal, if its properly sized it works well enough however. If you have access to a 3d printer you could potentially replace the drillheads with something better, then it would look pretty good

>> No.74001460

well, there aren't any in the loyalist armours for sure

>> No.74001462

Wrong. Every mundane human artifact in 40k has a machine spirit.

>> No.74001464

Power armour plugs into the brain of the Marine wearing it, anon. He is the machine spirit.

>> No.74001474

>They only exist in highly advanced vehicles like Land Raiders.
you're mixing up AI with machine spirits

>> No.74001483

40k isn't simulationist play another game

>> No.74001487

You footfags ought to be rounded up and murdered.

>> No.74001491

No. You are. That black box in the Land Raider is literally called a Machine Spirit. It's like you're not even reading the fucking thread. >>74001347

>> No.74001494

Have you guys considered that this argument stems from the fact that not even GW authors know what machine spirits are, along with "what does a meltagun shoot" and "what is Perturabo's character supposed to be"

>> No.74001495

It might be different levels of cogitation and cognition that all get called machine spirits, so as to hide the fact that some of them might be Abominable Intelligences while others are little more than, say, led round-counters on a lasgun.

Also fits in with the theme of ancient armour and equipment being re-used over and over again, so you could easily have a Marine wielding an ancient bolt pistol that's self-aware and sophisticated, but he's unaware of it being an AI.

>> No.74001496

why does she look like she's gonna start going on about how Adora doesn't love her any more?

>> No.74001499

even nu xcom where you can have a 80% chance to miss a guy standing 3 steps away from you isn't this silly

>> No.74001503

Wow you are a fucking lorelet. Literally every piece of machine has a machine spirit going by the Admech. Land Raiders are famous for having very strong and indipendent machine spirits but they are not the only ones. There is a reason their rule was always calle "Power of the Machine Spirit" instead of just Machine Spirit.

>> No.74001505

>you will never have a Bolter BF to shoot filthy Xenos with

>> No.74001510

>Every mundane human artifact in 40k has a machine spirit.
No it doesn't. That's what the superstitious uninitiated tards believe because tech-priests aren't going to stand around and explain the difference.

>> No.74001513

fix the fucking resin and metal shit before giving us an update we don't need

>> No.74001514

Yeah that's an AI that the mechanicus thinks is a machine spirit, see >>74001495

>> No.74001517

They both have Specialist Weapon and if you have two Specialist Weapons you get +1 attack.

30k is dumb like that

>> No.74001519

the admech use the same term for an AI box and the spirit because they are the same to them. We are outside the setting and know all machines have spirits and some high end ones have AI.

>> No.74001520

It also helps that Orks are green. And Jungles are Green. So with luck, a red-and-purple camo suit n a green Ork might just make them look like the local flora.

>> No.74001528

>Literally every piece of machine has a machine spirit going by the Admech
The "mAcHiNe SpIrItS" spooky finger-waggling mysticism by the AdMech and an actual physical Machine Spirit are not the same thing, and the higher level AdMech know the former isn't real.

>> No.74001533


>> No.74001539

Can someone see the gladiator and actually defend primaris?

>> No.74001545

because its better than a bunch of guys standing on a ledge being completely invincible while the melee guys just stand around and wait to die.

>> No.74001549

You have a ryona fetish.

>> No.74001553

Wrong. Read Mechanicus.

>> No.74001555 [SPOILER] 


>> No.74001556

The Machine Spirit of the post-heresy Vengeful Spirit was literally a sister of Iskandar Khayon wired with hundreds of other brains, she even had her own body but her consciousness was merged with the rest of them

>> No.74001557

yeah, they mentioned that when making *teleports behind you* snikrot, though truth be told I kinda hate that edgy git

>> No.74001558

Female Inquisitors ignore bolters

>> No.74001573

40k tends to integrate more and more rts/moba mechanics. You really don't have to thunk too much about it.

>> No.74001579

>read [BL book full of information that contradicts other BL books]
I'm beginning to join the "BL isn't canon" crowd because of you dumpfucks

>> No.74001586

How many more Primaris release waves are we gonna get before plastic Aspect Warriors? 2? 3?

>> No.74001599

It's an abstract representation of the guys with axes climbing up and murderizing the guys on the ledge without us having to get super detailed about that.

>> No.74001600

Too much soul. All of it destroyed by primaris.

>> No.74001602

>phase through the wall
>attack through the ceiling
Retard Alert. Does your wrangler know you're on the internet without supervision?

>> No.74001604

that's exactly how 40k works though
being close to the enemy has no bearing on accuracy

>> No.74001608

It's a fun discussion exactly because it's not written as a fact in the lore, adding to the mystery and letting people have their own interpretations. It's, y'know, good storytelling.

40k is a turn-based representation of a real-time situation. Those Orks aren't standing on the lower floor and hitting an enemy out of their reach, they're climbing, using the stairs that are inside the building, or doing literally anything but that. Your argument is about the same as "but your models aren't crouching, so they're not taking cover in that crater"

>> No.74001614

>nooooooooo the book that proves me wrong isn't canon
Okay retard. The machine spirit in your dildo is sad its master is a fucking idiot.

>> No.74001617

Do marinelets even appear in recent lore anymore

>> No.74001624

Wait the Void dragon has a model?

>it's not a dragon at all
Kinda pissed, ngl.

>> No.74001627

I play models I like, and primaris has a few that I like

>> No.74001632

It's a fragment of it

>> No.74001637

Only when they need to make primaris look better by comparison, usually by making regular marines unable to do shit they've been able to do since forever.

>> No.74001639

What about the books which contradict that book

>> No.74001642

>Want to wed chaos chan
>but love the emprah
Thank you based Emps for Loyalist chan.

>> No.74001645

Sure they do, they're witnesses to the greatness of the primaris marines!

>> No.74001650

yeah, basically fulfilling the role of the guys opening the door for custards to deliver them some new brothers

yeah me too
it's just a vaguely angelic design with some necron elements
it's pretty boring

>> No.74001653

Yes, Knights of Macragge and anything with Gabriel Seethe in it

>> No.74001654

My local Discord group. Then again, they unironically play Ultramarines and think named characters are cool.

I think Snikrot is pretty based. He's the one Ork who gets how /k/ommando operashuns work and is terrifying, because the only thing scarier than a giant, violent green retard is a smart, giant violet green retard.

>> No.74001655

The Black Lrgion novel and some lorebooks explain that a machine spirit is the human competent in the machines.

Not to be confused with war spirits like picture related

>> No.74001658

Gabriel Seth does. He has manlet rage and beats a Primaris up.

>> No.74001659

But you don't need primaris to exist to have vanguard veterans with stormshields and power swords.

>> No.74001662

Honestly also pissed that it has a model at all and isn't inside of Mars.

>> No.74001666

He's assuming the building has the Breachable feature, which does allow that.

>> No.74001667

>the DA who is breathing a sigh of relief he is not the most heretical person in the room with a GK around

>> No.74001669

The fact that higher ups knows that sometimes the dogma is bullshit and they call the AI processor a "machine spirit" to avoid having to burn down all Land Raiders because of the Abominable Intelligence ban doesn't change what the dogma says anon.

>> No.74001675


>> No.74001681

It's got wings (plus four limbs), a tail and a vaguely reptilian head. And it's a shard. Within acceptable parameters.

>> No.74001685

Protip: BL being contradictory is intentional due to the size of the setting and due to the stories being written from an in-universe perspective.

Not him, but read the terrain rules and keywords for ruins.

>> No.74001687

>I think Snikrot is pretty based.
I like the idea of him but hate the twin choppa shit.

For me, it's the kommando nob. Still the best ork ever sculpted.

>> No.74001697

Thank flick

>> No.74001701

>tfw you would love a Space wolf gf
>but you realize they would all be retarded from fetal alcohol syndrome
>and probably be team killers
Would still just to hear her awo

>> No.74001719

twin choppas are cool fight me
takitkool orks works because it's so completely opposite of how anything orky works
like what does that vanguard primaris-tier visor do for snikrot? I'd put good teef down that all it does is put a green filter over his vision

>> No.74001721

>read the terrain rules and keywords for ruins.
You mean the ones that specifies how you aren't phasing through the wall or attacking through the ceiling?

>> No.74001726

It's an AI made out of a brain in a case. Same way Warp Drives are made of psyker brains in a big tank. Same way space marine anti-air missiles are guided by a mummified chapter serf with a preserved brain wired into the guidance system. Same way cogitator banks on board space ships are rows and rows of seated servitors with their heads plugged into machinery. Same way the AdMech chicken walkers have a gimp wired into the front of them. Same way the Astronomicon is powered by the Emperor who is basically a mummified corpse plugged into a big arcane life support system and dripfed the liquefied flesh of psykers. Same way the Imperium's general purpose utility drones are literal flying skulls (with preserved brains in them) and vat-grown cybernetic fetuses made to look like angelic cherubs. Same way the most common food on Hive Worlds and ships is onions viridians/corpse starch.

Imperial tech is grisly body horror zombie tech. The entire culture is a massive death cult. The human skull is their universal symbol of humanity and they put a million of them on everything. Everything is decorated with human bones and remains. Everything is made out of people. If you haven't figured this out yet you're a newfag.

>> No.74001727

Who is this qt goth gf and how tight is her pussy?

>> No.74001731

Oh look, it's their daughter all grown up.

>> No.74001736

the visor's machine spirit wouldn't even work for an ork

>> No.74001739

it's not intentional, it's unavoidable and "the universe is a big place" is the shield the setting has been throwing up against that inevitability since forever
which is why claiming that something is "canon" is retarded

>> No.74001742

dykes are gross and that sister should have >>74001558
happen to her

>> No.74001749

Patrician taste mah git. Always wanted to get the FW kommando kit and build a kill team. If only the KT reules weren't so awful.

>> No.74001750

Yes, now thank me for the honor of tasting my blade

>> No.74001752

All the people related to this model's sculpt and approval should be flayed publicaly.

>> No.74001765

would an all-speed freakz army be viable?

>> No.74001766

I mean, if you only look at what's going on the table without understanding what it's supposed to represent then yes, you are phasingthrough the wall to attack through the ceiling.

>> No.74001769

How well do rubrics and SO termies perform now?

>> No.74001771

congratulations, your application to the night lords has been approved

no because wazdakka is gone and as such you can't have bikers as troops any more

>> No.74001772

So I should run models I don't like instead of ones I do? I dunno about that, anon.

>> No.74001773

B-but they are manlets!

>> No.74001788

Your homosexuality is showing, anon.

>> No.74001790

>twin choppas are cool fight me
no dakka no deal

>> No.74001793

It's only a shard of it, but it does kind of cast shade on the Emperor defeating it and imprisoning it on Mars, which could only have been a shard at best. I think it would have been a nice homage to have more 'cog' symbolism on it.

>> No.74001799

My point is that you don't need primaris to exist to make those models.

>> No.74001801

It's not that bad. If you hate the hair use the alternate helmet head. The legs below the knee are terrible in like 3 different ways but can be fixed with some cutting and greenstuffing. The rest is good or at least passable.

>> No.74001805

Machine Spirit refers to several different things, depending on the context (and characters in-setting usually don't know the difference):
>AI of a piece of machinery, usually from an STC or DAOT, and often with a biological component given the Imperium's policies on AI. This is the MS that gets the "recite the Canticle of Awakening" that's just a phonetic repetition of its passphrase or whatever.
>The anthropomorphized ideation of a machine or piece of equipment as given by its (human) users. Widespread use and often used as a shorthand for "this piece of junk isn't working = you have angered the machine spirit". May or may not have an actual reflection in the Warp depending on specific instance (age and degree of use are factors) that has real effects (stories of an empty Rhino charging forward to save its crew, and so on), or be just pure superstition.
>Literal ghosts in the machine. It's 40k, that's a real concern.

>> No.74001810

Viable as in do fine in your local scene? Sure. Viable as in win big tournaments? Unlikely.

>> No.74001813

>and think named characters are cool.
>I think Snikrot is pretty based

>> No.74001817

*Teleports behind you*
Heh, nothing personnel, Mon-kid

Yes, but not in WAACfag tourneys.

>> No.74001826

That GK's been drinking his milk

>> No.74001827

At that point the main critiques would be that everybody is immobile all the times, that giant hands that are unexplained anywhere in the lore constantly pick people up and move them and that when a unit shoots the target fall dead without bullets actually being fired.

>> No.74001831

Funnily enough figuring out how camouflage actually works from the guard and going green is exactly how Snikrot went from being a normal Kommando to the best there is.
Snikrot's pretty fun, I really like the newer lore for him too, it's a nice bit of development.

>> No.74001833

The "bolt pistol" is horrible aswell and let's not even talk about the "jump pack". It's not just the legs. 80% of the model is irredimable garbage.

>> No.74001839

This anon gets it. Capped for future use.

>> No.74001841

Honestly more worth it to build a team for shadow war, since it's novel enough to be played whenever people are burnt out of whatever the current edition of 40k is.

>> No.74001843

just in local scene, just want to have fun with the models. no need to win everything

>> No.74001846 [SPOILER] 

Absolutely agreed, once my budget stabilizes I'm going to get that on as one of my conversions. Among other changes to the void Dragon

>> No.74001851

only the 1st part is true and the last 2 are superstition as we've discussed ITT already. Please keep up.

>> No.74001852

This. It's not hard.

>> No.74001856

I love both the pistol and the jump pack actually. You might just have weak taste.

>> No.74001860

Sorry, they think bringing named characters onto games is cool, was what I meant.

>> No.74001863

Holy fuck that's based!

>> No.74001868

They're good. If you want to play mono thousand sons you run a ton of HQ's, and fill the rest out with Rubrics and Termies.

>> No.74001870

She a qt

>> No.74001872

Commander Farsight confirmed Chaos Tau.

>> No.74001873

I'm sorry anon but maybe you should play tau instead of space marines.

>> No.74001879

The second one explicitly says it's superstition you fucking tard, can you not even read?

And no the third one is not necessarily always supersition, there are LITERAL GHOSTS AND SUPERNATURAL FORCES AND MAGIC in 40k.

>> No.74001885

The entire Admech dogma is superstition you absolute Mongoloid.

>> No.74001888

You're on the wrong board. /k/ is that way.

>> No.74001889

Damn anon, I forgot how that fucking ruleset was called and couldn't find it a week ago.!

>> No.74001891

even if you use an alternate head the model's still pretty crap
the jump pack is ugly, he's standing on a citadel™ rocky characterbaser™, the pistol is lame, the armour is nowhere near ornate enough for a CHAPTER MASTER and lastly the lightning claws are gay

>> No.74001894

Absolutely, just oozes fucking orkyness.
Humour, dakka, crude bionics, badassery and teef.

>> No.74001897

>make those models
Same is true of manlets. You could simply just make them yourself.

>> No.74001911

>using a sick bolt pistol
>putting jump packs on a guy in power armour instead of a battlesuit
>having lightning claws
>being covered in skulls, mummified bird parts and feathers
You literally don't know jack shit about either army apparently. Fucking secondary.

>> No.74001914

My list of things I had mostly built and starting to get painted was pretty much:

2x exsorc on disk
1x termie sorc

3x 5 man squads of rubrics with bolters
1x SO termies with a SRC and helfyre rack

1x quad lascannon pred

I haven't touched the game in a bit so I'm trying to get my head around the cult stuff and all the spells I have access to.

>> No.74001920

>Absolutely, just oozes fucking orkyness.
>Humour, dakka, crude bionics, badassery and teef.

>> No.74001928

thank you for your valuable input

>> No.74001929

You realize /k/ has a massive /40k/ fanbase crossover, right?

>> No.74001947

>WOW!! Gig tiddy space elf gf

>> No.74001950

>Same way Warp Drives are made of psyker brains in a big tank.

Don't remind me of that utter bullshit. BL can claim it's totes been that way the whole time, I don't care. Nowhere for decades has it even been hinted warp engines have biological components. Nobody claiming warp engines have living components in them would have been taken seriously.

>Same way space marine anti-air missiles are guided by a mummified chapter serf with a preserved brain wired into the guidance system.

It's one missile, though. There's plenty of AA missiles that don't need brainpower to operate. Feels like GW had to make it extra funky for lulz.

>Same way the Astronomicon is powered by the Emperor

It's not, it's powered by the psychic choir.

>with preserved brains in them

Do they actually have brains in them, because all I've seen seems to indicate a fairly simple computer.

>> No.74001952

>Having fun is Soi

Sure, so go to a 40/k/ thread then.

>> No.74001958

Normal bikers are pretty meh right now, if you want to bring boyz in trukks and a bunch of buggies you can have a lot of fun though. And the Warboss on Bike is probably our best HQ at the moment.

>> No.74001965

Anon that bolt pistol and jump pack don't even look like space marine bolt pistols and jump packs.

>> No.74001974

SO's got a fair points hike while Rubrics barely went up in points at all (because force weapons became free).

It's still fine to run one squad of 10 though.

>> No.74001979

Look at the quality of this post, look at it. Next time you're about to shit on orks remember this.

>> No.74001981

>"this is superstition usually"
>that is superstition anon, keep up
peak reading comprehension

>> No.74001994

>Nobody claiming warp engines have living components in them would have been taken seriously.
Let's not forget how Tau have reverse engineered those to make their own warp drives. Which would be absolutely impossible if they were psyker brains.

>> No.74001999

anon this setting has wizards in it
your arguments about superstition are invalid

>> No.74002001

>Don't remind me of that utter bullshit. BL can claim it's totes been that way the whole time, I don't care. Nowhere for decades has it even been hinted warp engines have biological components.
It didn't need to be, it fits the setting fucking perfectly and is one of those things that immediately makes sense the instant you hear it. Black Library fucks a lot of shit up - this wasn't one of them.

>It's not, it's powered by the psychic choir.
It needs both, if the Emperor dies the Astronomicon goes out. This is lore as old as time.

>> No.74002005

Why do raven guard need to look like everyone else, cringey tacticool is their aesthetic you wouldn't shit on dark angels because they look like space knights?

>> No.74002012

It's good to imagine machine spirit as just causality and physics at work. Instead of explaining the mechanics of a high-energy weapon, you teach the soldier to perform simple rituals to appease the machine spirit and keep the weapon working. You think an ancient soldier knew anything about the mechanics of oxidation? Probably not. But he knew oiling his sword and keeping it dry would prevent rust.

>> No.74002024

>Let's not forget how Tau have reverse engineered those to make their own warp drives
No, they attempted to and failed miserably.

>> No.74002025

>Do they actually have brains in them, because all I've seen seems to indicate a fairly simple computer.

The Hunter missile? Yeah it uses a serf's brain as its machine spirit and machine spirit computational power is literally measured in "Kilobrains".

>> No.74002031

>immediately makes sense the instant you hear it.

>> No.74002044

I feel like, at least on paper SO termies can dish out a bit of damage from their combi bolters with new rules, as well as the strategem that lets them fire twice or something. Also I liked the idea of the Cult of Time spell that can bring back models being used on them, I was thinking of dropping the SO in with the termie sorc and buffing them to go for any open targets etc.

>> No.74002045

Every SM flyer that isn't a Thunderhawk is butt ugly.

>> No.74002046

>cringey tacticool is their aesthetic
no, it isn't
show me even one single pre-primaris RG model or artwork that can be honestly described as edgy and tacticool

>> No.74002047

Someone missed the fourth sphere expansion.

>> No.74002049

Because they are still space marines, they should look like space marines. But it's not a raven guard problem, it's a primaris problem.

>> No.74002051

With the caveat that usually the ones who built that gun don't know how it works either. AdMech are half genuine research and superscience and half cargo cult and superstition.

>> No.74002052

>no argument at all
Explain how it doesn't make sense for the entire culture built around weird body horror tech to have Warp Drives made out of psyker parts when the Warp can only be channeled and used by living psykers and not machines.

>> No.74002057

>It didn't need to be, it fits the setting fucking perfectly and is one of those things that immediately makes sense the instant you hear it. Black Library fucks a lot of shit up - this wasn't one of them.

Yeah, go back 5-10 years and claim warp engines work on psyker brains. Lets see how everyone goes "yeah, that's makes total sense." Nobody's gonna start bringing up stuff that would not make sense if that were the case, because such stories and lore totally doesn't exist, right?

Stop sucking BL's dick, they don't love you.

>> No.74002067

Primaris ruined the lore and the game.

>> No.74002075

>The Hunter missile?

No, servo-skulls.

>> No.74002086

>is one of those things that immediately makes sense the instant you hear it
humanity was using warp travel before human psykers appeared you retard

>> No.74002090

You mean the one where they had an experiment go horribly wrong and rip a permanent mini-eye of terror wormhole into space?

>> No.74002091

Every flyer that isn't designed by FW (or a monster) is an ugly piece of shit.

>> No.74002092

Only for space marines, but yes.

>> No.74002094

Tau already did that
Primaris is just pissing on the corpse.

>> No.74002107

Because it goes against multiple pieces of the lore. Like how it's a big deal the fact that every not sanctioned psyker get rounded up in the black ships and brought to Terra where they are used to power the Astronomicon. Or how Warp drives were created in the Dark Age of Technology but were almost useless until navigators started appearing.

>> No.74002116

Hey question, I only just realized I wanted to add on the darker secondary coloring for a few panels on my suit but I've already painted the ocher over it. Will it be messed up if I just go over with a new paint? As in will it look shittier?

>> No.74002118


>Don't remind me of that utter bullshit. BL can claim it's totes been that way the whole time, I don't care. Nowhere for decades has it even been hinted warp engines have biological components. Nobody claiming warp engines have living components in them would have been taken seriously.

Gellar Field generators, you dumbfucks. Not the Warp Engines.

The Gellar Field generator which is inside the Warp Engine has a comatose psyker whose dream is used to generate the bubble of reality that protects the ship.

In the Phil Kelly novel "Farsight Crisis of Faith", the T'au are studying a Warp Engine captured from a destroyed Imperial ship. They found the gellar generator box inside it. You know what they found inside the gellar box? Fucking boney ash. The remains of the poor psyker that was inside reduced to dust after the explosion of the ship.

You should know that the T'au developed a Warp Engine but they don't have a gellar shield.

>> No.74002122

The thing happened only because they activated thousands of them at the same time without Gellar Field. They made numerous test run with unmanned drones before it

>> No.74002123

Seeing that Necromunda, etc. have their own patterns, it'd seem like lasguns are simple enough weapons that anyone can make them, even though they might not understand the mechanics behind it.

>> No.74002124

S-someone will scan the new lore someday right?

>> No.74002134

>Uh oh, looks like we accidentally gave Death Guard a stratagem that could give them something good. Can't have that! Let's just take that away haha :)

>> No.74002139

Nah, it's easy to add more dark. Just paint over it with two thin coats of the darker paint.

>> No.74002150

>Yeah, go back 5-10 years and claim warp engines work on psyker brains.
Makes perfect sense. You're appealing to some imagined group of newfags from only 5-10 years ago like I care or like you know what most people actually would have thought.

>Stop sucking BL's dick
I don't, at all, that's my whole fucking point. Black Library is usually shit so when they actually get something right for once it's very noticeable. This is one of those few things. You're just a fucking lorelet who doesn't understand the 40k tone or themes or atmosphere or aesthetics or anything apparently, because "we rip holes in space to travel through hell using the brains of our warp-witches wired up in an arcane freak-machine" is 40k to the fucking core.

Navigators are biological guidance systems in the warp, Astropaths are biological communications systems using the Warp, why the fuck wouldn't the Drives that actually allow ships to enter the Warp have a biological component? You're just a fucking faggot for not getting this.

>> No.74002155

Their resistance to small arms fire makes them great at taking down MEQs. Use flamers for GEQs and SRCs for TEQs. Permanent AP -2 really helps with lethality even though the units are damn expensive. Honestly all tsons infantry are really strong, including tzaangors.

>> No.74002161



Designer Andy Hoare told everyone in GW that Gellar generators are fueled by psykers.

You can activate a Warp Engine without using the Gellar field. Dum dums.

>> No.74002175

>A sleeping psyker has somehow the strength to repel demon hordes banging on them

That's even more retarded anon.

>> No.74002180

GK literally have lore about how they know about the Fallen but don't give a shit - but will use it as leverage. Which is why GK and DA have fought together a few times in more recent lore.

>> No.74002181

No-one cares apart from idiots who bought 20 ugly possessed models trying to catch onto the WAAC meta in late 8th and were hoping to still abuse them in 9th with 5++ Cloud of Flies bullshit.

DG have plenty of tools now and really don't need possessed to build great lists. They'll still be top 5 after this change.

>> No.74002184

What's this FAQ do?

>> No.74002187

If the building is breachable then its indeed common sense for a squad of "strong dudes with no guns" to storm the place and get into melee with the "weak dudes with no guns" and anon is full of shit, ranting about no-clip wall-hacking units. If the building is not breachable, then there's no scenario where that happens and anon is still being hysteric
He didn't draw ruins, he drew a closed building and implied units can just freely walk through walls and attack in melee between floors.

>> No.74002191

>A human with warp powers using said warp powers to somehow make an anti-warp reality bubble immediately makes sense.
>Humanity using millions upon millions psyker-powered fields to explore and conquer the galaxy millennia before psykers emerged en-mass immediately makes sense.

>> No.74002192

40k has no canon, and you're a retard if you think otherwise. 30+ years of constant fluff books, short stories, codices, comics, BL, Forge World and self-satisfied twitter posts from dozens and dozens of different writers have ensured this. Squattings, rewrites and balance shifts ensure that even the tabletop is does not present a definitive stance on relative power or abilities. You can find a counter-example to disprove or call into doubt basically any fact about the setting beyond the most basic possible guidelines.

40k is a setting tied together by loose themes which are interpreted differently by every other writer and hobbyist. Choose your own canon and enjoy that. 40k has no author.

>> No.74002201

>blue gums


>> No.74002205

gellar fields were invented in the DAoT, i.e. before human psykers
the comatose psyker is nulore

>> No.74002207

Decided I'll order some units from Indomitus off eBay. Running a successor chapter to blood angels, should I go with a judicar or the new chaplain first? So far I have:
1 Phobos librarian
10 intercessors
1 primaris ancient

>> No.74002211

They added "possessed"

>> No.74002226

thin the dark paint more than usual, load the brush, remove most of the wattered down paint from the brush with some paper and glaze the surface you want to make darker with what's left on it (try using the side)

>> No.74002232

unabashedly based and redpilled

>> No.74002234

I'm honestly surprised it didn't get nerfed even worse and removed the ability to place it on vehicles.

>> No.74002244

Nope. ADB says that it's old lore that hasn't featured a lot in the lore until recently. Go @Andy Hoare

>> No.74002247

Can't use this stratagem on possessed anymore. It was something potentially strong and as always when Death Guard have something strong, it gets taken away, like Poxwalker farms in 8th.

Also reminder that the rule of 3 was created specifically because Death Guard were doing well with Plagueburst Crawlers

>> No.74002251

Green but a little more red shifted.

>> No.74002259

ADB is a niggerfaggot

>> No.74002265

This, everything else is pretty much business as usual.

>> No.74002269

There were human psykers in the Dark Age. Where do you think the Warlord Sinster came from?

>> No.74002275

The psyker creates a bubble of reality. Daemons cannot into reality easily. They need to be summoned inside. And Gellar Fields do flicker in areas of Warp disturbance.

>> No.74002283

>Like how it's a big deal the fact that every not sanctioned psyker get rounded up in the black ships and brought to Terra where they are used to power the Astronomicon
This isn't true at all, they are rounded up to do all kinds of things. Some go to the Astronomicon, some go to the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, some go to the Scholastica Psykana, some very rare few even go to attempt becoming Space Marine Librarians or Inquisitor apprentices, some are fed to the Emperor, and some, apparently, have their brains carved out and used to build Warp Drives. Makes perfect sense.

>Or how Warp drives were created in the Dark Age of Technology but were almost useless until navigators started appearing.
>started appearing
Navigators are implied to have been genetically engineered, for one thing. For another, any lore about when and how Warp Drives worked that far back is lost to time and shrouded in mystery. YOU are the newfag spouting off shitty Black Library fanfic if you're using some 30k faggotry relating to that to dispute psyker brain powered Warp Drives. There was nothing solid about the Dark Age of Technology in any early 40k lore.

>> No.74002287

I thought it was also because of tau commanders

>> No.74002290

That will be next. Little Timmy will have to take 2 turns instead of 1 to kill a Defiler with his Eradicators and scream at GW to change it.

>> No.74002295

Which is what irks me the most. On the great scheme of things, primaris do absolutely nothing. They only serve to ruin space marines to people that liked how space marines were.

>> No.74002303

fuck off

>> No.74002317

DG doesn't even have a greater possessed, their possessed hit like wet noodles.

>> No.74002320

Lorelet here. Isn't gellar field flickering enough to have everyone in the ship's butthole ravaged by Daemons? I read ADB's Spear of the Emperor recently and they mentioned that the gellar field was only down for like 1.5 second and that was enough to completely fuck almost everyone aboard.

>> No.74002325

Thank you for conceding you got blown the fuck out.

>> No.74002327

personally I'm hoping to pick one of these badasses up for a C'Tan

>> No.74002328

>marines possessed by plaguebearers can't have DR

>> No.74002331

If you could just wire up a psyker brain to do psyker shit there would literally no need of Navigators and Astropath

>> No.74002346

Judiciar - Blood Angels should always be running Astorath (or maybe Lemartes) if you want a Chaplain on the field.

Even if you don't like named characters, a regular Chaplain with jump pack is better for BA.

>> No.74002351

You're too stupid to have a rational argument with

>> No.74002354

Maybe they'll get away with it and Crons will take the spot of 'NPC faction that gets nerfed asap', since we'll see a lot of Crons with the new boxes and not so much DG.

>> No.74002357

Why can't psykers do that to stop demons invasions?

>> No.74002359

DG is literal shit anyway, they deserve it

>> No.74002360

>a regular Chaplain with jump pack is better for BA
Yeah but primaris are retarded and don't get options.

>> No.74002365

Having the physical book to flip through is nice. I honestly like it more than classic necromunda.

>> No.74002370

It's because of how time doesn't real in the Warp. The gellar field flickering for an instant can be the same as being down for 2 years. Or it can go down for 4 hours and have zero issues because for the daemons it was 0.000004 seconds and they didn't notice. That one's a little bit more of a stretch but you get the idea, there are no hard and fast rules in the Warp.

>> No.74002371

It does fuck with everyone and will damage the ship but it's not a total KO. The ship crew have enough time to act.

>> No.74002377

"breachable" implies that you can bust doors open and climb through ground level windows, not that you can just teleport through solid walls.

>> No.74002397

No. You have it backwards. If you could just make a machine with no brains that can do Warp shit like rip a hole in reality to let you fly a space ship through it, there would literally be no need of Navigators and Astropaths because you could make machines that do the same thing.

Warp tech is biotech. Period.

>> No.74002401

Why didn't the Librarian on board just projected another Gellar Field?

>> No.74002402

>Yeah nothing matters. Everything is nothign and nothing is everything and I'm so smart because I say nothing matters even though you think it does lol pseudo science basic philosophy highschool graduate level thinking hehe it's "new 40K' not 9th edition btw. Don't be a bigot. Get with the times.

>> No.74002407

Post models

>> No.74002409

no, they were hit by the errata that limited them to 1 commander per detachment. im pretty sure the rule of 3 was aimed at gm dreadknights, hive, tyrants, smash captains, and eldar flyers as much as it was death guard

>> No.74002416

That actually makes some sense. Thanks, Anon!

>> No.74002419

They can. In the latest novel by Gav, Astropaths and psykers created a psychic shield around their fortress that fucked with Necron technology and stopped the effects of the Pylons from entering inside.

This kind of shield should work on daemons.

>> No.74002422

It's a shame, was pretty fluffy and gave them a strong niche. Possessed are on the way out thanks to the death of specialist detachments and added difficulty of souping anyway.

>> No.74002423

I literally gave explanations with examples and you have absolutely nothing. No counter argument, no conception of the lore. You thought all psykers on black ships go to the Astronomicon. You're clearly a fucking newfag secondary. Thank you for giving up and not wasting any more of the threads space being retarded.

>> No.74002425

Man you could have just stopped responding this is embarrassing

>> No.74002428

Did you somehow miss how the Imperium lost most of his technology and how innovation is a no go?

>> No.74002429

>immediately makes sense.

Anon, humanity spread to the stars and had a thriving, galaxy spanning empire set up for hundreds of years during the DAoT. Then psykers showed up and everything went to shit. You mean to tell me that humanity had access to psyker powered engines that worked flawlessly thousands of years before psykers were ever a thing?

>> No.74002445

Because he needs to get wired into the Gellar box . Also gellar psykers don't last long. Nobody wants that fate.

The Gellar technology is said to be ill understood by the Imperium.

>> No.74002453

Psyker brain powered warp drives is literally 30k faggotry, it got introduced to the setting in fucking Ashes of Prospero and got dragged into 40k proper just like everything else from that mistake of a series.

>> No.74002457

So how come the Necrons can create bubbles of reality without psykers?

>You should know that the T'au developed a Warp Engine but they don't have a gellar shield.

And in the past they couldn't develop warp engines, but could create jump engines to lunge at the warp and bounce back and great speed. And then they lost that and the warp engine was a total enigma to them. And now they apparently have warp engines, but no gellar fields. So do try and make sense of the retcons with the knowledge that it was the sleeping psyker that was missing. Lets ignore all the stories where we have warp capable ships with barely any crew, and the psyker inside the engine is never brought up in any context, almost as if they didn't exist.

>> No.74002461

>You thought all psykers on black ships go to the Astronomicon.
No I didn't

>> No.74002465

Yes. We have tons of examples of Psychic DAoT technology.

>> No.74002470

>Then psykers showed up and everything went to shit.
Show me where in the lore it says the psykers didn't show up until after they had spread all over the galaxy. And BL Horus Heresy faggotry does not count, I want a rulebook. Rogue Trader, Codex Imperialis or BBB.

>> No.74002475

>Thousand of psykers getting sacrificed to the Emperor daily are a big deal
>But the millions that get burned out in Gellar boxes, fuck them

>> No.74002476

Oh, well if you are running Primaris, it's debatable but the Chaplain is more generically useful.

Judiciar is better when you are being charged rather than when you are doing the charging.

Meanwhile Chaplain is really helpful for the footsloggers you can't put in Impulsors (Canticle of Hate).

>> No.74002504

Ashes of Prospero, the one written by Gav Thorpe, the guy who has been writing 40k lore since Rogue Trader, 30 years ago? It's almost like that guy probably knows more about the lore than some secondary. Black Library is usually shit but a broken clock is right twice a day.

>> No.74002505

Reminder to the 10 DE players to buy lelith Hesperaxs g-string model now before the new shitty full skin covered burka one comes out.

>> No.74002507

>using Phil Kelly to defend your arguments


>> No.74002523

>Like how it's a big deal the fact that every not sanctioned psyker get rounded up in the black ships and brought to Terra where they are used to power the Astronomicon.
Your own words explicitly. You can kill yourself now, lorelet.

>> No.74002529

Primaris exist because everyone including their mom, dad, grandparents, siblings, dog, cat, goldfish whatever have even a few Space Marines.
Thanks to GW's tried and true practice of "lets jam Space Marines in almost every boxed set". Years of doing this GW have realized now that they can't sell Space marines without making something brand fucking new every time because the market is fucking flooded with SM crap.
Their genius idea to counteract this, while still selling "Space Marines", is make SMs 2.0 and literally redo the entire line of SMs.
This is such an amazing and godly idea that the lore can't keep up with it because its just so great the lore has to suffer for it.
By all this I mean the lore is garbage because Primaris themselves are garbage BECAUSE GW, in their rabid craze for autistically focusing on SM, didn't spread them out more over their lifespan and focus even a little bit more on other factions.
You may have figured this out, sorry I just needed to vent.
tl;dr Primaris are dumb because GW is dumb.

>> No.74002534

Rule of 3 was made because of the Tyrant Flying Circus

>> No.74002556

Are the points increase in OPs post legit ?

>> No.74002564

>Not sanctioned psykers do this
>Ah you forgot to say that some become sanctioned! I am very smart!

Stupid retard

>> No.74002565

Primaris are dumb. It's low quality dollarama millennial goldfish flake food for the masses.

>> No.74002573

>everyone including their mom, dad, grandparents, siblings, dog, cat, goldfish whatever have even a few Space Marines.
Funniest thing is, in 3 years they have managed that to be true for primaris too.

>> No.74002590


>> No.74002596

>GW, in their rabid craze for autistically focusing on SM, didn't spread them out more over their lifespan and focus even a little bit more on other factions.

they focus on SM because SM sells

if xenos stuff sold more, they would make more xenos

simple as

>> No.74002610

I didn't type that

>> No.74002614

I dont understand, do they have that little faith in any other line of figures? Look how well Forgebane sold!

>> No.74002616

>So how come the Necrons can create bubbles of reality without psykers?

They don't create bubbles. They strengthen the walls of reality to the point that it seals away the Warp. Beneath the effect of the Pylons, the Warp actually calms down to the point that it can kill daemons.

>And in the past they couldn't develop warp engines, but could create jump engines to lunge at the warp and bounce back and great speed.

You are tiresome. Don't argue if you don't know the lore.

The retconned lore in 3rd edition has them developing the Ether Drives. What the Ether Drives do is throw them into the void between real space and the Warp. Then the T'au ships are ejected from that void.

The old lore says that with no navigators the T'au have no possible means to pierce into the Warp with their Ether Drives.

> And now they apparently have warp engines, but no gellar fields.

The T'au developed the AL-38 Slipstream. A module that allows Warp travel via using Anti-Matter to melt the barriers of reality and enter the Warp.

The T'au managed to do successful single flights with the AL-38 but the massed jump of the Fourth Sphere fleet turned out to be a disaster since it alerted the daemons.

The T'ay scrapped the AL-38 Slipstream and went back to their Near-Light ZFR engines.

>and the psyker inside the engine is never brought up in any context, almost as if they didn't exist.

The psyker isn't treated as a person anymore than a servitor is.

>> No.74002619

No you fucking faggot, you said all non-sanctioned psykers are rounded up by the black ships to do that one thing. They aren't unsanctioned at the point when they have been trained and inducted into the fucking Adeptus Astronomica. Holy fuck you are such a lorelet lol.

>> No.74002625


Bonus points if you actually dare to take a lighter to spots on your models to create molten areas that couldn't auto-repair.

>> No.74002641

That's circular logic, space marines sell because they focus all marketing on them, they focus all marketing on them because they sell. It's a loop, and not a sustainable one.

>> No.74002642

Funny how they sat on that piece of lore for decades, despite having a whole game and a bunch of novels specifically dedicated to the Navy and ships in general. I guess primaris space marines were part of the lore from the beginning as well.

>> No.74002647

Chief narrative writer of GW

>> No.74002653

Xenos doesn't sell because everyone knows GW hates them and they expect to be squatted any day now.
Why would I start an army thats not going anywhere.

>> No.74002678

I dont understand, did 30k grab that many people?

>> No.74002682

>Space Marines vs. Xenos box is the best-selling GW product of all time


>> No.74002686

Yes anon. Sanctioned psykers don't get to do the thing that not-sanctioned psykers do. They get to do other things.

>> No.74002693

>not sustainable
>gw is worth more than ever before
>more players than ever before
Fucking big brain over here

>> No.74002695

No, they are just absolutely retarded and can't think in the long term.

>> No.74002702

No one was buying it for the xenos half.

>> No.74002714

Both in lore and in the game Primaris are basically everything Marinelets are but better, faster, harder and stronger. Literally no flaws, no problems. Even this fact should make everyone scream Mary Sue.
GW and their shills can pander the "but tacticals are still useful because they have flexibility" narrative but you know there's literally no reason to have them anymore.

>> No.74002724

Yeah, anon, releasing 60 primaris kits a year sure is sustainable and won't eventually backfire.

>> No.74002734

>Funny how they sat on that piece of lore for decades, despite having a whole game and a bunch of novels specifically dedicated to the Navy and ships in general.
The inner working of a Warp Drive were never important to those. Who cares when they released it. It's not some massive change like Primaris, it's not retconning anything, it's just expanding lore a bit in a way that makes sense to 40k and fits the grimdark atmosphere perfectly. I don't know why you're so autistic and contrarian about this.

>inb4 but they didn't have psykers when they made warp drives
Still waiting on literally anyone to provide that source. >>74002470

>> No.74002736

I bought 2 for the Xeno halves anon. Then I sold the SM halves and a book on ebay to recouperate 90% of the cost

>> No.74002743

it is sustainable
gw now knows that sm players are so gullible that they'll buy their whole army again if you upscale the model and give it a stupider name

>> No.74002747

>he thinks he can read minds
I'm selling off the marine half right now

>> No.74002757

You see the necron hype lately just because they are pushing necrons? Check your local FB group, 40kg threads, and reddits. Necron's are getting sales and mad hype because gdubs are focusing on them..

Don't lie to us.

>> No.74002764

Releasing non stop sm related trash has worked for 20 years. This isn’t a new trend. But keep up with this end is nigh shit you quack.

>> No.74002765

>sold way harder than either of the previous Primaris vs Chaos boxes
>no no this one just sold exponentially fucking more because they put chainswords on the intercessors this time

>> No.74002772

The bitching continues even years after primaris first appeared. You think it will work again? Because I don't.

>> No.74002776

But we just got a ton of new Admech minis and are getting a ton of new Necron minis as well?

With that said, they should release more Tau mechs and tanks. They would sell like hotcakes.

>> No.74002788

fuck off retard
any time a non-sm faction gets a halfway decent push it sells like fucking hotcakes
see: DG, Necrons

>> No.74002792

>if xenos stuff sold more, they would make more xenos
If they made more xenos, xenos would sell. Which has been proven, by GSC and now Necrons.

>> No.74002796

Is there a historical GW release timeline anywhere on the interwebs? Seems like it'd be easy to figure out the frequency of SM releases pre- and post-Primaris

>> No.74002799

I think people might catch on if they pulled it twice, the sheer pace of saturation will leave the market fed up with marines in 10 years.

The best thing to happen to AoS was the stormcasts Flopping Hard.

>> No.74002805

Anon never in the history of Warhammer have we seen this many space marine releases. There's already more primaris kits than regular space marine kits. Before primaris, marines had to wait 11 years to get a model update. It's not even comparable.

>> No.74002811

My FB group is all
>WTT: My necrons for your SM

>> No.74002814

I literally bought it because I don't own any Necrons and want to start collecting them. Getting the Marine half was just a bonus, I wouldn't have dropped all that money for them alone.

>> No.74002821

>no no this one just sold exponentially fucking more because they put chainswords on the intercessors this time
You joke but regrettably the marine paypiggies are this stupid.

>> No.74002822

I still haven't understood if you are flip flopping between claiming that Warp Drives are psyker brains, that Gellar Fields are bound psykers, both or there are two of you.

>> No.74002823

people whine
meanwhile, the models are still making lots of money
in another 10 years after they've exhausted all the possible avenues for primaris, what do you think will happen? GW will stop releasing space marines? get real. if people are still buying primaris verbers by then you can bet your bottom dollarydoo that we'll get Primaris 2

>> No.74002833

Thanks for the counterargument, friend. If you've found the secret text of pure objectivity they keep buried under Nottingham, post a PDF so we can finally learn about those lost legions.

>> No.74002840

Imagine if they released new auxiliaries. And not just updated Kroft and vapid kits, but more, Lakrymole spies, Demiurg com-techs, etc. Plus rules to take guevisa guard like the GSC

>> No.74002849

>No one was buying it for the xenos half.
>t. GW

>> No.74002851

It was Hive Tyrants specifically. GW playtesters were at Adepticon, got rolled by a 6 Flyrant list, then the FAQ got mysteriously postponed and the rule of 3 was implemented.

>> No.74002858

The whole point of marine paypiggies is that they'll buy anything. The reason Indomitus outsold the other boxes is because Xenos players also bought it.

>> No.74002861

>in another 10 years
More like 2. They've already covered 90% of niches. They don't really have anything to expand on anymore.

>> No.74002878

We have seen this in AoS. It will eventually settle and we'll see other stuff again. Secondaries need to calm down.

>> No.74002880

There are at least 2 of us anon. I haven't been talking about gellar fields at all.

>> No.74002891

>what do you think will happen? GW will stop releasing space marines?
I'm saying GW is retarded and they haven't thouhght that far ahead. You think they can really pull of a "secondis marines" and do this all over?

>> No.74002893

And I'll bet the 1000 worldwide xenos players really put in a word for xenos being profitable against the 2,000,000 worldwide marine players.

>> No.74002904

Not just the GW playtesters. The GW design team was at that event. Specifically Crud was in person at that event.

>Cruddace got beaten by Tyranids again even after all attempts to nerf them into obscurity
>immediately needed to postpone the entire fucking FAQ to shit on nids some more
It's incredible.

>> No.74002910

Primaris have gone on far longer than stormcasts, anon. They were also a new thing, they didn't shit on a beloved faction merely by existing.

>> No.74002916

Then how do you address >>74002118

>> No.74002918

>anons source
>his ass

>> No.74002924

>I'm saying GW is retarded
Muh fiduciary duty, anon. GW is bound by law NOT to look that far ahead. Gotta stroke those shareholder dicks in the short term, costs be damned. It'll be a different C-suite's job to clean up when it all goes to shit anyway

>> No.74002926

describe what soul means to you in one image

>> No.74002927

are there any titans with less than 40 wounds?

>> No.74002933

You vastly overestimate the disparity between the faction fanbases, anon. Most popular Xenos armies (Tyranids, Tau, GSC) sell more than any individual Marine subfaction like Dark Angels or Blood Angels or Deathwatch, Marines only win out because they are like 12 factions in one.

>> No.74002946

They're kind of blowing their marine wad pretty hard here.
The primaris line is going to be as bloated at the marinelet line in record time. Honestly its already approaching this since they keep making repulsor variants.
And then what?
People only buy marines, they just going to start printing primaris+1?

>> No.74002952

All the necron stuff is sold out on their website

>> No.74002953

>they are like 12 factions in one.
Not anymore.

>> No.74002956

You lack imagination. I can come up with at least five different waves of thematic Primaris releases on the spot. I don't doubt that some designer can do much more.

>> No.74002962

Well, they are combined into one book now finally, thank fuck.

>> No.74002968

>Primaris have gone on far longer than stormcasts, anon
Completely wrong. Also SCE shat on a whole beloved setting. They are pretty mich the same thing. SCE even got a scouting sub faction, just like the primaris got woth their 2nd wave. Now the 3rd wave gives them robed dudes.

>> No.74002980

>The primaris line is going to be as bloated at the marinelet line in record time.
It's already got more datasheets overall I think. And a lot of the marinelet bloat is because of horus heresy shit like contemptors and tartaros that got ported over because of boxes like Battle for Calth and all that faggotry.

>> No.74002987


>> No.74002995

not even remotely true, anon
>all the chapter unique units Primaris edition™
>new chapter unique units ad nauseam
>land raider 2
>dreadnought patterns
>terminator patterns
>primaris jetbikes
>drop pods
>land speeder 2
>centurions 2
>vindicator 2

>> No.74002999

At the very least SCE isn't the faction breaking the meta or the one that GW is masturbating the hardest to.

>> No.74003006


>> No.74003012

>It will eventually settle and we'll see other stuff again
Necrons are getting a massive release right now bigger than Marines, I don't know why people act like no one else is getting updates at all. It only feels that way because 8th had oversaturation of Codexes to get us out of indexes so people have a warped perception of how fast releases are supposed to be coming out.

>> No.74003014


>> No.74003017


>> No.74003030

>>land speeder 2
Coming soon.

>> No.74003031

Thats fucking glorious

>> No.74003036

>vindicator 2
>Land raider 2
Didn't they just reveal a both of those?
Already on the way

You got me on fliers though, we'll eventually get a primaris flyer with 3 variants.

>> No.74003041

It's the same retarded logic people always use to justify GW neglecting factions. They did it for the old Dark Eldar for ages, then their revamp was the best selling thing in 5th edition. And now again they finally revamped sisters of battle and they still can't make enough boxes of them to keep up with demand.

>> No.74003047

>Necrons are getting a massive release right now bigger than Marines

>> No.74003063

Thread anew:

>> No.74003071

>They strengthen the walls of reality

So do gellar fields, which is why the Inquisition uses them on their vaults to make it harder for all the warp artifacts to cause trouble.

>Don't argue if you don't know the lore.
>"The best the Tau could do was make a partial transition, forcing themselves into the void that separated Warpspace and real space before they were hurled out again like a ball held under water then released."
-BFG Armada, pg. 96
>"There were some eye-opening discoveries, however, and the Earth caste was in absolute wonder over a Warp engine they optained. With no knowledge of understanding of the realm known as the Warp, they found the strange apparatus utterly unfathomable."
-6e Codex: T'au Empire, pg. 15

Did I miss something?

>The psyker isn't treated as a person anymore than a servitor is.

Yet we have stories where astropaths, navigators, librarians, sanctioned psykers, etc. play a role or at least get mentioned. We have stories from the POV of a navigator traversing the warp and he looks at the ship and sees the warp signatures of the crew and the eldar on board, but makes no mention of the psyker powering the gellar field (Farseer). Not even when the ship is assaulted by daemons. When the gellar fields flicker, daemons don't go after the juicy psyker inside the generator, they go for regular people (Legacy). When there's a navigator and a ship's captain alone on a ship, and they decide to go on adventure into the Eye of Terror, at no point do they even acknowledge the psyker also on board. Despite one of the main characters being one of those lowly psykers and there being no mention of even servitors on board the vessel (Eye of Terror).

>> No.74003085

>Didn't they just reveal a both of those?
Nah the Gladiator is just Predator variants. Looks decent though for a Primaris tank, I actually like it. We have nothing like a Vindicator yet.

Repulsor and Executioner is our LR2.

Gravis fits Terminators but they need more Gravis types. It's like Reivers didn't really properly replace Scouts, they were just the Phobos taster before we got the whole Vanguard wave that properly replaced Scouts. Aggressors and shit we've seen so far aren't really proper Terminators yet, they're a preview offshoot unit of a wave that will have real Primaris Terminator equivalents.

>> No.74003087

>Didn't they just reveal a both of those?
No, they revealed the Predator

Even if you think that Gravis are Terminator equivalents there are still multiple terminator variants, it's pretty easy to make a Gravis variant for each of them.

>> No.74003102

>Didn't they just reveal a both of those?
nah they revealed predator 2
land raider 2 is still in the future
vindi 2 is mostly irrelevant with the new gladiator but I see now reason they wouldn't do it anyway
they don't deep strike or have a melee variant
even if gravis is really the new terminator armour there are many things it can still be squeezed for

>> No.74003106

You forgot the wonderful insanity of FW Marinefaggotry, anon. There's a dozen unique characters and a whole heap of specialist units to farm. Plus, they've been dividing up Devestators into a bunch of units - we've got Lascannon (sniper dudes) and Melta (new dudes) non-flying infantry, so expect Cawlinium Heavy Plasvambrancers and Ryza Rockitium Rimjobbers soon.

Nevermind what they could do with Grav.

Nevermind what they could do with resurrected Volkite...

>> No.74003118

>Necrons are getting a massive release right now bigger than Marines
>he hasn't seen the leaked codex pictures

SM are getting (either in Indom or in the near future):

>Assualt Intys
>Shield Cap
>Shield Lt
>Bladeguard Ancient
>New chappy model
>Primaris Chappy on Bike
>Primaris Techmarine
>Gun turret
>Fortification turret
>Gladiator (x3)
>Heavy Intercessors
>Captain with Heavy Bolt Rifle
>Primaris Land Speeder (x3)

And I've probably forgotten at least one thing here

>> No.74003124

oh I know anon
I'm deliberately avoiding thinking about the 20-something variants of contemptor that FW makes

>> No.74003127

They clearly are though. They even dominate the two smaller scale games by amount of warbands and/or powerlevel. Don't even start thinking about AoS fluff, it's 90% SCE and 10% chaos wank, EXACTLY like nu 40k. Their release rate eventueally died down, because even GW got sick of them. A similar thing will happen to Primaris, though with chapter specific units and multiple leayers of redundancy that SM players love so much, it might take a while.

>> No.74003219

>I don't know why you're so autistic and contrarian about this.

I don't know why you're blind to all the contradictions and cases where it should have played a role over the decades.

>Still waiting on literally anyone to provide that source.

I didn't know I was part of this conversation, but here:
>"What is known is that from roughly M18 onwards, Mankind discovered the Warp and how to enter it. Slowly,through many disasters,humanity learned to use the 'Warp to make faster than light journeys out of their own star system.During this time, the first alien races were encountered."
>"Soon after, Mankind embarked upon the discovery, development and cultivation of the human Navigator gene, a controlled mutation that allowed human pilots to make longer Warp jumps than previously thought possible."
>"What is known is that human psykers were first mentioned towards the end of M22, making a sudden appearance on almost every human world within a relatively short span of time."
-6e Rulebook, pg. 167

>> No.74003220

Thats 9 wounds, guy. Pretty good

>> No.74003304

>i somehow remember reading this passage explicitly
>have never been into 40k until two weeks ago

the fuck?

>> No.74003323

>What is known is that human psykers were first mentioned towards the end of M22,

First mentioned where? In the records of the Imperium of that time?

The Necrons are first mentioned in the Sanctuary 101 report but they have been active for thousands of years. In fact, they have fought great wars with the Imperium 50 years before 101.

>> No.74003343

I only have one Marine figure and I turned him into a killing machine

>> No.74003414

>Imperium knows when warp travel started
>Imperium knows when navigators came about and how
>but there's no mention of psykers anywhere for thousands of years, despite them being key components in warp travel

You'd imagine Admech would be interested in these non-psyker warp engines some more.

>> No.74003471

The WArp could have been peaceful enough to allow Gellar-less travel back then. We know that the T'au first Warp flights were highly successful and they had no gellar fields.

>> No.74003496

>tfw played a game a while back with some random who asked if he could field his "titan" guardsman
>turns out it was literally a guardsman with the fucking adeptus titanicus plasma blaster from a warlord titan glued onto this guardsman.
>for shits and giggles I let him use the true stats from the true version
>died miserably turn 2

laughed heartily the entire time. he had a piece of fucking steel JB-welded to the underside of the base so it would stop falling over

>> No.74003498

Sorry for taking forever to respond, but I have a force of firstborn Blood Angels. I can just run Lemartes in this list, but I was aiming for it to have little if any Firstborn. With that in mind, I think I should grab the judicar since I can run Lemartes if I really want a chaplain. I don't have a primaris captain, maybe they'd be a better pick?

>> No.74003567

That does sound amazing

I’ve thought about making a Russ with Eradicator guns as sponsons and a Baneblade turret, but maybe another time.

>> No.74003575

I like the Nephilim Jetfighters.

>> No.74003631

I would nut if they made Tau more like a coalition faction. Also more hover tanks. Always can do with more hover tanks.

>> No.74003882

It's probably just the blurriness but those storm troopers in the background look like they have fishbowl helmets and that'd be pretty rad.

>> No.74005093

>tfw I bought the book
>played exactly 1 game with my group
>still basically new

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