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Fuck primaris

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I hated the Repulsor, only mildly liked the Executioner better... but this. Fuck me, this tank actually looks good. They finally learned to stop sticking 9000 extra fucking rocket pods and shit all over it.

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>GW is in the business of selling toys to children.
Now that I see that tank and the Primaris buggy, I realize he wasn't wrong.

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How much ammunition is on that tank, 2 minutes worth?

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It's literally just a predator without treads.

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Reposting from last thread Space Marine rules

>Dark Angels
>Each time a mode makes an attack, unless that model has moved this turn (excluding pile and consolidation) add 1 to attack hit roll.
>Each time a Combat Attrition test is taken it is automatically passed

>Imperial Fist
>Enemies get no Light Cover against ranged attack
>Unmod HR of 6 with Bolt weapons give 1 additional hit

>White Scars
>Charge even after advance or fall back
>No penalty for advance and shooting assault wep

>Crimson Fists
>Ranged attack against unit with 5 or more models than firing unit = +1 to hit & vehicles counts as 5 models
>Unmod HR of 6 with Bolt weapons give 1 additional hit

>Space Wolves
>+1 attack hit roll if charge / charged / intervention in melee
>all units can do heroic intervention

>Black Templars
>reroll advance / charge
>5+ fnp against mortals

>Blood Angels
>+1 advance / charge rolls
>Each time a model melee attacks, if charge, charged, intervention this turn, +1 wound roll

>Flesh Tearers (listed separately now)
>Each time a model melee attacks, if charge, charged, intervention this turn, +1 wound roll
>unmod wound 6 = AP +1, cumulative with assault doc

>+1 ld (lol)
>Can shoot when fall back, but until end of turn, -1 to HR

>reroll one wound roll per unit when shoot or melee
>Enemy AP-1 treated as AP0 against friendly units

>Iron Hands
>fnp 6+
>models with brackets considered double the wounds

>Friendly gets "Light Cover" when enemy shoots > 18'' away
>When INFANTRY entirely within or on a terrain feature, enemy shoots > 12'', inf gets "Dense Cover"

>Melee against TYRANIDS, AELDARI, ORK, NECRONS, T'AU EMPIRE get reroll hit roll of 1
>After deployment, select one battlefield role. Each time a friendly model makes an attack against an enemy unit with this bf role, reroll wound rolls of 1

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Big think: Once primaris becomes the only marines and squats the old, you can just rebase your old dudes, call them "primaris" and they have basically been upgraded for free

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Seething manlet. Primaris is hands down the best thing that has ever happened to 40k.

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Its time to abase myself before the anons.

Anyone got the 9th edition pdf?

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>screeching manletfags pretending good looking primaris releases look bad to cope with the fact that they are definitely getting squatted now, with attack bikes and predators even getting replaced
Tick tock, buddy.

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It doesnt transport anything sooooo

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Weren't chaplains supposed to never show they face without helmet?

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>What should we call ourselves?
No one ever said Space Marines were creative I guess.

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Repostin' from last thread: The Xenarite faction of the Adeptus Mechanicus love to use xenos tech and incorporating it. After playing through the Mechanicus game I kind of want some way to mix and match Admech Xenarite troops with Necrons, since Necrons are getting new stuff. How feasible and how lore probable is this?

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Why buy so much at one time?
It'll take you months to assemble and paint everything in a non-crap manner.

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>face looks fine

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Kinda hard if it gets shot off or busted

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post minis

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Do people seriously still believe that marines aren’t getting squatted after this? The predator just got replaced in front of your very eyes

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Where did you read that you fucking lorelet, Chaplain Cassius has shown his face since like 4th fucking edition.

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>reroll hit vs Xenos
is this a SIA replacement to shift DW into more melee?

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It's too bad this thing is overcosted.

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i enjoy having a big box filled with stuff and then slowly whittle it down.

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Denial is a river in egypt

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Just tried nonmetallic for the first time on a spare model.
What do you think for a beginner?

Also, post pics of your best model.

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Yup its Lelith alright, the blades and symbol on her glove are dead give away.

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Forgeworld index *might* fix them but considering normal hammerheads are a meme just wait til new codex

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I love watching people take pride in sucking company dick.
>Well I bought 600 boxes of cum! I PRE-ORDERED ALL THE CUM I COULD! You don't like CUM, what are you a FAG, soon they'll just be CUM EVERYWHERE and then YOU'LL BE SORRY!1!!1! The CUM MAKES BE BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE!1!!!1
It's delightful.

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I thought they got something like this last edition. I think they'll keep SIA either way though.

>> No.73957589

>Children of Purgatos
Renegade Salamanders seem pretty cool

>> No.73957592

for a second I thought this was one of those mirrored memes

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So is CSM gonna be good this edition? Will we actually get Chaos Undivided back and maybe some legion specific upgrade sprue? That would be awesome

>> No.73957608

SIA has always been a separate rule from their chapter tactic

>> No.73957617

This guy>>73957561 isn't me but we have the same way of thinking.
Since I took that pic, I assembled everything except the two Immolators.

>> No.73957622

This is New before there was a strat for exploding hits
At least mission tactics apply to everything now

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Don't forget, Bangels get +2 attacks on the charge, DC get +3 attacks instead

>> No.73957629

these primaris tanks all look the same to me

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I told you this was going to happen. A few years ago GW said primaris weren't replacing anyone and now they openly say here's the predator equivalent.

>> No.73957646

I love watching people cry over plastic toys

>> No.73957649

You literally could say the same thing about rhino chassis vehicles

>> No.73957650

>Bangels get +2 attacks on the charge, DC get +3 attacks instead
What? where are you seeing this

>> No.73957653

I hope they're just straight up squatted in this new Codex. It would be based as hell. I mean what's even the point of keeping them around now?

>> No.73957654

You will get (1) model and a price hike. CSM will go up to 20ppm

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>liking things is shilling
you think you're smart, but actually you're very dumb

>> No.73957660

So do I as all I post is either anti manlet or anti primaris

>> No.73957661

consoomers and soiboi

>> No.73957667

DC ?

>> No.73957668

it's better but for some reason they feel the need to make primaris stuff incredibly busy somtimes not even without any point
there's a ton more tiny corners and bit sticking out everywhere making the whole model feel weirdly crowded

>> No.73957672

That's Doctrines(And Shock Assault), Not CTs.

>> No.73957675

They look less the same than the rhino vehicles which are all literally the same with one minor change

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>> No.73957679

yes, but I doubt chapters will get special rules other than the one shown in codex: SM

>> No.73957681

Since she's not gonna be half naked at least I hope the face's good.

>> No.73957692

Part of it is just the too-shiny paintjob with over-saturated color and edge highlights. Dull it down and dirty it up and it's not that much more complex.

>> No.73957693

Of course they will, how else do you think they'll bait people into buying the chapter-specific supplements?

>> No.73957694

my favourite colour is green

and you?

>> No.73957698

He's talking about Shock Assault + Savage Echoes (under melee doctrine) + Death Company. I.e. separate rules. Don't worry about it.

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Reminder your fleets were defeated off-screen in a single paragraph.

>> No.73957704

god, why do people fawn over the worst vehicle lineup (space marines)

>> No.73957705

Don't kid yourself.
If she doesn't have that sexy midriff and abs there won't be a Games Workshop anymore, I'll make sure of it.

>> No.73957707

I ment in the codex: SM
in the supplement they will of course jam every rule in they can think of

>> No.73957709

Bright pink.

>> No.73957712

Yes that is what screeching manletfags look like. Correct.

>> No.73957713

Take it as a mercy
Now when shitbirds bitch and moan about how “OP” marines are you too can feel included

>> No.73957716

+1 for shock assault
+1 for savage echoes
+1 for the black rage
A squad of DC with thunder hammers is statistically guaranteed to kill a Knight Valiant in a single phase after a 3D6 charge from deep strike

>> No.73957720

>thinking you're not already squatted.
Name one SM dude in your local scene that plays real SM still.

>> No.73957723

You are red, aren’t you?

>> No.73957731

>teleported away from the battle and scattered all over the galaxy
Nice try carnac. You've been proven wrong so many times no one listens to your bullshit anymore anyways. Keep screeching.

>> No.73957732

how do you guys feel about orks in colors other than green?

>> No.73957733

Oh, I thought you were talking about something new.

>> No.73957735

Help me choose which robed space knights I'm going to paint my new marines as.

>> No.73957737

I reallu struggle telling Hunters and Immolators apart.

>> No.73957740

I think 'eavy metal is partially to blame for this, as having lots of edges and corners means more edges to highlight, which is what 'eavy metal goes ham on to make stuff look good in their eyes, so naturally the more edges it has the better they think it is because in their style something like the predator looks flatter by comparison.

>> No.73957744

Neon pink and green.

>> No.73957746

Bigger think: Once the old marines and all their kits have been squatted, Primaris lose 1W and -1AP/6" of range on all their new stuff so GW can lower the points and force you to buy even more space men.

>> No.73957748

all these numales cheering for the erasure of classic and iconic marines is what ruined 40k

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>> No.73957763

they'll get it just like blood angels units will need a special rule for the black rage

>> No.73957767

Youre probably blind as fuck too since they have a hull heavy bolter

>> No.73957776

meh, I think they're alright if you're pursuing a particular theme, but on it's own it's kind of debatable.

>> No.73957778

Firstborn don't need to be squatted, they're short enough already

>> No.73957781

Manlet players are completely delusional. 9th is the last edition for them before they head to the legends bin.

>> No.73957785

Is the big rulebook going to be out in PDF?

>> No.73957791

that's an ocdonutsteel thing that kids do. pass

>> No.73957795

Since Wards sister slaughter has finally been washed away, there is no reason these two shouldn't be shipped.
And I think its adorable

>> No.73957797

Hey, it was bound to happen. Can't have anything popular in American without the cancerous american culture starting to demand changes. I really with we could simply ban NA from the few hobbies that are left, but alas, everything will be ruined within our lifetime.

>> No.73957798

it's the type of thing a 10 year old would think of to make their guys look """""unique"""""

>> No.73957799

Careful you don't wrongthink too loud, it means you're a short virgin who doesn't buy enough products.

>> No.73957803

The new logo isn't shit just because it's off centre...

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>> No.73957819

>Baal wasn't a defeat, we're just retreating.

>> No.73957828

>the faction that steals unique rules from literally every other faction now might loose a tiny bit of their giant stack of extra rules
cry me a river marinefag

>> No.73957831

Consume product and get excited for next product

>> No.73957835

Maybe when the Grey Knights cross the Rubicon they'll be noteworthy again.

>> No.73957840

>literally cannot stop seething about NA even when it has nothing to do with the discussion
cope, pathetic eurotrash

>> No.73957843

It's not the only reason, it's just the funniest.

>> No.73957850

The turret should have had a Soviet looking cast turret, instead of all these angled welded plates.
It's clearly the T-55 style turret to the predator's T-34, but it's way more subdivided and still has a shot trap.
It doesn't play well into the "lower into the hull" look, it seems to make the turret look small and inconsequential, at least from this angle.
And in terms of conventional tank design, the fact its turret is so far back on the model is not having its strengths played to either. With guns shorter than the distance from the turret to the end of the tank, they're wasting and losing gun depression, which it seems the predator has better, leaving out the lower profile and grav antics.
I don't know why GW wouldn't give the thing more impressive looking guns, at least proportionate to the tank to the same extent the predator's guns were to its hull.

>> No.73957851

I don't mind it. It's like Panzer IVs vs. Shermans or something to me. Differences in design and manufacturing processes.

>> No.73957858

I fucking hate 'Eavy Metal sometimes. I loathe how they do faces, I hate how overhighlighted everything is, and I detest how they absolutely refuse to do proper weathering on stuff.

>> No.73957859

I have some old Pathfinders that I assembled to use in a gray tide game with my friend when we were both new. How badly did I fuck up not doing them as sub-assemblies? I feel like their torsos are going to be impossible to paint.

>> No.73957864

I was gonna buy a start collecting box of Grey Knights but I stopped when I found out they weren't real Space Marines

>> No.73957865

Primaris are more what "classic and iconic marines" were always supposed to be. Only Dawn of War secondaries ever think otherwise. Everyone I know from earlier editions than the newfag mass invasion of 5th likes Primaris. Primaris are designed by Jes Goodwin who is the literal creator of those "classic and iconic marines" you're wanking off about, they didn't get some new guy. It's the real artist iterating on old designs. You have no idea what "ruined 40k" because chances are you're so new you never even fucking played real 40k. Dumb faggot.

>> No.73957868

cmon now, its gw we are talking about here. they probably gave her a massive manjaw and a beard

>> No.73957869

>plague marines have 1 wound
>slightly taller marines have 2

>> No.73957870

what's the key to?

>> No.73957879

He's right, when I was in the US all the groups I met up with kept talking about changing everything Imperium to make it less appealing to fascists, it was pretty terrible.

>> No.73957882

Dark Angels.

>> No.73957887

his virginity

>> No.73957891

except they'll somehow both cost the same and one will just be able to shoot twice as much as the other

>> No.73957892

>going to have 1 w/t and relic for each wing
>maybe 2 stratagems each
Wow I'll be so spoiled for choice. I'd rather lose codex marine rules than see dark angels get butchered

>> No.73957893

My wallet

>> No.73957894

Apoc isn't available for already quite a while, is this the next thing to get the manlet marines treatment, or what?

>> No.73957896

From a hobbiest perspective primaris is a total scam
Albeit the proportions do look a little better

>> No.73957904

I have been out of the loop for a bit but the buzz around the new edition rekindled interest in our little gaming circle in 40k.

Is pic related needed for me as Tau player, or is it just some useless bs and nuFluff?

>> No.73957906

T3 armies > T4 armies

>> No.73957911

Thats what sold me into them honestly
They were less marine and more knights

>> No.73957912

my favorite color is blue. no


>> No.73957918

Is it possible/legal/acceptable to field an army that is combined forces, specifically Sisters + Space Marines?

>> No.73957920

it's all on wahapedia

>> No.73957921

the new relics are pretty neat, but you can just use battlescribe

>> No.73957923

whens scans gonna drop

>> No.73957929

But predator is the sherman...

nice ass

>> No.73957931

post cool color schemes

>> No.73957932

Most of the time, people don't notice if you don't paint the area between the gun and body well. You can get a single color in there (main armor color) and do a wash and I would be surprised if most people even noticed it lacked detail.

>> No.73957934


>> No.73957935

How fucking new are you. Yes.

>> No.73957940

I'm not even an SM player, but there's plenty of very real criticisms you can level at Primaris, particularly in terms of their overwhelming lack of customisation or individuality. Old Marines have aged poorly, but there is no way you could go back and play the kind of higher-ppm wargear-dense games that oldhammer revolves around with an army using the design sensibilities of Primaris.

>> No.73957949

Thats barak-nar burgandy and what for the highlights?

>> No.73957950

Not in the matched play, right? Yes in both open and narrative

>> No.73957959

screamer pink + pink horror

>> No.73957961

Plague Marines also have T5

>> No.73957965

yes female Mordians when?

>> No.73957966

also the fact that there isn't a start collecting box for grey knights probably held you up a bit.

>> No.73957967

That's why it's the best looking Primaris tank...

>> No.73957976

>lack of customisation
That's something you could accuse whole post 2015 GW of, including AoS.

>> No.73957977

So wait, marines were always modern-styled scifi supersoldiers with hovertanks and dumb gimmick units hyper specialized for a specific battlefield role? Remind me again who is the 'secondary who is new to 40k' here?

>> No.73957978

You need more spots of pure white on the vertices of various points as right now it looks like grey.

>> No.73957988

Brand new, I'm painting my first minis now and have not actually played the game yet

>> No.73957989

are the double edge highlights really that worth it?

>> No.73957997

oh no you poor baby it's just like your subfaction is just like the subfaction in every single other codex outside of marines now
how will you ever survive without all that extra attention

>> No.73958000

It's kinda funny how GW finally gave up pretense and just rolled back the snowflake Marine chapters into the codex plus a supplement. Then again it might be viewed the other way, after the Marinepocalypse gave every FF chapter almost as much shit as the snowflake chapters got (sans a few non-character units), there wasn't much justification for having supplements for one and full codices for the other, especially since they share 80% of the book.

>> No.73958001

>> No.73958006

yes, but this retard does it wrong

>> No.73958009

it's legal. you just have to pay the cp for the extra detachment

>> No.73958010

That makes me feel a bit better. I don't know why it slipped my mind at the time. I think I was just excited to have a game and wanted guys with arms for it. I'm going to be very choosy about which infantry I fully assemble before painting now though.

>> No.73958018

It's not that bad, the lack of visibility helps. Just cram the basecoat color in there, then get a smaller brush for the chest circle, then hit it with a wash and call it a day.

>> No.73958020

its a nice transition

>> No.73958021

They literally have more options than oldmarines at this point, it's just that a lot of them are split off into separate datasheets to make it easier for the kiddies.

Like if you want scouts with knife and bolt pistol, or scouts with bolters, or scouts with sniper rifles, that's all one datasheet. For Primaris instead it's Infiltrators or Incursors or Eliminators who all have their own optional add-ons.

Literally all they would need to do is be like "you can take one hellblaster or one guy with a melta rifle in your intercessors squads" and manletfags arguments would be completely toast. It's coming soon, don't you worry.

>> No.73958026

I'm more curious whether this judiciar guy is a specific chaplain in every chapter, if that's a new thing, or whether he's some kind of trainee or assistant chaplain.
Wasn't there a captain in manlet days who was "master of executions"?

>> No.73958028

That is both literally and metaphorically comical.

>> No.73958031

>extra detachment
I thought these were out of Murnitorum manual?

>> No.73958037

thats a lot of yikes

>> No.73958040

Definitely, though there have been exceptions (GSC were really nice). I think it stands out because old SM were the ultimate gear queers, while nu SM have a freakish lack of wargear and assembly options in-box.

>> No.73958044

>Literally all they would need to do is be like "you can take one hellblaster or one guy with a melta rifle in your intercessors squads" and manletfags arguments would be completely toast. It's coming soon, don't you worry.

Deathwatch. You're talking about Deathwatch.

>> No.73958054

how are you supposed to?

>> No.73958061

i have shit eyesight and am a complete philistine and i really can't take the difference between a mini that is just basecoated versus one that has shades and highlights and what have you applied to them unless i cram the figure into my eye (aside from obvious effects like power sword fields)

can you guys actually tell the difference when your models are at arms length?

>> No.73958062

Based department. You’ve got a new guy in the lobby

>> No.73958063


>> No.73958064


How is it washed away? It still happened.

>> No.73958066

Post OC's

>> No.73958068

Wait do they think that there are normal sized men inside of terminator armor?

>> No.73958073

Lefty reddit spam incoming?

>> No.73958075

I still have to read this. I heard she dies in the end.

>> No.73958080

Why do people do this?

>> No.73958082

All the cult marines should probably be two wounds, with a bit of a points bump to go with the buff.

>> No.73958083

So buffs to DA, BT and DW (with cleanup of Mission Tactics), nerfs to Sallies (why) RG and IH (good fucking riddance). Seems fair.

>> No.73958086

yes. its pretty easy. obviously tiny details are lost.

maybe get some contacts?

>> No.73958087

if your chapter uses Gladiators instead of Predators you are not real Astartes

>> No.73958091


>> No.73958094

You can still get up to three detachments at 2000 points. The difference is that rather than getting more CP from having more detachments you instead PAY CP to get more detachments.

>> No.73958096


>> No.73958098

>> No.73958100

anyone wager a guess for the over/under on deathwatch getting completely fucked over?

I'm really afraid they're going to lose a bunch of their unique strategems, abilities, and access to wargear and just get shelved into shittier marines

>> No.73958102

You just like the new armor not their proportions.

>> No.73958103

>those arms/shoulders
Also if you want to do this at least make the chick HUEG and JACKED. Not some scrawny tiny tim supermodel

>> No.73958105


>> No.73958106

>Brother, get the nasheed band. We're going to make a video

>> No.73958108

What fucking purpose is this model? It's cool, but why does it exist? We don't need it and other armies need shit more. WE ALSO DON'T EVEN HAVE BASIC FUCKING TROOPS IN STOCK SO DON'T FUCKING SHOW IS NEW FUCKING MODELS WHEN WE CAN'T EVEN BUY THE CORE OF OUR FUCKING ARMY GW

>> No.73958110

Alright, thanks for explaining that.

>> No.73958115

>sonic OCs
>donut steel ponies
>snowflake legionaries

people with personality disorders act out, and they always do it the same way. I honestly think western Chuunis are worse than the Jap ones.

>> No.73958122

Warhammer is for everyone. So don't go and be mean to others Homebrews, otherwise you can leave. Thanks. :)

>> No.73958124

>Xeno scum
Ok this has to be trolling

>> No.73958128

They are.

>> No.73958130

If they could take that, then it'd be great. But they can't, so it's not. A Primaris Captain can't hold a Bolt Pistol and Power Sword at the same time without having a fit. Still, I agree that is something that could be fixed, and if Primaris did that i'd like them a lot more.

However, that's only half of the problem - the internal kit variety on Primaris is terrible compared to even the basic bitch old SM boxes, and gets a lot worse when you consider the lack of cross-compatibility and the relatively terrible upgrade kits. The lack of alternative legs/torsos is particularly crippling. If you like the clone trooper aesthetic that's your prerogative, but for everyone else GW has burned their bridges in how they designed the internals of the Primaris kits.

>> No.73958132

Oh good.
Even better.

>> No.73958137

>back in my day, we had to walk 2 star systems, uphill, both ways, in the snow, just to fight some heretics

>> No.73958138

Yes. Go to an optician’s once the ‘rona’s over.

>> No.73958144

Does she at least do it for the Emprah slaughtering heratics and/or xeno scum?
Cuz then at least her heresy would have some value

>> No.73958148

The primaris are more warp than people realize. They aren’t just bigger.

>> No.73958149

I like this as an idea of a far flung possible future, with the idea of the marines and SoB fusing into a single force, it's unthinkable in M42, but in 18000 years? Yeah maybe, but taking it and putting it in 40k is dumb.

>> No.73958161

>scifi supersoldiers
Literally yes.

>with hovertanks
Since fucking Rogue Trader, you underage dumbfuck.

>and dumb gimmick units hyper specialized for a specific battlefield role?
>what are devastators
>inb4 "no I always took a different heavy weapon on all of my devastators honest"
Fucking retard.

The only difference between Primaris and original marine designs is they don't have enough cables and loose pipes and industrial shit. They have MORE gothic shit than old marines ever had. Just convert them a little. Manlets also looked like shit without conversions, except even moreso.

>> No.73958163

They need all the edges so marinbabby's can edge highlight easier

>> No.73958164

>hardcore seething

>> No.73958165


>> No.73958168


They're basically Stormcast Eternals in 40k lol

>> No.73958173

Are manletfags not sucking company dick when they defend manlets? Were they not doing so when manlets were still the main thing?

>> No.73958174

Goddamn I love Grotesques

>> No.73958175

Dark angels. Templars are like discount DA and Fleshtearers

>> No.73958186


>the deodorant bottle

Welp I forgot about that, Gladiator has always been canon. Gladiators and Predators will fight together in harmony.

>> No.73958189

nah, i like them being normal marines with cool abilities to make them unique instead of being better in every single way

noise marines are the only ones I think could use something to help them out, maybe give a rule that gives a big reward if their attacks do well but punishes them if they do poorly

>> No.73958193

they look grotesque

>> No.73958194

Well, yeah. I believe there is more going on than just being a foot taller.

>> No.73958197

Past a tau next, I fucking dare you.

>> No.73958198

>> No.73958201

I hate the airbrush look. I mean, using an airbrush is fine, but this looks like the Tau airbrushed their vehicle like it was somebody's van. It looks like a GI Joe toy. It makes for a nice photo at a glance, but once you start looking at the details it's all screwed up.

>> No.73958203


la creatura

>> No.73958210

All Marinefags are thick, I just think the Primaris Defencius Forsinium(TM) is particularly entertaining.

>> No.73958212

DE conversions are sweet. I’m fucking stoked to actually maybe get new models this edition.

>> No.73958213

It's very very good for Tau, it was made with love unlike the codex. Some of the stuff it made good is rendered obsolete or useless with the changes to rules in 9th, mind you, but it's very worth getting anyway. Assuming you don't just pirate the rules that is.

>> No.73958216

That's a wolf priest, anon

>> No.73958219

Warhammer is actually not for everyone, GW has said so. People who OC eldar secretly pretending to be space marines truly will not be missed.

>> No.73958224

Any word on whether custom chapter traits will be in the new codex?

>> No.73958227

Character variant. And it's better than getting another Primaris Lt.

>> No.73958229

Give Deathwatch rules for all the other Primaris units.

>> No.73958232

Weres my bare breasted repenta?

>> No.73958233


Me now, I think sexism is good but am more communist.

>> No.73958242

I like that they get one last shot off before they die.

>> No.73958263

Aight, I'm not down with Sigmarxism or whatever, but is it weird that I find the Imperium utter unrelatable and the orks and Eldar moreso? Like, the Imperium is all about exterminating things that don't look like them and enforcing their religion; these are things I can't relate to. Orks are all about loud music, fast vehicles, and fighting, these are much more relatable drives.

>> No.73958264

>Only Dawn of War secondaries
Fuck you faggot post your army. Ive been playing since i was twelve and have literal hundreds of space marines, painted as multiple chapters.

The primaris infantry look decent, people are mad because replacing tacticals with NuTacsPlus! is the biggest money grub in GW history. Theyre squatting the most popular army and replacing it with a rules superior one. GW has NEVER felt so bold that they would replace the rhino or land raider. Its gotten new kits, but the rules have remained the same, because if the rules arms race starts wiping out entire armies then 40k is finished. It becones mtg but even more expensive.

>> No.73958268

>instead of being better in every single way
This is the same thinking that leads to a ton of the primarisfag back and forth shitery. Higher points cost is a way in which 'better' units are worse than their cheaper counterparts. Cultists are better than CSM because their so much cheaper even though their statlines are far worse. Hypothetical 2 wound cult marines would be, as said, bumped up in points, so wouldn't be better in every way, they'd just become a more elite unit.

>> No.73958275

>Release new PRIMARIS(tm) tank
>Is built up from literally 80% of the bits of the Repulser
>Cut production and design costs in half, if not more
>Charge full price for maximum profit
>Fansois will defend your brand against players who note this fact

Truly, GW cannot stop winning

>> No.73958279

Will Kroot ever be viable again?

>> No.73958282

Is this Marvel shit?

>> No.73958286

Well she consulted demons so a Grey Knight offs her. Well, then a Keeper of Secrets takes her body to do some stuff to it ending in a cliffhanger that will never be continued because the series sold pretty bad.
Also doesn't help that like an entire company of Dark Angels was killed and sent into the warp, so that doesn't work lorewise.

>> No.73958291

Thta’s the advantage that the FW painters have- they’re not afraid to weather stuff.

>> No.73958300

Well Necrons will have custom dynasty traits, so pretty sure custom chapter traits will also be in the new SM dex

>> No.73958301

The Imperium is about preserving the human race at the price of humanity.

>> No.73958310

You're right. The notion that the Imperium are the good guys and you're supposed to identify with them was brought in with lorelet secondaries. Cruellest and most bloody regime imaginable and all that.

>> No.73958312

Why do you think you're meant to relate to a fictional thing? Would you complain that the nazi's are unrelatable while reading a history book?

>> No.73958316

If buying and gearing out CSM didn't suck ass, I'd totally do a malice army cause they look cool as fuck if done well.

>> No.73958319

>no latinos
>no asians
>no furries
>no natives
this image on the bottom is problematic

>> No.73958321

you din't even play 40k in 2014. Stop lying.

>> No.73958326

The table of contents lists "Successor Chapter Tactics" on page 96. The named chapter CTs we saw, including the CFs, BTs, and FTs were on pages 94-95. So yes, they're in.

>> No.73958329

>"Why yes i got into 40k through the Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine video game, how did you know? Secondary? What's that?"

>> No.73958333

What does "statistically guaranteed" mean? 99% chance? 95%? I can still roll ones so it's not 100%. Did you calculate the chance, or are you just a smoothbrain comparing average wounds to the number of wounds the target has?

>> No.73958334


The nazis aren't fictional. I don't get what your'e trying to say.


Ah. Yeah, I started with 40k back in like '94 in 2e, so that colors things a bit.


Certainly a way to look at it. What's your take on the human followers of Chaos?

>> No.73958336

Absolutely this. I don't play Marines, but the massive wanking of Primaris worries be because of the dangerous precedent it sets. When GW pushes Boyz into S3 and produces the new Krork Bigkrakas, will legions of bandwagoners call me a secondary too?

>> No.73958344

Even if you religiously post wojaks it isn't going to change the fact you are a manlet nigger who is going to lose his army soon.

>> No.73958347

the proper chad way to get into 40k is that you played warhammer fantasy but they butchered that game so 40k it is.

>> No.73958352

Primaris is a death knell for the deathwatch because of monopose.

>> No.73958354

>Reddit spacing
Why am I not surprised.

>> No.73958356

>Ive been playing since i was twelve
And how long ago was that, like 8 years ago? Newfaggot.

>> No.73958362

>What fucking purpose is this model? It's cool, but why does it exist?
sisters of battle lieutenant

You'll notice they've got the sernior/junior officer thing in basically every army now.

>> No.73958364

The Nazis didn't nuke whole planets because of suspected Jewery.

>> No.73958365

Black Templars because both Dark Angels and Flesh Tearers are 1 inquisitorial investigation away from excommunicat traitorus.

God I hope they give us Primaris crusader squads.

>> No.73958366

>he clearly didn't read what was being replied to

Anon, I just feel embarrassed for you.

>> No.73958367

>will legions of bandwagoners call me a secondary too?
Yes they will.

>> No.73958377

Fuck you, I could care less what the posterboy marines look like. I'm not going to play them either way and when I face them on the battlefield I don't care.

>> No.73958382

That something doesn't have to be relatable to be interesting to read about or engage with in the context of a game. The historical wargamers with axis armies, for the most part, aren't nazi sympathizers.

>> No.73958383

They're getting squatted

>> No.73958388

I pondered on the idea of Chaos Orks who rejected Gork and Mork in favor of Korne who promises them eternal krumpin if they swear fealty to Korne, becoming cursed with red skin.

>> No.73958407

>What's your take on the human followers of Chaos?
The average Joe is seeking to escape this life in the sweatshop. The Imperium will work him until death and use his bones after so of course he's willing to try something else whether it's Chaos, Tau, or Tyranid.

>> No.73958417

What faction isn't getting squatted now days? Manlets are getting squatted, guard is getting squatted, nids are getting squatted and so on

>> No.73958423



>> No.73958424

I was reading the core rule book for 9th today and saw something that made me laugh because it reminded me of this argument about whether or not the Imperium are the good guys. Anyways there's a picture of Guilliman and Abaddon fighting and the description says 'might heroes and diabolical villains clash'. Below there's a picture of guardsmen and its description says 'hordes of courageous infantry battle armoured butchers blah blah blah.'
anyway I guess my point is its VERY clear who the good guys are and who you're supposed to identify with.

>> No.73958429


What? This is 4chan spacing.

>> No.73958438

She's still pretty much the same, actually. Look at her foot. The big difference is it covers her ass.

>> No.73958444

They're going to be replaced with more diverse armies, bigot

>> No.73958447 [SPOILER] 

When everyone gets squatted, no one will be squatted.
We're all sons of the squats now.

>> No.73958449


Only because they didn't have nukes and access to planets that they weren't on.


Sure, but it definitely helps. I just can't see the Imperium as the protagonists, but I see glimmers of it in the Eldar, Orks, and Tau.

And the older I get, the more I sympathize with Necrons lol

>> No.73958453

Why does everyone bully the Tau?

>> No.73958454

So I guess this is it
The end of the snowflake marines
I guess they conflict too much with primaris.
Gotta banish all their fun stuff to supplements and eventually just leave them in the dust.

>> No.73958467


Post a pic?

>> No.73958470

>They're going to be replaced with more Primaris armies, bigot

>> No.73958472

I know you're most likely an overweight white dude who is just shitposting, but as a latino yeah I always roll my eyes when the go-to minority is the black dude (and there's a fuck load more latinos playing waryams than there are blacks). Add more asians too, half thhe gamers at my store are from hong kong.

>> No.73958474

They are naive noblebright children in a grimdark universe.

Also commies tried to co-op them and so they are considered the commie faction and most normies hate commies.

>> No.73958478

They're no fun to play against.

>> No.73958480

post call warbands with cool lore, I need to decide on a scheme for my CSM

>> No.73958488

i'm pretty sure special marines still outsell half the xenos line

>> No.73958490

None of these people are communists. They’re neoliberal corporate shills.

>> No.73958491

Extinction angels look sick

>> No.73958496

>guard is getting squatted

I’m sorry Anon, I’m going to need to know why you think such rubbish.

>> No.73958497

latinos and asians don't bitch about it in the same way, because they're cool

>> No.73958503


>neoliberal corporate shills.

Sigmarxism to a tee.

>> No.73958504

>I just can't see the Imperium as the protagonists
That is a good thing. We're all confused as to why you're bringing this up like it's a problem. It just means you have a basic capacity of reading comprehension and critical thinking.

The baddies are bad. Everyone in 40k is some extent of baddie. That's the point.

>> No.73958506

>most normies hate commies.
what do you mean? USA is being taken over by them and nobodies doing anything about it.

>> No.73958510

People are jelly that we have the coolest toys and the sexiest women.

>> No.73958511

In the grim soiness of the soi future, there are only Primaris

>> No.73958529

Hunter green or dark blue

>> No.73958531

I'm asian but go off

>> No.73958536


Kids get into 40k via vidyagames now?

How did we let this happen?

>> No.73958537

thats because 40k is getting squatted.
Age of Spacemar is coming!

>> No.73958538

I never played marines before Primaris existed, so for me it's just kind of common sense to try to keep my force mono-Primaris. Right now the only thing I have that didn't fit was a single autocannon predator. Additionally I play Minotaurs who in canon have just received Primaris reinforcements after returning to Terra following the Death Guard destroying their geneseed reserves. Between that and how well supplied they are by the High Lords I figure it makes sense they'd have all the new toys Cawl poops out

>> No.73958541

I thought it's a cosplay at first but they're wearing those horrible glasses so damn looks legit

>> No.73958549


Is what >>73958424 is saying true though? That would give the lie to your statement.

>> No.73958553

Nobody is actually getting squatted. Really, not even marinelets, the old models continue to sell fine, GW is just double dipping. If you think any significant range is going to get squatted, you've been spending too much time here on /40kg/.

>> No.73958557

Notice how the white guys are only kids or neckbeards in these kiddie gw pics. Hmm..

>> No.73958558

neolibs think pandering to minorities will get them more money/power and the far left commies are happy to fill the space created for them by this. Doesn't help that conservacucks are too scared to do anything for fear they'll be labeled racist.

>> No.73958562

If you left fantasy to get into 40k you're even more of a worthless shitter than your average 40k newbie.
Imagine seeing GW butcher fantasy and going 'yeah, I'll keep playing GW games'.

>> No.73958567

I wish that Amerifags would learn what communism is. I’m a Britbong. The UK is nothing like a communist, or socialist, country.
Bernie Sanders- regarded as dangerously leftist by much of the USA- is A LEFT LEANING CENTRIST by our standards. You need to GTFU and learn what communism is you burgertard.

>> No.73958570

>They are naive noblebright children in a grimdark universe.
I enjoy that. Heck I even make it worse by stating that my sept is treating their alien auxillaries with respect and equals, wanting to create a stable sector for a possibility to live peaseful together.

>> No.73958575




>> No.73958577

I do

>> No.73958581

where's the points levels for the indomitus models?

>> No.73958590

Breaking news, the marketing spiel doesn't line up with the actual text of the work! You've gotta take this to the presses, the world needs to know this revelation!

>> No.73958597

>sexiest women
here's ur sexy woman bro

>> No.73958599

I can't wait for the Kroot Lives Matter riots to devour your sept!

You should have established more planned parenthoods to get them when they are fetuses.

>> No.73958602

>implying that abortion is a conspiracy

>> No.73958609

I made a khorne ork awhile ago. i figure he bashed together some scrap to make a choppa and part of it was from a chainaxe daemon weapon. its been talking to him ever since.

>> No.73958611


The marketing spiel would be truer than the text of the work, though, considering GW is shamelessly about making money. Regardless, this is said to be in the book itself, not a marketing spiel.

>> No.73958613

At least she’s got dick sucking lips. Just need to see her body.

>> No.73958621

She's an inquisitor, inquisitors have always been allowed to use terminator armor.

>> No.73958624

Correct! You can spit a neolib shill by the importance they place in identity politics, don'tcha know

>> No.73958625

what model/head is that from?

>> No.73958626

Isn’t that what the Ork Big Choppa relic is?

>> No.73958633

Is the Gav's novel any good?

>> No.73958634

>sexiest women

>> No.73958637

Sorry, my dudes are smarter than americans and actually get along with each other.

>> No.73958639

It's not really a conspiracy when its a widely known fact why that organization was founded.

i support less poor nigs, fyi

>> No.73958642

Be a man and choose BT for glorious melee combat.

>> No.73958643


>> No.73958655

Why? Inquisitor terminator armor can be modified to fit who anyone.

>> No.73958659

All I know is that I'm only buying it from uncle Chin.

>> No.73958662


As a left-leaning guy who grew up in the woods on generator power, I wholeheartedly agree.

>> No.73958663

are you the one that did the GSC ork as well?

>> No.73958671

>my dudes are smarter than americans

Kroot fucking just love to wreck shit, its in their nature.

>> No.73958673

Aw yeah, them some head crushing thighs.

>> No.73958685

it's just converted escher bits

>> No.73958690

>finally have a chance to escape the hell of the rhino chassis
>now, instead of new, unique vehicles, we're stuck with the hover tank chassis

>> No.73958697

Hey, cool it with the namecalling, you odious brit FUCK!

>> No.73958700

Rhino chassis is kino

>> No.73958709

It isn't a conspiracy, everyone knows exactly what it is. It is a way to conveniently reduce the number of poor people. I mean, they actually tell poor people that it is safer to get an abortion than give birth.

To be fair, there are too many poor people so you won't hear me complain.

>> No.73958710

>the hell of the rhino chassis
Big pleb opinion

>> No.73958711

If I pick pinkish Copper for my necrons' main colour, what should be the secondary and tertiary?

>> No.73958713

Is tater tot a boy or a girl?

>> No.73958732

Is that “fuck” a verb, adverb, adjective, or noun? We use it rather more here than you do there.

But seriously, Americans need to learn what communism is, and that they’re nothing close to it.

>> No.73958740

>loyalist problems

Gods I love playing Chaos.

>> No.73958741

Its a box.
And now with stuck with a FLYING box thats been covered in glue and rolled in random weapon bits.

>> No.73958746

Anyone have the Celestine one?

>> No.73958753

Socialism is to communism what HIV to aids.

Fuck off with that shit.

>> No.73958755

I don’t, but I’d love to see it.

>> No.73958769

>tries to use fanart to disapprove fanart


>> No.73958777

>pinkish Copper

So like rose gold? If so then a bright silver.

>> No.73958798

Are SW the ultimate objective holders now?
>Sit units in center of objectives
>Enemy moves in models to take objective (Must be wholly within)
>Heroically intervene and slap them off

>> No.73958799

Implying that tight latex pants aren't just as sexy as nothing at all

>> No.73958803

So wheres thr points for the new units?

>> No.73958804

>sexiest women
I mean, if you like wrinkly dommes, sure.

>> No.73958807

He is doing the Emperor's work right there.

>> No.73958822

Im not sure what you would call groups of black clad marxists anarchists if not commies.

>> No.73958825

They'll just get shot to shit.

You shoot melee specialists and you melee shooting specialists.

This has been how you do 40k since like 3rd.

>> No.73958832




>> No.73958836

shouldn't that robo-eye be on the outside? it looks like he has a robo skull

>> No.73958841

>Almost no named manlet characters left
>Even Cato (Posterboy) Sicarius hasn't been mentioned since the start of 8e despite supposedly being Guilliman's new protege

>> No.73958845

>> No.73958852


>> No.73958855

Are Vallejo's Model Colour metallics any good or are they hot liquid ass?

>> No.73958858


Pic related

>> No.73958860

Has the Imperial Guard been comically marginalized relative to Space Marines in like the last decade or so?

>> No.73958873

They're just replacing a line they're not fucking your mother. Not all week long anyways

>> No.73958883

They're the best standard (non-$50-a-bottle) metallics.

>> No.73958887

They were never front-and-centre, but their mini line have been reduced drastically, primarily between 1999 and 2005 iirc.

>> No.73958896

Get pic related, its the best acylic metal paints i've tried so far.

>> No.73958910

I appreciate it but I'm looking for the colored version with muscle.

>> No.73958914

Muchas gracias Anon

>> No.73958922

they go on amazing even with a brush

>> No.73958924


Thanks to us constantly shitting on socialism/communism.

>> No.73958925

Saintly and sexy!

>> No.73958926

Manlets weren't making anyone's models obsolete. Buying some ugly crap like centurions or buying an expansion rulebook with rules for one extra model may count, but for the most part they aren't so bad. A new player buying Primaris also has a decent excuse. But anyone who has already painted up a manlet army and is now supporting Primaris is supporting GW squatting their own models. That's definitely sucking company dick.

Pistols are terrible now. I wish they were fixed in 9th edition.

Primaris are not classic marines. They're big Eldar. They're a bunch of units with all the same weapon, and hover tanks. Classic marines are tacticals, assault marines, devastators, terminators, scouts, rhinos, predators, whirlwinds, and raiders, and land speeders.
GW should have just changed the stats to Primaris stats, released Primaris sized replacements for the original units, and made the big models a requirement for official tournaments. Tournamentfags would complain about LOS differences and force third party tournaments to require Primaris, too. Then, you wouldn't need the shit new fluff, either. It would be honest that way, and we wouldn't have lost unit options. We wouldn't have another shitty Eldar style army.
I hope Chaos gets the replacement treatment and otherwise keeps the old marine units, and tracked vehicles. It would finally differentiate the factions. That's the one bright side to squatting manlets. But they'll probably fuck up Chaos soon.

>> No.73958928

I get that reference

>> No.73958943

The inquisition really needs to nip this in the bud

>> No.73958948

Why take models out of the box at all? I just push the box around the board when I play the game.

>> No.73958959

I hope Lelith sorts out that Lucius situation in 9th edition. She's been trailing his ass for a few years now.

>> No.73958960

Shit on it all you like, but don’t insist that the Commies are taking over!

>> No.73958962

I dont know anything about Tau biology, they all look like blue cow-fish-people to me.
But I have been playing with the idea of Stealthsuit based Tau force opposing my DW

>> No.73958963

Loyalists were just the test bed. Youre next

>> No.73958966

>new edition starts for good

>> No.73958967


>> No.73958975

The idea of Dark Angels slowly melting the Emperor's armor over a period of ten thousand years to make vanity badges for they and their successor's Terminators is hilarious.

>> No.73958978


>> No.73958995

That's a Tau female (the joke is that the only difference is the forehead slit shapes, otherwise they have no sexual characteristics whatsoever)

>> No.73958997

>dat ass
first jain zar now lelith

>> No.73959000

Too long man, it's not good for you. Depending on country, lockdown might still make hanging out in the real world difficult, but you really shouldn't hang around here so much.
Why would GW stop selling manlets when they can sell manlets and primaris at the same time? Primaris get the written attention because the writing is always done to sell the newest shit. The Characters replaced were all resin ones, which they wanted to replace anyway and primarisation gives them a vague justification for the price hike.

>> No.73959001

>that level of cope

We just got a new line of CSM.

>> No.73959004

they're tapirs

>> No.73959006

shouldn't she have the robot eye on the outside then? looks like a robot skull to me

>> No.73959010

Best place to learn about the Emperor's Spears chapter? The limited edition supposedly released with an Index Astartes but I cannot find a pdf or scanned copy in the megas or anywhere for that matter

>> No.73959014

It raises constant vigilance of the red menace.

>> No.73959016

I hope she still has nice abs.

>> No.73959018

>he clearly makes fun of the fact that for him, a dirty datasheet only waacfag, the only difference is one of ruleset and not one of aesthetic
You are the smoothbrain here friend

>> No.73959029

99% of it is how you paint it anyway you mong

>> No.73959030

>> No.73959031

>yfw James Workshop was Be'lakor all along

>> No.73959045

This is gonna sound crazy but.. read Spear of the Emperor.

>> No.73959055

not for orks, eldar, or tau.

>> No.73959061

draw your current warlord in ms paint. you have 25 minutes

>> No.73959068

Dunno, I'm not familiar with Tau tech. Don't think I've seen any Tau with bionics in artwork before, so it's a tossup.

>> No.73959074

That's an excuse for pussies

>> No.73959075

Those Primarine releases will never end, right?

>> No.73959081

depends, she might have had a large portion of her face blown off and they used the skull as anchor points to hold the bionics in place.

>> No.73959087

Did they really nerf salamanders? What happened

>> No.73959093

the ork model previewed along with that sister model is probaably it, expect it to be coming up for every faction

>> No.73959097


You're not wrong, I have read it. I was meaning more along the fluff to crunch side. Like chapter organisation, veteran ranks and colours etc.

There have been some blog posts on WCom, but was hoping there might be even more

>> No.73959098

bet even the abs are covered

>> No.73959099

Did you see the trailer? New Ork coming out. Three guesses who it's gonna be.

>> No.73959100

ty sna

>> No.73959104

no more melta/flamer special chapter tactic.

>> No.73959123

hey wait, so do guardians/eldar infantry have pants or is it all armor? I thought I painted the "pants" a different color than the "boots/knee/thigh plates"
Did I fuck up?

>> No.73959125

Oh, I see. I think there's not a lot else besides Spear of the Emperor. I never heard of that limited edition thing you're talking about, either.

>> No.73959129

Either some old as fuck character remastered or a new one. Would rather see orks get some new generic guys though

>> No.73959133

Okay so here's my theory on how everything gets slowly squatted/Primaris-ed:
-Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum gets a comple overhaul of their troop choice and vehicles and gets renamed again as they are the new army of Guilliman's new Imperium. WW1 and WW2 stylings are removed for being 'too fashy'
-Eldars get folded in Ynnari
-Orks 'evolve' back into the Krork and are more like the brutes of AoS
-Tyranids undergo a massive evolution/adaptation and gets completely overhauled

>> No.73959136


>> No.73959142

You can't really find much. Their fluff is as large as an ocean, shallow as a pool. Besides ADB's namedropping of tribes and all that, you got nothing.
Personally, I find them generic as hell.

>> No.73959143

big mek with KFF? since we already have a datasheet for it, but no model.

>> No.73959147

I'd be OK with Eldar becoming Ynnari only.

>> No.73959164

They'll end but they'll be replace by SM heroes scale manlets or double primaris marines

>> No.73959166

Is this some kind of sick joke? That was entirely why I wanted to play salamanders. Is this confirmed?

>> No.73959170

Blacks are the ones who have all their problems blamed on racism.

>> No.73959174


Part the way down it says:

"A 16-page background book provides an Index Astartes look at the Emperor’s Spears, to deepen your understanding of the Chapter"

This is what I'm trying to find

>> No.73959175


>> No.73959184

you instead get 5 mins of my time :)

>> No.73959196

not yet, we haven't seen everything

>> No.73959197

Salamanders never had a flamer/melta chapter tactic.

>> No.73959200

This hasn't existed since 7th edition. They have stratagems and shit for that now.

>> No.73959205

Inmates are running the asylum and what was once obvious satire is now guzzled unquestioningly. The funny thing is that whenever a novel or whatever focuses on what an unbelievably shitty and inefficient place the Imperium is, you get hordes of soibois crying about retcons and grimderp.

>> No.73959224

it's chaos right?

>> No.73959225

Honestly its cool, fem marine players always have good lore desu I found. Better than "MUH GUYS ARE FROM MISSING PRIMARCH LEGION HEHE"

And if its what you want, you may as well do fem marines since its inevitable at this point considering the Bile trilogy and the last few Siege of Terra books.

>> No.73959227

it would probably be in the detachment rules

>> No.73959235

Is there anything sadder than getting unironically triggered by paragraphs

>> No.73959238

Was it their doctrine bonus or something? I thought they passively had better range or wounding with those weapons

>> No.73959242


>> No.73959243

Salamanders have flamer/melta synergy in their chapter specific stratagems and characters.

>> No.73959247

IIRC that gets them beaten to death by other Orks for being gitz

>> No.73959263

Fuck you and your entire family

>> No.73959268

It was the doctrine bonus and a lot of abilities and stratagems, all of which remain the same.

>> No.73959269

Not if the boss does it

>> No.73959270

where's the shade, it would improve those models extremely. just pour it all over

>> No.73959284

Those mould lines... Anon...

>> No.73959290

>Bernie Sanders- regarded as dangerously leftist by much of the USA- is A LEFT LEANING CENTRIST
The only people who think this are literal commies

>> No.73959292

Their chapter tactic was reroll one hit, wound and damage roll each time a unit attacks, and also ignoring AP-1. Now they can only reroll one wound roll, as well as still ignoring AP-1. The flamer/melta bonus is presumably unchanged as part of their doctrine.

>> No.73959297

Also Vulkan He'stan's rules. Which he still has.

>> No.73959304

what we do think this is lads? im going for a demon prince or a death guard chaos lord

>> No.73959310

Shelf space costs money. GW owns tons of brick & mortar stores, and 3rd parties can't stock everything. Warehouse space and keeping extra SKUs in production cost money, too. The two marine types compete against each other. Some of those manlet sales are cannibalizing Primaris sales.

>> No.73959319

You're a retard, that's not how any of this works.

The only reason Primaris exist is because GW needs to be able to copyright the names and "space marine" and "tactical squad" were too generic, and because the market was already flooded with so much marine shit they needed to get marine players to rebuy all their crap somehow.

Astra Militarum don't need an overhaul. They'll get an update if you're lucky but stuff like "Leman Russ" won't get renamed, it doesn't need to be.

Eldar just got one of their old units updated exactly as it was in looks, name and everything, they clearly aren't getting a Primaris treatment.

Space Orks is already copyrightable unlike "Orcs".

Tyranids are completely and utterly safe forever because all their shit is copyrighted and uniquely named and the head studio model designer loves them to pieces and they're probably the top selling xenos faction. If they get another overhaul (their 4th in the games history) it will almost definitely be a good thing and won't squat any of their old stuff because having ridiculous variety and weird adaptations is Tyranids thing. They don't have the Primaris fluff problem.

>> No.73959326

I want Repentias in my army, but I'm torn between using the old models, which look absolutely minuscule compared to plastic SoBs, and the new plastic ones which look like a transexual sports team.

>> No.73959338

Future proofing.

The key is to assemble/paint the models you will use now for Kill Team and then finish the rest in between.

>> No.73959340

Now I'm curious. Have you tried VK?

>> No.73959342

Did they give a date on when it'd be released

>> No.73959347

I'm guessing it's another new DG character. The character bloat in DG is kind of a pain the ass

>> No.73959353

Necron stuff

Add 3" to range characteristics of ranged weapons (not pistols)
+1 AP In half range

You can choose to 6" advance but you can't shoot ( I assume this cancels assault weapons)
Each time you fall back or choose to do the 6" advance you can ignore models + terrain

Add 1" to charge rolls
On charge or Intervention +1 AP (Misread not +1 attack just +1 ap)

All units get Obsec, units with Obsec already count as 2 models for it
Ignore AP 1 if unit is within in your deployment zone

5+++ on Mortal wounds (Sorry missed that first read)
Can re-roll 1 wound dice when shooting/fighting

reroll failed morale
Instead of normal rapid fire you can get double shots within 18/13" (can't make it out)

>> No.73959361

I'm hoping for a chaos lord/captain equivalent. We have the LoC but he sucks and is super niche.

>> No.73959367

What’s a CORE unit?

>> No.73959370

Any new dynasty introduced beside Szarekhan?

>> No.73959375

CT goes from one hit, one wound and one damage reroll per unit per phase to one wound reroll per unit per phase.

>> No.73959380

New keyword.

>> No.73959382

>each time a MODEL melee attacks on the charge +1 wound roll
what the FUCK

>> No.73959384

Thanks anons, I was about to end it all and you saved me.
Shame about the reroll nerf but it probably was out of line with eliminators or some other specific units, maybe the new melta primaris too

>> No.73959389

Can't you just put the old models on something to match their profile with the new Repentia? If you can, do it, the new MoR sucks so I want to convert mine to look like the old.

>> No.73959394

Its getting legends anyways. Hammerhead variants didn't get points cost.

>> No.73959397

This right here *unzips dick*.

>> No.73959401

No idea, just hope its not yet another elite slot character. DG havok equivalents would be nice.

>> No.73959402


For about 2 seconds on a russian translated google page, but I will keep digging.

>> No.73959416

I hate that my graphic tablet broke so much

>> No.73959420

They’re regarded as commies *in America*- which was my point, he’s really not a communist.

>> No.73959425

Oh shiiiiit, that's new. A way to enforce fluffy builds rather than just FW Dread spam or the like?

>> No.73959426


>> No.73959428

If the going rate of rerolls on the open market (read: BRB) is one per CP consider how much three per squad is worth. That said they're still not the strongest marines, so the nerf was a bit unwarranted from that perspective.

>> No.73959434

I think the implication is that (at least chaplain litanies) no longer affect all <chapter> units.

This may start applying to other auras too?

>> No.73959436


>> No.73959438

a rule from a much better game. rip fantasy

>> No.73959440

could be another one of the mantles of corruption

>> No.73959441

Salamanders couldn't reroll damage, it was only reroll one hit and one wound.

>> No.73959448

Nope, but there will be custom dynasties. Generally looks like szarekhan and sautekh are a bit weak, nephrekh is a bit gimmicky and nihilakh, mephrit and novokh are legit options if you want to go tanky, shooty or choppy

>> No.73959452

Fuck primaris
t. seething custod player

>> No.73959453

It's just wording cleanup. Models make attacks, units don't. Almost all new rules follow that wording.

He's not a communist, but he is a socialist and he is definitely left of center. I'm not passing a value judgment, it's objectively true from his policy proposals.

>> No.73959454

I know this image is supposed to be a joke, but its really fucking on point.

>> No.73959472

Who am I thinking of, Deathskulls?

>> No.73959474

I know someone drew over this with muscles and abs but I'll be a ripper's uncle if I can find it.

>> No.73959480

He is left, yes, but my problem is with all the Americans who think that he’s Lenin incarnate. The USA’s whole political spectrum is shifted to the right of the UK’s, and it’s so weird to see.

>> No.73959492

Monsoon was blackpilled as fuck

>> No.73959495

Yeah, deathskulls have hit, wound and damage.

>> No.73959521


>> No.73959524


>> No.73959532


>> No.73959542

Convert them from AoS Wytch aelves, green stuff and bitz. It will even be GW legal.
The maximum number of repentia you can ever field is 27.

>Weapons and purity seals for 40kfication :

>Heads :
Use the SoB spares you got

>> No.73959544

but free will is a myth, and religion really is just memes. Memes and ideas still follow causality.

>> No.73959550

elysian company commander with power fist

>> No.73959571


This is borderline experimental.

>> No.73959584

Points changes have been pretty gentle to SoBs. Things could have been much worse.

>> No.73959611

ty anon

>> No.73959613

You said he's a left-leaning-centrist which is something only hard leftists unironically believe. I agree with you that US politics are right-shifted (on the economic axis anyway, on the cultural axis it's all over the place), but that still doesn't make Sanders a centrist.

>> No.73959614

My box is sitting in a warehouse in Tennessee and I just want to build models

>> No.73959627

the good thing about the P.E. kit the new ones are wearing is that you can use greenstuff you make the headwraps and loincloths

>> No.73959628

>chaos lord/captain equivalent
They have that. It's called the chaos lord and it's in their codex already. They just don't have a unique model for it separate from the CSM ones.
I hope it's not a new chaos lord, as that would likely mean the legends-ing of all the options chaos lords get down to whatever the replacement has in the box.

>> No.73959665

One of the worst things about the whole secondary meme is how /v/ corrupted it. Back then you could start as a secondary, but it was possible to become a primary fan by playing/reading the primary source.

>> No.73959672

I hope it's not deathguard. They have enough crap

>> No.73959673

RT lore was fucked up.

>> No.73959702

>womanlets get put into repentia squads
just use the old ones.

>> No.73959703

It's undeniably DG

>> No.73959710

its most likely a Lord of Poxes which is a different type of DG chaos lord like Lord of Contagion

>> No.73959715


>> No.73959716

NIGHT LORDS i skipped painting the jump pack fuck that

>> No.73959729

too bad because its quite obviously a new death guard model

>> No.73959739

man i rlly wanna see that model now

>> No.73959742

In AoS, they are the equivalent of troops and some units become core based on what you take as an HQ/Hero

>> No.73959752

night lords are gay and chaos undivided is shit

>> No.73959758

This is how I Judicar.

>> No.73959793

If flaying people and stapling the skin to my power armour (my KINO AF power armour) is gay, then hand me a dick and sign me the fuck up.

>> No.73959795

40% of skin covered is sexy, that model is way above that.

>> No.73959796

That's battlelines.

>> No.73959798

Anyone have the epub for it to read it?

>> No.73959802

Secondary is just the new buzzword of the month used by /v/ kiddies and other retards who never even touched a miniature

>> No.73959811

We know, you've told us.

>> No.73959821


>> No.73959831

Yes, but that aura only affects core units now instead of all chapter units. That seems huge

>> No.73959836

bat winged helmets are pretty gay mate

>> No.73959838

Its just regular chaos space marine with one of those forge world chain spears and night raptor helmet, i forgot the skull from his face
Pretty boring for a warlord but i like it that way, too many of my friends make flashy bases and tons of accessories

>> No.73959847


>> No.73959851

What is your most ideal possible box set?
>Plastic Kommandos feat. Kaptain Warboss and Ogryns vs Plastic Renegades and Heretics feat. Plague Ogryns

>> No.73959855

I refer you to my earlier statement- if the NL helms are gay then I am gpvery gay indeed.

>> No.73959857

everyone having skull masks is cringe and tryhard, leave that shit for chaplains

>> No.73959858

On the other hand, a DG-specific Chaos Lord would likely get Disgustingly Resilient without having to pay CP for it.

>> No.73959862

I don't mind Primaris but did they really also need hover tanks? I liked that being the Xeno thing.

>> No.73959870


It's because the core rules nerfed them into the ground and you're forgetting that evey SoB vehicle got slapped a useless heavy bolter now.

>Repentia are max S7 and hence absolute trash again.
>No more tripoint in melee = Zephyrim usefulness destroyed.
In the trash goes the only viable build late 8th Ed

>Immolators are 125pts for a rhino with a heavy bolter and two heavy flamers - they used to be 85pts in 8th ed, with no heavy/assault schizophrenia.
>Repressors passenger can not shoot units away from melee anymore (and legended soon anyway)
>Dominion only scout on foot
In the trash goes mech build

>Sister are less efficient per point at shooting than marines, more costly per wound !
In the trash goes horde gunline

What is left ? Gimmick army lists with 4++ angels, BDSM engines and 3 exorcists going from immobile to hypermobile.

Pic related is your new SoB list. A grand total of 18 (!) of them can be squeezed in 2K points, totally worth the rework.

>> No.73959880

I think there should be a new line of guard along side the new line of renegades: in a setting of gods and monsters a boxset of men v men would be fun. maybe mordians, smart and clean of offset ragtag heretics.

>> No.73959883

>Ork ogryns

I’d like to see you say that when I’m flaying you

>> No.73959885

i dont get the hate. space marines have always had speeders, why does having a little bit bigger speeder matter?

>> No.73959900


>> No.73959908

I want to make a small detachment of the Bringers of Decay for my Black Legion army.
and I want them fluffy.
Do they have access to everything in the Death Guard codex? Or should I just stick to the most basic plague marines, termies and dreads?

>> No.73959911

>4.99 plus tip please

>> No.73959914

the thing is, the point of the setting is technology is stagnant and old-fashioned. Going from WW1 looking tanks with treads to hovering sci-fi tanks breaks the aesthetic so bad, as well as the core values of the setting.

>> No.73959921

Ork Ogryns should come back, you know it. Plus I think the mirror-match nature of Ogryn Mercs. vs Plague Ogryns would be a fun theme.

>> No.73959933

Yeah I guess but Speeders felt more...Star Wars Speeder more so than "Heavy Vehicle", you know?

>> No.73959934


>> No.73959938


>> No.73959946

but but 40k was always meant to be serious.

>> No.73959949

>I Am Aplhraruis
Oh boy am I laffin

>> No.73959956

>WAAC tourneyfaggotry

>> No.73959986

How did they misprint shrieker cannons? I havent heard this b4

>> No.73959989

GW is but a small indie company anon, they can't possibly have the funds to pay a proper dev team for an app

>> No.73960000

Strength 65

>> No.73960003

i HAVE to see this model, post it fag

>> No.73960008

Secondary started on /jp/ or maybe even back before the split on /a/. It used to mean someone who got into touhou or fate by secondary media such as music, art, anime, or just memes, rather than by playing the games/reading the visual novel. It was an insult because you had people claiming to be fans, without ever knowing or caring about the source of where the extra stuff came from.
In the most normalfag explanation possible, its like someone being a fan of a sport team, but never even watching one game.

>> No.73960013

Been painting a box of WB very very slowly
Not the best ever but i am satisfied

>> No.73960018

The subfactions of BL haven't been expanded upon outside of who their leader is and that they're capable of making the cult marines. IMO, since it's BL they have strong enough ties that they would probably have the DG units aside from Typhus, Morty, and Deathshroud terminators. Although they would probably have access to oblits and havocs as well, so you could do a detachment of both. Plus playing using the DG book is a lot more enjoyable than nurgle flavored chaos marines, there are more bonuses for being mono-god and you won't be kicking yourself for not having slaanesh oblits/havocs for the double shoot start.

>> No.73960022

just PM and Termies

>> No.73960027


>> No.73960035


>> No.73960041

>Saying that the point balance is fine
>Getting assblasted and complain about WAAC when shown wrong

>> No.73960048

Krieg vs Renegades

>> No.73960057


>> No.73960062

I didn't think Primaris tanks could get any uglier. I was so wrong

>> No.73960064


I played a game of BR sisters the other day and it feels so clunky and painful now

>Repentia S7 max
>1/2 inch melee second rank rules
>new characters mean that you often suicide a bunch of characters if you want to keep them in aura range of a charging unit
>wrap and trap basically impossible now
>multi charge is a huge liability
>much harder to hide your stuff moving up the board

>> No.73960070

>No more tripoint in melee = Zephyrim usefulness destroyed.
There is tripoint still.

>Complaining about point increases
Literally every army got hit by point increases, sisters vehicles benefit more than most from shooting in melee also.

>Sister are less efficient per point at shooting than marines, more costly per wound !
Marines are the most point efficient troop in the entire game, so this is like saying water is wet.

Stop looking for easy mode and learn to play you enormous baby. In actual 9th edition games with sisters, like the one on Art of War, played with 2 of the best players, sisters won using exorcists, repentia, celestians, the triumph and celestine. They're not in a bad spot at all.

>> No.73960082

Why not just make it a mirrored meme?

>> No.73960091

The balance is fine in a casual setting.

>> No.73960099

The most fluffy rules-resonant way to do it is just taking plague marines as elite choices in a BL detachment. That's lame though, so as long as you don't take any of the overly wild stuff like the hose or bell guys in a seperate DG detachment you'll be good.

>> No.73960113


>> No.73960114


>> No.73960162

>like the one on Art of War, played with 2 of the best players
Opinion discarded.

Pretty sure they were either facing T3 or completely forgot that STR buff are simultaneous using arithmetic instead of base STR multiplied by weapon stats now. S6/S7 repentia are gutter trash compared to S8.

>> No.73960168


>> No.73960185


40k skirts the point of being unfun even when played casually.

>> No.73960189

That art of war game was a joke - the opposing Ork list was pretty bad and even good Ork lists are gasping for air in 9th with how much the changes messed them up.

>> No.73960199


>> No.73960201

land speeders are light auxiliary recon vehicles that use their intense speed and maneuverability to zip around the battlefield taking potshots at vulnerable infantry or light vehicles. They're lightly armoured 2 man vehicles that aren't expected to be thrust into the thick of battle.

Primaris grav tanks are literally the opposite in every category. They're big, bulky, stuffed to the gills with firepower, are able to transport a 10 man squad of power armoured astartes, and are supposed to be a primaris unit's mbt and are mass produced

>> No.73960204

>Complains about sisters
>Is wrong about almost everything
>Won't listen to evidence that the best ITC player piloted them and won hadily

Okay then, keep being a whiny fag, but you're still wrong.

>> No.73960211

>Opinion discarded.
Not him, but those guys actually know what they are talking about.

>> No.73960226

You're mental, we're left wing as fuck. The Tories as they stand are center-left at the most right.

>> No.73960228

Small family company, please understand

>> No.73960250


To make it clearer while art of war is bad :
Army list are made for entertainment, not for tourney.


This is 8th edition ruleset you colossal faggot, and worst, using ITC ruleset.

>> No.73960269

>>Won't listen to evidence that the best ITC player piloted them and won hadily

Against fucking orks.

Come back when he does the same thing vs a comp Ad Mech/Marine/Custode list.

>> No.73960273

Got the rule book. Gonna run a match w/a friend after work, he's playing CSM. Do I bring my blood angels, primaris successor, or skitarii?

>> No.73960276

Absolute retard. The evidence you are quoting is literally 8th ed memelist in ITC, that got absolutely destroyed by the new rules/points and is ITC, not 40k.

>> No.73960284


>> No.73960298

>Army list are made for entertainment, not for tourney.
People already know this. Siegler even stated that in the Ad Mech game, he didn't take the Ironstriders because he said that they would just be too strong. Catch them during their hobby streams where they interact with the chat to see their true opinions on the meta.

>> No.73960301

Shit as that is, I like how it's more of a small mech then someone with fucked up anatomy in a suit
Yeha its pushing woke leftist shit but it's not really breaking lore, doesn't bother me there are stonk female inquisitors because they do exist
However if I ever get a whiff of female Marines 40k is going into the dumpster

>> No.73960315

Yet the army used in art of war are very different from anything that top tables. They are just playing with armies they wanna play and experiment, not the one they take to win. 3 unit spam with no stakes is too boring to watch.

>> No.73960316

It was on twitch using the 9th edition rules. You For people quick to call retard, you sure need your fucking hands held a lot to be able to do a basic search.

>> No.73960321

>my army is not one of the strongest in the entire game
>time to seeth on the internet
Really makes you think. This is why CAAC and houserules are the future.

>> No.73960333

He's very cute anon

>> No.73960346

None. Your taste in armies is awful.

>> No.73960349

Yet some faggot that sisters are strong in 9th ed because

>Some pro player with a casual list won in 8th ed ITC against an another casual list on youtube.

>> No.73960354

Yeah, that shit was hilarious. My Harlequins got a nice little buff there.

>> No.73960360

And the army you play is?

>> No.73960372

pls gib

>> No.73960375

Ordo Malleus Inquisitors have pranced about in terminator armour since the beginning of time, you pack of dipshit lorelets.

>> No.73960377


Doesn't exist. It's just an excuse made by players who want their opponents to be handicapped down to their level.

>> No.73960391

Tau, GSC, Imperial Fists, Alpha Legion cultist horde, Nids, Scions. I think that's all my dudes. Oh, and some Thousand Sons.

>> No.73960395

This. Besides, not much tournaments are happening right now. It’s a good time to theorycraft or just try some shit out.
Sorry to disappoint, but in fluff, everything is 100% accurate

>> No.73960415

Do any of you have any advice for how best I should use what's in my Cadian Command Squad box?

Should I make a Sniper, Plasma Gunner, Melta Gunner, then make a sergeant out of whatever's left, then save up components of the company commander (longer coat, different sleeves, peaked cap) and use those components to make either extra company commanders or sergeants? There's 5 legs and 5 torsos.

>> No.73960426

I have some Tau but I haven't done anything with them desu, just farsight and a couple other units I still need to paint. Alpha Legion and TSons are my favorite traitor legions desu
IF aren't really my thing, nor are Nids but Stormtroopers look cool

>> No.73960428

Thanks for labeling the rock, Anon.

>> No.73960442

I’ve ran over someone with Devilfishes and Tau Breachers and got the usual “Tau are so OP” despite not fielding any drones whatsoever. They absolutely do exist.

>> No.73960444

You gotta know he's standing on a rock, that means he's strong

>> No.73960452

For flying units of Orks, are the deffkopper good and which boomer should I get?

>> No.73960453

Do you mind sharing what grays you used?

>> No.73960461

It does exist. I'm a CAACfag and plan on rewriting the SM codex when I get my hands on it to tone down all the insanely unbalanced primaris shit I want to play with.

>> No.73960466

Fuck i thought that said Rick. Thought it was weird he named the rock so that makes a lot more sense.

>> No.73960469


>> No.73960479

Cawl's going to hell for that.

>> No.73960480

Then just play with 1700pts against 2K points you moron. No need to rewrite anything.

>> No.73960482

But when?

>> No.73960485

what the fuck, anon you need to post the model

>> No.73960492

40k is about the fluff, comfiness and the pursuit of soul. Disregard WAACfaggotry, and seek to embody the ideal of the casual player. Be friendly, field fluffy, nicely painted armies.

>> No.73960498

>Repentia are max S7 and hence absolute trash again.
Man, chill out. Considering they usually ran the +1 to wound stratagem that is, at worst, changing a 3+ to wound to a 4+. A 25% damage drop in the worst case scenario doesn't make a great unit trash all of a sudden. Although, the wrap changes are probably a bigger hit.

>> No.73960499

Dawnstone. Can't remember what I did for the highlights, however.

>> No.73960503

Tau are my biggest army by far. Mostly fish of fury, one riptide, like 3 crisis squads and then a little bit of everything else except no stormsurge. Comes to somewhere between 3 and 4k points last I checked. I have severe Army ADD though and cant stop collecting 500-1k point forces of every set of dudes I think looks neat.

>> No.73960510

How best to convert a lasgun into an autogun?

>> No.73960512

Hyped about the crimson fist rules if true. Ive always wanted to build a CF army but ive never wanted to paint the color yellow.

>> No.73960520

Wait, what? Then how can one draw a good indicator of Sister's performance in 9th just off of that video? It's not even the same ruleset/edition.

>> No.73960525

we've reached image limit, I'll post it next thread

>> No.73960527

Quads of rightful Eldar supremacy
>then you realize instant death isn't a thing anymore and S16 is the soft cap

>> No.73960532

>Against orks
>With no telly
>11 killa kanz and Ghaz

Gee I wonder why. Again, these games have literally 0 value for determining balance of armies. While once on the table the armies might be used well, the list building in them is extremely casual.

>> No.73960536

but that's literally the current rule
>When resolving an attack made by a model with this tactic against a unit that contains at least 5 more models than that model’s unit, add 1 to the hit roll. For the purposes of this tactic, a VEHICLE model with this tactic counts as 5 models. In addition, when resolving an attack made with a bolt weapon by a model with this tactic, an unmodified hit roll of 6 scores 1 additional hit.

>> No.73960543

That doesn't fix shit. Bolt Rifles/Hellblasters have no business being 30" range. Same for the new Malta rifles. Idk why primaris shit all just gets 6" of ranges stapled to it but its bullshit and a points increase doesn't fix it.

>> No.73960559

I didn't know Ben Garrison played 40k

>> No.73960584

Deffkoptas are in a tough position. They only ever got released in plastic in a starter box from 10 years ago. Very hard to rely on them. You'd be better off by ebay rescuing a bunch of cheapo SM Land speeders. Maybe take a rhino rescue, strap some barrels/bits to it and turn it into your bommer so that it can be whatver you need it to be.

>> No.73960585

Your warlord is lord shaxx?

>> No.73960589


>> No.73960594

Just cut the muzzle break so it's flat rather than angled. You might want to also put a flat piece of plasticard/sheet styrene under the power-pack to make it look more like a magazine, but I don't think that's strictly necessary.

>> No.73960606

Drill the barrel

>> No.73960607


>> No.73960634

w-what direction?

>> No.73960666

My fucking brother

>> No.73960674

Why does GW love Nurgle so much, hes honestly the worst chaos god and all his forces just look boring and one note.

>> No.73960681

So now non-codex marines are just slightly fluffier ultramarines, huh?

>> No.73960691

You spelled Khorne wrong.

>> No.73960706


>> No.73960713


>> No.73960720

Is the hate for primaris just a vocal minority angry boomer thing or something?
I have never wanted to play a space marine army before until primaris.
All the reasons people seem to give for hating on primaris seems ridiculous, can you really even blame GW for pushing them? They look so much better than your old stubby marines.

>> No.73960735

Nice one, audible chuckle.

>> No.73960771

They're going to be getting new supplement books to handle their unique units and other rules. That way as they add new Primaris stuff they only need to update one book, not five. The supplements will inevitable be much fatter than the IF/IH/RG/S/WS ones.

>> No.73960866

>Is the hate for primaris just a vocal minority angry boomer thing or something?
Yes. You'll find that /tg/ memes almost never reflect reality.

>> No.73960939

>Strength 65
but ap 0 damage 1


>> No.73960957


Sisters are good enough for casual game for sure (Miracle dice is extremely powerful as a rule), but they do not have a deep range of options and poor internal balance.

>> No.73960971

Then don't target thing that are more than 24" away ?

>> No.73961045

Do you have idiotism?

>> No.73961194

This is really good

>> No.73961305

means u b8'd

>> No.73961332

black templars because they're the manliest of space marines and don't plink away like bitches but go in for melee with SWORDS ND SHIT

>> No.73961390

>Bolt Rifles/Hellblasters have no business being 30" range.
>Same for the new Malta rifles.
They're only 24"

>> No.73961394

You do realize that's the exact state of Chaos Marines every single edition, right?

>> No.73961449

fuck you fallen heretic scum

>> No.73961552

what should it look like then

>> No.73961610

Jesus Christ that art is terrible. Bring back Warhammer Monthly, all is forgiven.

>> No.73961669

All the good writers who knew the “heroic Imperium” was a satire are long gone.

>> No.73961694

just have all the big bads come to terra.

terra getting shitted on. ohsnoes.jpg. guilleman calls all space marines. united at last. dies in heroic defense of terra. space marine forces devastated. sisters forces crippled. terra in flames. threat defeated.

the remnants band together, femdomarines created. 10th edition.

>> No.73961772

>seven years in jail for wrongthink

This place treats 1984 as an instruction manual. All fucking Marxists must fucking hang.

t. Brit.

>> No.73961960

he wants like this bro

>> No.73961997

They don't possess full kit for most of their option.

>> No.73962075

He's a marxist. Communist in itself is a worthless tag.

>> No.73962902

>Predator's chad 180 side-gun arc.
>Gladiator's virgin 90 side-gun arc.

>Predator's chad open las-coils for air cooling.
>Gladiator's virgin closed las-coils, for protection but prone to overheating.

>Predator's Chad windows and window wipers, with armored flip-up shielding.
>Gladiator's Virgin plain port with no wiper.


>Chad Predator chassis has no rails or bumpers to grab onto, resulting in foes being crushed beneath.
>Virgin Gladiator has a front bumper, and rear bars so enemies can grab on, and (out of gun range mind) and climb up with ease.

The list goes on.

>> No.73962959

The marine poking his head out the top like Punxsutawney fucking Phil is adorable.

>> No.73963124

Marines always should have been about where primaris are right now in terms of rules and miniatures. If they'd said "all marines use primaris statline now, also here are these lovely new sculpts" I would have been thrilled.

Instead, my old marine army was basically squatted, and there's the weird fluff thing I don't love. Sorrow.

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